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File 127317095651.jpg - (654.16KB, 740x1035, dae1be3c7b20e7dc56eea36176bc57a9.jpg) [iqdb]
21798 No. 21798
Also known as 'A Touhou RPG - Thread two'


[x] Home run

The door practically bursts off its hinges, a visible column of air ramming outward. A dark shape flies toward you, and you instinctively knock it away with the side of your sword. Only as it soars into the air above you, orphaned fedora gently spiraling down, that you recognize the shape as Renko.

Crap, crap, crap.

She lands, spinning, on top the roof, bounces once, and lies there, groaning dazedly.


A sharp, forceful step snaps your attention back to the doorway, where a tall, silver haired woman now stands, a shimmering, ghostly sword in her hands. Very much a woman.

You take a step back, bringing your sword out in front of you, when she unexpectedly sighs, waving away her weapon. Her stance relaxes, and she brushes of her dress.

"Sorry. It's been awhile since I had any human visitors," she says, bowing. You return it with an awkward bow of your own. "Ah, come on in." She turns, beckoning to you with a raised hand. "Actually, wasn't there another person with you?"

On cue, Renko attempts to roll over, dislodging herself from the roof. She rolls quickly to the edge, bouncing up slightly from the gutter, and drops, spinning once more, for the ground.


Just as you start to move, the woman calmly extends her hand, catching Renko with ease. Just as easily, she slings her over her shoulder and steps back into the house. Stunned, the two of you follow her inside in silence.

Everything past the entrance is buried in books. In most cases, that would be an exaggeration, but now it's an understatement. Towers of books reach almost to the ceiling at some places, and the floor is practically invisible. In the corner of the room, you'd swear you can see a bookshelf made of books.

"Please, make yourself at home. I'll get some tea." She sets Renko heavily on a relatively clear spot on the couch.

"Unngh..." groaning, Renko sits up and looks around. "What time is it...? No, where is this?" She reaches up, rubbing her eyes. "What happened?"

Mary shifts some books and takes a seat beside her. "We're still on the other side. You passed out, and the woman who lives here brought us inside.

"Hmmm..." Renko stretches out. "It feels like I slept on my table..."

Why do you know what that feels like?

The silver-haired woman returns, carrying a teapot and several cups.

"Oh good, you're awake."

"Who are you?" Renko winces as she turns her head.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Keine Kamisharo- Kimoshira- Kami-shira-sawa." She bows more deeply than before, her cheeks coloring slightly. "I hope you'll forgive the mess, Miss Hieda has been away for some time now. I'll help you with whatever I can in her absence, though."

"Miss Hieda?" You interject.

"You don't know her? Why did you come here, then?" Keine tilts her head. At the same time, you and Mary both turn to Renko, who blushes and scratches her head.

"Ahahaha~ I guess you could say we're explorers?"

"Hmmm... in that case, if you happen to see Miss Hieda in your travels, could you tell her to return quickly? I've been attempting to organize the archive while she's gone, but it's far more difficult than I had imagined... really, I think she's the only one who could remember all of these books." She lets out another sigh, her shoulders sagging. "While you're here, is there anything you'd like information about?"

[ ] Write-in


You can ask info on anything, and if Keine knows it, she'll tell you. Yes, anything.
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>> No. 21799
[x] More about the Misty Lake area; mention you explored some of it already.
[x] Inquire about beings that might be friendly and ones that are not.

These are just for starters, though I'm trying to remember what other areas we were considering.
>> No. 21803
[X] More about the Misty Lake area; mention you explored some of it already.

Going for 100% completion.

[X] Inquire about beings that might be friendly and ones that are not.

New party members?
>> No. 21810
Some things you could ask about, if you want:

Geography - any specific location or in general, or even something like "dangerous area", "populated area", etc.

Creatures - again, any specific creatures, kind of creature, creatures found in an area, countermeasures against them, etc.

World mechanics - a bit more vague, but you could ask her about the inner workings of the world, or, for example, why some specific effect is happening. Or something. Yeah.

History! Her specialty, sort-of. Learn the native culture and events of Gensokyo.
>> No. 21811
[X] Geography
[X] Creatures
[X] World mechanics
[X] History
[X] All of the above as much as possible, breaching all subjects.

Go for the massive wall.
>> No. 21813
[x] Wall me.

Did she just struggle with her own name?
>> No. 21823
Okay, calling for the general stuff all mentioned, with emphasis on "friend or foe" and the Misty Lake.

Writing when I get done with stuff.
>> No. 21824
Seems so.
>> No. 21825
To be fair, most everybody struggles with her name at some point.
>> No. 21826
File 127335353312.png - (952.72KB, 1280x960, f78d88bcb4622b4d8c298766037e0739.png) [iqdb]



[x] Wall

"Well, first-" you reach into your back pocket and produce a folded piece of paper, "-could you tell us a bit more about this area?"

Spreading it out on the table (which is also, you notice, supported by books), you point to the outline of a lake in the center.

"Ah, the misty lake?" Keine cranes her head around, turning the paper to face her. "It's almost the center of Gensokyo, so quite a few humans have settled around it, myself and Morichika you've already met. It's aptly named, the fog over the lake hasn't lifted in close to a century."

"The cold climate attracted a lot of ice fairies, or it may have produced them. As their numbers grew, the area got colder, which brought more of them, until the place is practically overrun with them. As such, not many actual Youkai live around there; too cold, not enough food, too many annoying fairies, the reasons vary, but most youkai hate it, which is enough to attract a certain kind of human. There is, however, one exception."

Taking a breath, she moves her finger up to the north of the lake, where she produces a pencil and sketches in a little peninsula with some kind of house on it.

"The Scarlet Devil Mansion. It's ruled by an incredibly powerful vampire. I've had the misfortune to fight her before, and I will tell you: If you value life and limb, avoid her if you have any choice."

The stick figures she's drawn around it somewhat spoil the effect, unfortunately.

"Where did you get that map?" Renko asks, peering over your shoulder.

"I drew it last night."

She lets out a low whistle.

"Was there anything else?"

Keine turns toward you, folding her hands on her lap.

"Do you know anyone else who would be willing to give us help?" Mary in chimes from the couch.

"Hm, yes..." the pencil returns, and she begins to place scribble small names around various sections of the map, adding features as she goes. "Rinnosuke you've met, of course. He deals in tools from the Outside, but in reality he'll buy and sell just about anything that strikes his fancy. He's also got a keen eye, so he can help you identify anything you might come across. Naturally, I'll be available any time you need information, and if you happen to come across Miss Hieda I'm sure she will help you as well."

She straightens up, her drawings finished.

"Marisa Kirasame runs a magic shop in the forest. While I would advise you to be cautious of anything she sells, especially what she makes herself, her services could still prove most useful. Hakurei Reimu is the resident shrine maiden, it generally falls to her to resolve any major incidents that occur. However, short of something threatening Gensokyo itself or her shrine, she cannot be expected to intervene."

"Eientei is located in the bamboo forest, though it's residents are mostly youkai they are friendly. Eirin, the resident doctor, is truly magnificent at her work, I'm certain she could treat any kind of injury or sickness you might discover. Lastly, there are quite a few kappa at the foot of the mountain. If you manage to find one that doesn't run away, they will probably be willing to help you. Probably."

"It's pretty accurate, too... did you take pictures or something?"

"No, it was from memory." You gently push Renko off your back. "Can you tell us more about the creatures? You've mentioned fairies and youkai."

"Of course. Fairies, are, as you know, manifestations of nature. They tend to be mischievous rather than malevolent, reincarnate quickly, and lack both strength and intelligence. The great fairies are a partial exception, they can sometimes become quite fearsome, and often learn human language. They are still just fairies, though.

"Youkai are the embodiments of human fear, be it collected in an existing container such as an animal, a tool, or even another human, or condensed directly into a conceptual youkai. Youkai vary greatly in almost all respects, though as a rule all of them must attack humans. The level of said attack will depend on their specific temperament and type, but nonetheless you should never lower your guard around them." She counts off her fingers.

"Lastly are the gods. They are the embodiments of humans' faith, and are the antithesis to youkai. The odds of provoking one are extremely low, not in the least because Gensokyo's gods have slowly dwindled in both power and numbers in recent years. Of course, it would be a mistake to completely lower your guard around them, as some of them are more... archaic in their ways."

She takes a punctual sip of her tea.

She sounds like your teacher from first grade.

"You sound like my teacher from first grade," Renko remarks, lying on the floor.

Keine blushes slighty. "Ah, I do?"

Is she... smiling?

By the time she stops, you've manage to make your expression carefully blank.

"Ah, was there anything else?"

"No, I think that's all. Thank you for the tea."

"You're welcome. And please remember to tell Miss Hieda to come back if you see her."


Map updated -
Youkai Mountain added.
SDM added.
Marisa's shop added.
Bamboo forest added.
Eientei added.
Hakurei Shrine added.

Quest activated: Missing scholar.


You step out into the sunlight again and stretch. While your encounter was quite educational, it did take up a lot of time.

Renko comes out behind you, carrying the map.

"So, where should we head for next?"

Pick a destination!

[ ] Youkai Mountain
[ ] Misty Lake
- [ ] SDM
[ ] Forest of Magic
- [ ] Marisa's shop
[ ] Bamboo forest
- [ ] Eientei
[ ] Hakurei Shrine


You'll have time to explore maybe one area or so before you need to head back for the day.
>> No. 21827
[X] Hakurei Shrine
>> No. 21829
Forgot to add:

[ ] Misty lake
- [ ] Kourindou
>> No. 21831
should have asked where Akyu was going...
>> No. 21832

Keine doesn't know, to be fair.
>> No. 21833
[X] Hakurei Shrine
-[X] Offer to help Keine find Miss Hieda
>> No. 21834
[X] Hakurei Shrine
-[X] Offer to help Keine find Miss Hieda first

Side questin gaems
>> No. 21835
The sidequest is already accepted.

Vote called for "[x] Hakurei Shrine"

Writing soon.
>> No. 21836
[X] Hakurei Shrine

>Offer to help Keine find Miss Hieda
We just said goodbye. Also, we implicitly agreed to look for her when Keine asked in >>21798 and we didn't decline. If Keine had any leads on where Akyuu is, she'd have either told us or followed up herself. We'll just have to wander around until we find her or some info about her whereabouts.
>> No. 21855
File 127360144072.jpg - (100.65KB, 400x1200, 4e5297e3d51523db8d1b64a042aa6f95.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for taking so long.


[x] Hakurei Shrine

"How about the shrine?" You lean back, pointing on the map. "Who knows, we might find something of help."

"Well then, off we go!" As Renko warms up for a dash, you grab her collar and manage to hoist her a few inches of the ground.

"No. You are not dragging us all the way there. You are not going to run off ahead. We're going to walk there at a reasonable, comfortable pace. We will take the chance to relax and recover."

She puffs her cheeks and folds her arms, but otherwise doesn't protest. You let her down with a sigh.

"Alright, let's go."

The three of you set off toward the shrine at a leisurely pace, with Renko sulking along behind you.


The trip is slower this time, but you use the chance to take in more of this world's beauty. Something about it- the long, swaying grass, the ancient, peaceful, trees, the sweet smell in the air- it makes you feel more alive than you've ever felt at home. By the time you reach the base of the stairs, even Renko has cheered up, chatting happily with Mary and pointing out various rare plants and animals.

It's like a dream, isn't it? Everything you do here seems so effortless. Your body is lighter, faster, stronger. Yet because of that, this place seems so fragile; as though if you were to look too hard you'd see through it.

Now isn't the time to be thinking too hard.

With a grunt, you hoist Mary back to balance from where she nearly fell. However stronger you may be in this place, the stairs here are so ridiculously steep it isn't even funny. It's amazing anyone lives up here at all.

Two footsteps, further down the slope, in the brush. One barefoot. They're trying to move quietly, and doing a good job.

But not quite good enough.

:: Battle, Start! ::


Claw Youkai - Level 3 Monster - HP: 45/45 MP: 60/60
Shot Youkai - Level 3 Monster - HP: 45/45 MP: 60/60


You - Level 3 Ranger - HP: 90/90 MP: 30/30
|A: 16|H: 83+5%|C: 7%|
|D: 6|E: 18%|S: 11%|
Skill: Stealth (evd+, crit+, 2 turns), Combo (Hit all, Hit%-), Protect(Def +, target, self evd-)
Spell: None

Usami Renko - Level 3 Rogue - HP: 60/60 MP: 15/15
|A: 11|H: 88%|C: 13+5%|
|D: 2|E: 20%|S: 15%|
Skill: Stealth (evd+, crit+, 3 turns), Agility (evd+, hit+, 40% free turn, 3 turns)
Spell: None

Maribel Han - Level 3 Magician - HP: 30/30 MP: 120/120
|A: 6|H: 80%|C: 2%|
|D: 3|E: 15+5%|S: 10%|
Skill: None
Spell: Flare (16 dmg, target, 10 MP), Heal (HP +16, target, 10 MP), Barrier (Def+ 14, 4 turns, target, 8 MP), Bind (Stun 70%, target, 5 MP)

Potion (HP +15) x9, Mana (MP +30) x7, Small Bomb (15 dmg, target) x5

[ ] Attack [ ] Defend
[ ] Spell [ ] Skill
[ ] Item [ ] Flee


Do you know what time it is? It's battle time!

Three-turn mode still. Also tweaked the damage formula a bit, damages should be less pathetic most of the time.
>> No. 21856
[x]You: Stealth, Attack x2 (Claw Youkai)
Renko: Stealth, Attack x2 (Claw Youkai)
Maribel: Barrier (Maribel), Flare x2 (Claw Youkai)

If the first is dead, then the shot youkai.
>> No. 21857
[X] You - Combo, Attack (Claw Youkai) x2
[X] Renko - Stealth, Attack (Claw Youkai) x2
[X] Mary - Bind (Shot Youkai), Flare (Claw Youkai) x2

Stun one and then beat down the other. I'm guessing the claw youkai will do more damage and takes priority. How long does the stun status effect last?
>> No. 21859
[X] You - Combo, Attack (Claw Youkai) x2
[X] Renko - Stealth, Attack (Claw Youkai) x2
[X] Mary - Bind (Shot Youkai), Flare (Claw Youkai) x2

Seems to work for me
>> No. 21861

In this case it lasts one turn. It'll prevent them from performing any actions or evading. Naturally, for it to be useful Mary has to keep casting it, for the most part.
>> No. 21862
[X] You - Combo, Attack (Claw Youkai) x2
[X] Renko - Stealth, Attack (Claw Youkai) x2
[X] Mary - Bind (Shot Youkai), Flare (Claw Youkai) x2

Sure, keep one down temporarily, while permanently taking out the other.
>> No. 21863
Called, writing in the morning.

[X] You - Combo, Attack (Claw Youkai) x2
[X] Renko - Stealth, Attack (Claw Youkai) x2
[X] Mary - Bind (Shot Youkai), Flare (Claw Youkai) x2

>> No. 21869
Battle theme, which I forgot last time:


[X] You - Combo, Attack (Claw Youkai) x2
[X] Renko - Stealth, Attack (Claw Youkai) x2
[X] Mary - Bind (Shot Youkai), Flare (Claw Youkai) x2

"Mary, Ren, behind!" You quickly tap both of their shoulders.

Renko immediately spins around, then swerves into the brush as you mark their position. Using the height to your advantage, you catapult yourself down with a single step, sword raised high above your head.

You bring it crashing down on the head of a large, vaguely-human figure with a warped, doglike face. It doubles over from the force of the blow, howling and snarling at the same time. Bringing one foot around, you twist your body, sweeping the sword at the other creature- a kind of amalgamation of bird and man- but it simply leaps over you.

Recovering quickly, the dog-head extends its claws, sweeping upward toward you. You nimbly dance out of the way as their razor tips rake the air where you stood.

The bird-like creature emerges from behind the other's shadow. Spines sprout from his clenched fists, but as he raises them to strike, a bright light surrounds him. The air distorts, bending and coiling itself around his limbs.

Seizing the chance, you thrust at the clawed beast, who sidesteps at the last moment. Before he has a chance to gloat, however, Renko's knife flashes out of the woods behind him. She drives it into his back with both hands, bracing herself as his skin is suddenly surrounded by flames.

"Good timing!" Renko shouts, as Mary descends lightly from the stairs to the dirt ground.

With a resounding 'crack' the other breaks free from his bindings, shrieking in rage. The three of you spin toward him, but too slowly. More spines grow up his arms, and as he tenses his muscles they begin to fire out in all directions. You barely deflect one that slices your arm, though the girls don't fare so well- One pierces Renko calf and goes out the other side, while another buries itself in Mary's shoulder.

The half-dog stands up, his eyes glazing over as new skin begins to form over him.


You switch the blade to your left hand and step forward. The dog roars at the sudden advance, raising its claws, but your blade rises quickly, driving the point into its sternum. Renko recovers, leaping up to grasp the hilt of her knife, still stuck in the creature's back, and drag it through, up to its neck. It freezes for a moment, arms still raised, before toppling over sideways.

Clutching her shoulder, Mary lets off another burst of flame, singing off the feathers on the bird monster's arms. With a cry of anger it fires another spine, which narrowly grazes Mary's side.

You and Renko turn to face it, now, as the dog's corpse dissolves into dust and ashes.



* You took 1 damage.
* Renko took 7 damage.
* Mary took 9 damage.
* Mary spent 25 MP.
* Claw Youkai died.
* Shot Youkai took 11 damage.

Shot Youkai - Level 3 Monster - HP: 34/45 MP: 60/60


You - Level 3 Ranger - HP: 89/90 MP: 30/30
|A: 16|H: 83+5%|C: 7%|
|D: 6|E: 18%|S: 11%|
Skill: Stealth (evd+, crit+, 2 turns), Combo (Hit all, Hit%-), Protect(Def +, target, self evd-)
Spell: None

Usami Renko - Level 3 Rogue - HP: 53/60 MP: 15/15
|A: 11|H: 88%|C: 13+5%|
|D: 2|E: 20%|S: 15%|
Skill: Stealth (evd+, crit+, 3 turns), Agility (evd+, hit+, 40% free turn, 3 turns)
Spell: None

Maribel Han - Level 3 Magician - HP: 21/30 MP: 95/120
|A: 6|H: 80%|C: 2%|
|D: 3|E: 15+5%|S: 10%|
Skill: None
Spell: Flare (16 dmg, target, 10 MP), Heal (HP +16, target, 10 MP), Barrier (Def+ 14, 4 turns, target, 8 MP), Bind (Stun 70%, target, 5 MP)

Potion (HP +15) x9, Mana (MP +30) x7, Small Bomb (15 dmg, target) x5

[ ] Attack [ ] Defend
[ ] Spell [ ] Skill
[ ] Item [ ] Flee


The new calculation is working as intended!
>> No. 21871
[X] You - Attack x3
[X] Renko - Attack x3
[X] Mary - Flare, Attack x2

An all-out attack to finish this battle quickly.
>> No. 21873
[X] You - Attack x3
[X] Renko - Attack x3
[X] Mary - Bind, Flare, Attack x1

Just to ensure that it can't get away from us. Remember, it can just fly higher and away while picking us off.
>> No. 21876
[X] You - Attack x3
[X] Renko - Attack x3
[X] Mary - Bind, Flare, Attack x1

What >>21873 said.
>> No. 21881
[X] You - Attack x3
[X] Renko - Attack x3
[X] Mary - Attack x3 - IF Battle = Over AND HP < 25 USE Heal ON Herself.
>> No. 21882
[X] You - Attack x3
[X] Renko - Attack x3
[X] Mary - Bind, Flare, Attack x1
>> No. 21883
[X] You - Attack x3
[X] Renko - Attack x3
[X] Mary - Bind, Flare, Attack x1

Wins. writing soon.
>> No. 21891
Battle, part 2

Sorry for the delays. Again.


[x] You - Attack x3
[x] Renko - Attack x3
[x] Mary - Bind, Flare, Attack x1

You and Renko sprint toward the monster side by side, raising your weapons simultaneously. When you come within reach, you bend down, hitting its legs with a horizontal sweep. As it prepares its spines again, a golden glow surrounds it, bracing its arms back.

Renko steps on your back, vaulting lightly over the creature, slashing at its face as she goes. It howls in rage, squirming futilely as the two of your draw back for another attack. This time you hit him squarely in the chest, knocking him back a bit, while Renko slashes across his back.

As the bird-man pulls at the binding, they suddenly turn brilliant orange, bursting into coils of flame that coat his body, turning his skin black. With a cracked whisper escaping his "lips", he collapses to the ground.

"Heh. That wasn't to hard now, was it?" Renko closes her knife, slipping it into the Parka's pocket.

"Mary, are you okay?" You walk toward her as she grasps the spine and pulls it out. Renko takes it from her and, holding it lightly, begins to examine it.

"Hmmm. It looks like some kind of... wax?" She rubs a flake of it between her fingers. "Definitely wax. Looks like some kind of pin feather or something.

"So, the bird was shooting us with its feathers?" You ask, as you help Mary to her feet. "What an original kind of attack."

You hear something hiss behind you. Turning, you are just in time to see the bird creature, his cracked skin giving way to new flesh, raise his arms. A dozen spines shoot out, faster than your eyes can follow, faster than you can dodge. Renko reacts the fastest, jumping to the side as soon as the first one hits her, taking only another scratch on her arm. Several more of them strike you, piercing your arms and legs as you try to shield yourself.

A single shot reaches Mary, striking her through the chest.


Ignoring the pain in your forearm, you swing your sword out in an arc, cutting down a down another row of them in the air. In two steps, you've reached the enemy, but his crazed eyes don't see you. Your hand comes back in a smooth motion, the edge of the wooden blade striking the monster's neck. It seems to compress, like putty, simply flowing around the weapon. Then, with a small, sickening 'pop', his head detaches, dropping to the ground.

In a matter of seconds, all that remains of the monster is a pile of dust and ashes, barely higher than the earth around it.


Battle clear! +70 power, +30 points (total: 139 points)

Found one Claws (A: 5, H: 75%, C: 6%) (Renko)!
Found one Potion!
Found one Mana!

New creature index: "Lesser Youkai"


[Mary heals herself. HP +16, MP -10]

By the time you get back, Mary is sitting upright, supported by Renko. Blue light comes from her hands, gathering on her chest. When it disappears, so has her wound, even the shirt is clean of blood.

"Are you two alright?"

"Yes, now. You should worry about yourself though, too."

You glance at the small punctures running along all of your limbs.

"Eh. It's nothing major," you finally respond, shrugging your shoulders. "We should get going if we want to get there in time, it's still a long ways up."

"We still have to climb that?" Renko moans, looking up the long staircase.

"You've got a better solution?" You raise an eyebrow at her. She sighs. "Mary, you think you'll be able to make it up? I could carry you if you wanted."

"Ah, no, I'm fine." She waves it off, flustered.

"Why are you just offering to carry her?"

"What, you want me to carry you?"


[ ] Carry her
[ ] It's a joke



You - Level 3 Ranger - HP: 75/90 MP: 30/30
Usami Renko - Level 3 Rogue - HP: 47/60 MP: 15/15
Maribel Han - Level 3 Magician - HP: 20/30 MP: 70/120


So yeah, a choice. I swear you'll reach the shrine next update. Also, you can check out your equipment if you want.
>> No. 21892
[x] Check inventory.
[x] Carry her
>> No. 21893
[x] Check inventory.
[x] Carry her
>> No. 21894
[X] It's a joke
[X] Creature Index: Lesser youkai

Sheesh Renko, you drag us everywhere in a hurry, but one long staircase and you whine? I'd rather keep my hands free in case Mary needs help up.

>Found one Claws (A: 5, H: 75%, C: 6%) (Renko)!
>Pocket Knife (A: 5, H: 80%, C: 10%)
I was hoping this would be an upgrade for Renko but it isn't. Vendor trash.
>> No. 21896
[x] inventory

Potion (HP +15) x10
Mana (MP +30) x8
Small Bomb (15 dmg, target) x5
Fancy Dress (D: 2, E: 12%, S: 5%) (Ma) (Ren)
Claws (A: 5, H: 75%, C: 6%) (Ren)


Girl's Parka (D:2, E: 17%, S: 12%) - Renko
Pocket Knife (A: 5, H: 80%, C: 10%) - Renko
Leather Shirt (D: 3, E: 15%, S: 10%) - Mary
Chill Shot (A: 3, H: 80%, C: 2%) - Mary
Leather Shirt (D: 3, E: 15%, S: 10%) - You
Wood Sword (A: 7, H: 78%, C: 5%) - You


Oh damn, I should have noticed her knife was already better. Oh well.
>> No. 21897
Claw Youkai - Level 3 Monster - HP: 45/45 MP: 60/60
|Atk: 11|Hit: 78%|Crit: 9%|
|Def: 2|Evd: 10%|Save: 3%|
Skill: Regeneration (HP+ 5%, Self), Wrath (auto, Atk+ at low HP), Flurry (Atk/2, Hits x 3)
Spell: None

Shot Youkai - Level 3 Monster - HP: 45/45 MP: 60/60
|Atk: 8|Hit: 88%|Crit: 4%|
|Def: 2|Evd: 10%|Save: 3%|
Skill: Regeneration (HP+ 5%, Self), Spread shot (hit all, hit%-)
Spell: None

Youkai are beings formed from human fear. There are numerous classifications of youkai, based on it's original form, be it human, animal, plant, object, or even none at all, age, and disposition. All youkai are, as a part of their nature, obligated to attack humans in some way, or they will eventually wither away and die. This is especially true of young, weak youkai, who's desperation often drives them to recklessly attack travelers and towns.

Lesser youkai are often newborns, and lack worldly knowledge. As such, their attacks are will be inelegant, often resembling those of a wild animal. The simplest countermeasure against them is to simply treat them as you would any other beast- they can be easily deceived or intimidated by a show of force. They tend to lurk near lonely roads and abandoned buildings, the better to ambush their prey at night.

Since the strength of a youkai is directly dependent on how much it is feared, a fearless person is a youkai's greatest weakness, and, by connection, has little to fear.

>> No. 21898
[X] It's a joke

Too bad we weren't a stronger class as to carry BOTH up.
>> No. 21899
Well, not everything we get is a upgrade right?

[x] Carry her
>> No. 21900
Called for "carry her". Writing soon.
>> No. 21928
I blame my delays on weekend laziness and HY writing again fuck yeah.


[Q] Carry her

In a single, easy movement you crouch down and sidestep under her, grabbing her legs, and stand up. She panics, pinwheeling her arms before finally wrapping them tightly around your shoulders.

"What are you doing?!" Renko shouts into your ear, almost deafening you.

You cringe away.

"I'm carrying you. You asked for it, didn't you?" Shrugging your shoulders, you adjust your hold on her. "Don't complain about it."

"A-ah..." You feel her legs relax, and her grip loosens a bit.

"You sure you'll be alright, Mary?" She struggles to keep a straight face as you turn toward her.

"Y-yes, I'm fine." She waves her free hand, using the over to cover her mouth. A single giggle escapes as you step back up on to the stairs themselves. Renko clutches your shirt a little tighter.

You try to keep an eye on Mary as you continue you ascent, even though you aren't really sure what you could do, short of dropping- or throwing- Renko. Either one would probably end with her killing you.

Eventually, as the sun dips low on the horizon, you reach the summit. The stair levels out under a shrine gate, vanishing into the wide, flat plateau. Taking a few weary steps, you deposit Renko and drop to your hands and knees.

"Why.. would they put... a shrine... up this high?" you lament between gasps. Despite what you'd said before, your injuries really were starting to hurt now- you'd carried Renko the whole trip anyway, out of stubborn pride.

"More importantly... where is everyone?" Mary looks around, fanning herself with her hand.

"Well, maybe they're all just inside," Renko says with a shrug, "or maybe they're not in right now."

"One way to find out." You straighten up, brushing yourself off, and walk toward the front of the shrine. As you get closer, you notice that the donation box seems to be the only thing with new paint.

[ ] Listen at the door
[ ] Knock
[ ] Just go in
- [ ] Make a donation? (specify amount) (139 points total)


Hopefully this doesn't feel too bland, but I'm strapped for more interesting ideas.
>> No. 21929
[x] Knock
-[x] Donate 25 points.
>> No. 21930
[X] Knock
- [X] Make a donation?
- - [X] 70 points(?)
>> No. 21931
[X] Knock
- [X] Make a donation?
- - [X] 70 points(?)
>> No. 21932
[X] Knock
- [X] Make a donation?
- - [X] 70 points(?)
>> No. 21934
> blame my delays on weekend laziness...

That's what they all sa-

> ...and HY writing again fuck yeah

...You're excused.

[X] Knock
- [X] Make a donation?
- - [X] 70 points(?)

I wonder what we'll get?
>> No. 21935
Calling for:

[X] Knock
- [X] Make a donation?
- - [X] 70 points(?)

Writing soon.
>> No. 21942
File 127411577067.png - (250.13KB, 640x480, b7f11ac56f6793548069cdf7f4532ca5.png) [iqdb]

>I wonder what we'll get?
Happiness. Or so the sign says.


[X] Knock
- [X] Make a donation?
- - [X] 70 points

You knock on the door once, twice. There's no response.

"...I guess they're not here, then." Renko sighs and puts her hands on her hips. "I was looking forward to meeting them."

Mary puts a hand on her shoulder. "We can drop by again later. I'm sure they'll be in soon."

As you pass the donation box again, you feel a pang of something. Charity? Nostalgia? Pity? You're not sure. Whatever it is, you walk around in front, and drop the coins through the slot.

[ ] make a wish?

A string of fast thumps come from the bowels of the shrine, approaching rapidly, and the door flies open. A short-haired girl, barely older than you and dressed in a shrine maiden's outfit comes out. Moving directly to the donation box, she opens it immediately.

Her face lights up- no, perhaps it would be better to say it glows- as she retrieves the money from inside. Her smile is... very... wow.


Some minutes later, the four of your are seated on the porch, drinking tea. The girl introduced herself as Hakurei Reimu, the current priestess of the shrine and the only (human) inhabitant.

"Sorry, I don't get many guest normally. No, actually," she corrects herself, "I do get a lot of guest, but none of them are invited, or donate. Most of them just want me to do something for them, or just like to bother me." She sighs. "It's been a while since I got any donations. I thought I was really going to starve..."

Renko pats her on the shoulder.

"The staircase doesn't help much for visitors."

"It's not my fault the shrine's up here. It's always been up here."

"The youkai don't help, either." You remark.

"That's... well, there's a lot of them, you know. It's hard to get rid of them all. Like ants." She nods to herself.

"If no one comes here, what do you do?" Mary leans her head curiously.

"Well, once in a while something really big happens, and I have to resolve it. Otherwise, I just have to keep existing, I guess." She shrugs her shoulders. "It's pretty boring around here, usually."

"Oh, that's right..." You pull a note out of your pocket. "Have you seen a Miss... Hieda recently?"

"Oh, the historian girl? Yeah, actually. She came up here a week ago and asked me a lot of questions. I was really surprised." Reimu paused to take another sip of her tea.

"Hm." You slide the map underneath and mark "1 week" next to the shrine. "Thanks." You stand up, and glance at the sky. "It's getting late. We should probably head back now. Mary, Renko."

The two girls get up as well, and after saying your goodbyes to Reimu, start down the staircase.

"Come by again sometime!"

You take another glance at the sky, then to the cloud of fog in the distance.

"Damn, we probably should have left earlier. At this rate it'll be night by the time we get back to the door."

"Oh, that won't be a problem," Maribel says, turning off the steps, into the woods. "I spotted this on the way up." She stops in front of a seemingly empty space. Grasping something in the air in her fist, she turns it, and suddenly the tell-tale cracks form in the air around the edges.

"Wait a moment, are you sure where that leads?"

"No, but it couldn't hurt, right?" With a smile, she pulls open the door and steps through.

"Wait-" You and Renko move at the same instant, leaping through the newly-opened passage and landing in...

...The back of the coffee shop, just outside the bathroom.


"Ah, so it's back here again~" Mary claps her hands.

"That... almost makes sense." Renko massages her head.

"Look at the mural." You gesture to the wall you'd just come from. The painting on it has changed- to the ordinary eye, the difference is indistinguishable, but you know the area. Now, instead of showing the clearing you'd first arrived in, it shows the wooded area near the steps.

"Ooh, so it changes?"

"It certainly seems that way."

"I wonder how it works..."

Idle chatter fills the time as you remove your collections and stuff them back into the shopping bags. You notice that the wounds from earlier are almost completely gone, only red spots remain.

"See you tomorrow."

You part ways in front of the shop again, waving back to them as the stroll off into the darkening dusk. The evening air is cooler, but still, something feels... lacking, something you can't quite put your finger on.

I wonder where those two live, anyway...



So, no choices this update. I need to do a bit of planning, then I'll start day 3.

Any feedback on the system so far? Complaints, issues you spotted, suggestions, that sort of thing? Of course applies to the story itself, too.
>> No. 21943
Oh actually there is a vote- if you want, you can make a wish with the donation you made. You can wish for pretty much anything you want, though at 70 points results may vary.

Or if you want, you could not wish. It's up to you.
>> No. 21944
[ ] Make a Wish
- [ ] To always be friends with Renko and Maribel

Nothing really else to wish for.
>> No. 21945
[X] Make a Wish
-[x] Wish for more wishes
-[X] Wish for a harem ending
[X] To always be friends with Renko and Maribel

The d'aww-inducing option.
>> No. 21946
>-[x] Wish for more wishes
Nice try, it doesn't work that way.

>-[X] Wish for a harem ending
It'll take more than one 70-point donation to a single shrine to get that wish.
>> No. 21947

Somehow, I knew you'd say that. Can't blame a guy for trying, though.
>> No. 21948
[x] Make a Wish
- [x] To always be friends with Renko and Maribel no matter what happens
>> No. 21949
[X] Keep the wish for later.

That wouldn't work I bet, but it would be useful if it did.
>> No. 21950
[X] Make a Wish
-[X] Max stat gains per level
>> No. 21951
[X] Make a Wish
-[X] Max stat gains per level

That'd be pretty good. Tangable, useful, and unlikely to backfire in our faces.

I hope.
>> No. 21952
[X] Make a Wish
-[X] Max stat gains per level

I can dig it.
>> No. 21953

Stats over friendship? Someone has their priorities badly misplaced.
>> No. 21954
In RPG terms, I'd rather have the affection points than the stat points, since there's limited chances to obtain affection points but levels offer stat points anyways.
>> No. 21957
[X] Make a Wish
- [X] To always be friends with Renko and Maribel no matter what happens
>> No. 21960
Also seeing how this is a rather simplified system, the stat wish might not have much use at all.
>> No. 21965

Precisely. Or to be exact, you always have max stat gains per level, though in the spirit of things I could slightly increase them anyway.

Also! Today will be a no-update day so I can catch up on my work and stuff.
>> No. 21969
[x] Make a Wish
- [x] To always be friends with Renko and Maribel no matter what happens

Meh, we're fine as far as stats go for now.
>> No. 21970
>You can ask info on anything, and if Keine knows it, she'll tell you. Yes, anything.
In retrospect, we should have asked her for her three sizes.
>> No. 21971
I'd rather find out Renko and Mary's; but not that it should ever be asked.
>> No. 21975
[X] Make a wish
- [X] To learn Mary and Renko's three sizes
>> No. 21977
[x] Make a wish to have the god-like power to ascertain the three sizes of any woman just by looking at them...
[x]...and unceremoniously blurt out your findings to the women in question.

'Cause for only 70 coins, you can't have your cake and skip the bill, too.
>> No. 21978
[x] Make a Wish
- [x] To always be friends with Renko and Maribel no matter what happens
>> No. 21980
[X] Make a Wish
- [X] To always be friends with Renko and Maribel no matter what happens
>> No. 21981
[x] Make a Wish
- [x] To always be friends with Renko and Maribel no matter what happens

"You feel yourself grow closer to the girls." ★
>> No. 21983
So yeah, Internet's been crap and unreliable all day, so I wasn't able to get actual writing done, though I did plan out the scenes. I'll get back to trying to write tomorrow, assuming the net's stable then.
>> No. 22027

You okay yet?
>> No. 22028

In terms of connection, yes. But not so for my schedule, alas.

Be assured I'm working on it, though.
>> No. 22033
Good to know~!
>> No. 22052
File 127497115434.jpg - (338.11KB, 860x870, 6b0cb8a049a5f6afa306bce4a1b056ae.jpg) [iqdb]
>1 week to update
It's like I'm really a writefag!



Twisting the cricks out of your neck as you walk down the street, you round the corner by the café. In the early morning light, you catch sight of two unexpected figures.

"What are you two doing out here, still?"

Mary turns and smiles as you approach. "You're here! I was worried you wouldn't come before lunch, and then we'd have to wait."

Renko pulls herself away from the window, where she had cupped her hands to peer inside. You glance between her embarrassed expression and Mary's enthused smile, raising an eyebrow.

"You weren't planning anything illegal, were you?"

"No!" Renko presses her finger against the glass. "It's the mural!"

You hold up your hand to block the reflection, and peer into the darkness of the empty shop.

"...what about it?" It's still a bit dusty, but it's not like you see anything weird about...

"Look closer!" Renko goes up on her toes, pushing your head closer to the glass, and points. "There!"

You look at where she's pointing. Now that she mentions it, there does seem to be a pair of eyes there...

Almost as soon as you notice them, the rest of the figure seems to jump out of picture- A small girl, blond-haired, in a black dress.

"Oh, that? I saw that before. I thought you meant something else." Brushing her hand off the back of your head, you straighten up.

Renko falters. "You, too!?"

"I told you, Renko," Mary says, placing a hand on her shoulder, "it's pretty obvious."

As Renko sighs and slumps down against the window, Mary turns to you and continues.

"Apparently, the café doesn't seem to open until after lunch time. We were thinking of calling you, but we realized we don't have your cell phone number."

"Oh, sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it, it's not a problem!" She waves her hand dismissively. "As it stands, though, we've still got quite a bit of time to kill..."

[ ] The park sounds nice and relaxing
[ ] Get a something to eat at a restaurant
[ ] What the hell, shop for something
[ ] Other? (write-in)


This choice is story, not stat boosting.
>> No. 22053
[c] Get a something to eat at a restaurant.
[c] After that, head to the park.
>> No. 22054
[ ] The park sounds nice and relaxing
[ ] If food was really a problem, you wouldn't be RPG characters the cafe can take care of it. No need to rush it.
>> No. 22055
[x] The park sounds nice and relaxing

We can always go take a bite when the cafe opens.
>> No. 22056
[X] The park sounds nice and relaxing

>A small girl, blond-haired, in a black dress.
Marisa encounter in the near future?
>> No. 22058
[x] The park sounds nice and relaxing

Or Rumia (In before "Is that so?")
>> No. 22066
[x] The park sounds nice and relaxing.
[x] Give them both your cell number; remember to get their's in return.
>> No. 22073
[Q] The park sounds nice and relaxing

Writing soon.
>> No. 22108
It's been something like a week, so I figured it'd be a good idea to check in here. I'm not dead, I'm still working on writing the update, but I've been having a rather unfocused week. I hope to get back into the groove of things soon.

Especially with Nine's "make /border/ the fastest-updating board" dream.
>> No. 22110

/sdm/ will have a few things to say about that, then.
>> No. 22113
[X] The park sounds nice and relaxing
>> No. 22114

Hey! I said faster, not fastest!
>> No. 22116

You'll have to hold me up by gun point first.
>> No. 22117

That might not be such a bad idea...
>> No. 22148
File 127579105894.jpg - (2.93KB, 120x90, default.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm not quite dead yet, just moving at the speed of slowpoke.
>> No. 22150
File 127585830432.jpg - (11.61KB, 275x300, slowpoke.jpg) [iqdb]

You're all grown'd up like what a real writefag should be. sniff sniff
>> No. 22168
Get back to work faster nigger.
>> No. 22169
File 127621636383.jpg - (847.40KB, 1000x1320, e115932f6b8eb574b6a8020324cbd39c.jpg) [iqdb]
Yes master(s).
>> No. 22186

>> No. 22191
File 127656933249.jpg - (176.86KB, 800x600, b26d78807d01a10b766103325212d103.jpg) [iqdb]
Repostan' since the server crash at the damn update.


[Q] The park sounds nice and relaxing

"Well, how's heading to the park sound?"

Maribel clasps her hands together cheerfully. "That sounds wonderful!"


You take a deep breath, letting the warm wind play across your face.

"I didn't know there was a place like this in the city. How'd you find it?" Renko asks, swinging her legs from atop a branch.

"My dad always took me to these kind of places when I was a kid. I developed a knack for finding them after a while, I guess. It's harder in the big cities, but they're still there, if you know what to look for."

"You talk like you've been to a lot of them," Mary perched comfortably among the highest branches, her shoes discarded on the ground.

"I suppose so. We had to move around a lot, with his work." You close your eyes to stop yourself from glancing up too often. "What was it he used to say... 'Nature's the same everywhere'. He grew up in the country himself, so I think he wanted me to have that experience."

Another breeze kicks up, carrying the smells of the town, of the city. You sigh and turn the other way, resting your head against the tree's rough bark.

"I envy you."

"Hm?" You crack one eye open, and peer up at Mary as she drops to a lower branch, touching down with her toes.

"I never got out much when I was younger." She sits down, letting her feet dangle. "I used to sneak out between lessons, and I'd hide in the trees until the gardener found me. Once, when he was on vacation, I stayed up there the whole night." She laughs wistfully. "My mother almost had a fit, I think. I couldn't slip out for weeks."

"Her parents were really weird about those things," Renko chimes in, walking down the branch with her arms out. You glance up at her involuntarily. "They were pretty against her going to a normal school, too. I think they wanted her to go to a private school in the big city."

It feels odd, hearing about it like this. There was a lot of commotion when she first transferred- a handful of short-lived fan clubs appeared, even- but you'd never actually heard about her. At least, not about her life.

"So, on that topic, why don't you have any friends?" Renko's face suddenly appears in front of yours, as she hangs by her legs from the branch, her skirt clamped tightly between her knees.

"That's entirely none of your business, isn't it? It's rude to worm through other people's phone books." You'd only bought it as a convenience, when people kept pestering you. To tell the truth, you weren't even sure how to work most of it's functions yet.

"Not that there was much to worm through..."

"If you have to know, I memorize their numbers."

Renko stares at you incredulously. "How-"

She's cut off by a her stomach growling.

"Oh! It's noon already!"

"You can tell that from your stomach?"

She bends double, pulling herself back onto the branch, and then drops to the ground.

"Of course! I pride myself on it!" You stare at her incredulously. "Anyway, the cafe should be open now. Let's go!"


Coffee Shop - Café Gensokyo
Sunday, 12:08 PM

The three of you stroll into the shop. You sneak a quick glance at the mural, confirming that, indeed, the figure from that morning is gone.

"Coming~!" Ran's voice sings out from the back of the shop. "Ah! It's you. It's rare for you all to come in at once, isn't it?" You notice a few flowers painted on to the corner of her apron, opposite her name, and a single tuft of hair curls up from the side of her head.

"We finally dragged him with us," Renko says, jerking a thumb to you.

Ran giggles.

"By the way, the Owner finally bought a smoothie machine! I spent the morning getting it hooked up, but it's finally working."

"Now, what can I get you this afternoon?"

69 points


[ ] Coffee(3p)(Atk+)
[ ] Smoothie(4p)
- [ ] Strawberry (def+)
- [ ] Pina Colada (magic res+)
- [ ] Banana (phys res+)
[ ] Scone (4p)
- [ ] Blueberry (Evade+)
- [ ] Chocolate (Hit+)
[ ] Cinnimon Roll(5p)(Crit+)
[ ] Brownie(5p)(Save+)

[ ] Questions? (optional)


Stats, for comparative purposes:

You - Level 3 Ranger - HP: 90/90 MP: 30/30
|A: 16|H: 83|C: 7%|
|D: 6|E: 18|S: 11%|

Usami Renko - Level 3 Rogue - HP: 60/60 MP: 15/15
|A: 11|H: 88|C: 13%|
|D: 2|E: 20|S: 15%|

Maribel Han - Level 3 Magician - HP: 30/30 MP: 120/120
|A: 6|H: 80|C: 2%|
|D: 3|E: 15|S: 10%|

Magic res and Phys res are at their default values, which is to say, basically none. Resistance is a percentage damage reducer.
>> No. 22192
[x] Smoothie(4p)
- [x] Strawberry (def+)
[x] Cinnimon Roll(5p)(Crit+)

[x] Smoothie(4p)
- [x] Pina Colada (magic res+)
[x] Scone (4p)
- [x] Blueberry (Evade+)

[x] Smoothie(4p)
- [x] Strawberry (def+)
[x] Brownie(5p)(Save+)
>> No. 22197
I'm sticking with my pre-crash vote.

[x] Get everything and combine it into one giant, disgusting shake to share amongst the three of you that will leave you all vomiting at a later date.
>> No. 22199
[X] Get everything and combine it into one giant, disgusting shake to share amongst the three of you that will leave you all vomiting at a later date.

What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 22204
Everything, and we might actually get stat penalties.
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