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3119 No. 3119
You show Keine the note, and she nods, setting the things down in the house. She takes a key, and locks the door after the two of you leave. You begin to run to the forest, and you ask her about what Maribel might be doing out there.
“I think she made friends with a witch out in the forest. She might be safe, but I’m afraid that she ran into something out in the forest.”
You eventually reach a fork in the road in the forest. To the middle you hear some kind of singing, and to the right you hear a buzzing sound. Which way do you go?

[ ] Left.
[ ] Right.

>> No. 3120
[x] Right.

Goddammit Wriggle.
>> No. 3121
[x] Right.

Gotta repay Wriggle for what she's done, first.
>> No. 3122
[ ] Right.
>> No. 3123

Fuck, I meant left. Not middle.
>> No. 3124
[x] Right.
>> No. 3125
File 121183485421.jpg - (136.77KB , 600x800 , 8e01d87b9bda904efdc3c60112cafbb2.jpg ) [iqdb]
You tell Keine that you can handle yourself, and you run to the right. She seems to have taken the path to the left, and you are now alone. You run for a while, looking at the trees and the full moon. You eventually see what appears to be a swarm of locusts, forming what seems to be a wall. The buzzing is loud, but you think you hear a scream from behind the wall.

[ ] Use spell card 1.
[ ] Try to rush through the swarm.
[ ] Try to fly over the swarm.
>> No. 3126
[x] Use spell card 1.

Rushing would get us OM NOM NOM'D and we can fly as good as a dodo.
>> No. 3127
[ ] Use spell card 1.

Wriggle's going down.
>> No. 3128
[x] Use spell card 1.
>> No. 3129
File 12118375422.jpg - (477.61KB , 750x800 , 4dab4447d2ba381a77539be7b0627be1.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide to use the spell card that you still have. After calling it, a flurry of red bullets begins to shoot towards the swarm of locusts. They move, along with whatever was behind the swarm you run over to see Maribel, but with her stomach ripped open. You fall down next to her, and try to wake her up, but to no avail. She merely lays there, unmoving. The spell card times out, and you hear a familiar voice behind you.
“What are you doing with my dinner?”

[ ] Turn around, attack.
[ ] Stay there.
[ ] Cry.
>> No. 3131
[ ] Turn around, attack.
>> No. 3132
[ ] I am The Bone of my Sword...

Okay, seriously

[ ] Cry
[ ] Turn around, attack.
>> No. 3133
[ ] Cry
[ ] Turn around, attack.

Better choice. Even though I knew this shit would happen it still got to me. (´・ω・`)
>> No. 3134
[ ] Cry
[ ] Turn around, attack.

What the fuck. Wriggle killed both of our friends? This is unacceptable.

We must make her feel the same pain she inflicted on Mary and Renko!

...And/or eat her.
>> No. 3135
[x] Cry
[x] Attack Wriggle
[x] Rape Wriggle
[x] Pull up Wriggle's head by her hair, and tell her that we will hunt her down and do this to her over and over again until we break her.
[x] Kill Wriggle.
>> No. 3136



I demand the opportunity to bring Renko and Mary to Hakugyokurou.
>> No. 3137
This shit makes me hate wriggle.
>> No. 3138
I told you this would happen. So are we going for some sort of ghost harem now?
>> No. 3139
But Futako's dagger kills youkai dead.
>> No. 3140
[ ] Cry
[ ] Turn around, attack.
>> No. 3141

Everyone said they hated Rumia too, and then they killed her dead. Look at what happened.
>> No. 3142
Then we just take a piece of her body every time we see her.
We start with the fingers, move onto the toes, then the arms, then the legs, etc, etc. This goes on 'till there is nothing left but a head and a torso.
Then we put her in a bucket.

And that kids, is how Kisume was born.
>> No. 3143

Wriggle fucking deserves it here. This coming from the only guy that voted to hug Rumia when we finally got through her psycho shell.

And will we get the chance to get Mary and Renko's spirits to join us?
>> No. 3144

You could even get them to join you with their bodies, if you can find Renko's.
>> No. 3145

( ಠ∀ಠ)And how do we find it? We walk around the forest randomly? Or do we wait for Wriggle to take a shit?
>> No. 3146
Wriggle wouldn't eat the bones, we'd just have to carve the bitch to the point where she would take us to the skeleton and then we take that with us.

So basically, we can't kill Wriggle, yet, but we'll definately need to show her who is the dominant force here.
>> No. 3147
I'll have to include a scene where David spanks Wriggle to teach her a lesson about wanton murder.
>> No. 3148

Well it's probably best the MOTHER disciplines the child. I'd hate to think what Nanaya would do if he heard about this.
>> No. 3149
You say these things to bait me into making David do GAR things in order to live out your pathetic fantasies, don't you?
>> No. 3150
File 121184476711.jpg - (38.81KB , 350x350 , 932d97f67cddd9869261613f6f47a2f6.jpg ) [iqdb]
You ignore the night bug, and throw your arms around Maribel, crying. This monster killed both of your friends, and only thinks of them as dinner.

An idea pops into your head.
You’ll show her just who dinner is. You stand up, still sobbing, and turn on your heel, digging your dagger into Wriggle’s stomach.
She falls over, and begins to crawl away. She looks scared, like she’s about to wet herself.
You run over to her, and kick her in the chest. She loses her breath and falls on her back, her eyes wide in shock, and tears running down her face. You pull her up by her hair, and hold the dagger next to her throat.
“Do you understand? That was my fucking friend! The SECOND one you’ve killed! If you run around making people dinner, and never think about what it’ll do to others, then I’ll…”
She’s crying, with a trail of snot running down to her upper lip. She tries to lift a hand to yours, so she can get you to let go of her hair, but you give her a swift punch to the face. She drops her hand and coughs, and then tries to say something, but all that comes out is a series of squeals and moaning noises.
“…Then I’ll show you what it feels like to be someone’s dinner.”
Her eyes go wide in shock again, and she tries to back away. Something inside tells you to stop this, but another part of you says that you should go ahead and kill her.

[ ] Don’t kill Wriggle.
[ ] Kill Wriggle.
>> No. 3151

We have Nanaya for that. David lets me live out my fantasy of being pretty. ( ´∀`)
>> No. 3152
[x] Rape, walk away.
>> No. 3153
[x] Don’t kill Wriggle.


Don't make this a repeat of Rumia.
>> No. 3154
[ ] Don’t kill Wriggle.

We don't want to slay her, Rumia style. We're just teaching her a lesson~
>> No. 3155
[ ] Kill Wriggle.
>> No. 3156
[X] Don’t kill Wriggle.

God damn it, no. I can't do it.
>> No. 3157
[ ] Don’t kill Wriggle.
>> No. 3158
>>Don't make this a repeat of Rumia.

Don't worry. If you kill her, then that's it, no more Wriggle until this story is over, and I start the second version. Which shouldn't happen any time soon.
>> No. 3159

I meant that killing her fucks us over in the long term since she's the easiest way to get to Renko's remains.

Plus there's Nanaya. Oh and I wouldn't want to make David cry too. ( ´∀`)
>> No. 3160
File 121184624434.jpg - (73.97KB , 700x709 , 120881932988.jpg ) [iqdb]

You can’t do it. You can’t kill this girl. You put your dagger away, and let go of her hair. She hits the ground with a thud, and continues to cry.
“Hey, don’t cry. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. Come on, don’t cry!”
She keeps sobbing, and starts to hiccup. Now you really feel like shit. You look in your backpack for something that can be wrapped around her wound, and find a ribbon with some kind of amulet. You wrap the wound up, including the amulet in the wrapping. She continues to cry, and you pick her up, cradling her in your arms.
“Come on, I said that I’m sorry. Can you forgive me?”
She nods, and then sniffs a few times before speaking.
“I-I’m sorry. I… I didn’t know that was your friend, and I was really hungry, and I shouldn’t have done that, and I’m a bad girl, and-and-and…”
She begins to cry again, holding onto your middle.

[ ] Pat her head. “You’re a good girl.”
[ ] “I can’t forgive you. I’m only doing you a favor.”
[ ] “I can’t forgive you, but I can try to forget this.” Pet her hair.
>> No. 3162
[X] Pat her head. “You’re a good girl.”

I love Wriggle so much.
>> No. 3163
[ ] “I can’t forgive you, but I can try to forget this.” Pet her hair.

She's not been a good girl
>> No. 3164

it's a reverse trap
>> No. 3165
[X] “I can’t forgive you, but I can try to forget this.” Pet her hair.
>> No. 3166
[x] “I can’t forgive you, but I can try to forget this.” Pet her hair.

Makes more sense looking back. Don't screw this up while I'm asleep guys and remember what the 9 squad said about there being some way to resurrect people at eientei.
>> No. 3167
File 121185308880.png - (24.61KB , 350x350 , 120794770528.png ) [iqdb]
You put your arms around her, embracing her. What a sad little jerk.
“I can’t forgive you.”
Her face is buried in your chest. Your shirt is feeling a little wet.
“…But I can try to forget this.”
You run your fingers through her hair. She sniffs again, and looks at you.
“Really? You can forgive me?”
You nod. It would be horrible if you couldn’t forgive this sweet little girl.
“…Excuse me, but my stomach really hurts over here.”
You turn to see Maribel, dragging herself over to the two of you.
“Honestly. You have your stomach ripped out, and then people think that you’re dead. It’s a good thing Mokou and I went to that one bamboo forest recently, or else I would be dead.”
…What? Why is she alive? Well, it’s best not to look a gift horse in the mouth. You throw an arm around her, and hug her as well. Keine comes over to the three of you, and shakes her head. She seems to have two large horns, and a tail. Odd.
“It looks like I have something else to do now. Oh well, come here.”
She grabs Maribel, and lifts her up. You feel a little dazed, and pass out after all this trouble. Keine should be able to get you back to either her house or Maribel’s house, right?

[ ] 1
[ ] 3
[ ] 5
[ ] 10
>> No. 3168
[ ] 10

This is a new number.
>> No. 3169
[x] 19

By your powers combined...
>> No. 3170
[X] 10

New number means new character to dream about?
>> No. 3171
[X] Wriggle Option
>> No. 3172
[ ] 10
>> No. 3173
[ ] Heads
>> No. 3174
[ ] 10
>> No. 3175
File 121185655115.jpg - (124.62KB , 600x493 , 4fe4453581da621be5f71b74390d1b24.jpg ) [iqdb]
You drift into sleep, and are met with the sound of a type of cicada. You recognize the mournful sound, and you think that there was even a visual novel made with the name of this cicada in it, but you still don’t know what kind it is.
“It hurts.”
You turn around, and are met with the sight of the girl you had attacked. She’s holding her stomach, which is still ripped open.
“It hurts. It really hurts.”
You spot a corpse, and take the spare flesh from it to fill in the hole in the girl’s stomach. It heals up, and she gives you a small hug.
“Thank you.”
You wrap your arms around her. It feels like you’ve already done this, and as you hold the girl, she begins to shrivel up. Her skin wrinkles, and she shrinks, until she too becomes one of the cicadas, flying away.
>> No. 3176
File 121185684683.png - (5.97KB , 824x553 , theblackspace.png ) [iqdb]
You wake up. You’re in that black space again. You’re really starting to get tired of this. You walk in one direction, until you find that one woman there. The man isn’t there right now.
“Ah, it’s you.”
She turns, and waves a little.
“Yes. I’m happy you didn’t kill that girl tonight. Claymore wanted you to, but I tried my best to keep him from influencing you.”
So, they were behind what happened? Well, at least you know Katana is on your side, even if Claymore isn’t.
“Anyway, it’s nice to see you again.”

[ ] “Likewise.”
[ ] “Where is Claymore right now?”
[ ] “What is this place?”
[ ] “You’re on my side, right?”
>> No. 3178
[x] "Likewise."
[x] "Where is Claymore right now?"
[x] "What is this place?"
>> No. 3179
[ ] “Likewise.”
[ ] “Where is Claymore right now?”
[ ] “What is this place?”
[ ] “You’re on my side, right?”

These are all good. Wall us. This order is fine too.
>> No. 3180
[X] “Likewise.”
[X] “What is this place?”

Hmm, I wonder if we'll be nailing the female weapon spirit before this is over?
>> No. 3181
[X] “Likewise.”
[X] “What is this place?”
>> No. 3182
[x] “Likewise.”
[x] “Where is Claymore right now?”
[x] “What is this place?”
[x] “Tell me you're on my side. I'd like to think that the only thing so far that hasn't abandoned me once and actually went out of their way to save my ass several times is on my side, even if it's an inanimate object.”
>> No. 3183
[x] “Likewise.”
[x] “Where is Claymore right now?”
[x] “What is this place?”
[x] “You’re on my side, right?”
I like them all.
>> No. 3184
She smiles. You guess that she must really be a kind spirit, saving your ass and taking names. You can’t help but wonder why the less as likeable one isn’t there.
“Hey…Where is Claymore?”
She frowns, and turns to one side.
“He said he was going to attempt to manifest himself in the blade of the actual Claymore. I imagine he failed, though. He’s fairly new, and I sometimes wish that he hadn’t been made a part of our group.”
She sighs, and turns to you.
“Then again, I guess I’m not near as skilled as you, since you actually have a human body. I guess that’s why Claymore insisted that we cling to you instead of watching ourselves.”
You nod. What an odd situation. You shrug off what she just said and ask her another question.
“Anyways, what is this place?”
She smiles.
“Isn’t it obvious? This is the first level of your consciousness. Claymore and I normally stay here, but we went deeper in when we were fighting to see who could influence you more.”
This makes you think of something else you could ask.
“You’re on my side, aren’t you?”
She nods again.
“Yes, you could say that. I’m hoping you get the chance to recover your other friend, but that would require keeping Claymore occupied for a while. He always tries to butt in on these things.”
You nod this time. This woman… Is she real? Is she actually a sentient being, clinging to your consciousness? You decide it would be foolish to ask about that, and you look around. The world is still dark, and you probably should try to wake up.

[ ] Try to wake up.
[ ] Look around some more.
[ ] Ask Katana what she’d like to do.
>> No. 3185
[X] Ask Katana what she’d like to do.

Could be good to know. Could lead to an H-scene.

I'm fine with either.
>> No. 3186
[x] Ask Katana what she’d like to do.
>> No. 3187
[ ] Ask Katana what she’d like to do.
>> No. 3188
[x] Ask Katana what she’d like to do.
"Would you like me to pull you out of Kourindou like I should have the first time I was there?"
>> No. 3189
[x] "So... uh... do you wanna make this a wet dream?"
>> No. 3190
File 121186119092.png - (7.97KB , 824x553 , theblackspace2.png ) [iqdb]
“Hey, Katana? What would you like to do?”
She looks back at you, and then looks off into the blackness, which seems to be brightening.
“Well… I guess that going to a deeper part of your consciousness might be fun. I think your memories might be interesting right now. Would you like to go there?”

[ ] No, try to wake up.
[ ] No, you’d rather spend time on her, not with her.
[ ] No, suggest another part of your mind.
[ ] Yes, it might be fun to see your memories.
>> No. 3191
[x] Yes, it might be fun to see your memories.
Fuck yes. Show me my failures, my sorrows, and everything I never wanted to see, Katana. My mind is ready for fucking.
>> No. 3192
[ ] Yes, it might be fun to see your memories.
>> No. 3193
[X] Yes, it might be fun to see your memories.
>> No. 3194
[ ] Yes, it might be fun to see your memories.
>> No. 3195
[x] Call out for Tewi.
>> No. 3196
I'm done for the night. WIll write more tommorow.
>> No. 3197
[x] "So... uh... do you wanna make this a wet dream?"
If she fucks us, will we commit sepukku in the waking world?
>> No. 3198
[x] Yes, it might be fun to see your memories.

Thank fuck Mary is alive. One less thing to worry about.
>> No. 3199

Yeah. I figured that after taking away Renko and Moe Myon, leaving Maribel to get to know better was the best thing I could do.
>> No. 3200

You really need to slow down with the deaths anyway. If someone dies every damn week the story will just consist of us jumping back and forth between a death and bringing whoever it was back.
>> No. 3201
[ ] Yes, it might be fun to see your memories.
>> No. 3202
File 121192371627.png - (7.97KB , 824x553 , theblackspace3.png ) [iqdb]
You agree, and then she takes you to a room with nine or so doors. Each one is standing without a wall around it, and each one is a different design.
“So, which part of your memory would you like to see?”

[ ] Ask about your father.
[ ] Ask about your history as the dagger.
[ ] Ask about recent events.
[ ] Suggest invading someone’s dreams instead.
>> No. 3203
[X] Ask about your history as the dagger.

Most interesting.
>> No. 3204
File 121192457452.gif - (140.81KB , 448x530 , 1211703409402.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask about your father.

Oh ho
>> No. 3206
[x] Ask about your father.
[x] Ask about your history as the dagger.
I like both.
>> No. 3207
[ ] Ask about your history as the dagger.
[ ] Ask why you have a PENIS.
>> No. 3208
[x] Ask about your father.
[x] Ask about your history as the dagger.
>> No. 3209

Add a [x] Ask about your history as the dagger.
>> No. 3210
Gonnna ride a bike, I'll be back later.
>> No. 3211
File 121193103556.png - (7.97KB , 824x553 , theblackspace4.png ) [iqdb]
“I’d like to see things about my history as the dagger.”
She nods, and opens a door. Your vision blurs, and you see that the world has turned to a classis Japanese home. You see a man passing a dagger to his son, and bowing his head.
“This is my old dagger, son. It is said that if you can bond with the spirit of the dagger, you can use its powers.”
The boy nods.
“I’ll use it wisely, father.”
Your vision shifts to another time, where a boy is accepting the dagger from a young blonde girl, who’s wearing an odd hat that seems to have two eyes.
“This is a gift from the goddess Moriya. This dagger was made with the souls of one of her children, and it should serve well in defending your home against youkai. Use her child well.”
The boy nods, and leaves with the dagger. You vision returns to Katana at the door, as she closes it.
“That should refresh your memory a little. Would you like for me to show you something else?”
“Yes, can you show me something about my father?”
“As you wish.”
She opens a door with padlocks over it. Your vision disappears in an instant, and then you see a woman with a red horn coming out of her head. She’s cradling what appears to be a young child with a penis and vagina. You quickly fade back into your dreams, and see Katana again.
“…I’d rather you not see much of that.”
You shake your head. You’d really like to see more of that, but that’s too bad.

[ ] Ask about her and Claymore.
[ ] Try to wake up.
[ ] Try to have a nice dream.


I'm back. I plan to end BC v1 this week, so brace yourselves for tons of shit.
>> No. 3212
[x] Ask about her and Claymore.
>> No. 3213
[X] Try to have a nice dream.

Well, might as well make the most of it.
>> No. 3214
[ ] Ask about her and Claymore.
>> No. 3215
Wait... is Futako's mom one of the oni from SA? And the dagger is Moriya goods?

[X] Try and have a nice dream
>> No. 3216
[X] Try to have a nice dream.

Not all that interested in Claymore, and we've had our brief infodump. Might as well try and create something pleasant to help us seduce Katana.
>> No. 3217
[ ] Ask about her and Claymore
>> No. 3218
File 121193434914.png - (7.97KB , 824x553 , theblackspace5.png ) [iqdb]
You try to have a nice dream, and succeed. You wake up in your room back at home, and Katana is still there, along with what seems to be a copy of Renko.
“…Ah. Trying to have a good dream? I’ll leave you to it, then.”

[ ] “Wait!”
[ ] “It couldn’t be as good without you.”
[ ] “Seeya.”
>> No. 3219
[x] “Seeya.”
>> No. 3220
[X] “It couldn’t be as good without you.”

Lay on the charm.
>> No. 3221
[ ] “It couldn’t be as good without you.”
>> No. 3222
[x] “Wait! Renko, is that you? What are you doing here?”
>> No. 3223
[ ] “It couldn’t be as good without you.”
>> No. 3224
Also, in preparation for the second version of the story, what events did you guys like the most in this story?
>> No. 3225
Rumia sucking us off.
>> No. 3226
2nd. also the stuff with myon.
>> No. 3227

The encounter with Rumia at the beginning was good. So was the blowjob. Everyone will mention the blowjob.
>> No. 3228
Okay. So, in Version 2, I should include more little sister moe and sex, along with a purposeful plot.
>> No. 3229

Don't use death as a common plot device either.
>> No. 3230
Pretty much, yeah.
>> No. 3231
Okay. Should I dump this version for the new version, and spend the next 3 days on the new flowchart, or continue this while making the flow chart?
>> No. 3232
Eh. Fuck it, might as well keep this going. Continue writing while making the flowchart. Plot device us into the newer flow of events, if necessary.
>> No. 3233
Why wouldn't you finish the existing story?
>> No. 3234

It sucks Reimu's balls.
>> No. 3235
It's fine. It's vastly better than some of the other stories that I've seen on the boards.

My only complaint is the occasional literally one-line post.
>> No. 3236
Only if we find ourselves with Yuyuko and Youmu again.
>> No. 3237
continue this one please.
>> No. 3238
Okay, I'll get back to writing in a second. I want to read the new guy's stuff first.
>> No. 3239
But so does everything else in Gensokyo, so yeah.
>> No. 3240
I'm thinking of ending this now, and starting over on the story to make it different but better. Should I go ahead with this plan?

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
>> No. 3241
[x] yes

We seem to resemble a chicken with its head cut off right now.
>> No. 3242
[X] Yes.
Me, Master, and Youmu Good Ending is now the canon end.
>> No. 3243
[x] If that's what you think is best then sure.
>> No. 3244
>> No. 3245
[ ] Yes.

On one condition. We are still delicious, flat, Futako. If not, then no.

I like the weapons thing, as well. Shit is interesting, especially how it works with Vodka's story.
>> No. 3246
will we still be a futa if we start over?
>> No. 3247
[X] Yes. Oh well, life was going downhill, but then we got Yukari'd and ended up back where we started. Snakes and ladders. Damn you snakes!
>> No. 3248
[X] Yes.
Sentient weapons fall, everyone dies.
>> No. 3249
Okay. Just remember, no retconing this time. You kill someone with the dagger, and that's it. They're dead, never to come back aside from a second playthrough.
>> No. 3250
if you make us not a futa or remove the weapon shit i will be sad ;_;
>> No. 3268
Wait... so... people die when they are killed?

Okay, I think I've got it-- wait, no. Shit, I lost it.
>> No. 3311

I know you've already started a new run, but here are some ideas to you might keep in mind for the next time:

The perma-death thing is fine if this a specific function unique to the magic dagger. Otherwise, it would go against canon: Youkai normally reincarnate in their original forms after some time, being nearly instantly for fairies.

Try to keep the characters in a semi-permanent "home base"--Mayohiga and Hakugyokurou are appropriate for /border/ LA in Gensokyo. But one important part of /border/ that hasn't been utilized is the ability to move to and from the outside world.

Most of it would be time skip, but we should be given the options along the lines of checking mail & email, upload photographs to computer, recharge batteries, find out what the predicted weather will be on the next trip date, write journal entries (instead of a continue system, you might have us restart from the last journal entry), buy things to take with us next trip, endurance training & strength training, (if applicable) weapons training (knife fighting, martial arts, firearms training, etc.), practice cooking, part-time work (for receiving income), devote time to studies (parental allowance; or, assuming legal parents are dead/missing, increased allowance from trust fund that holds the parents' assets).

You can consider event options which are fully described or just snippets of dialog, such as, official club sessions with, ask Mary or Renko go on a date.

Random events: Encounters with youkai in human clothing passing as well as unexpected "house guests" spice things up to make it interesting.

Limit Anonymous to a reasonable number of actions a week, and as most of them don't more that a few lines, so there won't be too long between each venture. Most of the time, unless there's an event, writing this shouldn't take any longer than your standard dream sequence.

Renko & Maribel are an important part of /border/ and should be major characters. Mary can always see the way through borders, Renko can track our position, while we can fight off random youkai--meaning we shouldn't be separated if possible. In fact, since we're in this club, it's probably best to start off with day trips.

The main character may want to stay in Gensokyo eventually, but Mary and Renko are also college students and have other obligations, so it should take a lot of work to make them want stay for more than a weekend, let alone live in Gensokyo. Of course they could come visit, you.

The great thing about /border/ is you can interact freely with both the outside and Gensokyo, instead of being stuck and dependent on the whims of a capricious gab youkai, as well as the lack of modern conveniences; plus, there might be useful things for others you can only get on the outside.

Might be fun to have a "Punish me, Siki-sama!" after Bad Ends to pronounce a judgment on us and hint at what we need to work on.

Random advice:
Never personally push for one of the options; if you want it so badly, don't railroad, just make a "what if" post or start a spin-off. There are four answers to a yes or no question: yes, no, maybe so, and i dunno (lol). Don't ask for confirmation on Bad Ends, since we should get what we deserve. Believe in write-ins. Use vague, metaphorical descriptions for the dream sequence options, not numbers; EZmode does it and it's really a much better way. Don't be afraid of integrating Anonymous' theories into the story when you can't think of a better idea or need to fill a plot hole. Don't get angry or feel bad if we guess a plot point in advance; it just proves you're still connected to the hivemind. Relatedly, don't tell us when we guess correctly. Tell us when you start and stop writing for the day, so there's no needless F5. [ ] Genuflect is always an option. [ ] Inventory & Status pauses the game. Conserve sex scenes: While not exactly fap material, the scenes in /sdm/ were the only scenes that made me blush.
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SEE? THis is how you motivate a 9ball to write: by giving him advice.

I read all of that, and you have some good points. I'll take parts of it into consideration, but I thought that the trips into Gensokyo could last 2-3 days at a time, sort of like little trips Futako, Maribel, and Renko go on after some time. Plus, you could always choose to stay in Gensokyo.