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[x] "Don't get your panties all up in a knot, though I doubt you wear any."

You scoff lightly at her words, rolling your eyes in a detestment to her need to get rid of you. You're gonna knock her dead with this one.

"Phht, whatever. Don't get your panties all up in a knot, though I doubt you wear any."
"That's good, cos I dont."

You could swear your legs almost gave in.

When you look back at Tewi, she's giving you this utmost evil grin. It was as if she was expecting this. You feel yourself trembling in fear, and, worse yet, due to something else you're not exactly proud of. You quickly cover your nose just in case and try regaining your bearings. That took you quite off guard. How can she stand not wearing any in a large, frilly dress like that?!

Tewi meanwhile just looks to the side fairly confidently, arms crossed of course.

"It's not like go around like this all the time though. I do have undergarments. I decided not to wear any today. Saves me some trouble." She looks at you with a devilish grin. "What's wrong? Your face is all red."
"B-B-Buh?! N-N-N-No it's not!" You can really feel your own panic starting to set in. Tewi is slurping this up like someone who hadn't had a proper meal in days.
"Don't lie, Sousha. I know what you're thinking." She takes a few steps towards you and you can't help but stand back a bit in responce. She nearly attempts riding her skirt up in an effort to fluster you further.
"W-W-W-What're you doing...?"
"Nothing? Are you honestly that perverted enough to see that just me walking towards you is making it worse?" You're about to collapse and give into her when it happens. What you were probably fearing most. "Hey guys! Sousha is into lolicons, quick pass it on!!" Her shouts to the rabbit pack behind her cause all of them to scamper off in multiple directions and soon enough, Tewi is starting her sprint as well. "See ya, dog boy!"

That damn sneaky bunny. Not only did she fluster you to high hell, but now she's passing around a rumor of you that's most certainly not true. At least you hope so. You can really feel youe teeth grinding, unable to keep yourself from growling. She's not going to get away with this. Instead of going after any other rabbit to prevent rumor spreading, it's definitely more productive to go after the leader herself. With that, you toss all inhibitions aside and charge at her like a mad bull. Tewi looks behind her and sees you running after her like some angry cat that just had it's tail snapped at by a mouse trap that a clever mouse moved. Tewi just seems to enjoy this even more as she picks up the pace. Seems she's awfully confident she can outrun you with her youkai speed. But your rage and anger aren't going to take that as an answer. You decide to show her what a real youkai sprint is like, and you immediately get down on all fours, sprinting with all your might. Your speed increases by unfathomable amounts, and by the time Tewi checks behind her again, a shocked, brief expression is all she can do before you tackle her straight to the ground.

The two of you skid for quite some time. The ground is soft, but full of dirt. You kick up quite a bit of dust. Once it settles though you're immediately propping yourself up and giving Tewi a mean, scolding glare.

"Now listen here, fuzzball, I am no lolicon, and don't you dare spread rumors like that abou-" You can't help but stop when you can tell how utterly scared the look on Tewi's face really is. It's like some helpless pray begging for her life. Your confidence just got shattered. So you just sit up and look away, feeling a bit guilty. "Just...don't do that again."
"Y-Yeah, yeah..." Tewi slowly sits up herself. Her skirt now a bit tattered, she tries pretty hard to cover herself. You can clearly tell she definitely wasn't lying now.
"Uh...d-d-d-do you need help?" You can feel your fluster coming back to you. More so, it comes back a lot easier due to your earlier frustration. This certainly isn't helping with it.
"No I'm fine!" Tewi looks at you a bit angrily. "Huh! Knowing you, you'd probably try and sneak a peek anyway..."
"What? I'm not like that." You try to tell her, but she just looks away. Wait, is that a light blush on her face?
"Whatever, just leave me alone.."

The tackle to the ground gave her a bit of a dirty appearence. She doesn't seem like she's bleeding, but her dress is kinda torn now. You guess you really did look like an animal ready to feast on it's prey for a moment as you captured her. You're certain Reisen won't be happy with how her dress looks right now but that's unimportant, she won't be back for a while. Tewi looks scorned and vunerable right now. Furthermore, the sprint was fast and carried the two of you quite far from Eientei, into the rampant bamboo forest surrounding it. No one is around, you're quite sure of this. You have an ache in several places that feel far from physical, but you try and get together you judgement for this one thing. What does one do with a vunerable loli bunny?

[ ] Pick her up and carry her back, it's the least you can do
[ ] Push her softly into the bushes and take control; you're getting rid of your frustration and she's helping
[ ] Apologize and offer to bring her a new dress
[ ] Just simply sit there and hug her, comfort goes a long way
[ ] Take her up on that offer and just leave

You bunch thought it'd be behind Reisen, didn't you?

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>You bunch thought it'd be behind Reisen, didn't you?


[ ] Pick her up and carry her back, it's the least you can do.
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[x] Take her up on that offer and just leave

The only sane option. She's not injured and you've already offered her help; she's just too proud to accept it. She knows now that fucking with you has consequences, and will avoid you in the future, which is the best outcome you could hope for.
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[X] Push her softly int-
[X] Slam your head to the nearest tree to get those thoughts out of it.
[X] Pick her up and carry her back, it's the least you can do.
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[X] Pick her up and carry her back, it's the least you can do.

I am a loving God.
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{~} Pick her up and carry her back, it's the least you can do.
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[x] Just simply sit there and hug her, comfort goes a long way
[x] Push her softly into the bushes and take control; you're getting rid of your frustration and she's helping
>> No. 12053
[X] Take her up on that offer and just leave
>> No. 12054
[x] Pick her up and carry her back, it's the least you can do
>> No. 12055
[x] Push her softly into the bushes and take control; you're getting rid of your frustration and she's helping.

Sousha was ready to wig out and eat rabbits yesterday simply from hunger. You need to find release for that predatory drive before you snap and start tearing bunnies' throats out.
>> No. 12057
[X] Push her softly into the bushes and rape her seven ways to Sunday; you're getting rid of your frustration and she's helping, like it or not.

Fuckin' Tewi.
>> No. 12059
She wants it. If only so she can extort you later, but she definitely wants it.

[777] Push her softly into the bushes and take control; you're getting rid of your frustration and she's helping.

>> No. 12060
[x] Push her softly into the bushes and rape her seven ways to Sunday; you're getting rid of your frustration and she's helping, like it or not.

Nobody's going to believe her, because she's TEWI! HA! HA! HA!
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[x] Just simply sit there and hug her, comfort goes a long way
[x] Push her softly into the bushes and take control; you're getting rid of your frustration and she's helping

This is a great plan
>> No. 12063
[x] Just simply sit there and hug her, comfort goes a long way
[x] Push her softly into the bushes and take control; you're getting rid of your frustration and she's helping

Sousha does the romantic option and gets doggy laid at the same time.
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Not an update, but I did want to know if you guys wanted to keep the "[x] Just simply sit there and hug her, comfort goes a long way" vote along with the current majority or if you wanted to keep it absent. It'll effect what happens in the next post. Either way, regardless of if anyone posts or not, I'll write the update when I wake up. (in 7~9ish hours)
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Keep it~
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>keep the "[x] Just simply sit there and hug her, comfort goes a long way" vote along with the current majority

Yes. Sousha may be a frisky pup, but that doesn't mean he isn't sentimental and affectionate.
>> No. 12069

Keep it. Let us not be too rough~
>> No. 12070
Keep it, if we're going to do this, let's atleast be somewhat gentle about it...
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>> No. 12079
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[x] Just simply sit there and hug her, comfort goes a long way
[x] Push her softly into the bushes and take control; you're getting rid of your frustration and she's helping

You just look at Tewi feeling rather guilty and sorry for her. You didn't mean to appear intimidating like that. You're sure you seemed like a hungry predator to her and you really didn't mean that. As you look down feeling this, you look back at her and see her stance hasn't changed. So in order to give her the idea that she's not just prey to you, you take a deep breath and scoot over a bit. Before Tewi can look over at you after noticing this to check up on what you're doing, you reach over and pull her in. A nice, simple hug always did it. It worked for Sanae and Reisen, why not for anyone else? Friendship is what turns your world and you feel the need to be good friends with everyone you meet.

Your hug is innocent and calm, mostly like the hugs you gave Sanae and Reisen. One thing's for sure, Tewi sure wasn't expecting it. Held sideways in your lap now, there's an awful long hesitation before she attempts breaking free of your grasp. Instead of letting go though, you let your arms be stagnant and still. Tewi tries hard to rid herself of you for a while but slowly begins to quit before nearly breaking down herself in your arms. You can't help but think of how lucky you must be, as it's totally beyond you to be able to see someone so frank, sarcastic, mean and manipulative become so vunerable and weak to you. Physical power goes a long way you suppose.

"Ah! Damn you. Let me go! Let...l-let me go..." You can tell she's trying rather hard to keep herself from crying, though for someone so little you imagine this to be hard.
"There, there. You can let it out with me. I'm here for you!" Instead of actually crying though, Tewi just huffs after giving up, and leaning into you.
"Whatever, you're lucky this feels nice..." Tewi sniffs a bit, maybe she was about to. "Jeez, damn that Reisen...she doesn't do this enough." You blink, that sudden comment came straight from left field.
"R-Reisen? What do you mean?" Tewi's expression goes from an angry type tsundere look to a bit of a sad and neglected one.
"She's always ordering me around and chasing me but despite that, we're good friends. At least, I'd like to think so..." Well this was pretty unexpected. Sounds like you might have more to do here then just learn magic.
"It's alright, I'm sure Reisen thinks so too. She's a very nice girl. I'll try talking to her abo-"
"No! You can't!" Tewi looks straight up at you with that angsty look once more. "You do and I'll bury you alive!" You gulp softly.
"A-A-Alright, alright! Sheesh.." With that, Tewi just closes her eyes and rests in your arms again. She looks like such a small child, and yet she's such a smartass. Still as immature as the rest of them at times though.
"Thanks though. I don't like admitting it, but not being the one always in control is refreshing sometimes." You smile softly until she interrupts that happiness of yours. "SOMETIMES! DOn't get any weird ideas." You try to keep yourself from laughing nervously. Sounds like you're not the only tsundere one here.
"I'll keep that in mind." You just close your eyes and enjoy the embrace for now. It's very calm and peaceful, you don't get this too often. Tewi seems to be giving her small body a rest as well. Until, of course, IT happens. Tewi seems to try and put a hand on your leg, almost as if ready to get up. However, she misses and instead, puts it on your third leg, of all things. You weren't aware it was still up and about until she nearly grabbed it, and this makes you jump back, yelping out and covering yourself in shock. Likewise, this makes Tewi get up in a flash, though she ends up tripping and falling right back down on her ass, shoving her skirt down just in time for you to miss catching a panty shot (or lack thereof) on her. She looks at you rather angrily, growling at you.
"Gah! You-You dirty pervert! I should've expected no less from you! You're like any other dog that just wants to hump their master's leg, you disgust me!" This strikes you quite hard, you can feel your heart plummet upon hearing this. You must have the worst facial expression on you right now. Tewi turns around on the spot and sits there cross legged and fuming rather badly. You reach only lightly, but not very far, you're shaking a bit hard.
"W-W-W-W-What?! N-N-N-No! Please, I-I-I-I-" Before you can get around to finishing your labored sentance, Tewi just sticks her nose up in the air.
"Nope. Go away. I don't want to talk to you." You almost feel yourself about to break down and start crying now. That really hurt. You crawl over to her side only for her to turn away from you.
"Oh come on! You act like I can control this. W-W-W-..." You sigh and slump, finally accepting this. "What...can I do to make you think I'm not some sex crazed pervert?" Tewi doesn't budge.
"I don't know." What a magnificent answer. Really.
"Oh come on. Can I at least convince you that getting laid isn'y the only thing I'm thinking of?" Tewi seems to think for a while before looking over at you.
"How about you show me in your own way then? I'm not about to become generous all of a sudden and just give you a bone anytime you beg for it." You nearly growl. If that's how she's going to play her cards...
"Well fine then. I'll show you that it's not just me I'm worried about." You don't even bother assessing if anyone is around, you immediately push Tewi to the ground, laying her face up. She seems surprised, but doesn't resist for some odd reason. But she does protest.
"H-H-Hey, what're you doing! Let me g-mmph!" You quickly shut her up through use of your own lips. You make sure this kiss is gentle, but passionate enough to tell her that you're in this for her too. You can't stand your own frustration at this point, so you may as well kill two birds with one stone, even if it has to be with some child. You only pray the maturity she does show you on rare occasions is more then you took it for in the past, otherwise this might become rather awkward.

In midst of it though, you forget how much time actually passes. It takes you a while to realize that Tewi is in fact, returning the kiss. It almost feels just as awkward as if she wasn't. You weren't expecting it really. However, hormones and instinct take over straight away and your right hand slowly wanders it's way down her body. Before you get a chance to continue past her hips however, she grabs your hand and moves it onto her bust. You didn't notice before, but she does in fact have some chest to her, however small it may be. You stop kissing her for a brief moment as you massage this area of her's and judge her expression. It's a combination of both anger and ecstacy, one you're oddly familiar with. She pants as you please her softly.

"Damn you, you're just a pervert, nothing else..." You grin softly at her, she's leaving herself open for retort. This is very silly considering how immature your fights with her normally are.
"You're enjoy this pervert's advances though, aren't you?" Tewi growls, though rather lowly to keep what you assume to be moans in.
"Shut up, you're lucky I'm a lot older then I appear." She grins up at you as you stop suddenly, that makes you nervous. "You know what people would think if they knew you fucked a young child?" Your look is of absolute fear now. You walked right into a even deadlier trap then when she shouted to everyone that you were a lolicon.
"Y-Y-Y-You wouldn't..." Tewi's devilish grin just grows wider.
"Oh I would, and I would enjoy it feverishly too. Just to see the look on your face..." You're about to just up and collapse right there, dead, hoping never to return to this life until Tewi puts a finger on her chin and looks back at you. "Buuut, as much as that would turn me on, you've done good enough for me now. Besides, wouldn't want to be in such a bad mood all the time, what with one of her only real friends outside the mansion being a rapist."
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"W-W-hu-mph!" You're about to inquire about that, but instead, Tewi just drags you down and kisses you feverishly. You just simply don't worry about this and get back to work.

You don't stick around her torso very long after this before your hand starts wandering again. Slowly down the side it goes, until you see that the same side leg is already almost wrapped around your hips. She seems eager for some reason and this just brings your drive to even greater heights. That said, your hand is all too pleased to be able to dodge this leg and go right in between her's. Right away you can tell, yep, certainly was telling the truth all along. You can definitely feel her convulse as you feel how wet she really is. It strikes you as odd that she was looking forward to this, but you aren't complaining. You're almost ready to burst out of your clothes and do this when Tewi stops you altogether and pushes you off.

"H-Huh? What's wrong?" You look at her with a confused look of a puppy being denied it's treat. However, Tewi reassures you this is temporary.
"Just wait there a second." She looks around a bit, still on her back somewhat before grabbing a nearby leaf, probably came off a random bamboo shoot, and puts it on her head. You sit crosslegged, wondering what this is all about. She then puts her hands together and closes her eyes, and mumbles something before a big puff of smoke engulfs her out of thin air.
"W-W-Wha?! Tewi? What's going...on..." Your speech trails off quite a bit when your new shocked expression watches a beautiful, busty adult with rabbit ears and a pink dress emerge from the smoke, crawling on top of you.
"What's wrong? Cat got your tounge? Not usual of a doggie, now is it?" She has the same exact voice. It couldn't be.
"...T-T-Tewi?! How did you..." The bunny girl sits in your lap pretty eagerly, setting you off ten times more then you were earlier. You're about to collapse again but keep yourself from doing so miraculously.
"Youkai transformation technique. Usually common amongst tanukis, kitsunes and the like. What, you've never heard of it?" You shake your head nervously at her, trying to keep yourself from breaking under pressure at the soft grinding she's doing across your crotch. God, resistance is painful.
"N-N-N-No, I-I-I-I wasn't aware y-y-y-you could d-d-d-do...ohh god..." Your panting becomes heavy and labored as your entire body finally makes it over the hurdle and you can feel your tenseness calm down. The teasing goes from frustrating to pleasing, and your arms automatically wrap themselves around Tewi's waist without hesitation. You hadn't noticed until now, but her dress hadn't changed. Her enormous bust is now ready to nearly shatter the fabgrat, and the skirt is way too short now for ordinary wear.
"Man, the look on your face right now is more then worth this. But I'm starting to get a teensy bit tense so I think I'll release the both of us now..."

What you feel next can only be described as pure ecstacy. Tewi had moved her hands down and somehow undid your robe in that spot, and got your pants out of the way. Once she mounted you, that was it. Your instincts fully take over and the most you can remember is holding onto that tight body, making her ride you like the stallion of the west. As far as you can remember, she was really enjoying it herself, what with moans constantly filling your ears. You couldn't help but envision her looking at you with that just as planned face however, throughout the entire thing. That's all you can remember though, it's only a few minutes into this that everything seems to go blank and is filled with blackness. Oh wait, you know why, your eyes are closed.

When you open them back up, you sit up and look around. Everything seems to be back to normal. Tewi isn't anywhere in sight. You're still in middle of somewhere in the bamboo forest. You look at your clothes, it looks like nothing had ever happened. But you remember the event so fondly, well, almost anyway. You were quite certain that rabbit was riding you. You don't feel frustrated at all anymore, so maybe it did happen. Or maybe it was because so much time had past. You realize this when you look up at the sky and it's pretty dark. The sun has set and the sky is about ready to turn black. Oh crap, when did that happen? You quickly get up and start making tracks back to Eientei, praying you hadn't missed dinner.

You scramble and scurry across the bamboo forest in a hurry, dodging random bamboo shoots along the way. Fortunately, your stamina doesn't give out and you're able to run at a fast, steady pace the entire way there. You almost trip a few times but you don't get hurt. It takes you much longer to get to Eientei then it did to chase Tewi down and catch her. It's definitely a lot easier to get yourself lost then to find your way home. It doesn't matter though, as you get there in one piece. You assume you must be late or something as when you stop to take a breather at the edge of the forest, you see Reisen who appears to be looking for something, until catching sight of you and running right over.

"Sousha! Where have you been? Don't go wandering off like that when you don't know the terrain." You can't help but give this a sad look. Not like you could've helped it.
"S-S-Sorry..." Reisen looks at you weirdly suddenly. You can't help but be curious about this. "Uhh, did I do something wrong?" Reisen just looks at you even weirder. Seriously, you can't tell what she's thinking, or feeling. This look just puzzles you to hell.
"No, nothing at all Sousha. Come on, dinner's ready." You blink, looking at her, before you stop her from suddenly leaving.
"Hey, wait. I know something's wrong. Please, Reisen..." In an unexpected twist, she picks your hand off her arm and just looks at you disappointed.
"We'll talk after dinner, okay? Just come on..." Your heart suddenly takes a fall. She must've seen you and Tewi get it on. What a rather bad situation. You just sigh deeply and depressingly follow inside. You hardly feel like living now, you knew it was too good to be true.

This of course, makes dinner all the more awkward. You and Reisen happen to be sitting on the same side of the table, and you can't help but feel how utterly wrong this is. It feels like she's trying to avoid you, despite sitting so close. And you seem to be doing the same, subconciously. Eirin and Kaguya are totally unaware of the situation, as they're chatting away as if nothing's going on. They seem happy enough...unlike you and Reisen. Reisen's look the entire dinner looks mildly troubled but all in all, emotionless and expressionless. As if she was just eating to survive or something. You can't help but feel like you're probably putting on a similar display though, for different reasons. You feel awfully depressed and it's clearly showing on your face. But Eirin and Kaguya are both blissfully absent to this display. Even more so then you though, when Kaguya even directly addresses you without a problem.

"So, Sousha, ready to try those targets again after this?" It takes you a moment to bring your attention to this. After all this, you've completely forgotten about your magic training. Maybe it's best not to do it with so much on your mind.
"Uhh, w-well, I'm not sure Master Kaguya, I mean..." Kaguya looks at you a bit disappointed and sadly.
"What's wrong, Sousha? You're not feeling bad about yourself still, are you?" You sigh softly, you can't deny a cute face like that.
"N-No, that's not it. I'll do it." Kaguya's face lights back up upon hearing that.
"That's good. Just wait a few minutes while I get myself ready after dinner and I'll be right there to help you." You nod softly in acceptance to this. You then quickly look over at Reisen, who seems to not have noticed this exchange. That's impossible though, you feel. You know she must've taken this into account already. What you would do for mind reading powers right now.
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File 122490738024.jpg - (88.05KB , 800x800 , 81e5f65a2f40f34004018443d969e1db.jpg ) [iqdb]
After dinner, everyone puts their plates away and you silently leave the room unnoticed. You just depressingly walk the halls until you ge to Reisen's room. You know she isn't in yet, as she's probably still cleaning up after dinner. So you just simply wait and lean against the wall next to the door softly, looking up at the ceiling. Despite how calm you look, your heart is racing. You're not sure what to make of this situation. It's almost completely dark out now and you're wondering how magic training would go in midst of this. The hallways are dimly illuminated by the lights across the halls now and you figure that is probably how it's going to be outside. After a while of waiting, you finally see Reisen slowly making her way down the hall in front of you. You stand up straight and wait for her to enter the room before you. Before she does she looks at you a bit weirdly again and invites you inside. No time like the present.

Inside, it's much more properly lit. You go and sit down at the table in the middle and Reisen sits down opposite of you and sighs softly. This is something both of you appear to be dreading, it's not pretty to say the least. Silence befalls the room as you two just sit there, until after a while, it's finally broken by Reisen looking at you worriedly and bringing up the worst.

"Sousha...where were you earlier today?" You look at her and a nervous strike hits you. Still, you can't lie. This is the moment you've been dreading ever since you came back.
"Well...uhh...in the bamboo forest...you know that...why?" You can't look at Reisen as you say this. You're way too ashamed.
"What were you doing? You can tell me, Sousha." She looks at you with both a bit of a worried face and a scolding look. She knows exactly what went on there.
"I...I..." You can't get the words out of your mouth. No matter how much you want to come clean, you just can't. You were set up! Seems Tewi's dream did come true after all.
"Sousha..." Suddenly, in a truly unexpected turn of events, you just barely notice Reisen coming over and sitting right beside you, and taking your hand with a caring look on her face. "Whatever Tewi did to you isn't something to be ashamed of, you should know that." Your face takes a moment to absorb this. Then you just instantly look over at Reisen shocked.
"W-W-What?!" Reisen looks a bit bemused at first but sighs softly.
"Tewi told me everything. I had to be persistant about it, but I got it out of her." You can't help but think, what in the world just happened. No way would a clever, manipulative person like that just spill so easily.
"So wait, s-s-she told you that...we..." Reisen looks at you.
"You what? That she made you confess to her about me?" Uh, what? That's the first thing that runs through your mind when you hear this. Things just got more confusing and weirder.
"Uhh, c-confess? About you? What do you mean?" Reisen sighs and takes a more relaxed stance.
"You don't have to play dumb with me, Sousha. But I guess you might not know everything since Tewi had you under her manipulation for a while." She closes her eyes as she begins her story. "It started when I was coming back from the human village to buy dinner for everyone today. I couldn't help but notice that I sometimes heard your voice as I was walking on the path back. I ignored it until I got home and noticed you weren't there for a while. When Tewi came back I tried asking her where you'd went. Of course, she wasn't very cooperative as usual, but...but I was worried about you." She grabs her arm with her other hand in a nervous gesture. "I finally made Tewi tell me everything. She apparently control of you by using a leaf, and ended up giving you illusions." You sigh softly, you know exactly where it all went wrong now, and what was real and what wasn't. Very disappointing. "She told me you kept saying stuff about me though, things that...kind of made me worried." She looks at you with a serious look. "What did you see? She wouldn't tell me what you were seeing, so I wanted to ask you." You look at her confused for a moment. You're really not sure if telling her the truth would be applicable here.
"Uhm, w-w-w-well, w-w-w-what did I say, exactly...?" Reisen looks at you with a bit of an expectant and pouting look, her blush on her face starting to become apparent.
"Sousha...I did say you confessed...what does that tell you? Do I have to actually...say it?" That doesn't strike you as good. No way you could've said things like that, in that situation no less. Tewi has to be lying.
"I-I-I-I don't know, really, I mean, uhh, well it's like, er, jeez I don't think I could've said things like that in front of Tewi of all people!" Reisen just gives you a look that tells you she's not buying it. You sigh trying to think of some way out of this when fate knocks. Quite literally.
"Sousha? Are you in here?" The door is opened and there's Kaguya. She looks over at you and Reisen. "Oh, I'm not interuppting anything, am I?" Reisen looks behind her and shakes her head no.
"No, it's alright. We were just talking." You look over at Reisen almost in a panic before nodding quickly.
"Y-Yeah, that's right. What did you need me for anyway?" Kaguya looks over at you.
"I was going to say I'm ready to help you with your magic now, but if you're busy, then..." Reisen shakes her head again.
"No, it's alright. I can talk more with Sousha later. His magic is more important right now." You look at Reisen, part of you isn't sure about that.
"Well then, Sousha. Are you ready?" Kaguya asks, with a bit of a soft smile on her face. You look at Reisen and see she has that sad acceptance look.
"Well, uhh, I-I-I don't know Master Kaguya, I mean..."
"So something is wrong then? We can hold off until tomorrow when it's light out if you wish, Sousha." Reisen just looks at you a bit disappointed.
"Sousha, isn't Yukari waiting for you to complete this? You should do it as soon as possible." Kaguya looks over at Reisen.
"Don't push him, learning magic isn't as easy as you think. You need to be mentally prepared for it." Reisen bows to Kaguya after this exchange.
"Forgive me. I'm sorry."

You feel rather torn. Both parties are wanting different things, all for probably the wrong reasons too. To top it off, something feels amiss, about both Kaguya and Reisen, that something doesn't click. Ever since you got here, things have been weird. First your awkward relationship with Reisen, then the mansion being warped, and now this. One thing's for sure, next time you see Tewi, there's going to be a lot of facts you're setting straight with her. For now though, you need to decide where you're going for tonight.

[ ] Stay with Reisen
[ ] Practice your magic


Long updates are long.

You keep this up, I'll stop updating altogether. You're wasting posts, space and my own time, which is just making your efforts do exactly the opposite of what you want them to do.

Also, sorry if it seems like this took so long. I had parts 1 and 2 written a nice while before hand but I like posting all my parts all at once.
>> No. 12099
>taken this into account.

>> No. 12101
[x] Stay with Reisen
>> No. 12103
[x] Practice your magic

Responsibilities. Kaguya gets upset easily, and if Reisen is feeling bad because she can't return your "confession" then there's not really anything you can do about it.
>> No. 12104
[x] Practice your magic

Gives Reisen time to mull over things.
>> No. 12108
{X} Practice your magic
>> No. 12112
[x] Practice your magic
>> No. 12131
>You keep this up, I'll stop updating altogether.

You do know that some people here don't like you and your story right? Saying that is like giving ammo to the enemy.

Besides, that has become quite common in everyother CYOA (not that it's a good thing, it's actually annoying), so ignore it if it bothers you.

That said,
[x] Practice your magic
>> No. 12133

Yeah I noticed after a while. Call it a weak moment, I guess long updates make me sort cranky. (Or maybe it was the fact that the boards went down while I trying to update, that was retarded)

Anyways, writing.
>> No. 12134
>> No. 12135
File 122502677629.jpg - (630.43KB , 1281x766 , 2db7b14b2bef23a946ac2edc43efd18f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Practice your magic

You sigh softly, letting out some excess tension before standing up a bit reluctantly.

"I'll go. I need to get my magic out of the way anyways." Kaguya looks at you a bit worriedly.
"Are you sure? It might be best if you wait until you're feeling better, Sousha." It seems she's talking out of paranoia from what happened earlier today, but you're quick to reassure her.
"Ah, no I'm fine. Honest. I won't make the same mistake twice, trust me." Kaguya studies your look for a few moments, seemingly out of worry until deciding you are fit.
"Well, alright then. I'll trust you on that one. Come with me." You talk one step before you're already interrupted by a tug of your sleeve. You take a look and notice Reisen bearing a rather saddened face, holding onto your sleeve gently before letting go and shaking herself out of that.
"S-Sorry. Please go." You let loose a frustrated sigh. Things shouldn't have turned out like this.
"Listen, maybe you'd like come out with me and help or something?" Reisen just shakes her head once more.
"No, I'll be fine. I do want to talk to you afterwards though, okay? I'll be waiting in your room." You look at her a bit puzzled for a moment. Your room was an odd choise, but you don't have time to ask.
"Eh, alright. I'll talk to you then." You go ahead and leave the room post haste. You can't help but scratch the back of your head in frustration. You feel like ripping apart the first rabbit you see but you know that wouldn't satisfy you unless their name was Tewi.

You walk through the dim halls a bit before finally coming out to the now familiar courtyard. Lanterns are strung about in the air between the bamboo trees and the mansion above the open field. The targets are still there, though closer to the ground now. There is also significantly fewer this time. Going from eight to about five. This is probably something more suited to your level now. You don't waste any time and hop right out onto the flat ground opposite the targets. You look over and see Kaguya calmly waving at you with a soft smile, tea in the other hand. Eirin is sitting next to her, also drinking tea. Though you can clearly tell her bow is on her this time. It's right next to her on the porch. Trust must be something lost to her. Guess you can't blame her though. You look over back at the targets determined to do this right for once.

You take your hands and start drawing in mana. It takes a lot longer to gather enough heat for a steady fireball this time. At least comparitively. Before throwing your flame, you judge the conditions. It's a lot chillier out now then what it was earlier, and due to the lack of sunlight, this all probably factors in your inability to conjur fire as fast. However, for you lack in speed, you make up for in dexterity. Being a bit more used to it now, your aim has gotten steadier and more accurate. After a few tries you find yourself able to hit nearly every target consistently. After a few more rounds past every target, you find yourself able to throw faster too, which will contribute to your overall time and eventual success over this trial. Soon enough, you're hardly even concentrating and gathering mana faster, and just simply practicing your aiming. It's going along very wonderfully, you're slowly learning the intricacies of the flow of the fire as it zips towards it's target. It's trajectory, speed, mass, wind, everything all plays a role in how it gets to the target and how fast it'll hit.

After what seems to be roughly almost an hour of target practice, your aiming has gotten extremely well by now. To the point to where it's improving your casting time even. You look over at Kaguya and Eirin and both seem mildly pleased with your improvements. Kaguya waves over to you, as if telling you to keep up the good work. You nod softly and look back at the targets. Instead of trying any fancy tricks, you just keep at it, doing a steady pace until you can reach your goal. After a while though, your improvements are very noticably slowing down. The time it takes to make an average fireball has not improved at all within the past fifteen minutes and you stop to take a short break. You catch your breath and a bit and sit down on the cold, firm ground. You need to reassess this situation. There's still something you're missing. In your thoughts, you briefly don't realize Kaguya has brought you a small cup of tea.

"Here, Sousha. Take a rest and recover your energy." You look at her for a moment before smiling.
"I'm fine, I can keep going. My body has a lot of backup storage so I'm good for now." You take up the tea offer anyway, taking a short sip.
"Well, you're doing a great job so far. I'm rather impressed. I can't wait to see what you can do later." You close eyes, praise feels really god.
"Thanks, Master Kaguya. Though it's only because of you." Kaguya just simply smiles at you.
"All I did was tell you how to do it. The rest has all been your doing." She takes the now empty cup of tea and retreats back to the porch. You then stand once more and give the targets a convincing glare.

You keep at your training for what seems like another half hour. The night sky is now pitch black, except for what seems to be a little bigger then half a moon up in the sky. The bamboo thicket provides a great cover for all the various stars in the sky. The only illumination now being the lanterns up above. They're rather bright without getting in the way though, so vision isn't a problem. You eventually perfect your technique up into being able to somewhat curve the fireball as it's heading towards this target. You're getting a very faint grasp on being able to control the fire remotely now, which is huge progress in your mind. You think with a lot more practice, you might be able to make the fire move around in a simple pattern. However, it's still not helping your speed. You take a very short breath break and look at the targets. You need to conquer this in some way.

[ ] Put more heart into it, more mana means more speed
[ ] The coldness of night will bring fourth your true expertise in ice elementals
[ ] Things a bit dark; try using lightning and see what that does
[ ] Ask Kaguya or Eirin for advice
[ ] That's enough for now, you can continue training tomorrow
[ ] Write-in your way to deal with the targets ver. 2

Sorry it took so long
>> No. 12136
>> No. 12139
[x] There are fewer targets now and they're closer together. Why not use larger fireballs and try to hit more than one at a time?
>> No. 12141
[x] Put more heart into it, more mana means more speed
[x] The coldness of night will bring fourth your true expertise in ice elementals
[x] Things a bit dark; try using lightning and see what that does

It's time to get fancy.
>> No. 12142
[X] Parallel processing, bitch, heard of it? Do five at the same time. Start slow though, no need for unnecessary accidents.
>> No. 12144
[x] Hard work and guts.
>> No. 12154
[x] Ask Master for advice

Wasn't Kaguya just blaming herself for not taking a more involved role in your training? She's not gonna bite you for asking a question. And asking Eirin for help first when Kaguya is supposed to be the one tutoring you is plain insulting.
>> No. 12155
[x] Ask Master for advice
>> No. 12160
[x] Ask Master for advice
>> No. 12161
{X} Ask Master for advice
>> No. 12163
[x] Ask Master for advice.
[x] The coldness of night will bring fourth your true expertise in ice elementals
[x] Things a bit dark; try using lightning and see what that does

We need to train with the other elements. We can't specialize on Fire alone, we need to master all kinds of magics to be REALLY useful to Yukari. Not stronger than some may be, but never weak.
>> No. 12164

After that, we can rape some Tewi, right?
>> No. 12165

Delicious Tewi raep, we must has it!
>> No. 12166
[X] Parallel processing, bitch, heard of it? Do five at the same time.
>> No. 12215
Sorry for being absent for a while. Not been feeling my best. I've sorta been using the lack of consensus in the votes to put off writing because of it. Not sure when I'll start writing again but I assure you, it won't be like last time where I put it off for months at a time. Expect an update in a couple days. Hopefully sooner.
>> No. 12237
Oh, Sukima. You're so cute when you're paranoid of us. Get better soon!
>> No. 12275
[x] Ask Master for advice

You sigh, looking at the targets. After contemplating for a nice while about how to get over this hurdle, you finally cave and look over at Kaguya and Eirin.

"Master Kaguya..." You whine a bit as you say that, and you see Kaguya looking a bit puzzled before signalling you to come over. You then do as you're told.
"What's wrong Sousha?" She looks at you with a soft smile as Eirin simply sips her tea, minding her own business.
"Eh, well, I was wondering if I could get some advice or something on how to do this..." You look down a bit nervous to ask something like this. However, Kaguya accepts your plea rather willingly.
"Of course, Sousha. After all, I am your teacher." She says this with a smile and starts thinking.
"Uh, thank you...Master Kaguya..." She looks at you and gives you a bit a confident smile.
"Don't worry about it. I thought up something that might help though." She then stands in front of you and performs...hand orders?

"First you move your hands like this, then you change shape like this, and.." As she's talking, she's giving you various hand signs to perform, it seems like. The first sign looks like a prayer, with hands clasped in front of her. The next one has one hand in a fist, with two fingers pointing straight up. The other hand is over it with the same two singles parallel to the other hand's fingers. The next sign has one hand laying out sideways face up, with the other hand laying parallel over it, face down. The thumbs in between the pinky and ring finger. The sign after that has both hands closed with the knuckles facing the ground in a bit of an awkward position, thumbs outside the fists. The next one looks rather complicated but basically seems like two hands in a gun like formation, both sitting diagonally with the backs facing outwards from her. The index fingers and pointing at each other, or rather, one is. The other is pointed towards the sky in a similar fashion. Finally, the last sign looks like the second one, except the hands are actually clasped together. Once that one is finished, you realize Kaguya's trying to get your attention.

"Did you get all that?" You blink, looking back at her face now.
"Oh, uh, yeah I think so. But what does it all mean?" Kaguya just smiles at you, beaming a certain weird happiness.
"Oh nothing, you'll know when it works." You just look at her with an utmost puzzled look. You don't really understand. You then look at Eirin in hopes of recieving much clearer advice.
"H-H-How about you Eirin? Any advice for me?" Eirin looks at you, seemingly a bit surprised that you asked. She then closes her eyes and smirks lightly.
"Well, if you want my advice, it'd have to be to pay attention to every little detail." You blink for a moment, with a naive look on your face.
"Uh, excuse me?" Eirin looks confident now, almost unbecoming of her, but you let her continue.
"Well there's many things to factor in. The temperature of the surroundings, the direction and speed of the wind, the amount of mana flowing through you and your stamina too of course. Those are but the simplest ones. Angles, the coefficent, the make up of the mana you produce and the measurement of the heat you attract also matters. And then there's the more complicated stuff..." She takes a quick peek at you. You're quite sure you're wearing quite possibly the dumbest expression ever. You don't think you ever took a math class, this is quite beyond you. Eirin then sighs and just gives you a more warm smile. "Then again, there's something to be said about pure guts too. You could always try moving around the targets while you fire. Activity will help speed up both your blood and mana flow. Since you're a youkai, you shouldn't have to worry about your stamina either. At least, I would hope not."
"Uhh...r-r-right." You sigh softly, trying to fit that through your head. It's then that Kaguya looks at you.
"Don't worry about it too much, though Eirin is right. You're not human, and I'm sure Yukari chose you for your innate powers held within you. If you could tap into that, then you might be capable of more. Though I would personally suggest that waits until you learn some control..." Kaguya looks at Eirin a bit nervously, whom just looks away a bit ashamed. You stand there feeling rather embarrassed about losing control not once, but twice so far since you've been here. You can't help but bow down in shame.
"I-I'm sorry. Please forgive me." In your despair, you feel a gentle hand pat you on your head.
"It's alright Sousha, it's understandable. You didn't know you weren't human until you came here anyway. It's an expected shock, really." The feeling of Kaguya's hand isn't nearly as praising, but oh so much more gentle and kind, you almost forget to raise yourself after she takes it off. With new confidence, you smile at your teacher.
"Right! I'll do this, just watch!" You then turn and march off towards the targets once more.

It's practically dead of night now. After training so much, it feels colder then ever. You probably only have a bit over an hour left before Kaguya and Eirin would decide to turn in. You take a deep breath to settle yourself and examine the targets one more time. A very light breeze is blowing in, much like a chill. The lanterns burn brighter then ever. You take your hands and gather up some mana in preparation for this one last jaunt for the night. Now is a good time to decide your strategy.

[ ] Follow Kaguya's advice and attempt those weird hand signs
[ ] Eirin might have the right idea about moving around
[ ] Just focus all your pure energy on doing this, nothing more
[ ] Perhaps trying a different element will wield better results
[ ] Screw it, you're tired, you'll save this for tomorrow
>> No. 12276
[x] Just focus all your pure energy on doing this, nothing more
>> No. 12277
[X] Just focus all your pure energy on doing this, nothing more

Sousha the Digger.
>> No. 12279
{X} Perhaps trying a different element will wield better results (ice)
Since it's cold.

If not:
{X} Just focus all your pure energy on doing this, nothing more
>> No. 12289
[ ] Follow Kaguya's advice and attempt those weird hand signs
>> No. 12290
>You probably only have a bit over an hour left before Kaguya and Eirin would decide to turn in. You take a deep breath to settle yourself and examine the targets one more time. A very light breeze is blowing in, much like a chill. The lanterns burn brighter then ever. You take your hands and gather up some mana in preparation for this one last jaunt for the night.

But we have a youkai's stamina so yeah!

[x] Follow Kaguya's advice and attempt those weird hand signs.
[x] Just focus all your pure energy on doing this, nothing more.
[x] Eirin might have the right idea about moving around.
[x] Perhaps trying a different element will yield better results.
[x] You have time to try all of the above, since you'll be staying up all night.

>> No. 12291
[ ] Follow Kaguya's advice and attempt those weird hand signs
{X} Perhaps trying a different element will wield better results (fire then ice then thuder)

Think high. We asked Kaguya for advice, there is no reason to not try the hand signs. And we really need to practice with the other elements.
>> No. 12292

Did you forget about Reisen? She's waiting for us.
>> No. 12297
[ ] Follow Kaguya's advice and attempt those weird hand signs
[X] Perhaps trying a different element will wield better results (fire then ice then thuder)

This shouldn't take too much time.
>> No. 12300
[woof] Follow Master's advice and attempt those weird hand signs
>> No. 12301
[x] Just focus all the mana you can and try to shoot out a fucking deathraybeam
>> No. 12332
File 122548324429.jpg - (15.04KB , 404x363 , 121355490349.jpg ) [iqdb]
The votes have been tied for a nice while. Usually I'd just flip a coin and get to writing, but I haven't been doing well recently. May be attributed to the fact that I haven't been able to use any bathroom necessities in four days. Septic tank in my house got full, and to top it off, the brilliant people who built this place thought it'd be awesome to bury it under several feet of concrete. I'll get back to writing one day, after all this has been settled. Hopefully it'll be soon. This is just silly and seriously impairing my ability to even think straight. Ciao.
>> No. 12355
Curse you septic tank!
>> No. 12393
Do what I did when there were centipedes in the shower: Swallow your pride and ask to use a friend's. Bring a bag of necessities and get refreshed! If they're worth calling a friend, they'll understand the situation and react with sympathy.
>> No. 12430
File 122576397596.jpg - (91.98KB , 630x800 , 1191013402462.jpg ) [iqdb]
Was planning on writing last night but got caught up in something important, so I didn't end up getting much done until I had to sleep. Either way, here you guys go.

Flipped a coin, results came out as:
[x] Follow Kaguya's advice and attempt those weird hand signs.

The targets aren't going to burn up themselves. You figure Kaguya's the wisest of them all, besides that, she is your teacher. You think back to those hand signs she was performing earlier and you attempt recreating them, with little luck. It's difficult remember the exact poses and order of all the signs, considering that there were quite a few. You start with two fingers pointing up, then a cage, then, no wait that's not how it went. As you're trying to Do these signs, you can recognize Kaguya's giggling in the background, most likely laughing at your failed expense. Though as you look over, you take notice that Eirin seems to be scolding her a bit, but it's just making Kaguya laugh more. It makes you wonder what she's really laughing about.

You get that off your mind briefly enough to concentrate on the hand signs again. You focus towards the targets and wonder what exactly this is supposed to do. You keep performing the signs over and over, with no realy luck or success. You take a deep frustrated sigh and do this one more time. Without realizing it just then, you open your eyes to a truly massive fireball that torches everything in front of you. By the time it fades away, the front most targets are scorched, and the back most ones pretty singed. You blink in total surprise, even though honestly, you hadn't felt anything within yourself that triggered that. You look at your hands in bemusement before you turn your head to the sudden burst of laughter that overcomes Kaguya. Time to check this out now.

"Master Kaguya, what just happened?" You say, as you walk over. Kaguya is busy wiping tears from her eyes and trying not to laugh, though Eirin doesn't look half as amused.
"Oh Sousha, don't worry about it, okay? Y-You did fine.." Kaguya says, under the multitude of laughter she's having. It almost makes you feel as if you're being mocked. You just sigh and look away, crossing your arms.
"It's not like I need your help, I can just do this on my own..." Kaguya makes a greater effort to contain her laughter after that, wiping away more tears.
"No! No, I'm so sorry Sousha, really." She eventually calms down and finally gets to looking at you with a normal expression finally.
"Are you quite done now?" You quip at her, but she just returns to you with a cheerful smile. "Really, Sousha, that was great how you perfected that technique, though I should advise you not to," she has to stop herself from breaking out into laughter again before she continues. "try that again. Please." You look at her with a combination of curisoity and expectancy.
"Oh? And why?" Kaguya hands you a very innocent looking smile, the type that makes you think there's a devil hiding behind it.
"Just because. Who knows what types of demons might come out if you were to do it again!" You look a bit surprised before an unimpressed Eirin chimes in.
"Sousha, I'll teach you along side Kaguya tomorrow, okay? I wouldn't really trust a teacher who plays pranks on their students myself..." Kaguya hits her across the arm playfully.
"Oh come on. You didn't have to spoil it." You just stand there with an ever so blank look on your face. You have no clue what's going on. Kaguya stands up however, introducing the conversation to more serious matters. "Now then, since you've completed your first exercise so gracefully, Sousha, tomorrow we'll step up your training a bit. Eirin will accompany me, as she said," Kaguya takes this time to look over at Eirin, who's simply sipping tea with her eyes closed. "...and we go onto the finer points of your magic skills. You're free to train whenever you want in your spare time, just don't break anything, alright?" You can't help but feel like they're picking every opportunity to bring that up.
"Y-Yes, Master..." Kaguya smiles and excuses herself. You just stand there thinking blankly for a moment before looking at Eirin. "Say...aren't you going to bed too?" Eirin doesn't look at you, instead, just focuses on her tea.
"I will in a moment. Stargazing is an old habit of mine, so I like to take a moment to watch them a bit before I retire for the night." You just look at her. You can't think of much to say.
"Oh...alright. Uh...good night then, I suppose." You just walk into the mansion, ignoring any weird feeling you get.

You walk through the hallow halls of the mansion, all the lights are turned off now and the place is still and quiet. The darkness besets the eerie lack of sound and the only sort of illumination comes from the very, very dim light from the moon just barely making it's way in. It somehow seems that inside the mansion, the moon feels brighter then it did outside, which is very perculiar. Despite how dark it is, you find your way to your room quite efficiently, only to remember what's waiting for you on the other end. You sigh and open the door a bit slowly and peek in. You see Reisen leaning against the window and staring up at the sky. It feels odd though, you can tell she isn't really thinking about you. It looks as if something else is on her mind. Come to think of it, you remember that the only window in Reisen's room doesn't really get moonlight from the odd position it's in, so perhaps she's just mesmerized by it. You go ahead and walk a bit behind her.

"Reisen?" Her ears perk up instantly and she turns around to you a bit surprised.
"Oh! Sousha, I didn't know you were done already." You tilt your head a bit confused.
"Already? It's been hours, I thought maybe I kept you waiting too long." Reisen stares at you blankly for a moment before looking down at the floor sadly.
"...oh, right..." The mood drops when the silence rises. An awkward feeling permiates the air. It's very unsettling.
"...so, uhh...what did you want to talk about?" Reisen looks at you for a moment before sighing and leaning against the wall again, still facing you though.
>> No. 12431
"Oh, well...I guess things have been rather complicated. I can never tell if Tewi is telling the truth to me or not, and of course...I'm sure you can't tell either, right?" She looks at you and you give her a look that you're sure tells her you have no idea what to say, though you didn't mean it.
"Uh? W-W-Well, I don't know, I mean...it's Tewi, how can you trust her at all?" You're sure you're probably being biased there, considering how long you've known her, but when someone bosses you around a lot until they just directly take advantage of you and spread filthy lies all over the place, it's hard not to lose trust instantly.
"You don't have to act dumb with me, Sousha. I'm not like most people in this land." You look at her confused for a moment. Having not been in Gensokyo long enough to know, you aren't sure what she means by this.
"What do you mean? Do you mean throughout Gensokyo?" Reisen looks down a bit taken back by this, for some reason.
"Oh, right...you haven't been around that much, have you?" You shake your head, looking at her. You can see she's being very closed in and defensive about herself right now. It makes her look rather vunerable considering how much effort she's putting into it.
"No, I haven't...all I remember is that Yukari brought me here and...sent me to some shrine before sending me here." You look at her, portraying your truth through your words and demeanor. "I don't really even remember most of my life before coming here." Reisen just ends up looking sadder now.
"So, you're a lot like me then. Things are starting to make sense now..." You scratch the back of your head, wondering what the hell is going on. It's quite uncanny and coincidental that you're relating so well with her. "You really remind me of what I used to be like when I came here..." You blink for a moment, looking at her. It's interesting having her open up like this, in a sense.
"So, you aren't...native to Gensokyo either? Is that what you meant earlier?" Reisen shakes her head softly, she's clearly trying to avoid eye contact, but why is a mystery.
"No, not quite. But then, what I mean...it probably isn't worthy of being said anyway. I haven't really been around myself either. I've told you that." You cross your arms, wondering where this is going. Reisen appears visibly depressed, a bit unlike her. "What I was just trying to say is that, I'm probably a lot more level then you think, Sousha." She looks up at you finally, her eyes seem a bit dilluted. "I'm not sure if I gave you the impression that I don't think much, but quite on the contrary...I do. A lot." You almost refrain from stepping back a bit. It's almost as if she's going to pounce you and unleash her angry fangs upon you. It's quite scary.
"I-I-I uhh...I'm sorry? I mean, uh...I-I-I didn't mean to make you feel stupid if I did, I was just uh..." Reisen shakes her and closes her eyes. Your uneasiness is settled once you no longer have to make eye contact. For a moment there, you could've sworn you were feeling rather dizzy. But it's gone now.
"No, it's not your fault. I guess I don't know as much about you as I thought I did. Then again, you don't make friends in a day either..." You put down your defense after this and sigh a bit, one more time. You then walk over to her and a put a hand on her shoulder, trying your hardest to smile confidently at her.
"That's not true. The first thing Yukari wanted me to do was just that. And I completed it magnificently." Reisen looks up at you, curiously now.
"Oh? Who was it?"
"Uhh..." You look up, wondering if she even knows who it would be. "Just...some girl at a shrine." Reisen looks back down again, almost as if disappointed.
"Oh...I think I know who then." You look down at her a bit surprised. You thought she didn't get out much?
"You uhh...do? Who is it then?" Reisen just looks away crossing her arms.
"She's not someone I like talking about, she's just very...annoying. She doesn't really care about many youkai and especially outsiders." Wow, certainly doesn't sound like the Sanae you know. Perhaps they've met on bad terms? "She's also very rude and self centered, though Master Eirin seems to enjoy her company for some weird reason..." She then sighs. "I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't be saying stuff about one of your first friends here, right?" You shake you head quickly and try to reassure her.
"No, it's alright, really. Everyone in this world is different after all, so of course there are going to be people who don't get along." You're not sure where you pulled that from, but it gets Reisen smile either way as she pushes some of her long hair back.
"That's unusually mature of you to say, Sousha. You know, maybe it's just my life thus far until I got here. I had a very complicated one until I landed here." You blink, quite confused. You're really curious and you're about to speak up and ask about this until Reisen gives you a serious look. "But that's not important. It's not healthy to dwell on the past right? That's what Master Eirin always taught me." Reisen then stands up straight in front of you. "What's important is the present. And what I'm curious about the present now is how you feel about me."
"Wha-huh? W-What do you mean? Where'd this come from?"
"You know Sousha. It's why I wanted to talk to you." She crosses her arms and looks at you almost pouting, probably because you seem to be avoiding the question. "Well? Come clean with me, was Tewi telling the truth? What happened and how do you feel about me?"

The aggressiveness that Reisen displays to you suddenly has caught you off guard, so it takes you a bit time to get around to thinking properly. However, Reisen is giving you no quarter, pushing on the matter quite heavily. You soon tell her to wait just a moment and she stands there tapping her foot. She's very serious about wanting the truth, so you take a breath and search within your heart. Gazing upon the rabbit girl in the dim lighting of the lantern in the room gives her a bit of a mystical aura, an aura that reaffirms her heritage of being a youkai, a demon of sorts. In other words, not human. You probably exude that same aura too, but despite that, the both of you act as human as can be. So it makes sense that you should give Reisen a human answer.

[ ] The truth is that she's a friend, nothing more
[ ] You consider her rather special to you
[ ] Derail the conversaion; Tewi's the one at fault
[ ] Reisen's just another person, tell her you're not very interested
[ ] The most human option would be fainting

Sorry if it seems full of filler, I had to make myself feel better about not posting a story then a second post just for the votes alone. (re: sukima hates message limits) And remember that every option has it's consenquences, good and bad, and that will always apply to write-ins too. Write-ins are always encouraged.
>> No. 12433
File 122576671359.jpg - (148.82KB , 500x703 , 120794888526.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] You consider her rather special to you

We've had chemistry since we first met. She saw right through the tsundere. We can relate, we understand each other. She's beautiful and sweet and hard-working and has bunny ears.

This is the kind of girl you have to pursue a relationship with. Don't miss this chance, or you'll regret it.
>> No. 12435
[ ] You consider her rather special to you

"You don't play pranks on me, so yeah"
>> No. 12437
[ ] You consider her rather special to you

Dog boy loev bunny girl.
>> No. 12438
[X] You consider her rather special to you
>> No. 12439
[x] You consider her rather special to you.
[x] D-don't misunderstand! It's not like you're especially attracted to her or anything.

Confess, then add a dash of tsun tsun for flavor.
>> No. 12441
[x] The most human option would be fainting.

We can decide this at another time.
>> No. 12443
So where does this leave Sanae then?
>> No. 12444
Back on the mountain. Ever heard the expression, "a girl in every port"?

[X] You consider her rather special to you.
[X] D-don't misunderstand! It's not like you're especially attracted to her or anything.

I-it's not like I'm giving you my axe because I want to do it! I just know you're so hopeless without it, is all!
>> No. 12453

This is brilliant. These are the types of write-ins I miss.
>> No. 12456

Forgot my sage! Oh well, since I bumped I may as well start writing now.

Including the tsundere write-in because that's how Sousha rolls.
>> No. 12472
File 122580486447.jpg - (152.74KB , 1024x721 , 1193536958848.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] You consider her rather special to you.
[x] D-don't misunderstand! It's not like you're especially attracted to her or anything.

You stand there, looking down at an awkward angle. The two of you fall silent for a nice long while. Reisen seems to have noticed the embarrassing cannotations behind her question and looks rather vunerable now. Part of you is unsure if now would be the time to strike, but you do so anyway. With a determined demeanor, you walk forward towards her and softly put a hand on her head. She looks up at you curiously, puzzled about the gesture before you hand her a nice, warm smile. A truthful heart is always the best one to give to people you trust. And you feel that Reisen is definitely one of them. After all, in a strange, new world, the ones you can relate to most are the ones that came from the outside, just like you. At least, you assume Reisen to be from the outside, from what she said.

"You don't have to be so fortright, Reisen. I think of you as fairly special to me, in every way. After all, why wouldn't you be?" After saying that, Reisen's face quite literally lights up, a luminescent blush finding it's way straight across.
"A-A-A-A-Are you serious? S-S-S-S-So Tewi was t-t-t-telling the truth about...about..." She looks down completely and totally embarrassed. "About...that?!" You blink for a moment before you realize the context. You then immediately retract your hand and take a step back in shock.
"W-W-What?!" You aren't too positive about what she's talking about, but the first thing that comes to mind is that awkward moment of sex you had. Did Tewi replace herself with Reisen in her version of the story? That's just wrong. "N-N-N-No! I mean, u-u-uh, I-I-I only just met you after all, we're...friends right?" You smile rather nervously, it's funny that you're asking, you're trying to reassure yourself of that right now.
"Oh..." Reisen looks away seemingly disappointed before immediately coming back with a relieved look. "That's good. Things would've been very...awkward between us if that were the case..." The two of look away from each other. As if it already isn't. You scratch the back of your head, trying to think of what next to day. Then curiosity strikes you.
"W-Wait, what did Tewi tell you...?" Reisen looks at you like you should know this already.
"I already told you, Sousha. You confessed to her, didn't you? You should know, being the one who did it..." She looks down seemingly more embarrassed then you are, somehow. You have to wonder what Tewi feeds this poor girl, but more or less, you wonder why she even chooses to believe that devil.
"W-W-Well, I...don't know, I mean...uhh...umm..." You can't really find it in you to tell Reisen the truth about what you know happened between you and Tewi. That would by far look pretty nasty on your current track record. No need to endanger your stay here any further.
"You mean what? S-Spit it out." It's hard to imagine Reisen being aggressive still in her current state, her knees appear to be shaking. This would be so much easier if you knew what Tewi told her, but alas, Reisen seems to be assuming that you already know.

Then again, maybe not knowing is the best option.

"I mean, uh, what did Tewi tell you...exactly? I...I don't remember much of it to be honest." You drop your head and gaze to the floor hoping it'll work.
"How could...nevermind. You're so hopeless Sousha." You look back up and find her in the level headed state you're used to seeing. Arms crossed and everything. "Just forget it, okay?"
"Huh? But..." Reisen just shakes her head.
"It's best we both forget, I think." You can't help but let loose a frustrated sigh in your mind. Looks like you'll have to interrogate Tewi later. The two of you stand there silent, looking away from each other for the most part. Sooner or later you realize Reisen is looking down at the floor before she says something. "But...thanks, Sousha. Really. It's nice to have someone that really cares, at least." She looks up at you with a sensitive, endearing smile. But your earlier frustration had already set in, you don't particularly feel like accepting a comment like that so easily.
"D-Don't get soft now, i-i-it's not like I'm really attracted to you or anything..." You keep you head turned while you give off this sutnning display of difficulty. While your eyes are closed, you keep one barely open enough to spy Reisen's reaction. Oddly enough, her reaction starts off with a deep flushed expression, complete with a shocked look. She then growls are her face furls up.
"Hey! Just because I'm not your species or something doesn't mean you have to damper on my looks!" You put on your best unimpressed face and look her right in the eye.
"Even I was a bunny, it's not like I'd be too attracted or anything, don't get any silly ideas." Reisen just looks at you visibly hurt before she suddenly pulls a fist out of nowhere and punches you in the chest. It doesn't knock you off your feet but you find yourself coughing a bit as she walks past you with a shout of "JERK!" For a small bunny girl, she sure hits hard.
However, when she gets to the door, she hesitates for a very long time. It almost seems like she's shaking a bit, and you're about to ask her if she's okay. You do feel a bit bad considering that you think you just hurt her feelings. Then she pulls an unexpected line out.
"Thanks for...calling me attractive though." Before you can react, she's gone right out the door. Not like your reaction is very much to sneeze at though. Your face just has a riddled look of bemusement written across it. You could've sworn you just got done telling her quite the opposite. You then shake you head and assume you imagined it, and make a note to apologize to her tomorrow morning. You just shrug it off now and simply turn out the lights and flop right onto the futon, falling asleep in an instant.

That night, you have an interesting dream. A dream like no other so far, in this mystical land. You could even swear it feels very real. Surreal, is probably the best way to put it. It starts off with you seemingly in a dark room. There's plenty of light, but everything looks dark. You can only gather the silohettes of the people around you. One of them appears to be dressed in robing, and another is smaller, in a dress. The upper bodies are too obscured by things to tell you anything more, as it feels very dark, despite lots of light being around. The taller figure speaks to you, seemingly.

"Come on, Sousha. It's now or never. Are we going to save her." The smaller figure turns towards the bigger one, a child-like voice suiting it quite nicely.
"But we can't just abandon his friends! The ones he made!"
"We don't have a choice. If we don't go now, Yukari will..." The larger figure hesitates for a long while before both figures turn to you. "Sousha...what will you do?" You feel very confused. And rather light headed too. You try to move around, but it doesn't do you a world good.
"What? My friends? You mean Sanae? Reisen? What happened to them?! And what about Yukari? What's wrong!"


The next vision you get is even more ambiguous. You still see nothing but shadows, despite the blinding light all around. Everywhere. Maybe that's why you can't see them. The light is hurting your eyes. You want to close them, but for some reason, you just can't. It's not in your ability. One figure is wearing small shoes and a rather short skirt, with a voice you recognize as Reisen's The other has a pair of very long and flaring pants, definitely Sanae. But the third one is behind the other two and you can't tell who they are at all.

"Are we just going to leave Sousha here? Will he be alright?"
"He knows how to take care of himself. He'll be fine."
"Yeah, weren't you there with him when he was taught magic?"
"I...I don't know...I still have doubts."
"I do too...but we don't have a choice to believe in him." All three figures seem to turn toward you at this point. "Right? Sousha?"
>> No. 12473
File 122580488220.jpg - (286.54KB , 600x600 , jigizagi_097a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Finally, the final vision you see, is an odd one. It's a lot darker, but you still can't see very well at all. All you can tell, is that one of the people standing before that weird calduron type thing is the taller figure from the first vision. The other one is wearing a very poofy dress, but you can't see anything else.

"Do you think he's ready?"
"...do you think this is a good idea?"
"Huh? It's not often you question me~"
"Doesn't that tell you how bad this might turn out?"
"Relax. I know I'm doing. Now tell me, because I don't wanna push the boy too hard~"
"Well...he hasn't been taught much yet. I don't want to have to teach him everything, so maybe for another day or two." The figure in the poofy dress doesn't look too pleased.
"What? Oh come on, you're being fussy now. I wanna have fun with him~"
"...I'm not going to comment. Just keep him there for a while longer."

It's after this, that you finally wake up. To an awfully bright sun at that. You cover your eyes in defense as you sit up and rub them awake. that's when you realize you've been sweating the entire night. You then look down at yourself in surprise. Your clothes are gone! Or rather, put away. You look to your side and see them folded neatly on the floor next to you. Did Reisen wash them? Nah, you would've noticed your clothes being taken off. Then again, if that's so, why are they there? Either way, you don't think Reisen would have the guts to just undress you in your sleep either way, so you get up and toss the thought aside for the moment, putting your clothes back on. How strange.

You walk through the halls unbridled. You're pretty confident in today. You have a feeling magic training is going to go very well. Your mood drops when you finally realize that the surrounding rabbits are actually going out of their way to avoid you. They speak whispers and rumors behind your back and it starts unsettling you. Now you get this feeling you've been truly had. You growl as you pick up one of the unsuspecting rabbits by the shirt and all the others around you gasp. The one captive by you is crying while flailing about.

"No! No! Don't rape me like you did Tei! Nooooo~!" Your growling just got louder. You turn the poor, defenseless animal over to you.
"Tell me where Tewi is, right now!" The tiny rabbit girl just looks at you angrily.
"What?! Never! You raped her once, now you wanna do it again?! Rapist!! I won't let you harm her!" She squirms and struggled in your grasp, but try as she might, being held up by her own clothing has got her at a disadvantage. "You can take me but you'll never take my master!" It's just then that you hear the sound of clapping to disrupt the ruckus.
"Alright, everyone break it up! I'll handle this!" You drop the bunny that you had held up and she scurries off like lightning. Standing before you now is a devilishly grinning Tewi. "So, like my handiwork? Made it myself last night while you were most likely ogling Reisen in your room." You blink, almost faultered by this, you have no idea how she came to know about Reisen being in your room. Still, you keep up your scolding demeanor.
"Hah, you wish! Maybe that'd take some load off your shoulders, but as if I would ever do that." Tewi just rolls her eyes as she rests her head on her arms behind it.
"Yeah, yeah. Jeez, you're so immature, I always have to take my retorts to a lower level just to meet yours. It was different at first but now it's just plain boring." You can't help but have this face on you that makes you look like you're ready to go mad. She's really trying hard this time.
"W-W-...Whatever. You enjoyed going back and forth with me, admit it." Tewi just sighs disappointed.
"I wish I could say that. It was to the point to where I just wanted to get rid of you." She looks over at you slyly. "So, I did, in a way."
"Urgh! I can't stand you!" Tewi snickers, she's quite enjoying this. Too bad you aren't.
"Oh come on, lighten up. At least you're getting in the panties of that one that's always getting in my way." He growls at her.
"But I never did!" Tewi's face suddenly takes on a whole new form of devilry, rightfully defining sly.
"Maybe not to you, you didn't. It's not the same for Reisen...~" You freeze in the spot. You're scared to know, but you just have to.
"What...what did you tell her...we both know you tricked me into thinking I had sex with you, but what does she know...?!" Tewi's coy eyes look away, a mischevious girl such as her shouldn't be allowed to contort her face in such a way, you think.
"Oh, plenty, and trust me, it was rather naughty. I think I have to give myself an award for coming with something so naughty. It was so naughty that I didn't even get the chance to tell her everything I wanted to tell her. I think it was just too...naughty." You're frozen in place once more. You can't feel your heart beat. But wait, that doesn't tell you exactly what she said to her.
"What...give me examples...right now." Tewi just looks away quite coy with herself right now.
"Or what?" Having been given time to regain your bearings, you loom over Tewi with the most intimidating glare you can muster up.
"Or I'll wring that little rabbit neck out in the forest and I'll make sure to taste every drop of blood you have in you." Tewi just simply and calmly puts up her hands, with a cool and collected look on her face.
"Hey, cool, chill, I'll tell ya, okay?" This alone is enough to unbalance you once again. This is nothing like the vunerability she displayed yesterday. Is everything she does an act? You can't tell anymore.
"W-Well then...what did you tell her?" Tewi sighs, as if being defeated and just carelessly looks to the side.
"Simple. I used a leaf to make myself her and give you visions of you having sex with her." You immediately grab her tightly and almost lift her up in pure, unadulterated rage when you hear this. This seems to have startled her at the least.
"What?! WHAAAT?!"
"Hey! Hey! Calm down! Do you want Eirin or Kaguya seeing you like this? It could get you booted you know." You look at her for a moment before sighing and putting her down, calming yourself.
"You're right...I'm sorry." Tewi straightens her dress and looks at you slyly.
"You know, the art of deception is quite nice. You could use some pointers on it. Tell ya what, since you've been such a good sport about this, if you swing by room number 7 in the barracks later tonight, I'll give you some quick lessons on the art of fake transformation. I'll even call off all these silly rumors as a bonus. You just have to do one thing for me while you're here." You look at her quite discriminately. You wonder if you should trust her at all.
"And that is...?" Tewi points behind you.
"Keep that girl off my fluffy tail." You blink and turn around. You see quite the upset Reisen approaching you and Tewi. You briefly think it's you that she's angry to see and when she arrives, you promptly give her your best bow.
"I-I-I'm sorry, Reisen! I didn't mean to, I swear!" Tewi looks quite surprised, in a rather delighted way. Reisen just looks at you confused.
"For...what? I'm here for Tewi, Sousha." She looks over at the smaller rabbit. "She thought it was funny to put a trip trap on the door to the laundry." Tewi snickers, trying to hold in laughter.
"You fell for it huh? Bad time to wear a skirt huh? Or even worse..." Tewi closes her eyes in complete glee. "Go commando." Reisen's face turns red as she shouts obscenities to Tewi.
"Whether or not I wear underwear is absolutely none of your business!!!" Just then, Tewi nudges you.
"Hey, remember our promise. If you're good enough, I'll even show you how to do things like this." Tewi then pulls out a leaf and focuses it in the air for a moment. Just then there's a big puff of smoke that covers the three of you. From you can make out though, Tewi runs off in what looks like Reisen's clothing, which is way too big for. "See ya Sousha! I'll look forward to your visit!" You then look over at Reisen and have to immediately cover your nose, as if you had been socked by a burly guy with a mean left hook. Why?
>> No. 12474
File 122580489780.jpg - (76.28KB , 463x500 , 1207149879726.jpg ) [iqdb]
There stands Reisen, having pulled her now tiny skirt down just in time to cover her poor lack of undergarments. Her figure is very, very easy to see in such a tight, small, pink dress. Her face color also seems to match it, though definitely a bit of a deeper tinge of red. Whether it's by embarrassment or anger, you're not sure. But she growls quite loudly as she shouts out at Tewi, giving chase, telling her to give her back her clothes. As you turn and watch, once again you feel like you were just smacked in the nose by the same burly guy, with a mean right hook this time. It's clear that with the all the covering energy focused on the front, her rear end is very clearly exposed for all the world to see. What a fit one she is too, judging by the shape. As you lay on the floor, a small pool of blood dripping from your nose, down your cheek, you are thankful for one bit of new knowledge you just gained. At least her tail matches her hair.

A nice while later, after freshening up (and getting rid of some newfound frustration due to your sudden morning adventure), and of course getting some nice breakfast, you're outside in the courtyard training once again, being supervised by both Kaguya and Eirin, who both seem satisfied with your current progress. With the help of Eirin's advice, you're capable of generating a fireball, icicle or even a lightning bolt practically instantly. The mana flow within you has a speed multiplied by that of your heart rate. Once you got your energy flowing and started to really focus your physical energy behind it, gathering enough mana for a spell has become ridiculously easy. You can truly feel the magic within you flowing now. After a bit more training, Kaguya feels that's enough of stasis target practice and stops you, standing at the porch still.

"Alright Sousha, you've got enough of the offensive part down now. I think it's time we focused on your other abilities!" You blink over at her.
"Uh, what other abilities?"
"It's quite simple really! Not only will be you be hitting moving targets, but this time, they'll be shooting back at you!" You step back in a bit of fear from this. Are you sure you're ready to be shot at yet?
"W-W-What?! B-B-But..." There isn't much time to respond as Kaguya gives you the signal.
"Alright Sousha! Here it comes!" She then lets loose several colored orbs, which look like her standard fare bullet magic. You relax and you're about to ask about it until you realize that the orbs are spinning...spinning into little colored fuzzballs with the weirdest little faces. It looks like one of them is having an anurism while another looks terribly constipated. You're too busy staring in awe to realize that these are the targets Kaguya was talking about. It doesn't take you long though, when one of them starts firing a line of bullets your way, you're quickly told that and immediately jump out of the way.
"Gahh! This isn't fair!"

Normally, one would think that this is a rather one sided match with you being the obvious winner, but still being an apprentice, you're unsure of how to handle this situation. You quickly take a dive as one of them had the nerve to fire a larger bullet at you, and it crashes into the ground next to you. You quickly scruffle to your feet and resume fleeing for your life. You don't know what would happen if one of those things managed to lay a hit on you, but quite frankly, you're not ready to know. The strange fuzzy furballs bounce, fly and float in all directions, making you confused and dizzy, completely disoriented. In effect, this makes dodging the bullets they fire at you much harder. You jump, climb, hop and run past all that you see. The large jump in your heart rate has definitely enabled you to use more powerful magic more quickly.

Sooner then you know it, you're firing large thunderbolts, tossing big ice cubes and firing fireballs like the fist of the north star at the furry demons. The thunder bolt works great, vanishes them in a single zap. The ice however, doesn't really. The hot weather causes it to be generally soft just simply stuns the ill-faced fuzzies then anything. But the fireballs, while it takes a few of them to knock one down, don't seem too bad. Thunder is rather hard to control though, and takes a bit of time to conjure. Fireballs are instantaneous at this point, and you could probably fire off a large volley at a time. But the colorful oddfaces are very evasive, which is one of the glowing traits of using a thunderbolt; it reaches it's target instantly. And since it's one shot, you know you'll kill off one of the first things you se-whoops almost got smacked in the face by a bullet! Time to run some more.

As you run, run and run some more, you decide to test your two theories. While you have to stop for maybe a brief second, when you fire off the bolt, it works wonders. Not only does it annihilate the target, but the surrounding furbies are also knocked back a ways, providing a neat little area of effect. You fire off another and the nearby fuzzfurs are knocked away like little balls, even though they end up coming right back. It's rather amusing really. But enough of that, time to see if it's really the most effective strategy. You then run around until you can get a group of them to attack from one direction. You then push both hands forward and fire a flurry of them at a time. Using your fast mana flow to not only make multiple fireballs very quickly, but at the same time, using the same mana to create a catapult to propel the fire in a single direction towards the group. Success! While the group resists a nice while, enough fireballs takes out the entire group at a fast enough pace. However, just standing there had left you wide open, and the moment you're done, you have to immediately dive out of the way of several incoming bullets. While fast, that strategy was rather risky.

Soon enough, you find yourself on the run again. You start questioning as to whether or not these things are reproducing behind your back, as there are a hell of a lot more now then there were when you started. As you pass by Kaguya and Eirin, you see them chatting away cheerfully, sipping tea, hardly paying any sort of attention to you. Typical. You dodge a few more bullets here and there before coming to a huge wall of bamboo shoots and trees. You turn around and find yourself face to face with a massive army of rainbow furries. It seems to be all of them at least. While they have you cornered, at least none will sneak up on you and get the jump on you. You prepare yourself for the barrage that's about to come at you with all your might. Staring down the warped faces of the pastel freaks, you quickly start thinking up a plan for dealing with all these. It better come quick though, they aren't planning on returning your stare down for too long. They don't appear to have any decent mind of their own anyway.

[ ] Continue with a barrage of fire, enough to take them all down
[ ] Zap them all with a stream of thunder
[ ] Screw the magic, hold shift for focused movement, you'll need it!
[ ] Typical write-in time if you don't choose the above options


Sorry it took so long. Distractions etc. Consider yourselves WALL'd though. I was feeling particularly inspired for this update.

Thanks for the advice, but I chose to wait it out instead. Was worth it, you can't imagine how GODLY the shower I took felt.

Sousha had only known Sanae for a fleeting day, at the most. While it was an important day, things like that don't blossom overnight. However, I'm qutie prone to rushing things like that anyway, so it's safe to say that if you're not there with Sanae, you're probably kinda close. I'm all too generous at heart.

As a final note, it's good to be back. Hope this wall makes up for the time i've spent away. Probably won't, but at least it isn't short.
>> No. 12478
Are we gonna marry the kedamas with danmaku?
>> No. 12481
"Alright Sousha, you've got enough of the offensive part down now. I think it's time we focused on your other abilities!"

[x] try to lose them in the forest

this is a stealth mission
>> No. 12482
File 122581262540.jpg - (437.90KB , 550x800 , e01c9a226633b6400ca525d94cb99531.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12484
Hey Sukima? Is this going to keep having this huge of a focus on Eientei? If so, then it probably belongs in /eientei/, and if it has a big focus on characters from every area, then it belongs in /others/.
>> No. 12485
Even in my CYOA, FOE.

[x] Zap them all with a stream of thunder

Chain lightning
>> No. 12496
He's already stated several times that this is simply going to be an XBOX HUGE story, the vast majority of which will take place with the Yakumos (After our not-brief-at-all introduction stage.)
>> No. 12502

But /eientei/ is everywhere, so yeah!
>> No. 12505
>a massive army of rainbow furries

[X] Dual wield flamethrowers
>> No. 12507
File 122583542747.png - (36.94KB , 160x117 , geese.png ) [iqdb]

Fuck yeah Geese.
>> No. 12509

Been more or less trying to keep the introduction phase more and more brief. This is why you keep getting walls; I've been railroading the updates here and there.
>> No. 12515
[x] Throw a burst of fire to blind them while running underneath and away.
[x] Run back to Kaguya and Eirin, throw yourself on top of them and cry like a bitch.

If that doesn't work, then

[x] Run inside the mansion and scare the shit out of all the bunnies.
>> No. 12519
[X] Freeze something, or just make an ice statue. After it's done, use lighiting magic on it.

Anyone played Onimusha 3? Remember that part with the dog boss, that freezes and uses lighting, the one you face using the french? Yeah, I'm thinking of something like what the dog did:

It makes an ice pillar and then spit lighting on it. The ice amplifies the lighting, and sends it towards all directions.

Or something like that.
>> No. 12523
>It makes an ice pillar and then spit lighting on it. The ice amplifies the lighting, and sends it towards all directions.
...What the fuck? Even by lol fiction physics standards, that doesn't make any sense. How the hell does that even happen?

I don't care how magic it is, ICE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Also, *lightning.
>> No. 12545
>You turn around and find yourself face to face with a massive army of rainbow furries. It seems to be all of them at least.

If their color has anything to do with it, then likely no single element will work against them all.

[x] Screw the magic, hold shift for focused movement, you'll need it!
[x] use a bomb.
>> No. 12551
{X} Screw the magic, hold shift for focused movement, you'll need it!
>> No. 12582
XX Screw the magic, hold shift for focused movement, you'll need it!
>> No. 12611
[X] Do a barrel roll NOW!

[X] Screw the magic, hold shift for focused movement, you'll need it!
>> No. 12628
File 122637188765.jpg - (117.74KB , 937x663 , 1196123024320.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Screw the magic, hold shift for focused movement, you'll need it!

You stare down the wall of fur before you as it rapidly approaches. After thinking about it, it really doesn't seem like you'll be able to achieve victory with either option in magic. There's just way too many of them, they'll all gang rape you before you can get anywhere close to being done. So there's just one option left. Cornered like a rat, you stand there as a few of the vibrant fuzzies start shooting you all at once, creating a thick barrage. You panic and immediately prepare yourself, almost scrunching up into a ball as you swiftly dodge each and every bullet without too much movement. You could swear you could hear a lot of 'tak tak' as the multitude of bullets whizz past you at such dangerous distances from you. As you're dodging you attempt to fire forward large fireballs at the opposition. Due to your current occupied state, you aren't able to fire too many at a speedy rate but it's enough to knock down a few while you're dodging this bullet pattern from hell. After concentrating a bit, you suddenly find yourself tackling the ground.

The bastards are trying to ram themselves into you! You nearly dodge one about to kamikaze attempt your next shot as it faceplants into the ground behind you and floats away. You're almost distracted by this until you realize that you're still being shot at. You quickly scurry to your feet, grazing more deadly projectiles of energy. You continue picking off the rainbow balls of hair as you dodge both bullet and random tackles of death. It's very slow going though, it would figure that they're probably multiplying faster then you're killing them off. However, after getting used to the general pattern they're all following (with the except of the random fuzzball coming at you in a suicide attempt) and getting more used to firing fireballs, you can slowly start to see progress. It's just a matter of endurance, though you wonder how much stamina you really have. With how nerve-racking this is, your concentration is bound to fail eventually.

Eventually though, the pack begins to thin out. You wonder to yourself how you've managed to stay unscathed for so long, but you'd rather not argue. Instead, you wait for a break in the shooting and immediately gun it. This is wearing too much stress on your body. You quickly run for the nearest cover and duck behind it, just in time to hear the patter of several bullets pelting it. Despite your fatigue, you start gathering a large amount of mana in for a truly large spell. It's time you stepped up after all. As you can hear the little furries start clamoring over to your position, you ready yourself and turn the corner, unleashing a massive lightning bolt on the group. It's big enough to hit several of them at once, and the resulting shockwave is enough to take out a fair few more. It's in the bag now. After a bit more firing fireballs at the stragglers, you finally catch up to the last one. All it takes is a quick bolt and it's over.

"Yay! Good job Sousha!" After taking a breath, you look over and see Kaguya running over to you. Eirin is heading your way too, but she's calmly walking to her destination instead.
"I beat them all...right? Jeez that was tough." You say, as you wipe the sweat from off your forehead.
"Honestly, I didn't expect them to be able to reproduce that fast. I guess I don't know my own strength." She says, with a bright smile on her face. You don't think it's anything to sneeze about though, considering how close you came so many times.
"Well...in any case, that was it, right? There aren't any more around?" Kaguya looks at you a bit curiously.
"Uhm, yeah I think so. Why?" You then breathe out.
"Good..." You flop onto the ground, holding your torso up with your arms while sitting. That took a lot out of you.
"Sousha?" Kaguya tilts her head a bit worried. "Are you okay?"
"Oh yeah, I'm just fine. So what's next?"
"Oh! Well, I think that's enough for now, unless you really want to keep going. You look beat." Boy, ain't that the truth. You ran around for a nice while and despite moving around slowly for the second half of the fight, you were practically holding your breath the entire time hoping that the bullets wouldn't strike you with extreme prejudice.
"That was really exhausting...but I think I can keep going." Kaguya then smiles and leans down a bit towards you.
"Well, maybe this would be a good time to congratulate you then. I think you've mastered the basics of magic so far!" Eirin smiles over at you, from behind Kaguya.
"I have to admit, it takes a lot of people months to get to where you are right now. It's easy to see why Yukari chose you." You find this hard to believe at first. You? Powerful? Almost quite the opposite, or at least, that's how you used to feel.
"Uhh...th-th-thanks, I guess." You manage to mutter out. You feel way too flattered for it to be healthy.
"Well, Sousha, I think if you want to continue, we'll go a bit slower from here on out. I'll just give you some lectures until you understand, and then you can practice again." You nod softly. That sounds simple enough. At this point, Eirin chimes in.
"Kaguya, what about spells? Isn't that a basic of magic in itself." Kaguya smiles at Eirin.
"It all depends on what Sousha wants to learn first." She then stands up straight and looks down at you. "Right? Sousha-kun?" She winks at you, and this causes you to become a deep crimson hue, once you get your head wrapped around it. It seems Kaguya has really relaxed around you now, must be the whole teacher thing.
"U-U-U-Uhhh, e-e-e-err, w-w-well...I uhh..." You find yourself too embarrassed to decide right now. Kaguya just represses a cute giggle.
"Well, you don't have to decide right now of course. Taking a break is also optional. You deserve it after all." You look down, you're thinking about maybe taking her up on that. You then stand up and breath out. "So have you decided?"
"Well..." Not quite yet, but it's a simple choice. Or is it? You look up for a moment, thinking about what you want to do. This is probably an important choice, what you learn now will effect what you're ultimately gonna be best at. So it's good to choose something you're really into.

[ ] Simple elemental magic is fine by me
[ ] You want Kaguya's own special brand of magic; those generic looking lights
[ ] "What kind of magic does Eirin know?"
[ ] Anything that combines magic with your physical power should be good
[ ] Decide later; it's break time


Whoops, so sorry. A while after writing the last update, the votes were stuck on a 4-5 way tie for the longest time and I just ended up forgetting about it after a while. Once again, very sorry.
>> No. 12629
[x] Anything that combines magic with your physical power should be good.
[x] Take a short break; you're going to need it.
>> No. 12630

[ ] Decide later; it's break time

>[x] Updates Magic
>> No. 12631
[x] Simple elemental magic is fine by me
[x] Anything that combines magic with your physical power should be good.
[x] Take a short break; you're going to need it.

generic flaming uppercut
>> No. 12632
File 122637559421.jpg - (40.68KB , 376x800 , SolBadguy.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12637
[X] You want Kaguya's own special brand of magic; those generic looking lights
>> No. 12638
[x] Anything that combines magic with your physical power should be good.
[x] Take a short break; you're going to need it.

no fire, Kaguya is our master and she wouldn't be pleased with a mokou immitation
>> No. 12641
{X} Anything that combines magic with your physical power should be good.
{X} Take a short break; you're going to need it.
>> No. 12642
[x] Anything that combines magic with your physical power should be good.
[x] Take a short break; you're going to need it.
>> No. 12643
[x] Anything that combines magic with your physical power should be good.
[x] Take a short break; you're going to need it.

"Well..." You start off with, Kaguya just returns a curious smile in return, before you finish. "I was thinking that, while I have the potential for good magic, I also have a lot to look forward to in the physical department too since I'm a well built youkai, right?" Never imagined yourself saying that, but from experience, your body can take a lot of punishment, much more then you can remember. It's probably a testament to your true power as a sort of demon.
"Well, based from what I could examine of you, you do have the sort of blood that acts like, uhm...steroids, I guess you could say, when you feel you're in danger." Eirin smiles as she crosses her arms though. "However, it's not like I got to test you for very long so I can't say there's really much truth to my words." Kaguya smiles at you, she seems to be fine with anything at this point.
"So what you're saying is, that you want to concentrate on your physical body now?" You look up for a moment before coming back to her.
"Well, maybe not fully. I'd like to know if maybe there's some magic that could compliment my strength?" Eirin's face suddenly lights up, as if something told her; now's my chance!
"Oh! I know exactly what you're talking about! I have plenty of old techniques like that stored away in my textbooks somewhere. I used to study that type of thing long ago. Ahh, those experiments were marvelous..." Eirin has a bit of a mature, dreamy-eyed look on her face. It looks like she's reminiscing. Kaguya can only seem to smile a nervous smile at this point.
"Uh, well, um...I guess this means you'll be training with Eirin from now on?" Eirin smiles over at Kaguya.
"Don't worry Kaguya, I can take it from here. Of course, Sousha may still need you later, or don't seem too upset." The words of encouragement seem to fall on deaf ears, as Kaguya still looks down a tad disappointed. Still though, she managed to keep wearing that smile.
"Oh no, it's no bother at all. I must admit however, it was unexpectedly fun watching Sousha grow as I led him along the way." She then turns back to you. "You'll be fine with Eirin, right Sousha?" You look over at Eirin. What scares you is that she has this seemingly normal smile going on, but at the same time, you can't help but see a hint of 'just as planned' in her face.
"Uhh, yeah I think I'll be fine...I hope..." You say the last part under your breath as the two congratulate you a bit further on your development. Soon though you tell them that a break is needed, and Eirin tells you to come into her room an hour after lunch, which is rather soon. You bid them adieu as you head off and make a beeline for your room. Your futon has never felt so good.

You have to try your damnedest to not fall asleep. You didn't realize how hard that training session knocked you off your feet. You could swear you were hit by a train. After resting your eyes for a bit you come to think about how you transformed in this way. You sit up a bit weakly and open your robe. You body looks no different then how you remembered it from before you were dragged into this mess. Then again, who's to say you were human from the very beginning? You sigh, wishing there was some tell tale sign as to why you're a youkai, what made you like this, or even proof that you are one, but you can't seem to find it. One's thing's for sure though, when you're in actual danger, your body seems to react rather violently towards it.

No sense in toiling away on that concept. It took long enough to you, but lunch has already arrived and you find yourself walking to the dining room for a nice meal, only to find the place empty. You then peek in the kitchen and find a plate of food waiting. You can't retain your hunger long enough for reason to kick in and stop you from gorging yourself on the food. It's absolutely delicious, not to mention filling. The food easily replenishes what energy you lost during that earlier training session. It seems the workout wasn't the only thing that exhausted you. Although, fear strikes you when you notice a slip of paper next to place you just wolfed down. The particular handwriting is apparent, Reisen meant this dish for Kaguya. MASTER Kaguya. Well, after this, you aren't sure if it'll be master anymore.

Panic sets in and you quickly look around for anything to replace it with. You don't see any other dishes laying about. Dammit, was Reisen planning on not giving you lunch or something? Is she in a bad mood? Come to think of it, where is she anyway? You stop and settle yourself as you think. If she's not here, but left food for someone important in the kitchen, obviously this means she's going to come back for the food herself and deliver it. You know Kaguya probably wouldn't come in for her own lunch, being a princess. Or something. Another thought strikes you. If Eirin told you to see her a while after lunch, between lunch and the time of meeting, this probably means she's busy. So when she wants lunch, she'd probably have Reisen deliver it to her. That's it, Reisen must be in Eirin's clinic now, handing her the lunch. You're not sure how long she'd take to get back though.

From what you remember about the lunch, it was a simple half a veggie sandwich with some curry and a couple pieces of sushi. It didn't seem too extravagant. You look around and notice that the pot still has plenty of curry left in it. If you're quick, you could probably make a quick sandwich and take a few more sushi rolls and fix the dish up back like new again. However, panic is causing you to run holes in the floor, you need to decide now before Reisen finally comes back.

[ ] Just leave and pray Reisen blames it on the rabbits
[ ] Wait there patiently and apologize when Reisen arrives
[ ] Seek Reisen out immediately
[ ] Quickly get together a new dish so no one suspects a thing
>> No. 12644
[x] I see what you did there, Tewi.

And if not, well it's only a sandwich, man.
>> No. 12645
[x] Anything that combines magic with your physical power should be good.
[x] Take a short break; you're going to need it.
>> No. 12646
[ ] Wait there patiently and apologize when Reisen arrives
[ ] Quickly get together a new dish so no one suspects a thing
>> No. 12648

This should be good.
>> No. 12649
>> No. 12651

lol i can't help it
>> No. 12654

If only because Sousha is the kind of person to mistake a panic attack for anaphylaxis.
>> No. 12655

>> No. 12660

You start shaking, and before you know it, you're convulsing. You can't control your bodily feelings anymore, you start going numb. Your breathing is beyond irratic and your vision has become blurry. Next thing you know, you're on the floor, gasping for air. You feel terribly sick to your stomach, and your body feels weak and fatigued again. So much for food providing you energy. It took it away just as quickly as it gave it back to you. You could swear your face was purple right now. Your head hurts like it's in midst of being crushed by a massive crusher. You feel like throwing up far more then just what you just ate. More like all your vital organs along with it. It doesn't last too long though, despite how much it feels like forever. The last thing you hear after your vision blurs out is a scream of your name, and the fading patter of panicky footsteps. Then, all goes blank.

Despite being in a state of unconciousness, you feel like you're having a dream suddenly. You stand up in what seems like a black void with a light shining from one direction, like the light at the end of the tunnel. You start thinking that you're probably dying now, since you feel the utmost compelled to walk into it. You sigh, accepting your fate as you go ahead and do just that. You reflect upon your life thus far, and your short trip into Gensokyo. It was pretty nice for how short it lasted. You did meet new people. You train of thought though is interrupted when you see some sort of figure standing in between you and the light. You can't tell their general shape, because they have some weird entity behind them that blocks the light, making the shadow ambiguous.

"Well now, seems I finally got a hold of you." You blink for a moment, unsure of the circumstances.
"What do you mean...? Aren't I dead...?"
"No, not quite. I'm contacting you through your subconcious right now. You are actually awake right now, but I'm keeping your body in stasis until I'm done." Your mood changes after hearing that. It does make things different.
"Alright then, what do you want to talk to me about? I have people to get back to you know." The voice laughs a bit. You can tell it's female, at the least.
"Impatient? I like that~" The light behind the figure is shining brighter then ever. You could swear it's about to engulf everything. "Oops, I don't have too much time I guess. I'll make this quick then. Sousha, be careful about how you raise yourself. You may not realize it now, but your combat skills will be put to the ultimate test later on. You have to make sure you exceed everyone's expectations. If you don't, something bad could happen to Gensokyo...you know~?" As the shadow says this last thing, the light engulfs everything, including your entire vision.

Focus finally comes back to your eyes and you realize the light was in fact, a lamp hanging from the ceiling. You took a groggy look around and find yourself in Eirin's clinic. You don't move around too much though as you quickly realize that your right arm is preoccupied. A sleepy Reisen is laying her head on it, napping soundly. You can't help but smile and pet her hair a bit. She looks so peaceful and cute like this. It doesn't bother your arm much, as half her head has the additional support of her own arms, curled up right next to yours. You can only assume Eirin told her to keep watch over you until you woke up, but it must've been a boring job. No wonder she took a nap.

You look out the nearest window. Not too much time has passed, but you wager that it's probably been more then an hour after lunch. You sigh deeply and wonder what just happened earlier. Either way, you take the opportunity to rest a bit more. If the earlier training session was any indication, the next one will be just as exhaustive. The people of Eientei sure like to work you hard, makes you feel bad for Reisen honestly. No wonder she clings to you so much. On the prospect of clinging, your mind is brought back to Sanae. Your first meeting was rather weird. Then again, she assumed you were human at the time too, she probably doesn't get too many human visitors up on a dangerous mountain like that. In middle of your thinking, you look over and notice Reisen moving a bit, before lifting her head slowly and looking right at you.

"Uhh...good morning, Reisen!" You try to greet her with the most unsuspicious greeting you could find. She replys back with a rather groggy tone.
"Good morning, Sousha. Why..." She hesitates for a brief moment before her eyes shoot wide open and she gets right to rubbing them awake. She then looks back at you. "You're awake!"
"Of course I am. It's not like I died or anything." Funnily enough, that's not what you believed earlier. Reisen looks at you with a bit of a worried face.
"I was worried about you. Eirin said you were suffering from a stage 2 panic attack." So it wasn't the food that nearly killed you. You were hoping this was the case, you don't think Reisen would honestly prepare any food that's dangerous.
"Oh, I see...well I'm fine now." Reisen returns your gesture with a relaxed smile.
"That's good. Say, by the way Sousha..." You look at her feeling better now. The kindness you always get from her always seems to brighten up your day. Though when you do see her, her arms are crossed now and she's looking at you a bit scoldingly. "Why did you eat Kaguya's lunch?"
"Uhhh..." Your could swear you just lost a few hairs. Whoops. "W-W-W-Well uhm...you see..." You look away, trying to act calm but it sure as hell isn't working. "I-I was hungry...r-really hungry and...well lunch was sitting right there and-" You're interrupted by Reisen sighing and standing up.
"It's alright Sousha, just try to control yourself next time. I was gonna bring your lunch to you sooner or later." She then turns and walks over to the exit, stopping there and looking at you. "Come on, Eirin is waiting for you." She then leaves out and you're left there to sigh your sorrows away. At least you didn't die though, so that's always a plus.

After getting out of bed and stretching, you head into the main office out of the room. Eirin's sitting at a desk, sifting through paper work as Reisne stands by her side. Eirin looks over at you and smiles as she stands up.

"Ah, Sousha. You're up. I was hoping I wouldn't have to worry about you too much." You look at her a bit curiously.
"How come?"
"Well, panic attacks can be serious. They can block off the air flow to your lungs, or they could cause your other vital organs to stop working. A panic attack manipulates the nerves into doing random and bad things, so it's usually an emergency when you have one as bad as you did." Reisen closes her eyes.
"Yes, but a while after it, your body calmed down fully and it was expected that you wouldn't have another so soon after." Eirin smiles at you a bit slyly.
"Still though, I had Reisen keep an eye on you to make sure. After all, she does seem to have taken a liking to you." Reisen looks at Eirin with a pout, a slight blush painted across her face.
"M-Master Eirin..." Eirin waves her hand at Reisen telling her not to be so embarrassed. Then Eirin turns over to you.
"Well then Sousha, I believe it's time we got started on your next part of training, yes?" You nod softly and Eirin walks over and picks out some books before putting the pile on a table. "Take these and go outside, and see what you can do. They contain various texts on spells and the like that improve physical capabilities and rely on them." You tilt your head a bit, you're not quite sure you fully understand. "Udonge will stay here and help me set up something you'll be using later, right Udonge?" Reisen stands to attention after realizing Eirin was addressing her.
"Oh, y-yes Master Eirin." Eirin then looks at you.
"Well with that said, good luck Sousha." You blink, and just look at the books before going ahead and taking them out to a secluded part of the courtyard.


Part 2 coming...later. Need to get out of this funk I fell into near the end of writing this. x_x
>> No. 12667
>"Alright then, what do you want to talk to me about? I have people to get back to you know."

Just the right amount of tsun tsun.
>> No. 12683
You walk through the hallowed halls of the mansion, carrying the books you recieved from Eirin. You're not sure what exactly they contain, but you feel excitement welling up at you when you study the names of a few. Going from introducing you to the basics of self-improving magic to complex spells used to aide you and others in battle. It sounds interesting, to say the least. As you arrive at the part of the courtyard where you normally train, you find that it's totally empty. Just perfect. You set the small stack of books down and arrange them on the porch. There's five in total. You figure starting with the introductory book would be best. You pick it up and skim through it. You're not sure how much time you have. Eirin might send Reisen out to pick you up when she's done. The first book is titled "The Efforts of Spirit Within."

Based on the beliefs that magic could indeed have any target, including one's self, people began to work on magic that would increase one's own capabilities. Like the majority of ancient magic, no one knows who it was that struck upon this idea, but it is nearly as old as magic itself. On the west side of terra, the magic that could harm was most infamously called black magic by many people, while magic that would do the opposite would be called white magic. The polarity is an essence that proves the world needs a fine balance of both black and white to be in working order. In this case, a great magician would have not just black magic to defeat one's foes, but white magic to protect one's self and others from harm.

Kinda deep. You read through more passages of the book and find several stories and such about famous magicians and the magic they used. As time went on, magic grew more complex, much like technology. It was all kept hidden in the shadows for some time after the salem witch chronicals however. Halfway through the book you begin to realize that the writer of the book is writing it as if they had never really set foot on the planet Earth, but rather just observed it from afar. It's very weird, was this written by some alien? You wonder where Eirin got a hold of something like this. You don't let it hamper you too much and read further. Magic is more complex then you took it for, it completely figures that Eirin as a teacher would teach you the most complex and complicated things. You barely find yourself understanding the last half of the book, which details the types of mana flow, the kinds of magic, and introduces a large amount of variables that effect the outcome of certain spells.

After going through the book a few more times at a specific few areas, you think you're starting to understand some basics. There's wide variety of magic that improves both your own and another person's capabilities. Such things like increasing one's physical strength for a brief period, improving one's memory for a short amount of time, raising one's agility and speed for a small while. It even goes into silly things like improving your eyesight, your sense of taste and even your ability to tell a girl's cup size simply by touching their hand. Very weird. These kinds of spells, for the most part, might fit under the healing arts category, you think. Healing arts were defined in the book as something that would fall under what the book talks about often, but is usually used on other targets as the healer usually cannot be the healee if the healer is in too bad of shape to use the spell in the first place.

Other types of spells are more or less what you're really looking for. One such topic covers the use of magic and the elements to fit the physical body of the caster. This produces an infinite amount of crazy, interesting and new weapons and armor for the caster, but can be highly complicated unless the caster knows what they're doing. It's very easy to mess up and potentially impale one's self with one's own magic. Sounds painful. However, the concept of being able to summon a sword of 100% fire, or a vest of ice, or even boots of wind to make you faster, it all sounds highly worth it. There's other uses too, this magic seems highly versatile. It takes advantage of your innate youkai strength and allows you to keep your options open towards what kind of weapon your prefer, and even allows you to choose one based on the situation. It might take some work, but it sounds very nice.

Among all that, there's a whole baffle of other things you could use too. Looking through the books, there's one that goes on the various techniques on using your physical strength to better fuel your own magic. Skimming through that particular book you find out that it has to do with focusing more energy and using special meditation techniques to better your mana flow, and using your life force to provide you with more then you normally have. Another book documents youkai, demons and angels alike and their relationship with mana and magic, and how several species are usually preadapted to certain kinds of magic from birth, due to innate and natural abilities. This would be very helpful information provided you knew what species you actually were. All the books appear to have plenty of great techniques and such, but you're not sure how much time you have to really practice any and decide on what you want to do.

You stand up and start moderating your mana flow in preperation for it, With little effort you produce a nice flame to accomany you. And just like it, you whisk it away into the netherworld. It seems with all your practice and training, the basics are very simple to you now. You can call forth a lot to your desire now, provided you simply know the method. From a simple bullet to even levitation of small things, it's all quite easy to you now. You think that with the method of mana flow you have now, anything else might just require a bit of persistance and dexterity to cast and control any other spell. You might be getting ahead of yourself though. You sigh, and then go over to the books and look through them. You're not sure what Eirin has cooking up for you, so you want to make sure you pick something good, something that you know you'll be comfortable with.

[ ] Simple support magic with our own strength is good enough
[ ] Call forth magic to make our own equipment. Giant, glowing claws sound nice...
[ ] Our own demonic power could be a nice catalyst, according to this book
[ ] Let's keep with the theme of traditional magic for now
[ ] Write-in whatever style you like

Dunno where I'm going with this to be honest. I just feel rather weird in general. Ah well, take it as you will.
>> No. 12687
[x] Train in both the arts of physical boosting magic and equipment creation magic.
[x] Ask if it is possible to keep the books in question, or copy as much as you can on parchment to carry with you on your journeys.

Unknowing of how much we'll actually get accomplished going half/half, the thought of creating giant claws and then not being able to use them is a bad thing.

We need to increase our strength and endurance to be able to equip heavy armor and large weapons, while maintaining speed to make sure we're not sitting ducks, and regeneration for when we take damage. Because Sousha is a youkai, I wouldn't worry too much about increasing our own life force, but that is always an option if we wish to live a tad longer. The final piece can always be improved as we go, which is increasing our basic magic skill in both casting and control, to summon higher-level equipment and call upon our magic more quickly.

Just my thoughts.
>> No. 12691
[x] Train in Physical Boosting and try to find our own demon power

Traditional and support magic is ran's realm I'd say, with her intelligence and control she fills this role better than Sousha ever would. Magical armament; whats the point if we'll be blasted from afar or shut down by someone like Youmu or China upclose. No, the best method is to use physical boosting to improve our perceptive ability and speed to avoid being hit and looking for openings. From there our strength and basic magic would be enough to take advantage of any opening or weakness. If sousha is indeed a wolf, then i assume his innate ability would be something like Flan's ability to split into 4 people; wolves and dogs are group hunters afterall.
>> No. 12692
[x] Train in both the arts of physical and mental boosting/suppressing magic and equipment creation magic.
[x] Ask if it is possible to keep the books in question, or copy as much as you can on parchment to carry with you on your journeys.

Sousha has shown a tendency to freak out uncontrollably, and even normally he sometimes moves without realizing how strong he is. So what I'm imagining here is magical equipment that would not only be used to enhance strength at times where it's needed, but also suppress his strength when it isn't, at least until he becomes more comfortable with using his body. Secondly, some kind of emotional dampener might be necessary to prevent more panic attacks and berserk rages.

A sort of limiter system, operated maybe by command words or a somatic component. Whatever it is, it has to be something that requires deliberate and thoughtful action, so it they're not released at an inopportune moment. It needs to be operable by your master Yukari as well.
>> No. 12693
[x] Train in both the arts of physical and mental boosting/suppressing magic and equipment creation magic.
[x] Ask if it is possible to keep the books in question, or copy as much as you can on parchment to carry with you on your journeys.
>> No. 12694
[x] Train in both the arts of physical and mental boosting/suppressing magic and equipment creation magic.
[x] Ask if it is possible to keep the books in question, or copy as much as you can on parchment to carry with you on your journeys.

Yeah, this looks good.
>> No. 12695
{X} Train in both the arts of physical and mental boosting/suppressing magic and equipment creation magic.
{X} Ask if it is possible to keep the books in question, or copy as much as you can on parchment to carry with you on your journeys.
>> No. 12696
[x] Train in both the arts of physical and mental boosting/suppressing magic and equipment creation magic.
[x] Ask if it is possible to keep the books in question, or copy as much as you can on parchment to carry with you on your journeys.
>> No. 12697
>It's very easy to mess up and potentially impale one's self with one's own magic


[x] Train in Physical Boosting and try to find our own demon power

Werewolf powers, go.
>> No. 12702
>[x] Train in both the arts of physical and mental boosting/suppressing magic and equipment creation magic.
>[x] Ask if it is possible to keep the books in question, or copy as much as you can on parchment to carry with you on your journeys.

This is good I think. Yukari (or whoever it was in your dream) told you that you have to carefully consider how you will train yourself.

I'm not thinking so much in the way of magic armor or weapons, but as accessories that augment his senses, strength, and mental faculties (earrings, beads, necklaces, fetishes, amulets, rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles). Combined with shredded clothing and rippling muscles, I think the end effect would be looking quite shamanic and wild, and fitting for a beast youkai.

If going that route, I think it would be simplest to have them triggered to react to the level of his stress (like his own youkai strength), but with some kind of suppressing enchantment on top that would have to be released for it to kick in.

tl;dr: Equipment-based Tenser's Transformation (Sp) to be used on top of his Barbarian's Rage (Ex) class feature and Alternate Form (Su) special quality.
>> No. 12703
[x] Train in both the arts of physical and mental boosting/suppressing magic and equipment creation magic.
[x] Ask if it is possible to keep the books in question, or copy as much as you can on parchment to carry with you on your journeys.
>> No. 12704
[x] Train in both the arts of physical and mental boosting/suppressing magic and equipment creation magic.
[x] Ask if it is possible to keep the books in question, or copy as much as you can on parchment to carry with you on your journeys.

You stand up and pick up the first book that feels meets your plans. It's a beginner type book detailing on how self-magic works, and how to control it properly. It also teaches you a few very basic spells that minorly boosts capabilities. It seems that with the advent of 'spells' that they have a certain limit. Unlike the way you can conjure a ball of fire of any size and shape you wish, the way of boosting your own powers seems very limited and nonquintessential. It's probably this way for other similarly semi-complex and complicated spells. Until you've become much more in tune with magic and learn how to control your mana flow very well, it'll probably be a while before you could fine tune your own power improving spell and control it like you do the very basic magic you know now. Until then, you'll have to make sure you pick up the approperiate spells for it.

You practice chanting and casting the boosting spells a few times. Casting spells themselves seems moderately easy, though it takes getting used to. You're not used to your mana leaving your body so willingly. The spells seem designed to only create a generalized outcome in a specific area no matter how much mana you feed it, so you take the next few spell casting practices to control exactly how much mana you pour into the spell. Too little, the spell fails. Too much, you've wasted mana. It's very hard to get down at first but you seem to have gotten the gist of it down for now. You need to test how much it does though. You walk over to a large boulder. About roughly three times the size of a doghouse. You've already casted the strength boosting spell on your god knows how many times. You're totally unsure if it stacks. Well, time to find out.

If it did, it certainly explains what happens next. You pick it up with absolutely no effort at all. You're shocked and stunned at how easy it comes off the ground and into your arms. You almost throw it upward due to how much you were expecting it to be heavy. You have to stare at the rock for a good moment before you drop it by reflex and realize how heavy it really is. It creates a small tremor right around your feet from how much mass the rock had. And yet you picked it up with relative ease. Then, something fearful strikes you. You look at yourself then go ahead and dismantle the front of your robing. Upon seeing your own body you immediately close the robe back up, because you assume that what you just saw WASN'T you actual body. It's going to take getting used to, you can't imagine yourself to be a body builder, yet you seem to be on the right path. Well, if said path contained magical steroids anyway.

After reading through the book, you've come to see that it isn't stackable. But rather, it's a maginification of your own power. That is to say, if your power could be measured in simple numbers, this spell would increase it by a percentage of that power. Considering it's supposed to be a 'weak' or low level spell to begin with, you assume this means that your innate youkai ability must greatly feed on this maginification to make you much stronger then you appear. On the bright side, you don't have to work out, that's for sure. Anything more then this and you might not get to know your own strength. After trying out a few more boosting spells, you've come across the ability to generally increase three areas; your physical strength, your dexterity and your mana flow control and speed. It was rather quick and you got used to all the spells somewhat. You can get more practice in with them as you move on. You go ahead and pick up the next book.

It's much more complicated then you expected. No where near the beginner's level the first book was at. It details about how mana can be formed into physical matter and about how the elements can be used to mask it and turn it into something convincingly like the real thing. A flame sword, electric bow and arrow, and an ice lance all appear to be the front most examples, but it's all complicated jargon to you. Way beyond your level. Before tackling this, you look at another book and decide that it'll better help you get a hang of the previous concept before you can try it on your own. It talks about how mana can be used as a visible energy source from within the body and can be directly detatched from said body to be used as a type of matter. Interesting to say the least. You go ahead and try out one of the examples, which is producing a small laser out of a continuous stream of mana. You've already generally got bullets down to a small amount. It wasn't too hard to figure out. It seems all it needs is more practice.

You go ahead and aim at the rock you had picked up earlier. You then begin your usual routine of repeating the same thing over and over until it works. Try as you might though, the best you can do is a large orb of mana that resembles a bullet in motion. You can't seem to concentrate a steady stream of it, it wants to break off from the concentration before it's done. Maybe it's too much pressure on your body? Your mana too? You're not satisfied though, you need a way around this. You then think about to your little flamethrower incident. It was dangerous, but that's because you were playing with fire. You got burnt in return. The bandages are still on your hands to this day. Still though, it comes to you as your only chance at the moment. You go ahead and put your hands together in a firing pose, and think back to the day you almost set the Eientei aflame. You then start applying that concept to your normal mana and pray you're able to control it this time. You then look before you and give your mana the biggest burst you got.

You somehow manage to fire off a decent size laser straight at the rock, indenting a burn mark across the side. It didn't last long though, so short that you almost may as well call it a really long bullet. But it was satisfactory enough for you. You take a few more stabs at it and find that while it drains your mana awfully fast, it gets the job done once you know how to do it. It's just a matter of enduring the length of the laser. It puts a massive stress on your body while it's in effect. You hope that the other techniques you use don't put an equal amount on you, otherwise, this might take a lot longer then just a few days. Once satisfied (albiet marginally) with the end result, you go ahead and head back to your books. It seems it's already been over an hour now, after looking at the sky. You're still unsure of how much time you really got. But for the record, you're making very excellent progress. You pick up the book you were reading earlier and continue studying the intermediate techniques of manipulating mana.

After a nice while of reading, you get the basic concept now. Or at least you hope you do. It's barely o nthe edge of your mind, so you quickly pick up the previous book before it slips off. Yikes, did it get even more complicated while waiting for you to pick it back up? You're definitely borderlining understanding this book. It uses complex language, large terms you're unfamiliar with, techniques that are well beyond your understanding and it's most definitely not very brief. But after getting through and trudging through much of the book, you do find something that vaguely resembles a tutorial. It seems to tell you how the most basic ways of generating mana into matter to use as a weapon. The easiest method and weapon to make, is a simple claw. It attaches itself to the fingers easily, due in part of being a part of your own body. This means that while it's not easily removed, during battle, you probably wouldn't want to part with it too long anyways, since it's a claw.
>> No. 12705
File 122660055121.jpg - (103.54KB , 600x600 , 121719760153.jpg ) [iqdb]
The way of doing it seems a tad complex, and a bit hard to understand the whole cematics. But basically, it starts off with you generating a huge volume and concentration of mana in one hand's finger tips, then 'drawing' it across the top of your other hand's fingers, starting from the middle knuckle on each finger, moving down the tips, then drawing straight off the finger and (hopefully) into a sharp object. Drawing mana as a material is similar to drawing normal ink. It dries into matter somewhat quickly once drawn, and even suspends itself in mid-air like cooled metal. This is how you get the claw effect, says the book. Probably how you get similar, bladed structures like a sword too. Apparently the mana, once off your fingers, focuses itself into the middle and tries dripping off, but it'll harden before it gets to do that.

After reading it a bit more, trying to understand it more thoroughly, you eventually take a breath and get up. Time to try this out. You then walk into the opening and mentally prepare yourself for the big number. You lift up your right hand and focus intensely, trying to stuff as much mana there as possible. It takes a while, but you feel you've got enough mana focused at your fingertips now. When you open your eyes and look, The tips of your fingers on your right hand and glowing a bright white. It almost makes you think that your fingers are about to be burnt off, but you quickly remind yourself it's only the manifestation of your spirit. You then calmly take the tips of your fingers and align them with the second joints on the top of your fingers on your other hand. You then slowly drag your fingers down and, sure enough, the mana is rubbing off on your fingers like some magical, thick paint. It's quite mystifying at first but you press on, continuing to 'draw' mana straight off your finger tips.

It works for a nice while. You feel quite awe struck, as the mana is literally settling in midair as you slowly curve your fingers a bit down in a cresent shape. It goes nicely until you're about to run out of ink, so to speak, and you try ending the mana trail. Something bad happens and pieces of your makeshift claw goes flying in every direction as a sharp pain runs through the finger tips of your right hand. Without your catalyst, the pieces of mana fizzle into energy and dissapate once more. You look at your right hand and discover newly made cuts across the four fingers that make the top of your hand. At first, it seems like an experiment went awry, but upon closer inspection, you see that the cuts are very organized, all four being the same exact length and position. This was magic punishing you for doing something incorrectly. You clench your hand in a fist and bear with the pain, letting the blood soak into your bandages.

You decide to try one more time, this time with feeling. You start with your left hand this time, since your right hand is too injured to attempt mana concentration right now. After making sure you're doing it right this time, with a good amount of mana, not too much and not too little, you set the stage once more and prepare yourself. You slowly lay the foundation across the top of your right hand fingers and branch off into a smooth curve. This time, you end it much more gracefully. You were afraid of the end still being attached to your left hand and resulting the same way as it did before, but you were lucky this time and managed a clean ending. The result this time is that you have four beautiful, if small looking claws attached to the fingers of your right hand. You wave it around a bit and see that's it's attached tightly, but mainly because it's attracting and leeching mana flow off from your body. If you ran out, you probably wouldn't be able to sustain it's existance.

After fooling around with it for a while, you realize that the dexterity boosting spell you put on yourself earlier is still in effect. You're swinging the slaw around like a pro, elegant, smooth and fast. Not too sure about accuracy though. However, that's not what your mind is currently on. You walk over to a small patch of bamboo shoots and ready yourself, then take a mighty swing. At first, nothing seems to have changed. You almost begin thinking you missed until the bamboo shoots you struck collapse on itself, the area you struck in multiple pieces. It almost surprises you, but it seems standard for material so freshly made as what you used. It figures that mana would be a better material then ordinary metal. At least, so far it seems that way. Probably too early to tell. You practice with the claw a bit more and realize the redundancy of it without any actualy target or sparring partner. You decide that's enough for now and you need to break off the claw for now.

You look at it for a moment and you're almost about to attempt taking it off like a glove until you realize that won't do the trick. So what's the next brilliant thing that comes to mind? Overloading it of course. A stroke of absent mindedness proves to be a bad thing for your hand, as you fill your fingers with so mana that it literally fires off the claws into the ground, and they all melt away. Not the best idea, for sure, as the stress really caught up with the injuries you sustained on those said fingers. Bleeding like crazy and painful as hell, you retrat back to the porch nursing them. You make a note that next time, you'll just starve any attached weaponry off. That was none too pleasent.

As you're sitting by the books, you realize someone's behind you. You take a quick look up and find Reisen staring down at you. She hasn't noticed that you're getting a very nice view of under her skirt it seems, and you gulp and pray she doesn't. It's all too pleasing scene after suffering from bad stigma on your fingers. You hadn't noticed she was asking you a question though.

"Sousha? Are you there?" You blink and look up at her face, or well, try to anyway. Her panties are very distracting.
"Huh? O-Oh, yeah, w-what is it?"
"I was asking if you're okay. You seem to be nursing your hand quite a bit." You take a quick look down at it then back up at Reisen smiling nervously.
"Oh yeah! Haha, just a bit of a mistake there. I'm fine though." Reisen leans forward, you can tell she's trying to be careful not to make the area in between her legs any more vunerable then it already is, though she's still unaware that you can see up her skirt regardless.
"Are you sure? What'd you do this time?" You only barely catch that. Damn, why'd it have to be her of all people to wear a short skirt anyway? You could swear no one in this whole land wears one.
"I-I-I-It's fine, really!" You really want to keep staring, but if you get caught, your fingers aren't going to be the only ones bleeding. You stand up, taking the books with you and you look at Reisen. "Did Eirin send you here to pick me up?" Reisen nods.
"Yes, we're done working on her prototype now, so we can go ahead and proceed with your training. Come with me." Reisen's sudden formalness kinda shakes you. Enough to almost make you miss something, what did she mean by prototype. You figure you'll find out later and simply accompany her for now.
>> No. 12706
File 122660066564.gif - (28.08KB , 600x600 , 121092364727.gif ) [iqdb]
You and Reisen arrive in Eirin's clinic and as you walk into her office, not much has changed aside from the absence of quite a few more books from a certain bookshelf. You look at Eirin who appears happy with your arrival.

"There you are. Did you get a good enough fill with those books?" You nod softly and then think. If you're gonna seriously train with these methods and use them, you may as well keep them around for future reference.
"Say, Eirin...uhm, would it be alright if I kept these books, anyway?" Eirin looks at you a bit funny.
"Of course Sousha...I wouldn't have handed you them if that wasn't my original intention. You don't master magic in a day." You smile nervously and scratch the back of your head to that comment. In a sense, you kinda did almost.
"I-I guess you're right then." Eirin smiles and takes your books anyway though, if just to set them aside. She then pulls out another book, an interesting one. It seems to be native to Gensokyo, unlike the others. You can tell immediately as the material is a bit old and rather different. Eirin flips through a few pages and looks at you.
"So, what kinds of spells are you familiar with now?" You look down, you're not sure what to say. You can't say you're familiar with many, if any at all.
"Well, just...the boosting ones for the most part. I tried some of the ones that would help me use makeshift weapons out of magic but..." Eirin laughs a bit. It doesn't sound like she's laughing at you though.
"Oh, I'm sorry Sousha. Excuse me, I probably shouldn't have expected too much. It's only been a few hours after all. What I should be saying is, what kind of magic from the books are you most interested in?" You think for a moment, that question's a lot easier to answer.
"Well, definitely the spells that improve my own abilities...I think once I've done that, wielding magic-made weapons would be a great compliment?"
"Hmm, yes that is a good strategy. Bear in mind that while your weapon choice is limited only to your imagination, that anything you can make will likely now quite be as good as the real thing. Steel will always endure more, will cut with more force, whereas a magic based weapon will only inflict spirit damage at most if used improperly." You take a breath. You're ready to accept anything at this point. You just put a hand on your hip and continue on with the conversation.
"Yeah, I know. It's okay though, I think this is what direction I want to go in. So, about this...prototype you have." Eirin seems almost full of glee to hear you curious about it, but she restrains it a bit and looks normal very soon after.
"Right, before we go into that though, there are a few things I would like to talk to you about first. Two things actually." You tilt your head a bit at her.
"Yeah? And what's that?" She crosses her arms a bit, the look on her face almost suggest she's looking down upon you.
"First off, I want to know if you are aware of the true nature of the shikigami pact, and how you relate to Yukari." You can only blink for a moment. You honestly don't know much at all.
"Well...basically I'm just...Yukari's slave, right?" Eirin closes her eyes.
"Now quite. Not in full anyway. She's made a pact with you, Sousha. You're her familiar. This means your life force with her is shared. Your mana, your spirit, your strength, right down to your very life, all comes from Yukari. Without her, you can't survive, you lose will to live and become powerless. If she were to die, then...well..." You gulp softly.
"I die too...?" Eirin smiles at you reassuringly.
"I wouldn't worry too much about that though, Yukari is a very, very persistant woman. I've know her for a very long time, she won't die that easily." You breathe a sigh of relief.
"That's good, I don't plan on dying because I couldn't protect someone anytime soon."
"However, this should go without saying now, but the closer you are to Yukari, the greater strength you'll feel. Don't forget that." You look at her for a moment before nodding, you start to wonder just how much more powerful you'd get. And if youkai usually even get this kind of strength to begin with.

"Anyways, the second thing I would like to bring your attention to is a unique system used here in Gensokyo. Are you familiar with spellcards and the like?" You shake your head, it was the first time you've ever heard that term. Eirin then puts a finger on her chin in a thinking pose. She then comes back to you. "Well basically, it was a little system designed by a shrine maiden in this land to help people and youkai of all skill and power to duel one another. Through spellcard duels, one's able to fight someone without the risk of dying, and even an inexperienced youkai can win against a much stronger one with the spellcard system. To top it off, it's a great way to quickly cast normally longer spells and keep your spells neatly organized."
"Sounds...interesting. I guess." Eirin smiles at you.
"It is. Me, Kaguya and even Udonge here have a few we use in duels." Reisen seems to look down embarrassed at that comment for some unknown reason. "Even if you wouldn't be participating in duels, it's still a good way to keep track of your own spells." You sigh a bit, it sounds like another complicated thing to add onto your ever growing list of things to do.
"I don't know. It all seems so fast..."
"Don't worry Sousha, me, Kaguya and Udonge will help you to the best of our abilities. You've proven to be a very interesting subject thus far, and I would like to observe further progress from you." You almost feel like a guinea pig to her after that.
"Master Eirin is right, Sousha." You look over to Reisen as she speaks. She seems pretty quiet around Eirin. "Spellcards were among the first things I was introduced to upon arriving here. It's not that hard."

Well, seems training won't continue until you accept or decline this offer. Even if you choose not to go into it right now, you're pretty confident that Yukari would show you later at any time you chose. So it's not too big a deal. At least not to you. Eirin seems pretty interested, probably too interested for your own good. But conspiracy can wait another day.

[ ] Sounds good, let's do it
[ ] Ask more about the "Spellcard System"
[ ] Tell her no thanks; traditional casting for now is good


lol wall v4

Going to note that Sousha;s adventures in eientei are coming to a close, this mission's almost over. Just an extra warning to you guys, consider it a freebie, cause I'm nice.

Anyways, be happy all you people. I sacrificed six hours of sleep (including LOTS of distractions) for this update. Enjoy.
>> No. 12707
[ ] Sounds good, let's do it
>> No. 12708
[ ] Sounds good, let's do it
>> No. 12709
[X] Feels good man, let's do it
>> No. 12712
[x] Sounds good, let's do it
>> No. 12713
[X] Feels good man, let's do it
>> No. 12714
>Anyways, be happy all you people. I sacrificed six hours of sleep (including LOTS of distractions) for this update. Enjoy.

Don't worry Sukima, we will never forget this. Your sacrifices shall not be in vain.

[X]Sounds go, yaranaika?
>> No. 12717
[x] Sounds good, let's do it
>> No. 12719
>About roughly three times the size of a doghouse.

I love that this is apparently Sousha's standard unit of measurement.

>You look at it for a moment and you're almost about to attempt taking it off like a glove until you realize that won't do the trick. So what's the next brilliant thing that comes to mind? Overloading it of course. A stroke of absent mindedness proves to be a bad thing for your hand, as you fill your fingers with so mana that it literally fires off the claws into the ground, and they all melt away. Not the best idea, for sure, as the stress really caught up with the injuries you sustained on those said fingers.

Oof. Mana burn.
>> No. 12731
Hey,Sukima, Sousha receives a stamp to put on his robe for each mission he completes during the introduction phase, right? Well, I was thinking, will he also receive a stamp for, say, missions or routes AFTER the introduction phase?

Because if there is a stamp for each of the Yakumos, I was thiking that putting Sanae's star on the top line was a bad idea. You know that 'Master is the most important' and 'family comes first' stuff? Maybe we should have saved the top line for the Yakumos?

In any case, we can always put them on the middle column...
>> No. 12738

You would be correct. There's at least 30 different opportunities to attach a pattern or stamp to Sousha's robing, and the size of said pattern or stamp you're able to put on increases the farther in you are in the story. So don't sweat the star being on the top, as it's fairly small. If you want a real tribute to the Yakumo family, nothing beats a big ass pattern taking up roughly a quarter of your whole robing.

Since I have nothing to do, I may as well start writing. Since I typically get distracted a lot and it takes ages for me to write depending on how much I want to, expect the update between 2-5 hours.
>> No. 12741

>> No. 12745
File 12267287281.jpg - (532.60KB , 1335x828 , 12150615813.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Sounds good, let's do it

"Eh, alright, I'll go through with it I guess." You give Eirin an unimpressed look away. It's not that you don't want to do this really, you're actually quite interested in how this works. Curiosity and all that. Rather, your usual tsundere wall has just cropped up and you're only capable of containing it to such an extent. Funnily enough, despite the fact that it wouldn't fool Reisen or even Kaguya, Eirin takes the bait quite easily.
"Hm? Do you not want to?" Eirin closes up her book and looks at you with almost a sad look. "If I'm forcing you, please say so." Behind Eirin, you can see Reisen holding back a laugh or giggle. She sees right through you. This causes you to sigh.
"Oh, n-no. That's not it. Just tell me how it works." You can't dodge the worried look Eirin is giving you. Still though, she proceeds anyhow.

Eirin explains to you the basics of spellcards, their uses and spell management. According to her, spells are seals into magic cards using a special method invented by Reimu Hakurei, the maker of the spellcard system. Many people have since come up with their own unique methods of attaching spells to cards and as a result, all have different requirements. But the basic idea remains the same; to cast a spell, all you must do is take out the card and declare it by shouting it's name. After that, the spell takes effect as if you had done all the major preparations for it. Good spellcard designers are able to attach powerful spells to cards that normally require things like a large, written magic circle. In these cases, the designs will write the circle itself on the card and make it to where the card will draw it's own magic circle for the spell when declared. There's many other variables and effects too, that Eirin tells you but she doesn't go into detail.

"That's something Yukari can tell you about later. It's not necessary now." You blink softly, you're still curious but you've been satisfied enough for now.
"Alright then. So uhh..." Eirin smiles.
"Like making own cards. As far as I know, Yukari and her family use special spellcards made by herself and Reimu, so I'm sure Yukari will show you how one day." She then hands you a few cards. These must be the spellcards she was talking about.
"So uh, what are these for...?"
"For use in the VR program of course." Eirin says this while getting a few things together. You then look at her confused.
"VR program...? What do you mean?"
"Virtual reality. It's a little something I brought over a long time ago, I've been working on it for a while now."
"Uhh...virtual reality...?" Eirin smiles over at you just before opening a door into the further parts of the clinic.
"Think of it as a space where it feels like reality, but anything that happens in it doesn't place in the actual reality." You tilt your head in confusion. "You'll see when it's demonstrated." She then walks in and Reisen signals for you to follow, as she follows Eirin in herself. You then take a breath and simply follow too.

You end up walking into a room that feels much like one would operate in. There's the operating table in the middle, and various...tools strewn about. There's two doors, one on each side of you, and a window on the opposing wall. Reisen is halfway through the door on the right already, and she looks like she's waiting for you. Not to keep a cute girl waiting, you walk over and follow her right into darkness. You almost trip over yourself due to how dark it is. It's clear the only real illumination this rooms gets is from the very door you just entered in. You hear a mechanical whirring as you head inside the room though. Turns out there's a bit more illumination then you thought. Eirin is standing at a large terminal with monitors, ooutputting a light onto her face and body. She then stands up from her leaning position when she was fiddling with the controls and looks at you and Reisen.

"It'll be ready in a moment, you two just prepare yourselves, okay?" As soon as she finishes saying that, you notice Reisen has grabbed your arm and is looking at you a bit worriedly.
"Can I...talk to you, for just a moment?" You blink rather puzzled, you're not sure if you should be scared or what, but your oblige and the two of you walk to a nondescript corner.
"So uh...what did you want to talk about?" Reisen sighs and looks away, she's holding her arm in a rather anxious manner.
"I...I just want to let you know that whatever happens during this is not to leave this room. Further more, whatever actions I take, please...please don't hold them against me." She looks up at you with that type of look that almost makes you think she's traumatized. "Please...?"
"U-U-U-Uhhh..." You gulp softly, she's a bit close for comfort in a dark space, that's for sure. "W-W-W-Well it'd really...have to take a lot, I mean uhm..." You try to get your mind off the awkwardness by lifting the mood a bit, smiling at her. Though it comes out as a nervous one. "Don't worry about, I trust you!" Reisen sighs with relief.
"That's good...thank you, Sousha." It looks like she wanted to say more, but she nearly jumps when Eirin calls out to the two of you.
"Okay you two, come over here and I will give you instructions on what to do." Reisen gulps and shakenly walks over. You can't help but feel really worried suddenly. It reminds you of the time Eirin wanted to test you and you broke out in a mad rage. You hope it doesn't have to come to that again.
You walk over and Eirin points to two large, capsule type things you hadn't noticed before. Looks like both you and Reisen are participating in this little experiment. Bad enough that she's using your training as an excuse to do this.
"Just simply lay face up in those and the machine will do the rest. Don't worry, any pain you'll feel in the program is only artifical." That doesn't spark too much confidence in you. Reisen gives you a brief look of 'let's get this over with' and gets in the second capsule. You take a deep breath and get in the first one.

Eirin proceeds to press a few buttons and configre the massive machine before the whole thing starts moving suddenly. You almost panic but keep yourself seated until several things in the machine restrain you and keep you from any further movements. You don't think you can escape now, it's much too late. The grips this machine has on you is quite strong. Before you know it, the majority of your head is taken up by the machine and your vision is completely blocked. The next thing you know, you're standing in a dark blue, generic room with lines forming a weird grid around it. It's large, and cubical, though it's just big enough to possibly fit maybe 30 people. On the other side is Reisen, who's just as curious about the room as you, looking around. The both of you stop when you hear Eirin's voice boom forward as if coming from some invisible PA system.

"Can the both of you hear me?" You look up and around, before crossing your arms at this invisible entity.
"Yeah, what's going on?"
"Simple, both of you are in the virtual reality right now. Anything that happens to you in here doesn't take effect in the real world, so don't worry if something bad happens. It's mainly a chamber for you to get experience more then strengthen yourself."
"I see...so what are we doing?" You could swear you almost hear Eirin cough a mischevious giggle.
"You shouldn't even have to ask, Sousha. You're going to be fighting Udonge, of course." You blink, rather surprised.
"W-What?!" Just then, you hear something. You look over and find Reisen on her knees, holding her head in intense pain seemingly. "R-Reisen?!" You're about to run over when Eirin tells you to stop.
"Ah ah, Sousha. Don't get too close. You might regret it..." You suddenly realize the intentions behind her words. You see a red aura forming around Reisen, and she's shaking pretty hard trying to control herself. Ultimately though, you can see it's failed as she looks up at you with a demonic look on her face. The scariest part of all, is staring into her deep red eyes. Just then, for the first time in your life, you feel genuinely scared shitless.
>> No. 12746
File 122672875061.jpg - (390.29KB , 891x625 , 7f4618d14a18502352f258507708bb2b.jpg ) [iqdb]
The youkai blood in Reisen seems to have taken her over now. You do feel a strong, demonic presence in her now. A sense you didn't think you had until now. But you can certainly feel it very clearly with Reisen. She slowly stands up in a shaken fashion, and then an even scarier sight befalls you. She starts trembling, holding her head again and grunting. Soon the grunts turn to screams before she shouts to the heavens and large, red, glowing claws burst out of her fingers. It didn't look like a very comfortable process either, as her own blood drips from her hands down her claws, and onto the once black floor with blue lines. Reisen, taken over by the thirst of blood, stares at you intently, as if looking down at her newest prey. You then hear Eirin's familiar voice.

"Sousha, if you don't move soon, Reisen's gonna get ya~" You don't like the playfulness in that voice honestly, this is far from a situation where you would use one. You bring your mind back to Reisen just in time to jump away and dodge a powerful claw strike swung at you. The floor becomes scratched as a sign of Reisen's whiff, but that doesn't faulter her, as the game's now begun.

You take several hops to dodge Reisen's attempts to cut you into ribbons. Much like you suspected, under those clothes hides a very athletic body. She's dancing around gracefully, perfect hops and sprints everywhere. You can't seem to get enough time to do anything yourself, your entire being is focused into living right now. Her agility and dexterity totally overshadows yours and you find yourself just barely grazing her time and time again. It's not too long after this all starts that you already find yourself being short of breath. Upon noticing this, you see Reisen charging at you with incredible speed, and not being able to dodge in time, you instead retaliate and deliver and fast, round housing kick that knocks her a great ways back. Not really your intention though, as clear from your subdued panic.

"Oh god! I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean that!" Eirin's voice booms forth again.
"Relax Sousha, she's your sparring partner. Besides, it's not like she's injured in reality!" Reisen doesn't seem too fazed by the kick, despite leaving it's mark on the side of her face. Her glowing eyes becoming more intimidating. "Reisen's not as capable of manipulating wavelegnths in VR, but I still wouldn't stare into her eyes too long if I were you, Sousha." You can't help but look up angrily, as if the god you once worshipped had forsaken you.
"Wh-What do you mean by that?! And why did you do this to her?!" You're almost interuppted again as Reisen takes another pot shot at you. You don't know how long you can keep this up though.

You continue running and dodging to the best of your ability, but Reisen's pace does not slow the least bit. Her agility is just far beyond your stamina. It takes another apology shortly before you blast Reisen's face with a small fireball suddenly. It definitely stuns her as she briefly covers her face in pain, coming to a halt. In her brief, stunned state, you quickly cast a couple spells, particularly your usual opening sequence of strengthening, dexterity and agility. Just as you finish the last spell, Reisen has already recovered and begins lashing out at you again. This time though, her efforts are much weaker to you now. You're able to dodge much more clearly and without wasting too much energy. However, she's still very fast. You figure that even if you dodged your best, the most window of time you could have is a few seconds.

Then you remember something. The cards Eirin gave you. As you're hopping back from Reisen's slashes, you feel around in your pocket. Sure enough, they carried over somehow. You pull out the hand after jumping over Reisen and when she turns around to you, she spies the hand of cards you got and the two of you enter a showdown state. Both of you are standing there silently, awaiting the next move of the other. Soon, the two of you slowly walk around in a large circle, stilling keeping a close eye on the other. Reisen's not going to move until you declare a card it seems. She's more careful then you though, despite being under the influence of demonic power. You take this time to both gaze at your cards and examine Reisen a bit more closely. She's got two fangs sticking out of her nasty expression. Eirin warned you about her eyes and that was a true enough warning. Just looking at them makes you feel dizzy. Her claws are adorned with blood now, dripping off the tips. When the two of you stop, she brings her right hand up and softly licks the blood off one of her claws. This is very distracting, for sure, but you keep in mind that it's not the Reisen you're familiar with. You look at your cards one more time. It's time you used one.

[ ] Hell Sign "Cerberus Claws"
[ ] "Sword of Firey Knight"
[ ] Saber Sign "Mirroring Laser"
[ ] Holy Sign "Spear of Longinus"
[ ] Mirror's Bend "Double Bladed Assault"
[ ] Clear Coat "Visionary Curtains"


Mind my sad excuse for spellcard names. I'm not as creative as I'd like to be when it comes to that.
>> No. 12749

I'm kinda off about the idea of write-ins here, as Eirin did in fact give you a very limited selection of cards. (that and there's plenty of other complications too)

Still, if your write-in card is good enough and there are enough votes for it, I'll accept it.
>> No. 12752
[x] Holy Sign "Spear of Longinus"

Tough choice. Several of those were pretty funny. I decided with the voice in the back of my mind that's shouting "Stab her in the head!!" even though my gut is telling me to go with the curtains for what sounds like a defensive stance.
>> No. 12753
[ ] Hell Sign "Cerberus Claws"
>> No. 12757
{X} Holy Sign "Spear of Longinus"
>> No. 12758
Even if they're Eirin's generic throwaway spellcards, those names are bad and you should feel bad.
>> No. 12759
[x] Wolf Sign "Lunatic Howling"
>> No. 12761
Almagest 「Lost Constellation Cerberus」
Astronomical Sign 「Canis Minor」
Entropy Sign 「Maxwell's Demon」
Folly 「Ultraviolet Catastrophe」
Pound Sign 「Weight of the Soul -21 grams-」
Selenography 「Sea of Tranquility -Easy-」
>> No. 12763

Oh, I feel oh so bad. Oh graceful anon, please take me back, with sugar on top.

>Astronomical Sign 「Canis Minor」

I see what you did there.
>> No. 12764
[X] Pandemonium Sign 「First Chaos」
>> No. 12766

Have you thought of something new then?

>Astronomical Sign 「Canis Minor」

I liked this one. Changing vote for this, >>12756 deleted.
>> No. 12767

Hey Sukima, I was wondering something. I don't know if you can or not answer this, since it's a 'what if...' question and you have stated your desire for second playtrough (I too, desire more playthrougs), so if not then it's ok. What I want to know is basically what would have happened if 'rape tewi' had won without the 'hug tewi' effect?

Oh yeah, forgot to say just how important this question is, all my votes later will most definetly be influenced by your answer.
>> No. 12768
>>12754 here; vote deleted:

[x] Astronomical Sign 「Canis Minor」

Reads as weak, with a possible upgrade obvious (i.e., "Canis Major"), and suits Sousha while still maintaining its creator's flavor.


7/10. The end part was a bit much.
>> No. 12770
[x] Astronomical Sign 「Canis Minor」
>> No. 12771
>7/10. The end part was a bit much.

Oh hey, I got a decent grade~

I'm still curious, though.
>> No. 12772
[x] Astronomical Sign 「Canis Minor」
>> No. 12773
[x] Astronomical Sign 「Canis Minor」
>> No. 12774

I'm not gonna spoil anything, as I've done far too much of it already. I will say this much though: for a decent hint, common sense shows surprisingly lots.

Writing? I'm pretty busy sadly, as I'm only really stopping by. Maybe later.
>> No. 12787
[x] Astronomical Sign 「Canis Minor」
>> No. 12789

Oh c'mon, please? It's not going to affect future playtrhoughs, we will probably choose somewhere else over Eientei.

But in any case, vote:
[X]Imagine Reisen as Tewi.
[X]Unleash you wrath with Astronomical Sign 「Canis Minor」
>> No. 12790
[x] Rabies 「Cujo's Revenge」
>> No. 12791
[x] If you don't post this in 5 other threads, then you aren't a bro 「BRO FIST」
>> No. 12799

Then at least update? Please?
>> No. 12809
File 12269772474.jpg - (238.60KB , 571x743 , dff38c22f10458b4c79b778898648441.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Astronomical Sign "Canis Minor"

After looking through a few of the cards, one particular one catches your eye. It looks like one Eirin would use regularly, it stands out as more then just a generic card or spell. So it makes sense that it would be among the strongest. You pull it out of your hand and quickly put away the rest and declare it. With a shout, the card's magic circle forms under you, wide and ready. It's just then that Reisen decides to attack with full force. She charges at you with incredible speed that you barely have time to react. You quickly charge up a small fireball and toss it her way in hopes that it'll stun her just long enough for you to get away. But something else happens instead. You toss a large star-shaped projectile right in Reisen's direction, but more then that, it's really freaking fast to boot. It pelts Reisen in the chest practically immediately after you throw it and it fades in the air after. Reisen hits the ground, the wind knocked right out of her. You take the brief moment to try and comprehend what just happened before you start moving again. Reisen is about to take that laying down.

It's not too long after that the two of you are chasing each other around again. You're deftly dodging swipe after swipe, as Reisen seems more then determined now to bring you down. Sensing so much hostility from someone who was once a close friend, you can't help but feel rather disheartened. Still, you're not about ready to know what it's like to have a set of claws tear you to shreds, not yet anyway. You quickly jump up after one of Reisen's harder strikes, dodging it while rising up into the air. When you land on a wall, you quickly rebound off it and toss a few more stars at Reisen. She barely manages to dodge a few and deflects the others. Seems that, despite the speed of the bullets, her claws act as a great shield against them. She then jumps after you and you just barely dodge the incoming swipe. It was close enough to create gashes in your clothing. Never again do you want that to happen.

The two of you exchange attacks as the agile fight continues, you can't help but notice though that Reisen is very quickly getting smart to your techniques. You can't help it though, you're not sure what else this card is supposed to do. It probably would've helped to pick a more descriptive card. Every shot you make is always dodged or deflected, and eventually gets to the point to where it's starting to hinder you more then help now. You can feel yourself starting to wear out again. With all this excitement, you'd think Reisen would be feigning to at some point, but it seems as if as time goes on, her power only increases, getting more agile and powerful with each passing minute. It's a shock that you've yet to really been hit this entire duel. Until just then, it happens.

You're stuck in place, an expression of true fear on your face. Shock, surprise, whatever you want to call it, it's to it's highest extent now. You slowly look down and see Reisen's massive claws dug straight inside your stomach. You wouldn't be surprised if the claws had went straight through you and out your back, but to be honest you can't tell. You can't feel a thing, aside from the numbing pain everywhere in your body. You tremble lightly in your stance and look over at Reisen. You then realize, that she too is trembling. A small tear comes from behind her bangs and falls down her cheek as she stands there. Seems she doesn't have the will to finish you off. Just as well, you muster up every single ounce of your strength and scream out in pain as you forcibly remove Reisen's claws from your body and push her away in one swift motion. You then quickly jump away and find that Reisen has quickly regained her demon self, giving chase.

Despite your injury, you're still on the top of your game, though just barely. It's safe to say that the pain has drained you of a lot of your stamina, and worse yet, you don't think your spellcard from earlier is in effect anymore. It was probably really useful too, you just didn't have the time to be creative enough with it, unfortunately. You've soon resorted to having to block the majority of Reisen's swipes by grabbing her arm or hand and trying to deflect it away. It's all you can really do, you're not sure if you really want to hurt her, but more then that, you're not sure if you have the time to pull an attack on her with the speed she's moving at. Before long, the two of you are squaring off again, standing parallel to each other and staring each other down in intense showdown. Except this time, you're finding it hard to concentrate on the actual staring, as the pain of your wound really gets to you when you're not moving. You have to hold your stomach a bit in pain. You look down just long enough to find that you're amassing a small pool of blood under your feet. Just wonderful.

As you take a moment to attempt catching your breath, you see that Reisen actually is tiring out, but only by a little. You're not sure what she's tired of though, her eyes are filled with more confusion then they were earlier. They aren't making you dizzy like before also. Her glowing claws now stained with both your blood and her's, makes you realize the difference in species the both of you really are. It's not a matter of coloration or anything like that, but despite both bloods looking virtually identical, you can tell where your blood has marked the claw and where her own blood stands. It's very creepy, you're not sure if it's you or not either. Still, looking at her like this, it's not going to leave your mind anytime soon. You take a few pants and stand up a bit more straight, it's time you decided on a strategy now. Your stamina has briefly come back and using it before she strikes would be the best bet for survival.

[ ] Throw down your arms and plead to Reisen and Eirin that you're done fighting
[ ] Go on the offensive to take advantage of her weakened state
[ ] Play defensively and hope Reisen wears herself out
[ ] Try and reason with Reisen, maybe she can still hear you
[ ] Declare another spellcard


Not been feeling too inspired lately. It's another one of those days~
>> No. 12811
[ ] Go on the offensive to take advantage of her weakened state

don't disappoint, wolf!
>> No. 12812
[x] Declare another spellcard

Call of the Moon "lycanthrope's remorse"

this whole exercise was for spellcard learnan'
>> No. 12814
[x] Drop your stance. Move toward her slowly. Be ready to knock her arms to the sides and hold them back if she attacks.
[x] Surprise kiss. The pain, the cute girl in front of us going mad, the fear; all of these things make you realize that you're in love with her, and you want this all to stop.
>> No. 12815

Was WAITING for someone to post something like this. Anon doesn't disappoint.
>> No. 12816
[x] Play defensively and hope Reisen wears herself out
>> No. 12826
[x] Declare another spellcard
>> No. 12834
[ ] Go on the offensive to take advantage of her weakened state

Learn how to fight.
>> No. 12835
[x] Go on the offensive to take advantage of her weakened state
>> No. 12848
[x] Drop your stance. Move toward her slowly. Be ready to knock her arms to the sides and hold them back if she attacks.
[x] Surprise kiss. The pain, the cute girl in front of us going mad, the fear; all of these things make you realize that you're in love with her, and you want this all to stop.
>> No. 12849
[x] Go on the offensive to take advantage of her weakened state
>> No. 12850
{X} Go on the offensive to take advantage of her weakened state
>> No. 12858
[x] Play defensively and hope Reisen wears herself out
>> No. 12859
[+] Go on the offensive to take advantage of her weakened state
>> No. 12868
[X] Play defensively and hope Reisen wears herself out
>> No. 12870
[x] Play defensively and hope Reisen wears herself out

>> No. 12890
[x] Go on the offensive to take advantage of her weakened state

You growl softly at the apparition in front of you. She's wearing out, so you must take control of this. You step back a bit and then charge yourself towards Reisen. You fire a large thunderbolt before reach her and she jumps in the air to dodge it. That is when you jump up to meet her in midair. You throw a jaw breaking punch at her, but unfortunately she bends back just in time to avoid it. She does a short flip and lands back on the ground as you careen towards her from the air. This is your chance. You pull back you arm ready to pound her into the ground. It's time to end this, and you can't feel sorry for hurting her now. When you reach her, it's all over. But not in the way you'd expect.

You're standing on the ground, your arms fall limp and your legs do too. How you're still standing is only thanks to Reisen. Two of her large claws have pierced you from under your chin, and have come right out the top of your head. Your vision only lasts a split second after this, but you catch one more glimpse at Reisen looking mighty regretful. But alas, it had to be done, you thought, as your sight turns to static. The static turns off like a TV and you can feel your body once more, as the massive machine lets go of you. You find yourself back in the room Eirin brought you and Reisen into. That was pretty interesting.

You sit up and get out of the capsule rather shaken, and stirred. You were laying there the entire time, yet it felt so very real. You wonder how the machine took Reisen's crying. You look over and a bit to your shock, she gets out of it as if nothing had really happened. She faces her master and asks how good was there. All Eirin does is nod. You then sigh and scratch your head a bit. Eirin then walks over to you and smiles a bit.

"Seems you lost." You just look away feeling rather bitter. She enjoyed it regardless, for all the wrong reasons.
"Meh, I would've won hands down if you didn't do that creepy stuff to her."
"Ah, but that's the point, what good is training if all you're doing is winning? You have to win some and lose some to get the full experience. After all, one cannot improve their tactics without feedback." Is that what it was all about? You just give a sigh in responce.
"Whatever, that was still scary."
"Don't worry Sousha, Udonge wouldn't really attack you like that. It was a part of simulation. I've yet to really develop something that could do that to her." You look back at Reisen, she doesn't look too thrilled to find out when her master would get around to doing that.
"Eh, well, thanks anyway..."
"Mmm, no problem. If you want, after dinner we can continue training by ourselves. I still have plenty I would like to teach you."
"I'll uhh...think about that." A part of you is unsure if you want to know what Eirin would do to you alone. You look over and see Reisen has already left, vanished without a trace. "Well then, I guess I'll be heading out then. I need a break." Eirin nods softly to your statement.
"That's alright. The brain needs a rest once in a while too. I have things to clean up before dinner anyway." She then gives you a sly smile. "I'll make sure I take very good care of you Sousha, don't worry..." You gulp softly, and just like that, Eirin has returned to her calm, kind, mature demeanor just as quick as she went out of it. "You have fun."

You stumble out of Eirin's clinic in a bit of a daze. You feel very exhausted from that. Worse yet, it doesn't feel like you've achieved much in progress either. You return to your room after a bit of wandering around and close the door. You take a deep breath and reassure yourself. You find the books you were reading before training on your futon. Wait, were they always there? No need to argue you suppose though. It makes things easier for you. You take the books and set them side on a table nearby. You make note to remember them on your way out, when Yukari calls you back. You then take a quick look out the window. A dark twilight fills the sky, it's probably an hour or two just before dinner. Enough time to relax and spend some quality time with the people in the mansion.

[ ] Haven't seen Kaguya most of the day, let's invite ourselves to her chambers
[ ] Reisen left ambiguously, should check up on her
[ ] Maybe Tewi is expecting us now for that "training" she wanted us to do
[ ] Wander not the halls and go outside for some fresh air
[ ] Your tired body needs sleep before dinner; take a nap


Small update is small. Motivation isn't coming easy.
>> No. 12891
>You look over and see Reisen has already left, vanished without a trace.

;_; it was only make-pretend

[x] Reisen left ambiguously, should check up on her
>> No. 12892
That seemed kind of pointless. I guess we picked the wrong tactic?

[x] Reisen left ambiguously, should check up on her
>> No. 12894
Shit, I can't choose. My brain is connecting possible outcomes of these choices at a thousand miles per minute.

[x] Your tired body needs sleep before dinner; take a nap

I hope I'm right... Or wrong... Or... Dammit.
>> No. 12896
Well if you read closely, it did say that Reisen was only a bit fatigued while we were quite low on stamina ourselves. Her win was probably a reflection of the difference between how much strength the both of us had.

[x] Reisen left ambiguously, should check up on her
>> No. 12899
[x] Reisen left ambiguously, should check up on her
>> No. 12903
[x] Reisen left ambiguously, should check up on her
>> No. 12904
File 122726211437.jpg - (40.47KB , 300x300 , 12079489428.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Reisen left ambiguously, should check up on her

You sigh, looking around your room a bit and look at the door. What are you expecting? Soon enough it hits you and you get up. You then walk out the room with an empty feeling. You were hoping Reisen would come into the room to talk to you. It's awkward having to fight a friend who was turned into a monster, even if it was just simulation. More then that though, Reisen is probably suffering more then you are from that. So you figure a short chat is in order, to make sure she's alright. You walk through the halls a bit more straightforward this time, and find yourself in front of Reisen's door. You take a deep breath and knock softly. You hear the cue to come in and you do so, and surprisingly, it looks like nothing really happened at all. Reisen greets you with a smile from the table.

"Hello Sousha. Did you need anything?" You blink softly.
"Uhh...no. Not really. Guess I just wanted to talk."
"Then sit down, I have plenty of time before I cook dinner."
"...alright." You hesitate for some reason. As you sit down, you feel a bit of panging in your heart. Is it because Reisen doesn't seem to care anymore? Did she just up and forget what just happened?
"So, what did you want to talk about?" She looks at you with her usual kind smile. It feels like a crime to mention it out of the blue like this.
"Uhm...uhh..." Reisen just tilts her head, maintaining that cute smile. You can't do it. You're feeling too kind right now.
"J-...Just stuff. I can't have an idle chat with a friend of mine?" Reisen blinks for a moment before smiling nervously, letting her line of sight fall to the floor.
"O-O-Oh. Sorry, I didn't mean it..." You can tell she's smiling still. She looks rather nervous, a light blush across her face, fidgeting a bit. You can't tell if it's because she doesn't really have any friends or if it's...something else. You'd rather not take the risk right now though.
"So! Uh..." You fumble around a bit with yourself, trying to find a subject. "Um...so, what have you been up to in your idle time lately?"
"Idle time, huh?" She puts a finger on her cheek, looking up while thinking. "Let's see, uhh...I can't really think of much. The most I do is read magazines that Lady Kaguya hands down to me, really."
"Magazines? What kind?"
"Oh, various kinds. From anime, to gaming, and other various little other magazines strewn about. It's hard to understand a few of them, particularly the occasional cheat book she gives me because she says someone like her has no need for it..." Reisen at this point looks rather confused. "If she has no need for it, what do I need it for...?" You can't help but feel sorry for Reisen, Kaguya seems to degrade her without her even noticing it. Although it does give you a bit of insight. Anime and gaming...sounds like something you might've been into before being dragged here. Maybe more visits here are in order so you can investigate that.
"I see. I'll have to ask her about those magazines sometime. Maybe I can find something out..." Reisen tilts her head a bit in curiosity.
"Find what out?" You snap back to reality and wave your hands, trying to dilute her attention.
"Oh! Nothing! Nothing at all, haha~" You sigh a bit.
"Well then, if you want, you can just have some of the magazines I have on me now." You look at her.
"Uh, is that alright? I mean, don't you want to read them still?" Reisen shakes her head and looks at you with that kind, friendly smile you're all too familiar with now. It's something you want to see from everyone you know one day.
"It's alright, if it's you Sousha, I don't mind. They're not that important to me after all. Maybe one day we can read them together." You just blink with this blank smile on your face. It takes Reisen a few moments to realize the aggressiveness of her statement and she looks down blushing and nervous. "Oh! Jeez, I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean it like that of course.." You just laugh it off.
"No, no, it's alright really." It's quite funny, the difference really shows. Sanae has had some human interaction at the least, you can feel that. But Reisen is very kind, and yet, has practically no real experience in socializing at all. You're curious about her past but it's probably better not to pry right away.
"Well, uhm..." Reisen looks up. "I guess this would be a good time to say I don't have much free time to myself?" She smiles a bit nervously at you. "I'm always doing house chores and such, and Tewi is always a pain to deal with. Besides that, Eirin occasionally sends me out to sell medicine too." You blink for a moment, so quick to be proven wrong. So Reisen does indeed have some experience in socializing then? She hides it well.
"Oh really? Where do you sell the medicine?"
"Oh, at the small village of humans to the south west. There aren't too many so I don't tend to go too often."
"Hmm, I see...so do you actually set up a shop and sell the medicine in middle of the village then?"
"Mm, no not really. Only on very rare occasions when Eirin decides to sell a very popular medicine. Otherwise I just go to some of the general stores and sell them to the shopkeepers."
"Oh, I see. I guess that makes sense." There's a bit of an uneasy silence right then and there. Seems you've run out of things to talk about. You look at Reisen who seems to be a tad preoccupied with looking at the table. She seems bored. You may as well use the now set mood to talk about something more important.

[ ] Ask Reisen about how she felt during the training exercises earlier
[ ] Tell Reisen that you don't remember your past and that's why you're interested in the magazines
[ ] Ask Reisen what's for dinner
[ ] Tell Reisen you would like to know a bit more about her own past
[ ] Excuse yourself; you're done talking now

I'll accept multiple votes in this round but remember that you only have but so much time, so depending on what you choose, you might not get away with everything all at once. Also remember that I will take the votes in order, so remember to keep in mind what kind of moods will be set when going from topic to topic. (Example: Asking her about her past and then going onto the subject of dinner probably isn't the best idea) And, as always, write-ins are always encouraged, feel free to talk about anything else you'd like.
>> No. 12905
>[X] Tell Reisen you would like to know a bit more about her own past
>[X] Ask Reisen what's for dinner


Ok, ok, no need to crucify me.

[X] Ask Reisen about how she felt during the training exercises earlier
[X] Tell Reisen that you don't remember your past and that's why you're interested in the magazines

Youkai power and simphaty, always a good thing to understand and have.
>> No. 12906
[x] Tell Reisen you would like to know a bit more about her own past

Let's just relax and listen~
>> No. 12907
{X} Tell Reisen that you don't remember your past and that's why you're interested in the magazines
{X} Tell Reisen you would like to know a bit more about her own past
>> No. 12909
[x] Tell Reisen that you don't remember your past and that's why you're interested in the magazines
[x] Tell Reisen you would like to know a bit more about her own past
>> No. 12911

Eh, that was me. I forgot to switch the votes' order.
>> No. 12912
{X} Tell Reisen that you don't remember your past and that's why you're interested in the magazines
{X} Tell Reisen you would like to know a bit more about her own past
>> No. 12915
[x] Ask Reisen about how she felt during the training exercises earlier
>> No. 12973
File 122762657363.jpg - (68.32KB , 380x475 , 911543ad2377cc5c91d614d8763147e99224c494.jpg ) [iqdb]
Been using the weak vote turn out as an excuse not to write. Sorry for the late update.

[x] Tell Reisen that you don't remember your past and that's why you're interested in the magazines
[x] Tell Reisen you would like to know a bit more about her own past

You look around a bit while scratching your head, thinking of something to say. You look over at Reisen who suddenly looks up at you and smiles. You find it hard to deny a smiling face like that, so you go ahead and speak out the first thing on your mind.
"So, Kaguya gets her magazines from the outside world...right?"
"Well, that's what I'm to assume anyway...she mainly gets them from Yukari, who probably gets them from the outside world herself." Interesting turn out. Maybe you don't have to bother Kaguya about the magazines after all. Though Reisen still wanted to read some together with you.
"Oh I see...I guess the reason why I was so interested was because...well, I don't really know much about myself. The most my memory is of, is of waking up in Gensokyo...and that's about it." Reisen looks at you, tilting her head ever so slightly.
"Hm, really? So you don't know anything about your past, who you were, and so on?" You nod silently at first.
"Yeah, that's pretty much it. I thought maybe the magazines would help me remember who I was and what I used to do. I've only gotten bits and pieces of it back and I still don't really remember much at all..."
"I see...that must be a bit tough on you. But uh...what makes you so sure the magazines will really help?" You look at her a bit confused at first. Looking at her now, her expression is a bit more serious then it was earlier.
"Wh...What do you mean by that? Why wouldn't they? Would it hurt to try?"
"You never know...I mean, what if you didn't come from the same place the magazines did? They might be completely different from what you're used to seeing. You might not even understand what's in them."
"I'm sure there has to be at least one magazine I can understand, and that much will bring me that much closer to finding out who I am."
"But you don't know that for sure. And besides that...who's to say you're meant to know?" That one strikes you. You look at Reisen for a moment, her expression getting more and more serious.
"What...do you mean...?"
"What if...those memories were surpressed to keep you from knowing something you shouldn't be knowing? What if your memory was wiped to protect you from the potential harm of knowing could do?" Reisen's face grows more worried as she puts her hands to her heart. "Sousha, they say ignorance is bliss, and if you were brought over by Yukari, then I'm certain Yukari had a good reason for such a thing." You look down, thinking about it. The stillness of the room chilling your heart, the worry that Reisen has just put on your shoulders is worth considering, but you don't want to give up yet.
"I don't know, I mean...I guess I could ask her one day but you know, I'd feel like that might be going against her or something. Besides, how bad could it be?" Reisen shows disappointment on her face now.
"You honestly don't know, do you Sousha? I'm worried about you, what if something bad happens?" You give you her a comforting smile to counter the disappointment you see.
"Don't worry Reisen, I can make it out of any jam. I may not look like it, but I'm strong hearted and I won't let any silly memories get the best of me. After all, this is my life now, it's not like I can go back to my old life at the moment. I've come to accept that. I'm just interested in what my old life was." Reisen sighs, still looking worried, but for the most part, settled now.
"Oh Sousha. If something bad happens, don't complain when I say I told you so. You're not as level headed as you think you are." You scratch the back of you head in nervous gesture.
"Ah, well, that can't be helped, right?" Reisen just lets out another sigh.
"I still don't know what makes you believe you're from the outside world though."
"Where else could I have come from?"
"Well, if you're like me, from the moon..." Reisen clearly avoids your gaze as she says this, fidgeting slightly in a somewhat nervous state.
"From...the moon? You're from that big glowing rock in the night sky?" Reisen closes her eyes, her head still turned from you.
"Y-Yes." She looks at you with a bit of a sorrowful look. "You think I'm weird now, don't you?" You shake your head and smile at her, reassuring her of just the opposite.
"No, in fact I find it quite interesting. I always thought you were different when I met you. Now I know." Since she brought it up though, it's a perfect chance to ask her something that you've been curious about. A nice segue into it. "As a matter of fact, what is your past like anyway? All I know of is the you that does chores here in the mansion alone. What did you do on the moon?" Reisen looks at you a bit surprised at first before looking away, looking hurt.
"I...It's...It's nothing really. Nothing I want to get into..." You blink softly, this was kind of unexpected of someone who's normally kinda cheery about things.
"Huh? Why not? Is there something you can't trust me with yet, or...?" Reisen shakes her head quickly in responce to that.
"N-No, it's not that. I don't think so anyway...I mean, I trust you a lot now, I think..." Her vague answers annoy you slightly.
"Hrm, make up your mind. Why can't you tell me?"
"I-I-It's not that I can't tell you, I mean..."
"Then...what is it?"
"I just...don't like talking about it I guess. Well, I mean...not exactly that either but..." Reisen sighs and seems to submit finally. "I guess there are some things I don't have the confidence to tell you yet. My past is something I haven't really told anyone outside this mansion..." You breathe out and cross your arms. You're not fully satisfied but you do feel a bit better.
"I see...is there anything I can do to help that?" Reisen looks down, a bit confused.
"I'm...not sure really." She seems to be having a bit of a hard time. You're not sure if it's her lack of sociallism or that she's just embarrassed in front of you.
"Hmm, well..." After a bit of thinking you just look back at her. "I'm not sure what to say next. I'm sorry." Reisen shakes her head.
"It's quite alright Sousha. I understand, it's confusing for me too. I mean, no one has really asked until you, to be honest." You tilt you head, a bit curious about this.
"No one? No one has ever been interested in what your past was like?"
"No, not at all. Even Kaguya and Eirin, both my Masters tend to keep shut about their pasts and mine. So I haven't really even thought about my past for a long, long time until now..." Makes sense. How else would she have forgotten about it so easily? Then again, you're not even sure of what her past is yet.
"I see...there isn't any part of your past you'd even remote like to share with anyone?" Reisen looks down again, she's hiding her eyes behind that thick head of hair this time.
"No...not really. I didn't really like how it turned out so I didn't really mind that no one asked me at first."
"What about now? Now that someone has asked you?"
"W-W-What can I say? I lived on the moon and...well, that's about it really..." She fidgets while looking in another direction, She seems uncomfortable but more then that, saddened by thinking of her own memories.
"Well then, what was life on the moon like? How long did you live? What about your friends and family up there?" Reisen just looks down, her eyes gaining a distant look. "...you didn't have a single good memory of the time you were on the moon?" No real responce. She just sits there. It must be painful, having been reminded of what you didn't want to think of again. You can partially understand why she didn't want you to remember your own past now, she was protecting you from something she's victim to. Still, you have to do something about this.

[ ] Push her on, she'll feel better once it's off her chest
[ ] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it
[ ] The best pain reliever is just forgetting it; change or drop the subject
[ ] Apologize and leave so she can have her space on this issue
>> No. 12974
It might also amuse the rest of you to know that I got myself banned by using the full word "social-ism" without the dash. Silly blacklist.
>> No. 12975
[x] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it
[x] The best pain reliever is just forgetting it; change or drop the subject


I fucking laughed.
>> No. 12977
[x] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it
[x] The best pain reliever is just forgetting it; change or drop the subject
>> No. 12978
[x] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it
[x] The best pain reliever is just forgetting it; change or drop the subject

Sousha, you insensitive bastard.
>> No. 12979
What? We can't say "social-ism" on this board?

[x] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it
[x] The best pain reliever is just forgetting it; change or drop the subject
>> No. 12980

Yeah, what's up with that?
>> No. 12981
>The best pain reliever is just forgetting it

No, it isn't. If something pains someone that much, it's because it's too much to be simply forgotten. No matter how hard she try, no mnatter how long she try, she will never forget it.

[ ] Push her on, she'll feel better once it's off her chest
[ ] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it

The best thing for her to do, is to face her past, to let all her feelings out. She needs someone to help her, someone who will confort her while she cry all out.
>> No. 12982
[ ] Push her on, she'll feel better once it's off her chest
[ ] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it
>> No. 12983

Facing the past is important, but at this juncture I think forcing the issue wouldn't really help. To that end:

[x] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it
[x] The best pain reliever is just forgetting it; change or drop the subject
>> No. 12984
[x] Push her on, she'll feel better once it's off her chest
[x] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it
>> No. 12985
[x] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it
[x] The best pain reliever is just forgetting it; change or drop the subject