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So, to counter that other crossover thread (who's going to autosage in twenty or so more posts), what series you guys would never like Touhou to be crossed over with?

For me, it's LoTR. I'm still grafetul nobody dares to defile Tolkien's masterpiece with friggin' Touhou. It would take a hell of a writer or even Tolkien himself to make it work, one I'm sure doesn't exist in the fandom nowadays.

No. 9991
I personally think Touhou should never be crossed, for it always brings idiots and endless discussion about who kicks asses and who chews bubblegums.
No. 9992
Pretty Cure.
No. 9996
The amount of corruption that would come from that crossover is terrifying to even think about.
No. 9997
Anything that causes powerlevel arguments, like >>9991 said.

But worse would be MLP.
No. 9998
Anything that causes powerlevel arguments, like >>9991 said.

But worse would be MLP.
No. 10003
The one I would like to see is a Killer7/touhou crossover.
Because in Killer7, Yakumo is the name given to a document able to turn a postman into a successful corporation president, and I would like to see how someone would interprete Yukari as a walking Yakumo.
No. 10008
Sounds dumb.
No. 10026
Most of Touhou's "real crossovers" (that is, not just replacing the other series' characters with Touhous) is going to be shitty, as Touhou fans are freakin' fanatical towards their precious Touhous.

Balance? Who cares about that? We just want the Touhous to reign supreme over everything else.
No. 10028
Seihou and Samidare take offense at that statement.
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VIVIT beat Reimu and Marisa without spellcard rules.
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File 133764541156.jpg - (96.94KB , 425x300 , adventuretime_tv.jpg ) [iqdb]
I want to see this, just for how absurd and silly it can get.
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I'd be fine with this.
No. 10157
No Dohvakiin in Gensokyo, ever.

It'll be all about spewing memes and making retarded choices just because "We're the goddamn Dohvakiin!!!" aspect.
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We are willing to make an exception. Maybe.
No. 10175
I am now imagining the premise of Skyrim with all the characters replaced with Touhous. Kyouko's the Dohvakiin, and Meiling's the false messiah or something like that.

I'd read it.
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I can totally see the buddhist cast playing as the elves.
All hail Talos!
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Oh goddamn it, /lit/fags are here, too?

Go back to /lit/ and jerk off to some obscure Russian literature, will ya?
No. 10249
>Russian literature
Here’s hoping they don’t read English translations of it. Cause if they do, I do swear, I’ll have their heads on toothpicks.
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I said maybe, then you ruined it. Sob.
No. 11203
I would sell my soul to Kyubey for a Touhou anime made by Gen Urobuchi.
No. 11371

I can see it now: Grimderp. Grimderp everywhere
No. 11384
I'd prefer grimderp to retarded moeshit anytime.