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So, where's my Star Wars/Touhou crossover where Yoda beats up Touhoes?

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But it's not noon. At least, Not on the west coast.
No. 6261
Where's my Sta Wars/Touhou crossover where Kreia beats up Touhoes?
No. 6262
Where's my THP/touhou cross-over where YAF beats up Satori?
No. 6265
That one with the gilgamesh copy and the talking sword.
No. 6266
Where's my Warhammer 40K/Touhou crossover where the Tyranids kill everything/everyone?
No. 6270
Where's my Custom Robo/Touhou Crossover where Ray 01 beats up Touhous?
No. 6271
You call down the thunder.
No. 6272
Why do crossovers always have to involve bad things happening to Touhous?
No. 6273
Bad things need to happen in most genres, and writers can't bear to write bad things happening to their precious Meta-Knight.
No. 6274
They can't bear hurting a knight, but are fine with hurting a little girl?
No. 6275

I could write it. I just need to make sure I can update 3 stories at once. Which means I probably never will.
No. 6276
But what if their swords break, or if their armor get's fucked up? Then they'll have to pay so much to get it fixed, or get a whole new one.

With a little girl, having a head isnt really that important. She'd live.
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You see, we just want those stuck-up Touhous to get their ass kicked by much more cooler characters. Besides, it's always entertaining watching cocky little girls get beaten up.
No. 6278

What he said. Besides, the rabid fans of Touhou that think that their characters are omnipotent invincible can't-be-beat-what-so-ever are rather vocal about it when pressed.

They'll also start pulling out Yukari as an 'I Win' button (Boundry Manipulation so that everything you do is rendered useless, eventually leading up to 'Border between Success and Failure' a.k.a. Heads I Win Tails You Lose).
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"Master! Master!"
Eirin sighs, throwing away her diary.
"What is it, Udonge?"
"I can't contact the Moon!"
"Telepathy! It doesn't work any more! What do I do?"
"First, calm down. Then, think. What could possibly jam the communication?"

Nothing... Except the Great Devourer itself. It travelled for a long time, looking for weak prey, and It found it.
A closed world, existing in a pocket dimension. The population is very low, but they're all really powerful. The Devourer almost shivers in anticipation, as it's examining the unlimited potential for new creatures here. It made the Zoanthrope with a race on the brink of their own extinction. It cannot imagine how powerful a creature made with the DNA of one of those... youkai would be.
But it's no time for precipitation. Hiding Its presence if the most important thing, so a full-fledged assault is out of question.

It thinks for a while, and finally comes up with a really cunning plan. First, It's going to release some gargoyles, to estimate the combat potantial of those creatures, and identify the greatest foe. Then, it will release gaunts, supported by genestealers. The gaunts will be used as bait, while the genestealers will carry out the assassination mission.
Once the strongest targets are weakened by the genestealers, It will release the lictors, eventually supported by zoanthopes in case of psykers.

What a perfect plan! If It could, It would be smiling right now, smiling like a hungry wolf entering in a pasture.
The Hive Fleet was weak, but that world was the perfect occasion to create powerful creatures, and then take over the world!
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To be fair, that is totally a thing Yukari could probably do.

I just see her as not doing stuff like that because it's no fun.
No. 6282
Amen, my brother.

That's why I'm glad ZUN decided to end that bullshit by writing SSiB.
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You know, this reminds me of Deme's story where that wizard guy from DnD owns Marisa. Caused quite a shitstorm back then. Oh well, at least it was hilarious as hell.
No. 6284
I don't think I have words for how much I disagree with you.
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But in the process he made two uber-invincible girls.
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So, that makes Eirin the most powerful Touhou characters, seeing that she's their master after all.
No. 6297
That makes Reimu the most powerful character, since she kicked Eirin's ass.
No. 6298
Not necessarily.
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Well, there's a saying that all touhous are mary sues.
No. 6300
Yeah, Reimu is a Mary Sue, being one of the strongest person in the entire series just by being one with the Hakurei blood. Poor Marisa, no matter how hard you train you will forever be under the Hakurei Miko's thumb.
No. 6301
Don't you you need to be flawless in every way to be a Mary Sue? Reimu has has lots of flaws.
No. 6302
By that logic, the Watatsukis can't be classified as Mary Sues either.
No. 6303
Sorta...but they're definitely closer than the other Touhous.
No. 6304
powerlevels... powerlevels never changes...
No. 6306
just like in /jp/, eh? Two threads of Yukari vs Yuka vs Eirin.
No. 6316
But /jp/.... /jp/ never changes.
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The Gensokian Horde

The Siege of Former Hell

The weeks that went by after the quiet visit of the two Drones were peaceful, the Ancient City's stream of fluidity wasn't disturbed by their presence, yet the children were still awoken by the strange noises that not even Aya could discover the origin of. Some began to adjust to the noise while others ignored it completely. However the noises at night didn't belong to Youkai, they were battle cries, songs in the form of screeching and gargling from a species that worked along side the Drones. Chilling and terrifying the screeches were, but the unknown origin continued to shroud it in mystery.

As the sun emerged on the surface everyone in the Ancient City was awoken not by the realisation it was morning, but by the ground shaking followed by a loud powerful roar, louder than the noises that keeps the children up at night.

A guard perched on the city walls was awoken by the roar and battered his eyes open. He turned his head to face the outside of the city and gasped, a huge creature stood an imposing fifteen meters tall with dark pale skin covered in armour, it was a Brumak. Around it's armoured feet was an army of Drones dressed for battle while larger or more trained and dangerous soldiers were submerged by the volume of Drones.

"Raise the alarm! We're under attack!" The guard screamed to his comrades.

His comrades climbed down ladders and ran through the streets, calling for all able body men to arms. The news was hard to swallow for the residents of the Ancient City, for the first time the city was under attack, not by youkai, but by an army belonging to an unfamiliar race of people.

Outside the attackers hauled siege weapons to the fray. Creatures converted into weapons of war, sadistic in appearance, but practical and effective in combat. The legs of the creatures were winded down with a cup at the end while the legs were cruelly tied together with heavy duty wire. A flaming ball was loaded through a tube and landed in the cup. The siege crews which were made entirely of Drones readied each Siegebeast and got the trajectory correct, targeting over the large gate of the Ancient City, behind the siege crews cries of blood thirsty troops awaited to engage their enemy.

A Drone stood in front of each Siegebeast, they were in charge of each individual Siegebeast and it's crew. They raised their arms and brought them down.

"FIRE!" They all ordered simultaneously.

The Siegebeasts fired one after another, hurling flaming munitions over the walls. The hurling objects exploded upon contact within the city with pinpoint accuracy. Building were destroyed and fires began to brew destroying everything, homes burned, restaurants and their stock went up in flames, Youkai or Oni caught in the fires were screaming, engulfed in fire as they felt their life just melt away with their flesh.

The defenders fired a barrage of arrows at the attackers. The attackers looked up, but due to the sheer volume of soldiers movement was restricted. Drones watched as arrows fell upon their comrades, those hit fell to the ground dead, others continued to live despite having an arrow or two embedded in their flesh remained standing, defiant of their injures.

"Hold line!" One barked, which was joined by similar orders from nearby Drones behind or in front.

The Siegebeasts returned fire, sending more flaming balls at the city. Meanwhile Drones equipped with bows or crossbows ran to the front, standing over fallen comrades, carefree by their deaths. The Drone archers dressed in patchwork leather vests readied their bows, aimed them at an angle and fired creating a rain of arrows in such destiny the arrows were like a tsunami in the sky.

The defenders on the city walls had no chance of escaping the number of arrows incoming. As they attempted to fall back they were all hit in the back, killed while running for their lives. Their deaths witnessed by the Oni or Youkai that were determined to protect what was left of their city ablaze by war.

The attackers ordered the Brumak to advance, the rider peppered his creature with pokes, causing the Brumak to walk towards the gate, it roared loudly sending large drops of saliva to fall on the unlucky Drones below. Drones located on a roofless perch on the Brumak's back prepared an experimental cannon, a large black siege cannon. They slotted a cannon ball into the barrel and lit the fuse. The Brumak halted under the rider's order until a large explosion went off above it's head. The force of the cannon firing sent the Brumak's body backwards slightly. The cannon ball crashed against the large gate, severely weakening it. The rider poked the Brumak into a charge, the large creature slammed against the gate, smashing through it's weaken state with ease. The Brumak looked down at the opposition behind it and roared at them. The resistance felt their hearts skip a beat, the sight of it installed fear in their ranks. It's size and cannon was alien to them, some fled in panic, leaving the brave behind to battle.

Suddenly behind the Brumak came multiple loud horns, when the horns stopped the mass of soldiers outside the city started to pour in from all sides, cheering and emitting battle cries ready to kill. Drones charged into the city, wielding swords, spears and axes. The resistance charged back at them and battle began. Amongst the Drones a new type of soldiers entered, roaring with bloodlust. They stood eight feet tall, the larger soldiers were dressed from head to toe in imposing armour that resembled mythical beasts. Their armour was manacled with broken chains giving the larger soldiers a deceptive intimidation coupled with large swords in their grasps. They were Boomers.

The Oni and Youkai resistance fought valiantly, however they took heavy casualties in the first few minutes while the fires in the city roared, consuming everything as it spectated the battles that spread across the whole city like an unwanted audience.

Yuugi Hoshiguma was amongst the resistance, the attackers had her greatly outnumbered. Drones encircled her, pointing their weapons at her, thirsty for blood, their reptilian eyes glared at the Oni with malice intent.

"Who's first?" Yuugi stamped her foot, trying to intimidate the Drones around her with a war face.

A Drone ran at her, Yuugi missed it's attempt to stab her and swung her sword at him, creating a large lethal gash across his chest, the Drone fell to the ground. Another tried his luck, Yuugi spun around and caught the spear wielding Drone by surprise, he flew to the ground killed, the sword cut directly through his wooden armour.

"You're not so tough." Yuugi smirked confidently.

Three more ran at her from the front, they were close together, Yuugi stabbed one in the chest and the punched the third while his weapon was going for an overhead strike, his head banged against the middle one and the middle one's banged against the stabbed comrade, the trio fell to the ground.

The numbers appeared to be dwindling, but were instantly reinforced and multiplied by more Drones arriving.

"More eh? The more the better the party!" Yuugi said and engaged once more.

A Drone with a spear ran at her, Yuugi countered by stepping aside, she grabbed the spear's shaft and pulled, dragging the holder to her and she elbowed him in the head. She now had a spear in her possession, then dropped it in favour of the sword already in her hand.

She re-engaged in battle with an eager foe, her sword was battling his, while the Drone's comrades watched as the swords slammed against each other, another decided he was going to help his comrade, he kicked Yuugi in the back of her right leg causing her to drop her sword and her guard.

Yuugi looked back briefly at the intrusion, but had to refocus on the foes in front of her as well as around her. The sword of her opponent went for the kill. Yuugi shifted at the last moment and pulled him to the ground when he was vulnerable and repeatedly hit his head till he died. Yuugi glanced behind quickly, the Oni went to reach for her sword, only to see it kicked away from her reach, Yuugi gasped, she was now unarmed, but not defenceless against them. Her lack of a weapon encouraged the Drones surrounding her to attack more frequent. Yuugi had to hold them off long enough to ready a spellcard. The Oni rose to her feet quickly ready for round two.

The Drones attacked, Yuugi responded by using her fists as a weapon, she punched one in front of her, then elbowed behind her, her foot met to kick one to her left, then came one from her right, the Drone swung at her, Yuugi grabbed his weapon wielding arm and punched the Locust footsoldier in the face causing him to stutter back, a battle cry gave away the next, he swung his axe at her, Yuugi bopped her upper body to avoid the axe, when the time was right she kicked his stomach and wrapped a foot around her ankle and tripped him up. After he fell she ran over him and through the gap of Drones, they pursued.

Yuugi was unhindered unlike the Drones chasing her, weighed down by weapons and armour. She dashed down the street running past other melee fights that Oni or Youkai were either losing or winning. She turned around a corner, fire and collapsed rubble blocked her path, Yuugi quickly studied her surroundings the Oni had enough room to use a spellcard. Yuugi awaited for the Drones, she felt her heart throbbing very quickly as blood pumped fast through her veins.

Just then the Drones turned the corner and saw her, they raised their weapons preparing to attack, chuckling at her.

"Ready for some more?" She asked them, not even sure they spoke her language. "Here's one that'll knock you off your feet! Here we go!" A ritual circle appeared below her feet as she drew a spellcard.

Suddenly Yuugi began to emit static electricity, it sparked ferociously along with a burning aura that erupted around her whole body. Yuugi readied herself to perform a special technique, the Locust mistook it for a war dance. Her eyes gleamed confidence as she raised one foot and slammed it against the ground, the ground shook momentarily.

"One!" She shouted.

Through a sudden fog shards of danmaku materialised around her entirely out of nowhere, the high density of blue removed her from the Locust soldiers view.

Yuugi slammed her other foot on the ground. "Two!" She counted, the aura getting bigger and the electricity grew more fierce.

The Locust found themselves surrounded by bright blue danmaku offering little means of escape available, the tight space forced them to huddle up together in the gaps. After the second stomp the danmaku glowed brighter, waiting to explode with vibrancy.

Yuugi felt warm inside, she was smiling from ear to ear. The Oni cocked back a fist ready to punch, a mass of energy was building around the clenched fist, she felt hyped and ready.

"Three!" She shouted, she then unleashed her final step, releasing the cocked punch that shot through the air, it caused the danmaku to launch that surround her towards the Locust troops at an alarming pace.

They watched, unable to escape the oncoming high density of danmaku, the danmaku collided with them exploding upon impact. The floating particles of energy that trapped them were ignited by the explosion generating a far greater and bigger array of brightly coloured explosions. Out of thin air, danmaku blanketed the entire outer layer, exploding on impact with anyone and anything with a ground shaking rupture of power. The release of energy built from a culmination of brute strength and danmaku gave the explosions an unrivalled magnitude, almost ripping apart everything within the vicinity. After the explosions died down, thick smoke slithered away revealing the Locust unharmed despite being in many high powered explosions that would kill a youkai.

Yuugi's eyes widened in shock, her ultimate spellcard was ineffective against them, not even a scratch on their amour or flesh, the area around them was blown to smithereens.

"Danmaku has no effect on them!" She looked behind, heart heart sank, she had no where to run and her ultimate attack failed, she couldn't beat their numbers alone.

Drones that saw and heard the explosions swarmed in groups already reinforcing a large force. The odds were stacking against her as every second past, to make matters worse the Brumak appeared, smashing through buildings with it's brute strength to her location.

Just when Yuugi feared they would all charge at her the crowd fell silent. Amongst the crowd a Boomer appeared, nudging everyone aside as it lumbered, it's large sword stained with blood. The Boomer wore more majestic armour than it's Boomer comrades scattered around the city. His armour was godly in appearance and stood out from the rest. The scorching flames reflecting on his suit of armour was joined by blood staining the protective equipment. He stopped a few feet away from Yuugi.

"So your the big boy of these guys?" Yuugi asked.

"Bring prisoner for Mars." The Boomer boomed to his soldiers in Tyran, leaving Yuugi stumped at the language barrier.

Behind him two Drones walked through the crowd of Drones that split apart, dragging a limp man by his arms. Yuugi recognised him as the bartender of the bar she frequently visits. He had blood on his face and his clothes were torn.

"Bartender!" She knew his name, but his job title suited him.

The Drones dropped him in front of the Boomer who gave the prisoner a look of disgust.

"You hurt him and you're in big trouble!" Yuugi yelled, anger building up inside her. The man was at the mercy of his captors.

The bartender raised his head off the dirt ground, followed by his body, weakly he shifted to rest on his knees with his back to the Boomer. The man's breathing was heavy and labouring, his eyes fatigued from fighting looked directly in her's.

"Yuugi! Get out of here! Warn the surface! These guys have killed everyone you have to-" Suddenly the bartender was impaled by the Boomer's sword, his body stopped at midpoint of the blade. He looked down at the blade that was thrust through his chest with horror. Blood began to ooze from his mouth.

The Boomer laughed. "Human puny to Mars."

Yuugi watched as the bartender's body slumped froward and became motionless, signalling his death. Her heart began to beat faster, she grit her teeth, tightly clenched her fists. "How dare you!" She yelled. "How dare you, he was my friend!" Yuugi breathed in and out loudly in anger, her enraged eyes dilated, glaring ominously onto the Boomer identified as Mars. Yuugi's mind erased the Drones behind him as she solely focused her anger on Mars. The odds became truant in her mind, every fibre screamed at her to avenge the bartender's death. Her anger finally became unleashed. Yuugi steamed towards Mars while he pushed the body off his sword, the sword was as big as a small child with a serrated spine.

As she approached Mars swung his sword, Yuugi ducked and rammed into his chest with her head, bringing Mars down with her. The Drones rushed towards her to defend Mars, Yuugi was about to punch Mars until a spear jabbed her in the shoulder, Yuugi grimaced and ignored it through pure adrenaline and her Oni strength until another jabbed her other shoulder, Yuugi removed herself from him in pain, but then was jabbed in the stomach by a sword.

Yuugi held the sword that was lodged into her stomach, blood formed and trickled from the wound, staining her t-shirt and rolling onto her skirt. "I'm an Oni it's going to to more than that to kill me!" She screamed at them, they responded and attacked, quickly overwhelming her with sheer numbers. The swords and axes hacked her violently before she could no longer fight back. The Drones continued the horrific assault while Mars watched as Yuugi lay on the ground defenceless.

As Yuugi felt every axe, sword and spear blow, her vision clouded, the sounds of bloodthirsty Drones were muffled, her eyes slowly and forcefully closing for the last time, the injures her vital organs were taking could no longer keep up with the demand to continue living, all organs began to shut down or were forcefully by the swords and axes. Yuugi Hoshiguma drew her last breath before finally succumbing to the vicious attack. Her body became limp and her eyes finally closed, when one Drone halted his comrades did the same, looking at a Oni with large lacerations beyond repair, her blood oozed around her now dead corpse. The Drones raised their weapons in the air, Mars joined in pleased with their barbaric actions. The Boomer reached for Yuugi's horn, his large hand covered the horn Mars pulled with his monstrous strength, ripping it out of her forehead. His newly acquired trophy rested in an open palm, Mars smiled evilly at it.

He held up his arm with his prize. "For Mother Queen." Mars cheered, followed by his army responding with cheers of their own. Mars departed, lumbering away from Yuugi's body, his army loyally following him to claim a decisive victory in Gensokyo.

(At midnight)

The city was now a burning ruin, bodies of fallen Locust desecrated once was the bustling streets full of Oni and Youkai that partied endlessly, the bodies of innocent men, women and children of all ages lay among the fallen Locust, silent, yet their fate was not as peaceful as they had hoped, slaughtered and butchered with no shade of mercy by the attackers. The defenders who fought valiantly were no match for the mass of trained, genocidal soldiers that purged the city of all life.

General Mars who fought along side his troops with distinction stood proudly on the tallest building that wasn't claimed by flames and blew through a horn, declaring victory, the horn echoed throughout the city and the hollow caverns, inciting mass euphoric celebration from the troops below Mars. The news quickly spread to the Gensokian Locust capital far from the Ancient City, with help from the chants that kept the children up at night.

General Mars had done what was asked of him by his Queen. The Boomer now set his sights on a large European themed mansion that rested on the other side of the Ancient City, know as the Palace of the Earth Spirits.

(The next day)

Mars received a private letter from his Queen, it strictly ordered him to capture the Palace of Earth Spirits intact, so that the Queen could move her headquarters there to support her troops and advance her plan. She didn't tell Mars of the potential source of energy that lay below, a nuclear furnace, kept alive by the Hell raven, Utsuho Reiuji. Mars was warned that any damage to the target building was unacceptable and would face a grave penalty.

In response General Mars co-ordinated his assault on the palace thoroughly, organising his troops and equipment, however the Palace of The Earth Spirits knew of the attack on the Ancient City. Satori tried to contact the surface, but the Locust blocked all forms of escape and collapsed the entrances to the underground to prevent entry or escape. Satori was trapped in her own home, waiting for the Locust attack.
No. 6395
There are only two kinds of Touhou crossovers; one in which Touhou curbstomps the other verse and the other in which the other verse curbstomps Touhou.
No. 6411
And, occassionally, one where both sides curbstomp each other and both sides end up a shattered mess.
No. 6415
Shattered mess or tea at Reimu's?

I can't remember the last time I saw Touhou curbstomp the other guys. It's all Gensokyo destruction nowadays.
I don't like it.
No. 6425
"Cirno?" Dumbledore inquired, as he had been listening to the two girls' conversation.

"She's one of the ice fairies we fought," Marisa answered promptly, smirking a bit. "She was strong as a fairy, but her power over cold weather was pretty weak when we got a taste of it."

"She could control cold weather?" The headmaster was now beginning to feel nervous, as wizards/witches could only manipulate weather via highly complex spells. Even he found it rather laborious.

"Yeah, but it's nothing to be proud of," Reimu answered, pouring herself yet another cup of tea. "I could control weather too, if I wanted. Just call down one of those storm gods into my body, and it'll be easy."

Dumbledore gulped, even though the two girls didn't seem to notice. "You can call down gods into your body?"

"Yeah," Reimu said nonchalantly, taking a long drink from her cup. "Can't all shrine maidens do that?"

"Sanae couldn't really do that," Marisa piped in. "She could only do miracle stuff."

"She could still manipulate weather, just not in the same way as me."

The headmaster then realized that these two were highly formidable magicians. Even wizards like Lord Voldemort or him couldn't call down gods into their bodies to borrow their powers, let alone perform incredible miracles. If he ever fought one-on-one with any of these two, he was sure that he would be defeated easily in less than a minute.

"Well, would you like to learn more about our magic style?" He asked.

"Nope, we already have plans," The two replied almost simultaneously, making Dumbledore chuckle before taking a sip of tea.
No. 6470
I want a story where God sends this guy to spread His religion in Gensokyo. He'll no doubt end up beating some Touhoues here and there in the process.

inb4 Yukari vs Lucifel
No. 6490

Make it this guy instead and fund that shit.
No. 6491
No. 6649
I want a story where Gordon Freeman stumbles into Gensokyo, all the while rambling about inane things.
No. 6659

Well if it's freeman's mind, it makes less sense for him to mumbling, and instead his mind being read. Cue /underground/...
No. 6662
He better get involved in a gunfight while riding in Orin's cart.
No. 6671
Actually, that makes me wonder: if Satori reads the mind of a schizophrenic, then would she hear the voices that the person hears?
No. 6676

Presumably, yes. Imagine, if you do, Satori wandering into a mental ward. So many voices. So little to balance it. She has her thoughts, and perhaps the attendants. But it is very common for the patients to outnumber the staff. Drastically so in the older days where mental hospitals were more prisons than anything. Imagine so: Ten patients for every staff or sane man or woman, including herself. Ten voices for every patient. By the time she realized what was going on... Terrible. Terrible. She would be committed herself. Unable to escape, unable to fathom escape. Sympathetic insanity.
No. 6680
You're presuming quite a bit about the range, control, and sensitivity of her mind reading, and of the the patients.
Even under your ideal conditions, Satori wandering into a mental ward would be like you wandering into a packed convention hall or something. Nothing insanity inducing.
No. 6682
I don't wanna sound rude, but do you know how tiring it is to simply have a constant background noise? Even if you're just standing here, the constant noise is enough to get on everyone's nerves. Not enough to cause lunacy (to normal beings), but enough to wear anyone out.
No. 6687
Yeah, that's what I was saying.
No. 6704
Who ever let the facts get in the way of a good tale?
No. 6705
I dunno. I'll let you know when I hear one.
No. 6706

Well, since you stopped writing...
No. 6709

Don't worry dear, everything gets updated eventually.
No. 6720
No. 6819

It's not nice to lie you know.
No. 7219
Back on the topic of Half-Life, I think an /underground/ story would be especially funny, since the Freeman's Mind Freeman seems to constantly switch between thoughts and loud, furious shouting when something tries to kill him (about 95% of the time). Part of the fun would be seeing his reactions to Gensokyo as a whole.
"Wait, are those chicks flying? Why can't I fly?! Although, I guess it's kinda balanced out by the fact that I'm carrying enough firepower to take over a small country. That, and I still have my beard... And I'm still covered in blood, chemicals, and God knows what else. I really need a vacation."
Among other ramblings. I'd pay money for this to be made.
Failing that, I may just write it myself...
No. 7227
Fund it.
You'll have at least one reader.
No. 7229
Everything on THP has at least one reader. No matter how terrible the execution or poorly conceived the idea, someone here will read it.
No. 7248
I'd really like to write that myself (I love writing stories with insane protag), but I don't know much about Freeman's mind, and I'm kinda busy with 2 stories right now (4 if you count the shorts).
So, go on, try and write it. What's the worse that can happen?
No. 7249
We drive you out of the site?
No. 7250
Na, Freeman's mind sounds too popular for that.
In the worse case, people may points at your typos and order you to take a proofreader.

People are driven off the website only if they're damaging writefag's self-esteem or if they're writing ff.net's level shit. Or if they're illiterate.
No. 7251
Illiterate people could use the internet?
No. 7252
no wai
No. 7255
So, if I write a well-written Mario crossover on this site, I wouldn't get driven off?
No. 7257
>ff.net's level shit
You will be.
No. 7258
If it's well written, everyone will be too busy laughing at the fact that effort was put into a Mario crossover to run anyone off.
No. 7260
Touhou is about as serious as Mario, you know. Villains become friends, lighthearted stories, utopian worlds, etc.
No. 7261
Hahaha, you silly-
>Mario Tennis
Okay, you have a point here.
No. 7336
Similarly, soccer is very serious business in each series.
No. 8662
I share your sentiment.

Maybe deep down I actually hate Touhou.
No. 8671
Touhou is at least marginally more serious, because it's not founded on a reference to natural hallucinogens.
No. 11900
I confess. I've imagined sending characters from other series that I love more than Touhou to beat up the Touhous when I got fed up with Touhou and its fandom in general.

Touhou is like crack to me. I can't stop taking it even though I hate it. I hate myself for having to go to this site everyday just because this is the only place in the Touhou fandom that I can tolerate.

Guess I have a love/hate relationship with this magical girl shooting game series.

I miss the old days when Touhou is just another video game to me.
No. 11922
Yeech. I hope I never end up like you.