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9573 No. 9573
Because an anon said so.

No. 9574
Jesus, Danbooru comments are dumb.
All about "HNNNNG", using japanese words ("bakaaa") or overusing memes and emoticons.
No. 9575
Some porn comments are hilarious, though. You can practically hear people breathing hard over the internet.
No. 9576
I remember the first time I tried reading a porn doujin in english rather than "reading" it in japanese. God, it was awful. 70% of the bubbles are either "aaah" or "your male genitalia is rubbing against my vulva, causing extreme pleasure". Not really interesting. Of course, some doujin are interesting, like that one called Happy Trigger, but most of them are just like that:
"Hello, I'm the plumber!"
"Hello, I'm a single woman!"
"I'm here to fix the tap."
"Oh my, that's a huge pipe you have here!"
"That's a huge leak you have here, miss, the whole floor is under water."
"Yes, I've been single for a week, so would you like to fix my leak?"
"You had this leak from a week? You shoulda called me earlier!"
"GOD YOUR A WHORE AND YOUR EVEN WETTER THAN THE PACIFIC OCEAN" (Translators are lazy with those bubbles.)
You have now reached your limit. Please connect to the website to read the whole doujin.
No. 9577
I remember the first time I read a Touhou porn doujin.

I got dicks.

No, really. I got the gang rape one.

Never again.
No. 9583
What with all the rape doujin? I don't know about you, but I can't really fap when the same girl is fucked by differents guys, and I have remorse fapping to a rape doujin.
I don't know much about other fandom doujins, but it's like 90% of touhou doujins are about rape.
No. 9587
I'm grateful for that.
No. 9588
exhentai search says that out of 665 translated touhou doujinshi, 216 contain rape.

Although my collection of translated doujinshi is 612, so I don't know why exhentai has so many more.
No. 9598
Exhentai is really, really bad about tagging rape.
No. 9599
Well, you or anyone else are more than welcome to go through the entire collection and categorize how rapey you feel it is. I can provide mine if you prefer archives.

However a better solution is to lower the ratio yourself by commisioning translations for some happy sex/otherwise not rape doujinshi. I'm sure you can find plenty of suggestions if you ask /at/.
No. 9609
Guys, rage thread, not rape thread.
No. 9611
But we're raging about rape.

I'm also raging about people that don't actually do anything about this rape. Or CGRascal translations. Or much of anything.
No. 9613
I like rape. Can we talk about mind break instead?
No. 9615
>CGRascal translations

All of my rage. He will, in the end, always get away with the travesties he performs on the English (and I'll assume the Japanese) language since it's just porn. But still. It's the principle of the thing, you know. He might not be important in the grand scheme of things, but I would still hang him if I could.
No. 9616
File 133688237198.jpg - (430.21KB , 1024x768 , Nothing but dicks and asses.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>I remember the first time I read a Touhou porn doujin.
>>I got dicks.
No. 9624
>A message to all My Little Pony and Touhou fans:

>Touhou: Cute and well-characterized girls in a mystical wonderland of lots of Eastern mythical and some Western mythical creatures (Vampires… one’s that DON’T SPARKLE!).

>My Little Pony: Cute and well-characterized ponies in a mystical kingdom of lots of Western mythical and some Eastern mythical creatures (Chinese dragon, complete with mustache!).

>Similar elements of appeal and behavior by fandom: cute; engaging execution of the introductory medium be it gaming, music, or animation; interesting characters whose traits can be expanded upon by fanon; music gets remixed; both are “hijackist” subcultures, turning everything we know and love into ponies or lolis, in fact Google now yields the following for “if it exists…” in this order: “there is a dubstep remix of it”, “there is pony of it”, and “there is a touhou version of it”; both have created many memes unknown to death, nor known to life; fanfics, comics, artwork, game clones… you name it, both have (or will eventually have) it in some form; whether named or not, some characters receive nicknames; stock phrases are popularized (“the things ___ can/not ___ are next to none”, “ten seconds flat”, “take it easy”, “20% cooler”, etc).

>Twilight Sparkle = Patchouli Knowledge + Reimu (Books, relation to the Yukari figure, protagonist figure but not always the center of the plot)
>Princess Celestia = Yukari (Trolltastic meddlers who rule all)
>Applejack = Suika + Marisa (Strength, earnest effort and competitiveness)
>Pinkie Pie = Suika + Yukari + Flandre + Nitori + do I even want to know what else? (Party animal, Translocational hax, fragile state of sanity, engineering expertise [she built a freaking flying machine in 10 seconds flat], I could probably find even more…)
>Rarity = Remilia (CHARISMA! Okay fine, it was that cosplay image that inspired this, I’ll find out the way to upload it later)
>Rainbow Dash = Aya + Marisa (speed, similar memetic chick magnetism, competitiveness, aggressive personality)
>Fluttershy = Nitori + Mokou (Caring and protective of others [especially animals], BADASS, PUTS ANIMALS IN THEIR PLACE EVEN IF THEY ARE WINNING)
>Spike = Koakuma (relation to librarian)

>With such similarity, it’s no wonder I took a liking to MLP:FiM. Touhou fans are bred for the stuff!

>TL;DR: My Little Pony and Touhou have more in common than you think.
No. 9625
Those character comparisons are all wrong. Fuck.
No. 9629
It's a japan thing; some theorize that due to how controlling japanese wives/mothers are, the men feel repressed and such doujins are an outlet. Might explain why the tendency of actual rape is pretty low in Japan.

There are some consensual doujins, it's just that they don't stick out as much as the rape ones (I blame LWB for that as it's their speciality)

people go about picking things off from doujin moe and other sources outside the /at/ supply line (which at this point seems pretty slim)

but Yeah Ex-Hentai is bad about tagging rape (but good about tagging things like group) and as much as I'd like to, going through and tagging stuff would be a massive task. But a general rule of thumb is this: If it's tagged group, the odds are pretty good it's also rape. There are exceptions though.

People like to rage about rape as it seems unavoidable with people scanning rape doujin and some of them having deceptive as fuck covers. For example there's this Kogasa/Sanae doujin with a cover hinting at zany yuri but inside: Rape and Mind break.

Well most H-manga is really lacking in plot or context, if the art is nice enough I can enjoy it. There are some nice ones, though I need to remember the name of the one where the snooty genius ends up tutoring a punkish girl and they end up falling in love along the way.
No. 9633

...why do you hate America, you horsefucker? ;_;
No. 9636
Finally, I find a fic where the Lunarians are the good guys.

Unfortunately, it comes with a price. Shinki is the bad guy there.

It's a fic about Makai invading the Lunar Capital. And the Lunar Capital loses. Yorihime is dead while Toyohime runs to Gensokyo.

Also contains Mindraping!Medicine.
No. 9638
File 13369208676.png - (20.06KB , 256x221 , FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR STORY.png ) [iqdb]
>Yorihime is dead
Well your story is bullshit, your canon is bullshit, your interpretation is bullshit, your entire family is being skinned alive, your pet is being maimed to death, and you're going to die VERY QUICKLY and after that you'll end up in Avici.
Fuck you.
No. 9639
C'mon Ddyk, don't be so butthurt.

She got turned into atoms by Toyohime's fan when she summoned Shinki with her powers without knowing she's the one leading the invasion.

In a desperate attempt to kill her, Toyohime used the maximum power of her fan, obliterating the Lunar Capital entirely, including her own sister.

Sadly, Shinki didn't die. She simply rebuilt her own body just from her remaining soul.
No. 9640
That story is still bullshit, your interpretation is still bullshit, your entire family is still being skinned alive, and I'm going to become a Buddha just to send your pathetic ass in Avici.
No. 9641
Forgot to link to the perfectly-suiting song for this discussion about me being possibly butthurt over one of my favourites girls being dead:
No. 9642
Not sure if serious.
No. 9643
Huh, Hartmann frequents Touhou.net, it seems.

So he really is French.
No. 9644
Not totally serious. Of course I'm butthurt about this story where Yorihime dies because her sister is a damn bitch), but there's no way I'm going to get angry for real about a story (except if it's GH).
No. 9645
File 133692844784.png - (9.91KB , 126x254 , Th01konngara01.png ) [iqdb]
Konngara has a giant bloody spike through her head. YuugenMagan is a mess of eyes and lightning with a vaguely humanoid form in the center. Your point is invalid.
No. 9648
>Shinki acting Malicious
>Shinki is able to get to the Lunarian capital.

well that's a butchery of canon as for one, getting there is a real bitch for Yukari.
No. 9649
File 13369457285.gif - (15.65KB , 438x500 , Cainchart.gif ) [iqdb]
>>Someone should open another thread dedicated to non-thp rage. Because honestly, people here are raging about spacebattles and about FF.net, but not about THP.
No. 9653
Your life is really interesting.
No. 9655
Stay awhile and listen!
No. 9659
They have this gigantic magic gate thingy built in Makai.
No. 9664
Who cares? Because I don't.
No. 9678
Back on the topic of hentai, of doujin based on Touhou, WHY exactly is there more male-on-female rape doujin than there is female-on-female doujin of any type? I mean for crying out loud the only humanoid male characters in the series are Rinnosuke and sometimes Shingyoku and neither of them are strong enough to rape almost anyone else from the series. Shingyoku is the very first boss in the series and by implication the weakest, and Rinnosuke's a non-combat character.

And yet in doujin, suddenly male rapists are able to take down the most absurdly overpowered characters and force sex on them. I mean what is this nonsense, have the artists even played the games or is this a case of recursive doujin decay?
No. 9679
Oh c'mon, they're rape doujins. Why are you bringing canon into this?
No. 9681
No. 9683
I want to rage at all Touhou porn doujins.
No. 9684
Because that's a very niche market among japanese doujins, most buyers prefer the man dominant. And in the course of things they generally ignore the fact the woman in question is stronger or the use of drugs (often made by Eirin). And yes there's been cases of Eirin getting drugged by her own handiwork.
No. 9685

I challenge anyone to watch the whole 15 minutes 5 seconds of that video.
No. 9691
Please don't bring up only the dark side of the fandom.

Look at Fallout Equestria for example. That shit's probably better than most, if not all, of the stories here.
No. 9693
Since you guys keep bringing those damn ponies up, I am going to rage about how we seem to get the short end of the stick compared to them.
Seriously, they do practically jack shit except simply being in the fandom but still get tons of media exposure, while we, despite having terabytes of remixes, flash videos, and comics, with at least some being originally in English, still get nothing save for a lazy CNN video which doesn't even mention us at all.
I mean, we're getting reverse hijacks. Just for UN Owen, people are seriously thinking that McRoll came first or that it's actually based off John Stump's Death Waltz. Why can't we proliferate beyond our own Great Barrier, beyond our dusty imageboards and forums?

It's well-written, yes, but I would hardly say that it is better than most of the shit here. Well, maybe most of /at/.
No. 9695
We have enough difficulty dealing with the stupid fans we have now, having it become more popular would only end badly for all of us.
No. 9697
I find it funny how the "best" pony fanfic is actually a cross-over.
No. 9700
So, what's the best Touhou fic?
No. 9702
Touhou Ibunshu.
No. 9705
Touhou Bougetsushou.
No. 9711
Touhou Sangatsusei.
No. 9712
Seihou: Shuusou Gyoku.
No. 9713
Fellow bronies you have to think to yourself.

Do you really want to be a fandom that is seen as a sort of media freak show with men collecting dolls for little girls and watching a show for little girls?

Or do you want to be a media-giant that has contributed to modern culture with it's music, fiction and art?

We all know of the extent of our growth as a sub culture with our music beginning to grow into a genre, our fan fiction quality rivalling that of the greats (I dare say the writers of the show have got a run for their money) and our art on par with the best of them.

we are even gaining ground on the video game circles.

I present to you 1 word to put into consideration.


This is a fandom that we could become. A fandom respected by the media for its huge volumes of high quality fan material.
But clearly they are missing something as their impact is no where near as epic as it should be.

As such the cultural stagnation occurring with them could befall the brony fandom (if we ever reach that size).

We are on a cross road right now where our actions now can affect us and even Hasbro itself. so putting all this in consideration what do you think us bronies should do? surely you can't just be content to watch things unfold. Surely you got some dreams to help make come true? We have a brotherhood going on, that can help us help ourselves. So why don't we start properly using it?

One thing I notice with touhou fans is their pseudo rivalry with each other, they have this competitive streak that strives each other to do these hugely epic things. Clustering into small cliques within the fandom to do their collaborations.

Bronies spout unity, but I'm not quite seeing any real difference between both fandoms, except the idealism spoken but not practiced.

thats all i gotta say.
No. 9714
Who gives a shit about some cartoon for children
No. 9715

Why. Why the fuck is this a thing.
No. 9716
If you're not the same dude, I fucking love you guys.
No. 9717
>Bronies spout unity, but I'm not quite seeing any real difference between both fandoms, except the idealism spoken but not practiced.
HAHAHA you fag. Bronies are just obsessed with their stupid little show. I remember seeing some screens from Dead Space 2, because in this game there's a shop called Trixie's shop, and Trixie is the name of a very minor character that appears in only one episode and is promptly forgotten after.
No. 9719
>Trixie is the name of a very minor character that appears in only one episode and is promptly forgotten after.

So, how about those people who are obsessed with Koakuma, eh?
No. 9720
There are no pictures of a fictional shop being called Koa or Koakuma. My point still stands. Bronies are over-obsessed with their ponies.
No. 9721
When Koa appears, most of the time she'll be treated like a charming seductive succubus, even though it has no basis in canon whatsoever.

Does it apply to Trixie, too?
No. 9722
Some fanfics make Trixie exceptionally good at magic despite her being a fraud in the show.

A better comparison would be Vinyl Scratch or Doctor Whooves. They showed up for a few seconds in the show and didn't have speaking roles, but fans made them proper characters anyway.
No. 9723
>I say bronies are so obsessed with their characters that they end up seeing them everywhere and seeing references in every game
>he answers by telling me that a minor characters isn't so minor
Missing the point? You're doin' it right.
No. 9724
From our dear friend Shrinemaiden.org

>Didn't help that not but a moment later I saw a blu-ray called "Ran" XD.
No. 9725
Dexter laboratory? Fuck yeah. Powerpuff girls? Sure, why not. My little pony? Fuck off.
I may be a manchild, but I'm still a man.
No. 9727
>afraid of losing his manliness
>staying on a fanfiction site about magical girls
No. 9728
Urk. Posts from this place are either filled with weeaboo shit ("baka", "kawaii"), either those fucking emoticons for illiterate dumbasses.
No. 9730
Oh, I didn't know that /blue/ is the new Pooshlmer.
No. 9733
If I had 1$ each time I see some touhou name in a movie or an anime, I would be rich. In Inuyasha, there's a mountain called Mount Hakurei. In Occult, there's a dude called Watatsuki. In Shirome, there's a girl named Aki. In usual suspects, there's a dude named Kobayashi. In Ju-On too. In Noroi too.

I guess that ZUN names his character using the japanese equivalent of Smith.
No. 9737
He names Touhous after things in classic Japanese folklore, of course the names will appear in other Japanese works.
No. 9739
For you americanfags, it would be like naming your character lincoln, king and armstrong.
No. 9740
ZUN's names are all over the place.

About half the time, youkai (and occasionally humans) have non-Japanese names, like Sariel, Rumia, Elly, or Letty Whiterock. Most characters with native Japanese names usually have meaningful names of some sort. For example, "Hakurei" can mean something like "esteemed companion", but it's also another word for sake. Since there are over a hundred Touhou characters, all with unique names, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see shared names between a Touhou character with a native Japanese name and something else.

So if a youkai who excelled at working metal were to appear, I would expect that she would be given a name loosely equivalent to "Smith".
No. 9742
What makes me rage is those stupid little missile ships that appear in the fourth stage of Shuusou Gyoku. They're fast, hard to hit, and they curve to hit you. I can almost perfect stages 1 through 3 on a good day, and then stage 4 comes along and wipes out all my lives.

And what's worse is that if I do make it to Marie, she shoots them along with multiple Master Spark grade lasers.

Anyone know how to beat them?
No. 9743
>high quality fan material

Good fucking game brony. Good. Fucking. Game.
No. 9744
I mean it's not even so much that the lasers themselves are so bad, but they draw over the missiles, and they're very distracting too since they're so much brighter than the missiles, so the dull-colored missiles will slip under them and past my guard.

I take it nobody knows a good flight pattern to throw them off?
No. 9752
>But in the end everybody killed themselves because a guy was walking down the street with his futanari self wearing only sandles and socks
This is without doubts the best fanfic I ever read. It's even better than quarter-life, harry potter and twilight!
No. 9753
No Half-Life Full Life Consequences there?

For shame.
No. 9754
No My Immortal there?

For shame.
No. 9755
I'm not going to list all the trollfics. Otherwise I may mention Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, and that shitty grimderp fanfic that someone linked previously.
No. 9756
That's because I'm honestly not sure it's a trollfic. And if it's one, I fell for it at once.
No. 9758
It's >>6424 you're referring to.
No. 9759
Ever realized that the moral messages between MLP and Touhou are practically the opposite of each other?

MLP = Friendship, understanding, and all that good stuff
Touhou = "Shoot first, ask questions later", "Violence is the answer to all of your problems"

Waiting for a crossover fic where the ponies teach the Touhous the meaning of friendship.
No. 9762
There's not much to say except to destroy them before they reach you.
No. 9763
Waiting for a crossover fic where the touhous teach the ponies that violence is the best fucking solution.
No. 9769
Not waiting for any toohoo/pony crossover fics, because we really don't need one and I can't think of any possibilities that wouldn't be stupid.
No. 9771
I want to bitch about hard it is to find the things I like and how easy it is to find the things I hate.
No. 9872
First of all, some guy ranted about how he got flamed for writing an OC/Touhou romance story.

>Dear multiple abusive reviewers,

>I understand that the Touhou fandom is traditionally girl country, that lesbianism is the norm, and that you can count the male characters on one hand, ect ect. It's famous for all of that.

>However, I wasn't aware that there was any sort of law precluding me from including male characters in my own fic. Even - shock horror - male characters that can hold their own in a danmaku duel. (And to one of you in particular - there is nothing canonical stating danmaku is a female-only ability. I checked.)

>And if that wasn't bad enough, it seems I'm the devil for actually featuring a het relationship. The amount of vitriol you point at me for having one of the girls decide to make a pass or two in conversation is staggering.

>And the worst part? I freaking warned for all this. I had a nice big paragraph of an author's note warning that I was going to include proficient male characters who the resident females might show interest in, and you all still read the whole thing before attempting to crucify me.

>More baffled than hurt,


Then, some lesbian chick who didn't even know Touhou replied.

>So, let me get this straight:

>You're upset because a straight man wasn't welcomed with open arms into a lesbian space?

>I don't know the fandom in question, but that's what I'm getting from your rant, and if I'm right then holy shit you have a lot of privilege you need to check. Sure, reading the warnings is great, but calling the girls who reviewed you "abusive" and accusing them "attempting to crucify" you because they weren't thrilled with the idea of straight men showing up to "fix" (and whether or not you meant it, that's how it's going to look to a lot of people) their powerful lesbian characters. Granted, I can't really make a judgement here without seeing the fic for myself, but I can easily think of about a dozen ways that this could be really problematic.

Then, the thread devolved into bickering about how Touhou is a magical lesbian feminist paradise and how inserting male OCs is an anti-lesbian and anti-feminism move.

Then someone brought up Aki Eda. I'm glad they didn't seem to know the real issue why she's hated by the fandom. They just assumed it's because of her yuri doujins and her being a lesbian.

It's quite a hilarious shitstorm.
No. 9874
>lesbianism is the norm
Fanon, fanon, fanon...
No. 9875
>Then someone brought up Aki Eda. I'm glad they didn't seem to know the real issue why she's hated by the fandom. They just assumed it's because of her yuri doujins and her being a lesbian.

Why is Aki Eda hated by the fandom again? I just remember that she did the art for SSiB and everyone there had a bad case of sameface, but beyond that, I can't recall anything too horrifying (and let's face it, compared to everything else, the art was the least annoying thing about SSiB).
No. 9876
>Aki Eda.
>hated by the fandom
Hold on, what the hell is that about?
No. 9877
Man, those people would have a heart attack if they saw this site.
No. 9878
It would be hilarious.
No. 9879
You never go to /jp/, mate? You know, the whole incident of the Watatsukis beating up the Touhous?

/jp/ raged against her, just because they wanted someone to blame other than ZUN.
No. 9880
/jp/ is fucking overreacting.
No. 9881
Yup. That’s right. The Hakurei bloodline has been maintained through “pure” lesbian scissoring-assisted mitosis. Marisa’s father is just a father in the name, probably someone who took her in after her mother had divided her cells and went off to have a lesbian orgy. What’s that? What about Rinnosuke? Same thing, my good man. Why is he a dude then? I don’t know. It’s magic. I ain’t gotta, etc. etc.

You know what? I like to think this whole “no one is straight in Gensokyo” thing is just a huge joke, like that “purity” thing the nips pretend to be obsessed about.
No. 9882
Ah, you got that from Fanficrants, eh? (thanks Google-fu).

It's funny how the ones bickering back and forth didn't really know about Touhou. Then again, the discussion was pretty much about feminism and how "men are invading female safe space" so not related to Touhou at all.

And the fic the OP wrote was never linked to so yeah. That thread was completely pointless.

And the idea that feminists are latching into Touhou because "it's a female empowerment series" and wanting male OCs to fuck off because they're overshadowing the awesome females in it makes me laugh to no end.
No. 9884
Don't be getting any funny ideas, now.
No. 9887
Feminists... latching onto Touhou.

Oh, man, if only they could see the disproportionate amount of raep doujins this fandom produces. My word. The amount of hypersexualization Touhous go through from the fandom would give any conservation feminist a heart attack.

I'd go out and buy some damned hardcopies just to hand to them fur teh lulz, and I hate raep doujins.
No. 9888
Just checked out the thread.

Apparently, the bickering spread everywhere. Even people who don't know what Touhou was participated.

Some more funny posts.

>Oh the tears I weep for the lack of men in lesbian fiction/fandom. How dare they be excluded!

>lol It must be so hard to be a man in fandom. Why, every where you turn around there are awesome, well developed female characters and so few good male characters. The poor dears.

>This is a nice a subtle stupid. The wank about canon and fanon and whether that makes it OK to stick a male character in with the women is a pretty great example of "Screw context and all that shit! Stop stifling my creativity!" Didn't we just have that over in the steampunk and Orientalism wank?

And then one person replied:

>think the point that everyone is missing is that almost all Touhou fanfiction is written by men and most of the fandom is male. To call it a lesbian 'safe space' is really stupid considering all the channers that hang out there.

followed by posts such as:

>Pretty much - the few encounters I've had with male Touhou fans left me feeling nauseous. Not that I disagree with any of what dancing_chimera was getting at, though.

>I don't disagree either, but it is really funny to think that she's actively valiantly defending this fandom that is full of some of the creepiest dudes I have ever met as a safe space for lesbians.

>While I don't know Touhou Project, the fact that the fandom is mainly male and the ships are mostly lesbian is making me think that it's just a bunch of guys wanting lesbian porn, and not a lesbian "safe space." And that's about as uncommon as rain in the Amazon...

>Even if there's nothing outright blatant (though depending on the people in the fandom--and believe me, I'm speaking as an ex-Twific reader--it just might need to be to generate such a reaction) about it, I can just picture the "LOOK AT MY SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE MAN CHARACTER~" and his mere manly-but-such-a-nice-sensitive-guy presence enabling the women in the story to realize their dormant heterosexual tendencies and blah blah blah gag me.

>Yeah I really don't get it either. I like the character designs and YouTube fanvids and the games are fun, but I won't deny that most of the fandom is made up of pervy lolicon neckbeards from 4chan who are in it for the moeblobs.

>This is what I was getting from the whole thing. Her comments, while certainly thought-provoking and worth consideration, were still making me headtilt like whoah, knowing that Touhou is all about exploitation and underage girls being fetishistic fap stuff. It was men who decided that having other men in the source (Touhou being written/drawn/coded/created by fans for fans) was threatening to their stance as the alpha male (the male player being very nearly the only man the girls "encounter"), and it was men who decided that the girls were hotter if they were all gay, and it was men who created the fandom. I know girls who are into it, usually for the costumes more than anything else, but to call Touhou fandom a woman's space at all is really, really confusing.

So, OC fics = Twilight and all Touhou fans are creepy perverted neckbeards writing loli lesbian fanfics.

Oh, and Touhou is an exploitative series of lolis for fetishistic fap bait.

And I wonder why Bronies kept complaining on how their image is bad and yet Touhou fans never did the same.
No. 9889

That is fucking ridiculous. How does that logic even work? All the poor woman did was get paid to draw the story, it's not her fault ZUN apparently sucks at plotting.
No. 9893
Do you think I can write my usual THP story over here?
No. 9894
I'm honestly not sure if I should laugh or cry at how retarded that thred turned into.
No. 9898
Yes, but ZUN is more or less worshiped as a god by much of /jp/ and the fandom, so it's much easier to push the blame off onto a convenient scapegoat. Aki Eda's art wasn't great and she hardly did the danmaku battles justice (which it would be damn difficult to do in a manga), but that really doesn't justify all the hate. But, hey, since when were rabid fans of anything ever rational?

>most of the fandom is made up of pervy lolicon neckbeards from 4chan who are in it for the moeblobs
Well. This isn't exactly far off from the truth, IMO.
I don't think a majority of Touhou fans are lolicons, but there are an enormous number of people who just like the series for the porn, the yuri, and/or their waifus. And the memes, but that's not really relevant.
Hell, there's a lot of evidence for that, or at least a focus like that, on this site. Just look at any shitstorm over routes for an example. Or /at/, for a more extreme example.

>I can just picture the "LOOK AT MY SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE MAN CHARACTER~" and his mere manly-but-such-a-nice-sensitive-guy presence enabling the women in the story to realize their dormant heterosexual tendencies and blah blah blah gag me.
Good job judging a fandom without even bothering to look at it, though. I mean yeah, the male OCs in stories here can be unrealistically good at attracting Touhous but the "realize their dormant heterosexual tendencies" is just bullshit running off of fanon.
No. 9899
>ZUN sucks at plotting

You just reminded me of those people from Naruto and HP fandom who said, "Fuck canon, Kishimoto and Rowling are hacks and we fanfiction writers can write better than them."

I'm glad Touhou will never go mainstream. Don't want that kind of cancer to spread here, do we?
No. 9904

So disagreeing with how an author conducted his story makes me a cancerous troll.

You know, I was going to argue with you, but I think that sentence more or less speaks for itself.
No. 9905
Kishimoto really is a pretty bad writer, though. Shonen mangakas aren't known for their ability to plot. Rowling's actually good, though there have been a couple (out of ~500,000) HP fanfics which were generally better written, or at least on par with, the original books.
Not that that justifies the thousands of 12-year olds who got a review on their first story thinking that they're teh best wryters evar like OMG.

And I still believe that Touhou going mainstream would bring more idiots, but also more people who would help the fandom's creativity, intelligent discussion, etc.
No. 9908
Disagreeing is okay but acting like bigshots who knows better is not. Do I really need to copy some FF.net profiles to prove this?

You really have no idea how retarded those two fandoms are nowadays, do you?
No. 9915
Go on, that thread is made for this shit.
No. 9918
for every one insightful person we'd have 9000 idiots. The fandom as it has has enough scummy excuses for fans (folks who seriously believe in all the shitty memes because they won't bother playing the games).

Something going mainstream is more or less a bad move. Just look at Final Fantasy after VII.
No. 9922
I used to think that bad posts spoke for themselves, but it turns out many people don't share the same definition of bad.
No. 9928

Do you really have to put all of that kinds of crap in your profile?
No. 9932
That guy probably can't smell his own farts, being far too arrogant for something this mainstream.
No. 9933
Welcome to Sturgeon's Law.
No. 9937
I think the real question is how you came across this.
No. 9938
Google, my friend.
No. 9947
Have some more hilarious posts from the thread at >>9888.

>What is wrong with the portrayal of women in Touhou?

>These women are independent and live out their dreams. They subvert the expectation that japanese women face, by living happily without important men in their lives.

>Several Touhou characters outright said that they did not want men, and are fine on their own. One went to elaborate lengths to remain single.

wut? When did this happen?

>For a japanese fandom, this alone is extremely progressive. There are men, so don't claim "waaah women only allowed to have lives if men are somehow absent". Bullshit. Touhou has men. One women had a male teacher, there's a male shopkeeper around, and two Touhou characters are married (these two subvert expectations of women. One of them leads the military of the nation she belongs to, the other works as an enforcer).

So, Youki, Rinnosuke and the Watatsukis. Fair enough.

And the Watatsukis are role models for women, I suppose. I have no problem with this.

>But there is more. Women in Touhou are the caretakes, the teachers, the policemen, the government, the angsty loner, the faithful servant, and the whimsical lord. Women head the military, some women are saints, somewomen are devils, and most are in between.

The goverment? Who?

And nice job referring Mokou as the angsty loner girl.

>Women have agency.

>Some don't take crap and take names, some are very polite and helpful. Some are powerful, some are not. Some delight in serving, some in ruling. Personality wise, Touhou is very diverse, and what the characters do is progressive as fuck.

>Is it perfect? Oh, no. From our western point of view, we'd definitely like more different body types being represented.

>Still: Name me a single fandom that allows women to do so many things, and be successful, without being overshadowed by men. Goodluck, you'll need it, because there isn't any.

>Sure, it's not the omg portrayal we all should strive for. But it's not a bad one at all, and it can certainly be seen as feminist.

All hail ZUN for having a progressive view on women. Next time we know, he'll be a women rights supporter.
No. 9950
Someone's been going full fanon.
No. 9952
It's funny because ZUN's thought process behind making everybody female in touhou is probably more along the lines of "Hmm, I like girls. Cute girls are nice. I'm gonna put cute girls in my game."
No. 9953
During the enormous gap between the fourth book and the Order of Phoenix, there was a fan-made fifth book that ended up being as long as the actual one and better written. It had Harry paired up with Ginny (appropiate, on hindight) and treated a few adult themes.

It shitted himself at the ending though, with Hermione loving harry too, a fucking self-insert girl who was basically Luna (Hilarious, on hindsight) and half of the MCs dying in the last chapters.
No. 9955
File 133740263585.png - (1.56KB , 126x126 , Th01singyoku03.png ) [iqdb]
ZUN himself claims that most of the humanoid Touhou characters are female because he can't draw men.

Male Shingyoku's art from Highly Responsive to Prayers does nothing to discredit this.
No. 9962
Is that the (in)famous Draco Trilogy?

That thing causes a lot of Draco in Leather Pants treatment for Draco. He ends up becoming a "good guy" or even a sex god rather than the cowardly brat he is like in canon.

And the writer is making a lot of drama in the fandom itself. At least she's now writing original fics. I like it better that way.
No. 9963
That might be true... he has enough problems drawing girls/women at times. That and his small/flat chest policy he seems to have (compare on danbooru Alphes' official game art and his unofficial touhou art, BIG differences)

Might it be the root of the trope itself?
No. 9964
>better written
Oh, you mean you like it better than the canon version of the story?
No. 9966
>Might it be the root of the trope itself?
Well, TvTropes got the name from it.

I don't understand what you meant by "the root of the trope" exactly.
No. 9967
I mean where the site got the trope name from. Sure it might have existed earlier but it was an unidentified thing before it got named.
No. 9968
Yeah, they got it from a scene in that fic where Draco wore a tight leather pants and the other characters remarked how good he looked in it.
No. 9970
When I see stuff like that, I want to copy Tsurupettan's story and post it there, just to make them rage.
But I won't do it because I'm not Tsurupettan and copy-pasting someone else's story is a dick move.
No. 9971
>Characters with prominent nonhuman traits should probably take them into account when having sex. Especially when sex acts can injure either partner because of those traits.

>In particular, having a large, sharp horn on one's forehead would make going down on people a little tricky.

>Rant brought to you by Touhou smutfic, but can probably apply to more. Just take out the specifics.

I think /at/ should know this.
No. 9972
File 133742030911.gif - (63.74KB , 1050x610 , 2gfvq.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 9973
You know, if there's a fanfic writer out there who thinks he can write better than the original author of the show he makes fanfics of, then he/she should just stop writing fanfics of that show and go write some original stories instead.

Fictionpress.com exists for a reason after all.
No. 9974
No. 9978
Fuck yeah. That is some smooth dancing, I think we all know who is in the right here.
No. 9994
...I don't get it. What's Tsurupettan's story?
No. 9995
Mind the Gap in /at/
No. 10017
>I don't read Touhou doujins that aren't porn
That quote came from a mod in Spacebattles.
No. 10019
Yeah, but he also hasn't written any Touhou stories, so what exactly was the point of posting that?
No. 10024
I don't read Touhou doujins that aren't porn either. What's the big deal?
No. 10025
Get back to /at/.
No. 10065
Guess what Ddyk, she's not "dead" after all!

She's now sobbing and crying with her husband in the Netherworld while telling how she died to Yuyuko.
No. 10069
My computer just crashed because I foolishly tried to update Vista, I lost all my notes and therefore I can't continue my stories, I lost all my saves, all my music and pretty much everything I had, and yet reading this makes my day better.
No. 10073


There's your problem.

But seriously, sorry, man, I know how that feels.
No. 10075
Ouch. Well, my condolences. You really should post about that in your stories' threads instead of here, though. (Who are you?)
No. 10078
Well, I know that Vista sucks. But I had less trouble with it than I had with XP, and I'm too poor to buy Se7en.

Also, restauration points and stuff like that ARE important. Just because your computer is working fine now doesn't mean it'll work fine like that until the end of days. Learn from my mistakes.
No. 10079

So how exactly did the operating system failure destroy your files? Couldn’t you boot up from Puppy Linux or something? Did you contact the professionals on data recovery? Did you do absolutely everything in your power to remedy the situation?

I’m sick and tired of hardware (in this case software) failures used as excuses. Yes, computers break sometimes, once a year on average, do fucking backups. It’s not that story notes take terabytes of space, buy yourself two usb sticks for 5$ each and save your shit once in a while.
No. 10080
>Couldn’t you boot up from Puppy Linux or something?
I don't know what the hell a Puppy Linux is, but I contacted a technician to restore the computer to its previous state, before that doomed update.
I think Vista's latest Service Pack was not properly installed (automatic installation, woohoo, I can blame Windows instead of taking the blame for being an incompetent computer monkey), but the main trouble was the lack of restoration point (but it's still Windows' fault somehow). I'll probably regain a large part of my data, perhaps all of them, but it'll take time.
I still fail to understand how an automatic update could go wrong, but just in case, once I recover my files, I'll save them on an USB driver before trying to update the OS again.

And if that still doesn't work, I'll throw Vista out and try Se7en.

And about those stories, while most of my notes are in my head (what's gonna happen, who is the real mastermind), the important notes (aka if a character mentioned this, if Anon already voted for that, if Murmur already appeared in the story and even what time it is) are still in my crashed computer.

In short: I was wrong when I thought it was done fore, I'll be able to fix things. It's just a matter of time. In the meanwhile, I guess I'm just going to play darts on Bill's picture. And find a way to install that goddamn service pack somehow.
No. 10099
No. 10100
Also a computer going to crap doesn't mean the HD is automatically shot. You can try hooking it up to another computer and getting the data out that way.
No. 10104
And the THP curse strikes again...
No. 10117
One thing I've found effective is devoting the entirety of the C: partition to the OS and core software alone; another partition meanwhile, to writings, gaymes and all that jazz. In case of a failure all I've to do is format C: (whilst not touching the other partitions) and/or use a recovery image. A habit of the courtesy of my old Toshiba Sattelite, with its loose RAM connectors and a dreadful penchant for serving up bluescreens and critical OC failures on an hourly basis. I formatted that thing twice a week at the least. Never lost a thing.
No. 10118
All my games and software (GIMP, SSTV, Audacity) are under D:, while my documents are under C: because I was too lazy to change the path to them because I have too many documents and not enough space.
No. 10285
All of which helps you not a bit if it is a HD failure as opposed to an OS failure.
For myself, I have multiple HDs and back them up regularly.
No. 10295
Anyway, I got my computer back, with all my documents and my note. I was wrong to panic, it was fixed quite easily.
Jist in case, I'll print them. Paper can't crash.
No. 10300
Well yes, but keeping your sensitive data on a separate partition can save you its loss when the issue is “just” an OS failure. When your HDD goes to the devil, well… that’s double trouble there.
No. 10310
And so are greasemonkey, adblock, and even a decent antivirus!
On another hand, I guess to uninstall Internet Explorer. AGAIN!

Don't forget to save your documents, fellow anon, but don't forget your internet bookmarks.
No. 10311
And did I mentionned that I can't use Steam?
In other words, I'll have to reinstall it, LOSING ALL MY SAVES AND MY MODS!
Fuck yeah OS failure! I don't mind restarting Assassin's Creed from the beginning, I don't mind redownloading every single TF2 mod, I don't mind spending 3 months downloading Arkham City!
Fuck yeah!
No. 10314
Well look at it this way: now you have an excuse to spend more time on writing (while everything else redownloads).
No. 10319
Your optimism makes me sick sometimes.
No. 10320
This reminds me at that one time where I lost my Oblivion save. Until now, I still haven't finished it, not even the main quest. Just don't have the will to do it.

Maybe I should play Skyrim instead, that is if my computer's strong enough.
No. 10321
File 133796732665.jpg - (298.17KB , 806x806 , 23443056_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
I live to have fun.
No. 10329
>Hoi, I live. Sorry about for being absent for so long. Had some incredibly ridiculous computer problems that only have just been fixed. So, I is back now!

>And regarding getting noticed...Spacebattles isn't a bad way to go, actually. Though they are a bit...nitpickier than most places. Shrinemaiden is hit or miss, and I haven't even tried Touhou-Project, as it's pretty much the /b of the Touhou fandom.

Fuck you, Takerfoxx. Fuck you and your Imperfect Metamorphosis.
No. 10330
Thanks for the update!
No. 10331
>Getting yourself noticed:




>Regrettably, the fandom seems fractured around different fic sites, so the exposure of posting on another site is huge. And if you can get yourself noticed on TV Tropes or another site's fanfic recommendations, it helps as well. If you do, let me know how you did it, though.
No. 10333
>I haven't even tried Touhou-Project, as it's pretty much the /b of the Touhou fandom.
Once that guy is here, I'll get my torch, my pithfork, and I'll greet him /b/ style. That asshole won't be disappointed.
No. 10334
If he comes here, he'll bring his fanbase with him.

Imagine Kahi only twice as worse seeing his fanbase is both from Spacebattles and FF.net.
No. 10335
Man, who cares about people coming from other sites? If we can survive wiseman we can survive anyone.
No. 10337
Wiseman didn't have a horde of whiteknights defending him, now did he?
No. 10338
Wiseman is cool now. But a guy comparing us to /b/ is a guy that had to be greeted in a /b/ way.
Prepare your bestiality and dead babies pictures.
No. 10339
Yeah. I remember posting on his /others/ to ask him to move it to /at/. It was one of the stupidest thing I did.

In a nutshell, I was accused of being a samefag, then I was accused of trying to derail the thread, and then I was said "that story isnt about sex". At this point, I gave up on logic and common sense.
Kahi doesn't have white knights. He has white hobos.
No. 10340
Wouldn't the white hobos be the ones threadsquatting?
No. 10341
I imagine he actually means its an imageboard, not that its actually anything like /b/. He's probably just used to forums and the only imageboard exposure he has is /b/.
No. 10342
You're saying that for him, voile, pooshlmer, desuchan and THP are all like /b/? That's... fucking retarded.
No. 10343
If you've only seen two imageboards in your life, it's somewhat reasonable to think the second is just a copy of the first.

No. 10344
What's /b/-like about THP? Look at this, even the rage threads are relatively free of deliberate insulting and shit-throwing. I'm not seeing where this guy is coming from.

Maybe if all you're exposed to is brown-nosing, anything else looks like the end of the world.
No. 10345
Hell, on /b/, you're called faggot on a daily basis. Maybe even on a hourly basis.
I don't think I ever saw someone being called a faggot here. Maybe "writefag", "moralfag", and stuff like that, but no "faggot". Anon here is relatively decent (even if he'll still shoot down people he doesn't like), while /b/'s Anon is like nitroglycerine.
No. 10346
Okay, I'm demanding sauce on this. Though it does seem like something he at least might have said if he hadn't actually been here, I just scoured spacebattles, TVT, and ff.net to try and find this quote and got nothing.
No. 10347
Go to the Touhou forums on FF.net

Hell, I'll just link it to you.


Search for "Takerfoxx" if you can't bear to read the other posts.
No. 10348
The fact that you have to add "relatively" as a qualifier isn't encouraging. Plus there is and has been quite a lot of shit-throwing in the previous rage threads, and there is here as well.
The fact that he's mostly exposed to ffnet's ass-kissing reviewers is likely part of it, but parts of THP are pretty damn vitriolic and unappealing.

It's not remotely as common here as it is on /b/, but if you've never seen people calling others faggots you need to lurk more. I've seen this and similar insults directed at bad posters, bad writers, and lazy writers, for a few examples.
No. 10349
Oh, it was the ff.net forums, okay. I was going to bother responding to it if it was on Tvtropes or Spacebattles, as despite the rage THP directs towards those sites they are capable of holding intelligent enough discussions with reasonable people (plus they have people who would be swayed by his saying this), but I haven't seen anything like that on ff.net, especially in the Touhou section.
No. 10350
At least we never post bestiality or dead babies pics.

And I'm sure anyone who tries will instantly get banned by the mods.

In my opinion, TvTropes is worse than FF.net, just because of their general opinion and attitude.

First, it's the hive of Marisafags. You know, people who take that Reimu copypasta seriously and think that Reimu has "plot armor".

Second, it's full of people who think that Rin Satsuki and Orange are "the best Touhou characters evar!!!" and ZUN should put them in the next Touhou game.

Third, they hate Lunarians. Seriously, just try bringing them up and you'll be accused as "shitposting" because it'll cause a shitstorm, especially if you state that you like them.

At least FF.net's problem is only the continuous OC circlejerk between authors.
No. 10351
Let's just say that I usually skip the shitstorm, so I often miss those insults. But on a daily basis, it's rare too see that word here. You have to dig and lurk for a while to find it.
No. 10352
File 133803694418.png - (16.26KB , 291x300 , Fuckers_ FUCKERS EVERYWHERE.png ) [iqdb]
>Third, they hate Lunarians
No. 10353
>At least FF.net's problem is only the continuous OC circlejerk between authors.
Well, I don't really want to say it, but we have something like that too. I mean, take a look at Q's stories. They're all about his OCs meeting other OCs.
No. 10354
>Q's stories
No. 10355
"Dr. Q"
Check his stories, they're mostly "walk around in Gensokyo, interact with other writefags' OCs".
No. 10356
Hey, Ddyk, do you know that they used to have a Warhammer 40k/Touhou crossover back then?

Look at this.

>Also, I know quite a bit about Touhou due to being in a Warhammer 40K/Touhou crossover RP. I consider that my personal achivements in it was seeing to the destruction of the Lunarians through a Tyranid invasion and later combining Yamame with a Venomthrope, which was the first of similar fusions (However, none of the others were PC's).
No. 10357
I'm pretty sure there's some stuff here that could qualify. City Quest, etc. And we have people posting scat, which I'm pretty sure even /b/ usually avoids.

First, haven't seen much Marisafaggotry, and I have seen Reimu hate but it wasn't that bad. And the Border's existence depends on Reimu's life and success, so Plot Armor doesn't seem too far-fetched.
Second, I haven't seen anyone at all who seriously believes something like this in the Touhou discussions. The only one I can recall even saying things to this effect is Bocaj, who's more or less the community's YAF and has a similar ratio of serious posts to joking ones.
Third, many people on every Touhou community hate the Lunarians, and the shitpost accusation is BS. There are people there who are willing to and have discussed the Lunarians civilly.
No. 10358
>That said, give up. No matter how many words you write trying to spin Reimu into some kind of run-of-the-mill pristine MC, you cannot change the facts. The books and game dialogues are out there, people will read them and see a greedy violence-loving easily-irritated racist ZUN intended her to be.

>Idiots like you invariably miss the fact that we actually like her the way she is; simply because she's more fun that way. If you can't accept that, along with the fact that Touhou characters in general just aren't nice people, maybe you should find yourself some other fandom.
No. 10360
>And we have people posting scat
Well, that's /at/.
Many people who go to /at/ completely ignore the rest of the site, and many people who go to the rest of the site completely ignore /at/, so I consider them separate entities.
No. 10361
Sauce: /jp/. http://archive.foolz.us/jp/thread/6663800/
And that sums up pretty well why I avoid it.

>Also, I know quite a bit about Touhou due to being in a Warhammer 40K/Touhou crossover RP
TVT obviously has their fair share of autists.
No. 10362
This is true, but /at/ is still part of the site and what's there still reflects on the whole of THP, especially to those unfamiliar with the community.

You could say the same about TVT and that infamous fetish thread they had(/have?). Only a small amount of the community would have gone there, but it's still one of the biggest targets for mocking of the site as a whole.
No. 10363
I remember reading on /jp/ that the reason why some people like Marisa is because she's the personification of "Humanity Fuck Yeah!" in Touhou.

She's greedy, violent, and will do anything to achieve her goals. She's also a hard worker, learning to master all those spells from scratch, unlike a certain miko whose powers are handed on a silver platter to her. Even though she's a normal human, she can go toe to toe with gods and other super-powerful nonhuman beings.

Sad that nobody realizes that she's closer to a youkai than a human and she doesn't give a crap for the other humans living in the Human Village. Not really a "human champion" at all.
No. 10364
>>10343 here
To clarify, I meant from a technical standpoint.

Like calling all FPSes doom clones way back when, I consider it somewhat reasonable to refer to THP as "like /b/" if the only other imageboard you've ever heard of is /b/.

There's one guy posting scat, and he does so anonymously now because he got banned for a week for being an annoying fuck.
No. 10365
>Bocaj, who's more or less the community's YAF
Ah, now I get it. He hates Lunarians (keeps talking about how the moon bunnies are slaves) just like the way YAF hates youkai.

At least ours is more tolerable than theirs.
No. 10366
>He hates Lunarians (keeps talking about how the moon bunnies are slaves) just like the way YAF hates youkai.
No. 10367
File 133804145982.jpg - (62.51KB , 450x325 , YOU SON OF A BITCH.jpg ) [iqdb]
>destruction of the Lunarians through a Tyranid invasion
The space pointy-eared tree huggers managed to fight those crawlers back, and the lunarians failed? That's complete bullshit!

>Also, I know quite a bit about Touhou due to being in a Warhammer 40K/Touhou crossover RP
Yeah, I'm a complete expert about Fatal Frame too because I read a Fatal Frame/Touhou crossover once. I also know Japanese because I watch subtitled movies sometimes. I also know everything about nuclear fusion because I read WaHH.
Pauvre crétin des alpes, je t'arracherais les tripes avec plaisir avant de te forcer à écouter du Michel Sardou.
No. 10368
Who knows? Go look up his posts and decide for yourself.

As for me, I've had enough of TvTropes altogether. Reading the posts there always make me rage. Not good for my health.
No. 10369
>The space pointy-eared tree huggers managed to fight those crawlers back
What are you talking about?

And I never knew you're big on 40k, YAF.
No. 10370
He's referring to Iyanden, the eldar world. Eldar are space elves. Elves are tree huggers that should be dealt with magma.
Crawlers means the tyranids, because they're insects.

And that's not YAF.
No. 10371
Well, fuck, I just mistook Ddyk for YAF.

That's what you get for glossing over tripcodes.
No. 10372
You sure the Eldars are tree-huggers?

From what I've known (from lurking around /tg/), they're hedonists.
No. 10373
You're mistaking Eldars with Dark Eldars.
No. 10375
A guy using Hartman in his picture, and you mistook him for YAF? Let me laugh at you.
No. 10376
I don't know the guy in that pic.
No. 10377
Go watch that movie called Full Metal Jacket.
Seriously, watch it.
No. 10379
Oh, he did? Good, I hated that guy.

If it's just the one guy, though, why are we letting it continue?
No. 10380
No don't! Just watch this scene.

Worth the whole movie.
No. 10381
Axure Xuchihara or something like that?
Yeah, I remember, he was banned for overusing suspension points. Or ellipsis. Bah, they're the same.
No. 10382

>Hurrrr, those faggots don't count as part of our site despite being under the same address, nope.

>Meanwhile let's cherry pick the worst of everywhere else and insult or laugh at the sites in general to stroke out own egos.
No. 10383
Talking about Eldars, I never understand /tg/'s hate towards them.

Some said that's because fa/tg/uys are actually dwarves, so it would make sense if they hate elves.
No. 10385

>Hurrrr, those faggots don't count as part of our site despite being under the same address, nope

>Meanwhile let's cherry pick the worst of everywhere else and insult or laugh at the sites in general to stroke our own egos
No. 10386
Those memory problem, you remember? We have those problems because there's a DDOS going on, because of that cosplay thread.
No. 10387
Huh, why did we get DDoS'ed again? And what cosplay thread?

Really, I know nothing about /at/ and what lurks in it (other than the usual scat shit tentacle rape porn).
No. 10388
File 133804385176.jpg - (86.11KB , 440x730 , BL118.jpg ) [iqdb]
Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me?

FMJ remains one of my most favourite films, ever. It’s the kind of film that makes you laugh, then has you cover your mouth, thinking, “Why am I laughing? This is awful.” I’d definitely recommend it. It’s a classic.
I am into 40k though, if mostly into books rather than the games, tabletop or otherwise. I appreciate DoW’s voice acting however. Good stuff. Still, I like the fiction more. I’m currently stuck on Fulgrim. Can’t proceed with this one, just can’t. I’d love to read it and go on, but... it’s so awful.
No. 10390
I don't know the details, but apparently someone went butthurt over this thread: >>/at/22441 and decided to DDoS THP.
No. 10391
How could you get butthurt over a cosplay porn thread?
No. 10392
Because there's money involved, and it's considered as porn, instead of being just a doujin.

And people working in the porn industry are the biggest assholes (ho ho ho).
No. 10393
>Axure Xuchihara
Oh, god. Ellipsis overuse is by far the least of that imbecile's issues.

Here, check this out. http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1724348/Azure_Xuchilbara
>I am banned from DoujinStyle for posting Panda mating pictures and Rule 34 Sesame Street...PM me for any Touhou requests (usually yuri/futa crack-pairing doujins...)

And look at his excellent stories:
>"S-So hot…B-Body burning up," moaned Patchouli as she literally ripped her clothes off and turned on the shower.
>The cold water hit the elementalist, but barely had any effect on her rapidly rising temperature. That's when Patchouli, through ragged breaths, noticed that a new sensation was originating between her legs.
>"W-What! I-It can't be…But, I can't stop it…hot…strange," Patchouli moaned as her hand snaked down to her nether regions and massaged the aching, burning spot, while the other rubbed the sensitive, hardening nubs of her breast. A gasp escapes her lips as sensations she was not accustomed to wracked her fragile form.
>"C-Can't stop m-myself…I can't! So hot…so good…k-k-aaahh," rasped the bookworm as a finger entered her. Slowly her breathing became labored as her vision dimmed in and out.
>"B-brea…th…uuaahhkk c-can't…b-breath guuahhhkk…h-hahh…w-what…cough cough "
>She falls to the floor, taking the shower curtain with her.
>Despite her lungs giving out on her, she didn't stop touching herself…rationality and common sense replaced by pain and pleasure.
>She knew she was dying…one part of her mind told her to cry for help, but as she did so, she found out her voice was gone…replaced by a choked gargle as bloody foam seeped out of her mouth.
>"Huuau…llpph….K-Kuhh…cough M-mmma…"
>Despite her dimminishing vision,
>"H-help…someone help…me. B-but sooo good….c-can't…can't…M-mu…m-mumumumukyu..!"
>Her sight completely darkened as her body convulsed in an intense orgasmic dance…The life finally leaving her eyes as the intoxicatingly deadly medicine snuffed what little life was left out of them.

I don't much care one way or another about most of fanfiction.net, or most of the more idiotic toohoo fans, but I absolutely loathe this guy.
No. 10394
>Rule 34 Sesame Street
What the fuck
No. 10395
We don't know for certain the DDoS is over that thread. It's likely, but there's no proof. It's not like the admins got a list of demands or anything. Similarly, getting rid of it won't necessarily stop the DDoS.

Only banned for a week, not permanently.

And the thread continues because he keeps it contained. One terrible thread that's easy to hide on a page of 10 isn't so bad. And unless he's talking to himself, there are some other people that enjoy it.

Same address but the user bases are fairly separate. I'm sure there's a ton of people that go on the main site but would never touch /at/ and I know there's people that only go to /at/ for porn and don't care about stories at all.

Although this is less of the case now, since all the upload threads are more or less dead.
No. 10396
Aren't his stories on par with the usual /at/ stuff though?
No. 10397

THP: The Comic.
No. 10399
More like "every patchwork story ever".
No. 10402
>Starting with the SDM, are we?

>OK, checklist of things to do here:
>*Find Patchouli
>*Date Patchouli
>*Marry Patchouli
>*Have children with Patchouli
>*Raise children with Patchouli
>*Grow old with Patchouli
>*Die next to Patchouli

>Maybe throw in that whole "give Chen a pat on the head" and such that Yukari was talking about earlier, too.

>Let's roll.
No. 10403
Well that’s ol—
>Miko pages
Motherfucker. Translation where?
No. 10408
So, anyone ever brought up how hilarious the Danbooru comments on Touhou Tag Dream are?

Never before the word "plot armor" is used so many times, especially on the Reimu vs Marisa fight.

>Should have known from the beginning, Reimu´s plot armor gives her win by default
No. 10409
Ah yes, Dei Shirou.

Lots of Marisafags were buttdevastated when Reimu trashed their favorite character effortlessly.

Still causes shitstorms even nowadays. It's like SSiB all over again.

Guess that's what you got for making a Touhou fighting comic. Powerlevels, powerlevels everywhere.
No. 10412
It's less hilarious when you're one of the ones raging.
No. 10413
>>I haven't even tried Touhou-Project, as it's pretty much the /b of the Touhou fandom.
I remember when I tried to write for /jp/. It was hilarious. In a dwarf fortress sense.
The thread reached 96 posts. 3 were honest votes, 1 was someone trying to take over the story, and 92 were calling me a faggot and a keinefag (or a cowfag, not too sure).

I don't even want to know what happens if you try to write on /b/. But that sounds fun, so maybe I'll try someday.
No. 10414
It becomes hilarious several weeks later, when you're reading the comments and thinking "god that dude was fucking buttdevastatedmad retarded LOL". And then you see your own nickname.
And then you're buttdevastatedmad retarded.
No. 10417
Shitstorms are drastically less hilarious if you're participating in them seriously.
No. 10418
This is what Rainymood is for.
No. 10419
No. 10420
It makes everything better. I used it when Anon raided me.
No. 10435
I haven't gotten to Fulgrim yet, please don't ruin it for me.
No. 10437
Except the pool updates more than twice a year.
No. 10438
I couldn’t if I wanted to. I just can’t read this one. The writing style is like a brick wall. It does absolutely nothing to keep my attention on itself. After Abnett’s (amazing, by the way) books, it’s a slow crawl through a stinky swamp. You just keep wishing you were elsewhere, loading foul xenos full of melta.

On the topic of books, I’m finding myself enjoying Game of Thrones immensely. What I don’t know is whether I should go ahead and watch the TV series. I hear they aren’t all that dandy.
No. 10443
They're differents. I can't really say which one is better, since I started with the TV show, but I heard that the book was way nastier than the movie. Most characters are adults in the show, while they're still kids in the book.

Also, poor Boromir.
No. 10453
Are those dudes selling a bunch of fanfics/wiki articles for £38? Jesus, someone, check this and tell me I'm wrong.
No. 10454
Last time it take a month before Cannonstick translate the pages.
No. 10458
...Unknown author comics? Official literature?

That's not just dumb, it's plagiarism!
No. 10459
I always knew that KimikoMuffin was a dumbass, but apparently he also sold his soul to the devil.
No. 10460
Huh? I'm not seeing an author on there anywhere.

I hope you don't mean
> Fiction by KimikoMuffin
No. 10470
Holy shit, what the fuck? They're selling Touhou fanfics now?

Is this some kind of joke?
No. 10471
they're selling wiki pages. there are tons of "books" of the things
No. 10475
I'd bet dollars against donuts it's pirates trying to make a quick buck.

...I just realized I have no idea what Amazon.com's equivalent to moderators is, but it should be reported to them as illegal content.
No. 10486
Nah, according to the amazon profile, it's coming from wikia. Look like it's really shitty after all.

I mean, trying to sell what you can find on the Internet freely? That's the total contrary of what pirating is.
What's the next step, creating a THP-newspaper, with articles such as "Fragmentation of Memory: How it Started", or "Patchwork, Why Is He So Slow", or maybe "Ten Reasons To Hate/Love Kahi"?

Actually, you know, that sounds interesting.
No. 10491
File 133811590981.jpg - (35.27KB , 500x281 , acb.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"Fragmentation of Memory: How it Started"
>"Patchwork, Why Is He So Slow"
>"Ten Reasons To Hate/Love Kahi"

Fund it!
No. 10514
I finally found the crossover I DON'T want to read.
A FATAL/Touhou crossover.
No. 10516
It's more like FATAL/everything else, really.
No. 10520
>"Patchwork, Why Is He So Slow"
You would wriggle is a snail instead of a bug.
No. 10534
FATAL should not exist at all, let alone be crossed over with anything.

I would this is a parse can't my brain.
No. 10545
Even braincake electronic crystal ederly.
No. 10546

Jesus Christ, look at the comments.

It's a powerlevel wank battle between Star Wars fan and Touhou fans.

I'm siding with the Star Wars fan by the way.
No. 10554
You shouldn't be siding anywhere. As a matter of fact, nobody should be anywhere near any of those debates.