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"Lastly, I'll say something true for the first time. What I said was all lies, right from the very beginning."

Post all your 'truths' here!

No. 594
I like Threads like this.
No. 595
THP is too fast for me. I wish it could go slower.
No. 596
This post is a lie.
No. 597
I'm glad HY isn't writing anymore.
No. 598
I'm Batman.
No. 599
For as many stories that go into details about a character's meals, too few go into detail about the follow-up trips to the bathroom. What if something they ate didn't agree with them? Gave them indigestion, or even a case of food poisoning? These are important details that we need to know about!
No. 600

I'm sad HY is still writting. Sadly. Very sad.
No. 602
Everything said in this thread is a lie.
No. 603
Say it in red if you can.
No. 604
Sakuya is the best Touhou.
No. 605
I'm glad so many stories won't ever be finished. Lets me keep my idea of how things go. I'll just be disappointed if they come back, anyways. Like that Shadow Over Gensokyo guy. Yeah...

No. 606
I'm glad GM is gone. WUiG was the worst story I've ever read.
No. 608

You're doing it right.
No. 609
Not putting sage outside the fastest board (not) known to animals isn't a brillant (not) idea.
No. 617
This thread isn't an incredibly fucking retarded pile of shit.
No. 623
Gensokyo High isn't an incredibly fucking retarded pile of shit. And that Batman crossover too.
No. 624
HY quitting writing was the worst thing to ever happen on these boards.
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I bet EZMode despises this thread now.
No. 643
I miss /tt/.
No. 668

I do indeed hate it.

Hate it so much... yes...
No. 697
I took a shit in the urinal in middle school and blamed it on Tommy, and I got away with it.