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Question for you, my fellow writers.
For me, it took roughly 2 hours to write a 1,162 words long update.
How fast do you write?

No. 7122
2 hours?

1,700 words.
No. 7123
4323 words written over a span of 19 days. Actively writing for maybe 8 days and 3 or so to outline it. Maybe around 20 hours of actual writing.
No. 7124
It depends, really. It's taken me anywhere from 2-8 hours to do an update of around 2000 words. If I get really inspired, I can get 1000 words out in 30 minutes. Also, many of the longer times are due to extensive research (read as: Found what I needed on wikipedia, then 20 other things I didn't). Finally, there's also quite a few times where I've sat there, alt-tabbing back and forth trying to write for hours on end through sheer determination, but being unable to form coherent narratives. That accounts for most of those 8 hour sessions.
No. 7128
An update of averaTRIBES: ASCENDge ~2000 words taBATMANkes me about mayHIGH SCHOOL BOYSbe three to foBULLETSTORMur hours of actKILLING FLOORual writing. That means, when DARKNESS I'm writMORE TRIBESting and not watching animu/playing shitty videSYDNICATE SKYRIM LOST PLANET YET MORE TRIBES TRIBES METRO PROTOTYPE EATING MANS FREESPACE DAWN OF WAR TRIBES TRIBES TRIBESo games. Or talking on IRC. Or frying my arse on the beach.

But mostly playing Tribes.
No. 7132
I can crank out a 10k word update in a single night.

...but only after procrastinating for six months.
No. 7133
And you are?
No. 7135
'Sup Patchwork.
No. 7136
600 words after two weeks. An estimated 90% of the time available in that period was dedicated to vidya instead of writing.
No. 7138
that's just sad
No. 7144
I write a couple of thousand words in a night, then I decide it's shit and start over, then I decide that too is shit and start over and so forth.

This cycle continues until I'm pissed off enough to just fuck it all and post the goddamn thing.
No. 7153
I once wrote 1,500 words in 25 minutes. Usually though it takes me an hour or two to do about 2000, depending on what I'm writing. It's much faster when I'm in a groove.

I find that not reading what I write helps me. If I stopped to seriously read it, I'd never post anything. A cursory glance for grammar and the occasional word choice in dialog is good enough.