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8812 No. 8812
Would somebody kindly go to /jp/ and get the parts of SoPM that's already been translated?

I just don't want to scroll through 800 comments to look for them.


Yamame = Threat towards human level = High

So much for that nice and friendly earth spider...

Let the fanon debunking begins.

No. 8816
Kisume apparently eats people and keeps their heads because she's a fetishist or something like that.
No. 8817
>Yamame = Threat towards human level = High
>Kisume apparently eats people and keeps their heads because she's a fetishist or something like that.

Akyu is bullshitting again, Episode 2.
No. 8818
Yoshika Miyako

Threat level: Very high
Human friendship level: None

I think it's crystal clear. She'll devour you if you come too close.
No. 8819
I dunno, I could believe that.
Satori being as dangerous as Yuyuko and Flandre...not so much.
No. 8820
Yamame apparently transmits a fever on contact with humans.
No. 8821
Byakuren Hijiri:
"Rather than that, you should be worried about her youkai followers. Of the youkai that visit the temple, there are a number that clearly violate the teachings"
In other words, Byakuren is now Gensokyo's Godfather.
No. 8822
File 133563480568.png - (170.23KB , 414x248 , 1312569736546.png ) [iqdb]
>Threat level: low
>Human friendship: very high
No. 8823
Apparently, the only youkais from the Myouren shrine that you trust are Mamizou (very friendly), and Unzan (medium). Others aren't as friendly.
On another hand, except for Miyako, the taoist bunch is friendly enough. Well, as long as you're going in their base.
No. 8824
"Ability: Ability to the extent of being able to listen to ten people's conversations at the same time"
That shit must changes, it's stupid.
No. 8825
Suwako Moriya:
"Ability: Ability to the extent of creating Kun
Threat level: Low "
I think that 'threat level' thing is more like 'probability that said thing attacks and rape you'. I mean, Suwako is a native goddess, and yet, according to that, Minoriko Aki is stronger than her (Minoriko, threat level: medium).
No. 8826
File 133563748334.jpg - (461.81KB , 800x800 , 392f7992642772512c39ed3380c80371.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Akyu providing accurate advice from the standpoint of humans as well as supplying the reader with appropriate assessment of the monsters’ abilities and likelihood of assault
There, FTFY. And I want to go to Gensokyo and marry the brilliant girl.

Also, I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again.

Canon Satori boobs.
No. 8827
File 133563840940.jpg - (30.04KB , 505x411 , ABILITYTOTHEEXTENTOF.jpg ) [iqdb]
>ability to the extent of

I'm an English major with a focus in the history and evolution of English grammar, and even I don't know what the fuck "to the extent of" is supposed to add to the word "ability".
No. 8828
I'm noticing a lot of inconsistencies in threat levels between this book and PMiSS.
No. 8829
If you keep saying it, it'll promote the idea that it's a phrase that most people will use and I'm sure that's what everyone wants. This of course means just stop mentioning it period.

Anyways, what was said in >>8826 is accurate in that it's the "human perspective" of the characters in the series and that you're likely to find misconceptions if you compare Akyuu's notes to character profiles in the games.

Of course, there's also the problem that you're almost never going to encounter the Chireiden group as a normal human (unless you're massively stupid), so it's just very hazy there.
No. 8832
>In addition, I received a great number of requests from youkai (*2), so what started out as a guide to help humans defend themselves from youkai was, before I knew it, a manual for youkai to help others learn about them.
>In fact, a number of the youkai threat levels have been inflated somewhat in this volume.
One should assume this is the case also in this book.
No. 8833
File 133564300287.jpg - (29.34KB , 505x411 , Hahaha.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm a stupid foreigner, and, quite frankly, when I read "ability to the extent of", I think "those people are just adding random words because it looks cool".
No. 8834
No. 8835
Any new articles about the humans in the Human Village?
No. 8836
it's actually a painfully literal translation of what ZUN writes. People from the Wiki go with that as they're weeaboos and they think the most literal is correct.

Never mind the fact the old way of doing it (Ability:_______) functioned the same due to how fans play around/expand upon those definitions.

From Yuugi's page
>Ability: Ability to the extent of having anomalies, strength, disorder, and spirits

What the fuck is this? This makes even less sense than her original ability reading.

This brings up the biggest problem with using ZUN of Word of god: He's untruthful and/or vague sometimes, much like his written material.

That won't work as the autistic fucks pushing this on us are making pages making it seem popular. If anything, we should spread the word of how much it sucks.
No. 8837
You from Poosh, mate? They just talked about that recently.

>This brings up the biggest problem with using ZUN of Word of god: He's untruthful and/or vague sometimes, much like his written material.
As expected from a drunk guy.
No. 8838
Remember when ZUN said that Eirin is millions of years old?

No. 8839
File 133566268793.jpg - (492.75KB , 520x658 , 26782637.jpg ) [iqdb]
Satori’s profile is complete.
As expected, quite monstrous.

> Even within the Palace of the Earth Spirits Satori doesn't move much, mostly staying in her room reading and writing books. She especially loves stories with a lot of psychological detail. By reading and writing books, she can experience the same kind of excitement as the people whose minds she reads. It's possible she's the writer of many books with anonymous authors.

She’s a little bit like me us a monster, isn’t she?
No. 8840
>It's possible she's the writer of many books with anonymous authors
We're all coming from her then.
No. 8841
Sounds pretty tame, really. Nothing we didn't already assume, except for her being a writer.
Still don't think I can trust that threat level.
No. 8842
I still think that this threat level isn't related to her power, but rather to her behaviour. After all, Miyako is listed as "very dangerous", while Toyosatomimi is listed as "low danger". And Miyako is just a jiang shi while Toyosatomimi is a goddamn saint.
No. 8843
>but when alone after failing to run away, she adopts an arrogant attitude. Deep in her heart she seems to look down on humans and other youkai, and she's terrible at hiding it.
Why do you have to make my Nitori a terrible person, ZUN
No. 8844
File 133566630489.jpg - (203.02KB , 642x1000 , 26205513.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Despite her speaking in a loud voice, she is comparatively timid, and when she runs into guests that are climbing the mountain, she disappears quickly. After that, she'll call out in a loud voice from a distance "Did that surprise you?". Shouting from far away probably means she's basically shy.
Oho. I like gregarious Kyouko more, but this is fine too. Imagine Kogasa and Kyouko shouting that line at the same time.

and speaking of Kogasa
>Although she has that kind of history, her personality is good-humored and sociable. While she often comes to the village to surprise humans, and is hated by the adults, the eccentric design of her umbrella makes her surprisingly popular with children(*1).
>1: This seems to displease her.
2nd stage boss moe~
No. 8845
>but when alone after failing to run away, she adopts an arrogant attitude. Deep in her heart she seems to look down on humans and other youkai, and she's terrible at hiding it.
Oh boy, I can't wait to see the shitstorms about that. Brace yarself, lads, and get the popcorn ready!
No. 8846
You mean the kappa engineer looks down on the lower tech level societies? Really??? This shouldn't be shocking at all.
No. 8847
>If she becomes interested in any human or youkai, she'll immediately start sticking to them. As there are many fascinating people in Gensokyo, every day she's bouncing around aimlessly.
Seiga: Secretly a THP main character?
No. 8848
Would it be as bad as when Momiji is confirmed to hate Aya?
No. 8849
Not really. "Looking down on" is pretty flexible.
No. 8853
But Satori's behavior indicating a Very High threat level seems really incongruous.

Dammit ZUN, why do you need to make all the fanonically nice characters into jerks?
No. 8854
Liars hate mind-readers. Can't stand them.

Byakuren's page is hilarious. She's evil and loves youkai and her concerts aren't popular and she definitely won't reach Nirvana and isn't a very good teacher and her attitude is disgusting and her picture-scroll is cursed and, worst of all, she doesn't drink.
No. 8855

Byakuren just has to work harder to make new friends! She's just socially awkward and hangs around bad people and...

Well, she's got an challenge ahead of her.
No. 8856
File 133567832846.png - (268.59KB , 600x750 , 40b03b41b2b2ef0f748bb2a6da230250.png ) [iqdb]
>>Unlike Toyosatomimi no Miko who arrived in Gensokyo in the same way, she has been unable to adapt to modern times. So if you see an old-fashioned looking girl you can guess it's her.

>>from the way she looks and acts it's more like she's a half-finished ancient relic being dragged around on display. Well, that's part of her charm.

Hermit Moe~?
Yes. Hermit Moe~.
No. 8857
I don't think she wants to be friends with the sort of person that spews bile like that.
No. 8858
Byakuren doesn't drink?

That's good news to me.
No. 8861
Hey Hartmann, it's impossible to like Koishi now.

How do you feel?
No. 8862
Talking about Hartmann, anyone who's interested with ZUN's plans for the Watatsukis or Lunar Capital as a whole should read the interview in SoPM.

And I find it funny that ZUN used the term "headcanon". His headcanon is goddamn canon to rest of us.

Also, the process to enter Kasen's house and to enter the Lunar Capital is almost the same, since the Lunarians are closer to hermits and celestials, rather than humans.

ZUN also said he wouldn't make Yorihime that strong if SSiB wasn't a manga. If it's a game, ZUN must limit the characters' powers since the protagonists must be able to win against them.

Toyohime's power can be translated to "be able to move anywhere", according to ZUN.
No. 8863
Kogasa is now confirmed to be a youkai that never attacks or eats humans. She just surprises them.

I'm okay with this.
No. 8864
Byakuren's page confirms my headcanon that there are still aggressive and violent youkai out there.

Yeah, I still reject the common assumption that human and youkai live perfectly in harmony and all is well and no one hates each other and humans who fear youkai are just bigoted racists and blablabla.
No. 8865
I'm late on this, But threat level =/= power level.
No. 8870
I blame the Tengu for that as they were the ones who perfected the whole "looking down upon others" thing.

I figure it's mostly peaceful with some exceptions.

True it's more about perceived threat to a human. Yoshika is far more likely to try nibbling on a person than Miko doing anything to harm a human.
No. 8871
File 133570879878.jpg - (128.23KB , 866x1116 , If she wasn't married.jpg ) [iqdb]
That sounds like a challenge. But that description, "like a piece of cloth fluttering in the wind, she lives going with the flow", sounds lovely. I dunno, that makes Koishi a super-fairy. Making whatever she wants, never getting caught, and also totally innocent. Still better than the Freudian-obsessed Koishi, in my opinion. But, yes, that makes her impossible to like. You can't like something that you ignore. And that's a bit annoying.

>Toyohime's power can be translated to "be able to move anywhere", according to ZUN.
No. 8872
it's been a common rage point in other places besides there. Hell the Do the Right Thing writer did a piece on the matter.
No. 8873
Wouldn't it mean that her ability to listen to conversations extends to the point that she can listen to ten conversations at once?
As opposed to being able to listen to eleven?
No. 8874
Good read here.
>Kogasa is a babysitter
You wouldn’t let a monster babysit your kid.
No. 8875
>Byakuren says she has no interests in immortality, she wants to save peaceful youkai, those who have been wrongly treated (as in put in lower positions than they should be) and so on.
Short story: Byakuren is a bitch that'll be on youkai side. Whatever happened.
Long story: as long as the youkai was peaceful, she'll side with the youkai.

If Gensokyo is like your usual "peaceful" TF2 server, it means that backstabbing humans will work, since Byakuren will always goes against a youkai if it's confirmed to be hostile and aggressive.
No. 8876
Oh wow, that was wonderful. It really clears up a whole lot of things.

Byakuren and Kanako agreed that humans in Gensokyo are dominated by youkai and they should remain that way for Gensokyo's good. Byakuren even said that humans in Gensokyo are only for ensuring the survival of youkai. Humans can't be allowed to dominate over youkai it seems so a human ruler can never be allowed to exist (Miko offered herself as one).

Well, more points to my darker take of Gensokyo I guess.

>Long story: as long as the youkai was peaceful, she'll side with the youkai.
This reminds me. Someone used to complain how OOC it is for Byakuren to side with the humans, ignoring the context of the story entirely.
No. 8877
Oh yeah, and Akyu dislikes Byakuren for some reason.

That explains her mostly negative article about her.
No. 8878
File 133572432868.jpg - (320.54KB , 555x776 , d686864846f4f43fa1003470fc8824e9.jpg ) [iqdb]
Justified, I should say. Given Byakuren’s attitude towards humans it’s no wonder Akyu should find in herself at least some degree of distaste for the old witch.
>Miko offered herself
You make me think strange thoughts, friend. And I love them.
No. 8880
File 13357277002.jpg - (115.03KB , 850x1069 , Kogasa.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Kogasa is a babysitter

Words are insufficient to describe the D'AAAAAAAW I am feeling right now.
No. 8881
Would people really let a youkai babysit their children?
No. 8882
She's not really a real babysitter, if you know what I mean.

She's just popular with children because of her wacky umbrella.
No. 8884
Albeit it's going to stop artist from writing her as being a shotacon.
Mfw I'm fine with that.
No. 8887
Here's an even more amusing speculation. Akyu is a cunt and enjoys creating trouble for Youkai who don't deserve it because, and I quote, "Fuck those youkai."
No. 8888
No, here's the real amusing speculation.

Akyu is the leader of that anti-youkai secret society.
No. 8889
Hmm, she has control of the information being released, she can play up being "Sympathetic" with the harmless Youkai who have no real power (political or otherwise) to speak of, she can manipulate the situation to create conflict, and she is old enough to remember when the more dickish Youkai were up and about and so doesn't believe that the Youkai have changed whatsoever.

Yeah, this interpretation would work quite well.
No. 8890
Is there any particular connotation to the word translated as "having" in this context that might be missed in translation?

As in, is it saying something along the lines of Yuugi has ownership of "anomalies, strength, disorder, and spirits"?

Or something like "anomalies, strength, disorder, and spirits" are traits inherent to Yuugi?

Or something else that I might have missed?
No. 8891
You should've brought up the comparison of humans living in Gensokyo with zoo animals.

No, seriously.

Byakuren : In order to maintain Gensokyo's current form, the power of the youkai must not disappear. Gensokyo was created by youkai to save us after all. The humans in Gensokyo exist to preserve the youkai. So the humans are being ruled by the youkai.

Kanako : I agree. The youkai rule over the reckless humans, watching over them to keep them from advancing along the wrong path. Therefore, the fact that a ruler hasn't emerged from among the humans is in Gensokyo's best interest.

Miko : So that's how it is. If that's the case, then I pity the humans...

Kanako : You sound like you're lamenting the misfortune of the animals in a zoo.

Miko : And a zoo is?

Kanako : A place where they protect endangered animals, and let humans observe and learn about them. At first it seems quite unfortunate to take a bird that was used to flying freely in nature and lock it up in small cage. But now it doesn't have to worry about predators, about running out of food, and it will never run out of humans to meet, so wouldn't it be quite happy?

Miko : So Gensokyo's humans are animals in a zoo then? What happens to human dignity then?

Kanako : Dignity, eh? I don't think that's something you receive from others, but what do you think?

Marisa : Hmm? Me? What do I think about dignity?

Miko : Could you have pride, or self-respect?

Marisa : Of course, I'm proud of everything I do, but if all that were given to me and I could have fun every day I wouldn't have a problem with it.

Miko : I see... Then please forget about what I said.

I still don't quite get the point that Marisa was trying to make.
No. 8892
Now I understand.

The position of humans in Gensokyo is quite similar to the position of the moon rabbits in the Lunar Capital.
No. 8893
>>The position of humans in Gensokyo is quite similar to the position of the moon rabbits in the Lunar Capital.

Cheap labor and emergency food sources?
No. 8894
Having a lower status and power but perfectly happy with it.
No. 8895
I'm pretty sure they don't eat bunnies over there.

Unless you want to go with that cannibal Eirin doujin...
No. 8896
How is a Lunarian eating a Moon Rabbit cannibalism? They're completely different species!
No. 8897
Oh, you know what I mean.
No. 8898
File 133576412623.png - (358.28KB , 525x394 , rimshot.png ) [iqdb]
No. 8905
File 133576907789.jpg - (146.84KB , 850x1131 , Darn she's sexy.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd a lunarian.
No. 8908
It might be too soon to jump to conclusions as those parts were done by translators who might have half-assed it.
No. 8909
File 133577979995.jpg - (12.67KB , 92x74 , 2012-04-13.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're right dood. Let's wait for the translation to be polished before starting a real debate.
And I hope they'll kick that retarded "ability to the extend of", because that's fucking stupid. Even for me.
No. 8910
Ooh, so we must wait for the almighty Glasnost to translate it, eh?
No. 8920
File 133579773988.png - (396.72KB , 1000x1000 , hahaha.png ) [iqdb]
>Yoshika defaults back to her principal behaviour (when she was still alive) when Seiga's ofuda is removed. Akyuu saw Yoshika composing songs on a carpet of red leaves in the graveyard. Akyuu thought that it was a little horrifying
>Yoshika will attack people for no particular reason. As she feels no pain or fear, Akyuu says that normal attacks are pointless against Yoshika. However since her movements are slow, it's easy to run away from her

Okay, so if you see a chinese girl composing horrible songs, it's probably Yoshika, and you can talk to her. But if she's hopping while telling you to stay where you are, RUN AWAY!
No. 8921
>composing horrible songs,
I think the idea is that Akyuu thought it was horrifying that a zombie was composing music on a graveyard, not that the song was horrible.
No. 8925
Yes, but this is less funny that way.
Beside, there's a huge comic relief potential here.
No. 8932
Now you're thinking like a 4koma writer!
No. 8933
Hey, stop insulting me!
No. 8950
File 133586277879.jpg - (246.25KB , 850x600 , Snake Snake SAAAAAAKE.jpg ) [iqdb]
>confirmed as looking like stone snakes
Just a matter of time before Suwako keeps her snakes in pokeballs.
No. 8951
>Well honestly, until just now I completely forgot that Hatate wasn't in either the Gensokyo Chronicles or the newspapers, so there isn't really a good in-universe explanation.
Isn't is sad Hatate ;_;?
No. 8963
Is that Cirno fused with Jack Frost?
No. 8979
No. 9055
Heh, taking a look at /jp/, it seems they're debating which faction is the best. Some are pro-human, some are pro-youkai, and others are just fueling the shitstorm. Oh, and there's "Akyuu is racist" theory now. An upgrade from your usual "Akyuu is bullshitting" theory, perhaps?
No. 9056
No. We are not going to post about /jp/ posts. This is not happening.
No. 9057
Why not?
No. 9060
The last thing we want are /jp/ fags barging in to explain how it's mean to mock someone when hiding on another website.
No. 9067
Nobody's mocking 'em. I'm just curious why the discussion here is very lukewarm compared to the one in /jp/.
No. 9070
File 133605162224.png - (1.35MB , 1600x1870 , 2554-hijiri-byakuren.png ) [iqdb]
>Byakuren: The humans in Gensokyo exist to preserve the youkai. So the humans are being ruled by the youkai.
Each time I read that, I imagine something like that:

"Lady Byakuren! Lady Byakuren!"
"What is it, my poor little lamb?"
"An youkai killed my brother!"
"Oh my, that's terrible. But are you sure it's an youkai who did this?"
"My brother's body was partially eaten!"
"It could be a feral beast."
"His neck was snapped!"
"Maybe he fell down the stairs?"
"His clothes were ripped off!"
"Maybe he suffered a heat exhaustion?"
"His genitals were ripped off and shoved down his butt!"
"Maybe he was into that kind of erotic activity?"
"Someone wrote 'Ha! Ha! I fucked him before killing him' on the wall!"
"Youngters those days..."
"And I noticed that your tiger followers has blood all over her clothes!"
"Maybe it's ketchup?"
"And she mentioned she got fucked yesterday! Precisely the time when my brother was killed!"
"Coincidence. You shouldn't accuse innocents youkais so lightly. You need evidence."
"She kept his arm in her room!"
"Are you sure it's a human arm?"
"It doesn't look like a chicken's arm to me!"
"I'll have a talk with her!"
"She killed my brother! I don't want you to 'have a talk with her'! I want you to seal her once and for all!"
"Oh, no, I can't do that. That's awful!"
"Well fuck you then!"
"Pfff. Mankind never changes. They're always biased, racists,and ready to accuse innocents youkais without any real evidence."

No. 9071
Byakuren: Why is it that humans won't change even after countless aeons?

Villager 1: Hey, isn't it YOUKAI that never change? Why do you jerks have to hunt down humans?

Villager 2: Yeah, friggin' youkai! So just try it! Just shove us humans outta Gensokyo then! If you hate us so much, then be rid of us and live without our nonsense!
No. 9073
>It seems so a human ruler can never be allowed to exist (Miko offered herself as one)

>Yuugi: Ability to the extend of having strength.
Holy fuck I can also have strength , am I a Youkai?
No. 9074
That extend shit is still there? I thought Poosh had already edited it out.
No. 9081
Only in the Characters/Abilities page. The translations used there are literal to the point, so that's why they maintained their phrase.

Except that "ability to the extent of" phrase is still incredibly stupid.

With the consent of the wiki staff, I changed the phrase used on the Characters/Abilities page from that dumb thing to the best considered phrase "capable of". If you find that unsatisfactory, please tell me so and why.

Thank you for cooperating!

Pooshlmer did nothing.
No. 9105
Man, I'm glad ZUN made this book. Makes me have more "ammunitions" to use against people who think Touhou is just rainbows and unicorns. You know, people who post MMD videos or Danbooru pics all day while writing retarded slice-of-life/comedy fanfics/snippets.
No. 9106
Congratulations, you're the person who argues with people who post MMD videos or Danbooru pics all day while writing retarded slice-of-life/comedy fanfics/snippets.

I hopes you're proud of yourself.
No. 9108
Yeah, I know it's sad. Just don't have anything else to do since THP's so slow nowadays.

Damn I miss GH.
No. 9109
You act as if being a grimderp is any better. If you're so bored and so opinionated, MAKE YOUR OWN GODDAMN STORY.
No. 9114
I already wrote a story here once. Somehow I didn't get lynched by /blue/ even though the story I wrote was really bad. I managed to finish it though.

I'm still embarrassed thinking about it, really.

Also, grimderp = A story so ridiculously dark it becomes hilarious. Like that story where Reimu gets cancer and Okuu becomes a prostitute.

That obviously isn't what I want.
No. 9116
What is this story, and is it still preserved on the list?
No. 9117
You really want to know?

It's that 2-thread SMT Nocturne story in /th/.

I really regret writing that thing. It's my first fanfic so I knew jack shit about writing a good story back then. I was just making shit up as the story went along.

It was just me being obsessed with Touhou and Nocturne at the same time. Really, don't look at it.
No. 9118
>it was just me being obsessed with X and Y at the same time
This is how crossovers are born.
No. 9119
>I was just making shit up as the story went along.
I did the same thing. It worked quite well.
No. 9122
Indeed that's what grimderp/grimdark is: darkness taken to stupid extents, and very often unintentionally as those that make such things think they're being cool and edgy.

And just to remind you, Warhammer 40k, which invented the term started as a parody of such scifi stories. But some fans and even some of the guys that write the material take it seriously.

That's how most of the old guard did things, not much planning at all if any.

But on topic, the translations are going well though it seems it's easy to assume things when you take things out of context and take it as 100% truthful. (Nothing written or said by ZUN ever is 100% truthful)
No. 9124
>ZUN's not 100% truthful
That's the beauty of Touhou, really. You have quite a huge room to choose how your Gensokyo will be. It could be a happy fun place where everyone has tea parties all the time or it could be a dangerous place full of hostile and powerful beings where the only safe place is the Human Village and the Hakurei Shrine.
No. 9127
Plenty of room indeed but there's still lines between playing with canon and outright ignoring/disrespecting it. And from what I've seen in general, darker stuff is far closer to those lines than cheery stuff.

It's far easier to write dark stories in the past where such lines do not exist at all.
No. 9128
Well, as long as they don't turn Yuuka into an Outer God, I guess it's okay.
No. 9130
Talking about cutesy Touhou stuff, I find it weird that I dislike most of the cute Touhou stories out there yet somehow I love Patchwork's story in /underground/. I think it's because of his unique writing style. It's just too cute to hate.

Or maybe I'm just being your usual THP elitist prick.
No. 9131
Congratulations! It seems your stay at THP has increased your standard for good Touhou fanfics!

Now you can participate in constant bitching on how most Touhou fanfics are crap.
No. 9132
Heh, that's obviously crossing the line.

Hopefully it'll be fully translated soon.
No. 9133
>Hopefully it would be translated soon.

What are you talking about?

That Outer God thing comes from IM.
No. 9134
That sentence refers to Symposium.

I'm a little annoyed that people only talk about IM's worst trait. No, this is not an invitation to discuss IM.
No. 9135
Well, you should've added it to your sentence.

Anyway, back to topic. Is the remaining conversation between Byakuren, Miko, and Kanako translated yet? We only have gotten the beginning if I'm not mistaken.
No. 9136
The majority of it has been translated, yes. Check the wiki.
No. 9137
Wasn't it obvious enough? We're in a thread about SoPM bits and from the context, it shouldn't have been hard.

I'm waiting for a complete translation so I can read it all at once.
No. 9138
>Wasn't it obvious enough?

No, it wasn't since we're not talking about SoPM in recent posts.
No. 9140
Okay, after reading the dialogues, I have a lot of points to discuss.

1. Marisa really doesn't care about the humans in the Human Village. Guess she's really more like a youkai than a human now.

2. Byakuren's goal is to create a world dominated by enlightened youkai and youkai bodhisattva. And she also came from Suwa apparently.

3. A quote from Byakuren about the humans back in her days.

>Youkai were treated as absolute enemies of humans. If they heard of a human who helped youkai, no matter whether it was a misunderstanding or some other circumstance, they would treat them as a friend of youkai and throw them out of the village as soon as they could. The human ideal was "a world without youkai."

4. Humans in the modern world now wished for "a world with youkai" since they're bored from their mundane existence. Not me, though.

5. Futo used to burn down Buddhist statues since she's scared of them, or something.

6. Natural selection in Gensokyo doesn't include humans. Even though they're weak, they're necessary to the youkai's existence.

7. The tengu and kappa have advanced civilizations, though it's not elaborated on how they look. The tengu also have GPS somehow. And the long-nosed tengu kind are clerks so they never come out (long-nosed Touhou?)

8. Kyouko joins a youkai punk concert with Mystia. The fuck?

9. Yamame, Orin, and other youkai from the Underground are rejected by Byakuren on joining her temple because they can't overcome their natural desire to harm humans. (grimdark potential detected).
I'll just quote Yamame's reason on joining the temple.
>the humans that come to the temple with their worries look so delicious
and Orin's
>the temple has so many graves that it's like corpse heaven

10. The Underground is a terrible place. There are no decent youkai since they always attack humans. Might makes right, basically. And yet, Byakuren still feels their exile was unjust. However, Marisa thinks they're just bad at communicating themselves.

11. Kanako is afraid if the humans in the Outside World start conserving energy. That's why she works on that nuclear power plant.

12. Youkai Mountain is a volcano.

13. Shady youkai are starting to come out from the Underground.

14. Surface youkai are starting to be trusted by the humans. The same can't be said for their underground brethren though. They're still universally loathed by the humans.

15. Yamame infects people who get close to her with a disease and Parsee spends every night pounding nails into straw dolls.

16. Byakuren says that youkai only hate humans because humans hate them first (yes, we get it that you're a youkai lover)

17. Again, Miko brought up the talk that humans are just livestock for youkai in Gensokyo. Kanako disagrees as she has a give-and-take relationship with the humans. The humans give faith and in turn, she supports their livelihood.

18. There are no danger for the humans for their species as a whole. But they're still dangers for the individuals, like if they're abducted or attacked.

19. Gods can change their "natures" or divine virtues. Kanako is transforming into a technological progress god from a mountain god. Oh, and she also wants a youkai shrine maiden. She can go to town to start rumors of a youkai appearing then she'll accept the request for extermination that will pop out as a result. Clever bastard.

20. The Aki sisters don't have shrines (this one is obvious), so they're classified as stray gods. Kanako says they should just make a kiosk selling baked potatoes at the Human Village. They'll get a lot of faith that way.

21. Seiga has been going around bothering people. If no one takes care of her first, Byakuren says she'll destroy her by herself.

22. Reimu barges in and tells them that youkai extermination is justice and they shouldn't be conspiring shadily like this.

Some quotes from Reimu:

>Why do you think I brought these (newspapers) here? This lot's causing disturbances here and there and making trouble. This is just one example. And they don't think of themselves as being in the wrong, which means they're bad-natured. You say 'virtuous', but other humans might see them as evil, you know? Anyhow, just because you're hanging out together discussing something, the humans and other youkai are on their guard.

>No! The village humans actually turned to me for once, saying "Some nonhumans are concentrating in one place", so I came at their request. I can't back down now. If you don't leave, I'll break this meeting up immediately, with force if necessary...

She's just really happy that the humans actually ask for her help for once.

23. Byakuren brings up the idea that youkai extermination should be "convicting youkai for their crimes" instead of "exterminating youkai".

24. Well, Reimu ends up forcefully closing the meeting. And she also tells Akyu that if she wants info on youkai she should just ask her instead of gathering people like this.

So... make your own conclusions, I guess. It's a good read. All of them have been translated.

It's funny how Kanako keeps talking that the Outside World no longer believes in gods by the way. Guess the monotheist God doesn't count.
No. 9141

>It's funny how Kanako keeps talking that the Outside World no longer believes in gods by the way. Guess the monotheist God doesn't count.

Well, maybe she's just mad people don't believe in her kind anymore?
No. 9142
File 133613847889.jpg - (596.75KB , 825x1100 , 20956255.jpg ) [iqdb]
>8. Kyouko joins a youkai punk concert with Mystia. The fuck?
Fuck yeah! Youkai punk is all about punching your elders in the face and getting intimate with humans.
No. 9143
Their singing is absolutely horrible though. It doesn't even resemble a song.

They're just shouting in the middle of the night, bothering the humans resting in their village.

Friggin' youkai.
No. 9144
>18. There are no danger for the humans for their species as a whole. But they're still dangers for the individuals, like if they're abducted or attacked.
Somehow, I feel like ZUN is telling us to not write fanfictions with a human protag. I mean, SoPM is making Gensokyo far more dangerous for a lonely human.
No. 9145

No more OCs (especially Outsiders) going around Gensokyo and befriending youkai with ease anymore.

I'm okay with this.
No. 9147
In other words, befriending an youkai will be lunatic-level difficult (if writefag follows the canon, of course, and most of them won't anyway). Kinda like in that story I remember, where protag tried to talk with Wriggle and ended up being awfully tortured and landed in the Eientei.
No. 9151
Oh boy, that Wriggle story in /forest/ looks funny now.
No. 9152
Ha, found it.
It's >>/eientei/16979 you're talking about.
No. 9154
You forgot to tell that Kanako brings up the possibility of new kinds of youkai being born at the Outside World.

Like a remote control hiding youkai for example. However, they die instantly at birth since nobody gives them a personality or an "ego", so to speak.
No. 9155
Gremlins have clearly defined personalities. Little bastards.
No. 9156
Or the sock-stealing youkai, for example. That bastard...
No. 9157
Don't forget the tooth fairies!
No. 9158
Can Santa Claus and Anonymous be considered as youkais?
No. 9159
Apparently, Yamame wants to eat humans with illnesses. Because illnesses act as seasonings. Mental illnesses are spicy.

That's why she goes to the temple. There are a lot of humans who go there with their worries. That makes them look delicious to her.
No. 9160
Does wanting to be eaten by Yamame count as a mental illness?
No. 9162
Holy shit, look at Parsee's profile.

>She instigates the jealous feelings in people's hearts. She lives off people being driven mad by their jealousy and slowly destroying their lives. To her, humans who are driven by jealousy are indispensable.

>She seems surprisingly bright and normal when you talk to her directly, but what is going on in her heart is a completely different story. She will say bad things about you behind your back, and start resenting you. Very unpleasant.

>Many humans became her food as they tried to reject all the jealousy.

Bitch in sheep's clothing, that's what she is.

Vore goes to /at/, my friend.
No. 9163
In other words, she'll catch you, then she'll torture you until you become crazy. And then she'll eat you.

Sounds horrible.
No. 9165
More like bitch in bitch's clothing, if you ask me.

>Byakuren being an enemy of humanity confirmed.
We need some counter-guardians here.
No. 9166
It seems there's a way for youkai to keep existing without bothering humans.

That is, to undergo Byakuren's training. Too bad most of them are just too violent to do that.
No. 9168
File 133614707992.jpg - (158.06KB , 647x478 , ThGK_Bunbunmaru1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Kyouko and Mystia doing punk rock

I can just imagine dozens of doujins made from that canon. K-ON parody anyone?

That pic is taken from the illustration on wiki by the way. Is that some rabbit ears I see? I thought they only attract fairies.
No. 9169
Damn, the newspaper articles haven't been translated yet.

They're what Reimu brings to the symposium as proof that the youkai are making trouble again and they should stop talking about them as they're the victims.

I'm really curious what's Seiga and Hina doing to trouble the humans.

Kogasa's is probably just about her surprising random people. She's a good and harmless youkai though. She doesn't eat humans, unlike some certain underground dwellers. Heck, she's even popular with human kids!
No. 9170
>I just had a thought about Yamame after trying SA Lunatic. Yamame really is like a spider. People dislike her because of her appearance and power, yet she does nothing wrong. Many kill spiders even though they eat other insects and won't harm you. They appear menacing so people squash them. Same goes for Yamame. She was just passing by and Reimu and Marisa just attacked her because she's a youkai. Kinda sad. At least we all love you Yamame.

Taken from Youtube (emoticons filtered).

Oh, the irony. What will happen with Yamame fans now?
No. 9172
There are a lot of High and Very High in human friendship levels. I like that.
No. 9174
Human Friendship Level = Very High

These are your friends, folks.

But why's Seiga there? I thought she's causing trouble knowing from the newspaper article Reimu brought.

Maybe the trouble is her following around people she finds interesting. You can't get any privacy since she can go through walls. What will happen if you need to go to the bathroom?
No. 9175
If ZUN doesn't put Kasen in that group (in the next book of course), I will rage.
No. 9176
Too bad Kyouko is dumb, she's perfect as a youkai priest.
No. 9178
What about those with 'High' HFR?
No. 9179
Taken from Murasa's profile:

>This is a fearsome youkai with an ability specializing in killing humans. The sort of pure youkai with no goals other than killing. This merciless ability is all because they cannot move on from this world. Because they can create companions in this way.

>However, despite being a ship yuurei, she can still sympathize with humans because of her connection to the Myouren Temple. She was changed by listening to the variety of human stories. Nowadays she picks her drowning victims carefully.

>She has a bright personality and is a good conversationalist. While she's flooding a ship she likes to chat with the owner. She's gotten a lot of good practice with her rhetorical skills like this.

>Because of her ability that has a high probability of taking human lives, she is an especially dangerous existence.

Well, that gives me flashbacks to Stripe Pattern's doujin.

If this is what the humans read, no wonder most of them avoid the Myouren Temple.

At least Ichirin's nice (used to be human) and Shou won't attack anyone.
No. 9180
Huh, Orin's in the "High Human Friendship Level" zone. Still not a person you want to hang around with though, unless you have necrophilia or something.

>Aside form that, there hasn't been any stories of people being harmed by her. She doesn't seem to be interested in lively humans. Though she is a bit ominous, her threat level should be quite low.

Well, as long as you're not a corpse, I guess you're fine.
No. 9181
I find it funny that Byakuren is put on the Medium HFL.

Guess Akyu really doesn't like her, huh?
No. 9182
File 133615415043.jpg - (307.69KB , 991x790 , afbf29e0ef95a16806441f528ff0383f.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Their singing is absolutely horrible though. It doesn't even resemble a song.

>>They're just shouting in the middle of the night, bothering the humans resting in their village.

>>punk rock

You just don't get it, do you, gramps?
It's the roar of their souls, man!
The roar of their souls, maaaan!
If it's too loud, you're too old!
No. 9183
Unless she also faked the interviews, she couldn't care less about humans.

That said, it is specified that her threat level is due to her companionship.
No. 9184
Where did they learn that though?

Also, Tenshi's not in the Threat/Human Friendship Level Table. I find that disappointing.

And what's the meaning of this?
>ZUN: Tenshi has a pretty good personality, doesn't she? In the end, the game (SWR) was all about everyone bullying her.
>Interviewer : She reminds me of Cirno in that sense.
>ZUN : The number of characters at that level of intelligence has increased, hasn't it. That kind of character is easier to come up with, compared to timid characters, which tend to be harder. In the end, in a game, Reimu is just going to force her way past and defeat them anyway, though.

It's really sad when Tenshi gets compared to Cirno.
No. 9185
>go to /jp/
>look for SoPM thread
>see shitstorms about the Lunarians in that thread, complete with Mary Sue accusations
>thread turns into powerlevel debates about youkai vs humans on the Outside World vs the Lunarians

I seriously regret going there.

What's up with /jp/ and the Lunarians anyway. Just one short interview with ZUN about whether there will be more stories about them in the future yet somehow it turns the thread into powerlevel bitchfest just like when SSiB first appeared.
No. 9186
File 133615784050.jpg - (452.62KB , 900x642 , 6ed7e259d95ec5629535b5bc5759c928.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Where did they learn that though?

Overhearing it from Sanae blasting it on a stereo in her room?
Stumbling upon an mp3 player that had fallen through the boarder?
Perhaps Kourindou happens to have a functional record player and a collection of obscure albums on vinyl?

Frankly, I'm more curious about where they got their outfits, and who taught Mystia how to play guitar.

>>It's really sad when Tenshi gets compared to Cirno.

Not really, they actually have quite a bit in common, character-wise. They're both capable of being obnoxiously bold, have a tendency towards picking fights with people/things it's normally not wise to pick fights with, and continue to do so because neither of them suffer any lasting consequences for their actions because of who/what they are. The only difference between them is the scale at which they operate.
No. 9188
>going on /jp/
>read a shitstorm thread about power levels
>complain about it
I don't want to sound rude, but you brought it on yourself, mate.

Bah, the lunarian folks will always be better than the earthcrawler folks. Since the Moon is like a giant Bhava-Agra...
No. 9190
Hey, I didn't expect the SoPM thread to turn that way.
No. 9193
It was good for a while, but got worse as time went on.
You shouldn't be surprised anyway. /jp/ has changed...
No. 9195
you people taking this to be 100% truth? canon isn't an absolute anyways, not with books like these as Akyuu is being herself with her articles and the interviews? Heavily biased point of views.

And the abductions matter seems pretty minor and easily tweaked as it's never specified how severe it is.

Though I'm surprised Kanako doesn't see the risk in modernizing Gensokyo: it might bring about a repeat of history (reduction of faith)

And most people don't seriously believe in the monotheistic religions as most half heartedly do so or others use it to justify their goals. With Science becoming so prevalent, there's not much of a need for any god.

That's in a direct violation of canon as all canon material show her as someone who doesn't needlessly attack someone. Between that /eientei/ story and the /wriggle/ story, I'd say the latter is closer to canon.
No. 9196
You haven't read the story. It's explained in it that she misunderstood the main character, and felt insulted by his questions.

And, yes, I take that as 100% truth. Because Akyuu's articles can be shrugged off as being written by a biased writer, but ZUN's interview and the meeting report are more objective.
And why do you care? It's not like people are going to read it before writing anyway. We're just talking about it. We're not saying that fanfictions not following canon suck. We're not saying that Byakuren is a huge bitch. We're not saying that Yorihime is the bestest girl in the whole touhou universe (But we should). We're not supposing that Akyuu hates all youkais because Hieda the 5th got raped by an youkai.
No. 9197
Even then ZUN's remarks are often made in jest (Keine's a million years old) or in unsure tones. I remember the part with Kisume starting with "I don't know what she normally does" (odd thing for her creator to say) as he then remarks on his opinion (not exerting his word of god authority) about her cutting heads off.

The tone if anything is "Kisume can be anything, but I'd think she'd be vicious"

I did and there wasn't really an explanation justifying that much violence, just her lashing out and the MC developing a hate of all youkai, including the moon rabbit that occasionally takes care of him.

But it's only natural for people take information and twist it to their own ends. It's harder to keep a clear head and take in the information for what it really is.
No. 9198
>I did and there wasn't really an explanation justifying that much violence, just her lashing out and the MC developing a hate of all youkai, including the moon rabbit that occasionally takes care of him.
Funny. I remember the MC ending up hating everyone, but I don't remember Wriggle attacking without provocation. You're ure there wasn't a misunderstanding?
Maybe I should re-read it, just to be sure.
No. 9200
I never said she attacked entirely out of the blue but her reaction was horribly severe for non-insulting questions and conflicts what is written in canon (she mainly wants insects to be respected.)

And I remember his general tone was of awe and wonder, not any sort of disrespect.

And last I saw, the MC still regarded Eirin and Kaguya pretty well and was still concerned about Keine (not sure if he knew of her secret), still the whole thing was a negative move for the story.
No. 9201
>We're not saying that Byakuren is a huge bitch.
Well, I am...
No. 9202
Well, Wriggle does attack the characters during the game.
No. 9205
>But it's only natural for people take information and twist it to their own ends. It's harder to keep a clear head and take in the information for what it really is.

The same can be said with the other side, you know. (people who view Touhou like K-On)
No. 9206
Kanako doesn't want to modernize Gensokyo as a whole. She only modernizes the tengu and kappa, which already have an advanced civilization to begin with.

Now if someone would introduce modern technology to the humans...
No. 9207
Incident, false moon (which has ferals so riled up that Keine has to hide the village), and with some characters, the fight is more matter of fact than any real grudge (though some characters do provoke her by making remarks about fireflies)
No. 9220
>What will happen with Yamame fans now?

If Rumiafags can suck it up, then Yamamefags can do it, too.
No. 9224
>What will happen with Yamame fans now?
Same thing than usual. They'll say "hurr durr its akyuu it cant be trusted" or "hurr durr its zun it cant be trusted" and they're going to properly ignore everything that goes against their opinion.
No. 9225
>The nature of her personality is uncertain, but according to humans who returned safely, she's a youkai who can be reasoned with.
If of all people Akyuu the racist is saying it, Yamame is probably not that much of a threat, aside from the infectious disease thing.
No. 9228
>"hurr durr its akyuu it cant be trusted"
Yep. Exactly what I said.
No. 9229
Did you even read past the first 5 words?
No. 9230
I read the first 7 words.
>If of all people Akyuu the racist
I stopped after that. If you're calling her a racist, I don't even need to read the rest to know that it's going to be a "hurr durr akyuu is racist and cant be trusted HURRRRRRR"
No. 9231

Youkai are different species from humans, so it should be "speciesist", right?
No. 9235
Nah, dwarves and elves and whatnot are different races. It's a well-established fantasy thing.

and speciesist is a silly word. just look at it. yuck.
No. 9237
Yamame is not a dwarf or an elf. She is a giant spider.
No. 9241
She also lives in a cave.

It is clear what must be done.
No. 9257
You guys should read the actual symposium on the wiki.
As far as I see, both Byakuren and Miko's positions are there to piss off each other.
The dialogue makes it seem that both toe the religion line more than the species line, with Byakuren going with the Buddhist notion of non-conflict, Miko more concerned with Taoist training than humans, and Kanako blatantly stating she's doing whatever is necessary to get more faith. And of course, no mention of feral youkai (strong beasts) or outsiders. No love for the underground either.
Unless they're all lying, which would make the whole thing pointless.
No. 9258
Miko originally wants to lead the humans. But since they say there's no need for that, she decides to do her Taoist training instead.
No. 9259
Are they fully translated now?

I wonder if she's truly giving up on ruling the humans, though such a result is very Gensokyo (troublemaker after getting "resolved" does their own thing and not start much if any new shit)

Look at most of the other factions in Gensokyo after their incidents, they all lay low unless something else starts something.
No. 9260
It doesn't matter if she leads the humans or not.

I'm sure ZUN will never make a story about some kind of clash between humans and youkai. That's just too dark for him.
No. 9261
I agree with you.
ZUN loves writing about relations between the long-lived youkais and the short-lived humans, but I don't think he'll make a game where they kill each other.
No. 9262

That honor belongs to fanfiction, my friend.
No. 9263
File 133630142619.png - (402.48KB , 990x648 , Tayurayura_34.png ) [iqdb]
This is our job to kill characters.
This is ZUN's job to create new one.
No. 9264
That's what I figured anyways, though you should have heard other people getting hyped up over a religious war brewing in the future.
No. 9265
I dunno. Miko gives the impression she doesn't give a damn, and she's not really in Gensokyo anyway (rather in the Pure Land dojo or wherever the hell it is), while Byakuren is too passive to begin something.
If there's a war, it'll come from Byakuren's overzealous followers, not from her.
No. 9266
>Byakuren's overzealous followers
And who are they exactly?
No. 9267
>Rather than that, you should be worried about her youkai followers. Of the youkai that visit the temple, there are a number that clearly violate the teachings. There are youkai that are aiming for Hijiri's power, as well as those that target the humans visiting the graveyard.

Presumably they're unnamed youkai and she's not talking about any of the UFO cast.
No. 9268
Kogasa could be described as a youkai targeting humans that visit the graveyard.

Not that I'd ever assume Akyuu would make such a misleading statement in her writings.
No. 9269
Oh yeah, what was she doing there in the first place?

I only remember her fighting with Yoshika.
No. 9270
Surprising humans, of course. What else? Apparently "What else?" is being pestered by kids who think she's cute.
No. 9271
I don't know about that. Nazrin clearly states that she give fresh meat to her mices, and it's also stated that she doesn't really live with the Myouren cast.
In other words, she's just answering to Shou, nobody else.
No. 9272
target of surprises that is. Not like some eat anything zombie girl hopping around.

I had that sort of impression of her for a while, someone somewhat detached from the group and only assisting one person (Shou). I'm not sure if I could call Nazrin Shou's servant when she was originally sent to keep an eye on Shou.

Just as I figured that Seiga wasn't really a loyal member of Miko's group, but rather someone who hung around for the moment.
No. 9297
I've started reading parts and it turns out there's some newspaper articles on various characters, including Kisume and Kasen not yet translated. So it's too soon to say the final judgement on some characters.
No. 9298
>final judgement
Come on, man. 95% of the fandom is going to ignore this book anyway, and 50% of it will forget it ever existed to begin with.
No. 9299
Some seem quite eager to use this as context for grimderp, taking things literally and possibly ignoring the footnotes.
No. 9300
Well, a large part of ZUN's book will be ignored anyway. Yamamfags will go "no its not possible", Kisumefags will go "i will shatter that reality of you", and grimderpfags will go "i knew it, i fucking knew it".
No. 9301
Fagfags will go fagfagfag.
No. 9302
File 133636121444.jpg - (43.98KB , 554x718 , my-body-is-ready.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 9303
I have to say, I'm glad this book came out.

Touhou's more interesting with tragedy and drama.
No. 9306
File 133640598863.jpg - (214.27KB , 1091x790 , my-body-is-ready.jpg ) [iqdb]
Why doesn't anyone her tail?
No. 9308
Kyouko is a screamer.
No. 9310

Some people might see this as a benefit...
No. 9311
File 133641451315.jpg - (29.12KB , 433x491 , 21021379.jpg ) [iqdb]
Agreed. Any kill is good if loud.
No. 9314
File 133643772542.png - (411.87KB , 599x567 , kyouko hey!.png ) [iqdb]
No. 9354
File 133647703893.jpg - (26.34KB , 320x320 , nick-tasteless-plott.jpg ) [iqdb]
His commentary is
Getting me so hot.

Anyway, now that we’ve agreed Byakuren’s a treacherous old witch, how do people feel about Miko? I don’t suppose personally ZUN’ll give her too much screentime (or page-time, for that matter), but her ambitions combined with her antiquated knowledge of the world strike me as incredibly curious. Might do for a story, but I’ll sooner go slow than have at writing two stories at once again.
No. 9358
The Symposium parts reveals that since humans don't want a ruler, Miko's perfectly content to train herself as a hermit. For a person who once sought to take over japan, she's very laid back.
No. 9359
>humans don't want a ruler
No, it's not that they don't want a ruler. Remember who told her to give up her ambition?

Yeah, it was Kanako and Byakuren. And Marisa didn't count as the humans' representative.
No. 9366
The only gal with a healthy dose of common sense. She's still a bit naive though.
No. 9367
Yet there's no sign of humans wanting a leader in general in all the touhou canon and they already have a couple of candidates (Keine being one of them)

There may be some clamoring for one, but they're in the minority.
No. 9375
That's because they don't even think about it.

The humans in Gensokyo must be kept ignorant after all.
No. 9429
So Tenshi is going around the Human Village and giving out "weather forecasts".

By "weather forecasts", I mean using her ability to change the weather according to the personality of the person she told the "forecasts" to, just like in SWR.

Guess she really doesn't have anything better to do.
No. 9431
Yeah and among other translated articles?

-Byakuren and co hire Orin to talk to Yoshika and she takes some corpses as payment (covered by Aya)

-Hatate talks with Iku about the myth of an angel and fisherman and the reality of it (Heaven's annoyed at those veils getting lost and humans are getting wary of them as it turns out their angel waifus run out when they're bored)

Oddly enough this reminds me of Seiga (she has a sort of veil), I wonder if she's the root of the legend.
No. 9432
Okay, why didn't they translate it to "celestials"?

Also, that legend is quite widespread, isn't it? We have a local version of it here.
No. 9433
hard to say... wiki seems down and we'd need someone with confirmed skills to take a look.
No. 9443
Damn, the SoPM thread on /jp/ is gone!

I was waiting for the powerlevel shitstorm to subside before posting there but it seems I've made a mistake in my calculation.

Now I only have this thread or the one on Poosh. Both are slow as hell.
No. 9458
You still want to go to /jp/?

Last time I went there, I got assaulted by pictures of dicks.
No. 9461
Sampe thing happened when I visited IRC.
No. 9494
So, I just read a retarded "parody" of SoPM over at FF.net


I saw this coming, really.
No. 9497
I stopped reading after that.
No. 9499
Yeah, wonder why lots of people still use them.
No. 9500
For the same reason that people are using "baka". Because it sounds foreign, so it's cool. And their parents can't understand, so it's like an internet code.
No. 9501
You COULD make the argument that honorifics present a nuance not available in english...

...You know, if you were stupid.
No. 9502
I always assumed it was because anime fansubs often leave the honorifics in. And that fansubs leave the honorifics because you can hear the original Japanese.

But fanfiction written in English obviously does not have an original Japanese.
No. 9505
Hah, look at the author and his friend's response.

>Big shout-out to the crew over at Touhou Project.com! Who woulda ever thought that honorifics and Marisa's 'ze' (only thrice) would be so life-threatening? I wasn't aware it was that serious. Haters gonna hate. Just keep doing your job, dudes. I'll continue to have my fun.

>Oh, so that lovely a-hole that reviewed before me was from that site? I am tempted to report them, but... when I tried, they said only the author can

>Meh. Don't bother. It supplied a laugh. My proofreader and roommate had WTF faces when they saw the review. Can't blame em, though. The review came out the left field. So... does that mean I'm finally popular in Touhou fanfic fandom? [Crosses fingers]

>Actually, I think this counts as that. You got yourself an honest-to-goodness troll review. You ARE famous now XD!!! Also, I am now owning Akyuu and Satori (though mostly Akyuu) again. And I think Kasen is about to make a random entry... :D

>Lol, so it's wrong to have Japanese honorifics included in a fic? I had no idea... I gotta rewrite it all... No, no, DELETE it all... :P Also, Marisa's "ze" is CANON, ladies and gentlemen. She doesn't say it very often, but she did so in Extra of the Wind, which is an official manga released with Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.

>There you have it. It's just what Gonzo said: Marisa says 'ze' often in canon. But man, Kanako forbids that I wrote it 3 times in one fic. Besides, it sounds cool.

Negative review = Trolling

And apparently, Marisa's -ze is now canon.
No. 9506

God fucking damn it, I am blind. I have been struck fucking blind, reading that. Fuck.
No. 9507
Some ass thinks he’s hot shit. What’s the news? Walk away, man.
No. 9508
What a S________. He's lucky he's on ff.net as opposed to here as he would have been sagebombed back to stone age.

But in other news, it seems a bunch more pages were translated.


Anything w/ strikethrough is translated.
No. 9509
So Seiga is bringing Christmas to Gensokyo then?

Guess that's one step closer to Christianity in Gensokyo.
No. 9514
A messed up version of christmas (she takes things from homes and then sells them). I'm curious how she even got such a twisted idea.
No. 9516
Because she's a wicked hermit?
No. 9517
>Besides, it sounds cool.
Oh yeah it's foreign so it sounds cool so guess what? I'll write my next fanfic in spanish because it sounds cool.

>Negative review = Trolling
I used to be like that. And then I understood that I was Mariana Trench deep wrong. One cannot ignore what goes against him because he has a few ass-kissers going around.

>"Why in the world should I need faith from a white-haired old man, and you don't even know if (Santa Claus) is here in Gensokyo in the first place? If that's the case, it would be difficult to sell toys to him. So, I decided that I'm going to sell the toy directly to the owner, or taking something valuable if they're asleep."
Apparently Seiga isn't doing that for faith but for money. She's selling you a toy if you're awake, and she's stealing your stuff if you're asleep.

But about Futo:
>On the other hand however, she seems to be hostile against youkai for no real reason. Perhaps it's because of that, being unable to adapt to the ways of Gensokyo, she subconsciously acts on her fear for youkai she had from the time she was still a human. It is because of this, fighting has never stopped around her.
>Although she will save humans from youkai, she already has lots of unnecessary conflicts around her, all of which are very annoying. So it's probably best to stay away from her.
So, anyone wants to start a story where Futo save MC from a feral youkai?
No. 9518
I am grinding my nails into my face over this.
No. 9529
File 133674282231.jpg - (593.58KB , 666x966 , 41c7065f57ad1a78fa3bb77454c8156f.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I used to be like that.
Same here. Old stuff. It passes. Unless the one in question is a complete piss-ass daft fucker. In which case, who the bloody hell cares?
>So, anyone wants to start a story where Futo save MC from a feral youkai?
I’d love to. And I mean love. Well but I can’t.
No. 9530
>Well but I can’t.
Someone a fool can't do? I don't believe that.

>Same here. Old stuff.
Yep. People changes. They spend their loves changing. That handsome dude? Back in high school, he was a disgusting spotty douchebag.
No. 9535
Watch those keystrokes, man.
No. 9536
No. 9539
lern 2 writ n red em werds.
No. 9543
No. 9546
Some of the articles in SoPM are interesting as they predate even the PC 98 games (Momiji's, Kasen's, and one other), though they're in the section of the timeline near Youki leaving and Akyuu's birth.
No. 9568
File 133681993871.jpg - (764.58KB , 801x1200 , 27022428.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Lunarians are like hermits.
No. 9570
I want a story where Kasen goes to the Lunar Capital.
No. 9628
Huh, Reimu admits that making up laws to govern youkai would be silly and stupid. The only way is her way, that is exterminating them when they cause trouble.

Reminds me of Imperfect Metamorphosis and its Gensokyo Police Force actually.
No. 9632
She assumes laws would be too biased in favor of Youkai. Though there's the fact that these exterminations don't really amount to much, just the person in question getting smacked around with danmaku.

And the way I see it, there is a sort of law system: if a Youkai acts up too much, Reimu smacks them around.

But I find the scene interesting as it's the first time out of an incident that Reimu's being this bitchy. (Then again she might see this as an incident)
No. 9687
Article on Shou:
>The mysterious object she holds in her hands is called Bishamonten's Pagoda (alias: Laser Pagoda), and is a weapon that can reduce anything to ash by shooting light. She gathers precious gems and uses their radiance to fire the laser. If she fires a high energy laser at the ground, more gems are created(*1). The light of treasures gives birth to new treasures(*2), this is why she is called a pillar of the Seven Gods of Luck.
>If you worship her as a pillar of the Seven Gods of Luck, you will receive wealth. Moreover, if you put a picture of her under your pillow when you go to sleep, you will be shown pleasant dreams.

Well, She's a bit more God-tier than I expected.
No. 9797
ZUN's afterword is translated, has some explanation behind some of the harsher remarks and how he wound up making the book. Originally it would have been a PMiSS part two basically.
No. 9798
>The treatment of Subterranean Animism characters is a bit bad, but only because there is so little contact with them, since they are characters who are hated and live underground. Even if Satori were to come out and talk, it would just turn into something strange, and Okuu coming out wouldn't make any sense either.

So, what am I supposed to infer from this?
No. 9799
I think he's saying in character, there'd be no reason for most underground folks to make themselves better known and that Akyuu would follow the reputation they have: a terrible one.
No. 10489
>There's also another reason they fear them. While youkai tend to be physically strong, their hearts are especially fragile.
>Oh, really?
>It's because the core of a youkai isn't its body, but its heart.
>I've never heard of this happening, but if by any chance a vengeful spirit managed to possess a youkai, what do you think would happen?
>It would be as if the youkai had died.
>What do you mean as if they died? Even though they haven't really died?
>It means that particular youkai has died. What's left is a completely different youkai.
>What, isn't that just being reborn?
>The new youkai's core would be the heart of the spirit that possessed them.... In other words, rather than being reborn, the spirit has taken over their entire existence.
>That's right. Which is why youkai are so scared of vengeful spirits.
That's why they're so scared... wait, isn't it your fault that the spirits are popping up? Because you tried to take advantage of Former Hell?
>That'll be our little secret.
>Everyone already knows though(laugh). For now, I'll just make a note of it. That the quickest way to kill a youkai is with a vengeful spirit.

I'll be right back, I have to collect a few vengeful spirits for further torture experiment.
No. 10492
>[T]he quickest way to kill a youkai is with a vengeful spirit.

Well, now we know why Mima is currently AWOL. She's the greatest threat to youkai existance in Gensokyo.
No. 10547

Made before SoPM came out.
No. 10548
>Just because there is balance and coexistence doesn't mean there is peace. While the eating of humans doesn't occur left and right anymore, the threat of it occurring is implied to be a constant presence that hangs over the human populace. Having to live daily life with that fact hanging over your head can't be too much fun. Yes, Youkai do have to contend with the occasional human sealer, but it seems that youkai are usually the aggressors more often than not. And I'm sure that plenty of the human populace do view Youkai as enemies, just the fact that there is really no way to survive in this land without tolerating them is enough for them to stay their hand. Whatever the relationship, I pretty sure youkai and humans don't consider themselves friends.

I like this guy.
No. 10549
>As human wanting to make cities you mean the villagers of Gensokyo? Besides, Making cities or not, the youkais that feel like it, still go and attack humans, remember that, many of the local villagers in Gensokyo where hunted by Youkais until Reimu imposed the Spellcard system that somehow gave the humans a better chance of survival, there is also the fact that Youkais breach the boundary to hunt down people from the outside. So it isn't only "those evil humans and their expansionismn" here.

>You don't know if Youkais can hunt beings into exctinction, there are stories on which they do hunt a particular species or humans trying to wipe them out of the map or that they try to turn the tables in a matrix esque style and make the humans farm livestock. At least that if we use the general ideas of fiction, since none of either case for both humans and youkais are present in the world of Touhou.

>And the whole reviled thingy in the past, while generalization was wrong and exagerate, it wasn't exactly false, why is that? because a great deal of youkais would hunt, attack, murder, etc. innocent humans that the only crime that they commited was to "dare to have a walk" in the outskirt of their village. While considering all the vampires, nekomata, onis, etc. evil is wrong in itself, the stories about the draculaesque vampires, the human harrasing onis and other beings, weren't there just as some sort of "devilification" propaganda, but in a world on which youkai do exist, they are clearly chronicles of events that took place, so while there are good vampires that may not be arrogant fucks that look down on humans and treat them like food and toys, there are also those who do.

>The Point is, this clearly isn't "human's being selfish and screwing on everybody" in a past age, both good and bad youkai and humans lived togheter and screwed around each other badly making them be in a continous agressive state, at some point, as humans became more technological than magical, youkais started to weaken and little by little they had to become way more secluded and isolated. Gensokyo became one example of this, but i wouldn't be surprised if there are a few other places like that.

>This isn't a "Youkais are the victims and the humans are the opressors" or "Humans are the victims and the Youkais are the opressors" this is "Good Humans and Youkais are victims of the Bad Humans and Youkais", this isn't really a racial fault, like Byakuren ironically implies while preaching equality, but the fault is for those who truly don't want to coexist, which ironically we can't apply to the main characters and playable characters of Touhou since ALL of them, regardless of what they say, 2 minutes later are chilling back in their homes drinking tea with their youkai and human friends like nothing.

>Byakure still needs to learn what true equality is and how blaming the humans alone for the mistakes of "those who doesn't want to coexist" (human and youkai alike) is plainly wrong and won't help her. Thankfully she may had realized it since she made her new shrine in the human village, or at least i hope she did get to realize it, since the least the need is a "YOUR BAD FEEL BAD FOR YOUR CRIMES" kind of teaching to that village that before this ex-monk's returns and the present Hakurei Miko, were victims of being hunted by youkais.

Quoted for truth.
No. 10550
Meanwhile a good part of the fandom will keep on plugging their ears because “their” Gensokyo is moe moe kawaii and can’t abide the threat of realism.
No. 10552

>I just couldn't trust something made by a youkai.

Racism in Gensokyo.
No. 10553
Yeah, like this.

>This just in: Akyuu likes to lie and ZUN trolls people.

>Akyuu, who is weak and has VERY limited interaction with youkai. (Human heavy bias)

>the drama queen Akyu
No. 10555
And stuff like this.
>But enough of such depressing matters! When in Gensokyo, fairytales are much more appropiate after all.

I hate this kind of Touhou fans.
No. 10556
where is this from?

Byakuren's issue is due to how humans at the time of her sealing were basically "let's wipe out all the youkai" (good old genocide), and long before Hilter even got such an notion.

I'm not saying there weren't some youkai that crossed the line, but killing every single one isn't the answer and she resisted the effort in her own way.
No. 10561
People who accept everything Akyuu says as fact are just as stupid as people who dismiss it all as misinformation.
No. 10563
true, the hard part is filtering fact from fiction. It just so happens with SoPM, many profiles lean more towards the latter as they don't have bystander testamonies backing them up, and contradict the game manual's profiles, which are more accurate than most things.

Ultimately, we'll have to see later games with the characters to know for sure.
No. 10565
Why are we filtering fact from fiction when it's all fiction?
No. 10568
sake of canon accuracy. So by fiction I mean "fiction in fiction"
No. 10572
I've given up determining the canon accuracy of Touhou a long time ago.

No matter what I say, someone will be able to counter it with a better argument.
No. 10573
>I've given up determining the canon accuracy of Touhou a long time ago.

Liar, I know it's impossible for anyone to give up on touhou's canon accuracy.