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Remember when THP was good?

No. 5959
THP was never good.
No. 5960
Remember when THP had dedicated writers?
No. 5961
This thread is for complaining about how everything used to be better.

What the fuck is up with Blue's Clues? They used to have the guy in green and the blue dog.

Now the dude wears orange or some shit, and there's a pink dog and a green dog and a fucking cat. What the fuck is up with that?
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>dedicated writers
No. 5963
Remember when THP had dedicated Readers and commenters?
No. 5964
Remember when we used to bully new writers?
No. 5967
Remember when Taisa still wrote?
No. 5983

Should have at least had the decency to write a "Dear Anon, i am quitting writing."
Lazy fuck.
No. 5997
Remember the ending of Kira's Gensokyo CYOA?
No. 5999
That's not funny.
No. 6004
Most epic ending.
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Remember how annoying THP was before? When you had to manually download each thread, one by one?
No. 6010
Just visited Tvtropes.
It says about us:
>The other main Touhou imageboard is Touhou-Project.com, which is given over to Choose Your Own Adventure-style collaborative fanfic. It tries to maintain a fairly high standard of quality.

I never knew THP was a "main" touhou imageboard!
No. 6014
Pshhh, we are obviously the best Touhou imageboard that has ever existed.
>It tries to maintain a fairly high standard of quality.
So true.
No. 6027
Of course we are the best Touhou Board. Just look at the other sites which are full of idiots.
No. 6028
Oh, yeah! We are so smart, we never vote before thinking first! When we get a bad end, it's obviously the writefag's fault! We never vote for the obvious sexy option before examining all the other options first!
We are so smart!
No. 6029
Nice impersonation of a typical /th/ voter.