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For everyone who posts using a name and doesn't write a story on the site:

Stop posting.

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/r/ sticky.
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Anon is leejun
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gonna prank call me anonymous?
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Completely missing the point. Almost everyone that posts with a name without writing a story is a complete faggot.

This isn't legion faggotry, it's pattern recognition.
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Maybe it isn't so bad? At least they're making it easier to identify and ignore them. I think Wiseman got a lot worse when he dropped the name and started trolling GH (still pretty easy to pick out his unique brand of idiocy if you're paying attention though) and dropping the occasional turd in Ancient Gensokyo.

Most seem to be gas bags that think they're God's gift to voting or analysis, so knowing what to take with a grain of salt is kinda nice.
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They shouldn't be here at all.

We shouldn't have to identify them, or worry about taking what they say with a mountain of salt, these faggots are faggots and should be driven out.

We shouldn't have to deal with their idiocy at all!
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Anonymous sucks cock.
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Can we get Wiseman banned?
No. 1709

Signs point to no.
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I honestly have no idea what the hell Wiseman has done to you people, so why the hell do you all blame basically every single damn thing on him like random dipshit Mesopotamian villager #6547?
No. 1711

He wrote a rather dumb story. It was eventually killed during the initial /blue/ rush, but he actually didn't leave.

He periodically kills jokes.

The way he talks can be grating to some people.
No. 1713
Actually, he wrote two. The first story was even worse, and he was driven out after about 3 posts. He kept appologizing the whole time, without having the slightest idea as to why people were mad.
No. 1715

Why'd you necro-post?
No. 1716
at this point it's more of an insult than an actual accusation

<~Kapow> ugh
<~Kapow> wiseman are you voting in a fairy's tale
<~Kapow> 3 retarded write-ins, one of them has to be you
<Fishman> I haven't voted yet.
<~Kapow> somehow that's even worse
<Choja> Kapow: ahaha
<Choja> "not even the worst person voted and i've got all these shit votes"
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To tell the truth, I'm trying to set up a choose your own adventure type story... But I'm not sure what rules there are to posting on here... Can anyone point me in the right direction?
No. 1723

The 'rules' themselves are pretty clearly defined on the front page, but as for general board etiquette(or what passes for etiquette around here, anyway), I suggest visiting the IRC channel. Despite all the ragging it gets for being a wretched hive of laziness and cocks, pretty much all of the writers are there, and it's most likely the best place to seek advice on how to get started.
No. 1725
>pretty much all of the former writers are there


How did you find this place?
No. 1729

First, think of where your story is going to be set, and if it's going to concentrate mostly on that place. So if your protagonist is probably going to spend 90% of his time at Eientei, or if he'll consider Eientei his home, then go post there. If you think it has the potential to go anywhere, then it goes to /th/ or /others/. /border/ encompasses Makai, Mayohiga, anything else along the border, and the outside world. I think /shrine/ also encompasses the human village and Byakuren's temple. /others/ also encompasses most alternate settings. These rules are not hard and fast, though, so don't worry about it too much.

If your story starts off at Eientei-centric, but notice that the main spends more time at the Hakurei Shrine, then feel free to move the next thread there (with a link in your original thread, of course).

/blue/ and /coriander/ don't really fit under the above framework, obviously, so feel free to post there too.

Secondly, you can username#trip in the name field, if you wish to get a username and a trip code, which identify you as you. It's optional, of course.

Third, specify your voting method if you're not going by the "majority wins" rule.

Fourth, fun is mandatory. So have fun!

I think that's about it, really.
No. 1730
Oh, I've been reading on here for a while now, first with angry desu's story. I think google landed me here. I read, and I liked, so I'm just trying to get started.
No. 1731
There are no hard and fast rules outside of "don't suck." Updating with some semblance of frequency is preferred, but that gets excused with quality and/or quantity if the aforementioned "not sucking" prerequisite is met.

Outside of that, go nuts. Pick a board, pick a story, and have fun. If you wander, it's no big deal; no mod has ever chastised a writer for wandering out of the "jurisdiction" of the board they started on.

If you're interested, I can share some personal insight as to what goes over well:
Have a thorough grasp of your characters: your characters shouldn't be stereotypes or merely present situations that need to be averted. They should be full fledged individuals that have their own motivations and ways of/reasons to reacting to situations as they arise.
Don't be afraid of (or be discouraged by) soldiering on with a small handful of votes. Anonymous is fickle. Sometimes you are deluged with votes, sometimes you get 2. Plan for either extreme and write. If you write, and don't get spammed by people telling you to stop, they will come... eventually.
Take criticism and commentary in stride. If it's well founded, learn from it and carry on.
Write because you want to, not because you want to be appreciated. Anonymous is expecting a story, and you are expected to deliver. Accolades, in-depth commentary, and fellatio will follow (if you don't suck), but your only motivation should be to write because you want to write. If you want anything more than that, prepare to be disappointed.
Have fun writing. If you don't enjoy writing, let your readers know why. More often than not, they'll respond to your concerns, and if that isn't enough, it at least offers some closure as to why you've stopped.
Very little frustrates more than the fickle writer: one whose update frequency waxes and wanes based on some ephemeral scale of worthiness displayed by Anonymous. Casual readers are off-put straight out, regular readers can see the agonizing pattern a mile away, and the dedicated few that contribute are cut to their core when their efforts are left by the wayside because there aren't more of them.
No. 1732
Spoken like a true anon. I'm prepping my story as we speak. I'm going to post it in border, probably... But that really depends on where everything goes. To piqué your interest, let me just say that this will be shown from two perspectives, though never meeting. I can't wait to start posting!