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New thread for bitching, insulting people, faggotry, and that kind of stuff. Take it easy.

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I want to read a story where the main character is gay and wants to sleep with Rinnosuke.
No. 6987
Why so monolithic representation of the other?
No. 6988
Another brand new promising story lost to the /tg/y gamey crap.
Oh well.
No. 6989
>rage thread
>take it easy
HOw do?
No. 6990
you forgot to capitalize Other
No. 6991
What story?
No. 6992
Fate/stay night crossover in /others/.

But it was inevitable, writefag brought it upon himself. From the moment he decided to give Remilia a load of stats it was a lost cause.
No. 6993
I hate how hard it is to find good Touhou crossover fanfics. Most of the time, it'll end being powerlevel wankfest for the Touhous.
No. 7002
but heavy stats are a type moon quirk. Only some sort of THP newfag wouldn't be familiar with type moon.
No. 7004
You do know that FSN servants come with stats, right?

And that the stats don't actually have any direct effect, they just tell you who's good at what?
No. 7008
>And that the stats don't actually have any direct effect, they just tell you who's good at what?

Tell it to this guy: >>/others/40104
No. 7009
Which came first, the stats or the capabilities? (It's the stats. The stats came first. The writer thought in terms of stats.)
No. 7018
I REALLY love being forced to post 8 times the same thing because ERROR MEMORY doesn't like my update. Really.

And by "love", I mean "I want that memory error to die in a fire, next to Maidens of the Kaleidoscope and Random Anon".
No. 7019
What's wrong with MOTK?
No. 7020
I'm glad to hear you have access into the memories of Nasu and/or Kirandra.
No. 7023
I feel like the main problem is that the administrators have a spotty history with the grey zones of rules/policies enforcement and one of the higher ups within the system likes to play rogue while those administrators have to deal with whatever mess that person causes later on.

Also, the community is divided in multiple areas with attitudes ranging from "good friend" to "acquaintance" but usually "get off my lawn you asshole". I am fairly comfortable in where I sit, but it's very blurry on telling what's fine and what's horribly horribly bad.

That is my opinion on why it's irritating, anyways.
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File 133021407243.jpg - (73.96KB , 294x312 , 1330185422290.jpg ) [iqdb]
I have no problems or any need to rage. I love you people.

Everyone on here. You guys should take it easy too.
No. 7037
IMPACT!!! *shakes fist*
No. 7053
>take it easy
HA HA HA HA( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_☆
No. 7056
I'd like to bitch about how the Mind the Gap writer posts in /at/ with his trip and ends up ruining the voting process. Not much point in voting if his sheep mindlessly bandwagon him.

This is the sort of shit that caused trip posting outside of your own story to be highly discouraged.
No. 7072

Have you ever been on his channel? I don't think it could be any more of a literal circlejerk unless they busted out the dildos and started passing them around. Every person in there is terrible.
No. 7073
No. 7077
#touhporn on rizon

Goodness knows why anyone would make a channel dedicated to pornography. It's like reading the comments on porn videos where you get a bunch of creepy old men saying they'd love to tie down women and rape and marry them...
No. 7084
File 133042463924.png - (326.38KB , 500x341 , EiFBU.png ) [iqdb]
No. 7085
Someone's mad.
No. 7086
I got it from Fandom Secrets actually.
No. 7088
Do you really want people like that in channels not dedicated to pornography? Of course you don't. So they make their own, and good riddance.
No. 7089
Don't try to fix the problem. If there are enough people to rage here, there's a chance that an admin might put music back again.
No. 7093
I've been wondering, any writefags here who post their stories in other sites like ff.net and deviantart?
No. 7094
I've noticed a trend: Stories that attract /tg/ folk always get overanalyzed to hell and back. Jesus people, chill out and take things as they come. It's a story first, you don't need to 'win' it.
No. 7095
Ignore them. They're having fun in their own way.
No. 7096
I posted one of my short on Pixiv (more for my own benefit than anyone else's), but that's all. I also tried posting them on MotK one time, but I frankly preferred THP's greetings than MotK's "that character is missing she better be alive T_T".
No. 7097
This has been a common thing since day 0. Get used to it. The author and the participants probably enjoy it, and if it gets out of hand, the former will head it off somehow.

I dislike it as well, but still Read and let read.
No. 7112
I highly doubt any writefags here, at least the good ones, also have stories on ff.net. The only decent toohoo story there is Imperfect Metamorphosis, and I don't think the author of that even knows THP exists.
No. 7115
What's so good about that story anyway? I read it once and it didn't interest me. It is well-written though.
No. 7126
Why are you asking? You've already decided you don't like it from firsthand experience.
No. 7145
File 133062717839.jpg - (13.39KB , 225x225 , index.jpg ) [iqdb]
A question to you all. Is it canon that Yuyuko is a slut? I mean, the fandom portrays her as a girl who likes to flirt with everyone. Either that, or she's portrayed as Kirby.
No. 7146
File 133062808072.jpg - (943.31KB , 1290x968 , 24980511.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7147
>Is it canon that Yuyuko is a slut?
There is no way you are seriously asking this question.
No. 7148
>Is it canon that Yuyuko is a slut?
The answer to this question is very probably "no", but heck, I've been wrong before, so I'm not totally sure.
No. 7149
List of sluts:
1. Aya
2. Sanae
3. Cirno
4. Youmu
No. 7150
5. Everyone. Especially Unzan.
No. 7157
when did this turn into a Poolshmer thread?
No. 7160
Think you need Sakuya in there, champ. Double standards are bad.
No. 7166
File 133065974598.jpg - (8.59KB , 208x242 , images.jpg ) [iqdb]
Next question then. Is it canon that Koakuma is a succubus? Lots of stories here seem to portray her that way.
No. 7167
File 133066099344.jpg - (683.21KB , 1200x1200 , 22976522_p4.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's fanon. People like thinking of her as a succubus, for obvious reasons.
No. 7169
File 13306627157.jpg - (101.54KB , 700x1250 , 6833c1721d58ffaad1eeb17fe8c13f4f.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. There's next to no canon on Koakuma.
She's a devil and she's mischievous. That's it.
No. 7215
So, what about that knight in Gensokyo story? It is abandonned too?
No. 7216
It's dead, Jim.
No. 7217
I'm raging a lot here.
No. 7224
More like indefinite hiatus. Karesh is showing up in IRC more so go bug him there.
No. 7226
File 133082450579.jpg - (9.26KB , 184x184 , 3ec50e9a71a3d579648f934dfacb8f654b58a20e_full.jpg ) [iqdb]
I went ahead and talked with Karesh.

Never tell your password to anyone.
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: Oooo
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: OOOOOO
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: I hear you dropped your story
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: What are you?
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: Some sort of FAGGOT?
Karesh: What
Karesh: who said that?
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: It don't matter who says it, nigga
Karesh: (Also I did have a boyfriend for a while there so yes)
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: NO, NIGGA
Karesh: Anyway Yeah I guess I have dropped it
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: Why?
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: Could it be that you're some sort of...
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: ... actually, forget it.
Karesh: You called it shit and that totally crushed my fragile self esteem
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: Just don't tell me you dropped it because you've got a huge depression and want to kill yourself.
Karesh: I've been living in a desolate, bleak landscape
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: Nigga, I call everything shit.
Karesh: of darkness
Karesh: and self harm
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: You wanna know why
Karesh: Because everythign is shit?
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: If I called yer story shit
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: which I can't recall, by the way
Karesh: But na
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: then you should have been all
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: FUCK DAT NIGGA
Karesh: I guess I just like
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: IMA SHOW HIM
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: WHAT I IS MADE OF
Karesh: There wasn't a concrete moment where I said I ain't gonna do it anymore
Karesh: just an ever increasing length between updates and a great hole where my motivation used to be
Karesh: can't explain why, but it's not like I'm depressed so don't worry about that
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: This is going on /blue/, you realise
Karesh: Oh, sure. Go ahead.
Karesh: Do me a favor though and post my profile pic with it
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: Shit. Now that you said go ahead, I don't feel like it as much.
Karesh: Let the ungrateful swine know
Karesh: that I have images for them
Karesh: Would you like to try that again?
Karesh: I could pretend to be horrified at the prospect
Karesh: if that's what you need
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: I could fap easier to that
Karesh: Thought so
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: Seriously though
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: you easy with me posting this?
Karesh: If I knew how to shuffle I would shuffle as I typed out how easy I am
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: Are you saying you're a slut
Karesh: Yes
ΞHomeless GirlsΞ: Score!

And then we talked about dicks. So there you have it. I don't know if this answers any questions, but whatever. The dick talk was worth it.
No. 7228
File 133082688383.jpg - (155.99KB , 800x800 , trash burger.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fuck yeah dicks.
No. 7231
I hate The Tengu Must Die like you would not fucking believe.
I don't even need to read it. Just knowing what it is and that it's there and updating is enough to make me seethe with rage.
No. 7232
Click the hide thread button. It doesn't show the thread name or any other way to identify what was hidden, so it's easy to pretend the thread never existed.
No. 7233
Thank fuck for that feature, /at/ would be unbrowsable without that
No. 7238
Don't like, don't read.
No. 7239

I'm sorry to hear that! It is definitely a niche piece, though.
No. 7254
It's more of a confession than raging, but I can't think of any other thread where I'd post this:

Sometimes I lie about the reason I voted for a particular option to get more people voting for it, the real reason behind my choice being selfish.
Is this bad? I guess if people are actually convinced by my contrived excuse, it can't be THAT bad.

Selfish as in "GIRL X ROUTE GO"
No. 7256
so how 'bout dat Rumia route
No. 7259
Nonsense. Patchy Route is best route.
No. 7262
File 133087458970.jpg - (515.68KB , 800x542 , 8fff19f96458cb8eacc7761963f2b399.jpg ) [iqdb]
If they take your bait, they deserve all they get.
Like a MONSTER route, for one! All who bring such horrors upon themselves should be denied any and all help!
No. 7269
FUCKING VERRY often, when I post, I'm directed toward a white page named "board.php". What does that mean? Did I do something wrong?
No. 7271
>>7265 etc

The site is being DDoSed by China for some unknown reason. As a result there are some significant stability issues when posting.

Typically one of three bad things will happen when posting:
You get an out of memory error (tried to allocate x bytes ...)
You get a blank page
If you were uploading a file, you could also get a message saying that it couldn't be converted to a thumbnail, likely because it is of the wrong type (This is incorrect, as the reason it usually fails is the memory issues).

Sometimes when this happens your post is gone entirely. Sometimes it goes through fine and you don't see any problem. However what happens most of the time is that the server gets the post, puts it into the database, but explodes when it tries to recreate the thread page. The result is that your post is invisible (sometimes it's visible on some of the pages, e.g. you can see it on the main board but not if you actually click the link)

What you should do when you get one of these errors:
First of all, do NOT just keep clicking reply until you can see your post. You will probably end up with multiple copies of your post.
Check to see if your post did go through. Open a new window and refresh the thread page.
You can press back to recover your post and image, but this will not fill in your password. Your password will be blank every time you click back, and when you click post with a blank password you get a new randomly generated password. This is why you can't delete the extra posts. Each post ends up with a new randomly generated password. To solve this issue, check the password field before posting and type in your own password. That way if you do get multiple posts you can delete them afterward.
If you were trying to upload an image you can keep trying without issue. You can't post an image multiple times so you won't get duplicated posts. The only possible risk is that your post can't be deleted if you didn't follow the advice above.
If you get an image already uploaded error but can't see your post, you can fix this by making a text-only post and deleting it. This will refresh the thread making your original post visible again.
The posting issues come and go. Most of the time you can post fine, but you get occasional bursts of memory errors. If you get memory errors multiple times then just wait 15 minutes or so and try again.

I'm extremely long winded, so if someone else wants to try to condense this feel free.
tl;dr type in your fucking password every time so you can delete your posts.
No. 7272
>when you click post with a blank password you get a new randomly generated password
That should be written in the website's FAQ or something like that! That's terribly important! Thank for the advice, I wasn't usre if that was related to the chinese DDOSS.
No. 7273
It had better not be the Eldest Scarlet you're doing this in.
No. 7274
File 133088802719.jpg - (210.86KB , 721x700 , 13975838.jpg ) [iqdb]
Would you mind putting your real reason underneath your contrived excuse? There's nothing selfish about wanting a particular thing to happen.
No. 7300
But that wouldn't trick anyone.
No. 7316
I'd rather have people voting for the same reasons I am than trick them. But that's just me.

And writers usually like knowing what their readers want to see. Honesty helps this.
No. 7371
File 133132138641.jpg - (696.02KB , 3032x2007 , Storm.jpg ) [iqdb]
So, how many updates before Patchwork disappears again? Why is he waiting so long before updating? Does he enjoy being called? Can't he just decide of a deadline, or something like that?

I know he updated his story, Kindred Inalterable Dependancy. But is he going to update it often? Or is he going "okay lol i updated this so dont bother me until next year"? Can I trust him as a writer, or is he a lazy asshole?
Tell me, because I'm really angry right now, and I feel like I'm being played a fool when I expect update from him (and don't even get me started on glasnost and demetrious).
No. 7374
Let's talk about glasnost. I'm pissed at him for MoaV, too.
No. 7381
That story should never have been conceived. Now it won't ever see true maturity and everyone that read it will have a huge gaping hole in their souls.
No. 7425
I'd like to complain about myself. I haven't updated in months.
No. 7426
There's a simple solution to that, you know.
No. 7432
No. 7436
If that's how you write, then yes.
No. 7452
You know, sometimes it's okay to just communicate with the author normally. The vote template is just a convention for story choices.

Just sayin'.
No. 7474
Okay, this is unforgivable!

Deme's stopped writing his story here to write a fucking Strike Witches CYOA in 4chan!

Why? Why did you choose a crappy fanservice animu over Touhou and DnD?
No. 7475
Cause he thought it would be more fun. Duh.
No. 7476

Links please.
No. 7477
Ain’t no nigga kin tell wot da writers be thinkin’.
No. 7478
You're fucking joking, right?
No. 7479
Just search for Planefag on sup/tg/.

Or I could just give it you.


Look at how many the "Strike Witches Quest" threads are. Those are all Demetrious' work.
No. 7480
I feel a tad bit betrayed, but the writing quality is still ok and self insertion is through the roof, so I can enjoy it some-what.
No. 7481
First thread isn't archived, what kinda fucking world is this.
No. 7482
I should care because?
No. 7483
I think he's more dedicated on writing that story instead of his story here. He has these long-ass notes about religion in that story.


Also, IRC link for anyone interested just so we can bug him to return here

#SWQ @Rizon.net
No. 7484
So would anyone happen to have the first thread saved or a link to it?
No. 7485
Luckily, it's there, just not tagged with Strike Witches Quest.

No. 7486
Unless you meant the one that the first thread in suptg has a link to in it already:

No. 7488
I guess both of them are what I was looking for, as they both came before what I had already read. Thank ye for the links.
No. 7489
File 133208260922.jpg - (8.32KB , 206x245 , neckbeard.jpg ) [iqdb]
Good. With this, THP shall be once more free of neckbeards from /tg/. Now, we only need to purge those Quest stories.
No. 7490
File 133208790130.png - (17.21KB , 134x140 , autism speaks.png ) [iqdb]
Before the shitstorm over this post starts out, I'd like to say something. Now, I don't claim to be some sort of expert on the subject, nor have I dedicated extensive time to thinking about it, but all this I'm about to say is obvious if you're paying a bit of attention.

See, the issue is not the people from /tg/ themselves: I visit the board frequently myself, and can attest they are not idiots. The issue is how they approach stories.

See, in /tg/, 'quests', as they're called there, tend more towards the game part than the story part: Voters are afforded extreme freedom, and the writers adapt the story accordingly. while the majority of us who were here before tend to see CYAOs more like just that: CYAO books. The writers have more or less a plot in mind and the voters pick from a limited set of choices which will drive the story, but not with quite as much freedom as quests. For the sake of brevity, I'm excluding from this comparison all wuig-style proto-stories.

/tg/ folk, being used to PnP role playing games where you have complete freedom of action, transplanted their 'quest' style stories whole, without bothering to look at previously existing stories and adapting to the style of THP, thus creating a rift in the community: There are /tg/ stories and THP stories. It would already be an issue if it was simply a divided community, but to make things worse, when /tg/ goers branched out from their stories, they tried to bring in the logic they use in their own quests, leading to all of those horrible write ins I'm sure you all remember. Thankfully this problem has waned a bit by now, as I think most of the 'immigrants', so to speak, have learned the difference and to refrain a bit with their write-ins.

Anyway, I have no idea why I just wrote all of this. Cheers.
No. 7491
Ah ah ah. Nevermind that Kahi's stories are some of the best here right now?
No. 7492
File 133209698341.jpg - (27.48KB , 300x400 , fascinating.jpg ) [iqdb]
The ones full of yukkuris, stat rolling and crossovers?
Yeah, good joke pal.
No. 7493
I don,t like yus either. CQ I don't really read. Soon enough, it will be easy to forget about the yus in PQ. And they only appeared once in DQ.

Stat rolling? Deal with it. Crossover? Who really cares if it makes a good story?

Thing is, Kahi is a great writer. Considering the number of voters he gets, I know I'm not the only one thinking this.
No. 7494


I'm not a fan of relying on meta-story concepts with inherently random elements to drive the actual plot, but I'll agree that Kahi still does a damn good job of putting words together, making it a pleasure to read regardless of what goes on 'underneath the hood'.
No. 7495
must be you alone as PQ was alright at first before getting buried in pointless side quests and yukkuris.

It's more he attracted the brainless masses of /th/ and brings them into other boards, lowering their average IQ by 10+ points.

pretty true, and general discussion isn't new to THP between votes, look at how folks used to talk in Lion's MoF between updates. The main difference between the neckbearding in Demetrious' story and in Kahi's stuff is about 40 IQ points.

As for why he's doing a Strike Witch story? I heard he can wing it on the fly easier than a CYOA.
No. 7496
Make it that people who have a post in /th/ are automatically banned from the rest of the board (except for /blue/ of course).
No. 7497
Shut up, Wiseman.
No. 7498
He still posts on this site? I thought he only hangs around IRC nowadays.
No. 7499
>Kahi's stories
>some of the best here
HAHAHA- oh wait you're serious.
Let me laugh even harder.
No. 7500
File 133211845546.png - (149.53KB , 599x600 , 2bd42bcc4700bf350c12c974f6347a66.png ) [iqdb]
>>It's more he attracted the brainless masses of /th/ and brings them into other boards, lowering their average IQ by 10+ points.

>>The main difference between the neckbearding in Demetrious' story and in Kahi's stuff is about 40 IQ points.

Even if I could properly quantify in terms of IQ points how much dumber I feel after reading your post, I still wouldn't actually do it. Why? Because that is a stupid thing to do.

You may not think it is, as you chortle to yourself over how easily you skewered those /th/ dullards with your rapier wit, but the fact of the matter is that "they lowered IQs by blah blah points" bit is not nearly as clever-sounding as you think it is. Honestly, it sounds more like the sort of thing a stereotypical nerd in a movie or TV show would come up with as a "sick burn" against the "jocks" and "preps" who give him wedgies and dunk his head in the toilet, but he never actually says it to them because he knows they'll just laugh at him and/or kick his ass. Possibly both, simultaneously.

You think the people in /th/ are stupid. Fine. I get that. So do a bunch of other people, or at least a vocal few who just like to repeat themselves a lot. If you absolutely have to start up with that old song-and-dance, though, you could at least have the decency to express it in a way that actually stands a chance of you being taken seriously. Unless you don't want to be taken seriously, then by all means, go ahead and do whatever you want. Just don't be surprised when someone accuses you of being Wiseman, and tells you to shut up.

What, exactly, is so bad about them? Why do you think they're so stupid? In what way are they so intolerable that their mere presence on a board offends you? What actual, logical reasons do you have for feeling the way you do about them, besides "THEY ARE SO DUMB"?

I know this board, and especially these threads, are pretty much made for bitching and faggotry, but for all the times I've seen people refer to the "brainless masses of /th/" on here, I have yet to see anything from any of the complainers here to convince me that they're any better than the "/th/ styled retards" they bitch about, regardless of their IQ.
No. 7501
I have a lightsaber.
That makes me better than anyone else.
No. 7502
Oh yeah? Well, I have TWO lightsabers! That's, like, doubly better than anyone else.
No. 7503
File 133212861594.jpg - (189.23KB , 1280x720 , Tali.jpg ) [iqdb]

I have a shotgun.
No. 7504
You have my axe! Give it back!
No. 7505
From what I've seen they're prone to doing /tg/ type choices that ignore the flow of the story and come off as someone who only lurked on /tg/ a bit and figured they know everything about DnD. The biggest example would be the character creation part of Doll's Quest where the majority proceeded to do a moronically impractical stat build for the main character and from what I read of the story before I dropped it, it did more harm than good.

I remarked on the dragging in part as the majority of the voters in Kahi's other stories seem to have a similar "dim" vibe if not being overly fond of Yukkuri-fucking. The only other explanation is that Kahi is bringing in people to read his stories from other places.

This is in contrast to Demetrious readers, who while they may get a bit carried away with their power gaming, come of as people who know what they're doing about it. The very worst they've done is waste posts as their posts are amusing and insightful/helpful for the non-DnD literate.

Though I also believe the typical /th/ story has a role in it as "randum romp around gensokyo" type stories seem to only encourage stupidity. Readers of these stories end up going into other and applying such random thinking, often to troublesome effect.

The issue isn't as prevalent in other boards as there's less reader density and higher story quality. This usually results in people using their brains more and what rare stupid ideas are nipped in the bud. There are exceptions, such as Kahi's works, where the effect on other stories has been observed a few times but still appears contained to Kahi's stories alone for the most part. I am fearful of what would happen when Kahi drops those stories (his past writing history suggests that he's a chronic dropper) as all the readers he has would likely get restless and head over into other stories droves. If we're lucky they would just go back to /th/.

Though there is one area perhaps worse in this regard than /th/: /at/ as whatever plot going on in a story doesn't have a chance when most of the reader base gets antsy (commonly due to Mind the Gap's writer taking a long break) as they will vote for anything sexy even if it wrecks the story. The bright side is that they rarely leave /at/, making it mainly an issue for whoever feels like writing a plot with generous amounts of porn story.

I hope this explains my remarks.
No. 7506
No. 7507
Kahi got most of his readers from Spacebattles actually.
No. 7508
Here, let me spare some anon the trouble of typing their next post:

No. 7509
Thank you for confirming that for me. I have no idea why those readers are like that as I'm not familiar with SB culture.
No. 7510
File 133214542955.jpg - (103.76KB , 875x1269 , She waited.jpg ) [iqdb]
I want to see Wintertime Alchemist being updated. Who am I supposed to kick in the nuts?
No. 7511
Well, for starters, they look down on THP so don't expect them to follow the norms around here.

Second, they are crossover maniacs. That should tell you why the story's popular.

Third, they often use crossovers as a tool to bash series they don't like. Take Patchy Quest for example. They're trying to make Patchouli a uber magician (Mary Sue), just so she can curbstomp anyone and anything from the HP-verse. This kind of power imbalance makes a really boring story. It's obvious nothing can touch Patchy, so why should the readers care about her?

Really, they're like /tg/ only more stupid.
No. 7512
>Well, for starters, they look down on THP so don't expect them to follow the norms around here.
Untrue. I've seen the amount of horrible spelling and capitalization go down as people get reminded to not type shitty.

>Second, they are crossover maniacs. That should tell you why the story's popular.
Irrelevant. Why is this bad?

>This kind of power imbalance makes a really boring story.
This got went over in one of the threads, with a poster I assume was you. There are challenges other than a contest of pure magical strength, not to mention challenges from Gensokyo.

>Really, they're like /tg/ only more stupid.
I love how you blame all shitposts on the poster belonging to a specific group rather than the poster themselves being an idiot.
No. 7513
Thank you for taking the time to do that, though I know it doesn't mean much to know that an anonymous person on the internet thinks a little bit better of you.

That said, I do have to disagree with you on a couple points.
I can't comment on the problems regarding the specific stories you cite, as I don't really have any interest in them, but I'm not entirely convinced some of your problems with their readers are really the fault of the readers. Not entirely, at least.

>>Though I also believe the typical /th/ story has a role in it as "randum romp around gensokyo" type stories seem to only encourage stupidity. Readers of these stories end up going into other and applying such random thinking, often to troublesome effect.

While there are problems when readers of one kind of story apply the same ways of thinking and doing things as they do for their usual stories, the only way that can cause any actual harm to the story is if people (the author, especially) allow it to get to that point. If a bunch of people hop into a new story and are clearly approaching it in a way it's not meant to be approached, the author can and should step in and set them straight. Let them know they're it doing wrong, establish some ground rules, or anything else they think will help improve things.

They don't even have to be gentle about it, if they don't want to. A simple, no-nonsense declaration and ultimatum work just fine, too.
"This isn't that kind of story. Stop fucking around. Fall in line, or get the fuck out."

If it's their voting that's the main problem, the author can just ignore the votes. If you're writing a story here, you're not just a mindless story-producing machine, subject to the whims of your voters. You are the director, the editor in chief, the one who has the final say in what does or does not happen in your story. No matter how many idiots chime in with stupid, out-of-character, story-derailing votes, the only way any of that has any actual effect on the story is if the writer writes it like that.

"But I'm just writing what people are voting for" isn't an excuse, even if that's the whole point of a CYOA. If a story was road trip, then the voters are just filling the role of the guy navigating from the passenger seat. No matter which way they say he should go, the writer is ultimately the one doing the actual driving, and it's his own fault if he doesn't have enough sense to realize his passenger's instructions are about the lead him off the edge of a cliff.

>>they will vote for anything sexy even if it wrecks the story

Even in an /at/ story, everything I said still applies.
Setting aside how strange it is that voting for the "sexy" options on the porn board could somehow be a bad thing, I don't think it's fair to blame idiot voters for voting for something that wrecks the story if the writer made the potentially story-wrecking option in the first place.

"Hey, Mr. Reader! Let's go on a journey!"
"Sure thing, Mr. Writer! Where can we go?"
"Well, I'll tell you, Mr. Reader! We can go to the beach, the theme park, or jump off this bridge and into a pit of flaming spikes!"
"Wow! That sounds awesome, Mr. Writer! Let's do the pit of flaming spikes!"
"Really, Mr. Reader? Are you sure you wouldn't rather go to the beach?"
"Nope! Flaming spike-pit all the way, Mr. Writer!"
"Well, okay! Since that's what you want..."

And then they both died.


Now, whose fault was it that they died, really?
Sure, Mr. Reader may have been a bit of a moron for picking the choice that he did, but what does it say about Mr. Writer for going along with it?
For that matter, why did he even present such a clearly harmful thing as a valid option, anyway?

I'm not saying that morons can't shit things up for everybody else. Believe me, I've seen it happen too many times in my time here, but it's misguided to lay all the blame on them for things going wrong when there are ways of stopping or preventing it from happening.
No. 7514
That would work if writers have the balls to stand against their readers. But most often, they're too afraid to anger their readers to do anything against them.
The only guy I remember who did something like that is that "Do The Right Thing" writefag, who went against his readers when they tried to go for the sexy option with the satoris girl.
No. 7515
This sums up Kahi's readers very well to an extent I didn't think to be possible.

>Untrue. I've seen the amount of horrible spelling and capitalization go down as people get reminded to not type shitty.

It doesn't cover the rest of THP culture they're likely ignoring and their possible ignorance of THP culture is likely to cause all sorts of problems down the line.

>Irrelevant. Why is this bad?

It is relevant as THP has a tradition of standing about shitty crossover stories and remember Sonic and Meta Knight fondly for the sole reason of mocking the fools who brought them into the story. These people see like the sort to encourage said shitty crossover stories.

>This got went over in one of the threads, with a poster I assume was you. There are challenges other than a contest of pure magical strength, not to mention challenges from Gensokyo.

In concept yes but from the sounds of it, they do not care for such challenges but rather "Gensokyo curbstomps Harry Potter". This attitude is clearly evident among PQ's voters.

>I love how you blame all shitposts on the poster belonging to a specific group rather than the poster themselves being an idiot.

This is not just a poster, but rather a group of them. Perhaps there's folks on space battles that aren't so bad that go here, but if that's the case they don't stick out this much.

Some counter points: Your first point would be good if not for the fact the typical /th/ writer is someone new and not willing to put their foot down. This leads anon to exploit them (sometimes unwittingly). It seems only particularly experienced writers are willing to set anon straight, like DtRT's writer's case that >>7514 brought up.

As far as the /at/ point? True as the writer is slightly at fault for not curbing an unnatural voting trend (such as MtG writer's breaks). The chief example of such behavior happened in Innocent Maiden's Nightmare, where after one or two runs killed with "Bad ends" the writer gave up. It served as something savvy writers learned from. It may be a while before things get better as /at/ is slow to have better stories though the main ones running aren't likely to really die anytime soon.

>I'm not saying that morons can't shit things up for everybody else. Believe me, I've seen it happen too many times in my time here, but it's misguided to lay all the blame on them for things going wrong when there are ways of stopping or preventing it from happening.

Stopping and preventing stupidity from winning is difficult in /th/ as the sheer number is higher and a stupid bandwagon with such numbers is nearly impossible to stop. Shutting down the efforts of 2-3 idiots isn't hard, the same can't be said for 5+. It'll only get easier when the story quality rises, which is easier said than done given the life expectancy of any story, particularly good ones.

I don't mean to go "hahaha you're wrong", but rather I was presenting a counter point from my experiences.
No. 7516
File 133215803876.jpg - (53.15KB , 471x694 , 394104303.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wait, we have a Sonic crossover story here?
No. 7519
Hey, you forgot to tell that they also write crossover stories with their own site.

Really, they inserted their "avatar self" into some stories they've made. Roleplaying much?
No. 7520
Rather self insert than roleplaying.
No. 7522
You obviously haven't read a lot of HP fanfics.
No. 7523
>In concept yes but from the sounds of it, they do not care for such challenges but rather "Gensokyo curbstomps Harry Potter". This attitude is clearly evident among PQ's voters.

This. Just look at what the latest vote has to say.

>Personally I think (magically copied) books would have been the superior choice for almost all the professors. With careful selection, they serve as a subtle reminder of our superiority without being too over-the-top.

With this kind of attitude from the voters and Kahi agreeing with them, it's no wonder it would turn into a "Gensokyo curbstomps Harry Potter" story.
No. 7524
I'd just like to point out that most of us aren't with him.

Yes, we have people that vote like that, but they are not all the voters.

Also I can't really recall Kahi 'agreeing with' anything.
No. 7525
but strike witches quest is awesome
No. 7526
He might not be agreeing with anything, but he's certainly not disagreeing with Anon's votes, which only encourages it.
No. 7527
Quick recap so far:
Voters- Start reading the story and voting according to what the story wants and not for routes/smut or "for the lulz"
Authors- Grow some balls and start vetoing stupid votes, if none of the votes seem stupid- catagorize yourself under voter and read the above
No. 7528
The circlejerking is strong with that one.
No. 7529
Wow... I have no words...

The stories with their self-inserts are all fucking curbstomps.

Why? Why do people keep doing this?
No. 7530

Hence the saying: "It's not enough that I'm an idiot, it's the fact that I'm showing everyone on the internet that I am."

And there's also the saying: "One persons crap is another persons fap material."

It doesn't matter what you do or how bad it is. Someone, somewhere, will enjoy it.
No. 7531
Because the stories that don't have that bullshit don't update nearly enough or worse, they get dropped. This site is dying and the only lifeblood being pumped into it are these shitty stories.

I'd like to take it easy, really I would. But this site just keeps getting worse. There is no "quality" to maintain anymore, just faggotry.
No. 7532
>But this site just keeps getting worse
What site? Space Battles or THP?
No. 7533
Sadder still that there's plenty of stories that "don't have that bullshit", as you've quaintly put it, but don't get much in the way of votes or attention. My advice? Read good stories, get others to do the same and I bet you won't even notice the other crap.
No. 7534
Yeah, but Kahi's shit is frequently bumped, that's annoying. That makes me mad.

So I post here to calm myself.
No. 7535
Hide the threads and stop getting mad at stupid shit.
No. 7536
This is true, but I argue that there just aren't many good readers/writers left that'll put the effort into a story. I can think of a few good stories left, but only one of those has updated in the past 7 days. And even then, updates have become sporadic.
No. 7537
There are a few promising stories on /th/ though I'm personally waiting and seeing if they'll last before reading them. And the crap story problem is mainly an issue in /th/ and at the moment /others/. I only added /others/ as stories there besides CQ have slowed down.

But /others/ has been known to slow down time to time.

Fixing /th/'s issues begins with encouraging newbies to read both new and old stories and to make them think on if their story doesn't belong in another boards. The whole "But /th/ has the most readers" reason is a poor one that only perpetuates all the negative trends including the stupidity issue.

THose trends being people reading /th/ only as it has the most stories and many people reading on /th/ which results in such a crowded board that only the best get any real readership/votes.

There is the mistake of putting it in /th/ for all the freedom is has when most newcomers cannot handle such freedom and are prone to ending up in the SDM trap or underground Namek.
No. 7538
Really? Go on, list your good stories.
I need something to read anyway, better to read good fanfics and keep them going.

I remember when THP was good. Back in the days, Kahi would probably be chased out of the website with torches and pitchforks for writing shit.
No. 7539
>Back in the days, Kahi would probably be chased out of the website with torches and pitchforks for writing shit.

No he wouldn't have been. You're delusional if you think Kahi is as bad as Wiseman or that meta-knight guy.
No. 7540
I've actually considered writing a story, or series of stories, starting in /underground/ and then migrating to /th/. Unfortunately, I have neither time nor motivation to write, also I am not sure if anon still bitches about DESPAIR in their stories, because based on my notes my seires treads grimdark.
No. 7541
I remember that Anon tried to drive Hartmann off the site. And even if he's stupid, arrogant, and totally unable to write a decent story, at least he wasn't as bad as J to E.

And I still think that Kahi is much worse, because Hartmann has only one or two readers, while Kahi is bring unsufferable assholes from other sites.
No. 7542
No. 7543
Gensokyoland Saga
Glass Half Empty
Fragmentation of Memories
Clockwork Visit: Midday
Creeping Shadows

In no particular order. These are all worth reading and participating in. Some have issues, but we're working through it.
No. 7544
>Kahi is bring
Kahi is bringing.
No. 7545
I think you're seriously overestimating the problem here. If we can survive people coming from Shrinemaiden and Pooshilmer, then we can survive a few coming from Spacebattles. It's not that big a deal.
No. 7549
If you say so, I'll just hide Kahi's threads and ignore anything related to him until everything is calm again.
No. 7550
If he was around when /blue/ first started up, he might have been on the list along with them. But as it stands, his writing isn't bad but it's not good either nor does it encourage any positive trends as opposed to negative ones.

I think they didn't try hard enough compared to what they did to Wiseman or J to the E. As for the SpaceBattles influx, we can only hope they don't invade other stories. I'm not worried about any Poosh or Shrinemaiden folk as they're aware of THP culture for the most part and the fact many THPers sometimes step into those areas to look up certain things not found here (fan games, music, etc)

Those are some fine stories though they're all in slow spots at the moment compared to Kahi's churning out of updates for one of his three stories (mostly Yukkuri quest)

The fact you consider it grimdark is a sign you need to work on it more as grimdark is something of a joke in origin and people best known for doing it end up overdoing it such as Frank "All women are whores" Miller.

There's nothing wrong with a nicely done dark story, but if it's a blatantly grimderp rendition of things just to spite normal touhou, there will be problems. Just look at J to the E. He didn't quite do grim dark, but he did a painfully basic shounen take on things because he didn't care much for Touhou nor for what he considered Romance stories. Yeah we have YAF to thank for him as it was one of his earlier grimderp efforts (My Dog) that brought him here.

But to answer your question, Anon doesn't rage about despair much these days though some have shown in the past to love it akin to some cult.
No. 7551
>we have YAF to thank for him as it was one of his earlier grimderp efforts (My Dog) that brought him here.

I really don't think an author can be blamed for who reads their story.
No. 7553
File 13322208784.jpg - (344.45KB , 1000x1000 , 19919044.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>This site is dying and the only lifeblood being pumped into it are these shitty stories.

You know, as much as I hate the whole "if you don't like it, let's see you do something better" line, I feel this is one of the few instances where I think it's actually a legitimate suggestion rather than some lame attempt at defending something for being shit.

You think the site is dying? You don't like the lack of good stories? Why not actually do something about it, and make your own story? If you see a void that can be filled, why not be the one to fill it, rather than just complain about it and hope someone else will come and do it?
You want there to be better stories? Make them. You wish certain characters would be written about more? Write about them!

That's why we're here, after all. Those who've been here since the beginning would still be doing nothing more than twiddling their thumbs waiting for GM to finish her goddamn soup and update WUiG if nobody thought to try their own hand at writing a CYOA to fill the void, and we'd only be a little further along than that if the people reading and voting in those stories didn't go on to start stories of their own, eventually.

Even if you don't know much about writing, if you're familiar enough with the stories here to know what you do or don't like, you should at least know what to avoid doing, yourself. From there, it's just a matter of imagining what you would like to see, putting it into actual words, and putting those words out there for others to read. It doesn't even have to be a CYOA, if you don't want to commit that much. Short stories are a perfectly fine way to go, as well. Short stories, poems, hastily-done song parodies; the sky's the limit, basically.
No. 7554
Writing ain't easy you know. Besides, there is no specialized thread to ask for advice or criticism for your writing. And don't tell us to go to IRC. Most of them are lazy faggots over there, talking about Danbooru links or Koafort all day.

Heck, even Spacebattles has one.
No. 7555
>there is no specialized thread to ask for advice or criticism for your writing.
If you ask for critique, I think you'll get some. I think if you made a thread about writing in general you'd get input by people on the site on what is good and what isn't.

Funnily enough, these past few days some of the conversations I've had with people on IRC have been about writing and storytelling. But that's admittedly elsewhere.
No. 7556
There's folks willing to talk about writing and stories, it's just the matter of asking them and that doesn't happen as there isn't much in the way of new blood coming in there.

But if you have issues with a story being shit, try to do better. It may not be easy but with a good proofreader and enough determination, you can make something better than said shit.

Perhaps not, but this would be a pebble in the mountain that is "Shit YAF has done in the past" It also goes to serve what happens when you go about writing grimderp touhou stuff here: It attracts the wrong crowd.

I agree wholeheartedly and people forget that the first bunch of writers were not flawless writing gods, but folks out to make a tale in their vision and entertaining people. Their mistakes and many others' exist as a guide of how to write a story. And there's the current hits which have suggestions on how to make a story better.

I'm trying my best to steer any newcomers from blindly putting a story in /th/ for a mix of reasons, including for their own sake as if it's in /th/, it'll end up lost in all the other stories or overlooked.
No. 7559
Why not start one then?
No. 7562
I don’t mind if you blame me, old chap—in fact, if it helps the situation in any way, be my guest—but be fair and don’t skim over the fact that My Dog (or any “grimderp” piece from back then) was enjoyed by pretty much everyone, not just the grit-loving crowd.
‘Sides, what would you have me do? Get up the guy’s face and be all “I brought you into these boards, I can also un-bring you?” I’m not entirely positive that it’d do the trick, but if you reckon it’s worth a blast, just give me a call and I’ll see if I can pull a nice villain face.

In all seriousness though, if you’re worried about “good” stories vanishing from the site, the solution is quite simple. See, writers can be generally divided into three categories: 1) complex-ridden human wrecks, 2) effective, but complete assholes (that’s me!) and 3) total hacks convinced they’re the best thing since sliced bread. A frightening majority of writers here belongs to the first category, sadly, but this may actually play in your favour. Why? ‘Cause them types can be very easily appeased. “How?” you ask? “Oh, tell me, the loveliest of pink chicken-men!” you say? I’ll tell you how, so grab onto your pantaloons, good man, ‘cause I’m ‘bout to drop the fireballs.

Show them your bloody support.

We’re people. It might come off as a shock, but we are. We like attention. Some of us less, some of us entirely too much, but the fact remains. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a cheat and a poseur. It’s human nature to enjoy being appreciated. Hell, you know my opinion on Taisa, but there’s no denying he has a lot of followers – followers whose praise/pestering/grinding and moaning made him at least consider writing again. If they could convince the ravaged bundle of mental issues that is Taisa to reconsider, why can’t you convince your favourite writers to come back/update/suck your dick, mate?

Another example. Go take a gander at my story you-know-where, look at the comments. You’ll see what I mean. Now mind, I won’t pretend I’m not writing mainly for my own pleasure, and that if there was no “appreciation” for my stuff on the site I wouldn’t take it someplace else and/or continue working on it by myself on my own time (because there’s little point to force-publishing something nobody’s going to read when I could be working on it at my own pace without the stress of having to “update”). Also, I have no way of telling whether it’s genuine expression of enjoyment or just shameless arselickery, but one way or the other, holy shit, let me tell you, brother, it feels good. It makes my ugly, ugly face break into a gorgeous smile. It makes me want to show what else I have to offer.

Is it cocksucking? Yes. No. Maybe. Could you repeat that question? You’d rather not? Well then, at least consider the possibility that with no community feedback there’s no point to CYOAs. And no, votes aren’t feedback – they’re anonymous, impersonal and may very well be the same person being a dumbass wanting to copulate with a cutesy-looking flesh-eating abomination. What’s that? Oh, your favourite writer quit despite having loads of feedback? All right. Where is he? What? You don’t know? Why don’t you find out and leave him a memo that there’s some big-ass niggas waiting there in that back-alley ready to whoop his arse if he doesn’t come back and bloody update already? Or, alternatively, that you greatly enjoyed his story and would love to suck his dick see more of it? I’ll wager he’ll at least think about coming back then. And if not, there’s always the niggas.

It’s all about the interpersonal communication, my darling dear. It’s what makes us feel like storytellers and not wish-fulfilment fapfiction factories. It’s not a pretty thing to say, but we’re a lot like puppies in that respect. We’ll sit and fetch and stay and paw, but we’ll do it much more willingly if there’s a treat in it for us.

tl;dr: give your writefag enough Scooby-snacks and he’ll give you your magical girl fanfiction. Also pat him on the head from time to time. Writefags love that shit.
No. 7563
I'd have to agree on him as remarks bring a smile to my face even though I'd soldier on with blank votes. Remarks help as a writer may listen to them and adjust the story accordingly. I'm not saying s/he'd bend over backwards, but rather s/he'd highlight a popular character or try to improve an unpopular one.

As far as sending J to the E back to the hole he crawled out of? Too late, this board sent him packing a while back.
No. 7564
File 133223508627.jpg - (15.91KB , 348x232 , Aaaaaaaaawwwwww Yyyyyyeeeeeaaaaaa.jpg ) [iqdb]

A thousand times yes. Pic related.

I'm writing the story I am right now because it's the kind of story I wanted to see. Inspired by /tg/ roots but not driven by them, grim yet ultimately optimistic, high-power bullshit being thrown everywhere, an obvious Sword of Damocles-strength plot yet still enough potential side action to keep the possibilities open.

I've been reading stories on this site for a few years by now. It's time for me to start giving back. I've grown from lurker to writefag, and I'm proud of it.

tl;dr: I concur.


You there. Lazyfag. Yes, you. Stop making excuses for your lack of inspiration and work ethic.

You know what else isn't easy? Childbirth! But you know what the proper response is once you realize you've conceived, whether intentionally or not? You either man up and raise it, or you quietly abort it and don't make a public scene about how you don't have the ability to care for it. Writing is much the same.

Let me tell you a story. Once I decided on the most fundamental ideas and themes for my current fic, do you know what I did? I went to the straight to the IRC, yes, that wretched hive of scum and villainy. I hawked my idea as a newfag, wide open to disdain - and yeah, I got some of that, for not knowing the etiquette and being a public nuisance.

But I didn't get mad, no. I stuck around, cleaned up my act, and got approval, or more accurately, 'that's not a shitty idea and if you want to write it you should, we can't make you, but we're not going to stone you off the boards for it and we might even be interested'.

After that, I wrote a first draft of an OP and asked for a proofreader, just because I still wasn't quite sure about myself. I got one bloody instantly when I mentioned it was an OP. I've gotten more confident now about proofing my own updates (although I still make mistakes all the time, choosing to keep updates posted rather than agonizing endlessly over them) but I'll never forget how I instantly received support once I showed I was willing to actually create something.

The Littlest Yojimbo, the newest story on /shrine/? I remember seeing it discussed on IRC chat some weeks ago. Mine isn't the only tale of successful launch happening right here, right now. Now whether we'll both continue to be successes, that's up to us continuing to work hard - but don't say there isn't a support structure existing, because there definitely is.

I'll say one thing about the IRC: we all sit around there and shoot the breeze, yes, but many of us are also busy thinking of ideas, dry on words or energy for the time being. Maybe we'll see something, find something, share something that'll take our fancy for the next update - or next idea.

I mean, hey, I haven't missed a promised update yet.

tl;dr: Stow the bellyaching, start the writing.


Now, the darker side of things.

I'll admit that a writefag lashing out against his own readers in his own thread turns me off instantly, like it probably does for most anyone. If a writefag is spending his time bitching in his own thread instead of updating, answering questions, or otherwise being constructive, I'm not going to pay attention to that thread until he actually starts being constructive again.

However, the thing I don't get is this continued finger-pointing and long-lived grudges, both in the threads and IRC chat. First of all, this vitriolic antipathy towards /th/, the general board. It's the board for stories (potentially?) involving the entirety of Gensokyo, and even beyond. Fallout Gensokyo, please come back ;_; It'll naturally be the largest sample size and therefore have the farthest potential extremes, but this 'lol /th/ retards' attitude honestly needs to stop. It's not adding anything at all.

Sure, shit may have happened a long time ago, perhaps in another thread - maybe even in the same story, but as long as the author's clearly gotten over being openly pissy by now. I've read posts where Anon out of the blue pisses on the writefag for something he did once upon a time, as if Anon is clearly still incensed about some perceived slight. Stop that nonsense. Let it go. Get over it. Bury the hatchet. Quell your anger. Become a Buddhist, I daresay.

There's not enough of us here to afford to keep old feuds going. Peace.

And if this whole gets my story somehow vote-boycotted because BUTTHURT ABOUT THIS NAMEFAG, well, fine, I'll still keep writing anyways. At least I tried to make these boards a better place.

It's the least I can do.

tl;dr: Writefags, stop threadshitting yourself. Anon, stop threadshitting by bringing up those old times where the writefag threadshat himself, you're not helping.

Suggestion: That post stickied on General Discussion? Perhaps re-sticky it in /th/ as well, where any newfag, either merely reading stories on the widest board or contemplating sticking a story (most likely on the widest board) will HAVE to see it. Yes, it'll be intrusive and remove a front-page slot for a fic, but some part of me says the rules being even more clear and present might be worth it.


>no specialized thread to ask for advice or criticism for your writing.

I'm in an entry-level undergraduate creative writing seminar right now, where all we do is read stuff, write stuff, and critique what others in our class have written.

I've given advice on a work longer than the work itself, but the author still hasn't improved. Why?

Advice about writing isn't magic. I can't tell you to lock S-foils and suddenly give you the eloquence of Phoenix Wright himself, or help you unlock some of your true potential and have you think up a story that will pierce the heavens.

The mechanical side of writing is too broad for mere discussion to teach you - the only advice I can give about that is go to a bookstore, pick up a bestseller, and study the way the author puts words together. Seriously. I've occasionally asked a passerby, or my roommate, or hell, even someone on IRC about how to phrase something, or what particular piece of esoteric vocab I'm looking for. That's about the extent of it - a thread for such a need is simply overkill, and no hardworking author's honestly going to wait for a response on it before continuing to write past this little stumbling block.

Creating new and interesting ideas is something no one can help you with. The best I can suggest is again, go out to a bookstore. This time, peer through all the subjects people write books about. Take a one or a few that take your fancy, and tinker to taste. Except this side, in a way, is even easier: awesome ideas can be found from people, from the news, from life, from nature, from - really, you name it. The world's an awesome place. A thread to validate creative ideas would rapidly clutter with people not dedicated enough to see an idea through and people just throwing in random crap because 'hey I don't have to do anything constructive with it in this thread'.

tl;dr: You can make a thread for 'writing assistance' but in my experience it may not be as helpful as a great deal of other, simpler activities.


Well, that's my daily allotment of white-knighting moralfagging.

Cave Johnson, we're done here.
No. 7565
>creative writing seminar
A piece of advice. Drop that shit like it’s hot. Go read a book instead.
While you’re at it, drop the retarded formatting, reddit reaction pictures and Portal quotes as well. They make you look like an incredible homosexual. And that’s not a compliment.
No. 7567
You really do have a tendency towards logorrhea, don't you?
No. 7568
Neil Gaiman's response to readers with entitlement issues.
No. 7569

How I wish I could, but it's a necessary requirement to graduate and I need the easy A, sadly enough.

As for reaction faces and formatting, that's just the kind of internet culture I bring with me. Just like those "dirty SpaceBattles people" with their "_______ curbstomps Gensokyo", in a way. I like to think it'll be fine as long as I make sure to keep it out of my (serious) updates - the rest is me having fun.

Learn to tolerate, it'll save you heart problems in your middle years.


Vomiting words is a specialty of mine.
No. 7570
Not _______ curbstomps Gensokyo, it's the other way around.
No. 7571
I highly resent that part about writefags being either bad, either morons with self-esteem trouble. Some of them are both. Like me. HAHAHA self-derision. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm not into self-derision. That was a joke. So funny.

I would like to remind people that we are writing fanfics about little girl flying around and shooting bullets.
The average THP story has more plot than the average touhou game, but they're still just fanfictions, and they'll stay like that.

We're not writing books (especially me, I would be stupid to write a book in English. Well, stupider than I'm already), we're not writing Crime and Punishment, we're not writing War and Peace. We're just people from different countries writing fanfictions about little girls shooting bullets (notice how I repeat the part about little girls, that's relevant).

Don't read my post as "it's ok to be shitty since it's just fanfic". I'm not saying that, and I'm the worst person to say that. Because I wrote shit, I'm probably still writing shit, I can't know, I can't judge my own work objectively. I can't look at my stories and say "hey I fucking rocked here, damn I love myself so much I'm going to masturbate to my reflection". Wait, I'm losing my point here.
What I'm saying is that we're just writing fanfictions. Most of us are sucking, some of us stopped sucking because they gained enough experience to know how to make an interesting story, and some of us gave up and stopped writing.

See my point? You can always improve yourself. That's what I want to see. Writefags are cute little creatures feeding on beer and posts. If you just vote, without adding anything to it, the writefag will continue his story, but sometimes (emphasis on sometimes, it's relevant), he'll feel empty. We're writing for ourselves, but we're not writing JUST for ourselves. Otherwise we wouldn't be here, putting our stories online. We're writing because we're lovin' it, and because we're seeking something.

Writing is a harsch job. If you're just voting, you're like a guy listening to a street musician, just giving a coin without saying anything. It feels like you're just doing what you're expected to do. Automatically. I don't know if I'm clear.
Anyway, I wrote stuff, and I don't feel like re-reading my own post, so I'm just going to repeat it: If you're a writefag, don't give up, you can always improve. I'm pretty sure I can say it, I improved myself. A little. And if you're a reader, don't just Ctrl+C Ctrl+V your vote. Commenting on the story is nice, telling us where you laughed is nice. We're not writing books that you're reading alone in your room. We're writing stories, and those stories are alive. They move and act, depending how you act. If you say you liked a character, perhaps the writefag will bring the character back. If you decide to go left, the writefag will not force you to go right.

That's what I wanted to say. Sorry if I'm difficult to understand, I'm still working on my English. Now excuse me, I have to slit my wrists while crying in a corner of my room.
No. 7572
On the topic of Neil:

Still some of the best writing advice out there.
No. 7573
Also, >>7569, I take it you’re not familiar with the aphorism, “When in Rome…” et cætera. When you find a free moment, familiarise yourself with it and try to understand that it also applies to places on the internet in addition to the real world.
Or don’t, if you don’t want to. It’s your call, really. I’m just telling you very politely that you lose nearly all if not all credibility by utilising language that is generally considered inappropriate in the place. You don’t give a scientific speech at a university entirely in ghetto American English just because you were born into and think yourself part of the culture. Analogically, you don’t speak posh Brit English when talking to a bunch of thug lyfe suburban kids—unless you don’t mind getting a cap busted in your butt. Which you ought. The butt is a precious place; you should protect it at all costs.
I don’t even know why I’m being so friendly with you. I guess the sun’s doing me good.
No. 7575
It's pretty hard to praise writefags without sounding like a circlejerking fanboy.

ddyk, I liked your IRCish RRenko thing, and I saved it on my hard drive. Don't kill yourself, there is a lot to live for.

Hmm... oh right, this is a bitching thread, gotta bitch about something, so I'll bitch about the same thing I bitched about in the previous bitching thread.

No. 7579

I'm aware of that phrase. True to my racial origins, my take on it is "When in Rome, sack it if at all possible, because you're the motherfucking Hun who united most of Asia. Adopt a culture? Naw, bring your own."

... I jest about the Hun comment, but in all seriousness, while I may be standing on a soapbox, to me this thread is more like a busy city intersection of anonymous passerby than it is a university lecture hall or poor inner city auditorium, so I feel I may as well speak in a dialect comfortable to me.

The reason we're being so friendly to each other here is probably that we agree on fundamental ideas, even if there is a language barrier between us. Also, yes, the sun is delicious.

I-i-i-i-it's not like I actually like you or anything. I j-j-just can't say you're completely wrong. B-baka.

Going to point out this guy here >>7571:

>If you just vote, without adding anything to it, the writefag will continue his story, but sometimes (emphasis on sometimes, it's relevant), he'll feel empty. We're writing for ourselves, but we're not writing JUST for ourselves. Otherwise we wouldn't be here, putting our stories online. We're writing because we're lovin' it, and because we're seeking something.
>And if you're a reader, don't just Ctrl+C Ctrl+V your vote. Commenting on the story is nice, telling us where you laughed is nice. We're not writing books that you're reading alone in your room. We're writing stories, and those stories are alive.

Agreed, man. So very much. I've always left some comment, explanation, or analysis with each of my votes - some part of me almost wonders if such a style is going to identify me anyways in spite going Anon to do so, because so many people do just copy-pasta a bandwagon. Talk more in your votes, mates. I'd like to have my votes not stick out like a sore thumb.


Random bitching.


... except I was writing something unrelated to Touhou, so never mind.
No. 7580
I'm not talking only about praising. Because, yeah, you may sound like a fanboy, but also because the writefag, if he's paranoid enough, can think you're mocking him.

What I'm really talking about is commenting the story.
I remember, a few weeks ago, reading an update. I don't remember what the story was, sadly. Anyway I noticed a reference to some TV show. I snickered, and proceed to read the rest of the update, and then I voted.
Later, I noticed that the writefag posted in his story to explain how he was annoyed by the fact that nobody got the reference. I answered him that I understood the reference, and he answered that nobody commented about it.
And that's the heart of the thing. Votes are keeping the story alive, but comments are keeping the writefag motivated (unless, of course, everything descends into a shitstorm).
No. 7581
Rizon won't work anymore. Any other fucking irc network works, but not Rizon. I tried 5 different clients and reformatted, and still nothing.
Just when I had finally psyched myself up and written something, and now I can't throw it to the wolves.

...I think I'm gonna post it anyway.
No. 7582

Do it.
No. 7596
this discussion is irrelevant because it won't bring palinesia back
No. 7598
that's not what irrelevant means
No. 7599
So, you suggest we go to /tg/'s IRC and bug the shit out of Demetrious until he returns here?

Gather your stuff folks! We're going to invade /tg/!
No. 7600
I'm not sure he's there at all or if /tg/ even has an IRC. There are times where he's on THP's IRC.
No. 7617
How does it come that there's no "NSFW" option in the /short/ board? And why are gif still unless you click on them?
No. 7621
It wasn't set up to allow the NSFW checkbox. If you really want it get on IRC and ask Kapow or Zero00 to change it.

animated GIFs don't get an animated thumbnail. I prefer it this way myself as I don't like seeing a bunch of animated thumbnails when browsing the boards.
No. 7656
What is it about the Toohoo Fandumb that you dislike about and why?

Thank you so much anon and oh you just had to sneak a question in there, didn’t you. Fair enough.

I don’t like the pretentiousness. I don’t like the hostile environment where people are just waiting for an excuse to blow a fuse at each other. I don’t like the constant sense of entitlement to the amazing content the Japanese fans are producing by the truckload without feeling the need to give back. I don’t like how most fan discussions devolve into either dumb arguments, self-fulfilling fantasies or announcements of one’s masturbation habits. I don’t like the rape culture or the warped view of females.

These and other points of contention come from my intense dislike of Otaku culture, which unfortunately the western Touhou fandumb has adopted as a model.

There’s no question the Japanese fandom is just as bad if not worse, considering the ceaseless load of “well-drawn” but unsettling and degrading pornography. But the Japanese fandom also churns out an overwhelming amount of really impressive, high-quality fanmade stuff that makes you forget all the bullshit and go “wow, this fandom is amazing.” The western fandom didn’t really foster the creative side of the fandom, which is really what makes Touhou what it is.

There are a few western fans producing some really nice things, even more admirable by the fact that they don’t nearly have the support network for doujin culture that Japan has. But I feel like all the great western Touhou fanworks are created more on the fringe of the fandom, whereas the heart of the “mainstream” Touhou fans ignores or suppresses actual fan contributions in favor of letting its subjects nerdrage, sling insults, and masturbate all day. Look at the fandumb’s reaction to some of the well-known askblogs, where people actually try to do something interesting with the fandom rather than just fapping to it. It’s ridiculous.

Now I dislike bronies for almost all of the same reasons. I also don’t like how the bad behavior is condoned, if not actively encouraged, by the number one Pony fansite on the internet. But that site also encourages people to create and share. Pony fans collaborate and produce some truly astounding things for their fandom, in enough numbers to make it a fandom worth watching despite all the crap. It’s really like what the western Touhou fandom could have been. It’s a real shame.

I think that’s starting to come around though. Tumblr Touhou culture has really developed away from and probably in response to all the faggotry going around most of the fandom. At least that’s how I interpret it. Nevertheless I’m quite enjoying my stay here. Now I have somewhere to gush about dumb headcanons and draw stupid art with people without dealing with a bunch of creeps and snobs.


Taken from some guy's blog in Tumblr.
No. 7657
>Taken from some guy's blog in Tumblr.
Oh thank god. False alarm guys, it's just tumblr being tumblr again. You don't have to care about it.
No. 7658
That guy still have a point. Japanese fan creations are glorified while Western fan creations are ignored.
That aside, yeah, it's tumblr shit all over again.
No. 7659
File 133257984141.jpg - (99.32KB , 1024x1251 , rumia_by_justv23-d40jp4a.jpg ) [iqdb]
People are used to checking Japanese distribution channels, that's all. Shove your shit on Share or pixiv and you'll have plenty of people noticing it.
No. 7660
there's a decent number of western artists on Pixiv and Nico Seiga.
No. 7661
>I don’t like the hostile environment where people are just waiting for an excuse to blow a fuse at each other.


It just amazes me on how just by stating an unpopular opinion in the Touhou fandom, you will pretty much be guaranteed to start a shitstorm.

For example, stating that you like SSiB and/or you like the Watatsukis.

That will pretty much guarantee tl;dr responses on how the Lunarians are like Nazis, the moon rabbits are being enslaved, the "moonbitches" are Mary Sues, Aki Eda is a hack, how horrible of a person for you to like them, etc.

Then, there are two possible directions on how the thread will go.

The first possibility is that somebody brings up Mokou as “proof” that Eirin and Kaguya are just as bad as the other Lunarians are. Of course, their fans will retaliate by saying it was a long time ago and they're different right now. Continue until the discussion becomes on how IN casts are overrated and how IN is the worst Touhou game since it's so easy.

The second possiblity is that somebody brings up Eirin's powerlevel since she's the master of the people who managed to beat Yukari in the past. Cue Yukari fans stating the Lunarians are Mary Sues because border manipulation is essentially omnipotence so Yukari could never be defeated by anyone. And God helps you if Yuuka fans join to the mix. It will be a three-way powerlevel wankfest thread.

Luckily, THP is never like this. For that, I'm really grateful. The problem is we really are a minority in the fandom. People often assume that the Touhou fandom is like above. And that's the reason why that Tumblr post exists.
No. 7662
Dude, the Lunarians are essentially moon Nazis. All purity and shit. Don't even care about their rabbits, just send them to their deaths in war. They don't even need to, since their leaders are all-powerful.
No. 7663
File 133259179142.jpg - (172.40KB , 999x999 , Yorihisquirrel.jpg ) [iqdb]
I should repeat that to Ddyk, he's fond of the moongirls.
No. 7665
Welp, hate to break it to you >>7661, but THP ain't no different for the rest of the Touhou fandom.

I suggest you pack your stuff and leave this place. Search for a better fandom out there.

I dunno, maybe MLP? It's kinda similar to Touhou after all. Perhaps there's less of character hate there.

Don't ever look back to this fandom. It's filled with rage and faggotry nowadays. There's nothing for you here.
No. 7666
Bah, he only likes Yorihime, judging by his story.
No. 7667
File 133259838482.jpg - (201.10KB , 600x848 , Huzzah.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh yeah!
No. 7668
>There's a post about a specific kind of post the poster dislikes
>Somebody posts exactly that
>People think he's serious

What the hell else do you guys expect when somebody says something like:
>tl;dr responses on how the Lunarians are like Nazis, the moon rabbits are being enslaved, the "moonbitches" are Mary Sues, Aki Eda is a hack, how horrible of a person for you to like them, etc.

and then goes:
>Luckily, THP is never like this.
No. 7669
So THP is full of trolls then?

Just like the rest of the fandom.
No. 7670
It really boils my shit when people cry 'troll' at someone making a REALLY obvious joke.
No. 7671
Jokes don't travel well in the internet, mate.
No. 7672
I really, really feel sorry for you, kid. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY in the fandom shares your love of those two. You're alone. It's like liking Wesley Crusher, you know. It just wouldn't work.

Universally hated character in fandoms are usually very rare. Even the most hideous characters have their fans. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for those two.

The only solution for you is to never participate or even look at Touhou forums ever again, going only to check out new releases or news from ZUN. After all, you don't need the fandom to enjoy Touhou.

The day when those two are loved is the day ZUN dies of alcohol poisoning.

C'mon, give that guy his Toyohime story. It's unfair for you to only portray Yorihime in a positive light.
No. 7673
Oh, and check out this link.


Just go rant there. It'll make you feel better.
No. 7674
You know while SSiB made them very unlikable, their chapter in CLiR shows a much softer side and the last chapter in CLiR reveals Yukari's true goal of this moon invasion: To show the lunarians the fear of the unknown.

There's the fact most haters don't even read SSiB or CLiR.
No. 7676
I haven't read CLiR. I don't think anyone has.

I have read CiLR, though. That was pretty good.
No. 7681
Oops. But I think the point stands about SSiB as people hear about it from other people who hear about it from... and so forth.
No. 7682
Not necessarily.

There are people out there who argue that ZUN made the Lunarians only to be hated by the fans using many quotes from canon.

That includes Eirin and Kaguya too, by the way, since they see them as backstabbing traitors and murderers.

The only ones spared by their wrath are the moon bunnies, except for Reisen 2 since they think of her as a traitor of her kind's cause to gain freedom by accepting her slavery happily.

Strangely, they're not from /jp/. They hail from that famous site/wiki. You know the one.
No. 7683
>There are people out there who argue that ZUN made the Lunarians only to be hated by the fans using many quotes from canon.
There are also people out here thinking that Kennedy was killed by aliens, that Michael Jackson is still alive, somewhere on an island in the Pacific Ocean, along with Churchill, Hitler, and Stalin.

Can you be more specific? "People" is too damn vague.
No. 7685
>implying Kennedy wasn't killed by aliens
No. 7687
>implying sicknesses and traumas are caused by ghosts of an extinct alien race brought on Earth by a alien tyrant.
No. 7691
I haven't heard that so much than the 2nd/3rd/ect hand info about SSiB thing.

But for a supposed uptopia, there's sure is some issues as the things about Kaguya facing assasination attempts and the government freaking out over a supposed revolution. Sounds like for all the lunarian's high talk, they're far more human than they'd ever care to admit.
No. 7692
Lunarians are Eldar.
No. 7693
Bring that Warhammer shit back to Spacebattles.
No. 7694
I think he's referring to TVTropes. There's recently a shitstorm over there about those moon sues.

Should I post the arguments he's talking about here?
No. 7695
Unless I missed something really important, they never said that the Moon is an utopia. It's just technogically far more advanced than the Earth, but people are still manipulative douchebags (that part is subjective).
The Watatsukis were suspected of being traitors just because Reimu started summoning gods, so trust and happy city kind of go through the window pretty quickly. Okay, they're also pretty slow as catching Eirin, but it's when Reimu started with her gods that things went downhill for them.
No. 7696
It's less of a shitstorm and more of one new guy getting raped by senior posters.

It's kind of his fault, really, intruding to a well-known circle of friends and announcing an unpopular opinion there. It's like posting in an atheist site and declaring your belief in God. You're just asking for it.

Really, this is why anonymous posting is superior. Less circlejerking that way.
No. 7697
It's like joining a touhou website and calling people pedo.
No. 7699
Both the sisters were pretty haughty about how superior the moon was to the "impure earth". That much was true, though such talk is rather arrogant seeing how one of the princesses likes it better on earth than on the moon.
No. 7700
Thinking about it, they can be arrogant. The leader of the lunar capital is nobody else than Tsukuyomi, a goddamn god.
I talked with americans being more arrogants than those two lunarians, and USA's president is not even a god.
No. 7701

> The leader of the lunar capital is nobody else than Tsukuyomi, a goddamn god.

First I've heard of this.
No. 7702
He's a sage actually.
No. 7703
Story related, not mine:
>The man was kneeling, praying.
>He wasn't paying any attnetion to the silhouettes moving around him. He wasn't paying any attention to the fact that he was surrounded. For him, there was only one thing important. Saying his prayer properly was the top priority.

>Finally, he muttered the last words.
>"And God bless the United States of AMERICAAAAAAAAAAH!"
>He quickly grabbed the American flag, and pressed a hidden button. The flag fell, unreveiling a double lightsaber hidden in the pole. Understanding the situation, the rabbits quickly moved back, but Armstrong activated his jetpack, and caught up with them.
>He screamed, swinging his double lightsaber totally randomly in the rabbit mob.

>Many rabbits bit the dust that day, and in the end, Armstrong won.
>Holding a severed rabbit's head in his hand, he showed up in the front of the lunar capital, screaming a challenge.
>Slowly, the huge door opens, answering Armstrong's challenge.
>With a bare sword in her hand, the lunarian champion answer the earthling's challenge, ready to fight and kill her opponent.

>Breathing deeply under his suit, Armstrong stares at the woman coming for him. She looks so young, her cheeks are so white... She's beautiful. But she's the enemy. He has no choice. He challenged the moon, and the moon sent its most trustworthy champion. But, still, killing a woman goes against Armstrong's religious beliefs.
>Sighing in his heavy suit, Armstrong can't help but be annoyed. If that woman was american, they could be friends, or maybe something better than that! But she decided to be lunarian, and so they were enemies.
>Shutting down his double lightsaber, Armstrong throws away the rabbit's severed head, and observes his opponent again. Then, he adopt a fighting stance, and wait for his opponent's decision.

>She looks at him with disgust, but she manage to hide her feelings. This is war after all. It was her decision to send the rabbits alone, and they're all dead. By that man's fault. She will cry and feel guilty after the battle. After that man's death. Because her Lord ordered her to kill every earthling walking on the moon. Everyone of them, including men, women, and children. Still, she hopes that the day when she'll have to kill children will never come. Killing that man will be easy, since he's wearing a suit. It's like fighting against a dummy. She shakes her head. She'll need to focus. That man's strange sword is something totally unknown to them lunarians.
>Those earthlings. Did they managed to domesticate light itself? She can't believe it. She will make sure of that.
>With that last though, she charges, causing Armstrong to switch on his double lightsaber.

>After a few swing, Armstrong understands something crucial. He'll win this battle. His opponent is just using a metallic sword. That thing is no match for his double lightsaber. His opponent is far more skilled than him, but his technological advanced level gives him the best advantages.
>“Bow before me, woman, and I'll spare you!”
>Understanding his unavoidable victory, Armstrong becomes euphoric, nagging his opponent.

>Her, on the other hand, isn't as worried as she should be. Her opponent is using a weapon able to cut through everything, including Lord Enma's blessing. That's right, that puny earthling weapon can cut through a DIVINE barrier! But when any other lunarian commander would be panicking, she stays calm, recognizing the earthling's strength. Clearly, that is not an opponent she will defeat with brutal force. She will outsmart him, and kill him.
>With a loud battle scream, she jumps forward, oblivious of the light blade, aiming for the leg. That man's armour is too heavy for him, he must using some kind of mechanical assistance to be able to withstand the burden. If she can destroy that mechanical part, he'll be doomed!
>With another battle scream, she swings her sword, cutting under the man's right knee. Immediately, he drops his weapons, and fall on his knee, with a grumble. She quickly jumps back, in case the attack failed, but understand quickly that the man is now at her mercy.
>“So, you though you could defeat me? You were too arrogant, and this is where you fall. Learn your place, crawler!”
>And then... she sees his face, through his helmet. He's smiling.
>“Nobody is arrogant enough when being AMERICAN!”
>Activating his jetpack, he starts flying, punching Yorihime in the chin before she can reacts.
>“With SCIENCE, and GOD, we will change the stars as WE decide! The world is us, and we'll do what we want with it!”
>She spits something red on the ground. Blood. She bit her tongue, probably. While Armstrong, still levitating thanks to his jetpack, try to retrieve his lightsaber, Watatsuki no Yorihime, commander of the Lunar Defense Corps, understand that this opponent is nothing to be trifled with. That's an elite soldier, using a technology as advanced as the lunarian capital, motivated by some strong religion. He will not break, he won't show any mercy, and he'll be troublesome to kill.

>Smiling to herself, the Lunar Princess rises, finally admitting that the best fight is the uncertain fight. She'll give her best, and he will too. That's what you call “respect for a foe”. Giving your best to your opponent means respecting him.
No. 7704
Is this supposed to be funny?

Cause it isn't.
No. 7705
Keikaku means plan.
No. 7706
Haven't I already read this before somewhere?


Oh wait, it's on that old thread.
No. 7707
Oi, don't go around copypasting my story on other threads, okay? I have a copyright on it! This is an original story, and by copy pasting it, you violated the law. Now, I'm going to call the cyber police, and they'll backtrace the signal to you.

You've done goofed.
No. 7721
>not a god but a sage
Hold on, tell me more about that, Wikipedia says he's a god.
No. 7722
He's a sage who once lived on Earth. Disgusted by the impurities of the Earth, he moved to the Moon with his close relatives to establish the Lunar Capital.

Lunarians are based on Shinto Heavenly Gods (Amatsukami) you know. He has a sister named Amaterasu with a familiar named Yatagarasu while the Watatsukis are rumored to be descendants of the Dragon God. Eirin is based on Omoikane, one of the Heavenly Gods too.

They are also the ones responsible for sealing Lord Daikoku, also known as Okuninushi (god of medicine and nation building. That's why he's better than Eirin at making medicines), one of the Kunitsukamis (earthly gods) who stood against the unification of Japan by the Amatsukamis. And yes, that's the same event in which Kanako defeated Suwako in the past. Suwako is a native god, and by definition, a Kunitsukami. Heck, Mishaguji originally wasn't a curse god (he's a fertility god). He's just made that way by the Amatsukamis to prevent his continuing worship by the people of Japan.

And why's nobody making a story about that yet? Seriously.

I got all of that from Megaten by the way.
No. 7723
>He's a sage who once lived on Earth. Disgusted by the impurities of the Earth, he moved to the Moon with his close relatives to establish the Lunar Capital.
Yeah, but I read that Tsukuyomi was borned from a mirror, and went to live on Heaven. That's why I considered him as a god instead of a sage. We should defines what a "sage" really is. Just an ascended human, or something else?

>They are also the ones responsible for sealing Lord Daikoku, also known as Okuninushi (god of medicine and nation building. That's why he's better than Eirin at making medicines)
Okay, I admit I didn't knew for Lord Daikoku, but I know that, in Gensokyo, Eirin is incredibly old, being based on Omoikane (said Omoikane being the goddess of intelligence). And also, Eirin's IN profile mentions that she's part of a family of "medicinal geniuses that have been living on the moon for some time".
Hey, I wonder if...

>And why's nobody making a story about that yet? Seriously.
Don't be too hasty, I already have a story to finish before starting another moon story. Beside, the only popular lunarians are living in Gensokyo.
But thanks for the source anyway, I'll google it.
[spoiler]Megaten, hu?{/spoiler]
No. 7725
Wasn't Daikoku mentioned in the tale of the white hare (Tewi)? That'll be an awkward moment when Tewi finds out she's letting someone who likely played a part in his sealing on her land (Eirin)
No. 7735
She's supposedly the famous Hare of Inaba whom Daikoku/Okuninushi healed a long time ago after she was skinned by the sharks she tricked.

I don't think she knows that her god is now sealed. So yeah...
No. 7742
I'm pretty sure being a god has little to no relation to the influence or strength of a character. It's a label/ job title, just like youkai or magician.
For all we know Tsukuyomi could be just an extremely skillful thaumaturgical leader or doctor, nothing more.
No. 7743
File 133292405685.jpg - (414.92KB , 500x707 , Hey sup homies.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not quite sure about that.
Kanako's MoF profile says that she's a god, and list 'god' as a species. It's also written that her power depends of the faith she's receiving.

It's also said that "the sequence of events that led to her being worshiped as a mountain deity are extremely complicated", which probably means that she ascended to goodhood, in a Pickle Inspector or Mobster Kingpin way.
No. 7744
It probably means the whole Suwako/Kanako thing.
No. 7748
I wouldn't be surprised if the Lunarians influenced japanese culture early on, seeing how japanese names are common in their culture and the fact many Lunarian big wig share the names with japan's founding gods. Coincidence? I think not.
No. 7751
Species is a sort of label, if scientific. I was saying that godhood has no fundamental relation to their power and influence, they simply happened, as you said, to use faith as a power source, similar to how magicians use mushrooms or spellbooks. And besides, "faith" in Touhou is vaguely defined, seeing that gods are material beings that can be logically proven to exist, so it can really be just asking people to pray at you.

I can't believe I used the word "logically" in such a discussion.
No. 7753
In shorts, you're saying that a god is just a species, and from your point of view, being a god doesn't affect one's power and/or influence, right?

I'm not really sure about that. Kanako reached godhood after some weird plot shit that happened between her and Suwako, and Sanae appeared after that (coincidence), but what about those who were born as gods, like Izanagi and Amaterasu? It's mentioned that Tsukuyomi ascended to godhood like the Hinanawi clan, but he wasn't really human to begin with (since he was some scum that his father cleaned from his eye). Does that mean that Susanoo and Amaterasu ascended in a similar way?
No. 7754
> Mishaguji originally wasn't a curse god (he's a fertility god). He's just made that way by the Amatsukamis to prevent his continuing worship by the people of Japan.

Huh, that's interesting.
I wonder if Lion knows/knew that. I also wonder when he'll start writing again, but raging about that wouldn't be appropriate due to why he's not writing.
No. 7756
File 133303033348.jpg - (204.51KB , 800x1126 , touhou-bougetsushou-silent-sinner-in-blue-1723819.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7757
Someone should go and cut those ropes already. It's been a while since that poor sap is sealed.
No. 7758
File 133303052933.jpg - (217.50KB , 800x1126 , touhou-bougetsushou-silent-sinner-in-blue-1723823.jpg ) [iqdb]
It seems the Lunarians really are on the side of the Amatsukamis.

The question is, what happened with Take-Minakata? He should be sealed in the Moriya Shrine now.

It's interesting that the rabbits work for the people who sealed their god away.
No. 7759
>One of the sons of Okuninushi. When Amatsukamis decided to increase their influence on the earth, they sent Take-Mikazuchi to conquer Take-Minakata. They had the first sumo match which Take-Mikazuchi won. Take-Minakata then had his arms cut and fled to Lake Suwa, where he married to Suwa goddess, Yasakatome, and became the guardian god.

First of all, poor guy. He's armless now, just like Rin from Katawa Shoujo.

Second, he's Kanako's husband.
No. 7760
No, he's Suwako's husband.

Now we know where Sanae came from.
No. 7761
To be accurate, the Eientei crew isn't really on the lunarian side, since they're fugitives.
Of course, they're fugitivies only officially, since the Watatsuki aren't really zealous about that, but I doubt they can be affiliated to the Moon Capital.
And Tewi probably doesn't know about Eirin's deal with the Watatsuki. I can't imagine Eirin as saying 'Thanks for your hard work. Oh, and by the way, we're lunarians, just like the one who sealed your good friend Lord Daikoku, but hush, it's a secret. Have a nice day'.
No. 7762
File 13330324482.jpg - (175.25KB , 800x1127 , Ammy pwned Remilia.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'll just leave this here for all you Okami fans out there.
No. 7765
So, yeah, I wanted to start a story happening on the Moon, but reading this thread made me understand that I still need to study all this Japanese mythology before starting it.
Thanks for unintentionally ruining all my self-confidence, Anon!

Now I want to rage about the lack of reliable source. So far, the only source that I've seen mentionned are two games, Megaten, and Okami (Okami is a PS2 game that I can't emulate on my PC, and Megaten is some kind of mmorpg).
I checked Wikipedia, and the articles are too brief to be used as sources. So I'm bitching about that.
No. 7766
I facepalmed reading this comment.

Look, you can run a DS emulator at your computer right? There's three Megaten games there: Strange Journey, Devil Survivor, and Devil Survivor 2.

Or you could just go to this site
and search for demons from Japanese Mythology.
Really, most of this mythology stuff comes from the game's compendium, which is already copied to that wiki.
No. 7767
Actually, there is a megaten mmo.
Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine to be exact.
No. 7769
Here's some sites for you, in rough order of probable use:


Sometimes it's like I'm the only one who knows to search for stuff on Google and Wikipedia and open all the useful-looking links and references.
No. 7770
Just write. The only people capable of calling you out won't read your shit and the rest of your audience won't care.
No. 7773
I don't want to write shit. I want to be satisfied with what I'm writing. I won't be happy with my stories if I'm overlooking obvious things.
I still have a pride as a writer.
No. 7777
I know. But that one isn't made by Atlus.
No. 7778
File 133306480056.png - (30.02KB , 256x192 , Lailah.png ) [iqdb]
Talking about Megaten, there's this one demon that kinda looks like Tenshi.
No. 7788
Do you really want him to bring up Mishaguji as a fertility god?

That fertility god means the fertility to bear children. He's a god of sexual intercourse. The story would be like that Mind The Gap story in /at/.

I don't think Lion would stoop that low.
No. 7789
File 133310388112.jpg - (443.96KB , 800x1736 , NAMA_Aphrodite_Syracuse.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's a misguided thought in all kinds of ways, my friend.
No. 7791
File 133311203282.jpg - (48.40KB , 555x574 , what is this I don't even.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sexual intercourse is not always related to the desire to have kids.
For example, the characters in /at/ don't have to have kids. They just want to fuck each other in every hole, and they're just doing that for the pleasure of both their body melting in a huge ball of flesh, sweat, desire, and more pleasure, and... hold on, I'm losing my point...
Thing is, fertility is not sexual intercourse. If you want the god of sexual intercourse, look for someone being more interested in pleasure than childrens.
No. 7792
File 133311513652.jpg - (572.26KB , 600x700 , 8508800.jpg ) [iqdb]
She's got farmers lining up to plow her fertile fields.
No. 7794
File 133312523521.jpg - (742.35KB , 1041x1177 , Aki.jpg ) [iqdb]
Get off my fields, poseur.
No. 7795
Wouldn't you be, too?
No. 7837
Hartman's spread to /border/; is there anything that can stop him?
No. 7838
The wondrous artifact known only as 'the hide thread button'
No. 7839
Yeah, why didn't anon use it when JtotheE wrote here?
No. 7840
You say that like it's a bad thing to have active writers on a dying board.
No. 7842
It is when it's hartmann.
No. 7843
It's bad to have active voters when they're you.
No. 7844
File 133337077076.jpg - (869.06KB , 1021x1536 , 015104265029d36b2ddf353ec3418511.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's bad to have love interests that are monsters.
No. 7845
Are you suggesting that each board should be reserved for only one writefag? That's the most stupid idea I ever read since I started visiting this website.
No. 7846
...What? How'd you get that out of that post?
No. 7847
File 133337687934.jpg - (358.59KB , 700x648 , 26146869.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's why I stick to a perfectly safe patriarchal relationship.
No. 7848
>Hartman's spread to /border/; is there anything that can stop him?
In other words, it's not the fact that he's starting a new story, it's the fact that he's starting on /border/, where Sukima is writing his famous Shikigami of the Heart, and where Patchwork wrote his famous "Hakugyoukourou LA" story. So I interpreted your post as "this is NOT his board".
Tell me then, I'm curious to see what your point really was, since I'm wrong.
No. 7849
Here's the correct interpretation:

Hartmann is shit.
No. 7851
So you're basically saying that all writers are shit? That's so retarded I don't even know where to start with it.
No. 7852
No, Hartmann is shit. Other writers may be shit but this is not necessarily the case. Hartmann, however, is definitely shit.
No. 7854
>What happened, he killed you online?
He's shit but continues to write garbage on THP.
No. 7855
You're so transparent, it's painful to watch. Please stop.
No. 7856
That's what I did but it doesn't really solve the problem, just throwing something over it and pretending it doesn't exist. Doesn't this board exist to bring justice to shitty writers?

Yes and the fact he goes writing stories on various boards without anything to stop him will only encourage more shitty writers to start up. I remember back in the day where particularly shitty writers (such as J to the E) got sage bombed with extreme prejudice until they gave up. Hartman's stories are a blight on the boards they rest on.
No. 7865

>implying shitty writers lurk before starting their threads
>implying hartmann is as bad as J to the E
>implying /blue/ is a staging board for thread raids

6/10, pretty good, made me a little mad.