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No. 8392
New rage thread. And a picture of some old fart in a wheelchair.

No. 8396
Goddamnit, you beat me to it!

Alright, like someone said before, this is now a place to bitch about Touhous you don't like.

Let me confess. I'm growing to hate Yuuka and Yukari the more I stay at the fandom. I hate how the fandom portrays those two as overpowered sons-of-bitches. Also, Yuuka as a psychopathic murderer and Yukari as a master troll. Yet I'm supposed to root for them. What the hell?

I have no problems at all with them in canon however.
No. 8398
I hate Sakuyas. She's a mean dumb poopiehead.
No. 8399
File 13349026042.jpg - (138.10KB , 800x800 , Santa.jpg ) [iqdb]
There's Chen, I really dislike her, mainly because of the fandom ("honk honk" made me hate her), and also because she killed me a lot in PCB.
I also have a really soft spot for the lunarians, especially the ponytailed-one.

But the thing I regret most is the lack of stories about Renko and Maribel. ZUN pratically made them for speculation purpose, and they're ignored most of the time because they're not from Gensokyo. I know there are a few doujins about them going into Gensokyo, like Sotto's one, but most of them are more like "bringing Gensokyo outside", like RED-SIGHT's "One Shot, One Kiss", who brings Aya and Hatate in the Outside.
No. 8401
I kinda dislike those two personally, since I'm not buying into the Yukari=Maribel theory and I feel that their presence as canon Outsiders have no impact at all for Touhou lore. They feel like your usual OC Outsiders you know. Feels like a wasted opportunity.

I also have a soft spot for the Lunarians, especially the one who loves peaches.
No. 8403
File 133490373334.jpg - (282.80KB , 799x1130 , So I heard ya lieked peaches.jpg ) [iqdb]
The most interesting part is that Maribel's name is based on Lafcadio Hearn's. Hearn was an poor and irish hatless dude who lived in Japan, taking the name Yakumo Koizumi, and he became interested in Japanese ghost stories, before dying, still hatless.

With that, I was expecting some "Maribel is Yukari's daughter" theories, but no, it's always "Maribel is Yukari's evil double from outside".
No. 8405
>Maribel is Yukari's evil double from outside
You got it all wrong. It should be
>Maribel is Yukari's good double from outside
We all know who's nicer between those two.
No. 8407
File 133490789612.jpg - (62.44KB , 800x600 , 263746376.jpg ) [iqdb]
This one. Good lord, don’t I hate this one. I could make essays on why she’s the signifier of what is wrong with the modern Touhou games, their fanbase, the setting, global economic situation and Kim Jong Il’s presidency, if only I could bring myself to write an essay on something I so absolutely despise.
No. 8408
Hah, nice one YAF!
No. 8409

vgboy has a translation page up for the penultimate-final chapter. Mima takes Oersted's/Odio's place.

Speaking of Odio, he's gone from being the Demon King to a GOD in Touhou-A-Live. Whether or not he actually shows up remains to be seen, but he's mentioned a couple of times, most of them in Mima's chapter.
No. 8410
I'm fucking angry that I have nothing to be angry about right now.
No. 8411
I see. That's how it is then. Makes sense.

Oh boy, one more fangame to my waiting list, alongside with Return of Touhou Mother and the sequel of Super Touhou Wars.
No. 8412
Oh yeah, that's the game with the badass military veteran Reisen, right? Reminds me of the idea Taisa posted back then.

Also, in her backstory, her master (probably Toyohime since Eirin's still alive) got killed in some A.I. rebellion war on the Moon.

Oh well, that Reisen is fiercely loyal to the Lunarians for some reason, even willing to obey the command to murder the other crews of the ship.

Turns out it's a fake order though. It's the A.I.'s work all along.
Thought it's going to be your usual "Blame The Lunarians" story at first.
No. 8413

Yukari is Maribel's evil double from Gensokyo.



Oh, wait, fuck
No. 8416
I wanna to rant about all those idiots. Each time you show or mention one of the Watatsukis, they're all like "BLUH BLUH MOON BITCHES".
No. 8417
Go back to your cave, Hartman.
No. 8418
File 133495126859.jpg - (70.60KB , 540x618 , Harman Smith.jpg ) [iqdb]
Na, I have a wheelchair instead. Cave and lair are too mainstream. But disregard the T, would you kindly?
No. 8427
As a fan of the Watatsukis myself, I refuse to be associated with Hartmann.
No. 8428
Too late for that.
No. 8430
According to the wiki, Toyohime got 320 points, while Yorihime got 659 points. You can't go around associating all those people with Hartmann, just because he made a poor story with the Watatsukis.
No. 8431
What points?
No. 8433
People voting for them.
No. 8437
Wait, the votes for Toyohime are half the size of the votes for Yorihime.

That means for every person like me, there are two people like Hartmann.

I weep.
No. 8442
File 133502100933.jpg - (125.78KB , 1024x640 , 2012-04-14_00002.jpg ) [iqdb]
>659 people like Hartmann
No. 8444
File 133502132775.jpg - (32.01KB , 426x240 , full-metal-jacket-1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Guy Hartmann and /blue/
Sitting in a tree
I can’t rhyme for poo
So you can sue me

No. 8445
Was playing Tribes
Saw a flag
But he was a llama

Wait, that doesn't rhyme either.
No. 8449
I want to bitch about how there are still Touhou writers out there who know perfectly well about canon but still wrote your usual fanon pervert Aya or otaku Suwako.
No. 8450
>otaku Suwako.
News to me.
No. 8452
Good for you. You're still pure from fanon assumptions.
No. 8453
I want to bitch about how most of the Touhou fandom are lolicons.
No. 8455
I want to bitch about those imagedump threads here on /blue/.

That shit should be on Poosh, not here.
No. 8456
I want to bitch about Poosh.

How the fuck did it become this terrible?
No. 8457
Terrible in what aspect?

The guys crossdressing as Touhous at conventions?

Constant flamewar between MoTK supporters and haters?

Yukkuri threads?

Fetish threads?
No. 8458

Well, I suppose the crossdressing itself isn't inherently terrible. I skip over those entirely so I don't know just how bad they are though.
No. 8459
File 133503037088.jpg - (406.36KB , 1050x1616 , 1333941274532.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is that a guy or not?

I'm betting it's a guy since it has no boobs.
No. 8460
File 133503068947.jpg - (311.45KB , 972x1296 , 1333943248991.jpg ) [iqdb]
Dunno, but this one is definitely a guy though.

This is why I'll never go to a con.
No. 8462
I want to bitch about cosplaying.
Okay, I get it, you like this series, so what's so hard about putting on a little pin or something? Is it really that hard? Do you have to go out of your way to fucking cosplay as a girl when you're a neckbeard?

At least they arent cosplaying Tifa, jesus fucking christ that would scare me.
No. 8463
How am I supposed to play dress-up with a pin? You're missing the point.
No. 8466
File 13350447183.jpg - (209.21KB , 706x1000 , 2012-04-14_00002.jpg ) [iqdb]
I heard that Ryukishi (the guy who made the excellent Higurashi and the shitty Umineko) originally wanted to write a story for ZUN.

I'm really scared by that perspective.
No. 8468
I haven't heard that but I heard he wanted to be ZUN's successor to which Zun said "NO".

It's not too much different from here as we flame the hell out of the other two sites, people in IRC want to be the little girl, and /at/'s creepy fetish threads are uncensored.

Poosh does have half way functioning fangame threads and threads concerning the two touhou manga ongoing: OSP which is actually winding down and WaHH (Kasen's manga). Still its dark corners are very dark and dank.
No. 8469
>as we flame the hell out of the other two sites
As terrible as other sites may be, this is not a good thing to do. The end result is that Pooshlmer is filled with people bitching about motk or yukari or tardiss.

>have half way functioning fangame threads
>Also there needs to be a new link for the translation patch as the link in the OP is no good now.
They still refuse to read the fucking thread.
No. 8470
maybe they have and found no newer link. It doesn't help that the links aren't easily marked half the time.

>As terrible as other sites may be, this is not a good thing to do. The end result is that Pooshlmer is filled with people bitching about motk or yukari or tardiss.

True though it won't stop people here from doing so, never mind the fact it creates a toxic attitude that has driven one writer away from here.

This site may be better than those two overall... but we're not that much better these days.
No. 8471
Yeah, the state of the western Touhou fandom is pretty sad nowadays.

Is there even such a thing as a good fandom anyway?
No. 8472
No. 8473
>maybe they have and found no newer link.
I wouldn't have said anything if there wasn't a new link. Specifically, 11 posts above what I quoted.
No. 8475
Well, actually isn’t there, uh... er, maybe... no, that’s not it, either... so perhaps... no, they’re a bunch of monkeys, too... all right, but what about... nope, can’t stand those...

... IS there a fanbase out there that gives outsiders no reason to despise them? Hell, you know how much I love FreeSpace and how much I respect the people behind FSO, but still #Hard-Light is chock-full of half-witted bigots.
Actual example: once someone brought up news of a scandal where some priest was caught on tape beating the shit out of his wife and daughter. Now, being myself, I asked jokingly: “who doesn’t nowadays?” which sparked a shitstorm of massive proportions that lasted no less than 5 hours into the night and involved even the channel’s opper’s wife coming on to spout her outrage at us. It was amazing, in a way. A very terrifying way. #THP is more chill, I guess, but some of the people there are still huge god damn cunts. #K-S is so deep a shithole I refuse to even come near it. And don’t even start me on #teamliquid or other e-sports channels.
Come to think of it the channels I hang out in are pretty cool, but none of them are fandoms per se. What the hell is it about liking one common thing that makes people turn into fucking morons?

No. 8477
File 133505951880.jpg - (132.73KB , 850x850 , ★KIRAKIRA★.jpg ) [iqdb]
The fanbase of life and living. Wait, uh no, crap.
No. 8478
Because they get obsessed about it, and then they don't accept any other interpretation of said things. It's the case with touhou, I guess it's the same with ponies, and then in fact it's the case with everything (pretty much why I stopped liking Umineko by the way).
Basically, as soon as you say "I disagree", you can be sure that people will get mad. Hell, it doesn't even matter if it's about game, sex, politic, or even which country has best food, people will just get mad about everything. And Internet makes it easier to be mad.

For example, if I say "football is a great sport", someone will soon barges in and screams "NO FUCK you football is for PUSSY and real men play AMERICAN football".
No. 8479
I always thought of the Watatsukis as a gift from ZUN to counter the usual powerlevel wanking in the fandom. But apparently, it's still not enough, since most people still think Yukari purposely lost to them in the First Lunar War. This is why I left the Touhou fandom back then, before returning when TD was going to come out.

Which is the main reason I like them I guess. That, and I like their character design.
No. 8480
File 13350625533.jpg - (31.64KB , 357x500 , Don't be fooled she's a bitch.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey, I like you! You can come over to my house and- wait, no, not gonna make that reference.

So, in other words, those people are saying that Yukari lost on purpose twice against the Watatsukis, and yet they're still calling them mary-sues and moonbitches?
Isn't a Mary-Sue supposed to be perfect? If you're manipulated and humiliated, you're not really perfect, am I right?
No. 8481
Yeah. What's up with that logic?

Yep, that's the problem. Somehow people get mad really easily on the internet.

If someone says, "I don't like this thing because of reasons A, B, C, etc," on real life, you would probably get a response like, "Well, I like it because of D,E,and F, but I see where you are coming from. Perhaps our taste is just different."

In the internet however, you would get a response like this, "Those are the stupidest reasons I've ever heard for hating that thing. Your opinions are fucking worthless and you are horrible person for stating that."
No. 8483
>Somehow people get mad really easily on the internet.
It's because people can't punch you in the face over over the internet.
No. 8484
File 133506927952.jpg - (80.93KB , 386x338 , fistface.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 8485

I've heard that When They Cry was originally going to be a Touhou VN. Which explains a lot of When They Cry's supernatural character designs, really.

It occurs to me that the big difference between powerful youkai and other supernaturals from Touhou, such as Yukari, and Umineko's supernaturals, is that we actually see Umineko's supernaturals doing their horrible things to people, while with Touhou characters we're just informed about it in passing. (For example, how Yukari drops random outsiders into Gensokyo, where they will probably die horribly, for laughs, or how most youkai eat humans.)

...Now I want to see a crossover game. And I don't mean one of those danmakufu scripts where the Umineko characters are ridiculously overpowered.
No. 8486
those that say Yukari lost aren't the same as those calling the Lunarians mary sues. That and many don't even read SSiB. It doesn't help the only character in it to put up a remotely viable fight against Yorihime was Reimu.
No. 8491
Why is it that most stories that have humans who fear youkai make them the villains?

I think it's perfectly reasonable to fear powerful and potentially dangerous beings like them. And they're what Gensokyo needs anyway.
No. 8492
Because people don't like those who hate their pure and perfect youkai waifus.
No. 8495
people with such opinions once they get their hands on some power, would start a chain event that would not end well for both youkai and human.

And you know what you get when you mix hate, humans and power? Genocides!
No. 8496
Rinnosuke's presence proves that, sometimes, a human can fuck (with) an youkai and get away with it.
No. 8497
It depends on the story actually.

If the main focus of hate is weak youkai like Wriggle and Mystia, of course you can't exactly expect the readers to sympathize with the humans.

But if the story starts bringing in the likes of Flandre, Yuuka, Mima, and other strong youkai and it portrays them as really strong (like having the capability to destroy a small country if they're serious), then you can sympathize with those anti-youkai humans since they have a legitimate reason for fearing them.
No. 8498
File 133509810393.jpg - (29.76KB , 358x361 , laughingwhores.jpg ) [iqdb]
>really strong
No. 8499
People seem to latch on to that "Twilight Spark" thing pretty quick.
No. 8500
File 133509963813.jpg - (20.42KB , 333x500 , laughingwhores.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ugh, Meyer, I'll never hate you enough.

Mima may have a Twilight Spark, but Marisa has a goddamn double spark. That's as many as two. And that's awesome.
No. 8501
I like how you don't include Remilia there. Nobody seems to take her seriously nowadays. Oh well, she's mid tier anyway.

Mima only has that starstorm spell. Just like Marisa in the old days.
No. 8502
File 133510349571.jpg - (212.16KB , 451x626 , 85b9cc2ea3635ff63addfb6504328278.jpg ) [iqdb]
Actual canonical material: http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Bohemian_Archive_in_Japanese_Red/Keine
No. 8503
I still don't quite get the meaning of that article.

So there's this secret society that wants to discover the secrets of Gensokyo for the future where Gensokyo falls under human control. So Keine makes a history school to prevent the dangerous ideas coming from that society to spread.

It's also interesting that Keine is what Reimu is supposed to be. Reimu is too close to the youkai nowadays.

Is that it?
No. 8504
That’s basically the gist. But the important thing to mark is, there are people with reasonable views in Gensokyo; they merely don’t possess any significant sway at this time. Keine, whether it is a conscious choice or a coincidence, has employed means of preventing these magnificent ideas from reaching the majority’s ears. But we are humans. The thing about us is we are capable of multiplication. Youkai are not. We have driven them from the “ouside word,” we will drive them from this one also.

And then, brothers and sisters, at long last we will be free. Yes, we will be free!
No. 8505
Wait, youkai can't breed?
No. 8506
They don’t need to. In fact, I wouldn’t expect them to know how to. They’re monsters, remember?
No. 8507
It has existed...
From ancient times...
Until the distant future!
In times of peace...
And times of war!
In all places!
And all eras!!
Its appearance may change, but it lives on!!
It will never disappear, as long as there are humans with fear in their hearts!!
Its name...
It's youkai!!

Taken from Live a Live.
No. 8508
>Youkai unable to breed.
Rinnosuke is a half-youkai.
Keine is a half-beast (not too sure if that counts).
I would say they are able to, but choose not too for what ever reason.
Maybe it's so that people don't rush to eliminate the youkai amid fears of there being too many of them? I couldn't express this idea the way I intended, sorry about that.
No. 8509
>Keine is a half-beast (not too sure if that counts).
Keine wasn’t born as a were-hakutaku. Read up on your canon.
No. 8517
They're trying to dig up some sort of secret that allows them to tilt the balance towards humans. But they often put their lives at risk for it as they go digging in places full of youkai.

And Keine's remark reeks as rather arrogant and I'm surprised Reimu hasn't smacked her around for it yet.
No. 8520
I notice you have nothing to say about Rinnosuke though, which was the main one I was talking about.
Besides, I already said I wasn't sure if Keine counted.
No. 8526
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you write a story where twin sons of Yukari were the player and a main antagonist?
I'd think that would disqualify you from arguing that youkai can't reproduce...
No. 8527
You think I think my stories are canon, dudeski?
No. 8529
You think that writers are all respecting canon?
FOOL! This is not the case.
No. 8533
>I hate Touhou. The music sucks, it all sounds like overly-epic crap, it tries to hard. All the characters are little OP girls. I hate the fans even more, because they are so god damn stupid that they don't even realize this. Fuck Touhou. In the ass.

>Oh, and the artwork is complete balls. I can draw better. And fuck off with your "Why don't you show us your art then" or some shit.

Just found this on Amplicate.

Made me rage for 1 second.
No. 8534
>And fuck off with your "Why don't you show us your art then" or some shit
Oh, okay. It's just a troll spitting his venom toward touhou and not even defending himself. Let's mark him as "cock-sucking faggot", and move on.
No. 8539
That's all true though, except for the music.
What's amplicate? And no, I'm not googling it.
No. 8541
>all true
Nice opinion you have here, bro.
No. 8543
I want to bitch on how ever since I got into the Touhou fandom, I became a grumpy guy who always had something to rage about everyday. Raging about the fandom, raging about the fanfics, raging about people I don't like, raging about people who like things I don't like, raging about people who hate things I like, etc.

I used to be able to take it easy. What went wrong?

This is my rage topic of the day by the way.
No. 8545
One day, there was an angry guy, because his girlfriend dropped him. In order to forget his anger, he insulted someone else. That someone else insulted a third person, and, thus, a circle of hate was created.

You're a faggot, by the way.
No. 8546
no, you're the faget.
No. 8547
I wanna bitch about disappearing threads.
No. 8549
What disappearing threads?
No. 8550
That thing on /shorts/, written like a meeting report. It was deleted 2 minutes after being uploaded.
No. 8551
Oh, that.

I told him to post it in FF.net instead.
No. 8552
Wonderful. Now I'll have to google it.
No. 8553
The one's writing it is Hartmann by the way. He doesn't have a FF.net account as far as I know.

He probably has deleted it from his hard drive by now.

Nah. He ain't Taisa.
No. 8554
>hartmann wrote it
Okay, nevermind then. I liked the "meeting report" aspect, but I don't want to read a fanboyish story about a lunarian.
No. 8555
It wasn't about the Lunarians.

It's about Futo.
No. 8557
Leave Touhou altogether for about, I don't know, half a year or so. Staying too long in the Touhou fandom is never good for anyone.

Go marathon Digimon or something. I heard some nostalgia's always good for anyone.
No. 8561
>>8557 is right. Take some kind of vacation, try Homestuck, M&B:Warban, or another huge fanbase. It'll keep you busy.
No. 8562
respect of canon isn't exactly common but it's becoming more common though slowly.

Matt/Sora canon. Let's see you take it easy with that.
No. 8571
>Matt/Sora canon
>implying a real Digimon fan cares about shipping
No. 8573
Most so called fans do. Even now, hearing that gets them raging. It's similar to how mentioning Domon/Rain gets some G Gundam fans raging.

But I'm impressed with your composure.
No. 8574
The only Digimon pairing worth half a damn in my eyes is Ladydevimon/Angewomon. Mmmmmm...
No. 8579
File 133527164624.jpg - (67.81KB , 665x344 , 2012-04-14_00002.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fucking mèmes users. They're fun and all, but I fucking hate when people are using them without even knowing where they come from. They ruined Touhou (LOL HONK HONK LOL PADS LOLOLOL), they ruined Skyrim, and they ruined 4chan.
Fucking mèmes users.
No. 8580
File 133527180817.png - (45.13KB , 306x220 , honkingcat.png ) [iqdb]
No. 8581
Does Trollkari count as a meme?

If so, I hate it even more then.
No. 8582
That comic is the ultimate proof that even a moron unable to draw properly can be popular.

But, hey, as someone said on Twitter, a popular touhou comic is 50% mème and 50% hentai.
No. 8584
File 133527307388.png - (45.07KB , 300x300 , leer.png ) [iqdb]
No. 8585
File 133527423168.jpg - (95.33KB , 700x750 , 2012-04-14_00002.jpg ) [iqdb]
I know, I watched that serie, called Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Adventures. There's a very interesting magic trick in it.
And guess what? You're in. Or rather, the magic trick is in you.

Wanna try it? I promise it won't hurt too much.
No. 8586
>They ruined 4chan
You can't ruin what was never good in the first place.
No. 8587
I want to bitch about how most of the Touhou fandom activities out there are either:
1. Posting links to Danbooru for Touhou fanarts or doujins, or
2. Posting links to Youtube for Touhou MMD's ripped of from Nico or the bajilion Touhou song remixes

I also want to bitch about inane Youtube comments on Touhou videos (except the ones on that Bad Apple on CNN video. They're freaking hilarious, in a pathetic kind of way) but you guys probably know all about that.
No. 8588
>I also want to bitch about inane Youtube comments on Touhou videos
Sadly (or luckily) this isn't exclusive to Touhou. Between the reposted puns, the chainmails, the thumbs whore and the illiterate comments, Youtube is now worse than 4chan.
No. 8589
Talking about Mima, here's some fanboyish posts about her.

>Which naturally means that the fans, myself included, basically revere Mima. No, seriously, if there's a character who Touhou fans genuinely respect, it's Mima. Every single Touhou game that's released is accompanied by hopes and speculation that Mima will finally make her reappearance.

>Another thing that the fans agree on is that Mima is probably really, really powerful. Being the original final boss of the series once it went to proper shooter format after the Arkanoid-style first game will do that. And considering that Marisa is pretty strong, ergo her teacher must be even stronger. A perfect example of this is the Touhou Soccer game. Heaven knows why, but a game with the Touhou cast playing Soccer was produced.

>With fully-animated cutscene attacks. Mima's Twilight Spark has become something of a fan-meme ever since. I mean, holy poo poo, just look at that thing.

>Touhou fans love Mima, and basically any fanwork will be regarded as awesome if it has Mima in it. It's like a formula: Instant Awesome, Just Add Mima. Even the subpar or outright bad fanworks can at least be said "Well, at least it has Mima" in their defense.

>Now, don't get me wrong, but I don't like seeing Mima as this broken-down, shattered spirit I love the Twilight Spark version of her- that world-consuming, universe-destroying megalomaniac who's willing to shatter the Boundary of Gensokyo for the sake of winning a football game. A force of nature, instead of just another player character, you know?

Got them from Something Awful, the site that manages to become even more elitist than THP.

Oh, and ten bucks get you banned.
No. 8590
File 133528459724.png - (21.40KB , 128x123 , 2e18e38f2639a20ff19b6660256e9b65.png ) [iqdb]
>even more elitist than THP
Impossible. The only thing more elitist than THP is that hellhole of 99chan.

Also, would you kindly stop bringing posts from elsewhere? There's already enough rage going on here, I don't think we need to rage about other websites.
We just need to point at them and laugh at how stupid they are.
No. 8591
What's that? Never heard of it.

>stop bringing posts from other websites
Well, it's better to rage about them than raging about YAF/Hartmann/Kahi for the hundredth time, is it not?
No. 8592
What's so bad about elitism? As long as it keeps most of the biggest faggots out.
I'm scrolling through the boards and I don't see any xDing or asterisking, and it'd be nice if it stayed that way.
No. 8593
>Well, it's better to rage about them than raging about YAF/Hartmann/Kahi for the hundredth time, is it not?
Now that I think about it, it is. Since it's not going to change anything, it's better to rage about something else than THP's best writefags. My apologies.

Gonna quote urban dictionnary with this one:
"99chan is an underground chan that was created because every other chan is not in accordance with true "chan" values. It is nearly impossible to be included into the chan, because you are most likely cancerous."
It's the kind of website that bans you for no reason.
No. 8595
It makes the site look it's just comprised of elitist assholes (not going to make statements on whether or not that's true) which is a turn-off to getting new readers and writers to join, even if they'd be helping the site and not harming it.

>THP's best writefags
If the only measurement of quality you use is update speed, I suppose.
No. 8596
If they weren't popular, there wouldn't be any controversy, as anyone would agree to just kich them out.

And I personally think that it's better to have an decent update speed with an average plot rather than a rare update speed (LIKE PATCHWORK) and an interesting plot. But that's just my opinion.
No. 8597
File 133528674726.gif - (932.25KB , 253x197 , kermit.gif ) [iqdb]
>THP's best writefags.
That's extremely insulting to just about every other writer in the site. You should be ashamed.
No. 8598
File 133528725786.png - (1.03MB , 960x800 , 26781956.png ) [iqdb]
That’s right!

Everybody knows I am the one true “best” writefriend on THP! This is all really very tiring, you realise, to have my rightful spot be challenged by all those meagre peasants like HY or Lighthouse anon. I may need another foot-rub soon. Very soon. Oh, and a box of Mokou-jellies. The red ones. The white ones make me retch. And another pillow: this one isn’t cold any more. Chop-chop, now!
No. 8599
Hartman isn't popular by any stretch, the reason he's still around is because no one really dropped the hammer on him.
No. 8600
I thought it was useless newfags who wanted to bask in 4chan's influence. Some might say the same happened here, resulting in some wanton elitism without anything to back it up.
No. 8601
I wasn't going to say anything about it, but since you insist.

I just didn't say anything about you because I thought putting you and Hartmann in the same category was about as fair as comparing you to the guy who wrote Palingenesia.
Don't take it to mean I think you're 'one of the best'. Because I don't.

No. 8602
>>If they weren't popular, there wouldn't be any controversy, as anyone would agree to just kich them out.

>>If they weren't popular

Not commenting on your actual opinion, either way, but you're doing that thing some people do where they equate "popularity" with "quality".

You don't want to do that.

If you want to claim something to be the best thing since sliced bread, that's fine, but don't defend that claim with the one thing that has virtually nothing to do with the quality of the story. Cite things that actually make the story good. The characterization, the pacing, well-written narration, snappy dialogue, whatever. Not only does that actually support your claims about the story's quality, but it displays that you actually appreciate the story based on its merits.
No. 8603
Please stop bringing Palingenesia up.

I'm trying to forget that story exists, goddamnit!
No. 8604
And this is why I like YAF. I prefer an arrogant writefag over a constantly depressed writefag.
At least, the arrogant one will try to improve. The depressed one will just stop writing (yes taisa, I'm looking at you) or erase whatever he wrote as soon as he's criticized.
No. 8605
>being arrogant
>trying to improve
You sure they could be in one sentence?

If you're an arrogant writefag, you'll never try to improve. You'll just label those criticisms as "trolling" since, you know, you're already perfect and all.
No. 8607
>You'll just label those criticisms as "trolling" since, you know, you're already perfect and all.
Oh yes, I remember being like that when I joined the website, roughly two years ago. Luckily, I got better since.
No. 8608
Yeah, I really don't see how anyone could be deluded enough to consider Hartmann popular or one of the best writefags. His writing is atrocious and he seems to have few followers.

This, so much. If a story has a sufficiently low-quality (or just desperate) fanbase, absolutely crap stories can retain large numbers of followers. Kahi's one of the best examples of this.

About YAF, he's the only one of the three listed that actually knows how to write, even if his style's hard to get used to. And I'm pretty sure about 90% of his posts (like >>8598) are joking, just people take them seriously. Not the best writefag, but a good one.
No. 8609
People just love hating. If it's not YAF, it'll be Kahi. If it's not Kahi, it'll be hartmann. If it's not hartmann, it'll be patchwork or taisa or again another writefag.

And if it's not a writefag, it'll be a person from another website.
But, hey, this is what this thread is about, right? Rage, rage, and rage.
No. 8610
I want to bitch about Mediafire.
That son of a bitch is now asking me to register before uploading anything!
No. 8611
I take it you disagree with one or more of my opinions.
No. 8612
Joking? Me? What a thing to suggest!
I shall have you know I am a serious, hard-working Spanish Polish youth with a shining education and even more shining future ahead of him. ‘Tis a sacrilege to even insinuate I would engage in activities so low and unrefined as joking or—pah!—magical girl fanfiction on a minor imageboard on the internet. Oh no, good sir. I’m 100% platinum serious at all waking times.

I wouldn’t go so far as say I’m arrogant, though. An ass, yes: a huge, pimply slav piece of butt; but not, gods forbid, an arrogant one.

You’s all pimply butts yousselves, by the way, ha!
No. 8613
As for criticism, if you have something to say, go right ahead. I’m very open to criticism, as long as it’s not something that’s my conscious stylistic choice. I’m here to have fun writing stories; you’re here to have fun reading them. Why, if there’s something that bugs you and prevents you from fulfilling that goal, why not simply talk about it with me/your favourite writefriend oops, a little repetition here.

All this whinging and whining could be lessened if the ones harbouring a huge throbbing problem somewhere down the ass-end of their pants would just have it out with the one who stuck that problem there in the first place. You don’t want it there? All right, I’ll pull it out. That is, if it doesn’t clash with my own artistic vision. Artists, as we all know, infallible and can’t be proven wrong because it’s bloody art and thus subjective. No, I don’t think writing is an art, don’t even get me started on this.
No. 8614
All this bitching about makes me want to take another look at Kahi's stories, specifically Patchy's Quest to see if it has gotten anywhere interesting.

Jesus Christ, he's on Thread 16 and Patchy still hasn't started teaching on Hogwarts yet? And what's that crap about Koakuma? Why so many sidequests?

I'm not even sure if it's a proper crossover. What the hell happened with the characters from HP? Just sitting there to act as background characters, to prove how lame they are compared to the Touhous?
No. 8615
This, in fact, applies to every writefriend on the site. You see something about their bing-a-boo-dooby-loo you think might use some improvement, you just bing-a-boo say it. You’re their audience, you’ve got to state your stance on the product of mind you’re participating in. Otherwise nothing’s like to change any time soon.
And yes, I’m aware others might not share this attitude, but it’s always worth a try, isn’t it? This is the beauty of interactive fiction: the readers are also capable of providing input. And you’re wasting that time you could spend telling your favourite writefriend how he’s the “loveliest thing to walk the ding-a-bong BUT...” posting in a thread that doesn’t even have a bloody OP image any more. WHERE THE HELL HAS THAT GONE?
No. 8617
>Yeah, I really don't see how anyone could be deluded enough to consider Hartmann popular or one of the best writefags. His writing is atrocious and he seems to have few followers.
I never consider myself as popular or good. I know that I'm not a good writer (hell, I already have trouble understanding a simple discussion, it's a miracle that I can write), but I still keep on, because I like writing.
And for the arrogance, that's not entirely true. When I first joined the website, I expected Anon to tear me into pieces immediately, but that's not what happened. People nicely suggested things( like using " instead of >> stuff like that), and, even if my story was atrocious, I still finished it. It's after my first story's end that I became arrogant and that I disregarded criticism (shame on me).

I know I'm still considered as very arrogant, but, quite frankly, I prefer being arrogant than being a doormat. And, beside, that's not true. I'm not that arrogant. Well, except when I'm dominating you at TF2. In such a case, yes, I'm arrogant, yes, I'm mocking you, yes, I'm killing you with a solemn vow. But that's not the point here.

And for the writing, well, sorry about that, but I'm still trying to improve.
Also, quit calling me hartmann, for hell's sake.

It was removed.
No. 8618
I'm not to the point of raging, but I'm slightly annoyed that YuugenMagan has appeared maybe once or twice in the whole site, and his name is usually misspelled on the rare occasions when he is mentioned. Why does nobody like YuugenMagan?

The Five Magic Stones have it even worse. They've only even been mentioned maybe twice, and never appeared; but they seem to me like more of a static defense, the likes of which you'd see more often in another shoot-'em-up series, than a character, so that's not so bad.
No. 8619
I wanna bitch about the abandoned stories.
I mean, come on! We all know it's a hard job to write a story, but abandoning it out of the blue without any other reason than "im tired of it lol" or "writers block i cant go on"? GET OVER IT!
THP is an elitist website, where only the best writers are allowed, but the high rate of dropped/abandoned stories is just a goddamn shame!
When I want to recommend a story to someone, I would like to be able to pick a finished story, or even a story still going, but when 70% of THP's stories are abandoned/on hiatus, it's really hard!
No. 8620
Writers aren't your slaves, asshole.
No. 8621
File 133530233078.png - (0.96MB , 850x800 , 01ad8e3b7f75df19caf0d3901a09d1c4.png ) [iqdb]

I'm free?!
No. 8622
They still have a responsability.
Starting a story, getting people interested, and then dropping them is what an asshole do.
Most writers are writing for their own enjoyement, I'm aware of that, but that doesn't mean they can drop a story whenever they feel like it!

No. 8623
File 133530339630.png - (613.11KB , 650x804 , 26267714_p6.png ) [iqdb]
No. 8624
If they drop it, won’t that mean they weren’t enjoying it, ergo, they weren’t writing it for their own enjoyment?
In which case something or else happens and you either should or shouldn’t get upset about it because of some thing or the other?
No. 8625
I hate when you're right.
Makes me feel like a complete moron for having been shown the way by YAF.

So, I like a story (like Underground LA), I would like to see it resumed. What should I do? Try to make it interesting again for the writefag?
No. 8628
All you gotta do is bloopity-boo into dooga-zoo, up the oompa-doo to wompy-dee-blop-goo.

Or a) find the writefriend in question and reignite his passion for the story (interpersonal contact is very effective in this case because it’s much more direct a way of showing you like the bumpy-ding than voting or even expressing it in a post, and as I have once mentioned in one of these threads, we writefags like to be patted on the heads), or b) read stories whose authors aren’t patently prone to nervous breakdowns/bouts of irrational anger and/or assault from mighty-morphin’ doompy-zords.

Of course, if you go with a) and can’t get the bastard to BLOODY WRITE AGAIN YOU SON OF A BITCH, then it was probably a case of not-liking-it-from-the-start as explained above. Or a mental disorder. Whoop!

All the same, a little or more patting won’t hurt.
No. 8630
Trouble is that glasnost get patted on the head often enough, and I don't want to act like a fanboy by constantly praising him. He's not a fat cat that I'm supposed to keep on my knees while scratching his belly, for Hell's sake.

>read stories whose authors aren’t patently prone to nervous breakdowns/bouts of irrational anger and/or assault from mighty-morphin’ doompy-zords.
Problem is that, between the 2 authors updating most often, one is busy with three differents quest, and you're the other one. And, quite frankly, even you abandoned a few stories (like Memoria in Discord, for example, that I really liked, and you abandoned it, and I swear that once I get Tribes Ascend to work, I'm going to shove an grenade up your ass until you scream for mercy).
No. 8632
Somebody should pat Glasnost in the head so that he'll translate Symposium of Post-Mysticism once it comes out.
No. 8633
I never said it had to be praise, dudeski. Just give him some nudge through private channels that you’re still waiting: the direct personal contact (as direct as the internet gets) might just make him feel obliged to leastwise give it some thought. Wriggle your fingers all evil-geniusy-like and practice some MIND CONTROL psychological manipulation. Alternatively, draw him into a discussion about the story you want continued. Give his brain a kick-start and make it come up with a few ideas he’ll feel drawn to putting into words. Often-times we write simply because we have this absolutely brilliant idea, never-before-seen golden pile of poo no one’s ever shat out before and we’re the first and only, the pioneers of a new age, by honour and duty bound to show it to the world, and we’re compulsively made to do just that.
Half of the previous sentence was a lie. You’re NEVER original. About the best you can do is do better/reach a wider audience with an idea someone’s already had before you.

>Memoria in Discord
MiD wasn’t a story, it was a weekly “now which oldish film do I quote” I pooped out each week with little to zero forethought. Quite literally the only scene I’d thought about prior to getting to it was “shooting with Kaguya,” and that wasn’t even a scene, just a very general concept. I’m sorry, but that’s what it was. Spoiled for stupid bloggery-boop because you won’t leave me alone otherwise: It was a stressful period for me (living alone for the first time, coping with serious health problems related to the climate [I’m a SRS meteopath, remember]), I needed something as an outlet and writing was the only available non-violent option (other than copious amounts of alcohol coffee and sweets poorly-cooked spaghetti). I don’t reckon I ever pretended otherwise, bah, I always said it was “about Mokoutits,” and that’s basically what it was. Old films and Mokoutits. Nothing more. Maybe less.
Once again, if you thought it was something else, I’m sorry, it wasn’t. Once my body calmed down and I got over the initial troubles of living on my own, I started TiTS, which is actually thought-out and has an actual romance characterisation Tenshi breasts plot. At that point it seemed to me MiD had outlived its purpose and forcing its continuation would be an insult both to myself as a writer and my readers (fooling them into thinking it was an actual story). I’ll have to redirect everyone who asks about MiD in the future to this post. Sigh.

As for TiTS, if I drop that one, it’ll be either because I’ve turned into a zombie and am too busy chomping on mans, or because a tracking band of Galician haters have ambushed me in a dark alley and ruined my butt to the point of incapability to sit on a chair that hasn’t been padded with a dozen pillows in the least. Otherwise, it will never die (naa, naa, naa, naaah, welcome to the world and all that rubbish); and yes, I know it’s harder to read, but holy shit I’m having FUN writing it, I really am. I don’t know if you read it, and I certainly won’t push you into trying it because, frankly, that’s your choice, but if you find the style too hard to bear, I can provide you with a hint that should make it significantly easier to get to work.

... What’s with all the tits/TiTS in my stories, anyway?
No. 8634
Also, stop goading me into talking about my own stuff. This isn’t a YAF General, it’s a god damn rage thread. You want a YAF General, you bloody go and make one. But no guarantees I will show up to the party.

About that Tribes proposal though, I might just take you up. Give me a heads-up if you ever get past that terribad HiRez launcher.
No. 8638
I don't think they were debating popular with quality but rather popularity with how difficult it'd be to kick them out without starting a riot.

That's my chief problem with it, and said side quests arten't fun enough to make you forget the main quest for a time. Not like NEON SAMURAI or the Rommel in the fridge.

He'll do that anyways. Good thing he translates faster than he makes updates.
No. 8639
Considering that this shitty launcher keeps my mouse from being visible, and then show a black screen when I start the tutorial, it'll be a really long way before I'm able to attack and widly rape you while you llama.

But, yeah, I'll see if I can corner glasnost on IRC and threaten him or something like that.
No. 8640
File 133531301664.jpg - (112.60KB , 700x894 , 1335306921606.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 8641
File 133531383868.jpg - (299.39KB , 800x533 , 2012-04-14_00002.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah, bring it on!
Just wait until I can get that shit to work, and your ass will be grass and I'll be the gardener!
No. 8642
About your stuff...

Do you know what in This Shrine made me rage?

It wasn't killing Mima twice.

It wasn't the incest with a hated person on the second route.

It wasn't youkai auto-resurrecting in the same body like fairies when there's no canon evidence for that.

It wasn't any of the other generally rage-worthy moments that people would normally complain about.

It was that you made Mima slow and Yuuka fast.

In every game Mima has appeared in after HRtP, which wasn't a shoot-'em-up, a defining trait has been her speed; she even has a speed-based ramming attack in SoEW. She's faster than anyone else in Mystic Square and shoots high-speed bullets, and in PoDD she's faster than everyone except the science-powered-pseudomagic-wielding bosses, who are overpowered.

Whereas Yuuka?

Yuuka's slow. She's the slowest playable in Mystic Square and Phantasmagoria of Flower View. She's not the type to dodge out of the way of an attack, she's more of the brute-force fighter.

Also, you messed up the power levels a bit. Sure, silver knives can hurt Mima. And Yuyuko. But to even get her to the point where she would take the fight seriously, Reimu had to bombard her with enough seals to kill a freaking tank several times, and the seals are better against youkai (including ghosts) than they are against tanks. And don't say it was the spell card system, because that game, Story of Eastern Wonderland, was before the spell card system. I mean, if it was handwaved as a magic knife or something, it would be fine, but one regular, silver knife is not enough to take out even one tank, (even with someone with superpowers wielding it, silver's too soft to cut steel,) so it's not enough to take down Mima.

And furthermore, Reimu can canonically beat the crap out of Yuuka, spell card system or none. Because, you know, she did that. And don't say Yuuka was just playing, because of the events of Reimu's endings. I won't say what happened, but it wasn't a tea party, and Yuuka would have avoided them by any and all means available to her.

Also, Yuuka's not really much of a magician. Her original Master Spark and everything she uses in Lotus Land Story are youkai power, not magic. That one's not really directed at YAF specifically as much as it is directed at anyone who calls Yuuka's powers magic, though.

However, I must commend you for actually seeing through not one, but three complete runs of that CYOA, an impressive feat when most authors only manage one at most. Of course, crossing those runs over ultimately sped their downfall...
No. 8643
Whoa, whoa, cut down on the come-ons, broski. I love you, but I don’t love you, know what I’m getting at?
GM introduced me to Touhou.
I had no prior knowledge of it at the time. I only got around researching the canon, oh, I don’t know, some time after all the TSes? Sorry, mate. You have it promised next time I write Yuuka, she’ll be slo... sl... slooo... SHAZBOT. I CAN’T WRITE THIS WORD. I MUST GO FAST.
No. 8646
I understand the need for an outlet such as this one, but I'm afraid this very thread might be violating the fourth rule.

I've been told otherwise about you and gardeners. Don't you have a soft spot for another very soft gardener?
No. 8647
...Come to think of it, that explains the tsundere Reimu, her attitude on killing, and a lot of other little things...

Well, as long as you're better now, I won't hold what's long past against you, and admittedly (and unfortunately) the PC-98 games aren't that well known.

But, in and of themselves, both the fact that people write about things they don't know, and the fact that nobody knows about the PC-98 games, fill me with rage and despair. Fledgling writers who haven't been scared off by this thread, go play the PC-98 games (and read the translated scripts)! Gameplay can reveal aspects of a character that you would never see otherwise. (Especially physiological and powers-relevant ones, but mental ones as well in some cases.)
No. 8648
>nobody knows about the PC-98 games
Who the fuck am I? The next-door neighbour?
No. 8649
you had a decent point until you started to sperg out over knives and the whole "PC-98 Hurr durr everything's for real" as from what I've read of PC-98, they were very similar in nature to the windows games, no real fatalities and mild bad endings.

If anything the spell card system organized things better.
No. 8650
File 133534801288.jpg - (383.48KB , 700x800 , 2012-04-14_00002.jpg ) [iqdb]
>mild bad endings
HRtP ends up with the Earth exploding. I hardly find this "mild".
No. 8651
>taking a joke ending seriously
No. 8652
HRtP isn't a typical touhou game at all and all its endings were pretty silly IIRC.
No. 8653
File 133535140777.jpg - (102.12KB , 1282x742 , 2012-04-14_00002.jpg ) [iqdb]
What an amazing joke ending, right?
Hey, have another one!
No. 8656
I can’t think of one.
No. 8668
Incidentally, the tea party endings didn't start until Mystic Square. Before then, Reimu's endings traditionally involved sealing the final boss behind the shrine. (It was a three-game tradition.)
No. 8681
I believe one set of a game's endings was the Yin Yang orb turning weird things and I think another having some slightly fanservicy art.
No. 8682
Those things happened after Reimu sealed the final bosses.
No. 8683
You know, I never get the whole "raging about Meyer" thing on the internet.

Maybe that's because I've never read Twilight.
No. 8684
I once read part of a chapter that was posted online. Honestly, it's just poor writing. I suppose the success of it is what pisses people off.
No. 8685
What pisses people off is the culture that's built itself up around it. Vampire fags tend to be some of the stupidest people you'll ever meet, with rediculous values and a desire to shove them in your face.
No. 8686
I haven't read or seen anything about that while I did see the various ending arts. But I'll let you believe what you want to, including the Makai holocaust you super cereal PC-98 fans like to believe in.
No. 8687
Check your good endings again. Yumemi and Shinki were the only two PC-98 end bosses who weren't sealed, though. Especially look for doors and bottles.

There was no Makai holocaust. Shinki attacked the player for rampaging through Makai, and there are scenes of destruction in the backdrop for her final attack (seemingly the result of her prior attack), but Shinki was the first endboss Reimu had a tea party with.
No. 8688
Considering that Mima was a recurring character, along with Marisa, I think that this sealing was kind of useless, since Mima is still in the games, even after being defeated.
No. 8689
I don't think LLS counted as I don't think Reimu sealed away Yuuka nor could she really defeat the two dream sisters.
No. 8690
The same thing could be said with anime you know.
No. 8696
Or this site, even.
No. 8698
Or with politician.
No. 8699
File 133544780390.jpg - (38.80KB , 600x450 , 2yn45fn.jpg ) [iqdb]
The lack of stories focusing on the humans living in the Human Village saddens me greatly. They're the underdogs of Gensokyo after all.

Pic taken from Sengoku Gensokyo, where the humans managed to catch Aya by outwitting her.
No. 8700
Probably because it's easier to write from an Outsider's perspective than from a Gensokyo native's perspective. After all, those guys are mostly descendants of some great youkai hunters, and yet, in most stories, they're cannon fodder, totally helpless.
No. 8702
Just because they were sealed doesn't mean they stayed sealed. Mima escaped, and Yuuka was released. Sariel and Konngara, however, have never been seen.

The underdogs of Gensokyo are kedama, Evil Eyes, and miscellaneous stage youkai. Maybe fairies, too, but fairies have that whole immortality thing. The average Gensokyo human is stronger than the average youkai, and it's stage enemies that make it that way.
No. 8703
>descendants of great youkai hunters
Sure don't seem that way to me, looking at PMiSS and WaHH.

Kedama and evil eyes haven't made an appearance since the PC-98 era (I think). Aren't they just unintelligent beasts anyway?
No. 8704
I refer to PMiSS's article about the human village: "Moreover, as there are humans who work as youkai exterminators in the village, it is possible to lead a safe life here" and I also refer to an unsourced article on the wiki that says: "humans from the land of Gensokyo are physically similar to humans in the outside world, but are remarkably different in terms of abilities and their dominance over land. In ancient times, brave humans, who knew how to deal with supernatural entities, traveled to a youkai-infested area that we now call Gensokyo. They settled there in order to watch the youkai and keep them from terrorizing the rest of the countryside. These capable humans battled the youkai often" and also "today, the normal Gensokyo human is probably a little more powerful than the average youkai".

http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Human#Humans_in_Touhou (but it's not given any sources, so the content may be speculation)
No. 8705
File 133545245157.png - (423.17KB , 600x622 , what.png ) [iqdb]
I'd like to see those tongue ghosts coming back.
No. 8707
Yeah, I know about that. But it's never shown on-screen humans defeating some minor youkai.

Really, there's a serious lack of screentime for them. The only humans shown in canon that I remember are merchants and shopkeepers, not warriors.
No. 8708
Kedama appear all the time in the Windows games, such as in PCB stage 4. I'm not aware of any canon source about the intelligence of non-fairy stage enemies, especially Evil Eyes, so they might be mindless beasts. But they're still youkai.
No. 8710
Oh, so those round white thingies are kedama, huh? Well, I never really pay attention to the things I shoot.

And what do you mean by "they're still youkai" exactly?
No. 8711
I think he means "they're still youkai" as opposed as "they're just beast/plants/ghost/something else".
No. 8717
File 133546389410.jpg - (168.78KB , 850x578 , Hahaha.jpg ) [iqdb]
There are three idiots hidden in this picture. And one of them is not like the other.
No. 8731
File 133548575479.jpg - (692.31KB , 1195x854 , 3b4298f8a812a6579f8c5035be21ef87.jpg ) [iqdb]
Won't somebody PLEASE make a story in /youkai/? Look, you can be the first one to give meaningful characterization to the Aki sisters! It's the chance of a lifetime!
No. 8734
File 133548658097.jpg - (48.18KB , 328x480 , NOPE.jpg ) [iqdb]
Let's face it, nobody likes them that much to write a story about them.
No. 8736
File 133548777676.jpg - (546.06KB , 625x900 , 2012-04-13.jpg ) [iqdb]
Won't somebody, ANYBODY please write a story about the Primsrivers?
No. 8737
File 133548821893.jpg - (1.37MB , 1800x1800 , a50777b682ddf57d5c7faf897d13fadc.jpg ) [iqdb]
Th-then, how about Nitori? She's pretty cute and she has the shyness thing going on. People like that, right? All she's had was Science! and that wasn't even very good (no offense Klaymen). Come on, she has that mysterious key, someone could build a story around that, right?

Anything at all.Except for Aya, she's too popular already. Seeing /youkai/ in its current state is bringing me to tears.

You can attempt necromancy on the writer of http://www.touhou-project.com/th/res/147302.html
No. 8739
File 133548868689.png - (34.11KB , 640x400 , YuugenMagan_ref1alt.png ) [iqdb]
It's probably too much to hope for a YuugenMagan story.

But I can dream.
No. 8740
Wanna read that dream diary.
No. 8756

Why don't you try writing something, then? I'd definitely follow a story with a prominent Nitori / Aki sisters, and /youkai/ readers are starved enough that they'd likely cut you some slack even if you're an inexperienced writer.

Hell, if you're willing to try, just make a thread for brainstorming or something similar and I/others should drop in.
No. 8761
File 133551795719.jpg - (124.67KB , 1000x865 , 2012-04-14_00002.jpg ) [iqdb]
It won't be both. It's either the Akis, either Nitori, but you can't write a story about both, because they're completely differents.
Hell, I'm not even sure kappas believe in gods. I know the tengus does (even when 'believing in god' means 'getting drunk with said god', if MoF is serious about that), but since the kappas are all about science, they'll most likely kill gods by not believing in them.
No. 8762
>a thread for brainstorming
It'll end up like Spacebattles where the readers are actually the ones making the story instead of the writers.

Writefags there really follow what the readers want. Like that male Yuuka story for example. That Touya harem story exists because the readers take a joking quote from Yuyuko and run with it.

It's a bad idea to start writing a story if you don't have any idea on how it'll be when it's finished. A second MiG, anyone?

Apologies for bringing up Spacebattles again.
No. 8763
Instead of apologizing, try not doing it. Thanks in advance.
No. 8764
File 133552120316.jpg - (216.56KB , 900x900 , 71707bc6315179fea02eecb8e6189a98.jpg ) [iqdb]
I did try once. I wrote 4 different versions of the same first post and they all sucked, so I gave up.
No. 8765
Believing in gods and science aren't mutually exclusive in the Touhou universe. I mean a god was the one who tried to set up a nuclear reactor in the underground after all. Science involves studying what's around you, and that includes divinities if there are any, which there verifiably are in Gensokyo.
No. 8768
But yamabikos (echo girls) are disappearing because nobody is believing in them any more. If yamabikos can be killed by a science fact, I'm afraid to know what would happen to a god.
No. 8771
Eh, who cares about 'em? It's a fact that echoes exist without their help whatsoever.
No. 8774
I just read your post as "who cares about Kyouko".
No. 8775
File 133552742944.jpg - (252.11KB , 525x700 , 24895493.jpg ) [iqdb]
Byakuren. Obviously.
No. 8776
File 133552766816.jpg - (341.63KB , 670x714 , 2012-04-13.jpg ) [iqdb]
Who cares about that manipulating, arrogant and disgustingly old bitch?
No. 8777
Seeing the extreme lack of hentai of her, not too many.
No. 8778
Yes, let's measure care by amount of porn. This is a reasonable metric.
No. 8779
>extreme lack of hentai of Byakuren
Thank God.
No. 8780
File 133552806337.jpg - (239.09KB , 850x1133 , 2012-04-13.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bah, it's just a matter of time before Toyosatomimi's victory.

I don't know where you find your hentai, but I saw a lot of those books being about Byakuren. And some are about her and her brother. And that's wonderful fap material fucking disgusting.
No. 8782
The humans should take Miko as their leader.
No. 8784
File 133552850246.png - (846.02KB , 898x1200 , what.png ) [iqdb]
That man says the truth. I agree with him.
No. 8785
You know, I want to bitch about the Mass Effect 3 ending shitstorm that plagues the internet nowadays but I figure it ain't related to Touhou so I'll just keep it to myself.
No. 8792
File 133557968354.png - (82.19KB , 421x248 , kyouko is a good echo.png ) [iqdb]
How could anyone not care about something so cute?
No. 8794
File 13355908532.png - (115.28KB , 421x248 , 1309254198073.png ) [iqdb]
No. 8795
File 133559087416.png - (74.95KB , 421x248 , 1310942453408.png ) [iqdb]
No. 8796
File 133559337859.png - (1.84MB , 996x1262 , kyouko despair.png ) [iqdb]
You asshole. You asshole.
No. 8797
That's what she gets for yelling a morning greeting while it's still fucking dark out.
No. 8798
File 133560819350.jpg - (81.67KB , 1000x790 , 2012-04-13.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh you munster!
No. 8799
File 133561084534.png - (1.44MB , 1253x1770 , 20772173.png ) [iqdb]
That’s some huge knockers.
No. 8805
This is a rage thread. Anything goes here.

Even Kyouko imagedump.
No. 8807
I want to bitch about some Touhou fanboys on Danbooru, especially the powerlevel wank kind.

When there's a pic about the Touhous alongside characters from other series (especially the ones from Type Moon), most of the time there will be comments on how the Touhous will totally own the characters from the other series.

And what I hate the most they will bring Touhou canon into their arguments. Did ZUN really make the Touhous that broken?
No. 8809
Why are you reading danbooru comments? Do you hate yourself?
No. 8810
Because they're there.
No. 8811
File 133563344841.jpg - (190.74KB , 640x480 , Rekkascrn.jpg ) [iqdb]
I want to bitch about touhou fangames. Why aren't more of them translated? Why aren't more of them at least fully hacked and waiting to be finished by our overworked translators?

Pic related.
No. 8815

Man, when will Return of Touhou Mother and Touhou-A-Live get finished?

Especially Return of Touhou Mother since the creator doesn't have a blog. We can only wait for him to upload more of his gameplay vids to Nico.

I'm just afraid they'll get the infamous THP curse.
No. 8866
Return of Touhou Mother is going to be finished, Hell right now it's on the last chapter. If not, Then it's already done, just bug fixing.

Just stick a dick in them. Hentai logic is perfect logic.
No. 8869
>Return of Touhou Mother is going to be finished, Hell right now it's on the last chapter. If not, Then it's already done, just bug fixing.

What do you mean "it's on the last chapter"? The last chapter's gonna be Chapter 6? There are still four more Needles to go, looking at the latest vid on Nico.
No. 8899
You know, looking at the old threads, it seems THP has gotten soft nowadays. No more sagebombing, imagedumping, or trolling bad writers.

Still remember that JtotheE incident. His thread got sagebombed to hell. Even Kapow approved.

I'm still amazed how Hartmann managed to survive when he first started. His grammar and spelling were atrocious and he refused to get proofreaders. Where's anon back then? Was he the new Saguya?

Should there be some kind of list of forbidden crossovers? Like no Mario or Kirby. We already have a lot of crossover stories nowadays and we're probably going to have more in the future.
No. 8900
No one is allowed to cross Touhou with a fusion of Redwall and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
No. 8901
>No more sagebombing, imagedumping, or trolling bad writers.

The first two were never allowed and I recall people getting banned for it. The latter sometimes still happens but it's usually just one or two people who can't let go. Technically not allowed either.

And crossovers, in general, tend not to be good. I'm sure that a great writer can do good things with them but all of the crossovers on the site haven't been good so far as I'm concerned.
No. 8902
No 40k crossover, ever.
No. 8903
iirc he's been making videos with three chapters at a time, correct me if i'm wrong. I'm expecting the full game to be done at Chapter 9, and it's possible it might go to 12, but I doubt it.
No. 8904
Stop comparing hartmann to JtoE.
No. 8906
No, he uploads one or two videos per two months (damn you Glasnost update speed!)

As for the chapters, it should end at Chapter 8, just like Mother 3. At the very least, Chapter 6 should be about getting the needles, except the last one of course. That will take place in Chapter 7. Chapter 8 is probably the epilogue.

By the way, I bet the final dungeon will be at Yukari's gap dimension or something like that (but that will be boring). Or on the Outside World (Touhous on skyscrapers!) but that would take some plot twists to do.
No. 8907
What, it's a legit comparison.

JtotheE = Decent writing skills, terrible ideas
Hartmann = Terrible writing skills, decent ideas
No. 8916
File 133579094336.jpg - (204.20KB , 1104x1446 , 9387455bba1130213f8034fc8ce3335a.jpg ) [iqdb]
I want to bitch about there not being a Youmu-centric story.

You negroes should oughta quit nibblin’ on them rabbit ears an’ go bust some ghosts.
No. 8917
Ohoh, YAF always with the funny.
No. 8918
File 133579387629.jpg - (705.72KB , 1217x1720 , b7948ab7167800074368656760949abc.jpg ) [iqdb]
What, you no like ghosts and busts?
No. 8927
File 133580568988.jpg - (575.42KB , 805x748 , shinki.jpg ) [iqdb]
Rejoice anon, for there's already a new RoTM vid on Nico! The translation's not up yet though.

Pic related.
No. 8931
File 133581344195.jpg - (148.88KB , 850x1073 , sample_ecdfe0d38982144ea13c7660f3340a6b.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's too much busting for too little ghost.
No. 8949
Welp, Deme returns. At least he has Kahi as a rival now.
No. 8959
Now Lion also returns.

This truly is a joyous day at THP. At last, /youkai/ will be dead no more.
No. 8960
...Except for the fact that FoM's going to finish soon, this seems to be the penultimate update, and /youkai/ will fall back into disregard after it ends.

Still, so fucking glad that it's not dead.
No. 8961
Still better to have a completed story than an abandonned one. Even if it's going to cause /youkai/'s death.
No. 8962
>...Except for the fact that FoM's going to finish soon
Why, I've been saying the same thing to myself for a year.
No. 8971
That would imply Kahi's anywhere as good as Demetrious. He's not.

but that was the tradition with bad or unfavored writers and not much punishment was given unless done against a writer with some favor among anon or the influential ruling council.

The move really hurt /youkai/ though to be honest other boards are suffering from famed writers leaving it.

but it's a sign of the real problem: not enough new writers in these boards. Most new writers clog up /th/ for "more readers".

Faulty as it takes alot more for a story to stand out there and the fact that due to all the low quality stories, the reader quality is below that of most other boards.
No. 8974
Kahi updates often.
Demetrious doesn't.
It's not that complicated to see who's the best writer.
No. 8975
Don't say it!
No. 8976
File 133594969611.jpg - (20.53KB , 337x294 , 3084104+_bd911b2ac4c16105237fdf066f62eee9.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 8978
Well, that makes Kahi better than Lion.

It all makes sense now.
No. 8980
File 133596310849.jpg - (568.58KB , 766x1200 , shoot the target.jpg ) [iqdb]
Mmm, yeah. No.
Probably when Kahi will reach 25 threads, but not now.
No. 8981
Then he will continue Border House
No. 8982
I'm more than fine with that.
I don't like FoM anyway.
No. 8983
Kahi has three stories currently active each at ~17 threads. Given his penchant for actually updating all of them within a decent timeframe, I'd go so far as to say that its not 'if' Kahi will reach 25 threads, but 'which one will get there first?'
No. 8984
File 133596830231.jpg - (104.53KB , 450x350 , hipster-america.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay. So we agree that Kahi will reach quantity. But problem is, that people won't agree about quality.
(Besides, I honestly wonder if Kahi has as many updates as Lion. Because Kahi's readers are posting quite often, and they enjoy posting about everything.)