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8565 No. 8565
Super Sanae Thread 2. Now gathering 1up instead of faith.
Also, getting the goddamned heart pieces in TD is hard, what's with 8 piece for a life AND increasing each time it completed?

No. 8567
Sanae x Youkai mountain

Shall we, shall we?
No. 8568
Faceless Male X Youkai Mountain

Shall we, shall we?
No. 8569
Missing one of the Akis. Can't tell them apart (don't try to either), so I don't know which one it was.
Try again man.
No. 8570
We shall.
No. 8572
Shizuha is the leaf one. Minoriko is the grape hat one.
No. 8577
My eyes are deceiving me.
No. 8636
No. 8645
That's not how math works, Sanae.
No. 8654
>Sanae can't do math
>Cirno can't do math

From this situation, I was able to conclude one thing:
>Woman can't do math
and this:
>Most of gensokyo can't do math

inb4 head-butted by Keine
No. 8673
No. 8692
Spot the Miracles here.
No. 8715
...I can't find them. Is Sanae in there or something? How am I supposed to spot that master of stealth!?
No. 8767
Look harder. Look with your faith.

Anyway, should I post this in both image thread?
No. 8789
Don't start a war that you can't win.
No. 8791
Horns? What horns?
No. 8793
Actually, that image is back from some pixiv popularity contest. If I recall correctly, team Chirei won.
So, yeah.
No. 8803
That was sad, although not surprising...

Wish Sanae got her place back on 7th popularity poll...
No. 8913
Horned Sanae? Fine too.

Just don't caved me please...
No. 8919
Cute youkai girls fear Sanae, as well they should.
No. 8941
Her attention can get annoying at times, I suppose.
No. 8953
She just want to make them closer to her heart.
No. 8954
You misspelled "heart" for "bed".
No. 8964
There's an order to these things, anonymous. You'll understand that someday.
No. 8969
Yeah. First comes rape, then comes love.
No. 8970
NO! That's not it at all! Absolutely not!
No. 8972
You know, with all the sanae fans here, you'd think they'd be writing some stories over in /youkai/ as opposed to basically leaving it /lion/
No. 8973
eh. if I ever go manic and somehow end up behind a word processor instead of studying, I'd wave /forest/'s banner.

Sanae could show up too, I guess.
No. 9004
I already write for two stories now, I afraid I can't handle more than that. And I never write a CYOA before.

Besides, I can't find any good plot for the story. Another story about outsider ends up in Gensokyo? Or somebody from human village struggling to survive in Gensokyo? Or a youkai that wants to get closer to human? And how about the conflicts that drive the story? All these thing must be considered to create a fine story that the readers will like. Decisions, decisions...

And the route. Since this is a CYOA, there is a chance that Sanae won't get the spotlight in the reader's heart. Of course, there is some ways to circumstance it like making her the only like-able person or plot related thing, but this is against my ideal as a writer. I'm writing a story, not making a shrine solely to her. I don't want to force the readers to lock onto her route, as it will only makes the readers feeling uneasy as there is no sense of freedom of choice, as opposed to CYOA's purpose, where the readers choose where the story goes, although limited, because it's back to the writer where the story will go. It's like a road. A driver choose which route that will be taken by him/her, but it's all up to the road maker where the road will lead to which place. But a good road maker won't make two roads in one intersection that will lead to a same place, as it's redundant.

And third, I was not really confident of my knowledge. I only ever played Ten Desire. (Un?)Fortunately, the fandom was floating on fanon, and I know many of it, But still without looking at canon, I doubt that the readers will easily digest it.

I will write, but not in short time. Now I will just read on another story with a promising chance to Sanae. And make a short thesis on it.
No. 9008
I would really like to write a Sanae story, but unfortunately:
1) I have too many stories to take care of right now,
2) I highly doubt I'm competent enough to decently write down the plot I made up. Basically, protag would an atheist, frequently arguing with the green-haired living god about gods being people's drugs and imaginary friends. And protag's main goal is to show Sanae that she was wrong to abandon everything and follow her gods into Gensokyo.
3) I'm way too lazy to read Marx and come up with a decent background for said protag.
No. 9010
Uh... Marx? For that sort of protagonist? That's completely unnecessary.
No. 9011
Imaginary friend arguments fall apart when the god in question is directly in front of you.
No. 9012
Communism is totally opposed to religion. It's the perfect excuse to have a hostile atheist protag.
The guy of guy not leaving you alone when you're praying because he thinks it's wrong.
No. 9013
Usually protagonists have to be at least a little bit likeable.
No. 9014
You do realize there's no shortage of non-communist smug atheists?
plus this wikipedia page is a thing

Just saying. Do as you like. If you don't like reading up on communism, you've got other options.
No. 9015
That's why I was referring to Marx. Pre-marx communism was apparently religion-based, kinda like a monastery. Marx brought his hate towards religion in communism.

Yeah, but you need a reason to send an atheist against a living god. And idealism is the best reason.
And, well, I'll probably never write this story anyway, so feel free to polish the plot and use it if you think it has potential. I won't sue you unless you write a book about it and earn money. In this case, I'll follow you home and kill your dog.
No. 9019
>Sanae not getting a route.

Yeah right, she is to /youkai/ what Sakuya is to /sdm/: Route stealers.

One doesn't have to make a grand epic story to be good as with the right amount of talent you could do say a slice of life story with someone getting to know Sanae.
No. 9022
No problem, just make the protagonist a cute girl, and likability essentially becomes a non-issue. Whether it's a loli Marxist or a gender-swapped Richard Dawkins, you would have to work pretty hard to make her more unlikable than many of the actual Touhous with legitimately unlikable traits.
No. 9023
Mmm, yeah, except that the main goal was to have a Sanae story.
Unless you want a lesbian romance, of course, but in this case, I'll never write it. You'll have to do it yourself or ask another writefag.
No. 9024
So in short the reason why there's not _____ stories is because people are too busy waffling about with "other stories" (that don't get updated much), presumptions of what's good and in general being lazy?

Good to know.
No. 9027
Why don't you write a Sanae story, then?

Also, this is near the end of term for a lot of people in college, which would likely be another factor inhibiting writing.
No. 9029
I'm not that dedicated of a Sanae fan and I'm busy writing a story of a character I am dedicated to.

I merely posed the question as I've noticed many people are far too content to just whine about things without doing anything themselves.
No. 9030

You can have a story centered around a particular character without romance playing any part, you know. Especially when the purpose of your proposed protagonist is to call into question that character's deep-rooted beliefs and the nature of their very existence. In fact, that sort of thing probably isn't very conductive to getting into that character's pants, and most likely wouldn't be a priority to anyone on either side.

Frankly, if all you're wanting out of a Sanae-centric story is for her and the protagonist to hook up, you may as well ditch the atheist/Marxist angle because unless making girls throw away everything they've known and believed in for their entire life is some sort of fetish you're trying to appeal to, I don't really see how your story would be any worse off without that being a part of it.
No. 9031
Before having an atheist commie protag, I think we should have a Muslim protag first.
No. 9033
Why aren't there more Touhou main characters? I'm genuinely curious about why writers are so quick to make OC protagonists.

I bet we'd see more routelocked stories.
No. 9034

a) the mostly male writer base might have trouble writing a girl as a main character.
b) That's why there's doujins: to see touhou on touhou action.
No. 9040
>>a) the mostly male writer base might have trouble writing a girl as a main character.

I know I've seen someone claim something like this before, and it still sounds every bit as ridiculous as it did then.

You're writing stories based on a series where all but a very small number of characters are female. Meaning, regardless of the protagonist's gender, almost every single character they will be interacting with as part of the story will be female. That's a lot of girls you will be writing in various situations, and to do that you will presumably have to figure out how they will think and act in those situations.

How is it any more troublesome to do that same thing, but writing from that character's perspective?

You might suggest it's easier to do that for the supporting cast because their personalities are already kinda laid-out by ZUN, but how do you think he did that in the first place?

By doing exactly that same thing you claim is so hard to do.

Besides, the question seemed to be regarding the prevalence of OC protagonists in general, rather than OCs of one gender or another, and I believe the bigger reason for that is because OCs provide far more freedom for both the writer and voters than established characters. More freedom in terms of actions, scenarios, personality, appearance, and so on. Seeing as the whole point of most of these stories are to "choose your own adventure" it should be obvious why the character that allows the most freedom of choice is so appealing.
No. 9041
No. 9045
even with your explaination, how come the only female original main characters are done by comfirmed women?
No. 9049
Oh, you mean Kriss, the only girl in this site?

Still wondering how there could be a female Touhoufag.
No. 9052
No. 9053
There was at least one girl apart from Kriss and GM, wasn't there?
No. 9054
Owen is a girl now? I guess fairies don't count.

I get that, but there's so much possibility surrounding Touhous without bringing OCs into it. ... I'm whining. Sorry. not sorry enough to delete this
No. 9058
How about you catch up on your history?
No. 9059
To writefag who want to write but have reasons like can't think good plot or not competent enough, etc:
Gather your courage and write. /youkai/ is dying, and only recently revived because Lion update his story. Really. There are only like 2(maybe more?) active story there. It's not like we'll bite you if you write bad(Alright, some anons CAN bite, but at least they are not more veracious than on /th/). As long as not on the level "so bad it's unreadable".
Just remember to actually finish your story and not left it hanging...
No. 9061
>so bad it's unreadable
Why if my stories are almost unreadable due to my poor skills? Am I allowed to try anyway?
No. 9063
That depends on whether you allow yourself.
No. 9064
That says everything.

Just use that plot if you think it has potential, I'm out of the picture.
No. 9065
inb4 someone starts a mediocre, forgettable story in /youkai/ that gets 2-3 votes per update and is abandoned three weeks later.
No. 9066
Oh, like my story in /th/ back then?
No. 9068
No. 9075

No. 9082
You shouldn't be surprised as most savvy readers avoid most /th/ stories due to their short lived, lower quality nature. I mean for every story like Wizard, you have 10+ stories that are lackluster knockoffs of other stories at best and at worst? Doll Quest.

On /youkai/, you'd be noticed more.
No. 9083
No. 9084
Make me happy.
Stop that.
No. 9085
Sad but true. Maybe if newbies stopped starting stories there in an inane attempt to get readers, then maybe other boards would do better and /th/ itself would be less cluttered/better.

They really need to learn that more readers aren't always better.
No. 9090
I don't get it.
No. 9099
I'm sad because you constantly make points I either don't care about or disagree with using tired vocabulary and phrasings. Like, in this post, you said inane and you managed to say better three times in such a small span. Two of them were redundant.

So, about that Sanae...
>Her personality is a lot like an ordinary human, but sometimes she can seem out-of-place as well. Maybe it's because she's a human being from the outer world. She can be seen as dumb, and her sense of perception is quite different from that of humans in Gensokyo.
>She can be seen as dumb

>Unfortunately, she lacks in knowledge about the outside world(*3). I was not able to obtain anything about the state-of-the-art technology or new information about the outside world at that time.
>3: According to her, "I'm telling you everyone's like this"
Hahaha. That sounds like a fun conversation.

>Because she is a human being there is no need for countermeasures.
Riiiiight. (Racist.)
No. 9103
It's a well-known fact that humans don't eat other humans, whereas youkai do eat humans occasionally.
No. 9104
Someone write a novel where humans are eating youkais.
No. 9107
In soviet Gensokyo...
Sorry, somebody must do it.
No. 9110
humans on the other hand have been known to make various species go extinct, including ethic religious groups of humans.

Sure Youkai might eat or kill a few humans, but I doubt Youkai-kind's collective death toll outnumbers what humans did to themselves.
No. 9113
But not the humans living in Gensokyo though.
No. 9120
No. 9121
Recruitment's going well, I see.
No. 9123
I doubt any youkai with a brain would try to kill all the humans as it'd ultimately doom them in the long run. That and it's very well likely to have Reimu, Yukari, and/or whatever other beings provoked coming down on them.
No. 9126
Or Sanae decided to miracle herself up a pair of wings.
No. 9129
Far too well?
No. 9214
There is no 'far too well' in my dic-

Holy...Now if Kanako use Sanae's clothes much more often...
No. 9215
I've always wondered... did Sanae dress like that in the outside world too? It's too lewd.
No. 9219
No. 9236
I wonder how noticable she was as if she's as shapely as fanart tends to assume she'd stick out in japan.
No. 9240
Only when she do her duty as shrine maiden I guess.

Wondered what her friends think when she wears it...
No. 9254
What friends?
No. 9296
You know, like this one...
No. 9307
Like who?
No. 9377
Dunno, but Sanae surely have some friends before she coming to Gensokyo. It just they are not shown in canon. There is very few character that comes from outside world.

Well, there is Renko and Maribel...But highly unlikely though...
No. 9381
I dunno about that. In MoF, she's quite smug and arrogant.
No. 9382
Sanae used to be in her school's mahjong club. They're from the same prefecture, it checks out. Kinda.

She'd fit right in with all the other cheating players in Saki.
No. 9384
No. 9386
Using miracles is considered cheating?
No. 9387
Yeah. Saki has no shortage of players capable of miracles.
No. 9391
Then her sizable chest wouldn't stand out, at least not compared to Nadoka's.
No. 9482
Does somebody say 'chest'?
No. 9493
They're mimics.
No. 9498
Seems like the genuine article to me.
No. 9561
Do not doubt the goddess's certain body parts.
No. 9631
Doesn't mean that you need to show that off to everyone Sanae...
No. 9670
That's right. People could get ideas...
No. 9672
Boy, you are asking for it.
No. 9675
No I'm not.
No. 9677
I'm asking for them.
No. 9706

No. 9707
Sanae gave birth to Suwako who is Sanae's ancestor.

Fucking time gods.
No. 9760
Oh boy.
No. 9808
Wondered if there will be a CYOA where protagonist gets NTR-ed.
No. 9810
That would be amazing. I can hear the bitching already.
No. 9826
That is a horrible idea.
No. 9976
Heh. That would be interesting to watch, at least if the love interest was raped. Like Spoony says here (http://spoonyexperiment.com/2012/04/03/counter-monkey-the-dungeon-masters-secret-weapon/), the best way to get the PCs to go after someone is by stealing something from them. It doesn't matter how important it is, it doesn't matter how valuable it is, if something is stolen from them, they will go to the ends of the Earth to get it back and extract vengeance.
No. 9981
We already have a story where the main character is tortured, it would be interesting to have a story where the main character's love interest is raped.
No. 9984
That's a funny way to spell terrible.
No. 9987
It depends if the writefag knows what he's talking about. If he's using doujins are materials, the story will suck. If he tries to write a real story where the main character is just trying to help his love interest, it might be interesting.
But it won't really be touhou.
No. 9989
Things that aren't really Touhou: Every story on this site.
No. 9993
Well then, allow me to just pack my bags over here...
No. 10006
Like this?
No. 10007
Don't actually post that shit, asshole!
No. 10009
Hmm, a CYOA where we're playing matchmaker with other gensokyo residents? That would be an interesting premise. Much moreso than the "My Waifu" antics that go on in most CYOA's.
No. 10010
My waifu becomes my OTP.
No. 10011
if I wanted touhou on touhou yuri, I'd go read a doujin. That and what >>10010 implied; shipping wars are no better than waifu wars.
No. 10012
Fuck you, agendafag. I love waifus and OTPs.
No. 10013
Flight of the Lost Soul started out something like that.

Then it exhibited a lot of the things that plagued the first run of Archetype of Self: a player character suddenly given excessive power by his condition, who had sex with both of those whom he'd already hooked up with other people. And also, there was a Namekian snowball fight.
No. 10016
Yeah, but that isn't what I was talking about. I'm talking about a CYOA where the MC is trying to play matchmaker, and the MC is not the one the "Relationships" are centered around.

The problem is that it would fit best in a comedy theme, and only a few writers here could pull that off. DTRT's writer being the one that springs to mind most of all.
No. 10020
Haven't I already heard this discussion about a matchmaking MC on Spacebattles recently?
No. 10021
No clue, and what would it matter? Or are you that one RAEG!poster trying to spread anti-Kahi/Spacebattles shit into non-rage related threads again?
No. 10022
>implying there's only one person that hates Spacebattles.
No. 10023
Let's not do that in Sanae's thread, yeah?
No. 10027
No. 10030
No. 10033
Nothing, nothing...
No. 10035
I loved that story. But a /i/ CYOA is impossible to do for a long time.
No. 10036
I knew it was familiar, but I thought someone had sketched it for FoM.

Got a link? I know there's been a handful of /i/ stories that died.
No. 10037
Well, if you consider 'that other person' is the MC, then it is NTR. In this case, Reimu is the one who 'steal' Sanae. It's a rage factory; if you don't believe me just post one NTR manga on /jp/(or /a/?) and take cover from incoming shitstorms. It can't be helped, since the premise of NTR is to causing jealousy on the readers. And rage. I doubt that anon here can take it, given that majority of people hate NTR.

Well, I really interested if somebody write a NTR story here, just to see the reaction of the anons here.
No. 10038
Netorare, eh? I only know it from TvTropes.

If it's really capable of making anon rage, then by all means post it. I love seeing anon rage.
No. 10039
>Got a link?
Got four:

No. 10120
Somebody better save Sanae before she gets eaten by that Grue.
No. 10124
I refuse.
No. 10126
Nobody eats Sanae.
No. 10134
Must resist urge to post that one guro doujin.
No. 10137
Please don't. There was exactly one good page in that whole thing, and it didn't involve eating.
Here, let's compromise.
No. 10140
If I was going to post it, I would have posted it already.
No. 10145
Great! Here.
No. 10309
Man, you make me hungry now.
No. 10574
I don't know who is much scarier. The karakasa, the chinese vampire, or the sweet-but-bloodied shrine maiden.
No. 10575
I went looking on the popularity poll rankings from her first one to post UFO and after to see how her "coming" out affected it: She got a big boost at first but she started sliding down the ranks with each year.

It makes me wonder: Why after such a boost, did it go down?

I figured since this is Sanae fan central, I'd get an answer.
No. 10576
She went down because popularity polls are dumb and you shouldn't care about them.
No. 10579
No. 10580
No. 10600
I wish Sanae was drawn with that goofy WaHH hair more often.
No. 10634

Ouch, my head! Why!?
No. 10636
Praise the goddesses, for Her's generosity is limitless!

Wonder if I can actually buy something with it.
No. 10661
Were you doing something perverted?
No. 10721
You know, Sanae's back has got to hurt her at times with breasts that large.
No. 10722
>with breasts that large

You call those large?
No. 10723
Yes, those are large. The ones in your pic however are "Abnormally Large", bordering on being "Disgustingly Abnormal".
No. 10727
Gods don't need to worry about back pain.
No. 10728
Living gods do. May she shed this mortal coil quickly.
No. 10729
>>May she shed this mortal coil quickly.
You monster! You wish to defile her corpse, don't you!?
No. 10730
Nonsense. She's got the power of miracles.
No. 10731
No. 10732
Wouldn't you rather defile her living body?
No. 10733
That's sick, dude. She lives in there.
No. 10734
I know. It's a trick question, maybe.
No. 10735
On an unrelated note, I recently realized that WaHH Sanae wears what appears to be a tie. The shrine maiden wears a tie.
This is absolutely wonderful.
No. 10762
Well, nothing really! One day I was cleaning up the shrine complex as a helper, when I come across Kanako who is forgot tell Sanae to buy some stuff before she going to village. I feel bad for her, so I decided to go and buy it myself for her. Kanako is amused on what I did, and she decide to return the favor to me. I can't resist, since it's god's will(Not that I want to though). But in the middle of the act, we was spotted by Sanae, and you know the rest...
No. 10775

Hi, /guyfromblue/.
No. 10783

Hello! You're being replied to because you could stand to work a bit on your grammar, spelling, capitalization, and/or punctuation a bit.

If you're new, welcome to THP! If you're old, you should know how things work by now. Either way, in the future, please try to take a little extra time to make your posts neat. It's much appreciated!
No. 10786
Why do people do this? Just say or.
No. 10789
Because and/or is not the same as "and" or "or".
No. 10790
Or is already inclusive. You don't need to attach an ugly and/ to make it inclusive.
No. 10792
Spelling and punctuation means both. Spelling or punctuation means one. and/or means "it could be both, it could be one"
No. 10793

>why do people do this

Because it’s copypasta, specifically designed to dehumanize both the poster and the target.
No. 10794
No. Or in common speech can be inclusive (any or all) or exclusive (one thing only). We distinguish using context. In this case, it doesn't make any sense to call someone out for one thing while listing several others.

Dehumanization is bad!
No. 10797
No. 10798
No. 10804
I'm pretty sure you're the guy who had trouble speaking English and wanted some help, so I hope this fixed-up post will be of use to you. I'm not going to explain it much because I'm lazy and you can probably find books about English grammar in your language.

Mostly it was tenses and conjugations with a bit of word order.

Well, nothing really! One day, I was cleaning up the shrine complex as a helper, when I came across Kanako, who had forgotten to tell Sanae to buy some stuff before she went to the village. I felt bad for her, so I decided to go and buy it for her myself. Kanako was amused by what I did, and she decided to return the favor. I couldn't resist, since it was a god's will (not that I wanted to, though). But in the middle of the act, we were spotted by Sanae, and you know the rest...
No. 10805
So as thanks for running an errand for her, Kanako gave you a blowjob.

...could you at least try to be believable?
No. 10806
That sounds like a normal day in Slutsokyo.
No. 10807
Don't you start that!
No. 10808
Start what? Compartmentalizing incompatible beliefs about fiction? But it's so useful...
No. 10809
No. 10811
Slutsokyo is not Gensokyo. It's a place where that thing you said is unbelievable is believable.
No. 10814
Oh, oh, ok. I get it.
It's still a huge can of worms.
No. 10815
That's the point. It holds all the worms.
No. 10816
And you're opening...augh! You know what I mean!
No. 10817
More like showing you the label. Literally and figuratively.
No. 10818
Oh, forget it. I think I'm just being stupid.
No. 10819
No. 10964
Keine, where is Sanae?
No. 10965
No. 11060
That IS Sanae, you dummy. You think Keine's good enough at cosplay to pull that off?
You should be asking who the kid is.
No. 11102

But she's cosplay so good that I can't recognize her. How can I know it's her?

But okay then, let's try to ask her again. Sanae, is that child yours?


Sanae, what are you-AAAARRRGGGHHH!! MY ASS!!
No. 11177
I wonder how good she is back at her school.
No. 11178
Very good. She studied diligently every day.
No. 11181

Her math is questionable though according to >>8636.

Damn, she's very beautiful in this picture.
No. 11182
interpreting "11" to be two 1's is hardly a math issue. That'd fall into common sense, denial, or just plain silliness.
No. 11183
No. 11189
Math is hard.
I imagine her faith-based, religious mindset and free spirit would have trouble with the rigidity of math.
No. 11246
Pascal's triangle?
No. 11249
It's an riddle. Fairly certain it can't be solved in English.
No. 11256
It can be solved in English. One one; two ones; one two, one one; ...

Also it's obviously not Pascal's triangle because the third line starts with a two.
No. 11266
That artist is so weird. One second he's drawing normal stuff and light bondage, and the next he's drawing Sanae drowning in centipedes.
No. 11270
Some artist have quite the duality. Aya Sachou for one draws fluffy yuri but yet other times he draws gangbangs, touhous going a bit slutty, and mindbreak.

Even Tiramitsu's non doujin stuff can be pretty light (while his mindbreak doujins are only overshadowed by Chikura's in terms of mindbreakness)

I have to ask you guys: how did you deal with Sanae's seeming shift in personality in UFO? Though those that remember MoF's endings wouldn't be surprised as those hinted at the personality she'd ultimately show in UFO
No. 11271
Sanae B is mai waifu. Sanae A can go jump in the lake.
No. 11273
Slowpokin' a bit here, but were Ran's exceptional math skills detailed by some piece of canon, or just from fanon?
No. 11274
Wait, which one is which?
No. 11275
Sanae A is Kanako-style "Exterminating youkai sure is fun!"

Sanae B is Suwako-style "You are an alien? Fuck yes this is the best day ever!"

Yet another reason why Suwako is better than Kanako.
No. 11276
Ok, good. I can agree with that, I guess.
I do like Kanako more than Suwako, though. Suwako's so...suspicious.
No. 11277
canon, an article of Aya's has her figure the formula for the sanzu's length, though I think later things reveal it's a passed on ability from Yukari. I'm not sure on that.

two sides of the same coin in reality: a zealous girl who openly persues her interests, a stark contrast to the more normal impression seen between MoF and SA.

Interestingly enough many characters' win lines against her in 12.3 generally go "I thought you'd be different from Reimu, how disappointing"

The only warning sign we have of another wild change would be Hatate's remark about Sanae's power sucking card.
No. 11320

How strange she is, she will always be a little eccentric energetic girl in my heart.

Is that denial or something?
No. 11453
I wouldn't call her little.
No. 11459
I would. She's an ittle little godling.
No. 11479
Nonsense. She's well past her cute little tyke phase.
No. 11485
She will never be past her cute tyke phase.
No. 11493
we're not saying she has lost her girlish streak, just that some parts of her aren't so little and more on the womanly side.
No. 11567

Which one? Be more specific.

Anyway, how can a normal human ascended to godhood?
No. 11568
Be either a hero, either a bloodthirsty monster. In the first case, you'll be a benevolent god. In the second case, you'll become a curse god.
No. 11569
Stop using the word "either" that way. It's gramatically inaccurate and rather irritating. It's either/or, not either/either.
No. 11570
Either you're deliberaly lying to make fun of me, or you know what you're talking about. I guess I'll trust you, just in case.

Also, new Asatsuki Don, it's obviously some nice heart-warming doujin where everyone is living happily, and I'm fairly certain that Reimu will lead a happy life, surrounded by her loving friends.
No. 11577
I was typing up a very scathing and sarcastic post about that doujin, but then decided Asatsuki Dou wasn't worth the effort.
No. 11580
That artist has an interesting interpretation of Sanae. For example, we can see here that Sanae isn't a morning person.
No. 11587
Who's Asatsuki Dou?
No. 11590
While you must be new, I'll be nice and explain, he's a doujin artist that specializes in dark, despair filled doujins or at least known for them.
No. 11599
If there's a dark/depressing doujin, it's probably Asatsuki Dou.
Of course, sometimes, he tries to be all grimdark and stuff, and ends up writing a good story (like that Happiness story, or the Cirno story) but most often, people dies, and then Reimu dies, and then someone else dies.
No. 11604
Does Moriya even have stairs?
No. 11608
It's on top of a mountain. It logically has stairs.
No. 11609
When every single resident of the mountain can fly, stairs don't seem so necessary.

Plus, stairs would imply that the tengu want visitors to their mountain. They most emphatically do not.
No. 11611
Ha, right, I forgot. The Moriya Shrine doesn't have any human follower.
No. 11617
No wait! I just thought about something!
Those kappas and even Horn herself, they're using metals, probably bought from the village! It's fine if they can carry it, like Horn did in Wild and Horny Hermit with the palladium, but what if they need more things, and can't carry it? They have to load it into a wagon or something like that!
No. 11622
Wagons don't do so well on stairs, bro.
No. 11651
To think of it, when they transport the shrine, they bring the lake with them too, so I'll assume that they bring everything that the shrine have to Gensokyo. Including the stairs.
No. 11667
Those stairs probably don't go all the way to the village.
No. 11703
There's a difference between "none" and "not many," anonymous.

It should be noted that Kanako's trying to set up a sky-tram between the shrine and the human village, but is getting a lot of opposition from the white wolves (and only the white wolves.)
No. 11762
But I liked the picture anyway.
No. 11791
I don't know that they're getting along so well nowdays.
No. 11864
Nonsense. Sakuya's not the type to hold a grudge, right?
No. 11867
Hard to say... depends on what Sanae did. Luckily Sakuya doesn't care to resolve incidents not involving the SDM.
No. 11869
No. 11870
Why is Sakuya with my beloved shrine maiden. Go back to getting necked by Remilia, you lousy maid.
No. 11875
Catching mices is so fun.
No. 11878
Sakuya loves her because Sanae technically take her job to investigate incidents in gensokyo, so she can focus on her maid task. Like 'taking care' Remilia.
No. 11954
>>Like 'taking care' Remilia.
Molesting the corpse of a child does not qualify as "Taking care" of them. You freak.
No. 11986
I find your statement is highly subjective. Explain 'molest','corpse', and 'child.
No. 12010
Baby Sanae is cute, isn't she?
No. 12021
She sure is.
No. 12030

mo·lest [muh-lest]

verb (used with object)
1. to bother, interfere with, or annoy.
2. to make indecent sexual advances to.
3. to assault sexually.

corpse [kawrps]

1. a dead body, usually of a human being.
2. something no longer useful or viable.

child [chahyld]

noun, plural chil·dren.
1. a person between birth and full growth; a boy or girl.
2. a son or daughter.
3. a baby or infant.
4. a human fetus.
No. 12048
What's with necrophilia in this thread?
No. 12049
Touhou has some very lovable corpses.
No. 12090
I only know of one such corpse, considering that Touhou vampires are devils.
No. 12204
>Who art thou that calleth upon me?
>Umm, I art a god in Gensokyo, and also art acting as a shrine maiden.

>I am Toyosatomimi no Miko. People call me Shoutokuou.
>Shoutokuou?! The one from the old 10,000-yen bill?!

>I must say, you are quite strong.
>I know, right?

I don't care how inaccurate it was, the first translation of Sanae's Ten Desires script was wonderful.
No. 12419
I can't see clearly what clothes that Sanae's use in her TD ending. Is it a school uniform?
No. 12421
The normal end or the other end?
No. 12426
How exactly does Sanae's outfit work? Reimu's too, if they're different. Is the blouse button up or does it go over her head? And how do those sleeves stay where they are?

Also, autosage.
No. 12448
The no-credits-normal-mode one.

Also, just to make sure if this has really reach autosage.