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File 122750476688.jpg - (147.71KB , 1280x1024 , komachi.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Protect the girl. She might get hurt or killed.
[X] Use the longsword.


"Are you alright?" Vincent asks as he approaches the girl.

She nods slowly. Looking closer, the girl seems to be dripping wet. Perhaps she fell into a stream or a pond. Aside from a few small cuts and scratches, she doesn't seem to be hurt.

"Get behind me," Vincent says.

The girl looks at him, then at Komachi. The tall scythe-wielder glances at her.

"It's alright Chen, just stay back." she says calmly to the girl.

The girl nods obediently and runs behind Vincent for cover. She tightly clutches the back of his coat. He can feel her shivering. He tightens his grip on his sword.

"You'll be alright," he whispers.

The Youkai beasts have started circling them. Their cold reptilian eyes shine intelligently as they prepare to strike. They seem to be natural pack hunters, and by the size of their teeth and talons, they look like they can easily tear apart an elephant or a rhino. But that isn't the worst part.

"There are over a dozen of them," he mutters uneasily.

He glances at Komachi. She looks unexpectedly calm.

"Stay back," she says.

She pulls out a strange card from her dress and runs toward the creatures. She mutters something under her breath as she charges. The Youkai beasts rush forward to meet her attack.

"Death Price, 「Price of Life」," she cries.

Coins. An incredibly large number of coins materializes from her position. She sends them flying toward the incoming beasts. Some of the beasts manage to dodge the initial attack, but the rest of them are torn apart in seconds. Vincent and the girl can only watch in awe.

Komachi pushes forward with her attack, shooting out even more coins. The coins tear through the trees like bullets, killing the beasts that tried to use them as cover. Several of the larger trees fall down heavily to the ground as she continues her barrage.

"Shinigami," he mutters softly. She truly is a Death God.

Suddenly, the girl named Chen tugs roughly at his sleeve. He turns to see that several of the beasts have managed to sneak around Komachi. The creatures eye them hungrily, dripping green saliva on the ground as they step closer.

[It seems like it's our turn.]

There seem to be five or six of them. Komachi hasn't noticed their predicament. Vincent grips his sword tightly as he prepares to counterattack. He can feel Chen shivering behind him.

[Remember who you are...]

[ ] "Human Sign, 「Blade of Memories」"
[ ] "Holy Seal, 「Defiance of Despair」"
[ ]" Restless Delusion, 「Unending Grudge」"
[ ] Custom
>> No. 12956
[x] "Human Sign, 「Blade of Memories」"
>> No. 12957
{X} "Human Sign, 「Blade of Memories」"
>> No. 12959
[ ] "Holy Seal, 「Defiance of Despair」"

>> No. 12960
[X] "Clarity, 「Island in Time」"
>> No. 12961
[x] "Human Sign, 「Blade of Memories」"
>> No. 12962
[x] "Human Sign, 「Blade of Memories」"
>> No. 12963
[!/] "Human Sign, 「Blade of Memories」"

Sounds badass.
>> No. 12964
[x] "Human Sign, 「Blade of Memories」"
Sounds like one of Youmoe's spellcards.
>> No. 12965
Calling it.
[x] "Human Sign, 「Blade of Memories」"
>> No. 12966
File 122757129265.jpg - (4.89KB , 150x147 , focused_movement.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] "Human Sign, 「Blade of Memories」"


The youkai beasts form a semi-circle around Vincent and Chen. They growl and paw at the ground impatiently as they wait for an opening. They glance at each other as if preparing for a trap. Chen holds on to him tightly. He can feel her soft, damp body shuddering against him.

[Calm your mind.]

Vincent closes his eyes and tries to focus. As he prepares to draw his sword, he feels his senses being heightened. Even without looking, he can feel the position of each beast. There are seven of them, with one preparing to attack from behind.

[You have seen this all before.]

He knows this attack formation. The one behind them will act as a decoy so the others can exploit an opening. Most likely, it will attack Chen first, since she is the most vulnerable. This is similar to how a pack of predators attack the young of large animals. He feels that he has fought this kind of battle dozens of times in the past.

[The wisdom that is passed down in our line is never lost.]

Vincent smirks confidently.

Without warning, the youkai beast behind them leaps down and runs toward Chen. The girl shrieks in fear as it approaches. But before it takes another step, it stops, frozen in its tracks. Vincent smirks confidently.

"You are already dead." he says. His sword is already drawn and glinting brightly in the sun.

The beast makes a sickening gurgling noise before it falls to the ground in three neat slices. The other beasts cry out in anger as they charge towards them. He glances at them indifferently.

"Human Sign, 「Blade of Memories」" he mutters.

He leaps toward the beasts and swings his sword. A single blinding flash of light spreads throughout the forest. Both Komachi and Chen cover their eyes to avoid the sudden brightness. In the next moment, the seven beasts lie dismembered by his feet. Not a drop of blood can be seen on both his clothes and his sword.

Vincent walks slowly beside Chen.

"Are you alright?" he asks softly.

The girl nods quickly.

Vincent sighs in relief. He can vaguely see Komachi flying toward them. Looks like she took care of the rest of the vermin. His vision is starting to blur, and he can feel an incredible amount of pain all throughout his body.

[ ] Wrap your coat around Chen before passing out.
[ ] Give Komachi a thumbs-up before falling unconscious.
[ ] Say a prayer for the dead before blacking out.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 12967
[x] Wrap your coat around Chen before passing out.
[x] "I need to get back to Hakugyokurou"
>> No. 12968
[x] Wrap your coat around Chen before passing out.
[x] "I need to get back to Hakugyokurou"
>> No. 12969
File 122757682441.jpg - (137.40KB , 457x600 , 1227410468854.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Give Komachi~ a thumbs-up before falling unconscious.
>> No. 12970
File 122757914336.jpg - (619.11KB , 1024x768 , ashita_no_joe1024x768.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"You are already dead."


[x] "I remember..."
[x] Give Komachi a thumbs-up before falling unconscious.
>> No. 12971
[X] Give Komachi a thumbs-up before falling unconscious.

Can't resist the manly option.
>> No. 12972
[X] Give Komachi a thumbs-up before falling unconscious.
>> No. 12976
[x] Wrap your coat around Chen before passing out.
[x] "I need to get back to Hakugyokurou"
>> No. 13009
[X] Give Komachi a thumbs-up before falling unconscious.
>> No. 13022
File 122774770433.jpg - (109.47KB , 480x640 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Give Komachi a thumbs-up before falling unconscious.


Youmu sighs heavily as she sweeps around the entrance of the mansion.

"Where could he have gone," she mutters aloud.

When she came to check Vincent's room, he wasn't there. His weapons and coat were missing, though he left his travelling pack. He didn't even leave a note. Lady Yuyuko didn't seem worried though.

"Some time apart makes love grow fonder," she said.

Youmu shakes her head uneasily. That Yuyuko really can't take anything seriously, can she? It isn't that she likes him or anything like that. She just needs him to take care of the seal. He's just another lost Outsider; he is no one special to her.


"I promised to stand by your side," he says.

"W-what? Y-you can't, you're just a human!" she argues. "It is too dangerous, even for you!"

He firmly takes hold of her hand and looks into her eyes.

"I'll protect you."

"B-but -"

He interrupts her with a deep kiss. Her eyes widen in surprise, but slowly she returns his gesture. After a few moments, he pulls away.

"Just go," he says. "I'll meet you at the river."

He draws his sword and begins walking away. His blade glints brightly in the moonlight.


Youmu absent-mindedly puts a finger to her mouth. She knows that it is just a dream, but she has to admit that it excited her quite a bit. She feels herself blushing as she remembers more, but she pays it no mind. No one is here to see her anyway.


Suddenly, someone grabs her shoulder from behind.

"So you're thinking about him again, aren't you..."

"E-eh? W-what are you t-talking about?" she mumbles.

Yuyuko ruffles the half-ghost's hair playfully.

"S-stop that!" Youmu says.

"Ara? But I can't help it. My little Youmu looks so cute with such a dreamy look on her!"

Youmu pushes her arms away and quickly calms herself down.

"L-like I said earlier, it isn't like that."

Yuyuko raises her hand to silence her. Then, she points at the sky. Someone seems to be approaching.

"We seem to have guests," she says.

Youmu nod to her and puts down her broom.

[ ] Fly toward the newcomers and question them.
[ ] Wait patiently until they come closer.
[ ] Prepare to attack the intruders.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 13023
[x] Wait patiently until they come closer.
>> No. 13025
File 122775280825.jpg - (38.24KB , 506x697 , 7437d31a3acb8b702882cb0b902c3777.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Wait patiently until they come closer.

Waitan' gam----OH FUCK.
>> No. 13026
[X] Fly toward the newcomers and question them.
>> No. 13027
[x] Intercept the intruders and yell "STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!"
>> No. 13028
[x] Wait patiently until they come closer.
>> No. 13030
[ ] Fly toward the newcomers and question them.
>> No. 13036
[x] Wait patiently until they come closer
>> No. 13037
[x] Wait patiently until they come closer

As much I can see Youmu going and intercepting them before I can see her doing this, we've got choices for a reason. Getting all up in their face and questioning them sounds pretty rude to me, after all.
>> No. 13039
Calling it.
[X] Wait patiently until they come closer.
>> No. 13040
File 122783807788.jpg - (218.85KB , 590x820 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Wait patiently until they come closer.


Ever since the border was weakened, they have had several guests from outside Hakugyokurou. No sense in being rude, as Lady Yuyuko said before. Besides, she could always get rid of them later.

"You aren't going to interrogate our guests?" Yuyuko asks.

Youmu shakes her head.

"We've had quite a few regulars lately. It might just be the lazy shrine maiden or that reckless black-white." she says calmly.

Yuyuko puts a hand on Youmu's cheek. Youmu blushes slightly as she turns her head.

"You are growing up beautifully." Yuyuko says.

Yuyuko moves closer, only a few inches from her face. Youmu's eyes widen in surprise. Yuyuko kisses her deftly on the cheek.

"W-what are you doing?" Youmu stammers. "T-this is inappropriate!"

Yuyuko simply giggles.

"I couldn't help it - you looked so cute just then," she says. "Don't worry, I won't go further than this. You're saving yourself for someone else, aren't you?"

"I-it's just a misunderstanding!" Youmu shouts.

Suddenly, someone clears her throat. Youmu turns toward the sound.

"Excuse me for interrupting, but I think I have something you ghosts might be looking for."

Komachi is standing by the entrance, smiling enigmatically. Chen is standing beside her, clinging to a large pile of cloth between them. Youmu looks closer at the pile. She recognizes the person wrapped inside it.

"V-Vincent?" Youmu mutters.

"We should get him inside," the shinigami says.


"W-will big brother be fine?" Chen asks.

"I think this will do for now," Komachi says. "He doesn't seem to be seriously injured. I think he just overexerted himself a little bit."

"What happened?" Youmu asks as she covers the unconscious Vincent with a blanket.

Komachi puts her hand on her chin as she organizes her thoughts.

"It's a long story," she finally answers. "Why don't we talk about it over some tea and snacks?"

Yuyuko practically hops in delight. She starts walking toward the door.

"I'll get some sweet buns! You like those, don't you Chen?" she says.

The little nekomata nods excitedly in agreement.

"I really like sweet buns, big sis Yuyu~" Chen says as she follows Yuyuko out of the room.


"Well, I suppose I'll accept your hospitality," Komachi says as she stands up. "Can't let those buns go to waste."

"W-wait..." Youmu says weakly.

The three of them leave the room before Youmu can say anything else. She sighs to herself as she turns to look at Vincent. He seems to be resting peacefully.

"Well, at least he's alright," Youmu mutters to herself.

She finds herself alone with the ghost hunter.

[ ] Follow the others to the dining room. You need to ask about what happened.
[ ] Return to your room. You need some time alone.
[ ] Head to the dojo and practice. Maybe you can clear your head.
[ ] Take a seat in the corner and watch over Vincent. He might wake up confused.
[ ] Examine Vincent carefully. He might have some injuries they didn't notice.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 13041
[x] Move close to his face, with thoughts of kissing him on your mind.

Oh, this will be epic.
>> No. 13042

[ ] Examine Vincent carefully. He might have some injuries they didn't notice.
>> No. 13043
File 122784252517.jpg - (84.08KB , 679x443 , 808e91b1b7ddf636a8596569734971f8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Examine Vincent carefully. He might have some injuries they didn't notice.
>> No. 13044
[x] Examine Vincent carefully. He might have some injuries they didn't notice.

Spiritual injuries!
>> No. 13045
[x] Examine Vincent carefully. He might have some injuries they didn't notice.
>> No. 13046
[x] Examine Vincent carefully. He might have some injuries they didn't notice.
>> No. 13047
We're going to have to remember to reset that bomb-seal timer thing, or destroy it.

Wonder how much time is left on it...
>> No. 13048
{X} Examine Vincent carefully. He might have some injuries they didn't notice.
>> No. 13049
Should be more than a day left.
>> No. 13052
[x] Move close to his face, with thoughts of kissing him on your mind.
>> No. 13061
Calling it.
[X] Examine Vincent carefully. He might have some injuries they didn't notice.
>> No. 13062
File 122792863282.jpg - (77.72KB , 500x500 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Examine Vincent carefully. He might have some injuries they didn't notice.


[Wake up, you fool!]

Something soft is brushing against his head and down to his chest. He can feel something probing his vital points. He has a familiar feeling about it.

[Get up!]

He can feel someone's hands slowly feeling his arms and legs. They feel a little bit colder than normal, but the sensation is quite pleasant. The silky touch of the person's fingers is quite enticing.

[You need a weapon.]

He can sense someone staring at him nearby. She must be looking down right over his head.

[Kill her now.]

Without warning, he feels something soft press against his lips. He stays still as his brain tries to recover from shock. For several minutes, he pretends to be asleep. His mind races as he tries to figure out how to react.


Finally, Vincent opens his eyes.

"E-eh?" he manages.

A very surprised Youmu is looking down at him. Her face first turns a deathly pale white. Then it turns bright crimson. He doesn't really understand, but she seems to be in a panic.

"E-excuse me!" she says.

Youmu stands up and runs out of the room. By the sound of her footsteps, she must be in a hurry.


Vincent stays still and lies on the futon for a few more minutes. His body still aches quite a bit. He seems to be back in Hakugyokurou.

[ ] Go back to sleep.
[ ] Check your things.
[ ] Head to the dining room.
[ ] Take a walk around the grounds.
[ ] Leave Hakugyokurou.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 13063
[X] Kill Youmu

I'll trust the voice.
>> No. 13064
[ ] Head to the dining room.
>> No. 13066
File 122793110225.jpg - (77.33KB , 520x600 , 95ab445418e63ed279f263f4187d4b34.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Head to the dining room.

>> No. 13075
[x] Check your things.
[x] Head to the dining room.
[x] Go back to sleep.

In this order. Let's be lazy~
>> No. 13078
[ ] Head to the dining room.
>> No. 13079
[ ] Head to the dining room.
>> No. 13098
[x] Head to the dining room
>> No. 13099
{X} Head to the dining room.
>> No. 13100
Calling it.
[x] Head to the dining room.
>> No. 13101
File 122801186697.jpg - (102.22KB , 600x600 , chen_bun.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Head to the dining room.


Vincent stands up and rubs his eyes. A quick glance tells him that he is back at his room in Hakugyokurou. Komachi must have brought him here after he blacked out. He needs to thank her later.


He yawns as he steps out of the room. He considers checking his pockets for anything missing, but he doesn't feel like doing that right now. His stomach grumbles angrily as if to remind him of a forgotten duty. He hasn't eaten anything today.

The walk to the dining room is peaceful. Vincent glances at the well-kept garden as he passes by. Youmu must be very diligent to take such good care of the mansion and grounds. Maybe the work only tires herself half as much.

"Get back here!"

He can hear at least two pairs of footsteps getting louder as he nears the corner. They seem to be approaching him. Vincent prepares to draw his sword. A small figure runs into sight.

"E-eh?" he mutters.

Suddenly, a child-sized red blur runs toward him and disappears. He can feel someone tugging at the back of his coat.

"Chen?" he says slowly.

A second figure clears the corner. He recognizes the shinigami instantly. She is waving her scythe dangerously from her arm as she catches her breath.

"Give... it... back..." she says between breaths.

Vincent turns around to see Chen looking up at him pitifully. She seem to be holding a sweet bun. Those eyes are difficult to resist, but Komachi looks pretty furious.

[ ] Tell Chen to run and try to stop Komachi from chasing her. You can't resist those eyes.
[ ] Tell Chen to stay behind him. Try to talk to Komachi and resolve this peacefully.
[ ] Grab Chen and help Komachi subdue her. She must have stolen the sweet bun.
[ ] Take the sweet bun from Chen and eat it quickly. You are famished.
[ ] Do nothing. You don't want to get involved.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 13102
[!/] Take the sweet bun from Chen and eat it quickly. You are famished.

Looks like we're gonna get KO'd, again.
>> No. 13103
[x] Take the sweet bun from Chen and eat it quickly. You are famished.
>> No. 13104
[x] Take the sweet bun from Chen and eat it quickly. You are famished.

Oh god, I want to see what this does.
>> No. 13105
[x] Take the sweet bun from Chen and eat it quickly. You are famished.

haha, best option!
>> No. 13106
[x] Take the sweet bun from Chen and eat it quickly. You are famished.

I have no regrets, only path, etc.
>> No. 13114
File 122808317034.jpg - (214.96KB , 473x561 , chen.jpg ) [iqdb]
Server is currently undergoing maintenance.

Loading New Scenarios: Saigyouji Bloodline, Return of the Master, Death God's Duty

Loading New Features: Youmu Bad Ends, Paranoia Gauge

Please wait warmly until it is ready.
>> No. 13115

Not a damn one of those sounds like a good thing. Fuck.
>> No. 13119
Not my fault you guys forgot your "King Solomon solutions to everyday problems."
>> No. 13146
File 122826241575.jpg - (69.94KB , 562x592 , ran_frustrated.jpg ) [iqdb]
The nine-tailed kitsune rubs her temple in frustration. She never expected the project to be this difficult.

Ran Yakumo is widely known as one of the most intelligent and powerful beast youkai in Gensokyo. She can handle difficult analytic tasks, especially in mathematics. When Yukari first suggested this endeavor, she took it upon herself as a matter of pride.

"You were able to make Chen your shikigami, so this should be really simple for you~" Yukari said.

Ran sighs as she crumples up another piece of paper filled with failed calculations.

Two months have passed since she accepted this project. She still continued doing the household chores, the border checks, and Yukari's errands. After her usual mundane duties, she found this as a good diversion during her spare time. However, even after spending weeks of careful research and study, she hasn't found a way to accomplish this task.

"I heard that Rinnosuke has quite a few parts and books you might find useful," Yukari said.

Ran made it a point to visit Kourindou every chance she passed by the Human Village for shopping. The store owner was quite amiable to her requests, perhaps at Yukari's prompting. She found no problems in obtaining the parts she needed.

"You can probably talk to Sanae and the others at Moriya shrine too," Yukari said.

She visited the Moriya shrine several times, despite the distance. While she found Sanae's advice useful and up-to-date, the shrine maiden lacked the technical knowledge she needed. She did learn that the inhabitants of the Moriya shrine are quite affable, despite their violent arrival in Gensokyo.

"Take as much time as you need," Yukari said. "I know you have doubts, but I need this done properly. I know I can count on you."

She doesn't really understand the point of this task, but she can't let her master down.

"Alright, let's try this again!" Ran says aloud, psyching herself up.

A large wheeled blackboard lies in front of her. Ran takes a glance at the big bold letters she wrote on it during the first day.

"Internet in Gensokyo," she reads aloud.
>> No. 13147
File 122826585271.jpg - (55.24KB , 792x617 , 10408.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd actually start out with something like this :

>> No. 13148
File 122826788098.jpg - (206.42KB , 1000x705 , 1198200648048.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, so many complications, including the fan favorite "effects of strong electromagnetic fields on supernatural entities."

Maybe they should just turn Eientei into an Internet Cafe.
>> No. 13151
File 122827815354.jpg - (155.21KB , 708x910 , sample-28e48b28e7018e596963858a5059e7ec.jpg ) [iqdb]

>"Internet in Gensokyo," she reads aloud.

Can a 800 year old kitsune see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch the internet?
>> No. 13173
Server upgrade is almost complete.

Please wait warmly until it is ready.
>> No. 13176
File 122836200098.jpg - (20.88KB , 401x422 , chen_cry.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Take the sweet bun from Chen and eat it quickly. You are famished.


Suddenly, Vincent feels a deep grumbling from within. He looks at Chen with a hungry look in his eyes. It looks so soft that his mouth waters in anticipation. It must feel really warm and comfortable. He wants to hold it so badly! Sweet, oh so sweet - it must be so... delicious!

"B-big brother?" Chen whispers.

He must take it into his hands and squeeze the tender parts slowly. Gently, he will bring it up to his nose and enjoy it's deep aroma. Finally, with mouth open he will... violate it! He must ravage this thing! He must bore his tongue deep into it's folds and taste its juices! It only exists for his pleasure! He cares not of its feelings! He must...

"Y-you are looking at me k-kinda funny," she says.

This will not be over quickly. She will not enjoy this. This little delight of ecstasy, he can't resist it any longer...

"Let's eat," Vincent says with a crazy smile on his face.

With one swift motion, he grabs the sweet bun from Chen's small hands. He takes it to his mouth and bites deeply into the helpless dumpling. It doesn't resist as he takes another bite, and then another. The delicate texture of the bun stimulates him even more as he rams his head into it deeper and deeper. He grinds his tongue into its paste mercilessly. The shikigami and nekomata watch silently in shock as Vincent greedily devours the bun.


In the next few seconds, several things occur. Chen tugs at his sleeve, looking up to him. Komachi shouts something like a battle cry as she charges forward. Vincent takes a half-step back. Chen's eyes start to tear up. Komachi grabs his neck with her free hand. Vincent opens his mouth to say something. Chen starts sniffling softly. Komachi jerks him up high above the floor with unbelievable strength. Vincent starts sputtering gibberish as he chokes. Chen loses control and starts bawling loudly. Komachi seems to be shouting at him. Vincent feels himself turn blue as his head starts to lose blood.

"L-let him go!" someone cries. The voice sounds familiar, somehow.

Komachi throws him hard against the wall. He cringes in pain as he feels every bone in his body creak with the impact. He crumples down on the ground weakly.

The sounds. The pain. The colors. The pain. The movement. The pain.

He looks up at them, but it takes several minutes for his brain to process the situation. Komachi seems to be arguing loudly with Youmu. Both of them have their weapons drawn. To the left, Chen hasn't stopped crying. She looks really upset. To the far right, Yuyuko seems to be calling him over to follow her. None of the others seem to have noticed the ghost princess.

What a mess.

[ ] Apologize to Komachi.
[ ] Try to comfort Chen.
[ ] Ask Youmu for help.
[ ] Sneak away with Yuyuko.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 13177
[x] "Could someone bring me another?"
>> No. 13180
[x] "Could someone bring me another?"

All of this over a sweet bun?

...Must've been a damn good sweet bun.
>> No. 13181
[x] You slam your foot down as hard as you can and continue "If something as crappy as a simple pastry means that much to the both of you, I'll go out and get you more! But for the love of all that is mighty, stop with this foolishness!"
[x] Before they can say anything, steal a last glance at Yuyuko and stomp off to your room, grab your sword, and with a final "GOD DAMMIT!" exit the building and go cool off somewhere on the grounds.
>> No. 13182
[x] "Could someone bring me another?"
>> No. 13183
[x] Try to comfort Chen.
[x] Get another for her.
Sorry, MachiMachi, but you were slacking both times it was stolen.
>> No. 13184
File 122836577433.png - (453.39KB , 400x1200 , 3fe7f7f5a8a024c267f7a50718c0f832.png ) [iqdb]

Oh...OH GOD.


[!/]Summon an aura of crushing despair
>> No. 13185
[X] Try to comfort Chen.
>> No. 13186
File 122836858246.jpg - (21.19KB , 338x324 , 1221517614476.jpg ) [iqdb]
gee it sure is /shrine/ around here
>> No. 13187
[x] Try to comfort Chen.
>> No. 13190
[x] "Could someone bring me another?"
>> No. 13224
File 122880003091.png - (667.18KB , 1114x876 , komachi_angry.png ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] "Could someone bring me another?"


Vincent props himself up, despite the pain. He needs to do something about this mess.

Komachi glares at him for a moment before turning back to Youmu. Youmu is looking at him with concern as she maintains her fighting stance. She takes a glance at Chen before facing Komachi and narrowing her eyes. Chen is still crying loudly; the situation must be too much for the poor girl. Yuyuko is beckoning him to sneak over to the right with a sly smile on her face.

He has to end this misunderstanding. But what can he say?

He opens his mouth slowly to say something, but without warning, he recalls the heavenly sensation he felt in his mouth. Words are not enough to describe the divine quality of that experience. That sweet bun was simply wonderful.

"Could someone bring me another?" he says aloud.

An awkward silence fills the room.

Youmu looks at him with "What the hell?" spelled out on her face. Chen stops crying and is now staring blankly at him in shock. Yuyuko covers her mouth with her fan as she forces herself not to laugh. Komachi is...

Vincent blinks.

Komachi is standing right over him. She looks positively infuriated.

The last thing Vincent sees is her fist about to imprint itself deep into his face.


He is standing in a miasma of light and color. Slowly, the world comes into focus.


Someone else is here.

He prepares to draw his sword, but he finds that he is unarmed.

"Welcome back," an eerie voice whispers.

He looks up to see the newcomer.

[ ] A beautiful woman standing underneath a gargantuan cherry tree
[ ] An ancient hermit and swordsman watching the clouds
[ ] Death itself, waiting for your last moments
[ ] Custom
>> No. 13230
[!/] A long haired ArchAngel, watching since your first moments.
>> No. 13231
... I have to ask those who voted for that last one: was that really necessary?
>> No. 13234
File 122880250875.jpg - (69.09KB , 500x500 , 9b719d07c696983d13e848d2f3900586.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] An ancient hermit and swordsman watching the clouds

>> No. 13237
If I were to compare >>13224 to >>13114 in order, then I shall choose this:

[x] A beautiful woman standing underneath a gargantuan cherry tree
>> No. 13238
[x] A beautiful woman standing underneath a gargantuan cherry tree
>> No. 13244
[†] An ancient hermit and swordsman watching the clouds
>> No. 13247
[x] A beautiful woman standing underneath a gargantuan cherry tree

Man Komachi is srs business when it comes to food.
>> No. 13248
[x] An ancient hermit and swordsman watching the clouds
Stay on target
>> No. 13250
[x] An ancient hermit and swordsman watching the clouds
Stay on target
>> No. 13253
[x] An ancient hermit and swordsman watching the clouds
>> No. 13258
File 122887128623.jpg - (18.68KB , 400x300 , porkins.jpg ) [iqdb]
did someone say "stay on target?"
>> No. 13261
[x] An ancient hermit and swordsman watching the clouds
>> No. 13262
Those sweet buns make everyone crazy.
>> No. 13265
[x] A beautiful woman standing underneath a gargantuan cherry tree
>> No. 13271
Calling it.
[x] An ancient hermit and swordsman watching the clouds
>> No. 13274
File 122892346977.jpg - (80.02KB , 432x470 , katana.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] An ancient hermit and swordsman watching the clouds


"So the apprentice returns..."

The master is a tall and lean man, not unlike the farmers who toil daily in the fields. He is dressed plainly in white and green garments of Eastern design. His long grey-white hair is tied back neatly, done in the fashion of the ancient warriors of the East. The old one strokes his beard thoughtfully as he looks him over.

Vincent shivers as he waits for him to speak. The master closes his eyes, but he knows that he isn't resting. He can feel the old man's aura spread forth across the field. Peaceful, yet sublime, he knows that this master can tear his opponents apart without flinching while folding a paper crane in his other hand. He remembers the first time they met - he did exactly that to some bandits that tried to rob him on the road.

The master never said why he took him as his apprentice. And he never asked. He was still a child back then - a lone orphan in a violent world. He did what he needed to survive, and when he saw a chance at redemption, he took it without question.

"You've grown stronger, but perhaps not much wiser," the master whispers.

They travelled together for a year. He served as his helper and apprentice. The old one was his master and trainer. They encountered strange things and dangerous beings, but he took it all without question. As a child, he had no knowledge of the wider world, so he could not form the words to make up any question.

"M-Master?" he asks aloud.

"Already forgotten my name? No matter, we must complete our business."

"Our business?"

"I have come to collect on your debt."

The master takes a single step closer and looks at Vincent straight in the eye. The old one moves his hand closer to one of his Eastern battle blades. Vincent's eyes widen, but he can't move. His mouth is frozen.

"Do not worry, for your master is a fair judge. This will suffice as payment for touching my daughter."

A flash of light. Suddenly, Vincent can move again. He looks up at the master. The old one has relaxed his stance. He looks down at his hands. Vincent blinks. They are no longer attached to his arms.

He stands in shock, staring blankly at his cleanly cut wrists. His hands have fallen to the ground with a soft, meaty thud. Blood is oozing from his open veins and arteries. The exposed bone and marrow is a ghastly white against the blood. Somehow, the pain hasn't registered into his brain yet, but the horror...


"U-Uwaaaaaaah!" he cries aloud.

Vincent quickly sits up. He can feel cold sweat roll down his cheeks. His breathing is ragged and uneven. A drop of sweat falls down coldly onto his clammy hands. His hands?

He checks his hands quickly. After making sure that they are still attached, he surveys the area. Looks like he is back in his room at Hakugyokurou. He takes a moment to check his other limbs, and he sighs in relief to see that he has no other injuries.

Someone rushes into the room.

[ ] Youmu
[ ] Yuyuko
[ ] Komachi
[ ] Chen
>> No. 13275
[†] Youmu
>> No. 13276
Damn. If Youki has dream hax, or knows what we've been doing, that was basically the the really harsh equivalent of the Deep South's 'old man on the porch humming while he cleans his shotgun when you go to pick his daughter up.'
>> No. 13278
{X} Youmu
>> No. 13279
[x] Youmu
I wanted to answer Chen, but Youmu is faster.
>> No. 13280
[x] Komachi


[x] Youmu
>> No. 13281
[X] Youmu
>> No. 13282
[x] Youmu
>> No. 13285
>> No. 13299
[x] Komachi
I still believe.
>> No. 13303
File 122901380578.jpg - (16.16KB , 270x481 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Youmu


The newcomer slides the door open. He takes a glance at her.

She is dressed plainly in white and green garments of Eastern design. A black ribbon is tied in her short silver hair. Her deep blue eyes are full of kindness and concern. Two long battle blades hang from their sheathes along her slender waist. From the way she is standing, she seems to be an experienced swordsman. This girl seems familiar somehow, but he can't remember very well.

He shudders slightly as he waits for the girl to speak. Something tells him that this girl is very dangerous. Even a single wrong move can mean death. While her style is incomplete, that does not make her swordsmanship any less threatening. He can feel her straightforward aura pierce coldly at his skin as it spreads across the room.

This doesn't look good. At best, this will end with one of them half-dead.

"W-what happened?" the girl cries out. "I thought I heard you cry out."

Debts. She has come to collect his debts. She has come to collect his hands. His hands. He feels himself shaking violently. He looks down at his hands, making sure that they are still attached. Still attached. He closes his eyes, praying that this is all some horrible dream. He will wake up soon. Wake. From this nightmare, he will wake.

Suddenly, he feels something lukewarm around his hands. The sensation is soft and comforting. He knows this feeling. He has felt this before, but he can't remember. Blurred images flash through his mind as he struggles with himself.

Vincent opens his eyes.

The girl is holding his shaking hands in hers. She looks at him anxiously.

"A-are you alright?" she asks.

His eyes dart across the room. He needs to find a weapon or a means to escape. This is too dangerous. Every part of his mind and body is telling him that this girl is dangerous. Too dangerous. His eyes pause for a moment - a weapon! The handle of the girl's shorter blade is hanging at a convenient angle. If he moves now, he can probably grab it and strike before she can react. His eyes continue darting across the room. Escape. There must be an escape route. He can't defeat this girl with only that. This is too dangerous. Too dangerous. His eyes pause - an escape route! She left the door open. In a few strides, he can get free. Other options. He needs other options...

"V-Vincent?" she asks uncertainly.

He pauses. That name sounds familiar. Every muscle in his body tenses up.

His next move:
[ ] Take the blade and stab the girl.
[ ] Make a break for the door.
[ ] Pin the girl down on the ground.
[ ] Confuse the girl with words.
[ ] Distract her somehow.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 13304
[X] Pin the girl down on the ground.
>> No. 13305
[x] Pin the girl down on the ground.
>> No. 13308
So yeah, have we disabled or dispelled the timed curse-bomb on the skull yet?
I think Yuyuko's not going to take kindly to us killing Youmu.
>> No. 13309
[X] Pin the girl down on the ground.
>> No. 13310
[x] Headbutt.

A unison "ow!" - so moe.
>> No. 13311
[X] Try to calm a bit in order to speak clearly.
[X] Confuse the girl with words.
- [X] "How nice of you to care about me."
[X] Pin the girl down on the ground.
[X] Distract her somehow.
- [X] Kiss.

Do it the charming way.
>> No. 13312
I somehow think that it may be a problem pinning her down. Seeing as Youki just chopped off our hands (memory wipe?) for "touching" Youmu.


Oh doubleshit, Now we have lost our memory, We may have forgotten the word we need for Youmu to survive!
>> No. 13313
Wow. Double Dissociative Fugue Disorder. Vince needs to get his head checked some time. Also, Youki is an ass.

[X] Pin the girl down on the ground.

Well, might as well set up a mildly romantic position. Help jolt the poor guy's memory.
>> No. 13317
[x] Make a break for the door.

Just run the hell away.
>> No. 13318
[x] Make a break for the door
>> No. 13319
[x] Make a break for the door.
>> No. 13320
[X] Pin the girl down on the ground.
>> No. 13328
Calling it.
[x] Pin the girl down on the ground.
>> No. 13329
File 122910421025.jpg - (179.69KB , 500x500 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Pin the girl down on the ground.


This girl is dangerous. He can't stay idle.

"V-Vincent?" she asks uncertainly.

Her eyes look familiar. Has he met this girl somewhere before? He pauses as he tries to remember...


He cringes in pain. Something sharp is cleaving deep into his mind. The more he tries to recall, the worse the pain gets. But he is sure now - he has met this person before. This person must be

"What's wrong?" she asks calmly. "Tell me where it hurts. I'm not a doctor, but -"

This person. He knows this person. Why can't he remember? He shakes violently as his suffering escalates. This person. She must be someone important. He needs to remember. Remember her. This girl. She is

"Komachi must have lied. She said that she held back her her punch..." she mutters.

She isn't human.

He feels his muscles tense up by instinct. Adrenalin quickly pumps through his veins. He needs to move right now. Right now. No time. Hesitation means death.

"Vincent? What are you -"

He jumps up quickly and readies his stance before she can react. In a single sweeping motion, he manages to kick her off balance. The girl falls helplessly on the futon. Without hesitation, he pushes her down and manages to pin her at a mounted position. He braces himself for the girl's counterattack. This girl should be knowledgeable in unarmed combat. She will probably try to hit him with her elbows or sweep him off completely. He steels his body to prepare for a grueling match.


He looks down at the girl. The top of her dress has come partially undone. Her short silver her is splayed carelessly on the futon. For some reason, her black ribbon hasn't come off. Somehow, she managed to hold on to one of her Eastern battle blades during the scuffle. She holds it tightly with both her hands, but she doesn't attempt to draw the weapon. She doesn't even try to raise her head up or twist her body away.

Something is wrong. Why isn't she fighting back? She is much stronger than this. He is sure of that. This girl has far more power than he can hope to defend against. Why isn't she fighting back? Is she toying with him? This doesn't feel right.

She looks at him with her deep blue eyes. Her tears glitter in the sunlight like sapphires as they flow down her flawless skin. Her cheeks are bright red, contrasting beautifully with her eyes. Her small mouth quivers nervously as he looks down at her.

For a moment, the two of them stay completely still.

This girl...
[ ] Knock her unconscious.
[ ] Push her arms down.
[ ] Cover her mouth.
[ ] Make a break for the door.
[ ] Do nothing.
[ ] Custom

[ ] Say something to the girl. (Specify)
>> No. 13331
[x] "Who... What..."
[x] Make a break for the door.
>> No. 13332
{X} Do nothing.
{X} "Who... What..."
>> No. 13333
[x] "Who... What..."
[x] Make a break for the door.
>> No. 13334
[†] "Who... What..."
[†] Make a break for the door.
>> No. 13336
[X] Do nothing.
[X] "Who... What..."

I like this better.
>> No. 13338
[x] "Who... What..."
[x] Make a break for the door.
>> No. 13339
[ ] Cover her mouth.
[ ] With your own.

[X] Do nothing.
[X] "Who... What..."
>> No. 13340
[!/] "Who... What..."
[!/] Make a break for the door.

>> No. 13341
[X] Do nothing.
[X] "Who... What..."
>> No. 13342
[o/] "Who... What..."
[o/] Make a break for the door.

For maximum wtf factor on youmu.
>> No. 13345
Calling it.
[x] "Who... What..."
[x] Make a break for the door.
>> No. 13346
File 122921735683.jpg - (195.09KB , 800x1099 , yuyuko.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] "Who... What..."
[X] Make a break for the door.


The girl holds the blade closer to her chest. She relaxes her grip on the sword as he watches. She turns her head slightly to the side and looks away, as if embarrassed. Slowly, but deliberately, she closes her eyes in surrender. The girl shivers slightly, as if in anticipation.

"Who... w-what..." he mumbles.

This is wrong. What is wrong with him? What is he thinking? What the hell is he doing?

He needs to get away from this girl. Too dangerous. This is too dangerous for her. He doesn't know what he might do next if he stays even a moment longer. Hurt her. No matter what happens, he can't hurt this girl. He can't trust himself with her. Leave now. He must leave right now. He abrubtly pulls away from her and runs out toward the door.

In a few quick strides, he steps out of the room. He turns to the left and starts running at full speed. He isn't sure where he is going. His vision is blurred by something. Sweat? Blood? Tears? He can't tell as he continues rushing forward. It doesn't matter. He has to flee. But what is he fleeing from? Who is he afraid of? What is he running from?

"Youmu? Is it lunch time yet~"

Without warning, someone steps out of a room. He barely manages to stop in front of the figure. Dressed in a blue and white kimono and a strange cloth hat, this person seems familiar. She brushes at her short wavy hair as she looks at him, mildly surprised.

"Ara? Where are you going, Vincent?" she asks curiously.

Vincent. He has heard that name before. He opens his mouth, but there are too many questions. His headache gets worse as he tries to remember. But this time, he struggles. He has to remember. He crumples down on his knees as he feels like his head is splitting apart. No, not this time! He must remember. Remember. Remember who he is. This name - is it his name? No, he was called something else before. Something else. His vision continues blurring as the pain escalates. He will lose consciousness soon if this continues. He must fight it and remember. His name is...

Suddenly, he can feel someone embrace him. He can feel something deliciously soft press against his chest. He tries to pull away, but this person tightens her grip, unashamed. Flowers? He can smell flowers. Somehow, this scent is familiar. This makes him feels safe. He closes his eyes and slowly relaxes in this person's arms. He loses track of time as he lies there with her.

"It's alright now," she whispers softly.

Her sweet voice calms his mind and heart. Slowly, he feels like some heavy curse is being broken. The pain is subsiding. His vision is clearing. He is starting to remember...

"Yu -"

She holds him tighter. The pain has completely left him now. His mind is still in shambles, but he continues to struggle. He can almost...

"Yu-Yuyuko?" he manages.

[ ] Pull away from her immediately.
[ ] Pull away from her slowly.
[ ] Stay like this a little bit longer.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 13347
File 122921752413.jpg - (336.17KB , 505x600 , b2e1a61639f177726cb945285b1b1fa9.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Pull away from her slowly.

>> No. 13348
[x] Pull away from her slowly.
>> No. 13349

[x] freak out
>> No. 13350
[x] freak out
>> No. 13351
[x] Pull away from her slowly.
>> No. 13352
[x] Pull away from her immediately.
[x] Scream
>> No. 13353
[†] Pull away from her slowly.
>> No. 13357
{X} Pull away from her slowly.
>> No. 13360
File 122929339739.jpg - (118.44KB , 438x550 , yuyuko.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Pull away from her slowly.


His memories are vague, but the events of the past few days are coming back to him. He remembers the battle at the church, and the trek down the catacombs. After several days, he reached the end of a mysterious passageway into this strange world called Gensokyo. He found his way to the Hakugyokurou grounds, where he is currently staying as a guest.

He can't remember his original name, but he took on the alias of "Vincent Gray" when he arrived. He is a ghost hunter of some sort, but he can't remember much more. The details of his last assignment are especially foggy in his mind.

"Feeling better now?" Yuyuko asks.

Vincent slowly pulls himself away from the ghost princess. Everything is slowly coming back.

"S-sorry for the trouble," he manages.

Yuyuko smiles gently. Her cheeks are a light shade of pink.

"Don't worry about it too much. I just hope you enjoyed it as much as I did~"


"Anyway, if you have another nightmare, I'll be glad to bring you back again~"

Vincent realizes how close her face is. Her otherworldly beauty is entrancing; she really is something else. From this angle, he can see how shapely her curves fit her dress. At certain places, the kimono looks like it is about to come undone. He can feel himself blushing furiously.

"Why don't I prepare something for you? It will make you feel better."

"T-thank you very much!" he stammers as he turns away, thankful for the change of topic.

The ghost princess gives him an energetic nod before hopping toward the kitchen. She seems to be enjoying herself quite a bit. Just watching her makes him smile. For some reason, she acts so childlike, despite being quite mature in other ways. Perhaps she just appreciates the importance of taking it easy more than others.

Wait a minute. How did she know that he had a nightmare?

"Vincent? A-are you alright now?"

He turns around to see Youmu standing behind him. She looks worried.

"Yeah, I think I'm fine now," he says. "I think I was just a little confused earlier."

At the word "earlier", Youmu blushes bright red.

"I-I see," she says. "I thought it might have been something like that."

For a moment, the two of them stand in awkward silence. He can feel himself blushing as he recalls what he just did. He needs to apologize properly. He might have hurt her, or done something unforgivable. He may not have been in his right mind, but that situation was inappropriate all the same. However, Youmu recovers before he can speak.

"I need to head to the kitchen to prepare lunch," Youmu says with finality.

"A-alright then."

Before he can say anything more, Youmu heads toward the kitchen.

[ ] Return to your room and rest.
[ ] Wait patiently in the dining room.
[ ] See if you can help out at the kitchen.
[ ] Take a walk around the grounds.

[ ] Get something from your room. (Specify)
>> No. 13361
[!/] Take a walk around the grounds.

Taking it easy~
>> No. 13362
{X} Take a walk around the grounds.
>> No. 13363
We need to deal with that skull ASAP. Reset the time limit, at least.
>> No. 13364
[ ] That skull, ASAP.
>> No. 13365
[ ] That skull, ASAP.
>> No. 13366
[x] Get something from your room. (Sword)
[x] Take a walk around the grounds.

Never go outside without a means to defend ourself.
>> No. 13367
[X] That skull, ASAP.
>> No. 13368
[ ] That skull, ASAP.
>> No. 13372
File 122936350593.jpg - (10.24KB , 400x337 , blackbook.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Take a walk around the grounds.
[X] Custom


"I need to clear my head," Vincent mutters to himself.

While resting in his room may be the obvious option, he doesn't really feel tired. In fact, he feels pretty refreshed for some reason. Heading to the dining room might be good, but he won't have any time alone. While he feels like helping out at the kitchen, the atmosphere between Youmu and himself is just too awkward at the moment.

"Might as well take a walk."

Like yesterday, the walk around the mansion is uneventful. He finds some time to relax and think. Slowly, he recalls the recent events that transpired when he arrived here. Despite being a den of ghosts, Hakugyokurou seems to be a pretty safe place. He wonders idly about what would have happened if he didn't find this place.


Somehow, he feels like he is forgetting something, but what? He carefully backtracks the events in his mind as he walks. It can't be something too important, can it? Vincent checks his pockets absent-mindedly. Everything seems to be accounted for. Everything except...

"Oh shit!" he says aloud.

The black book - he can't find it! Thankfully, he still remembers the command word to reset the seal on Youmu's ghost core. However, without that book, he won't be able to remove the seal. He is sure that the book contains other useful rituals as well. Where could he have dropped it?

Suddenly, he hears some rustling in the bushes. He turns toward the sound. Someone seems to be walking deeper into the garden. The person seems to be wearing something green and white. That is strange. Isn't Youmu supposed to be cooking?

[ ] Follow the mysterious figure. Is that Youmu?
[ ] Head to the dining room. Lunch should be ready soon.
[ ] Return to your room. Search your things carefully.
[ ] Keep on walking. Stay calm and take it easy.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 13376
{X} Head to the dining room. Lunch should be ready soon.
>> No. 13378
[x] Call out to the green-white thing.
[x] Get closer, but don't follow it past the edge of the garden.
[x] It may not be Youmu, so stay on guard. Get ready to run.
>> No. 13381
[x] Call out to the green-white thing.
[x] Get closer, but don't follow it past the edge of the garden.
[x] It may not be Youmu, so stay on guard. Get ready to run.

Fuckin' fakers.
>> No. 13386
[x] Call out to the green-white thing.
[x] Get closer, but don't follow it past the edge of the garden.
[x] It may not be Youmu, so stay on guard. Get ready to run.
>> No. 13387
Oh christ. Youki's back to fuck our shit up... before we have a chance to save his daughter.
Smooth timing, jackhole.

If we can't find the book in the next 15 minutes, we should reset it the bomb-skull, at least, to give us some breathing room.
>> No. 13388
...forgot my vote.

[x] Call out to the green-white thing.
[x] Get closer, but don't follow it past the edge of the garden.
[x] It may not be Youmu, so stay on guard. Get ready to run.
>> No. 13390
>> No. 13395
[x] Call out to the green-white thing.
[x] Get closer, but don't follow it past the edge of the garden.
[x] It may not be Youmu, so stay on guard. Get ready to run.
>> No. 13412
File 122953180385.jpg - (3.99KB , 85x319 , who.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Follow the mysterious figure. Is that Youmu?
[X] Custom


Green and white clothing - is that Youmu? Maybe she is taking care of her gardening duty. She did seem to be very dedicated to her work. But even then, this is a bit strange. She said that she was heading to the kitchen to prepare lunch, didn't she?

"Hey!" Vincent calls out. However, the person simply walks deeper into the garden. How impolite.

He jogs after the stranger. He needs to find out who that person is. Somehow, he feels an odd sense of familiarity. He has seen this person before. He has spoken with this person before. But why is he feeling nervous all of a sudden? This isn't like him.

"Hey, you!" he cries out loudly. "Wait up!"

He can hear the stranger stop in his tracks. Upon closer inspection, he is sure that this person isn't Youmu. For one thing, the person seems to be a man. The stranger is wearing a long green and white set of clothing of Eastern design. He seems to be carrying a pair of long blades at his waist. If only he can see the man's face...


That pain again - it is cleaving even deeper into his mind. Deeper and deeper it buries itself into his head. With each passing moment, he feels it wedge into his skull like a great axe. He crumples down on the ground. He can't even sit up. The pain is far too great. Why? Why must he feel such pain? Why must he feel such hatred? Why must he feel such sorrow? Why?

Suddenly, several images flash through his vision. There is no sound. There is no color. But he can see it all clearly. A field of spears shining in the sunset. A severed leg, discarded like an old piece of meat. A young girl's doll left forgotten on the ground. Again and again, the same images, as if he was watching an old silent film. But the pain. Why doesn't it stop? This pain is too much. Can't speak. Can't breathe. Can't think.


He doesn't remember how long he lay shaking on the ground. It felt like months, maybe years. Time has little meaning under that kind of anguish. He waits until he regains control of his muscles and nerves.

"What the hell?"

It feels cold. Get out of here. A chill wind blows as Vincent carefully stands up. Get out of here. Somehow, this sensation feels oddly familiar. Get out of here. It is as if he has felt this sensation many times before.

Vincent looks around. He doesn't see anyone nearby.

[ ] Continue walking leisurely. It must be your imagination.
[ ] Continue walking leisurely. This place is safe.
[ ] Head to the dining room. Lunch should be ready soon.
[ ] Head to the kitchen. Maybe you can help out.
[ ] Return to your room. You need weapons.
[ ] Return to your room. Search your things carefully.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 13413
{X} Head to the dining room. Lunch should be ready soon.
>> No. 13414
[X] Head to the dining room. Lunch should be ready soon.
>> No. 13415
[x] Run
[x] Return to your room. You need weapons.
[x] Find the skull and reset it ASAP.
[x] Head to the dining room. Lunch should be ready soon.
>> No. 13416
>It feels cold. Get out of here. A chill wind blows as Vincent carefully stands up. Get out of here. Somehow, this sensation feels oddly familiar. Get out of here. It is as if he has felt this sensation many times before.
Oh beautiful.
Best case scenario, we're just tripping ghost balls or something.
Worst case scenario, Youki's here to kill us and/or someone's sending undead after us again.

[x] Return to your room. You need weapons.
[x] Return to your room. Search your things carefully. Look for the book.
[x] If you can't find it quickly enough, reset the skull bomb if you can.
>> No. 13424
File 122956507563.jpg - (135.90KB , 490x558 , 7fce4dbadb7cb846ae228a9e36276f01.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Return to your room. You need weapons.
[!/] That skull.
>> No. 13426
[x] Run
[x] Return to your room. You need weapons.
[x] Find the skull and reset it ASAP.
[x] Head to the dining room. Lunch should be ready soon.
>> No. 13447
File 122970713410.jpg - (55.86KB , 640x663 , bullet.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Return to your room. You need weapons.
[X] Head to the dining room. Lunch should be ready soon.


Vincent has felt this sensation before, and it never meant anything good. He may be brave, but fighting alone and unarmed is just too foolish. He isn't going to die for nothing; not here, or at any other place. He moans in pain as he forces his legs to move. This isn't the time to lick his wounds and rest; he must flee. In moments, he breaks out into a run as he heads back into the safety of the mansion.

They can't follow him there. Not there. Why can't they follow him there? He doesn't remember, really. But it does sound like a good enough idea. He stays on course and heads back to the mansion.

Suddenly, the images flash in his head again. A field of spears. A severed leg. A young girl's doll. But he manages to stay on his feet. He isn't going to. He isn't going to die here. He isn't going to die here!

"Not here!" he mutters as he runs forth.

Weapons. He needs weapons. He isn't going down without a fight. Quickly, he makes his way back to his room to collect his favored instruments. A longsword, forged with blessed steel; he still thinks it looks expensive. After checking the blade's sharpness, he returns it to its scabbard and ties it to his waist. A crossbow armed with fifteen silver-tipped bolts; surely these will hurt when they hit. He slings this behind him, as it is quite bulky. A Colt Peacemaker, heavily modified by the Church and loaded with five specially made rounds; just what he needs for emergencies. The pistol he pockets in his coat, making sure that it is well hidden.

With renewed confidence, Vincent steps out of the room and waits for his opponents to arrive. Now that he is prepared, they can come at him. He will play their game as much as they like. And so he waits. And he waits. And he waits a little bit more.


His mind must be playing tricks on him. No one is there. However, he does feel much safer, now that he is armed. He steps calmly toward the dining room. For some reason, a warm cup of tea sounds really great right now. He arrives at his destination without fanfare or incident, but no one seems to be inside. However, he does notice that two of the sitting cushions around the table have been disturbed recently.

Vincent still feels a bit shaken.

[ ] Head over to the kitchen. He might find someone there.
[ ] Take a seat and wait patiently. You need to calm down.
[ ] Make yourself some tea. You can see a pot of hot water nearby.
[ ] Leave the crossbow beside your seat. It is bulky.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 13449
[!/] Head over to the kitchen. He might find someone there.
>> No. 13451
{X} Head over to the kitchen. He might find someone there.
>> No. 13452
[X] Head over to the kitchen. He might find someone there.
>> No. 13455
Er... wtf?

Where mah skull option at? Even if they were not worded the same, the intent is still there.
>> No. 13456
Skull is in the vicinity of Youmu. Vincent needs some proximity with the container before he can chant the command.

He doesn't know where the skull is at the moment. He will need to find Youmu first.
>> No. 13460
[x] Get to the motherfucking skull already.

He obviously isn't going to do it unless it is the only thing on his mind, so we need to keep it at a single vote until it gets done. Nothing else, just this.
>> No. 13462
[x] Get to the motherfucking skull already.
>> No. 13469
[X] Head over to the kitchen. He might find someone there.
>> No. 13494
[x] Save the skull, save the girl.
>> No. 13500
[x] Head over to the kitchen. He might find someone there.

Lots of someones, including Youmu.
>> No. 13519
File 123020631978.jpg - (124.16KB , 600x600 , youmu_yuyuko.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 13521
File 123029313859.gif - (87.33KB , 660x620 , komachi_scold.gif ) [iqdb]
"Wake up!" cries a loud voice.

She slowly opens a single eye to see who was speaking. She recognizes the person immediately. Somehow, the scene seems strange. That can't possibly be right. Maybe she's just having another strange dream. She closes her eyes again to go back to sleep, but the person kicks her hard in the stomach.

"W-what the hell, Komachi?" she shouts.

"Wake up, you lazy bum! And don't even start with the excuses! Falling asleep on the job is unacceptable! Unacceptable, I tell you!"

"E-eh?" she mutters.

"Just open your eyes for a minute! Look at how many souls are lined up for judgment," Komachi cries, pointing at the line behind her.

There are ten, twenty, thirty? No, there are over fifty souls lined up before her desk. The souls shake and shudder impatiently as they wait in line. While they can't speak, she can sense that they are very much irritated.

"H-how did this happen?" asks Shiki.

"Don't tell me you don't know?" Komachi says, clearly exasperated. "I've been working hard the past few days ferrying souls! Unlike you, I have to work hard to retain my position as a Shikigami. Then suddenly, I hear a report that none of the souls I sent to you have received their judgment!"

"I-I don't understand! What's going on?" cries Shiki. She barely fights off the urge to weep.

"The souls! They need to be judged, and quickly! I heard that the higher ups are going to send an Inspector today!" says Komachi.

"An inspection? Today?" Shiki says. She can feel herself shuddering in panic.

"Yes! Today! And I heard that they are going to replace you if they aren't satisfied. The last time they visited, they caught you asleep on the job again. I was surprised that they didn't fire you right away, honestly."

"Again? No! This must be a mistake! I've always done my job properly!" says Shiki, almost in tears.

"Then why have I caught you drooling all over your desk? Geez, it must be nice to have such a cushy desk job where you can lazily nap all day. The rest of us have to work our asses off out on the field! I didn't get that commendation for nothing, you know!"

Komachi starts lecturing her on proper work ethic, but before she can finish, a towering presence comes into the Yama's office. She can hardly believe her eyes - the Judge of Judges has arrived for the inspection. Komachi greets the Judge cordially, and to Shiki's surprise, the Judge smiles at the Shikigami, complimenting her on her outstanding performance. Komachi blushes briefly before thanking the Judge for noticing her efforts.

Something isn't right. Shiki takes a glance at the long line of angry souls, then at the tall piles of unfinished paperwork on her desk. There are empty containers of cup noodles and beer cans laying all over the floor. A glance at her mirror tells her that her hair is a mess, and it seems like she hasn't taken a bath in days.

"No. No! NO! This can't be happening!" Shiki cries out.

And just then, she opens her eyes. She looks around and finds that she is back in her bedroom. She rushes out of bed and is half-way finished dressing herself before she realizes that today is her day off. Calming herself down, she buries her head into her pillow and let's out her tears freely.

After a few minutes, she finally gets up to make herself some breakfast.

"I need a vacation," she mutters.
>> No. 13526
File 123034786367.jpg - (74.07KB , 372x500 , 1207086558767.jpg ) [iqdb]

>"I need a vacation," she mutters.

>> No. 13528
File 123036599584.jpg - (444.09KB , 900x1200 , youmu_embarrassed.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] Head over to the kitchen. He might find someone there.


Vincent takes a seat on one of the cushions as he tries to calm himself. Closing his eyes, he starts with some simple breathing exercise. After relaxing his heartbeat, he starts some image training to help himself focus. Slowly, his mind begins to clear, but somehow, he still doubts his senses. He needs to confirm that he has returned.

Someone. He needs to find someone. He has to talk to someone. He must find out if everything was an elaborate delusion. This must be some kind of waking nightmare.

Without further hesitation, he stands up and takes his things before leaving the room. He heads straight for the kitchen. They must still be preparing lunch. Perhaps he can offer to help out as well.

The walk toward the kitchen is uneventful. Vincent takes this time to make sure his weapons are ready, just in case. He rearranges his scabbard to make sure that he can draw his sword quickly. The crossbow is slung comfortably on his back; while heavy, the weapon has pretty good range and accuracy. He checks his Peacemaker, making sure that it isn't easily visible.

He nods to himself as he spots the door to the kitchen. No matter what happens, this time, he is prepared.


Vincent surveys the room as he enters. Seems like everyone is helping out with the cooking. Yuyuko and Chen are happily chatting as they prepare soup. Komachi seems to be serious with some kind of stir-fry dish. Youmu seems to be cooking two dishes while supervising another person he doesn't recognize.

Youmu? Vincent stares at the half-ghost, as if he hasn't seen her for years. He can't explain it, but something deep inside him feels so tight. This person is his friend, maybe moreso. He can't let anything happen to her.

Without a word, Vincent walks straight toward Youmu, who, in her diligence, didn't notice his approach until he was only a few steps beside her.

"Ah! V-Vincent?" cries Youmu.

There isn't enough time to waste. He has to reset the seal before anything else happens. Quickly, he moves closer to her ear to whisper.

"Where is the seal?" he asks quietly.

For a moment, Youmu stays silent, blushing furiously.
>> No. 13529
File 123036920227.jpg - (60.34KB , 649x902 , youmu_surprised.jpg ) [iqdb]
Youmu doesn't say anything, but slowly she looks behind him. Vincent, following her gaze, becomes painfully aware that everyone in the room has stopped to watch them.

There are four different pairs of eyes staring at them: Komachi, Yuyuko, Chen, and some strange guy in grey robes. Perhaps he should try to be a bit more subtle with this task.

"I hid it inside my ghost half," whispers Youmu. She seems to be completely embarrassed. He really should have thought this through earlier, but he doesn't know if he will have another chance.

Vincent grabs Youmu's hand and quickly drags her behind one of the shelves at the back. This place looks good enough. Hidden behind the countless ingredients and boxes, he is sure that none of the others can see what they are going to do.

There isn't enough time to explain. Vincent quickly lays his hands on Youmu's ghost half and begins stroking its surface. Slowly, he chants the command word to reset the seal. Like before, he finds himself deep into the sealing trance. By the time he is finished, he almost collapses from exhaustion.

"A-are you alright?" cries Youmu.

"This should be enough for another two days," he mutters with a smile. "Anyway, we should go back before the others suspect something."

Together, the half-ghost and ghost hunter step out from the shelves. Surely, there is some kind of misunderstanding, but the issue of urgency has been resolved. With the seal reset, he can focus on other problems for a while.

"Sorry about that. I just needed to have an urgent talk with Youmu," Vincent says. "Strictly business," he adds.

Youmu nods in agreement, though her face is still quite red.

"Ara?" says Yuyuko with a smile. "Then why are you still holding hands, I wonder~ I wonder~"

Vincent argues...
[ ] Don't say anything, then leave the kitchen.
[ ] Mumble something, then try to change the subject.
[ ] "Youmu is just a friend."
[ ] "She is someone important to me."
[ ] "I-I-I love her!"
[ ] Custom

He is still holding Youmu...
[ ] Let go of her hands immediately.
[ ] Wait for Youmu to pull her hand away.
[ ] Hold her hand tightly.
>> No. 13531
[†] "She is someone important to me."
[†] Hold her hand tightly.
>> No. 13532
[x] Pull Youmu into a hug
[x] Shout "Because I love her!"
[x] After a few moments (regardless of reaction from anybody) let her go and walk out of the kitchen while muttering "You guys set yourselves up for pranks far too easily".
>> No. 13534
File 123040043531.jpg - (127.10KB , 360x480 , c8ce7027f18823a94881402a72a6534c.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 13535
File 123040681136.jpg - (104.39KB , 500x699 , f1f1ff5427b195f0e6b0337816391dfc.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Mumble something, then try to change the subject.
[!/] Hold her hand tightly.
>> No. 13536
[!/] Mumble something, then try to change the subject.
[!/] Hold her hand tightly.
>> No. 13537
[x] "She is someone important to me."
[x] Hold her hand tightly.
[x] Try to change the subject, what's everyone making for dinner?
>> No. 13539
[x] "Oh; you're right, I am" let go of Youmu's hand and turn to her "Sorry".

Here's hoping Youmu will say something to embarrass herself.
>> No. 13541
[x] "She is someone important to me."
[x] Hold her hand tightly.
[x] Try to change the subject, what's everyone making for dinner?
>> No. 13542
File 123045975712.jpg - (25.83KB , 362x311 , youmu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loading User Commands:
[X] "She is someone important to me."
[X] Hold her hand tightly.


"Ara?" says Yuyuko with a smile. "Then why are you still holding hands, I wonder~"

Youmu gasps, her cheeks a bright red in embarrassment. She opens her mouth to argue, but she only mumbles incoherently. Vincent can feel her hand shaking nervously. Once again, they have ended up in the middle of a misunderstanding.

"There is a perfectly good explanation for this," returns Vincent. Honestly, he has no idea how to best explain the situation without mentioning the seal.

Yuyuko's smile widens as she waits for him to continue. Komachi seems to be listening intently, though she seems to be in a slight shock. Chen is frowning at him, but says nothing. The guy wearing the grey robes seems to be fully focused on his cooking.

"T-that is, umm..."

Why is he still holding her hand? He only met Youmu yesterday, and they are definitely not in that kind of relationship. They are simply friends, perhaps fellow sword wielders, and there is no need for such close contact. Holding hands here is inappropriate, to say the least. There is absolutely no good reason for him to continue holding her delicate soft hand. His mind continues enumerating the different perfectly logical reasons why he should let go of her right now.


Yet he can't. He can't let go of her. His body refuses to let go of her hand. Just the thought of letting her go is unexplainably painful. He doesn't understand the reason or cause. His chest tightens as he thinks of her. Who is this person? What is she to him?. All he knows is that he has to stay close to this person. He must stay by her side, always. He needs to protect her, keep her safe from harm and regret. He would rather slice off his own arm than hurt her. She is...

"She is someone important to me," says Vincent.

Without any hesitation, he tightens his grip on Youmu's hand, as if to reassure her. Youmu's eyes widen, and her body doesn't stop shuddering, but she doesn't pull her hand away. She is clearly shocked, but thankfully, she doesn't seem angry.

Silence fills the room. Slowly, rational thinking starts to return to Vincent. What the hell was he thinking? Won't this make the situation even more complicated?

Yuyuko, Chen, and Komachi continue staring intently, waiting for him to finish. The guy in grey robes is still busy with his cooking, though he seems a bit distracted (Who was that guy anyway? He hasn't seen him here before). Youmu stays silent as well, glancing at Vincent from time to time. The half-ghost squeezes his hand ever so slightly, as if to affirm whatever he is about to say or do next.

[ ] Custom
>> No. 13543
[†] "I..." Leave the room. We need some time to think.
>> No. 13545
[x] "Is it really that strange?" cocking head to the side with innocent and confused expression.
[x] "Hm~" Walk out of the room whistling to yourself as if everything was right with the world.
[x] Pause and turn "Ah, I'll be waiting warmly for lunch" wink at Youmu and continue to your room to flop on your bed and relax.
>> No. 13547
File 123049044365.jpg - (68.00KB , 502x800 , 1211653093435.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] While pulling Youmu with you, say to Komachi, "Onee-sama Machi-Machi is also a very important person to me as well." while grabbing her hand with your free hand.
>> No. 13549
[x] Kneel before Youmu without letting go of her hand.
[x] She is... my master.
>> No. 13551
[x] Change the subject. "So... what's for lunch? And I don't believe we've met before."

Interfering with Grimnir's attempt to see Wriggle.
>> No. 13552
[x] Kneel before Youmu without letting go of her hand.
[x] She is... my master.
>> No. 13556
[X] Change the subject. "So... what's for lunch? And I don't believe we've met before."
>> No. 13568
Open for a little bit longer.

Will update once there is a clear winning vote.
>> No. 13569
[x] Change the subject. "So... what's for lunch? And I don't believe we've met before."
>> No. 13570
[x] Change the subject. "So... what's for lunch? And I don't believe we've met before."
>> No. 13597
[x] Change the subject. "So... what's for lunch? And I don't believe we've met before."
>> No. 13598
Calling it.
[x] Change the subject. "So... what's for lunch? And I don't believe we've met before."
>> No. 13600
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