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I came from the deep.

Ages ago, I stood on the tops of the mountains and looked down at the animals crawling in the dust. They were ugly. Some raised their eyes to the sky, knowing that I saw their ugliness, and screamed, though I said not a word. On the tops of the worlds, away from my home, I was alone.

I wished to walk among the people, so I leapt from the mountaintop and fell through their beautiful hideousness.

I watched them pass me as I fell upwards, to where they could not go.

Above the sky I found my own reflection, as though in a mirror, and the reflections of all the animals I had seen from the peak. I touched the mirror, and it shattered, spiderwebbing cracks and distorting the reflections to a completely different set of beings. They never noticed they had changed.

I flew among the realms beyond the earth, but no one looked into the air, not even those who were already in it.

As I flew, I found a marketplace without equal, filled with numerous crawling things. I remembered the cat that used to sleep on my bed, and how she played with such small animals.

It looked like fun, so I reached out into the mass and touched one...

Second verse, same as the first, could get better or it might get worse. Come up with someone for our narrator to, ah, play with, and something for her to do. Slightly different this time around, though. Anyone around general /border/ territory is fair game, but all responses must be in language the narrator can understand - which is to say, bizarre and cryptic with any hints of reality elegantly twisted into metaphor. See the prologue of the /sdm/ thread if you're unsure. I'll probably leave this up for a day or two (or until I can and feel like writing it) and then pick the most interesting response. You needn't bother "voting" options after their initial submission, although expressing approval is fine. Be creative, put your own insane spin on things. Cheers.

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Awesome, I can already feel the despair.

[X] Wispy Willow, a stranger, a wisened being. Death a symbol, a bounded freedom, old and young, a lonely soul left wandering stagnantly.

Just putting something up here.
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[x] There's a lone hermit that flew away, leaving his only daughter astray.
[x] For many years he has been gone, but now I'll bring him back to his spawn.

Corrupt this. I DARE YOU.
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In the interests of helpfulness:

This is the sort of thing I'm hoping for, except it needs some sort of action to take along with the subject.

This is too plain, Koishi eats your brain. Bad end.
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[X] This girl bears the burden of separation. Away her father flew, and her body split in two.
-[X] You can break her bones, but can you break her spirit?
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But there are three (my opinion, at least) characters which this may fit, so I'm actually more interested in who you determine this describes and what you will do with them then my own curiosity of what might happen to a particular character when Koishi messes with them.

That said, lazyfag is too lazy to come up with an action other than sleep and slack off.
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Also a good point. The action is potentially more important than the target, though.
As a rule of thumb, if I can look at your entry and immediately know you're talking about a certain specific character, no dice. Pulling random words out of a thesaurus won't cut it either. The ideal entry will have some care put into it. Like last time, this is almost certainly the only point of choice or interaction you folks get, so make the most of it.
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[ ] Near the edge of the ribbon, a well-worn tool, tempered through time beneath the clouded sky.

[ ] A thing restrained, bound by the ribbon. A touch, a tug, the bow is undone.
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[x] ξ・∀・)めるぽ!
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This could be either of two people, but it's vague enough to count, right?
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[x] A little white. No, too much white. Maybe only equal parts. There now, perfectly split.
[x] YOUR FORTUNE FOR TODAY: Devotion is 24/7. Cut loose for once.
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[X]A wayward soul, a free spirit caged by authority, given the key to its freedom, shall it stay in servitude, or roam the lands as wild as its nature should be?
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[X] A Judge. Tied to her duty and always messing with the little details. I think it is time she saw the bigger picture.
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Well, fine then, I guess a generic expression of an action could work for all three...

Add this to my previous vote
[X] Time flows with ceased activity, and it is now a fair minute to bring changes to the paused.
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Why so Konpaku?
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[x] I saw a lonely, miserable thing. A static fixture.
[x] But not if I can help it. I think I'm going to pull some strings, and let it see life once more.
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[x] I saw a pillar, worn with time.
[x] It still stands firm, but with age its surface is cracked and eroded. And with a gentle push, I'll make it crumble.