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Thread 19273 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 12519516775.jpg - (265.26KB, 858x950, Tokiko123.jpg) [iqdb]
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Waking up, in your experience, was usually pretty crap. The blurry vision, the sluggish body, the mind that moved at a speed most snails would laugh at... no, the actual process of waking up was pretty unpleasant all around. And that was before you considered all those little extras that some god had slapped on top specifically tailored for men, things such as morning wood, that gunky feeling in the back of the throat and of course the rough stubble that had grown across your chin overnight.

Running your fingers over your chin and cheeks, you make some incomprehensible noise and half slide, half fall, out of your bed. With a surge of energy you pull yourself up into something vaguely resembling a standing posture. Yawning you scratch at an itch on your chest and look around your room for your dressing gown... you vaguely recall dropping it on the floor last night when you came home...

“Back of the door.” You blink in surprise at the voice but, as you look over at the door to you room you find that its advise was indeed true. Grinning you grab your dressing gown and pull it on. Though you were wearing boxers and were technically decent, you knew well that your sister usually didn't take kindly to you wandering around mostly naked. Oh well, such was the price of not really being old enough to move out you supposed. “Ah, and good morning.”

Turning to face the voice you take in the sight of the girl busily digging through your bookshelf for a moment before giving her a cheerful wave. “G'morning... uh...”

“Tokiko.” She replies, not even looking up from your books.

“Oh. G'morning, Tokiko.” you reply, a slight nagging feeling in the back of your head being ignored in your sleep-addled state. She merely grunts in response.

Turning you head off to out the bathroom, making sure to first check that the coast was clear and that no-one was actively using the room. A bath right now would be overkill, but your household was lucky enough to also have a rather nice shower - one that was perfect to wake yourself up with in the morning.

As the cool water cascaded over your head and body you felt yourself
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>> No. 20478
No write-ins, remember? And who's your third one?

Yeah, I was thinking that, after a bit...
>> No. 20479
I can only guess Sanae.
>> No. 20480
So, looks like i'll be calling this as:

A Show Better Than Pro Wrestling - Might Makes Right Unless You Cheat - In Olden Days You Would Call Them Blue

Not going to reveal those who lost since you will be seeing them all - just not right now.

Bonus points to whoever did that write in since hell if i can guess who they expected the third statement to be. (Nitori, Ran and ??? ). Just for that I'll add an extra in when i write this next post.

Thread 16938 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124487353716.jpg - (329.61KB, 600x848, 01.jpg) [iqdb]
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Then I’ll just go bother my colleague instead.

A little frustrated, I flung the door of my room open and stormed outside, kicking the door shut with the heel of my foot. From there on, I silently navigated my way to the surface world, heading for the Sanzu River.


I greeted Komachi with a wave of my hand as I landed on the bank of the river, lazily slouching my way to her. To my surprise, she was actually standing in her boat with a soul on board.

“Hey there. Slow day, or are ya just slacking?”

Komachi greeted me by waving back. I let out an exaggerated sigh as I walked closer to her, gesturing with my hands dramatically.

“Oh, I’m so distressed that you would accuse me of such a thing!”

I said with wild gesticulation. I’m a pretty lousy actor, though, and Komachi just rolled her eyes at the sight. I shrugged, and put on a grin.

“I don’t have anything to do yet, so I thought I’d drop by and bother you a bit.”

Saying that, I snatched one of the roaming souls out of the air, dribbling it on the ground like a basketball. You know, these things are surprisingly elastic.

“I’m used to being busy throughout the whole shift, so I gotta say, this kind of inactivity is new for me.”

I tossed the soul aside as I sat down on the edge of her boat.

“Well, there’s less people here than in the outside world. It’s to be expected, don’tcha think?”

“Guess so. Still, not even one person’s died yet?”

“Gahahaha! Well, the less work you have to do, the less work I have to do! Just take it easy, why don’tcha?”

I shrugged, and tapped my fingers on the side of the boat.

“… Hey, you know, is it just me, or are these boats getting dinkier and dinkier every millennium?”

I said, looking at the plain and unadorned boat. Could’ve sworn these used to be a lot bigger.

“Hell’s having financial issues lately, ya know.”

“Heh, right. Another thousand years and you’ll be ferrying souls on a piece of plank.”

“Well, compared to others, my Titanic is a first-class luxur
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>> No. 19700
[x] I decided to bother the boss.
>> No. 19706
[X] I decided to take a stroll through Hell.

boss = trouble
room = boring

lesser of the evils.
>> No. 20343
File 125810510616.jpg - (35.87KB, 285x610, Update please.jpg) [iqdb]

Thread 19160 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125316630673.jpg - (131.17KB, 495x700, ran028.jpg) [iqdb]
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[X] Go ahead and talk to her. Maybe you can cheer her up.


Honestly, it feels kind of strange to see her looking this depressed when you how serene and comfortable she's been the rest of the time you've seen her. She looked prettier with the smile on her face, not to mention more reassuring, and the latter is definitely something you could use with how mixed up things have gotten. You're not quite sure what you could do to make her feel better, but making an attempt is the least you can do both for yourself and for her. You lay your hand lightly on her shoulder, and give her a gentle shake.

"Say, Ran," you say quietly, "how you feeling?"

Still cradling her head in her arms, she peeks up at you with miserable eyes and grunts.

"... not well, then."

Ran finally sits up with a sigh, and grasps the neck of one of the countless bottles strewn about the counter between two elegant fingers. Swinging the translucent glass bottle slowly back and forth, she watches the last traces of the liquid inside swirl about.

"... I'm sorry," she mumbles at length. "I'm not conducting myself well, am I?"
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>> No. 20268
Sorry again for the delays. Real life has been dumping on me; I've mostly worked it out. Tired, words aren't coming. Update tomorrow.
>> No. 20274

>> No. 20275

Or the next day, whatever. Update is forthcoming.

Thread 4060 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 121243064951.jpg - (100.61KB, 422x443, 37j8.jpg) [iqdb]
4060 No. 4060 hide watch expand quickreply
New thread, because I think it can be hard to keep up with two different LAs running on a board, and auto-saging doesn't help.


[X] Head left.


Well, one direction's as good as the next, and you've got your tea in your right hand. Might as well head left, and keep one hand on the wall nearest to you. You start off through the halls, moving slowly to keep yourself from falling over.

The trip is rather uneventful. The halls are empty and quiet, and you stop every now and again to admire a stray painting or flower arrangement. Come to think of it, you haven't seen anyone other than Yuyuko or Youmu in here. Do they live here all by themselves?

A few turns later, you find yourself looking out onto a large outdoors walkway. It's not the same one that you talked with Yuyuko on, however, because the surroundings are quite different. You're much closer to that large barren tree, now, and the stone path that leads away from the manor is in worse condition. Unsurprising, considering that it seems to lead into a small marshland that surrounds the giant tree. A quick look over to the right reveals an entryway identical to the one you stand in, far in the distance. This certainly is a large estate.

Well, you don't have much else to do, so you start down the path into the marshes. Paved pathway gives way to squelching mud. You note absently that you're not wearing shoes anymore; Youmu must have taken them off when she lay you down earlier. It feels nicer than you'd think to walk in the mud, though, so it's no loss. In fact, the marshland is quite a pleasant place to stroll through - tall, wilder trees than the sakura out front are everywhere, creating a canopy of leaves through which thin beams of sunlight occasionally drift. There's a sort of quiet stillness in everything, interrupted only by a drifting orb of light every now and again. Those lights remind you of Myon; maybe some other ghosts are enjoying an evening walk, too?

That makes you think, though. If Myon and the other ghosts all manifest as will-o'-the-wisps, why don't you? There must be some kind of reason for that. Maybe y
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>> No. 4903
[x] Go and sit with Ran for a little while. Maybe bring her a cup of water or something. She looks about ready to keel over.
>> No. 4904
Alright, Ran sweeps it with ease. Writing now.
>> No. 4905
File 121288218492.jpg - (74.03KB, 364x615, dreamcast.jpg) [iqdb]
[ x ] Go and sit with Ran for a little while. Maybe bring her a cup of water or something. She looks about ready to keel over.

Ran-sama! Ran-sama!

Thread 16202 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124271855721.jpg - (72.45KB, 550x581, youmu_yuyuko.jpg) [iqdb]
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Testing Server Connection.
Connection Resolved.
Loading Scenario: Day 3, Evening

Option Selection Mode: On
Custom User Input: On
Parallel Threading: On

There are ghosts during the day, too, you know.
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>> No. 19616
File 12547995102.gif - (57.70KB, 288x374, a.gif) [iqdb]
The guy had a chance of killing her and he didn't take it.
It may be many things, but I don't think it's a trap.
>> No. 19618
[ℤℯ] Follow him into the mist. You can't afford to lose him!
>> No. 19621
Server reconnected at: >>19619

Thread 17586 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124555280245.png - (618.69KB, 568x600, Renko&Mary005.png) [iqdb]
17586 No. 17586 hide watch expand quickreply
"...That works, I guess." Tilting your head to one side, a slight feeling of hesitation causes you to hold back a few words. "... but... Do you think Youmu could spend the night here, with us? Only tonight, that is."

"...Hmm. I wonder." Holding one hand to her head, your mother seems to think about the situation for a few moments, while making a low, annoyed sound. "...Yes, I suppose that's fine. Just make sure that all the other parties involved are fine with it."

With a nod and a smirk, Renko gives Junko a thumbs up as a show of good faith. At first she seems surprised by the gesture, but after another moment she smiles and returns the thumbs up, staring warmly at you and Renko. After sitting there another few seconds, Renko jolts back up and runs out the door, shouting at you to follow her.

As you get up to go, your mother grabs your shoulder to stop you. Turning around, you can see a concerned look in her eyes, even though her smile is still a very warm and happy one. Taking a step back, you look at her face as she gets ready to speak, wondering what she might have to say.

"...I can see that you two have become... closer." Saying that, she folds her arms across her chest as her smile diminishes, though only slightly. "...Aoi, please tell me. Do you have a romantic interest in Renko, now?"

"... Oh... Well, I..." Lost for words, you merely stumble for a moment, unsure of what to say. Just telling her is too much, but lying is out of the question. You could never lie to your mother. "... Well... I guess you could say that, maybe."

For a moment, she only stares at you, looking slightly unsure and just as concerned as she had been before. Resisting the urge to look down and escape her gaze, you continue to look right back at her, until she starts to smile again.

"If you really do feel that way about that girl, then I'll trust that you've made the right choice." Tousling your hair a little, she gives you a hug before walking over to the doorway herself. "Just don't do anything that would make your father disappointed, okay?"
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>> No. 19446
[ ] "What about the shrine? Sure, we've been there once or twice before, but it's big enough that we might find something new."

And then we find Reimu's YinYang Balls and talismans/spikes and seal Yukari forever.
>> No. 19457
[x] "What about the shrine? Sure, we've been there once or twice before, but it's big enough that we might find something new."
>> No. 19526
I can't wait for Magical Boy Aoi and the side-stories.

Thread 18646 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124924707953.jpg - (798.61KB, 580x822, Yakumo.jpg) [iqdb]
18646 No. 18646 hide watch expand quickreply
[X] "So... if I'm dead, is this heaven? Are you goddesses?"
[X] Ask about being an "outsider"
[X] "Do you know how I died?"


"Okay then, first things first. If I'm dead, then where is this? Is this heaven? Are you supposed to be goddesses?"

Yukari gives you a long hard stare until her mouth twitches, and she erupts into a flurry of loud, raucous laughter; she tries and fails to hide her smile with one hand, the other slapping her thigh loudly. Chen joins in with a flurry of her own giggles, clutching her sides as she hunches over the table. Feeling ridiculed and slightly stupid because of it, you can't help but be a little cross and a little abashed, your cheeks growing hot with embarrassment.

"Stop it! It wasn't that funny!"

"I'm sorry, you're right," Yukari manages to wheeze between laughs. "If a dusty wasteland and a rundown town with only three inhabitants is your idea of heaven, you must have led a very sad life indeed!"

She does that thing again - that thing she did the when you first met her - but in reverse, vanishing from her end of the table and reappearing on yours. Before you can catch sight of what exactly it is that she's done, you find yourself being yanked headfirst into her ample bosom. You glare up at her as she ruffles your hair; somehow the magnificence of having her bust against your face is but a cold comfort when she's mocking you like this.

"You poor, poor baby. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of experiences would make you think demons like us could be goddesses."


Something changes in Yukari when you ask that question. Her golden eyes glow ominously, and she flashes an uncanny and disconcerting smile.

"The Demon That Lurks in Gaps and Boundaries, Yukari Yakumo."

A pair of small hands grip your shoulders tightly enough to be painful, and out the corner your eye you spy Chen giving you a grin that shows off some very sharp teeth.

"The Monstrous Black Cat of Ill Omens, Chen."

Just as a shiver cr
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 19136

I recall that, but I don't think it was so much a route than a branch off ending tying up a plot point; but the scene was certainly hot. the ending was ultimately Renko and Mary
>> No. 19148

Not a route. More like an after story H-scene. The route done before it was Renko and Mary.
>> No. 19150
Ugh. Sorry for yet another delay folks. There's an update coming tomorrow, but I'm about to keel over. Hold out for a while - I'll try to post some time in the morning, before classes.

Thread 18334 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124824693561.jpg - (253.38KB, 800x600, So Long and Thanks for All the Love.jpg) [iqdb]
18334 No. 18334 hide watch expand quickreply
As the curtain falls on one story, it rises on another. Welcome, one and all, to HLA Round 2.

Or should I say, welcome to HLA Round 2's pregame options? The story proper will begin some time tomorrow, but I would like to give you all plenty of time to pick the options that suit you best.

Waking Point:
[ ] Hakugyokuro (Default)
[ ] Higan
[ ] Mayohiga
[ ] Prismriver Mansion

The big one. Your waking point is where - and when, in fact - the game begins. This obviously affects who you meet first, and to a point helps direct which set of characters you will be having more interactions with.

[ ] Dusk (Default)
[ ] Butterfly

A minor option that you can change at any time, you can manifest any outfit you have previously unlocked. This doesn't have particularly dramatic effects more often than not, but it can create some amusing situations.

That's all there is at the moment. Nothing much, really, but enough. Tomorrow, we shall take this show on the road.
211 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 18636

I second this since he does have a good point.
>> No. 18639
If it sounds too flirty, then let's fall back on specifics. Rather than "goddesses" in general, ask Yukari is she is - and after a moment of thought - Ame-no-Uzume.
>> No. 18643
I'm here to say: I'm calling the votes.

Sorry for the lack of activity; for once it's not entirely my fault. Haven't had a lot of time to use the computer today, and yesterday... well, a city-wide service failure on the part of my ISP, followed by this site itself going down was not conducive to writing.

Getting started on the writing now, update comes some time tomorrow.

Thread 17975 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124734359071.gif - (602.96KB, 550x400, Cooking with Sakuya !.gif) [iqdb]
17975 No. 17975 hide watch expand quickreply
I dunno, this is getting kinda dull. I'll try to make things a bit more interesting...


You stop time and grab a Sponge from the counter. You erase the Blood from the wall. Satisfied with your work, you look around the kitchen for something to do. That Flour looks promising...

You start time up again and fill a Pot with Water. You stop time shortly afterwards. You pour the Flour into the Pot. You knead the Flour into Dough.

237 posts and 63 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 18478

That's a shame. There's some good CYOA here
>> No. 18482
With this dead the only reason to visit /border/ now is AoD.
>> No. 18500

What are you talking about. HLA is the shit.

Thread 17456 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124537228080.png - (21.80KB, 546x397, HUEG SLEEVES.png) [iqdb]
17456 No. 17456 hide watch expand quickreply
...Fourth thread already...?


You thank Keine for her help. You and Marisa head over to Reimu.

"Oh, hey, Marisa," she greets. "Who's this?"

Marisa explains how she met you.

203 posts and 43 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 17973
.... What'd you do to Meiling?! You mean bastards!

[X] Switch to Anon
[X] Go find Meiling and take her away from this blasted place!
>> No. 17974
[X] Switch to Anon

[X] Go find something to read in the library.
>> No. 17977


I didn't take those two votes into action, though. I guess I'll do that now... But which one?!

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