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There are ghosts during the day, too, you know.
>> No. 16204
File 124271944563.jpg- (174.05KB , 520x686 , komachi.jpg ) [iqdb]
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[X] Custom


Komachi is sitting only a few inches away, her scythe leaning lazily against her shoulder. With a sad smile on her face, she turns away from him and starts watching the flickering torch flames. Vincent follows her gaze, watching the fire and the shadows.


He doesn't know how many minutes passed. They sat together like that silently, engrossed in their own thoughts. Perhaps neither of them knew what to say. Or perhaps both of them knew that there was little much to say. He couldn't tell which. But for some reason, he felt at ease with her beside him.

Despite everything that had happened, he knew, without words, that Komachi still wanted to help him. He didn't need to explain that he wasn't in control. In fact, she never asked. She only smiled sadly at him, as if she already knew. Perhaps that meeting with Keine wasn't a waste of time, after all.

But even so, things can only get worse if nothing is done. Next time, he might end up doing something unforgivable. Next time, he might not wake up until it is too late. There isn't any time left for apologies and regrets. He needs to do something. Anything that can help.

If only they had some way of finding the truth...

"Sorry about everything," he says quietly. "I never wanted to hurt anyone..."

"I know you didn't," says Komachi. "You aren't that kind of person."

"I think... no - I know that I'm too dangerous to be around. But right now, while I'm still sane, I'd like to tell you something."

The shinigami slowly turns to face him, an unreadable expression on her face.

"What is it?" she says.

"Everything," he says. "While I still remember, and while I still have the chance."

Vincent sighs loudly before he continues.

"Let me say 'sorry' in advance. It's a pretty long and complicated story."

"It's alright," she says softly. "I have the time to listen."

"Well then, I guess it all started when I..."


He doesn't know how long it took, but he told her everything - each and every thing he could remember. Komachi said little, only asking the occasional question about this and that detail. But by the time he finished, he somehow felt that a heavy burden was lifted from his chest.

"And I guess that's everything," he says. "Sorry if it doesn't make much sense..."

Then, to his surprise, Komachi smiles at him.

"Sounds pretty rough," she says finally. "But at least I'm sure now."

"Eh? Of what?"

She just smiles wider.

"Forget about it," says the shinigami. "Anyway, I better head back to the others. Maybe I can find out something useful."

"How are the others?"

Komachi pauses.

"I haven't seen Yuyuko yet, but she should have already met up with Youmu by now. Chen was still asleep when I left. I don't think there was anyone else."

"I see..."

The shinigami stands herself up, and after brushing the dust off her clothes, she takes a few steps toward the exit. A determined and confident smile on her face, she turns back to him one last time, telling him not to worry.

"I'll definitely solve this incident," she says. "You just wait here for me."

"Like I have much of a choice," he replies.

She chuckles a bit. He manages a small smile.

"Thanks Komachi... for everything."

The shinigami blushes bright red at this, and finding nothing to say in return, she simply gives him a low bow before closing the steel door behind her.

Looks like he can't do anything until she comes back.


Isn't this game fun?
>> No. 16205
File 124272433539.jpg- (250.35KB , 557x800 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]

Youmu slowly opens her eyes. She doesn't know how long she has been in the bath, but she can't stay here forever.

'A bath and a fresh change of clothes' Komachi had said. If the shinigami hadn't arrived that time, who knows what would have happened? Youmu didn't even realize that Vincent had fallen unconscious. At the time, she was completely helpless. Too many things happened, and too quickly. Even now, she doesn't really understand how she felt during the whole incident. Emotions she never felt before, pulling tightly at her chest, and the feeling of his hands against her body.


Youmu shivers as she recalls the alien sensations, probing and rough. She never thought that Vincent would suddenly do such... strange things to her. And his eyes. There was something wrong with his eyes when he grabbed her like that. Somehow, they looked too clear, not unlike the glass eyes of a puppet or a doll. Yet, there was certainly something familiar about them. Like she has seen this before, somewhere.

Youmu slowly turns to face her companion in the bath.

"Where have I seen those eyes before?" she asks.


"It's like he knew exactly what he was doing," she says. "Even more than he usually does. Or rather, he was acting completely different from his usual, half-hearted self."


"I never thought that he could be so barbaric..."


"O-of course I didn't enjoy it! He was so rough and uncivilized!"


"I-I don't care what you think! That stupid guy can go to hell, for all I care!"


"Well... maybe not that far, but I'll still punish him painfully for that!"


Youmu sighs heavily as she looks away from the skull. Sinking herself lower into the bath, she slowly recalls the events. Starting from a minor misunderstanding, it suddenly turned into some weird chase.

But weirder still was that he was able to catch up to her at all. No human could have possibly done that. And reacting so quickly... it's as if he read her every move. Not even the shrine maiden or the black-white could surpass her speed so easily. And no ordinary swordsman could ever overpower her attacks like that. No one except...

Her eyes widen in realization. Suddenly, she remembers.

Vincent was fighting like her father.


Vincent's coat and other belongings were left in his room. Komachi said that she will be returning around dinner time. She never said where she took Vincent. Chen was still asleep in a guest room the last time she saw her. She will probably have to come up with some story for the nekomata. And Lady Yuyuko hasn't returned from her walk yet. She needs to tell her about the incident right away.

After dressing herself in a fresh set of clothes, Youmu slowly steps out into the hallways. She pauses to think.

[ ] Head to the kitchen and start preparing dinner.
[ ] Look around for Yuyuko in the garden.
[ ] Search Vincent's room for clues.
[ ] Check up on Chen at her room.
[ ] Go to your room and think.
[ ] Patrol around the grounds.
[ ] Wander around aimlessly.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 16206
File 124272452526.jpg- (51.12KB , 413x720 , keine_sensei.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Inventory
A long sword named "Roukanken". This blade can kill ten spirits in one stroke.
A sword named "Hakurouken". This blade can dispel the confusion of those it cuts, but it can only be used by the Konpaku family.
A black hair ribbon. You feel naked without it.
A skull wrapped in some cloth. You are keeping it inside your ghost half.
>> No. 16209
[x] Wander around aimlessly.

Surprise encounter.
>> No. 16211
[X] Patrol around the grounds.

May do some good to settle her thoughts down while on duty, besides she may end up bumping into Yuyuko.
>> No. 16212
>>Isn't this game fun?

>> No. 16213
[X] Do some light training in the garden. It'll help clear your head.
[X] Look around for Yuyuko while there.
>> No. 16214
[X] Search Vincent's room for clues.

>Vincent was fighting like her father.
>> No. 16215
[X] Patrol around the grounds.

Let's catch a shiny Yuyuko.
>> No. 16218
[†] Search Vincent's room for clues.

Yay~ i love controlling Youmoe!
>> No. 16219
[X] Search Vincent's room for clues.
>> No. 16235
[ze] Search Vincent's room for clues.

Oh, wow. Now that Vincent reminds her of her dad, that's pretty much sealed the deal right there.
>> No. 16238
[X] Patrol around the grounds.

In before she starts seeing shadows resembling Vincent.
>> No. 16258
Short hiatus for a bit. Updates will come when they can be written.
>> No. 16293
File 124310575618.jpg- (22.07KB , 234x256 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Search Vincent's room for clues.


Youmu nods to herself as she starts walking towards Vincent's room. There is no point in feeling uneasy or embarrassed. No matter how one looks at it, this is already the start of a full-blown incident. The fact that their guest has unusual and dangerous abilities is enough to be concerned about. He most certainly isn't an ordinary human.

From the beginning, he had been acting strangely. He had sealed and blackmailed her, but not soon after, he showed her kindness and warmth. Claiming that he had lost his memories, he continued displaying odd skills and talents. Acting like he remembered, then acting like he forgot, it was impossible to tell who he really was. And now, he had hit a critical point and finally lost control of himself. Assuming, of course, that he was a kind person who turned violent and not the other way around.


Standing in front of his room, Youmu reflexively shields her chest with her arms. If things were slightly different, it may have been another person who would have been assaulted in her stead. Thinking back at his skills, he could have overpowered Chen or Komachi. Perhaps he might have even attempted to subdue Lady Yuyuko, though that seems much less likely. Unless he still has more abilities they knew nothing about.


The half-ghost swings the door open, slaming it loudly to the side. She storms into the room, as if to scold its inhabitant. Of course, the place is empty. No one is here to answer to her complaints and anger. Yet, she can't help but cry out, now that she is here.

"S-stupid!" she shouts.

She takes a moment to collect herself. Without a target, such an emotion is inappropriate and useless. For now, she must focus on the task at hand. As the guardian of Hakugyokurou, she needs to stay calm and solve this incident. And to do that, she needs to learn the truth.


Youmu spots an untidy pile near the entrance. Looking closer, it looks to be Vincent's weapons and coat. A European longsword, inscribed with foreign runes, lies at the top. Upon closer inspection, it seems to be made of ordinary steel, though she can feel a faint energy emanating from it. Beside it is a crossbow and a small quiver of bolts. She notes that the bolts are silver-tipped. The last weapon is a revolver, heavily modified. It seems to be the most modern of the weapons, but the least used.

Then, she examines his coat. It doesn't seem to be anything but an ordinary piece of clothing. However, it has a lot of pockets. Maybe there is something..? She quickly goes through each pocket, but she finds the coat empty of any items.


Youmu slowly stands up and looks around. Then, she notices a small pack in the corner. Lying to its side, its contents spill carelessly on the floor. Really, he should take better care of his things. At least he should close his bag properly before leaving the room.

"...what is all this junk?"

An old iron key, some rope, a lantern, a torch, a small knife, some matches, a bunch of rags, stale bread and jerky, some illegible scraps of paper - there is hardly anything she would call useful in this bag. Why would he still keep all of this? He should have left it in the storage room so it wouldn't collect all this dust and hair...

What? Hair? Youmu examines the pack carefully. There is no mistaking it. All around and inside the pack are scattered hairs, as if some animal had been shedding on it. The hairs themselves are thin and short. And at the very bottom, she finds a whole bunch of hairs clumped up in a soft and sticky mess.


A hairball.

After tidying up the room, as is her habit with all the rooms in the mansion, Youmu takes a moment to wash up nearby. Looking up at the sky, she can see that it is already dark. From a distance, she can see a few wisps floating lazily around the grounds. She probably has some time before dinner.

[ ] Head to the kitchen and start the preparations early.
[ ] Look for Yuyuko in the garden.
[ ] Check up on Chen at her room.
[ ] Go to your room and think.
[ ] Patrol around the grounds.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 16294
[ ] Check up on Chen at her room.
>> No. 16295
[X] Look for Yuyuko in the garden.
>> No. 16296
[x] Patrol around the grounds.
>> No. 16297
[x] Go to your room and think.

In b4 we find Vincent has been in her room.
>> No. 16298
[x] Wander around the grounds and think.
>> No. 16352
Hiatus will take longer than expected. Be warned.
>> No. 16356

We're not getting any taller, here.
>> No. 16370
File 12438735533.jpg- (329.19KB , 2240x1488 , Candle.jpg ) [iqdb]

I fell once more into the truth that I had forgotten. All around swirled the lost memory... the fragments of ebony. Like picking up the pieces of a broken mirror, any effort was futile. It was pointless to ponder; pointless to comprehend. The endless days of searching and seeking had finally come to an end. After living like Sisyphus for a moment and an eternity, I found it.

I didn't know if it was a curse or a miracle.

Each time I closed my eyes, I remembered that wonderful dream. Of friends and family I never met. And of whom I never will, now that I have found the truth. But I don't mind. I had always believed that the truth was preferable to lies, no matter how painful it was. Perhaps, deep inside, I had always known. Childlishly, I refused to accept it, as it was something I could not understand. Something beyond the experiences and imagination of an ordinary person.

Yet, from the beginning, I knew that it wouldn't last.

I always felt that something was strange. If I were to describe it, I felt like there was always a loose thread in this fabric called reality. A place, a person, a series of events - it didn't matter which. At times, it would be the smallest of coincidences. But then, even the simplest of things can give birth to doubt. A doubt that grew into the realization of truth.

That I was standing at the end of the world.

So I fell once more into the truth that I had forgotten. Yet I had no regrets. Because I knew that the truth would always be preferable to lies. And everything would turn out fine, now that I had returned here, to the end of the world. I closed my eyes and smiled. The memory of a passing dream is enough for me. I can rest now.

Or so I had thought.

Without warning, a single ray of light flashed upon me from the heavens. As if to wake me... no, as if to mock me. I cringed and struggled. I waved my arms in defiance. Yet that light would not give up. Despite my refusal, I found myself drawn to it. This was a disaster... no, a catastrophe. Everything I had sacrificed would be for naught. Yet, I could not resist. Or rather, it only took one more push.

She called out my name.

And the world trembled.
>> No. 16371
File 124387519227.jpg- (94.80KB , 1591x1194 , moon.jpg ) [iqdb]
The man named Vincent continues staring at the empty grey walls. Watching and waiting patiently. Yet what is he waiting for?


He blinks as his mind draws a blank. The last few hours... he can't remember a thing! For a moment, panic starts to creep closer.

Then, a powerful breeze blows into his hair, interrupting his thoughts. There are no windows in this prison cell. But he doesn't notice the inconsistency. Almost instantly, his memories are filled up, almost too conveniently. But of course, he can't realize it.


Komachi had come in only a few minutes earlier, bringing a tray of food and drink. She said that the others at Hakugyokurou seem to be calm about the situation, and that both Youmu and Yuyuko are investigating on their own. None of the three believe that he acted freely, and they have treated this as an incident. Yuyuko was especially worried, and she said that she would spend this evening to search for clues.

Of course, they only discussed this after Chen had fallen asleep (with the help of a little alcohol). Youmu had insisted that they not involve her, though the half-ghost seemed to be hiding something. In any case, they all agreed to reconvene in the morning. Youmu was to watch the mansion for now, while Yuyuko was to return before daybreak. Komachi was tasked to stay here and watch over him (wherever "here" is supposed to be).

"Protective custody," she had said.

In any case, everything seems to be going fine.


[ ] Go to sleep.
[ ] Stay awake.
>> No. 16372
[X] Go to sleep.
>> No. 16373
[x] Stay awake.
>> No. 16374
[x] Stay awake.

Vincent's been sleeping already for a good while it seems.
>> No. 16377
[x] Stay awake.
>> No. 16383
can't sleep brain will eat me
can't sleep brain will eat me
can't ...
[+] Go to sleep.
>> No. 16388
[x] Stay awake.

Don't want to be asleep when somebody comes in.
>> No. 16390
[ze] Stay awake.

>> No. 16392
File 124394531299.jpg- (14.00KB , 151x71 , found_you.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Stay awake.


An unfamiliar room. Four gray walls and a heavy steel door. Two torches flicker gently as they light up the place. The shadows dance at the side of his eye. Vincent jerks back in reflex.


The jangle of his shackles echo loudly. There is no other answer. In this place, he is alone.


Sighing heavily, he leans back and stares at the ceiling. It too is painted a dull gray, as if to remind him harshly that this is not a place for guests. Komachi herself had said so, though only in passing.


"This place?" she said. "Ah, I think that this was used as a holding facility for humans and youkai that had wandered to the Sanzu River. In the past, the rules were fairly strict. Intruders where either thrown out or disposed of, depending on the case. The old shinigami prepared places like these to interrogate their prisoners."

"Thrown out... or disposed of?"

"That's what I heard anyway," she said. "There was this funny story that a colleague told me some time ago. Apparently, the prisoner that she caught was noisy and annoying, so she left him in one of these cells to calm down. But then, the spirits waiting to cross over started rioting, so she had to leave him here. Soon, she forgot about the prisoner completely."

"... what happened?"

"Well, by the time she remembered," she said cheerfully. "The prisoner was nothing but a pile of rotting meat. The stench was absolutely awful, and when the Yamas learned of it, she was demoted to cleaning duty for several decades! Ahahahaha! Don't you think that was hilarious?"



Vincent opens his eyes. This is no time to rest. He has to get out of here.


He turns toward the door. Only then does he become aware of a presence standing behind it. He did not hear any footsteps. Nor did he hear Komachi's voice. But, chained to the walls like this, there isn't much he can do apart from staying still and waiting. So he waits.


The heavy steel door opens silently. A familiar silhouette walks into view. It seems to be holding something it its arms.

"Found you~"

Before he can react, the newcomer throws something at his feet. Even without a glance, he knows what it is. How this person obtained this item, he can only guess.

Lying in front of him is his longsword. The cold steel glints menacingly in the torchlight.

[ ] Take it.
[ ] Leave it.
>> No. 16393
File 124394800993.png- (452.09KB , 644x480 , crazy.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Take it.
>> No. 16394
[X] Leave it.
>> No. 16396
[X] Leave it.

It's a god damn trap.

Bad enough he practically lost his sense of self with the damn thing in his hands. At least wait till you're not off running blindly.
>> No. 16397
[+] Leave it.
>> No. 16399
[X] Leave it.
>> No. 16400
[X] Leave it.
holding mah ground gaems
>> No. 16401
[X] Leave it.

We're chained up and isolated for a reason.
>> No. 16402
[B] Leave it.
>> No. 16404
File 124398369471.gif- (43.15KB , 300x200 , 120952192319.gif ) [iqdb]
>"Well, by the time she remembered," she said cheerfully. "The prisoner was nothing but a pile of rotting meat. The stench was absolutely awful, and when the Yamas learned of it, she was demoted to cleaning duty for several decades! Ahahahaha! Don't you think that was hilarious?"

What the hell, Machi.
>> No. 16405
File 124398798619.jpg- (78.86KB , 600x500 , 123024052643.jpg ) [iqdb]
Youkai humor.
>> No. 16406
[x] Take it.
>> No. 16410
File 124403698944.jpg- (68.36KB , 800x600 , kiss_me.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Leave it.


Before he realizes it, his hands are already reaching for the weapon. The sword is drawing him toward it, extending a promise of safety once he holds it. This blade will protect him against anything. Even the world will bend before its power. Those that can resist the will of this sword are next to none.


As his fingers touch the weapon's hilt, something flashes in his mind. A single image. But that is enough. Immediately, he pulls himself away from the weapon, as if it were a hot coal.

"No..." he says. "This is another trick..."

Hmm? Why do you hesitate?

He hears the voice, but he knows that it isn't coming from the person standing in front of him. This one is only a puppet. And if the owner of the voice was able to capture this person so easily, he has no chance of resisting. There is no escape from this. But still...

"I won't hurt anyone," he cries. "I won't listen to you anymore!"

Eh? But the game isn't over yet.

The puppet steps closer. He draws himself back.

"I won't fight," he whispers.

Hmm. Now if you do that, it won't be fun for anyone.

"Even if you kill me, I won't fight!"

Heh. This is starting to get boring.


Just go to sleep. I don't need you to use you.

"I... won't... hurt anyone..."

His eyes. So heavy. What is this? As his consciousness fades, he looks up and stares at the person before him. The puppet only smiles back. But still, even for a puppet, that smile is quite entrancing. With that as his last memory, Vincent falls into the darkness.


He opened his eyes slightly. There was a sound from outside. He kept still and pretended to sleep as he waited. An intruder? But he did not sense any killing intent. Perhaps his sword had grown dull during these peaceful days.


His hand slowly made its way toward his waist. Inch by inch, it crept until he had it in his grasp. A dagger of pure silver. He had hidden it within the folds of his clothes. Just in case he was attacked at night. Like this night.

The door slid open. The footsteps of the intruder were barely audible. But the shadow crept closer and closer. He tightened his grip on the knife. He would have only one chance to attack. He must wait for the most opportune moment.

Suddenly, the shadow stood right above him. He froze. How did it move so quickly? He didn't even feel its presence. Slowly, as it lowered itself closer, he opened a single eye. The intruder was too close. He won't be able to strike a fatal blow at this range. Then, he has only one other option.

"E-eh? Kyaaah!"

He quickly tackles the shadow to the ground. Then, as he held the dagger at its neck, his eyes blinked in surprise. The first thing he recognized were her deep brown eyes. The intruder quivered slightly as it stared back at him, her long silver hair splayed carelessly against the floor. Carefully, he pulled his weapon back and stood up.

"... what are you doing here?"

The intruder, flustered at his calm response, quickly bows apologetically.

"I-I'm so sorry!" she cried. "I didn't mean to startle you."

He sighed in exasperation.

"Then don't sneak around at night," he said. "It doesn't really matter, but when I strike, the things that I cannot kill are next to none. You understand that, right?"

"Yes! B-but..."

"There was something you wanted to tell me?" he said. "If it's that again, I already told you that I'm not interested. Besides, it would be too much of a hassle to -"

She interrupted him without warning. With a kiss. Innocent and inexperienced, she rubbed her lips against his. A few moments later, she pulled away and looked at him.

"Liar," she whispered. "I saw the way you looked at me. And even now, you are looking at me with those eyes the same way. With those crystal blue eyes."

He opened his mouth to argue, but in the end, he couldn't say anything back.

"I.. have also been watching you," said the girl. "Watching.. and waiting."

"Well.. err, that is.."

"Please," she whispered. "If you don't hate me, just this once.."

His eyes widened at her last words.

"Kiss me back."

[ ] Kiss her.
[ ] Refuse.
[ ] Custom..?
>> No. 16411
[x] Kiss her.
>> No. 16412
[X] Kiss her.

This constant "you don't know what's going on" is getting boring.
>> No. 16413
[X]Kiss her


I can understand that, though last I recall Komachi was supposedly on to something and haven't said much after that. perhaps whatever she finds will bring about a series of events that clarify Vincent's hauntings/possesssed state and Gensokyo's dilemma's (or part of it) considering it's been rather quiet since the shambling undead made another attempt towards Vincent & Company.
>> No. 16417
[x] Kiss her.
>> No. 16418
[x] Kiss her.

why not, I guess
>> No. 16419
In before something bad happens.

Whee, justifiable paranoia!
>> No. 16423
Last time we killed her and look what happened. What could go wrong this time?
>> No. 16424
[x] Kiss her.


You're thinking of Yuyuko right..?

We've yet to kill this one with silver hair and I'd rather avoid it lest it be a bad omen...
>> No. 16426
[x] Get rid of the knife first.
[x] Go halfway. Let her finish the kiss.
-[x] If she wimps out, talk to her.
--[x] "Heh. Thought so." Tease her a little to lighten the mood.
--[x] "So, what's gotten into you?"

Why the fuck not? I feel like making a write-in.
>> No. 16427
changing 1 vote to >>16426 THIIIIIISSSSSSSS

[x] Get rid of the knife first.
[x] Go halfway. Let her finish the kiss.
-[x] If she wimps out, talk to her.
--[x] "Heh. Thought so." Tease her a little to lighten the mood.
--[x] "So, what's gotten into you?"
>> No. 16428
[x] Get rid of the knife first.
[x] Go halfway. Let her finish the kiss.
-[x] If she wimps out, talk to her.
--[x] "Heh. Thought so." Tease her a little to lighten the mood.
--[x] "So, what's gotten into you?"
>> No. 16429
[x] Get rid of the knife first.
[x] Go halfway. Let her finish the kiss.
-[x] If she wimps out, talk to her.
--[x] "Heh. Thought so." Tease her a little to lighten the mood.
--[x] "So, what's gotten into you?"
>> No. 16430
[P] >>16426
>> No. 16431
[+] Kiss her
>> No. 16432
I'd like to add one more thing to this:

[x] Should, at any point, the madness threaten to take over again, stop everything. Use self-inflicted pain again if need be.
>> No. 16434
>>16426 through >>16432
Oh, come on, anon. You know we're going to kill her/wake up, anyway. There's no way we can stop it; it's inevitable.
>> No. 16435

I trust the writer knows enough to not pull that again. It gets old after the 3rd time in a row.
Besides, even if we know it's coming, we still need to fight against it. That's honest RPing, after all.
>> No. 16437
File 124419794921.jpg- (27.16KB , 403x634 , love_me.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Kiss her.
[X] Custom


He set his weapon aside as he considered her words. This wasn't the first time that she had confessed to him. He had already refused her the first time, as well as the other times after that. After all, they were worlds apart. It would never work out between them. The difference was literally a matter of life and death.

Yet here she was, sneaking into his room. If anyone else saw this, he would never hear the end of it. This wasn't funny or cute anymore. She was forcing herself into his life. Doesn't she understand how troublesome this is?

Doesn't she understand how painful this is?


The girl lowered her head slowly at his silence.

"I-I'm sorry if I keep troubling you like this. If tell me that you hate it, then I'll stop. This will be the last time."


"But please," she whispered. "Tell me the truth."

A single tear fell as she spoke those words. Then he realized, at that single moment, something that would change him. He looked at the girl before him and understood. Why didn't he see it before? All this time, it was in front of him.

That it was painful for her too.

"I don't hate..." he mumbled.


The girl looked up at him. He looked slightly away.

"Stupid girl. I said that I don't hate you, alright?"

She stared back stupidly. That confused expression was just so irritating. He had to do something to wipe it off her face. Then, he got an idea. He rushed up to her and planted his mouth upon hers. The girl's eyes widened in surprised. With his tongue, he forced her soft lips open. He drove it inside her, deep and rough. If words could not convince her, then maybe he could shock these stupid thoughts out of her system. After all, he didn't mind playing the villain every so often.

But that was a mistake. Because this girl didn't struggle at all. In fact, she seemed to be opening herself up for better access. When he noticed it, he stopped moving his tongue. The girl responded by closing her eyes. Then, she started gently rubbing against his tongue with her own, as if to encourage him. Wait a minute... she was enjoying this?

He quickly pulled away. D-damn, that was close. No matter how he looks at it, this must be a trap!


She opened her eyes and stared at him with longing. Then, it was she who moved forward. Before realized it, his back was already at the wall. There was no escape. He had no weapons, and every route was already blocked.

By this enchantingly beautiful girl.

"I... don't want to be alone tonight."

[ ] Stay with her.
[ ] Stay with her.
[ ] Stay with her.
>> No. 16438
[X] Stay with her.

Eh for this anon, probably would have accepted sucha fate. Besides (for humans at least) you only live once, may as well make things work.

Plus I kinda loled at the stonewall of a choice set.
>> No. 16439
[x] Stay with her NUMBER 2

There's obviously a difference here, guys!
>> No. 16440
I lol'd at this actually.
>She opened her eyes and stared at him with longing. Then, it was she who moved forward. Before realized it, his back was already at the wall. There was no escape. He had no weapons, and every route was already blocked.

[ ] Stay with her
>> No. 16441
[x] Stay with her.
>> No. 16442

[+] Stay with her.
Mind you, it's not that I don't like the third - they both sound very appealing - but the second one just sounds like it'll work. The first option is probably suicide.
>> No. 16443
[x] Stay with her.
[x] Stay with her.
[x] Stay with her.

>> No. 16444
>> No. 16445
[X] Stay with her.
[X] Stay with her.
[X] Stay with her.

I'd like to know who this girl is supposed to be.
>> No. 16446
[x] "God damn girl! Where'd you learn to kiss like that?!"

[X] Stay with her.

>> No. 16455
[x] Custom.
>> No. 16463
You guys, stop voting for the same thing more than once! It's really stupid.

[x] Buy the writer time.
[x] Stay with her.

Oh wait.
>> No. 16464
[x] Stay with her.
[x] Play with her.
[x] Go astray with her.
>> No. 16465

[X] Run away with her.
>> No. 16551
[d] Stand by her.
[a] OooooOOOooooOOoooH
[z] Stand--
[e] Stand byyyyyy herrrrr~
>> No. 16555

When the night has come, and the land is dark,
And the moon is the only light we will see,
No, I won't be afraid; oh, I won't be afraid,
Just as long as you stand, stand by me.

>> No. 16562
Damn, that song would have been perfect if this was Server Test: Eientei.
>> No. 16618
File 124451264238.jpg- (25.55KB , 269x354 , youmu_blush.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Stay with her.


"I... don't want to be alone tonight."

She kneeled beside him and clasped her hands together.

"I-I know that I'm not that pretty, and I'm clumsy and careless. But ever since you looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes, I just -"

She gasped in surprise. He put his finger on her lips to silence her.

"Stupid girl," he whispered.

"Eh? But I -"

Suddenly, he grabbed her in a tight embrace. Her eyes widened in surprise. She couldn't even move. His heartbeat. She could feel his heart beating wildly against her chest. His warmth. She could feel his warmth spreading into her through their clothes.

"You're beautiful."

He held her even closer. She couldn't see his face.

"Idiot!" he cried suddenly. "I've fallen for you ever since we first met! How could I not fall for you?"

Her cheeks grew red.

"B-but you said -"

Slowly, he pulled himself away. He sighed heavily before looking back at her.

"You really don't get it, do you?" he said, as if lecturing her. "How do you think something like this would end? Love between a ghost and a human? The very concept is already messed up from the beginning! There is no way that this could turn into a happy ending."

He lowered his eyes and smiled to himself sadly.

"I... didn't want to hurt you."


She shook her head. Even if she was a stupid girl, she already knew what he was saying. She already knew that it was a lost cause from the start. But even so...

"If it's with you," she whispered.


She looked at him, her eyes clear and determined.

"If it's with you, then I don't mind a sad ending."

A moment of silence passed between the two. He examined her eyes closely. She did not waver. Finally, he spoke.

"So that's how it is," he said.


"We're both fools then."

Slowly, he stepped forward. She closed her eyes as their lips met. Not rough, yet not too innocent either. And this time, they did not pull away. Lost in each other's moment, their lips intertwined together. Gently, he pushed his tongue between her lips. She parted them shyly, allowing him to explore her mouth. And as he did so, she rubbed her tongue against the tip of his to encourage him.

Moments later, his eyes widened in surprise as she suddenly took the initiative. She drove her tongue deep into his mouth, almost choking him. Her hand grasped his tightly as she pushed forward with yearning. Then finally, they ended their kiss. Even in the dark, she could see him blushing in the night. Of course, she was too.

Then, she stood up and started loosening her kimono. His face turned beet red and he quickly turned away. He could hear the sound of her clothes hitting the ground softly. Then, before he could argue, she gently put a hand on his shoulder.

She placed her other hand on his cheek and slowly turned his head forward. At first, he resisted. But slowly his eyes turned toward her body. He couldn't help but look at her beautifully curved silhouette. Her modest but delicious chest came into view, entrancing him immediately. She blushed as he continued staring at her delicate breasts. And when she realized that her nipples were already erect..

"D-don't stare like that!" she cried. Suddenly, she covered her chest with her arms.

Her face. At that moment, her face was so cute. In fact, it was too cute. This gesture was just criminal. There was no way he could hold back now. Without a word, he walked up to the girl and picked her up. She flailed her arms and tried to resist, but he just ignored her. He carried her over to the futon before gently putting the girl down. When she realized what he was doing, she suddenly grew silent and looked up at him with damp eyes.


It was criminal. He bit his lip as he froze. No, this was too much. He can't possibly do anything to her if she looked at him with that kind of face. She was just too cute. But when he had finally thought that it was over, she suddenly gasped, as if realizing something.


Slowly, she pulled her arms away from her chest and let him look at her naked body freely. She turned her head to the side and closed her eyes. Her cheeks blushed bright red as she surrendered herself. Her breathing grew loud and ragged.

"Haa... haa... haa..."

Shaking nervously, he slowly lowered his hand over her delicate chest. She moaned cutely, "Aaahn~", as he started stroking her. He clasped his other hand onto her left. Her grasp tightened as she continued massaging her chest. Her body quivered at every motion. She continued letting out sounds of enjoyment as they continued.

Then, he lowered himself and gently licked the tip of her nipple. At this gesture, she suddenly jerked up and opened her mouth to let out a silent cry of ecstasy. Her whole body shook violently as she orgasmed.

"... haaa... haaa..."

He stepped away for a moment to let her recover. She lied still blissfully for a few minutes. Then, when he had thought that she was going to fall asleep, the girl opened her eyes and looked up at him. She smiled cheerfully as he started pulling at his pants.

"W-what the -"

He didn't know if he felt happy or annoyed at her clumsy gesture (yet, he was most certainly turned on).

After that fateful night, they would be lovers.

[ ] Early Morning
[ ] Mid Morning
[ ] Late Morning
>> No. 16619
[x] Mid Morning
>> No. 16620
>>"If it's with you, then I don't mind a sad ending."

Oh u.
>> No. 16624
[x] Late Morning

And then some Afternoon Delight~
>> No. 16639
[x] Late Morning
>> No. 16645
>"Idiot!" he cried suddenly. "I've fallen for you ever since we first met! How could I not fall for you?"

So everyone knows this isn't Vincent who's talking, right?
>> No. 16646
[x] Late Morning.


For as obscured things get in this story, I kind of figured that much was obvious.
>> No. 16651
You know, I'm sorry if this sounds baseless, but I need to say it:
That scene was pretty lackluster.

If no one else thinks so, then disregard this statement because I suck cocks.
>> No. 16656
I think k_s is slipping.

What's up, k_s? You can share, it's okay.
>> No. 16661
[X] Late Morning

For the last couple post I've been thinking that these two are Youmu's parents.
>> No. 16687
Ancestors, not parents.
>Love between a ghost and a human?
This is probably how the half-ghost lineage started.
>> No. 16692
[X] Mid Morning


Oh shit Vincent being schooled through memories...

>> No. 16703
We'd probably wake up to an angry mob. Early/mid morning is better than being trapped.
>> No. 16719
>> No. 16745
For a while now I've been getting this feeling that Vincent is somehow related to Youmu. I kind of hope they aren't.
>> No. 16749
File 124461213255.jpg- (179.39KB , 1161x768 , darthvader.jpg ) [iqdb]
Remember, it's not technically incest if the father is an evil overlord that doesn't tell you until it's too late.
>> No. 16754
File 124462620722.jpg- (63.82KB , 850x581 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Late Morning


"Haa... haa... haa..."

The room is filled with the sound of quick ragged breathing. After blinking a few times, a pair of eyes takes in the surroundings. The late morning sun shines brightly through the windows. No one else is in the room.

Youmu closes her eyes and tries to calm herself. She can still feel herself sweating as if she had run a marathon.

"Get it together," she tells herself. "That was just another weird dream."

A dream? It felt like something much more than that. She can still remember the sparkle of his azure eyes. Deep blue, like the sky or the sea. She can still hear the gentle sound of his voice and the softness of his heartbeat. But more than that, she can still feel his warmth and his touch. Even now, she can recall how he had... Youmu quickly opens her eyes. She can't be sure unless she checks, but something feels off this morning.


She swallows nervously as she lowers one of her hands to check under her dress. The half-ghost turns bright-red when she realizes that something underneath is quite damp to the touch.



Youmu looks at herself in the mirror. Even after a quick shower and a change of clothes, she still feels like a mess. But she can't afford to neglect her duties. Carefully, she ties up her hair with a her black ribbon.

"It's just a dream, after all..."

First, she takes the long sword "Roukanken". She was told that this weapon could kill ten spirits in one stroke. Then, she takes the short blade named "Hakurouken". This blade could dispel the confusion of those it cuts, human or spirit, but it could only be used by those of the Konpaku family.


She pauses by her dresser to pick up one last thing - a small bundle of cloth. This contains the skull that is the container of her ghost core. After looking at it for a minute, she carefully stuffs it into her ghost half so that it can't be seen.

"I wonder if Lady Yuyuko already had something to eat..."


Their eyes met. In that single moment, both of them stood frozen, not out of fear but of surprise. The half-ghost and the intruder stared at each other. The intruder growled menacingly. Her eyes narrowed. In the next moment, they rushed forward at each other. Both of them were ready to kill.

But Youmu was faster.

Her blade flashed like lightning. In the next second, the intruder blinked, as if shocked. Then it fell apart into seventeen different pieces of meat, each sliced as cleanly as the last.

"Tsk, I cut trash again..."

After sheathing her sword, she turned back at the bloody mess. Youmu frowned as she examined the remains of the creature. It was no wonder that she couldn't sense its presence. This creature didn't have a soul. It was nothing but a "shell". No, it was little more than that - a "puppet". This creature must be what Vincent described from before - a ghoul. But how did such a thing breach the defenses of Hakugyokurou?

Her eyes widened. It was then that the half-ghost realized it. It was already late morning, but Lady Yuyuko had not come into her room to complain about breakfast. Did something -


Youmu quickly closes her eyes to heighten her senses. She can't feel Lady Yuyuko, but she can sense two presences near the mansion entrance. One of them feels oddly familiar. She can't sense anyone else nearby. The ghouls do not have souls, so she can't sense their locations.

She pauses to think.
[ ] Lady Yuyuko's Room
[ ] Vincent's Room
[ ] Dining Room
[ ] Entrance
[ ] Kitchen
[ ] Garden
>> No. 16755
[X] Entrance
>> No. 16758
[x] Lady Yuyuko's Room
[x] Vincent's Room
[x] Dining Room
[x] Kitchen
[x] Entrance
[x] Garden
[x] In this order. You need to secure the mistress, arm yourself fully, and clear the mansion and its grounds of any unwanted guests.

You are now imagining the current scenario as a 3rd person zombie-shooter, manually.
>> No. 16760
[X] Entrance

Go with the familiarity, as it may be a good thing.
>> No. 16761
>>she can sense two presences near the mansion entrance

[x] Entrance
[x] Be cautious until you know who it is.

The obvious choice.
>> No. 16763
{X} Entrance
{X} Be cautious until you know who it is.
>> No. 16766
[X] Entrance

>"Tsk, I cut trash again..."
I snickered
>> No. 16825
File 124471888812.jpg- (364.23KB , 600x800 , remilia.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Entrance


"I'm sorry for disturbing your rest," she whispered.

Youmu shook the blood off her weapon before she sheathed it. In the next moment, the four ghouls that were standing behind her shrieked in pain as they fell apart. When she took a glance back, the undead creatures were nothing more than broken pieces of meat and bone.

But the half-ghost's mind was already on something else. As she hurried through the mansion, she could hear the sounds of battle near the entrance. The shrieking and screaming of ghouls as they thirst for human flesh. Explosions that shook the ground violently. Her eyes narrowed as she ran through the hallways.

She paused at the door. This was dangerous. Slowly, she opened it and took a peek outside. Her other hand was ready to draw her weapon. However, she didn't expect to see this.

"Filth! You dare raise a hand against me?" cried a familiar voice.

High in the air, she saw a tiny figure. It was a small girl with short blue hair. She wore a pink dress and hat with bright red trimming, and she had a pair of bat wings behind her. The half-ghost had no doubt that this was the self-styled vampire princess of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. But what was Remilia Scarlet doing here?

Youmu kept her distance and watched as the girl dove down to attack a company of ghouls. She slashed at them with her claws, leaving only shreds of meat behind her. Suddenly, one ghoul rushed out from behind a tree. But it was useless. Remilia stopped it with her hand and grabbed its head. Then, she crushed its skull with her bare hand. The strength of a vampire was truly monstrous.

"So this was were they were coming from," said the vampire. "Hey, you!"

The half-ghost gasped silently. But a moment later, she realized that Remilia hadn't noticed her yet. She seemed to be shouting at someone else.

"Surrounded already? Don't tell me that you expect your Mistress to save you?"


Youmu shifted her position to look toward the left. It was a strange sight. Ghouls had surrounded someone in a circle, yet they weren't attacking. In fact, they seemed confused as they stared blankly at their surroundings. But stranger still was the person in the middle of the circle.

It was a handsome young man dressed in a simple traveller's ensemble in the style of early 18th century Europe. His face was calm and composed as he stood there, alone among monsters. In his hands was a violin, which he was playing elegantly. He was playing a song that she recognized as an elegy to the dead. Could this person charm the ghouls with his music?


Youmu gasped in surprise. The person suddenly stopped playing. He lowered his instrument and smiled gently at his undead audience. He raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

In the next moment, the heads of the ghouls exploded! Blood rained around the man, but not a drop landed on him. One by one, the decapitated bodies dropped down to the ground, forming a bloody circle of death around him.

The young man looked up at the vampire.

"Sorry for troubling you, Mistress."

"Took you long enough," said Remilia as she landed beside him. "Anyway, I need you to find the half-ghost. Make sure you bring her to me alive."


"You'll know her when you see her. I'll check the back and deal with that gluttonous ghost princess myself."

The vampire took a few steps forward before pausing. She spoke without turning around.

"Make sure you don't die," she whispered.

Remilia took flight immediately. The man watched her circle around the side of the mansion. Then, after sighing to himself, he started walking toward the entrance.

He hasn't seen her yet.

[ ] Approach the young man first. Peacefully.
[ ] Approach the young man first. Forcefully.
[ ] Approach Remilia first. Peacefully.
[ ] Approach Remilia first. Forcefully.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 16826
[x] Get to Yuyuko.

Duty first.
>> No. 16827
[x] Get ye flask.
>> No. 16828
Realistically, Youmu would take the direct approach over talking it out. Especially in these circumstances.
From a tactical standpoint, Grey is only human. He can't keep up with Youmu's movements, let alone if she gets the jump on him. Vincent would be the only human being capable of that.

[x] Approach the young man first. Forcefully.
--[x] That instrument is dangerous. Disarm him before he even has a chance to react.
--[x] Afterward, try to get some answers out of him.
--[x] Stay on guard. You don't know what else he could be capable of.
>> No. 16829

Oh, one other thing worth pointing out...
They may have brought backup.
>> No. 16831

[x] Approach the young man first. Forcefully.
--[x] That instrument is dangerous. Disarm him before he even has a chance to react.
--[x] Afterward, try to get some answers out of him.
--[x] Stay on guard. You don't know what else he could be capable of.
addendum* (imo)
--[x] In particularly watch for Sakuya her possible interference; not usual for Remilia to be traveling without her closest servant; let alone during such troubling current events.
>> No. 16834

In fannon, Youmu is often depicted as admiring Sakuya. I wonder if that'll show here...
>> No. 16835
[X] Approach the young man first. Forcefully.
--[X] That instrument is dangerous. Disarm him before he even has a chance to react.
--[X] Afterward, try to get some answers out of him.
--[X] Stay on guard. You don't know what else he could be capable of.
>> No. 16845
No, this will be their first real meeting.
"You and I are of a kind... In a different reality, I could have called you friend."
>> No. 16860
[x] Approach Remilia first. Forcefully.

We must protect Yuyuko!
>> No. 16868
File 124479063441.jpg- (231.01KB , 595x841 , remilia.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Approach the young man first. Forcefully.
[X] Custom


The young man sighs to himself as he starts walking toward the entrance.

"Maybe not a 'happy ending', but would it be too much to ask for a break?"

The young man hasn't seen her yet. This is her chance. Youmu quickly opens the door and rushes behind one of the trees outside.

"After all that had happened yesterday, I was really hoping to spend some time with..."

As expected, the intruder hasn't noticed her quick movements.

"... or I could walk around town. I'm sure that I can find a nice gift for..."

Youmu carefully eyes the violin case in his hand. That instrument is dangerous, and she can't afford to take any chances.

"... but instead I'm out here, in the middle of nowhere, fighting for my life against zombies! What the hell? Why the heck does it have to be zombies?"

The half-ghost's eyes narrow. Without hesitation, she steps out and dashes toward the intruder. Before he can react, she draws her sword and knocks the violin case away.

"What the -"

Then, with her other hand, she grabs the intruder and tosses him behind her. The young man lands face-first against a nearby cherry tree. After cringing in pain, he opens his eyes to see an arm pinning him hard against the trunk of the tree. The other arm is holding a long katana right beside his neck. Its owner is staring darkly at him.

"Who are you!" cries the half-ghost. "Are you behind the attacks?


"For the time being, I'm here to slash you. That's my story."


His head is still spinning, but for some reason, he doesn't feel at all surprised. This scene seems somewhat familiar. He looks up at his attacker. Short silver hair... a green and white dress that looks a little like a uniform... a sharp bladed weapon...

"Hey miss... are you, by any chance, related to someone named Sakuya?"


The two of them stand still like that for a moment. The half-ghost, keeping her blade steady at his neck, and the young man, staring back at her calmly. For some reason, the violent atmosphere has suddenly disappeared, leaving only awkwardness. This isn't at all what she has planned. She needs to get some answers from this intruder before -

"Hey half-ghost."

Youmu keeps her weapon at the stranger's neck as she glances behind her. She bites her lip as she recognizes the person. This is the worst possibility.

"I don't remember giving you permission to touch my property."

"L-Lady Remilia? Ah! This is..."

"That air-headed ghost princess must have run off somewhere," she says. "Guess that I'll have to take out my frustrations on you, instead..."

The vampire cracks her knuckles as she takes slow steps toward them.

[ ] Custom
>> No. 16871
[x] Hold shift for focused movement
>> No. 16876
[x]Throw Earl at Remilia for a distraction, run away.

Throwing people at Remilia is a compulsion since bloody mess.

Makes me wonder why Remilia would be out looking for Yuyuko. I do like Remilia over Yuyuko, but Yuyuko will just wreck Remilia's shit.
>> No. 16877
[X] Hold shift for focused movement
>> No. 16880
[X]"Stay where you are Lady Remilia, unless you prefer your 'property' in small pieces along side the trash that intruded upon the grounds earlier!

As retainer and guardian to Yuyuko Saigyouji, I demand to know your intentions and purpose for your unexpected 'visit'."

Youmu run away while on duty... I don't see that happening...
>> No. 16883

Using hostages seems out of character for Youmu. However, I agree that doing so would probably be our best option.

So, let's try this:

[x] Steel your nerves! Don't let Remilia intimidate you.
[x] Keep your sword at the man's throat.
[x] "Your 'property' is trespassing on Lady Yuyuko's grounds... and so are you. What's your business here?!"

Slight logic adjustment; leave the threat implied.
Also, imagining Youmu gulping hard before putting on her best "tough" face makes me HNNNNGGG a little.
>> No. 16884
Oh, also:

[x] Keep track of Remilia, but don't take your eyes completely off of the man. He could still have a trick up his sleeve.
>> No. 16913
[x] No time for questions - drive your blade through the man's neck.
[x] It appears miss Yuyuko is missing; you must find her immediately. Remilia can entertain herself for the time being.
>> No. 16915
[x] No time for questions - drive your blade through the man's neck.
[x] It appears miss Yuyuko is missing; you must find her immediately. Remilia can entertain herself for the time being.
>> No. 16929
Youmu is in a tight spot. The situation is 2 on 1: one of which Youmu is intimately aware of being mighty powerful, and the other is a complete unknown that is seemingly oblivious to the intensity of the situation. This either means he's a goof, the situation isn't important to him, or he can take her easily. Best to assume the worst, especially if he's partnered with the Scarlet Devil. Furthermore Yuyuko is missing, which is downright distressing. Finally, two strangers are making threatening advances on her residence and her mistress. Most signs point to 'Bad End.' What Youmu does have is her nearly unparalleled speed, swordsmanship, and intimate knowledge of Hakugyokurou. If the focus is on her and her hostage, I think the best course of action would be a tactical retreat employing a distraction that provides enough time to withdraw while removing a threat from the battlefield. Using our superior manueverability, we should recruit a potentially unstable, but fully capable, resource to confront the intruders on an even field.

[X] Throw the young man at Remilia
[X] At the same time, have Myon spirit away the violin while you head directly to the prisoner's chambers
[X] Ask Vincent for his help in repelling the intruders

Arming Vincent is optional. Probably preferable, but not entirely necessary. If we have the time, that's good, but right now we should prioritize evening the odds.

For the sake of full disclosure, it occurs to me that there is a chance of Remi or Earl focusing their fire-power on Myon while she nabs the violin. While Myon is a small and agile target, if they should happent to connect with significant force, they could annihilates the skull (and Youmu) as a result. I think it's unlikely that they'll have the presence of mind to keep tabs on the violin in a quick flurry of flung person, but weird shit happens in Gensokyo in alarming frequency.
>> No. 16931
[x] Steel your nerves! Don't let Remilia intimidate you.
[x] Keep your sword at the man's throat.
[x] "Your 'property' is trespassing on Lady Yuyuko's grounds... and so are you. What's your business here?!"
>> No. 16944
[X] Throw the young man at Remilia
[X] At the same time, have Myon spirit away the violin while you head directly to the prisoner's chambers
[X] Ask Vincent for his help in repelling the intruders

This seems like a solid plan.
>> No. 16949
File 124488133976.jpg- (13.93KB , 206x233 , not_as_planned.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Custom


"That air-headed ghost princess must have run off somewhere," Remilia says.

The vampire cracks her knuckles as she takes slow, deliberate steps toward her. This is the worst possible situation. If what the vampire said is true, then Lady Yuyuko isn't even within the grounds. That would mean that she is alone.

Youmu grits her teeth. Calm down! She can't let Remilia intimidate her. The vampire's power is certainly above her own, and it even rivals that of Lady Yuyuko. In a head-on battle, it would only be a matter of time before she would be taken down.

"Guess that I'll have to take my frustrations out on you, instead."

She swallows nervously. This looks really bad! But the half-ghost still has one advantage. Even if it is against her principles, she doesn't have a choice. Slowly, she shifts her position so she can see both the vampire and her hostage. Then, she lowers her blade directly at the young man's neck.

"Y-your 'property' is trespassing on Hakugyokurou grounds!" she cries out.

The vampire stops walking. Youmu puts on her best menacing face as she continues.

"And so are you," says half-ghost. "E-even if it is the Scarlet Devil herself, I won't back down! What is your business here?"

Lady Remilia doesn't say anything in reply. Instead, she only watches them, as if she is waiting for something. The three of them stand still in a stalemate. The silence is excruciating. Youmu glances at the young man. He seems to be looking at her sadly.

Then, without minding her weapon at all, he slowly raises his hand and puts it on her shoulder. She shivers involuntarily in surprise. I-is he crazy? Doesn't he understand his situation? She could end his life in a split-second right now. Yet this man is looking at her with an expression full of pity. And kindness.

"You aren't this kind of person, Youmu," he whispers.

How? How does he know her name? Has she met this person before?

"W-what are you talking about?" she says.

"You don't really want to hurt anyone."

Suddenly, the young man smiles at her. For some reason, she starts blushing. She doesn't understand this at all! She has no idea who this person is, but why? Why is he smiling at her so kindly? This just doesn't make any sense! But if he looks at her like this, she can't -

"Y-you... stupid idiot!" she cries out.

Before he can react, she grabs him by the neck and tosses him at Lady Remilia. The vampire's eyes widen in surprise.


For a moment, everything stands still. The young man landed right on top of the Lady Remilia, almost blocking her completely from sight. The vampire really is quite small, she notes. Then, Youmu watches in shock as the young man receives a kick to the groin. Seems like his hands landed somewhere sensitive. As he crumples in pain, the vampire shoves him away with one hand. Then, Lady Remilia turns back to her, her eyes full of fury.

"Stupid half-ghost," she says. "Now I'm really going to have to teach you some manners!"

The vampire stands up, stretching her wings slightly. She raises her hand, muttering some words under her breath. In the next moment, a dangerous looking spear materializes before her. With this weapon in hand, she starts walking forward. In response, Youmu draws both of her swords and stands her ground in a defensive stance. Even if it's futile, she won't back down from this fight. Her pride won't let her.

But before either of them could attack.

"Command Sign, 「Seal Movement」"

Youmu instinctively tries to dodge, but something is wrong. She blinks a few times as she realizes it. She can't move her arms and legs!

"W-what the -"

"Nice work, Grey," says Lady Remilia darkly. "Even though I don't really need help, this will make things much easier for me."

She glances at the young man. His face is still full of pain. However, he is holding a spell card in his hand.

"Now all I have to do is -"

Suddenly, the vampire stops talking. She grunts for a moment, as if having great difficulty moving. In fact, she doesn't seem to be moving at all. Eh? Seems like Remilia can't move either.

"That really hurt, Remilia," says the young man.

Slowly, he stands himself up. He dusts off his pants carefully, as if that was a more important concern. Lady Remilia stares at him in shock. Then, after a few moments, the vampire finally speaks.

"H-how dare you!" she cries. "How dare you do this to your Master!"

"Don't misunderstand," replies the young man. "I'm doing this to protect your interests. You need Youmu alive, don't you? We will need her help later."

He glares back at the vampire, as if silently adding, 'that really hurt'. Then, he turns toward the half-ghost.

"Besides," he says. "I don't think we have the time for this. If we don't hurry, something really bad is going to happen."

The young man points toward something in the distance. Through the mist, the silhoutte of the great cherry tree Saigyou Ayakashi can be clearly seen. Bright purple energy is swirling around it, and even from this far, she can see thousands of spirits gathering toward the light. For some reason, the scene reminds her of -

"Lady Yuyuko," she whispers.

The young man nods solemnly.

"For now, why don't we call a truce?"

The vampire stares angrily at him.

"Don't worry," he adds. "This will benefit our side as well. If I'm not mistaken, that light will lead us to the source of both our troubles."

Youmu pauses to think. She doesn't have much choice.

[ ] Refuse the offer. You can't trust them.
[ ] Refuse the offer. You don't need their help.
[ ] Agree to the truce. Leave for the Saigyou Ayakashi immediately.
[ ] Agree to the truce. But there is something you need to do first... (Specify)
[ ] Custom
>> No. 16950
[x] Agree to the truce.
[x] The moment the spell is released, dash off in the direction of the tree.
[x] Call back "Sorry, but I do not trust anyone with milady's well-being!"
>> No. 16975
[X] Agree to the truce. Leave for the Saigyou Ayakashi immediately.
>> No. 16988
Well... shit.
>> No. 16993
[X] Agree to the truce. Leave for the Saigyou Ayakashi immediately.
>> No. 17018
Best update in some time... and with a write-in merger at that.
Well played.
>> No. 17082
[x] Refuse the offer. You don't need their help.
>> No. 17140
File 124512940567.jpg- (177.06KB , 850x1177 , komachi.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Agree to the truce. Leave for the Saigyou Ayakashi immediately.


"You can call me Grey," says the young man.

He offers his hand to the half-ghost. After a moment of hesitation, she shakes his hand reluctantly.

"Y-Youmu Konpaku," she says. "Guardian of Hakugyokurou and personal retainer to Lady Yuyuko Saigyouji."

"Pleased to meet you. I'd like to know you better over some tea and biscuits, but unfortunately, we don't have much time..."

Youmu nods to herself as she sheathes her weapons.

"I will cooperate with you two," she says. "But know this - if either of you so much as lays a finger on Lady Yuyuko, I'll slash you without hesitation! My blade does not distinguish between friends and foes."


"Useless servant," says Remilia loudly. "I should drop you down right now for troubling me like this!"

"I-isn't that a bit too much?" cries Grey. "I'll die if I fall from this height!"

"Then just save yourself with a spellcard or such nonsense! Really, I don't know why I put up with you..."

"W-well I did say that you should have took Sakuya instead -"

A moment of silence passes.

"I can't take her this time," whispers the vampire. "She will definitely do something unreasonable if she finds out."

"So.. I'm just a replacement?"

"Of course not," she says cheerfully. "You are my human shield, in case things get dangerous. Be thankful that you can be useful to me."


Youmu says nothing as they fly towards the Saigyou Ayakashi. None of this has anything to do with her, after all. On the other hand -

"Lady Yuyuko," she whispers softly.


Something seems to be happening below. Their odd party of three - half-ghost, human, and vampire - slows down to investigate. The trees around the area have been torn to pieces, and the ground is filled with smoldering craters. At the center of the destruction, they can see two figures standing.

"Haa... haa.. haaa..."

The one on the left is a familiar face. Bright red hair tied in two places and a distinctively shaped scythe, it can be no one else but Komachi. The shinigami is panting heavily as she holds her weapon. From the damage on her clothes, it looks like she has been fighting a battle.

A losing battle.

"D-damn it!" she cries out. "What the hell are you doing! Aren't we friends?"


Youmu turns to the right. Wrapped completely in bandages from head to toe, a strange man steps into view. Even the man's eyes are covered, though he acts as if he can see Komachi clearly. He seems to be holding a long weapon in his hand. A sword of some kind, though she can't see it very well from here. Slowly, the man steps forward toward the shinigami.

"Looks like I'll have to knock some sense into that hard head of yours. I don't want to do this, but..."

Komachi draws a spellcard from her dress. But the man is faster. Before she can declare her spell, the man suddenly vanishes. Her eyes widen in surprise. In the next second, the man is already standing a few feet in front of her. The man raises his weapon and brings it down upon Komachi. The shinigami manages to block it with her scythe, but the sheer force of the blow pushes her back. Then, the sword starts shining brightly.

"Restless Delusion, 「Nirvana Soulbreak」"

Both of the figures are engulfed in a blinding explosion. Youmu and her party take a few seconds for their eyes to recover. As the dust clears, they can see the two figures standing in the middle of a huge crater. One of them isn't moving.

"Komachi," she whispers.

The shinigami is lying unconscious on the ground. Her weapon is several feet away from her hand. She doesn't seem to have any serious wounds, though her body is full of scratches and cuts.

"Is that him?" says Grey.

Remilia nods carefully. She seems to be hesitant, for some reason.

"He is very powerful," says the vampire. "Grey, I want you to support me from a distance. The half-ghost can do whatever she likes, it doesn't matter."

The man wrapped in bandages starts walking toward Komachi slowly, his sword still in his hand. The wind blows against him suddenly, and some of the bandages around his head fly off. Youmu gasps in horror as she recognizes the attacker.

It's Vincent.

[ ] Head down immediately. Try to wake Komachi.
[ ] Head down immediately. Try to talk to Vincent.
[ ] Head down immediately. Protect Komachi.
[ ] Head down immediately. Protect Vincent.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 17142
[x] Head down immediately. Protect Komachi.
>> No. 17143
Well shit...

[X] Head down immediately. Protect Komachi.

Since this Vincent(???) can knock out Komachi, I doubt he'd need protection from the likes of Remilia or Earl.
>> No. 17144
[ ] Head down immediately. Try to talk to Vincent.
>> No. 17145
[X] Head down immediately. Protect Komachi.
>> No. 17147
[x] Head down immediately. Try to talk to Vincent.

>> No. 17155
[X] Head down immediately. Protect Komachi.
>> No. 17165
[x] Head down immediately. Try to talk to Vincent.
>> No. 17168
[x] Head down immediately. Protect Komachi.
>> No. 17175
[B] Head down immediately. Protect Komachi.
>> No. 17217

[X] Head down immediately. Try to talk to Vincent.
>> No. 17251
[x] Head down immediately. Try to talk to Vincent.

Fucking fuck fuck fuck
>> No. 17252
[X] Head down immediately. Try to talk to Vincent.

"Vincent! Clench those teeth!"

Cause somebody needs to bludgeon some sense into him.
>> No. 17261
[X] Head down immediately. Try to talk to Vincent.

Is it just me or do I see some vague parallels between Vincent and Pinhead from the Hellraiser series?
>> No. 17262
[X] Head down immediately. Try to talk to Vincent.
>> No. 17381
File 124532329142.jpg- (101.29KB , 570x480 , ROA_T07A.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's just you.
>> No. 17387
File 124534065435.jpg- (134.58KB , 850x637 , remilia_gungnir.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Head down immediately. Try to talk to Vincent.


The wind blows against the man, and some of the bandages around his head fly off. Youmu gasps in horror as she recognizes the attacker.

It's Vincent.

The half-ghost swoops down immediately. She lands between the unconscious Komachi and the strangely dressed Vincent. A pause to catch her breath - she looks at his face and confirms that this person is definitely their ghost hunter guest. But what is he doing here? Why is he wrapped in those bandages? And why did he attack Komachi?

"Vincent!" cries Youmu. "I-Is that really you? What are you doing out here?"

The man stops walking and looks at her blankly. Slowly, he cocks his head to the side, as if inspecting something he has never seen before. His eyes are empty and lifeless. However, his grip on his weapon is tight.

"It's me! It's Youmu! D-d-don't you recognize me?"

The man only continues staring. He hesitates. His face twitches a little. Then suddenly, his lips form a very small smile.

"Vincent?" she whispers hopefully.

In that moment, she remembers his gentle smile from yesterday. That was a mistake. By the time she realizes it, the man already has his weapon raised high above her head. Youmu closes her eyes in reflex. With one swift motion, he brings it down upon the defenseless half-ghost, and in a split-second, it -


Slowly, the half-ghost opens her eyes. She gasps silently when she sees it. The longsword glints brightly through the morning fog, only an inch from her head. The man stopped his blade at the last second. She glances at his face. There is something different in his eyes. Something familiar.

"It's alright," she whispers softly. "It will be alright, so just -"

He lowers his weapon. Then, without warning, he grabs her shoulder and shoves her roughly to the side. She loses her balance and falls on her behind, painfully. After a moment of shock, the half-ghost sits up, rubbing her back.

"W-what are you -"

"Divine Spear, 「Spear the Gungnir」"

A bright flash of red fills her vision. In the next moment, the vampire's destructive weapon flies through the air toward Vincent. She watches in horror as it impales him right through the chest. It must have been only an instant, but it felt like an eternity. The cold steel, embraced closely with the Scarlet Devil's power, pierced right through him. It skewered his soft flesh. It shattered his bones as it drove its way through. And it continued flying into the distance as his body slowly fell.

"Vin... cent..?" she whispers hollowly.

Then, her eyes widen in shock. The body vanishes into thin air. An... after-image?

"Damn it! I can't believe I missed! Fast-moving bastard!"

Her eyes follow the loud shouts. Lady Remilia is already high in the air. Her spear is already back in her hands as she complains angrily. As she follows the vampire's gaze, she spots someone standing a good distance to her left. Vincent seems to be standing beside a broken tree stump. He looks unharmed.


He turns to her for just a single moment. Then, he runs off into the fog behind him. With his weapon in hand, the ghost hunter disappears in the direction of the Saigyou Ayakashi. Shortly after, Grey steps out from nearby. He seems to be panting heavily. The vampire lands right beside him.

"What happened?" she demands. "Are you really that useless?"

He shakes his head.

"It's different," says Grey. "It felt like I was straining to pull him away from something else."

He has a spell card in his hand. It seems to be different from the one he used earlier.

"Who cares about that?" cries Remilia. "I'm not letting my prey get away that easily! Now hurry up! We're going after him!"

"W-wait, what about -"

The vampire grabs him roughly by the arm and drags him with her as she takes off into the air. They immediately head after Vincent. As the half-ghost watches them leave, her gaze turns toward the Saigyou Ayakashi in the distance. The purple glow seems to be getting brighter, and even more spirits are gathering around the tree.

"Lady Yuyuko," she whispers.

She stands herself up and looks around. Komachi is still lying unconscious. Her scythe is several feet away from her. However, the shinigami seems to be moaning softly in her sleep.


[ ] Hurry after Lady Remilia and Grey. You can't waste time.
[ ] Examine Komachi for injuries. Try to wake her up.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 17389
>"It's different," says Grey. "It felt like I was straining to pull him away from something else."


[X] Hurry after Lady Remilia and Grey. You can't waste time.
>> No. 17390
[X] Hurry after Lady Remilia and Grey. You can't waste time.
>> No. 17391
[X] Hurry after Lady Remilia and Grey. You can't waste time.
>> No. 17526
[x] Examine Komachi for injuries. Try to wake her up.
>> No. 17627
File 124561524038.jpg- (383.37KB , 1000x757 , yuyuko.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Hurry after Lady Remilia and Grey. You can't waste time.


Komachi is still lying unconscious, her weapon several feet away. For a moment, the half-ghost hesitates.


There isn't enough time. If Youmu delays any further, she won't be able to catch up to the others. After muttering a prayer for the unconscious shinigami, she flies off after them. The cold wind blows harshly against her face as she hurries.


Halfway to the Saigyou Ayakashi, she finally catches up to the other two. However, they can go no further.

"Nya! The guests have finally arrived. Isn't it interesting~"

A cloaked figure floats calmly in mid-air. From the voice, it sounds to be a young girl. However, the hood of her costume hides her face completely.

"However, the preparations for the party aren't complete yet~"

Suddenly, they hear growling sounds from below. From the shadows, dozens of ghouls start lurching into view. Some of them seem to be carrying weapons. At the front is something different. It doesn't look like a ghoul at all. A human. With his longsword in his hand, Vincent leads the company of the cursed dead.

"Damned human," hisses Remilia. "He'll pay for hurting my sister!"

Then, from the mist, hundreds of wisps start swarming wildly. As she looks closer, she recognizes them as vengeful spirits. And at the front of this cloud of death is another familiar face. Approaching slowly, her fan covering her mouth, is the ghost princess herself, Lady Yuyuko Saigyouji.

"L-Lady Yuyuko!" cries the half-ghost. "B-but what are you -"

"Puppets," whispers Grey. "So that's why my ability isn't working on them. They are already being controlled by a much more powerful force."

"Have fun~" says the cloaked figure, laughing.

The stranger disappears into the mist, leaving the three of them in the middle of the cursed dead. From the distance, the Saigyou Ayakashi glows even brighter and more ominous. There is no choice.

They will have to fight.

Youmu should...
[ ] Deal with Vincent and the ghouls.
[ ] Deal with Yuyuko and the evil spirits.
[ ] Custom

Remilia and Grey should...
[ ] Deal with Vincent and the ghouls.
[ ] Deal with Yuyuko and the evil spirits.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 17628
Youmu should...
[x] Deal with Vincent and the ghouls.

Remilia and Grey should...
[x] Deal with Yuyuko and the evil spirits.
>> No. 17630

The obvious choice.
>> No. 17631
After all, you cannot kill that which is already dead.
>> No. 17635
[X] >>17628
>> No. 17636
Looks like Vincent and Yuyuko could stand to be cut with a Delusion Terminating Sword.
>> No. 17640
Youmu should...
[z] Deal with Vincent and the ghouls.

Remilia and Grey should...
[e] Deal with Yuyuko and the evil spirits.
>> No. 17644
Youmu should...
[x] Deal with Vincent and the ghouls.

Remilia and Grey should...
[x] Deal with Yuyuko and the evil spirits.

As I read that last update I had this playing in my mind--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qmRSRG5VR0 good times...
>> No. 17647
File 12456892707.jpg- (160.43KB , 770x820 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
Youmu - [X] Deal with Vincent and the ghouls
Remilia/Grey - [X] Deal with Yuyuko and the evil spirits


Grey lands on the ground. He takes a moment to examine his things. The violin seems unharmed, so he carefully takes it out. He might not be strong enough to break the control spell on Yuyuko or Vincent, but he can definitely use his ability on the weaker minions. At the very least, this would lessen the number of enemies they need to face head-on.

"Hey you!" cries Remilia. "Keep those ghouls off me. I'll tear that man's throat off myself..."

"Eh? But we don't really need to -"

"He'll pay dearly for hurting Flandre!"

Suddenly, the half-ghost lands beside them. By the time he realizes it, her blade is already at his neck again.

"Don't," she whispers. "D-don't hurt either of them."

She slowly looks at them, her eyes slightly damp. She must be using all of her willpower to stay calm in this despairing situation.

"Stupid half-breed!" cries Remilia. "They aren't your friends anymore! Those two are nothing but puppets!"

The half-ghost bites her lip and turns away silently. Slowly, she lowers her weapon. Grey watches her for a few moments. Then, he sighs to himself. There is another way, but it will be difficult.

"Guess we don't have a choice," he says with a shrug.

Remilia turns to him and raises an eyebrow, but says nothing.

"We will just have to save them both."


"Obsessor, 「Slash of the Eternity」"

Youmu pierces right through the ghouls with her blade. She tears them apart with her technique without hesitation. The ghouls cry out in pain and rage as her weapon runs them down one by one. In a split-second, her surroundings are filled with the filthy remains of the cursed dead. Then, she takes a moment to shake the blood off her swords before looking up.

Vincent is standing in the distance with his arms crossed. He seems to be watching her patiently as more ghouls rush forward to attack. His face is expressionless, and his eyes are empty. Somehow, in this chaos, he seems even more lifeless than the undead troops he leads.


The half-ghost tightens her grip on her blades. She doesn't understand how Grey could have known, but that young man was right. The answer was already in her hands. It had always been with her, all of this time. Something that she has with her that could save them.


With this, she has a chance to bring Vincent back. But she will need to get to him, first.

"Vincent..." she whispers.

At those words, the ghouls start to close in on her.

"... stupid idiot!"

Youmu pauses as she readies her next attack.


The sky is filled with colorful rain as the two of them clash. Remilia Scarlet and Yuyuko Saigyouji begin their duel high in the air. The vampire and the ghost pay no mind to the hundreds spirits gathering around them as they battle. In fact, the spirits themselves seem to be getting destroyed one by one in the crossfire. Minions of these level have no place in a battle between those two.

Grey watches them safely from the ground. He can't fly, and he has no way of contributing to a fight of that level. However, he has another task. He takes out his instrument and starts whispering to it gently. Then, he starts playing a familiar piece.

"Now for my part," he whispers.

As the battle continues, spirits start gathering around him. Vengeful wraiths or just lost souls, he can't tell. But soon enough, a number of spirits start swirling in a great circle. Attracted by his elegy, they continue increasing in number. Soon, he collects several dozen spirits with his music.


He looks up as he continues playing. Remilia seems to be having difficulty keeping Yuyuko at bay. The vampire pants heavily as she prepares her next attack. The ghost princess, on the other hand, seems to have no trouble pushing forward with even more powerful spells. At this rate, Remilia won't be able to weaken Yuyuko enough for his command spell to work.

Grey grits his teeth as he thinks. He needs to create an opening so that Remilia can turn the tide of the battle. Then, after weakening the ghost princess enough, he can try using his ability to subdue her.


[ ] Rush straight at Vincent; ignore the advancing ghouls.
[ ] Move forward slowly; cut down the ghouls as you move.
[ ] Stand your ground; wait for them to come to you.
[ ] Custom

[ ] Continue gathering more spirits.
[ ] Order the spirits to support Remilia.
[ ] Attempt to break the control spell now.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 17648
[X] Rush straight at Vincent; ignore the advancing ghouls.

On one hand she could take it easy and simply take care in inching closer, on the other hand however they seem endless. Make the attempt to end this battle of attrition...

[X] Continue gathering more spirits.

This situation seems more of a need for a OHKO. Any thing less could be the end for Remilia and Grey...
>> No. 17650
[x] Rush straight at Vincent; ignore the advancing ghouls.

The fastest way to defeat an army is to topple its general. It's just common sense.

[x] Custom
--[x] Trying to beat a ghost princess with ghosts is pointless. Change strategies.
--[x] Play something that inspires, that strengthens, that focuses... Something that will change the tides of Remilia's battle.

Bard support buffs FTW.
>> No. 17651
[x] Rush straight at Vincent; ignore the advancing ghouls.

The fastest way to defeat an army is to topple its general. It's just common sense.

[x] Custom
--[x] Trying to beat a ghost princess with ghosts is pointless. Change strategies.
--[x] Play something that inspires, that strengthens, that focuses... Something that will change the tides of Remilia's battle.
>> No. 17652
File 124570153151.jpg- (699.71KB , 1250x990 , Ware wa.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Rush straight at Vincent; ignore the advancing ghouls.

"My name is Youmu Konpaku, and my Hakurouken is the sword that cleaves confusion! The things that my swords cannot cut are next to none!"

This sword will slice through the tragedy, and cleave the path to a happy end!

[X] Custom
--[X] Trying to beat a ghost princess with ghosts is pointless. Change strategies.
--[X] Play something that inspires, that strengthens, that focuses... Something that will change the tides of Remilia's battle.
--[X] Play something that brings back memories of elation, something that will remind everyone of the happy times that they long deep down to return to.
>> No. 17654
>> No. 17655
[X] Rush straight at Vincent; ignore the advancing ghouls.

[X] Custom
--[X] Trying to beat a ghost princess with ghosts is pointless. Change strategies.
--[X] Play something that inspires, that strengthens, that focuses... Something that will change the tides of Remilia's battle.
>> No. 17669
> This sword will slice through the tragedy, and cleave the path to a happy end!
> happy end

That route is already blocked. ;_;.
>> No. 17671

See: >>16199
>> No. 17700
Declaring hiatus for an indeterminate period of time. Apologies.
>> No. 18979
[X] Rush straight at Vincent; ignore the advancing ghouls.

[X] Custom
--[X] Trying to beat a ghost princess with ghosts is pointless. Change strategies.
--[X] Play something that inspires, that strengthens, that focuses... Something that will change the tides of Remilia's battle.
--[X] Play something that brings back memories of elation, something that will remind everyone of the happy times that they long deep down to return to.
>> No. 18980
Why you do this thing?!

>> No. 19230
>> No. 19238
File 125351212880.jpg- (113.80KB , 720x900 , dark_youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Human Sign, 「Blade of Memories」"

Vincent draws his longsword and slices at the enemy. A blinding flash of light fills the cherry tree garden. Komachi covers her eyes. Then, as the brightness disappears into the night, Vincent sheathes his blade.


The seven swamp ghouls gurgle in surprise. Then, in the next moment, they fall apart like badly made meat puppets. Decomposing blood and flesh is everywhere. Komachi steps back gingerly to avoid the bloody drizzle.

"Seven in one blow," he says with a smile.

Komachi nervously returns his grin.

"N-not bad for a human," she says. "I see that you've gotten pretty strong now."

Vincent pauses to wipe of the blood from his coat.

"I had a good teacher."

The shinigami shakes her head.

"It's more than that. Even Youmu thinks that you're something amazing. I've never heard of a human or youkai who could learn so quickly. It's as if you were just remembering the skills that you have forgotten."

Vincent pauses for a moment. Skills that he had forgotten? Did he hear that somewhere before? He pauses to think carefully, but for some reason, his head aches when he tries to remember. But something feels familiar about -


His eyes widen in shock. Someone is standing right behind Komachi. He opens his mouth to call out to her. But it's already too late. In the next second, the attacker stabs her from behind with a long katana. The blade pierces through her chest without mercy.

"D-damn it," mutters Komachi.

She swings her scythe behind her, but the attacker recovers her weapon and dodges the counterattack in an instant. The enemy lands several paces away without a sound. Komachi's eyes widen for a moment before she collapses to the ground.

"Got careless.."

"Machi!" cries Vincent. "You dirty bastard! I'll kill -"

He stops mid-sentence as the moonlight illuminates the enemy. There is no mistake about it. The person who just attacked is -


The half-ghost stares back at him with empty eyes. In her hands are two katanas, each easily able to slice a human into pieces. She pauses for a moment, as if confused. Then, without a word, she starts walking towards him with weapons drawn.

[ ] Draw your sword. Defend yourself.
[ ] Draw your sword. Incapacitate her.
[ ] Draw your sword. Kill her.
[ ] "I can't fight her."
[ ] Awaken from this nightmare. (a.k.a. "exit game")
[ ] Custom


Server is warming up.

Please enjoy this alternate scenario.

Girls are preparing...
>> No. 19239
[ ] Draw your sword. Defend yourself.
>> No. 19240
[X] Draw your sword. Defend yourself.

If it's just an alternate story, Vincent might as well go for it.
>> No. 19241
[X] Draw your sword. Defend yourself.

Must not kill half-ghost.
>> No. 19242
[X] Draw your sword. Defend yourself.
>> No. 19244
[ ℤℯ] Draw your sword. Defend yourself.

How very interesting.
>> No. 19249
File 125361719456.jpg- (119.54KB , 850x970 , dark_youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Draw your sword. Defend yourself.


Vincent draws his sword and takes a defensive stance.

"Youmu! I don't want to fight you! What are you -"


The half-ghost suddenly vanishes. He loses sight of her, but only for a moment. Vincent steps to the right, barely avoiding her first attack. Then, he skillfully blocks her follow-up strike with his sword.

"Dammit," he mutters.

Vincent immediately jumps backward, landing several yards away. He can't afford to get hit even once. From the power of that blow, he can tell that Youmu isn't holding back. If that attack connected, he would be dead by now.

"Stop this! You are the retainer of Hakugyokurou. Can' t you remember?"

"Hakug... yokurou?" she says hollowly.

"That's right! Didn't we just enjoy sweet buns together yesterday?"

Youmu stands up slowly and pauses.

"We had a good time together with Chen and Komachi and Yuyuko. It was fun, wasn't it?"

"Lady.. Yuyuko..?"

Her face slowly forms a frown. Then, Youmu's eyes turn clear and empty. She speaks without a trace of emotion.

"Lady Yuyuko," she whispers. "Lady Yuyuko is dead to me."

She draws out a spellcard from her dress. Vincent steps back to gain some distance.

"First Card, 「Double Pain」"

Your combat stance...
[ ] Focus on defense.
[ ] Try to catch her off-guard.
[ ] Fight offensively. Use fatal strikes.

You can try to talk to her...
[ ] "..."
[ ] Custom

[ ] Awaken from this nightmare.


"If things were just a little different, maybe we could have been friends...
>> No. 19251
[X] Try to catch her off-guard.

Turtling only works for so long... A duel based on attrition from both parties would be bad now...

As for what to say, may need more time as I haven't the slightest idea what to say atm.
>> No. 19253
[X] Try to catch her off-guard.
>> No. 19254
[X] Try to catch her off-guard.
>> No. 19256
>>Lady Yuyuko is dead to me.

>> No. 19257
[X] Try to catch her off-guard.
>> No. 19259
{X} Try to catch her off-guard.

is that whole awakening option a hint at us...?
>> No. 19261
File 125368885619.png- (148.78KB , 385x1253 , f7def3661655a73e56b8187df8ea1819.png ) [iqdb]

Beginning of the End?
>> No. 19322
File 125383820498.jpg- (127.64KB , 772x576 , double_pain.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Try to catch her off-guard.


"First Card, 「Double Pain」"

The field around Youmu blurs violently. Vincent readies himself as he senses the danger. Then, a harsh wind blows into his eyes. He barely keeps them open. Something is speeding toward him from the left. He quickly sidesteps the attack, but before he can counter -

"What the -"

A second attacker is coming from the other side. There isn't time to avoid the attack. Vincent grabs his scabbard from his belt and barely deflects the sword strikes. His eyes widen in surprise. The second attacker is also... Youmu?

"Too slow," says a voice from his left.

Vincent doesn't have the chance to reply. The Youmu on the left uses the hilt of her katana to deal a heavy blow to his stomach. Then, as he cringes in pain, the Youmu on the right grabs his arm and skillfully throws him several yards away. He lands hard on his back, his lungs quickly emptied of air.

"D-damn it..." he mutters.

He forces himself up, but only barely. She only connected with a few blows, yet his whole body feels like it's been hit by a truck. Breathing has become difficult. Seems like he took some internal damage. And she hasn't even hit with her blades yet.


Vincent waits as his eyes focus. He blinks, shakes his head, then looks again. It isn't an illusion. There are two Youmus standing before him. What is this?

"Two on one?" he manages. "This isn't a very fair fight..."

He stares carefully. The one on the right seems to be semi-transparent, while the one on the left looks like the original. Both of them seem equally dangerous. If they rush again, he won't be able to defend himself. However, to his surprise, the one on the left speaks.

"It shouldn't have come to this," she says. "You should have stayed at the Human Village."


She looks straight at him. For the first time, he notices a deep sadness in her eyes. Then, she looks away.

"I didn't," she says. "I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to hurt anyone."

The one on the right suddenly speaks.

"But now I don't have a choice," says the transparent one. "I'll have to end this tonight."

"Forgive me," whispers the one on the left.

Vincent steadies his breathing as he tries to think. After that attack, his crossbow got knocked away. However, he still has the gun hidden in his coat. He only has two shots left, but they might just be enough. Neither of them have noticed yet. He has to use this opening.


Their eyes widen in surprise as they watch their mainhand katanas fly into the air. In a split-second, Vincent shoots away the longer blades of the two Youmus. Then, he drops the gun as he rushes forward. They still have their short blades ready, but this might be his only chance. He only has time to target one of them.

[ ] Slash the opaque Youmu.
[ ] Disarm the opaque Youmu.
[ ] Knock down the opaque Youmu.
[ ] Slash the transparent Youmu.
[ ] Disarm the transparent Youmu.
[ ] Knock down the transparent Youmu.
[ ] Awaken from this nightmare.
[ ] Custom


"Why would you pity a sinner like me?"
>> No. 19323
[X] Awaken from this nightmare.
>> No. 19324
[X] Slash the opaque Youmu.
>> No. 19325
[X] Slash the opaque Youmu.
>> No. 19328
> Hurt Youmu.
I am somewhat disappoint.
>> No. 19329

It's just an alternate path, (or so we're told) so who cares.
>> No. 19331

They're all kinda bad in that it seems regardless in what we do it will be against our favor; especially considering the skill and ability between the two.
>> No. 19333
[x] Knock down the opaque Youmu.
>> No. 19336
[X] Slash the opaque Youmu.
>> No. 19337
File 125392086128.jpg- (98.13KB , 500x600 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Slash the opaque Youmu.



In the next second, Vincent is already standing beside the original Youmu. His whole body cries out in pain, but he steels his mind and stays focused. This is his only chance, and there is no other way. He clenches the hilt of his weapon tightly.

"Good bye," he whispers into her ear.

Youmu raises her short blade to block the attack, but her form is poor. Vincent drives his sword down in one swift motion, breaking her blade into two. Her eyes widen as the sword digs deep into her side. Blood pours out of the wound, dyeing the ground crimson under the moonlit night. She tries to speak, but she only manages to gurgle incoherently as she coughs out blood. The transparent Youmu crumples up in pain, then in the next second, it vanishes without a trace.

"I won't ask for forgiveness," Vincent whispers. "Hate me all you want."


He turns around slowly. Youmu lies on the ground, breathing her last few breaths. Their eyes meet once more. She smiles at him.

"...loved.. you," her lips say silently.

With those last words, her eyes close, never to open again. Vincent stood there in silence. He knew that he did the right thing. He was not sorry. And he would not be tied down by regret. Slowly, he starts walking back to Hakugyokurou. Lady Yuyuko would be waiting for him.

That evening, the blossoms of the cherry trees started to fall.


> Program Complete

"-ig brother?" says a familiar voice. "Big brother?"

"Has the subject regained consciousness?" says another.

"N-not yet. I'm trying to wake him up."

Can't sleep. Too noisy. Can't they keep it down?

"He'll be okay, right? He'll be okay if he wakes, Master Ran?"

"Call out if he doesn't get up in five minutes. I'll have to run the safety program to force him back."

Vincent slowly opens his eyes. The bright lights are painful, but he manages to keep them open. He seems to be lying on an unfamiliar bed. There is a small crowd standing around him.

"Chen..?" he whispers weakly.

Without warning, the nekomata girl hugs him tightly. A few tears roll down her cheek as she hold him. Then, he becomes aware of her unnatural youkai strength.

"Aaargh!" he cries out.

"Ha ha ha! That sounds like a healthy cry of pain, if I say so myself," says a red-headed blur that could only be Komachi.

"I've collected the sequence data for analysis. Will this be alright, Master Yukari?"

"That's fine. Send me the summary of the results after dinner. This should be interesting."

"Ara? Is it dinner time yet, Youmu? We have a lot of guests tonight~"

A familiar silver-haired figure nodded silently at the ghost princess. Youmu? Vincent forces himself up and looks around.

"What's... going on?" he asks.

Before anyone could respond, the half-ghost puffs out her cheeks and quickly looks away from him.


Youmu is the first to walk away. Komachi quickly goes after her, whispering something he can't hear. A moment later, Yuyuko winks at him before following after them. Ran stares emotionlessly at him for a few seconds, notes something down on her clipboard, then walks away without a word. Chen slowly pulls away and forces a smile before following Ran. Yukari and another person start walking away slowly, though he can hear them talking.

"I guess I win the bet," says the gap youkai.

"Don't know how you talked me into this."

Someone in grey robes grumbles loudly to himself as he hands Yukari a few gold coins.

"I told you he would do it," says Yukari. "He is a hero, after all."

"I knew I shouldn't have come."

"Ah, but you enjoyed it, didn't you~"

The person just shrugs in return.

Vincent blinks stupidly. No one has explained a thing to him, but it seems like the worst is over.

[ ] Talk to Youmu.
[ ] Talk to Yuyuko.
[ ] Talk to Komachi.
[ ] Talk to Chen.
[ ] Talk to Ran.
[ ] Talk to Yukari.
[ ] Talk to the person in grey robes.
[ ] Awaken from this nightmare.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 19340
[X] Over? It never ends.
[X] There are two ways out of a dream: forcing yourself to wake, or watching it play out. So...
-[X] Talk to Youmu, then Yukari. The one in gray robes, if you have the time.
>> No. 19341
-[X] Talk to Youmu, then Yukari. The one in gray robes, if you have the time.

May as well have it played out lest it haunts him forever if this is truly a nightmare...
>> No. 19342
[X] Talk to Youmu, then Yukari. The one in gray robes, if you have the time.
>> No. 19347



>> No. 19386
[ ] Awaken from this nightmare.
He has given us the same option thrice in a row now. FUCKING. CHOOSE IT. ALREADY.
>> No. 19427
[X] Over? It never ends.
[X] There are two ways out of a dream: forcing yourself to wake, or watching it play out. So...
-[X] Talk to Youmu, then Yukari. The one in gray robes, if you have the time.

And, if we have time:

[x] Genuflect.

Because I'll be damned if we're not entitled to one after all of this bullshit.
>> No. 19430
File 125432462459.jpg- (236.70KB , 850x1133 , yukari.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Talk to Youmu, then Yukari. The one in gray robes, if you have the time.


"H-hey, Youmu! Wait up!"

The half-ghost stops in her tracks, but she doesn't turn around. Vincent slows down to catch his breath.

"Wha.. what's going on?" he manages.


Youmu doesn't respond. Komachi opens her mouth to say something, but Yuyuko signals for her to keep quiet. The shinigami gives Vincent a little bow in apology before walking off with the ghost princess. And before the two of them are out of sight, Yuyuko turns around to give him a playful wink. Vincent just scratches his head.

"What's going on?" he says again. "I don't understand what's happening."

Suddenly, Youmu speaks with a low, cold voice.

"Why don't you ask the others?" she says. "I have nothing to do with it."

"Nothing to do with it? But I -"

The half-ghost turns around, almost shouting.

"I said that I have nothing to do with it!"

Vincent just stays silent, shocked. Her eyes quivering and damp. He waits until she calms down. Slowly, she turns away.

"A different route," she whispers. "You already chose a different route."


"So just... leave me alone, alright?"

The half-ghost sighs heavily. Then, she starts walking toward the kitchen. Vincent stands there for a few minutes, feeling confused. What the hell is going on?


"And so you came back to get answers," she says. "Isn't that so~"

Vincent nods slowly.

"Was it all a dream? What was that all about? Why was I fighting Youmu?"

"Oh! But if I tell you everything right away, then that isn't any fun, now is it?"

Yukari simply smiles a little wider. But before she can say anything else, the person in gray robes interrupts her.

"You were part of an important experiment," he says. "The simulation data that Ran collected will prove invaluable. The cause of this incident has almost been isolated."

The gap youkai almost chokes on her tea. After she recovers, she frowns hard at the man in gray.

"Hey! Don't get in the way of my fun!"

"Confusing him will only create new problems."

"Exactly! Don't get in the way of my fun~"

The man in gray sighs and puts his hand on his forehead.

"You never change, Yukari. Not even in this place."

"Hmph! You're no fun."

Yukari puffs up her cheeks, clearly irritated.


Vincent takes a better look at the stranger in gray. He wore thick robes that reached his ankles, and he had a long walking stick leaning beside his seat. His face was hidden by a hood, but for some reason, this person really felt familiar.

"I'm sorry," Vincent says. "But do I know you?"

The person in gray paused before answering.

"Maybe," he responds. "Maybe not. I'm just a simple wanderer who is in search of knowledge and truth."

Yukari snickers at the words "simple wanderer".

"You may call me the 'Grey Traveller'. A pleasure to make your acquaintance."

He pulls something from his robes and hands it to Vincent.

"A token for a new friend," he says. "And now, I must be leaving."


"If you need more answers, you can ask Yukari or Ran, though I believe that Ran might be a little more honest."

"D-don't talk about me that way! I was just -"

The person in gray suddenly whispers something in a language he doesn't recognize. In the next moment, he fades away without trace.

"Wait, what?"

"Hmph! He always leaves whenever he likes."

Yukari pouts as she finishes her tea. Then, she glances at the item in Vincent's hands. Her eyes widen slightly in surprise, but she doesn't say anything. Vincent looks down and stares at the odd gift.

It looks like an ancient gold coin with a raven engraved upon it.

[ ] Ask Yukari about the gold coin.
[ ] Ask Yukari about the experiment.
[ ] Ask Yukari about the Grey Traveller.
[ ] Excuse yourself and look for Ran.
[ ] Excuse yourself and look for Chen.
[ ] Excuse yourself and head for the dining room.
[ ] Awaken from this nightmare.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 19432
[X] Awaken from this nightmare.
Too bad that 'Killing Yukari' isn't one of the options. Oh well.
>> No. 19435
[x] Excuse yourself and look for Ran.

Seesh is that a sign that there's no Youmu route (what she said)
>> No. 19436
[x] Excuse yourself and look for Ran.

>Seesh is that a sign that there's no Youmu route (what she said)
I'd call that a nightmare but what do I know... ;_;
>> No. 19438
[x] Excuse yourself and look for Ran.
[x] Awaken yourself from this nightmare.

I'm not really a Youmu fan, but I like this story's Youmu. I hope we haven't been screwed out of it.
>> No. 19439
[X] Awaken from this nightmare.

This dream needs to end sometime.
>> No. 19443
[x] Excuse yourself and look for Ran.
[x] Awaken yourself from this nightmare.
>> No. 19445

That might just be the nightmare talking... I see that now.
>> No. 19447
[x] Excuse yourself and look for Ran.
>> No. 19448
File 125435703416.jpg- (148.34KB , 400x550 , ran.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Excuse yourself and look for Ran.


Sitting alone with Yukari, Vincent can't help but feel uneasy. He quickly finishes his tea.

"Well, if you'll excuse me."

He gives her a wave before standing up.

"Wait," she whispers.

Vincent stops in his tracks.

"That coin is very special," says Yukari. "I still don't understand why he gave you one."

Slowly, he turns around. The gap youkai has a strange expression on her face.

"Didn't he give you several of these as well?"

"That was payment. I had won a bet. I've never seen him give those for free."

"Wait. What is this thing supposed to do?"


Yukari looks at him thoughtfully before answering.

"It is a special currency used only by the most powerful magicians."


"To put it simply, what you have in your hands is a miracle."


After several minutes, Vincent finally found Ran. Seems like she transformed one of the guest rooms into a smaller version of her lab at Mayohiga. Several strange machines and instruments were humming and beeping. Ran herself was seated at the center of it all, with no less than six different screens displaying data sequences in front of her.

".. but the heat loss variable doesn't match up with the amount of radiation released. Minute traces of spiritual resonance fields add up here... and here... but that shouldn't be enough to..."

It doesn't look like she noticed him yet. She looks really busy with her calculations and analysis. Her tails wave animatedly as she stresses over her work.

[ ] Glance over her shoulder. What is she doing?
[ ] Clear your throat loudly. No need to surprise her.
[ ] You can't resist it. You must stroke her tails!
[ ] Awaken from this nightmare.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 19449
[ ] Awaken from this nightmare.
>> No. 19450
[x] Clear your throat loudly. No need to surprise her.

Let see what she has to say before we go about waking ourselves up.
>> No. 19452
She will just act as evasive as her master. We should just get this over with, one way or another.
>> No. 19454

I doubt it, she will at least have something to reveal. (Ran's personality isn't much like Yukari's) and in this case Yukari's hiding stuff just to have fun. If Ran would have nothing to say it would be because she either doesn't know, or the information would be harmful.
>> No. 19455
[X] Clear your throat loudly. No need to surprise her.
[X] You can't resist it. You must dive into her tails!

Harmful to Vincent or harmful to their seemingly shady project that involves whatever data they're examining and quite possibly his sanity as well as relationships. It all feels like one huge lie. or rather...

Nice to see this get picked up again, if only a bit at a time. Seems like we're about to hit autosage though.
>> No. 19456
[x] Clear your throat loudly. No need to surprise her.
[x] You can't resist it. You must stroke her tails!
>> No. 19461

This is something of a twisted dream, so what we do find out we might have to take with a grain of salt...
>> No. 19462
From Perfect Memento:
> You must be prepared to do battle if you disrupt her work.

However, also canon:
> "Her tails look so warm ... "

Therefore, there is only one logical course of action:
[x] You can't resist it. HER TAILS!
>> No. 19465
File 125437544658.jpg- (240.64KB , 600x800 , ran.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Clear your throat loudly. No need to surprise her.
[X] Custom


Vincent clears his throat loudly. Ran doesn't show any response. However, her tails stop waving around.

"Sorry to bother you. Are you busy?"

Ran nods slowly. She doesn't keep her eyes off the displays. However, she seems to be aware of his presence now.

"Give me a few more minutes," she says. "I want to run the data through simulation again. I've already set the adjusted variables. Now let's just wait until the system completes processing."

"Ah, sure."

Vincent just stands by the doorway as he watches Ran continue. She seems completely engrossed in her work, and a few moments later, her tails start waving about animatedly again. Perhaps they move around like that when she is concentrating?

There are so many questions in his head, but for some reason, he finds the movement of Ran's tails oddly hypnotic. They just seem so fluffy and warm. Surely, it wouldn't hurt to just touch it a little. Or maybe if he moves slowly, he can lie in-between the softness. Before he realizes it, Vincent finds himself drawn towards the nine tails.

"Tail~" he mouths silently.

Ran still seems to be busy. He continues inching closer until one of them is almost within reach. His hand is shaking, but he can't control himself. Slowly, he touches the very tip of her longest tail with his finger.

"W-wha!?" squeaks Ran.

All of her tails stop moving. Without warning, she turns around completely, almost knocking over the displays with her tails. She stares at Vincent with a piercing cold glare. Her cheeks are slightly pink.

"D-don't touch those!" she cries, covering her chest defensively.

Vincent immediately takes a step back and apologizes. An awkward moment of silence passes between them. Ran clears her throat and composes herself. When she speaks, her tone is completely neutral.

"You have some questions," she says.

Vincent simply nods. Ran shrugs to herself.

"I'll answer them to the best of my ability," she says. "But be quick about it. I still have a lot of work to finish."

Vincent can probably ask two or three questions.
[ ] Ask Ran about Chen.
[ ] Ask Ran about Youmu.
[ ] Ask Ran about Yuyuko.
[ ] Ask Ran about Komachi.
[ ] Ask Ran about the coin.
[ ] Ask Ran about the experiment.
[ ] Ask Ran about Yukari.
[ ] Ask Ran about the Grey Traveller.
[ ] Ask Ran about her tails.
[ ] Ask Ran about something else. (Specify)
[ ] Awaken from this nightmare.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 19477
[X] Ask Ran about the experiment.
[X] Custom
-[X] Ask Ran about this nightmare.

Either worth a shot or complete nonsense, you decide. In any case Vincent should be more focused on finding out just what is going on here, rather than asking about people like Youmu or Chen, who are obviously alright, if only acting a bit strange.
>> No. 19479
[X] Ask Ran about the experiment.
[X] Custom
-[X] Ask Ran about this nightmare.
Sure why not.
>> No. 19484
[X] Ask Ran about the experiment.
[X] Custom
-[X] Ask Ran about this nightmare.
>> No. 19485
[X] Ask Ran about the experiment.
[x] Ask Ran about the Grey traveler
[X] Custom
-[X] Ask Ran about this nightmare.
Sure why not.

I doubt Ran might know too much about the coin, but she might have an idea about the guy if Yukari's known him for a while.
>> No. 19505
File 125444638496.jpg- (74.65KB , 600x773 , ran.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Ask Ran about the experiment.
[X] Custom


"The experiment," she says. "Do you need me to go through it again?"


Vincent scratches his head.

"You said that you understood during the morning briefing."

"I did? Wait, what are you talking about?"

Ran nods thoughtfully.

"Master Yukari thought that it would be amusing to start the experiment without informing the subject. The subject being you, of course. Fortunately, Chen warned me of her plot before she could do anything foolish. Without her help, you might have been thrown into the data sequence without any warning at all."

"Data sequence? I don't understand."

The kitsune stares blankly at me. She sighs heavily and pulls out a sheet of paper from her dress. It looks like some kind of contract.

"Is this your signature at the bottom of this waiver?"

Vincent examines the sheet. The signature at the bottom is definitely his handwriting, but he doesn't remember signing this waiver. From the gist of it, the contract waives all damages, injuries and/or deaths that may be caused during the experiment period. The others who signed the contract include Yukari and Ran as Mayohiga representatives, with Youmu and Komachi as witnesses.

"I don't remember signing this," he mutters. "And what is this part about accidental deaths or dismemberment?"

"You signed it this morning," she says. "I was in the room with you when you did. What are you complaining about?"

"Sorry. I can't remember a thing about this. What is this experiment that everyone keeps talking about?"

Ran looks at him disbelievingly.

"Wait.. you really don't remember?"

Vincent shakes his head.

"I can't remember anything about an experiment. All I know is that I woke up from some strange nightmare where I killed someone important to me. The next thing I know, I'm lying on the bed with you guys in the room."


For a moment, Ran looks completely surprised. But in the next, she is already nodding to herself, as if she figured everything out in a split second.

"Ah.. so that would explain the wave flunctuations in data sequence 2-C. Maybe I can try adjusting the border synchronization settings in the next simulation and..."

Without another word, Ran turns around and starts entering new data into the system.

[ ] Interrupt her. Insist that she explain the experiment.
[ ] Watch her work from the side. Maybe you can learn something.
[ ] Head to the dining room. You could use some food and drink.
[ ] Return to your room. A nap is fine too.
[ ] Awaken from this nightmare.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 19506
[ ] Awaken from this nightmare.
>> No. 19507
[x] Awaken from this nightmare.

I think we've reached the limits of what we could find out.
>> No. 19509
[x] Watch her work from the side. Maybe you can learn something.
[x] Touch her tails again.
>> No. 19510
[x] Awaken from this nightmare.
>> No. 19511
[X] Awaken from this nightmare.

>> No. 19516
[x] Watch her work from the side. Maybe you can learn something.
[x] Awaken from this nightmare.
>> No. 19517
[x] Watch her work from the side. Maybe you can learn something.
[x] Awaken from this nightmare.
>> No. 19527
[ℤ] Watch her work from the side. Maybe you can learn something.
[ℯ] Awaken from this nightmare.
>> No. 19561
File 125461228281.jpg- (155.89KB , 472x640 , ran_snack.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Awaken from this nightmare.


"Hmm... the sequence is behaving similar to the Schrödinger-Yakumo wave function. Theoretically, this is only possible under special conditions. The resonance fields themselves will not be enough to significantly alter the synapse matrix. But there should be no other class A entities on the current..."

Ran suddenly freezes. Her eyes slowly widen. She turns around too quickly, this time knocking over one of the displays. But she seems too agitated to care about it.

"Vincent!" she cries. "Where is Lady Yukari's guest? Is he still -"

He blinks stupidly. The kitsune seems to be talking to him, but her voice just got cut off. In fact, he doesn't seem to hear anything at all. Not even the sound of his own breathing. The only thing he can hear is his own heartbeat.

It seems to be slowing down.

Something.. doesn't feel right. In the next second, he loses his balance. Ran manages to catch him before he hits the ground. She shouts desperately at him. He still can't hear her voice. She seems to be repeating the same few words again and again, but he doesn't understand.

"Tail~" he croaks.

Vincent doesn't hear his own voice, but Ran's red face is enough to confirm that she heard him. She quickly shakes her head, mouthing the word, "stupid", somewhere along the line. To his surprise, she doesn't get angry, and she only holds him tighter and closer. Her cold and calculating demeanor has all but broken down.

In the last moments of his consciousness, he smiles at the kitsune. Despite everything, it looks like she is still a girl, after all. It is a fresh, new look for her. She really does look cute like this. And she feels so soft.


He blinks slowly. Did he forget someone important?

Everything fades to black.

[ ] Eyes of the heart
[ ] Eyes of the sword
[ ] Eyes of the stranger
>> No. 19563
[x] Eyes of the stranger
>> No. 19565
[X] Eyes of the stranger
>> No. 19600
[X] Eyes of the sword

>> No. 19601
[X] Eyes of the heart

so god damn cryptic it feels like I'm rolling the dice.
>> No. 19602
[x] It's the, Eye of the Tiger...
>> No. 19604
File 125470561649.jpg- (121.62KB , 256x373 , tiger.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Eyes of the heart

A big cat is fine too.
>> No. 19605
[ ] Eyes of the sword
Youmu youmu youmu
>> No. 19609
File 125479410120.jpg- (186.88KB , 800x1067 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]

Youmu sheathes her blade. Shards of bone and chunks of flesh fly into the air. Screams of soulless anguish. And then, silence. The ghouls who stood in her path are reduced to a bloody mess. But behind her, even more of them are coming.

"These ghouls are endless!" she mutters.

The half-ghost tightens the grip on her weapons. Momentarily, she closes her eyes. The ghouls continue advancing. But before they can reach her, she vanishes.

She reappears only a few feet from Vincent. She swings her longer blade, first. As she expected, the bandaged swordsman easily blocks it with his weapon. Then, she aims for his head with the shorter blade.


Youmu blinks in surprise as the Hakurouken is knocked away. In the swordsman's other hand is his scabbard, which he used to counter her attack. Her eyes widen in horror as she realizes that her left side is completely defenseless.


But instead of taking advantage of the opening, Vincent pushes her back with his blade and takes a huge leap backward. The delusion terminating sword lands a few feet away. He slowly lowers his blade. Seems like he is waiting for her to retrieve her weapon.

Was there still something human left?

Youmu shakes away the thought of trying to reason with him. It is already too late. She quickly recovers the Hakurouken and prepares her stance. She must bring him back with the technique that is passed along the Konpaku line. Her sword shall cleave away this madness.

She rushes straight at him. Their swords glint brightly in the morning sun as they meet. She doesn't hold back as she makes each strike, moving at inhuman speeds. However, he blocks each of her attacks just as quickly. No matter how she attacks, she can't find at opening.

"... haaa... haaa.."

Youmu pauses to catch her breath. None of her techniques seem effective against this swordsman. His skill is far beyond what she has seen during their duels. In fact, it rivals that of her master. Her imperfect sword skills are a poor match for his speed and power. She cannot win this fight like this.

Then, she realizes something odd.

The bandaged swordsman blocked and dodged each of her attacks, but he never tried to attack her back.

"Vincent?" she whispers. "Are you holding back?"

He doesn't answer. Then, without another word, he dashes deep into the mist behind him, taking the same path as the mysterious cloaked figure from before.

[ ] Follow him into the mist. You can't afford to lose him!
[ ] Assist the others. They might be having trouble.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 19610
[ ] Follow him into the mist. You can't afford to lose him!
>> No. 19611
[ ] Follow him into the mist. You can't afford to lose him!
>> No. 19612
[X] Follow him into the mist. You can't afford to lose him!

head asploded due to theories running amok
>> No. 19614
[x] Assist the others. They might be having trouble.

Might be a trap, it'd be a bad idea to separate now.
>> No. 19616
File 12547995102.gif- (57.70KB , 288x374 , a.gif ) [iqdb]
The guy had a chance of killing her and he didn't take it.
It may be many things, but I don't think it's a trap.
>> No. 19618
[ℤℯ] Follow him into the mist. You can't afford to lose him!
>> No. 19621
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