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File 128579855352.jpg - (272.28KB, 550x550, ee67760ebf23527f966c10fb56dc2865.jpg) [iqdb]
23602 No. 23602
[x] Trust Tewi and go with her.

(Oh, and cheers to the fourth thread!)

Huh, maybe Tewi is genuinely afraid for your welfare. After all, you wouldn’t wish death by torturous experimental medicine testing on even your worst enemies (well, maybe not your WORST enemy…), so you run towards the door Tewi’s waving from and you jump inside.

You look around and see that you’re in a sort of operating room, complete with many different sharp instruments on a shiny metal table next to the surgical table.



You get pricked in the left upper arm and you jump away from Tewi who was standing next to you while you were looking at the room. You go into a defensive stance, but your left bicep suddenly tightens very painfully as you flex your bicep uncontrollably. Blood begins to gush out of the oddly large needle wound and you demand Tewi to tell you what exactly she stuck you with.

“Pfft, hell if I know. All I know is that whatever it is I just injected you with, its doing a fine job of hurting you.” She gives you an evil grin and waves a rather large syringe at you.

You notice that she’s in a nurse’s outfit (which you could have sworn she wasn’t in when she was waving at you a few seconds ago) and you have a terrible feeling what she’s planning to do with you.

“Hey, don’t take it personally. If Eirin doesn’t have people to experiment on, then she’ll start using whatever’s available for the ‘good of the people’. So, its just survival of the fittest, capiche? That, and the fact that I just don’t like you at all, so be a good little boy and take your medicine.”
She pulls out a vial full of ominous green liquid from her skirt pocket and fills the syringe up with it.

“Ooh, I don’t know what this does, but it looks particularly nasty doesn’t it? Let’s find out what it does, shall we?”
She holds the syringe out menacingly and starts walking towards you with the door shutting behind her.

Wait! If you keep getting all sorts of chemicals injected into you, then wouldn’t that alter Eirin’s test results and thus not benefit the people at all? You try to reason with her and back up.

“I don’t give a damn about other people, all I care about is staying alive and making money. Plus what she doesn‘t know, won‘t hurt her right? Besides, so long as you‘re her plaything, I‘ll still be alive and enjoying life.”

You get backed up in a corner and Tewi continues to advance upon you. Your left arm is absolutely KILLING you and the bunny you were going to give Tenshi is getting crushed by your grip. You don’t want to kill Tewi, but its kind of hard to subdue her with only one working hand. You mutter a silent prayer for her and prepare yourself.

Survival of the fittest it is then.

Right before either of you lunge out for the killing blow, the door opens and a familiar outline stands in the doorway. Tewi turns to look at this person and smiles.

“Oh hey, Reisen, could you help me out here? Just hold him down for a bit so I can inject him with this…restraining serum. Then we can give him to Eirin and hegelgublugh-”

Tewi makes a funny sound and collapses onto the ground twitching with her eyes rolled into the back of her head. You don’t know what happened to her, but you look at Reisen in the doorway and you keep your defensive position. She sees blood pouring out from your arm and runs towards you.

“I’m so sorry it came to this. Eirin told me that human experimentation is for the good of all humanity, but I just can’t turn my back on this. Not anymore.”

She continues to apologize while bandaging your arm. You ask her what happened to Tewi and she gives you a simple response.

“Ah, I just broke her mind for it bit. She’ll be okay after a little bit though, so you don’t have to worry about her.”

Well, its not like you care what happens to Tewi at this point, but Reisen seems to be a good person deep down, despite her crazy eyes. Right when she finishes bandaging your arm, a cold voice emanates from the doorway.

“Very good Reisen, if you would have let Tewi inject any of that chemical into his body he could have very well perished, despite his resilience to chemicals. Now then, step aside and let me handle the rest.”

Eirin is standing there, looking as healthy as ever, with her another syringe/arrow readied and pointed directly at you. However, instead of stepping aside like she was told, Reisen turns towards her master and holds her hands out to protect you.

“I wanted to learn medicine to help people! How can we sacrifice human lives like this and still say we‘re doing it for the greater good?”

Eirin’s eyes narrow at her pupil and a hint of deadliness can be heard within her words.

“Step aside Udonge. That man you’re trying to protect can save hundreds, even thousands of people if we use him to experiment on.”

Reisen doesn’t budge an inch and continues to shelter you with her body.

“But…but this isn’t right! There has to be a way to save everyone without sacrificing others! How can you be so heartless?”

Eirin tightens her grip on the bow and all the compassion in her voice dies away.

“Foolish child, you know there’s no way to save everyone. You of all people should know this after witnessing your friends die during the Lunar War. How many of your friends did you save back then? 10? 5? 1? You didn’t save any of them, you let them all die while you ran away like a coward. You sacrificed their lives just to save your own. Then, you came to me, begging to be my apprentice, so you can make up for their deaths by helping people. Don’t you dare call me heartless after what you’ve done to your friends.
Now, I will not as you again.
Step aside.”

Reisen swallows hard and stares back defiantly at her master.

“Very well, you were a good student Udonge. You could have saved many lives.”

Eirin steels herself mentally and gets ready to release the bowstring and send the arrow into her pupil.

[x] Push Reisen out of the way.
[x] Stand there and do nothing.
[x] Grab Reisen and hold her hostage.
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>> No. 23871
[x] Go to Aya ’s house. Time for more distractions!

Sons, I am dissapoint.
>> No. 23872
...What the hell?

I mean seriously, what the hell, anon.

What have you done?!

I'm too ashamed of you all to vote right now.
>> No. 23873

Change it to
[X] Hakuto Shinken Tenshi so she doesn't get those urges
[X] Equip moonwalker and explain to both THE CONCEPT OF LOVE *hunh*
[X] Go to Aya's house.

(we all know Aya will comeback for pix but make it brief and head to her house before she publishes anything)
>> No. 23874
I don't quite see the cause of the major spaz out as Joe got off on some strange feet with some of the girls seen.

Yuuka? We more or less gave her a rough japanese hello and that charmed her over.

Alice? She got drunk, horny and absurdly strong and had her way with us.

Marisa? High on mushrooms we partially raped her with even Aya getting turned on by it.

It's WAY too late to play the saint card now. Joe was a rather manly if normal guy, fond of drinking and driving, doing some kinda crazy stuff, and groping girls. Now in gensokyo, we've taken to drinking and fighting, doing really crazy stuff and deflowering women one way or another.

Now if we found Tenshi before going to Yuuka, we could have prevented this, but what's done is done. We/Joe might as well get used to it as with many other things here.
>> No. 23875
[x] Well, nothing you can do now. Go to SDM and talk to Remilia about that job she has for you.
>> No. 23876
[X] Go to Aya’s house. Time for more distractions!

Aya may be honest (somewhat), but this looks like something she could put into her paper. We need to stop her.
>> No. 23877
>She is part of our family, and you should love your family equally.
Smartest thing said in this story yet. After all, morals are for America. This is not America.

Also, smartest Anon here.
>> No. 23878

I like the way you imply not sleeping with your adopted child-like daughter is worthy of sainthood.

[X] Go to Aya’s house. Time for more distractions!
>> No. 23879
[X] Go to Aya’s house. Time for more distractions!

Isn't Aya a part of family as well?(as our pet crow) That means we also need to give her our equally love as well.
>> No. 23880
File 128668224749.jpg - (314.28KB, 1600x1200, anoniamdisappoint.jpg) [iqdb]

I hadn't read this story before, but...
After seeing these posts, I couldn't help but read the past few threads. And, well...


Ah, someone already beat me to it, I see.

Seriously, this story, and especially some of the comments in the votes, makes me feel ashamed to even visit /border/.
So, maybe you guys could tone down the manchild Mary Sue munchkin faggotry a teensy bit? Just a request.
>> No. 23881
File 12866862848.jpg - (143.52KB, 450x400, 30db19c5aa00ca27a1778d69bc908c28.jpg) [iqdb]

>> No. 23884
Hahaha, oh anon, will you ever cease to be displeased with yourself?

I guess not, so let's keep going!
>> No. 23885
Funny how Anon showed less regret over worse fuck ups in this and other stories.

Me? "One path, no regrets, etc"
>> No. 23886
File 128670214315.jpg - (54.06KB, 570x348, bacon-jam.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go to Aya’s house. Time for more distractions!

(Oh god I feel so high right now)

Ah well, seeing as how you’re a person with little to no morals, you stow away the fact that you just slept with the person you considered your daughter and proceed to live out the rest of your life completely unaffected by your choices. Yep. Because this’ll have no impact on you whatsoever.

You go upstairs, dress yourself in your usual attire, then head back downstairs. Yuuka’s still eating toast when you open the door to leave the house and she asks you where you’re going. You tell her that you’ve got some business to take care of and possible a job to work and she simply says, “Alright, I’ll be tending the sunflower fields until you get back.” and she goes back to eating toast.

Speaking of toast, you can’t remember the last time you ate something and you go into the kitchen to enjoy yourself a great, big, manly…

Wait, all you see is a loaf of bread on the counter with a single toaster (with the words “Nitori” etched on it) next to it. Uh, okay, you check her refrigerator (which also has the words “Nitori” etched into it) and you see a huge variety of jam inside, and you mean huge variety of jam. You see it stacked all the way to the back of the very back of the fridge with every flavor imaginable. Strawberry, grape, strawberry AND grape, blueberry, peach, apricot, mango, rhubarb, cherry, passion fruit, pomegranate, banana, kiwi, red onion, cranberry, coconut, avocado, milk, honey, chocolate, lemon, key lime, orange, mandarin, apple, pineapple, honeydew, watermelon (which has two familiar looking horns on the top for some reason) peanut butter, bacon, and many, MANY others that completely blow your mind.


You’re fairly certain that most of these are marmalades, but you’re far too blown away to delve into that subject. You do what any sensible man would do in this situation and you make yourself toast with EVERY FLAVOR OF JAM KNOWN TO MAN.
The result is an abomination to the word “breakfast” as its just a single piece of toast with about a foot of jam stacked on top, topped with a dab of bacon jam like some sort of artery clogging cherry. You actually begin to regret making such a horrible creation, but you’ll be damned if you reject your own cooking! You grab a spoon and begin to work at your breakfast. It tastes just like you imagined it would and its rather painful to keep down. You feel rather queasy and feel like you’d rather not eat anything anymore for the rest of your life…

After you finish your wonderful breakfast, you ask Yuuka if she has anything other than bread and jam, but Yuuka cuts you off before you say anything and she asks, “Oh, honey, could you go get some more bread? I have some stock piled in the room at the end of the hallway to the left of the staircase. Just get one more and bring it back here.”
Hmm? Sure. There’s only one slice of bread on that counter and its about halfway gone, so you leave the kitchen (which was to the right of the staircase) and head down the hallway to the left of the staircase.

You hate long hallways, maybe its because of the fiasco at Eientei, but you just feel like you’re headed towards something horrible. You reach the end of the hallway and go through the door to see another mind-blowing amount of foodstuffs. This time its bread, as you see loaves and loaves of bread stacked all the way to the ceiling inside of neatly packaged plastic bags. You can’t help but wonder if Yuuka buys a lifetime supply of bread or if she somehow makes it herself and only purchases the plastic bags. Holy shit, you hope that Yuuka doesn’t live off of toast and ONLY toast. You would have to cry if that were the case…
You reach out to grab one of the loaves of bread until you notice that there’s a low rumbling sound coming from the back of the room.
Huh, strange…
You notice that, instead of being a large wall of bread, there’s actually a hidden path that goes deeper into the room and, against your better judgment, you follow the path. The room starts to grow darker the further you go and you eventually come across a rusty metal door with a large keyhole above the handle. The rumbling sound is a lot louder now that the bread isn’t muffling the sound anymore and you feel a sense of dread as your hand automatically reaches for the handle and you turn it with a loud squeaking noise, signaling its old age. It seems almost surreal as you push the door and it opens fairly easily, exposing a stairway going down, bathed in darkness.

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN04ruWv30g )

Why you stepped into that darkness you’ll never know, but you continue downwards despite your survival instincts telling you “NO! TURN BACK!”. You continue to descend into the darkness and you have wait a bit to allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness. The staircase wasn’t actually that far down, but you can’t really make out anything except for a large object in the middle of the room being the source of the loud rumbling along with another object revolving around it. Your eyes continue to adjust themselves and now you can tell that this large object is spinning and the object causing it to spin is actually a person pushing a large wooden bar attached to the object in the middle. As you stare at this sight, your eyesight adjusts itself enough that you can see that this person is wearing a hat and a long dress, probably a woman or a very strange man. She (you assume it’s a she) doesn’t seem to notice your presence and you greet her.

No response.

You greet her again, only louder this time, and still no response. She just continues to push the bar around and around the room completely unaware of your presence. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t notice it, but there’s another object in the room that draws your attention towards it. Its on the opposite side of the room from the staircase, and would normally be blocked by the large rotating object in the middle of the room, but you somehow know that its there and you walk towards it to get a better look. Its shaped like a refrigerator, but upon close inspection, you see that it’s a freezer…

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMfoRqbS-Ko )

What could be in the freezer? Why did you know about the freezer’s existence before you even saw it? What would happen to you should you open the freezer? A myriad of questions flow into your mind and they all come to the same conclusion: Open the freezer and find out. It seems as if the freezer is slightly illuminated, but only the freezer. Not the wall behind it, not the floor, but just the freezer. The door of the freezer calls out to you in a language you cannot recognize, but can understand. Like an itch that you have an urge to scratch, your hand twitches in anticipation. The only thing stopping you is fear. Fear of the unknown. Do you really want to open this freezer? Would you be better off not knowing what’s in this freezer and just walk back to your life never knowing? No, you have to know. You can’t just leave it alone now…
You reach for the freezer and Yuuka’s cold voice causes you to freeze.

“Don’t open that.” Her voice is surprisingly harsh and you feel a sudden chill run up your spine.
What’s behind that freezer door?

That door.

That door…

You turn around and look behind the spinning object in the middle of the room to see Yuuka standing at the top of the staircase, her figure completely dark from having the light shine in from behind her. You walk away from the freezer and walk back up the stairs to your loving wife. When you get close enough, you see that she’s smiling at you and doesn’t look very threatening at all.

“I was worried that you somehow got buried in an avalanche of bread when you took so long, so I came looking for you. I’m so relieved that you’re okay.” Her voice is the same as always, in fact it’s a lot more caring and soothing. She hugs you to show just how relieved she is, but you can’t help but ask who that person down there is.

“Oh Elly? She’s my best friend. She helps me make the flour for that bread. Isn’t that right Elly?”

No response.

Yuuka clears her voice and speaks in a louder voice, “Isn’t that right Elly?

“I love you.” A monotone voice returns Yuuka’s query.

“See? She used to guard my house a long time ago, but she got tired of it and asked if she could help me make bread. So I made a special room just for her and allowed her to work for me.”

“I love you.” The voice from below says again and you ask Yuuka why its so dark in there.

“Well, Elly hates the sunlight, so I keep the lights off at all times, just for her.” Yuuka says this like its nothing.

“I love you.” The voice from below says once more and Yuuka closes the large metal door with a loud CLANK.

Uh, you ask Yuuka where she’s getting all that grain for the flour and she chuckles to herself and answers, “I’m a flower Youkai, I can make flour” She laughs a little bit at her own joke, but for some reason you’re not amused.

“Didn’t you say you had a job to do? It would be a shame if you got fired because you were late…”

She chuckles lightly to herself again, but you decide that you’ve asked enough questions. She takes your hand and leads you to the entrance of the house where she gives you a peck on you lips and tells you to have a nice day at work. Well, you can’t really call it work because you haven’t really accepted the job yet. Hell, you don’t even know what the job is…

“Wait! Daddy! Are you leaving??” Tenshi runs down the staircase fully dressed.
“Take me with you! I wanna play with daddy!”

Tenshi tries to walk past Yuuka, but with one arm Yuuka holds her back and says lovingly, “Daddy has to go to work now, but its okay, you can play with me in the flower field.” She gives Tenshi a warm smile when she says this, but you quickly grab Tenshi’s hand and tell Yuuka that its bring your daughter to work day and run out the door with her in tow. Yuuka waves at you and says, “Alright, don’t work too hard now, honey! You have to save some energy for me!”

For some reason, you irrationally run through the sunflower field holding Tenshi’s hand, despite her saying, “Wait daddy! You’re running too fast!” until you get to the very edge of the sunflower field where Tenshi catches her breath and you just stand there thinking about how to get to Aya’s house.

Tenshi’s panting from overexertion and says, “You know daddy, I could have used the earth to get us to where we need to go…” and you look at her questioningly and she pulls a golden sword out from behind her (you give up wondering where all this stuff comes from) and she stabs the ground with it, causing a huge chunk of the floor below you to separate from the rest of the earth and levitate in the air. Why didn’t she do this earlier?!

“Well, you didn’t ask…” Tenshi says timidly and quietly adds, “And I hate running…” Well, you tell Tenshi to go to Aya’s house and she brightens up at this. “Okay! Here we…” She taps the golden sword on the ground and it zooms forward towards where you’re assuming Aya’s house is. “Go!” She says happily as you nearly fall off, but manage to keep your balance on this flying rock of death. It doesn’t take long before you see Aya’s house in the distance just like how you remembered it. Before you reach it, however, you tell Tenshi,

[x] Land it roughly on the ground in front of Aya’s house to alert her of your presence.
[x] Land it quietly a decent distance away so you can sneak into her house.
[x] Go back and open that freezer.

>> No. 23887

As much as I want AWESOME to happen, this isn't the time, for that. The place, maybe, but not the time.

[X] Land it roughly on the ground in front of Aya’s house to alert her of your presence.
-[X] "Aya, I want to talk to you."
>> No. 23890
[X] Land it roughly on the ground in front of Aya’s house to alert her of your presence.
-[X] "Aya, I want to talk to you."
>> No. 23893
[X] Land it roughly on the ground in front of Aya ’s house to alert her of your presence.
-[X] "Aya, I want to talk to you."
>> No. 23894
File 128671510015.jpg - (105.28KB, 660x1024, 1213737270660.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm plenty displeased with you too, mister.
>> No. 23896
[x] Land it roughly on the ground in front of Aya’s house to alert her of your presence.

Well, seeing that Joe is pretty much an immoral bastard now, guess doing horrible things is no longer a problem. Shouldn't we get a title for that?

Whatever, immoral Joe probably won't get the best ending, and Gensokyo's going to turn into his harem. Oh well, I'm readying the australium to make Cho-Marisa. Carry on, carry on.
>> No. 23897
It's time... for SERIOUS BUSINESS

[X] Land it roughly on the ground in front of Aya’s house to alert her of your presence.
-[X] "Aya, I want to talk to you."
>> No. 23898
File 128672493983.jpg - (296.06KB, 1024x768, e556a442ee3e0c64cfbfacd9f6d83817.jpg) [iqdb]

Well, if you're displeased with me then its an entirely different ballgame. If you tell me exactly what you're displeased about, then I'll take it into consideration when writing a new update. Keep in mind though that I have to follow what the majority of the votes want, so you're going to have to make an awesome bandwagon for everyone to ride in order to change the direction of the story, but if you can't do that...then sorry man. Speaking of bandwagons and majorities, >>23896 Joe basically reflects what the readers' desire. If they want him to be an immoral bastard and go sexing up everything (which is currently what I'm seeing happen right now) then that is what they're going to make him do. He doesn't HAVE to do that, as it is the reader's choice, but yeah, already went over that.

The whole Tenshi thing was supposed to be a "lol gonna cockblock anon with the daughter" scenario, but I completely underestimated them (shame on me). So, I gave them one more chance to stop and once again they kept going. Yeah, if you're going to get mad at me for something, then it would be Tenshi appearing at the worst time. OH WELL, its over now and I got more fun dilemmas to place you guys in. You can just call me "chance" as I make things happen randomly and you have to react to it.

And one final note: Even though I don't answer a lot of your posts and such, that doesn't mean I don't read them. So if you enjoy my story and voice how happy you are, then I see that and it inspires me to write more frequently. If you guys are negative, I also read that and see what I can do to improve the story (IF I can improve it). Even all the posts that say, "OMG THIS THREAD SUCKS" or, "GOD, THERES NOTHING BUT PUNCHING, DRINKING AND FUCKING WOMEN, THIS IS FAGGOTRY", I still take my time to read as the people who posted it had enough time to read over my story enough to understand the gist of it AND post how they feel about it. The least I can do is acknowledge their unhappiness.

What? You think I sit back on my big comfy chair with a top hat and monocle, sipping brandy and nibbling on a freshly cooked brisket while vocally commenting on every one of your posts with a, "Jolly good!" or "By Jove he's mad!" and more or less ignoring them while twizzling my mustache in satisfaction? Well, I do at least ONE of these things, and I'll give you a hint as to which one I DON'T do: ignore your posts.

So yeah, to end this rant: Thanks for your support after all this time and cheers to the 5th thread coming up!

Oh, and to those of you who just can't stand this thread...sucks doesn't it?

(P.S. update heading your way later today. Kind of busy to do a full update right now. Also, pic possibly related as it is possibly foreshadowing...)
>> No. 23900
He's not a complete bastard, just one that is riding the wave of what happens when you adopt a neglected adult Celestial as a daughter.
>> No. 23904
I realized it's a VERY good thing we never choose the Tohno Gland as most of Gensokyo would go about throwing themselves on to his dick.
>> No. 23905
Yeah having an adult Celestial who is 1000+ years older than Joe as adopted daughter. Things like that are bound to happen sooner or later. Honestly, I don't see this as incest. To me, incest means make love with BLOOD-RELATED lover. So what happen earlier is just regular sex. That's all. It just pseudo-incest, just on surface. Not that I mind incest. I pretty much accept it, just as I enjoy rape scenes(as long as it's MC doing all the work). Yeah call me a sick bastard or whatever. I know I'm not the only one who enjoys these fetishes.
>> No. 23906
>it's a VERY good thing
we never choose the Tohno

I don't think so. Joe has already acquired the Tohno Gland by being so MANLY and AWESOME. Heck, even Joe questions himself about why he is such a chick magnet. I even quoted that sentence at my earlier post. Look for it after Yuugi's fighting scene.
>> No. 23907
> pic possibly related as it is possibly foreshadowing...

I think Sanae's gonna attack us or something...
>> No. 23908
I just take things instride. And even before the event happened, Joe was pondering WINcest. I knew what I was doing when I voted to go ahead... both times.

The story had a slow start.... which sped up into crazy awesome.
>> No. 23911
File 128678413776.jpg - (374.38KB, 1040x1040, 832d87e5e2970e1d016abb29f515ffe9.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Land it roughly on the ground in front of Aya’s house to alert her of your presence.
-[x] “Aya, I want to talk to you.”

And nothing happens. Damn! And you were so sure that she would come outside to talk to you! Oh well, you had a feeling that this was gonna happen, so you initiate plan b: Knock on the door politely and inform her of your arrival.
You do just that and you hear movement on the other side of the door.

“Who is it?” A familiar voice responds to your knocking and you tell the voice who you are and that you want in.

The door opens all the way to reveal a person fairly familiar to you, Reimu. She’s standing there at the entrance of the doorway with a cup of tea in her hands and a completely relaxed look on her face.

“Oh hey I remember you!” She says as she recognizes you, but then her face turns sour and she then says, ”Oh…I remember you…”


“What do you want, Joe?” She takes another sip from her tea and gives you an annoyed look.

Hey, just because you defeated her in honorable combat (that SHE started by the way), doesn’t mean she should have some sort of grudge. Hell, you even took her home after she fell unconscious! You didn’t have to do that, but you did anyways.

“I don’t have a grudge against you,” Reimu takes another sip of her tea before continuing, “Aya just donated a large sum of money to my shrine and asked if I could prevent anyone from entering her house,” -sip- “so I accepted and she gave me some delicious tea when I got here, which I started to enjoy until you came and interrupted me.” -sip-

For some reason, you’re getting aggravated by this display of utter carelessness. Its not the fact that Aya hired someone to keep you out of her house, but the fact that Aya hired someone so completely inept at their job. You could just simply push right through the door with little to no trouble at all, but you decide to be diplomatic with Reimu. You’d rather not make an enemy if possible.
You ask Reimu if you can go inside of the house and…wait…
That ribbon on her head…

You open the bag that you always tote around with you and you notice that the ribbon you “acquired” from Reimu has gone missing! You don’t remember ever taking it out, but then again you don’t even remember putting it in your bag. How did she get her ribbon back?

“Oh, Yukari gave to me. She said that she found it on a pile of junk and she returned it to me.” Reimu takes yet another sip from her tea cup and you feel like you just seriously missed something. Did she just say Yukari gave her the ribbon?

-sip- “Mmm hmm, she visits every now and then to bother me, but its not so bad. Now can you please go away so I can enjoy my tea?”

So…Reimu is Yukari’s friend, huh?

“Well, I wouldn’t call her a ‘friend’, but I don’t mind her company.” Reimu continues to enjoy her tea and you continue to interrogate her. You demand to know where she lives and Reimu starts getting uppity with you.

“Why should I tell you?” She says in a haughty tone and continues to sip her tea. Good lord how much tea is in that thing anyways?! You demand her to tell you Yukari’s location…

[x] Or you’ll smack her around like you did last time. (Intimidation)
[x] And you‘ll donate to her shrine. (Diplomacy)
[x] Or else you’ll force your way in and do terrible things to her. (Bluff)
[x] And you’ll show her a good time. (Charm)
[x] Go back and open that freezer.
>> No. 23912
The only thing I can think of is to NOT chose the last option.

The others...ehh...
>> No. 23913
[x] Get rid of that damn tea. Maybe then she'll listen.
-[x] Take back that ribbon, too.

She's clearly more interested in her beverage than anything we have to say or do. And the ribbon is so that we can give Tenshi something to cure that bare head of hers.
>> No. 23914
[x] Get rid of that damn tea. Maybe then she'll listen.
-[x] Take back that ribbon, too.

What is ours must be rightfully returned to us. And if we were drinking tea, this would be fine, but we are not, and clearly this is an irritating thing. WE MUST DEAL WITH THE TEA FIRST, THEN WITH REIMU!
>> No. 23915
[x] Get rid of that damn tea. Maybe then she'll listen.
-[x] Take back that ribbon, too.
>> No. 23916
[x] Get rid of that damn tea. Maybe then she'll listen.
-[x] Take back that ribbon, too.
>> No. 23917
[x] And you‘ll donate to her shrine. (Diplomacy)
>> No. 23918
[x] And you‘ll donate to her shrine. (Diplomacy)
[x] At least ask what Aya's up to; you just came over to talk; nothing more.

She's definitely up to something if she bribed Reimu to be a guard dog.
>> No. 23919
we can't donate, we don't have any money!
>> No. 23920
[x] And you‘ll donate to her shrine. (Diplomacy)
>> No. 23921
File 128683015858.png - (53.67KB, 500x480, 74900312978e3e5086be579dd95f3cfc.png) [iqdb]
[x] Get rid of that damn tea. Maybe then she’ll listen.
-[x] Take back that ribbon, too.


Reimu continues to relentlessly sip her tea right in front of you. Now you know what you must do… You reach out to grab the tea from Reimu’s hands, but something stops you when your hand tries to pass the doorway. It doesn’t seem like something physical is stopping you, but its like an invisible magnet is repelling your hand away.


Grrr! You know she’s mocking you now with her tea and you continuously try to snatch the tea away, each attempt as unsuccessful as the last. Tenshi’s behind you, watching your frustration with interest as well as Reimu, but you don’t find it interesting at all. Your hand never makes it past the doorway, but dammit you’re trying your very best to get through!

“You know I set up a barrier here right?”


Yeah, but you busted on through one of her barriers before and you can do it again!
You keep trying to force your hand past the doorway and Reimu keeps sipping her tea and watching you until she gets bored. She sighs and explains that she set up a talisman barrier during the fight back then (which you managed to break with a punch), but this one is a much more proper and powerful barrier that you won’t be able to get through without her permission.
But…what about your magic resistance?? You should be unaffected by the barrier!

“Nope, spiritual power. Definitely not magic at all.”


ARGGHH! Useless ass magic resistance! You try to walk into the house, but the barrier prevents you from doing so and you just walk in place with your arms stretched out towards Reimu. Tenshi laughs at your display of silliness, especially when Reimu holds out the tea cup inches from your hands and pulls it away when you lunge at it. This goes on for a while due to your stubbornness, but Reimu begins to tire of you quickly.

“Are you done yet? I want to enjoy my tea and count the money in my offering box at the end of the day. So if you don’t have any other business with me, have a nice day.”
She gives you one last -sip- and shuts the door in your face. Well shit, now what? You gotta somehow persuade Reimu to let you into the house. Tenshi looks at you interestedly to see what you’re going to do next. Fuckin spiritual power bullshit…You must destroy that tea for her insolence and reacquire that ribbon for Tenshi!

[x] Ask Tenshi to toss a huge rock at Aya’s house to bust open a hole in the wall. Wanton violence solves EVERYTHING!
[x] Maybe you can find someone to help persuade Reimu to let you in. Wonder where Marisa is right now?
[x] Wait…Offering box! Quickly go to Reimu’s shrine and hold the offering box hostage!
[x] Give up and go to Remilia’s castle.
[x] Go back and open that freezer.
>> No. 23922
You've hit the autosage mark again, Hat. I must applaud you for this. Another thread down, another go go.

[x] Maybe you can find someone to help persuade Reimu to let you in. Wonder where Marisa is right now?

Yeah, where is that Black-white witch when you need her? She could do something.
>> No. 23923
[X] Go back to her shrine
-[X] Take all the money
--[X] Go back to aya's and tell her you'll donate ALL of this money
>> No. 23924

Actually, screw my original vote. THAT IS THE VOTE THAT IS FILLED WITH WIN!

[X] Go back to her shrine
-[X] Take all the money
--[X] Go back to aya's and tell her you'll donate ALL of this money

Besides, not like she's rich enough to purchase a security back at the shrine.
>> No. 23925

Thanks! Keep voting in this thread and I'll put the next update up in a new thread.
>> No. 23926
[x] Go back and open that freezer.

For all we know, the answer to our problem is in there.
>> No. 23927
[x] >>23922
>> No. 23928
[x] Go back and open that freezer.
>> No. 23929
[x] Go back and open that freezer.
>> No. 23930
[x] Go back and open that freezer.


I'll be honest here, the Tenshi thing turned me off this fic for a while as well, even though I glossed past H-Scenes by default. However, curiosity for the inevitable bad end overrides my lingering feelings of discomfort here.

Just saying, Hat, that you shouldn't even have given them the option in the first place. I can respect the whole "lolcockblock" intent, but what came after that... well, if you didn't expect that to happen, I guess we've learned a lesson: Never include a choice if you don't expect it to win. No matter how stupid, or immoral it is. It's gonna take me a while to get over the squick from that, and it's messing with my enjoyment of the rest of this story.

Hat, I can only hope that what has yet to come doesn't involve Joe basically screwing everyone in Gensokyo in the end. What drew me to this fic was the over the top crazy awesome stunts Joe kept pulling, and the H scenes are getting in the way of that for me, just like I expected. Of course, I'm aware I'm far from the only reader of this story, and the vote for the H-scenes did win out. Just felt I had to contribute my two cents here. Anyway, congrats on the fourth thread. Hopefully there's some writable middle ground that can be used in the future to keep everyone happy.
>> No. 23931

Thanks for the two cents, and don't worry, I am NOT going to have Joe screw everyone in Gensokyo. That's not what I have planned for Joe.

I am, however, trying to get Joe back on track to the main story, but everyone keeps getting distracted and I HATE railroading when it comes to interactive story telling (This was because of the time I was a DM in D&D and I gave them a little distraction which they took WAY too far. I didn't bother railroading them back to the main story so it soon became the Main Quest and, 6 months later, everyone agreed that it was the greatest thing ever.)
So yeah, who knows when we'll ever get back on track...

And who says its going to be a bad end?
Naaw, I just have a tendency for giving out bad ends. That doesn't mean it'll be a bad end.

But that doesn't mean it'll be a good end either.
>> No. 23932
Aaaaand, now that I think about it, we're getting distracted by another distraction (4 freezer votes). Alrighty then, new update/thread coming up.
>> No. 23950
Nope, just a pointless delay/possible bad end.
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