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Thread 16595 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124449921598.jpg - (70.66KB, 440x585, yuyuko299.jpg) [iqdb]
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Greetings, folks. Some of you expressed a desire for an epilogue to HLA, and I aim to please. However, I decided that rather than post the epilogue right off the bat, I'd try running a related idea I had first.

Have fun with this. I will.


"Oh ho, scary! Don't you think you're taking your role as a ghost a little too seriously for this occasion?"

That soft scolding snaps you out of your ruminations, and you look up to see your darling Yuyu smiling softly down at you, a pair of wide saucer-like cups stacked in one hand, and a bottle of sake in the other. You return her smile and scoot over, making enough space for her to sit down beside you as you recline against one of the many trees around the Hakurei Shrine. Once she has herself situated, Yuyu is kind enough to pass you one of the cups and pour you a drink.

"You're probably right, but I just couldn't help wanting to frighten anyone who managed to convince Youmu to marry them. I feel like it's my job, you know, to encourage them not to muck it up. It's a guy thing."

Yuyu giggles, but waggles her finger in chastisement.

"Maybe so, but you know Youmu isn't that fragile. In fact, if you keep that ghastly glare of yours going, she'll probably slash you!"

You shudder involuntarily. A truly mortifying thought, that one. You take a sip of your drink to calm your nerves, before the memories of Youmu forcing you to train have a chance to resurface in their entirety.

"Don't frighten me like that, Yuyu! You're supposed to be the one who protects me. My knight in frills and lace."

Yuyu only hums disinterestedly, sipping at her drink and turning her gaze away from you.


No response.

"Yuyu," you whine this time, leaning your weight onto her, and drooping as pathetically as you can manage. "Please, Yuyu, I need you. I'm squishy!"

Finally your love smiles broadly at that proclamation.

"That's right," Yuyu looks you in the eyes and prods your nose for emphasis, "you're squishy, so
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>> No. 17866
Seconding everything here. And I think "my love" is fine to use once or twice.
>> No. 17887
[ze] The best possible combination of all of these.
>> No. 17888
[x] Just make Patchwork write it like he should have done in the first place.

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File 122767180262.jpg - (312.32KB, 1000x1000, 12234338323.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it
[x] The best pain reliever is just forgetting it; change or drop the subject

You feel awfully bad about bringing the subject up and pushing it a bit. Reisen doesn't look like she's having the best time over there. As a friend, it's important keep her happy, and physical contact is the best way to achieve that when the situation looks absolutely dire. Well, maybe now isn't quite such an emergency, but still, seeing her like this isn't exactly encouraging either. So, that's when you get up and walk over to the side of the table Reisen is sitting at. Reisen looks up at you curiously, but only for a split second before you bring yourself down to her level, sitting parallel to her and putting an arm around her. You pull her in softly and show her your most friendly smile.

"It's alright, the past is in the past. I've come to accept my current life for what it is now and I know I won't come back to my old life. The same should go for you, this is your life now and your old life won't come back to haunt you anymore." Reisen just looks up at you blushing for a moment before sadly separating from you and facing away.
"Thank you Sousha, but it's not exactly encouraging coming from someone who was so interested in their own past..." You can't help but sulk a bit in responce, but you don't let it get you down too much.
"But Reisen, it's true. You shouldn't let the past get to you so much. Dwelling on it never did any good for a lot of people." Reisen just looks down, you can't tell what her current expression is though since she's facing away from you.
"I know...but still..." You smile and simply a put a hand on her shoulder.
"It's alright Reisen. It's in the past, you don't have to think about it anymore." You look up thinking of where to go with this next. Your clingy side wants to hug her, but that might be too awkward for the position you're in right now. "Well, don't worry about it, okay? We can talk about something else if you like." Reisen seems to hesitate for
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>> No. 14783
It's also a shame to be reminded of it by people trying to ressurect the dead.

Sukima isn't even on the IRC. He hasn't been on it for weeks now. I want to ask him to write again, but last I heard his life was going to shit. I doubt he'll get back to work any time soon, sadly.
>> No. 17752

Meh, looking back on this story I'm not at all satisfied with it at all. I did a whole bunch of things that totally screwed it up and turned it into something I really didn't want it to be.

First off, everyone can agree I wrote way too much like Teruyo. At the time, I was an avid fan of his LA and I couldn't get myself off it, to the point to where I just had to copy his style because it only felt the most natural to me at the time. These days, I could probably pull it off a bit better, and actually seem more unique rather then some poser. Especially since I no longer keep up with Teruyo's story. (or any others for that matter, my life has been a busy one until summer started)

And then there was the rampant bias that went around it. Constantly setting the player up with Reisen, teasing anon at several points just because I felt like it, making Sanae straight into someone I never really thought of her to be simply so it'd tie in with the story, the amount of bias was numerous and abound. It's like I couldn't go a few minutes without inserting something into the story that *I* would've liked to choose, not anon. I pretty much just took all of anons free will to choose away and used it for myself half the time. That's not how I want to do an LA.

Then there was the drama. Some of you might not have noticed it, but all the drama my story accured really piled and added up on me. The constant bitching about me and Teruyo, the back and forth over my mistakes, what I kept doing, and the fights that broke out amongst anon itself all kinda lead to me not having the motivation to continue doing this anymore. That's something mildly unrelated to my point though, because what also piled onto it was the whole drama situation with GD and Nine at the time, and I was getting rather tired of hearing about the /border/ drama in general. Hopefully that seems to have changed now.

In any case, writing large, massive posts into a story does not appear to be the thing for me. Every single time I attempt writing, I barely even get a single paragraph in before I inevitably get distracted by something else. It used to take me 10 whole hours
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>> No. 17754
Well, it's nice to know that at least you officially closed this story.

Good luck with whatever you're doing in real life and share again with us your CYAO if you feel like doing one again in the future.

Thread 15493 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124038096811.jpg - (235.38KB, 600x425, Muscial Sealing Club.jpg) [iqdb]
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A gentle shove brings you back to reality, and the light of the sun soon floods into your eyes. Looking at the one who woke you, you can see Renko wearing an apron and carrying a small lunch box, beaming happily as you sit up.

"Good morning!" Grinning widely, she acts in contrast to your sluggish morning routine. "I made you a lunch box today... So, let's give it our all, okay?"


You can only stretch and yawn after saying that, still half asleep. With one swift motion, Renko brings her face to yours, and fully awakes you with a kiss. You only sit there, caught off guard and still adjusting to the beams of sunlight which pour in from the nearby window. After another moment of sitting there like that, Renko pulls away and gives you her big smile once more, her hands now at her hips.

"Good morning!"

"...Ah... Um..." Perking up, you nod with determination. "R-right! Good mooorning!"

Renko just laughs as you get out of bed, and hands you a school uniform. Looking at it, it seems to be nice and clean... Much cleaner than it had been before. Setting your lunch down at the foot of your bed, she goes over to a nearby mirror and picks up a comb, brushing her hair in a swift manner. If you're going to keep up with someone like this... It will take some extra effort, and on your part, for that matter.

"It's still not time to leave, but I wanted to spend some time talking together..." Setting the comb down, she beckons for you to follow her as she makes her way into the downstairs kitchen. "I was wondering... Do you know what big event is coming up?"

"...Big event?" Shaking your head, you smile weakly as you descend the steps. "No, I'm not too sure what you mean... Oh, unless you mean that celebration they're having soon..."

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Renko flashes you a thumbs-up and nods, making a "ding-ding-ding-ding" sound as she performs these motions.

"Ding ding ding! You're the winner!" Laughing softly, she walks over to the small kitchen space, where she
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>> No. 17582
Well, I think that'll be it for the votes. Considering the precious little space left in the thread, I'd say that it's about time for Thread 8. It'll be up later on tonight. In other words...

Writing now(ish).
>> No. 17583
>> No. 17587
New thread is at http://www.touhouproject.com/border/res/17586.html

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File 124519278527.png - (22.81KB, 547x397, lugi's mansion.png) [iqdb]
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This should probably belong in /SDM/ now...


You head back into the main room.

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>> No. 17452
File 124536937525.png - (23.40KB, 546x396, Lecret Sanguage.png) [iqdb]
Marisa calls you forward and you show Keine some of his memorabilia. She inspects them.

"This seal looks like Reimu's," she begins. "These cards look like something you'd buy from a curiosity shop. This bottle is from Eirin's store, and this map..." Keine pauses.

"...I'm not sure. I'm not sure who this person would have been, and I don't think he lived around here."

>> No. 17453

[x] "Huh... I guess we'll try asking Reimu regarding the ward then. Thanks for your help."
>> No. 17457


Thread 16787 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124467171747.png - (8.61KB, 547x397, gallon.png) [iqdb]
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You are in a white room. A girl stands in front of you.

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>> No. 17172
OP here. Out of bumpable posts, it seems. Should I make a new topic, or something?
>> No. 17173
[x] Investigate the source of the noise.


That would be advisable.
>> No. 17174
[x] Investigate the source of the noise.

Also, pretty awesome that this one will take up more than one thread. Though I guess that can be kind of a bad thing.

Thread 16466 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124435574866.png - (8.66KB, 549x397, gal.png) [iqdb]
16466 No. 16466 hide watch expand quickreply
You are in a white room. A girl stands in front of you.

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>> No. 16743
No, I meant three lives/continues. An open-ended sandbox tale with no real plot, that ends when we die enough.
>> No. 16759



Yeah, that could work too.
>> No. 17006
I too shall add my praise for what it's worth, very nice indeed. A couple of shorts like this are excellent, could I encourage you to make each of those sidequests into full stories? Only as long as this one I mean, seeing as you've got the material to begin with and all.

Thread 16030 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124226154391.jpg - (233.70KB, 600x656, 01.jpg) [iqdb]
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It’s a very fickle thing.

You start it with seemingly unlimited potential. But the passing of time is always there to give it a limit. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second; every moment that passes is a moment you could have been doing something. Knowing that, you should strive to make the most of your life, and make a difference, right?

Too bad so many people choose not to, wasting what limited time they have. They were given that opportunity to live as best as they can; some decide to waste that opportunity, while others become too entangled in that struggle to live that they forget to enjoy life.

That’s a real pity.

Because in the first place, the “potential” that they started with was much more limited. From the moment that they were born, it was decided that they would be one thing, and not another. Whether they were to be a human, or a beast, or a youkai was never their choice. It was the choice of the higher beings, those who exist in a plane beyond the mortal coil.

They put one more limit on the guys below. That is, their lifespan. Very few beings are exempt from the inevitable end, after all. It’s one of the higher beings’ jobs to calculate and predict when things die.

And I’m the one who has to go tell them they’re dead.


“You’re dead.”


“You deaf? I said you’re dead. You’ve been dead for about uh…”

I slipped out a cell phone, flipping it open to check the time.

“… three hours already. Actually, according to this, you should have been dead a week ago. Looks like somebody screwed up. Oh man, the guys at the office are gonna get a real chewing out.”

The “dead” person I was talking to was a boy, no older than fourteen at most. Tragic, really, his was a short life. I think he got hit by a car or something like that.

“… I see, I’m dead.”

Oddly enough, he didn’t really seem all that sad about it at all. Well, maybe the kid was depressed before he died; you saw a lot of those cases.

“Yup. Sorry to break the news to you, little man. Anyway, you’re c
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>> No. 16819
Sorry about the lack of updates. Will do so tomorrow.
>> No. 16844
No, I totally got that vibe, too. I'm hoping its intentional, and that we'll see him mature the fuck up.
>> No. 16863
Okay, hate to be a liar, but something came up today. I promise there will be a new thread up tomorrow.

Thread 6132 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 121423343145.jpg - (491.58KB, 1200x960, op_1.jpg) [iqdb]
6132 No. 6132 hide watch expand quickreply

You yawn, stretching your arms to either side. That blur over your vision appears for a second, but you shake your head to dispel it. Looking at the clock… it’s about 6:00 A.M. You get up and make your bed, making sure to take a glance out the window. The streets are rather empty today. Oh well, you might as well get ready for school. As you open the closet, you can hear the sound of birds chirping, greeting the new day with their merry song.

Today should be a good day.

After getting your school uniform on, you go downstairs. You can’t help but think of how Maribel is always disturbed by how you insist on wearing the girl’s uniform. She has no say in it, though. This outfit just compliments your oddly girlish figure. After tying your hair in a ponytail, you look in the pantry to find something for breakfast. You grab a box of cereal and pour it into a bowl, and you then get the milk and pour it on top of the cereal. After putting these ingredients away, you take a seat at the table.


You sigh. Living on your own is rewarding and depressing at the same time. Sometimes you wish that you had decided to live with Maribel and your parents, after the wedding had happened. At least you’d have your birth mother, who always accepted your choice in clothing. Unlike that new father, who never even cared about how you had a feminine figure. He would always rant on about how you should be wearing a man’s clothes, since you are, after all, male. Shaking your head of these thoughts, you begin to eat your breakfast. But… You still want to think about something while eating.

[ ] Think about Maribel.
[ ] Think about your mother.
[ ] Think about your father.
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>> No. 6473
>> No. 6477

Nice. Couldn't get anymore of that. Hope this one is better, but I guess I will never know this unless I start reading it.
>> No. 16341
File 124339786641.jpg - (97.06KB, 1024x768, fucked.jpg) [iqdb]

Thread 15749 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124127375655.jpg - (42.59KB, 429x600, youmu.jpg) [iqdb]
15749 No. 15749 hide watch expand quickreply
Testing Server Connection.
Connection Resolved.
Loading Scenario: Day 3, Late Afternoon

Option Selection Mode: On
Custom User Input: On
Parallel Threading: On

Slashing will tell me who the target should be.
200 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16193

Agreed on pretty much all levels, though I don't fault the writer for moving to push things along. I much prefer some mild thread-redirection hax over a YAFesque "OMFG U GUIS R RETARDED THATS IT I GIVE UP" SAD END.

But, I digress. What Anon has to do is clear:
1) No more iron heart surgan' gaems.
2) Figure out what the fuck is going on.
3) Make the voices stop.

... Although I would not be adverse to a little Machi-Machi on the side...

[X] Talk about the weird situations going on lately with you and the others.
- If possible, ask Komachi to gather information from the others if they experienced something unusual from the past few days.
- If not, then ask about herself, Yuyuko, and Chen. How are they faring up to?
[X] "...Thanks Komachi..." (regardless of either sub-choice.)
[X] If you're not going to be released, ask if she has stronger shackles
- "... 'I guess that wasn't a very good joke'." Grin.
>> No. 16199
While I prefer to stay silent on my own work, I suppose it won't hurt to say that this really isn't a "spiraling down to sad end" phase. I apologize if it seems to be going in that direction, but this should start making more sense in the next updates. In fact, for those who were observant, the story should be getting a lot clearer at this point already...
>> No. 16203
Server reconnected at: >>16202

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