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I say, I'm quite the matchmaker. These two, they're perfect for each other, and all that was between them was one little border...


It's amazing, sometimes, how emotion can overtake logic.

I mean, it's human nature to let yourself go, now and then. You'll maybe pick someone you like or pity over someone who has more to offer. You'll save a lover over a friend, and a friend over yourself. You'll keep going back to that devil of a woman just because you still love her. This, though...This takes it to a new level.

So here I am, standing in front of the most beautiful girl I've seen in recent years, one Aoi Watarase. If you can call it standing, anyways – more leaning against the wall behind her, pinning her down. It was going to be harmless enough, just offering a date. Just a date, right? Spend some time out on the town. Maybe see where it goes from there, but walking behind her, waiting for the chance to present itself...watching those perfect little thighs sway beneath her short skirt, I just can't keep my mind off what the ass under it would look like. When I see her face, bright and smiling, I can't keep my mind off how she would sound blushing and moaning as I...

Ahem. Right. So. You can guess how that went, and that brings us here. In an alleyway.

This is going to go well.

She's clearly flustered, and only getting worse by the minute, which of course means I'm only getting worse by the minute. God damn it, courage, where are you when I need you?! Thirty seconds have passed already and no one's said a word. In the dark of the alley, I can barely make out the increasingly deep blush on her face, but I can smell a mixture of sweat and perfume that only serves to drive me closer to the brink of insanity. Finally, the words make it out of my mouth.

"Aoi...I've been watching you."
No, that's not right. That sounds creepy and stalkerish.
"I mean, I've...I've had my eye on you. It hasn't been long, but...ever since you walked into the classroom, you've driven me wild. No one else makes me feel like this...I think I love you."
Her breath is hot and moist against my face. It's...distracting. Arousing. I have to be careful, here...if she bumps into the steadily rising tent in my pants, this opportunity isn't just going to look down, it's going to be outright ruined. She goes to speak, but all that comes out is a raspy breath. In a second, her composure is back – at least, as much as it was a second prior.
"D-David...that's...but I'm-"
"I don't care what you are, Aoi. I love you. I want you, I need you. Right now."
"But we can't j-just-"
Enough of this. I can't hold back any longer, plans be damned. Before she can speak another word, my lips are on hers. I don't have to open my eyes to know she's blushing harder than she ever has, I can feel the heat off her face, feel it on her lips. The taste is intoxicating, just a hint of strawberries mixed with her flesh...I'm in a red haze, there's no resistance from logic or sense. My hands find their way around her, and down to the soft mounds of flesh that I've admired from afar for so long, I push my tongue into her mouth, dancing and playing with hers. Even if she pushes me off now, this moment will have been worth it. There's nothing left in the world but her. Her soft body in my arms, her warmth soaking through me, her smell, her taste, her tongue in my mouth, her slight moans, her penis rubbing against my leg, just screaming "I want you..."

Wait. What?

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My eyes open before my mind can catch up, and I pull away from Aoi to see a fair-sized bulge lifting her – no, his – his skirt. He's still looking at me with sultry eyes and breathing heavily, his face as red as I'm sure mine is. His arms have made their way around my neck at some point, and he's not letting go...This is wrong. This is wrong, this is wrong (and he leans in to kiss my neck) this is wrong (his thigh is rubbing against mine) this is... (he nibbles my ear for a second before going in for another kiss) this... (and his ass is still just as tight as it ever was and my heart is still beating a hundred times in a second and I still want more) this...

This is all right. I can live with this.

I can live with his weight in my arms. I can live with his legs joining his arms behind my back, wrapping around me as though to bring us closer, even as we continue to kiss passionately. I can live with the darkness around us as we move deeper into the alley, so that no one will see. At this point, I'm pretty sure I could live with it even if someone did see. All I want right now is Aoi. Our shirts go off almost simultaneously, and the moment they do my head falls to his collarbone, planting kisses on his neck, down his chest, over his little pink nipples (and he giggles as I do. It's different from a girl's reaction, but it's still adorable, and it still makes the mass of heat in my head stir) and all over his body until I reach his thighs. His skirt is still on, but that can be easily solv-"W-Wait. I...I want to try first."

Oh, Aoi. Oh, dear, sweet Aoi. The way you can't look me in the eye as you say that, even as aggressive as you've been so far...You must be just as confused as I am. Still, I can't say no. Not to you.
"All right. If you're sure." There's no doubt in my mind that I look incredibly stupid, leaning back against a brick wall and giving someone permission to pleasure me. Still, I wouldn't doubt that this is his first time, and if he wants to try first, then who am I to deny him that?

With quivering hands and a look somewhere between excitement and determination, Aoi wrestles with the zipper of my jeans – which of course only serves to make my already-raging member twitch with excitement, making the job even harder on him. When he finally gets it out, there's no "Oh, it's so big" or surprised gasp. He doesn't have to have seen someone else's to know what a penis is going to be like, and he doesn't have to have practiced and experimented to know what makes a blow job into an experience.

If he's a virgin, then I don't think I'll ever want another woman's lips on my cock.

The way his tongue circles around my shaft, pulsing even as it pushes up and down, the way he kisses my glans just to play with the opening of my urethra using his tongue, the way he massages my testicles and hits every spot at once, it all comes together into one of the most incredible moments of my life. The slight moans that escape his mouth provide the perfect soundtrack to the experience, raising me to an even higher level of arousal. It takes every ounce of will power to hold off on ejaculating for more than a few minutes, and even then his ministrations take my breath away. "Aoi...I'm almost..." is as far as I can make it before the pressure is just too much to hold back, and my hot white load shoots out, only barely missing his face. Instead, it dribbles down his neck and across his chest.

"Where did...where did you learn to...?" Still in a daze, I let my hand fall weakly on his head, which is now resting in my lap. The feeling of his hair as I stroke it gently is relaxing – a nice respite after...that. "I don't know...I just, uh...kind of guessed." His face is adorned with a blush and a dazzling smile, and his eyes are half closed; he looks happier than I've ever seen him. All this is both perfectly framed and offset by his mussy hair, which hasn't held up through the experience nearly as well as his erection. Which, I think, I should get around to taking care of.

With a swift motion of my hand, I ruffle Aoi's hair gently. His head lowers slightly, and he giggles at this – God, he's adorable. I have to keep moving now, though, or I'll never find the will to stop admiring him. That wouldn't be fair at all. As I move to rise, he backs onto his knees as though he's forgotten already what I plan on doing with him. I lay my hands gently on his hips, and move him to his back with a swift kiss, which becomes a line of kisses that clean his body off as I make my way down to the lump in his skirt once again.

And it occurs to me that I've never dealt with taking off a skirt before. Thankfully, Aoi seems all too eager to let loose this time, and within seconds, the skirt falls away to reveal his penis standing at attention. Even though I thought I was ready for this, it...kind of takes me off guard. Still, looking at Aoi's pleading face, and hearing his heavy breathing at the prospect of finally feeling what he just did to me, for the first time in his life no less...The least I can do is try.

And try I do. It's all I can do to keep a steady head as I slowly lick up and down his pulsing cock, trying to remember every little motion that he used on me through his slight moans of ecstasy. Any hesitation there was is gone in me now, his voice never fails to drive me crazy, but hesitating may just be what I need most. Up and down, licking and sucking lightly on his head, until I hear a sharp gasp, which is my signal to stop. I'm a horrible tease, but I just know this is going to turn out better for him for it. Still, he almost looks like he's about to cry when I look up, and it almost breaks my heart.
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"Hold on, just a second. Trust me...we're going to need this."
He seems at a loss for words, opting only to nod in confusion as I reach into my pocket. I've been called a creep for carrying this sort of thing around, but if you ask me, it's like a condom. There's no way anyone in their right mind would do what he's about to without it, so keeping in mind what's to come, I tear open a small package of lubricant and smother my fingertips with the contents. Slowly, I return to the task at hand – or mouth, as it were – licking and sucking on every point I can maneuver to with my tongue as I reach around with my lubricated hand, and-"Ngyaa!"

And did not in fact penetrate his not quite so ready ass while bringing him to an orgasm that I'm sure he would have appreciated.
"What, can't take a little anal play?"
"That's...that's a little much, d-don't you think? For our first time?"
"Aoi...That is our first time. Just trust me, and relax...You'll enjoy this, I promise."
"I don't know," Now this is just wrong. First he's got to persuade me to take the leap, and now he's the one hesitating? You won't be getting off that easy, Aoi. "It just seems a litt-" The same trick always works twice, they say. Once more, I have to silence him with a kiss, and once more, he submits. This time, though, when my hands start groping those tight yet oh-so-soft mounds, they don't stop. They rub and they play around his hole, and all the while I cut off any protests with our ever-deepening kiss, until finally the time comes, and a single finger makes its way into his corridor.

Gentle is the word. Gentle and soft, my finger pumps in and out – just to get him used to the feeling. It's the first rule of anal, for men or women, and you can't break it. Take it easy. Keeping this in mind, I keep my finger moving even as I move for his penis for what seems like the hundredth time (It's like this boy really doesn't want to come...) and go through the motions, having gotten a bit better now with all this practice. His moans have doubled in intensity now, and his raging erection twitches uncontrollably in my mouth as my tongue dances around his head and teases his urethra. Whether it's from the addition of my finger or just me getting better, I know he's close now. This opportunity isn't going to waste. Not this time.

When it comes, there's not a groan or a grunt. He just lets out a long, satisfied sigh, and shoots his load into my mouth with the largest twitch yet. Wave after wave of the sticky fluid comes shooting out of his penis and flooding my mouth. For some 15 seconds, we sit in silence as his juices flow onto and around my tongue, the volume no doubt a result of the constant interruptions and anticipation of this point. It tastes better than I had expected, but then I should have seen it coming from the taste on his lips. Ask anyone how to get someone more enthusiastic about going down on you, and they'll tell you to eat fruit or chocolate. This is why, I guess. Just as soon as I'm sure that he's finished, I slowly move back, sucking slightly to make sure that he's clean, and move with a smile to his face. With each pant his chest rises and falls slowly, in contrast with both of our heart beats. The way his eyes and mouth hang only slightly open makes him look like he's in a daze of pleasure, and just make me want to kiss him.

Well. Why wait?
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With the surprisingly sweet fluid still sloshing around in my mouth and my hand still working his ass, I raise my head to his. He seems to be taken off guard, though whether it's the kiss or the contents remains a mystery. Still, with the same vigor from earlier, our tongues intertwine, and the flavor of his semen is shared between us. The kiss itself lasts for what feels like minutes, back and forth until the entirety of my little gift has dissolved and even further. It's comfortable here, with him...It's enough.

Until of course, I remember where my hand is.
"Do you think you're ready for a little more?"
His arms are still around me, and he's still trying to catch his breath. With a quivering breath, he nods, just once, and I add another finger to the inside of his hole. With the sudden extra tightness come shuddering breaths and moans. The way he immediately lost all his strength and relies on me completely to hold him up is somewhere between adorable and arousing, and I wouldn't be able to pin it were it not for the raging erections we both sported now. It drives me crazy having to go slow like this, but...three times in this span is just impossible. It'd be unreasonable to expect either of us to be able to pull it off, so I have to save it for what we've been building up to this whole time...

I couldn't say how long we went on like that, but by the time his moaning subsided I couldn't stand a second longer. By this point, he trusts me completely, and I trust him – our minds are too shrouded by pleasure to worry about consequences. So when I motion for him to bend over, he knows exactly what's coming, and he's ready for it. The hardest erection I've ever sported soon finds itself poised between the smooth, fleshy mounds of his buttocks, but even so I have to take a moment to savor the view. See, this is always the best moment, for me. Everything has led up to this point, both of us have worked for it, and here I have in front of me not only a beautiful young...man. Okay, so that's different but it doesn't change the fact that he has a fantastic ass, or the fact that he's presenting it with eager eyes for me to take at will. If ass is a fine wine, then this is the moment before tasting it. Gotta make it last.

Of course, I go through that monologue unconsciously every time, leaving me very little time to actually appreciate said view. So, slowly and carefully, I push against his relaxed anus, and enter the door to heaven. At once we gasp with pleasure, my engorged penis ramming against his prostate and his tight virgin hole clamping down around me like a giant squid would clamp around an unsuspecting ship. The smell of our sweat and fluids fills the alleyway with our moans, as we no longer care about what passersby may hear us. This is our moment, and we're living it to the fullest. As I pump in and out of him, my mind is in such a haze that I almost don't notice how much he's moving his own hips. My knees are getting weaker and weaker, so it's not all too unnatural when I bend over his back, bringing myself closer to his head, his scent, his penis wagging in the air in front of him, sadly neglected.

I can't help but feel bad for it. So cold and free, while mine is comfortably inside of him, getting rubbed back and forth, almost ready to shoot its load...Seeking to remedy this, I reach over and start stroking his shaft, the size of which matches my own. As soon as I make contact, he lets out another adorable gasp that only serves to make it harder for me to hold off on coming, myself. Every second like this isn't just sex, any more, it's bliss – being together with Aoi is almost too much for me.

Thirty seconds pass. A minute. Five. All the while, wet slaps accompany every thrust, every moan, every gasp. It doesn't take long before I can tell we've both reached our limits.
"Aoi, I'm-hngh-I'm almost..."
"Me...Me too..."
And with one last, triumphant thrust and a long sigh from both of us, I shot my seed into him, and he over the floor of the alley. It's with no small amount of reluctance that I pull out, finally leaving the warmth and comfort of his insides, but he quickly joins me on my lap.

And now, we sit. Just...sit. Enjoy each other's presence. Enjoy the sound of his soft breath against my chest, the faint smell of his perfume, now clear to me as he lies this close with his arms around me. Just holding him here, I don't have to think about what comes next. This...this is good.
"So...we're dating now, I guess...right?"
Well damn. We kind of are, aren't we? I mean, we're not technically obliged, but...I did say I loved him, and I did do...well, a lot of things. Can't back down now.
"Yeah. Yeah, I guess we are."
"So...what do you want to do for our next date, then?"
"Oh, I don't know. Dinner and a movie?"
"Isn't there that new Star Wars movie coming out? We should go see that one!"
"Sounds like a date."
And with another smile that would blind God himself, he looks up at me for just a second, before closing his eyes and laying against me again.

Yeah. I can live with this.
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That was incredible.
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キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
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I came and then came again.
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Countless buckets.
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Awesome. Simply awesome.

I mean no, dear god this is so great.
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Wonderful. Faptastic. Etc.
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Veni, vidi, veni. Beautiful work, you glorious bastard.
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Somehow coming from you, that makes me feel very accomplished. Thank you, and all the others who've posted.

Now...what to write next...
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There is nothing left to write.

You've written it all.
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I hate to disappoint or undermine you, but I'm rather sure that I've only just begun, this being my first contribution to the site.

Whether it's my last, of course, remains yet to be seen.
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Write David meeting Yuka for the first time under pleasant circumstances.

Segue into pleasant conversation, ending with them realizing the mother/son connection.
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This...is an idea. I'll see what I can do. Thank you for your suggestion.
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>Somehow coming from you, that makes me feel very accomplished.

Aw, yer makin' me blush.
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I do hope you aren't put off by this - as many people have been by my offhand comments - but while others did do the H-scene first, and introduced the idea, you are solely responsible for my descent into erotic literature. You showed me it could be more than a bonus scene.

Not to say that others haven't been important influences, or that your story is "all H" - indeed, the romantic, lighthearted aspects have defined it just as well - but you are the person who started me on the path, as it were.

Once again. Thank you.
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Now you're really making me blush.

But seriously, you're welcome. And, well, thank you, too.
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Oh my. How did I forget to reply to this?

Anyway, yeah. That was excellent, and I look forward to your future works, NewAgeRetroHippie.

Also, have an unrelated, though still cute, Cirno.
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Here. I give you a bucket full of GJ. Go ahead and eat it while it's still hot.
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I heartily approve of this wonderful piece.

>>giant squid would clamp around an unsuspecting ship

Thought you could slip a little Nasu in eh?
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Amazingly great story~♫
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Glorious. Absolutely amazing.
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>Write David meeting Yuka for the first time under pleasant circumstances.
>Segue into pleasant conversation, ending with them realizing the mother/son connection.

do it faggot
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Yes, actually. It and the Star Wars bit were things I knew certain individuals would get a kick out of, so.

Yes, that would be the idea.
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So, what is this again?
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H scene using a character from a CYOA you used to read but don't anymore.