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7858 No. 7858
Because the last one is on autosage and I really just wanted to see this picture every time I come to /blue/.

No. 7859
Fucking banana? Really?

The fuck are you thinking?
No. 7860
I want to bitch about those people who automatically deride any "darker" Touhou stories as "GRIMDERP EDGY BULLSHIT CRAP"

By "darker", I mean the Touhous facing actual danger or conflict instead of your usual "beat the shit out of the enemy and then have tea with them afterwards" in canon.

The term "grimdark" and "grimderp" are turning into the term "Mary Sue", in which it's used for freaking everything that it had become meaningless.
No. 7861
But Touhou is canonly a lighthearted slice-of-life comedic series. You can't just "grimderp" all that shit up. It's like grimderping My Little Pony. It's stupid as hell.

Really, if you want epic plot or drama, just go read LoTR or something. That Tolkien guy is miles better at writing plot compared to ZUN.
No. 7862
Dat banana.

Anyways, on topic. Bringing either lightheartedness to an originally serious series and drama to an originally lighthearted series is classic fan work. I personally don't see a problem in either, and the complaints of both camps leave me baffled.

Some pretty damn gruesome things are discussed by Touhou canon, after all - I mean, Yuyuko commits suicide in her backstory. There's a lot of potential for darker works, there, and anyone who denies that it doesn't exist is a shortsighted retard. They don't have to like it, but to say that it's contrived or forced is too much.

Personally, pure slice-of-life never satisfied me - there needs to be some sort of plot, even in the far future. The most vague example I can think of Harvest Moon (at least for the SNES) - you do day to day farming stuff, but eventually, the game will end, giving even your day to day activities a modicum of seriousness. Have some sort of goal in the far future to work towards - most people have some dream they'd like to realize, after all.
No. 7863
The problem is when people blatantly break canon just to make their bullshit grimderp story.

For example, making the humans living in Gensokyo deathly afraid towards youkai even though it clearly isn't true (PMiSS) just so they could have their crappy "human-youkai conflict" drama.
No. 7864
Perfect Memento in Strict Sense shows us a Gensokyo where feral youkais are quite hostile. It's just that the game protagonists are too strong to be killed by them.

Of course, you can say that PMiSS isn't objective, that Akyuu is paranoid and stuff, but that'll be your opinion.
No. 7868
File 13334598942.png - (2.13KB , 96x128 , tenshinozo.png ) [iqdb]
Oh please, you're talking about Touhou Mother again, aren't you?

For a free RPG Maker game that's not really intended to be a game in the first place (just a series of videos), it sure causes a lot of drama.

Here, have some Queen Tenshi statue.
No. 7869
Mandatory boss song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVDWWV4hVyE
No. 7870
why is that man wearing a dick hat
No. 7871
because everyon on /blue/ is a dick so it fits
No. 7875
File 133349380026.png - (2.55KB , 84x67 , miracle udon.png ) [iqdb]
>Touhou Mother
If only they had listened to Iku's advice rather than beating the crap out of her, abominations like this would never exist.
No. 7880
File 133351146827.jpg - (245.75KB , 1215x717 , King Tryndamere.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7889
The only problem I have with that game is in the sequel, where Tenshi cut her hair short before joining your party, kinda like what Luke did in Tales of the Abyss. Is it some Japanese custom to cut your hair if you want to repent for your past mistakes or something?

Short-haired Tenshi just looked weird to me.

No. 7890
File 133354011723.jpg - (22.52KB , 400x300 , 520468980_small.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah. It means that things are changing, and that, starting from now on, you're going to kick ass and chew bubblegums.
No. 7896
Isn't voting based on 'common sense' wrong? Here's how I see things:
Excepting extreme cases like '[x]JUMP IN THE LAKE' and more action-oriented stories, you shouldn't vote based on the instant consequences of your votes, but rather what would they would mean for the mindset of the main character or the relationships of the characters and such.

I'm a little bad at explaining, so to illustrate, let me build a scenario for you. Let's say there's a new story, and at one point in the beginning when you don't know anything about the main character's personality you're given a choice between helping some random person in peril or ignoring them and continuing in your way. In this case, I would vote on the assumption that the act of helping or not would reflect on the personality of the character, say, making them a more sympathetic or more individualistic character, not whether or not he'd get a reward for it or something. In other words, considering indirect consequences rather than direct ones.

That's what I think.
No. 7897
Oh, I understand.

So you say there should be some kind of "hidden value" that the writefag should keep count that should shape the MC's personality.

For example, choosing to donate to Reimu's shrine makes the MC lean more a charitable person while choosing to mock Reimu about having no donations makes the MC lean more towards an arrogant faggot. Then, when a certain value is reached, the writer will lock the MC's personality.

Well, it could work nicely to prevent the so-called "ADHD" of anon. But the writer must have the balls to refuse write-ins that go against the protagonist's personality.

That game makes me think about the darker side of the Hakurei Border.

Commonly, it is though as a way to preserve Gensokyo from the influence of the Outside World. By "influence of the Outside World", I mean the influence of humans.

However, the border also works both ways. It can also keeps the humans in Gensokyo away from the Outside World.

The border isn't much of a problem for youkai, as they frequently pass through it with no problem. However, it's a different case for the humans. The only way a human could leave Gensokyo is with either Reimu or Yukari's power. Those two are, of course, the "managers" of the Border so to speak. The only case of humans leaving Gensokyo is from the Outsiders, humans that Gensokyo doesn't need and want.

Also, Yukari's name has a hidden meaning of "a strong fortress to keep the gods trapped inside."

So, in a sense, Gensokyo can be viewed as a prison for the humans living in it.

Apologies for any people out there who are offended by my darker interpretation of Gensokyo. I'm just stating my opinion you know. No need to rage.
No. 7899

Vote for what you think is the right thing. Think a bit, but don't torture yourself. This is not chess, you don't have to think twenty updates ahead, it's writefag's job and it is always writefag's fault if the story derails, the MC becomes an unlikable asshole or the ending sucks.
No. 7900
I propose a differing approach.

Vote for what you think is fun. What you’d like to read. In the early days of THP we would vote for exactly that, even when it wasn’t the best decision to be made. Still, everything that happened was a Bad End and a continue dialog. That’s it. Bad End. Continue from last choice. Done.

Nowadays stories tend to lean in either of the two directions:
a)Stories with pre-existing story, with limited choice, or:
b)Stories with little pre-existing story, rather making it up as they go along.

In neither case should the writefriend let a silly vote in the way of their story. In fact, I can’t imagine them doing that. And even if the story is all about oranges and crawling and peeling and bawling, is getting a bad end that big of a deal? Is the author just going to stop the story there and move on to other things? I honestly can’t think so.
No. 7901

Are you sure Anon still isn't voting for what is fun? Or are you basing your approach from the voting habits of a specific story?
No. 7902
If you're referring to YAF's story, I want to say that, while I'm not expecting a bad end like that moron 9049 thinks, I'm still expecting something to happen to us. In this case, I'm voting for the most intelligent thing, because if I vote for the other choice (resting in a forest), I'm afraid it might end up badly (with Satori and/or Garion being hurt).

Besides, Anon's vote seems to be following the pattern; camp in the woods ==> get cold from the rain ==> get close to each other ==> sweet moment.
I don't think it'll end up like that, so I'm not voting for this. And yet, I feel insulted by 9049's assumptions, since he thinks that way. I just happen to think that being lost in the woods during the storm is a stupid and totally unromantic idea.
No. 7903
File 133356088589.jpg - (430.66KB , 525x700 , afaa31e90d20e6d9d7838517c5088279.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, I’m basing my argument on the specific situation which spawned this discussion. Although that doesn’t mean I don’t believe it shouldn’t hold in other situations as well. We used to like bad ends and fuckups here – now it’s all too often srs bzns and/or naval warfare.
Sound argument. Still, the only thing I can say for now is there won’t be any Iku in the main story. I mean, it’s a Tenshi story, for heavens’ sake. Can you see “Iku” anywhere in the title? No? I didn’t think so. No Iku. Not in the main story. Quote me on this in the story thread if you feel it should add to your cause.
No. 7904
I don't care about Iku. I just don't want Garion to be under a tree during the storm. He already took a teapot in the head, and that was enough to stun, I don't want to know how badly he'll react if he takes a tree in the head.
No. 7907
There's a difference between a properly done dark story and badly done grimderp: Most attempts tend to fall into the latter as most people who do such a thing do so with the intent of being "cool and edgy like Frank Miller"

Shadow over Gensokyo was a rather nicely done dark story.

And there's the whole silly "Reimu genocides Makai" notion that's floating around when her ending for MS has Shinki popping by being friendly/annoying.

Despite all the dark elements in various back stories, the present is anything but dark.

THIS Not to mention other intentional disregards of canon for various agendas. The biggest ones besides grimderp are "Yuri drama" and "overdone jokes" (pads, Meiling being useless,etc)

Akyuu states in the pre-word that she's exaggerating thing and that these days, Humans and Youkai get along pretty well. But most people overlook that and run with their own conclusions like a retard with scissors.
No. 7908
Agendafag, you are a broken record. Please fix yourself.
No. 7909
Youkai pass through as they know about the various holes and take advantage of them. Outsiders don't exactly have that luxury as it'd take them time to find one and it's more than enough to end up Rumia's lunch.

You do make a good point about the personality topic.

Depends on the writer really as they may or may not reinforce it.

People want stories to actually finish, not the writer quitting after 20 bad ends in a row due to gigaderping.
No. 7910
Which should be easily avoided if the writefriend has a head and a brain to speak of. And if anti-derping measures fail and the readers are still farting out their noses bickering with each other what stupid thing to do next or which little magical girl to impregnate, either he’s doing something wrong or simply barking up the wrong tree (writing for the wrong audience?).

You’re the bloody writer, keep a leash on your own god damn story. I’ve never had a problem keeping reader-side retardation from doing too much harm and I’m not some magical girl fanfiction prodigy. Grow a pair and say no to battleships and Lake-diving maniacs.
No. 7912
Most writers don't know how to put their foot down on something and the few that do, most don't write anymore.
No. 7913
>Shadow of Gensokyo
Okay, tell me what's so great about that story?

And since you are a canonfag, does it obey canon or not?
No. 7914
Get new writers. Ones that have functioning spines.
No. 7915
I would prefer an arrogant asshole of a writer to a spineless doormat any day of the week.
No. 7916
PMiSS was made to make the humans stop fearing youkai you know.
No. 7917
I thought it was the opposite.
No. 7918
>I believe that if humans knew more about youkai's strengths and weaknesses, if they knew beforehand what parts of Gensokyo were most dangerous, if they knew more about those humans who specialize in defeating youkai, then they wouldn't have to live in fear.

Taken from the foreword of PMiSS.
No. 7919
In other words, PMiSS is just to tell humans not to fuck with Yuuka, Rumia, and the other dangerous youkais.
No. 7920
I find it funny how you put Yuuka and Rumia in the same sentence.
No. 7924
>liking Shadow over Gensokyo
>hating grimdark stories that goes against canon


Really, you're serious?
No. 7927
So humans are supposed to fear youkai after all.

So much for "true" coexistence.
No. 7929
We coexist with speeding trucks, but only fools don't fear them.
No. 7930
Fear or respect, I don't know.
But one thing for sure: Akyuu's book is clearly telling you to not fuck around with that calm green-haired lady or that girl singing at night.
No. 7931
No, humans are supposed to fear some youkai and be wary about others and so on. PMiSS is supposed to inform people of who falls into what category, so people know which youkai are friendly and which are dangerous, instead of just avoiding the whole species.
Maybe. Akyuu's not very reliable.
No. 7932
Well, of course humans are supposed to fear them, youkai depend on being feared to exist.

If humans stopped fearing youkai, the youkai would die, so youkai need to keep doing things to make humans fear them.
However, if they resort to killing humans to keep them afraid, they run the risk of running out of humans. With no humans left alive to fear them, the result is the same as if the humans just stopped being afraid of them; the youkai die.
No. 7933
The fact that she gives advices about one's threat level and friendship makes me think that her book is supposed to trigger either fear (in Yuuka's case, since she's extremely powerful and not friendly), either respect (in perhaps Suika's case, since her threat level is "Very High", while her friendship level is "Normal").

But she still mentions in her book about youkais: "Just about the only thing in common between youkai is that they attack and prey upon humans".
You can say that's not exactly, since Tokiko is not in her book, yet she's not depicted as a man-eater youkai, but I think the hidden message here is 'don't take risks, if it's not in the book, run'.
No. 7943

To rage or not to rage...
No. 7944
It's more that even friendly Youkai are really strong so don't make them angry.
No. 7947
>I've been looking at My Little Pony and its fandom for a while now...

>... and it makes me sad. Sad that those guys built exactly that kind of fandom I always wanted Touhou to be, right from the start.

IS this guy brain-damaged or something?
No. 7951
To all people who hate that game for its "grimdark" story, go read Imperfect Metamorphosis.

That fic is practically the epitome of all Touhou grimdark fics out there.

Makes Touhou Mother look like the freakin' Inaba comics.
No. 7953

So anon, what has the Touhou fandom done for your life?

Does it make you a better person?

No, it just makes me rage all day long.
No. 7954
What's grimdark about it? The only dark things I remember are what happened to Flandre and the whole locked in a box for a decade thing.
No. 7955
Yuuka being a psycho who murder whole human villages just because she thinks it's funny. Also, she frequently rapes people. Wriggle is one of her victims. Oh, and she's also a pedophile.

Still want more?
No. 7957
>Yuuka being a psycho who murder whole human villages just because she thinks it's funny.
Oh fuck no.
>Also, she frequently rapes people.
What the hell is wrong with the writefag?
>Wriggle is one of her victims.
That's fucking sick bro.
>Oh, and she's also a pedophile.
Gonna start reading that story right now.
No. 7958
Oh, right. Yuuka. His treatment of her is pretty fucking retarded, yeah. I try not to think about it.

Don't bother. She's not a main character.
No. 7959
Oh. Too bad, I was hoping for a story like since that story with a pedophile Patchouli was abandoned.
No. 7960

His Yuka is a weakened Lovecraftian Outer God.
No. 7961
Never understand some people's obsession with Lovecraft. I thought only fa/tg/uys like that kind of stuff.


Well, that certainly explains a lot. That fic is really popular in Spacebattles (fa/tg/uys' second home) you know.

What bugs me the most is how its fans view Yuuka as the best character in that story. Just look at some of these comments.

>Actually, Yuuka is my #1 favorite character in this story. I like how she's portrayed as an ally of those who are persecuted. She's got her flaws, but despite that, she's probably the single wisest character in the whole story.

>Yuuka is awesome!evil
(There's such a thing as "awesome evil" now?)

>Yuuka is the kindest and most merciful of all of your characters. She's the most honorable of them, the most mature, and probably the strongest too. Not to mention, a wonderful troll.
The word "troll" and "kind", "merciful", "honorable", or "mature" should never be attributed to the same person. Unless of course, the character is literally a troll.
No. 7964
You know, when you're copy/pasting quotes from a site you hate, it's probably a good idea to stop visiting that site. Just saying.

Anyway, I can see why people like her. She's fiercely protective of her chosen wards, strong, and not afraid to piss people off for laughs. And a creepy fuck who keeps a room full of prisoners for dubious reasons. Some people like that, I guess.
No. 7965

>Presenting Yuuka as the main reason the story is grimdark
>She's not even a main character

Something doesn't seem right there.

>(There's such a thing as "awesome evil" now?)

So evil characters are only allowed to be pathetic, existing for the sole purpose of getting curbstomped by the hero. Got you.
No. 7966
I like putting some Lovecraft in a story, but I'm not fond of his mythos. But I like that "you're happy as long as you're ignorant" part. But I still fail to see how this can apply to touhou.
No. 7969
It's not a grimdark setting. There's a settlement where youkai and humans coexist, and everyone is generally happy with Overlord Yukari's backing of a joint youkai-human policekeeping force headed by Kotohime.

And Yuuka is a secondary antagonist. The main characters are hard to pin down, but Rumia, Rin Satsuki, Reisen, and Reimu seem to hold the perspective baton most often.

It's a shitty excuse for making Yuuka overpowered. Then she breaks the fourth wall. Worst chapter.
No. 7976
File 133376467376.jpg - (1.50MB , 1920x1200 , here is a giant picture of myself.jpg ) [iqdb]
>(There's such a thing as "awesome evil" now?)

While I despise the grimderp so favored by /tg/ neckbeards as much as any sane creature, I do feel obligated to counter this point. Of course there is such a thing as awesome evil! How could there not be?

There is a reason why slice-of-life will never be a legitimate literary genre, and that is because every story, no matter how short or sweet, needs an antagonist.
No. 7977
File 133376473669.jpg - (556.25KB , 600x660 , how could you refuse such beauty!.jpg ) [iqdb]
It is the villain who truly writes the plot. It is her, who, through guile, passion, and noble ambition, brings forth the conflict that will make the heroine into a legend. Or, no, rather she is the heroine! Everyone else, even the supposed protagonist, is incidental!

Without a villain, there is no story, only a collection of disjointed, unimportant anecdotes!

Without a villain, all that is left is a bunch of worthless pawns, standing motionless forevermore because they have nothing to react to! For only the villain acts! Everybody else, no matter what their desire, only serves insofar as their reaction furthers or hinders the villain's goal! Yes, only I- I mean, only the villain matters! In the story, there is no one else!
No. 7978
File 133376479174.png - (523.97KB , 800x1203 , AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!.png ) [iqdb]
No one else! For who else will drive the protagonist into such despair that she finds enlightenment? Who else will whip the orchestra into such a frenzy of emotion that it produces the most beautiful music in the story? Who else will make them all kneel and beg for perfection, for a chance of gazing into the dread lattice of black magic and receiving a fleeting taste of such power? Yes, the power to change the world! This absolute, UNLIMITED POWER!
No. 7979
File 133376573317.jpg - (857.96KB , 833x1000 , 25778267.jpg ) [iqdb]
Go back to bed, Remilia.
No. 7982

You forgot two things.

1.) In persuit of more power, they get torn apart due to pissing off something even nastier.

2.) They always lose.
No. 7983
What's the real difference between awesome!evil and well... evil!evil anyway?

Taking example from Imperfect Metamorphosis again, the kirins or to be more precise, Qilin. They're basically a harshly rigid and lawful society and the fans really hate them for it.

Strange. The fans don't view her as an antagonist, judging by their comments. You don't cheer for the antagonists, do you?


>Overlord Yukari
Reminds me of Yukari's goal in the sequel of Touhou Mother.
No. 7984
File 133377803085.jpg - (442.03KB , 885x1033 , 25565460.jpg ) [iqdb]
>how could you refuse such beauty!.jpg
She’s a monster. She dies – by my hand.
There is nothing to refuse here.
No. 7985
File 133378096474.gif - (1.99KB , 96x96 , remilia's hat is delicious.gif ) [iqdb]
Oh, come on. Satori's unlikely enough; you really think you could take on Remilia?
No. 7989
File 133379145310.jpg - (137.15KB , 1000x1263 , overlord-ii-armor.jpg ) [iqdb]
>overlord Yukari
Why not.
No. 7992
Bah, that game really succeeds at making the players hate the antagonists.

Tenshi, Kanako, and Eirin get bad rep because of it.

Oh well, it's not like they have good rep before anyway.

You could still have an antagonist in slice-of-life stories you know. For example, that snobby rich kid in class.
No. 7995
>Tenshi, Kanako, and Eirin get bad rep because of it.

Who the fuck is stupid enough to hate a character because of some shitty fangame? It's like hating Sakuya because "lol shes useing pads lol".
No. 7996
Well, people who got into Touhou from that game for example.

I blame a certain famous LPer for that.

Still, I must thank that game for introducing me to the Mother series. They're among the best RPG games that have ever existed in my opinion.
No. 7997
too many so called fans to count as most of these... "fans" get into Touhou from fanworks that like to do things like PADS, Bitchy neets, etc.

Kanako for one isn't really that bad, it's just everyone took her actions the wrong way (though she really should have made sure the hell raven she fed wouldn't do anything stupid)
No. 7999
The impression I got from the hermit comic is that Kanako has good ideas, but she fails to see the flaws until it's too late. For example, she wants to build a dam, but fail to understand how disastrous it will be for the youkai mountain and/or Gensokyo's general ecosystem, or how antisociable the kappas are.
Later, she wants to use palladium to achieve nuclear fusion, but the reaction is too weak to do anything else than boil water in small quantities.

My interpretation of Kanako is that she's pretty smart and cunning, but she doesn't plan her cunning plan all the way and try to follow an half-assed plan and of course fails pathetically.
No. 8000
Oh boy, "primary" vs "secondary" Touhou fans.

It's like I'm in /jp/ all over again.
No. 8001

Hey, at least he didn't actually *use* those words.

Hm. Which is in fact an indication of how powerful words are, indeed!

For I would regularly find nothing wrong with an argument claiming that some Touhou fans are stupid, but the moment that same person starts throwing the words "primary" and "secondary" around I feel in dire need of deleting all my Touhou links and taking a shower.

No. 8002
If only you could learn to hate the actual argument as well as the words used to describe it.
No. 8003

Ah, but there is nothing to hate vis-a-vis that argument. Some Touhou fans are stupid. This is entirely true. Whether this fact drives you into a frothing psychotic rage of the burger-fluid-covered kind has nothing to do with the argument itself and everything to do with the kind of person you are.
No. 8005
This is a rage thread. We hate everything and everyone in it.
No. 8006
But the question is, who are the stupid ones?

The ones spewing Touhou memes all day?

The ones debating Touhou powerlevels?

The ones who like those generic yuri doujins?

The ones who like Touhou only for the porn?

The ones who like Touhou grimdark stories?

The ones who treat Touhou canon like the fucking Bible?

And so on and so forth.
No. 8007
Don't forget the ones only liking Touhou for its music remixes and fanarts.
No. 8008
It's you. You are the stupid one.
No. 8009
Damn, the jig is up.
No. 8010
Anon is the stupid one?

Who would've known?
No. 8015
Hah, like THP is any better.

Bitchy Reimu used to be prominent here since Kira's story.

>shitty fangame
Bitches don't know about Resurrection of Heaven's Liquor.
No. 8024
That game makes me think that the one causing the incident in the next game should be a human.

All this time, it had been youkai, gods, aliens, or saints who caused the incidents. It's time for humans to try their hand on it, too.
No. 8026
Problem is that a normal human is no threat for danmaku.
It's still possible to have the real mastermind as a Stage 2 boss, but it's impossible to have a vanilla human as a final boss. It'll be something else, like a wizzard.
No. 8031
File 133387879838.png - (12.78KB , 304x385 , Th03yumemi01.png ) [iqdb]

Yumemi was here. Youkai are losers.
No. 8032
Damn, you beat me to it.
No. 8033
Not canon.
No. 8034
Not true. Reimu, Marisa, Alice, and Yuuka are all canonically the same characters as their PC-98 equivalents.
Zun has commented that the PC-98 games can be disregarded, but he's also commented (unless I'm mistaken) that Keine is older than the universe and that Touhou is not a series. Also, "can be disregarded" does not mean "is not canon". It just means that you don't need to know what happened in the PC-98 games to understand more recent games.
No. 8035
>Keine is older than the universe
>Touhou is not a series
Was he drunk or something?
No. 8036
Good joke.
No. 8039
>The ones who like only Touhou for porn

Hey bub, That's 50% of the fanbase your fucking with.
No. 8040
Just like the Pony fanbase, eh?
No. 8042
> 50% of the pony fanbase is only in it for the porn
Absolutely terrifying.
No. 8043
The Pony fandom is becoming as bad as the Sonic fandom in their furfaggotry.
No. 8044
Please don't make defensive posts to an obviously hostile audience. It never ends well.
No. 8049
>Also, it's the most reviewed

That's...not exactly an endorsement. The shit perfect lionheart writes gets a lot of reviews too. Neither is the length, really. A lot of shitty stories are written for way too long.

I don't mean to sound like a total faggot about this, but length and reviews are probably the thing you want to sell the least when recommending a story.
No. 8052
>Perfect Lionheart
Oh I hate that guy.

Back to the point, if reviews and length aren't reliable tools to find a good fic, what is then? They're just your general tools to find good fics. It's easier to wade through the crap of FF.net with them.

Mouth-to-mouth recommendation works only if you have the same taste with the one recommending it to you.

Besides, it's quite fun once in a while browsing through the bowels of FF.net, just to see what kind of horrible things they have there.
No. 8056
FF.net's reviewers aren't known for being remotely good literary critics, often resulting in people with shitty taste praising shitty stories.
No. 8057
>shitty taste
That's the problem. This "taste" thing is highly subjective you know. The easiest way to judge whether a fic is going to be good or not is to look at its English first, whether it's written correctly with good grammar and stuff like that. But of course, that's the most basic skill of writing. More than that, it begins to veer into subjective territory.

Besides, why are you looking for literary critics in a goddamn fanfiction community? It's fanfiction. They only write for fun, not to be published or anything.
No. 8059

Sometimes, proper english and grammar just aren't appropriate.
No. 8060
You mean "enough"?
No. 8061
Maybe like this case: This character has very little language skill. When this character talks to other person, it's not appropriate if he talks in perfect grammar and good choice of words, so the writer intentionally make that character's dialogue contains some grammatical and spelling error, to simulate that character's lack of language skill.

Or something like that, maybe.
No. 8067
Oh, you mean like accents?

I meant it outside of the character dialogues of course. After all, we don't always talk with perfect grammar.
No. 8073
So, after looking at Ddyk's Twitter, I am now absolutely sure that he has become the second YAF.

When he first started his story here, I thought he's just some hapless newbie with terrible English. I thought he's not going to be an arrogant faggot like he is now. Oh, how I was terribly, terribly wrong.

Gentlemen, we'd succeeded once in driving Wiseman and his ilk once in the past. Let me ask all of you, do you want two YAFs running amok in this board? Should we just stand down while he infects this board with his cancer?

His threat is even greater than the likes of ReijiTabibito or JtotheE in the past. If we do not act now, all shall be lost.
No. 8075
>So, after looking at Ddyk's Twitter, I am now absolutely sure that he has become the second YAF.

That's a bit insulting, don't you think? YAF at least knows how to write.
No. 8077
File 133399263879.png - (344.57KB , 584x978 , 25991321.png ) [iqdb]
That’s libel and vile defamation.
I couldn’t write myself out of a hole if my life was hanging in the balance.
No. 8080
Yeah, because people are extremely careful about their grammar and spelling on Twitter.
No. 8082

I'd like to point out that while review count (or rather, review to chapter ratio is what I use, given the number of people who feel the need to post a review EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER) is by no means foolproof, it is raises the probability of getting a good fic by a significant amount. Pulling numbers out of my ass, picking fics at random may give you 99.9% shit and 0.1% good fics, while fics with a good review count/review:chapter ratio may instead end up in the 50-80% good, rest crud range. In other words, don't disregard review count entirely: It may not guarentee anything, but it sure as hell is an improvement over random pickings, and a good way to narrow the search pool.
No. 8087
How about we drive YOU off? You're quite annoying.

Besides, some of us like YAF. Hell, some of us like DDYK. I happen to like both.
No. 8088
Heh, like you can drive off an anon.
No. 8090
Oh, I know that.
He's still stupid though.
No. 8091
Anon are always stupid, so your point is moot.
No. 8092
>Rage thread.
We are all free to be as stupid as we like. Even him. Even me, for calling him on it.
No. 8093
The main problem with IM is not because it's a "grimdark" story. It's because it's the Draco Trilogy of the western Touhou fandom. Its characterization of the Touhous really affected the characterization of the fandom as a whole.

Just as Draco Trilogy made Anti-Hero Draco popular, it made the psychopathic badass Yuuka popular.

And I still refuse to acknowledge Rin Satsuki as a Touhou. She's just an OC in my book.
No. 8094
Does anybody even use IRC anymore for story discussion and similar shit?
All I see on there now is Lion or glasnost or whoever putting up image links and other non-THP related crap.
No. 8095
>Its characterization of the Touhous really affected the characterization of the fandom as a whole.
It did? I've been a Touhou fan for years, and this is the first I've heard of the story at all.
No. 8096
It did, at least on certain Touhou boards. Well, if you stayed on THP all this time, I'm not surprised you know nothing about it. After all, THP has "isolated" itself from the rest of the western Touhou fandom, so to speak.

Nope. The IRC is only used for tildes, gaming crap, personal problems crap, and Danbooru crap.
No. 8097
Then what do people on this site use to discuss story ideas now?
No. 8098
>if you stayed on THP all this time
But I did not.
No. 8099
Where did you come from then?
No. 8100
From beyond the stars.
No. 8101
File 133404536555.jpg - (6.36KB , 280x180 , e_t.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 8102
I want to bitch about the lack of comments on /shorts/. Unless the writefag links to his shorts on another story, Anon will never read/comment those shorts. And if he does, it's either a vaselinefest ("that's awesome I cried many tears u iz awesum"), either a hatefest ("I PUKED A SHITLOAD OF HATE SNAKE AT YOUR PATHETIC HUMAN FANFICTION FROM MY SUPERIOR POSITION ON THE FOOD CHAIN"), there's no happy medium!
No. 8104
If you want legitimate literary criticism, don't post it on some anime magical girl fanfiction site.
No. 8105
I don't want "legitimate literary criticism", I just want to know that people are reading shorts, that's all. Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only one on this board.
No. 8108
Don't worry. I visit /shorts/ once in a while. I mostly hang out in /blue/ and /gensokyo/ nowadays. No ongoing stories here really interest me.

Owen's story is beautiful by the way, unlike my own.
No. 8109
I still occasionally discuss ideas with people on IRC. Elsewhere though and unfortunately with increasing infrequency.
No. 8110
We need thread view counters and like/dislike buttons.
No. 8111
Just like Youtube, eh?
No. 8112
Oh fuck no. Youtube tried it, and it turned every video in a fucking thumb contest with thumbswhore everywhere.

Okay, THP is not as bad as Youtube, but features like that will bring retards, and, worse than that, it'll allow bad writers to keep writing because "they have readers and lot of thumbs", while oldest writefags will be ignored.
No. 8113
>thread view counter
Hmm, wonder if it'll reach one thousand views. I'm just curious on how much traffic this site gets.
No. 8114
>thread view counter
That won't work, because most writers frequently check their threads, leading to false numbers.

Or we can count how many different IPs are visiting the thread, rather than how many time the thread was opened.
No. 8115
I don't know what site you go to but "oldest writefags" are already pretty much ignored. Not many threads get more than a handful of votes, overall.
No. 8116
>"oldest writefags" are already pretty much a bunch of lazy asses who hardly even write any more, if at all
No. 8117
You're a 'special' case.
No. 8118
What's an old writefag anyway? Twitty joined the website a little while, and he already picked all habits of an old fart : almost never updating, spending his day on IRC talking about dicks and games etc, so can we call him a oldfag?
No. 8119
HY's an old writefag.

So old he can't even write anymore.
No. 8120
File 133407175516.jpg - (287.50KB , 600x518 , 11867337.jpg ) [iqdb]
>insinuating I am not the laziest, bummest ass of them all

No. 8121
Your style is awfully specific and hard to read, but at least, you're updating quite often. And people can threaten you to make you work faster.

Glasnost and Taisa, on another hand, said that they were coming back, and in the end, they're both missing. I blame that Danbooru guy for bringing them back.
No. 8122
Don't forget Patchwork!
I've given up on expecting anything from them though, and if you have any sense in your head you will too.
No. 8123
But Patchwork wasn't brought back because of that danbooru guy. Glasnost and Taisa were.
No. 8124
He was?
No. 8125
He posted on his underground LA thread to explain why he wasn't updating, after some danbooru guy annoyed him.
After that, that went off-topic, and he started talking about WaHH, and now it's dead again.
>>/underground/5414#7170 if you want to know (not sure if it'll work).
No. 8126
No. 8127
Oh, thank you.
No. 8129
I’m sorry you don’t like it. I do. But I guess I can’t please everyone.
>And people can threaten you to make you work faster.
What’s that supposed to mean? Are you threatening me?

Also, why won’t you azure monkeys goad HY into writing again? He’s been hanging out over at #THP again. I think. I can’t be sure. But at least he should be approachable?
No. 8130
most of the story stuff goes on in PMs and often not with the vocal folks who are too busy dicking around.

He's a famous old writefag, they typically langlish in their fading fame and never write.

You? You're an infamous old writefag that somehow manages to in the same time it takes the above group to make one update you make at least 5, even if they look like something out of english sitcom.

THP in the past has been guilty of pushing terrible fanon characterizations. Back in the "Good olde days", Bitchy Neets, Bitchy Mikos, psycho yuukas, obbessive alices, ice queen maids, etc were all pretty common back then.

THP may not be in its "Glory days" but on average, the characterization is better.
No. 8132
I won't have you insult British sitcoms by comparing them to YAF. For shame.
No. 8134
I’d be insulted by having to mention YAF in my post at all...
No. 8140
You know, I used to worship canon characterizations as the "one true characterization".

But now I realize that's it's okay to use alternate characterizations as long as the writer could make it work.
No. 8144
Ah, that guy.

He left the Touhou fandom to become a brony if I'm not mistaken.

I'll just copy what he said.

>1. Touhou _is_ popular, and the fanbase is very active. It's just shallow and misdirects so much of its efforts into the creation of more and more redundancy.

>2. ZUN insists that he and every fanwork creator uses this antiquated and xenophobic doujin system, and thus contributes to this unorganized mess. And after some observations, I came to the conclusion that he even hates the very notion of us dirty gaijin being fans of his work.

>3. I'm not interested in any stories or characters. I tried, it felt forced, and it never was my reason for being a fan. Period.

>Apparently, playing and enjoying the MAIN SERIES games themselves for over 2 years doesn't count a single bit towards being a fan! I was also responsible for a small number of game hacking achievements that made the life of you lazy gaijin fans a lot nicer. Only trolls would use terms such as "True Touhou Fan". But yeah, that's what the fanbase consists of. Hate everywhere. No wonder that ponies have surpassed you in pretty much every regard.

>There are ENOUGH INCOMPETENT PEOPLE IN THIS FANDOM. Incompetent arrangers, incompetent translators, lazy hackers (Still no TH13 English patch? How pathetic!), the list goes on.

>What Touhou needs is AWESOME PEOPLE. But oh... They all went off to the My Little Pony fandom! Which did everything right from the start.

>I just gradually found myself not caring about any characters and stories anymore. Now, that wouldn't be too bad, as I still like the music, but all the circles only seem to arrange themes in relation to characters. Themes from side games or music CDs are neglected and declared as obscure, no matter how they sound like. But why?

>Shouldn't there be enough arranges of TH06/07/08 now? Or do the fans really want to hear an infinite number of Septette arranges? I'm just not that kind of person who can feed off the nostalgia of the early games forever. The fanbase doesn't provide a change, and ZUN doesn't either. I don't even enjoy the games that much anymore, reaching an all-time low with the Ten Desires trial.

And this...


Also, a quick question. Who started the western Touhou fanbase initially? I only had gotten into Touhou from 2009 so I know nothing about "the past", so to speak.
No. 8145
You know, that guy seriously thought that Justin Beiber's music is better than Seihou 3 music.

So yeah...
No. 8147
I hate it when people like this make a select few points that I can agree with.
No. 8149
Due to all the ambiguities, one can play with canon a decent amount and not horribly twist it. It's just that many that do these terrible characterizations, do so only with own goals or ignorance in mind. I say ignorance as these people get their information from fanworks alone and perpetuate said characterizations...

The guy's rants had some points but at the same time he sounded as if he did nothing to improve things, just bitched about them. His arrogance now infects the pony fandom. I cannot say if that's good or bad but sooner or later he'll see the same decay happen as it happens in anything remotely popular. I'm sure when it happens he'll do the same thing.
No. 8150
>>There are ENOUGH INCOMPETENT PEOPLE IN THIS FANDOM. Incompetent arrangers, incompetent translators, lazy hackers (Still no TH13 English patch? How pathetic!), the list goes on.
I'm personally grateful when an english patch is out. That guy is just a bitching douchebag who just wants to promote his fandom.

I was part of the ponyfanbase for a short while, and, frankly, the their fanbase is awful. Story with overpowered characters are classified as "awesome", there are obscures fetishes all over the boards (vore vore vore), and admins are all abusive assholes with a huge ego.
No. 8151
We joke about boards being dead a lot, but /youkai/ is really completely 100% dead at the moment. The last update was over a month ago.

Someone rescue that board.
No. 8154
>story with overpowered characters
Oh c'mon, we have lots of those, too.
Take Imperfect Metamorphosis for example. People seem to think that story as awesome incarnate.

Well, we have scat Touhou porn, so...

>admins are abusive assholes
Equestria Daily admins?
No. 8156
>scat Touhou porn
Yeah, it's the same as bathing in hydrochloric acid.

>story with overpowered characters
Problem is that they deny it. I remember, when I tried to argue with a writefag, he threatened me.
No. 8157
Man, You know somethings wrong with the world when you cant tell if its a good thing that a man likes ponies or laser shooting lolis.
No. 8158
>2. ZUN insists that he and every fanwork creator uses this antiquated and xenophobic doujin system, and thus contributes to this unorganized mess. And after some observations, I came to the conclusion that he even hates the very notion of us dirty gaijin being fans of his work.

I remember reading about a comiket that seemed to go especially bad. Might've been C78. NicoNico users were there in large numbers and were generally acting like fucktards. One of the things explicitly mentioned was that they had the customer-business mindset, i.e. the people at the booths were selling their goods and the nico users were purchasing them with a "the customer is always right" mentality. The article said that this really isn't right; normally everyone at the con is considered a participant and there is no "buyer" or "seller".

I think that is why ZUN forbade exclusive online selling. With stuff like dlsite there is a buyer and a seller. You can't walk up to the author and shake his hand, offer him some of your own work, or do anything else. All you can do is give him money. You could talk to him on twitter or leave a pixiv comment, but that's being done separately rather than as a part of the sale. I could be wrong about a lot of this, since I've never been to any con and certainly not comiket or any other big Japanese con.

But if I'm right, then I don't think ZUN explicitly hates us or any other foreigners. I think he just enjoys participating in cons and thinks others should as well, at least if they're selling stuff based on his work. And unfortunately people outside of Japan simply can't participate because it isn't feasible to fly down to Japan for every comiket.
No. 8161
File 133415861085.png - (542.17KB , 1024x576 , 74197 - battletech bkub_chen death epic explosions.png ) [iqdb]
Ah, how I love when Touhou fans and MLP fans get into a shitstorm about which fandom's the better one.

Some hilarious quotes:
>Oh god my life is complete. Just need a picture of Yukari owning Celestia then unceremonially owning her, then feeding the bitch's leftovers to Team 9. Fuck yeah Bkub. All of this is plausible too with Yukari's omnipotent power, and Discord is on Chen's side. That makes it even more awesome.

>Hm, should I draw Pinkie Pie eating Yakumo Yukari from inside with Chen and Ran dead in the background?

>The fear in that ugly pony's eyes on the bottom left is delicious. Ah, I love the smell of melting pony flesh in the morning.

>Compared to Touhou, the horse fandom is small and the fans are mainly children or manchildren + hipsters and misc. The art it produces is generally crap (from what I've seen around the internet and mostly from this booru) and is immature and childish. MLP is not the Touhou of the west. It's just a children's t.v show.
No. 8162
Sorry, I can't read all of that. I just can't.
No. 8163

No. 8164
The worst is people comparing them.
I've seen retards comparing Touhou to Homestuck, retards comparing Homestuck to MLP, and now retards comparing MLP to Touhou.

Problem is, that each fanbase is different. Ponifans are usually young, Touhou fans are usually older, and Homestuck fans are... fond of weird complicated time shit? Well, I dunno.

Thing is, MLP is far easier, since it's just about watching a show. To understand Touhou, you need to read by yourself, and play the nightmarish difficult games.

I don't think it's very smart to compare them both, the touhou base is older, and of course it has a lot of lazyfags doing nothing (cough cough patchwork cough cough Taisa). The ponibase, in another hand, is younger.

From my point of view, it's like comparing "Waking Up In Gensokyo" (THP's first story), with, I dunno, "A Wizard is You". The first one is kind of shitty, Anon is retarded, but it's old and it's a goddamn legend. On the second one, Anon is smarter (don't kill me please, but Anon learned a lot between the two stories), but the story is not as legendary. You see?

Sorry for that wall of text.
No. 8165
Of all the stories you could have picked to make that comparison.
No. 8167
Well, the anons there are DnD experts from /tg/, so...
No. 8168
That's the point.
I picked a legendary story, and a controversial story that brought new blood.
No. 8169
Cirno's Perfect Math Class is a legendary song.
No. 8170
True, 'legendary' might not quite be the word.
Personally, I'd have gone with 'prototypical'.
No. 8175
certain people are quick to assume ZUN hates westerners when he's more neutral/indifferent to them.

nightmarish? Only if you're a n00b to shmups. Try playing a Cave game on Ultra difficulty, now that's the stuff nightmares are made out of.

Reading the canon isn't that hard mostly as most of it is on the Touhouwiki and the endings Wiki has most of the windows ones; not sure when anyone'll update it.

Some THPers do actually dabble in DnD, they just haven't had a reason to mention it until now.
No. 8176
>Reading the canon isn't that hard
Still harder than watching the TV.

Don't do that. You're giving touhoufans a bad reputation, even if you're right.
4|\|D 8351D35, 133T 5P34|< 5U<X5 84115.
No. 8185
File 133420647877.jpg - (13.85KB , 480x360 , neckbeard.jpg ) [iqdb]

Also, Homestuck fans are mostly in it for the yaoi. I'm serious.

How about the people who never contribute anything to the fandom, like by making fanfics, fanarts, remixes, fangames, etc?
No. 8186
> Also, Homestuck fans are mostly in it for the yaoi. I'm serious.

A small minority, yes.

The rest are for the 'actual epic' as it were from the comic itself.

[Blank] would totally kick [Different Blank]'s ass anyway.
No. 8187
If the guy was seriously as influential as he said (which I doubt), he must have done something horribly wrong to defect.

>I just gradually found myself not caring about any characters and stories anymore. Now, that wouldn't be too bad, as I still like the music, but all the circles only seem to arrange themes in relation to characters. Themes from side games or music CDs are neglected and declared as obscure, no matter how they sound like. But why?

LOL WUT? Maybe remixed a bit less, but obscure and neglected? Has this guy seen the quantity of Innocent Treasure arranges? Also, his argument would be a lot more convincing if MLP actually HAD music CDs and side games.

The comparison is interesting though. The Western Touhou fandom only makes up a minority of the total fandom, and that's including the non-English speakers. Comparing us to the MLP or Homestuck fandom is like comparing a single gun turret to entire battleships.
No. 8188
At least the Touhou fandom doesn't have as much haters as the MLP fandom.

The only guys who hate Touhou mostly are fans of other shmup games. They're just sick when they're told that Touhou is the best shmup game out there.

The MLP fandom has pretty much polarized the internet. Either you like it or hate it.
No. 8189
I want to see that guy's reaction to Griffy the Griffon.

Remember Sonichu? Well, this is the same thing. A overpowered Gary-Sue, hating homosexuality and bestiality.
No. 8192
Remember when stories were updated more often than once in a month? Yeah, me neither.
No. 8193
Remember when Patchy Quest was updated more often than once in a month?

Oh wait...
No. 8194
Remember when good stories were updated more often than once in a month?
No. 8195
>ponybase is younger

So being a 30-year old neckbeard is 'young'?

Well alrighty then.
No. 8196
File 13342726093.png - (232.48KB , 640x368 , vlcsnap-2012-01-17-13h53m53s245.png ) [iqdb]
Each time I want to rage, I see that goddamn banana, and my rage disappears. So I want to bitch about bananas now!
No. 8197
I thought it was just the shmup purist backlash against cute'em ups in general. That and sick of being told "Touhou is SO HARD" from people who only play on normal (these purists are the sort who play Cave games on hard or higher)
No. 8198
Well, I can understand that. I remember watching a video of Hitogata Happa (a shmup), and 75% of the comments were something like "remember me touhou" or "ripped from touhou lol".
No. 8199
Get on IRC and find out if Lion's ever going to update again.

And we don't have anyone like tha-
>powerlevel arguments
Oh wait.

The Touhou fans who make comments like that on YouTube videos aren't really representative of the fanbase as a whole. At least I hope they aren't.
No. 8202
I hope they're not. But from an exterior point of view, they can give the impression that the touhou fanbase is quite terrible.
No. 8206
I thought the touhou fanbase WAS quite terrible.
No. 8207
So now it isn't?
No. 8208
You know what I meant, smarty pants.
No. 8209
Fucking bananas.
No. 8210
Who cares what the fanbase as a whole is like? You can't discuss the group in a meaningful way because it's so diverse.
No. 8211
File 133435777793.gif - (5.52KB , 381x178 , 132924462547.gif ) [iqdb]
Okay, so apparently we're now bothering writers everywhere. YAF was pestered on Steam, DDYK was followed on Twitter, and apparently other writers were annoyed on Danbooru.
I'm fine with pestering writers on touhou-related website, like Danbooru (it brought us Taisa back, so it's not that bad), but pestering them on/about non-touhou related things is going too far. Who cares about a writefag's personal life, or what kind of game he plays, or what he does during his free time? Hell, who even care about kind of person the writefag is, as long as he writes?

I want to rage after everyone here. I want to rage after the lazy writefags (everyone, especially Taisa and Patchwork), about the obsessive readers, about the threads dying because nobody bump them, about the story on /shorts/ being ignored, about the old unfished stories in the archive, about everything not right on Touhou-Project.
No. 8213
That's why you should have different nicks for each site you frequent to.

Or just write anonymously.
No. 8220
File 133441765019.jpg - (191.33KB , 800x682 , beerfair4th.jpg ) [iqdb]
>drinking beer in a stemmed glass
You gotta be fucking kidding!
No. 8233
What I dislike about the fandom is the very vocal part that thinks that Touhou can beat everything and anything and if they can't then you either made a Mary Sue or you hate everyone both alive and dead and should be shot.

It can and has lead up to useing Yukari as a 'I Win' button, due to the continuously more farfetched border manipulation until they just go "Boundry between Success and Failure, I win forever." (Not in those exact words, but the meaning is there.)
No. 8234

That's why it's hard to find a good Touhou crossover nowadays.
No. 8235
File 133448506893.png - (202.20KB , 320x316 , 201204_15_42_e0088742_8495855.png ) [iqdb]
No. 8236
Oi, this is a rage thread. It's no place to announce ZUN's new music collection.

By the way, Trojan Green Asteroid is a silly name.
No. 8239
That's what I was going to rage about, but I messed up and I posted before writing.

What with ZUN and stupid names anyway?

(EDIT for the win)
No. 8240
I like the believe Yukari isnt god-tier just because her powers are 'vague'.
No. 8241
But she could do that if she wanted to.
No. 8242
Sure she can.

Just like she did when invading the moon back then.

Oh wait.
No. 8243
well she was up against Nukefan McPeaches and Hax GodSummoner, two bigger mary sues.
No. 8244
>Hax GodSummoner
No. Yukari was against the bitchy Toyohime Watatsuki. Not against the very nice ponytailed Yorihime.
No. 8248
>Mary Sues
Bwahahahaha. It's like I'm in /jp/ again.

Never change, Touhou fandom, never change.

Go back to your lair, Hartmann.

Strangely, the Japanese fandom doesn't think that way. It's only the Western fandom that does.

For example: Chado doujins, Touhou Labyrinth, Touhou Mother.
No. 8255
Now this is what confuses me. I can never really tell which part of the fandom is bigger: the western or eastern versions. I'm talking outside of doujins of course, There's a metric fuckton of touhou doujins.
No. 8256
The eastern is bigger but the western has more impact on us since, well, we're part of it.

No one knows what's going on Nicovideo or 2ch except for people who know Japanese.

Personally, I'm quite curious myself.
No. 8257
She presumably had some reason for losing both those times.

I'm of the belief that Yukari's theoretical omnipotence never actually makes a difference because she's always asleep/scheming/able to accomplish her goal in a more conventional way.
No. 8258
Is it just me or has the site been slower this past week, activity-wise?
No. 8259
but fan games tend to reduce Reimu to a glorified healer/buffer.

But the western fandom does enjoy taking things to the illogical extent conceivable, such as Yukari being all uber. And there's the fact she's infamously sleeping/lazy so we don't know her full potential.
No. 8260
Seemed that way to me also.
No. 8261
Personally, I don't believe that Yukari lost purposely at the First Lunar War. Makes her character more balanced that way.

The problem with Yukari's theoretical omnipotence is when there's a story that puts Gensokyo in mortal peril (like Touhou Mother for example). If she's truly omnipotent, then there would be no story now, would it?

Actually, Reimu is usually the jack-of-all-trades. She can attack, heal, and buff, just not as good as others who specialize in each of them. Specialized attacker is usually Marisa while specialized healer is usually Sanae.

Yeah, wonder why?
No. 8262
File 133454569257.jpg - (521.76KB , 1200x1695 , 001.jpg ) [iqdb]
That picture may interest you.

Dunno. Stories are slow, but /blue/ is very active recently.
No. 8263

Another thing I don't like is how people make Yukari out to be when Gensokyo is in danger, she becomes perfectly willing to sacrifice everything and everyone to protect it, becoming nearly as bad as what's threatening it in the first place.
No. 8264
Strange. I always thought of Yukari that way. After all, she's one of the so-called "youkai sages" who built Gensokyo in the first place.

Oh well, you could disagree with that since there's no canon basis for that since ZUN will never make a story where Gensokyo is faced with a real threat.
No. 8265

No one seems to be voting.

So I went on a round of votes to stories I don't normally follow on an update-to-update basis of in an attempt to add some life.

Still little activity afterwards.

No. 8266
The site is dying.
No. 8267
I haven't really seen this in stories outside of Imperfect Metamorphosis, where basically her entire character is reduced to being this, and it makes her lose a lot if her intrigue. And I'm saying this as someone who actually likes most of the fic's characterizations (Reimu is very good, Marisa is a bit too crazy but generally good, Mima's cool to the point of overshadowing others, and Yuuka actually works rather well within the story IMO even if she's overpowered and has too many idiot fans).

Then again, I haven't read too many stories in which Gensokyo's legitimately in danger, so. I don't think I'd mind this trait, generally speaking, for the reasons stated by >>8264.

Sage for bringing up that one story again.
No. 8269
So, you've read IM, right?

What does she do there, for the sake of preserving Gensokyo?

Just curious.
No. 8270
Actually, I can barely even post on any board besides /blue/, as I keep getting that stupid error.
Be a bitch who cant get herself in a straight line
No. 8271
>Be a bitch who can't get herself in a straight line.
No. 8274
>can't get herself in a straight line

Honestly, the majority of her extremism relies on just things that we're told, she doesn't actually do anything particularly bad in-story, she's just pragmatic and kind of a bitch. Well, she arrests Marisa and blackmails her / the SDM crew into trying to kill Yuuka, but they kind of had it coming. Oh, also, she's implied to have basically nuked a city which became a threat in the backstory. She and others have said that she would sacrifice pretty much anyone to protect Gensokyo, but there's little actual evidence. Oh, I guess she also gapped in a crewed oil tanker to blow up against Yuuka (once she was revealed to be a goddamn Outer God), but that's pretty much the most evil action she's pulled.

tl;dr Not much. Using questionable means to try and kill legitimate (or legitimate seeming) threats. Show don't tell. I really don't see why so many fans have been calling her more evil than Yuuka, especially before the last action.
No. 8275
Hmm, still less extreme than Touhou Mother huh? Yukari's extremism is really shown on that game.

Trying to execute Tenshi and Byakuren to dampen the spirit of the rebelling humans, attempting to use a container of a cosmic evil to pacify said humans, and mind-controlling Reimu since she no longer agrees with her plan on preserving Gensokyo.

Well, maybe not since this Yukari still has zero kill count, just like anyone else in the story.

Also, what do you mean by her "arresting" Marisa? Is she some sort of police there or something? And what city did she nuke? A human city in the Outside World?
No. 8276
>Patchwork is back
I like you.
Is it possible to respect and fear something? Yes, but, he was talking about a perfect, harmonious world. As in 'It is not possible to like and fear someone' I'm not sure I agree though.
I know jack shit about mother (the game) can I still watch Touhou Mother?
To be fair Byakuren is a human. If you mean non-magicians... how the hell are you gonna fight them?
No. 8278
Patchwork made one update and then vanished again. Surprise! It's been over a month.
No. 8279
File 133460190497.jpg - (132.96KB , 494x492 , 1277810622083.jpg ) [iqdb]
A word of clarification here, good dude misterski. I specifically left my Rizon/Steam dox at someone’s request on the boards, for the very purpose of contacting me outside of the boards. Although the rest of your argument is right. I can’t imagine why anyone’d want to stalk me (some have, though, which I didn’t like), but if you want to play some GAMES, steal some FLAGS, I’m your PTH.
Good lord, what could you even DO with my Steam profile? Poop it up with naughty comments? I could just delete them. Hell, I’d love some naughty comments. And you can easily find me on Rizon anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Then again, if someone wants to talk privately to his favouritest, loveliest writefriend-darling, who are you to deny him that privilege, huh?
No. 8281
Why can't you post like a normal person?
No. 8282
people are busy with stuff as many writers have jobs and/or are in college, and you know to pass their classes as opposed to not paying attention and surfing this site.
No. 8283
That's always been the case. Not like people suddenly started having lives.
No. 8284
You just mad cus I’m stylin’ on you.
No. 8287
I can't speak for everyone, but at my university, it's the last week of classes before finals week. I don't think I'd be wrong if I said that a lot of us are doing last-minute things that we just can't put off any more.
No. 8289
The point is that people always had, and will continue to have, something going on. In the big picture, it doesn't really matter how busy an individual or small group is at any given moment.
No. 8290
You can, actually. I got into the Mother series from that game after all.

All you need to know is that Starmen = Aliens with advanced technology that tried to invade the Earth a while ago.

Heck, if you don't know who Porky is, then keep it that way. Think of him as your usual male OC. Makes the later plot twists more surprising.

Be warned though that by watching it, you will spoil yourself of the main plot of Mother 3.

As for your other question, Yumemi. She simulates magic using science.
No. 8328
It was at my request, in the interest of being accurate. I swear I haven't harassed you or anything however.
Very sorry about all that.
No. 8355
Why are /at/ voters so gay?
Dickgirls and femdom everywhere.
No. 8356
To piss you off.
No. 8358
you should be raging more at the writers who focus on those things from the get-go. There's not much in the way of vanilla sex stuff on /at/.
No. 8359
>grimderping my little pony
Oh boy, have I got a surprise for you. Out of morbid curiosity, I decided to browse the /mlp/ on 4chan. The very first thread I see is an anon in mlp cyoa. That isn't too bad in itself, just some fanfiction, right? But get this. The entire fucking thing is written in greentext, and it must be on it's 20ieth damned thread. The writing quality was piss poor too, and there was grimderp everywhere. Could not have x'd out of that board any faster. People actually liked that story.
No. 8361
Oh, you mean this thread?


Yeah, it's pretty bad. Full of gun wank, technology wank, and 40k.

It's like it came out of Spacebattles.
No. 8362
File 133482361617.jpg - (11.64KB , 195x197 , REI-IJI.jpg ) [iqdb]
Talking about grimdark, anyone here ever played Touhou-A-Live?

It got pretty dark at Mokou's (Eientei got taken over by a mad necromancer) and Shang's chapter (sci-fi horror in a spaceship).

Pic related.
No. 8372

Live-A-Live was already rather dark in some parts. They just Touhou-ified it.

Touhou-A-Live is made by the same person who made Touhou Mother and it's sequel, just so you guys know.

And wait until you get to Mima's Chapter...
No. 8373
It's made by a different guy actually. S-chan for Touhou Mother and Koki for Touhou-A-Live. If you mean the translator (vgboy), then yes, it's the same person.

Also, what do you mean by Mima's chapter? Isn't the one taking the role of Oersted is going to be Reimu, since, you know, REI-IJI, Ray Jihad, Rei Jenova, etc?
No. 8375
Bah, the writer of that fic is whoring for TvTropes entries for his fic the last time I saw him.

Really, why would you want to promote your fic on a site that has freaking Warhammer 40k/Touhou crossover RP?
No. 8380

So, will Touhou be better if the characters are drawn with your usual generic moe style?
No. 8383
i like it how that guy mostly talks about the mostly bad Touhou fanbase rather than Touhou itself.

So this is Touhou eh? Full of creepy porn doujinshis?

No wonder there are some people out there who put Touhou amongst the trinity of horrible fandom, that is Touhou, MLP, and Homestuck.
No. 8384
Not all of Tvtropes is shitty crossovers and fetish threads.  
The Touhou character interpretation compendiums or whatever they're called actually have some pretty good discussions / analyses about the characters, for instance.

And the story already has a decent number of fans who use tvtropes, anyway.  Still rather pathetic to be begging people to add entries about how awesome/hilarious/scary/saddening his story is, though.
No. 8385
>The Touhou character interpretation compendiums

You serious? I went there once and I couldn't even stay there for more than 5 minutes. That thread is more like "Let's interpret the Touhous like I want to!" And they bring freakin' Danbooru fanarts to support their "arguments".

Besides, it has Bocaj, the resident troll of that place. He's the guy who promotes the "all Lunarians are evil including Kaguya and Eirin" theory.
No. 8386
File 133490004429.jpg - (1.39MB , 1397x1348 , Santa.jpg ) [iqdb]
>all Lunarians are evil including Kaguya and Eirin
That guy can go suck a dick.
No. 8387
Kaguya and Eirin are straight-up evil, though. A temptress and a murderer, respectively, and I doubt Eirin's proteges are any better.
No. 8388
Fine then.

Next rage thread will be about which Touhous you like and which Touhous you hate.
No. 8389
File 133490080011.png - (9.05KB , 640x400 , what.png ) [iqdb]
No. 8390
Yeah, yeah. The fact that they killed to protect themselves makes them VIL.
I'm going to kill a guy who threaten to bring me back to some place I fucking hate, and that'll make me EVIL because EVIL people kill only to protect themselves, that's commong knowledge.
EVIL people also takes fellow exiled as servants, instead of torturing them for informations. Damn, those lunarians are really EVIL.

I mean, come on!
Killing in self-defense? EVIL.
Trying to protect Gensokyo from the Moon? EVIL.
Trying to share your immortality? EVIL.
Trying to be something else than a goddamn mop? EVIL.
No. 8393
Don't forget that Eirin uses the rabbits as drug testers and they don't even know about it.

Also, end of thread.
No. 8394
File 133490167689.jpg - (141.81KB , 500x500 , you monster.jpg ) [iqdb]
While there is no disputing that Eirin can be a stone-cold killer when the situation demands it, Kaguya is nothing but a sweet, well-meaning girl who wanted nothing more than to be left alone, but has grown to want to better herself and find her place in the world.

To even think of sullying her good name with such baseless accusations nothing short of deplorable, and I can only conclude that you are a horrible person.
No. 8395
No. 8400
File 133490269720.jpg - (403.64KB , 1000x790 , Kaguya and wait what the fuck.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kaguya is a princess. Which means that she's just standing here, waiting to be abducted by a dragon or a villain. To even think of a princess as a temptress is not a gentlemanly behaviour.
No. 8402
No. 8404