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Kindest person in Touhou. She should be the main protagonist instead of Reimu.

Also, would someone do a story about her already?

No. 6462
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Your first statement is correct.

Your second is very, very wrong.
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Overlording Buddhist cunt.
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She's too slow.
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Who isn't?
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Why ask questions you already know the answer to?
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Oi, stop turning this thread into that crow slut's thread.

Also, Byakuren is the prettiest Touhou.
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Byakuren is either the nicest person in Gensokyo, either a manipulating slut.

Personally, I prefer the "nicest person" interpretation.
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File 132854623987.jpg - (185.04KB , 450x333 , 521736-bigthumbnail.jpg ) [iqdb]
We all know who the manipulating slut is.
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File 132855011520.jpg - (149.99KB , 879x900 , slut god.jpg ) [iqdb]
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File 132855228773.jpg - (361.71KB , 1304x800 , what a slut.jpg ) [iqdb]
So I heard you needed a slut?
No. 6492
Don't do that.
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File 132858043352.jpg - (663.43KB , 1000x1307 , Byakuren praying and crying.jpg ) [iqdb]
Look at what you've done! You broke down Byakuren, and she's crying!
Oh, and she's also praying for your soul, or whatever the buddhist word for soul is, but point is, you're derailing a buddhist thread, and you're going to Hell!
Or to hells, since I heard that there are many buddhists hells. And they're awfully well-described, unlike the christian hell, who's merely described as "burning", the buddhist hells are way nastier.
No. 6494
I can't stand draconian religions like that. One fuck up and you're damned for eternity, or at least an enormous stretch of time? No thanks.
No. 6495
Oh, you haven't heard if Islamic hell, have you? Pretty hardcore, man.
No. 6496
File 132858423159.jpg - (473.33KB , 950x600 , 2b627737d1d0510667f69721f823efb2.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's all fine and all, but can Byakuren GO FAST?
No. 6503
You make me wonder what would happen if a Muslim gets sucked into Gensokyo. Probably estranged, seeing that he won't drink any kinds of alcoholic beverages while everyone does, even little girls.
No. 6511
File 132861692275.png - (881.54KB , 1072x1500 , Byakuren.png ) [iqdb]
He would try to convert the touhous to his religion. The few muslims I talked with do that.
No. 6512
He'd blow up.
No. 6513
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No. 7450
>“Now let’s celebrate for the completion of this pond enclosure!” Suika hollered enthusiastically, pouring the liquor out of the gourd to a small cup, “C’mon man! You must have the first glass!”

>“Sorry Suika, I mean no disrespect but drinking liquor is expressly forbidden in my faith,” you replied, with a smile added.

>“No fun…” Suika replied while chugging down the liquor for herself.

>“I’ve never heard of a faith that forbids its followers to drink liquor,” the blue-haired girl interjected, while chugging her own glass, “must be a small cult with small number of followers.”

>“Well, in my world there are many faiths that forbid its followers to drink,” you replied again, “not that it is practiced by all of their followers anyway.”

>“About your faith,” Reimu said, “Tell me about it. What kind of god do you worship? What is the god’s expertise?”

>“Well, the god I worship is called Allah Subhana Wata’alla…”

>The religious discussion between you, Reimu, And Keine was proceeding smoothly, yet suddenly the conversation was interrupted by the blue-haired girl. She suddenly flung her shirt towards your general direction. You caught a glimpse of her full breasts, as well as a whiff of alcoholic smell, before you turned in embarrassment.

>“Mokou! You drank too much!” Keine shouted while trying to restrain the blue-haired girl. There were a good few minutes of tussling that you missed

>“What are you doing?” Reimu asked you, who are still averting your eyes.

>“Well, my religion also forbade me to… err… feast my eyes on scenes like that,” you stammered as you averted your eyes to meet Reimu’s.

>‘God, I just found out how lovely those eyes can be…’ you thought.

>“Suits you,” Reimu replied shortly, “Then why are you looking into my eyes?”

>“Well, I…”

>You never had the chance to answer that question right, since your head is suddenly covered by Mokou’s pants.


I want an MC like this. That is not a joke.
No. 7451
what the hell is this
No. 7453
Copypasta from a short story about a Muslim guy who ended up in Gensokyo, romanced Reimu and got his obligatory BAD END. It’s from Touhou Love Stories: The Bad Ends (fifth tread).
No. 7456
Thank you for giving the source.
No. 7638
my question is why does it say Mokou's hair is blue? last time i checked it was either white,silver or a very light violet. usually one of those.
No. 7639
damn forgot my sage.
No. 7640
That also baffles me the first time I read it.
No. 7641
File 133250478762.jpg - (287.50KB , 1000x872 , ded031864678631b7c2e267e1a4f8321.jpg ) [iqdb]
Mokou's hair is blue sometimes.
No. 7642
File 13325163005.jpg - (190.40KB , 849x1202 , f5a5dcaf84f721bf45a743ffc7234d23.jpg ) [iqdb]
My balls are blue when I look at Mokou.
No. 7654

Stop cheating on Reimu then Yaf.
No. 7655
He's a polygamist.
No. 7675
File 133262133857.jpg - (303.86KB , 500x573 , 25988792.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's not cheating if they don't find out about it!
No. 7677
If they find out, you can kiss your balls goodbye. And then, I'll be able to say that Doom sucks, compared to Modern Warfare 2. And you'll be unable to retaliate.
No. 7708
File 133276089560.jpg - (622.81KB , 1700x1383 , 25981461.jpg ) [iqdb]
Are you saying I defend Doom with my balls? Not that I’m saying I don’t, just asking. ‘Cause, y’know, the idea is sort of homo. True, yeah, but homo. And, just FYI, I could always grow another pair—by playing Doom, nonetheless.
Geez, what’s with you guys and my balls, anyway? I can care for them well enough on my own, okay? I don’t need you fantasising about them.
No. 7724
File 133287021128.jpg - (633.39KB , 1122x800 , ftghygyg.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm going to tell you something really important.
Balls don't grow back.
No. 7956
>I'll be able to say that Doom sucks
...why would you do that? Doom was awesome. You can punch things, and they fucking explode.
Yeah, I have a soft spot for that game. Nostalgia, and all.