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In a vote for a character creating, who would you vote for?

A male lead or a female lead? And why?

No. 5207
Female leads

Because I like them better than male leads.
No. 5209
Male leads. A female lead makes stories in general feel more like glorified fanfiction that pretends not to be.
No. 5210
Why is that?
No. 5211
Male leads. Because I can identify to him easier than I can identify to a female.
No. 5212
This for me. If I wanted girl/girl touhou stories, well there's a ton of options already.

Also if most of 99% of the writers are male, how can we expect most of write a female lead well without resorting to stereotypes and yuri tropes?

I also feel that female leads stemming from a character creation vote as opposed to a preset intentional plan may invite the wrong sorts of people into the story.
No. 5214
>Also if most of 99% of the writers are male, how can we expect most of write a female lead well without resorting to stereotypes and yuri tropes?

Yet you're saying this on an imageboard for CYOA's for a series that is 99.99% women... why?
No. 5215
There's a difference between writing an established character and an original one. Sure there's been some successes but given the likely experience of a typical writer who offers such a choice, the risk is high. Writing a female character may be interesting, but it's not an easy undertaking.

This isn't even getting into the risk of story derailment that may occur as a result of a female MC as I wouldn't put it past some anon to take horrible advantage of a newbie writer for their own agendas.
No. 5216
Are you mentally ill? Serious question.
No. 5217
I tend to purposely avoid any "character creation" votes. Partly, it's because I just don't care about that sort of thing, but mostly it's because time spent establishing whether or not the protagonist has a dick or not feels like time that's not being spent getting into the actual story.

Besides that, aside from the somewhat valid point of one gender being easier to identify with than the other, about the only reason anyone here cares whether or not their protagonist has a dick or not is because they hope there will be some point in the story where they can put it in someone. All well and good if it's a story in /at/, where that's presumably the whole point of the story, but for any other board that's kinda setting your hopes a little high before the story has even actually started.
No. 5224
But while most of my post is debatable, the bit about people taking advantage of newbies for their own ends isn't as it's happened a few times already.
No. 5226
What do you mean?
No. 5376
Male. Easier to identify with and simulate actions.
No. 5381
I'd say female. Male OCs in Touhou stories tend to be more insufferable if they're not done well, and it makes it easier to interact with a mostly-female cast.
No. 5382
Assuming most writers are male.
If it's a male lead, problems can arise from wish fulfillment and/or faceless male protagonist syndrome.
If it's a female lead, problems can arise from having little reference as to how to write a good female character.

The inverse is true if the writer is female.

Although if the writer is skilled enough, these problems can be avoided.

But you already knew that, didn't you?
No. 5385

In theory, I agree. In practice, I just find dudes easier to realte too, and thus easier to read about.
No. 5849
I realize that a female MC is a bad idea after reading Doll's Quest.
No. 5851
No. 5859
Gender isn't the problem with that story, but other things.
No. 5864
Elaborate? The only things I consider problems stem from the game-like elements. Single-minded, goal-focused voters, arguments, etc.
No. 5871
Basically stupid neckbeards, not much plot, and the fact that Tabby hasn't gotten much character development since the war started. Voting tendencies don't exactly help that either.

I'm surprised Patchy Quest turned out as well as it did, though his Yukkuri mania seems to be getting the better of him as of late.