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Yay! Somebody continued the translation of Kasen's manga!

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Seems like Kasen is related to Suika somehow.
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That's what I get for not browsing Poosh frequently.

>common and cliche
Isn't it sad, Kyouko?
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It's not sad. It's RACIST.
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So, Yuyuko is a youkai now?

Also, since when Reimu wears pantyhose?
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someone got a link to the latest translated chapters?
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>>So, Yuyuko is a youkai now?

Ghosts count as a kind of youkai, so yes.

>>Also, since when Reimu wears pantyhose?

Since she decided she wanted to? It is winter after all.
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ZUN? Sexualising my shrine maiden?
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It's more likely than you think.

Besides, she has armpits. Why ask for anything else? It's just underpants.
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So, Poosh is at war with MoTK or something?
No. 7039
Some people from MotK posted a pastebin on Pooshlmer where some admin on MotK admitted to bestiality and some other crap. Then it turned out that the admin in question posted it as a trap to ban the people that wouldn't shut up about it on pooshlmer. Or something.

Ever since then there's been a ton of threads about how shitty MotK is. With that and the constant garbage like "HEY KEBINU I HEAR YOU LIKE DICKS" it's becoming as bad as /jp/.
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Things to clarify:
The people who posted the log were not technically part of MotK, but apparently friends of someone who was.

The person mentioned in the log for that was not an admin, just a normal member.

I assumed the administration had a policy to completely ignore Pooshlmer, but one of them decided to try and teach MotK "a lesson" for being so worked up about it by reposting the debacle over and over as a nameless fairy every time it was replied to by a member of the group upset over it. The head admin of MotK then had to apologize to the admin of Pooshlmer for the trouble they caused a couple of days later.

If they have enough authority to actually have the Pooshlmer admin respond, why not just have him instate janitors so it doesn't happen again? Not like the NSFW content is being cleaned up anymore, so obviously there's no point in it.
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God damn, WaHH has the worst character titles.
No. 7067
They seem to be Kasen's opinion of them, such as thoughtless shrine maiden (sanae)
No. 7092
Sanae seems to be portrayed like a ditzy, moe girl in that manga. Oh well, better than psycho Sanae.
No. 7105
Exactly. These titles are amusing as it's a character remarking on what we know already. Though her title for Komachi is nicer than I'd expect.
No. 7107
I dunno about that. Marisa is bold and timid? How does that even work?
No. 7108
Presumably being outwardly bold to hide actually being timid, or something like that. Though this raises the question of when Marisa would have seemed remotely timid.

Also, anyone know which WAHH chapter >>7028 is from? I didn't see it in any of 1-7.
No. 7110
Chapter 9