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11619 No. 11619
Turning about, you continue wondering just where that little blob of ectoplasm ran- or rather, floated- off to. Countless possiblities enter and exit your mind, but one thought makes itself prevalent among all these worrisome dillusions.

Nyom... is a ghost. Ghosts can't be hurt, right? Right, ghosts can't be hurt.

Shrugging off those thoughts of your absent companion, you turn once more to see Eliza now sitting down, chewing a piece of the odd yellow stuff. Her head rests against her hand as her eyes look down, thoughtfully. Gingerly you make your way over to the table, sitting across from the maid, leaning your head forward so you're sure that you catch her attention. She instinctively looks up, and you take this opporitunity to go ahead and speak before she does.

"Eliza." You pause, thinking back on what just happened, and what Eliza had said to you in the hall. "...I have a request."

"Hmm?" Eliza's eyes brighten up a bit, and she looks at you quizically. She finishes off her bite of the odd stuff before she speaks. "What would that be, Master Aoi?"

"..." You merely stare at her for a second, then smile, continuing to speak.

"Eliza, I'd really appreciate it if you avoided calling me 'sir' from now on."

She looks at you half-confused and half-concerned, and once again speaks.

"...Why is that, sir?"

"..." Brushing off the fact that she insisted on calling you sir once again, you continue. "I introduced myself to these people here as a woman, not a boy."

"...Ah!" Eliza claps her hands together, smiling warmly at you, as if she had just come to an astounding conclusion. "I see. You'd rather not confuse them while we're here, right?"

You nod, smiling as you do so. "Yes, that's just right!"

After gulping down the last bite of her food, the maid stands, pushing her chair in. She looks at you for a second, that same smile on her face, then gives you a quick bow.

"Very well, then. I'll just take these- " She reaches down, picking up a few plates and stacking them on top of eachother. "-and meet back with you later, if that's fine."

You nod, and the maid makes her way into the kitchen, carrying the dishes with her as she goes. You sit back down, only to catch yourself thinking once more. Your thoughts drift to that white blob, Nyom, and a silly idea enters your mind. Why not try calling for it, as if you had telepathy?

"Nyoooom..." Placing your fingers against the sides of your head, you begin to play the scene out in your mind. "Nyom, can you hear me? Come here, I'm in the dining hall. Come to meeee..."

A minute passes with this quiet atmosphere, and then you give up on your little game.

You drop your fingers and laugh inwardly, raising one hand to your mouth as you do so. Then, a noise catches your attention. More importantly, though, is the feeling of a familiar marshmallow-like substance touching your back.


Turning, you're once again met with the sight of your transluscient friend, only it's really there this time. You reach out and embrace the blob, holding it up against your body. The warm feeling of its soft, white surface covers your arms and chest.

"Nyom! You're back!" You swing from side to side, cradling the now blushing blob. It really does seem happy to see you again, even though all it can 'say' is "myon".

"...Nyom?" A voice speaks up from behind you, and you turn to see Lunasa pointing at your little friend. "You mean that ghost you're hugging?"

[ ] "Wait, you can see it?"
[ ] "W-what ghost?" Stop hugging Nyom. "There's nothing there!"

>> No. 11620
[P] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you see it?"
[P] More cuddling.

I love ghosts.
>> No. 11621
[L] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you see it?"
[L] More cuddling.

>> No. 11622

[x] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you see it?"
[x] More cuddling.
>> No. 11624
[x] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you see it?"
[x] More cuddling.
>> No. 11627
[x] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you see it?"
[x] Rape the ghost.
>> No. 11629
[x] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you see it?"
[x] More cuddling.
>> No. 11635
[X] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you see it?"
[X] More cuddling.

>> No. 11637

Softer than Youmu?
>> No. 11638
[hnnnn] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you see it?"
[nnggghhhh] More cuddling.

And it snuggles too~
>> No. 11639
[X] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you see it?"
[X] More cuddling.

An image of Aoi sitting half asleep with Youmu, with Myon and Nyom snuggling around the two like a big, soft, warm and fluffy scarf can be seen in Youmu End.

>> No. 11642

I can't help but think they'd just melt into one big blob of softness.
>> No. 11646
[X] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you DIG IT?"
[X] More cuddling.
>> No. 11650
That would be paradise
>> No. 11663
File 122399978517.jpg - (169.53KB , 794x612 , laughing buddha.jpg ) [iqdb]

As one approaches Enlightenment, softness begins to increase at an exponential rate. True story.
>> No. 11665
I believe I already have.
>> No. 11705
>> No. 11720
[x] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you see it?"
[x] More cuddling.
>> No. 11779
>> No. 11819
[x] "Yeah, Nyom! Can you see it?"
[x] More cuddling.

inb4 it's not Nyom.
>> No. 11828
Finally caught up!

Updates please, Nine!
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>> No. 11862
>> No. 11863
It's been, what, five days?


Hey, Tetro! Time for Magical Boy, Sparkling Aoi!
>> No. 11866
Yeah, it's hard to get back into this. I'll be attempting to write later today, and I'll be damned if I don't get at least one update up.

sage as to not push any other stories down
>> No. 11878
Hell's maw is gaping wide...
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>> No. 11961
>> No. 12049
Yeah, that brooch was a dumb idea. Retconned.

Dokuro-chan won, which works out quite nicely with the flute.
>> No. 12052

Hey, I'm trying to write, I just don't feel the same passion I used to. If you really feel like such a huge fag that you need to "hijack" someone else's CYOA instead of updating your own (that you've been ignoring for some time), then that's your problem. Just cut this shit out.

sage for incompetent writers and potential hijack
>> No. 12056
Ah! He lives!
>> No. 12058
Less whining and more updates you faget.
>> No. 12064
Funny, it doesn't look that way.
>> No. 12335
Damn, I've been ignoring that update for a while now. I have my reasons, though. Between work being on the rise, personal matters, and a growing disinterest in writing this, I just can't really find any time to write, and when I do I'd much rather spend it playing Final Fantasy remakes or Mother 3. But if anyone can find one good reason for me to try and pick up the pace, please voice it.

sage for overworked writer that's too lazy to get back to work during his little free time
>> No. 12359

In fact...

Part of my lack of updates is feeling like I have to update. Because of this I'm taking an official one week hiatus to try and get back into the moods for writing.
>> No. 12363

>> No. 12367

The best writers on the board love this story and want it to continue. There's your fucking reason, as if it hasn't been stated enough.
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>> No. 12403
Somebody get the writefags that read this to sign this post or something.
>> No. 12413
You really think that would help?
>> No. 12418
I guess they can't chill since this looks like another Zakeri in the making. Also, I just made myself sad...
>> No. 12420

That won't work, trust me on it. Also, in before slowpoke.
>> No. 12424

Oho, is that a challenge~?

Also, starting to get anxious. Days go alot slower without much THP/IRC, and the ideas have started to roll in, though not for anything I could implement in AoD. Still going to wait out the rest of the week and be back on Saturday/Sunday, though.
>> No. 12549
It'd help a lot more if you stayed off them entirely during this time.
>> No. 12653
Hiatus time is over, Nineball! Where are you?

>> No. 12734

He hasn't been on IRC either. I think he's dead.
>> No. 12750
We'll see about that.
>> No. 12762

Magical Boy Aoi time?
>> No. 12781
Well, if Nine is going to languish so, I'm hoping Tetro's distraction will use a far more Nanoha-y, combat-oriented approach to the Magical Boy/Girl theme, rather than cheesy-ass Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura or whatever the hell.
>> No. 12838

>> No. 12888
Nine's gone. He hasn't been on IRC for a long while now. Hell he hasn't even been bothering Vodka so he's most likely gone forever.

>> No. 12889

Don't wanna magical girl/boy CYOA. Genre is boring already. How about we take this to /at/?
>> No. 12908

One problem there, other than an /at/ CYOA is an insult for AoD. To have a CYOA moved, you need a writefag to write it. And since Tetro was just doing Magical Boy Aoi to spite Nine, we don't have him anymore.

Also, Nine showed up on the IRC yesterday, saying that he can't update due to certain conditions. When asked what those conditions were, he said "I'd rather not answer, since any answer will be deemed 'bullshit'.", then disappeared a little while later.
>> No. 12910

Whew, at least Nine is still alive and 'working' on it. I was scared thinking of AoD being abandoned.

>When asked what those conditions were, he said "I'd rather not answer, since any answer will be deemed 'bullshit'.",

Well, at least this excuse is not bullshit.
>> No. 12932
The sarcasm does not drip, it pours.
>> No. 13219
Jesus H. Christ. No sympathy, huh?

Anyway, yeah. My old post was deleted, but here you go. I'm leaving, THP is a mine field for me, everyone hates me, bawwwww, etc. Just wanna cut the shit and say that it was a hell of a time.

Anyway, this will probably be deleted again, but whatever. So long, Anonymous.
>> No. 13260

Actually, scratch that. I've put too much thought into this to just let it die.

Expect an update or two tommorow.

sage for writer that threw a hissy fit
>> No. 13264
File 122888956089.jpg - (20.78KB , 408x316 , 1228110578574.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 13266
>Expect an update or two tommorow.

>> No. 13267
>>13264 >>13266
>> No. 13268
File 122891046264.jpg - (47.67KB , 798x559 , 12273861226810.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 13269
>Actually, scratch that. I've put too much thought into this to just let it die.

Spoke like a real man.
>sage for writer that threw a hissy fit

Don't worry about that, we've had that before, it's becoming common around here.

Good to have you here. Just a curiosity, what did the mod say when he banned you?
>> No. 13272

You mean the reasons for being banned, or what?

If it's the reasons for being banned, I was banned for "trolling". Then I got a permanent ban because I sarcastically said that it was a great idea. As far as actual conversation goes, I ranted at him for a while, and now I'm on his "ban at sight" list. I can't really blame him, though, since I gave him a lot of shit about this drama.

Anyway, yeah. Updates will be here in about... 6-7 hours.
>> No. 13277
Hey Nine, I wanted to reply to something that you mentioned when we talked yesterday, so PM me again when I'm on, if you could (Of course, I dunno how many people you talked to yesterday, but you can probably figure it out).
>> No. 13283
Okay then, a bit late (as if nobody expected that), but I'm writing now.