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I have a question for the writers of this site.
What is the one thing you dread having to write in a story? It could be either something that was planned, or it could've been voted for out of nowhere, but it always makes you not want to write it and ask pic related.
For me, it's currently anything that is almost an H-scene, but not an actual one. You know, fairly strong sexual tension, just before the point that would lead to sex (or anything related to sex).

No. 7389

Alternatively; bad write-ins. If they're in character or "Take a third option" type write-ins, great. They enrich the plot and surprise both the reader and the writer. But if it's something completely asinine that is both out of character and irrelevant to the story, it makes me want to rip my hair out. I can't think of any examples for myself, but I do know of one:

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As for me, I don't think there is anything. I welcome any and all challenge. And I have no issues with writing H-scenes, although in general I do not like them a whole lot. I suppose prolonged dialogue is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. It's startling how short the conversations fictional people have are. Conservation of Detail, I suppose. Unless it's two dudes flirting and the writer is a fat yaoi fangirl.
No. 7399
No, really.

They always makes me feel uneasy, because for some reason it feels like I should be writing the story until the main character dies of old age or whatever. They never feel like solid endings, just half-assed and incomplete ones.
No. 7404

A properly dramatic ending to an arc that opens up into a 'happily ever after' makes a fine ending.

Of course, if you like grey endings, then yeah, you'll be stuck with that. There's so much modern literature out there where I get to the last page and am just like FFFFFFFFUUUUUUU moar please, that's not an ending.

Personally, what I dread most is a shitty write-in, but I've had the luck to not have one yet. I'm of the mind that if you do get a crappy write-in, you just go 'no u' and write whatever you goddamn please to advance the plot properly.

What I have the most trouble writing...? Exposition and plot advancement, actually, which you might as well call 'writing in fucking general'. Advancing new plot, always wondering if I'm contradicting myself, constantly checking my previous writing, constantly checking the wiki, constantly checking my notes - I can barely operate in normal life until I straighten all my facts and get the exposition down, whether in an update or forward notes.

And of course, it's not long until the next idea comes up... the next idea that has to be similarly cross-examined...

... I'm going to die...

tl;dr: Fact-checking is what I dread the most.
No. 7881
Also sex. It just can't be taken seriously, at least not by me. HAM CANNON, seriously. I could write a comedic sex scene. Parody, sure.

Serious? Not a goddamn chance.

As for bad write ins: Give them what they ask for. Not what they want. If you can't take a terrible write in and twist it into a horrendous object lesson for bad write-ins, ignore it, continue with the plot.

I thoroughly enjoy making object lessons of bad write-ins though. But then again, 90% of the humor I write is black humor or other assorted "laughing at terrible things" followed by possibly "feeling bad for laughing at terrible things."
No. 7882
Also I suppose I like writing the anticipation to an H-scene: but then again I know that I simply cannot deliver on the scene. OH WELL
No. 7892
The thing I hate the most is a lack of vote.
I mean, I'm finally in a writing mood, I have a lot of idea, my proofreader is available, and because nobody voted on my story, I can't write.
No. 7893
Judging from your post, maybe you really shouldn't write.
No. 7895
But from a iron of gold forged into an gold writefag, one should know exactly what to do in case he has the urge feels like to write such stories.
No. 7911
What the fuck?
No. 7921

Either I don't know a lot about metallurgy, or it's clear what we need to do when "he has the urge feels like to write such stories."
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File 133362339527.jpg - (132.58KB , 800x600 , I am proud of you.jpg ) [iqdb]
I am very proud, for a very noble writefag you know what to say when facing the hordes of the idealess noob with no sword and no head and jealousy painted all over their faces as a dirty ninja with no nobility in his dirty heart and cheap tricks up his sleeves
No. 7926

Oh you. Burontisms never translated that well from Japanese but I still manage to find this amusing.
No. 7928
To be frank, it's not translated. It's an original burontism, that I wrote for you alone.
No. 7986
What's "burontism"?

Please stop bringing 2ch meme here.
No. 7998
mishmash term uttered by Buront, based on his FF experiences. And it's transcended 2ch as there's all sorts of Buront/Touhou stuff on the net, even an amazingly drawn comic of his adventures.
No. 8004
It started with a NicoNicoDouga playthrough of the crossover game if I'm not mistaken.

Too bad the game never got released. We could probably use another free RPG Maker Touhou game besides Touhou Mother and Touhou Fantasy.
No. 8011
I tried reading the comic once.

Didn't hook me in since it had too much references I didn't understand.

Also, it felt like your usual male self-insert fic and I'm quite allergic to those.
No. 8016
File 133385465766.png - (319.63KB , 900x800 , 8282739.png ) [iqdb]
I'm pretty sure Buront created a few Rumia fans. For that, I am grateful.
No. 8022
>Rumia fans
Oh, you mean pedophiles?

Joking aside, I can never seem to understand how people can like Rumia. She's a man-eating monster disguised as a cute little girl for God's sake.
No. 8023
Because she's retarded kind of innocent. And creepy people on the Internet love innocence.
No. 8025
That is why I prefer mature Touhous.
No. 8027
File 133387425549.jpg - (209.50KB , 827x1169 , b9764e0a5a981994d88d4f7e99ab31b6.jpg ) [iqdb]
>She's a man-eating monster disguised as a cute little girl for God's sake.

Correction: she's a man-eating monster disguised as a cute little girl who isn't very good at being a man-eating monster.

Her power to control darkness is one that sounds impressive in theory, but is rendered almost completely useless by the fact that she can't see in the dark. She can't see outside of her darkness bubble, which results in her constantly bumping into trees. She can barely even see inside her darkness bubble, which means that all anyone foolish enough to wander into it has to do to escape is to quietly walk back out of it.

If she were a highly effective and ruthlessly efficient killing machine, that would be one thing, but her ineffectiveness as a predator is part of what makes her so endearing.
No. 8028
THe problem with Rumia is that she cannot manipulate darkness. What she does is using "an ability that makes her surroundings dark whether it is night or day". She other words, she can't really control it (can't flood you in darkness if you're inside her perimeter, it's the whole area or nothing), and since she can't see through it, I'm seriously wondering if it's not made on purpose to make her unable to do any harm.
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Derp da derp, forgot a conveniently suited picture.
No. 8041
File 133389611766.jpg - (803.03KB , 1000x1000 , 26415197.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah, this.

But more importantly: She's cute and is fanon-friends with all my other favorite characters.
No. 8058
File 133396981750.jpg - (13.97KB , 259x194 , flandre.jpg ) [iqdb]
How about Flandre? Why do a lot of the anons here have a raging hard-on for her (as proven by GH)?

After all, she's a mentally unstable girl with mass-destruction tendencies.
No. 8063
Because she's the most generic loli in the entirety of touhou, and the vampire thing carries weight in a lot of fetishes. Anyone who gives another reason is sugar coating it, because those are the ones that matter to the majority of her serious fans.
No. 8064
Also, crazy moe.
No. 8065
>the most generic loli
How so?
No. 8066
I remember reading this from somewhere on the Internet.

>So, why is Touhou so popular?
>Because it has girls that cater to many stereotypes and fetishes of course. There are lolis, tomboys, ojou-samas, yamato nadeshikos, and so on.

Touhou is all about the fetishes it seems.
No. 8068
That's not really a fair thing to say. Everything turns on someone somewhere, but does that mean that everything is a fetish?
No. 8069
Hats and ponytails turn me on.
No. 8071
>does that mean that everything is a fetish?
Um, yes. Literally it does mean that.
No. 8072
There are people fapping to depth bomb's guro doujin, and people being turned on by things such as vore (basically being swallowed alive).
So, yeah, everything is a fetish.
No. 8074
File 133398860139.png - (1.14MB , 1036x1200 , what the fuck am I reading.png ) [iqdb]
>>After all, she's a mentally unstable girl with mass-destruction tendencies.

I'm sorry, but where the hell are you getting this? "Mass-destruction tendencies"? All Flandre's ever officially been said to have destroyed are the few humans she's ever tried to drink blood from, any toy she's been given to play with, and a meteor that was going to destroy her home. Of those, two are easily explainable as being accidents caused by her inability to control her own strength, and the third was a deliberate and justifiable act of self-defense. Utsuho, by comparison, was once explicitly trying to destroy the world.
No. 8076
File 133399136177.jpg - (8.36KB , 167x180 , Flankystein.jpg ) [iqdb]
I prefer my Flandre to be the one who likes dancing, singing, and building robots.
No. 8078
File 133399403132.jpg - (1.31MB , 1500x765 , 23524141.jpg ) [iqdb]
I still want to know who sent that meteor.

If someone hasn't written a fanfic about it already, someone really should. not it
No. 8079
it's implied that Remilia did it to give Flandre something to blow up

She could be a promising and interesting character if people wouldn't just pigeonhole her as a little sister-type moeblob or a complete psycho monster. What's been revealed in canon contradicts those two popular renditions. Her EoSD Extra dialogue show her as naive but not a flothing monster and her Interview with Aya shows that her personality isn't quite childish, perhaps revealing something about Remilia (that she might only talk about Fate to hide the fact she doesn't know what she's talking about)
No. 8081
>>it's implied that Remilia did it to give Flandre something to blow up

Really? I always thought the implication was that it was sent by someone connected to the moon. Remilia claimed the meteor was artificial, and the spell binding it together was written in very old Japanese.

This is also around the time Remilia was first getting interested in traveling to the moon, and in Sakuya's article in the same book, she was reportedly going out on Remilia's orders to steal materials to make travel to the moon possible.
No. 8086
I always thought it's just a natural occurrence.
No. 8131
That gives an interesting context to things, though I'd figure they'd try dropping it on Yukari's place first as opposed to some vampire trying in vain to go to the moon (Reimu was the main thing that made it possible)
No. 8138
There was a previous Lunar invasion, they'd presumably be familiar with Yukari's gaphax and know that she would laugh at puny meteors. The Hakurei shrine would be a more logical target, though... I haven't read SSiB in a while, would they have known of Reimu's involvement at that time?
No. 8139
No, they didn't.

When did they drop the meteor anyway?
No. 8212
I always assumed it was one of Remilia's many enemies from Europe. She's a weakling little baby vampire, naturallys everyone picked on her.
No. 8214
Talking about popular characters, why are there so much Yuuka fanboys out there? That fact always bothers me to no end.
No. 8215
Likely her mature/elegant/killer charm. ZUN COINED the term youkai moe.

Better question: why so many Sanae fanboys?
No. 8216
Oh yeah, I forgot ZUN coined that term.

Still don't get it though. If I want mature charm, I'll go with Byakuren instead. As for the killer charm, well, never understand why people like that kind of stuff.

Oh well, it's not like I like Touhou for the girls anyway.
No. 8219
Why are there so many [character I don't like] fanboys?
No. 8221
Because everyone else has shitty taste, unlike me of course.
No. 8222
>not like I like Touhou for the girls
What the hell do you like it for?

Well said.
No. 8223
Not that guy, but personally I value Gensokyo as a setting at least as much as the girls, if not more. So much that a Touhou story not set in Gensokyo has to be seriously excellent in every other aspect for me to enjoy reading it.
No. 8224
Valid point, I hadn't thought of the setting as a point of appeal, and agree that it adds something to the stories/games. Still, I personally value the characters above the setting, and would much rather read an AU story featuring characters I like than a story set in Gensokyo but without anyone I care about.
No. 8226
File 133443379114.jpg - (141.30KB , 576x576 , user23633_pic47531_1243551122.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're somehow overlooking the two most significant features of the games, one of which is the ridiculously awesome music...
No. 8227
I was mostly wondering what he would like about Touhou that would be relevant to this site, which those parts of the games aren't Screw it, everyone likes the music and bullet patterns, I was just being an idiot. Point conceded.
No. 8229
Like >>8223 said, I like Touhou for its setting (well, before the shmup aspect and the music).

For a Touhou story taking place in the Outside World, it should be about the culture clash between the residents of Gensokyo and the people of the Outside World. It would be a serious story of course.