Archived Thread
File 124435574866.png - (8.66KB , 549x397 , gal.png ) [iqdb]
16466 No. 16466
You are in a white room. A girl stands in front of you.

>> No. 16467
[X] Sex.
>> No. 16468

>> No. 16469
File 124435639073.png- (14.88KB , 548x401 , GY!.png ) [iqdb]
"Godammit, Yukari!" You shout. There is no response.

>> No. 16471
[x] Start jerking off furiously
>> No. 16472
File 124435703995.png- (25.44KB , 547x395 , zzzz.png ) [iqdb]
You masturbate in front of the girl.

Girl is now flustered.

>> No. 16473
[X] Look at the girl.
>> No. 16474
[x] Stick it in her pooper
>> No. 16475
File 124435827787.png- (23.98KB , 542x392 , Ah!.png ) [iqdb]

You examine the girl closer.

Why, it's none other than Lyrica Prismriver! Lyrica is dressed in a red outfit with black trimming. She also wears a matching red hat.

Lyrica looks gloomy.

>> No. 16476
[X] Apologize?
>> No. 16478
File 124435865829.png- (24.18KB , 542x393 , waht....png ) [iqdb]
You apologize. Lyrica looks confused.

"What are you apologizing for?"

Lyrica looks gloomy.

>> No. 16479
[!/] Where am I?

Drawfag MUD? HOLY
>> No. 16480
File 124436012265.png- (23.21KB , 542x388 , bgget.png ) [iqdb]

You ask where you are. Lyrica looks a little annoyed.

"Just a little ways above the clouds is all."

Your surroundings are revealed in detail. You are high in the sky, just barely above the clouds. Four maroon pillars stick out of the clouds.

>> No. 16481
[x] "Huh. I'm not dead or anything am I?"
>> No. 16482
File 124436077280.png- (24.60KB , 546x396 , what NO.png ) [iqdb]

You ask if you are deceased. Lyrica looks a little annoyed.

"What, you serious? No, you're not dead yet."

>> No. 16483
[x] Its an honor to meet you miss.
>> No. 16484
File 124436140095.png- (24.44KB , 537x398 , no kidding.png ) [iqdb]

Lyrica looks flustered.

"Ah, um, thank you," she stammers. "I suppose it's nice to meet you as well. Um, I'm a bit... stressed right now, though..."

>> No. 16485
[x] Is that so? I might be able to assist you if you wish.
>> No. 16486
File 12443628076.png- (16.36KB , 548x393 , keybord.png ) [iqdb]

You offer your assistance to Lyrica Prismriver. She is delighted.

"Ah, thank you!" She exclaims. "You see, last night, as I slept, my keyboard was stolen from me! I have no doubt that it was that drunken Oni, Suika Ibuki, that took it."

Lyrica hands you a sheet of paper.

"This is what my keyboard looks like. Please retrieve it for me. Suika usually hangs around at the Hakurei Shrine. You know where that is, right? You should, as I assume that's how you got into Gensokyo, outsider."

She thanks you again and then hands you a card. "Take this spell card, and use it only if you run into trouble."

"Dark Keys "Fazioli Dark Performance" " Obtained.

>> No. 16487
[x] "Are you in a band? I'm told I play a mean cowbell."
>> No. 16488
[x] Thank you miss. Before i leave i have one question. Do you know of a lady by the name of Layla Prismriver? She was a good friend of mine.
>> No. 16491
File 124436379711.png- (25.36KB , 544x392 , errrrr.png ) [iqdb]
Lyrica blushes.

"Err, I'm sorry but our band isn't accepting any new members."

You ask about Layla Prismriver. Lyrica is intrigued.

"Well, yes, she is my youngest sister. She isn't in the band though... How did you two meet, if you don't mind my asking?"

>> No. 16492
[x]we where close childhood friends. I really would like to meet her again... (show a bit of sadness)
>> No. 16493
[x]she was the last person i saw before i bashed my head and ended up here.
>> No. 16494
File 124436464117.png- (19.56KB , 549x391 , Um.....png ) [iqdb]
You tell Lyrica about Layla. Lyrica's face shows signs of morose. There is silence.

"M-Maybe you should just go..." Lyrica suggests, looking away.

>> No. 16495
[x]...I see. I suppose your right.(leave while stareing at Layla's flute she lent you. She may be gone but she'll live on in your heart and your music. Cry like you've never cried before.)
>> No. 16496
File 124436595574.png- (57.38KB , 547x395 , bawwww.png ) [iqdb]

Your eyes are filled with tears. Your vision is blurred.

>> No. 16497
[x] Wipe those tears from your eyes and start playing a melody she taught you in her memory. Perhaps we will meet again beyond the veil sweet Layla. Till then destiny calls us forward.
>> No. 16500
[X] Head below the clouds.
>> No. 16501
File 124439409350.png- (7.68KB , 543x391 , ttuen.png ) [iqdb]
You play a soft jingle and head below the clouds.

You have lost detailed surroundings.

>> No. 16502
[x] Freefall to Earth
>> No. 16503
File 124439538191.png- (44.94KB , 542x387 , AHHH.png ) [iqdb]

You begin to freefall down to Earth. You are gaining speed.

>> No. 16504
[x] Oh, look at that, it's tea time.
>> No. 16507
File 124439837310.png- (7.82KB , 550x396 , notea.png ) [iqdb]

Despite your cravings, you have no tea and must skip tea time. You are gaining speed.

>> No. 16508
[X] Forget to keep falling.
>> No. 16509
File 124439860678.png- (4.04KB , 550x396 , burenku.png ) [iqdb]

You barely even know what you just told yourself to do, but do it anyway. You stop free falling.

>> No. 16510

[x] Observe your surroundings.
>> No. 16511
File 124439919487.png- (17.69KB , 527x394 , 2ns bg helo.png ) [iqdb]

You observe your surroundings. Your surroundings are revealed in detail.

A large mountain is off in the distance. A forest is at it's base. In the middle of the forest there is a lake. At the lake's shore there is a figure. In a clearing in the forest there is a house.

>> No. 16512

[X] Go toward the mountain.
>> No. 16513
File 124439983618.png- (18.87KB , 549x387 , helo helo two girls rape.png ) [iqdb]

You head towards the mountain. You come across a stream. There are two girls by the stream. There is a waterfall. You are hidden among the trees.

>> No. 16514

[X] Approach and greet the girls.
>> No. 16515
File 12444005232.png- (19.60KB , 539x391 , What!!.png ) [iqdb]

You greet the two girls. They are startled. The both quickly get up.

"Gah! A human!" One says, stammering. The slowly back away, as if to flee.

>> No. 16517

[x] Examine the girls closer.
>> No. 16518
File 124440227314.png- (29.17KB , 546x397 , RAN ITS AHH.png ) [iqdb]

You examine the girls closer.

Why, it's none other than Nitori Kawashiro! She's clothed in all green. Her hair is in ponytails. She is wearing a backpack.

Why, it's none other that Momizi Inubashiri! She's dressed in a white outfit with cut cloth around the shoulders. Her skirt is black with red trimming. She has dog ears.

The two girls are surprised.

>> No. 16519

[x] "Chill. I'm not here to start trouble or anything. Just looking for someone named Suika."
>> No. 16520
File 124440342988.png- (29.22KB , 548x397 , Oh no not recently.png ) [iqdb]

You tell them to calm down. They do, slightly. Momizi is still a bit tense.

"Suika?" Nitori repeats. "Uh... No, no I don't think I've seen her around recently."

"I don't really talk to her much anyways," Momizi adds. "She's a bit... out there."

>> No. 16521

[x] "Huh. Oh well, thanks anyway."
[x] Reverse free fall back into the sky and continue your explorations.
>> No. 16522
File 124440382646.png- (20.25KB , 546x398 , not allowed.png ) [iqdb]

You fly back into the sky.

>> No. 16523
This would be better if Anon weren't such a spastic.

[x] Go to the lake's shore. Is that figure still around?
>> No. 16524
File 124440515272.png- (11.14KB , 547x398 , THIS IS BAD PICTUE.png ) [iqdb]

You fly down towards the shore. There is a woman with a sack. She appears to be just leaving.

>> No. 16525
[X] Assault
>> No. 16526
File 124440626873.png- (14.78KB , 546x393 , raep.png ) [iqdb]
You fly over at high speeds and tackle her to the ground. You pin her down.

>> No. 16527
[x] Headbutt
>> No. 16528
File 124440679816.png- (14.89KB , 548x398 , ow.png ) [iqdb]
You headbutt the girl. She is knocked out cold.

>> No. 16529
[x] I.D. your target
>> No. 16530
File 124440842768.png- (25.33KB , 542x393 , Is that a guy.png ) [iqdb]
You identify your target.

Why, it's none other than Sakuya Izayoi! She's dressed in a dark blue maid outfit with matching shoes. She has two braids.

>> No. 16531
[x] Steal her watch and fly away.
>> No. 16532
File 124440900868.png- (20.83KB , 544x394 , ikuze yoooo!!!.png ) [iqdb]

You steal her watch and fly away. The watch is silver with many intricate designs.

>> No. 16533
[x] Go to the building
>> No. 16534
File 124440969433.png- (20.48KB , 544x389 , siht.png ) [iqdb]
You come to a very crudely drawn and rushed house.

>> No. 16535
[x] Knock on the door.
>> No. 16536

[!/] Knock on the front door.
>> No. 16537
[x] Knock on the door
>> No. 16538

[X] ROE: Infiltration
[Up] Open and Clear
>> No. 16539
File 124441747155.png- (11.73KB , 541x392 , knock.png ) [iqdb]
You knock on the door. There is a short silence before you hear a woman's voice from behind the door.

"Yes?" It says, sharply. "What do you want?"

>> No. 16540
[x] "Information. Do know the last whereabout's of a Ibuki Suika?"
>> No. 16541
File 124441809320.png- (8.41KB , 544x394 , Um.png ) [iqdb]
You ask about where Suika is.

"Suppose I do," she says. "Suppose I know where she is right this very moment. What do I get if I tell you?"

>> No. 16542
[x] An antique pocketwatch.
>> No. 16543
File 124441987576.png- (18.01KB , 544x392 , watch.png ) [iqdb]
You offer her an antique pocket watch. She cracks open the door and pops her head out.

"A pocket wa--" She stops mid-sentence. "Ah, hey! That's Sakuya's watch! How did you get your hands on it?"

>> No. 16544
[x] "I found it near the lake."
>> No. 16545
File 124442024659.png- (13.92KB , 534x395 , no dice.png ) [iqdb]
>Err, I forgot to say... "She opens the door. Why it's non other than Alice Margatroid! She is dressed in a variety of different colours, and wears a pink headband."

You explain how you found it. Alice looks unamused.

"No dice," she says coldly. "I don't want to have anything to do with it. Maybe you should just return it?"

Alice begins to shut the door.

>> No. 16546

Well, shit.

Anyone have any ideas? All I can think of is an unspecified favor to be called in at a later date.
>> No. 16547
Does OP even have a set out storyline? Or is he just making stuff up as he goes along? Also, has this thread pretty much been just one guy, save a few times when other Anons jumped in?

We have a spellcard and a picture of a keyboard, though. I'm not sure if we want to give up the spellcard, and I don't think Alice will accept the picture.
>> No. 16548
I've got it!

[x]The satisfaction of helping an artist in need.
[x]Failing that, an unspecified favor to be called in at a later date.
>> No. 16549
File 124442242387.png- (21.62KB , 540x385 , ok we.png ) [iqdb]
You offer to lend her a hand in the future.

"Why not an unspecified favor right now?" She asks, bemused. "Take this and give it to someone named 'Fujiwora no Mokou," it's an anti-fire seal that she keeps on her clothes to prevent it from burning."

Alice hands you a red card with intricate designs on it.

"Otherwise you can find Suika on your own."

>> No. 16550

[x] "That sounds fine."
>> No. 16552
This is quite interesting.

Looking forward to more!
>> No. 16554
Something the prevents you from being set on fire. Hell no, you're keeping it.

[x] Take the seal.
[x] Use seal on self.
[x] Look around for any other houses.

Marisa will tell us.
>> No. 16556
File 124446165117.png- (15.55KB , 546x398 , Shitty fire seal.png ) [iqdb]
You agree. You take the fire seal and Alice shuts the door.

"Fire Seal" Obtained
You equip the "Fire Seal"
You are resistant to fire.

>> No. 16557
[X] Take to the air for a better vantage point.
>> No. 16558
File 124448021998.png- (28.22KB , 548x395 , map of the world (med).png ) [iqdb]
You soar in the sky. You have been everywhere. Your map has expanded.

>> No. 16559
[x] To the bamboo forest!
[x] Hum Extend Ash ~ Hourai Victim to yourself as you look for Mokou.
>> No. 16560
File 124448184841.png- (66.71KB , 546x400 , oooboi.png ) [iqdb]
You enter the Bamboo Forest of Lost. You are humming. You come across many poor excuses for bamboo shoots. They block out the sun. Your field of vision is lowered. There are sounds of rustling all around you.

>> No. 16561
[x] Fall up a short bit and look for the source of the rustling.
>> No. 16563
File 124448811483.png- (63.76KB , 549x391 , ...saef.png ) [iqdb]
You look to your left to see if anything is there. There is nothing. You look to your right to see if anything is there. There is nothing.

>> No. 16564
[X] You are resistant to fire. Make this quick and burn down the bamboo forest.
>> No. 16566
File 124448891639.png- (24.14KB , 541x396 , inventory.png ) [iqdb]
You lack the materials needed to burn down the forest. In your inventory you have...:

"Dark Keys "Fazioli Dark Performance" Spell Card
A picture of Lyrica's Piano
An anti-fire seal
An antique pocket watch

>> No. 16567
[x] Rage against the machine.
>> No. 16568
[x] Continue walking through the forest.
[x] Begin humming "Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke."

This oughta draw her out.
>> No. 16569
File 124449008896.png- (6.65KB , 546x392 , RAAAAAAAAAAGE.png ) [iqdb]
You begin to rage. You have no machine to rage against.

>> No. 16570
File 124449029011.png- (74.07KB , 544x392 , wow copypaste.png ) [iqdb]

You continue to walk. There is a light up ahead.

>> No. 16571
[x] Continue humming
[x] Go towards the light.

I have missed spontaneity in this site so much.
>> No. 16572
[x] Unequip the fire seal.
>> No. 16573
[ze] Use rage to increase flight speed. Stay above the treeline.
>> No. 16574
File 124449078488.png- (54.52KB , 546x396 , !!!.png ) [iqdb]
You continue to hum. There are more rustles. You proceed further and unequip the fire seal.

You can make out a figure up ahead.

>> No. 16576
[x] Examine figure.
>> No. 16578
File 124449159026.png- (18.53KB , 541x396 , Mokou.png ) [iqdb]
You examine the figure closely.

Why, it's none other than Fujiwara no Mokou! She's dressed in a worn white shirt with red pants and overalls. She has several anti-fire seals strewn about her clothes.

Fujiwara seems troubled.

>> No. 16579
[x] "Yo! Miss Fujiwara? I've been sent to give you this."
[x] Hand her the seal.
[x] "What seems to be the problem, you look down."
[x] Make a mental note to ask her of Suika's whereabouts.
>> No. 16580
[x] Ask her what's wrong while giving her the fire seal.
>> No. 16581
[x] "Yo! Miss Fujiwara? I've been sent to give you this."
[x] Hand her the seal.
[x] "What seems to be the problem? You look down."
[x] Make a mental note to ask her of Suika's whereabouts.
>> No. 16582
File 124449305354.png- (20.93KB , 538x394 , Mokou Happy.png ) [iqdb]
You greet Fujiwara no Mokou. She is surprised at first, but is then happy as you hand her the seal.

She thanks you, and examines the seal. "It looks like it's been used... It'll be fine, though. Give Alice my regards."

You ask what is wrong.

"Oh," she begins. "It's nothing. I plan on using the seal as my hairband so my hair doesn't catch fire, so I was just a bit anxious to get it... Actually, I've been waiting for my friend for a little while now; she's late. Oh, but anyways, here, take this for your troubles."

Fujiwara hands you a key.

"I'm not sure how much good it'll do you, since I don't even know what it's for, but it's the least I can do."

Anti-fire seal lost
Mysterious Key obtained.

>> No. 16583

[x] "While, I'm still here, do you happen to know the last whereabout's of Ibuki Suika?"
>> No. 16584
You ask about Suika.

"Ibuki Suika?" She repeats. "No, and I don't think we've been acquainted either. Sorry."

>> No. 16585
File 12444936097.png- (21.11KB , 545x394 , Mokou thinking.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 16586

[x] "Oh well. Thanks anyway."
[x] Fly into the sky.
>> No. 16587
File 124449397721.png- (28.71KB , 549x398 , worldmap2med.png ) [iqdb]
You say good bye and fly away. She waves goodbye.

>> No. 16588
[x] Head to village.
>> No. 16589
File 124449467653.png- (16.59KB , 543x397 , town plaza.png ) [iqdb]
You fly down to the Human Village. There are two individuals in the plaza. There are 2 other places to visit here: The school and the residential area.

>> No. 16590
[x] Examine the people.
>> No. 16591
File 124449822657.png- (22.62KB , 548x391 , Town People.png ) [iqdb]
You examine the people.

Why, it's none other than Keine Kamishirasawa! She's dressed in a dark blue dress with intricate white lace. She is in a matching blue hat. She is reading a book.

Why, it's none other than Ru-- Wait, no, it's a kid dressed as Rumia. The child is wearing a mask, and is dressed in black. The child also has a headband.

>> No. 16592
[X] Approach faux Rumia.
[X] "Excuse me, but what the fuck are you doing?"
>> No. 16593
[x] Approch faux Rumia
[x] Act scared of her, ask why such a dangerous youkai is here, try to get Keine to play along with it.


No need for such asshattery.
>> No. 16594
[x] Approch faux Rumia
[x] Act scared of her, ask why such a dangerous youkai is here, try to get Keine to play along with it.
>> No. 16598
File 124450006912.png- (33.57KB , 546x397 , OHHH SHIIIIII.png ) [iqdb]
You approach the faux Rumia. You pretend to act scared and shout out "Youkai! Youkai!" The child giggles and makes growling noises and actions.

"Raar!" She cries. "I am the darkness Youkai, Rumia!"

You check to see if a horribly drawn Keine is paying attention. She is intrigued.

>> No. 16604
[!/] So nano ka?
>> No. 16607
Hurf durf I'm retarded.

[x] Cry out for Keine
>> No. 16611
[x]remove the ribbon
>> No. 16622
File 124451499657.png- (20.93KB , 549x396 , Oh no!.png ) [iqdb]
You cry out for help. Keine plays along.

"Oh my!" She cries. "What a scary-looking Youkai!" The child's attention is brought to Keine. When she doesn't notice, you take Rumia's ribbon.

"Raar! I am the Youkai of the Dark, Rumia!" She repeats. The fake Rumia runs off the scare more pople, leaving you and Keine alone.

Rumia's(?) Ribbon obtained.

>> No. 16623
[x] If you ever meet the real Rumia consider doing the same.
>> No. 16625
[x] equip ribbon and look at self.
>> No. 16627
File 124451682423.png- (16.22KB , 544x394 , FUFUFU.png ) [iqdb]
You make a note-to-self to try that when you encounter the real thing. You equip the ribbon.

Keine laughs, mockingly.

>> No. 16628
[x] Ignore her and head back to Alice's place.
>> No. 16630
[x] Give Keine a thumbs-up and head back to Alice's.
>> No. 16631
File 124451880551.png- (32.11KB , 548x390 , errand done.png ) [iqdb]
You give Keine a thumbs up and head back to Alice's house. She is outside with a doll. She looks pleased to see you.

"Ah, my errand boy," she begins. "I trust the job went well?"

>> No. 16632
[x] Confirm it was successful and ask about the whereabouts of Suika.
>> No. 16633
[x] "Yep."
>> No. 16634
File 124451909966.png- (32.00KB , 543x395 , errand done2.png ) [iqdb]
You comfirm it was a success and ask where Suika is.

"Straight to the point, huh? Anyway, she's at Marisa's house. They're probably drinking. Nice headband, by the way."

>> No. 16635
[x] Thank her for the compliment, and head off to Marisa's house.
>> No. 16637
[x] Unequip the ribbon.
>> No. 16638
[x] Thank her for the compliment, and head off to Marisa's house.
>> No. 16641
[x] Thank her for the compliment, and head off to Marisa's house.
[x] Unequip ribbon.

Caution: May not provide immunity to status effects.
>> No. 16642
[ze] Thank her for the compliment, and head off to Marisa's house.
>> No. 16643
Damn foreign domestic knock-offs.
>> No. 16649
[x] Thank her for the compliment, and head off to Marisa's house.
>> No. 16659
File 124456741743.png- (23.08KB , 546x399 , Marisa's house.png ) [iqdb]
You fly over to Marisa's house. You unequip the Ribbon.

>> No. 16663
[x] Tie ribbon to doorknob
[x] Knock on door
>> No. 16664
[x] Tie ribbon to doorknob
[x] Knock on door

epic pictures
>> No. 16667
File 124457423748.png- (11.44KB , 548x393 , Ribbon lost.png ) [iqdb]
You tie the ribbon onto the doorknob. You knock. There is no response. There are loud noises from the other side of the door.

Rumia's(?) Ribbon lost.

>> No. 16668
[X] Use the mysterious key!
>> No. 16669
File 124457598686.png- (12.06KB , 546x393 , NANDA.png ) [iqdb]
You use the Mysterious Key on the lock. Eeh? It fits? Why did Mokou have a key to Marisa's house...?

You open the door. The sounds are heard more loudly now. The song playing is none other than Love-Coloured Horrible Spark!

Mysterious Key lost.

>> No. 16670
[x] Boldly stride in.
>> No. 16672
File 124457727513.png- (23.96KB , 548x398 , drunks.png ) [iqdb]
You boldly stride in and find two girls. One is playing a keyboard. The other is laughing.

>> No. 16673

[x] Examine girls.
>> No. 16675
File 124458022189.png- (36.69KB , 545x392 , suika and marisa.png ) [iqdb]
You examine the girls.

Why, it's none other than Marisa Kirisame! She is dressed in a black witch outfit and has a braid. She is swinging around her hat.

Why, it's none other than Suika Ibuki! Suika is dressed in strange garments coloured white and purple. She has 3D figures chained to her wrists. She has long deer-like horns.

Why, it's none other than Lyrica's Piano! It has wings.

Marisa is Drunk
Suika is Drunk

>> No. 16676
[x] use the pocket watch and if it works swipe the piano, leave, and return to the heavens.
>> No. 16677
File 124458116268.png- (35.63KB , 545x392 , FFFFFFFFFF.png ) [iqdb]
You use the watch and stop time. You take the Piano. Time resumes as you leave the house. You head up above the clouds.

>> No. 16678

[x] Look for Lyrica.
>> No. 16679
[Q] Look for Lyrica.
>> No. 16681
[x] Look for Lyrica.
>> No. 16682
File 124458290414.png- (17.29KB , 550x396 , Do you have it.png ) [iqdb]
You find Lyrica. She looks surprised.

"Ah, do you have my keyboard?"

>> No. 16684

[!/] Give her the keyboard
>> No. 16685
[x] Give her the keyboard
>> No. 16688
[Q] Give her the keyboard
[Q] "No, I don't."
>> No. 16690
[x] Give her the keyboard
[x] Ask if she needs any more help
>> No. 16691
[x] Give her the keyboard
[x] "No, I don't."
>> No. 16694
File 124458862712.png- (82.49KB , 741x793 , quest DONE.png ) [iqdb]
You give her the keyboard. She is delighted.

"Thanks a lot," she begins, smiling. "You don't know how much this means to me. However, I have no way to repay you for this task..."

She pauses, then suggests, "The only thing I can think of is to take you back to your world, outside of Gensokyo, so you can be reunited with your family as you have done for me. What do you say?"

You accept.

"Alright then, here we go!" She grabs hold of your hand and smiles as she escorts you back home.

- END -

Main Quest Clear! - 50,000
Good Ending B - 10,000

Alice's Sub Quest - Clear! - 1,000
Aya's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Cirno's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Fujiwara's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Keine's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Letty's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Lunasa's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Marisa's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Mima's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Nitori's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Reimu's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Rinnosuke's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Rumia(?)'s Sub Quest - Clear! - 500
Rumia's Sub Quest - Incomplete
Sakuya's Sub Quest - Incomplete

Side Stories:
Eientei's Side Story - Incomplete
Hakurei Shrine Side Story - Incomplete
Hakugyokurou's Side Story - Incomplete
Moriya Shrine's Side Story - Incomplete
Scarlet Devil Mansion Side Story - Incomplete

Items Obtained:
"Dark Keys "Fazioli Dark Performance" - 5,000
"Picture of Keyboard" - 500
"Antique Pocketwatch" - 10,000
"Anti-Fire Seal" - 2,500
"Rumia's(?) Ribbon" - 3,000

TOTAL: 82,500 Points

See you next time !!
>> No. 16696

And Sakuya is still looking for her pocket watch to this day.
>> No. 16697
OP here. Mm, that's a lot of subquests you guys didn't do. I didn't really give any rules and whatnot, so I suppose it all evens out. If you died and got a bad ending, then I was going to include a "TIP:" however we managed to stay clear of trouble... Actually I meant to add that onto the points, so:

"No Hostiles Met! - 15,000"

Anyways, how did you guys like this kind of CYOA? I tried to leave it very open and let Anon do whatever he wants, but in the end that left you going through it somewhat quickly. Essentially, there were 6 basic commands:


But yeah, again, I didn't explain anything. I had no plot whatsoever, and just kind of went with the flow. I may make another, since this one seemed pretty boring... We didn't get any sort of action!
>> No. 16698
It was fun. I would mind another run.
>> No. 16699

Oh, and, what this Anon said:

>Also, has this thread pretty much been just one guy, save a few times when other Anons jumped in?

Does this have some truth behind it?
>> No. 16700
I know that I made about a sixth of the votes.
Man, it ended? I was expecting to be able to do the side quests after we'd done the main one.

New game plus, please?
>> No. 16701

Mm, I didn't want it to become one of those CYOA's that end up going on forever and never have a proper ending. It was an experiment, anyway.

Also, did anyone find it annoying that you had to examine a person, place or things just to know what it was?
>> No. 16702
I found it brilliant, excellent, hilarious, and completely awesome.

The fact that we knocked out Sakuya before identifying her, that was the day when my laughter struck fear into every denzien of my street.

Never change it.
>> No. 16704
I really enjoyed this. I don't care how short or simple it was - in fact, I think that makes it all the much better. I also liked the idea of examining things, so don't get rid of that.

Very unique. Encore!
>> No. 16706
Just give us three lives and three continues. When we die, it ends.

I found the delay a bit annoying, since we had to wait a while for the next choice.
>> No. 16707
I agree with most of what people said so far. The fact that you do all the drawings makes it even better. Also, I like how you show people prior to identification.
>> No. 16708

Yeah, I like how short this was. It's not like a certain CYOA on this same board that will probably never have a resolution to all the crazy things happening in it.

Goddamn I hate long stories.
>> No. 16709

Wait, did you mean to say "Just /don't/ give us..." ? Cuz I guess that could work in a relentless kind of way.

Also, yeah that's what I was afraid of. My drawings aren't all that great either, and I'm pretty slow too... I was thinking of scrapping them halfway through. Although, it was good practice.
>> No. 16710

I guess that rules out my "Scrapping the Pictures" idea... Um, but, anyone have any tips on drawing/colouring better?
>> No. 16711
Who needs color? They work pretty darn well as is, unless you feel some BURNING NEED to change them.
>> No. 16718
File 124459618627.png- (51.67KB , 700x542 , 1241597008665.png ) [iqdb]

Color like this
>> No. 16720
I'll probably only colour the End picture, if anything.
>> No. 16721
Yeah, that.

And another "Do more of this"-type comment.
>> No. 16743
No, I meant three lives/continues. An open-ended sandbox tale with no real plot, that ends when we die enough.
>> No. 16759



Yeah, that could work too.
>> No. 17006
I too shall add my praise for what it's worth, very nice indeed. A couple of shorts like this are excellent, could I encourage you to make each of those sidequests into full stories? Only as long as this one I mean, seeing as you've got the material to begin with and all.

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