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To all writers on this site, tell me the reason why you write.

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When I open my thread(s) in the morning to votes, I squeal like a little girl. I'm not quite sure why.
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Do you dress up like a touhou in this process too?
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Y'know, I'd love to get me an aya costume and-

Nah just kidding. I'm not that kind of guy. Plus, cosplay is expensive. Poor Treia is poor. I just enjoy writing, as hard as it is. Hours and hours waxing over a single sentence, post it up, and get a bunch of one-line copy-pasted votes. Horrible, isn't it? Doesn't stop me from loving it.
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I write for two reasons.
The first is that I want to. Hard to describe. Out of nowhere, I sometimes have an idea ("hey, let's turn Koishi into a psychologist", or "hey, let's turn Eirin into a crazy scientist who genderswap people for fun"), and I just want to write it down for fun.
The second is that people are reading me. I'm probably selfish for saying that, but if people are voting on my stories, that means they read me, and that means they're probably happy when I update. And my giant ego enjoys the fact that an unknown person's mood can be improved because I wrote.
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And, yeah, there's also of course the fact that, rarely, a guy recognizes me when I play online. And that feels wonderful, to know that you have readers that are not only voting.
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Wait, you're ddyk?
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Also, I have a question for you fellow writers: is there any part you like to write more than others?

For example, I love writing dialogues, but I hate writing descriptions. Each time I write a dialogue, I can imagine the characters arguing and screaming, but each time I write a description, I have to check my dictionnary, check pictures, draws how it's supposed to look like, and I end up screwing everything and ragequitting.
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Write because at some point I realized that there was very little out there on the web that I a)wanted to read, and b)didn't find to be pretty terrible. Thank you, sturgeon's law.

So I sat down and wrote stuff I would enjoy reading, since that's the next best thing.
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I write because seeing this site for the first time opened my eyes to the possibilities of what a person can do as well as the novelty of the CYOA format.

In short I write because I want to and want to see how my story turns out.

I tend to focus more on dialogue as most minds fill in the gaps of the surroundings.
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There are myriad reasons that I write, and over the course of my writing they've changed countless times. What it boils down to, though, is "Because I can."

I started writing on what was essentially a dare, but upon seeing that so many people liked what I was doing I kept on doing it. Eventually I was doing it because it was fun, or because this idea just begged to be written, or because it made people happy, or because I promised I would. I started a CYOA because I felt like it was time, and upon crashing that train I started another, and upon crashing that one I started another, and upon crashing that one I realized the last train was salvageable, or something. It helped that one of the writers that inspired me to start in the first place gave me an honest (if a bit harsh) critique that ended up somewhat positive, and when reviews for the Alice short came out glowing I knew I wanted to do something bigger. I am, at the moment, doing something bigger - though it hasn't really started growing yet. CFA started as a short that was turned into a CYOA on a whim, so it was terribly directionless and had absolutely no planning behind it. Right now, though, I've got some twenty pages of notes waiting to be implemented.

I guess if I had to pin my current reason, it's 'cause I want to see the ending. So far, I've dropped or stalled on every major project I've taken up for myself, and I want to prove to myself that I'm better than that. I've already got a thousand scenes buzzing around my head, and in a way the story could never reach its end and I'd know more or less what happened, but to actually see the words on my screen and know that I was responsible for not just the existence of a story but its telling. That's why I write.
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I won't pretend to have any deep reason or higher purpose.
I write because it's fun. And if I can let others have fun with me by producing and publishing interactive fiction, why wouldn't I? It's also a good outlet for stress and other, not necessarily seemly, feelings, but this is not a thing we genteel folk should be talking about.

If I had to name one, it'd likely be dialogue. I don't believe it's the most important part of a story (because that varies), but for very personal reasons I enjoy exercising my wit coming up with jagged exchanges and smart remarks. I often have to repress it in real-life interactions due to my inadvertently dickish bearing, but in writing I can do with it however I pretty well wish. As I said: an outlet. Now quit staring, you're going to make my monocle crack.
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I only write because I just have this nagging idea that needs to be written. If people like it, that's just a bonus for me.
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I realized that there was a finite amount of fanworks. The only way to see what I wanted was to write it myself.

Action scenes are fun to come up with, but regular descriptions are harder. Fortunately, readers already know what everything looks like. Dialogue is meh.
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I find that the hardest part in writing my story is to portray facial expressions and emotions.

I feel difficult to find the right words to describe them.
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I like what my mind can create, and I'd like to think that there's at least one other person out there who would enjoy it if I could just get it to them. Words just happen to come easier to me than song or picture or whatever. It follows that I'd become a writer.

As for why THP, well, you need some serious motivation to write longer things. Why produce it if no one is going to care? Well, with votes, you're sure that people care at least a little bit - they're reading it, after all - so they probably want to see the next part of it, too.

The interactive part is also really interesting. I try to let the main character be as free as he can be without just making every option a write-in. While the readers are working out what vote would be "best", which one would get them closer to their goals, I get to do the same thing for all the other characters in the setting. It's pretty fun to watch that dynamic from my point of view, and I really enjoy it.

I like writing longer, coherent scenes, but transitioning between different ones is difficult. I feel like they end up being too jarring or whatever, or that by suddenly speeding things up I'm not presenting the full picture. If one interesting thing keeps happening after another, then it just flows easier I think.
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I learned just now that the part of writing that I hate most is the planned writing.

That sounds weird, right? I'll explain.
I like to write complicated stories, involving many characters, some of them just passing while others are more important.
And I just discovered that the part I prefer in an update is improvising. I honestly prefer improvising rather than writing an already planned update. Because I'm scared of screwing things, and I often think that my update written doesn't look like the update I planned.
Meanwhile, I don't have the same trouble with an improvised update, all I have to do is finding an idea, and writing until I'm tired of bored.
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Well, why do you post your writing then?
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Good point... as that sounds more like a wrong reason than a right one and that sooner or later you'd end up quitting.
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I write because I feel like it. As to why I post it here or elsewhere...

It's complicated. On the one hand, I like the first-hand feedback and the realization that people actually like what I write.

On the other hand I've grown leery of posting stories in public -this includes THP- because this usually means I'm forsaking my right to delete and rewrite them. And honestly, you learn so much about your own story during the writing process that a rewrite is basically inevitable. And if a rewrite must happen, but can't happen because the story is posted in public... well, I tend to lose interest in a story I deem as both flawed and impossible to repair. Deadly combination, that.
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The reason I'm posting on THP is because I don't really know any other website. I tried briefly to post on fanfiction.net, and I got comments like "cool story, come read mine XD", and no real reviews and/or comments.
I had troubles with THP, I know that Anon is sometimes retarded, I know that /blue/ loves flaming random writers, and yet I prefer being here rather than being on that other site.

I also tried to post on Maidens of the Kaleidoscope, but I don't really like the community either. First thing I wrote, I got review like "[character] better lives >:(".
Being not English myself, I tend to be extremely intolerant toward typos, due to the fact that it's extremely difficult for me to write a sentence without making any typos. So, when I see people using emoticons and SMS-like posts, I usually rage.

And I'm ready to bet that this post is full of typos, and I can't even see them. So annoying...
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I write for attention and gratification.

There, I said it.
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Like every other writer on thp. Don't feel special.
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I guess then I should start bracing for you quitting your story then as that's what exactly happens when someone writes mainly for attention and fame.
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I write here because this is a format where I can stop and start and stop and start, move from node to node in a progressing arc and have people who are mildly disappointed if I stop writing. With this site, I can have hopes of actually finishing something. Maybe.

Also, I'm still so out of practice writing, and it really shows. I guess this is also a chance to improve my art, even if nobody ever says anything about it.

As for WHY I write? It's gotta be because, at the heart of it... When I pare everything down, when everything clicks, when I write something I'm proud of, it's one of the best damn feelings. I can savor it for as long as I want, so long as I have access to a word file or the internet. I live for those little chunks of prose that just work and I'm always trying my weird experimental shit just to make more of them.

Basically I'm a relapsing junkie, I guess?
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I write because it releases the accumulated mental pressure that builds up as my imagination slowly boils over. I write here because the CYOA format allows me to write short snippets instead of long things, which in turn allows me to post stuff up without falling into the normal self-trap of continually editing the first few paragraphs of what was supposed to be at least a story of several dozen pages. I likely couldn't do this anywhere else, due to every other site in the universe having a setup that allows for editing, and thus allows me to trap myself in an endless loop of "I can write that sentence better".

Also, I recently found out while schmoozing IRC that two of my favorite writers here actually like my product. If that isn't a booster shot of motivation, I don't know what is.
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I write because it gives me an obligation to continue writing updates. Keeps you on your toes.
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I write because I get a lot of enjoyment out of this site and want to share that happy feeling I get when a story I like updates.

Speaking of which, I should probably do that. I'll go write now.
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I write as I want to see the story I make unfold and where Anon leads it. I've always felt that way since I read various old stories and saw how they basically played out.
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