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2195 No. 2195
It’s been six months. Six months since you came to this place. Six months since you last saw the outside world. Six months…
And, for that matter, it’s been even longer since you last saw Renko and Maribel. You still remember the look of horror Ren had last time you saw her. That look… Isn’t important. Not anymore. You are now the servant of your mistress, Yuyuko, and you always will be. Today she said that her and Youmu were going to do something fun in a lower room of, and you agreed to join her. You didn’t even know there was a lower room; you thought that you had been on the bottom floor all along. Eventually, the way down becomes clear. You walk down the stairs, previously unknown to you, and find a corridor. It stretches on and on, doors on all sides. Yuyuko told you to go into the room that had “42” on it, and you continue to look for it. 36… 38… 40… Here! You open the door to find the room gray and dull. In the middle is a cushioned spot, which Yuyuko is sitting on. Next to her is Youmu, who has a tail and ears like the ones that you’re wearing, but in a dog variety. Yuyuko smiles as you enter, and the door slams shut behind you.
“I had been waiting a long time for a servant like you. No other servant had what you had. Well, some of them had part of your greatness, but not all of it. I’ve waited a long time for this, my dear pets.”
With that, she removes her robe, revealing her large breasts, and her wet hole. Youmu also removes her clothing, her eyes beginning to well up in tears, but she doesn’t let them escape her face.
“Well then, shall we begin?”

[ ] “Yes, my mistress.”
[ ] “No! What are you doing?”
[ ] “Yes, but Youmu looks scared. Let’s do this without her.”

>> No. 2196
[X] “Yes, my mistress.”

Who am I to question the mistress?
>> No. 2197
[ ] “Yes, my mistress.”

Fuck the other options
>> No. 2198
[x] “Yes, but Youmu looks scared. Let’s do this without her.”

We want to love her tenderly not violate her.

In before 'same thing lol'
>> No. 2199
You DON'T want to violate her? The fact she's crying makes this hotter damnit. ⑨, use your inner Scorn!
>> No. 2200
[X] “Yes, my mistress.”

What other options?
>> No. 2201
[X] “Yes, my mistress.”
>> No. 2202

>> No. 2203
>>use your inner Scorn!

Are you sure you want that?
>> No. 2204

>> No. 2205

Only Scorn can be Scorn, your inner Scorn just makes you ignore the voices that tell you things like be gentle or to stop because it might scare people off
>> No. 2206
I am scorn and you are scorn.
>> No. 2207
[X] “Yes, my mistress.”

I like where this is going.
>> No. 2208

>> No. 2209
File 121080115576.jpg - (154.30KB , 500x700 , 120786322239.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>”Well then, shall we begin?”
“Yes, my mistress.”
She smiles as you walk over to her, removing the clothing you wear. They know. They both already know about your condition, but… They still loved you. This makes you smile, and makes you feel as if you chose the right place to live. Fuck everyone else, this is YOUR home! Yuyuko is your master, and Youmu is your toy. And it’s time to break that toy. Your erect penis seems to catch Youmu’s attention. She stares at it, and you walk to her, and begin to stroke her hair. You lick her sweet, light nipples, and you can feel your master begin to taste your insides, her tongue slipping into the virginal tunnel of yours, stroking your insides. You moan, and slip your fingers into Youmu’s hole. You begin to exercise the opening, and you can feel a wetness coming from inside of her. She moans and grabs your head, your tongue still running along her nipples.
“M… Master, are you sure we should be doing this?” Now even Youmu is calling Yuyuko master. You can’t see her, but the fiddling of fingers in your innards doesn’t stop.
“Yes, Youmu, this is what I want. Now, brace yourself.”
The ghost leaves your hole, and rests on top of Youmu, running their gaps together, their juices flowing out in a combined stream.
“Now then, choose, cat. Which do you want?”

[ ] Violate Youmu.
[ ] Violate Yuyuko.
[ ] Rub your member between the two.
>> No. 2210
[x] Violate Yuyuko.

>>Now then, choose, cat.

[x] Like a tiger
>> No. 2211
[z] Violate Yuyuko.
>> No. 2212
[X] Rub your member between the two.


Impossible choice, god damn!
>> No. 2213
[x] Violate Yuyuko.

Who's the bitch now?
>> No. 2214
[X] Violate Yuyuko.

Once we're done with hotghost, she can grab Youmu and hold her open for us. And we can make Youmu beg for it then, for double the hotness.
>> No. 2215
File 121080224258.jpg - (34.38KB , 291x257 , 1208992105515.jpg ) [iqdb]
>And, for that matter, it’s been even longer since you last saw Renko and Maribel.
>> No. 2216
File 121080231417.jpg - (99.65KB , 680x820 , YuyukoH1censored.jpg ) [iqdb]
It’s a tough decision, but you quickly decide. Master. Yuyuko. You’ll violate her, and you’ll enjoy it. You slowly run the tip of your throbbing member into Yuyuko’s hole, her juices making it an easy fit.
You begin to thrust, moving smoothly through her soft walls, going in, and almost slipping back out. You continue this for a while, and then reach down, opening Youmu’s vagina as well. You hold it open, and then continue the fingering you had been ignoring, and her cute yelps follow soon after. You continue this way, thrusting into Yuyuko, and pleasuring Youmu, and you can hear what sounds like the mistress kissing the toy that you share. This feeling is wonderful, and you don’t want it to stop, but you can feel that you’re about to blow your load. You pull out and shoot your sperm onto Yuyuko’s back, covering her in the white liquid.
“That was wonderful. You should try it, Youmu.”
With this, Yuyuko gets off of Youmu, and holds her legs open, stretching her small womanhood in front of you.
“Come on, Youmu, beg for it like a good dog.”

[ ] “Yeah, beg for your bone!”
[ ] Just stand there, and wait for Youmu to beg.
[ ] Run your fingers over her hole.
>> No. 2217
[X] Violate Yuyuko.
>> No. 2218
[ ] Just stand there, and wait for Youmu to beg.
>> No. 2219

Why pull out?

[X] Run your fingers over her hole.
>> No. 2220
[x] Run your fingers over her hole.
>> No. 2221
[ ] Just stand there, and wait for Youmu to beg.
>> No. 2222
[x] Just stand there, and wait for Youmu to beg.

>> No. 2223
[x] Just stand there, and wait for Youmu to beg.
>> No. 2224
[ ] Just stand there, and wait for Youmu to beg.

fappan like the fist of the motherfucking north star
>> No. 2225
File 121080412637.png - (16.30KB , 500x500 , YoumuH1censored.png ) [iqdb]
You just stand there, looking down at what Yuyuko is doing. Tears begin to run down Youmu’s cheeks, and she sniffles a few times, but manages to speak.
“P… Please, put it in.”
“Oh?” Yuyuko smiles. “Did you ask my pet cat something, little dog? I couldn’t hear you, please say it again.”
“P… Please! Put it in! P-Please!”
This is sad, but… You’re hard, nonetheless. You grab Youmu’s legs, and pick her up, then run your member into her. The walls of her vagina wrap around you very tight, but it only increases the pleasure. You push in until you hit a wall, and you still aren’t all the way in. You press against the wall, tearing away Youmu’s virginity, and now officially making her an adult.
Youmu stops moving for a second, a look of terror is on her face, but you continue into the depths of her innards, until you hit another wall.
“Ah! Please, stop! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…”
You still aren’t all the way in, but you decide that this will do. You begin to move her up and down, massaging your cock with her sweet juices, and rubbing your chest against hers. You put her back on the cushioned area, and thrust even harder, the blood and vaginal mucus pouring out of Youmu’s previous innocence.
“AH! Please, stop! It hurts, it still hurts!”
Tears run down her face, her face a deep red with her blush. You grab her buttocks and massage them, you can’t just stop here. You continue to run yourself into her, her walls tightening even more, cum flowing out of her. You feel a pressure in your anus, and Youmu’s eyes get wider, and you can feel the anal beads running in and out of your anus, and you can feel a new pressure in your own vagina. You feel this object break your own virginity, taking strokes in and out, filling your whole body with pleasure. You can’t stop yourself, and you come inside Youmu, the semen flowing out of her, and onto the cushion. You grope her small breasts, and run your tongue into her mouth, her moans unable to escape. This continues, until you fall unconscious. You are met with a man and a woman, in a thick void, glaring at you. But… who are they?
“You know, even if they were, or are part human, they’re still monsters.” The man and woman both look exactly like you, but neither are a strange combination of the sexes.
“Yes, and you know what you must do to monsters, yes?” The woman chimes in, smiling at you.
“You have to kill them. Bathe in the blood that’s shed, and eat what remains. You must then seek out other monsters, and never let them harm you again.”
You nod in agreement. The pleasure means nothing more to you now. You only have this task set before you, ordered by these two. You fall back into consciousness, Yuyuko nowhere to be seen, and only Youmu is left with you, lying on top of your body, her eyes closed. Your dagger is only a few feet away, and this… monster, is lying on top of you.

[ ] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
[ ] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
[ ] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
>> No. 2226

[x] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.
>> No. 2227
[x] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.

Surely in six months we've learned to control our Nanaya blood and heritage.
>> No. 2228
Oh crap.


[X] Grab your "dagger" and "sheath" it in Youmu.
>> No. 2229
[x] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.

>> No. 2230
[X] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.

You can't. You can't make us kill her.
>> No. 2231
ERROR: Writeins.exe is missing files. Operation aborted.
>> No. 2232
[z] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.

We can't do it.
>> No. 2233
[x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
[x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
[x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
>> No. 2234

Uh... what? Where the hell'd this come from? Maybe we should've read that diary.

[X] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.
>> No. 2235
[x] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.

>> No. 2236
[x] Grab sword, behead Youmu.
>> No. 2237
y u do this? you are not kira, nor YAF nor Scorn. Don't do this, man.
>> No. 2238

>> No. 2239
I gotta go. I'll finish this story in a few hours.
>> No. 2240
[x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
"You are a mathematical error. A mathematical error that I'm about to correct."
>> No. 2241

>> No. 2242
>>vaginal mucus


Also [x] Resist.
>> No. 2243
File 121080475136.jpg - (56.14KB , 1024x750 , 1205424333404.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2244
[x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
This story wants guro, I'll give it guro.
>> No. 2245
Man, we didn't even get a chance to fuck Myon.
>> No. 2246
[x] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.
[x] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.
[x] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.
[x] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.
[x] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.
[x] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation.
>> No. 2247
File 121080623726.jpg - (186.46KB , 704x396 , FFFFFFFF.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2248
[x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu, kill Yuyuko, eat the remains, rise the bloody crowd, from the beginning of the show, reverse the birth, reverse the world and spin spin Spin SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN
>> No. 2249
[x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
>> No. 2250
[x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
I'm going with the second option here.
...it seems luckier than the others.
>> No. 2251
[ ] Tenderly Love Youmu


So this is what it feels like, to have you own techniques used against you.
>> No. 2252
[x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
[x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
[x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu.
I'm picking all three. I just can't choose because they're all good.
>> No. 2253

The only good thing that has come from this. All I can say is;

>> No. 2254
I wish I had gotten here earlier, that way I could've stopped you being so cruel to lovely Youmu.

>>they’re still monsters
>>Youmu stops moving for a second, a look of terror is on her face, but you continue into the depths of her innards, until you hit another wall.
“Ah! Please, stop! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…”
You still aren’t all the way in, but you decide that this will do. You begin to move her up and down, massaging your cock with her sweet juices, and rubbing your chest against hers. You put her back on the cushioned area, and thrust even harder, the blood and vaginal mucus pouring out of Youmu’s previous innocence.

No futa-girl-anon, you are the monsters.
>> No. 2255

At first this was gonna be a happy thing, where Youmu fell head-over-heels for futanonymous, but someone told me to be like you.


>> No. 2256
One anon doesn't equal all of us.
>> No. 2257

>> No. 2258
aaaa conundrum D=
>> No. 2259
File 121081254811.png - (69.86KB , 325x236 , lolidotn'know.png ) [iqdb]

⑨ has leveled up! ⑨ is now lvl. 25!

⑨ is evolving!




⑨ has evolved into Scornball!

Scornball has learned rage!
Scornball wants to learn despair, but Scornball already knows 4 moves.
Delete one?
Delete which move?
Are you sure?
Scornball has forgotten "lolidotn'know", and has learned "Despair"!
>> No. 2260

>> No. 2261
I was enjoy the change of pace from the 4 or 5 DESPAIR VNs. Oh well.
>> No. 2262

I'm kidding. This is just a side-story, the actual story won't be as gruesome as the end of this story.

It might be worse.
>> No. 2263

I want to see Yuyuko turn Cirno and Rumia into pets as well in the main story, because I am a sick fuck.
>> No. 2264
Seconded. Nineball, pick some animals for Yuyuko to make Cirno and Rumia be.
>> No. 2265
Fuck that I want to see us become a happy, potentially incestuous, family with Rumia and Wriggle as youngest sisters, Youmu and FutaAnoko as the middle sisters and Yuyuko as eldest sister\mother figure.
>> No. 2266
Rumia would make an excellent mouse.

>> No. 2267
Rumia could be a rabbit, and Cirno could be a frog.
>> No. 2268
Delicious. FUND IT.
>> No. 2269

>> No. 2270
>>Rumia could be a rabbit

fsdkhfkfds oh god yes
>> No. 2271
Okay, [x] Grab dagger, kill Youmu. won, right?

>> No. 2272

>> No. 2273

[x] Don't kill Youmu. Resist the temptation. won, actually.
>> No. 2274
>> No. 2275
File 121081635939.jpg - (77.17KB , 500x500 , 3hly.jpg ) [iqdb]
This… This doesn’t even look human anymore. This is a monster! This isn’t… Your Youmu. You grab the dagger and tear at the thing, and it lets loose a horrible scream. Everything’s changed… The whole world, once nice and pure, is now disgusting and rotted. Flesh seems to be everywhere, but when you cut the monster… It begins to look like Youmu again. You keep cutting, and ripping, tearing its flesh, until it looks and sounds just like Youmu.
“W…What are you doing?”
“I made you innocent again. You’re back to normal, Youmu.”
“…It hurts.”
“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts-”
“Youmu, I don’t underst-”
“IT HURTS! It hurt it hurts it hurts IT HURTS!!”
She falls over, crying, and looks back at you.
“Please, stop! Please… Please… Plea…”
She… No, IT is dead. You feel a sudden urge overtake you, and you cut its stomach open, and pull its organs out. You grab its intestines and eat them, chewing on the fleshy mass. You chop off its hand and use the fingers to finger yourself, and then cut out its eye, and stick your member in. The dead thing doesn’t move, and you run the throbbing flesh in and out of its head, then pull out and let your seed loose on it. You keep eating the beast, and eventually finish up. A few parts are left, but you don’t care. You’re soaked in its blood, filled with its flesh, and you had your way with the corpse.
This is what you must do. You have to kill these monsters, which once looked human. You burst out of the doors and spot a small monster, which screams after seeing you. Through the muffled voice, you hear it say:
“Nii-Nii! What are you doing? W-what happened?”

Another victim to have.

Another meal to eat.

END of Me, Master, and Youmu.
>> No. 2276
I don't think I'm getting the references here.
>> No. 2277
File 121081647084.gif - (22.86KB , 448x272 , semen.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2279
>> No. 2280
Is Futanonymous still wearing the cat outfit at the time of killing?
>> No. 2281
Oh jesus god please.
>> No. 2282
It really doesn't matter.
>> No. 2283
File 121081677786.jpg - (174.40KB , 650x910 , songofsaya1.jpg ) [iqdb]

The "everything looks like guts, including people, until they actually are guts" thing is a refrence to Saya no Uta.
>> No. 2284
Yes it does. It's more erotic if we are.
>> No. 2285

Jesus, now I'm picturing jamming it into Rumia while she cries out "Nii-Nii" over and over, and her little rabbit ears bounce with every thrust. Maybe playing with the little fake rabbit tail she'd have to wear...

Although, whoever said Rumia would be good as a mouse had a great idea.
>> No. 2286
So, anyone want to pick up on the actual story tonight?
>> No. 2287
Yes, please.
>> No. 2288

>> No. 2289
yes, especially if we have Rumia and Cirno become Yuyuko's pets too. Everyone can walk around in perverted outfits.

>> No. 2337
FUCKKKKKKKKKK why did you have to ruin it. ;_;
>> No. 2338
So if we're the on top when it comes to Youmu and she's the dog would that mean Rumia would be the one on top of us if she were the mouse?
>> No. 2339

Because I'm a silly bastard. I could give you guys the good end later, if you'd like.
>> No. 2340

>> No. 2341

Do it faggot.
>> No. 2342

Okay, I'll put it up later.
>> No. 2343
File 121088882912.jpg - (41.04KB , 1049x755 , hooray.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2344
Also, a lot off-topic, but anyone know some good H-games? A good fap makes for a good writer. Also, it's best if they have horror elements.
>> No. 2345
Saya no Uta
FAPFAPFAP from beginning to end
>> No. 2346

Just get to writan already you... you... 18
>> No. 2347
Okay, do you guys want control over the path of the ending, or do you just want to be led to the good end?
>> No. 2348
Control, i want my chance for another Bad End.
>> No. 2349
Control, I want to jam it into a crying Youmu
>> No. 2350
File 121090141196.jpg - (114.24KB , 1000x1200 , 3co1.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Yes, but Youmu looks scared. Let’s do this without her.”
“…Oh? Why would you want that?”
“She… She looks scared. I’d rather her not do something she doesn’t want to.”
“…Youmu? Are you scared?”
Youmu looks up at you two, and then lowers her head again.
“…I’ll always be honest to you, Miss Yuyuko. I’m ver… very scared. I do-do-don’t…”
“I don’t want this. This is taking it too far.”
Yuyuko sighs, and then looks back to you.
“I guess this is going a little far. This is… done, for today.”
She nods and flies away, leaving you and Youmu alone in the room.”

[ ] Violate the Half-ghost.
[ ] Help her get dressed, and then take her to your room.
[ ] Help her get dressed, and then take her to her room.
>> No. 2351
[ ] Help her get dressed, and then take her to your room.

>> No. 2352
[X] Help her get dressed, and then take her to her room.

Where she finally confesses she wants it, and we can love her tenderly.
>> No. 2353
[X] Help her get dressed, and then take her to her room.
>> No. 2354
[ ] Help her get dressed, and then take her to your room.
>> No. 2355
[X] Help her get dressed, and then take her to her room.

Let's be gentle with her.
>> No. 2356
[X] Help her get dressed, and then take her to your room.

It'll be fun being the reincarnation of Rena.
>> No. 2357
I'll be back in a while. Gonna go play EoSD.
>> No. 2358
[ ] Help her get dressed, and then take her to her room.

Lately anonymous has complained about the GRIM N' DARK ends, let's aim for the GOOD END this time maybe?
Come on, play ball with me and I'll play non-scat H scene with you.
>> No. 2359
File 121090495221.png - (122.07KB , 400x500 , 1208895464491.png ) [iqdb]
You walk over to her, and place a hand on her head. You run your fingers through her soft, gray locks, admiring the sweet girl.
“I’ll help you get dressed, okay?”
She nods, and you put her most basic layers of clothing back on her, and put yours back on too. You try to get her to come with you, by tugging her hand, but she won’t budge. You then hear a snore escape from her mouth, a small one, though. She’s already fallen asleep, and you need to get her to her room.

[ ] Carry her piggy-back style.
[ ] Carry her in your arms, princess style.
[ ] Carry her in your arms, in the most comfortable way you can manage.
>> No. 2361
Oh, sure. And then when we suddenly find ourselves cutting open Keine's through and raping her esophagus, you just shrug and say, "See? No scat!" Bah.

[X] Carry her in your arms, princess style.

Because that's what she is, the princess of the netherworld. Don't listen to that cow, she LIES.
>> No. 2362
[ ] Carry her in your arms, princess style.

I aww'd.
>> No. 2363
[z] Carry her in your arms, princess style.
>> No. 2364

I expect you to keep that promise.
>> No. 2365
[X] Carry her in your arms, princess style.

It's time to be the dashing prince(ss) and do what needs to be done.
>> No. 2366
File 121090622894.jpg - (71.01KB , 305x500 , 1208889086745.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide to pick her up, carrying her in your arms like a princess. You walk with her, taking her to her room. It takes a while, and she nibbles on your shirt once or twice on the way to her room, but you arrive without meeting any problems. You set her down and look at the cute girl before you, sleeping peacefully. You really want to join her happiness, but how?

Good End row: All paths lead to happiness.
[ ] Sleep with her.
[ ] Begin to fondle her.
[ ] Pull off her panties and finger her.
>> No. 2367
[X] Sleep with her.
[X] Begin to fondle her.
[X] Pull off her panties and finger her.
>> No. 2368
[ ] Sleep with her.
>> No. 2369
[X] Begin to fondle her.

>> No. 2370
[ ] Sleep with her.

Moe. Gonna die. etc.
>> No. 2371
[X] Begin to fondle her.

Never gonna give you up.
Never gonna let you down.
>> No. 2372
[x] Sleep with her.

>> No. 2373
I'm gonna go to sleep for the night. I'll finish up the good end tommorrow, but whichever vote is the highest before 7 P.M. EST tommorow is the winner.
>> No. 2374
[ ] Sleep with her.

Good, Youmu, you're looking kind of moe.
>> No. 2375

Damn it. Go with first to 5 from now on.
>> No. 2376
[X] Pull off her panties and finger her.

Let's get right to it...
>> No. 2377
[ ] Sleep with her.

We can fuck Youmu in the morning, when she's willing. No need to rape.
>> No. 2378
[X] Sleep with her.

>> No. 2379
[x] A Myon is fine too.
Fuck Youmu, I know who it is I REALLY want.
>> No. 2380
>Fuck Youmu

That's the idea.

But, if it's any consolation, Myon will probably get pretty worked up when we're tenderly loving Youmu. Considering that Myon can transform into a Youmu doppelganger, I'm assuming this means we'll be making sweet, sweet love to both. Possibly at the same time.
>> No. 2381
[ ] Begin to fondle her.

Take it easy
>> No. 2382
[x] Sleep with her.

I see what you did there, and I am amused.

>and I'll play non-scat H scene with you.
Don't you make lies at me.

Oh god, please. PLEASE DO THIS.
>> No. 2383
[ ] Sleep with her.

>> No. 2384
[ ] Sleep with her.

And then Yuyuko wakes us up and makes us fuck her and Rumia. Rumia is in tears at being forced to wear the complete rabbit costume. Cirno on the other hand thinks that the costume and the feeling are awesome and that she wants more.
>> No. 2386
[X] Begin to fondle her.
>> No. 2388
File 121092944550.jpg - (70.56KB , 595x794 , mil-bunnygirl.jpg ) [iqdb]
Only if by "rabbit outfit" you mean a bunnygirl costume.

Pic doubly related for the catgirl loli.
>> No. 2389

Nah, it'd basically be what futanonymous is wearing except in rabbit ears and a rabbit tail.
>> No. 2390
Close enough.
>> No. 2391
[x] Sleep with her.
>> No. 2392

>I'm assuming this means we'll be making sweet, sweet love to both. Possibly at the same time.

Words cannot describe how awesome that will be. Oh sweet Youmu why cant you be real? ;_;
>> No. 2393

Mind if I take this idea latter?
>> No. 2394

Please see >>2341
>> No. 2395

You may go right ahead, nineball.
>> No. 2400

>> No. 2401
This wonderful silly story...
When will it be finished, I wonder, I wonder?
>> No. 2402

When nineball gets the fuck back to writing like he should be instead of reading other VNs.
>> No. 2403

Actually, I'm about to play Super Mario World right now.
>> No. 2404

>> No. 2405

Writing now.
>> No. 2406
File 121104416219.jpg - (37.43KB , 350x509 , 120785130724.jpg ) [iqdb]
She’s too cute. You can’t do anything to her like this, so… You decide to not leave her alone. You settle down with her, and get ready to drift off to sleep.
You ruffle her hair, and she squirms a little, though she’s still asleep. This is how things should be. This is… Peace.

The sun shines on your face, coming in through the window. Youmu is still asleep, clinging to your shirt. She still has those dog ears and tail on, but she looks so peaceful. But… Now what should you do?

[ ] Fondle her.
[ ] Finger her.
[ ] Pet her hair.
>> No. 2407
[x] Pet her hair.

>> No. 2408
[X] Fuck Myon
>> No. 2409
[X] Pet her hair.

So cute.
>> No. 2410
[X] Pet her hair.

"Did you sleep well, princess?"
>> No. 2411
[ ] Remove tail
>> No. 2412
[X] Pet her hair.
>> No. 2413
[ ] Fondle her.
[ ] Finger her.
[ ] Pet her hair.
>> No. 2414
[X] Pet her hair.
Horrible. Hot, but horrible.
>> No. 2415
[x] Pet her hair.
>> No. 2416
[ ] Pet her hair.
>> No. 2417
[X] Pet her hair.
>> No. 2418
>> No. 2419
Pet her hair won, and I'm about to get to writing. H-scene incoming.
>> No. 2420
File 121107246470.png - (13.90KB , 117x209 , 1209434043996.png ) [iqdb]
It took a while, since I had to do a few things before writing. Anyways, here you go.

You reach out a hand, and begin to stroke her soft hair. It feels silky, and flows through your fingers with ease and grace. You decide to use your other hand, and begin to hold the side of her head with it. This girl really is great. Always putting on that strong act around others, and then being such a sweet, sensitive thing when alone. You continue to stroke her hair, until you feel something pull down your panties, and you feel a pressure on your penis. You turn to see white looks like a ghostly form of Youmu, gripping your member.
It nods, and begins to slowly run its hand up and down your shaft, propping its head up with its free hand. How can a ghost feel so warm? You always thought they were supposed to be cold and dead, not warm and lively.
You look back to your member, and see that the ghostly half of Youmu has taken your manhood into its mouth. You place a hand on its head, and it begins to go up and down, slowly sliding over your throbbing shaft. All you can feel is ecstasy, as the spirit continues to masturbate your extra appendage with its mouth. The motions stop, and Myon begins to run her tongue over the tip of your manhood, looking at you with lustful eyes.
“Myon, I’m g-going to cum…”
She… Can you call it a girl? Yes, this is still Youmu, after all. She begins to slow the licking, and pumps her head over your member again. You release your load in her mouth, and she slowly pulls away, the sperm flowing down her chin, and onto her flat chest. She stops it with her hands and scoops it up, licking the white mixture off of her fingers, swallowing every drop. She crawls over to you, and lies down on your chest, resting her head on your shoulder.

[ ] Fuck Myon.
[ ] Finger Youmu.
[ ] Fondle Youmu.
[ ] Violate Youmu.
>> No. 2421
[ ] Fuck Myon.

>> No. 2422
[z] Fuck Myon.

A ghost half is fine too.
>> No. 2424
[X] Fuck Myon.
[X] Finger Youmu.

At the same time.

This is why Youmu would be an awesome girlfriend. She's basically a one-woman threesome, what with Myon being able to turn into her doppelganger and all.
>> No. 2425
[X] Fuck Myon.
>> No. 2426
[x] Violate Myon.
>> No. 2427
File 121107501383.png - (215.46KB , 600x600 , MyonH1censored.png ) [iqdb]
This ghost is actually pretty cute. Well, when she’s acting as a doppelganger. You stroke her back, and smile as she makes a few yelping sounds, unable to speak in a human tongue. You run the same hand through her hair, admiring the bright eyes that she has. Reaching down, you grab her buttocks, and begin to move them from side to side. She makes a few more yelps, but doesn’t resist. You smile and grab the back of her head, moving towards her face.
“I hope you enjoy this, Myon.”
You kiss the ghost half, and press her mouth open with your tongue. You’ve become erect again, and feel around for her vagina. You find it, and put the tip of your member on the opening. Pulling back, you look at her again, almost ready to start things.
“So, Myon, are you ready?”
She nods, a tear or two appearing in her eyes. You pull her gap open with one hand, and use the other to hold your member as you put it into the ghost. You eventually feel something break in her; apparently ghosts can have virginity as well. You put your member partially in before you reach the end of her tunnel, and she begins to grind her lower half while moving up and down. You use one hand to fondle her small breast, and suck the other with your mouth. You run your tongue over her small nipple, feeling how hard it’s become. You use the other hand to stick your thumb in her anus, pressing the wall against your shaft, moving in and out of the soft creature. This continues for some time, and she occasionally lets what appears to be saliva run down onto your chest, and it trickle past your own nipple, down to the floor. You eventually are fondling her buttocks, running your member through the small specter, occasionally using your thumbs to pull on the opening of her womanhood.
“Myon… I’m about to come. Are you okay with it?”
She nods, her arms wrapped around your neck, her small frame moving up and down as you continue to plunge into her. You eventually release your seed in her, filing her womb with the sperm. A stream or two of it come out, trickling down your member, and leading to your own womanhood. You lay there with the small ghost on your chest, holding her to you. You can feel exhaustion set in, all this activity took a lot out of you. You slowly fade into a sleep, wondering what you’ll find when you awake.

Pick one.

[ ] 3
[ ] 5
[ ] 7
[ ] 9
>> No. 2428
[X] 9

Strongest, etc.
>> No. 2429

[ ] 5
>> No. 2430

[x] 9

Infallible logic.
>> No. 2431
[X] ⑨
>> No. 2432
[z] 5

A middle number is fine too.
>> No. 2433
[x] Pick her thumb.
>> No. 2434
I'm guessing one is a Youmu dream, one is a Cirno dream, one is a Rumia dream, and one is a Yuyuko dream.
>> No. 2435
[ ] 3

The first prime number
>> No. 2436
[x] The choice that leads to Myon and Youmu threesome. A Yuyuko is fine too.
>> No. 2437
File 121107688774.gif - (17.70KB , 294x271 , yugi.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] 5
>> No. 2438

Nope. You only got one of them.
>> No. 2439

2 is a prime number...
>> No. 2440
i just realised i fail at math
>> No. 2441
5 and 9 are tied, I think. Combine them?
>> No. 2442
Combine 5 and 9? [YES]/NO
>> No. 2443

>> No. 2444

Nerdrage is boiling
>> No. 2445
File 121107933596.jpg - (113.92KB , 500x802 , Myon1.jpg ) [iqdb]
You’re floating. The air around you doesn’t hold you down, and you just stay where you are, floating. The clouds pass by, soft and fluffy. The sun is shining on you, making you feel warm. Something brushes against your back, and you turn to face it.
“…Nothing’s there…”
It brushes by you again. You turn to see a small cloud staring at you, with a goofy smile on its face. Wait, this isn’t a cloud…
The ghost half rams into you, squirming in your arms. After a second or two, it becomes a doppelganger of Youmu again, holding onto your shirt.
“Hey, how do you feel?” The ghost smiles. Why can it talk? All it could do before was squeak.
“Uh… I feel fine. What about you?”
“I feel great. I was hoping that we could just stay like this for a while. So, can we?”
You nod, and she turns around. You hold her around the waist, floating in the sky, looking at the horizon. Waves below you move around, with no land in sight. But land doesn’t matter, so long as you can stay like this. So long as you can stay with Myon.
“Can you do me a favor?”
“Yes, of course I can. What do you want me to do?”
She turns to you with a serious look on her face, frowning.
“I want you to wake up.”
“Wake up.”

You have a cold sweat running down your face. You look around and see nothing in every direction.
The world above is black.
The world below is black.
The world to either side is black.
But you are still here. You can see yourself, but nothing else.
You reach out to grab something, anything.
Nothing is there.
You reach below to find the same results. You get up, and feel a solid presence below your feet. Ground. There’s ground beneath your feet. You walk for a while, the void occasionally seeming as if there is something else, but there isn’t. And then… You spot them. That man. That woman. They’re standing there, smiling at you.

How disgusting.

You turn to find a wall. It wasn’t there before, and neither were the odd colors that appear everywhere. The world is different here. This isn’t a safe place, it’s a place filled with cold and illusions.
The man gestures to a chair, which appeared with a table.
“Please, sit down.”

[ ] Sit down.
[ ] “No! Who the hell are you?”
[ ] “No thanks, I’ll just stand here.”
>> No. 2446
[X] “No thanks, I’ll just stand here.”

God damn it, not these guys again. I want my GOOD END.
>> No. 2447
[x] Turn off the light switch
>> No. 2448
[ ] “No thanks, I’ll just stand here.”
>> No. 2449
[X] "Die, monsters! You do not belong in this world."
>> No. 2450
[X] “No! Who the hell are you?”
>> No. 2451
[X] “no thx ill just stand here lol”
>> No. 2452
[x]I am the bone of my sword

we're in our own dream, gais, we can do this.
>> No. 2453
So, who are we? Shiki Ryougi with a penis?
>> No. 2454
File 121108129559.jpg - (92.85KB , 386x540 , Myon2.jpg ) [iqdb]
“No thanks, I’ll just stand here.”
You can’t help but clench a fist as he moves. It seems like you can almost remember this bastard. This disgusting pair of people, who seem so smug and sure of themselves. These two… Must be disgusting bastards. You can feel it. You know it. They’re nothing but a pair of annoyances. Eyesores, even.
“Very well. I believe you know what we want you to do, yes?”
“…No, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“We want you to kill those monsters. Tear them apart, bathe in their blood, devour their remains, and rid this land of all youkai. Do you understand?”
This bastard wants you to kill Youmu? And Rumia, and all those close to you? Well, he won’t have his way. You charge at him, fist clenched, and send your fist into a collision with his face. He falls over, and the woman helps him up, and then looks at you.
“You can’t just do something like that! We’re all one, so we should work together!”
“I’m sorry, but I’ll play by my rules, not yours.”
“…We’ll see about that.”
You wake up to find Youmu gone, but Myon still resting on you, with her arms wrapped around you. What you just saw… Should you do what they said to?

[ ] Assault the moe blob.
[ ] Pet Myon’s head.
[ ] Hug Myon.
>> No. 2455
[X] Hug Myon.
>> No. 2456
[ ] Pet Myon’s head.
[ ] Hug Myon.
>> No. 2458
[x] Pet Myon’s head.
[x] Hug Myon.

I aww'd like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
>> No. 2459
[ ] Pet Myon’s head.
[ ] Hug Myon.

>> No. 2460
[X] Pet Myon’s head.
[X] Hug Myon.

Good, Myon, you're looking kind of mo-HNNNNNNNNNNGH.
>> No. 2461
[x] Whistle for Youmu
>> No. 2462
File 121108205022.jpg - (80.44KB , 305x500 , Myon3.jpg ) [iqdb]
You reach one arm around the little doppelganger, and use the other to pet her hair. You hold the ghost half close to you, stroking her hair and holding her to yourself, sharing her warmth. She wakes up and looks at you with her bright eyes, still with her arms around you. She smiles and buries her head in your chest, a slight blush rising on her cheeks, as a squeak escapes from her throat.
“Good morning, Myon, how do you feel today?”
She leans forward, and gives you a kiss on the mouth, then pulls back with a goofy grin, trying to hide her happiness.

This is what’s right. Whoever the two in your dream are, they don’t matter. They can’t tell you who is evil and who is good, much less who you should kill. You spend that morning taking care of Myon, feeding her, petting her, and rocking her in your arms as you sit beneath a large cherry blossom tree. This is how things are, and you’d never trade away this reality. This is…

Your home.

>> No. 2463

>> No. 2464
Where's the Youmu/Myon threesome, nineball? You said there'd be threesomes!
>> No. 2465
Myon end! Hooray \o/
>> No. 2466
Well, now that you got the good and bad ends for this, what do you guys want to do first tommorow?

[ ] Border Crossing.
[ ] Diary entries.
[ ] When the Fairies Cry.
[ ] Character Profiles.
>> No. 2467
[ ] When the Fairies Cry.
>> No. 2468
[ ] Border Crossing.
Rumia and Cirno need to put on their "costumes".
>> No. 2469

I don't remember promising that for this side story. But you can get them in BC.
>> No. 2470
[X] Border Crossing.
>> No. 2471
[X] Border Crossing.

For the reasons this anon stated.
>> No. 2472
[x] Border Crossing.
What time?
>> No. 2473
I wonder.

Are the man and the woman incarnations of our other two missing heirloom weapons?

If so, holy SHIT, ⑨. I never expected a clever plot twist like this out of you.
Honestly, I'd thought of you as sort of a Dunhabelfast that doesn't afraid of any subject matter and could actually write worth a damn, and but if this is the case, I've sorely underestimated you.

I doff my hat to you, sir. Good H, good writing.
>> No. 2474
When he wakes up.
>> No. 2475
>I'd thought of you as sort of a Dunhabelfast

Hey. That feels like an insult, for some reason.

Anyways, there's alot of secret things that will become more apparent as you get closer to chapter 9, they just may be hard to pick up right now.
>> No. 2476
We are Ryougi, aren't we? The female represents the female personality that Ryougi has, and the male one represents the male personality.
>> No. 2477
[x] Diary entries.
Get some fucking questions answered and get some character exposition.
>> No. 2478
It is.

That's why I'm sorry I ever thought of you like that.

Hmm... could be, could be. But given our heirloom weapons were made for killing youkai, and that's what certainly seemed to be on the minds of these two... well.
Either one would be cool, really; the weapon one would just be more of an unexpected twist than the Ryougi one.

Also, is it me, or is Futanonymous the only Anon to have passed through the border with memories intact?
>> No. 2479
Seconded for justice, and for my newfound respect for ⑨.
>> No. 2480
Forgot to mark my vote.
[x] Diary Entries!

I just now saw this, and I laughed.
>> No. 2481
All this cock-sucking over a couple of shitty sex-scenes?
>> No. 2482
[x] Border Crossing.
>> No. 2483
[X] Border Crossing.
>> No. 2484
[x] Border Crossing.
>> No. 2485
Hardly cock-sucking. More that I realized he was actually trying for a plot, and wasn't another Dunhabelfast.
The revelation hit me rather hard, so I'm still in the shock and awe stage.
>> No. 2486

Lots of the VN anons have their memories intact.
>> No. 2487
I was thinking that I could get one of the diary entries written and put up right now, before I have to take off. I'll have it up in a few minutes.
>> No. 2488
Diary Entry Number 1
Date: 3 years before the beginning of BC.
Writer: Futanonymous

Dear Diary,
It’s been a few months since Papa’s disappeared. Mom says that he had somehow gotten into a conflict with the shrine, and that he has been rejected by her side of the family.
Ever since he disappeared, I’ve been forgetting more and more about him. I forgot his face, his voice, and just about everything there is to remember about him. All I can remember now are two horns, which I think is a little weird.

My mother also gave me a dagger, which she says is a treasured family heirloom. For some reason, it feels like the dagger is much more than a weapon. It almost feels like… Like it’s a part of me. I also have a few dreams every now and then, where a man and woman who look just like me talk to me about my father and the shrine. All this drama has made it hard to attend school, but I’ll keep going any way. Hopefully I can find out what these dreams are about soon.


A short one, but it should show you more about Futanon's past.
>> No. 2490

>All I can remember now are two horns

>> No. 2491
This reminds me of Higurashi's TIPS. It will be interesting if you pull that off.
Anyway, it's good, but this part got me.
>>Writer: Futanonymous
It's okay to refer characters like this outside the stories, but inside them it's kind of... Bleh. You could do it like "Writer: XXXX XXXXXXXX". That wouldn't break the story, but would still keep the anonymity of character.
>> No. 2492

Thanks for the advice. I was just wanting to make it known who had been writing in the diary, but a blank name does sound better than Futanonymous in-game.
>> No. 2493
We should of named futa anon from the start. Would help me remember who and where the bitch is from when talking about her on the other boards.
>> No. 2494
>All I can remember now are two horns
Oni or Hakutaku? Hmm...
>> No. 2495

Getting warmer. Just remember, everything Futanon has seen isn't the whole picture of her past, and her past WILL affect what happens in Gensokyo.

Also, do you guys still prefer Futanonymous not having an actual name?
>> No. 2496
>> No. 2497
The Oni are planning to return to Gensokyo, futanon is a sleeper agent of an oni human hybrid.
>> No. 2498

>> No. 2499
File 121113866740.png - (32.06KB , 400x400 , 120102659025.png ) [iqdb]
>All I can remember now are two horns
>oni human hybrid.

So, that's why Futanon has a horn down there.
>> No. 2500
It's still a cool idea though
>> No. 2501

Yeah, it is. The idea I have, though, might be more fun on the psychotic side of Futanon's personality.
>> No. 2502
Unless anyone has any good ideas for a name I guess we should just leave it as futa anon.
>> No. 2503
Myon GOOD END is awesome.

I still say you should do a Myon and Youmu threesome with a potential Yuyuko being thrown in for good measure. Oh nineball can you make this fap come true?
>> No. 2504

>> No. 2505


>> No. 2506

This makes me think. Would anyone like a "Me, Master, and Youmu 2" some time in the future?
>> No. 2507

>> No. 2509

Yeah, but this time have Futanonymous be on the receiving end.
>> No. 2510
Delicious three-somes (or four-somes if Myon does her stuff) will always get a warm reception from me, and also presumably from the rest of the fans here. But the story is important.

We the general public bid you continue Futako's quest into the heart of the netherworld.
>> No. 2511
I plan to update BC in a little while, and to also put up Diary Entry #2. Just two things, though.

1. Futanonymous's father does have something to do with the horns, but the type of creature related to the horns is rather specific. Brush up on your Japanese mythology if you want to guess right.
2. I hope you don't enjoy being with Youmu and Yuyuko that much.
>> No. 2512
I love Youmu and Yuyuko. ;_;
>> No. 2513

>> No. 2514

>2. I hope you don't enjoy being with Youmu and Yuyuko that much.

Damn you..


You expect anyone to say no?
>> No. 2515

I thought that
might object.
>> No. 2534

One faggot doesn't speak for us all though
>> No. 2536

That person is a trolling faggot though.
>> No. 2539

Holy shit. This name.

It's perfect.
>> No. 2540
File 121118248169.jpg - (236.69KB , 1034x1066 , ran - tail rape 1.jpg ) [iqdb]
This just gave me a fucking brilliant idea.

If it is at all possible, an h-scene with Ran, where Futako is, as in the linked post, on the receiving end... while being snuggled in Ran's tails.

>> No. 2546

Confirm name?

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
>> No. 2547
[x]Yes. Futako receives an a-okay from me.
>> No. 2549
[x] Yes

What a lovely name.
>> No. 2550

Oh god, do it motherfucker. Ran's my favorite so this just makes it even better.