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Gentlemen, behold.


This, dear anon, is the review page for a quality example of the shit we have come to expect from that website. What I have found here disturbs me.

>If you'd like, you could post your story here
>I think you would make a good addition to the community.

So yes. Apparently, there really is a problem. Some probable troll is running around advertising us to the worst writers he can find. What do.

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>Everyone is really nice
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File 133254654847.jpg - (23.68KB , 300x198 , They came after me.jpg ) [iqdb]
Do you really need to ask? If that guy comes here, and if he's really shitty, I'll just take out my torch and pitchfork, and drive him off the website in the most humiliating and painful way possible.
No. 7647
>>7646 here.
I tried reading his fanfic to have an idea. Let me give you a brief view of the shit.

Hello name:DarknessTeamOtaku
Nevermind the fac that his name is already visible to everyone, he had to repeat it.
this is my first fanfic so here it is... I don't care if you like it or not(okay maybe a little lol).
This is copy pasted. Everything is vanilla, including the "lol".
I dont own touhou zun does
Thank you Captain Obvious.

Chapter 1:Before sword

In the destroy world of makai a beautiful woman in a maids outfit wanted to leave. Her wonderful mistress had corrupt by the shame she felt for losing to the miko of the hakurei shrine and began killing anyone got on her badside. More and more demons and yokai disappear daily until she started hunting for her, Yuki, Mai. They hide inside of the Pandæmonium avoiding her the best they could.
My trollfic sense is tingling.
Mai: yumeko is she near(she said in a shy tone).
Notice the poor style. That guy is trying to write his fanfic like a play, not knowing how such things are usually written before the speech.
yumeko: no but you must stay quiet(she spoke in a gentle voice).
Notice the lack of capitals
yuki: why must we hiding like cowers we need to fight back(her voice was fill with anger).
Urgh, I want to kill myself now.
yumeko: shhh you must be more quiet I want to fight to but shinki is are mother and-
SHINKI IS ARE MOTHER? Screw this that's obviously a trollfic!
No. 7648
I'm not sure who's the bigger troll: the writer or the THPer (likely from IRC) inviting him (to laugh at him eventually)
No. 7649
Never use that format of reviewing again. My fucking eyes.
No. 7650
Okay, sorry. Next time, I won't ever review.
Just by reading a few lines, that killed my writing mood for tonight.
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File 133255394167.jpg - (9.92KB , 211x336 , Seppuku.jpg ) [iqdb]

Pic related as to what the author should engage in.

My god.
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Wait, why does he get a second? He should just be left to do it himself and bleed out, writhing in pain, instead of being beheaded as soon as the act is done.
No. 7799
I strongly disagree with you.
A seppuku is something honourable. Something that a warrior do when he's cornered and totally unable to fight back.

That's not something a stupid illiterate dumbass does. He should just hang himself. A seppuku is way to honourable.
No. 7807
What does that even mean?
No. 7814
I've got two interpretations for this. Either “me” is missing, and this is a direct insult towards Mai:

> “Don't you dare speak to me, you worthless pink icicles!” Shinki shouted.

Or, alternatively, “r” is missing, and Shinki explicitly forbids Mai to speak to her icicles:

> “Don't you dare speak to your worthless pink icicles!” Shinki shouted.
No. 9757
>Her wonderful mistress had corrupt by the shame she felt for losing to the miko of the hakurei shrine and began killing anyone got on her badside

What does that mean? The mistress corrupted people by shame?
No. 9960
This is evidently an exploration into the theme of abuse. All too often, a parent becomes corrupt by shame and refuses to let their children speak to their friends or icicles, and then kill them.