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Yes, I know I'm multi-board writing. But, to those who care, I'll still update Metal Touhou. This is just something else I came up with while writing the next update to Metal Touhou. Anywho, I don't think there's ever been a CYOA centered around Makai and it's denziens...so why not start one.

A few things to expect.

-Write-ins are a-okay with me.
-As stated above, this will focus on the cast from Makai (including those in HRtP) and possibly other PC-98 characters. The other (more recent) characters will appear as well, albeit later on in the story.
-Disgaea/Makai Kingdom vibes are abound here...because my mind is currently saturated by the two.


The Netherworld. A dangerous and lawless realm filled with vicious monsters. A place where evil reigns supreme and good is a none existant minority. You, yourself, are but one of the millions of demons living in this chaotic realm. Everyday you awake to a life of constant evil and yet you see it as nothing more than just a normal occurance in any other day. Though your looks and mannerisms are that of just one individual here in the netherworld, it is this appearance alone, however that will become of great improtance to you in your journey that is soon to come. With this in mind, what kind of person, or rather what demon, are you?

[ ] Warrior?
[ ] Skull?
[ ] Monk?
[ ] Samurai?
[ ] Gunner?
[ ] Berzerker?
[ ] (Write-In)?

And of course, living in this world of chaos one must have a weapon. Your weapon is, by far, the one thing you can depend on and it is natrually the one thing you hold closest to you. In a cesspool of demons and sinners, this article of self defense is your only ally. Trust is nothing short of none existant in the Netherworld, but, mastering this weapon of yours is what you build upon in place of this unfounded trust...

[ ] (What is this weapon you entrust your life with?)


Now with that, I'll leave the rest up to anonymous. This is really only the 'character creation screen' in all honesty so it's not meant to be long in anyway. The next update for this will come alongside the completed update for Metal Touhou (I'll try to update both at the same time if I can, that way they can be put on the same schedule and thus easier to deal with amoung real life shit).

And this would've gone better in /others but, I already have a CYOA located there AND I feel it's already crowded over there what with the recent rush of new CYOA material that has occured recently. So yeah...

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[x] Gunner?
[x] Assault Rifle with a 4x scope and underslung grenade launcher

Running at you? Shoot em. Far away? Look through the scope and shoot em. Hiding behind something? Blow it up.
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[x] Skull
[x] Ominscient Rod

Rank 40 from the get go!
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Skulls = male magicians in Disgaea. That's what this is a reference to.
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Shit, I never played Disgaea. Okay.

[x] Skull
[x] Omniscient Rod
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[X] Gunner
[X] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...

Yeah, maybe it doesn't fit, but even so...
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Plus, we can always go with a slightly more sinister feel.
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[x] Gunner?
[x] Semi-Auto battle rifle with iron sights and a Semi-Auto side arm

Seras didn't need a scope, neither will we. Side arm because I've always loved the idea of contact shots, they're just sexy.
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[x] Gunner?
[x] Assault Rifle with a 4x scope and underslung grenade launcher

Playing STALKER and Crysis recently has left me with the insatiable urge to find automatic weaponry and strap shit on it.
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[X] Gunner
[X] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...
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[X] Gunner
[X] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...

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customizable guns: decent at everything, good at nothing
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Depends on how customizable we're talking here. If any part of it could be swapped out then you could get it rather specialized with a bit of prep time. Like changing it from a submachine gun into a sniper rifle by swapping the barrel for a longer one of higher caliber or something like that.
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[X] Gunner?
[X] .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle
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Ugh, Gunner? Oh well...

[X] Gunner?
[X] Etoile.
>> No. 11043
[X] Berzerker
[X] Dragon Slayer
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[x] Gunner?
[x] Assault Rifle with a 4x scope and underslung grenade launcher

I'm honestly extremely surprised no one said Majin as a write-in.
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I wish to pull her ahoge~
[X] Gunner
[X] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...
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Multi-board writing? I prefer for writers to stick to one board.

I mean, just look at Angry Desu. He began writing in /others/, then got even slower.

Besides, this really does feel more like an /others/ story.
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[X] Berzerker
[X] Love Like a Truck
>> No. 11048
[x] Gunner
[x] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...
>> No. 11050
[X] Berzerker
[X] Love Like a Truck
>> No. 11051
[x] Gunner
[x] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...
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[x] Gunner
[x] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...

Boktai was awesome.
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[Q] Gunner
[Q] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...

Bandwagon. And I don't really care where this goes, just so long as it keeps going.
>> No. 11055

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[X] Monk
[X] Supreme Fist of Asura
>> No. 11058
[X] Gunslinger/Gunner
[X] Golden Gun
>> No. 11059
[X] Gunslinger
[X] E&I
>> No. 11060
[X] Stand User

[X] Crazy Diamond
>> No. 11061
[X] Gunslinger
[X] E&I
>> No. 11062
[x] Gunner
[x] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...
>> No. 11063
[x] Legendary Hammer User
[x] Severed Wolf Right Paw
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I lol'd at this. gj

If we have Transmigration available:
[+] Carrot Dude
[+] Sword 'Ame-no-Murakumo'

If not:
[+] Berzerker
[+] Morningstar 'Doom Hammer'
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>Depends on how customizable we're talking here. If any part of it could be swapped out then you could get it rather specialized with a bit of prep time. Like changing it from a submachine gun into a sniper rifle by swapping the barrel for a longer one of higher caliber or something like that.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XM8_rifle and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:XM8-Poster.jpg
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[P] Gunner
[P] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...

Got to love Boktai.

Also, for those whining about customizable guns, two things to bear in mind: 1) the Gun Del Sol that is being alluded to is the absolute king of customizable guns, and 2) it's magic.

But seriously, the Gun Del Sol is awesome.
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[x] Gunner
[x] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...
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I'm with >>11044. I was really expecting someone to go for the powerhouse choice right from the get go. But you guys chose the Boktai referance so it shall be so.

Transmigration is avaliable. I just need to work it into the story so that when the time comes for it to be used it will be intergrated smoothly.


[ ] Gunner?
[ ] A really, really customizable gun; it comes in many interchangeable parts...

I see. You chose to be a demon who is handy with the firearms and is deadly with his own two eyes. Someone who's gaze and trigger finger can be the judgement of another in only a seconds notice. And your weapon, a curious gun that seems to be able to switch into different things at once. Why? Because well it's a conglomeration of many things. Making for a pretty solid article of weaponrary despite the hodge podge of interchangeable parts. This will come in handy quite a bit in this tale that is about to unfold before you...

Now then, with me being out of compliments, and words of wisdom, let us begin this story shall we?


It's dark. But that's a given being your trapsing around in a cavern located in this dreary land called the Netherworld. You know that there are monsters lurking within the bowels of this corridor, you've had to fight a few of them on your way here. Luckily they were low tier Saberkitties and Spirits, those things will never amount to anything. But monster encounters alone weren't going to stop you from achieving your goal. You've heard various rumors of a secluded cavern somewhere out in the wastes of the Netherworld that holds the gateway to a powerful Overlord. All your sources have led you to this deep cavern so this was bound to be the right location. Were you planning on getting the title as overlord for yourself? Of course you were. Were there others before you that were after the same thing? Damn straight. Although the fact that no one has ever retruned from this area with the title as Overlord does prove to be a slight concern. This mean that either there were extremely strong monsters roaming around these parts, or the overlord himself was one Badass Powerhouse.

But, fighting something that was Frickin' Badass would be awesome anyways so power had nothing to do with it, so long as you can say you brought him to his knees.

Of course, getting to this fight is always the boring part. You yourself had to trapse through the vast wasteland of the netherworld to get to this one cave, and even then you were stuck in here for god knows how long. Fighting the monsters in here proved to ease your boredom but not as much as you wanted being most were (as said above) low teir. But eventually, after what seems to be forever, you soon find yourself in a cavernous chamber, the ceiling above looks to be miles above you and is lined with crystals and stalagtites. There are several skeletons in this chamber as well, probably from past warriors who tired their hand at glory and ultimately folded. a doorway located to the back of the area. But...there was something odd about this doorway, plastered on it's exterior, were many magic runes. If this was the doorway to the overlord's chambers, then it was obvious some one (probably a magician) sealed the entrance. "Great...now what?"

As you stood before this sealed door, pondering on a way to by pass it, you hear heavy footsteps coming toward you. Turning around you spy an imposing figure in the distance, it's muscular physique the 1st thing you take note of and it's e 'eyes' glowing a bright red. No doubt about it, this was indeed a Rifle Demon, a Baciel to be exact. No other demon you know of could be this hulken and look ugly at the same time...well scratch that, there were plenty of other demons who were large and looked pretty damn ugly but still, you get my point. Knowing this monster came here for a fight you grab your gun and whip it out toward the demon before you, who slowly raises his own to take the challenge. You smirk slightly as you know Baciels are slow as fuck, that immense body of theirs hinders their leg strength so you're positive you have the advantage as far as speed goes.

But, you're not about to let him get the 1st move in, Baciels are actually as powerful as they are slow and the fact that they are armed with deadly percision and a mechanical arm that fires cosmic energy is enough to put a skilled Gunner like yourself on high alert. You open fire on the demon, a shining ray of bullets pelting the mammoth monster, who only lets loose an ominous roar that echoes throughout the cavern in agitation. The Baciel reels his arm back over his shoulder a purple photoelectric energy collection into the barrel of his mechanical arm. A Death Blast, oh shi-!

Not wasting another second, you leap out of the blasts path just moments before the Baciel unleashes it in a shot of light that screams past you and slams into the doorway in the back. As you get up to retaliate though you look back to see that the doorway was acting rather weird. It seemed to be pulsating. But why?

Before you can even answer this a scratchy roar catches your undivided attention and you turn to see the Baciel fire yet another Death Blast in your direction, you duck down out of the way but ultimately get nicked by the blast and your sent a few feet back. Damn, who know Star energy could hurt this much. Your arm looks like it's been through a grill several times at once. As you lay on the cave floor trying to ignore the pain in your shoulder, you look to see the door that was acting funny before, was now covered in sparks of electricity and was beginning to vibrate ominously. "That can't be a good sign..."

>> No. 11094
And you couldn't be more right. For that blast from earlier was enough to break the seal on the doorway you were trying to get through, apparently, 1,000+ years of unattendance can leave a seal weathered and weakened. suddenly gives way to an immense force of inward pulling gravity, the silent room now alive with the loud winds from the massive portal inhaling anything in it's gravitational pull. This wasn't good, if you knew anything about things will strong gravitaional pulls then that meant they were either A) a black hole or B) A really fat person. But judging by the obvious scene of nothingness you see beyond the doorway you assume that it's A). Not wanting to spend eternity in a void, you turn tail and try to haul ass out of the cavern from whence you came. but you see the Baciel charging in front of you. You about face and leapt back just seconds before the monster jammed his mechanical arm into the ground in which you just stood and igniting it in a burst of Star energy.

Countering the Baciels failed assualt you fire your gun to once again, solar energy pelting his face and and another nailing him in the center knocking him back a few meters giving you a chance to rush in and do some real damage...the only problem is, that damn gravity has other plans and is holding you back, you had jumped back a little too far and thus the gravitational pull from the open door behind you was stronger at your current position. "Shit!" You curse to yourself as you struggle to fight the gravity and pull yourself away from the ravenous portal. Unfortunetly for you, the Baciel takes quick notice of your lag and opts to run you down using his whole body as a weapon. And with the force of...well a bigass demon, the Baciel plows into your body and the two of you go hurtling into the black portal you were trying so desperately to get away from. Well Fuck...

The area all around you is pitch black yet you feel yourself falling forward deeper and deeper into this abyss. Before long though the void you're within comes alive as streaks of light speed past you in the distance (much like how you go into Hypredrive on a spaceship...like you would know anything about that but you catch my drift). the Rifle Demon raises his gun arm but you jab you gun in his mouth and you plug him with a solar bullet, the energu exploding on impact. The demon reeling off your body his mouth caught in cloud of smoke from the explosion. You muster up enough strength to shove the ailing Baciel off you and then follow up with another assualt from your Gun.

But as your focused on killing the Baciel you hear something in the distance, looking over to see what appear to be comets hurtling toward you. When the hell did those come from? They come screaming past you, they're tails leaving behind orbs of pure energy and a distinct 'pop' sound trailing behind them as they pass you and your opponent by. One of them nails the Baciel in the side, and takes him down into the void, his scratchy roar echoing out as he fades into the blackness of space. But his apparent demise doesn't mean you're out of hot water just yet, for there are more of those comet like entities coming toward you. Although you can see that you can probably make it through this. Aiming your Gun Del Sol to the oncoming comets you let loose a burst of solar energy to the imposing comsic figure hurtlinh to you, the blast hitting it's mark but not doing much, so you repeat your assault into the comet splits and explodes in a burst of magic dust, the orbs of red energy that were trailing behind it just grazing past you. "Huh, that was eas-"




...And then everything goes into a state of nothingness...

... ... ... ...

Do you know how when you restart your computer the screen cuts off for a couple seconds and then later comes back on? Well, think of that in your case at the moment...it's weird really, getting hit by something at god knows how many miles per hour doesn't usually leave you alive. 1st your mind comes back to you, as soon realize you're capable of independent thought once. Next you can hear your heart slowly start back to it's rythmatic beat of pumping warm blood through my body. And lastly you can breathe again. Yep, it's offical your alive...somehow...

'Okay what the hell? I know...whatever that was that hit me, hit me pretty hard, so why am I still alive?' You thought to yourself as you and try to move your body but notice that even though you're somehow alive, you're body is in pretty bad shape. Every nerve in your body is screaming at the action of movement, and you just know every bone in your body is probably broken too...

You decide that since you can't move without setting off a torrent of pain, you'll let you're eyes do the moving for you. So, you slowly open my eyes to at least see where the hell you are now, odds are you're probably on some rock floating in that void, at least that was the last place you were when you passed out. The area looks to be a meadow of somekind, though judging by the darkness of the sky, it's night time. You groan to yourself and look ove your shoulder to see a woman sprawled out to your left. She has short blond hair, dons a long white dress, with a purple ascot tied around her neck, there's also a hat nearby too, which is also white and dons apurple bow. You struggle to your feet and walk over to her to see if she's okay. She doesn't look too well off either, probably worse off then you are.

You look around for any sign of civilization but you don't see much, the only thing of noteable interest is a long skidmark in the ground which lead up to you and the womans location. So it would seem it's just you 2 out here...

[ ] Leave her. Worry of yourself.
[ ] Wake her up. See if she's still alive.
[ ] Stick around and see if she'll wake up on her own.
>> No. 11095
[ ] Wake her up. See if she's still alive.
>> No. 11101
[x] Wake her up. See if she's still alive.

Poke. Poke. Pooooke.
>> No. 11104
[x] Wake her up. See if she's still alive.
>> No. 11107
[x] Wake her up. See if she's still alive.
>> No. 11109

[ x ] Wake her up. See if she's still alive.
>> No. 11117
[X] Molest.
>> No. 11119
[x] Breasts

Life-like texture ;_;
>> No. 11120
[x] Wake her up. See if she's still alive.

Well, it is common curtosy to see if someone's still alive, provided you find them beside you all beat up.

You kneel down to her side and gently poke her with your finger to see if you get a response...you get, nothing. With that failed you decide to go shake her by the shoulder a little and call to her, maybe then you'll get something. But that doesn't seem to work either. Well, this sucks...out of ideas you sigh and sit to her side and stare at her...her body...her FEMININE body...the kind that has breasts...squeezable breasts. Fuck it! You're going for it, she's probably dead anyways so what's the harm in it. You reach over to her chest and give it a good *squeeze*, such a nice texture. However as you're feeling up on this woman, she lets out a slight moan (possibly brought on from you touching her chest) and stirs a little. Well it's good to see she was indeed alive...although now that you've touched her breasts you kinda wished she was dead. You quickly withdraw your hand and step back a bit to give her some breathing room,taking a seat near her. "What...what happened?..." she says still shaking her head.

"I-I'm not sure, but you were out cold so I just came over to see if you were, y'know, not dead or anything" You reply trying to look as if you didn't inappropriately touch her to begin with.

"I see, I thank you for checking on me. It's really hard to find gentlement like yourself nowadays" The woman says to you, as she was now manages to regain some motor functions, and gets up to pick up her hat and putting in it's place ontop of her head. The way her voice sounded, made her seem like a rather refined person...or rather a very polite one at least. Although you were just relieved she didn't say 'Hey did someone touch my breasts earlier'. While she's adjusting her hat and dusting off her clothing, you decide to ask her about what happened. "Hey, can you remember what happened to you?"

"Hmm, all I can truly remember is that I was traveling through the border space like I usually do, and then the next thing I know I ran into something full speed...I can't quite recall what I actually hit though, but, strangely it looked very similar to how you look..." Wait? So that thing that hit you before...was her?

"Funny, I kinda remember the same thing...only I was fighting a demon and then shot down a comet...thing, then the next thing I know 'WHAM' somethin hit me from behind and knocked me out cold"

The blonde woman freezes for a moment as it appears her brain is processing the information you gave her and comparing it to her own. It doesn't take long before she responds with her apparent conclusion on this. "Oh my, do you think that might have we ran into one another?"

"Meh, I dunno but our stories are basically identical so I suppose it could have happened" You shrug not really concerned about the past event, so long as you were alive that's all that really mattered. However the woman before you was a bit more concerned of the matter than you were. "If that's the case then I apologize" She says as she bows

A bit confused she was apologizing to you about something that probably wasn't even true, you raise an eyebrow and give her a weird look "Huh? What're you saying sorry for? You didn't do anything?"

"For running into you." She says simply before going on with her apology "If it weren't for my carelessness you wouldn't be injured..."

It was obvious she was implying about the wound that Baciel inflicted upon you back at the cave. "Don't worry about it, if it makes you feel any better I already this before I got here" You say before realzing that you really had no idea as to where 'here' was exactly "...By the way, where are we?"

"I believe we're in Makai"

Makai? Well, the Netherworld is also known as Makai so maybe you are back at home, perhaps this woman rescued you from that void earlier. But that's unlikely, from what you gather the both of you were here by a mere freak accident. And further more, why would you be in Makai? Last you checked you both were in that void. If anything you should probably still be floating around aimlessly in endless darkness. "Makai?...but last I remembered I was in this weird void or something, how'd we both end up in Makai?"

The woman places her finger on her chin as she begins to think on your question. "Well, I suppose when we collided with one another in Border Space, the velocity you were going was fast enough to push us back and we 'fell' into Makai" She looks over to the long skidmark strecthing in the distance "Which would explain how this got here..."

Well that makes sense...a little. Although you don't remember moving that fast...or at all really. But, you've heard somewhere that things in space actually move faster than what they seem. Whatever the case maybe, it doesn't change the fact that the both of you are lost here. "I guess that makes sense..." You say as you pull yourself to your feet to start you journey to find a safe place to sleep for the remainder of the night. Although, this woman seems pretty knowledgable as to how you got here, she even knew he realm inwhich you landed, so maybe she knew of some places to go to "Hey, uh..."

"Oh! How rude of me, I didn't introduce myself" This girl really seemed to like going by her manners alot. It seemed really odd to you, being demons like yourself don't really go by manners to often. "My name is Luize, it's pleasure to make your acquantince Mr..."

Luize looks to you, for a moment and you hesitate before realizing she's awaiting you to giver her your own name. "Oh, right, I'm..."

[ ] (What's your name?)
>> No. 11121
[x] Roland
[x] No last name at the moment, I feel the need for some completely unneeded and overused mystery.
>> No. 11122
[x] Ghost. Just Ghost.
>> No. 11123
We're a demon, right?

[x] Maxwell
>> No. 11125
[x] Ghost. Just Ghost.

You call down the thunder...
And I'll reap the whirlwind.
>> No. 11126
[x] Ghost. Just Ghost.
>> No. 11128

I see what you did there.
>> No. 11132
[ ] Ghost. Just Ghost.
>> No. 11134
[x] Ghost. Just Ghost.
>> No. 11140
[x] Kishima Kouma

But that won't work seeing as to how we use a gun so...

[x] Django
[x] Foley. Detective Foley
>> No. 11148
[x] Ghost. Just Ghost.
>> No. 11161
[x] Tim Buckley
>> No. 11178
[x] Foley. Congressman Foley.
>> No. 11204
Ghost wins. Was actually pulling for Detective/Congressman Foley, but yeah.

Updates shall come tommorrow, or tonight if I'm lucky.
>> No. 11237
[x] Ghost. Just Ghost.

"My name is Ghost" You pause for a moment, probably to add a bit of effect to the mystery of your last name or something "Just Ghost."

"Ah, it's good to meet you Mr. Ghost" Luize replied with a polite courtsy. This woman wouldn't last one second in the Netherworld...she's just...to polite to. "Anywhom, you were going to ask me something earlier?"

"Oh. Yeah, I was wondering if you knew of any place to go from here" You ask to Luize "You seem like you know this place alot better than I do"

"That I do, I come by here occasionaly, when I'm not traveling, that is." She replies with a smile before turning toward the east "If memory serves me, I believe the Capital city of Makai is located in this direction." You get up and walk beside her to gaze at the scenery ahead, from what you see there seems to be a forest in the distance you can't tell how far it goes but you do know that it might be the only thing seperating you from safety.

"You're positive the city is down that way?" You ask more than a little skeptical of Luize's directions. "I mean, it just looks like nothin' but woods down that way"

"Trust me, this is the way to the capital" Luize reassures to you. Well, she is a traveller and people like her tend to know their directions so why not believe her. You nod and decide to get going no use sitting here, at least in the woodlands you would be able to find a decent place to hide out just in case you were attacked by someone or something. If this is anything like the Netherworld then staying in one place while injured isn't really the best of solutions. As you're walking you glance back and see Luize following behind. "What? You're coming too?" You ask still walking ahead of her.

"Of course, it's been quite a while since I've been in Makai. I think it would be a wonderful experience to stay put and see my homeworld again" Luize replies, you take note that she wasn't nessicarily walking either, she was more or less hovering. Well, that would make sense being you assume she can fly being that's how you were able to run into her in the first place. The walk within itself is fairly silent, and uneventful and it doesn't take long before you enter the realm of the woods you were heading towards. The forest itself is just as dark as the night sky, probably even darker, so dark in fact that you could barely see 3 feet in front of you. But you pressed on determined to find this city Luize spoke of. However, about midway through your quest you had gotten yourself hopelessly lost. Now sitting in the middle of an ominously darkened forest floor with the eerie and unearthly sounds of the Makai wildlife echoing throug out the night.

"Do you want me to lead the way, Mr. Ghost?" Luize asks you as she hovers next to your position. After looking around a few more times you find that it's hopeless to even keep going, with this darkness shrouding you there was no real chance you could find a decent path without worsening your situation. "No, I think we should stay here and rest up until tommorrow" You suggest as you sit on what feels like a fallen log. "Hopefully by then, we'll be able to find our way out"

Luize nods in agreement and settles to the ground. "Very well, I suppose we could sleep her for the night" She places her hand over he mouth as she yawns. "I'm feeling a bit drowsy anyways"

"Alright, you get some sleep, I'll keep watch as long as I can" You say looking around still trying to make sense of this forest.

"Oh, but you shouldrest as well Mr. Ghost" Luize advised to you as she comes to a sitting posture beside the log you sat on. "There's no telling of how long we'll be walking tommorrow, if I know anything it's that a traveler must be well rested for his coming trip" Meh, makes sense. But you still weren't about to let your gaurd down, your years of dealing with untrustworthy beings won't allow it. "Alright, alright I'll go to bed, lemme just make sure it's safe first"

Luize gives you a small smile and takes off her hat, before she curls up beside the fallen tree and drifts off to sleep. Well, she wasn't kidding about being tired. You could only imagine how much energy it took for her to fly through a void AND survive a near fatal fall into an alternate realm. You on the other hand wasn't going to sleep anytime soon, you were determined to make sure nothing would get thr drop on you, your hands gripped to the holster of your gun awaiting any interlopers who would so much as think of coming within 5 feet of your location.

But alas, even you feel that it's too much to stay awake. Maybe it was the darkness of the night that was lulling you to sleep, but either way you feel your senses dull from their normal sharpened state, and your eyelids grow heavier by the minute. You nod off a couple of times before finally giving in to the soothing realm of dreams and falling asleep where you sat...



Your eyes snap open as you hear a vile roar resonate through the darkened night. You get up and look around but all you see is darkness. The roar sounds again but it's louder, and is accompanied by thunderous footsteps...you can hear whatever this was pushing down trees sending the wildlife in a frenzy as it tore through the dark woods. You grab the holster of your gun and jump to your feet ready to take on this beast of the night. The forest falls silent...all sound has ceased to fall onto your ears. The only thing you can hear is the accelerted pounding of your heart and the quickened gasps of your uneven breathes. And then, you see something in the distance, you can barely make it out, but it's creeping about. It slowly lumbers in front of you, slothfully inching past your night blinded eyes. It's breathe is loud and raspy, and you can that it's dragging something behind it...something big.

Suddenly, the beast stops midway. and slowly turns to face you, it's only when you see the wide the rows of yellow fangs, and the glowing red center that you realize that you've come face to face with that same Baciel from before. You step back, for you know it wouldn't hesitate to kill you. But wait, what about Luize? You look down to see that she's still sound asleep. "Dammit" You curse as you look up to see the mammoth demon step toward you it's powerful footsteps rattling the ground as it inched closer to it's two potential victims...

[ ] Run away and leave Luize behind.
[ ] Flee and try and take Luize with you.
[ ] Finish this fight on your own.
[ ] Wake Luize and see if she can help you out.


I love the Baciels roar in Disgaea 2, tried to intergrate it in this update, but I dunno if I did it quite like I wanted...oh well. Vote away Anon vote away.
>> No. 11239
[ x ] Finish this fight on your own.
>> No. 11240
This is a bit late, but I just find the idea of someone named 'Ghost' in a such a place amusing.

It would be like having the name of 'Black Dude' when you're some sort of elderly white lady. I mean, what?
>> No. 11242
spellcheck damn you
>> No. 11243

Yeah, sure, it's funny now. But soon everyone's going to stop laughing, and that'll be because they got incinerated shortly after Ghost started calling in nukes and turned Pandemonium into Ground Zero.

[x] Wake Luize and see if she can help you out.

I'm kind of surprised she didn't wake up from that roar. And I think she might become a liability if we just leave her there.
>> No. 11244

It is called irony
>> No. 11246
[x] Wake Luize and see if she can help you out.
>> No. 11248
[x] Wake Luize and see if she can help you out.
>> No. 11273
Fuck, now that look at it, that update was riddled with more mistakes than a stray dog has worms. But, never the less, I'm taking responsiblity for those mistakes by saying I was careless. Forgive me.

But on another note, the next update is on it's way, this one will be on better task than the last. (I hope)


[x] Wake Luize and see if she can help you out.

You can't leave her here, the Baciel would more than likely destroy her you did that. Then again how the hell could she sleep through that roar anyways? It would seem that Luize is a pretty hard sleeper. But that's besides the point, what matters now is getting you both through this ordeal alive. As the Baciel moves closer your location, you dart back to Luize and quickly shake her to awaken her, you weren't sure of what she was able to do as far as combat was concerned but, perhaps she could help in some way. If she can travel through voids and shit then she was bound to have some kind of power on her. "Luize wake up. We got company!"

Luize opens her eyes and she gazes up to see the distressed look on your face. "What? What's going on?" She says as she rises from her sleeping posture. You turn your head and point a finger to the menacing rifle demon "That." You don't wait for Luize to respond, the Baciel is way too close now and you would be damned if he got his vengeance in these dark woods. You spy faintly that there's a bloody mark on its side, possibly from the impact of that freaky comet back in border space. You were surprised that it actually survived being blindsided by a comet but Rifle Demons were built tough, so maybe it wasn't too farfetched. Luize immediately gets to her feet as the sight of the Baciel crosses her line of sight "What is that, Mr. Ghost?" She says in a curious tone, odd she didn't seem frightened by the monster; perhaps her traveling has yielded her ability to fear different creatures? "I don't think I've seen such a creature before"

"It's a Rifle Demon, Baciel to be exact." You answer simply as you whip out your gun and start unloading on the massive demon, aiming for it's open wound to inflict more damage onto it. Just as you planned this method of attack works like a charm, the Baciel reels in pain as hot let enters it's wound, the monster letting out a blood curdling roar of agony. "They're usually found in the deepest parts of the Netherworld, and I can tell you one thing, Baciels aren't a creature to dick around with" Now visibly pissed off, it's mechanical arm rises from it's side aimed dead on to it's potential victims. You know what's going to happen, and instinctively you run past Luize all the while giving her a signal to follow. Needless to say, she complies and follows suit just seconds before the demon fired off a bright beam of energy that illuminated the forest just as quickly as it was unleashed.

You take cover behind a tree to conceal yourself from the demon, who despite being powerful...can actually be somewhat retarded. There was more than one meaning to the word 'slow' when I mentioned it earlier. "I'm going to need some help with this" You announce as you direct your attention to the only one who you knew could be of some assistance. "I know you're still banged up from that fall but, if we don't do something I'm positive this monster will kill us both." Luize looks from behind the tree to check on the Baciel's movements and then back to you "Very well, I'll see what I can do to help"

"Good." You look over your cover to see the demon was still trying to figure out where you went, it's powerful arms effortlessly uprooting trees and over turning large objects in it's search. Although, its strength was an obvious concern, the fact it still had it's back turned, was a plus side to this situation. If you could attack together with Luize, and hit him hard enough in his weak area, you may be able to some serious damage to it. "We could probably do more damage to it if we strike it together in unison..." You then realize that Luize didn't have any ranged weaponrary on hand, with this now in mind you suddenly feel that you may need to rethink you're plan a bit.

"Alright, we shall strike together then" Luize declared with a nod of agreement to your plan.

"What? You don't have any weapons or anything, how can you-?" Before you can finish this, another beam of energy blasts past you nearly take off your other arm. Look back you see the Baciel now has figured out where you were hiding this entire time. "I'll explain later, but for now we must act!" Luize urged to you. Well, she was right, you don't have time to ask questions; at this point it was time for action not words. Trusting that Luize knew what she was doing, you come out of hiding and confront the awaiting Baciel. Without sparing any time you assault the demon in a rapid succession of bullets from your gun, the shots fired streaming to the beast and nailing him in his injured side and shoulder. Luize follows up quickly behind your attack, giving you some much needed support in your efforts to bring down the Baciel. Luize was now unleashing an array of colored energy bolts that from her finger tips the lot of them varying in size most the size, but all were aimed and hitting the demon the both of you had your sights on. Interesting, it seems she really did have a little something up those short sleeves of hers.

The Baciel begins to falters under the constant bombardment of bullets, and starts to fall to its knees. But this isn't saying it's giving up. Mustering up a little more of it's strength the Baciel fights to it's feet and with a loud roar that seethed of it's frustration, it takes to the air (which is funny, being it's wings are comically small compared to the rest of it's huge body) reeling it's mechanical arm back as it begins to gather Star energy into it. What the Baciel was charging up for was an attack called [Extinction Beam] a powerful skill that, when fully charged, would send a storm of beams down to it's victims and continuously bombard them until the area ignited in an explosion wide enough to level most of this area. You know there's a window of opportunity open wide for you and Luize to attack the airborne demon but the problem was would you have enough time to bring it down before it unleashed the attack?

[] (What's the plan Ghost?)
>> No. 11278
[x] Get as far away as possible 1st. Then, once the blast has subsided, go in for the kill and finish the Baciel off.
>> No. 11285
[x] Get as far away as possible 1st. Then, once the blast has subsided, go in for the kill and finish the Baciel off.
>> No. 11286
[x] Lockdown.

That'll teach you to be semi-mechanical!
>> No. 11293
[x] Lockdown.

Can we do this? Because if we pulled this off right before he unleashed his devastating Super Move then this would be the biggest "Fuck you" we could ever make in this CYOA.
>> No. 11295
Meh, why not. If I remember correctly, a few character classes in Disgaea come with at least 1 passive skill in their moveset when they are 1st created, so this would fit perfectly.
>> No. 11296
[x] Lockdown.

>> No. 11298
[x] Lockdown.

Now we just need to pick up some optical camouflage and we're set.
>> No. 11301
[x] Lockdown.
>> No. 11325
>> No. 11329
[x] Lockdown

You're pretty sure that if the Extinction Beam hits, it'll be pretty much the end of anything within a 5-mile radius. So what're you going to do to halt this coming catastrophe? There is one thing you could do but you don't really know if it will work. You glance to Luize who is naturally bombarding the Baciel with more of those energy bolts of hers, but they don't seem to be doing the job of making the beast halt it's charge for the coming attack. With no other options and time running thin you quickly begin to tamper with your gun taking off certain parts and replacing them with several new ones that were strapped on your person. Luize seeing your quick hand movements questions as to what you're doing. "Mr. Ghost, what is it that you're doing with that contraption?"

"Saving our lives" You reply bluntly as you continue jamming the parts into place. "You might wanna look away for a sec, this is gonna be bright" Still in the dark as to what you meant by this, Luize just takes your word for it and covers her eyes with her hat. You point your newly modified gun to the Baciel above and take aim for it's mechanical arm, if you manage hit it. The circuitry within the arm will temporarily shut down, disarming the Baciel and giving you and Luize a much-needed advantage against it. But this window of opportunity will only remain open for 1 whole minute so in that allotted time you and Luize are going to have to bring out he big guns on this son of a bitch once it's been disabled.


Your gun unleashes a charged bolt of photoelectric energy that strikes the Baciel, but not in the arm like you had planned. As you let your gun down to see how your attack is affecting your victim you see that sparks of electricity are jumping off of its body. It holds it's arm out and looks to be trying to unleash it's Extinction Beam but all that follows is a 'Shhuuuu' sound which you were certain meant that the Baciel's gun was just as useful as plastic fork in a fight with a rhino. It gives its mechanical arm a weird look and thrusts it forward repeatedly trying to unleash it's devastating Special Move. But still the gun refuses to give off anything. Before long, however, it's arm isn't the only thing to be effected by the Lockdown. Eventually, the Baciel loses control of it's motor functions and starts to spasm in mid air before violently returning to the ground with a loud 'THUD', the impact quaking the very ground from the weight of it's massive body. Now was your chance; time to put this demon down to bed.

Luize raises her hat from her eyes to see the Baciel on the ground squirming about making erratic noises with its throat. She looks to you for an explanation as to what had happened "Lockdown. It shuts down a machine for about a minute" You say now returning you gun back to its standard make-up and aiming it for the demons cranium. "You might wanna cover your eyes again" You advise to Luize who, obediently does what you asked of her and brings her hat back in front of her field of vision. Wasting no time, you plug 2 shots in the Baciels head while it attempts to reach for you in what you think is it's last attempt to try and kill you. The demon makes no sound, for it's death is quick and painlessly. It simply lays the forest floor a pool of blood spreading from underneath its head. You look back to Luize who has already taken placed her hat back where it belongs "Sorry I dragged you into that fight like that" You apologize to the traveler but she shakes her head in response.

"It's quite alright, It wouldn't be very polite if I let you do all of the work" Luize replied with a small smile, it would appear that Luize was a tad more concerned with manners than the fact she could have been vaporized in an explosion of cosmic energy. "Should we move to another area to rest or do you wish to keep moving until we reach the capital" Luize asks to you as she turns to face the darkness of the woodlands. "I'm wide awake now so if you choose to move on I will gladly lead the way" Well, you were pretty much awake as well, although you can't say you were asleep for more than 10 minutes what little you did sleep was enough so that you would at least be awake for the trip to the capital. Seeing no harm in moving on from this area you give the traveler a nod and she proceeds forward with you following suit.

Just like earlier the initial journey through these woodlands is quiet and uneventful between the two of you, the only real sound that can be heard in the area is the loud cacophony of the surrounding nocturnal wildlife of Makai. Although as you follow behind the hovering Luize you begin to wonder as to how she is able to even fathom of which direction to go in these woods. You've been in these woods long enough to know that you can't see shit here, in fact you could barely make out Luize who wasn't really that far in front of you to be completely honest. Not being one to let a question simply nag your mind you decide to just go on ahead and ask her.

"Hey Luize" You begin with the traveler glancing over her shoulder letting you know that you have her attention "Are you positive you know where you're going, I mean, this place is pretty dark y'know" Luize simply chuckles to your question all the while still moving along through the imperishable darkness. "I can understand why you're a bit skeptical Mr. Ghost, but do not worry, I know exactly where to go" She says with the utmost confidence in her voice. "I've traveled Makai hundreds maybe thousands of times in my lifetime alone, so I have a vast knowledge of what paths lead where and so on an so forth." Hm, judging by what she was saying, Luize might be a lot older than she appears to be; perhaps she was just as old as some of the demons you met in the Netherworld. But you didn't want to ask Luize her age; after all it's not really a good idea to ask a lady how old she was. Either way though this walk is boring as hell and now that you've given some time to think on the matter you did come up with a few questions to ask Luize...

[ ] Ask you about those energy bolts she was shooting earlier
[ ] Ask her about Makai in general
[ ] Ask her about her travels
[ ] Ask her about something else (Write-in)


I'm not too knowledgeable of Starcraft so I don't know what Lockdown looks like once it's been used. However, I do have enough knowledge to know of it's effects and such. So I apologize if the description of the attack is off in any way.
>> No. 11331
[x] Ask you about those energy bolts she was shooting earlier
[x] Ask her about Makai in general
[x] Ask her about her travels

I like them all.
>> No. 11332
[x] Ask you about those energy bolts she was shooting earlier
[x] Ask her about Makai in general
[x] Ask her about her travels
>> No. 11334
[ ] Ask you about those energy bolts she was shooting earlier
[ ] Ask her about Makai in general
[ ] Ask her about her travels
>> No. 11341
>> No. 11386
>> No. 11412
Huh. That should've been a 'her' instead of a 'you'.

God dammit! Why the fuck do I keep missing these things? Spellcheck should have caught that shit.


x] Ask her about those energy bolts she was shooting earlier
[x] Ask her about Makai in general
[x] Ask her about her travels

The one thing that seemed to be the most interesting to you at the moment was the method of attack Luize utilized a while ago, although you have seen some energy attacks similar to it when you were in the Netherworld, it's still something about it that sets it apart from the attacks you've seen before. "Hey Luize, you mind if I ask you a few questions?" You ask to the traveler. "Of course not, feel free to ask me anything.” Luize answers with a cheerful tone, well since she did seem enthusiastic about it.

"It's about those energy bolts you were shooting off back there" You start off "What exactly is it?"

"Oh, that. It's called Danmaku I believe" Luize replied. It would seem that you were right, there was something more to it, but did it have to have such a weird name? "Danmaka-what?" You stumble with the phrase giving the woman hovering in front of you a dumbfounded look. "Dan.ma.ku." Luize corrected in a slow tone, giving you a chance to understand how it should be pronounced. But, even when she did so, it still had a funny sounding name. "Or you could call it 'Curtain Fire' if the latter is too hard to pronounce"

"Yeah, I think I'll call it that for now" In your honest opinion, 'Curtain Fire' sounded a whole lot better than 'Danmaku'. But, then again this is coming from someone who couldn't really pronounce the word in the first place. "So how’s this Curtain Fire work is it like shooting a gun?"

Luize shakes her head "Not necessarily, Danmaku (or Curtain Fire) uses magic in a sense to work, the main objective of Danmaku is to hit the other opponent before he or she hits you. Simply put, that it utilizes both participants speed and agility rather than their brute strength." Interesting, despite its less than desirable name, this 'Danmaku' sounds a little something like magical dodge ball (could have worded it better than that but, yeah). Although you were more than comfortable with using your gun, having Danmaku at your disposal just in case you were attacked unarmed would prove to be very useful in case such of such an event arises.

"Do you think I could probably use somethin' like that?" You ask to Luize, who pauses for a moment with her finger on her chin as she thought of a decent answer to this question of yours. "Perhaps. Everyone I've known so far can use it so I wouldn't doubt that you could probably learn it as well, if not at a slower pace" Ah, a good answer indeed, not too vague and it instilled hope of you getting your hands on Danmaku related powers. "Anything else you wish to ask me?" Luize asks as she stops for a moment to look around before then moving forward once again "I can answer any questions you might have about Makai"

"That's good, cuz I was just getting ready to ask you about that"

"What do you wish to know?"

"Just the general things about it"

"Very well then, hmmm where to begin..." Luize began as she trailed off trying to form a good way of explaining something as Complex as Makai without confusing you. "Well, Makai is a realm of demons that lies within the Border Space which leads to Gensokyo, which is a world that was apparently sealed off from Earth long ago" Gensokyo? So it would appear that you're not in just Makai but also Gensokyo as well in a technical sense anyways...this whole thing was starting to get very meta-worldly and at a very swift pace too. "Makai itself is ruled over by Shinki who created Makai and everything in it. So everything you see before you, even myself, is a product of her hand."

Ah, you weren't expecting this. While, you did believe that Makai was ruled by some kind of being, you didn't think that such a being would be a Goddess. In fact from her description that Luize gave to you, it fits that of an Overlord perfectly. Perhaps it is a coincidence or something. But as your thinking on this, you hear that Luize isn't quite done with her story so putting your thoughts on Shinki aside you pay a little more attention to what the traveling demoness had to say. "Unfortunately, there was a bit of a conspiracy with a traveling agency long ago, which would result in the near annihilation of Makai..."

"How can a travel agency almost destroy a whole realm?"

"Well, I'm not too knowledgeable on the details, being I was a tourist myself, but if I remember correctly the travel agency were arranging tours to Gensokyo. However, because the influx of us demons entering Gensokyo at such a rate is unusual, it is this very event that aroused the attention of a miko I believe, and 4 other individuals, who then ventured into Makai. In fact I had the pleasure of meeting them on my way through Border Space to Gensokyo, although they were awfully rough..."

"Heh, sounds to me, like they really kicked you ass."

"More than you know" Luize chuckled; it appears she doesn't really have any hard feelings over the matter. "Anyhow, I can't say I know what happens afterward, but from the rumors I've heard, the 4 them eventually made it to Shinki herself and an extraordinarily destructive battle in sued...most of Makai was left in ruins in the aftermath..."

"Do you think it would be rebuilt by now?"

Luize only shrugged "I can't say for certain but, I suppose that it should be near completion. But, when you're in Border Space as much as I am you loose track of time and current events so, I can't really answer that with out taking a wild guess"

"Speaking of Border Space, you travel a lot through there right?"

"That I do, it's one of my favorite ways to travel"

"So, what are some of the places you've been to and stuff like that?"

>> No. 11413
"Ah, if only I had the time to name them all" Luize says with a dreamy sigh "I mostly frequent to the outside of the Gensokyo's border, or Earth as some would call it. Although, I will admit the 'humans' that live there are a rather eccentric lot, but their world houses many wonders one could never find in Gensokyo; The fascinating technology of Japan, the intriguing wildlife of Serengeti, and the breathtaking vistas of the Grand Canyon, it's all so exotic!" You were certain Luize would have some kind of pre-mature orgasm from the way she described her adventures in traveling. "But, I've also seen the dark side of the human race, I've seen them wage many wars on one another and over such trivial things, I've seen them kill their own kind and commit many violent injustices against each other...So although their world is an interesting and wonderful place to travel to the humans themselves aren't very friendly creatures..."

"What about you, Mr. Ghost? Have you traveled to any places?"

"Well, I've wandered about the Netherworld I lived in dozens of times, and I've been to an Alternate Netherworld too. But, I only really went there because I wanted to fight the Overlord who lived there...can't quite recall her name...but I know for sure that she used to be a human or something and 'accidentally' became an Overlord."

"When you say 'Overlord' do you mean someone of royal blood?"

"Yes and No, Overlords are, in reality, just really powerful demons who have the power and influence to control an area as large as a Netherworld, most of the ones I've met so far aren't really descendent from kings or anything, they were just equipped for the job. But, I have met a few who were of royal descent; Namely, a bratty little runt with these weird antennae on his head. In my honest opinion I wouldn't really call them royalty, but I suppose it's all how you look at it, I guess."

"I suppose you have a point" Luize says as she turns around to face the front "Ah we're here, that didn't take very long~" Walking to the side of Luize you see that the woodland area has ended and the both of you were overlooking a large, dark city. The city itself seems to have an 18th century styled infrastructure, and doesn't look to have much technology, as you would expect a normal city in this day and age to have. It looked that about half of the city was asleep while you did spy that very few other buildings had lights on behind has several larger buildings within the area but the one that takes your attention the most is an immense fortress like structure located far beyond the boundaries of the area. You assumed that is where Shinki resided but you couldn't be certain.

Looking further in the distance you notice that the sky has a tinge of light across the horizon, which could only mean that morning was on its way. Well, now that you're here it's time to...Wait, a sec...Now that you think of it, what WERE you going to do now that you've arrived at Makai's capital? You only really wanted to travel here, because it's best to reach civilization in order to heighten your chances of surviving during the night time hours. But seeing as to how the sun was getting ready to rise pretty much threw that goal out the window. Well, maybe you could just wander aimlessly about and think of something.

"So, what do you think, Mr. Ghost?" The voice of Luize asks to you as you snap back to reality from your train of thoughts. "It's a lot bigger than I imagined it to be. Are there other cities like this in Makai" You answer. "I believe there is, somewhere around here, but I haven't been back in Makai in so long I'm not sure as to where they're located" Luize replied as she stretched her arms and yawned a little. Hm, that could be one thing to do, but then that would mean you came all this way and killed a demon for nothing. Maybe Luize would know of what to do in this situation?

[ ] Hit Luize up for suggestions, she's bound to have a few good ones on her.
[ ] Ask Luize if she has a home here, maybe you could stay there for a bit and chillax.
[ ] Part ways with Luize and look for something to do on your own.
[ ] Something else on your mind? (Write-in)
>> No. 11416
[x] Hit Luize up for suggestions, she's bound to have a few good ones on her.

>> No. 11417
[ ] Hit Luize up for suggestions, she's bound to have a few good ones on her.
>> No. 11429
[x] Hit Luize up for suggestions, she's bound to have a few good ones on her.
>> No. 11437
[x] Hit Luize up for suggestions, she's bound to have a few good ones on her.
>> No. 11449
A quick update, I could esily write this in college so I decided to post this now instead of waiting until I got home.


[x] Hit Luize up for suggestions, she's bound to have a few good ones on her.

Well, Luize does know this place a lot better than you so maybe she had some good suggestions as to what there is to do here? "Hey Luize?" You start with the blonde traveler glancing over to you. "Do you have any ideas as to what's to do here?" Luize gives you a shocked expression as she hears you say this "What? You mean you didn't plan any activities beforehand?" She exclaims with you staring blankly at her reaction and simply shaking your head. To be hones you didn't think it was that big a deal to begin with. "One must always make a list of things to do one their trip, Mr. Ghost otherwise the entire trip would have been in vain"

Well, she DID prove a point there...but still it would help if she didn't try to lecture you and simply gave you the suggestions like you asked. But eventually, Luize gets of her soapbox and proceeds to give you the information you wanted. "Any whom, there are several places located in Pandemonium that one would find interesting, for instance; there is an area that houses some of the ruins of the old city of Pandemonium after Shinki's battle." Luize explained as se then pointed to the west, in that direction you can see that there are some old buildings further down, some of them show signs of fire damage while others are completely demolished altogether. "Beyond the ruins are what, I believe, is another forest but within it is some kind of structure that looks like that of a shrine. I haven't been too far into the forest myself, so I can't say for certain as to what's back there exactly..."

Luize then directs your attention to the immense fortress overlooking the capital "You could also try to venture into the fortress, but I wouldn't recommend it being it's heavily guarded by demons and maids who are employed by Shinki as security measures." "And lastly you could just simply explore the city, I'm sure that an outsider like yourself could find a hoard of interesting things to do here." She concludes as she smiles to you before hovering forward and heading into the city itself.

"Where are you heading off to?" You ask

"Oh, I'm going to retire to my home, the journey here has left me awfully tired, until we meet again Mr. Ghost" And with that she curtseys and leaves your presence, leaving you to decide on what you wished to do next...

[ ] Head to the ruins of the old Pandemonium
[ ] Investigate the forest and that shrine
[ ] Venture to the fortress in the distance
[ ] Explore the city

Do you wish for Luize to accompany you?
[ ] Yes, go back and get her.
[ ] No, leave her to her rest.
[ ] Screw those options, follow Luize home instead.
>> No. 11473
[x] Head to the ruins of the old Pandemonium
[x] No, leave her to her rest.

This'll be interesting.
>> No. 11475
[x] Investigate the forest and that shrine
[x] No, leave her to her rest.
>> No. 11486
[x] Head to the ruins of the old Pandemonium
[x] No, leave her to her rest.
>> No. 11487
[x] Head to the ruins of the old Pandemonium
[x] No, leave her to her rest.
>> No. 11490
[x] Head to the ruins of the old Pandemonium
[x] No, leave her to her rest.

>> No. 11567
Had to withhold this for another day due to system failure (i.e I ran out of energy). I tried to make it long enough to compensate for the wait I put you through Anon, please forgive me. Also, Just found a critical fuck up in this update so I deleted and reposted it. Good, thing people pay alot more attention to Patchwork, Sukima and Ex-Nine (which to my understanding has been hijacked of his CYOA).


[x] Head to the ruins of the old Pandemonium.

-[x] No, leave her to her rest.

The ruins of Pandemonium seem like an interesting area to check out, besides you could also hang out there and maybe do a little target practice there as well, you doubt anyone will be there to complain about the noise either. You decide also to let Luize get her fair share of rest, after all you did note that she took alto more punishment then you did upon the re-entry to Makai. Luize herself seemed like an okay demon to be around, albeit a very odd one, what with her manners and all that. Oh well, no use standing around here, you had yourself some ruins to explore so you leave the vicinity of 'New' Pandemonium and begin your venture into it's desolate variant.

The initial journey to the old Pandemonium is generally as uneventful as the venture to the new one, although you do take the time to notice just how large new Pandemonium, as you now call it 'Pandemonium - 2', really is, being said city stays in peripheral sight for quite a while. Although, during your journey you nearly get blind sided by a swarm of bats who seemed to be heading into the same area you were, although most of the winged creatures looked like normal bats there was one that seemed a bit larger than the rest, and was tinged in a dark purple color while the others were the normal black or brown. You weren't really certain as to if Bats follow an 'alpha-bat' like that of some herding species but if that was to be the case, then this grouping would be nothing special.

Eventually, after your mind was generally stuck on the whole bat fiasco, you come to notice that 'Pandemonium - 2' no longer shows that it's that of a newly constructed city. Instead, it looks more dead and basically deserted, the sight of old collapsed structures and demolished street block become a common sight in this area. Knowing that 'Pandemonium - 2' didn't get like this in under 10 minutes, you already confirm this decaying city to be it's predecessor, or what you liked to call 'Pandemonium - 1'. The area is just as dead as you would expect, most of the buildings here seemed to have suffered more fire damage than they did anything else, a lack of repair, possibly brought on by the advent of Pandemonium - 2's construction, could have led to the lot of them collapsing.

Nature was also seemed to be reclaiming this area as well, being there was some vegetation growing down below, most however, weren't of large size like the trees in the forest behind you. As Luize told to you earlier there was indeed another forest beyond Pandemonium - 1's limits, you were curious as to what was really in there so perhaps you'd go exploring in there if this area proved to be boring.

Making you way down the incline surrounding the ruined city, you enter the ruins and begin your exploration. The ruins themselves are, to your disappointment, nothing out of the ordinary, at least as far as destroyed cities go. Occasionally you would venture into a building or two and mess around with your gun, but eventually that gets boring and useless, so you move on to other areas. However, when you entered what looked to be an old house, you noticed something a little more different about it's interior, sure it was still a decrpit old house but venturing upstairs you spied what looked to be futons (a total of 3) laying about. This could mean that 'Pandemonium - 1 isn't completely abandoned, and is possibly inhabitated by low income residents. Not wanting to feel like some kind of burgular you decide to exit and leave things as they were.

Continuing on from your previous destination you soon arrive in what you believe to be the 'town square' of Pandemonium - 1, in the center of the area is a large statue of a woman with long flowing hair, wearing what appears to be robes and has six unusual wings sprouting out from her body. You weren't really sure as to who this is, but you're certain she was some one important to the people. Seeing nothing to interesting around, save for the statue, you opt to move on elsewhere. But, as you about to do so, you see something move in the corner of your eye. Immediately, you turn around to see what exactly was moving behind your back, but you don't really see anything except the usual surroundings in the area. It could have been some matter of small animal, like a cat, or something. But, being you discovered that there were still some demons living in the ruins of Pandemonium - 1, you now feel that this area may not be as dead (or harmless) as you 1st precieved...

[ ] Go looking for what aroused your attention.
[ ] Ignore it and explore Pandemonium - 1 some more.
[ ] Time to go to that forest now.
[ ] Something else on your mind? (Write-in)
>> No. 11602
[X] Something else on your mind? (Write-in)
- [X] Pay your respects to the statue (bow, salute, etc), then

[X] Go looking for what aroused your attention.

Perhaps someone sees us being a nice guy in front of Shinki's statue and reports it to her. And for a demon to be halfway nice to stronger and higher demons is not that unusual, if only to not incur someone's wrath.
>> No. 11605
[X] Something else on your mind? (Write-in)
- [X] Pay your respects to the statue (bow, salute, etc), then

[X] Go looking for what aroused your attention.
>> No. 11648
[x] Something else on your mind? (Write-in)
- [x] Pay your respects to the statue (bow, salute, etc), then

[x] Go looking for what aroused your attention.
>> No. 11677
Once again, thank goodness for un-popularity...I can see why too since failure is my constant companion in this type of thing...

[X] Something else on your mind? (Write-in)
- [X] Pay your respects to the statue (bow, salute, etc), then

[X] Go looking for what aroused your attention.

Although you feel that someone could be keeping tabs on your position, this statue overlooking the area seems to catch your attention, you can't really say why, but the presence of it tells you that whoever this was dedicated to deserves some respect for whatever deed they have done. You don't have any material things to offer so you pay your respects with a salute; You straighten your body and bring your right hand, held flat, to your right eyebrow and hold for a couple of minutes before standing at ease.

Now, that you've done that, it's time to begin your search for whatever it was that was in the area. But just as you turn to leave the area, catch sight of a woman making her way into the area. What you notice 1st about her is the large set of wings that protrude from her back, which were as big as she is tall. Next was her long blonde hair, which was topped by a red bow, a typical accessory for a female. Another typical trait of a female is a dress, which this person seemed to be wearing as well, to be exact it was a bright red dress to match her bow, only near the bottom were these odd purple markings. Lastly, she dons a white shirt beneath a blue vest and carries a wand topped with a star. Her pointed ears are proof to you that she was some matter of demon as well.

At first, she doesn't seem to see you, but as she comes up a little further her purple eyes meet with yours "Ah, you're still here I see" she says which only proves to your assumptions that she was indeed the one who was apparently following you.

"So, were you the one following me this whole time?" You ask to this winged lass who stops in mid walk and blinks at your comment. But, strangely, she doesn't respond in a way to show offense rather, it's that of an innocent smile, even though you were (technically) accusing her of being a stalker. "Do I look like the type who stalks another?" She replies in an equally innocent tone. Was she trying to be smart mouthed with you? Well, if she was playing it like that, then you decide to do the same.

"If you act the part, then I'd say you would." You say, crossing your arms over your chest and giving her a stern look to show that you're not playing around.

The devil's expression then drops to that of a frown "Fine...you're no fun..." She must really enjoy messing with others, but that should probably be natural, being some devils (more than likely, Succubi which she seemed to be to your knowledge) are known to be generally mischievous while others...well, not so much. To be honest you were a little grateful that it was the former and not the latter. "I came here as per Shinki's orders to check on old Pandemonium and see how its residents were doing." She explains "Besides that I plan to visit a friend of mine, but otherwise I'm just your average Innocent Devil out on a few errands, that's all." Innocent Devil? Since when did devils become innocent, yeah sure there were some rare instances of benevolent demons (Luize included) but you know for a fact that none are innocent, hell even Celestials aren't completely innocent.

"Sorry if I come off sounding like a prick, but..." You pause for a moment "I can't see a devil as being innocent"

The woman in question however, doesn't seem to be offended by this in any real way, perhaps she gets that response a lot, you weren't sure, but it's likely. "Meh, it's okay, not everyone believes in benevolent demons." She says with a shrug "I guess we're all judged solely by our reputation of being evil."

That makes since, demons were always being labeled as the villains in just about anything these days...well you take that back, ever since a recent stream of RPG games that featured anti-hero like characters you couldn't say that everyone was looking at demons as bad. But still what could Shinki want with this run down district? Sure she could be checking on it because well, she was responsible for it but you couldn't help but wonder if there was something more to it. "Hey, uh, you said that you were sent here by Shinki right?"

"That I was, are you a servant of hers?"

"Well, no I'm just curious as to what she wants with a place like this"

"Oh-ho~ Now, why would a vagrant like yourself want to know about Shinki's affairs?" The devil says with a sly grin "Are you some matter of resistance group out to usurp her of her throne?" It was obvious this woman was trying to catch you doing something you weren't supposed to be doing. Luckily, you were completely innocent here.

"I'm just looking around is all, exploring if you will" You answer as you then turn your attention to the statue beside you "I just happened to stop by here for a while and decided to pay my respects to this statue here" You look back to the woman who seems to be pleased with your answer, giving you a slight nod as if saying 'good answer'.

"I see, well if you MUST know, This area is home to some demons who could not afford the living cost of the new capital and therefore remained here, although many of them held jobs in the new capital which made others believe that they were living with the city in question. After Shinki got wind of these low income residents she has since been planning to rebuild the parts of old Pandemonium that house the demons and then annexing it to the new capital. I myself, along with various other demons who work for her, have been assigned the annual task of gathering a general census of the area to check for any new arrivals or if any have recently died." The devil explains as she turns her back to you and starts walking away "If that clears things up for you, then I'll be on my way now, Tah~" And with that she takes to the air using her impressive wings to lift her off the ground and heads off toward the forest in the distance. What a weird woman, although you've met some nutcases in the netherworld you don't think you've met a demoness with a personality quite like hers before. Well, with her gone the area falls back into it's state of silence, the morning sun is just peeking across the buildings so you basically had all day to do, well this. However, a quick growl from your stomach gives an idea of what you should be doing next. Now that you realize it, you haven't had a real meal ever since you crash-landed into Makai yesterday night. You begin to think that you should have went with Luize and crashed with her, at least then you would've had something to munch on when you got hungry...

[ ] It's time to Rough it. Let's go Kill something in the wilderness and eat it.
[ ] See if you can follow that devil to where ever it is that she's going. She might be going to her friends house.
[ ] Head back to Pandemonium - 2 and see if you can find Luize's house.
[ ] Well...you're not THAT hungry...
[ ] Gotta better plan? (Write-in)



But, Hey at least an obscure character appears. The main upside to writing PC-98 characters is that there's so little information on them you can do what you will with them, without having the worry of fucking up their character. I think I nailed what Elis would act like fairly well, being with what little I've seen of her, I've always pictured her as being the mischievous or playful type. (Now, I know I will be the only one who thinks this so...inb4"No Vangogh you wrong!"). Any who Vote away, and forgive me for taking so long with such an update...writing can be taxing when you're a dry well of ideas...
>> No. 11693
[x] Head back to Pandemonium - 2 and see if you can find Luize's house.

It's moochin' time!
>> No. 11710
[ ] Head back to Pandemonium - 2 and see if you can find Luize's house.

This sounds pretty logical
>> No. 11719
[x] Head back to Pandemonium - 2 and see if you can find Luize's house.
>> No. 11875
Update tomorrow.
>> No. 11924

No offence man, but it has been a while, are you having trouble?
>> No. 11939
None taken.

And if by 'Trouble' you mean projects and presentations then, yes. I usually have a balanced schedule for CYOA Writing AND college, but this current assignment has proved to require more of my attention than I first realized. The update itself is finished, I just haven't had the time to get it in is all.

Sage so is not to let this push the other stories down.
>> No. 11957
[x] Head back to Pandemonium - 2 and see if you can find Luize's house.

You would follow that devil but, knowing her, she would more than likely make you look like an ass for doing so and you really weren't in the mood for such antics at the moment. So, where do you go now? Well, perhaps you could head on back to Pandemonium - 2 and try to find out where Luize's residence was located. She's a polite gentle lady so she would surely let you in for a little breakfast. Yeah, sure you would be mooching in a technical sense but only because you have no other place to live at the moment. And besides eating out of garbage cans isn't really recommended nor is it your way of getting a good meal...

As you're about to walk back from whence you came, you remember that the two cities weren't divided by anything, which meant those who lived in Pandemonium - 1 could easily travel to Pandemonium - 2 without too much hassle. Not wanting to go the long way, you cut out the middleman and decide to venture through a few alleys leading westward of the town square. Going that route, you should eventually arrive at Pandemonium - 2 via, back alley. Unlike the 1st voyage from between the 2 capitals you now have a little something to think about now on your way to Luize's house. One thing in particular, is WHOM exactly did Shinki face off against that caused the widespread destruction of Pandemonium - 1. Luize claimed there was a miko (which to your knowledge was a type of woman who watches over a shrine, or a Shrine Maiden) and 3 other individuals who came into Makai. Pandemonium - 1 was certainly just about the same size as it's newer variant so whoever these folks were, they had to be pretty damn powerful to wreck Makai the way they did, let alone survive against a goddess such as Shinki.

Another thing that rises your attention is the fact that Makai's security is rather lax, if anything else Makai should probably be on some type of 'lockdown' for the simple fact that since Shinki lost that battle long ago, whomever she faced off against would probably return and maybe attempt to over throw her seeing as to how they had the power to do so upon their first encounter. If you (somehow) manage to meet Shinki herself, perhaps you could ask her on the matter.

With your thoughts on that matter pretty much exhausted for now, you bring your attention back to your voyage, by this time, you seem to be in an alley between two rather tall abandoned buildings, looking ahead you see some other demons coming from other directions and heading through collapsed wall. More than likely, those must be the demons that held jobs in Pandemonium - 2 the devil told you of earlier on, you were expecting a few more to be honest but perhaps only a few could get jobs with the state they're in.

Passing the boarder from ruination to that of a newly rebuilt metropolis. Now it was time for the hard part...actually finding Luize's residence which is somewhere in this vast demonic metropolis. You start with some rational deduction 1st...Which doesn't help much being in this situation it requires you to have seen the exact directions Luize went in to pinpoint her location, and all you remember seeing is her going straight ahead before you left the scene. You could try asking around; perhaps Luize is a well-known demon in Makai.

To start this possibly endless interrogation (or tribunal which ever word sounds cooler), you start by asking the demons from Pandemonium - 1 as they pass you on by, unfortunately they don't even know who Luize is and the few that do, have no real idea as to where she actually lives. Okay that was an intelligence failure of massive proportions, time to go about this in a different manner, asking the folks in Pandemonium - 2, as you look around you begin to notice that even with that option finding the right demon who knew of Luize was slim simply because there were so many, and most were flying...how the hell could you ask somebody something if they 15 fuckin' feet in the air. But, there are a small handful of demons that are still walking, so why not start with them.

After what seems like 3 hours (when in reality it's only been 45 minutes), you come to sit on the side of a building your strength starting to drain from your still growing hunger. This wasn't working and you knew it wasn't but it was the best thing you could come up with besides wandering the city aimlessly which is just as bad as your current method, if not, even worse. As you sat on the street corner to try and muster up some reserve of strength to continue, you find that there's a shadow casted over you. Craning your head, you come to see a golden haired maid standing before you, her golden colored eyes staring down to your position in both curiosity and, what looks to be, pity. "It's rare to find demons down on their luck here, but I see that you are, so have this" She says as she offers you a coin, to which you decline. "Hold on, I'm not a homeless guy-" You freeze for a moment, as you forget that technically you were in fact homeless, at least here in Makai you were. "Well...maybe I should take that back...but seriously, I'm just looking for someone that's all" The maiden raises an eyebrow "Oh? Who is it you're looking for?"

"Well, she's a demon by the name of Luize, has blonde hair, and wears a white dress, has a white hat with a purple bow on it. You know where I can find her?" The maid sits by for a moment to think, placing her fingers on her chin as she contemplates the location of Luize. "Luize, you say? Yes, I believe I do know where she lives..."The maid responds before pointing further into the city, possibly referring to the woodland area "Luize lives in a cottage on the edge of Pandemonium, just near Shinki's Fortress, it shouldn't be hard to miss being it's the only cottage whose roof is painted purple...an odd choice in color but, that's Luize's taste I suppose"

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity without food you'll finally be able to nourish yourself with some breakfast. "Thanks, you have no idea how hard it was to find that out" You say in a gracious tone, which is strange for a demon like yourself.

The maid simply nods and continues on her errand. You had to admit, despite her being rather beautiful she had enough of a personality to make a lampshade jealous. Oh well, her personality isn't really that important to you, what's important is getting some food down that gullet of yours and seeing as to how far you have to go it's best to get moving right now before you pass out.

>> No. 11969
The long journey to Luize's home, while somewhat boring, is accompanied by a fair amount of sightseeing as well. You can't really say that you're the tourist type, you do find the way Pandemonium - 2 looked interesting to say the least; It's look and feel made it seem like it was stuck in the 18th century, however there were a few traces of modernization around the city, but in sparse numbers and sporadic locations. And you still couldn't get over the fact that most of the residents were flying to where they wanted to go, come to think of it, how DO you fly like that? Is it some form of magic? Or is it something latent in all residents of Makai? Maybe, Luize knew the answers to this, after all she is a resident of Makai (albeit a well-traveled one), and it would appear that wouldn't have to wait long, for you now have left the urban area of the city and have now arrived in a more quite and rural area, having more grass and trees then pavement and buildings. There are a few more cottages located here as well. Looking beyond the countryside you see another forest and then the fortress where Shinki lives is just ahead of that.

Another loud growl from your stomach awakens you from your sightseeing and you proceed to finally find Luizes residence. You pass by a set of houses narrowing them down by the description that maid gave to you earlier, and soon come across the cottage in question, and just as she said it looks rather odd compared to the others being it's really the only cottage with a colored roof...weird. You walk up to the front door and gentely knock on it's exterior and await for an answer. It takes a few moments but eventually you hear the sound of a woman's voice "Yes, who is it?" You know that accent, the refined tone of a gentlelady. No doubt about it, this is Luize. Now was the time to ask her for some grub without sounding like a moocher...which is hard in a sense. "It's me, Ghost" You announce to her as the door opens to reveal the demoness in a bit of a different attire than usual, sporting a mauve colored jumper dress, and a white sweater like shirt beneath it. Her hat is also abscent now, looking past you can see it hanging on a coat rack a little further inside. "Oh, Mr. Ghost, what a pleasent surprise~" Luize chimed in a cheerful voice and a warm smile "Finished with your travels already, I presume?"

"Yeah, been to the ruins for a little while decided to come back into the city for a bit" You reply with your stomach giving it's response as well.

"Oh I see you've grown hungry during your voyage" Luize chuckled giving you a friendly smile.

"Yeah, If it's not too much trouble could I..."

"Say no more, I have enough for two so I'll be happy to share" Luize says as she steps aside you let you into her abode. Luize's home has that same charm as say what a grandmother's house would have; while not overly exciting or eye catching, but is enough to make you feel comfortable and 'at home', despite it not being your place of residence. It's also well cleaned, and organized, just as you would have thought from a woman like herself. There are various trinkets and souvieners from her many travels placed about on nightstands and such There's also a lack of photos but what little there were they seemed to picture either some of the places Luize has been to, or Luize with some other demons, possibly acquantinces, in one particular photo you see Luize with a woman who looks exactly like that statue you saw back in Pandemonium - 1, which could mean Luize may be someone of importance to Makai as well (which you doubted being not to many knew of her when you asked around). Looking over from your exploring of her home, you see Luize gesturing you to follow her into the kitchen for breakfast, which you swiftly comply to.

The breakfast itself is a pretty nice spread for one person, having about 2 omlets, a basket of freshly baked crossiants, toast and a pot of piping hot coffee to start the day. The aroma alone is enough to make you want to abandon your manners and just ravenously tear into the feast. "You...were going to eat all of this?" You ask to Luize who laughs nervously at your comment "Well, I usually don't eat alot, but I tend to fix a little more than usual just incase I wake up hungrier than usual or if I may have a guest coming over" She then continues into the kitchen and takes her seat near the far end of the table "Come sit, and I hope you enjoy, Mr. Ghost" Oh you will, you will indeed.


Hot damn that was good! You never thought that Luize was this good a cook...or maybe it was because you were near starving and therefore would eat just about anything. Whatever the case maybe, the breakfast is just what you needed to get your system back on track. "Did you enjoy your breakfast, Mr. Ghost?" Luize asks to you while she cleans her mouth daintly with her napkin.

"Darn right, best breakfast I've had in a while now"

"I'm glad you think so" Luize chuckled as she rose to put her dishes into the sink and even went so far as to put yours in the sink as well.

"Nonsense, you are a guest in my home, and as your hostess I must make sure you're comfortable" She really seemed set on this, oh well, you can't argue with kicking your feet up for a little R&R now and then, fact is you needed it after the rather jarring experience of getting here. But still, you were a little curious as to what Luize was going to do all day and decide it couldn't hurt to ask her on the matter.

"So, Luize, what're you going to do now? Plan on traveling anytime soon?"

"Not until later, for right now I'm going to rest here for a little while longer." Luize answers as she starts to wash the dishes in the sink, the aroma of scented dish detergent starting to fill the kitchen. Hmm, it's got a grape scent to it~ "Afterwards, however, I do plan on visiting Miss Shinki, it's been ages since we last spoke" She sighs and turns to you "And you?"

"Well I dunno really, I might go back to the ruins and explore a little more..." You answer with a shrug. "I see, well you are welcome to stay here if you wish" Luize comments before she redirects her attention to the dishes and begins to hum a soft tune to keep herself occupied while she cleans them.

[ ] Say your goodbyes and depart. DINE and DASH!
[ ] Stay put and keep Luize company. It's the least you could do really...
[ ] Something else on your mind? (Write-in)
>> No. 11970
[ ] Stay put and keep Luize company. It's the least you could do really...
>> No. 11979
[X] Stay put and keep Luize company. It's the least you could do really...
[X] "You know Shinki personally? Interesting, since it took me a while to find out where you live seeing as no one I asked knew you. Only a strange blonde maid mistaking me for a homeless or something was able to tell me where I could find you."

Directing the conversation towards Shinki and Yumemi.
>> No. 11981
[x] Stay put and keep Luize company. It's the least you could do really...
[x] "You know Shinki personally? Interesting, since it took me a while to find out where you live seeing as no one I asked knew you. Only a strange blonde maid mistaking me for a homeless or something was able to tell me where I could find you."
>> No. 12009
[X] Stay put and keep Luize company. It's the least you could do really...
[X] "You know Shinki personally? Interesting, since it took me a while to find out where you live seeing as no one I asked knew you. Only a strange blonde maid mistaking me for a homeless or something was able to tell me where I could find you."

Ridin' the Bandwagon~
>> No. 12162
[X] Stay put and keep Luize company. It's the least you could do really...
[X] "You know Shinki personally? Interesting, since it took me a while to find out where you live seeing as no one I asked knew you. Only a strange blonde maid mistaking me for a homeless or something was able to tell me where I could find you."

hey, Blazing Vangogh I take it that school (if it is) and your other CYOA's are taking up your mind at the moment, sorry to be impatient but i enjoy this one very greatly (plus a few others admittedly) but this is one of my faves
>> No. 12221
[x] Stay put and keep Luize company. It's the least you could do really...
[x] "You know Shinki personally? Interesting, since it took me a while to find out where you live seeing as no one I asked knew you. Only a strange blonde maid mistaking me for a homeless or something was able to tell me where I could find you."

What can you say, despite only being in here for about 20 and some odd minutes, Luize's abode is a nice place to kick back and relax, and besides leaving now would seem a little rude and you don't want to offend what would probably be the only demon kind enough to let you eat in their house for free. Most, if not all, of the demons you've known would rather stick a Vouge through your eye rather than do the latter, so it's common curtosy to stick around for a bit and hang out with Luize for a bit.

The first thing that comes to your mind is the fact that she was going to Shinki's place later, you remember a while ago that the fortress in which Shinki resided in was gaurded by demons, so it would seem that Luize was aquaintance of Shinki "You know Shinki personally? Interesting, since it took me a while to find out where you live seeing as no one I asked knew you. Only a strange blonde maid mistaking me for a homeless or something was able to tell me where I could find you."

"Ah, yes, that's usually due to me being a rarity in the city itself, because I'm often away, but when I do return to Makai I usually head straight home or to Shinki's abode" Luize answers "Shinki and I have know each for quite some time or at least as long as I can remember anyways, I am in actuallity one of her subjects but I chose to live outside her residence and on my own." Luize glances out of the window overlooking the sink, taking in the countryside view before sighing a little. Did she enjoy the scenery this area had to offer? If so, then that could point to a possible reason as to why she chose to live away from Shinki's home.

"I get what ya mean, you'd rather live out here on your own, and enjoy the country side, right?" Luize nods and places the dis she was holding in the dripbowl before moving on to the last one. "But anyways, what about that blonde maid I mentioned? She seemed to know where you lived, so I'm guessing she's an acquantince of yours too?"

"Ah, you mean Yumeko, she too is an acquantince of mine, though she isn't as close as Shinki is" Luize replied now draining the water in the sink and drying her hands with a small towel. "Yumeko herself, one of Shinki's many maids that reside in her home, although Yumeko is the 'Head Maid' of the manor, something a bit like that of a commander to the lesser maids, if you will." A commander now? That's pretty interesting you didn't think maids had ranks similar to the military. But, it is common knowledge that in a residense as large as Shinki's that employs possibly hundreds of maids, one of them had to be a leader to all of them. As you ponder on the ranks of maids and such in Makai, you glance over to see that Luize had put on gloves and a green apron.

"Well, I'm off to my garden to do a little work, if you wish to take a shower to freshen up the bathrooms down the hall to right" Luize directs your attention to the hallway that converged with the living room and stretched to the back of the house, along it's walls there were 3 other doors, two of which are on the right side of the hall (one of them would be the restroom) while the last is on the left. After this Luize leaves you to your decision of what to do as she has now left out through the back door to begin her gardening.

[ ] Taking a shower does sound like a good idea...you kinda smell...
[ ] Look around the house for a bit.
[ ] Take a much needed powernap.
[ ] Go outside with Luize.
[ ] Wanna do something else?(Write-in)


Forgive me if this seems subpar, but I haven't been feeling like myself recently and I also didn't want to leave this alone for too long either. Hopefully, I can pull out of this slump and get my motivation back in time for the next update.
>> No. 12241
[ ] Taking a shower does sound like a good idea...you kinda smell...
>> No. 12242
[x] Taking a shower does sound like a good idea...you kinda smell...

Can't be stealthy when you smell like funk.
>> No. 12245
[x] Taking a shower does sound like a good idea...you kinda smell...
>> No. 12280
[X] Taking a shower does sound like a good idea...you kinda smell...

Even Demons must obey the rules of hygiene
>> No. 12389
[x] Taking a shower does sound like a good idea...you kinda smell...

You pick up on what Luize really meant by her words prior to her exit, what she truly meant to say was 'You smell, go bathe' which doesn't sound like a bad idea now that you put your mind on it. Running around in the woods combined with roaming about in the ruins of a demolished city can really make a demon work up a good ol' sweat, and not being one to put off a lady by just your man musk alone, you decide to take her up on those words and follow the simple directions she had given you earlier. Leaving the kitchen area and heading back into the living room you look to your left and see the hallway she spoke of earlier, as well as the 3 doors. Now which one led to the bathroom?

Walking down the hallway you check the 1st door, which was to your right, and find that while it wasn't the room you were looking for it is however a guest bedroom. Moving on to the 2nd door brings you to the bathroom, which could only mean that the last door was obviously Luize's bedroom. Hmm, one can only wonder what souvenirs she has tucked away in her room, but exploring will have to wait until you get that shower so you put that on your to do list and slip into the bathroom to come clean.

Usually one doesn't give much attention to how a bathroom is presented because well, let's face it, bathrooms are not usually a place one would spend TOO much of their time lingering around in. However, in Luize's case it would seem that she made certain that even her bathroom reflected her polite nature; the bathroom keeps to the theme of the house having a lavender shower curtain, rug(s) and a decorative trinkets on the sink. There are even lavender flowers set on the back of the toilet. Odd...but Luize is a pretty odd demoness now that you realize it. But, enough of that, it’s time to get clean. You look back and spy the linen closet to your left, just a few steps from the bathtub/shower. Opening the closet you take one of the large white towels and a cloth of equal color to clean yourself with, you notice also that there are robes located near the top of the closet as well. After retrieving your needed essentials for your shower you pull the shower curtain back with your free hand and adjust the faucet so that the water will be set to a comfortable temperature (at least you hope it came out that way). Placing your hand beneath the running water you test it and find that the water's cold, but after a few moments of running, it quickly warms up to a comfortable temperature.

As the warmth of the water began to fill the room you get undressed placing your gun and other accessories on the sink while dropping your clothing and such to the floor. Stepping into the shower your body is met with the immediate heat of the water that had been running for a while, it scolds you at first but you quickly get used to it's heat and begin washing yourself off, taking the bar of soap (which had a rather pleasant scent to it) and lathering it underneath the warm water, creating a nice foam for you to run on your body. As you clean yourself off, you find that you really don't too much to think about at the moment, at least not until you see more of Makai and it's people, Although it is a surprise that Luize knew of Shinki on such personal terms. Wait, if she knew of Shinki why didn't she tell you back when the both of you were venturing through those woodlands? Well, that could partly be due to you not asking, but still, if you knew a Goddess on such terms as Luize then wouldn't you tell others about such a relationship? Oh well, Luize probably forgot to mention it, and even if she didn't she probably has her reasons for not telling you, after all, in a technical sense you're an invader since you came her without the consent of Shinki to begin with.

After a while of being under the soothing warmth of the shower, you feel you've washed off everything thoroughly, and generally, gotten yourself decently cleansed of the grime and dirt of 2 days past, you grab the towel laying to the side of the shower and begin drying yourself off. Drying yourself doesn't take long and you're soon out of the shower, with the towel wrapped around your waist, and the refreshing smell of cleanliness radiating from your body. You glance down at your clothes and remember that you didn't have any spare ones with you. Hell, your only spare set of clothes was across border space and in another dimension, so just going out to get them is (obviously) out of the question. However there is another option; You could simply wash your old clothes and dry them yourself at least until you found some extra clothes to traipse around in, you had the means to carry through on this so why not?

[ ] Wash and Dry your clothes by hand.
[ ] Ask Luize if she would wash them for you.
[ ] Put'em back on without washing, what's the harm in that?
[ ] Something else? (Write-in)
>> No. 12398
[x] Wash and Dry your clothes by hand.
>> No. 12399
[X] Wash and Dry your clothes by hand.

Let's be polite
>> No. 12400
[X] Wash and Dry your clothes by hand.

we should be polite
>> No. 12401

disregard the repost, sorry
>> No. 12506
[x] Wash and Dry your clothes by hand.
>> No. 12597
[x] Wash and Dry your clothes by hand.

It's only polite to wash and dry your own clothes by hand, besides you doubt Luize would want to be bothered with your dirty clothes anyways. Luize's influence was really rubbing off on you; a demon such as yourself would usually pawn your dirty laundry on someone else (more than likely a Prinny) and let them sweat the small stuff. But, here you were preparing to do the right thing and wash your own laundry. Now, do you owe Luize thanks for this sudden change in your nature? Who knows so long as you still retained SOME of your demon nature you were fine with what comes Okay, first thing's first, you need some detergent of some kind water's not much of an issue.

Your first choice is to look in the Lenin closet and see if Luize has any stashed away in there, you weren't sure if that's were it was but you also doubt that Luize actually had a washing machine here. While it could be possible she's seen one but you doubt she had the strength to carry it all the way to Makai, even if she is a demon. Opening the linen closet once again you look toward the floor area to spy a couple of small bottles of what appear to be laundry detergent. Ah, these must be it here, now to get down to business with cleaning your clothes; you drop your clothing in the bathtub and run water into the tub. As the water fills the tub you use the time to look at what kind of detergent you're going to be dealing with. By the looks of it, this seems to be the liquid kind variant, so you just pour a little into the water.

The detergent has a nice scent to it, just like the soap does, this was probably used to make the clothing smell better once they dried off, you just hoped the smell wasn't enough to make you seem like a pansy to others. Being clean is one thing, being considered effeminate is another. With the detergent in the water you go about the cleaning deed by sloshing the clothing about in the water so is to let them lather in the detergent. It is rather odd though for a demon, let alone a male one at that, to be washing clothes by hand. You've always been told that it was a ladies job to do these sort of things, and besides most demons you've known in the past probably didn't wash their clothes to begin with, which was probably why a good number of demons stank as well.

After about 10 minutes of sloshing the clothing in the water, they've taken on a more soapy appearance just as nature would ensue. You let the water out of the tub and proceed to rinse each of your clothes off so is to clean them of the soap they've accumulated during the washing, this takes a fair amount of time and work despite how easy as it sounds. But, be it hard work or not, the procedure ends just as it began and you hang them over the shower curtain let the air dry them off, they'll be wrinkled as hell, but they'll be dry none the less. With that out of the way you grab a robe from the closet and cover yourself in it's comfortable embrace of soft fabric just until your clothes are ready, you're certain Luize won't mind you borrowing this for now. After all it's better than just running around her house in the nude, now isn't it?

Well, now that you've taken care of that issue, so you head out of the bathroom and see Luize just entering the living room, when she turns her head to face you she gasps and immediately looks away a pink blush on her cheeks. "P-pardon me, I didn't know you were taking a shower" She says swiftly in an embarrassed tone of voice. "It's alright, I probably should have let you know before hand, but you were already gone when I noticed" You reply to which Luize nods but doesn't turn her head to face you still.

"I'm wearing a robe y'know, it's not like I'm naked or anything" You state as a means to reassure her, which was true sure it did come as a bit of a surprise but it's nothing to be embarassed about. Luize doesn't move for a couple moments, but eventually she slowly turns around to to give you eye contact, though she's still looks to be a little bashful.

"I-I'm aware of that...it's just that I'm not used to having male company...well, not like this, mind you..." You glances over to your robed body and then looks away, he face taking on a deeper shade of red.

"Oh I get wher you're coming from, you've never had a guy over your house before, is that it?"

"For the most part...Gensokyo doesn't really have the highest male population around. Makai does seem to be a little different from Gensokyo; having sparse number of male demons that live here in various locations but it's only a very small amount, I'm afraid." Luize explained, which did sound a little strange, but wasn't impossible. You've heard various rumors about places out there that share a similar dilemma like this. "Any whom, I-I'll be in my room for the moment, please make yourself comfortable" She says as she trots past you, taking the time to hold her dainty hands over her face so is to not see you, even though there was really nothing to see. However, being she's covered her face she doesn't see the end of the hallway and runs into the wall with a low 'BUMP' before retreating into her bedroom on the left.

Well that was odd, but with that slightly awkward moment aside you're free to do whatever once again, at least until your clothes dry off.

[ ] Take a nap.
[ ] Go find something else to snack on.
[ ] Go have a look at Luize's collection of souvenirs.
[ ] Take your gun apart and see how fast you can put it back together.
[ ] Talk with Luize some more.
[] Something else? (Write-in)


You can blame NDS Emulators and college for delaying this, but update none the less. There's not much happening now, but as this downtime subsides, things will begin to pick up speed a little more.
>> No. 12599
[x] Go have a look at Luize's collection of souvenirs.

I wonder where all she's been.
>> No. 12604
[!/] Go have a look at Luize's collection of souvenirs.
>> No. 12622
[x] Go have a look at Luize's collection of souvenirs.
>> No. 12623
[x] Go have a look at Luize's collection of souvenirs.
>> No. 12788
>> No. 12825
I'm comin', doing some history homework for now, update in a little while.
>> No. 12845
[x] Go have a look at Luize's collection of souvenirs.

You're a little curious as to what kinds of things Luize has brought back with her to Makai during her many travels through Border Space and what better way to find out then by looking at her collection of various souvenirs and trinkets. They were located in the living room area last you checked, so you head in there to find that your memory serves you correct. Rounding the corner to the hallway in the living room you see several items of interest placed about on nightstands and such.

You start with the nightstand closet to you, located by the couch. There are several things on display here, 3 in total the other items are just 2 photos, which you've seen already to begin with. The first item that catches your attention is what seems to be a large coin at first glance, being it’s encrusted with a golden finish. However, in its center is a large red lightning bolt. You pick it up and turn it on it's side to see that there's nothing on the back save for a pin that was more than likely used to pierce fabric so is to hold this item in place. Seeing this gives rise to the fact that this maybe something that can be worn, a badge of some kind perhaps?

Another looks to be a snow globe of although there isn't really any snow per se, instead there's a miniature replica of a large red bridge stretching across a body of water leading into a city. At the base of the object there are bolded letters that form the phrase 'San Francisco'. Huh, you've never really heard of such a place before, at least not from the Netherworld, this 'San Francisco was more likely located in the human world.

The third is something that actually looks familiar to you (at least by word standards); it's a small silver bust of a woman, with her arms held over her chest as if she were praying to something. This bust was in fact a 'Charm' item, these magical idols could found in the Netherworld in a variety of colors, and is also said to have magical properties that bring good fortune. This could possibly mean that Luize has been to a Netherworld before, but probably not the one you were from per se. Hm, perhaps you could talk to her about that sometime...

Moving on to the coffee table you see that there are a stack of coasters nearest to you, upon examination each one. On each side of the coasters are several dolls like figures one of these figurines is dressed in miniature kimono. While the other is a replica of an elephant made completely out of ivory, though the elephant itself doesn't look like normal elephants, first of all it's bipedal, meaning it's standing on two legs. Second it's dressed in strange clothing, complete with a green headdress, gold necklace and a red dot on its forehead. Now where exactly Luize got this from (or what the hell this even symbolizes) is beyond you.

There doesn't seem to be much on the last nightstand, only for 2 items of notable interest. The first thing you come to notice is a small medallion like object similar to the badge you saw earlier. Although this one seems a bit duller in coloring and it's only decoration is a black figure having a simple expression on its face. You pick it up to see if anything's on the back and notice that it's profoundly heavy for having such a small size.

Is that it? Not quite yet, for as you turn around you see a curio (or china cabinet) that's filled with china sets of varying colors, shapes and sizes. Were these also souvenirs or were they just collectables? If it were the latter, then it would seem that Luize not only liked to travel but also had a hobby for collecting sets of china. You would open the closet so you can get a better look at them but, you didn't want to risk breaking them...after all, you'd rather not make Luize angry with you for breaking something that probably took years to get a hold of. Hell, you didn't even let anyone touch your stuff back when you were at home, although your things were no where near collectable...you were just untrusting of people with your things.

You've been looking at these souvenirs for quite a while, now more focused on the time you look around and spy a clock just over the one seat located near the front door. It looks to be an ordinary Cuckoo-Cuckoo Clock having the standard design of a house with the clock face at the center. Although, upon looking at it more closely, you come to realize that the clock...doesn't seem to be ticking...or working for that matter. That's strange, why would Luize keep a clock that doesn't actually work? Only she would know, of course.

So much for figuring out the time...Oh well, you did have a look at several interesting trinkets Luize brought back from god knows where at least now you knew that Luize is exactly what she claimed to be; Well Traveled (not that you doubted it). You turn around and notice she still hasn't come out from her room yet, even though you were wondering as to what she was doing in there, you also didn't want to bust up in there with only a robe on (She was pretty nervous when she saw you like this anyways). However, you could also check to see if you clothing has dried off though they may not be completely dry they would be dry enough to put on for the day.

[ ] Go look at Luize's Garden
[ ] See what Luize is up to
[ ] See if your clothes are dry yet
[ ] Something else you want to do? (Write-in)


Had a little fun with this one and plugged in a few video game references along the way. See if you can guess'em all~
>> No. 12846

[x] Make sure your equipment is in top condition.
[x] See if your clothes are dry yet
>> No. 12847
[!/] Make sure your equipment is in top condition.
[!/] See if your clothes are dry yet.

Finally, updates!
>> No. 12851
[x] Make sure your equipment is in top condition.
[x] See if your clothes are dry yet
>> No. 13002
[x] Make sure your equipment is in top condition.

[x] See if your clothes are dry yet.

Let's go check up on your things, gotta make sure they're in top shape just in case. You never know if some demon will come out of noweher and try to get the drop on you, although for some reason you can't help but doubt such a thing could happen. This could be because, the little time you've spent in Makai has given you the assumption that the residents here wouldn't ever try to commit a crime, even the denziens residing in the Pandemonium - 1 Ghettos are leniant on criminal activity (or at least it seems like it), and from your experience those who are born into poverty were usually the ones who succumbed to crime.

You return to the restroom area of the house and flip on the light to check on your things, You feel your clothes for a moment to see if they have dried off. They appear a little damp in some areas while the upper parts of them (the areas that were closest to the light) are a bit drier. If you were to put them on they would dry off on their own anyways but you'd have chilly legs though, which doesn't sound too bad so long as it wasn't cold outside already.

Now onto your equipment, which consited of your trusty gun and various, parts that went with it, the E11-Lockdown unit which was used during your fight with the Baciel yesterday night, a combat knife in case one of those CQC moments arose and 5 Lockdown Grenades which operated about the same as the E11 in terms of effects, but expened a bit more damage than the latter. All in all everything seemed to be okay, you only had one more Lockdown unit left on you, and by the looks of things here, it wasn't going to be used any time soon. But, if you did happen to use it, you weren't sure of where you could find another one, tech like this in the netherworld is rare within itself and you highly doubt Makai had any of the units in stock. There could have been a chance Luize may've seen technology like this, but you recall the time when you first used Lockdown on the Baciel, she seemed to be alot more puzzled by the unit then fasinated.

As you sat by the bathtub, examining your tools of self defense, you hear a door close in the distance. Looking up, you come to see Luize walk past the doorway of the bathroom, dressed in her usual attire (or at least the attire you've seen her in earlier). Now where could she be going, one way to find out. "Where are you off to?" You ask as you head out of the bathroom to face her.

"Oh, I was going to Miss Shinki's for a moment, it's been ages since we last spoke" Oh right, she did say she was going there a while ago, must have slipped your mind. "Oh! How rude of me, I didn't even ask if you would want to go along with me, well I suppose now would be a good time to do so" Well, at first you weren't all that concearned of seeing Shinki but after soaking all some of the information you've gathered over the course of your stay in Makai you have a slight interest in meeting Shinki to see what she's truly like as an individual. It's not everyday one gets to see a Goddess up close and personal. But there's one detail that vexes you... "Even if I go along, you sure the gaurds would let me in to see her, I AM an outsider after all"

"Well, so long as you don't act suspiciously I think they'll let you through" Luize answers as she searches for her hat "And you're with me as well so that should count for something, yes?"

"Yeah, I guess your right" It's still hard to think that security might let you through, but as with everything else you won't know until you get there yourself.

Luize puts on her hat for the journey to Shinki's abode and turns to you awaiting your decision on whether you wanted to go with her. "But, you don't have to go if you don't want to, you're welcome to stay here if you like"

[ ] Go on ahead with Luize, you're interested in meeting Shinki.
[ ] Stay here instead, you'd rather not be hassled by security.

If you choose to go.
-[ ] Take your weapons with you, just in case something happens.
-[ ] Leave your weapons behind so is not to look hostile.


Not as good as I wanted it to be (will anything ever be as good as I want it?), but this was just sitting here not going anywhere so, update none the less. At least we're finally going to meet Shinki now as well as the others so it's not all bad right?
>> No. 13007
[X] Go on ahead with Luize, you're interested in meeting Shinki.

This one is easy.

[X] Take your weapons with you, just in case something happens.

This one is not, but we can leave them with the guards at the entrance if they prove to be overly suspicious, which I doubt. This is peaceland, and as long as we do not try to shoot the palace, dress as a miko or an ordinary witch or similar we should be fine. But in case on of those shows up I rather we have our weapons ready or nearby.
>> No. 13010
[X] Go on ahead with Luize, you're interested in meeting Shinki.
[X] Take your weapons with you, just in case something happens.
>> No. 13018
[X] Go on ahead with Luize, you're interested in meeting Shinki.
[X] Take your weapons with you, just in case something happens.
[x] Rip your shirt a little.

>> No. 13033
[X] Go on ahead with Luize, you're interested in meeting Shinki

-[X] Take your weapons with you, just in case something happens.


This looks good to me either way
>> No. 13107
[x] Go on ahead with Luize, you're interested in meeting Shinki
-[x] Take your weapons with you, just in case something happens.
>> No. 13120
>> No. 13194
[x] Go on ahead with Luize, you're interested in meeting Shinki.

-[x] Take your weapons with you, just in case something happens

Now would be a good time to meet this Shinki person you've come to learn of over the course of your stay here, and you even have a few questions you wanted to ask her too, so why not go with Luize? "

"Splendid choice, Mr. Ghost but..." Luize pauses for a moment as she looks aay from you for a breif moment before going on a little more "You might want to consider putting your clothes back on before you go" Oh yeah...you were still (technically) naked. Well, no matter your clothes are just about dry (if not completely) by now anyways, so you giver her a sign that you'd be right back and head back into the bathroom to get dressed.

Upon, re entering the bathroom and slipping on your pants, you glance over to your weapons and soon realize that you probably had a choice between one or two things; Either taking your weapons with you in hopse of having some protection from any hostile demons or you could simple leave them here and pick them up later. Well, Makai is peaceful for a realm filled with demons and so far, excluding the point where you had to kill that Baciel, you've never had to use your firearms in self defense. On the other hand you can never be too careful, after all Makai is more than likely, a lot bigger than you could think of it so there's really no telling if you might run into someone hostile on your way to the palace.

Eventually, your cautious side wins over and you decide to take them along, if the gaurds to Shinki's palace proved to be suspicious of them, you'd just simply leave your weapons with them. hopefully they would be careful enough with them so is NOT to shoot themselves with them (It's highly doubtable that they'll even know what your weapons are exactly...especially if Luize doesn't know, and SHE travels across various worlds). After gathering up your weaponrary for the trip you head on out and see Luize standing near the doorway waiting for you. "Do you have everything ready?" She asks now motioning toward the door. You nod and she heads on out the door with you following behind

By the way of the sun it looks to be about noon-ish, if not after. It's pretty warm out during this time of day not the swealtering type of warm but the comfortable type of warm, at least warm enough to let the rest of your pant legs dry off. You look off into the distance and you can see the palace towering over the country area, even from this distance it looks rather large. You can only imagine how big it is once you get up close to it. Your examination of the palace is soon put on hold by Luize gestruing you to follow her and with that you begin the walk to Shinki's abode. The walk, in general is fairly quiet and peaceful to say the least, you spy a couple of residents outside their homes doing yardwork or walking to the city, most of them give you and Luize their greetings and go on their merry way.

As your walking though, you realize one thing that Luize isn't doing right at this moment; Flying. Although, you've really only seen her hover, you're pretty sure Luize is capable of sustaining flight like most of the demons in Makai, after all, had she not been airborne, you probably wouldn't have run into her when you did a couple days ago. You decide to ask her about this, being there wasn't much else to talk about as of now. "Say Luize, mind if I ask you somethin?"

"Of course, go right on ahead" Luize answers with her usual smile.

"I've noticed that the demons here can fly, and if that's the case you can too, right?" Luize nods and you go on ahead "Alright, so my question is, if you can fly then why are you walking to Shinki's place? Couldn't you just fly on over there?"

"Oh that's rather simple, Mr. Ghost. I simply prefer walking more than I do flying, while you're walking you have a better chance to enjoy the surroundings of the ground below." Luize answers as she glances forward to the incoming woodland area. "Take that forest for instance; If you're flying overhead you may miss somethings that can only be seen on the ground level."

"Oh I get it, you like walking cuz you prefer that way of exploring things, right?"

"Exactly" Luize "A true traveler always keeps her eyes open for new things to explore and marvel upon, otherwise she may very well miss somethings that even a rookie traveler could spy easily." Luize was really starting to sound like some wise old Travel-sensei or something. Before long the open countryside begins to give way trees and underbrush,as you now near the forest that seemed to surround Shinki's palace. It looks to be like any other forest if you don't count the icy blue trees, it's very strange that the trees and vegatation looks like it's been frozen by a freak blizzard but yet it feels like it's 80 degrees outside. Well, all worlds work differently.

"Ah, I remember this place..." Luize sighs which jars your attention away from the forest's appearance. "This was where I tried to fight those outsiders again"

"You mean, the people who invaded Makai way back when?"

"Yes, although I don't remember much of it at the time, I was told by Miss Yuki that I had confronted the miko in a blind fury for some reason...I know not why, but for reasons unknown I feel that what Miss Yuki told me is the honest truth even though I have no memory of the incident." Luize's voice drops into that of uncertainty, in the little time you've spent with her you can't say you've seen her this way before. You weren't really sure if she was saddened by her apparent loss of control that day or the fact that she couldn't remember, but you were however able to deduce that Luize wasn't happy with the fact that she attacked this miko in the fury that she did.

[ ] Cheer Luize up, one as upbeat as her shouldn't be down and out.
[ ] Change the subject (Choose one or both below)

-[ ] Yuki
-[ ] The Forest
[ ] Something else? (Write-in)


Play Mystic Square and get to stage 4, you'll see that Luize returns in that stage only in a different 'form'. I thought since it's the same character, I could make it as though it's a type of EX-Luize or something of the like.
>> No. 13195
[!/] Cheer Luize up, one as upbeat as her shouldn't be down and out.

>> No. 13196
[ ] Cheer Luize up, one as upbeat as her shouldn't be down and out.
>> No. 13216
[x] Cheer Luize up, one as upbeat as her shouldn't be down and out.
>> No. 13251
[x] Cheer Luize up, one as upbeat as her shouldn't be down and out.

A cheerful demon like Luize shouldn't be down and out like this, at least not on your watch she won't, so why not attempt to bring her up a little. It's worth a shot anyways. "I wouldn't worry" You begin as the both of you continue to move along through the frozen forest, the gentle rays of the sunshine above reflecting off of the crystalline frost on the permanently frozen vegatation. "Even though you can't remember what you did, I'm sure what you did was for the sake of protecting Shinki and her castle, and I'm sure Shinki greatly appreciates your effort." Well, that's the best you could come up with, hopefully it managed to have the desired effect on Luize.

"I suppose you're right..." Luize replies, she shows a small smile one that is of reluctance but generally meaning she's willing to accept your attempt to make her feel better. At least you know it worked to some degree "from what I've heard the miko herself is pretty strong, so maybe me coming back to challenge her counts for something?"

"I would say so" You agree with a friendly smile. However, the general question of what Luize's latent persona truly is, still nags at you curiosity. So, why not ask her about it, hopefully it won't make her feel too uneasy to answer. "But, this 'blind fury' of yours, what exactly is it? You seem like the kind of demon who doesn't have one of those superpowered evil sides."

Luize places a finger on her chin as she begins to think on an answer to this question "I'm not exactly sure of it myself, it just suddenly came about when Makai was attacked and even then I can't remember much about it" Luize explained as she looks up to see how far the both of you had to go. "Miss Yuki claimed that that when I was in this state, my hair had inverted to a cold icy blue color, my eyes had turned red and that my actions were feral and wild, to be completely honest I'd rather not relive the experience" After hearing those last words you decide to leave it at that, no use making Luize explain something that makes her uneasy.

As the both of you continue along the path through the woodlands surrounding Shinki's palace, you glance up to see that some of the palace is visible from below, and how could it not be, seeing as to how large it is from here. You knew Shinki was a goddess but how much palace could she possibly need? Apparently alot. However, as you continue following you begin to get this strange feeling ran down your spine. Although, you can not say it's the first time you've felt this being you vaugely remember this feeling much like the one you felt back in Pandemonium - 1 yesterday. It was as if someone was following you or keeping close tabs on your movements. You glance over your shoulder in hopes of catching at least a glimpse of someone ducking into the underbrush but instead you see nothing. You decide to consult Luize on this, but in a way that won't alarm her. "Hey, you get the feeling like someone's following us or something?" You say glancing back once again to see no one behind you still. "Oh, you're right, someone is following us, Mr. Ghost" She soons says to you her head still turned. "But, I can say that it's someone we don't have to worry about, she's always following strangers around, trying throw them all in a tizzy by annoying them and such" Luize says in a more nonchalant tone, fitting true to her suggestion of not worrying about whatever (or in this situation, whomever) it is that's following you.

But, if that's the case why shouldn't you worry? Someone is after all, following you, they could be bandits looking for some extra loot to plunder. Well, this question ann this assumption is about to be put to rest, to some extent anyways. "I would guess that the person, or rather demon, following us is Elis the 'Innocent Devil', even though she's more...how can I see, Bothersome than Innocent. I'm not certain as to why she acts in such a childish way but, Shinki seems to enjoy her for her comedic purposes I suppose"

Wait a minute, you remember that phrase. The devil that you met back in Pandemonium - 1 called herself by that name when you found her following you before. Bah, you should have known, she seemed like the type to follow people around and generally mess with their heads. You mean Elis no ill-intent (or maybe you did, it's really hard to say at this point) but, you can't stand demons who play by those rules, they're, as Luize stated about Elis, rather annoying and hard to catch once their actually on the run from you. However, you're aware that Elis is probably doing this for a reason perhaps she's watching you to make sure you don't try anything funny, she was pretty suspicious of you back in Pandemonium - 1, even if it did sound like she was teasing you.

Either way, Elis doesn't seem to be making any moves against you as far as jumping out or anything of the like, most likely she's either flying above you or sneaking around in the woods surrounding the area. The former is probably what she's doing being, when your airborne you have a better view of the area below, and also the altitude hinders various countermeasures from the opposition. How far up she is you can't say but, you doubt she's too far up. However, one can't say that she's just sneaking in the woodlands, while not as effiecnet as flying if the person sneaking around can be stealthy and crafty enough, then the victims he or she are following won't even know they're even being tailed by someone. With these aspects in mind, it opens are fair amount of options for you in terms of dealing with your little spy...

[ ] Comfront Elis and give her a stern talking to.
[ ] Try to beat Elis at her own game (Sneak up on HER instead of vice versa).
[ ] Throw a rock into the bushes (or the air) hopefully if you hit her you can yell something snarky at her for following you.
[ ] Ignore her, demons of her nature tend to like attention, so she'll probably go away if you pay her no mind.
[ ] Something else in mind? (Write-in)
>> No. 13252

[x] Play a prank on her. Have Luize and yourself talk about eating her.
>> No. 13254
[x] Play a prank on her. Have Luize and yourself talk about eating her.

I like this idea.
>> No. 13256
[x] Play a prank on her. Have Luize and yourself talk about eating her.

I can get behind this.
>> No. 13343
>> No. 13354
I have college work to complete and being I know my final grade depends on it I'm gonna have to put that first for now. In the mean time have a look at what Shinki's ahoge is capable of...
>> No. 13355
Shinki~sama ;_;
>> No. 13434
Alright, finals and general college work is out of the way until next semester so I'm free to update as I wish. This next one should be up by tomorrow if not tomorrow night.

Just thought I'd let the readers know.
>> No. 13481


[x] Play a prank on her. Have Luize and yourself talk about eating her

This was the perfect time to let your inner demon have a little fun for once, so you hatch a plan to play a little prank on that eavesdropping devil, at least then it'll teach her to not spy on others. You turn to Luize and get er attention to let her in on your little scheme, you're going to need her for this in order to really sell it after all.

"Hey Luize" You whisper leaning close to her ears to which she perks up and looks over now having your full attention. "I think we should play a little trick on Elis, you know to teach her a little lesson." This might take a while, being you're aware of Luize's polite demeanor, that being said she may not really want to be an accomplice in a prank such as the one your cooking up.

"Sure, why not, Elis does need to be taught a bit of a lesson about eavesdropping~" Luize mused with a smile, which you were a bit surprised at. But, it seems that although Luize may be polite she does retain her demonic instinct to be a little naughty at times. "So, what did you have in mind, Mr. Ghost?"

"Oh, nothin' much just a little mind game is all" You answer as you lean a bit closer to Luize in order to keep your plan secret "It goes a little something like this: We're just walking along and we start talking, but we're not talking in normal conversation, instead we're talking about eating Elis"

So with your plans laid out, you set them in motion by continuing on as you have been, not making any sudden real sudden movements that could arouse Elis' suspicions. Both you and Luize remain quite for about 5 minutes, when you feel a prescense following behind you, you're sure this is Elis so now is the time to set it off. You glance to Luize and she nods discreetly as she starts off the prank "You know Mr. Ghost, I don't really know what you're favorite food is, do you think you can tell me?"

"Sure, I don't see why not" You reply with a smile "I do like snack foods and stuff like that, but I'm more of a MEAT eater if you catch my drift"

"Oh, I see you're a carnivorous demon~" "Well, what types of meat do you prefer?"

"Oh the usual; beef, pork, dragon meat..." You pause for a few seconds "Devil"

"Devil you say?" Luize perks up in false curiosity, she's proving to be really good at this sort of thing.

"Yeah, I love me some devil meat, it has a taste that I can't quite describe, but that maks it all the more better"

"I see, that's quite the interesting taste you have, Mr. Ghost" "In fact, I know of someone who might can help you get a hold of some quality Devil Meat"

"Do you now? Do tell"

"Her name's Elis and she herself is a Devil" "If you wish to dine on quality Devil Meat then Elis should prove to be a fine meal indeed"

"Thanks I'll keep that in mind, by the way do you like Devil Meat, I know it's a little awkward asking you..."

"Oh not all, I myself am a bit of a closet fan of Devil Meat, but I've never been able to go through with eating one being I always thought I was the only demon who favored it" "Maybe we could perhaps, catch Elis together? I'm aware of her weaknesses so we could easily catch her for dinner"

"A-HAH!" A voice rang out from behind you, turning around you come to see Elis standing behind you, her finger pointing to you accusingly and a look of utter shock and terror glued onto her face. "I KNEW you were no good, talking about eating an Innocent Devil like me, AND trying to drag Luize down to your level, what the hell's wrong with you!" Before you can even start gloating to her, Elis turns face and spreads her demonic wings as she prepares to take off "That's it, I WAS going to give you the benefit of the doubt but you blew it, I'm telling Miss Shinki on you!"

"Relax, Elis" Luize spoke surpressing a giggle "We were just playing a harmless prank on you, nothing more"

Elis halts mid jump and blinks as these words pass her ears "Wha?" She settles back to the ground below her and turns to reveal her expression of disbelief "You mean just now...when you both were talking..."

"Yep, all a trick." You add in, crossing your arms as you smirk to her, knowing you've pretty much won this one. "I may not approve of how you've been following us up til now but I don't think I'd eat you for it" "Besides, I like Beef more than any of that stuff I mentioned"

Elis remains completely still, the bottom of her left eye twitching slightly as her features give way from astonishment to a mixture of anger and embarassment in only a few seconds time "Well you didn't have to scare me like that!" Elis shouted her face tinged red from the fact that she had been duped by someone she thought wasn't capable of fooling her at first. "And I can't believe you ent along with it, Luize, I thought you were polite?"

"I am, but eavesdropping, however, is not" Luize replied matter of factly, while she shook her head "I'm sure Miss Shinki sent you to keep an eye on Mr. Ghost for obvious reasons, but you could have at least told him you were going to be following him, invading one's privacy is a bad thing to do, Elis"

"Fine, fine I shouldn't have spied on you, and I won't do it again, happy?" That was a really crude apology, so obviously you get ready to speak up about this that is before Luize cuts in and looks to you as if saying 'That's her way of apologizing, let it be'. "Yes, thank you Elis" She says giving Elis a kind smile "Now, we were just on our way to Shinki's palace would you like to come with us?"

"Yeah, I was heading in the direction anyways" Elis spoke as she walked toward Luize "It's good to see you back by the way"

The remainder of the journey is filled with the chatters of Luize and Elis, as the both of them wasted no breathe in catching up with one another. Most of their conversations were on the subject of lady-like things that you weren't too concearned of to be honest, but, that's not saying you weren't paying attention to what was being said. You made sure to keep your hearing sharp for any extra info on Makai and Shinki that you didn't know of. So far very little came up, but you did find out that the individual Elis went to visit went by the name of Sariel who was a resident in Makai and was currently tasked with watching over Pandemonium - 1 for anything that proved hostile, but otherwise she didn't appear to interact with the other denizens of Makai being Luize appeared to know a little less about her then Elis did. In fact it as stated that Sariel rarely ventures to Shinki's palace, the only time she does is a signal of a looming crisis.
>> No. 13482
Eventually, the crystalline forest thins out as the trees now give way to the open path which would lead up to Shinki's castle that towered over it. It was truly as large as you thought it was, it's pinnacle reaching far higher than most castles you've seen in the netherworld. At it's base was a wall that held the gateway to the castles front courtyard. Just as you expected, 2 demons stood gaurd at the gate's entrance, the both of them were armed though each had a weapon different from the other, the demon on the right carried a standard sword, whilst the other had a polearm in hand. "Well, here we are Mr. Ghost, Shinki's castle" Luize announces to you before turning to Elis now having realized something she overlooked. "By the way Elis, is Shinki at home today, I don't want to come into her home if she isn't there"

"Don't worry she should be home, she was there when I left for the Pandemonium Ruins this morning" Elis turned to the gate and began forward waving to the gaurds who stood watch. Luize gestures you to follow her and the both of you get ready to enter past the front gate of the palace. Edging little closer to the gate, you saw that the gaurds were feminine in appearance, which was to be expected after what Luize told you when you were back at her house earlier. They had already fixed their gaze on Elis being she had gotten their attention first and with a bow and a couple of cheerful greetings they let her through.

The both of them turned around and the sword bearing gaurd was first to greet Luize. "Ah, Miss Luize, it's good to see your back" She says with a slight bow "Here to tell Shinki of your travels again I presume?"

"Yes you could say that" Luize chuckled "But, I also came just to see her again, and it's been too long since I've stayed in Makai"

The gaurd nods and steps aside to let her through but as you follow behind her, your met with a swift clash of sword and spear as the gaurds bring their weapons up to bar you from entering. You step back and exchange glances with them, their faces are hardened with distrust and aggression. "Whoa, whoa whoa, hold it right there" The spear carrying demon "And just where do you think YOU'RE going"

"Oh it's okay I'm with her" You say holding your hands up.

"I don't think I've seen you around here before..." "Sorry, you're not getting in here, Shinki's already had trouble with outsiders before, she's given us distinct orders to make sure NO one suspicious gets through here"

"Oh, I'm sorry I forgot to mention that he would be joining us" Luize says in a regretful and apologetic tone "I do hope it's okay"

The gaurds look back to Luize then back to you, though their expressions did not change which could only mean they weren't going to give in just yet. That is until...

"It's okay let him through" Huh? Was that Elis' voice? The gaurds look to each other confusion then back beyond the gate to see Elis giving them both a serious look, an expression you didn't think she would show. "A-Are you sure Elis? I mean, he IS an outsider"

"Think about it, if he's been with Luize all this time don't you think he'd be okay to let in?"

The gaurds fidgit with their weapons for a moment as they think on the question, before coming to a conclusion soon after. "Well, alright, if you feel he can be trusted..." The spear holding gaurd says before her partner cuts in with a more apprehensive tone "But the minute he causes a commontion, we're tossing his ass out, matter of fact" The gaurd holds out her hands "I'll be taking those...doo-hickeys on your waist there"

"Yes, of course." You say as you unstrape your holster that held your firearm related things and handed them over to the demon in question. Upon recieving them, she gives them a couple of weird looks as she pulls out your gun and starts examining it curiously. "What IS this stuff anyways...I've never seen anything like it" Now, needless to say your a bit on edge when you see someone with practically no expreince with guns handle such an object, but when you see that individual point their barrel of a gun toward their eye then that's more than enough reason to show alarm.

"B-Be careful, that's dangerous!" Luize forewarns having experienced what your gun is capable of doing.

The demon looks away from the barrel and then back to Luize holding the firearm in the air. "Eh? How is it dang-" Her words are cut short by a loud *BLAM* as she accidently pulls the trigger, sending off a loud misfire into the sky above. The demon squeaks in surprise and drops the firearm to the ground and cowers behind her sword ready to beat it if she had to. "Wh-what did that...THING just do"

"It's a gun, they...tend to go off when you pull the trigger" You explain picking the firearm up and handing it back to the gaurd who is a little hesitant to take it back. "Okay here, I'll put the safety on" You add, now tinkering with a small switch to the side of the gun, and with a loud 'click', you hand it back to her "There, now it won't go off even if you pull the trigger, see?" You demonstrate by doing as such, and as you said nothing happens.

"Are you sure, nothing's going to happen?"

"Promise" You say holding the gun out before her, to which she reluctantly takes it back and bows "You can go on ahead through now"

"Thanks" And with that done and out of the way you bypass the steel frames of the gate and join Luize and Elis in the courtyard. The courtyard looked just as peaceful as the outside only there were long rows of exotic flowers and various statues that lined the path leading up toward the immense doors of the demonic castle ahead. Several maids were in the courtyard and were generally tending to the flowers, and maing sure the plants got their needs for the day. Several that weren't busy turned and gave their greetings as you passed them by. You noted at how a few of them wore different colored dresses than the other, you counted 3 different colors amoung them; Green, Blue and Red. Whether this meant something or not you couldn't really say for now.
>> No. 13483
As the 3 of you pass the castle's doors you enter a room that lavishly decorated in an almost crystalline fashion, the light chandalier high above you emitting an eerie blue light as the sunlight from the large window above the entrance shown in. The floors looked as if they had been waxed, being you can see your reflection whenever you looked down upon it, whoever these maids are are really dedicated to keeping this place upkept. Oh the walls were several scenic paintings possibly depicting diffeent locaitons in Makai there was were also several of Shinki with an even larger portrait located at the top of central stairway. Yet another demon maid standing before your group a friendly smile on her delicate face. "Welcome, Luize, Elis and...Oh" She pauses as she comes to see you standing in between the two she already knew. She seemed surprised to have seen you but generally tried to remain professional and quickly put on her smile once again. "And what may I ask is your name, sir?"

"Ghost...Just Ghost"

"I see, Well then, I welcome you to Shinki's abode, please enjoy your visit" She curtseys to you before facing Luize and Elis. "Please tell me what it is you need and I shall get it for you."

"We're here to see Miss Shinki, is she avaliable?" Luize spoke

"She most certainly is, I shall inform her of your arrival at once" The maid replied "Please wait here whilst I go fetch her" And with a polite bow the maid pads off to complete her duties, her stelletos clacking about the floor as she heads up the stairs and exits your line of sight. You lok around the area and see that there's another exit to this area, which came in the shape of a door that was to your right that led to another room. Luize had taken a seat in a chair and was reading a small book. Elis was simply looking around and generally pacing about keeping herself occupied until Shinki arrived.

[ ] Stay put and wait for the maid, she should be back in a bit.
[ ] Chat with Luize.
[ ] Chat with Elis.
[ ] Explore the castle a bit.


Sorry, that took so long. I decided to combine 3 updates worth of writing instead of going then stopping again. At least with this, you're soon to meet Shinki.
>> No. 13484
[x] Chat with Luize.

Update your Metal Slug Story.
>> No. 13491
[!/] Chat with Luize.
>> No. 13511
[x] Chat with Luize.
>> No. 13512
[x] Chat with Luize.
>> No. 13527
Anon is waiting warmly....

Shinki is preparing.
>> No. 13606
[x] Chat with Luize.

While you wait for Shinki to show up (or at least the maid who sent for her to return, which ever comes first) now would be a good time to engage in some idle chit chat, namely with Luize being you're a little curious as to what she's reading over there. Although, Elis is a candidate as well, you'd rather not bother yourself with talking to her. After all, she'll probably only find some way to tease/annoy you. So, with that in mind, you waltz on over (not really 'waltz' but you get the idea) and stand by her for a while, just to see if you got her attention. She doesn't look up at first but not long after she turns her glance over from her page to where you stood giving you a friendly smile "Oh did you need something?" She asks placing a bookmark so is to keep her place in the book.

"I just wanted to know what it is you're reading there" You reply taking a seat next to Luize "Seems like it's a pretty interesting read"

"Oh that it is, Mr.Ghost" Luize chimed "It's something I picked up when I was traveling the outside world a couple months ago, it's a bit lengthy, but I haven't been able to put it down since I started reading a while ago" Luize then holds it so that you can see it's cover, which reads 'Paradise Lost'. Although you're not an avid book person, you've heard of this book several times when you were back home. "What I find the most interesting is how in this book's setting is vaugely similar to that of Makai, for instance in the book there's a place called Pandemonium, which only made me wonder, since the humans know of at least one place in Makai, do you think they could be capable of crossing Border Space?"

That is indeed a good question, humans, being as clever as they are weak, have been known to cross over to other worlds so, you wouldn't put it past you that they could rig up something capable of crossing Border Space. In fact, you've heard of humans who've crossed over to the Netherworld once. "Can't say for sure, but it's possible, I've heard a couple rumors that humans invaded a Netherworld using these giant battleships they had built."

"Battleships, you say?...Do you mean, like a boat that's able to fight?" Luize giggles as she places her book back into her purse, now moe focused on talking with you than the book itself. "If that's the case, then I'd have to say the humans are more creative than I first thought" However, her smile soon fades as this doesn't take away the fact that she heard you say 'invade' during your answer, which in turn would sparked up another question from her, this one of more concern than the last. "But, before you said 'Invaded' why would humans want to invade your world?"

You shrug and lean back in the seat, spying Elis walking from the room ahead of you and still pacing around. "Dunno, but, from what I hear, they wanted more living space because their world was pretty cruddy" You explain going by a collection of rumors you've heard in the past. You didn't think you'd be using that memory any time soon. "The whole thing pretty much sparked up a war between demons and humans for sometime"

"I see..." Luize seems a little troubled, perhaps she thinks that invaders may come to Makai in the form of battleships? Your assumptions are comfirmed to be correct. "Do you think they would invade Makai?"

"Probably not, sure they're capable of it, but I doubt they'd come to Makai if anything they probably don't know it exists in all honesty." That wasn't entirely true, but if no humans, save for the ones who came here before (if they WERE even human to begin with), came here before then it was pretty obvious they wouldn't try to. "Don't worry, if it makes you feel better, they couldn't even get to the Netherworld without a 'scout team' to clear a path for the big guys first so if the scouts somehow died off in Border Space or something then their whole mission would be fragged"

You look over to see that Elis had made her way over to where you and Luize sat, apparently she seemed interested in the conversation the both of you had struck up while she was away doing...whatever. "So, what's this I hear you guys talking about over here?" She asked innocently with a smile. Although, you didn't really know why she suddenly became so interested in your conversation, apart of you wants to say so it's just so she can be nosy...which she's doing a pretty good job of as of now. But, still what's the harm of telling her?

"Well, we were talkin about how the humans invaded a Netherworld and stuff...though it started with Luize's book"

"Oh, I see, so who won?" Elis asked her mind on more of the out come of the fight rather than the real cause of it.

You give her a blank look. "Won what?"

"The humans who invaded the Netherworld had to have fought the demons who live there so, who won the fight?"

"Oh, well the Demons, the humans were pretty much screwed when the Overlord blew up half their fleet, AND boarded their main flagship. They pulled out not a day later after their head honcho flew the coop"

"Were you apart ot the struggle?" Luize inquired

"Me? Nu-uh, I was in another Netherworld, we didn't even hear of it until like 3 years after all that stuff went down"

Elis gives you a rather stupid look as if someone had spoke of something completely off the wall and irrelevent. "Wait, did you just say another Netherworld? I thought there was just one?"

"Oh no, there are than one, WAY more than one actually it's tough to explain being I never really did much thinking into it but it's kinda like how space is with all the different planets and stuff...I guess" It was tough to explain actually, at least having now seen Makai and knowing it may not be apart of the system of Netherworlds in the cosmos.

>> No. 13607
It's not long after you said this that the maid from earlier returns to the scene and bows to show her apologies "Sorry to have kept you waiting" She says now rising up and directing your attention to the stairway "Miss Shinki is on her way as we speak"

And then the visage of a woman came down the stairway, the long red robe she wore and her white hair (as well as that strange ahoge) are the first things to catch your eye as she draws near. As she comes into view she smiles toward Luize having now seen her, and ready to give her a warm welcome home. "Luize, how nice to see you again~" She mused almost like how a mother welcomes home her child after they've been seperated for so long. You can't explain it, but you feel this strange, but powerful aura resonating from Shinki, not only of that of a powerful goddess but also as a mother. Shinki continued the stairs as she approached the both of you, her gaze still on the three of you, but her conversation fixed on Luize. "So how were your travels, I take it you had a good time while you were away from us?" She asked to Luize who smiles to her.

"As interesting as ever Miss Shinki~" Luize replied cheerfully "I've seen so much on the outside these past few months"

"I see, well then I look forward to hearing your tales" Shinki said now redirecting her attention to Elis "And I take it that you're done with your duty as well Elis?"

The devil nodded with a wide grin "Mm-hm, all done, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary to report in the Pandemonium ruins and the population count there is still the same as before" After that Elis quickly shuts up and says nothing else, even about the fact that she was following you earlier.

"What about your other task?" Luize asked having noticed, Elis didn't speak up about having followed you and herself up to Pandemonium, earlier on.

"Uh, haha what other task?" Elis replied a bit uneasy, her body having stiffened up as she begins to chuckle nervously, her eyes were also shifting about. "I have no idea what you're talking about"

But, Luize DID know what she was talking about, although she seemed to be oblivous to the obvious signs Elis was giving away at this point though. "You know the one where you had to keep tabs on Mr.Ghost, and follow him around"

Shinki looks to Luize in confusion, apparently just now getting word of this. "Hm? I...don't recall giving her that order" Shinki blinks for a couple moments before her eyes narrow and fixate on the so called 'Innocent Devil' who was whistling a tune that was trying to reflect just that. However, the tune of innocence does not deter Shinki's stern glare on the devil as she turns to confront her about her actions today. "Elis..."


"What have I told you about spying on others without my permission, while I do appreciate your concearn for the safety of Makai, I've heard several complaints from the residents that a certain Devil has been spotted spying on them" Shinki lectured to the devil who looked pretty ashamed of herself, now that her little stunt had been exposed to her boss. "Now, I'm going to be lenient and let you off easy but if this becomes a habit, I'm afraid I'm going to have to revoke your postion in this palace, do you understand?"

"Yes, Shinki-sama..."

"Good, now run along and enjoy yourself, your duties have been completed for the day" Shinki says as Elis bows and takes her leave out of the palace doors. When Elis is gone from sight, the goddess sighed in slight exasperation "She can be quite a handful, that Devil, but so long as she learns her lesson it should work out right?"
"I believe so" Luize agreed with a nod.
"Anywhom, I see we have a newcomer among us today, I believe Luize has told you about me, but I am Shinki, ruler and creator of all you see before you" Shinki says her attention now fully on you "I'm not sure as to how you got here being the entrance is gaurded by another one of servants, Sara, but this doesn't change the fact that you're in fact here, so tell me what brings you to Makai?"

[ ] (Write-in)
>> No. 13608
[!/] Chance...? Maybe fate some might argue.
>> No. 13609
[x] Chance...? Maybe fate some might argue.
>> No. 13629
[x] Chance...? Maybe fate some might argue.

I've got nothing.
>> No. 13634
[x] Chance...? Maybe fate some might argue.
>> No. 13671
>> No. 13681
Sorry for the update lag, please enjoy this one while I prepare to take in votes for the next.


[x] Chance...? Maybe fate some might argue.

While you don't readily know the answer as to why you're here, there's no reason to say otherwise about it, is there? So for once in your demonic life you decide to just be honest about it and tell Shinki at least how you got here. "Chance...?" You answer your tone showing a bit of uncertainty, which was appropriate being you really did have any idea of what to say to that. "Maybe fate some might argue."

Shinki doesn't seem to dislike your answer and simply smiles to you as she chuckles. More or less taking your words for humor rather than making fun of you. "Well, that's an interesting way to put it, since it's not easy to get into Makai" Not easy? There has to be a mistake, Being from what you remember getting into Makai was a rather simple task within itself, even if it was just an accidental to begin with. All you had to do was break a, god knows how old, seal and the door simply flung itself open and gravity did the rest. You sit silently for a moment as you take in her words, was it possible that the way you came in...wasn't the only entrance to Makai? Why not ask Shinki she of all people should know of course. "Hey, Miss Shinki can I ask you something"

"Sure, go on ahead."

"Could there be multiple entrances to Makai?" "Like you have one gate in one world and another somewhere else but they both lead to Makai"

Shinki pauses and places her finger to her chin in a thoughtful gesture, before shaking her head and responding "No, not that I know of, the only gate to Makai is in Gensokyo, and even then it's gaurded by Sara, whom I've tasked with gaurding the gate so no one get's past" You didn't encounter this 'Sara' Shinki spoke of and she sure as hell wasn't in Gensokyo when you found the gate so, that's basically null and void right there. "Did you perhaps, come in from somewhere else?" Shinki inquired to which Luize perks up as if she had realized something important to the discussion...which she did, as a matter of fact.

"Oh that's right, Mr.Ghost came to Makai from the Netherworld" Luize speaks up, the way her tone was made it seem as if she had forgotten all about you being from another world, perhaps she saw you as a citizen of Makai just like she was?

"The Netherworld? Hmm...I don't remember ever making a path to that realm" "In that case, then someone else from the Netherworld must have created a path to Makai"

"You mean someone beside you can actually do that?" This was somewhat of a dumb question, but you really didn't know if anyone else could create inter-dimensional paths to other worlds, after all, that kind of power is within the ranks of the gods themselves.

"Yes, with the right amount of power, I for example can create varying paths and doors to other worlds and lead them to Makai, so long as I know of where these worlds are" It doesn't come as a surprise that Shinki houses the power to do such a thing, more so that she infact created the entire realm you're standing in at the moment. "But, what interests me most is the fact that someone else, other than myself, had the power reserve to create a gate that leads to my world, I can't say I know anyone from your home realm, Ghost, so this only brings up more questions as to who would link the two together and for what purpose."

"Perhaps the demons of the netherworld are trying to implement the same plan as that Makai Travel Agency?"

"I doubt that, the entrance was sealed up when I found it, so if someone wanted others to get through they'd at least leave it unlocked." You point out to Luize "Also, it was in a pretty secluded area, I don't think anyone knew where it was at first"

Upon hearing this Shinki paces for a moment, a rather serious look on her features as she begins to ponder on this mystery. "If that's the case then not only did someone of your world know of my own, but they also sealed it's entrance so that no one else could come in or out..." Shinki looks up from her pondering and faces you with a quick questionon the matter. "Ghost, how many demons do you think know of the gates location?"

"I'm not sure although I do know alot of them are searching for it, most believe a powerful Overlord lives beyond it"

"I see...this could indeed be a problem, especially if the entrance is still wide open for intruders to come in through..." Shinki then summons the maid, that was standing near by, to her side. The maid standing before Shinki awaiting her orders. "I want you to inform the soldiers, that I need them to investigate a situation in Border Space, come and get me when they are ready for my commands."

"As you wish, Lady Shinki, it shall be done at once" The maid obeidentaly bows and takes her leave.

"No need to worry, I shall still adhere to my guests" Shinki remarked with a reassuring smile "Now let's head to the parlour shall we, I've had Yumeko and the other maids make us some tea and snacks for your visit" Shinki motions as she heads into the direction of the doorway to your left, with you and Luize following behind. Come to think of it, you've never had tea before and not in a lavish place such as this no less. The door way you pass through apparently leads to the dining room, for there's a large table in the center of the room while several chandeliors hang from above. There were few maids cleaning the long table, and there was one organizing the silverware. However, despite your eyes being on one thing, you keep your ears on another, namely the conversation that Shinki and Luize were holding up. "So, Miss Shinki, how have things been in Makai during my abscense?" Luize begins

>> No. 13682
"Oh just fine, everything seems to be going back to normal now, the peace we had before that shrine maiden and her accomplises came barging into my world" As Shinki spoke those words to Luize you couldn't help but her a hint of animosity in her voice, if she defeated them then there's really no reason to be angry, right?

"Anyway, them aside, I'm sure Elis told you of my plans of what to do about the ruins, right?" Shinki says to Luize her voice going back to it's friendly tone.

"Ah, yes, she told me you were planning on remodeling he ruins and joining them with the new Pandemonium" "I must say that's going to be quite a feat, Miss Shinki"

"I'm aware of that, so far Elis has given a solid count of the citizens who live there, so we'll know just how far to expand and how much we can cut off"

"Do you have a good idea as to how long it's going to take to finish?"

"I can't say for certain, it depends on whether or not if we have enough materials to actually rebuild portions of Pandemonium that were destroyed. Hopefully the amount we have is enough to at least begin the restoration phase of the project" Shinki concludes as she directs her attention to a pair of doors at the end of the corridor. "Ah here were are, please make yourselves at home~" Shinki mused, now pushing the doors open, bring the elegantly furnished room known as the parlor, decorated neatly with various vases and antique furniture that you could only imagine was worth an assload of money. What really catches your attention, though is an impressive painting located on the south wall of the parlor. The picture is a realistic styled painting of Shinki and a blonde haired female youth that was with her.

The young girl in question, donned a ribbon in her short hair, had golden eyes and wore a blue skirt, she was seated on Shinki's lap to which she was holding her up in an embrace. Who ever did this must have put a hell of alot of work to complete it, everything about seemed...well, perfect; From the shading and lighting of the panting to the texture the artist implied to the ones being pictured. Hell if you could do that, you can't even remember the last time you drew something, let alone paint something.

Nevertheless, Shinki and Luize head for a medium sized, mahogany table located in the middle of the room, Luize noticing you lagging behind and gentely motioning you to follow along. Shinki and Luize take their seats adjacent to one another, with Shinki at the front and Luize to her right, there are 3 seats left; One beside Shinki, one next to Luize and another at the end of the table by it's lonesome, with that in mind, where would you like to sit?

[ ] Beside Shinki
[ ] Beside Luize
[ ] By yourself at the end

And once you take your seat, what shall you discuss until Yumeko arrives with the tea?

[ ] Ask Shinki about the girl you saw in some of the painting.
[ ] Ask Shinki about something else (Specify)
[ ] Engage in small talk with Shinki instead.
[ ] Commence idle chit-chat with Luize instead.
[ ] Tell Shinki and Luize a little bit about yourself.
[ ] Just sit back and wait for the tea to arrive. Let Luize and Shinki talk amoungst themselves.


Also, there's a reason why I gave you a choice as to where you wish to sit, believe me.
>> No. 13683
[x] Beside Luize
[x] Tell Shinki and Luize a little bit about yourself.
>> No. 13687
[!/] Beside Luize
[!/] Ask Shinki about the girl you saw in some of the painting.
>> No. 13693
[x] Beside Luize
[x] Tell Shinki and Luize a little bit about yourself.

We really don't know much about ourselves aside from the fact that we're a demon and use guns.
>> No. 13694
[x] Beside Luize
[x] Tell Shinki and Luize a little bit about yourself.
>> No. 13698

[x] Beside Shinki
[x] Ask Shinki about the girl you saw in some of the painting.
>> No. 13705
[x] Beside Luize
[x] Tell Shinki and Luize a little bit about yourself.
>> No. 13767
>> No. 13803
Later on today. Classes started back recently and already I have a paper to work on. Recharging, via sleep, and I'll be good to go as far as writing is concearned. Same goes for Metal Touhou, as well.
>> No. 13838
[x] Beside Luize
-[x] Tell Shinki and Luize a little bit about yourself

You choose to take your seat next to Luize, you can't really explain it but you feel most comfortable beside her, must be that polite aura she gives off. Either way, Yumeko shouldn't be too long with the tea and snacks, but in the time you have until she arrives, you didn't want to sit by and remain silent either. Why not tell Shinki and Luize a little bit about yourself in the time being. After all, since your staying here for, who knows how long, it would be in their best interest to know who you really are behind that name of mystery you harbour with you where ever you go. "Well, since it's a little quiet around here, I think I'll liven things up a bit" You speak up catching the attention of Luize and Shinki as you did so. "You guys don't mind if I talk a little bit about myself, it would give you a chance to know who I really am"

"Go right ahead, since you're an outsider of Makai, it could prove to be interesting to know a little more about you, Ghost" Shinki remarked calmly, as she sat back in her seat a bit awaiting the tale you were about to tell both her and Luize.

"Well, back home, in the Netherworld, I used to serve in an army. At that time I was a hired Gunner serving under one Overlord who claimed he was the 'Badass Freakin' Overlord' yet, he needed some cronies to help get his body and his netherworld back, at first I was skeptical, but it turns out both were actually true; being he was in the shape of a book AND the only netherworld he had to speak of was a doghouse to live in..." "I think his name was 'Zetta' if I remember it correctly."

"Hmm, interesting, how did all of that happen, I wonder?"


"...As in, he was the cause of it all?" Shinki blinked, before giving you a skeptical look, it was a hard thing to believe after all, no body would go out of their way to do all that to themselves anyway. "I find it a little hard to believe a ruler would do all of that to himself, let alone his own world"

"Trust me you're not the only one, I was a little surprised too when I found out, I guess even though Zetta can pretty much nuke anything he wants he's...kinda dumb..." Which is (unfortunetly) true, Zetta's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, and alot of Overlord's know that too the only one who doesn't is himself, and that's only because of his huge ego is in the way. "I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but from what I remember, some Oracle was leading him along saying that his Netherworld would be destroyed, Zetta decided to nip it in the bud and do something about it, by messing with the Sacred Tome, in turn his netherworld went ka-put, and to save himself he confined his own body to the Sacred Tome...kinda ironic, huh?"

"Ironic indeed..." Luize remarked "So that's when he hired you, and the other demons, to help him get all of these things back?"

"Yep, pretty much, before all that stuff came about, I wasn't doing too much, just minor choreboy stuff. But, when I was hand picked by one of Zetta's vassals to come and fight with them, damn was I stocked. Out of all the other demons he picked me, Ghost, that one guy no one seemed to notice at a party" You say a tone of excitement in your voice, even though it's been quite a while since then, you still feel the same excitement you felt back then when you first heard your name back then. "But, geeze, talk about a letdown on sight though, I was expecting way more out of him when I first saw him."

"I would see why, having such a 'comical' appearance but yet being known as the strongest Overlord there is, irony strikes again, I see." Shinki remarked leaning forward a bit as she rested her arms on the table "Aside from the letdown, did everything else work into this 'Zetta's favor?"

"Well, yes and no..." You reply trailing off slightly "Sure, he got his netherworld back, but he still ended up remaining a book in the end, though" "To add insult to injury he had to go through alot of crap to just get his Netherworld back in one piece, and even so, WE were the one's doing most of the fighting, so you could probably imagine how rough it was for us having to put up with not only Zetta's problems but also the battles HE was supposed to be fighting in" And that was the annoying part of it all. "After all of that was resolved, most of the demons had gotten used to Zetta and decided to remain his vassals, I was one of the few who decided to fly solo after everything cleared up, I pretty much wandered from across the netherworld taking up mercanary jobs and such to put food on the table"

"And how did you manage to get to Makai?" Shinki inquired "Did you wander into it, like the other Netherworlds?"

>> No. 13839
"Eh, not really 'wander', I was told that there was a powerful Overlord sealed away in a cavern somewhere in the netherworld I was in, most were just uncredited rumors and stuff but I managed to follow the clues and uncover a cave that held the gate to Makai, at that time though, I didn't realize it led to where it did, I just thought it was the front door to this 'Overlord's castle" In a technical sense it was, who would have guessed the gate you thought led to an Overlord led to an entire universe within a universe. "I suppose, in a sense, I was right, huh?"

"Yes, I suppose you were" Shinki chuckled as she glanced to the doorway behind you seeing it open slowly to reveal, her golden haired maid Yumeko. "Ah, there you are, I was wondering when the tea would get here"

"Sorry to have kept you waiting Lady Shinki" Yumeko apologizes as she steps beside the table, carrying with her a silver trey holding 3 empty cups, a teapot, sugar in case you wanted to sweeten the tea already given to you, and a selection of snacks, ranging from sandwhiches that were cut finely into triangular shapes, three slices of cake and plate holding small rounded cookies to the side. The maid sets the trey careful on the side of the table and passes out everything accordingly. When her eyes meet up with yours she pauses for a moment, having now recognized your face from before, but ultimately keeps up her pace and continues as she pours tea in each of the cups. "Ah, you were the demon I met earlier today" She says pouring your cup of tea. "I never would have thought I would meet you again, especially not with Lady Shinki's parlour of all places"

"Oh? You know of him, Yumeko-chan" Shinki questioned to her golden haired servent who nodded in response.

"Yes, we've met before earlier today in Pandemonium, he had apparently lost his way and needed directions to Luize's abode, so I pointed him in the right direction" Yumeko answered, stepping back from the table. "Also, Lady Shinki, the soldiers are on standby and awaiting any further orders you may have at the moment"

"Very well" Shinki turns to you and Luize "Where was it that you fell into Makai, where you landed would mean that the Netherworld gate is located just above that spot, if not a few feet away from in Border Space"

Luize places her finger below her chin in a thoughtful gesture as she attempted to remember the exact location of where both you and her fell into Makai. "Hmm, if I remember correctly, Mr.Ghost and I landed just south of the forest surrounding Pandemonium, there should be a crater of some sort neaby"

"Yumeko, inform the soldiers to head south of the forest towards a crater and venture into Border Space from there, they're main objective is to make sure the gate is closed, if it isn't then they are to close it immedieatly and gaurd it's entrance until we find a way to re-administer the seal to the gate once more."

"As you wish, Lady Shinki" And with that she curtseys and takes her leave out of the parlour. Giving Shinki, Luize and yourself to converse on other matters.

[ ] Ask Shinki about something (Specify)
[ ] Strike up a conversation with Shinki
[ ] Talk with Luize
[ ] Sit quietly and drink the tea whilst you listen to Luize and Shinki talk amongst themselves
[ ] Something else? (Write-in)


Not my best, but at least now we know a little something about Ghost. Please, forgive any mistakes I have made, the next update shall redeem this one, I promise.
>> No. 13842
[x] Strike up a conversation with Shinki
[x] Mention the Baciel.
>> No. 13843
[!/] Ask Shinki about...
[!/] the girl you saw in some of the painting.

>> No. 13865
[x] Strike up a conversation with Shinki
[x] Mention the Baciel.
>> No. 13871
>Out of all the other demons he picked me, Ghost, that one guy no one seemed to notice at a party

I don't know if that was intentional or not, but I lol'd

[x] Ask Shinki about...
[x] the girl you saw in some of the painting.

This girl must be her pride and joy.
>> No. 13883
[x] Strike up a conversation with Shinki
[x] Mention the Baciel.
>> No. 13967
Looks like things fell behind again. No matter, I can't blame anyone but myself and my lack of attendence as of late. I'll be updating soon, possibly tonight if I don't get slapped with another project/paper.
>> No. 14049
[x] Strike up a conversation with Shinki
[x] Mention the Baciel

Well then, now that the tea and snacks are here, why not start a conversation with Shinki. Hmm, but what should you say? you don't want to make an ass out of yourself in front of a god do you? Well, it shouldn't be that hard, just start off with simple small talk and build from there, Luize could also contribute as well being she seems like the type who'll ask questions on anything that quipps her, possibly boundless, curisotiy. "So, Miss Shinki," You start as you clear your throat a bit, to get your voice ready. "What's life like in Makai?" Well...it's not the best but it's still something.

"It's a fairly peaceful realm to live in, despite the misconceptions of that those in Gensokyo brand us with" Shinki answered truthfully with a faint smile, taking a sip of her tea before continuing. "I try to make sure all of my subjects are content with the way they live, and keep them safe from outside forces by making sure the gates to Makai are closed" How does it taste you wonder, well why not try it yourself, you take a quick sip of the tea it's a rather sweet beverage with a nice scent of the same flavor. Hmm those sandwhichs are lookin' pretty good right about now. "Go on, have some," Shinki insists as she pushes the plate holding the snacks towards you. "Yumeko-chan makes wonderful snacks~" It would seem that Shinki really enjoys these snacks that Yumeko prepares for her, the cheerful expression she has is evidence of this. Well, they do look well made, so why not try some, if Shinki loves them alot then they must be good.

"Well, if you insist" You say as pick one of the sandwhiches and take a bit from it's center edge. It seems to be a turkey sandwhich, the meat has a savory flavor to it. The bread is also quite fresh as well, though not really 'just got it out of the over' fresh. "Hm, this IS good" "Now if only I had some ketchup I'd be in business..."

"Ketchup?" Shinki raises an eyebrow...apparently even a goddess does not know the power that Ketchup holds. Okay, maybe no one knows...but, still Ketchep is still fucking awesome.

"Yeah, you can't have a turkey sandwhich without Ketchup" You reply in a muse as you take a bite out of the delicious sandwhich Yumeko made. Perhaps, you should thank her for it later, who knows maybe she'll make you more...well, let's not get ahead of ourself there...

"Hmhm, well it looks like you have the same taste in foods as Luize does~"

Upon hearing these words Luize looks up from her cup of tea a surprised expression on her face. Apparently she didn't notice the food she likes are of 'strange taste' to others. "Huh, I have weird taste in food?"

"Of course, I don't think anyone else would eat Ice Cream topped with Peanut Butter" Shinki chuckled a bit a smile on her face, she didn't mean any offense by it. In that sense she appeared to be teasing Luize about it, in a playful manner. "But, you do travel alot so I guess it's only natrual for you to have developed such...exotic tastes in different foods"

"I suppose you do have a point" Luize laughed "Maybe one day you should try some, it's really quite tasty Miss Shinki"

"U-uhm...No thanks I think I'll be fine" Shinki replied nervously a faint chucle matching her tone. For a goddess Shinki seems to get along well with others, normally you'd expect someone of her power to be arrogant or tyranical but it doesn't look like Shinki's that bad of a person.

"It's times like these that make me feel glad that Luize and I got rid of that Baciel before it followed us here" You said "If we didn't do anything, then it would have totally wrecked havoc on the castle before I had a chance to meet you."

"A...Baciel?" Shinki repeated, her head tilted slightly in a perplexed manner. Seems she doesn't know about these guys, which is a given being they only exist in the universe you're from. "I'm...not sure as to what that is, but from what you say it's a monster, correct?"

"Yes, and a very fearful monster at that." Luize added in a serious look in her yellow eyes. "I saw it's power with my own eyes, Miss Shinki, it was indeed something that had to be dealt with"

"I see...do you suppose there were any more of these 'Baciels' that may have gotten into Makai?"

"I doubt it, the only one that managed to get in, was the same one we managed to kill," However, now that you remember, it was fairly dark in that forest that night, what if by any chance you missed, although you're sure you shot at the demon, you don't know if it was in it's head. "At least, I think we did I shot it in the head after I got it down"
"I'll send Yuki and Mai to investigate the matter, if this demon is as powerful as you say, then I don't think we should take any chances on seeing if it's still alive or not"

"Yuki...and Mai?"

"They're the 2 most powerful Witches in Makai which is why the both of them live here as my 'Court Magicians' if you will. I'm sure they both of them together can dispose of the demon if it so calls for them to fight it"

"Oh speaking of them, how are they?"

"Oh the both of them are doing fine, Yuki is still as energetic as ever, and Mai's still the quiet one of the two, I don't think the two of them will ever change" "Honestly though, the two of them are complete opposites yet they get along so well, I sometimes have a hard time understanding how they're so close to one another"

"I suppose it's true what they say; Opposites attract" And with those words both Shinki and Luize become absorbed in conversation, mostly catching up with each other before Luize moves the conversation to her last trip to the 'Outside World' more or less to a place called 'Australia'. There's a mention of a Kangaroo to which Shinki doesn't have too much knowledge on them besides they carry their young in a pouch. This makes you wonder if you might find some kangaroos here...but then again if Shinki doesn't know of them then they probably don't exist here. However, since she can create her own world and organisims...can she create a Kangaroo just by hearing of it? Well either way, te both of them seem to be having fun together at the moment, while you sit back and enjoy your tea and sandwhiches.

[ ] Volunteer to go with Yuki and Mai.
[ ] Inquire on who this 'Yuki and Mai' are.
[ ] Ask about Yumeko, your kinda curious about her...
[ ] That girl in the painting, who is she? Well, one way to find out...
[ ] Ask Shinki if she can create a Kangaroo.
[ ] Well, you said what you had to say, let Shinki and Luize talk for awhile.
[ ] Something else? (Write-in)
>> No. 14050
[ ] Well, you said what you had to say, let Shinki and Luize talk for awhile.
>> No. 14055
[x] Well, you said what you had to say, let Shinki and Luize talk for awhile.
>> No. 14079
[x] Well, you said what you had to say, let Shinki and Luize talk for awhile.
>> No. 14120
[x] Well, you said what you had to say, let Shinki and Luize talk for awhile.
>> No. 14310
Long time no update I see. I apologize for my lack of writing, It's been rather busy on my end lately...


[x] Well, you said what you had to say, let Shinki and Luize talk for awhile.

Now's a pretty good time to relax and enjoy the peaceful moment, you've already said what you wanted, so you can just sit back and let Shinki and Luize do things their way, after all Luize did come here to tell her mistress of her travels. Shinki and Luize are still on the subject of travel with Luize telling her more about Austrailia and the many different people, and animals she saw while on the other side. "So, Luize, what's the climate like in this 'Austrailia?" Shinki asked the curiosity loud and clear in her voice. "It's quite hot actually, now that I think of it, I sort of regret not having a parasol with me upon going there..." Luize answered, it would seem that's the one aspect she wasn't too fond of. "But, I brought you something that you simply must try~" The tourist mused as she went into her purse and pulled out a small jar that looked to hold some type of jam of some sort. Although, from the looks of said jam it didn't look very tasty...or edible. "The locals call it 'Vegemite', it's somewhat similar to the peanut butter you put on sandwhiches and I must say it's fairly delicious~" You freeze midway through drinking your tea as you hear these words, was she even listening to herself right now, that stuff looks revolting. The again, Luize has probably eaten things even less inviting than 'Vegemite'.

Your glance moves over to Shinki who also seems to have already noticed the rather inedible appearance of this Vegemite Luize has shown to her. "Would you care to try some, Miss Shinki?" Luize offered with an innocent smile as she slide the jar toward Shinki who looks at it curiously. Although, she was a bit put off by the contents appearance she was still curious on how it tasted. "Okay, I'll try some" Luize mused and pulled the cap off of the jar, then placed it in front of Shinki. The goddess hesitates for a moment but eventually she dips her finger into the brown food paste and places it into her mouth. However, the moment she puts it inside you can tell she isn't pleased on how it tastes. Shinki pulls her finger from her mouth her face contorted in an expression of disgust as she politely (and swiftly) pushes the jar back to Luize. "It's quite bitter, I'm afraid...I suppose it depends on the person when it comes to taste..." Shinki points out wiping her finger with a napkin. Luize tilts her head for a moment, but comes to terms with Shinki's opinion and soon turning her attention to you, that same smile on her face as she attempted to offer you a chance to try some of the strange food paste. "How about you, Mr. Ghost, would you like to try some?"

"Uhm, well-" You look to Shinki who discreetly shakes her head, giving you the hint that eating this stuff was just as bad as it looked. Without hesitation you also decline on the kind offer "No, I'm fine"

"Huh, okay" Luize conceades as she brings the jar back to her. "If any of you change your minds, be sure to let me know, I have plenty to go around~" And with that Luize pops open the jar and spreads the brown paste onto her sandwhich before abruptly pausing and looking up to Shinki. "Oh I hope you don't mind me using this, I don't want to come off as rude" Shinki shakes her head and smiles to the tourist "No no, you may eat as much of it as you wish, I don't mind in the slightest" Was she trying to get Luize to eat all the vegemite so she wouldn't have to taste it? Who knows, but that's what it looks like...

"Anywhom, were there any other places that you have been, Luize?" Shinki inquired trying to disregard the fact that Luize was actually ingesting the oddly colored food paste...and enjoying it no less.

"Oh, why yes, Australia wasn't my only stop in the human world," Luize answered with a smile "Hmm I think the last place I traveled to before returning here was a place called Rome, I believe..."


Time doesn't seem to be much of a concearn to you all as the day goes on with more tales from Luize's travels in Rome and the things she's seen while wandering there. She claimed that she had more souviners for Shinki to see, but she only had the one from Austrailia with her at the moment, and although Shinki seemed disappointed at those words, Luize promised she would bring more the next time she dropped by for a visit. By the time you realize anything, you gaze over at the grandfather clock located pm the left side of the room and read that it's nearing around 5:00. Geeze, you've been here that long already? Well, it isn't really that bad, while Luize and Shinki have talked quite alot you didn't really mind it, you yourself were also curious of Luize's travels and found yourself listening to her just as intintively as Shinki was.

However, as the time begins to drag on, you feel yourself growing a bit restless, and now yearn to get up and move around. Having sat in the same place for this long isn't really your thing, perhaps you could ask Shinki if you could roam around the castle a bit and that way you can get your excercise and they can continue talking.

[ ] Ask to be excused and roam around for a bit.
[ ] Change the subject perhaps? (If so, then to what will you change it to?)
[ ] Just stay put and wait for Luize and Shinki to get done...they shouldn't be too long now.
[ ] Something else? (Write-in)
>> No. 14311
[ ] Ask to be excused and roam around for a bit.
>> No. 14316
[X] Ask to be excused and roam around for a bit.

It's sort of depressing that people don't vote for this story that much.
>> No. 14321
[!/] Ask to be excused and roam around for a bit.

Cant be helped when THP lost numerous excellent writers just to keep one.
>> No. 14322
[X] Ask to be excused and roam around for a bit.


Numerous? As far as I remember it was only blank and HY that left because of that and HY has been back for a while now.
>> No. 14336
Update Metal Touhou as well when you get a chance.
>> No. 14595
[x] Ask to be excused and roam around for a bit.

You don't think Shinki and Luize will stop talking anytime soon, and you really weren't about to sit by and listen to them go on and on about travel and what not. It would seem that even female demons like to run off at the mouth alot just as the human kind do (believe me the two are one in the same in more ways than one). You don't really have to stay, do you? Well, you could probably roam around the castle for something to do, provided Shinki didn't mind you doing such an action. Still anything's better than sitting around doing nothing. You wait for another moment as Shinki and Luize are still in conversation, before you notice a brief pause. Taking quick advantage of the opening you catch the attention of both of them by raising you hand slightly, bringing about Shinki's response. "Oh, did you need something Ghost?"

"Yeah, you could say that." You begin "You mind if I be excused for a minute?"

"Oh no, go right ahead" Shinki answers "You can simply ask one of the maids to direct you to the washroom, I'm sure me giving you directions will be quite confusing at best" Hm, there's some truth to that last statement, trying to memorize directions for a place as large as this would be more than a little taxing, fortunately you didn't need them all you were going to do was roam around for a while. If you had to go though, then you'd seek out a maid, but for now time to move around a bit.

"Thanks, I'll see you guys when I get back"

"If we finish before then, I'll come find you, okay~" Luize spoke as you nod and take your leave from the parlor, although it does strike you as odd that Luize would actually know where to look for you, but then again she's lived in Makai for lord knows how long so she probably knows this castle like her small cottage. In any case, it's time to start roaming around and that's something you can't do while standing still in front of a pair of closed doors. There doesn't seem to be any maids in the dining room area, that said the place looks practically spotless since the last time you seen it. They must take their work here very seriously, you can't say you've heard of vassals that are that dedicated to their master (Prinnies included).

Either way, there isn't much in the dining area so you take your leave and head back for the lobby area where the staircase is located. You're pretty curious of what else is located upstairs in Shinki's castle so perhaps you could take a look up there, who knows you might find something (or someone) interesting upon venturing up there. However, as you ready yourself to head on up to said area, you glance over your shoulder to catch sight of a lone maid who was seated on the left side of the staircase reading a book. It would appear she's taking a break of some kind. It doesn't take but a few seconds for her to realize you're in the room with her and she gazes up to you. "Oh, you're the guest who arrived with Miss Luize" The maid spoke as she closes her book to address you. "Are you looking for something?"

"Well, kinda, I was thinkin' I could wander around a bit, y'know give legs a little exercise while I wait for Luize and Shinki to finish yap- I mean, talking" That one almost slipped out...Good thing you caught yourself.

"I see..." The maid responds rising up from her seated position and walking towards you. "Then allow me to take you to a location of your choosing, I can take you where ever you wish" Interesting, it would help a lot to have someone who knew this castle take you to different locations, that way you had a lesser chance of getting lost. But still, whether or not you wished to have her services is up to you...

Allow the maid to guide you to a certain location?
[ ] "Eh, sure go right ahead"
[ ] "No, I'm good"
[ ] Ask her something else (Specify)

[ ] "Direct me to the Library
[ ] "Is there a Game Room here?"
[ ] "Can I find an Art Gallery here?
[ ] "Do you know where the Garden is?"
[ ] "I wanna go to the Viewing Room"
[ ] "I want to go somewhere else; (Write in)"
>> No. 14596
[x] "Eh, sure go right ahead"
[x] "Do you know where the Garden is?
>> No. 14636
[x] "Eh, sure go right ahead"
[x] "Direct me to the Library
>> No. 14637
[x] "Eh, sure go right ahead"
[x] "Do you know where the Garden is?
>> No. 14638
[x] "Eh, sure go right ahead"
[x] "Do you know where the Garden is?