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Sometimes I write stories, on the spot, in #MiG. This is one of them...


One day. The last day I remember clearly anymore. We kissed on top of the hill. Our hill.

And then you left.

I knew you had to. I knew it had to be this way. But I wanted to follow.

I wanted to break the rules of this crazy world.

To destroy the border.

But nothing could change my status. Born with it, I was doomed to die with it.

But you my faithful love. You weren't bound by anything.

You were a person opposed to borders and laws and anything and everything the world put in your way.

And for the life of me you made me feel more free than I had ever felt before.

My heart was a bird singing your praises. My life a shadow before your sunlight came.

And now on my deathbed, my only wish is that I could break the border between me and you...

WheReEveR YOu aRE