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772 No. 772
So i heard on IRC that THP is on it's deathbed and that we only have a few more months left.
It's all in the Statistics.

No. 773
>implying that THP is going to die because of a few people saying so
Right, and the world is going to end in 2012.
No. 774
I doubt deathbed is the right word, but it's certainly been in decline. The server change lost us a lot of casual Anons, and since the original stories that started the site are either finished or finishing, you might say that the honeymoon's over.
No. 775
>So i heard on IRC that THP is on it's deathbed
>So i heard on IRC

Found your problem.
No. 776
The site's recovered some since then, sure there was some damage, but things are recovering nicely.

Things have been kinda slow due to the holidays.

I've heard rumors that with in the next few months, certain famous lazy niggers will get back to work.
No. 777
File 126341931532.jpg - (41.80KB , 650x376 , 1244160809722.jpg ) [iqdb]
Cool story bro.
No. 804
Was it on #eientei? That place is depressing.
No. 805
I'd wager it'll hang on until July.
No. 806
The same was said the same time last year. THP will keep trucking along.
No. 807
Actually, yes. Teruyo was showing statistics about how much the posts per day dropped from the usual. /sdm/ took it really hard.
No. 808
Over what time interval? Everyone knows usage dropped off after the server change; did it keep falling after we came back up?
No. 809
Could you not overblow this shit please? No one as such said that the site was on its deathbed.

Everyone here on either side is basically making claims with no evidence. If you want to discuss what can be done to make the site a better place or more active, by all means go ahead. If you keep putting words in the mouths of others I'll delete this thread.
No. 812
Jesus fucking christ wiseman do you even stop to think before you post? I'm sorry that you were dropped on the head as a child but there's a limit even to retardation. I don't give a rat's ass about what you think of #eientei, me or anything else. But idiotic and needlessly inflammatory (I'm aware of the irony - question is: were you?) posts aren't the way to go. The only thing depressing here is how you drone on and on about stupid shit without rhyme or reason. Continue to shit up the site at your own peril. Consider this a warning.

I'm going to put this in terms that you can understand:

Don't post your opinion, no one cares for it.

ps: >>809 was me

Now can we keep this thread clear of pointless drama or am I going to have to delete it?
No. 814
>pointless drama
In all seriousness, isn't that what /blue/ is here for?
A place where you can whine and get angry about all the crap that you think should be shared with others?
Correct me if i am wrong, but i always thought that was what this place was made for.
No. 815
I thought this board was made because of it, not for it.

Wasn't /blue/ and /coriander/ supposed to be places where you could just be random and silly and not give a shit about seriousness?
No. 816
I thought this was a serious discussion board and a place to gather the mob whenever a shitty writer needed running off the site.
No. 817

HY (and, likely, the other mods) made the newer boards so we could do as we like with them. It just so happened we decided to complain in /blue/ and do some things of mild interest in /coriander/.
No. 820
Just ban him already, goddammit.
No. 821
>I thought this was a serious discussion board
Teruyo just can't ban people, remember what happened last time when mods abused power on this site. And of course because of IRC.
No. 822
>ban him

Let's call a public trial!

[]Ban Wiseman.
[]Don't ban Wiseman.

now watch him make a shitty write-in
No. 823
[X]Ban Wiseman.
No. 824
Use of power is not necessarily abuse of power. This situation is completely different from what happened back then, and you know it.

[x]Ban Wiseman.
No. 825
[x] Ban Wiseman.

Hooray, Democracy!
No. 826
{X} Ban Wiseman.
No. 827
[x] Ban Wiseman.
No. 828
[x] Ban Wiseman.
No. 829
Alright, well done, you've roused me from my slumber. This worked its way up the chain of command until somebody had to come tempt me out of my cave with raw meat and Remilia porn.

Short answer: No, I will not ban Wiseman.

Long answer: No, I will not ban Wiseman. Or anybody, actually. This is an imageboard, we came from 4chan and the last time anybody tired to ban anybody this entire place erupted with drama.

For the record, I think Wiseman's statements are pretty fucking dumb as well. But you know what? This is an anonymous imageboard. You see a dumb comment? Shout it down, or ignore it. Don't come crying to the moderators and admins just because somebody says something stupid.

This little vote? Okay, this is good. Making somebody know they've made a stupid comment and their input is unwanted, that's fine, that's good. Make Wiseman know that he shouldn't be posting with a name or a trip or whatever you like.

But do it yourselves.

This community worked (and I think still works) on the basis of it being freeform, no authority in control, letting people write and comment as they will. Wiseman is one voice. Just drown him out with your numbers, or ignore him.

You already have a lynch mob, you don't need to ask for intervention as well.
No. 830
File 126378390953.jpg - (55.03KB , 340x376 , Witch! Miko! Witch!.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd just like to reiterate that huge off-topic shitstorms in writer's threads are not cool and may be deleted at the mods' discretion or writer's request. Don't ruin the stories that we all came here for, keep it in /blue/.
No. 831

Kapow, is that an actual Doujin using a Looney Tunes joke? If so, please give me a link for it~

Also, shame on the topic maker for using a bondage pic for the OP, feels bad.
No. 832
Source is Dioxin's Recycling book, although I don't know if that's a shop or not. It probably is.
No. 833
[12:59am]ォ Kapow サ take a hint from ran: anon does not like to be silenced
[1:00am]ォ Kapow サ you can't moderate an imageboard founded by 4channers so heavy-handedly
[1:01am]ォ HY サ HEY HEY
[1:01am]ォ@ Zer00サ It's not heavy-handedly when we hardly get involved.
[1:01am]ォ HY サ GOLDEN RULE
[1:01am]ォ HY サ Don't ban.
[1:01am]ォ HY サ Let Anon run people out.
[1:01am]ォ Kapow サ and don't delete discussions
[1:01am]ォ@ Zer00サ Yeah, I'm not about to ban anyone.

You heard the man. Teruyo's hands are tied, time to get to work /blue/
No. 834
Get to work doing what, exactly?

Seriously, I'm not really clear on what we can do. He's been called out several times for who he is when he posts something stupid, but he just keeps fucking posting. Sometimes he deletes his post like he did in this thread, but that's hardly a permanent solution. Ignoring him doesn't work either, just look how he persisted in writing that godawful story even though it sometimes took days for him to get a single vote. Starting a shitstorm every time he posts might get him to stop just out of sheer frustration, but that's rather disrespectful to the writers and not really an option due to >>830.

At this point he's managed to convince himself that people only hate on him because it's cool. In his words:

<Wiseguy|EO2> And bashing me is what 'the cool kids do'. It'd be one thing if more than half the people taking potshots at me had actual reasons other than it being cool. (example: Kapow and Patchwork, they have rather valid reasons to be pissed at me, not so much for JASA or Crix, who happen to be toadies)

This isn't a guy we can just ridicule out. He does not learn, and he has no shame.
No. 835
Mods and admins, please, please, please take heed of >>834 . Wiseman is not the kind of person who can be voted off the island by the others; someone with a shovel --that's you guys-- needs to whack him over the head with it and pack his useless ass onto a boat and get it the fuck away from here.
No. 836
If it's obvious he's not going to learn, just ignore him. The less fuel you put into the fire, the more it'll burn itself away and not be seen again.
No. 837
Not in Wiseman's case.
No. 838
>not so much for JASA or Crix, who happen to be toadies

No. 839

1. Ignoring Wiseman does not work, because he is far less of an attention whore than he is simply a retard. Sure, he likes attention, but who doesn't? With him, though, it just doesn't really seem to his main thing, so starving him of it won't do much goddamn good at all.

2. You cannot compare this situation to Ran's ill-advised ban in any practical way beyond the fact that both situations involve banning. Let's stop and look at them for a moment, okay?

When Ran banned Nine, it was because of a number of things, but the biggest and most blatant of all was that he was not updating, and was flaunting it in our faces. Now, banning him probably wasn't the smartest move, and Nine has definitely shaped up considerably since then. Now, people flipped out because what they saw was Nine suffering a punishment that far outweighed his crimes, such as they were, and got pissed at Ran for overreacting.

So now we have mods and admins who are scared to use the banhammer because they don't want to seem like big bad bullies.

However, these two situations are so fundamentally different from each other that it isn't funny. Nine was, back then, somebody who needed some kind of reprimand, and to get back on track. He was still worth saving, and the people of THP really just wanted him to get back to work. They still wanted him around, because he was producing something that people enjoyed.

Wiseman, however, has no redeeming characteristics at all. He has a few neutral ones, but everything else is a negative. Very few people, if any, -want- to keep him around. I would wager that if you did a survey about what they thought of him, the best thing they'd say would be that they tolerate/don't notice/have no feelings one way or the other about him. The rest would scream, "Yes, -please- get him the hell out of here!"

There will be no slippery-slope arguments here and nobody will miss him when he is gone from here.

Use some common sense and kick him out, because the community alone sure as hell can't do it.
No. 840
File 126392893095.jpg - (161.30KB , 750x646 , d7e33b97ebf6029df12f6b8d8e109428b9e9d630.jpg ) [iqdb]
1.Don't dare to ban one of my voters!

2.Don't whine like a ten year-old baby!

3.What HY meant with 4chan is that Anonymous is the internet tough guy!

Anon I'm deeply disappointed in you..
No. 841
I say let him stay. It's not like we don't have one or two shit storm inducing morons already (excluding the trolls, of course), so why is three such a problem? If you guys would ignore them instead of getting all worked up, this wouldn't even be an issue.
No. 843
>the last time anybody tired to ban anybody this entire place erupted with drama.

That's because YAF was still writing and people liked his stories.
Can't say the same for Wise. On either account.
No. 844
Didn't HY say that he wanted the userbase to feel more "in control" of the site?

Nobody would miss wiseman, and most want him to be banned, why the fuck

What the hell is the train of logic here?
No. 845
So I am a nobody!?
Have a miserable death!
No. 846
Democracy sucks if you are the other 49%
No. 847
Democracy? Where? I can't see it..
HY is the king of the site. And you're just a modern type peasant, and you're allowed by him to enjoy this site. Don't ruin others fun.

Oh and on a side note: in your beloved Democracy you can't hurt others!

ALSO: why don't you let him to post anonymously?
No. 849
His posts are so fucking dumb and inane that everyone knows it's him when he posts even without a name.
No. 850
>HY is the king of the site. And you're just a modern type peasant, and you're allowed by him to enjoy this site.
Seriously? Has it come down to this already?

If you love to suck Wiseman's dick so much, why don't you create your own site and do this all day long. Just not here.
No. 851
File 126403975260.jpg - (56.77KB , 550x733 , the_better_duke.jpg ) [iqdb]
What's this I hear about wanting someone gone, /blue/?
No. 852
File 126404566690.jpg - (54.76KB , 425x757 , 1263891188538.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wiseman's a faggot.
Saguya is awesome.
This thread is full of fuck.

Take it easy.
No. 859
So the
[]Ban Wiseman.
[]Don't ban Wiseman.
vote turned into a
[x]Call Tewi HY
No. 863
I don't care too much either way, but the mods' justification for this is making me facepalm.

The way I see it, though Wiseman is annoying for many reasons, none of his actions are based in malice. He's stupid as hell, but pretty much benign. For that reason, I don't really think he deserves a ban.

But not banning him because the last banning cause a major shitstorm? That's like never driving a car because people sometimes have traffic accidents. Inb4 public transit.
No. 866
Y'all niggaz raging so hard about random people posting on the internets.

Learn to care less. I know I don't care about his posts one bit. Hell, I don't even associate his name with them, whichever ones they may be - I just brand it as a 'stupid post' and forget I ever read it.

Sage for unpopular opinion.
No. 868
Let's make this elitism you love so much a bit more meta. If you weren't around for YAF and the ensuing shitstorm, you have no right to speak of Wiseman or the mods' justifications for their actions.

Do not speak of that which you know nothing about.
No. 870
No. 871
More importantly, are you back, or just passing through?

We miss you. ;_;
No. 886
If I was around for YAF, can I still complain about Wiseman?
No. 903
File 126508614292.jpg - (134.33KB , 567x800 , a442649c0cea0e706e4e677581c60acc.jpg ) [iqdb]
So i heard HY does not want the site anymore.
No. 904

It's true. He's selling it to iichan.
No. 930
No. 942
I can't say I blame him. Who would want to put up with such whiny bastard ingrates?
No. 946
I also heard that Grue's going to come back from the dead and resume the Underground LA, that Scorn's resuming Forest LA and that GM is finishing YWUiG.

Also, the Pyramids were built by aliens and the Loch Ness monster is real.
No. 964
One is untrue. Grue is HY and we all know that he hates THP
No. 967

Tou should spend more time in GH. Really, where have you benn?
No. 975
God damn it, why did Grue have to leave. I really fucking liked that story.
Any story that allows you to find and wield a dangerous prototype nuclear weapon is clearly top tier.
No. 986
It seems like the entire site has just moved into Gensokyo High or something, the rest of the site gets a bare minimum of a couple votes per day.

This is truly a sad time for THP.
No. 997

I am making an attempt to read more stories and vote on them. All that can be said is that there are surprising gems on just about all of the boards, and they deserve votes.
No. 998
It's because Taisa is the only good writer left on this site. If he quits or goes on hiatus, I'm leaving for good
No. 1000
No. 1001

Good riddance?
No. 1003
>Taisa quits or goes on hiatus
>Good riddance

Sounds about right.
No. 1004
>I'm a butthurt faggot please rape my face

You're probably some writefag who's jealous that his terrible "story" only gets like two votes or a hater troll who dumps on anything good.

Get out.
No. 1005

>troll calling someone else a troll.
No. 1006


Anyway, 998 is a faggot. There's plenty of stories worth reading on this site, even if most half of them are trudging along at glasnost speed. /sdm/ in particular has a lot worth reading, as long as you aren't being incredibly picky. Teruyo is finally writing again in /eientei/, and he's come a long way from his first run of DoLF, and even QWL is writing again, it seems.

/forest/ I'm sort of split on. With Norseman on hiatus, the only story with (in)frequent updates seems to be 'Ordinary Rhapsody in the Bohemian Sense'. Mikospark isn't an amazing writer, but he or she is good enough that I can read new updates and be fairly entertained.

/border/ has Aria of Deception, Silver of Sovereign(though it's moving at the speed of 'not-quite-glasnost' which I've come to accept as normal for Angry Desu) and Shikigami of the Heart by Sukima is continuing now that the story in /Underground/ is finished. I never really got into 'Resonating Anthem of Makai', but it's there and it's updating (however slowly) so I'll give it a try later today.

/shrine/...Well, I'm not a big fan of 'Archetype of Self'. You might like it, though.

/youkai/, /underground/, and /others/ are getting enough traffic, so I don't think I have to explain what's there.

...I don't think I have to explain /th/, either, as it's all that most you faggots seem to look at.

tl;dr Read the rest of the site, vote moar, etc.


Sure is trolls trolling trolls in here.
No. 1007
>/sdm/ in particular has a lot worth reading, as long as you aren't being incredibly picky.
Examples with descriptions?
No. 1008
>There's plenty of stories worth reading on this site

Funny how only the ones belonging to the irc circlejerk get voted.
No. 1010

Wait, what? You really believe there's some kind of IRC conspiracy? Then explain how come I usually have to beg for votes. Aside from the fact that it usually takes weeks for me to update, or the fact that sometimes I disappear for months on end...

Alright, so maybe I'm not a good example, but like half of the writers are on IRC, and most all of them get horrific vote rates. Taisa, maybe Jerl are the only two people who I can think of who don't have to wait more than a day for multiple votes.
No. 1011
>I'm a lazy faggot who can't even look for something I might like on my own.

It's not that hard. There's even a link on the top of the screen. It's between /shrine/ and /youkai/. It's also labeled /sdm/, if that was too hard for you.

>herp derp, my favorite story isn't getting votes, I'll blame irc instead of telling people to read and vote.

I really wish I could be nice about this, guys, but you're all being so stupid I feel like I'm on /jp/.
No. 1012
>...I don't think I have to explain /th/, either, as it's all that most you faggots seem to look at.
>tl;dr Read the rest of the site, vote moar, etc.

Too bad many readers are so picky about which boards. The sheer amount of readers on /th/ has a negative effect on other boards due to everyone plopping their stories in /th/ even though it might belong better in another board.
No. 1013
Still trying for board condensation I see, storyteller.

>You really believe there's some kind of IRC conspiracy?

Want to see the irc responses from when HY told people to go read DoLF?
No. 1014
>Funny how only the ones belonging to the irc circlejerk get voted.

If only. Immediately after the IP change, the only people that could still get to the site were the ones on IRC and knew the workaround before the DNS got updated. 50+ idling in that channel for 2-3 days and there were a grand total of about 3 new votes across the site. The IRC crowd is actually a shit ton lazier than the typical anonymous.

Insulting the IRC folk is fine, because there's plenty to rag on them for and they slam anonymous just as often, but at least they've got some basis for their claims. Lurk that shit for an hour or two and you'll get an idea of what it's like. Good luck figuring out who's who sometime since a handful of authors don't feel like using a name close to what they use on the site. Count yourself fortunate if they talk about any stories, the site, or something even remotely touhou related. But goddamn will you see a lot of ~'s and emoticons though.

The ones by taisa and glasnost are worth reading for obvious reasons (in b4...). A Fairy's Tale has the best characters of any story on the site, and a Fairy on Scarlet Lake has the most charismatic and charming protagonist since Casey Mills (too bad the author is following harker's update schedule too). Eldest Scarlet starts a little bumpy and has the smell of something self-insertion-ish, but outgrows that along the way and its a fun read. Idea of Alice has a lot of potential. That's a cop out explanation, but I am enjoying it thoroughly for some reason, despite the main character being a bit of a bitch. Maybe its the yuri overtones and the audience's penchant for clever write-ins. Be careful Scarlet Imperial Navy, Flea in the Dog House, and hacked modo due to updates coming at 3 month (or more) intervals.

Chill out bro. You can't be so niave as to expect everyone to read everything. Despite how easy it may be in theory, in practice its a whole different ball game. Especially if you have to plow through a bunch of threads to get caught up; sometimes you need someone to say "it's plenty of reading, but it's worth it in the end, and here's why." The way things are going and the number of voters being spread around, if you're a fan of a story, you need to be its advocate elsewhere.
No. 1015
that ain't me. I honestly don't care what you do anymore.
No. 1016
There was a particular reason why more boards were created, underground and youkai, anyways. If you just drop every story into a single board, not only will it become cluttered but you get a bunch of stories vying for the top of the page when in other boards, it's so incredibly easy.

But then, there's a good god damn reason for that. No one looks at the other damn boards. Authors left and right seem to go "oh, why should I put my story in a different board when it'll get no attention?" /shrine/ is horrible as I'm experiencing now, and I know a few people who feel the same way. It's pathetic. I remember when /border/ used to be the center of attention. What happened?

As far as IRC goes, yeah, it's pretty miscellaneous, but THP discussion still goes on quite often there. Stories still get talked about on a semi-daily basis, usually when Taisa's around. (lol Taisa...I miss Tetro.) And if you're looking for Touhou discussion, they're usually pretty open towards it, especially when danbooru gets involved. Imagespams come and go pretty often. The site itself is usually talked about more in Teruyo's channel but given his status now, it's not surprising anymore. Although I will admit, emoticons, tildes and lack of synchronized nicks are often not kept up on. (I don't even use Sukima in the IRC channel)

Right, now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm gonna go write because god damn, I actually feel like trying to churn out daily god damn updates. It's been months since I had so much inspiration and time and I'm gonna damn well use it.
No. 1017
>The IRC crowd is actually a shit ton lazier than the typical anonymous.

Yeah, except when it comes to being two faced hypocrites who play favorites. They make this board without asking us and then try and say it's so we can "self moderate." We call their bluff and immediately start produce results. We get rid of weeaboo faggots like J2theE and illiterate morons like Wiseman. But when we go after an embarassment who's a member of their cabal?


Never mind that it's a faggot from gaia and active contributor to fanfiction.net writing bad self insert masturbation, as long as you're a member of irc, it's A-OK!

In the end, it was just another scheme for us to do their dirty work. Think about it. Who did we end up removing in the end? Two terrible writers who just happen to be the mortal enemies of the irc crowd. Nothing else happened after that. Once we eliminated their targets for them, we get reined in and told not to do anything else.

The worst part of it is that all of you obeyed. You get used like tools by people who do whatever they want without telling us, admit to not contributing anything to the site >>1014 and who don't pay any attention to the wishes of those who actually do.

You only need to look at their refusal of banning Wiseman in the face of overwhelming support to see that.
No. 1019
I was arguing for people to stop being stuck up about what boards they visit, Board consolation is the last thing I want for the reasons Sukima stated.
To be honest I read AoS and ADEFT there, but as far as your /shrine/ story goes, I'm waiting to see where it goes. Its concept isn't the most appealing, no offense. I do read your other stories though. As for /border/? It's called lazy or slow writers, caused by a mix of School, work and VNs.
No. 1020

On the bright side, you did get to be internet hitmen.
No. 1021

People are still bitching about kriss? Really? The reason she didn't get kicked off the site had nothing to do with IRC interference, and everything to do with the fact that there were only one or two members of the entire THP community who actually wanted her gone. Her first story attempt was shit, got blasted as such, and then she cleaned up her act considerably; enough so that her second story and third story were, and are, received well. She did that thing we encourage people to do where they, you know, listen to criticism, and get better.

You sound like one hell of a bitter fag. You're probably just pissed that you're the only one who wants her gone.

Although I would have to agree that Wiseman ought to be banned. He probably would be, too, if IRC was actually a cabal. Most everyone there hates him just as much as everyone here.
No. 1022
>there were only one or two members of the entire THP community who actually wanted her gone

At the time, damn near everyone wanted her gone.
No. 1023

>At the time

I think I see your problem.
No. 1024
File 12655141447.jpg - (165.62KB , 473x652 , 1258384773007.jpg ) [iqdb]
So what I'm getting from this post is that you're still butthurt over the time everyone got mad at you for sagebombing a writer who'd been accepted by anon after going through hell in her first story thread, and now you're telling yourself it was all an IRC conspiracy against you because you can't cope with the shame of your stupidity.
No. 1025

Wrong. Kriss was well accepted by the time J2theE was ousted, and Wiseman's shitty story brought to its death.
No. 1026
File 126551564763.jpg - (21.04KB , 280x280 , You.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1027
Kriss' first story was shit. And yes, by the 2nd post, damn near everyone wanted her gone. Then she had a rather calm response to the shitstorm and imagespam in her thread. I'd say that's the main reason why she isn't still hated (well, as hated at least, since it seems an indeterminate number of people do want her gone). Her other stories are not nearly as bad as her first. I find the writing bad, terminology annoying (calling Reimu red-white so often gets tiring), and Reina is at least close to a Mary Sue if not an actual sue; haven't read enough of the story to actually pass judgment, but I did note the rather exaggerated reactions from the bad end. She was at least mature about the criticism she received and did improve.
No. 1028
File 126551619840.jpg - (46.82KB , 500x416 , You.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1029
Kriss's writing still isn't very good, but she raised herself above the level of "so horrible that even scrolling past it on the way to other stories makes me ill", so I have no problem with her staying. Wiseman didn't, which is why I had no problem with sagebombing his story.

If you want an example of the invisible hand of the IRC cabal at work, look at J^E. I never read his story (there was a shitstorm over railroading or something that turned me off before I bothered picking it up), but it did have proper grammar and spelling and, presumably, a plot that wasn't riddled with holes. Not exactly stellar qualifications, but I'm not convinced that Restorer in Gensokyo's are any better, and I know for certain that the strip poker story didn't have much going for it. J^E was exiled because he got on IRC, ignored criticism, made up stupid shit, and said 'katanakana', not because his story was horrific.
No. 1030
>J^E was exiled because he got on IRC, ignored criticism, made up stupid shit, and said 'katanakana', not because his story was horrific.

The origin of J^E's demise? Found it in the last shit-storm thread. And I thought this thread was vicious.
No. 1031
What about Reiji's story? I do not recall any problems with it, just that he pissed the fuck out of everyone in and out of IRC.
No. 1032
It wasn't just IRC he pissed off. He was a massive faggot and was hated just as much on the boards.
No. 1033
>J^E was exiled because he got on IRC, ignored criticism, made up stupid shit, and said 'katanakana', not because his story was horrific.
Almost, but no. People didn't like J^E because his story was shitty, but he was sort of distant and the general opinion seemed to be "He's a retard, but who gives a fuck."

Then, yes, he got on IRC and showed people just how massively stupid he was, and people who were normally content to not give a fuck or pretend that he maybe wasn't so bad were now having his raging idiocy shown to them raw, vivid, and live.

And then they said "Okay, he's a fucking moron. The hell with him."

Also, as someone who visits IRC, let me tell you, there is no more an IRC cabal than there is a secret cabal of Freemasons/Jewish bankers/Illuminati/Zionists/whatever the fuck that rule the world. People on IRC are mostly disorganized and aimless, and trying to do anything productive with them would be like herding cats. Stoned cats.

So yeah. There is no IRC cabal, just people who sit around and bitch, talk about the vidya, and have pointless discussions. I'm not even sure why I come to it anymore, except for the fact that I use it now and then to mention that I've posted more of my story.

I'm sorry to dash your dreams like this, but it simply isn't as bad as you make it out to be; just crappy. Now stop bitching and go vote in some stories; you have better things to do then sit around and whine about that pile of nothing known as IRC. Jesus, people.
No. 1034
Same story as J^E, more or less. His story sucked, but he wasn't butchering the English language; once he showed up on IRC complaining about some guy saging his thread, he got sagebombed.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you; I wasn't sad to see either of them go, and executing a scapegoat publicly every once in a while is good for morale. It's not like there's a real IRC conspiracy, either; they really do talk about dicks and post imagedumps most of the time. It just annoys me to see the IRCers say "ah, we just talk about dicks and post imagedumps, so we don't affect the site at all" when it's pretty clear that's not the case.
No. 1035
File 12655257404.jpg - (95.89KB , 400x500 , 8632553.jpg ) [iqdb]
>It just annoys me to see the IRCers say "ah, we just talk about dicks and post imagedumps, so we don't affect the site at all" when it's pretty clear that's not the case.

The single most logical thing posted in the entire thread.
No. 1036
>implying that anything which happens in IRC can possibly effect the site.

Motherfuckers, please, I still own this place, and I barely pay attention to that room. They decide nothing.

Your whining is hilarious.
No. 1037
I IRC. Or go to IRC, or go on IRC. Or whatever. I was there the day that J>E guy showed up with his flaming katanakana and his Lorrises. Lorres. Whatever.

That anonymous mob forming in /blue/? I wasn't part of it. I watched, with, I confess, a measure of fascination, but I did not join in the riling.

(I am pretty sure. Ninety-nine percent sure. Ninety-eight. God, if I did join in there will be egg on my face).

But I did not join in when the sagebombing began. That I am sure. Sure. Sure. I left that alone--watched it, but left that alone. I'm as certain of that as I am of anything. As I can be.

I'm no innocent. I've been a dick, sure enough. But I didn't join in with anything. Don't lump me in with your sins, you quack. You god-damned armchair psychologist. Leave me alone. I want to sit and finish my writings and let my eyes bleed out, when it is all over.

Don't bring the roof down on my head.
No. 1040

IRC can also be useful for proof readers, if you're lucky enough to find someone willing to do it.


That picture is nice. Since iqdb doesn't work for it, I'd like to know where you got it from, if you don't mind sharing.
No. 1042
you're so hopeless..
No. 1043
File 126556178369.png - (340.19KB , 709x709 , 8647357.png ) [iqdb]
Pixiv.net, the same place danbooru gets all its pictures. It's all Japanese, but that's where copy-pasting names from the wiki comes in handy. Google "pixiv account tutorial" if you're interested.
No. 1045

>They make this board without asking us and then try and say it's so we can "self moderate."

IRC had nothing to do with these boards being made, god damn.
No. 1046
Yeah, most people on IRC had no idea what was going on when those boards were made. That decision was probably between HY and Teruyo.
No. 1047
File 126556908412.jpg - (27.85KB , 400x400 , 1237583053770.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1048
The IRC reaction to the boards being made was mostly "What the fuck HY".
No. 1051
> It just annoys me to see the IRCers say "ah, we just talk about dicks and post imagedumps, so we don't affect the site at all" when it's pretty clear that's not the case.

This. They say they're aimless and disorganized, but compared to the leaderless bunch thats the rest of the site, they definitely aren't. Reading the pastebin pretty much shows that it was a couple people from IRC who were at the heart of organizing J^E's ousting. Not complaining about that part, because I wanted that fag gone too. Thing is though, >>1029 is right when he says that it was mainly because irc hated him and his writing only being an exfacto justification for it.

Whatever they try and say, the evidence shows it beyond any doubts. The people who got chased out were enemies of irc and bad writers. The person they protected was a friend of irc and just as bad a writer as the former two. Hasn't gotten any better either.

How do you explain that in any language other than favoritism?

Whether you think that person deserves to stay or not now, just looking over the old threads in /blue shows that its not only one or two people who think that tards from fanfiction.net who don't how to write shames the site, no matter if they're friends or enemies of irc.

If I'm not right and the people who we destroyed last time were selected by the impartial will of anonymous and not because of an irc conspiracy, then give a guarantee.

If there's someone the userbase collectively agrees is a disgrace who we want gone, don't interfere from now on. Since you say irc isn't a cabal and doesn't have anything to do with the site, don't be meddling if we call a trial to run some shitty writers out of town.
No. 1053

You know, I think it's funny how you seem to be trying to force a class system into place when if such a class system existed, you'd be the one hurt by it.

Hey, here's an idea. You could try coming in IRC yourself. It's not like it's some exclusive club or something.
No. 1054
Oh for fuck's sake, please stop talking like you represent the entire mass of non-IRC goers. There was ONE person who bothered to sagebomb kriss's thread, and that was probably you, wasn't it?

Stop being so bitter that your retarded crusade wasn't backed by anyone else.
No. 1055



No. 1056
File 126557407890.jpg - (556.96KB , 1200x1600 , 8649788.jpg ) [iqdb]
You gonna tell me the one and only place to get a vote spam check isn't IRC?
No. 1057

I'm not sure I'm following you. What does vote spam checking have to do with anything?
No. 1058
>implying IRC isn't a circlejerk when mentioning it gets 48 replies in less than a day
No. 1059
Oh, that's just because we're all sitting here laughing at you. Along with most of the other people who aren't you.
No. 1060
Seriously, this. If we were to start running off bad writers again, Krisslanza wouldn't even be my first choice.

All I was trying to say with >>1029 and >>1034 is that IRC isn't perfect; not that they're some sort of evil cult, out to destroy everything we hold dear. Jesus. IRC is not some cold, logical arbiter of writing quality; they make decisions based on their emotional reaction to things (mostly stupidity), just like everyone else. Because of this, their opinions may not always be in line with the opinions of non-IRC-goers. Comparing writing is always difficult, but having looked at J^E's stuff and Krisslanza's stuff, I would say they are about equally bad (albeit in very different ways). I'm sure that people in IRC believe, based on their personal interactions with those two, that Krisslanza is the sort of person we want here and J^E wasn't, but from the perspective of a non-IRC-goer, it seems somewhat arbitrary.

IRC is, however, a decent approximation of the so-called 'will of THP', with the added benefit that if they see a problem, they'll get off their asses and try to do something about it. And, hey, if IRC ever does something I don't like, I'll go there and complain; most of the IRC regulars are reasonable people.

tl;dr Keep your goddamn pants on, the sky is not falling because of IRC.
No. 1061
>I'm not sure I'm following you.

That sounds like a personal problem, can't help ya there.
No. 1062

You still seem to be under the impression that IRC has some kind of power to do anything, which it doesn't.
No. 1063

Your point was this: the only place to get a vote check is IRC.

I don't see how this has anything to do with any sort of cabal, though, since anyone can come on IRC and say "hey I think x story has been votespammed, can an admin check it? Thanks."
No. 1065
You're right, I got nothing for that. I was trying to say IRC has a use, and someone thought I was defending this Illuminati IRC faggotry. Shit sucks.
No. 1066
File 126558265946.jpg - (40.66KB , 400x400 , 1203779001699.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Only mention of Flea is how I take forever to update
See image

Also you guys, or that guy, or whatever, seem to think that the people in IRC actually agree on everything and band together for our crusades. This is not the case, at all. As much as you lot disagree with any shit that gets pulled, IRC tends to be split about half with any decision that gets made, too. (Well, except for banning J^E. That was like, everybody.)
No. 1067
>>Only mention of Flea is how I take forever to update
But you do take forever to update. Hint hint.
inb4 "no motivation"
No. 1068

No motivation.
Plus I bought a new computer which got here on Friday and I've been spending the last several days trying to make it run properly, as it keeps crashing and I can't figure out why. I only have until the 12th to figure out a way to fix it as their deadline for refunds is 14 days after the ship date, so that's my priority right now.
No. 1069

Maybe it'll stop crashing if you stop playing those vidya that are making it crash.
No. 1070
>that Krisslanza is the sort of person we want here and J^E wasn't, but from the perspective of a non-IRC-goer, it seems somewhat arbitrary.
Where are people getting the idea that IRC is somehow deciding all this? Kriss's first story attempt got shit on as much as J2E's or Reiji's or Wiseman's stories, and instead of disappearing (or trying to) she took the criticism and improved her writing. Anon gave her a lot of respect for that and left her alone. This all happened on the boards.
No. 1071
It's not "people", it's just that one butthurt faggot making all these angry posts in this thread. It was probably him sagebombing Krisslanza's thread as well.