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1698 No. 1698

[ ] Start Game
[ ] Extras
[ ] Load Game
[ ] Options
[ ] Quit

>> No. 1701
[ ] Extras
[ ] Options
>> No. 1702
[X] Extra
[X] Renko rape
>> No. 1704
[ ] Extras
[ ] Options
[ ] Load Game
>> No. 1705
[ ] Extras
>> No. 1706
File 121042582369.jpg - (969.50KB , 1654x2338 , 1206989339487.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ ] Diary Entries
[ ] Character Profiles
[ ] WtFC
[Locked] JotCM
[Locked] Lw⑨
>> No. 1707
nothing interesting there...
[ ] Options
>> No. 1708
[ ] Diary Entries
[ ] Character Profiles
>> No. 1709
File 12104263061.jpg - (136.32KB , 1280x960 , 1205802021714.jpg ) [iqdb]
And here's options, since you seemed to want it.
[Off] Yandere Rumia
[Off] Yandere Renko
[Off] Psychotic Futanonymous
[Easy] Mode of Play
>> No. 1710

[Lunatic] Mode of Play

Let's do this.
>> No. 1711
[Off] Yandere Rumia

Was this "on" before? If so [On]
>> No. 1712
[On] Psychotic Futanonymous
this had better be awesome.
>> No. 1713
[X] Extras
[X] Diary Entries
>> No. 1714
Leave everything as it is. I'm in no mood to deal with suicidal anons today.
>> No. 1715
also, no Nasu ripoffs. one thread of that is enough, I say.
>> No. 1716
[Off] Psychotic Futanonymous

Leave that for /shrine/
>> No. 1717
[On] Yandere Rumia
[On] Yandere Renko
[On] Psychotic Futanonymous
[EXTRA] Mode of Play
>> No. 1718
[On] Yandere Rumia
this has potential to be awesome. 40% yan+60% dere pls.

[On] Psychotic Futanonymous
>> No. 1719
[On] Yandere Rumia
[Off] Yandere Renko
[Off] Psychotic Futanonymous
[Normal] Mode of Play

>> No. 1720

we don't want to die fifty times in a row on the last level, no siree.
>> No. 1721
[On] Yandere Rumia
[Off] Yandere Renko
[Off] Psychotic Futanonymous
[Hard] Mode of Play

Putting the votes together, I kind of get this. Confirm?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
>> No. 1722
[x] No

There are no other VN threads on easy mode. I don't want to be dieing every fucking day like in the others.
>> No. 1723

>> No. 1724
[ ] No

Normal is just fine.
>> No. 1725
[ ] No

I play on EASY MODO. My manhood is secure enough to withstand taunting from the rabbits.
>> No. 1726
[On] Psychotic Futanonymous
>> No. 1727
[X] No

Yeah we need easy mode. I just know some morons are gonna fuck this up and throw us into bad ends every other vote if we do it on normal or hard.

Yandere Rumia I'm ok with for now just don't make her jump off the bat all the time. Save it for if we do something serious.
>> No. 1728
[On] Yandere Rumia
[On] Yandere Renko
[Off] Psychotic Futanonymous
[Normal] Mode of Play

I prefer this
>> No. 1729
[On] Yandere Rumia
[Off] Yandere Renko
[Off] Psychotic Futanonymous
[Normal] Mode of Play


[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Got to Load game?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No
>> No. 1731
[ ] Yes

Yandere Rumia is fine long as the Dere is increased along with the Yan.
>> No. 1732
[ ] Yes

[ ] Yes
>> No. 1733
[On] Yandere Rumia
[Off] Yandere Renko
[On] Psychotic Futanonymous
[Normal] Mode of Play
>> No. 1734

>> No. 1735

[x] yes
[x] yes

Ah screw it just load the game before everyone turns the other shit on. If we're constantly screwing up we're going back to easy mode first chance we get though I'd rather not have this become MiG with futa.
>> No. 1736
[X] No
[On] Psychotic Futanonymous
>> No. 1737
File 121042846946.png - (890.81KB , 700x989 , 1206991537708.png ) [iqdb]
[ ] Chapter 1 – Beginning of an Adventure
[ ] Chapter 2 – Reconciliation of Past and Present
[ ] Chapter 3 – Gaining Ground
[Locked] Chapter 4 - ???
[Locked] Chapter 5 - ???
[Locked] Chapter 6 - ???
[Locked] Chapter 7 - ???
[Locked] Chapter 8 - ???
[Locked] Chapter 9 - ???
>> No. 1738
[x] Chapter 3 – Gaining Ground

Wait we ran out of continues? Fuck.
>> No. 1739

No, you got the True end, so I decided to let you guys save before it and go to the main menu.
>> No. 1740

Oh yeah. My mind is all over the place lately thanks to scorn.
>> No. 1741
[x] Chapter 3 – Gaining Ground
are we still on Namek?
>> No. 1742
File 121042922586.jpg - (74.02KB , 560x560 , 120890427554.jpg ) [iqdb]
You get your dagger ready, and the watermelon sword as well. You and Cirno walk to what will be the battlefield, and prepare for the fight.
“Oh? So you’re going all out, then. That’s good, seeing as I planned the same.”
Yuuka opens her parasol behind her and smiles at you, twirling it while that devilish grin rests on her face. You look to Cirno, who looks back up at you with a confused look, wondering what to do.

[ ] “You distract her with danmaku, and I’ll go in for the close-range fight.”
[ ] “Fire off weak danmaku and carry me. We’ll get up to her and finish it off with your attacks and my dagger.”
[ ] (?) – User input for a course of action.
>> No. 1744
[]Throw away your weapon. "How about we settle this in a more... civilized manner?" Challenge her to a game of some kind.
>> No. 1745
seriously, we'll stand a better chance in any fair game of chance than we'll have of beating the strongest youkai in all of Gensokyo.
>> No. 1747
[ ] Flash cock
>> No. 1748
[X]Throw away your weapon. "How about we settle this in a more... civilized manner?" Challenge her to a game of some kind.

>> No. 1750
[X]Throw away your weapon. "How about we settle this in a more... civilized manner?" Challenge her to a game of some kind.

Might as well just to keep this train wreck moving.
>> No. 1751
File 121043058615.jpg - (84.45KB , 732x757 , 1210276596787.jpg ) [iqdb]
You throw your dagger to the ground, as well as Cirno’s watermelon sword. You look back to Yuuka and smile, folding your arms.
“How about we settle this in a more… civilized manner?”
Her grin fades for a moment, but then it returns.
“Okay then, I’d rip you apart anyway. The challenge will be…”
She looks back at everyone, and then points at Chen.
“First to catch the cat wins!”
“N-Nya!? What are you talking abou-?”
Yuuka has already started to run for Chen, making vines appear out of the ground. Chen shrieks and darts towards the house, her tails between her legs, with Yuuka in hot pursuit. You and Cirno stand there, not entirely sure what to say. You get the weapons put back away, and then run to the house, going in through the front door.

[ ] Check Chen’s room.
[ ] Search the hallways.
[ ] Look in the kitchen.
[ ] Wasn’t there a hole under the house? Why not check there?
>> No. 1752
I was hoping to goad Yuuka into giving up something if she loses, first...

[ ] Wasn’t there a hole under the house? Why not check there?
>> No. 1753
[ ] Wasn’t there a hole under the house? Why not check there?

We've already beaten Chen at hide an seek before in a lower stakes game.
>> No. 1754
[x] Wasn’t there a hole under the house? Why not check there?

Ah the space under the house. How I've entered you so many times.
>> No. 1755
File 121043144320.png - (27.77KB , 300x300 , 12092576717.png ) [iqdb]
Wasn’t there a hole under the house? Why not check there?
You tell Cirno to keep looking inside, and you explore under the house. It’s rather dark, and webs block some places that look promising. You call out for Chen, but no one answers. You sigh, and turn back. On the way out, you hear a scuttling sound from under the house.

[ ] Peek back under the house.
[ ] Look up at the roof.
[ ] Go back inside, and… Wait, they have an attic, right?
>> No. 1756
[x] Peek back under the house.
>> No. 1757
[x] Peek back under the house.
>> No. 1758
[x] Peek back under the house.
>> No. 1759
[ ] Peek back under the house.
>> No. 1760
[x] Peek back under the house.
>> No. 1761
File 121043254275.jpg - (11.84KB , 216x192 , african_wolf_spider.jpg ) [iqdb]
You look back under the house, and are met with the sight of… A giant spider. Neither of you move. It merely looks at you, and you stare back. You try to move, but you’re far too scared to do anything. It begins to back away, and recedes to the space under the house. This must explain all of those webs you saw under there, right? They must have been made by this giant monster. But… you need to find Chen. So, where to check next?

[ ] Look up at the roof.
[ ] Check Chen’s room.
[ ] Go back inside, and… Wait, they have an attic, right?

I appologize to Scorn for obviousy ripping off his giant beer spider.
>> No. 1762
[x] Go back inside, and… Wait, they have an attic, right?
>> No. 1763

[X] Ask Beer Spider to find Chen

>> No. 1764
[ ] Look up at the roof.

>> No. 1765
[x] Go back inside, and… Wait, they have an attic, right?
>> No. 1766
[x] Look up at the roof.
Look up at the roof -> Look in the shed
>> No. 1767
[x] Look up at the roof.
>> No. 1768
[X] Go back inside, and… Wait, they have an attic, right?

Blast it, missed a chance to read that diary.
>> No. 1769
[X] Look up at the roof.
>> No. 1770
I'll get to writing in a minute, but I just remembered that thing about drawing futanonymous from a fe threads back. It made me think about how I'm not the best artist around, and how putting anything I draw up here might get me unlimited facepalm works. Because of this, I was wondering if I should show you guys a sample before I actually attempt to draw the anon of /border/.
>> No. 1771
As long as it isn't 1200 year old virgin QUALITY i think most can deal with it.
>> No. 1772

Go ahead.
>> No. 1773

Do you have an example of said failure? Though, I guess DeviantART is a good enough example of that.
>> No. 1774
File 121043702143.jpg - (164.45KB , 600x800 , Another_Dream_Issue_2_-_037.jpg ) [iqdb]

Have some other failure from maullar instead.
>> No. 1775

>> No. 1776
File 121043706335.png - (160.51KB , 500x500 , 1WIPyumenikki.png ) [iqdb]

Here it is. This is fanart that I had done for the game Yume Nikki, but I think it didn't turn out that good. Sorry for the lack of touhou and the lack of quality.
>> No. 1777

Question mark face is much better, and a suit too. Its not bad.
>> No. 1778

Meh I've seen worse.
>> No. 1780

It's nowhere near as bad as you think it is. It's not awesome, but it is still pretty damn good. Beats the hell out of anything I could put out.

At least it shows some artistic ability compared to some of the crap I've seen people throw around and then they think it is actually decent.
>> No. 1781
File 121043795546.jpg - (33.53KB , 619x440 , 1207681121332.jpg ) [iqdb]
You look up to the roof, and spot two tails sticking out from a fold in the roof. Cirno is probably dealing with Yuuka inside, so this should be easy.
You eventually find a ladder, and then climb up to the spot. The tails are just waving there, not moving. You jump over and grab at the source, and find Chen in your arms.
“Hey, let me go, you big dumb youka- eh?”
She looks you over, and then smiles.
“Hey, wait! You aren’t Yuuka!”
You climb down, carrying Chen on your back. You go back over to where everyone is waiting, and the oni claps lack a drunken maniac. Yuuka stands there and sighs, then looks back up and smiles at you.
“Okay the, you won the game, so I think I should give you something. What do you want?”

Write-in votes only.
>> No. 1782
[x] A kiss

>> No. 1784
[X] Teleport me where Renko is
>> No. 1785
[x] "Let me see Renko."
>> No. 1786
[x] "Take me to the human village."
Get the dagger first. Can't leave our Weighted Companion Cube behind now, can we?
>> No. 1787
Well this isn't going as planned.
>> No. 1788
[X] A kiss
I support this.

It's Yuka, not Yukari. Yuka doesn't teleport people.
>> No. 1789
[ ] Be my friend

really gay but it helps us out in so many more ways than just a simple request
>> No. 1790
File 12104390422.png - (355.44KB , 1368x1100 , JOJO-v04-c31-p019-020.png ) [iqdb]
Can't she transport people with a giant flower?
>> No. 1791
[X] Respect.
>> No. 1792
[X] A kiss.

Delicious Yuuka kiss.
>> No. 1793

Also, I just read that whole thing. I don't know why, maybe I was looking for something redeeming in it, to make up for the rest. Either way, I now feel like gouging my eyes out with a coat hanger.
>> No. 1794

Yes, that is generally the effect Mauler has on anyone with intelligence
>> No. 1795
[x] "Take me to the human village."
Delicious Renko. Delicious conflict. Delicious DRAMA.
>> No. 1796

Yeah. The fag that drew it left the touhou fandom (specifically that shit hole pooshlmer) because people wouldn't stop making fun of his so called old work.

Nothing, value, lost, etc.
>> No. 1797

That's good to hear. Anyone who puts stick figures in a doujin and expects praise must be someone who dies on Icicle Fall on easy mode.
>> No. 1798
[X] A kiss

>> No. 1799
[x] "Take me to the human village."
>> No. 1801
File 121044037874.jpg - (64.47KB , 480x480 , 120898904683.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Actually I would like something.”
“Oh? And what might that be?”
You lean in close to her, and steal a kiss. She isn’t very good at this, she doesn’t even know how to do it right. You begin to take the lead, and she just stands there as you do so. Eventually you pull back, and her expression of shock quickly goes to that smile again.
“Oh, you’ve done it now. Next time we meet, we’ll actually have that fight that you talked me out of.”
She turns to leave, and you see that most everyone else doesn’t look shocked. They go back to talking among each other, and Cirno runs over to you.
“Hey! Hey! What was that about? What did you ask her for?”
That’s right. They must be thinking you were whispering something to Yuuka, not locking lips. You ruffle Cirno’s hair and tell her that it was a promise to meet again, and Cirno decides to run over to talk to Rumia. Now you just need something to do.

[ ] Talk to Cirno and Rumia.
[ ] Talk to Yukari, Youmu, and Yuyuko.
[ ] Talk to the oni.
[ ] Talk to Chen.
>> No. 1802

You should read his reisen/gundam comic if you thought 1000 year old virgin was bad. You probably won't survive though.
>> No. 1803
[ ] Talk to Yukari, Youmu, and Yuyuko.

Pfft, the Kiss wasn't worth it. Should've asked for something better
>> No. 1804
File 121044046232.jpg - (55.23KB , 442x720 , 1209023609117.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Talk to Chen.

Moe Moe Chen-chan
>> No. 1805
[x] Talk to Yukari, Youmu, and Yuyuko.
She got cut off last time we talked to her. We need to fix that.
>> No. 1806
[x] Talk to Yukari, Youmu, and Yuyuko.
[x] Ask Yukari to warp us to the human village
>> No. 1807
[x] Talk to Chen.

>> No. 1808
[X] Talk to Yukari, Youmu, and Yuyuko.

I likes me some moe-moe sister squad, but we ought to ask about some things while we're here.
>> No. 1809
[X] Talk to Yukari, Youmu, and Yuyuko.

Let's get some actual BORDER in this /border/ thing!
>> No. 1810
[X] Talk to Cirno and Rumia.

It would be interesting talking to deredere Rumia before she turns yanderu.
>> No. 1811
File 121044119233.jpg - (100.48KB , 500x802 , 1208894884888.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide to talk to Yukari and her friends. Walking over to them, you notice that the girl with the “Myon” is watching you. Well, she was, until you spotted her. You walk up, and Yukari pats you on the back.
“Well, it looks like we have the champion here. Yuuka always obsesses over her flowers, so she didn’t know cats love high places.”
“Yes, Yuuka does have those problems.” Yuyuko laughs to herself, and then faces you. “But, if you ever need a new home, I’d be happy to have another pet. You seem quite lively, and you would probably get along well with Youmu.”
Youmu pulls on Yuyuko’s sleeve, and begins to speak.
“I told you, Miss Yuyuko, I’m not a pet.”
“We’ll see about that when we get back to home. I have a pair of dog ears that would be perfect for you.” A grin spreads over Yuyuko’s face, and Youmu shudders at what was said by her “master”.

[ ] Accept Yuyuko’s offer to go to Hakugyokurou.
[ ] Nod and smile.
[ ] Go inside to find Ran.
>> No. 1812
[ ] Accept Yuyuko’s offer to go to Hakugyokurou.

This could be AWESOME.
>> No. 1813
[x] Nod and smile.
No thanks to being a slave in ghost-land.
>> No. 1814
[X] Accept Yuyuko’s offer to go to Hakugyokurou.

No, this WILL be AWESOME.
>> No. 1815
[X] "Oh, wow, dog ears? That sounds perfect. It would look so cute."

Youmu is mue.
>> No. 1816
[ ] Nod and smile.

hot ghosts are hot, but the transport at her place is a bitch. not conducive to our harem-building.
>> No. 1817
[ ] Accept Yuyuko’s offer to go to Hakugyokurou.

Fuck you guys if you deny me master Youmu.

I'll kill every touhou you cherish if I don't get my Youmu sensei!
>> No. 1818
[x] Accept Yuyuko’s offer to go to Hakugyokurou.

This anon is going places.
>> No. 1819
>> No. 1820
[x] Nod and smile.
Seeing as to what Youmu has to do in there as Yuyuko's "pet", we probably wouldn't last a day in there.
>> No. 1821

You already killed Youmu-sensei you twit.
>> No. 1822
File 121044168852.jpg - (391.53KB , 1024x768 , 1206255766606.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Accept Yuyuko’s offer to go to Hakugyokurou.

A Youmu is fine too
>> No. 1823
[x] Nod and smile.
it's not that I don't like Youmu, it's just that I can't choose her over everybody else.
>> No. 1824
File 121044174087.jpg - (159.47KB , 1024x768 , 121015625521.jpg ) [iqdb]
Or Yuyuko
>> No. 1825
Only in my writing, there is still hope here.

I'll tell ya' what, vote for Hakugyokurou and I'll do the good end of that story.

>> No. 1826
[x] Nod and smile.
Hakugyokurou reeks of BAD END. I can smell it.
>> No. 1827
I don't feel like having Yuyuko ask futanonymous this in the story, so here.
Do you want to take along your "luggage (Cirno and Rumia)"?

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
>> No. 1828
[ ] Nod and smile.

Youmu is fine but I want my Suika/Chen path damnit
>> No. 1829
If we've been forced to go there, then
[ ] Yes.

Might as well
>> No. 1830
[X] No
>> No. 1831

I already did. Get to work dearie.
>> No. 1832
wtf, so going with Yoyo won?

fine, then:
no point in having yandere Rumia if we don't keep her with us.
>> No. 1833
[x] Yes.

The more the merrier. Let's hit the Hakugyokurou with a storm. Mash up the place with a brand new sound, like pirates, illegal prodcasters. you'll hear it from the radio, when we're inside the area
>> No. 1834
>> No. 1835
[x] Yes.
>> No. 1836
[X] Yes.
>> No. 1837
[ ] Yes.

Let's make a band and challenge the primsivers to a battle
>> No. 1838

Thank you for reminding me. That makes another 3 characters there, so it'll be a little less boring.
>> No. 1839
[X] Yes.

Fuckin' A. We'll have to brainstorm up a name.
>> No. 1840

We can drop in on Sikieiki and Komachi too if you offer the chance. I'd like to see what Sikieiki thinks of us saving Rumia. I don't expect it to be good though.
>> No. 1842
File 121044274391.png - (829.16KB , 700x989 , 120786112163.png ) [iqdb]
“That offer of yours, Miss Yuyuko?”
Yuyuko looks back at you, her face relaxed and serene again.
“I’ll accept. I’d be glad to go to your home and serve you.”
Yukari seems taken back, she gasps at what you had just said. Yuyuko pays no attention though, and beams with joy while looking at you.
“Really? Will you really serve me in Hakugyokurou?”
You nod. There’s no turning back now, and these two seem pretty interesting.
“Well, I’ll visit quite often, and you’re welcome to return to Mayohiga anytime you want.” You nod, and the party continues. Eventually it ends, and you begin to follow Youmu and Yuyuko as they get ready to leave.
“Wait! Don’t leave us!”
Rumia and Cirno jump onto your back and cling to your shoulders, not letting you get away from them.
“Huh? But, don’t you two belong back by the lake and the forest?”
“Yeah, but we don’t want to leave you. Take us too!”
You agree to take them along, and then Yuyuko addresses you.
“Alright then, we’ll be leaving now. I can’t carry you, for personal reasons, but Youmu will carry you to Hakugyokurou.”

[ ] Agree to let Youmu carry you.
[ ] Have Cirno carry you instead.
[ ] Have Rumia carry you instead.
>> No. 1843

[ ] Agree to let Youmu carry you.

Must try our best not to get a boner
>> No. 1844
[ ] Agree to let Youmu carry you.


[ ] Grope Myon by 'accident'.
>> No. 1845
[x] Agree to let Youmu carry you.

Is that a bishop in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
>> No. 1846
[ ] Agree to let Youmu carry you.

Might as well
>> No. 1847
Does anyone have a place where I can get more pictures of Youmu and Yuyuko? I can't really continue the story much without them, and, sadly, I have a small collection of Yuyuko/Youmu pictures.
>> No. 1848
google image?
>> No. 1849

Try Akibakko. That place has shitton of Touhou images laying around.
>> No. 1850

Danbooru but it's down right now for a server upgrade or something.
>> No. 1851
File 121044372477.png - (223.84KB , 896x396 , dd.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1852
[X] Agree to let Youmu carry you.

I've got about a hundred each of them individually, and not quite fifty pair pics. Could easily be rapidshat, if you like.
>> No. 1853
File 121044438625.jpg - (179.88KB , 649x902 , 3h7j.jpg ) [iqdb]
You agree to let Youmu carry you. She struggles a bit on the way there, but she holds out, and you eventually make it to Hakugyokurou. After setting you down, she collapses and starts breathing heavily. Yuyuko walks back over to you, and grabs your hand.
“Come on, I want to show you my favorite room, Youmu can catch up whenever she gets her strength back.”
You follow Yuyuko, and her dress waves behind her. It may take awhile to get to your destination, so there’s time to ask a question.

[ ] “Will I need training to serve you?”
[ ] “What room are you going to show me?”
[ ] “Are you really going to make Youmu wear dog ears?”
[ ] Remain quiet, Mr. Dumbass.
>> No. 1854
[ ] Wait for Youmu
>> No. 1855
[X] “Are you really going to make Youmu wear dog ears?”

Because I want to be there to see it.
>> No. 1856
[x] “Are you really going to make Youmu wear dog ears?”

>> No. 1857
[ ] “Are you really going to make Youmu wear dog ears?”
>> No. 1858
[X] “Will I need training to serve you?”
>> No. 1859
File 121044555795.png - (33.58KB , 525x525 , 1206760285162.png ) [iqdb]
“Are you really going to make Youmu wear dog ears?”
Yuyuko laughs slightly, and begins moving faster.
“Yes, a tail too. It really does suit her, you’ll see.”
You eventually find yourself inside of a kitchen, and Yuyuko strides over to a refrigerator, a slight stream of drool coming from her mouth.
“Here it is! This is the greatest room in the whole place, wouldn’t you agree?”

[ ] “Yes, it’s very nice.”
[ ] “It’s nice, but where am I going to stay?”
[ ] “Where is Youmu? Shouldn’t she be rested enough by now?”

I think I'll be stopping for now, I need some rest.
>> No. 1860
[ ] “Yes, it’s very nice.”

[ ] ask her if she wants you to make something.

Why is Youmu so weak? With her training she should be able to carry Anon in one hand without breaking sweat.
>> No. 1861
File 121044570956.jpg - (66.58KB , 500x603 , Diglett Rage.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “It’s nice, but where am I going to stay?”
>> No. 1863
[X] “Yes, it’s very nice.”

Love food.
>> No. 1864
[ ] “Yes, it’s very nice.”

[ ] ask her if she wants you to make something.

I'm getting BAD END vibes. better make ourselves useful before she considers us food.
>> No. 1865
Changing to

[ ] “Yes, it’s very nice.”

[ ] ask her if she wants you to make something.
>> No. 1866
[x] “Yes, it’s very nice.”

"Good because this is where you'll be spending the rest of your life. Now get to work."
>> No. 1867
[x] “Yes, it’s very nice.”
>> No. 1868
Oh, I wanted to ask you guys a question before playing IN.
What do you think Yuyuko is going to want you to do for her as a servant?
>> No. 1869
cook. sweep the yards. clean. go run errands. be a handyman. it's a huge house with few people in it, so there'll be endless chores.
>> No. 1870
Go into the outside world to run her errands for her.
That's where she met us, right?
>> No. 1871

She'd probably have Youmu set us some chores to do. Also we need to wear dog ears along with Youmu.
>> No. 1872
[X] “Yes, it’s very nice.” Ask her if she wants you to make something.

I figured we'd be Youmu's assistant for a while, helping out with whatever she does, or picking up whatever she's too busy to do herself.
>> No. 1873

Oh and having Youmu set us something to do could give Youmu the chance to get back at us for being such a bother.
>> No. 1874
having Anon take over the menial tasks means Youmu gets freed up to do more important jobs, like, idunno, beating up wayward ghosts or something.
>> No. 1875
One of you got a half of it right, while the other half remains untouched.
>> No. 1877
Train under Youmu.
>> No. 1879
Done for the day, Cirno?
>> No. 1880

Not at all. I'm just getting some work out of the way. I'm actually hoping that I can work on the story until about 11 P.M. - 1 A.M. I'll probably start back up in an hour or two.
>> No. 1881

It's gotta be Youmu related. Testing her with an outsider's presence, or maybe getting her to socialize more with humans.
>> No. 1882
Curiousity with our futa powers!
>> No. 1883
Oh, wow, I hope so. Be more than glad to give them a hands-on demonstration.
>> No. 1884
I have a project to do, and it's about 98.9% finished. In the meantime, do you guys want some updates?
>> No. 1885

Yes, please.
>> No. 1886
File 121047195833.jpg - (60.66KB , 496x675 , 120786521590.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Yes, it is a nice room.”
“NICE? This happens to be the most heavenly place in all existence!”
“Ah.” You think for a second, and then come up with a way to get on your new master’s good side.
“Would you like me to prepare something for you?”
Yuyuko turns around and her eyes shine, a look of love and worship falls on her face.
“You can cook? Are you a good cook? Can you prepare chicken? Oh, oh, what desserts can you make?” She bombards you with questions, and you answer them as best you can.
“Okay, then, please make me something to show your worth!”
Yuyuko beams with joy as you walk over to prepare something for her to eat.
But… What will you make for her?

[ ] Something with eggs.
[ ] Chicken with polenta, and a few peppers and onions to add more flavor.
[ ] She mentioned dessert, right? Why not make a cake?
[ ] Prepare something else.

I couldn’t think of many good foods at the moment I wrote this, so write-ins are encouraged.
>> No. 1887
[X] Mystia with polenta, and a few peppers and onions to add more flavor.

Fixed your choice.
>> No. 1888
[ ] She mentioned dessert, right? Why not make a cake?

Hopefully we won't be baked.
>> No. 1889
[X] She mentioned dessert, right? Why not make a cake?

CAEK. Delicious, succulent cake.

All soft, and wet, and warm from being freshly baked.
>> No. 1890
[X] "Uh... ok."

My name is Cu Chulainn.
>> No. 1891
[ ] "Honestly, I'm just trying to find a way out of here."
>> No. 1892
[ ] She mentioned dessert, right? Why not make a cake?

First you will bake.
And then there will be cake.
>> No. 1893
>> No. 1894

Youkai is to the right.

[x] She mentioned dessert, right? Why not make a cake?
>> No. 1895
Stop gapping posts from other threads into this one!
>> No. 1896
[ ] Prepare something else.

It's curry time. We make curry.
Ciel-style curry. It's in us to give.
>> No. 1897
File 121047347153.jpg - (125.41KB , 890x497 , 1210024383283.jpg ) [iqdb]
I am eating...I am eating...curry. Om nom nom, fresh, straight from the cook. It's piping hot and the steam from it burns my eyes a little, the smell is strong, and the flavor intense. "Oh Ciel, please give me some more, i'm still hungry!". I don't think i've ever come across curry as rich as this before, the flavor takes over all my senses. I can't take it anymore, I want more of this spicy deliciousness. I find the place it's coming from, its a hole, and I notice Ciel is looking the other way. The hole isn't big enough for me to use the spoon, but around it is soft tissue. I pull it open and decide to just use my tongue to scoop out the curry. I notice another area near the curry hole, dripping with something, so I taste it. The flavor is that of salty milk and coins, I quickly return to the curry to remove the taste. While eating the curry, I hear a gurgling noise...suddenly a hot gust of air billows out of the hole and the curry begins flowing at an amazing pace. The smell, the taste, the heat, it all comes pouring out of the hole with such force...soon it's all over my face and the floor, I'm slathered in it, enjoying it, loving it. I begin lapping it off the floor. My hands are covered in it, i begin rubbing it into myself. The heat is so intense that it begins to make my penis erect...as the curry pours out, I get closer and closer to orgasm. In the background I can hear Ciel moaning in discomfort.

Making Curry must be hard work.
>> No. 1898
File 121047351354.jpg - (105.48KB , 770x550 , 3fz9.jpg ) [iqdb]
She mentioned dessert, right? Why not prepare a cake? You eventually decide on making a simple cake, and decide that a lemon glazing would be good to top it off. You stir the batter to this gift from the gods, this perfect food, and put passion into every turn. This isn’t just a cake, this is…
Your hope.
Your love.
Your passion.
Your determination!
This represents much more. You must show this princess that she’s addressing the god of cooks, who has prepared thousands of dishes, and has never once held regret over her concoctions. This cake is no ordinary cake. This is… This is a cake that can move gods, a cake so great that no man could control himself after tasting the sweet flavor. You pour your heart and soul into the second batter, and you hear Youmu come into the kitchen. Good, you’ll be able to see the reaction of a part-mortal to this wonderful delicacy.
After some time has passed, and Yuyuko and Youmu have done other things to entertain themselves, the oven dings. You pull out the mounds of this pure, yellow treat. You carefully spread the lemon sauce on one part, making sure to get the glaze a good cover on the cake. This is it. You put the final topping on top, and take the fruits of your labor to Yuyuko and Youmu, preparing three plates, knives, and forks. You wait to see their reaction on tasting the cake, and notice a look of shock has appeared on Youmu’s face.

[ ] Beam with pride, and brag about the cake.
[ ] Remain quiet.
[ ] Apologize for making this cake.
>> No. 1899
[X] Remain quiet.

Be respectful.
>> No. 1900
[x] Remain quiet.
>> No. 1901
[ ] Remain quiet.

dont brag to them, thatll just get you cut in to pieces. but dont apologize cause we dont know if its bad
>> No. 1902
File 121047372896.jpg - (180.21KB , 500x350 , GARCHER.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Remain quiet.
We'll let our cooking speak for itself.
>> No. 1903
[] "H-hey, wait! I can't fly!"
>> No. 1904

Youkai is to the right, I said!
>> No. 1905
[X] Beam with pride, and brag about the cake.

...for those wondering, he voted the same as me.
>> No. 1906
[z] Remain quiet.
>> No. 1907
File 121047435515.jpg - (287.31KB , 700x1000 , 3g66.jpg ) [iqdb]
You remain quiet. Youmu puts her fork back onto her plate, and stares at you, her eyes wide.
“H…How did you…?”
Yuyuko has finished the first piece of cake, and has moved on to a larger slice. She manages to talk to you between bites.
“Hnow dhid yhou phrphhare thith? Ith tho delithouth!”
Youmu bows her head, apparently in shame. Yuyuko gulps down her cake and smiles at you.
“I was going to have Youmu train you in cooking, but I suppose you can move straight ahead to the second part of your training!”

[ ] “Training?”
[ ] “Was it really that good?”
[ ] Fold your arms and nod, like the prideful bastard that you are.
>> No. 1908
[ ] “Training?”
>> No. 1909
[?] “Training?”
>> No. 1910
[X] “Training?”

Regarding these two, I don't think we should be overly prideful. Know your place, etc.
>> No. 1911
[ ] “Was it really that good?”
[ ] “Training?”

In that order.

Pride is good. But not when it ventures into smugness or arrogance. Those usually lead to consequences...
>> No. 1912

[x] Fold your arms and nod, like the prideful bastard that you are.

Fuck that, we aren't mongrels.
>> No. 1913

We died to Rumia. Twice. And our main abilities are "Cheer" and "Bless". We're fucking support-types.
>> No. 1914
File 121047502855.jpg - (145.06KB , 490x600 , 3hln.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Yes, Youmu will teach you to use a blade, incase any intruders come your way. I believe she has one prepared for you, right, Youmu?”
“Yes, I… Come with me.”
Youmu gets up and goes out the door of the kitchen, and you follow. That cake might be able to hold Yuyuko over for a while; it was two layers, after all.
You eventually arrive in what resembles a dojo. Youmu grabs a wooden blade and tosses it to you.
“Are you ready?”

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
[ ] "Teach me, Youmu sensei!"
>> No. 1915
[ ] "Teach me, Youmu sensei!"
>> No. 1916
[x] "Teach me, Youmu sensei!"

I just wanna see how she reacts, if in any way.
>> No. 1917
[X] "Teach me, Youmu sensei!"

Oh, yes...
>> No. 1918
File 121047573527.jpg - (204.15KB , 577x800 , 3hhs.jpg ) [iqdb]
You gather all your pride, self respect, and feelings of superiority, and…
Flush them away.
You fall to a knee, with the wooden blade acting as a support, and yell out-
“Teach me, Youmu-sensei!”
Youmu falls quiet, and you remain there, unmoving. Eventually she sighs, and you look back up, to see her grab a wooden blade of her own.
“I was expecting you to treat me like an underling. Either way, even if you’re the new master of the kitchen, I’m still the master here.”
She points the wooden sword to your throat, a serious look on her face.
“Expect no mercy.”

[ ] “Don’t worry, I won’t.”
[ ] “Same to you.” Deliver a drop kick.
[ ] Jump back and ready your sword.
>> No. 1919
>making sure to get the glaze a good cover on the cake.

>> No. 1920
[X] Jump back and ready your sword.

No call for tricks, here.
>> No. 1921
[ ] “Don’t worry, I won’t.”
[ ] Jump back and ready your sword.
>> No. 1923
[X] "...you said, 'your mountain' earlier. Whose mountain, exactly?"
>> No. 1924
[X] “Don’t worry, I won’t.”
[X] Jump back and ready your sword.

Eventually we get tangled up in a heap after one of us missteps at a bad time, and Youmu feels our erection pressed against her.
>> No. 1925
[ ] “Don’t worry, I won’t.”
>> No. 1926

Youkai is to the right, good Anonymous. For the third time.
>> No. 1927
[x] Jump back and ready your "sword".
>> No. 1928
[ ] Jump back and ready sword

We already hurt Youmu's pride with our cake for the ages. No need to be a dick (lol) about it.
>> No. 1929
[X] “Don’t worry, I won’t.”
[X] Jump back and ready your sword.

Are you ready for a challenge?
>> No. 1930
File 121047677118.jpg - (165.86KB , 432x600 , 120820325826.jpg ) [iqdb]
You grin, and jumping back, say-
“Don’t worry. I won’t.”
Youmu charges at you, and you can barely dodge her blade as she swings for your chest. Jumping back again, you see Youmu come back for another strike. You ready your blade, and then drive it into hers, causing you two to have the swords locked against each other, neither giving any room for the other to advance.
“Hah. I guess you may just be ready to move on to the katana sooner than I thought.”
She pulls back, and readies her sword once again.

[ ] Charge her, full frontal attack.
[ ] “Retreating, Miss Half-ghost?”
[ ] Get ready to defend.
>> No. 1931
[ ] Get ready to defend.

Play defensive. Youmu will just beat the shit out of you if you go reckless.
>> No. 1932
Are we unlocking our hidden powers, Cirno?

[X] Get ready to defend.
>> No. 1933

[x] Get ready to defend.

She's too fast, you can't hit her.
>> No. 1934
[X] Charge her, full frontal attack.

Tis the duty of the upstart student to attack with all their might, letting the master knock us down a peg and berate us, and feel prouder when we slowly inprove via movie montage.
>> No. 1935
[x] Get ready to defend.
>> No. 1936
[ ] Offer your story first.
>> No. 1937
[X] Get ready to defend.

Play it smart. Remember, she's leagues and leagues ahead of us. Even just sparring could lead to serious injury if we're careless.
>> No. 1938
File 121047750210.jpg - (31.29KB , 771x311 , 3hyb.jpg ) [iqdb]
You prepare to defend. A good thing, too, seeing that she flies at you, swinging her blade into yours countless times. A fire seems to burn in her eyes, and she jumps back again, panting.
“Impressive. But I’ll just have to show you what I can really do with a sword…”

[ ] Now! Attack before it’s too late!
[ ] Patience. Good things come to those that wait.
>> No. 1939
[X] Patience. Good things come to those that wait.

No idea. Coin came up tails.

I hope I don't sound unappreciative, but this really stopped being funny a while ago, man.
>> No. 1940
[X] Now! Attack before it’s too late!
>> No. 1941
[ ] Now! Attack before it’s too late!

If shes coming full force we can't defend against it, and you can't win a fight without any offense.
>> No. 1942
[X] Now! Attack before it’s too late!

We could barely defend against her when she wasn't going all-out. We might as well attempt an assault!
>> No. 1943
[x] Now! Attack before it’s too late!
Panting sounds like "ready to be raped"
>> No. 1944
[X] Now! Attack before it’s too late!

>> No. 1945
[X] Patience. Good things come to those that wait.

Bah, can't decide.

Also, Youmu needs a Zankatou now.
>> No. 1946
At least it lets Anon know when the other thread progresses.
>> No. 1947
File 121047817442.jpg - (380.73KB , 612x842 , 120820289259.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is it! She’s exhausted, and focusing on getting her last attack ready, so you charge in and smack your blade into her side. You seem to be stronger than you originally thought, because you send her colliding into the ground, clutching her side, and with her mouth open in what seems to be pain.

[ ] Help her back up.
[ ] Remain ready for the fight to continue.
[ ] Back away.
>> No. 1948
[x] Help her back up.
"Get back up so I can kick your ass again."
>> No. 1949
[ ] Remain ready for the fight to continue, ask if she's alright.

It's probably a trick, but we still shouldn't be a dick.
>> No. 1951
[X] Help her back up.

Then she takes advantage of it and attacks us when our guard is down. Or she is offended. Or she tries to stand up, pulls too hard, and we fall down on her; the close contact then causes us to pop a stiffy, which she can feel quite clearly.
>> No. 1952

Uh... what's going on? Why's Youmu so... un-Youmu like?


[X] Help her back up.
>> No. 1953
[ ] Patience. Good things come to those who wait.

Fellow Youmufags. If we continue to triumph over her, we'll just going to frustrate her and make her feel useless. Let her win this one.
>> No. 1954
[X] Help her back up.
>> No. 1955
But doesn't Youmu have an honor code? I doubt she'd do something as dirty as Rumia did.
>> No. 1956

Slowpoke! You're alive!
>> No. 1957

…Damn it.
>> No. 1958
Part of whatever code she follows probably includes not letting your guard down.
>> No. 1959
File 12104790918.jpg - (34.75KB , 400x500 , 3c5l.jpg ) [iqdb]
You reach out a hand to help her up, and then feel the wooden blade tap the side of your head.
“Part of battle is being able to call a bluff. You pass today’s lesson, but you need to judge situations better.”
Dammit, she tricked you. At least she doesn’t seem to completely lose it, since she only tapped the side of your hide, instead of ramming her sword into it.
“I’ll show you your room. But you have to work harder on your skills as a judge of character. Now, follow me.”
Wait a second, you do feel pretty drowsy. You’ve done a lot today, and it’s about time you got some rest. You walk into your room and find an actual bed in there, not just a futon. You undress then lay down, reflecting on all that happened today. You never thought you, Maribel, and Renko would find a place like this.

Damn. You forgot all about Maribel and Renko again. Either way, this is definitely an entry for your diary. You let your mind go to rest, and get some much needed sleep in the land of those who have passed on…

>> No. 1960
We had to lose in some way, didn't want to make her feel bad. Good show, sir.
>> No. 1961

Sorta expected that. Still didn't want to be a jerk, though.
>> No. 1962
Ahh, missed the vote. Oh well, a good end to a long day, in any event.
>> No. 1963

Speaking of good ends to long days, I think it's about time I take that route. Also, keep up the good work over on /youkai/.
>> No. 1964
Thank you, sir (madam?), I shall do my best. Sleep well.
>> No. 1965
>sir (madam?)

Just to clear this sort of issue up, any writefag is automatically a man upon entering the core of the internet, or a place closely linked to the core of the internet. This place would be the latter. So, whether I am male or female, you may, regardless, call me sir here.

Also, goodnight everyone. See you tommorrow.
>> No. 1966
Good night there.
>> No. 1967
Fuck yes. This is the motherfucking 36th Chamber of Hakugyokurou.
>> No. 1968
I just felt like asking, is my mode of DMing (I think that's what it's called) easy enough to follow?

I mean, have I done anything where I gave you guys a choice, or a seemingly useless plot device, and the result was completely unexpected and at least semi-RAGE inducing?
>> No. 1969

It's acceptable. If there was a problem the thread would be full of bawing against you like MiG and GA have been going lately.
>> No. 1970

I'll be honest with you as one of the usual non-readers of this.
Shit was boring as fuck at first, and took a turn for the pretty cool right around Yuka.

You're doing fine enough.
>> No. 1971

Got it. I'll just have to add more fight-scenes and shit like that, right?
>> No. 1972
And more Renko goddammit
>> No. 1973

There was actually a chapter called "Life in the Human Village" that you guys passed up on by going to live with Yuyuko and Youmu too soon. It involved getting back together with Maribel and Renko, among other things, eventually returning to Yukari's home, then having the choice to go serve Yuyuko, taking Maribel and Renko with you.
>> No. 1974

Quit crying about Renko already. If the majority want to see the bitch again we'll see her.

Or nineball might be kind enough to get Yukari to bring them along with her on her visit.
>> No. 1975

Eh, I think it's more the appearance of something that hadn't really been done before that spiked it into "Oh wow, I'm actually devoting a specific tab to this now".
Though, kicking youmu's ass was well done.
>> No. 1976

Why did you have to say that? Now half of us will be moaning about this all day.
>> No. 1977

Exactly, it will make me laugh.
>> No. 1978

Just wait till the novelty runs out and you'll be grinding your teeth to the gums like kira.
>> No. 1979
File 121054085262.png - (57.31KB , 311x603 , 1210004596424.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1980
Plans on writing today, Cirno?
>> No. 1981

Yeah, gonna write today, Cirno?
>> No. 1982

Eh, I couldn't care less about Renko. I stopped caring about her when she threw up and all that crap.

Wouldn't mind seeing Maribel, though.
>> No. 1983
See the vomit was the only reason I had an interest in her, wanted to abuse that puke thing for my own amusement.
>> No. 1984

oh scorn, don't ever change~
>> No. 1985

Never change, Scorn.

So, do you guys want some writing today?
>> No. 1986

Yes, please.
>> No. 1987
That's not like you. Sure, I'll take it.
>> No. 1988
File 121055420417.jpg - (52.82KB , 393x558 , 73d9152714f25e9dcab08859499428cb.jpg ) [iqdb]
You wake up lying in the bed. You look at the window, and see the light streaming in. Today will be good, it has to be. Nothing will go wrong today.
You recap on yesterday’s events and write them into your diary. You need to keep this research ready for when you reunite with your friends. They’ll probably love to read about all the odd things you’ve seen, such as all these youkai, and Cirno… What a strange fairy. You need to make sure to pay attention to her and Rumia, seeing as they left their old homes to follow you to this land filled with ghosts. Now, what should you do first today?

[ ] Try to find a bathroom.
[ ] Try to find Youmu.
[ ] Find the little sisters.
[ ] Look for Yuyuko.
>> No. 1989
[X] Try to find a bathroom.

For various reasons.
>> No. 1990
[X] Try to find Youmu.
>> No. 1991
[ ] Try to find a bathroom.

Bathroom first. Always. Lets you shit, wash up, and fap.
>> No. 1992
[x] Try to find a bathroom.
>> No. 1993
[X] Try to find a bathroom.
>> No. 1994
Hey. Have any VN characters woken up with the morning problem?
>> No. 1995
That’s right! The first thing to do is go clean up, always essential. Plus, this morning wood is a little embarrassing. You eventually find a bathroom, which surprisingly has running water, and a shower nozzle. It doesn’t take long to wash up and fap, and you decide to empty your bowels after that. Now that you’re all washed up and clean, which outfit will you wear today?

[ ] Outfit 1
[ ] Outfit 2
[ ] Outfit 3
[ ] Run around in a towel.
>> No. 1996

Can we get a description of the outfits?
>> No. 1997
Which outfit is which? I don't know what the fuck.
>> No. 1998
[X] Run around in a towel.
>> No. 1999
[X] Run around in a towel.

For maximum possible hilarity.
>> No. 2000
What are the outfits?
>> No. 2001
Outfit 1- Sweater, jean skirt, stockings.
Outfit 2- White dress & under shirt. Blue long coat, blue slacks, tie. And Fedora.
Outfit 3- Pink Kimono with a floral design.
Towel- A towel. Shows off futanonymous' hips.
>> No. 2002
I'd like to know the outfits first, although some fags will ruin it by voting towel.
>> No. 2003
[ ] Outfit 2

Must wear a silly hat.
>> No. 2004

Outfit 1.
>> No. 2007
[ ] Outfit 3

>> No. 2008

We wore outfit 3 yesterday, remember? So did Cirno. For the battle-turned-hide-and-seek game with Yuka using Chen?
>> No. 2010
[ ] Outfit 2

Coat and Fedora? Awesome.
>> No. 2011
[x] Outfit 1
Least likely to get stuck on things in the event that we're handing someone's ass to them.
>> No. 2012
[X] Pocket it
>> No. 2013
[ ] Outfit 2

Voting this just for the sake of progression, don't really care what we wear.
>> No. 2014

>> No. 2015
File 12105561497.jpg - (39.55KB , 588x800 , 3458.jpg ) [iqdb]
You put on the clothing that you received from Reimu, the clothes with the overcoat. It feels a little heavy, but it’s worth it just because of the look off the clothing. You grab your fedora and put it on, then take the other clothes back to your room. After leaving your room, you wander around the grounds for a while, unsure of what to do. Today isn’t too bright, and the wind feels nice. After a while of wandering, you spot Youmu sweeping the grounds, her back turned to you.

[ ] Greet her.
[ ] Grab Myon.
[ ] Sneak up to her and yell in her ear.
>> No. 2016
[X] Greet her.

Grabbing Myon while tempting is totally a BAD END.
>> No. 2017
[X] Greet her.

Sneaking up on her is a bad idea... and grabbing Myon is totally a bad end idea.
>> No. 2018
Also, I'm gonna be gone for 10-30 minutes for a shower. I'll write when I get back.
>> No. 2020
[X] Greet her.
>> No. 2021
[ ] Grab Myon.

I see no problem with this plan at all
>> No. 2022
[ ] Turn "360 degrees and walk away". Gotta check on my little sisters post haste!

But seriously,
[X] Greet her.
>> No. 2023
[X] Tell her that thus far it's been a fascinating experience
>> No. 2024
File 121056170732.jpg - (44.69KB , 400x500 , 3c5j.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hey there, Youmu!”
She continues sweeping, and doesn’t turn to look at you.
“Oh, it’s you. I have something to talk about with you later, but Miss Yuyuko wants to see you right now.”
Wait, why does Yuyuko want to see you? You ask Youmu, and she sighs while sweeping.
“Miss Yuyuko said that she wanted to explain your position here, and to have you prepare something else for her to eat. I believe you know the way, so hurry there.”
You do as she said, and leave to find Yuyuko.

After a while searching, you find Yuyuko in the kitchen, sitting t the table. Orange peels lay in a stack at the middle of the table, and the glutton sits there, humming.
“Oh! So, you came to me. That must mean you ran into Youmu. Well then, where shall we start…?”

[ ] Prepare something for her to eat.
[ ] Ask about your tasks as Yuyuko’s servant.
[ ] Ask about Youmu.

If Option 1 was picked.

[ ] Make a stew.
[ ] Make a sandwich. A huge, huge sandwich.
>> No. 2025
[X] Prepare something for her to eat.
[X] Cook everything, this is Yuyuko after all.
>> No. 2027
Changing to:
[ ] Prepare something for her to eat.
[ ] Cook everything, this is Yuyuko after all.
>> No. 2028
[ ] Prepare something for her to eat.
[ ] Cook everything, this is Yuyuko after all.

Satiate the beast so that we might never become targeted ourselves!
>> No. 2029
I'm gonna go to sleep now. I've learned that night-shift is basically dead, so I'll try to do more during the day tommorrow. Good night.
>> No. 2030
[X] Ask about your tasks as Yuyuko’s servant.
[X] Prepare something for her to eat.
[X] Cook everything, this is Yuyuko after all.

>> No. 2031

Sunny side up!

Besides, who the fuck eats stew or a sandwich for breakfast? Eggs take like a minute to cook, and she is hungry NOW, hombre
>> No. 2032
[x] Make her a bowl of Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs cereal

Come, ⑨, and let us see what you are made of.
>> No. 2033
[X] Ask about your tasks as Yuyuko’s servant.
[X] Prepare something for her to eat.
[X] Cook everything, this is Yuyuko after all.

Eggs first, so that she has something to munch on while the rest is being made. (who the hell are we kidding nothing will be left over)
>> No. 2034
[X] Ask about your tasks as Yuyuko’s servant.
[X] Prepare something for her to eat.
[X] Cook everything, this is Yuyuko after all.
>> No. 2035
Hey guys. I'll probably write today, but I was wondering if any of you knew about some good anime that could cheer me up.
>> No. 2036
File 12106307613.jpg - (38.40KB , 400x300 , Narutaru.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2037

Cheer up or 'diabeetus'?
>> No. 2038

Either one works for me.
>> No. 2039

[►] Pani Poni Dash
>> No. 2040
What's wrong?
>> No. 2041

Just the sudden realization of reality. The typical thing people experience. I merely realized all my ambitiousness towards developing anime and anime-based games is likely a farce.

Also, I wasn't going to say this at first, since this is an imageboard, not a blog, but there you go. I should be over it after taking some courses on game design, and working a little more on realism.
>> No. 2042

work, nigger, etc.
>> No. 2043

Well, unless you can master Japanese, then no matter what you're screwed. Anything to do with anime has to start in Japan or else you'll just butcher it and piss off everyone you spent your years talking to off severely.
>> No. 2044

Spring depression.
Just absorb yourself, it'll pass.
Play a vidya gaem
>> No. 2045

... Fuck.

I'm gonna go watch Aishiteruze baby. I'll get to writing sometime between 7:45 and 8:30.
>> No. 2046

You need to find out how to get yourself quick fixes... My love for Shana makes it quite easy since I can just turn around and play with my dakimakura of Shana, or watch some hawt hawt tsundere action or some unlimied urusai works and I cheer right up.
>> No. 2047

You don't have to make anime or whatever, if you have creative talents don't pin yourself down with one cultural style.

Or alternatively kick reason to the curb and keep trying anyway, if you're doing it for fame\success rather than fun you're doing it wrong.
>> No. 2048

I'm mainly just doing it for shits and giggles. So, yes, fun. I guess that's how they messed up the second season of Minami-ke.

Thanks, you made me happy.
>> No. 2049
Internet love machine baby.
>> No. 2050
File 121063891213.png - (216.95KB , 632x894 , 3cmz.png ) [iqdb]
“How about I prepare something for you to eat?”
Yuyuko smiles and nods.
“Please do. I’m pretty hungry, and you never know what I hungry ghost might do.”
“You won’t like me when I’m hungry.”
A devilish gri- Oh hell. She and Yuuka must actually be good friends, since they have the same crazy smile. Regardless, it sends chills down your spine, and you begin preparing all of the breakfast foods you can. While flipping pancakes, you ask Yuyuko about what you’ll be doing as her servant.
“Oh, that? You’ll be doing just what you are now, cooking.”
You stop yourself from letting out a sigh, and flip a rather large pancake over. ‘Looking pretty bronze there, Monstro.’ you think to yourself.
“That isn’t all. I’ll also have you act as my personal entertainer. It gets rather boring around here, and I’d like to have someone to cause mischief with.”
You nod while preparing an omelet, hoping that you’ve made enough to please your new master.

An hour or two later…

“Ah! That was delicious, and I could almost say I’m full!”
You bow your head in slight disgust. How could someone with such a nice figure eat so much food, yet gain no weight? Well, that doesn’t matter now, since Yuyuko is staring at you intently.
“…Yes, mistress?”
She laughs, holding a hand to her face.
“Mistress? You’re starting to sound like that padded maid. Though, I guess pads would suit you.”
That bitch, she didn’t just say that.
“Either way, I feel like doing something now. Any suggestions?”

[ ] Look for Youmu.
[ ] Go outside the grounds.
[ ] Go steal a pair of Youmu’s panties.
[ ] Suggest practicing a bed-top sport.

Also, choose one of these.

[ ] Continue to call Yuyuko “mistress”.
[ ] Just call her Miss Yuyuko.
>> No. 2051
[X] Look for Youmu.
[X] Continue to call Yuyuko “mistress”.
Want PAD route.
>> No. 2052
[X] Suggest practicing a bed-top sport.
[X] Continue to call Yuyuko “mistress”.
>> No. 2053

>> No. 2054
[x] Go outside the grounds.
[x] Just call her Miss Yuyuko.
Wreak havoc in Gensokyo using our mobile murder machine. This will be AWESOME.
>> No. 2055
File 121064066224.jpg - (279.41KB , 1020x765 , yuyuscience.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2056

[►] Look for Youmu.
[►] Continue to call Yuyuko “mistress”.
>> No. 2057
>It gets rather boring around here
So then let's get the fuck out.
[x] Go outside the grounds
[x] Just call her Miss Yuyuko.
>> No. 2058
File 121064155560.jpg - (43.38KB , 400x500 , 3c5k.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Why don’t we go look for Youmu, mistress?”
“Well… Okay. But I have something for you when we get finished messing with her~.”
You gulp. A gift from Yuyuko is either really great, or something that any sane being should fear more than being raped by one of the deep ones. Wait, why are you thinking about Cthulu mythos?
Yuyuko follows you as you walk the halls, floating above the ground. You eventually find Youmu, but she seems to be sleeping under one of the cherry blossom trees.

[ ] “Hey, mistress, Youmu’s sleeping under that tree. Why not jump out and scare her?”
[ ] Turn back and hope Yuyuko doesn’t see that.
>> No. 2060
[►] Turn back and hope Yuyuko doesn’t see that.

no. just no. even if it's a delayed bad end, it's a bad, bad end.
>> No. 2061
[x] “Hey, mistress, Youmu’s sleeping under that tree. Why not jump out and scare her?”
This is going to be good.
>> No. 2062
Holy crap, Nitori watched gundam 0083 and created a GP-03D Nitori custom.

[x] Turn back and hope Yuyuko doesn’t see that.
>> No. 2063
[X] Turn back and hope Yuyuko doesn’t see that.
>> No. 2064
File 121064225736.jpg - (84.38KB , 693x633 , yuyueattan.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ x ] “Hey, mistress, Youmu’s sleeping under that tree. Why not jump out and scare her?”
>> No. 2065
[X] Turn back and hope Yuyuko doesn’t see that.

This is the way for us to spend some silly time with Yuyuko, searching for Youmu. Let's not find her so quick.
>> No. 2066
[x] Turn back and hope Yuyuko doesn’t see that.

Sounds like a good idea to me
>> No. 2067
New thread, please? We've nearly passed 350.
>> No. 2068

Okay. After I find something to listen to.