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Remember kids, this one's for THP-related stuff only.
No. 9585
I hate that I can't tell if THP is growing, stable or dying
No. 9586
THP's pretty stable nowadays. No barrage of new anons or something like that.
No. 9589
We'll probably get another volley of newfags in summer as we do every year, of which a handful is likely to stick around. For better or for worse. After that, a slow trickle of decreased activity until the next summer. It's a recurring cycle.
No. 9591
>We'll probably get another volley of newfags in summer as we do every year
Do we really? I don't recall that.
No. 9595
Most of leaving immediately. We're too hardcore for them.
No. 9596
Bwahaha. I can't read this without cracking up.
No. 9600
I wanna bitch about Suika and Yukari. For most fans, Yukari is a master troll, while Suika is a drunkard.
And yet, when I read IaMP's script, I think that Suika is nastier than Yukari. For example, she says to Sakuya: "You devoted to the cooking and cleaning duty for the feast. Good job, good job. However, no one notices that. No one appreciates you. "
Later, she says more nasty things to Alice:
"You only talk to humans at the feasts, and no-one else. Do you wish to be human?
Or maybe you don't want to be too involved with anyone who is stronger than you? But you don't understand that those humans are the most scary of all. How pitiful."

So hey, I'm not sure, but if you add that nasty habit of her to her strange welcoming of the buddhist crew in Wild and Horny Hermit, that makes her a honest bitch. Totally not that fun and cute little flatboard the fanon likes so much.
No. 9601
It sounds better than "they leave as soon as they understand that we're a bunch of elitists assholes constantly comparing good old stories and shitty new stories".
No. 9602
Is comparing bad stories to good ones so wrong?
No. 9603
If a story is shitty, there's nothing wrong with saying it's shitty.
No. 9604
I have not noticed this supposed drop in average story quality over time that you refer to.

What good old stories?
No. 9607
Sorry, you can only see them with my nostalgia googles.
No. 9608
She's an oni. They're supposed to be like that.

Speaking of oni, wouldn't their society be a bad place to live in? I mean, might makes right and all that?
No. 9610
How does not wanting to read crap equate to being elitist? Does not wanting to eat poison mean I'm a food elitist?
No. 9612
It's not bad if you're an oni.
No. 9622
I think the elitist terms refers to our attitude towards bad writers. Instead of helping them to improve, we're trying to chase them off, sending them to Maidens or to FF.net
No. 9623
That's because it's hard to teach other people how to write properly.

That's also the reason why I don't want to start writing here.
No. 9626
>Trend of bitchiness in a character

Nothing new to see, but fanon does tend to gloss over parts like that of Suika, sure she's a fun loving oni-loli at times but there are others where she shows the observation and wisdom of someone 1000+ years old... and does so bluntly.

instilling good habits takes time and effort and isn't as satisfying as utterly crushing their dreams.

There's also the fact that some bad writers NEED a few knocks upside the head before they start listening.

But I think I should remind you that the early stories here were pretty messy overall in structure,etc, but they had a spirit enjoyable and sound. Not that excuses certain Yukkuri fetish authors from churning out dry lifeless stuff.

The difference between say Patchy Quest and Strike Witch Quest is vast.
No. 9627
You know, even though I'm a fan of A Wizard Is You, I still don't want to look at Strike Witches Quest.

I mean, it's freakin' Strike Witches, for crying out loud.
No. 9630
it's not as bad as you'd think, more of a focus on the war aspects than the fanservice aspects. Of course it also helps that the MC is pretty dense. And Rommel jumping out of a fridge to sucker punch the head of the british RAS that gave him so much trouble before the aliens attacked

I'd think you'd be more concerned with some of the stupid stuff anon these does. This doesn't mean anything for Wizard as that's more controlled and better structured.
No. 9634
>There's also the fact that some bad writers NEED a few knocks upside the head before they start listening.
I need an example, because frankly I doubt there's any writer still around after being flamed like that. Most of thp's writers have more ass-kissers than real critics.
No. 9635
And I forgot to add:
ESPECIALLY in Taisa's case. He has more ass-kissers than Obama himself.
No. 9646
Ah, thanks for the reminder:

I want to rage about Democrats (Who actually believe their leader shares their ideals) and Republicans (who have a leader who shares their ideals, but those ideals are crap and everyone who believes in them should get out of the gene pool forever)
No. 9647
What i mean is that they get horribly flamed because they won't listen to the few attempts to nicely tell them to improve.
No. 9650
I'm just going to vent all of my rage here and now.

Rage at things often in stories:

Rage directed at stories set in Gensokyo but disregard danmaku.

Extra rage directed at stories set in Gensokyo that do acknowledge the existence of danmaku, but shove it to the side as "just a game"

Super extra rage at people who do this so that they can employ lethal force.

Rage at confusing the spellcard system with danmaku.

Rage at stories centered on ousider OCs, especially male ones, with no powers but who nonetheless manage to survive and often hook up with one or more Touhou characters.

Extra rage at stories centered on outsider OCs, especially male ones, who gain powers in or as part of getting into Gensokyo.

Rage at authors who don't play any of the games, especially the ones relevant to the characters in their story, or even read the script and maybe watch a gameplay video or two, before writing their story. This is in fact important as gameplay is able to convey facets of someone's personality or abilities that might not be obvious otherwise.

Rage at anyone who would separate Touhou characters from their powers or otherwise write them as underpowered. Rage at anyone who would write Touhou characters as far more powerful than they are in the games as well, espcecially Yukari and the ones with vaguely defined powers.

Rage at various stories who give the character powers by killing/discorporating him before the start of the story. If your soul has hax powers when it's outside your body, what's the point of having a body? (This is a serious question, and if you have an answer please post it.)

In general, rage at yukkuri. (The creature, not the emoticon.) They have no substantial powers and are slow, so how exactly have they not all been eaten by Evil Eyes, kedama, birds, and other stage enemies, all of which have at least some powers and are faster?

Rage at people who make Wriggle's antennae an erogenous zone. They're basically a second nose.

Rage at stories who give their protagonist a knife as a weapon. In a world where danmaku is the primary form of combat? A knife? Seriously?

Minor rage at the premise of "Main character gets hit by a truck and winds up in Gensokyo's afterlife or nearby."

Rage at specific stories:

Rage at Patchy Quest for having Koakuma be a complete monster and Harry Potter's grandmother or great-grandmother on one or both sides.

Rage at THIS SHRINE for having a protagonist and antagonist with some crazy instant-death knife hax that somehow works on youkai, this is exactly what I was talking about with male OCs with powers obtained with relevance to Gensokyo.

Rage at Ancient Gensokyo for getting dropped exactly when YuugenMagan appeared.

Rage at Archetype of Self (first run) for having a hax main character who hooks up with everyone. Extra rage for hooking up with rapist Gengestu, and a pet cat who becomes a youkai in the story, who somehow immediately has four tails despite the fact that more tails are a measure of age.

Rage at Flight of the Lost Soul for giving its protagonist a body and therefore cutting off what was an interesting concept in favor of another male OC with hax powers. And for that snowball fight.

Rage at SCIENCE!! for making Bill Nye into another semigeneric male OC instead of Bill Nye The Science Guy.

Rage at A Scarlet-Stained Memoir for having lots of outsider hax OCs, for disregarding danmaku, and for having a screwy villain motivation in a mystery.

Rage at Gensokyo High for...you know.

Rage at Compensation: Adequate for stealing Problem Sleuth's image for something that has nothing to do with Problem Sleuth, and is really more like Ovid's work in theme.

Rage at City Quest for being centered on yukkuri.

Rage at Limited Adventures for the random unmarked fake H-scene interludes.

No. 9651
I don't know about you, but whenever there's a danmaku duel in a story I usually skip it. They're really boring.
No. 9652
I'm sorry to read that but as a writer, I would never write a danmaku duel in one of my stories. A spellcard duel, maybe, but one that does not involve danmaku.

But if you don't like male OCs, you'll probably never read my stories, so nevermind.

The thing I want to rage personally is how rare real fights actually are in fanfictions. In Touhou, people are fighting for anything, and yet, in fanfics, it's very rare for a character to get engaged in a fight. Most often, they'll threaten, blackmail, swear or anything, but won't fight.
No. 9654
>Rage at people who make Wriggle's antennae an erogenous zone. They're basically a second nose.

Has someone actually written that?

But man you're overragin' going against some of the founding principles of THP. Not to say you don't have good points but they risk getting canceled out by the bad ones.
No. 9658
Mind, just because I rage against something doesn't mean a story with that in it can't be perfectly good. Heck, some of the stories I'm raging against are/were still worth the read.

For example, Expectation of Sanguine Disorder had a male OC as the player, who got hax powers in the end. It was still a good read. (Also, it might serve as a guide for people who would like to write a story and include danmaku in the setting without writing a danmaku duel, since most of the time the player is away from anywhere where danmaku would be.)

Yes. Both THIS SHRINE and Limited Adventures did. A minor rage point, mostly deriving from arthropod antennae not being anything like erogenous zones.
No. 9660
You must hate that story, then.

The story where the MC commits suicide so that he can go to Gensokyo.

He ends up paired with Yuuka, by the way.
No. 9661
>Rage at Gensokyo High for...you know.

No, I do not. Please elaborate.
No. 9662
You mean YAF and Scorn? Well writers back then were prone to pulling things out of their ass, partially due to lack of readable canon material back then.

I think the danmaku thing is a rather good point, though it's never easy to work into story.
No. 9663
I take offense to that City Quest one. Why, It's not about yukkuri, It's about fucking as many things as possible while still moving the plot forward. Including, But not limited to, Yukkuris and Zombies with no limbs.
No. 9665
>Zombies with no limbs
so... yukkuri?
No. 9667
>Rage at confusing the spellcard system with danmaku.

...But aren't spellcards essentially structured danmaku patterns? And both danmaku and spellcards are nonlethal, correct?

How much of a difference is there, anyway?

Quadriplegic zombies. In addition to yukkuri and for added "fun", zombie yukkuri.
No. 9668
True though what the guy means is that in some stories they don't have any sort danmaku at all or certain characters attacking to kill, such as Reimu. But that was more in the dark ages
No. 9669
The fighting games use spellcards that are not danmaku, whereas the PC-98 games and Seihou Project use danmaku without spellcards. Danmaku without spellcards is also not necessarily nonlethal, just as anything else without spellcards is not necessarily nonlethal. Although Reimu and Marisa don't use lethal force in any case, in Yumemi's route in PoDD, the final boss is a duplicate of her, and they fight to the death, since it's apparently a crime to be two people but not to get rid of your duplicate in the world Yumemi comes from.
No. 9671
You know, it's funny that no one here has ever mentioned TFF (The Fanfiction Forum).

They don't accept new members for crying out loud and you've got to have an account if you want to access their forum.

So yeah, they absolutely refuse to have new members. The pinnacle of elitism, folks.
No. 9674
No, that's not funny. It's completely unremarkable.
No. 9676

Well, TFF is less a case of elitism and more of a) a case of a decent forum becoming a shithole, and b) the admin no longer giving a fuck and preferring to ban registrations rather than spend a few minutes a day moderating the place.
No. 9688
>Rage at stories centered on ousider OCs, especially male ones, with no powers but who nonetheless manage to survive and often hook up with one or more Touhou characters.
>Extra rage at stories centered on outsider OCs, especially male ones, who gain powers in or as part of getting into Gensokyo.
You DO realise that these tropes were all the rage back in the day, right? As in, that was basically what people wanted. It got old and stale since, but you can hardly blame the authors of those old stories. Today, yes, perhaps it isn’t something you should excuse if some newblood starts a story containing these concepts; but then, they’re new, they haven’t read the old classics, they don’t know it’s been done to death.

Cut the old stories some slack. Things were different back then. Canon material was hardly even available.
No. 9690
getting stale is an interesting way to put it as it's a result of a bunch of people lacking in talent trying to blindly rehash it. The concept when done by someone with talent, results in a pretty popular story.

Also I think newbies tend to rehash old concepts because they don't bother reading a variety of the current stuff, just the old stuff.
No. 9694
So the good story with a non-powered male OC would be if he had read up on all the lore, goes into Gensokyo on purpose, carries an AK47, struggles to not get eaten for half of the story, and the best relationship he can obtain with a character is a reasonable friendship for the nice ones and a grudging truce for the not-so-nice ones.
That... actually might be a good story. No need to worry about routelocking, since there won't be any routes.
No. 9696
Avoiding a problem isn't the same as fixing it. Route fiascos occur because the writer can't/won't control things. Now if there were examples of people controlling things well perhaps people could take cues and reduce such things. That and get the point across that shitstorms are something to be avoided, not embraced.
No. 9699
There's no "evil human Outsider" story yet, is there?
No. 9703
And thank god for that. Whenever there's a villain-ish protagonist, retardation rockets 1000%.
No. 9704
Pot calling the kettle black.
No. 9708
No. 9709
I don't know, it's just what I've observed.
No. 9710
I didn't necessarily mean the Outsider's the protagonist.
No. 9726
Every story needs a good antagonist.
No. 9729
I wanna bitch about the fact that I ran out of steam. For some reason, when I get to my computer, nothing comes to mind. It's only when I'm under my shower or watching a movie that I have ideas, but each time I try to write them down, I don't remember them.
And I tried forcing myself into writing, and I just can't. What should I do?
No. 9731
First order of business, tell your readers. You don't want to leave them hanging.

After that, I have no clue.
No. 9732
Get a waterproof notepad and pen and keep them at hand, so you can write down your ideas while they're still in your head in the shower.
Also, in case that doesn't work, listen to >>9731.
No. 9775
I’ve taken to taking random notes on my phone. Quick and I can whip it out virtually anywhere and at any time a neat idea occurs to me. It helps that it’s waterproofed.
No. 9776
Also, a good way to deal with lack of inspiration is to read a book.
No. 9778
File 133710339456.jpg - (278.17KB , 1387x1129 , tin-can-phone.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is my phone.
No. 9784
>Rage at SCIENCE!! for making Bill Nye into another semigeneric male OC instead of Bill Nye The Science Guy.

Yeah, I cringe whenever anyone suggests reading that. Unfortunately I don't (and apparently never will) have a time machine, so I can't go back and fix it.
No. 9785
I am probably the only one who knows what you're talking about. I liked that story though.
No. 9786
Don't kick yourself as it was a lame attempt by anon to making a lead into another character and with how you handled it, the end result was pretty good, not like the ever infamous Shirou.
No. 9787
I want to rage at Archetype of Self.
The first run was all about MAry-Sue, yadda yadda, but it has some interesting points. Namely, the transition between Gensokyo and the Outside World, and I really liked that. I really liked how Wade's friends are slowly sucked into the story, by meeting apparently unrelated people.

I rage at how SLDT abandoned the story's most interesting aspect to focus on the munchkin side.
No. 9795
What transition?

All I saw was Wade getting it on with the Touhou girls and his girlfriend from the Outside.
No. 9796
He did the whole power up thing as to avoid the whole Mary Sue thing, but it has brought about its own problems as anon tends to make bad decisions in such cases.
No. 9811
I'd like to bitch about the Recommendations thread. If it's going to be full of whiney bitches who dont know what the word 'recommend' means, They should just go back to Poosh and talk about how much they love boning their Flandre pillow.
No. 9812
How about you recommend the bitching thread in /blue/?
No. 9813
It's been done. Threadshitting continued.

I'd like to rage about the new story in /youkai/.
I mean, I get that the guy is new and he's at least trying, but a couple of those posts are legitimately painful to read.
No. 9814
If you can read Ddyk's stories just fine, you should be able to read his story without a problem.
No. 9815
File 133721072617.png - (21.30KB , 241x230 , 133682531954.png ) [iqdb]
No. 9816

You're terrible, is what he's saying.
No. 9817
File 133721127092.png - (22.50KB , 241x230 , 133682531954.png ) [iqdb]
No. 9818
Blame /blue/ for telling him to write.
No. 9819
Blame /blue/ for everything, including global warming, Kahi's arrival, Spacebattlefags invasion, and Kadhafi's death.
No. 9820
File 13372126453.jpg - (50.50KB , 850x510 , THIS IS NOT A FUCKING SAMPLE.jpg ) [iqdb]
I wanna bitch about the lack of stories. I mean, most stories are following a plot, and that's good and stuff, but I don't understand why there are so little romance stories.
No. 9821
Personally, I want to avoid routefaggotry in things I write, at least where possible. Avoiding romance-centric stories is a good way to do that.

Obligatory "write it yourself" suggestion.
No. 9822
No, In fact, Lets turn this into the recommendations thread.

I'd like to recommend Kahi's story to anyone with a fetish for limbless zambies and fucking cookie dough. There's no better place for it!
No. 9825
Translation: Control anon in regards to routes is too hard so I'm copping out.

Romance/Routes isn't really that hard, you just need a firm hand with Anon.
No. 9828
>there are so little romance stories
No. 9830
Is the wiki down? It gives me a 404 error.
No. 9832
Bubba, PLEASE. Just write the god damned story however YOU bloody well like it. Oh, so a few disgruntled babbies will try to derail it with their shipping wars, boo-bloody-hoo. YOU’re the writer, YOU write the story, YOU pretty well decide what to write and what to toss because it’s god damned stupid.
You’ll piss off a few people, maybe, so what? What’s the worst they’ll do? Stop reading your thing-o? Cry me a river. You don’t want shipfags participating anyway. Grow a fucking dick.
No. 9833
Sir Tourettes spoke the truth.
No. 9834
Shut up, YAF.
No. 9835
Shut up, faggot.
No. 9836
Shut up, YAF's ass-kisser.
No. 9837
Shut up, me!
No. 9838
Shut up, YAF's hater.
No. 9839
File 133725980861.png - (1.30MB , 1024x1024 , 27147600.png ) [iqdb]
Shut up, Yuuka.
No. 9853
I want to whinge about the reader-thanking thread being transgenderly rapemodified into a moonboobs thread. SHUT YOUR CRATERS, MOONFAGS!
No. 9854
Because there was only one writer using this thread to thank his reader, and apparently he decided to turn his thread into a moongirls thread.
No. 9860
Oh... Craters... Moonfags? Oh, I get it, Because the moon has craters on it. Ohhhhhh.
No. 9861
I like how we're all so polite about our whining.
"Oh, I'd like to whine about this." It's like everybody is british or something.
No. 9862
Why do people insist on making Koakuma into a succubus? I don't see anyone making Yamame into a jorogumo. Is there something about Koakuma's attack pattern that stands out as sexualizable, or what? She's a stage 4 midboss with no dialogue for Shinki's sake! I mean this doesn't just happen in /at/ stories where it would be understandable but all over the place to the point where it's hard to find a story where Koakuma isn't a succubus of some form or another.
No. 9863
> for Shinki's sake

Because she's delicious.
No. 9864
I guess it's just the default for a female devil.
No. 9865
I agree with this sentiment.

Because whining impolitely makes you look childish, I suppose.
No. 9866
headwings, a trait shared by Morrigan of darkstalkers fame (also perhaps one of the best known succubi on the internet)

Other factors might be: a lively sexual minded girl contrasts nicely with Patchouli, who is usually more stotic/reserved. There's also her assumed outfit which would look nice with some curves.
No. 9868
I want to rage about that dude shitting up threads by constantly bringing up how much he totally hates Kahi.

I get that you really don't like him, but could you please keep your raging hateboner in your pants? Or at least keep it in /blue/?
No. 9873
To be fair, gazing upon the horror that are Kahi and his stories can and will cause sudden temporary blindness as your eyes roll back into your skull.

I can understand how that would piss some people off.
No. 9885
I can't. The hide threads button is pretty damn obvious after all.
No. 9890

Thing is, ignoring a giant, festering tumor does not make it go away.
No. 9892
If you have a tumor, that's no excuse to start jumping into other people's unrelated conversations and loudly complaining about it.
No. 9895
I see what you mean. Me too, when I have a tumor, I tell it to everyone else.

"Good day, isn't it?"
"Yeah, totally."
"Have you read that Wizard story? It's awesome, right?"
"Oh. Shocking."
No. 9897
But I liked The 'Quest' of the zombie house part in city quest... ;..;
No. 9900
So, if Koishi is an imaginary friend, Rumia is the fear of the dark, Kogasa is an object that dissapears when we forget about it... what is Mystia then? And Wriggle? And Yuuka?
No. 9901
Who cares about them?
No. 9902
I think you posted this in the wrong thread. Either that or you're really bad at reading the atmosphere.

This was pretty much the only decent part of City Quest, until the zombie fucking started at least.

I think most of the problems with that story can be linked to Kahi indulging his readers' collective dicks and encouraging them to try for more. A similar thing happened in Patchy Quest with Koakuma, I think.
No. 9903
Ah, but the Wizard story is awful, too. I can see how it could induce Kahi flashbacks.
No. 9906
At least it's hilariously awful, unlike Kahi's that are rage-inducingly awful.
No. 9907
It's rather gamey and the protagonist can seem a bit too autistic, not to mention the uncontrolled neckbearding filling the comments, but it's certainly funnier than Kahi's stories and IMO better-written in general.
No. 9909
>The protag's autistic

That's the joke, my friend.
No. 9910
File 13373639573.jpg - (270.74KB , 1000x1000 , TWEET TWEET TWEET.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>what is Mystia then?

That goddamn bird that keeps singing RIGHT outside your window at three in the fucking morning?
No. 9911
There's a difference between amusingly inept and annoyingly inept. Wizanon's the former more than the latter, but the latter still has happened.
And there were people who didn't want to increase his Wisdom (effectively common sense, in this case) because they identified more with him. I'm still not sure how many of the people who said that were being ironic.
No. 9917
What happened in the Wizard threat wasn't completely unrelated as someone started the topic of "Shitty readers from other sites". This left a massive opening for Kahi bashing as everyone knows he brought a bunch of SB buddies with him here. I doubt his Doll Quest would have gotten as much popularity otherwise. It and Wizard are similar in that they're /tg/ rooted stories, except you know, Wizard being actually entertaining.

Patchy quest started promising until it started gettign mired in Yukkuri and subquest.

And City Quest? perfect example of why you should say no to anon.
No. 9919
So which would /blue/ say is the best of the worst stories? in b4
No. 9921
The worst story is without any doubt F.A.G.
No. 9924
What does that stand for again? I heard it mentioned a few times but I'm lost to what it stands for.
No. 9925
It's an abbrevation. It stands for faggot, who denotes any carbon-based lifeform, as carbon is one of the main composant of wood, and therefore any carbon-based lifeform can be considered as a bunch of stickes.
And, yes, I'm drunk.
No. 9926
Yeah, I'm one of those people who voted Intelligence over Wisdom.

The reason why I did that was because it would be funnier that way.
No. 9927
DtRT's protag is the perfect example of a funny idiot. The main character doesn't have any self-preservation instinct, lacks any obvious hint, and fails to notice life-threatening things. And that makes him fun, because the writefag is competent, and will stand against retarded votes (or, should I say, over-retarded votes).
No. 9929
Never read DtRT.
No. 9930

I can't tell if this is a statement saying that Anon here hasn't ever read DtRT, or he's commanding other Anon to never read it, implying that it's bad.

Fuck you, English language, fuck you.
No. 9931
God damn you! Now I can't decide either if it's the first or the second meaning.
No. 9934
He's stating that he's never read it. He's also stating that anything longer than a single sentence is the work of the devil and should be avoided at all costs.
No. 9936
I long since got tired of that guy, and he's repeatedly been told by others to knock it the fuck off, which he never did. I'm just going to report those sorts of posts when I see them outside of /blue/. He's already got a warning for it, but I get the feeling he's stupid enough to keep it up anyways.
No. 9939
Let's do this the proper way, shall we?

No, I have never read Do the Right Thing and I probably never will.
No. 9940
If you don't have an opinion regarding something there is no real point in saying so.
No. 9941
It didn't come out of the blue but rather someone opened up the discussion to it. But I hope he gives up as it's pointless. Too many people like Kahi regardless of skill level to have anything happen. /Blue/ only goes after UNpopular bad writers, not popular ones.

So much for high standards.
No. 9942
>/Blue/ only goes after UNpopular bad writers, not popular ones.
Finally, you understand the truth.
No. 9943
I wasn't expecting this place to be outed as a self-serving group abusing the notions of standards and justice so easily.

No wonder Harker said the site was toxic.
No. 9944
What do you mean go after? People shit talk him plenty here, what the hell else can anyone do?

You wanna flood his threads? Enact an EPICK spacebattles raid? Order pizzas to his house?
No. 9945
Who's Harker?
No. 9946
Really now? They're not drowned out by all his white knight fans?

I think it'd be better at this point to prepare for the inevitable day he drops these stories and these hordes that are his fans are unleashed upon innocent stories. He's been far too permissive and their ways of thinking are toxic to normal stories.
No. 9948
Will it happen at December 21, 2012?
No. 9949
I wouldn't be surprised if it did. But I predict he'll drop it based on the fact he dropped all his fanfiction.net stories. Once a dropper, always a dropper.
No. 9951
I dropped a plate once. Does this mean I'm going to drop a baby?
No. 9954
Welp, I'm a retard.
No. 9956
You're missing out man.
No. 9958
>>It didn't come out of the blue but rather someone opened up the discussion to it.

Someone starts a thread to talk about stories to recommend, and the retard starts shitting up the thread about how much Kahi and spacebattles sucks.

Someone makes a post about how it's good to see a long gone author back on the site, and the retard starts shitting up the thread about how much Kahi and spacebattles sucks.

Someone makes a post of any sort that references stories/authors, and that damn retard will try and find a way to start shitting up the thread about how much Kahi and spacebattles sucks.

So yes, it is indeed coming out of the /blue/. Fuck that, fuck him, and fuck you too for defending his stupid antics.
No. 9959
What do you want to bet that he'll try and deflect attention from his own antics by making a trollish "You're just a butthurt spacebattler" post?
No. 9969

The beatings will continue until morale improves.
No. 9975
I want to bitch about those dudes referring to a board by its most active writefag. I saw /shrine/ being called "YAF's lair", and just now, I saw /underground/ being called "Hartmann's lair". I guess it's just a matter of fact before /th/ is called "Demetrious' lair", /forest/ "Oracle's lair", /others/ "Kahi's lair", /shorts/ "Hartmann's other lair" and /youkai/ "Lion's lair".
But, hey, names are so overrated, why bother with them? That being said, I have to read that story from SystemFailure4's lair.
No. 9977
>/th/=Deme's lair
>most active writefag
Haha, what?
If we go by that naming convention, /th/, /sdm/, and /others/ are all Kahi's lairs.
No. 9979
It's because I don't know DtRT's writefag's name, and calling /th/ "Do the Right Thing's writefag's lair" sounds stupid.
No. 9982
/youkai/ has actually been called /lion/ for ages, you know.

Still, yeah, the practice is kind of stupid.

On the topic of boards, though, what the hell was the point of /coriander/? And /nue/?
No. 9983
/nue/ mysteriously(?) appeared, an admin tried makin a short story competition out of it, and for reasons I still don't understand this invoked ridiculous amounts of butthurt. The whole debacle resulted in /shorts/

Coriander, I don't know
No. 9985
I want to bitch about the lack of pro-human Touhou stories here and everywhere else in the fandom.
No. 9986
File 133743481678.jpg - (22.21KB , 500x332 , 1293322270558.jpg ) [iqdb]
I wish to join my complaints with this good fellow’s.
No. 9988
Nah, it is, as it rightly should be, monsters all the way.
I approve of this.
No. 9999
I haven't heard much about this for the most part, though things like >>9982 mentions are true mainly due to the fact that Lion for the most part was the only active writer there. Sometimes it's been nicknamed /Sanae/ due to how she dominates stories there.

/coriander/, /blue/, /!/ and /nue/ were boards HY made at one time or another in some absurd attempt at promoting discussion. Out of all of them this has been the most consistant/useful, hence it wasn't deleted.

/!/ went away quickly,
/coriander/ had some stories to it with Winter Alchemist being the best known one. But after a point, perhaps after /shorts/ was formed, the admins decided to delete.

/nue/ was mad by HY but Teruyo took advantage of it to have a contest to promote writing. It became shorts due to the request of Glasnost, who won second place, first was by someone who just wanted to spite Teruyo. Won't name any names though.
No. 10032
File 133754869149.jpg - (320.65KB , 650x659 , ( ☞´◔‿ゝ◔`)☞.jpg ) [iqdb]
being miko is suffering
No. 10040
File 133761396323.png - (349.71KB , 630x806 , n.png ) [iqdb]
No love for Nue, the primal and basic fear of the unknown?
No. 10041

I prefer fear of space ghosts. Not only is it fear of the unknown, it's also fear of the supernatural!
No. 10043
File 133763251246.jpg - (620.41KB , 777x1087 , 694f95b4fdeb63480c921187b2fd106f.jpg ) [iqdb]
I really love Miko’s design and attitude. I’d love to write about the girl. Would be a nice excuse to toss in some Futo, too. Alas, alas.
No. 10044
I remember when I tried to write some Miko. Good old time.
No. 10045
No. 10046
File 133763335357.jpg - (35.87KB , 720x540 , Spaceghost.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 10049
Hey guys, is it true that all youkai are amoral?
No. 10050
Assuming you're coming from that Patchy Quest argument, but not sure if ironic or genuine question.

Assuming the latter, IIRC Zun's said in the past that youkai think very differently / have radically different mentalities than humans. For a lot of cases, amorality or at least radically different moral codes seem likely enough, but whether this extends to all youkai is rather less likely.
It's largely up to personal interpretation, though.
No. 10051
Yep. That's why we should exterminate them all, among other reasons.
No. 10052
No, anonymous, you are the amoral ones.
No. 10053

I know Alice allows travelers to sleep in her house if they find it and it's too late for them to get out of the forest by nightfall, which implies that she does care about humans and isn't amoral.

Byakuren is a youkai, and is definitely not amoral, although her morals seem to be more focused on youkai than humans.

Do the youkai of Youkai Mountain have a legal system? Because having a legal system implies that the community has collective values, which amounts to morals, whether they're human-like morals or not.

Furthermore, are hermits considered youkai? Miko's group are moral from a human perspective at least.
No. 10054
Hermits aren't youkai. They're the main delicacy of them after all.

I agree with the rest of your point though.
No. 10055
I'm annoyed because there are almost no stories that mention YuugenMagan, and absolutely no stories that feature YuugenMagan as a major character.

I mean YuugenMagan is practically the only least humanoid boss-level youkai in the series, and that has potential to go into some very interesting places. But does anybody use YuugenMagan for things like that? No! At best, YuugenMagan gets used as a brute force summon monster, and most of the time YuugenMagan is just ignored outright even if the story would have a reason to put him in, e.g., if the story was set partially or completely in Makai.
No. 10056
too much effort to make a character for most and not enough background for the rest. Only an exceptional few can make early PC-98 characters into fully fleshed out ones.
No. 10058
Haven't you already bitched about that somewhere else already?
No. 10064
File 133768240959.jpg - (21.01KB , 484x326 , fatonymous.jpg ) [iqdb]
There's no story with a fat MC yet, is there?
No. 10066
Make Letty the MC wwwwwww
No. 10067
How exactly does "wwww" mean "laugh" anyway?
No. 10068
笑う (to laugh) starts with a w.

Weeabooism aside, I like it cause I can lean on the key.
No. 10070
It's like writing llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll instead of lolololololol.
No. 10071
Why would you want that? Fat people are HORRIBLE. They take up SO MUCH SPACE. It’s AWFULLY inefficient.
No. 10072
I'd accept that if people didn't frequently successfully characterize Koakuma and Daiyousei, who have just as little canon background.

Yes I have, but not enough.

Also, I'm now writing a short story about YuugenMagan. Expect it to be up in a few days or so.
No. 10074
People don't like that kind of self-insert.

Koa and Dai are cute girls with strong connections to very popular characters (Patchy and Cirno). YuugenMagan has none of that. I'd still likely be interested in reading your short, though.

If you care that much, bug Lion to put him/her/it in Border House once that resumes.
No. 10076
Talking about Border House, the only problem I have with it is that Sariel's goal is quite similar to a typical Law route goal in Megaten games. It's impossible for the MC to join him/her because he/she pretty much wants him dead.

Just a little rant from a Lawfag.

>People don't like that kind of self-insert.
What kind?
No. 10077
Yeah it'd be a bit too close to reality.

Also that's the difference between a windows minor character and an early PC-98 character: the former often has connections to bigger characters. And even the Aki sisters got more characterization than most early PC-98 bosses.
No. 10081
I wanna bitch about Ancient Gensokyo.
Or, to be more accurate, about the fact that Koongara was promply forgotten while someone else quickly took the main role. The main character (I'll call him MacFaggot to avoid spoiling) wants to help Konngara, but then another dude arrives out nowhere, and then MacFaggot got involved into a giant massive sidequest, forgetting his original goal, and this frustrating me. I care much more about the plot than about the style in a story, and Ancient Gensokyo got me really angry because the original plan is completely lost and MacFaggot is just thrown here and here trying to figure out what the hell is happening.
No. 10082
Kahi keeps ignoring winning votes.

Said votes are for him to move his Yukkuri sex story where it belongs (to /at/).

This must mean that Kahi WANTS to write Yukkuri and zombie dickings on a board it doesn't belong, and will ignore majority votes that request him do otherwise.

So at what point can we get the pitchforks?

(Patchy and Doll's Quests are still fine though)
No. 10083
I just did a manual vote count of the most recent two actions in City Quest, and there were more votes for the action that did win than there were for "move to /at/" in both cases. And that's without a votespam check.
No. 10084
You seem to be under the assumption that putting an [x] next to something creates some sort of contractual obligation on the part of the author to reflect it. It... kinda doesn't, even regarding in-character matters. And this is an out-of-story vote. The problem is that Kahi has a sex-focused story in the wrong board, not that he's ignoring votes. The 'voting' about /at/ is more of a noticeable suggestion to move.
No. 10085
And that's from somebody who is also 'voting' that, for reference.
No. 10086
I find it hilarious that it took you guys 17 threads to start protesting. That's all I have to say about this.
No. 10087

Votes following >>/others/44032:
6 or 7 Move to /at/ (7 posts, but it's kind of unclear if one of them is a revote or not)
4 No, period.
2 Later.
1 Decline with cocoa offerings and alternatives.

Even counting that last one as a no, Move to /at/ still wins.

Following >>/others/44095:
4 Move to /at/
3 Acknowledge presence immediately
1 Look at yukkuri first
1 Wait a bit

Move to /at/ won this as well.

Following >>/others/44128 (correct as of time of posting):

4 Move to /at/
3 Shift continuation + Make Shanghai play in window

Seems pretty clear to me.
No. 10088

/at/ here.

We don't want Kahi either.
No. 10089
I conglomerated votes more than you under the assumption that any vote that doesn't say "move to /at/" is an implicit vote against moving to /at/.
No. 10090
Stop using group pronouns like this. You're a person. You speak for yourself. If anyone else agrees, they can speak for themselves. It's fucking annoying.
No. 10107
We are anonymous, We are legion, etc etc.
No. 10109
We're anonymous, not Anonymous.
No. 10121
Not true. I have all of /at/ over for a party.
No. 10125
Are you sure that's something you should be bragging about?
No. 10127
We should be on the look out for the effects of "imageboard summer" as it's coming up, and from what I've seen in the past, this site is no exception.
No. 10128
Let's do this. All oldfags are to sage their posts. This is a perfectly stupid plan, and yet it'll allow us to identify and ostracize all newfags instantly.
No. 10129
Pick one.

Great idea. Gee, I hope none of them know how to read. And I hope writefags don't mind having their recently updated stories going rock bottom in hours.
No. 10130
I warned you it was a stupid plan. Otherwise, there's an alternative. Which is "not giving a fuck about those summerfags".
So you choose, either you stop bumping ALL the threads, either you do as you do as you always do.
No. 10131
You have a story where a guy got his ass opened wide by Ran's tails. Kahi can't be worse.
No. 10132
Well, define 'worse'.
I for one think that dicking living/not living poptarts is slightly worse then a guy getting plowed by tails.
No. 10133
'least they ain't male poptarts.
No. 10135
Yes, because homosexuality is clearly far worse than necrophilia or questionably-consensual pastry sex.

No. 10136
>homosexual relations involving a man and a woman

You seem to be more than a little confused.
No. 10138
I'm not reading those Quests stories, but if Kahi is indeed into necrophilia, he's worse than /at/. If it's just a Miyako joke, get out.
No. 10139
Zombie maid, zombie quadriplegic, and Yoshika.
No. 10143
How does it come there's no story where MC tries to be a hermit?
No. 10147
Cause no sex.
No. 10148
Taoism doesn't forbid sex. Does that inspire you?
No. 10152
File 133781067597.png - (753.58KB , 1000x903 , c9e68cd96d5e50c7e809de0acae059e9.png ) [iqdb]
OK. No. Wait.

You listening? OK.

Hermit. No, wait. Hermit. Hermit training. OK? Hermit training with Miko. Cool. Futo as a major character. Any complaints? No? Some Tojiko thrown in, no charge. No zombies though. Zombies smell.
No. 10153
Futo as a major character? I'm fine with that. No wait, that's wrong. Miko is supposed to be the boss from SCIENCE and OUTER SPACE (sort of). Miko needs some love. Just some, her hair looks stupid. Basic love. The "Hello there" kind of love. Most love goes to Futo. For profit. And eventually deep taoism training. And off-screen kama-sutra training. And a lot of Feng Shui.
No. 10155
Is it just me or THP anons are getting dumber nowadays?
No. 10156
>No zombies though. Zombies smell.

Just because you said this, I want to write a L4D short based around Yoshika starting a zombie apocalypse.
No. 10158
Dumb idea. Scrap it.
No. 10159
You'd write a hermit story without Kasen?
No. 10160
I don't know, but I am certain that the site average would go up if you left it forever, Mr. Nowadays.
No. 10162
Just kick Kahi's fanboys out. It'll be far more effective that way.
No. 10163
Let's kick anyone who came after we separated from /jp/. That way, we'll only have the best.
hurr durr
No. 10164
She can join the party if she wants. Who am I to say what a hermit might want?
No. 10166
Hungry Youkai has shown up again.

So how long until he vanishes this time?
No. 10169
Until an anon votes with his/her dick/vagina instead of his/her brain.
Which is to say, very soon.
No. 10170
No. 10171
No. 10174
Of course it looks like they're getting dumber as time goes on. They're too busy raging or fapping to do any actual thinking.
No. 10179
The issue is that they're prone to voting stupidly, something not easily ignored. Though with City Quest, they'd be an improvement.

Hence my concern about the summer, and perhaps Kahi's fanbase spilling into other stories, but it's mostly the summer.

Who knows but I'm enjoying his Renko story the best I can as there won't be another for a while. And yes I am aware of his chronic drop tendencies.

HY knows he's giving openings and I think anon learned their lesson from the fairy maid fiasco Sera ; ;
No. 10181
>The issue is that they're prone to voting stupidly, something not easily ignored. Though with City Quest, they'd be an improvement.
Are you even responding to the right person here? I don't see how your comment follows >>10130.

>HY knows he's giving openings and I think anon learned their lesson from the fairy maid fiasco Sera ; ;0
What fiasco? I'm pretty sure he made Fairy Maid just to write porn.

Now, ADP had problems because of people voting with their dicks, but I'm not sure how you could get those two stories confused.
No. 10185
My remark was to say just merely saging posts would only allow newfags to do damage via stupid votes.

And while HY made it a porn story, there was a certain pace to it that Anon ruined. I believe those were pre-/at/ days. Luckily the slower paced stories in /at/ haven't suffered such a fate, even when MtG's writer isn't writing. I can't say the same for Innocent Maiden's Nightmare where horny MtG fans threw Sanae into bad end after bad end.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if there were some votes that go in a knee jerk reaction to avoid the Fairy Maid fiasco. Too bad such reactions tend to be just as bad in a different way. Not that it matters to me. Renko and Mary going braless for a day can't be that good.
No. 10191
HY is writing stories in the old THP fashion. In other words, he has no real plot, he's updating daily (sort of), he has stupid readers thinking with their dick, and he'll probably drop the story pretty quickly.
It's just a matter of week before he gives up again.
No. 10193
>HY is writing stories in the old THP fashion. In other words, he has no real plot, he's updating daily (sort of), he has stupid readers thinking with their dick, and he'll probably drop the story pretty quickly.

You do realize the only story he actually finished was written this way, right?
No. 10194
Hard to say if it would happen again. People just focusing on plot (what little there is) and avoiding any possible lesbian subtext (and what would a Renko and Maribel story be without a bit of that?) would have the same outcome of HY dropping story in a frustrated manner. His latest post ( >>/border/26791
\ ) said both.

I'd just like to know: why the tie and not the hat? HY'd have to work pretty hard to make something interesting happen with that as opposed to the hat or bra.

Anon is infamous for overreacting as we can see through the time where their voting habits were extremely timid due to the bad end minefields the old stories were. If they were to burn their fingers, they fling themselves into the water so deep they'd drown.

But you're right, with his history (Dropped stories and super fast updates followed by years long burnouts), the story's outlook isn't good at all. That won't stop all the folks that remember HY from flocking back without fail, except I think there's a good chunk of people who might not even know of HY, seeing how the big stars of this age are people such as Fell and Demetrious. These newcomers don't idolize guys like HY like the long time residents used to, but rather see them like at best, "Person who helped form THP but doesn't write any more"

But I'm hoping he proves the predictions wrong and show the current generation why old timers spoke so highly of him.
No. 10195
Oldfag writers vs newfag writers, eh?

Sounds good to me.
No. 10196
As a newcomer (sort of), I consider HY as "that dude who made that famous Pirates in Gensokyo but who gives up on his stories and run away very easily". But hey, maybe he's better than I expect him to be?
No. 10197
So HY writes again and a GH clone appears in /th/ with its super-fast update speed.

Is this the beginning of a new golden age for THP?
No. 10198
HY will leave within a week and the GH-clone will explode into you-know-whats the instant someone starts disparaging a girl.
No. 10199
All we need now is somebody channeling Kira's spirit to write a despair-ridden story and it will be perfect.

Don't be so negative. Have faith in THP.
No. 10200
I don't think of it as a competition, but rather an invitation for the writers of old to work in elements unveiled since they last wrote. SDM LA is a nice story but isn't perfect. If HY took the knowledge shown in today's stories and rewrite it, it'd end up on par with the SDM LA in its fans' minds.

He was a major factor in THP becoming as big as it is, while he made mistakes SDM LA was a good story, especially compared to most other touhou fanfics out there. The seemingly high calibur of writers back then is the core of the elitist attitude some people here have.

But you proved my point with your response as all his dropped stories and "leaving the site"s overshadow the good parts of his stories.

It's too soon to tell, as HY has his history to work against and the guy writing Eastern High is taking a risk with his "high school story + Paranoia" formula. Now if both stories finish, then we might have a tiny chance of seeing a new golden age.

I think the biggest part of bringing a new one is getting people here to write as while not everyone would be a HY, Fell or Demetrious, not many would be as bad as Hartman and other infamous figures in the site's history. This is how the site started: A bunch of folks inspired by YWUiG and doing their own story. It's just incidental that most were pretty talented.
No. 10201
You're forgetting something important: this is THP. Readers are obnoxious, they'll bitch about everything, even if it's their own fault, and all writers are too lazy to finish a story. Voters are all thinking with their dicks, people will shit threads by bringing unrelated stuff (like Kahi) and everything will end with a massive shitstorm.
No. 10202
You're overreacting. Hartmann is just a little writer, he never made anything else than shit on some people, and he's mostly ignored. If you're looking for someone really infamous, check Kahi's threads. They're filled with rage, hate, and retarded votes.
No. 10203
Why do you see the snow end as a masterpiece and please don't use his name in such utter vain. I managed to talk with him and asked about it and he said that it was merely his way of putting the story out of its misery with how anon (and in retrospect, he) screwed it up. A good story gone right would be far better.

If story is meant to have some sexy hjinks would anon pursuing them be truly thinking with their dicks? It's only when they do so at the story's expense that it becomes a problem.

Good and finished stories would go a way towards mending the twisted spirits that roam the site, after all it was all the dropped stories that made them this way in the first place.
No. 10204
But Anon doesn't know what 'moderation' is. Either he's a constant cock-blocker, either he's going for every girl in the story.
No. 10205
I know he didn't like the ending. But the best part of his story was, frankly, not the story itself. It's anon's reaction (or overreaction to be more precise). I love that.
No. 10206
that's mainly because many older writers (especially HY) are prone to not stepping in until they're 50km over the line as the writer brings down the hammer/quits which leads to anon going 200% the other way. If more writers took the time out and define the boundaries we'd have less extreme reactions.

HY was infamous for not communicating, particularly when it came to dropped stories; folks would be left hanging for weeks when it happened. His latest post in border is a step in the right direction, but to deal with Fairy Maid/ADP's pyschological fallout, he's going need to do more than just that.
No. 10207
The main thing pissing me off with this website is how all writers are compared to old figures. That guy writing that high school story (Megasen) was instantly compared to Taisa, and when HY came back, he instantly got attacked with "been a long time". I myself have been compared to Wiseman (hell, I talked with him on IRC and he wasn't as bad as me).
So how about you admit that THP cannot stay old forever? Oldfags will be leaving, newfags will join, if all you can do is bitching like an old fart, you're not helping. And stop comparing people, it's annoying.
As Anon, we're supposed to support old writers and help new writers, but when I read this thread, I think you're trying to discourage new writers while trying to force old writers into re-writing old stories (hurr durr snow end).

Hell, I'm saying that, but I'm a damn hypocrit, since there's no way for me to give up on Gensokyo High.
No. 10208
>not many would be as bad as Hartman
Even braincake electronic cristal ederly.
No. 10210
Sorry if I was among the guilty. This is a problem among the most vocal: they're stuck in the past and slow to embrace the present. This is particularly true in IRC as when you get a bunch of old timers in there, it's like it's 2008 all over again and seemingly forgetting about the now.

I make an effort to support new writers and to pass on what I've heard through observations and my own mistakes on to them. I also try to get them to look at the big picture, not just the classics of the past, but the trends of the present and concepts of the future.

People forget that the expectations they have are often unreasonable as they don't remember the old stories as they actually are but an rose-tinted idealized version. Such expectations are often too much for the first time writer in quest. [spoiler]God help you if anon mistakes you for HY[/spoil]

This also leads to another problem: people being too intimidated by the lofty expectations to try writing. Just because an old writer did a character well in a story that wound up dying or finishing doesn't mean you can't try to do the same character as best you can. Such efforts are often appreciated.
No. 10211
>[spoiler]God help you if anon mistakes you for HY[/spoil]
Hello, Saguya.
No. 10212
>I make an effort to support new writers and to pass on what I've heard through observations and my own mistakes on to them. I also try to get them to look at the big picture, not just the classics of the past, but the trends of the present and concepts of the future.
This is incredibly annoying. Please stop.
No. 10213
>This is a problem among the most vocal: they're stuck in the past and slow to embrace the present.

But it's so nice back then. No Kahi dominating the boards.
No. 10214
The main problem is that not only Anon is comparing new writers to old writers, but he's also expecting them to be as good as said old writers. And in some cases, it's impossible. Expecting MegaSen to "replace" Taisa is like... expecting a brand-new writer to replace Rowling, the difference hurts a lot. Well, maybe I'm badmouthing him. Maybe he's used to stories, who knows? I guess I'll check his story later, just to know what I'm talking about.
Anyway, I know for sure that I would die a happy man if I'm said as good as Owen (but I also know it's impossible, because I'm not as experienced and twisted as Him, but may His light guides me on the path toward the good story), but at the same time, being compared to another writer would hurt me (and probably him too) greatly.
Because if you do well, and if all you hear is "hey, you're as good as XXX", it does not gives you that happy and warm feeling that you usually have when you did something you're proud of.

Anyway, you really should not compare this new writer to Taisa. Not until you're putting him under a lot of pressure, but you're also basically telling him "hey you're trying that? Good luck dude, last guy who tried ran in a corner five years ago and is still crying and hugging his knees". So don't, that's not making him confident.
No. 10215
The other problem is that this browser remembers my trip, while not remembering my password. I hate you, firefox.
No. 10216
File 133784832598.jpg - (13.34KB , 259x194 , conspiracy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Calling it.

Megasen is paid by Taisa to write a GH clone so anon would stop bothering him.
No. 10217
>No Kahi dominating the boards.
Instead we had YAF. Although Kahi probably is a better writer than YAF was back then.
No. 10218
>Kahi probably is a better writer than YAF was back then.
That's your problem. I don't give a fuck about who yaf WAS, I give a fuck about who yaf IS. I don't care if he blamed Treia or the other way around, I just care about his current story and the fact that I may encounter him on Tribes.
No. 10219
Why not? Owen and Tepes were the same person, so maybe MegaSen and Taisa are the same person.
No. 10220
He isn't as dominant as you'd think as most of his detractors hide his threads and from I've heard of his voters, it's a good thing they're not voting elsewhere.

And in place of Kahi's stories you'd have YAF-caused drama, which many believe threatened the entire site. Definitely worse than Kahi's voters breaking out and attempting to wreak havoc.
No. 10221
Yeah, but at least you could flame YAF properly. We can't flame Kahi, since he's constantly bringing ass-kissers from sp[OTHER WEBSITE]tles, and those ass-kissers are defending him and encouraging him to ignore any decent hints we might give him (like moving his /others/ story to /at/).
No. 10224
>YAF-caused drama, which many believe threatened the entire site

Whoa, what's this? I've heard YAF causing drama but to make it threaten the entire site?

Details please.
No. 10226
All bad writers should just stay in /underground/. That's YAF's lair for a very simple reason.
No. 10238
he started a massive shitstorm in /shrine/, picking fights with HY and other mods/big names and I'm not sure how it threatened the site but my theories are

A) the person running it might pull the plug to stop it.
B) the shitstorm ends up being as such that no one comes back
No. 10245
Overreaction, simply. I’m flattered, but you sweet fellows really overestimate me.
In no way could my “shitstorms” (closer to a light warm drizzle of shit, in reality) have threatened the entirety of the site; similarly, Kahi or whatever his name is can’t feasibly disturb the course of all the boards, boot-lickers or not. You don’t appreciate his readerbase, that’s fine. Why do you not just hide his threads and be done with it? So what if they spill over to other stories? Any half-competent writefriend can and will regulate affairs within his own threads.

Chill and let chill, sandrakers.
No. 10246
There's two problems with that logic
-Writers who don't know how to do that
-What happens if a large group of said fans converge on a story, even if a writer knew how to say no, how would he do it without those Kahi fans shitting things up. Sure mods would ban them but by that point, the damage would have been done.
No. 10247
Your second point isn't one. Just because someone's a fan of Kahi's stories doesn't mean they'll spread destruction and ruin to any story they follow. If there's a few stupid votes, people will point them out and argue against them.
No. 10248
>-Writers who don't know how to do that
They’ll adapt if they’re any clever. Otherwise, who cares?
>Sure mods would ban them but by that point, the damage would have been done.
Oh please. You can’t be possibly so concerned for the opinion of some random halfwit on the internet as not to be able to just pay no mind until he’s blown over.
No. 10252
A few can get vetoed easily, but what if there's 10 stupid votes? At worse a typical writer would naive belief that's authentic and go with it. At best, a savvy writer risks a shitstorm in vetoing all those votes.

This may not happen, but better prepared than unprepared.

Naive writers are far more common than you'd think. If they're driven from this site so soon, they won't learn to be savvy about these things. And teaching them these things isn't exactly the easiest task.
No. 10253
File 133785609989.jpg - (188.36KB , 600x518 , 11867337.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh yes, and since I don’t want to appear as if I ignored everything that isn’t sweet, sweet praise,
oh noooooooooooooooooo
No. 10254
>stupid votes
Good nigga, you don’t seem to know what you’re talking about. What is a stupid vote? A vote for an option that’ll obviously lead to an undesired outcome? That’s bollocks. The author won’t offer an option like this if he doesn’t mean to go through with it someway; moreover, some readers (other than you) may actually wish to see the option chosen and written. And if the author-proposed choices are stupid and dumb, do you honestly care for a story that has this sort of choices? A write-in? You’d have to be one potato-stuck twat to get pissed off at the writefriend refusing to go with a (presumably daft) write-in.

What I’m saying here is, I honestly see no way for a bunch of stupid tits to “ruin” a story if the other readers aren’t dumb as shite as well. And if they are… well, perhaps your problem isn’t the former group of stupid tits; maybe it’s actually the latter. And sweet candy-floss Christ, if a writer has the brain to write a decent story, he very well has the brain to deal with a bunch of idiots.
No. 10257
And here I was thinking that /underground/ was supposed to be my lair instead of YAF's.
No. 10259
I also was led to believe that. Heck, I even abstained from bumping my thread until told to do so under threat of violation of personal space.
No. 10260
I never considered /underground/ as my domain. I had a lot fun with it, but considering that my story was more about the moongirls than about Koishi, I never really considered my story as being really an underground story. More like a eientei story being on the wrong board. Hell, you coulda bumped it all day and night, I wouldn't had mind at all.
Au contraire, I'm unconfortable with having my story on top. Brings too much attention.
No. 10262
I don’t really care one way or the other. I’d have liked a low profile (until the story was done), but if I can’t have it, I won’t cry about it. Well, I suppose if I ever start another one, I’ll likely keep myself more or less anonymous. Now there’s a nice game. Which of the new stories is a YAF-thing? Keep your brains sharp, chaps.
No. 10263
You assume every writer is as savvy as you are, or do I need to remind you of your /shrine/ days where you did things in such a manner that your ban damn near killed /shrine/?

What I'm saying is that while one or two morons are easy to deal with, should there be 6 or more, there'd be trouble as it'd require the savviness/experience that being a writing vet would bring. Most writers here are not at that level yet. For every one writer who stands their ground, we have three that buckle under fan pressure.

I doubt it'd be a problem for you as the effort needed to read TiTS (Prose more purple than Yukari's dress) would cause their heads to blow up.
No. 10267
The only thing keeping me from going anonymous again is the fact that I'm too easily recognizable by my unique style and my weird plot (read: absence of plot).
No. 10268
Yep, I was a huge dumbass back then (still am, but that’s beside the point), yet even I have learned. And not from experience, mind. A simple change of mindset, rather, from the typical idiotic “internet = srs bzns” to a more relaxed “who the bloody cock cares, let’s have fun.” I’m nothing special. I’m not some sort of Übermensch with the mental capability of a thousand honorary MENSA members. I’m yet another idiot, and yet I know when to dismiss something as bullshit and pay it no mind. Quit getting your panties in a bunch and chill.
And again, no antic of mine “near killed /shrine/.” I couldn’t have done that if I wanted. You’re grossly overestimating the ability of a half-brained moron (or a group of them) with a functioning internet connection. It’s only if you specifically let these morons affect you that anything actually happens, at all.
Writers aren’t stupid, readers aren’t stupid, you aren’t stupid either, but you are exaggerating. Have a beer or two, kick back and relax. It’s just magical girl fanfiction.
No. 10270
Well, unless you’re talking about one of those antics “of mine” I don’t know about, in which case I’m ready to concede you may have the right of it here, if only for the lack of willingness to do my research. I’m a daft lazy fuck, yes?
No. 10287
Whoa, it's true. Summer DOES bring more activity.
No. 10304
Stop saying this word! Stop Stop Stop!!!
No. 10495
Calm down there kid, did the word kill your parents or something?
No. 10594
File 133824604945.jpg - (21.94KB , 400x279 , killedmyfather.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 20111
testing tripcode via saged post in a dead thread
No. 20112
again because I am a failure and cannot into dual hash codes
No. 20113
one more time to test 8 characters
No. 21827
good idea