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5312 No. 5312
Obligatory new thread for bitching.

No. 5315
I hate people who are making retarded votes! They ruined that /underground/ story!
No. 5316
>I am hating THP
No. 5317
What story?
No. 5318
>we don't need /youkai/ becoming like /shrine/ right after [YAF] was banned the first time
I'm new and what is this?
No. 5321
Apparently, from what I heard, /shrine/ was more or less YAF's own board, since he was the only one posting on it. Soon, it became an evil lair of hate, shitstorm, and misfortune, and became soon infamous.
Now, YAF is writing a story on /youkai/, and people are afraid that it may turn into a shitfest.

Also, /shrine/ isn't that shitty now. New blood, new stories. Still infamous for being YAF's lair.
But I'm fairly new myself, so there's a chance that I missed something, but long story short, that's this.
No. 5322
I knew all that already. I want to know what provoked the banning(s).
No. 5323
YAF is writing a story on /youkai/?
No. 5324
I don't see his story there.
No. 5325
I don't remember him being banned. I think he left on his own volition after doing some drama of course.
No. 5326
>thread for bitching.
No. 5327
I'm bitching about people making references to ancient history while expecting everyone to know what they're talking about.

Like this. What drama?
No. 5332
File 132245211697.jpg - (15.60KB , 387x259 , 1285419985986.jpg ) [iqdb]
What the living fuck are you talking about?
No. 5333
Basically, he made a goodbye thread, causing his supporters and his haters to fight each other there.
No. 5334
Swamp King YAF, Ruler of Cesspits
No. 5337
It's not really bitching, but I think it goes here.
It's about a Hina story on /youkai/, Curses Foiled. I really enjoyed the first 'arc' the writer made, but then it turns into some crap with multiple OCs which I just can't enjoy, try as I might.
It makes me sad.
No. 5339
You should talk to the author then. Post your complain on his thread or talk to him via IRC. I think he frequently hangs out there.
No. 5340
Isnt this thread around for the exact opposite purpose: To NOT bitch on the writers threads? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, I hate that new Persona story, mainly because the updates arent very fulfilling due to bland characters and extremely fast update speed. Along with the fact that it deserves to be in /others/ as its a crossover, /th/ doesnt need another rapid-fire story in there.
No. 5341
There's nothing to talk about because I don't have a solid complaint. It's personal taste.

I just felt like saying it somewhere.
No. 5343
So, should we drive him off the site then?
No. 5344
Angry mob time?
No. 5345
It's always angry mob time in /blue/.
No. 5346
File 132249020032.jpg - (92.80KB , 750x600 , the-internet-irl.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, let me grab my guy fawkes mask, my pitchfork, and I'll join.

Who are we going after?
No. 5347
File 132249160637.jpg - (12.60KB , 300x198 , torch-and-pitchfork.jpg ) [iqdb]
You forgot your torch.
No. 5358
Talking about driving people off the site, what about ddyk (Hartmann)?
No. 5359
Drive off that one idiot that says brainless and agenda all the time.
No. 5360
No. 5361

So, who will cast the first stone?
No. 5364
File 132255810879.jpg - (115.01KB , 624x480 , MacGyver.jpg ) [iqdb]
The jobs on you kid. The only equipment you get is a paperclip, a rubber band, and a piece of string. You can make it work.
No. 5365
I want to bitch a bit about Treia, who keeps using his nick/trip, even when posting in someone else's thread.
No. 5366

What? No I don't!

...Wait a second.
No. 5367
File 132257164520.jpg - (30.87KB , 400x500 , CARD CRRRRRRUSHER.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5368
If you want to drive him off the site, I suggest that you do it immediately because I think he'll make a new thread soon.
No. 5369
For some reason, Firefox keeps telling me that I'm visiting "", instead of "touhou-project.com".
And after checking that out, I discovered that the server is hosted in Atlanta!
So what's happening?
No. 5370
"Fulton Country Governement Center"? THP is hosted by the Governement?
No. 5371
File 132257751076.jpg - (34.34KB , 272x233 , 249.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5373
This guy.

In before it's multiple people.
No. 5374
I'm sure all the attention has caused him to shut the hell up.
No. 5375
From >>5212 I surmise that this man has never in his life so much as seen a woman.

Reminds me of Ryukishi07.
No. 5377
No. 5417
I want to bitch about those guys never using capitals in their sentences, and not placing a X between the [] when voting!
No. 5423
I wish to use this complaint form to request an official statemant from taise in regard to his story in /th/ called Gensokyo High. Furthermore, i request a resumption of the writing process or a notification of when a new segment of said story will be available.
No. 5424
File 132333898451.jpg - (36.56KB , 481x360 , koishi.jpg ) [iqdb]
gl with that
No. 5425
File 132335979942.jpg - (271.12KB , 800x533 , Legit.jpg ) [iqdb]
That seems totally legit and totally not a troll.
No. 5426
I want to bitch about people who take this site too seriously, claiming that it's more than a Touhou fanfiction site.
No. 5427
I don't think I've ever seen anyone claim that.
No. 5428
I point and laugh at people like that.
No. 5429
We are not better than any other community out there. I laugh in the face of being terrible and don't give a fuck.

I am fucking proud to being terrible, i am proud to be the best at being worst. Shrine maiden got shit on us. GLORY TO THP! WE ARE THE BEST!
No. 5430
Everyone is thinking they are the best. Pooshlmer because they're housing the wiki, Voile because they're translating doujins, Shrinemaidens because there's many members, gensokyo.org because it makes translation patch, THP because it's used by the greatest writefags around, Equestria Daily because it doesn't accept any fanfiction...
Everyone is the best.
I'm sure that even 4chan users are thinking that they're the best.
No. 5431
I don't give a flying dog's dick about being the best; I just enjoy doing what I do. When I do it, that is. Which isn's all too often, admittedly. I should perhaps work at getting that fixed. I should also stop drinking so much while at it. But San Miguel is so good! It's really designed to keep a writefag from writing, methinks. Insidious. Truly insidious. Bloody Spaniards.

Thing is, why the bleeding vaginal fuck do people give a damn about being the best, when all that counts is enjoyment? On that topic, why do people care about being numero uno when it's all subjective? I'm number one at what I do in my mind because I enjoy what I do the most. That's a fact. So why you you care? Tell me. I'm curious. Well, to be honest, I'm not, but that doesn't matter. Pour yourself out on me. Then lend me some tissues. And just to get you started:

God tier:
Shit tier:

And for the record, Noisia makes a good listen when you want to give your brain a throrough fucking-over. Give it a blast some day.
No. 5432
Personal opinion:
God Tier:
Worst Tier:
Everything else.

There are also all those websites where you have to know exactly what to say, and where you can be hated because you said some forbidden word. I hate these.
No. 5433
Your opinion < My opinion

FACT. Just try to deny it. I dare you.
No. 5434
Easy. You are a fool. That's enough. And I have a Guy Fawkes. There your argument is invalid.
No. 5435
File 132338441389.jpg - (11.84KB , 312x431 , Picture0020.jpg ) [iqdb]
I have a horse mask. My opinion > your opinion. Try to deny that.
No. 5436
ITT YAF being pretentious.
No. 5437
Fuck. I can't. You've got me beaten.
No. 5439
Now I can check "Defeat YAF in an Internet argument" from my list!
Fear me, for my next task is to "Take over a board".
No. 5440
The worst part about this post is that I think he's serious.
No. 5458
Come @ me. I double Polish dare you.
No. 5459
I enjoy taking shit seriously.

No. 5460
File 13233896775.gif - (902.54KB , 499x371 , EveryThreadEver.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 5517
You would polish my shoes? Why, My good sir, you are extremely kind.
No. 5694
Nothing to do with the site itself, But danbooru's 'similar' feature is really, really fucking shitty lately. Is it better on one of the other servers or not, cuz this is just stupid.
No. 5695
I'm the writer of that story. If /blue/ deems me not good enough to write on this site, I shall leave immediately.
No. 5697

They'll make ya leave just for shits and giggles, you know.
No. 5698
Well, I just don't want to end up like JtotheE, you know. Five threads in and *Bam*, get driven off the site.
No. 5699
Ask them for advice and take it, and try harder to get a proofer, even if it slows down your updates.
No. 5701
I already got a proofreader. I always ask the IRC for proofing before posting my story.
No. 5704
Try making the story accessible. I dont look at the thread for a day, and now there's another thread. And another. And another. Where do I start, where do I continue, where was the last update chronologically? My advice is to keep those threads in one thread.
No. 5708
I'm not /blue/. I'm just one Anon who happens to dislike your story. If you want to leave because ONE person doesn't like your story, don't even try to write.
No. 5725
I want to bitch about stories that have too many long-winded descriptions in them. They just distract the readers from the action that's going on.
No. 5728
I want to bitch about descriptions in stories. I never know if I'm doing enough or too much.
No. 5735
An easy test: is your description relevant? When it stops being relevant then it's enough description.
No. 5740
I'd like to complain about the woodwork. People keep crawling out of it. How much woodwork does this site even have
No. 5742
No. 5743
Really long and uneeded posts/write-ins. I define really long as a post that goes into so much detail as if voting worked like a motherfucking genie's lamp, where if you dont state EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT you'll get the opposite of it.
No. 5744
At the peak it was 74 or so.
No. 5748
I prefer those compared to zombie votes.
No. 5749
You're in luck. People zombie vote gigantic votes too.
No. 5750
[x] Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!
No. 5751
It doesn't help some writers have taken liberties with a vote for terribly unwanted results. Such detailed posts generally show a lack of faith in the writer's ability handle the ambiguities of the vote.
No. 5752
Really long and unneeded. Like the post in /forest/>>24520 (oh i sure hope im doing this write) for example. It has little to no relevance to the story itself or whats going on right now in said story.
No. 5753
You mean:

>>/forest/24520 ?

Oh that story, it's just a half-ass knock off of dolls in sync with the whole "group commication" thing not nearly as well justified.
No. 5768
At least it updates.
No. 5769
That's so true.
No. 5854
I want to bitch about that movie "I am Legend". Those fucking holywood fags butchered the book without any shame! That's horrible! It makes me ANGRY and SAD!
No. 5855
I want to bitch about Yukari being overpowered in fanon. Seriously, she's not like God or something.
No. 5856
File 132465417815.jpg - (470.78KB , 771x1100 , 23796313.jpg ) [iqdb]
Phantasm rank.
No. 5857
Been through /jp/ powerlevel threads, huh?
No. 5877
I want to bitch about the lack of WuIG/MiG-styled story nowadays. Obviously, this is because of the /blue/ faggotry that runs rampant on this site.
No. 5879
The issue is that people seem to prefer stories with a deeper plot and trying to pull one off these days is rather difficult as the concept has been done to death.

The closest thing to one is Do the Right Thing and even with that I somewhat doubt its ability to not crash at this rate.

As far as the topic, I like to bitch about all the stories that forego world building for nothing but plot.
No. 5881
>world building
Uh, what does that exactly mean? ZUN is the one who does the world building, at least if the story takes place in a normal Gensokyo.
No. 5882
Fun fact: fanfic are looked down because they aren't creating their own worlds, but rather using a preexisting world.

Fun fact: therefore, a fanfic creating its own world isn't a fanfic.
No. 5883
Actually, world building is the one thing ZUN specifically shies away from. The games make virtually no attempt to describe Gensokyo itself outside of the particular incident being resolved during them, the official comics and short stories are only marginally more informative by virtue of being delived as written prose rather than STG dialogue, and all the print works that actually do make an attempt just happen to be written by authors of questionable reliability (Aya, AQN, and Marisa). Even fairly important matters like the level of human-youkai friendliness in today's Gensokyo are difficult to get a handle on without integrating information from multiple canon sources, and even then there is a case to be made that the current picture is incomplete or flawed in one way or another.
No. 5884
I agree wholeheartedly. That's why some stories on this site do not count as a fanfic to me. They're more like original fictions, only with Touhou characters instead of original ones. Heck, look at Ancient Gensokyo for example. If the characters are replaced by original characters there, the story would not suffer one bit. It will still be there, as perfect as ever.
No. 5885
>deep plot
You know, when I played Touhou for the first time, I would never think of those words in one sentence.
No. 5886
Fun fact: If you were to write a fanfic about South Park, There is no 'canon' layout to the map, so you can easily place point A next to point Z and so on and so forth. As far as we know, There's no canon map of Gensokyo. That's the glory of Touhou: You can bend it quite a lot.
No. 5887
>quite a lot
You mean we can basically rewrite all Gensokyo if we want? Because I think I heard you saying that.
No. 5888
That's like saying with one can of playdoh you can make an entire building in real-size. You clearly misinterpreted what I said.
No. 5892
Yeah the games don't go into the the areas of Gensokyo outside of the main ones, and the earlier stories had a sort of adventure sense and a feeling of there being a bigger world outside of the specific areas.

A story with world building: A game with a traversable world map
A story without a world building: A game that quick skips to places from one exit to another.
No. 5900
I want to bitch about the Cabal scaring off new writers from writing on this site.
No. 5902
Yeah, like Doll's Quest. It kinda violates canon by having too many "smart" fairies in it. It doesn't really need to take place in Gensokyo. It could be in some generic fantasy land instead. Perhaps the reason why it takes place in Gensokyo is because the writer wants to post it on this site, which is obviously only for Touhou stories, rather than /tg/ or any other CYOA places out there.
No. 5917
The issues there is more A) actual zombie fairies when they're in reality cosplaying fairies and B) fairies are having a sort of serious war. Fairies are too lackadaisical to really have a war. The closest thing to a fairy war in canon was basically dampened by Cirno deciding to give herself a handicap and counterattack in the spring.
No. 5918

You forgot C) Cirno is far too strong to be a fairy, greater or otherwise. Stronger than all the other fairies, that's fine. Stronger than most of the Lesser Youkai, ehh...I'll let it slide. Taking a punch from Yuggi and not only surviving it, but doing the exact same thing and managing to hurt said Oni, yeah, that's not a fairy.
No. 5919
Tell me the time the gensokyo you knew took place. Now, tell me the time of whats happening right now in Dolls Quest. Oh? What's that? You dont know if its been hundreds or even thousands of years? Not every character stays the exact same forever and ever you know.
No. 5921
File 132497431984.jpg - (1.59MB , 875x1200 , 20335832_p4.jpg ) [iqdb]
We know Cirno was freakishly tough and strong when the spellcard rules were invented. It's a break from canon. This is not a bad thing.
No. 5922
1.Crino didn't take a direct hit from Yuugi she got hit by the air blast form Yuugi's punch
2. Crino managed to make Yuugi lose a bit of breath by sucker punching her. Even a really strong person caught unaware by a mildly strong person might lose some air from a suck punch.
Yuugi took no damage. She was more startled then anything else. I mean seriously when the fuck does a fairy punch a an oni. Her response was more of bewilderment then real pain.
No. 5924
You've got to be joking, right?
No. 5925
If you have to ask...
No. 5926
I'd like to bitch about YAF.
No. 5930
Hah, we don't need new writefags on this site! We already have some excellent writefags here! Those shitty writers with their crappy stories should just go to Fanfiction.net or something.
No. 5931
File 132509146312.gif - (2.21KB , 49x106 , Cabal.gif ) [iqdb]
Fucking Cabal. We need a Chosen to bring them down.
No. 5932
Too bad most of those excellent writers seem to have better things to do than actually write.
No. 5933
Yes. For example, there's THAT writer, who's NEVER writing. Instead of that, all he does is whining around, insulting new members, and badmouthing everyone.
And there's also that one who's always saying that he's writing crap, even through everyone is eagerly waiting for his next update. Or his next story, since he half-abandonned his last one.
No. 5934
You can't say that and not actually bitch.
No. 5935
I was going to bitch, But it went over the character limit.
No. 5936
Who's this "THAT writer"?
No. 5937
It's Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 4456448) (tried to allocate 1245184 bytes) in /srv/thp/dwoo/templates_c/srv/thp/dwoo/templates/img_board_page.tpl.d15.php on line 671
No. 5945

You best be trolling son. Fatal Error was and still is one of the best writers on this site.
No. 5946
Eh...he updates a lot, but really, once you've read one of his things you've read them all.
No. 5947
I don't like him. He's always interrupting me when I try to update my own stories.
What kind of arrogant "triste sire" thinks his stories are good enough to interrupt me when I'm updating my own?
No. 5948
That's because Fatal Error: Out of Memory always keeps himself at a very consistent level of quality.
Besides, he has never dropped or abandoned a story, which makes him better than 90% of all the other writers here.

He does troll on occasion. But if anyone has ever earned it, it is him.
No. 5949
I don't think that using the same plot with differents characters is the key to a successful story. If anything, that makes him quite arrogant.
And arrogant people aren't good people.
No. 5953
Sure, His stories may not be top-notch, But at least they get finished. Personally, I don't like him nor hate him, But I read his stories on occasion.
No. 5954
Why are people trying to shit on Sukima's story? I'm pretty sure I'd be pretty pissed about that stuff if I was a writer.
No. 5979
I wanna bitch about Homestuck.
Sure, it's a great story, but why are the readers so retarded? It's making the story frustrating!
I mean, there's a meteorite going to kill the character, and readers are trying to get arm from god-knows-where! Not only it's frustrating, it also makes stories too damn long! Especially when 75% of the choices are damn retarded!
And why do you always have to make cross-overs with everything? Homestuck and Touhou? Homestuck and Friendship is Magic? Eeeeeeew!

Here, I'm done bitching. Now I need to finish the Midnight Crew intermission. See ya later.
No. 5980
It's not even a great story. It's the most incomprehensible, convoluted clusterfuck of a plot I've ever seen.
No. 5981
File 132546284927.png - (23.80KB , 600x463 , graph.png ) [iqdb]
Let's play 'guess the story'
No. 5982
You're reading Homestuck before Problem Sleuth?

Well that explains why you dislike it.
No. 5984
I already finished Problem Sleuth. But Homestuck is even more frustrating, but the story is 9x more complicated, and the readers are maybe even more retarded.
No. 5985
And it also involves 8x more Hussie dicking around with you. Just try not to think about it too much and just go with the flow.

I'd like to bitch about self-inserts and OC's. Now, the way I personally see it, When you write on any site that isnt fanfiction.net, You're digging yourself a hole. What if the story isnt good, What if you never finish it, that kinda thing. It's hard to get out of that hole unless you can make something great. Now, putting any sort of OC into a story, pretty much makes that hole twice as deep, and thus twice as hard to get out of. I've seen a very few good OC stories, though most of them are shit.

tl;dr Dont use OC's unless you're as good as Lion and update faster then Lion
No. 5986
>update faster than Lion
Some people here are working. Some other can't write all day.
THP is made on OC. Telling a THP writer to write without using OCs is like telling a TF2 player to play without shooting.
No. 5987
I don't know about self-inserts myself, since, personally, I'd make an awful protagonist. I'd just fuck around all day and never do anything to put the plot into motion or the love interest in bed.
OCs do have, however, when done properly, apt potential for making a story more engaging than one comprising entirely of canon characters. What is more, a story may sometimes require characters of function unfitting of any available existing canon character, or characters standing in the sidelines, not partaking in the ongoing story. The problem here is, most, if not all, canon Touhoes are more or less main-ish characters, by which I mean they're at least decently-sized fish in the pond. You can't have those stand in in insignificant roles for risk of mussing up your story's integrity or your readers' attention (especially the latter; a wrong touhoe in a wrong place can knock your story off-tracks so fast and so hard you'll end up wondering whether there were any tracks to begin with). There is also another thing. The trivial need of a character whose gender is not the Gensokyo-obligatory male alone can prove a substantial problem should you decide to stick to canon characters only, not to mention such requirements as specific personalities and/or functions in the story world. The same rule applies to protagonists. Adopting an existing character for the main role places a plethora of limitations and responsibilities on the author's shoulders, and it's perfectly understandable that a writer might not wish to deal with those when he could instead devise an original character to take the role instead.

What my take on this is: if a writer is skilled enough to write canon characters, he should very well be skilled enough to write OCs. Now, I'm neither for nor against that. I feel completely neutral toward OCs as far as this site is concerned. I don't think they're the best thing since Reimu's armpits, but I won't forth at the mouth when I see one, either. I'd just like people to see the other side of the coin.
Oh, but just to ruffle your hair a little:

And now I go procrastinate again.
No. 5988
My problems really just that its extremely hard to make an OC and most people would cringe when they hear about a guy in Gensokyo as they know how its gone wrong several times over.
No. 5989
THP is founded on a guy in Gensokyo.

Honestly OCs have their places, such as villagers as some stories focus on the village itself and various workings inside the walls.
No. 5990
I'd like to bitch about >>5985 and how he demoralizes newbie writers while having Lion's dick in his mouth.
No. 5991
I want to bitch about Wiseman. If anything, he's gotten worse since he dropped the name, since now he acts like a stuck-up, conceited little know-it-all shit who thinks he knows everything about the site and its writers, and every post he makes is so obviously him.
No. 5992
He seems fine on IRC.
No. 5993
Honestly, Wiseman is more friendly toward newbies than Patch or Lion will ever be.
At least, he's not acting like an arrogant faggot, insulting people and threatening newfags.
No. 5994
I'd gladly take an arrogant faggot over that moron.
No. 5995
I'd gladly take that repentant moron over an arrogant asshole.
No. 5996
I wanna bitch about bad fanfics.
The more I read Chris-chan, My Immortal, and all those bad fanfics, the more I think I should stop writing forever before I become like that.

Please, THP, I beg of you, if, one day, I'm as bad as them, then kill me.

Or else, I could stop reading them.
No. 5998
Explains a lot.
No. 6000
Being repentant is worthless if you don't change your ways.
No. 6001

Y'know, it'd help if there was proof of this.
No. 6002
File 132555280183.png - (189.85KB , 435x385 , 3262807.png ) [iqdb]
You can't just become that bad at writing. You'd need severe head trauma or a degenerative brain disease.
No. 6003
It takes an extreme amount of skill to be that mentally retarded. Or just being retarded in the first place.
No. 6008

I am sorry, but that is your fate.

It is the fate of all fanfic writers.

To be consumed by your despair and be reborn as an autistic retard who publishes wish-fulfillment self inserts and furry sex.

That is the sacrifice you made when you signed the contract.

/人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
No. 6009
File 13256241695.jpg - (32.92KB , 704x396 , madoka_08_02.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm such an idiot...
No. 6040
Also, kind of off-topic, but I want to bitch about how CGRascal also translates Madoka doujins.

It's horrible. I log onto Fakku and check the Touhou section, and half the doujins are translated by him. When I see that, I can feel despair consuming me, as I know that each doujin he mutilates is that much less likely to receive a decent translation.

"But this world can't be all suffering," I tell myself, "if CGRascal has infested this section, let's go read about some other magical girls getting plowed."

So with my heart full of hope for finding a good Kyokou doujin, I check the Madoka section... and more than half of the doujins there are translated by CGRascal.

I can't take it. Why? Why does he do this? He must know he has no talent. He must know he's translating from a language he doesn't understand to a language he doesn't understand. And yet... he persists! He persists in destroying all that excellent pornography! It's... it's like a plague!
No. 6041
CGrascal is to translation what CWC is to fanfiction.
No. 6045
>excellent pornography
No. 6046
be excellent to each other
No. 6047
He does it because the translation scene basically allows him to with their policy of placing already translated doujins on low polarity.

This gives him the message that if he does things quickly no one will do a better job on what he touches. Cases such as what happened with Rapid Rabbit's Yamame doujin are very very rare (Someone retranslates it anyways because they cared that much about the material), and as a result, CGRascal hasn't touched another rapid rabbit doujin since then.
No. 6048
So, in order to get rid of it, we need to retranslate some of his "translated" doujins?
No. 6049
Right. To do that, you'll need to learn Japanese. Once you get to the point where you can translate doujins halfway-competently, you'll stop caring. Good end!
No. 6051
I'm not a translator, mind you, But I sure as hell wouldn't go back and retranslate someone else's work. For one, They got the general point across, and there's going to be a few bumps Sadly with CGRascal a few bumps is the understatement of the year. Secondly, It's just rude. No one likes to cause drama over stupid shit, and although I hate CGRascal, He gets the job done. Poorly, But he still does it.

But, I'm not going to lie, He's pretty much got a huge advantage because he translates fast (I've seen some of his translations come up within the day a doujin got scanned), But they're still shit at the end of the day. Besides, Why would a translator even feel the need to translate something that's already been translated? There's nothing to gain from it, And only to lose.
No. 6054
esteem for doing a good job, taking a big step towards people paying them (I know people who would pay to retranslate his butcheries)
No. 6055
>esteem for doing a good job
If you're right, then I feel sorry for him. I'm honest here. If he's feeling good because he's scanlating doujins before the others, without any care for the quality, than I feel sorry for him.
He'll learn one day that he's not doing it right. And it'll hurt. A lot.
No. 6059
I was referring to why a good translator would redo a doujin, especially if someone paid them to do so. It's been said even if getting paid they're reluctant to redo a translated doujin.

But odds are CGRascal does it just to claim fast and plenty of translations.
No. 6067
I personally see it like, say, a 'point' that he believes he might have against other translators. He translates so many more things and much faster with a severe lack of proper translations.
No. 6069
To be honest, his sloppy translations have little impact a good chunk of the time as most doujins he works on have little to no real plot. There are exceptions such as the Yamame doujin, which has far more plot than most H-doujins.
No. 6101
File 132630122375.png - (762.44KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-01-11-17h01m57s144.png ) [iqdb]
I know it's entirely my fault, but I wanna bitch about old stories.

To prepare my actual update, I had to wear a spelinker helmet and explore my first stories on this website (because I'm reusing a character from SC). And, DEAR GOD, reading your first stories is something I wouldn't wish to anyone.
I could only notice the horrible typos, the poor plot, and the smug reactions to criticism.

So, here, I wanna bitch my own stories. I'm fairly certain any writer can understand that.
No. 6103
No. 6112
What to do if writing is suddenly becoming a chore instead of being something I look forward to?
I supposed I could start a hiatus, but I'm kind of scared by that. I don't want that hiatus to last forever.

What to do, THP?
No. 6114

Put on your trip/name and tell your readers and voters what you just said. Discuss it, decide if there's something you want to change or if you need a break. Or even if you want to just quit, full stop. Hell, even if you don't discuss it and just say 'fuck you guys, I'm out', we'll probably thank you for it since you'll be part of the .01% of writers on this site that actually tell us instead of vanishing.

On not wanting a hiatus to last forever, I can't help you with that. I can't even help myself with that. One day I'll get back to those projects that do nothing but gather dust. One day.
No. 6148
I'd like to bitch about people who only post with their heads in their dicks. Like if someone say's there a girl, literally the first response is 'hey babe wanna show some pics hit me up at xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com' I'm not a girl myself, But I cringe whenever I see people completely desperate for nudes that they can likely get anywhere else. It's just creepy as fuck.
No. 6150

A recurring persistent problem, though milder than what you mention, is anon trying to force a sexy option even when it has no place in the current plot.

I have no problem with romancing touhous, but I do wonder if people are reading the same story I am when they vote to the tune of "[x] Hit on X" right when the plot is going apocalyptic.
No. 6151
Story: "We're all going to die! Yukari broke the border, Zalgo broke free, the Slenderman is with him, and the main character got his arm torn off with extreme strength!"
Anon: "[x] Go fuck Tokiko."
No. 6152
>What is City Quest
No. 6153
That might have been remarked upon in the past, particularly regarding Reisen fans doing such a thing.

It's not that bad of a problem, but it certainly is annoying when it happens.

Well he likely had some /th/ folk come with him.
No. 6155
File 132680123838.png - (178.50KB , 570x837 , RAGE.png ) [iqdb]
No. 6156
>It's not that bad of a problem, but it certainly is annoying when it happens.
much like your posting
No. 6172
owned XD
No. 6173

Get the fuck out.
No. 6175
It's true then that most of the anons here are elitist pricks.
No. 6176
Sarcasm man

Because one anon calling out another anon for no reason is deserving of such clever wordplay
No. 6337
I'd like to bitch about the voters in Kahi's yukkuri story.
No. 6520
I wanna bitch about that chronograph story!
It's updated way too often, I'm not used to a story being updated that often!
Clearly, the writefag hasn't lurked long enough to learn that, in THP, the average delay between 2 updates is 1 month! We should drive him off the website before it infects other writers, like Patchwork!
No. 6540
What chronograph story?
No. 6542

This is why we can't have nice things.
No. 6547
That writefag is a liar. He claimed to be new to the site, but he is clearly not. He uses a secure trip. He knows how to structure the story and how to present interesting choices. He knows how to communicate properly with anons, how to shepherd and manipulate us.

This can not be his first story or first CyOA. It is a meticulously planned, structured and designed endeavor. You can’t do that just by lurking or on blind luck, not on a first try. You have to have extensive writing and CyOA experience.

I think he is Hat, seeking redemption for his Average Joe.

Either that, or the prophecies are coming true: >>2980
No. 6550
Nonsense. He's obviously HY.
No. 6555
>It is a meticulously planned, structured and designed endeavor
How would you even know that? It hasn't even been 4 updates.
No. 6558
Where is this story? If it's in /th/, he can't be that experienced as /th/ is newbie bait typically.
No. 6559


And he needs five votes for the story to progress, which is an entirely untapped topic for bitching.
No. 6560
He doesn't need any vote. I'd be happy with just half of the readers he got.
No. 6589
Hard to tell though it seems one of those DEEP stories that are hard to get into.
No. 6622
I'd like to complain about that yaoi thread in /words/. It does not actually have any Yaoi.
No. 6727
File 132929046058.jpg - (109.82KB , 564x564 , 1310779609074.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd like to bitch about YAF's little "contribution" to the Taisa shitstormthread in /gensokyo/.

Even though he had a semi-valid point about how Taisa should just write what he wants to write and not bother with all the voting shenanigans, he pretty much completely undermined that point by delivering it in such a way that made it clear he was more interested in verbally shitting on Taisa than offering any sort of actual help.

I mean, really, Taisa may be the sort who needs a swift kick in the ass every now and then, but there are ways to be firm with someone without resorting to calling them a "pathetic attention whore" or an "insane fuck". I don't care what kind of advice you're offering, people aren't going to be receptive to it if you're calling them an ignorant slut who can't do anything right when you're giving it, least of all if they have the usual self-esteem issues of your average internet fanfiction writer.

Even better, someone was actually defending YAF with some ridiculous nonsense about how "YAF is very arrogant, but at least, he's getting a reaction from Taisa." As if that's an achievement.
The guy who was all "TAISA IS OLD AND TIRED AND BLAH BLAH BLAH I HOPE HE LOSES HIS HANDS" got a reaction from Taisa, for crying out loud!
Between his post and YAF's, it's clear all you have to do to get a reaction from Taisa is to act like a colossal asshole.

Besides all that, where the hell does YAF, of all people, get off calling someone else an attention whore? I mean, really, Mr. "I'm quitting this site FOREVER, no, wait, I HAVE RETURNED TO GRACE YOU WITH MY PRESENCE"?

I don't know, maybe he was trying to be ironic there. Maybe this is some bizarre new form of role-playing where YAF pretends he's a pot and Taisa gets to be his kettle. I almost want to believe that. Otherwise, I'm going to have to say that this is one of the biggest loads of unadulterated, premium-grade bullshit I have seen in a while.

Just as a compulsive gambler is the last person who gets to lecture others on the matter of financial responsibility, or the fat guy is the last one who gets to tell others they need to lose weight, the last fucking person who gets to call someone an attention whore is the guy who pulled the old routine of making a big deal of leaving a website "forever" only to come publicly crawling back weeks or months later.

How is what Taisa is doing any worse than what YAF did when he returned?
So he's polling his audience about what they would like to see. That's somehow worse than acting like a pompous ass who's doing us a favor by coming back, only to later spin his behavior as being part of some cunning scheme to drive away the "undesirables" from his threads?

Hell, even his post in that thread reeks of attention-whoring on YAF's part.
The stuff he was saying how nobody would mind if Taisa just started writing, and challenging him to actually write instead of just talking about doing it? Perfectly reasonable, valid points that could have just as easily been posted anonymously, and still be able to stand on their own merits.
But that wasn't enough for YAF. He had to have everyone know he, specifically, was saying this. The he, specifically, thinks Taisa is a pathetic attention whore, and is disgusted by him.

Oh heavens! YAF is disgusted!
How could anyone live with themselves knowing that YAF holds them in such contempt?!

Speaking of which, why the fuck does YAF even care about this, again? I could have sworn GH was the sort of story that attracted the kinds of people YAF wanted nothing to do with, and exemplified why he would prefer to stay as far away from /th/ as humanly possible. What does it matter to him whether or not a writer he doesn't like resumes a story he doesn't read on a board he doesn't go to that's populated by even more people he doesn't like? Either way, it's certainly not going to affect him.

Either Taisa follows through and actually starts writing again, or he doesn't. Either his readers will be pleased to see a story they enjoy being revived, regardless of the direction it takes, or they will be once again disappointed and rightfully tear Taisa a new asshole for letting them down yet again. No matter what happens, YAF has nothing invested in the outcome beyond an opportunity to stir more shit up for no reason, and any time spent doing that is time that would be better spent writing his own damn stories.

No. 6729
Get to work, writefag.
No. 6730
Already on it, sir.
No. 6731
I wanna bitch about unnecessary drama! I'm visiting THP to read fanfictions, not to be involved in some petty drama between an attention whore and another attention whore!

Writers should just shut up, write, and post about their lives only if it's going to affect the story. NOTHING ELSE!

And I also want to bitch about that story, Ancient Gensokyo. The only story with a good Mima, and it was dropped.
And what about Underground LA? I remember when /underground/ was good, now it's totally Sukima and YAF's lair! And what about all those memories error? I can't post!
No. 6732
>not using his trip

>Ancient Gensokyo
May it rest in peace.
No. 6733
File 132931251275.jpg - (74.30KB , 1068x800 , robot.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Writers should just shut up, write, and post about their lives only if it's going to affect the story. NOTHING ELSE!

I hereby propose the robotization of all writefags so that they can serve our purpose better.
No. 6735
File 132931297950.jpg - (191.27KB , 700x525 , 1329229207346.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh dear. You sound upset. Allow me to just clarify a couple of things, here.
>How is what Taisa is doing any worse than what YAF did when he returned?
Subjective. The fact is, it’s bad that he’s doing it AT ALL. You don’t defend a crime by saying “oh, but that OTHER guy stole much more money/killed many more people, so we should forgive this one!” Shit don’t work like this, my dear black compatriot. I don’t deny that I did a lot of ridiculous shit in the past, mind, but it shouldn’t concern Taisa’s case in the least. You want to call me out? Absolutely? Can’t hold it in? Go on, then, do it – here. I can’t guarantee that I’ll particularly care about your opinion, though. And neither should you, about mine, else we’ll never get our panties out of the bunch and that gets uncomfortable with time, believe me.
Also, hell, if I’m such a huge attention whore as you say, I should be very well familiar with the line of thinking Taisa’s employing here, no? You could even say I’m an expert in the field.
>He had to have everyone know he, specifically, was saying this.
I don’t mind taking responsibility for my words. That’s all there is to it. I couldn’t care less about your attention if it came up and kicked me in the e-nuts. If there’s someone whose attention I crave, it’s someone who owns a large publishing company with huge financial capabilities, little scruples and free coffee in the office. That’s the sort of attention I could put myself behind. Yours? Pfft. You don’t even have free coffee. That’s pathetic, just like my shirt.
>Oh heavens! YAF is disgusted!
Heavens forbid I hold and express an opinion!
>What does it matter to him whether or not a writer he doesn't like resumes a story he doesn't read on a board he doesn't go to that's populated by even more people he doesn't like?
Heavens additionally forbid that I wish of a fellow writer to WRITE instead of making of himself a mopey spectacle of self-deprecation and misery. No, but in all seriousness: sure, I don’t read his stuff. Sue me, if it helps you sleep. I may not care, but many other people DO, and that’s what should matter. I want the bugger to WRITE because he’s supposedly GOOD at it. I enjoy it when things get DONE, when people get BETTER at shit. That’s what keeps this world spinning. As well as a plethora of inexorable physical forces beyond our influence and control, but that’s beside the point. You know what I mean.
The fashion in which I spoke to Taisa was born from my conviction that somebody has to take him by the balls and drag him out of that endless cycle of apologetic self-destruction. #THP has been giving him the kids gloves treatment for fuck if I know how long now and we all see how well that worked out. Someone has to book a flight to Estonia and punch the crazy sod in the teeth.
>How could anyone live with themselves knowing that YAF holds them in such contempt?!
Hell, I know I couldn’t!

You’re really taking this too seriously, mate. I don’t mind you having an opinion and expressing it (even though I am a huge hypocrite and proud of it), but from the tone of your post, you’re paying far too much attention to this tiny little me. It may be healthier for you if you moderated that just a tad, you know. Also, your drama is just a bit low-brow. One might think you’re not only upset, but even slightly rump burned.

tl;dr: I don’t give a shit how much of an insane fuck Taisa is – he’s a writer, and as such, I want him to either write with love or piss off without it. And you should stop pissing yourself over who I am. I’m not all that great.
No. 6737
I just checked the rules. Namefagging isn't forbidden. It's not even discouraged. It's a matter of personal opinion, and it's only making you visible (I am aware it can be considered as attention whoring, but that's opinion, dude).

Personally, I don't use my trip, because I know that people care more for Anonymous' opinion than [writefag]'s opinion, and I know that I'll be listened if I'm just an Anonymous, but that's what YAF does, that's always how he did, and I highly doubt that insulting him like that will change everything.
No. 6738
>even though I am a huge hypocrite and proud of it
>proud of it

Ahahaha, so this is how horrible people are nowadays, eh?
No. 6740
Yeah. The assholes. Hate em.
No. 6741
I want to bitch about people that build walls of pointless text and then put a tl;dr in the end to summarize their point, degrading the noble acronym of tl;dr to some sort of emoticon.
No. 6742
Pointful text only, please!
No. 6743
[x]Ban YAF
No. 6746
File 132933782337.jpg - (586.77KB , 720x1000 , 422c5ace8e1765be6e07410c2e30bec0.jpg ) [iqdb]

I wasn't going to say anything more on the matter.

I was content to have my little self-righteously indignant rant and then be on my merry little way, but noooooooooooo!

You just had to go and open your mouth, didn't you?

You just had to go and say something I absolutely cannot allow to go unanswered.

You did this to yourself.

You called down the fucking thunder, friend-o.

Now it's time to reap the whirlwind.

>Pfft. You don’t even have free coffee. That’s pathetic, just like my shirt.

You're goddamn right I don't have free coffee!
I'm not running a coffee charity fund, here! I don't have a hot cup brewing for every Tom, Dick, and Sally that comes waltzing in out of the cold!
My coffee isn't for you, or Taisa, or even that guy over there!
You have to earn it! Deserve it!
What are you doing? Being a big, dumb, scaly chicken?
This ain't the Special Chicken Olympics, son!
There ain't no prizes for showing up!

In all seriousness, though, I think one of the main points I was trying to make was lost in my needlessly-long rant against you. As you say:

>The fashion in which I spoke to Taisa was born from my conviction that somebody has to take him by the balls and drag him out of that endless cycle of apologetic self-destruction. #THP has been giving him the kids gloves treatment for fuck if I know how long now and we all see how well that worked out. Someone has to book a flight to Estonia and punch the crazy sod in the teeth.

Believe it or not, I actually agree with you on this, to a point. Taisa is certainly not going to be helped by coddling him, throwing heaps of praise on him (that he won't listen to, anyway), or reassuring him that he is a special little snowflake or anything of that sort. The problem is, I think you go too far towards the opposite end of the spectrum, and being too rough on him is likely to be just as counter-productive to helping him improve as being too soft is.

I mean, you saw his response to you, right? He couldn't get to the end of it without slipping in some self-deprecating remark and a "sorry", and I'm pretty sure neither of those were meant to be sarcastic. As much as you may feel he needs a punch in the mouth and a kick in the balls, what good has it really done when all says in response is to the effect of "I guess I deserve that, sorry for making you go to the trouble of doing that"? By that point, you're just feeding into the very behavior you're wanting him to stop.
No. 6747
File 13293405619.png - (310.47KB , 688x400 , vlcsnap-2012-02-15-22h15m30s50.png ) [iqdb]
Well, it looks like the shit is hitting the fan here.

YAF: take this Mokou, stop posting retarded shit, and finish your /underground/ story. I want you on Memoria in Discord in a week.

Anon: take this Mokou, and take a chill pill. Picking a fight isn't going to help. The main topic is Taisa, so don't focus on YAF, he's not the one being an emo here. If you want to kick someone's ass, go to #thp and kick Taisa's ass until he writes again.
No. 6748
File 132934060028.jpg - (255.98KB , 1000x1178 , Mokou.jpg ) [iqdb]
And here is the Mokou.
No. 6749
>now it's totally Sukima and YAF's lair!
As far as I'm concerned, that's good.
Better than no-man's-land as it was a while ago.
No. 6750
I doubt the grue incident helped /underground/ at all. What talented writer wants to write there at the risk of being mistaken for someone else and be driven to quit?
No. 6751
Well, I'm writing here, and-
>talented writer
Oh, nevermind.
No. 6774
>This ain't the Special Chicken Olympics, son!
It’s always the Special Chicken Olympics where I go!
>He couldn't get to the end of it without slipping in some self-deprecating remark and a "sorry"
True. Truth be told, I’d more or less expected him to lash out at me—in a manner somewhat similar to yours. And I’ll tell you, I’d be happy with that. I’d even hoped, foolishly perhaps, that maybe proving the hated YAF’s hypocrisy would add to his motivation. I can’t think why, but being badmouthed by me gives most of the people on this site severe mads syndrome. You’d think they think my opinion actually matters or something! The comedy!
Anyway, just imagine how awesome it would have been, had Taisa gone, “Well, bother your excrement, you son of a gambler! I just updated, and I’m not stopping ‘till my fingertips bleed, so guess what: YOU WERE WRONG! And now EVERYONE is laughing at you! Ha-HA-HA!” I’ll tell you how awesome, my good but noticeably coffee-lacking conversational partner-person. About as awesome as dropkicking a meat-clad Lady Gaga on international stage in front of dozens of livestreaming cameras. That’s pretty god damn awesome, if you couldn’t, for whatever reason, tell by yourself.

I don’t reckon Taisa’d listen at this point, but this is what I’d say to him if I were to gentle up my approach (and I won’t, mind you, because I’m an asshole of gargantuan proportions and in no way interested in forcibly changing my preferred attitude just to help some silly goose on the internet), ahem:
> And would you believe the reason I asked is that I genuinely feel bad about the Reisen mix-up way back then?
We all make mistakes, you tit. The better of us are sorry for making them. The best of us can find happiness in miii-iii-iiisery are not sorry. The best of us learn from their mistakes and adapt their thinking as to avoid making more of the same kind of mistakes in the future.
Quit being sorry and start learning. Any mistake is easily forgiven if it is never seen again.
> I figured it had been long enough since I last touched GH that giving the option of a fresh start would just be fair.
This isn’t about fairness, you big fat can of tomatoes, this is about what your writing. You are the maker of your story. As such, it should be your call what to do with it. Write for yourself, for your own pleasure, and you’ll see how much more pleasant it is than trying to conform to the demands of a belligerent flock of faceless internet fellows whose most pressing worry is convincing the rest of the world their pick of fictional magical girl skirt to get under is superior to all the others’. A certain number of them will, most likely, take mild issues with your decisions, of course, but they’ll keep on reading regardless. Why? Why, because they like your bloody story, you saggy tit, that’s why!

And lastly,
>stop posting retarded shit
Never! As long as it amuses me, I’ll do what I very well please. ‘sides, what’s the harm in a little friendly conversation?
>I want you on Memoria in Discord in a week.
Nope. I won’t say why, because I don’t imagine anyone cares for my reasons (and certainly wouldn’t essay to find out), but MiD is deeeeaaaaad.
No. 6784
>MiD is deeeeaaaaad.
Once I get my hand on you, that current state will be shared by that soon-to-be cold body of you. MiD was way better than Tits, since it was actually readable, even for someone with a very poor English level. But if it's dead, then you're no longer useful to me, and then you can die from that lack of coffee in your blood.

It will hurt a lot. And I'll enjoy it.
No. 6798
YAF repeatedly violated Rule 4 of THP.

In addition, he didn’t take Mokou when she was offered to him, and that was his final mistake.

[x]Ban YAF.
No. 6799
Before anyone asks, rule 4 is this one:
"Errant meme-spewing is discouraged."
No. 6801

No. 6802
You appear to have mistaken the guidelines thread for the rules. The real rule 4 is "TAKE IT EASY."

No. 6803
It appears so. My apologies then.
No. 6804
File 132941017272.jpg - (22.45KB , 425x282 , Rage.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, so what's the deal with THP?
All the good writers are either on unlimited hiatus (I'm looking at you, Glasnost), either incredibly lazy (I'm looking at you, Patchwork), or completely emo (I'm looking at you, Taisa).

And I'm not even talking about the trolls (I'm looking at you, YAF), the 'oh god my story is popular I can't write any more' (I'm looking at you,, Demetrious).
And also, I have the feeling it's a popular fad to update a story without giving people the option to vote (Do the Right Thing, Friction About Ground, Tenshi Isn't In This Story), or to say 'update coming!' and then forget everything about updating!!

In short, I want to bitch about everything not working fine in THP!
No. 6805
File 132941055775.jpg - (38.10KB , 400x447 , Rage2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Because, yeah, Glasnost said he was back, he even posted a few time in Underground LA, and he suddenly disappeared again, without even a 'busy translating doujins, can't write' kind of explanation!
What am I supposed to do to have the whole story finished? Follow him home and kill his dog?

And Patchwork is even worse! He says "I hope you all can forgive my long absence, and that I can pick up the pace for all of you", so it sounds like he REALLY want to write, unlike Taisa who seems unsure, and unlike Glasnost who's just missing, but, still, he doesn't update. He visits the IRC, lurks around, and doesn't get anything done! And no explaination either with him! Not a single 'I have trouble writing', or a 'it was harder than I though', or a 'you're annoying, leave me alone, I don't want to write any more'. NOTHING.

And don't even get me started on the Ancient Gensokyo's writefag. God, my rage level is overwhelming, I'll stop here, have a nice day.
No. 6806
Ancient Gensokyo is dead. Why do people like it so much anyway?
No. 6809
You just insulted a bunch of writers, you realize.
No. 6810
Why did you make this post? I don't understand.
No. 6812
File 132941844263.jpg - (16.71KB , 512x384 , 1233452__282542489.jpg ) [iqdb]
Dude just said "All the good writers" have some sorta problem updating, thereby saying everyone that does in fact write and update (and they do exist) without problems is bad.

I don't like it writers I like are called bad.
No. 6813
Because there are Mima and Konngara in the story.
No. 6814
Give me a good writer updating often.
No. 6815
Whoa there buddy! Who said anything about often?

Consistently, though, there are plenty.
Realmhopper, Klaymen, Sukima, Treia (kinda), Genspenst just off the top of my head.
No. 6816

I update 'consistently?'

Sure, there are times where my updates will have a short period between them but if my sporadic schedule is 'consistent' to this site then I feel there's something wrong here.
No. 6817
>And also, I have the feeling it's a popular fad to update a story without giving people the option to vote (Do the Right Thing, Friction About Ground, Tenshi Isn't In This Story), or to say 'update coming!' and then forget everything about updating!!

I'd say it's not so much a "fad" as a "recent trend". There are a number of reasons why a writer might not include options in their update. It might be a stylistic choice for some. The name escapes me at the moment, but I recall there was once a very well-regarded story here that basically had no choices whatsoever.

On the other hand, others might fail to include choices not because they want to, but because they feel they have to.

Say, for example, that you are writing a story. While you initially were able to put out an update with fresh set of choices pretty much every day, you gradually find the time required to write your updates increasing while the time you actually have available to write the update decreasing. Eventually, this may get to a point where you find yourself unable to finish a "complete" update with choices for days, or even a week. If you, yourself, were wanting to try to get as close to your old update-per-day schedule, would you be happy with the notion of taking a week to crank out something that used to take just a day?

Which is better, having a vote for every update no matter how long that update may take to complete, or having more frequent updates that don't always have something for the readers to copy-paste into the reply box?
No. 6818
If a writer doesn't include choices, and you want to possibly influence the next post, make a write-in or post about what you want to see. It's not difficult.
No. 6820
How sad that no one reads /forest/ or realized that Norseman has returned and proceeded to pump up 2-3 updates right after he came back from a coma.
No. 6832
I need a new tripcode!
Is there no software or stuff like that? I don't really want to use a random trip.
No. 6836
I've just stopped caring at this point

I enjoyed it while it was running but now I've completely lost interest
No. 6837
15,000 years in Google.
Take note that it might be a while until you generate anything remotely coherent.
No. 6839
>implying people knows exactly what to write in Google's bar.
No. 6842
That person wanted a tripcode. The thing to type in the bar is, oddly enough, tripcode. Type that, check the first page, and you'll find exactly what he was looking for.
No. 6851
This whole thread made me laugh so hard I cried a little.
No. 6868
I just checked this thread because I was bored and as soon as I get here it's raining fire and brimstone all over.
No. 6870
I want to bitch about my inability to write even though I have so many interesting ideas in my head.
No. 6872
File 132966144917.jpg - (43.55KB , 500x299 , POUNDING.jpg ) [iqdb]
I wanna bitch about the fact that I waited long for a very specific update, and now that I reached it, it doesn't matter how I write it, I'm unsatisfied with it!
I don't know why, or how, but I'm sure that it's [insert writefag name here]'s fault somehow!
No. 6873
You need ideas to write now? Shit, half of fanfiction.net is not going to be pleased.
No. 6879
Who actually cares about fanfiction.net's opinion?
No. 6896
File 132975113020.png - (17.57KB , 126x254 , kaguya.png ) [iqdb]
>Touhou characters are, for the most part, uncharacterized in a sense of being. The fans often have to add more depth and characterization to them to make up for ZUN's lack of it. But who ended up being the most annoying by ZUN's creation as well as the fan's? Kaguya Houraisan, a selfish little brat who can't do jack shit without crying for Eirin to come help her. That might be fandom though, but Word of God even describes her as a NEET, which is roughly translated as a shut-in, so it's safe to say she doesn't leave the house. She's also ruined Mokou's life by cursing her with immortality via forcing her to drink Eirin's Hourai Elixer and then sends others to try and kill her. The entire extra stage is because Kaguya basically told you to go kill Mokou, a girl who is normally selfless and even kind to the innocent. She's a sadistic little cunt and I hate her for it.

I raged.
No. 6898
File 132975207212.jpg - (58.72KB , 495x409 , 1328924056338.jpg ) [iqdb]
Would you mind linking to the original post? I don't think you wrote that.
>She's also ruined Mokou's life by cursing her with immortality via forcing her to drink Eirin's Hourai Elixer and then sends others to try and kill her.
Look like someone forgot his CoLA.
>Word of God even describes her as a NEET
Hahahaha oh god. Picture related.
No. 6899
No. 6900
>avatar is a LOL GRIMDARK ZALGO pony.
>he's high ranked, therefore he has no life.
>he's using TVTropes terms without explaining them.
>"you know more about Japan's history then me"
He's also uneducated.
He's also rude, proving that he's unable to give real arguments without getting emotional.
He's talking about Porky here. You know, the guy from Mother 3 who's eternally living in a ball. For him, being trapped in a small room for eternity, without anything to eat or drink means "getting away with it".

TL;DR: He's a emotional 12 years old kid unable to write a single sentence without swearing. He's abusing caps lock, losing any credibility. In short, he's being stupid. So why do you care? It's just your average kid.
No. 6903
I'm just troubled by how much the fandom ignores canon.
No. 6907
File 132976839127.jpg - (182.11KB , 718x958 , 23657444.jpg ) [iqdb]
Greentext thread? Greentext thread.
>Not in Education, Employment or Training
>for a Lunarian princess
In the prostitution field, maybe. Otherwise, where in the blazes is Kaguya supposed to work/learn/train?
This begs another question, actually. Where do Touhoes get their foods/munnay? We may safely assume the monsters just live off the occasional stray human, but what about people like Mokou? Reimu has donations and, presumably, the courtesy of Yukari and others. (Say a word about her being a thief and I'll blow your god damn nuts off. Just fuckin’ try me. I triple bloody dare you, bitch nigga.) Keine makes a career of teaching. Sanae is the bloody Miracle Man, she can make munnays rain like faggots at a Fall Out Boy gig. Or make bread out of rocks, whatever. Marisa? Supposedly living off the land/sponging off of SDM. SDM eats mans, so they've no problem finding their brunch. But what about Mokou? Or the Eientei? Or the rest of the monster-infested hellhole? Where do they get their food?
And why in all the gods’ names isn’t Eientei whoring out Reisen yet? There’s millions to be made there, man.
No. 6909
mokou runs a yakitori stand

and is a health nut, which probably means she eats bark or whatever

also: immortal, she can starve to death all she wants
No. 6910
File 132977527572.jpg - (449.69KB , 900x648 , The lonely genius.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Or the rest of the monster-infested hellhole?
It's mentioned in Wild and Horny Ermit that Hell was making money by melting greed into gold.
>And why in all the gods’ names isn’t Eientei whoring out Reisen yet?
They're making money by selling medicines.
Mokou doesn't need to eat. She's immortal. She won't die even if you kill her. And perhaps she borrow Keine's food sometimes.
And Marisa has a "store". It's probably more a private storehouse than a story, but she still has something.
No. 6912
Holy magnoly, you're right. Somehow that completely escaped me when I was thinking about it yesterday. So she gets her chicken in the human village, presumably. All right. That is, if it's even chicken and not, for instance, processed monster meat. That'd be ironic.
>melting greed into gold
I need to work this one out. I'll be a rich writefag in no time. And then I'll GO FAST all day long and never update anything. The master plan.
No. 6919
It's unclear if she's really running an yakotori stands. She mentions yakitori in Aya's article, but I never saw her officially running an yakitori stand.
No. 6950

Well of course. You don't live in Gensokyo, so you would never know.
No. 6951

How we can enter gensokyo then? And how we can survive living there?
No. 6965
Kill yourself on a specific date every 60 years to enter as a flower. You know you want to.
No. 6967

How to enter as a human? I can't eat yakitori as a flower.
No. 6978
Can you be so sure? Carnivorous plants are staple of fantasy, you know. Surely some of them made their way to Gensokyo.
No. 6979

I can't buy yakitori as a flower. And doubt Moukou will give one(if it's true). She will burn me first.
No. 6980
File 133004594851.jpg - (655.88KB , 1024x768 , 1a31bd88492d0dbcee19738fa73b6b7d.jpg ) [iqdb]
I always thought that whole "health nut who runs a yakitori stand" line was just Mokou's way of dodging explaining who she was, since "immortal hobo who's stalking a princess because she ruined her daddy" is hard to spin without making her sound like complete nutcase.
No. 6999
Mokou isn't stalking Kaguya, stop taking fanon out of the gutter.
No. 7003
she is canonically obbessed on some level as her chapter in CLiR basically has her freaking out over the possibility of Kaguya going back to the moon.
No. 7025
>The name escapes me at the moment, but I recall there was once a very well-regarded story here that basically had no choices whatsoever.

No. 7032
File 133020367020.jpg - (107.82KB , 800x996 , Palin.jpg ) [iqdb]
You betcha, there.

I can see Gensokyo from my house.