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I mean wait what?

Okay, so, for some reason or another, this group of five people whom you'd never expect to come together and be friends, you know, comes together and becomes friends. They're also all in their senior year in high school, and, lo and behold, somehow all are in the same class. Totally not cliche.

Ah! But that is where the cliche ends my good friends. For you are not some lonely, faceless man sharing the same class as them, attempting to play through the same year over and over again just to score that rare harem ending with all of them. (Besides, who would do that when you can download the CG set anyways?) No, rather, you my good friend are a part of this very group. Let me clarify.

It is a sunny, mild day in Gensokyo. You're walking down the street all fine and dandy. No, wait, you aren't walking, you're running. That's because you woke up late, you dumbass. You're late for school, and worse yet, you're late for meeting up with your friends and therefore making them late too. That just won't do at all. There's no explaination behind your being late...not yet anyways. As you round the corner, you run down a street littered with cherry blossoms, signalling the coming of spring. You don't have time to view the beautiful scenery though, as you gotta keep your eyes ahead of you. However, you eventually come to see your group of familiar friends. They all see you coming down to them and eagerly await you. You are a part of a group of five close friends who share everything together. Well, almost everything. That all depends.

Speaking of which, these four friends, who are they? No, a better question...who are you?

[ ] Sakuya Izayoi
[ ] Youmu Konpaku
[ ] Reisen 'Udongein' Inaba
[ ] Sanae Kotiya
[ ] Rin Kaenbyou

No. 506
[x] Sakuya Izayoi
No. 507
[x] Sakuya Izayoi
No. 508
[x] Sakuya Izayoi

Perfect and elegant tardiness.
No. 509
[x] Reisen 'Udongein' Inaba

Only someone so submissive could be late.
No. 510
[x] Youmu Konpaku
No. 511
[x] Reisen 'Udongein' Inaba

Well I don't believe that Anon could play my role as the Perfect Student~
No. 513
File 125952673331.jpg - (65.19KB , 363x588 , reisen has panic attack.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Reisen 'Udongein' Inaba
No. 514
[x] Sakuya Izayoi

Rin's energy will be important to the group dynamic, and I love seeing Reisen in this kind of setting. Youmu is too soft serious. Almost went for Sanae, but I'd rather see Sakuya's home life, and I like when she's portrayed as being a little airheaded/carefree (woke up late).
No. 516
[X] Rin Kaenbyou

Oh yes.
No. 517
[X] Reisen 'Udongein' Inaba

erry day
No. 518
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Isn't it sad, Shou?
No. 519
[x] Shou Toramaru
No. 520

Isn't it also sad, Komachi, and Iku?
No. 521
[x] Shou Toramaru
Hell yeah.
No. 522
File 125952874482.png - (100.80KB , 236x459 , Erich_Banshiryuu.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Erich

You heard me.
No. 523
[x] Erich
No. 524
[ ] Shou Toramaru. Honest Tiger youkai is moe~
No. 525
[x] Erich
No. 526
{X} Shou Toramaru
No. 527
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If they're included as penultimate bosses, then so is Yukari. But they aren't.
No. 528
[x] Komachi

it's more fun to be a slacker.
No. 529

Yukari's originally a Phantasm stage boss in the first game she apepared in, and Suika's a Final boss.

Iku and Komachi are firmly next to final bosses of the games they first appeared in. (akin to the 5 stage bosses)
No. 530

Yukari was a penultimate boss in IaMP.
No. 532
I was figuring Shou would transfer to the school later on and we'd end up making friends with her.

Wiseman, stop posting before you think
No. 533
[x] Disregard silly write-ins
No. 534
[x] Reisen 'Udongein' Inaba
No. 545
File 125955089091.jpg - (132.02KB , 500x707 , reisen085.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Reisen 'Udongein' Inaba

We use our manipulation of wavelengths to manipulate everyone's brainwaves and create our own harem. I hope.
No. 546
[x] Sakuya Izayoi
No. 547
File 125955869473.jpg - (84.29KB , 500x1016 , bcf29d8155e63a1f4a8a60f489976311.jpg ) [iqdb]
You faggots and your frosted flakes.

[x] Reisen 'Udongein' Inaba

That's right, amongst your friends is the cool, calm, and collected Sakuya, whom you usually tend to avoid because oh my she is scary when she's angry. That and she's so proper, it looks easy to get on her bad side. She's very reliable though, and you can tell that she very much cares for the group.

Next to her would be the good girl Sanae. She's always looking to help and can usually be seen doing chores for the good of her friends. Anytime you wanted to get out of cleaning the classroom or anything, she would be more then happy to fill in for you...not that you want her to, you feel pretty sorry for the girl always doing things on her own. Poor Sanae-chan~ ;_;

Past her would be the energetic Rin, whom most of you affectionately call Orin. She's probably one of the best physically built girls out of the group, you being right behind her, much to everyone's surprise. Though she also likes to crack jokes and fool people at times, something you were never too settled with. She seems to enjoy being with Sanae most, but it's obvious she shares a close relationship with Sakuya, too.

Finally, there's your bestest friend in the whole world...est. Youmu may be short, but she's seen you through a lot. She has tons of honor and is usually quiet. At first, you were afraid of her, like you were with Sakuya, but after spending time with her and after a few incidents, you've come to see Youmu for who she really is behind that shy, isolated exterior and the two of you are inseperable. You wouldn't have it any other way.

And then there's you. You are, without a doubt, Reisen 'Udongein' Inaba, while you're very self conscious and meek, you show a certain strength when it comes to your friends. Like Youmu before you, you too are rather quiet, but on different terms. While Youmu stays quiet for having nothing to say, you stay quiet for being afraid of what you might say. That's not to say you're socially inept however. When it comes right down to it, you are the group's voice of reason, holding the rest of the group together from making bad decisions. Out of everyone, you get the second best grades, right behind Sakuya. While you're no image of the perfect girl, you share a lot of the good traits of everyone else, intelligence, agility, kindness...you just wish you could hold yourself together sometimes.

"Eyy! Rei-chan~!" Orin exclaims out to you. You forget where she picked up that nickname, but she loved calling you it since she first stumbled upon it. As long as she isn't calling you Udongein...

"Ah...ah...I'm so sorry I was late!" After a bit of panting to catch your breath, you bow quite low to show your apologies. However, the group more or less forgives you for making them so late for school. Though of course, this doesn't go without Orin's teasing you about it, but you couldn't help it...your landlord stole your clock again.

"Jeez, Rei-chan, you should just kick her out already."

"But...but it's her property, I couldn't do that..."

"It's an abuse of ownership. There are limits, you know." Even the self contained Sakuya had something to say about it. All you can do at this point is sigh and sulk as the group walks to school, though at least Youmu comforts you, in her own subtle way.

The five of you take it easy walking to the school for the most part, even though you're all already kinda late. Things were always like this, if at least one of you didn't take it easy, then the group would quite quickly fall apart. However, that's not to say there would be serene silence to enjoy...

"Hey Sanae-chan, I heard that Miyazaki from the class next door had his eyes all over you during lunch yesterday!"

"R-Rin-chan, don't say it like that! That could be misconstrued..." Orin can't help but laugh after that, though you give off a bit of a nervous smile. She's really...open minded.

"You're one to talk, Orin." Youmu explains, maybe having sensed your uneasiness. "I've seen you flirt with a certain guy in the same class yourself. You set that up, didn't you?" Sanae then looks at Orin a bit surprised.

"Is this true, Rin-chan?" Orin blinks for a moment putting on a red handed grin.

"Ah, you caught me eh? Although it's no lie that he's interesting in you!" You just sigh lightly, you get this feeling it won't really end well. Looking at Youmu, she's looking at you knowing the same thing. It's hard to let go of a member of the group like this, for fear they might be totally devastated.

"Reisen-chan, what about you?" You nearly trip when you hear that.

"E-Eh? What is it?" You look over at Sanae a bit dumbfounded.

"We've been hearing you've been talking an awful lot with a guy from another class yourself." Youmu looks at you puzzled, as does everyone else, for the most part.

"Is this true, Reisen?"

"Wow, Rei-chan, finally getting over your shyness?"

"Yes, I never saw you as capable of doing something like that..."

"A-Ah, uhm, I mean, th-that is to say..."

[ ] Oh god they figured out my secret RUUUUUN
[ ] No! Nothing important! Just a friend!
[ ] Must preserve chastity and say nothing!
[ ] It's all lies! All of it! Deny everything!
No. 549
File 125955927864.jpg - (110.83KB , 1015x623 , yourei.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] No! Nothing important! Just a friend!
[X] Besides, the person you're interested in is a different friend...
[X] !
[X] Oh god, before they figure out my secret RUUUUUN!

Taking the bull by the horns.

In before all write-ins are disregarded.
No. 551
[x] No! Nothing important! Just a friend!
No. 552
[X] No! Nothing important! Just a friend!

It's too early for PANIC ATTACK
No. 553
[x] No! Nothing important! Just a friend!
No. 554
File 125956967922.jpg - (189.69KB , 512x512 , 2b867d1eb0e3848176c113298d6a915c.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I-It's really nothing important, really..." Your uneasy composure isn't making this sound very convincing.

"Aww, come on Rei-chan, you know you can tell us anything, right?" Orin's grin, always being a mischievious one, was always hard to trust on your end.

"I-It's true. He's just someone helping me with chemistry is all." This is an odd thing to hear, but not to say on your part, considering that while your mom is a very scientific person, she'd be the last person you'd want to ask about...chemistry."

"You know, Reisen-chan, if it ever develops, don't be afraid to tell us. We'll be rooting for you all the way~!" Sanae's voice is encouraging but you don't think it would ever get that far.

"A-Ah, thanks Sanae-chan, but, either way, I kinda like a different friend anyways..." You only realize what you've just said when you notice everyone looking at you puzzled.

"Huh? Really now..."

"Who is it, Reisen-chan? I'm eager to know!"

"Yes, tell us who it is. We'll support you two."

"You have...someone you like, Reisen?"

Ah! Oh no! This is a crisis! A disaster, even! You can't tell your friends who it is right now! Especially when...


Like a streak of greased lightning, you're zipping down the road in a frenzied sprint to school. Your friends more or less left quite baffled at your urgent escape.


"Huh...that was weird. I wonder who Reisen-chan likes...hmm."

The sounds of bells ringing. Yes, school is starting...no wait, it's lunch break. Because seriously, class is boring, who would make a scene about class?

Ahem...anyways, While you and your group were punished for your tardiness, you all mostly got off well enough. It's lunch time now, however, so the most of you do your usual thing and have a picnic styled lunch out on the campus.

Orin, as usual, doesn't bring her own lunch. In fact, normally she just buys it at the cafeteria but this time she decided to mooch off the rest of the group's lunches, most notably Sanae's, who has quite a massive bento built for her. You swear that Sanae's mom mothers her well too much but you suppose that's where she got her good girl kindness from. Sakuya and Youmu, while normally at odds with each other, being as different as night and day when it comes to interest, show their rare likeness to one another by having similarly designed lunch boxes, and even having mostly the same food. They also make their own food back at home apparently.

You? In your crazed running out the door, late for school, you forgot your lunch. You sit there with a growling stomach and a pitiful expression. How embarrassing.

"Reisen-chan, you're welcome to my food if you wish."

"Yeah, come on Rei-chan, Sanae-chan's food is the best!" Probably because her mother is quite well endowed with good cooking skills, or so you've heard.

"Ah, well..."

[ ] Okay then, time to eat!
[ ] Orin's taking enough, leech off Youmu or Sakuya
[ ] Be strong, moonbunny, and weather the hunger!
[ ] You have some spare cash, you'll take the cafeteria instead
No. 555
[X] Orin's taking enough, leech off Youmu or Sakuya.
[X] It... it's not like you just want an indirect kiss... with her... with Yo...
[X] Stop thinking about it before you change your mind!

Do want an indirect kiss with Youmu, and Sakuya, and everyone else in our group, and eventually a heart-flutteringly sweet first kiss.

Though I have to say, the idea of an "indirect kiss" has always sounded very silly to me.
No. 556
File 125957194399.jpg - (630.43KB , 1281x766 , 2db7b14b2bef23a946ac2edc43efd18f.jpg ) [iqdb]
"While I would take you up on that offer, you're already feeding Orin, Sanae-chan. Perhaps Youmu-chan or Sakuya-san would be kind enough to lend me some food?" As you say this, you try to look over at them in an endearing way. While it's not your style, trying to suck up to someone for what they have is an acquired taste you got from your little sister.

"Well, you know I don't mind sharing my lunch with you, Reisen-sama, though I have doubts about Sakuya..."

"That's right, perhaps the reason you are so short is because you don't eat enough from sharing it all away." You can instantly see Youmu being bothered by that remark. Always at odds, the two are practically rivals. But you wish not of unpleasentries right here right now. You've caused enough grief with the lateness deal, you feel.

"A-Ah, please don't worry about it, Youmu-chan. I can get by with just a little food. Thank very much though."

Imagining it, this would be sorta like an indirect kiss, wouldn't it? I mean, sharing food with Youmu...the thought behind that is, secretly, far, far back in the dark depths of your mind, very exciting. Well, honestly you're not sure how it counts as an indirect kiss since that mostly applies to, you know, canned beverages and the like, and you know Youmu doesn't like the majority of them. But still! No, wait, you can't be thinking about such things! Your perverted mom and landlord have surely tainted and poisoned your mind. It's with Youmu, after all, she's your best friend, why would you want to ki-

"Open wide."


"Eh...ehhh?!" You're treated to Youmu looking at you, with a rather comically expressionless look on her face, while holding up a small takoyaki with chopsticks to your mouth. She seems a bit confused about your reaction.

"I said open wide. You brought no utensils of your own, right? You can just have some like this."

That's...that's not the point! She's feeding you...for some reason, your mind can't be innocent enough to see this as anything but intimate. Can't you just take the chopsticks and...no, that won't do. Youmu herself knows how bad you are with chopsticks. Last time you tried them, Youmu's mom wouldn't let you hear the end of it. Such a gluttonous woman though...


"It's getting cold, Reisen-sama."

You want to cry. Doing so now would be very bad looking though. You have no mouth, yet you must scream.

"A-...A-...Ahh...~" With an embarrassed, anxious expression, you open your mouth to the best of your ability, shutting your eyes tight waiting for the food to enter your mouth, oh so gently. Oh god. Why are you thinking this way.

There's a bit of hesitation from Youmu, presumably because she's trying to figure out your odd behavior, until she radically thrusts the food into your mouth. You could swear she almost choked you, but to be fair, your disposition wasn't helping much.

"Maybe you should get some food from the cafeteria instead..."


As you wait in line, you can't stop sulking, your eyes are like waterfalls, dear rabbit. It was so embarrassing, so humiliating...and yet, the food...so good! Youmu was always a great cook, and it shows! Wait, no, wrong tangent again. Curse you mom!

As you walk over to a table after having gotten your food, a mysterious someone greets you with a friendly voice.

"Oyyy! Reiseeen!" You look over as the young girl walks over to you with a similar food plate in hand. "Hey~ Remember me?"

[ ] ...uh?
[ ] Oh, you were in our last class, weren't you?
[ ] Ugh, no, go away
No. 557

No. 558
[X] ...uh?
No. 559
[X] Oh, you were in our last class, weren't you?

Do not want valley girl Reisen.
No. 560
No. 561
[X] Oh, you were in our last class, weren't you?

Reisen is no valley girl.
No. 562
[x] Ugh, no, go away

No. 563
[X] Oh, you were in our last class, weren't you?
No. 564
[X] Oh, you were in our last class, weren't you?
No. 569
[x] Ugh, no, go away
No. 571
File 125964516896.jpg - (8.49KB , 182x195 , cereal.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's Yumeko.
No. 572
File 125964580228.jpg - (43.39KB , 662x533 , 1228110845746.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is entertaining.

You should continue this.
No. 573
[x] Oh, you were in our last class, weren't you?
No. 574
[X] Oh, you were in our last class, weren't you?

Do like!


Huh? Do you mean the character, or something else?


Poor them indeed! Perhaps they'll show up later, though, and join our future harem group of nice friends who totally won't do anything pervy like that 'cause it makes our bunny brains explode with embarrassment no siree!
No. 575
File 125967393733.jpg - (297.88KB , 620x800 , b41ad5ecbf532ce394a7c45bb40961e3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Oh, you were in our last class, weren't you?

"...oh, I remember now! You were in our last class last year. Let's see, it was..."

"It's Shou, Reisen-san! Shou Toramaru~" Yeah, you remember. This girl tried being a part of your group a little while back but...something happened that none of you really wanna talk about. Either way, Shou ended up landed in a different class the following year and life went on as normal. You honestly hadn't seen her since then, probably for reasons she wouldn't want to talk about.

"Ah, well if you gave me time I could've remembered." You say with a bit of a smile on your face. Even after what happened it's still nice to see an old friend.

"Come on, let's find a table and chat for a bit, huh?"

After finding a table to sit at, Shou expectedly gets very curious about the group, asking various things about them.

"What have you guys been up to? I haven't really heard from any of you since last school year."

"Ah, well, not much really...what about you? It was mostly you that wasn't around since then...right?"

"Uhh...well, you know. After I lost my pagoda, things have been...a bit difficult."

"Let's not talk about that...you know Sakuya-san hasn't forgiven you for that yet."

"Geh, that figures. Oh well, life's life, huh? Ahaha..." Shou still hasn't recouped after that, apparently. It was such a tragic incident, involving Shou's pagoda, a few knives, and a jar of vegemite. But you swore not to think of that anymore.

"Well how have you been otherwise? Recently, that is."

"Oh, well, the class I'm in kinda sucks but I've met a couple new friends and I'm getting by. How about you? Anything happened in the group of note?"

[ ] That's...none of your business
[ ] Absolutely nothing
[ ] Well, I do have a problem...
[ ] Sakuya-san still hates you ._.
[ ] Well, Sanae recently got pregnant...
No. 576
[X] Sakuya-san still hates you ._.
[X] BUT let's see if we can't wear that attitude down!
[X] Who're you friends with? Don't tell me you ran into that girl.
[X] Share some food with Shou, in the totally-not-indirect-kiss way. Not that you'd mind but there's a time and a place for everything!
No. 577
[X] Well, I recently got Sanae pregnant...

Power of Miracles! Bring about the miracle of life!

[X] Well, I'm not having so much luck in my love life, but no one really understands. I wish I weren't so timid...

Time to toughen up. The Avatar of Vaisravana should be able to teach Reisen some confidence! Even if Shou herself is an adorable klutz, who gets rather timid when she's mucked something up.
No. 578
[X] Absolutely nothing
No. 579
[x] Not really.
[x] Mind if I ask how you've been doing? I hope you found some nice friends.
No. 580
[x] Well, Sanae recently got pregnant...

No. 581
[x] Well, Sanae recently got pregnant...
No. 582
File 125974115921.jpg - (585.29KB , 750x938 , 2fd0c998e2f63b9c814c35a76ecfe1c8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Well, Sanae recently got pregnant...

A loud smack sound rumbles throughout the cafeteria, as the table in front of you nearly crumbles under the pressure of Shou's hands.


Her strength scares you sometimes. In fact it's scaring you now. You're afraid you might have to go to the bathroom now...

"I-I-I was only kidding, S-Shou..."

Shou sighs and sits back down in a slump, albiet a relieved one.

"Jeez, Reisen-san, don't scare me like that, you almost gave me a heart attack."

"Yeah, I guess it would be surprising huh...Sanae is too innocent to really know what sex is."

"What about you? You know, the boys in my class have been saying you screw like a rabbit...~"

You can't see, but you can tell, your face just lit up like a christmas tree.

"W-W-What?! I-I-I-..."

"Don't be shy now, I know you, you're very athletic and flexible right?" Is that steam coming out your collar, or your ears? "So, come on, Sanae may be too innocent but what about you?"

"Uweh?! I-I...uhh..."

[ ] I-I don't know what you're talking about...
[ ] Uhm, c-c-can we talk about something else...?
[ ] W-Well...my mom has taught me a few things...
[ ] But...I'm not really interested in guys...
[ ] Bunny hop the hell outta there
No. 583
[X] W-Well... my mom has taught me a few things...
-[X] Sometimes I go back for a refresher, of course. Her hands-on technique is really...
[X] But... I'm not really interested into guys...
-[X] I mean, they're fun from time to time, but... well... the fairer sex is so much more...

BiBunny is a-okay in my books. Never know what opportunities for fun might be presented...
No. 584
[x] But...I'm not really interested in guys...
No. 585
[X] W-Well... my mom has taught me a few things...
-[X] Sometimes I go back for a refresher, of course. Her hands-on technique is really...
[X] But... I'm not really interested into guys...
-[X] I mean, they're fun from time to time, but... well... the fairer sex is so much more...
No. 586
File 125974366221.jpg - (224.01KB , 534x515 , 2592c4646988aed2049f84dcc2800033.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] W-Well... my mom has taught me a few things...
-[x] Sometimes I go back for a refresher, of course. Her hands-on technique is really...
[x] But... I'm not really interested into guys...
-[x] I mean, they're fun from time to time, but... well... the fairer sex is so much more...

"Really now...?" Shou's expression is full of curiosity and thirst for knowledge after you tell her about your mother. Because of that, you almost went into detail, but lord knows how the school would react to the dark secret you and your mother share...

"A-A-Ah! But...I'm not really too interested in g-guys to be honest..."

"Huh? You mean yo-" You quickly cover Shou's mouth before she blurts out something very offensive and very easy to misunderstand. This was one thing you hated about her.

"D-Don't say it out loud! Besides..." You shirk back to your seat in an embarrassed manner, trying to ease your nervousness with talking about such private matters, in a busy cafeteria, of all places too. "I-I mean...yeah, they're fun from time to time, it's just...well...the fairer sex is...so much more..." You're starting to feel your blood pressure rise to unhealthy amounts. Your head must look like an apple at the moment. But that's when Shou puts a hand on your shoulder and gives you a confidence building thumbs up!

"Not to worry Reisen-san! You secret is safe with me!" The way she says it though...you could swear if she had a third arm, it'd be having it's fingers crossed behind her back.

"A-Ah...th-thanks, Shou-san...c-c-can we not talk about this now...?"

"Aww, I wanted to know more about what your mom taught you. Mine's too religious to talk much about sex." The only thing you can remember about Shou's mom is that she was the female equivilent of jesus...or something.

"U-Uhhh...t-t-talking about sex in a busy cafeteria is..."

"Huh? Oh, I get you. Don't worry then, we'll talk about that later then, alright?" After Shou gives you a smile you'll certainly regret seeing, the bell rings. "Uh oh, class is starting. I'll talk to you later Reisen-san!" Before you can say much else, she scampers off in a hurry. What a weird one.

[ ] Try to meet your group before heading to class
[ ] Bathroom...bladder...earlier scare...can't hold it in...
[ ] Oh shit! Get to class right away!
No. 587
[X] Try to meet your group before heading to class.
[X] ... if you can just see a little bit of Youmu before class starts, it would be nice...

On tonight's agenda: inviting Shou over to the house, and helping her explore her sexuality with a hands-on lesson. Perhaps with help from our mother. Or perhaps we'll help Shou out, and sneak out a little later to make love to our mother and relieve our own tension...
No. 588
[X] Try to meet your group before heading to class.
[X] ... if you can just see a little bit of Youmu before class starts, it would be nice...
No. 589
[x] Bathroom...bladder...earlier scare...can't hold it in...

So many possibilities... So many...
No. 590

Hoping for a quick fling in the bathroom?
No. 591
[x] Bathroom...bladder...earlier scare...can't hold it in...
No. 592
[x] Bathroom...bladder...earlier scare...can't hold it in...
No. 610
[x] Oh shit! Get to class right away!

Pissing against the piss.
No. 611
[X] Try to meet your group before heading to class.
[X] ... if you can just see a little bit of Youmu before class starts, it would be nice...
No. 612
Christ internet not letting me post shit net needs to go to hell

[x] Bathroom...bladder...earlier scare...can't hold it in...

You suddenly reach for your crotch after realizing something. Holy shit you need to pee! Well, class can certainly wait for the call of nature, now can it? Ignoring the loud bells you make a beeline to the bathroom, knowing that earlier roaring from Shou definitely sped up the process.

The restroom is, thankfully, rather unoccupied, due to the rush to classes. You're quickly able to find an empty stall to do your thing. The great trickle of relief comes to you, and you couldn't be happier. Oh if only you could feel like this throughout the entire da-wait a minute, someone just came into the bathroom. No, not just someone, but a couple people at that. They even start talking.

"Did you see Toramaru explode back there in the cafeteria?"

"Of course! Who wouldn't after a loud roar like that? Should could panthers to shame..."

"No kidding! Did you ever find out why she yelled like that though?"

"Well, she wouldn't talk about it after coming back, but I have a good idea what it might be..."

"Oh, what, what? I wanna know!"

"Well, you know how she's always talking about those girls from Class B, right? Well, she was talking with Inaba-san..."

"Inaba-san, doesn't she talk more about Kochiya though?"

"That's the thing! I heard Inaba-san say something about her and..."

"...you don't think that-"

"Of course Toramaru still likes her!!"

"S-Shh! You shouldn't say something like that so loudly! Toramaru would kill you!"

"I can't help it though! Come on, let's get to class before I'm tempted to gossip more."

Wait, what? Shou? Likes...who?

Wait...the incident with the pagoda. Sanae was there. And the way Shou reacted...and of course, there was Sakuya-san too!

It. All. Makes. Sense.

You always wanted to know why Shou did something like that, even if it was an accident. But, Sanae, of all people? You never expected it, but it explains a lot, after thinking about it. Why didn't you think of it before? Probably because of Shou's complete disappearance. But still!

...wait, class. Oh shit.

"UUWWWWEEEEEEHHHH!!!" You scurry out of the bathroom after tidying yourself up inthe most elegant yet quickest manner possible, hurrying back to your class.

...it's no good though. You're stuck with the bucket punishment again, and this time your friends aren't there to shoulder the pain with you...

A nice while later, school lets out and you let out a sigh, walking beside the group you're familiar with. That's when Rin smiles, looking over at you.

"Hey, Rei-chan, Sanae-chan offered to help me with my studying back at my place, wanna grab Youmu-chan and Sakuya-san and make it a study group?"

"Eh?" Well, you know Youmu is free, since she said she would be coming over today anyways, you're not sure about Sakuya though, and when you look over to her, she confirms it.

"Sorry, I have an important dinner to arrange back at home."

"Ahh, guess the Mister and Misses are coming home to say hi your little Mistresses today then?" Sakuya then nods. It's no secret to you and the group, even though it kinda is to the majority of school. Sakuya is adopted. Acting as a bigger step sister to two younger girls while her foster parents are out on frequent business. It's usually a big event there when both parents come home at the same time. "Well then, Rei-chan, how about you and Youmu-chan?"

"U-Uhh? Well..." You look over at Youmu, almost in hopes that she would say no, but of course, she's a bit of the oblivious type...

"Well I do not mind myself, it's up to Reisen-sama."

Oh boy. It's up to Reisen-sama, she says. You were hoping not to make this kind of decision. You kinda wanted to spend alone time with Youmu back at home, but then you kinda miss hanging out with Rin and Sanae after school, you haven't been keeping up with the group on whole after hours like you used to. Ohh, pickle!

[ ] Blow Rin and Sanae off
[ ] Take them up on offer
No. 613
[x] Take them up on offer
No. 614
[x] Take them up on offer.

We can try to take Youmu home another time, some bond reaffirming is never a bad idea.
No. 615
[X] Take them up on offer
No. 616
[x] Take them up on offer.
No. 618
File 126004355793.png - (428.39KB , 750x600 , 47253fd8003b77cc492a0dcc47feed39.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Take them up on offer

Ah, well, as...interesting as Orin's place is, it beats having to be around...ugh, your mom. While by no means a bad person, there's just a time and place for everything and while Youmu is around, you're afraid she's going to pick all the wrong times and places for everything.

"Well, alright then. That sounds like a plan." Orin jumps up and down in joyus fanfare as a responce.

"YAY! It'll be like a slumber party!!" You're quite striken by that though, though you try to hide it behind a nervous smile. She sounds so enthusiastic about that idea.

"I-I don't know if we'll be able to stay that long, Orin-chan..."

"Besides, this is supposed to be a study group, Rin-san. Maybe with Reisen-san joining us, you can get more studying done."

"Uuu~..." Out of the rest of the group, Orin was the so-called dimwit. Her biggest strength was in gym, which certainly doesn't account for anything mentally challenging to say the least. Her grades were rather luckluster, compared to everyone else. Youmu was second after Orin, but at least she had reasons for not studying, as you know about her difficult lifestyle back at home. All Orin wants to do is goof off and play around, and while it's a happy notion to say the least, it's not going to get her anywhere in life later on.

"Don't worry, Orin-chan! I'll make sure you're all set up for the upcoming test so we can have lots of fun playing later, okay?" Orin doesn't seem too cheered up by your encouragement, sadly.

"But I wanna play nooow~..."

Eventually, your group splits off with Sakuya and heads on their way to Orin's house. In all honesty, you never liked going there too much. Orin lived in an old, run down mansion on a large hill many would mistake for a witch living on. No, but rather, it's just Orin, her sister, and her adoptive mother. Satori-sama was a kind, if eccentric woman. She was also very small, which is probably why she went the adoption route, as apparently her build is too tiny to have children without threatening her life.

The secluded, isolated lifestyle she leads though...it's a shock that Orin and her sister are so happy, bright and cheerful despite the area they live in. Makes you wish Satori-sama was your mom instead. Almost.

"Ahh, I see you brought your friends over again, Rin. Come on in." Satori's expression always looked tired, but still filled with warmth and kindness, knowing that she gives her children lots of love.

The interior of the house is just as drab as the rest of the area outside the mansion. Even in middle of broad daylight, the inside is very dark and gives off a mysterious vibe. Orin herself seems to enjoy it, oddly enough, as the majority of her wardrobe outside of school is pretty dark and gothic itself. This place always gave you the creeps and you hardly ever felt comfortable being here, but with Youmu by your side, you feel a lot safer at the very least.

"You don't mind if they stay over for dinner, do you mom?"

"No, not at all. You still need practice on cooking lessons, after all. Cooking for a large group will help that." Orin stops and looks at Satori with an embarrassed face.

"M-Mom, not in front of my friends..." The rest of you can't help but smile, Orin trying to cook was one of the little secrets she liked hiding from people because it made her feel weird what with how she is normally. She's still embarrassed about it.

Up in Orin's room, the place is mostly the same, but a bit lighter at the very least. The curtains opened certainly helps, though the larger half ot the room is still dressed in dark colors. The kotatsu in the middle is the brightest thing in the room, which only points it out more to the resident warmth seeker...

"Ahh~ Kotatsu~" Almost instantly, Sanae is sitting deeply at the kotatsu, a blissful look on her face like she had just been welcomed into heaven. She then glares back at Rin. "You're still studying though so get over here." Poor Rin, her sulking isn't enough to display the despair in her little heart.

"Awww, come on, can't we play or something a little first...? It's so early!"

"The more you study, the more chances you have at passing that test. Right, Reisen-san?"

"Huh? Uhh..."

[ ] That's right, but all work and no play...
[ ] You're right, Orin needs all the help she can get
[ ] I don't think it'd hurt to put it off a little...
[ ] Kotatsu~ ¦D
[ ] When's dinner?
No. 619
[x] You're right, Orin needs all the help she can get
No. 633
[X] You're right, Orin needs all the help she can get
No. 634
[X] You're right, Orin needs all the help she can get
No. 641
[X] You're right, Orin needs all the help she can get
No. 644
[x] Kotatsu~ ¦D
[x] When's dinner?

No. 646
[x] You're right, Orin needs all the help she can get
[x] Kotatsu~ ¦D
No. 653
Wow this site still exists

[x] You're right, Orin needs all the help she can get

"So..." You continue on. "I think it'd be best if we used all day today to study, to help Orin-chan with her grades!" You say this with a bit of cheer, but it turns to worry when Orin is hanging on you, bawwing her eyes out.

"Waaahhh~~~ Rei-chan's so mean!!" Sanae just sighs and pats Orin on the back.

"It's okay, Rin-san...we have a kotatsu to sit in so the studying will be much more bearable~!" Orin herself doesn't look too impressed, but maybe that's because she actually lives with the kotatsu in her room, and Sanae rarely gets to see one outside of Orin's house.

Not too long later, the group is studying. The test is a long, complicated one, so the teacher gave you well enough supplies to prepare for it, but not nearly enough time to do so. So it would be a good thing that you're going to use all day to study for it. Buuut it's not like you all can be mindless drones going about it, either. That's how you mom did things whenever she actually studied and you didn't like it too much when you were younger. Your little sister is also very lively and although you'd never admit it vocally, you're kinda jealous of her caffinated lifestyle.

Sanae and Orin are sitting together, to the left of you. It kinda maks you jealous and a bit embarrassed, how close they are. As of right now, they're constantly bumping shoulders and not caring about it. Their friendship is fairly physical you'd say. Orin was always the type to be outgoing and open minded, and Sanae herself is a very touchy feely girl. So it only makes sense this would happen. You and Youmu are very different by comparision.

Youmu sits dilligently to your right, while Sanae is having problems trying to teach Orin, and the both of them are making a quiet rukus, Youmu is silently and loyally devoting all her attention to her own work...somewhat. She appears to having slight problems staying awake though. Maybe it's just you, or maybe it's the kotatsu...

Your friendship with Youmu isn't nearly as physical as Sanae and Orin's. You two are very close, having shared even the deepest of secrets, but you two rarely touch. Youmu is too self contained and honorable, and you...you're just too shy and nervous. You feel embarrassed even when Orin grabs your hand. Though that might be nervousness from the fact that she could potentially drag you off somewhere you'd rather not be. You may be the voice of reason, but actions always spoke louder then words, and Orin was the first to prove it...

Wow, all this mindless studying has made you a little lacking in attention span. You jumped subjects so often you forgot what you were studying. Oh well, it's a good branch off point for other things, right? Even you can't stand drivelling studying for so long without something to break the ice.

[ ] Go help Sanae with Orin
[ ] Try and keep Youmu awake
[ ] Concentrate harder! Must study!
[ ] ...kotatsu~ ¦D
[ ] When's dinner?
No. 655
[x] Try and keep Youmu awake
No. 656
[x] Try and keep Youmu awake.
-[x] Try to be more physical. A gentle hand on her shoulder shouldn't be too far of a leap.
No. 657
[x] Try and keep Youmu awake

>Wow this site still exists
We're not going anywhere.
No. 658
[x] Try and keep Youmu awake
No. 659
[X] Try and keep Youmu awake
- [X] By any means necessary~♥

You know what I hear works great for keeping people awake? Lesbian sex.
No. 660
[X] Try and keep Youmu awake
No. 661
[x] >>659
It's perfectly in character.
No. 663
File 126067647272.jpg - (384.52KB , 490x685 , 563c3b359fa4780ea35c05621b17c539.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Try and keep Youmu awake

You scoot over a bit to the girl in question, who doesn't yet notice you getting closer. You make yourself known by starting a quiet conversation.

"Hey, you okay over there Youmu-chan?" Youmu snaps back to realize and looks at you.

"Uh? Oh, yes. Is there something wrong?" You can't help but smile quite happily to yourself, because Youmu is just so...cute! She looks so serious after nearly dozing off, like it never happened. Of course, she always does it in a very subtle way, but you're familiar enough with her now to know.

"No, not at all~ Are you having trouble with your studies?" You looks down at the papers and books she had been slaving away on.

"Hmm, well, not to my knowledge. It all appears to be rather easy so far." Well, that sounds okay, you guess. If she isn't having problems, it must be a subject she's good at that she's working on right now. You know later she might end up having a bit of trouble, since she has quite a few weak points in the all the subjects covered by the upcoming test.

You look over at Orin and Sanae, and Orin appears to be giving Sanae a hard time. From what you can make out, she's blaming her for the whole "let's study all day" routine, and Sanae is trying to make it up to her in various ways, or distracted her from it otherwise. But it looks like they're getting very little done as far as studying goes.

"Reisen-chan." Your ears perk up and you look back at Youmu. "Are you having problems with your studies?"

[ ] Oh, yes! Plenty of problems! Please teach me, Youmu-chan~
[ ] Ah, no, but a few tips might be handy
[ ] Not at all, thanks for asking though
[ ] Are you sure you're awake?
[ ] Are you sure you're not- *gurgle* ...hungry?
[ ] *stare longingly into her eyes*
No. 664
[x] "Well I'm having some trouble with Sex Ed..."
[x] *stare longingly into her eyes*
No. 665
[x] Are you sure you're awake?
[x] *stare longingly into her eyes*

At least this way, if Youmu truly is awake and notices the stare, it can be passed off as a look of confirmation.
No. 666
[X] Are you sure you're awake?
[X] *stare longingly into her eyes*
No. 667
[x] Are you sure you're awake?
[x] *stare longingly into her eyes*
No. 670
[X] Are you sure you're awake?
[X] *stare longingly into her eyes*
No. 671
[X] Are you sure you're updating?
[X] *stare longingly into her updates*
No. 674
File 126118849477.jpg - (372.12KB , 1624x1967 , 1207680773784.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Are you sure you're updating?
[X] *stare longingly into her updates*

"Are you sure you're updating?" Youmu just kinda stares at you awkwardly as you give her the best blank stare you could muster.

"Uhh...huh? Are you talking about the studies?"

"No, Youmu-chan...I'm talking about you. You need to check your refresh rate." As you say this, your gaze is quite harshly piercing her head, her cube shaped head with the text 'F5' written on it. Yes...that's it.

"Reisen-san...are you okay?" The big five waggles it's bottom structure suspisciously as the top lines point upward into each other. But no, you won't be fooled. Not at all.

"NO, YOUMU-CHAN! IT IS YOU WHO IS NOT OKAY!" you shout out loud, standing up and giving her your strong, patented Hand of Accusation™. You step back though, as you realize something; Sanae and Orin are effected too! Sanae's head looks somewhat bigger and has the text "Ctrl" on it, while poor Orin has a wide shaped head and a weird symbol with the text "Enter" plastered where her eyes should be. This won't do...this won't do at all! You have to end this madness!

"R-Reisen-chan! What're you doing?!"

"Rei-chan! That's my work hammer! It's not a toy!!"

"Why do you even have that in here?!"


"Oh my GOD, it's EVERYWHERE!"




You were let off a bit easy, your parents having been to blame for most of your actions. The authorities discovered they weren't exactly dealing in the most approperiate stuff, involving experiments and the like, and involving you in most of them. Come to think of it, maybe that's how you ended up this way...

They were sentenced to 37 years in jail, while you were simply tossed into the nearest insane asylum. Sakuya never visited you, for some reason. In fact, she had cut off all ties with you after that incident. But as you sat there in that padded room, tied up in a tight straight jacket, you're still glad, you're still happy, because you know, that despite all this...

You won against those damn updates.


I'll write a real update later
No. 676
I am breathlessly waiting until we meet Reisen's mother, Eirin. Quite the lewd woman, from what's been written so far.

Also lesbian Reisen and Shou having the hots for her and oh god yes this is perfect.

Never stop writing.
No. 678
Surely, you jest.

Sakuya's home life would've been an interesting write, but noooo..

Well, actually, everyone's home life would've been interesting, but fuck that, I'm writing them all, even if it has to be from one person's point of view.

That said, Reisen's is probably going to be among the most interesting anyways...yeees, vedy vedy intwesting indeed...
No. 679
Stop tempting me and write, goddammit.
No. 680
God dammit, now I can't stop imagining Eirin in a blatant corruption of an Elmer Fudd outfit with a gun that shoots adhesive bullets. Update so I can bury the image.
No. 682
[x] Are you sure you're awake?
[x] *stare longingly into her eyes*

"Hm? I'm quite sure, otherwise I wouldn't be talking to you like this..." Oh Youmu-chan, how punctual of you. That's not what you meant though.

"Youmu-chan, you know I can handle my studies on my own. But don't deny it, you were having trouble staying awake just now."

"I wasn't...do these eyes look tired to you?"

"Let me check."

You use this time to look deeply into Youmu's eyes. Oh so deeply. Those magnificent jewels she sees through, the sparkling lustre they have, it's so mesmerizing, you could stare into them all day...

"Are you done undressing Youmu-chan with your eyes, Rei-chan?" You nearly jump out of your skin when Orin says that, th-...that's not what you were doing at all!

"N-N-No! I-I mean-"

"Oh? Then please do continue~" While you're busy being stricken with greif and despair at your misfortune, Sanae scolds Orin lightly, while Youmu just looks on pretty confused.

A short while passes, you're too afraid of making any sort of contact with Youmu after that rather awkward situation. And you can't bear looking at Sanae and Orin too long, otherwise you start feeling pangs of jealousy and lonliness cursing you to the mighty depths of darkness. No, you're just focusing on your studies for now. You've missed out on a bit of it actually, so you're taking this time to try and catch up.

"W-Well! I think it might be dinner time soon!" Sanae looks up at Orin, who just stood up.

"Huh? But it's so early..."

"You know what they say, you can't study on an empty stomach! Besides, I gotta help mom prepare, so uh, have fun~" Orin quickly rushes out before Sanae has much of a chance to say anything back. Youmu's comment sums it up quite nicely though.

"She's just getting out of more studying..."

[ ] Let's help Orin fix some food!
[ ] Suggest the group takes a break from studying for now
[ ] Good chance to take a quick bathroom break
[ ] Go and explore the mansion while dinner is being cooked
[ ] Just shirk back to your studies
No. 683
[x] Go and explore the mansion while dinner is being cooked

Why not...
No. 684
[x] Bathroom break.

>[ ] Just shirk back to your studies
You mean slink?
No. 685
[X] Good chance to take a quick bathroom break
No. 686
[X] Suggest the group takes a break from studying for now
No. 687
[X] Suggest the group takes a break from studying for now
[x] Go and explore the mansion while dinner is being cooked
- [X] Insist Youmu come along, to get the blood flowing
No. 688
[x] Suggest the group takes a break from studying for now
No. 689
[X]Suggest the group takes a break from studying for now.
[X]Go and explore the mansion while dinner is being cooked.
-[X]Insist that Youmu come along, to get the blood flowing. And to molest her in private.
No. 692
[x] Grab Orin by her collar and drag her back. Use whatever means necessary to get her to study.
-[x] This is the boot-camp from hell, and you're it's drill instructor. We work through the night, from dusk till dawn! Let the flames of passion consume you!!
No. 693
>-[x] This is the boot-camp from hell, and you're its drill instructor.
No, that would be for Koishi, were she in this. And then she would truly be Hartman's youkai girl.
No. 701
File 126243871090.png - (167.00KB , 600x450 , f0e8792e256aaae8a66fe31219ad9e68.png ) [iqdb]
okay holidays are over I can write again


[x] Go and explore the mansion while dinner is being cooked
[x] Insist Youmu come along, to get the blood flowing

"Well maybe I'll just go and explore the place in meantime then..." You stand up as you say this, dusting your skirt off, even if it doesn't necessarily need to be.

"Reisen-chan, are you sure about that? I mean..." Sanae is looking at you a bit worried but you need to reassure her.

"It's alright Sanae-chan, I'll be fine. I'm still scared of this place but I won't get over that fear unless I face it head on, right? Besides..." You take a look at Youmu and smile. "If I have Youmu-chan together with me...I won't be so afraid. It'll get the blood flowing. What do you say?" Youmu just blinks a few times and gives you a flat 'Sure' to go along with her equally flat expression. Oh Youmu-chan...why are you so cute?

A few minutes later, you and Youmu are walking along the dark halls of the mansion, even though...it's really bright outside, being sunny and all. It's like an eternal night time inside here. So, what else would you be doing other then clinging to Youmu's arm?

"Reisen-san...it is not that scary. We have yet to truly probe it's depths."

"I...I can't help it. It's like something is about to jump out at me at any moment and eat me..." While you're actually not that scared, and just taking the chance to hold Youmu close to you, you genuinely get scared when you hear a low growling, accompanying a sinister chuckle.

"...Reisen-san, you're cutting off circulation to my hand..."

"Ah! S-Sorry! So sorry..." You quickly let go, but you're still in terrible shape. Your knees are knocking together like you have to pee, which you actually have to do kinda now. You're busy huddling yourself though. Your shivering is a dead give away. Oh god.

"Hmm, someone appears to be following us..."

"Y-You think?!" Oh Youmu-chan. So cute, with your obvious statements. "D-Did you bring your k-k-kendo equipment...?"

"No, not right now...they're still at the door." Oh you, Youmu-chan! So silly!

"Ehhh....I-I-I don't like this..."

"Do you think...Rin-san's Aunt could be around...?"

Oh god. Her aunt. That's a scary thought. You know more then enough about sex from your mother, but if you didn't, Orin's Aunt would be the next best source. She's not a slut or anything but...okay, well, maybe she kinda is.

"I...you know I don't want to be caught alone with her, r-right?"

"It's okay Reisen-san, I will protect you."

No, wait, that's not good! That'e worse! You can't bear the thought of that sex driven whore touching and molesting Youmu in only ways you would want to! You need to think fast though, because you can sense that awful aura approaching you...

[ ] Grab Youmu - AMSCRAY
[ ] Duck into the nearest bathroom, relieve yourself while you're there
[ ] Satori's bedroom nearby! That should be safe
[ ] It's time, you need to fight! No more tail in between your legs!
No. 702
[x] Satori's bedroom nearby! That should be safe
-[x] Take Youmu with you. "Accidentally" fall on top of her on the bed.
No. 703
[x] Satori's bedroom nearby! That should be safe

Option most likely to deliciously backfire~

>-[x] Take Youmu with you. "Accidentally" fall on top of her on the bed.

As much as I like the write-in, it feels too aggressive compared to the Reisen we've seen thus far and probably wouldn't phase this Youmu anyway. I'd rather let whatever the author has planned for this room play out.
No. 704
[x] Satori's bedroom nearby! That should be safe
No. 705
File 126251736539.jpg - (534.01KB , 777x1087 , 8570c41c109371fb6d4d7256e2fb21bc99dacab1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Satori's bedroom nearby! That should be safe

"...S-Satori-san's bedroom! Quickly Youmu-chan!"

"What're yo-uhh!" Youmu is suddenly dragged behind you as you rush into the bedroom feverishly and quickly shut the door! That was close.

"Whew, I don't think whoever it could be would come in here randomly without knocking first..."

"...isn't that what we just did?"

"That's beside the point!" You're about to explain further to Youmu when you hear someone clearing their throat. You and Youmu freeze up before slowly turning around. And there she is. Koishi is just standing there in middle of the room, stark naked, nothing but a shirt that she's holding, said hand being on her hip. Wow...she isn't much to look at.

"I see your mommies didn't teach you much manners...~" She says, in both a cheerful and yet, mischievious tone. It disturbs you. No, no, more then that. It downright creeps you out. So much so that you can't really say much. You look over at Youmu in hopes she'll vouch for you, but it's no good. As much as she's trying to keep a straight face, she looks visually disturbed too, and completely stunned.

"...I......eeeeyyyyyyyeeeee....." You can't do it. It takes effort to mutter a single letter, and you can't even finish that. You feel like you're about to cry, and piss your little panties to boot. It only gets worse when you notice Koishi approaching you, too.

"Come on, don't be shy now~ I have plenty of treats for you...~"

Oh god. You get enough "treats" from your mother. Could you possibly need anymore? And what of Youmu? You get this vague feeling you're about to be ruined for marriage in a very disturbing way....

[ ] On your knees; submit
[ ] Fight with all you might, as hopeless as it might be
[ ] Brave the outside instead of this wacko bitch
[ ] Have a little "accident"
No. 706
[x] Brave the outside instead of this wacko bitch
-[x] Run back to the study room with Youmu.
We were trying to avoid her in the first place
No. 707
>Wow...she isn't much to look at.
So we've got the hots for Youmu, but not DFC in general?

[X] Brave the outside instead of this wacko bitch
- [X] Split up and send Youmu back to Rin's room.
No. 709
[X] Your mother's training is too much to resist. It's been carved into you. When presented with this sort of situation, all you can do is...
-[X] Get on your knees; submit.

Dominate me, Koishi.
No. 711
[x] Brave the outside instead of this wacko bitch
-[x] Run back to the study room with Youmu.

Seeing as how I brought Koishi up in the first place ( >>693 ) I feel responsible for this occurring. I'm sorry.

And although I do sort of want to let Koishi have her way with us... we've already got Mama Eirin and Shou for that.

Two is enough, thanks.
No. 712
File 126260002427.jpg - (57.96KB , 480x524 , 9580d60cd09641abe764b82c19a962eb.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Brave the outside instead of this wacko bitch
-[x] Run back to the study room with Youmu

"I-I-I'm sorry, Koishi-san, b-but we still have studies to finish, so if you'll excuse us, we're sorryforbardginginonyousosuddenlywerereallyreallysorryand RUN!"

You burst out the door in fearful haste, the only thing quicker then your feet being then end of your little anxious speech you gave Koishi as she was about to grab you and Youmu. Having dodged that bullet, you run quickly down the hall, aiming for Rin's room, which the studies had been taking place. However, mid-sprint, you're interrupted by running into a larger entity and being pushed back on your rear as a result. When you look up, you see the scary monolith that is Rin's bigger sister. Well, actually, she's a year younger then her, but to be frank, she's a helluva lot larger.

"Ooph. Hey, you better watch where you're going in someone else's house. Running is rude, ya know..?" Utsuho has this large grin on her face as she cracks her knuckles. She was always the bully type, and enjoyed picking and teasing people to their limit. Not a very good thing for you though, you don't like being played around with. Your mom does enough of it! Just then though, Youmu rushes in between the two of you, a serious look on her face.

"I am your opponent." A bold thing for Youmu to say, considering she's unarmed. That's why you love her, but now isn't the time! You can't have her being in danger in your place!

"Eh? Come on, I ain't got time to be dealing with ironing boards."

"Hey, you watch your mouth when you talk to one of us!"

...that certainly wasn't Youmu.

You look up and behind yourself and you're greeted with an eerie sight. Staring up into someone else's vagina is extremely awkward, at least in a situation like this. Utsuho herself seems to be as disturbed as you and Youmu are now.

"...eww, put some clothes on, Oba-san."

"Well I was in middle of changing when these two dears barged in without knocking~"

"Reeally? Should I punish them then? Huh huh huh?"

"Let's punish them...together~"

Oh god! This situation just went from bad to worse! The creepy grins on Koishi and Utsuho's faces speak terrible thoughts to you, and you and Youmu are busy huddling each other against the wall as your captors close in. You swear your fear couldn't get any higher. Is this the end...?

[ ] All hope is lost!
[ ] Abandon Youmu and flying leap out of there!
[ ] Scream for Satori-san
[ ] You can't hold it in any long, release the dams!
No. 713
No. 714
[x] All hope is lost!
No. 715
[X] All hope is lost!
[X] Just hold Youmu, and protect her!
No. 716
[X] All hope is lost!
[X] Just hold Youmu, and protect her!
No. 717
[X] Scream for Satori-san
No. 718
[ ] You can't hold it in any long, release the dams!
Never miss a good chance for a golden shower.
No. 719

But we need to save that for when one of them starts giving us oral!
No. 720
[X] All hope is lost!
[X] Just hold Youmu, and protect her!
No. 721
[x] Scream for Satori-san
No. 722
I should have said it earlier, but I'm glad you're back, T³.

No. 723
[x] All hope is lost!

There's no hope left...! It's all over. You try to hold Youmu to protect her but the combined strength of Koishi and Utsuho are too much for you alone. Koishi takes you quite happily and easily and Utsuho sheer girth and strength overcomes Youmu in a flash. Koishi then motions Utsuho to follow her into the bedroom while she carries you in, frozen with fear, you're unable to do anything anymore.

Inside, what happens is unspeakable. Utsuho holds Youmu back while she's forced to watch you get violated in ways you hadn't thought possible. It starts off as extremely awkward and uncomfortable, before becoming painful. Utsuho, being the innocent girl that she is, doesn't realize this until Youmu has begun pointing it out. And although she tries to reason with Koishi, the adult has clear power here.

After all is said and done, Youmu has fainted, most likely from fatigue, considering that her body should be too small for something so large to enter her. She's bleeding an awful lot too. You were let off easy compared to her, but when Utsuho struck Koishi trying to get her to stop, something broke loose in her mind, and she became awfully violent suddenly. Utsuho is just sitting there, huddling in the corner, crying, unable to do anything as she watched you and Youmu fall prey to Koishi's advances.

At this point, you can't really feel anything anymore, even though Koishi is still abusing your two entrances. You're concious, and at the same time, not. It's an eerie feeling and a traumatic experience. It's only when Satori comes in wondering where you and Youmu went that things come to an abrupt, yet awful end.

Lots of things happened all at once. All you remember is Satori attacking her sister in a blind rage and something awful broke out. So many police cars gathered at Rin's mansion that day. No one would talk about it though, no one wanted to.

Sakuya was left unchanged by the situation, she tried hard to help, but you think even she knew things would never be anywhere near the same.

Sanae was traumatized by the whole course of events, differently from you and Youmu however. She become extremely self concsious, somehow blaming the whole incident on herself, or saying that she could've prevented it. Out of all those involved, she was still the least effected, however. She lived on with life.

Rin had become rather changed by it, not really as outgoing or energetic as she used to be. She'd show signs of her old self occasionally around Sanae, but otherwise, she kept to herself a lot more now. Sometimes, you would wonder what she was thinking whenever she blankly stared at the sky.

Youmu was scarred by the entire incident, or so you heard. Apparently her family moved away shortly afterwards. You haven't heard from her since, but then, you've been too afraid to try contacting her yourself, either. You feel guilty for not being able to protect her.

You? When you woke up after being taken to the hospital, you found yourself unable to speak. You had become mute as a result. Deep inside, you hadn't changed much in reality. You still wanted to have fun, you still wanted to smile, you still kept most of your traits in tact, with a little more self consciousness on the side now. But your muteness had shut you off from most of the world. Maybe it was because of Youmu? While you were traumatized and hurt by the whole ordeal, you found a way past what had happened to you yourself, just not Youmu.

You still hung out with the group though, and despite your disability, managed to graduate from high school. During the final year, Sakuya had become much more protective of you and you started understanding her more and more, and eventually she came about to talking to you a lot, even giving you a few secrets. You felt there were still things she wasn't telling you, but it was alright, this way, you were made nostalgic of the times Youmu did this with you and it made you feel very happy.

Time passes. Sanae becomes a priestess at the shrine she lived with, and oddly enough, she ends up disappearing a month after. No one sees her parents or Sanae herself ever again afterwards. Rin didn't go to college, and went ahead to start work. Eventually she became a gravedigger, a very depressive job, but after what had happened and what with Sanae's disappearance, it more or less fitter her and her gothic theme now.

You and Sakuya go forward into college. You had lots of help from Sakuya on the basis of your muteness. You even become roommates at the dormitory. For a while, you were happy, but something still felt missing. A hole that couldn't be filled in...

One day, Sakuya tells you that she's transferring into a different college, and wants you to join her. You're really reluctant about this idea at first, but you go with it eventually. This changed everything, for when you walked onto that campus the day you transferred, Sakuya told you she wanted you to meet someone you knew, someone very familiar, and someone who missed you very much. When the person came into view, one word, one name was the only thing you could muster outside of your muteness.


Trauma End

Take another stab at it?

[ ] 1 step back
[ ] 3 steps back
[ ] End story here (Restart)
No. 724
should note that if you choose to restart the story at any time you can choose a different character and go through the same events from a different perspective

REPLAY VALUE!!1!!111!1111111
No. 725
Jesus. Koishi does not fuck around.
Or rather, she does.
Hard. ;_;

[x] 3 steps back
[x] Grab Youmu - AMSCRAY
No. 726
[x] 3 steps back
-[x] Grab Youmu - AMSCRAY
No. 727

What else do you expect when Anon thinks with the wrong part?
No. 728
[x] 3 steps back
-[x] Grab Youmu - AMSCRAY
No. 729
File 126278790061.jpg - (559.69KB , 1600x1200 , 5d7136fe85771bf5db655772d00d0ba3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] 3 steps back
-[x] Grab Youmu - AMSCRAY

Without giving it any further thought, you instinctively grab Youmu and start running. Of course, Youmu is taken aback by your quick feet.

"R-Reisen-san! Wha-"

"No time, Youmu-chan! I'm not sticking around to see what co-ooph!" You've run into something quite solid. It sends you off your feet and onto your rear. Whatever it was, nearly tripped forward too from the momentum. They soon turn around to get a get view of their random assailant.

"Hey! Watch where you're...oh hey~" You look up at the grinning monolith before you. Uh oh...it's Rin's bigger, yet younger sister. Her long black hair must've made her blend in with the darkness in this eerie hall and you ran into her without paying enough attention. Unfortunately for you, she's cracking her knuckles and ready to begin a popular sport with her; bullying. Something she's done enough to you, you feel. Just then, Youmu stands between you and Utsuho, and despite her lack of weaponry, intends on protecting you.

"You shall not lay a finger on her." Utsuho looks rather displeased by Youmu's courageous action.

"Eh? Come on, I ain't got time to be dealing with ironing boards."

Somehow, this all seems oddly familiar.

After not complying with Utsuho, Youmu steps back, prepared for combat. Utsuho warns Youmu one last time. The difference in sizes is very apparent, she looks ready to just plainly sit on Youmu and crush her. Something needs to be done.

[ ] Stand beside Youmu; you'll fight too!
[ ] Get up and run away, they can distract each other!
[ ] Grab Youmu and head back into Satori's room
[ ] Oh god, bladder bursting, must...relieve...self...
No. 730
[x] Stand beside Youmu; you'll fight too!
No. 731
[ ] Oh god, bladder bursting, must...relieve...self...

This story needs 100% more golden showers.
No. 732
[ ] Stand beside Youmu; you'll fight too!

Incidentally, 100% of zero is still zero.
No. 733
[X] Stand beside Youmu; you'll fight too!

Damn. Koishi needs to learn how to not break her toys.
No. 734
[x] Grab Youmu and run back to Satori's room.
No. 735

that's the last place we want to run into.
No. 736
[X] Stand beside Youmu; you'll fight too!

Do you seriously want a repeat of the Trauma End that badly?
No. 737

But that was punishment! If we submit like nice, obedient girls, I'm sure she'll be much gentler!
No. 738
File 126285607692.png - (623.67KB , 1000x713 , b64190e6b35fd1182a1eacf67a389d74.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Stand beside Youmu; you'll fight too!

You stand up. No more of this submissive bull. You've had enough! You're tired of being the one always protected! It's time to make a stand.

"R-Reisen-san..." Youmu seems a bit stunned to watch you stand up and put up your ducks beside her.

"It's okay Youmu-chan...I can do this! We'll take her on together!"

"No, Reisen-san, you should get away while you still can, I will distract her!"

"But...but Youmu-chan!"

"No buts, please, mo-uhn!" A look of shock immediately enters your face when Utsuho ninjas in a flinger flick to Youmu's poor forehead, tipping her over and off her feet, onto her back. Poor girl.

"Jeez, I never liked her anyway. Too serious. Now then..." Utsuho then grins and before you know it, you're being lifted clear off the floor by your collar. You flail about, but your athletic sense is nullified like this. "I have some toys I always wanted to try on you, Rei~"

"I-It better not be those toys Orin-chan told you not to use because they'd get you in trouble!"

"Oh...heheh...ehehehe, thanks for reminding me, I should take those out too..." Uhhh oh. That doesn't sound good. The look on Utsuho's face makes you want to faint, it's so ominous right now. All you can do is whimper as she takes you off to he-oh wait she just tripped.

Utsuho lands flat on her face and once again, your ass is put to the test and becomes your fall cushion. When you sit back up, you discover this was all apart of a bigger scheme, as the KO ruse was a distraction...Youmu HAS the upper hand!


"Quickly! While she is pacified!" You nod a bit nervously and get up, although you commend Youmu for the brilliant felling of Utsuho, you wish you could've done more then be the damsel in distress again. Oh well, nothing wrong with being saved by Youmu-chan~

As you and Youmu arrive back in Orin's room, panting, Sanae just has to question what had happened.

"R-Reisen-chan...Youmu-chan...what happened?"

"Ah...we just ran into a little trouble is all." You say with a nervous smile. Never again.

"Well...I don't think dinner is quite done yet, it hasn't been very long." Youmu sighs and sits back down at the kotatsu.

"I think I will forgo any further trips outside until dinner is done..." How upsetting. Now you don't have anyone to protect you should you venture out one more time. Unless...

[ ] Wait here for dinner to finish
[ ] Drag Sanae out with you this time
[ ] You're brave! You can do this without help!
[ ] Make a beeline for the kitchen and check up on dinner
No. 739
[x] Wait here for dinner to finish

seems this house is too nutty. I'm starting to become afraid of Sakuya's house now.
No. 740
[x] Wait here until dinner is ready

I'm voting from a phone so I'm sorry if the wording of the vote isn't exact.
No. 741
[X] Wait here for dinner to finish
No. 742
[X] Wait here for dinner to finish
No. 744
[X] Wait here for dinner to finish
No. 746
[x] Wait here for dinner to finish

>Youmu seems a bit stunned to watch you stand up and put up your ducks beside her.
>put up your ducks

Clearly she was intimidated by our fowl language.
No. 747
File 126292762263.jpg - (115.60KB , 387x400 , 89ee560955d663dffaad1fb4391e4854.jpg ) [iqdb]

[x] Wait here for dinner to finish

Oh well, it can't be helped. You'll just stay in here like a good little girl. Braving Orin's crazy family will come another day. You have to wonder how someone as quiet and kind as Satori-san got to have such a...unique family. Then again, you can't say much for your own, either.

Youmu simply sits at the table, most likely meditating or something. She's very quiet and concentrative, you're not really feeling like interrupting her after that farce earlier. Sanae is unmoving too, but for totally different reasons. She looks like she's blissfully asleep at the table, though you can't blame her. The kotatsu does feel nice. You on the other hand are back to studying. It's more or less a laid back study, since you're just doing it to pass time for the moment. Soon enough though, Orin busts into the room with a loud exclaimation.

"Dinner's ready!! Come on you three!"

Sanae happily scampers off behind Orin at the mention of food. Youmu much more calmly gets up to follow, but stops herself to ask you something.

"Reisen-san...are you okay?"

"I-I-I'm okay! J-Just gave me a jump is all..." You look down at your paper, finding one of your lines ending in a loud, sudden scribble that looks like a struggle just took place. You need to work on your nerves.

Back out in the dining room, you, Sanae and Youmu all sit next to each other on one side of the large table, with Orin, Utsuho and Satori's crazy sister, Koishi on the other. Satori herself is sitting at the end of the table. It's kinda fancy, more fancy then you're really used to.

"...Koishi." Satori says to her sister, before anyone starts eating?

"Yeees?" Koishi herself seems happy, but her sister on the other hand...

"Would you please go and put on a skirt or a pair of pants?"

You had thought it was weird when Koishi came to the table wearing nothing but panties below the belt.

"I was in middle of something when you called for dinner! Do I have to?" Satori simply gives her the kind of glare you'd never want to be on the business end of. It's not really as much of a death glare as it is a blank stare that sends chills down your spine. "...A-Alright, alright~" As Koishi gets up and heads back to her room, you just have to pop the question.

"This...happens often, doesn't it?" Orin and Utsuho both give you an exhausted nod. Poor things.

After Koishi becomes much more proper and everyone gives their thanks, the dinner starts. It's pretty amazing actually, Orin comes through again with her amazing cooking along with Satori, though sometimes you can't tell if it's more of one then the other.

"So, Utsuho, did you do anything interesting at school today?" The bird brain sends her hand high up in the air with a big grin on her face.

"Oh! I beat up someone who was in my own year instead of a year below me this time!" Orin gives her sister a rather flat look in responce.

"That's nothing to be proud of, Okuu.."

"Really, you need to stop this senseless violence and focus more on your studies." After saying that, Satori looks at Sanae who happens to be looking quite uncomfortable and upset.

"I-I'm so sorry, Komeiji-san..." Satori just sighs.

"It's alright, despite how you step mother is, you turned out alright so I can't blame you for what had happened..."

Apparently Satori used to let Sanae's step mom babysit Utsuho often, which turned out to be a big mistake.

"She's right though Utsuho, you should be less violent if you ever hope to rope a guy next year when you go into your senior year!" Utsuho just looks at Koishi rather unimpressed.

"I told you Oba-san, I'm not interested in boyfriends right now."

"What are you saying?! It's important you find a guy now in high school while you're still in it! The boys there are so innocent and yet perverted and they're at their highest point in their sexual lives right no-"

"Koishi!!" Koishi stops upon being interrupted by Satori. She just puts on a pouty face though, while Utsuho and Orin just look on in total disbelief. Such an...interesting aunt.

"Alright, what about you three? You three have boyfriends already, right?"

"Koishi, what did I just say?"

"Oh hush, Satori, it's a serious question! I'm sure they don't mind, right? Let's start with you, Sanae-chan~" You look to your right and notice Sanae's face is lit up like a christmas tree.

"A-Ah, well, th-that is to say, I mean, uhh...I-I, um, d-don't really have any boyfriend right now..." Koishi keeps pushing the matter though as much embarrassment as she's showing.

"You don't have to be so embarrassed, it's just us girls here, right~ Come on, no one you're interested in?"

"I-I-I don't know really...I mean...uhh..."

"Oba-san, stop, Sanae-chan's clearly too uncomfortable with this conversation." It's always about Sanae that Orin would get serious about things, and Koishi seems to recognize this, what with the sarcastic glare she's shooting her before she thinks of something witty to say.

"Oh fine, I know how much it would ~ p a i n ~ you to see Sanae-chan going out with a guy, Orin-chan, so I'll stop~" The look of sheer anger Orin is displaying right now is only matched by the level of despair Sanae has on her face. It's never a dull moment with Koishi around. "Alright, you're next, Rei-chan!"

"E-...Ehhh?!" Oh yeah, that's right, you're next in line. You were hoping Youmu would go before you but you just had to sit in between her and Sanae. You wonder what you should say, since everyone here will be hearing it...

[ ] Well, I'm not really interested in guys...
[ ] I-I don't have anyone, honest!
[ ] Oh...well yeah, of course I have a boyfriend.
[ ] I...have to go to the bathroom please excuse me!
No. 749
[X] "W-well, it... it's not that guys aren't fun sometimes, but..."
[X] "I'm not really interested in guys..."
[X] Cough.

BiBunny is bi with heavy preferences.
No. 750
>As Koishi gets up and heads back to her room, you just have to pop the question.
You got my hopes up, and then you crushed them.

Do you want Koishi to jump across the table and rape us? Me too.

[X] I-I don't have a b-boyfriend, honest!
No. 751
[x] >>749
[x] Adopt the air of a professional; composed and aloof.
[x] "I'm still in the process of reviewing all availiale candidates, though, so... No. Nobody, right now."
[x] Prepare to stab Koishi if she tries to jump you.

Oh god I want Shou so bad.
No. 752


I want to motivate her to get us alone later.
No. 753
[X] I-I don't have a b-boyfriend, honest!
No. 754
[X] I-I don't have a b-boyfriend, honest!
No. 755
[x] I-I don't have anyone, honest!

Kanako Babysitting Okuu? That paints a picture of Kanako in this story... not exactly a pleasant one.
No. 756
Makes me think of the Moriya Bancho version of her.
No. 757
File 126301366131.jpg - (411.64KB , 1000x750 , 0fa784a06e7d8c7e42ba68b86dd7fd40.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] I-I don't have a b-boyfriend, honest!

Koishi appears to be...disappointed. That's when she suddenly diverts her attention to Youmu. You just sit there kinda dumbfounded. You were expecting a massive backlash but if you don't give her anything to pick at, it looks like she loses interest altogether. Seems you got away with it this time.

"Me? No, I am typically too busy training in kendo or focusing on my studies." Again, Koishi appears to be disappointed once more, before sighing, slumping down in her chair.

"Kendo?! Come on, the whole sword being long and hard analogy is older then dirt. Are you a high schooler or an old maid?" She recieves yet another scolding from her sister Satori, but Youmu doesn't appear to be phased by this at all. Such a stern brick wall, you are, Youmu-chan.

The rest of dinner passes without much incident, despite Koishi's advances, and afterwards, studying goes on again, but not for too long. The sun is beginning to set.

"Oh, it's evening...I should going home." Though, after Sanae says this, there's a long hesitation.

"...so, why aren't you?" Orin says in responce, but all she gets is Sanae drooping over the table in sorrow.

"The kotatsu is too warm to leave~" Poor Sanae, it's usually colder where she lives then it is for anyone else, due to her high up position. The lack of any sort of heating at her home doesn't help.

Either way however, the group has to take it's time to part ways for tonight. You, Sanae and Youmu stand at the door as Orin bids you farwell.

"Don't get lost on your way home, okay?"

"R-Rin-chan, that was a long time ago, please drop it already..."

You almost forgot that Sanae once went missing for nearly an entire night trying to find her way home from Orin's house. She never was the best with directions.

This could be taken advantage of, but you have other choices too of course...

[ ] Offer to walk Sanae home
[ ] Offer to walk Youmu home
[ ] Walk home alone
[ ] Stay here for a little while longer
No. 758
[X] Offer to walk Sanae home.
[X] Offer to walk Youmu home.

I can't bring myself to leave Sanae out all alone, even if I would love some quality time with Youmu.
No. 759
[X] Offer to walk Sanae home.
[X] Offer to walk Youmu home.

We will walk them both home and then get scolded by dear mother Eirin for being out late.

Perhaps she will spank us.

Or we will get home perfectly quietly but little sister Tewi tattles on us.
No. 760
[X] Offer to walk Youmu home.

As much as I'd like to take Sanae home, Youmu's been through a decent bit, so we should spend some quality time on the way home.
No. 764
[x] Offer to demand the writer update.
No. 766
Not on three votes this time
No. 767
[x] Offer to walk Sanae home.
[x] Offer to walk Youmu home.
No. 768
[ ] Offer to walk Sanae home
[ ] Offer to walk Youmu home

Bandwagon time.
No. 769
[x] Offer to walk Sanae home.
[x] Offer to walk Youmu home.
No. 770
[X] Offer to walk Sanae home.
[X] Offer to walk Youmu home.
No. 771
[x] Offer to walk TTT home.
No pun intended.
No. 778
File 126343006180.png - (23.32KB , 279x388 , no_pun_intended.png ) [iqdb]
It seems it is your hobby as well.
No. 779
File 126343866643.jpg - (156.04KB , 448x568 , 69e1d1b618528b0fe42291e0579f2a56.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Offer to walk Sanae home.
[x] Offer to walk Youmu home.

You silly goose! You can't walk both of them home at the same time! They both live in completely different directions! Walking them both would require you to drag one of them over to the other's and then walking them the long way back to their own house, which is no good considering how late it is and how much of a bother it would be! All this has torn you between two decisions and has thus mad you stark raving mad!!!

Well, okay, not really. But it does end with you walking home alone. Youmu and Sanae had left without notice while you stood there trying to think of a way to walk them both home, and you hadn't realized it until Orin caught your attention. It's too late now though, they seem to be out of sight already. Oh well, cest la vie, or something like that.

You walk into your own home a while later sighing to yourself. You take your shoes off and announce your presence.

"Mom! I'm home! Sorry I'm late!"

Your house is a rather modest one. It has two stories, though the second story only has three bedrooms and a bathroom, two of said bedrooms being fairly small. They of course belong to your and your little sister. The downstairs is pretty roomy, but nothing to cry home about. The kitchen is somewhat hi tech, featuring rather new appliances, and the dining room just next to it, while small, is pretty quaint. There's another bedroom down here too, but it's a guest room and therefore, not used often. Or well, that's what you wanna say. But apart from that, there's also a secondary dining area, outlooking the large sliding glass doors leading out into the porch in the backyard, which is pretty big for it's size, both the porch and the backyard. Your house is unique in that the backyard has a decent sized bamboo thicket that you loved playing in when you were little. But of course, the main attraction is the utterly massive living room, which could practically double as a small theater.

There's also a basement, but you don't like talking about that. That's where mommy conducts her 'work.'

"Ah, Udongein, welcome home. Where were you?" Speaking of whom, that would be your mother now that just came out of the kitchen. Seems she was washing dishes. Dinner here must've already passed. Her long silver hair tied in that huge braid always fascinated you, for some reason. It's why you grew your own hair out. Of course, silver hair made you look a lot older then you actually were so you went ahead and got it dyed.

"I went to a friend's house for a sudden study group...sorry I didn't come home with Youmu-chan like expected."

"Oh, no it's quite alright. I changed dinner plans upon realizing you weren't coming. But you should call me next time, okay?"

Your mother is nice at times...or at least tries. With how long you've been living with her, you've come to realize it's mostly an act. This woman is a very serious person. She can say the most morbid things with a bright smile on her face, though if you had known her better, you'd know that smile was one of sheer science.

Your mother can be very scary at times.

"Alright then. Is the landlord staying over again tonight?"

"That's right. Remember to be nice to her."

You don't know how many times you've heard that. It's like she's sucking the landlord's dick, mind your language. Of course, if your mother had actually heard you say that, there'd certainly be hell to pay.

But of course, it's not like your landlord has one to begin with...

"Oh, sup Inaba!" You stand at the door to the guest room in shock. She's outdone herself this time. You can't imagine how much more messy this room could get. And there she sits, in her pajamas, extremely long black hair sprawled about, and what is she doing?

Playing Street Fighter. God damn Street Fighter.

"H-Houraisan-sama...how...did a tornado pass by here?"

"Huh? What're you talking about?" You swear, you'd rip your hair out if you didn't like it so much. Almost every day the landlord comes, stays for the night and leaves and you're the one that has to clean up the mess. Really, she only gets to do what she wants around here so much because she owns the land, and has complete control over the rent your mother has to pay. In fact, it's because of this that your family can live in such luxury, as long as she gets to do what she wants around here, the rent stays remarkably cheap.

"N...Nothing. I'm going up to my room." You just sigh and backtrack to the stairs, knowing that tomorrow, you have lots of cleaning duty to perform. Lots.

As you walk up the stairs, you realize a way it could get more messy. Your hyper little sister, Tewi. Sometimes, she'll play video games with the landlord. But it seems tonight she was put to bed early. Thank goodness. You don't think you could take another shock today.

You walk into your room and close the door. Your bedroom is quite small, there being a bed, a desk, drawers and...not much else. That pretty much takes up all the wall space that isn't already occupied by the door and the sole window leading outside. You put your bags down by the bed and breathe out. It's pretty late, but you don't exactly feel tired yet.

[ ] Finish those studies so you'll be better prepared
[ ] Go down and have a talk with Mom
[ ] Get ready for bed now and decide later
[ ] Masturbate furiously
No. 780
[X] Go down and have a talk with Mom
No. 781
See this is what trying to do both gets you, but no one ever thinks about that. And as a result we missed out on a nice scene.

[x] Finish those studies so you'll be better prepared
No. 782
>But of course, it's not like your landlord has one to begin with...

Little does she know...
No. 783
[x] Get ready for bed now and decide later
No. 784
[X] Go down and have a talk with Mom.
-[X] With how Shou is depending on you to show her the... er... tricks of the trade, so to speak, you could use a late night session with Mom tonight to remind you of all the little things you need to know...
--[X] And if she sends you to your room instead for some reason, you can always just masturbate furiously.

Can't wait to teach Shou how to handle a woman.
No. 785

Fair enough, though we couldn't have known if they lived on the way to the other's house, or something. Or maybe that was mentioned. Stupid forgetfulness.

[X] >>784
No. 786
This is why you never put anon in control of females, females don't think about sex 24/7, anon thinks about sex 48/7.
No. 787

I hope the writer intends for this to be a silly sexy story, otherwise anon's terribly derailing it from the get go.
No. 788
I dunno, expecting a silly sexy high school romantic comedy sounds like wishful thinking to me.
No. 789
[X] Go down and have a talk with Mom.
-[X] With how Shou is depending on you to show her the... er... tricks of the trade, so to speak, you could use a late night session with Mom tonight to remind you of all the little things you need to know...
--[X] And if she sends you to your room instead for some reason, you can always just masturbate furiously.
No. 790
[x] Finish those studies so you'll be better prepared
No. 791
[x] Finish those studies so you'll be better prepared.
[x] Before going to sleep, masturbate furiously.

Get the necessary work done, then happy sexy thoughts about Shou while taking care of the day's stress before bed.
No. 792
Thought our target was Youmu?
No. 793
No way, daddy-o; Youmu is Squaresville.
We sure as shootin' should be shaggin' Shou, cause she's one cool cat. You dig? Poor girl gets no focus and no love, man. We gotta show Shou the love, sho' nuff.
No. 795
[x] Rape Tewi.
No. 796
Can you be any slower or assume things any harder? I'm not sure it's possible.

Still have no idea where the Youmu thing is coming from. Even so, Shou is making a better and more genuinely appealing case for herself in her few posts than Youmu has in the entire story.
No. 797
>And let me remind you of what will happen if you cannot stay on a target:
I really don't think this is the kind of story to have anything like a "downer ending".
No. 798
You read this story too, Wiseman?
No. 799

Shou only has 1-2 scenes, and Youmu tried to protect us from various dangers. And from the back story, a long time crush is implied.

And the main motivation for going after Shou is more of the wanton sex category

And I'm sure when the next character is introduced everyone'd go after her instead, and so forth when it gets to the point where Reisen's known as a looser girl than Aya on top of wetting the bed.

The same was said about MiG at first wasn't it? Look what happened there. Oh look, it's snowing.
No. 800
Oh, so I wasn't the only one picking up on those vibes? Or maybe we just see every assumption-making loli-hound that can't form a logical argument as him.

...I'd like to think we don't have too many of those on this site, though.

>And I'm sure when the next character is introduced, everyone'd go after her instead
There is nothing quite like finding out that someone likes you to make you think about them a lot. I, personally, happen to like hearing that sort of thing, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that.

I sure as hell hope I'm not, at least.
No. 801
One more thing I forgot to mention:
>on top of wetting the bed
Where the fuck are you getting that from?
No. 802
Doesn't Shou like Sanae?
No. 803

The running gag about how she has to go to the bathroom half the time and ends up in situations that might result in her wetting herself.

Perhaps, but the point was that people never settling for a target for long. I doubt you
Shou fans would like it much if some character came in and caused everyone to kick her to the curb. And while the Shou direction was around for earlier, it seems more forced than the Youmu one. (It's a big difference between someone you merely know and perhaps your very best friend)
I think that was the case. Read this >>612 and this part:

>"Inaba-san, doesn't she talk more about Kochiya though?"
No. 813

After some rereading, I am forced to conclude that Shou is indeed hot for Sanae and that I misunderstood it the first time through.

Nevertheless, that does not free you ( >>799 and >>803 ) from the burden of utter faggotry which you continue to carry around with every goddamn post you make.

That said:
The path we must take is clear: Let's go make this a goddamn love triangle. I want my tiger girl, and I don't care who gets in the way.
No. 819
It was a joke, you spaz.
No. 842
[X] Go down and have a talk with TTT.
-[X] With how anon is depending on him to show us the... er... posts of the update, so to speak, you could use a late night update with smut tonight to remind you of all the little things you need to vote...
--[X] And if he sends you to your room instead for some reason, you can always just complain about faggotry elsewhere on /blue/
No. 853
No. 854
File 126412957334.jpg - (299.04KB , 654x900 , 678588d0f1432633a61875131a0e2bd2.jpg ) [iqdb]
I had to go somewhere. Have patience you fags, I promise you I won't abandon this shit or something.

[x] Go down and have a talk with Mom.

You sigh a bit, you might as well have a talk with dear old mother. Part of you doesn't want to, but that fear has always been there. You tend to ignore it now, with how common it is. You wish you could do that for the rest of your fears. And while you could use a little...*cough* refresher course, after thinking about it, you're far too tired for that right now. Besides, you're trying to kick that habit with her, she's the one that forces it on you so much anyways. The last thing on your mind right now is becoming a useless girl who's only good for her sex appeal, because then you wouldn't fit in with the rest of your group at all!

You come back downstairs and intercept your mom just coming out of the kitchen, turning the light off on her way out after having finished.

"Oh, Udongein. What is you need~?" Ugh. You can't stand that name. Why does she call you that? Well, okay, it is your middle name but you still don't understand why she gave it to you in the first place.

"Ah, well Mom...I was wondering if maybe we could talk for a bit." You've realized how awkward it is for a child to somewhat come to their parent asking for a talk like that, but you were never good at starting baseless chatter and your mother isn't one to talk unless asked to.

"Sure thing, Udongein. Wait in the living room then and I'll be right there~" After saying that with quite possibly the fakest smile you've ever laid eyes on, she walks into the hall and starts upstairs. Presumably to put on some very unbecoming lingerie for her assumed encounter with you, which you'll have to swiftly deflect as you are not totally in the mood for it tonight.

You sit and wait in the living room, as instructed. There's two couches and three large chairs, two of which are recliners. One of the couches is extra long, bending at a 90 degree angle midway. You decide to sit at one end of that one and hope mommy dearest sits on the other, opposite of you. You could only pray.

Not too long after, she comes back, strangely her clothing appears to be unchanged. That long braided hair untouched. She must be planning to work in the basement later. Tonight must be a long night for her.

"So then, Udongein. What did you want to talk about?" she says, after sitting on the opposite end of the long couch you had sat yourself on not too long ago. Just as planned, though this means it's easier for her to make eye contact with you, which may or may not be a bad thing.

"Well..." You give it some thought. Originally you came down here for some advice but you decided against that to meet your better judgement's demands. Though while you are here, you may as well ask for some other information otherwise. "How long is the landlady going to stay over this time?"

"Oh, she's been in a bit of a bind recently with that punk from the middle school, so she's probably going to be staying indoors all day tomorrow and the next day, as usual..." It's no secret to you and your mom, your landlord is a cold blooded killer. Well, she hasn't killed anyone...yet. You're shocked she hasn't though, as she very often gets into fights with this woman whom one of the teachers at the local middle school is taking care of. Your landlord's past is a dark one indeed, which may explain why she's so flighty, she's trying to forget it. You haven't really bothered asking any specifics though. Not your place.

"I see..."

"Is that all you wanted, Udongein?"

"Huh? Hmm..." You think about it for a moment. You don't really want to ask about that right now, but other topics are still open to debate. Your mind is a bit cluttered right now and could use some clearing out. Mother has always been good at psychotherepy, you felt.

[ ] "Is Tewi asleep already?"
[ ] "I...I don't have to clean that mess in the guest room tomorrow...do I?"
[ ] "Can you tell me again what Dad was like...?"
[ ] "Nope! I'm done. Night Mom."
[ ] "Well, I told Sakuya-san about you..."
No. 855
[X] "I wanted to know whether you would need me for anything tomorrow night. I was thinking that I might have dinner with another friend tomorrow, so I thought I should ask."
-[X] Once you have your answer, head back to your room and masturbate furiously before going to bed.

Trying to set aside some time to get together privately with Shou tomorrow, so that we can instruct her on how to handle a woman.
No. 857
[X] "I wanted to know whether you would need me for anything tomorrow night. I was thinking that I might have dinner with another friend tomorrow, so I thought I should ask."
-[X] Once you have your answer, head back to your room and masturbate furiously before going to bed.
No. 858
File 126413712783.png - (700.56KB , 1000x1000 , e1550ecbe76a7d72f1526b33fd87d6ba.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Disregard all write-ins involving bedding Shou
No. 861
[X] "I wanted to know whether you would need me for anything tomorrow night. I was thinking that I might have dinner with another friend tomorrow, so I thought I should ask."
[X] "I...I don't have to clean that mess in the guest room tomorrow...do I?"
[X] Also: "Can you tell me again what Dad was like...?"
No. 862

Why wouldn't you want to bed Shou? She probably fucks like a tiger.
No. 864
[x] Disregard all write-ins involving bedding Shou
No. 865

Because Youmu is closer to Reisen's love interest and with a remark like that, you're clearly only thinking with your dick.

[x] Disregard all write-ins involving bedding Shou
[X] "I wanted to know whether you would need me for anything tomorrow night. I was thinking that I might have dinner with Youmu-chan tomorrow, so I thought I should ask."
[X] "I...I don't have to clean that mess in the guest room tomorrow...do I?"
[X] Also: "Can you tell me again what Dad was like...?"
No. 867

Hear that? That's the sound of the joke flying over your head.

Never mind the fact having a fling with Shou and pursuing a romantic relationship with Youmu are not mutually exclusive. I for one am aiming for both.
No. 869

I wouldn't mind if I didn't think going for one wouldn't endanger the other, since I haven't any idea if one could go for a fling with one and still pursue romance in this story or not. I think now the writer will take note as for the future.
No. 872
[x] Ah, screw it. Ask her to help you relieve some of that stress, if you know what I mean.

The thought of Reisen screaming "Mom!" while Eirin eats her out is slowing making me crazy.
No. 873
[x] >>861

>some unbecoming lingerie
You best be joking, nigger. There's little or nothing that looks unbecoming on Eirin.

I likes the cut of your jib.

Me too, man. Me too.
No. 874
File 126474277228.jpg - (190.94KB , 575x690 , fb9fce0697155d6805f437bf323628e7.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "I wanted to know whether you would need me for anything tomorrow night. I was thinking that I might have dinner with Youmu-chan tomorrow, so I thought I should ask."
[X] "I...I don't have to clean that mess in the guest room tomorrow...do I?"
[X] Also: "Can you tell me again what Dad was like...?"

"Oh, well if you intend on making up for failing to bring her here tomorrow, then by all means~ It would be my pleasure to have her here as usual." Failing to bring her here? She makes it sound like a mission. Although it's true you've confided in her...a bit. Only a bit. You really don't trust her, to be honest.

"Alright, thanks. Hopefully we won't get sidetracked this time. Although..." You look down, feeling that bit of despair starting to overcome you. "I...I don't have to clean that mess in the guest room tomorrow...d-do I?" Your mother just simply smiles at you warmly.

"If you want to have your friend over for dinner, yes~" Rats. Cornered. You suppose you have no choice. You sigh and look back down. Your thoughts then turn elsewhere, somewhere past that despair, you're still feeling genuine depression, sadness. You have to ask. One more time. You'll get over the complex sooner or later.

"W-Well...can you tell me...again what Dad was like...?" You don't look at Mom until a moment after you've asked, and she has this etheral air of happiness about her. This happens every time you ask about Dad. He must've been a magnificent man. Every time your Mom talks about him, it always ends with you reconsidering your orientation, they may be the fairer sex, but you never hear stories about them being like this.

"Ahh~ Your father was a very passionate man indeed. He was so serious when the time called for it but during other times, he really knew how to have fun...he was elegant, charming, intelligent and even wise to a fault. He was good at science, sports, cooking, romance, and he was so handsome too~" Your mother finally looks back at you smiling. "I guess you could say his only fault were that he had no faults. He was built to perfection, much like most of my creations are now. Like you~" You get your head rubbed in a playful way by your mother. It's usually unnerving when she does this, but in the context of your father, you always let it slide.

"I really like it when you talk about Dad. He sounds really perfect...though it kinda sounds like you made him up yourself." Your mother laughs heartily at your apparent joke. You don't quite get it yourself.

"Oh, Udongein, back then I could've never made a human as perfect as he was, I was still but an apprentice. But ah, if I could, I very much so would now..."

"Then...why don't you?"

"Ah, I made a promise to him that I wouldn't go down that godless route. At not until the day he dies, of course."

"He's...still alive then, huh?"

"Mmm. When you were still little he got taken away from us upon learning I was pregnant with a second child. They said he needed to fulfil his duties to the military but I think those Toyohime sisters are just jealous." You blink a bit, this is something new you've never heard about.

"Toyohime sisters?"

"Yes, my aunt got married to some high ranking military official and had two daughters. Their last names are different from mine but sure enough, they're my cousins. I haven't heard from them or my darling husband since though." She sighs a bit, and after a moment of silence, goes back to her usual...'cheery' self. "Well, is that all you wanted to know for now?" You nod quickly and get up.

"Oh! Yes, thank you, mother. I think I can get some sleep now. Good night." Your mother gives back the good night and you head up to your room.

It's fairly late now. You could go to sleep, particularly since school is tomorrow, but being the nocturnal person that you are, there's nothing wrong with a little late night staying up. Now, if you could just decide on something to do...

[ ] Last minute studying needs to be done
[ ] Hop on the computer
[ ] Read one of your books
[ ] Head to bed early
No. 878
[x] Read one of your books
No. 879
[x] Read one of your books

Read a motherfucking book
No. 880
[x] Head to bed early.
[x] Give your little sister a kiss goodnight.

If our landlord steals our clock again, we wouldn't want to keep our friends waiting. We'd probably also be able to wake up earlier and spend some casual time with Youmu or Shou (or whoever you're gunning for) without being too preoccupied with rushing to school.

We may even be able to wake up before them, and be one of those friends that comes over to their house in the morning, goes into their room and wakes them up, while getting a good look at their sleeping garments. Though I wonder if they sleep in the nude~
No. 881
[x] Read one of your books
No. 882
[x] Give your little sister a kiss goodnight.
[x] Head to bed early.
No. 883
[X] Head to bed early
No. 884
[X] Hop on the computer
[X] Masturbate furiously.

sound familiar anon
No. 885
I almost chose that earlier... Ah, hell.
Changing to:
[X] Hop on the computer
[X] Masturbate furiously.
No. 887
[X] Hop on the computer
[X] Masturbate furiously.
No. 888
>[X] Hop on the computer
>[X] Masturbate furiously.


>The last thing on your mind right now is becoming a useless girl who's only good for her sex appeal, because then you wouldn't fit in with the rest of your group at all!

I think this speaks for itself.
No. 895
I don't. In the world of the story, she wouldn't be appealing to anyone but herself.
No. 896
I guess I can modify my vote slightly, just so it won't be thrown out as not matching the leading version exactly.

[X] Hop on the computer
[X] Masturbate furiously.
No. 899
I mean if the main thing she does is think about sex and masturbate, she'd end up just that: A useless bunny only good for her sex appeal. Such a vote risks turning her into her own worst nightmare.
No. 909
File 126509868379.jpg - (46.45KB , 409x405 , i can fap to this.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Such a vote risks turning her into her own worst nightmare.
>main thing she does is think about sex and masturbate
>Reisen becoming her worst nightmare and completely aware of the fact but unable to change her ways
No. 912
[X] Hop on the computer
[X] Masturbate furiously.
No. 920

It's like rape but with 1 person.
No. 921
That's a pretty shallow relationship you're aiming for.
No. 922

>Wah, wah, wah! Having sex with anyone other than your one true love at any time in your life makes you relationships shallow and meaningless!

Nice purity complex there, guy.
No. 933
[x] Hop on the computer
[x] Update furiously
No. 944

But the author never answered if we could have a fling with Shou then a serious relationship with Youmu (while we try to hook Shou up with Sanae)
No. 950
Shou isn't even supposed to be a main character so I hope you all enjoy chasing after something nonexistant

[x] Hop on the computer
[x] Masturbate furiously

Even though you're tired, you hadn't had much in the way of alone time so, what better time to do that then now? You go ahead over to your little desk housing your desktop computer, turning it on as your yawn. You're pretty tired. You were considering releasing some tension, but with your current tired state, you wonder if you'll even finish. Suffice it to say you're still teetering from that talk about Dad. Your parents make the opposite sex much more appealing then what have you.

You know that if Youmu-chan ever found a guy she loved, you'd probably end up trying to find a guy too. But until then, you're setting your sights on her.

Hmm, speaking of romance and sex, you get this feeling you're forgetting someone. Oh well, probably unimportant.

Your computer finally finishes booting up. Given their former occupations, your parents received a few 'special' PCs from their place of work, with customized operating systems. You inherited one of the older models to play with. It's kind of cumbersome but really powerful...or so you've been told. You honestly haven't figured out much beyond a basic text editor and a web browser. You usually get your mother to handle the rest.

So now that you're on the computer, what do you do?

[ ] Open up the text editor
[ ] Surf the web
[ ] You changed your mind, back to bed
No. 952
[x] You changed your mind, back to bed.
Too tired to schlick, too tired to click. Back to bed, bunny.

>no Shou
Words cannot express my disappointment. Fine. Boring Youmu it is, then, unless T3 has some plans to make her dynamic and interesting.

And T3, don't take my words too negatively. I'm certainly no fan of Youmu, and Shou is better in every possible way, but regardless, I like this story and will continue reading it.
No. 953
imo I'm kinda glad, adding Shou might be like adding Scrappy to the Scooby Doo gang. Not that I hate Shou or anything but it's the whole too many chef spoil the stew thing.

Besides, if the current direction is boring then who says we can't spice it up? Do something different or hell, the writer offered us the ability to do the story again with a different character choice.


[x] Be the other ten percent
No. 955
[ ] You changed your mind, back to bed
I was all for masturbating furiously but it seems this is going nowhere.
No. 957
[x] You changed your mind, back to bed

Useful bunnies need their sleep.
Well why am I not surprised? Oh wait, it's becaue I actually pay respect to the story instead of going for the quick kinky lay
No. 959
>comparing Shou to Scrappy Doo
It is impossible to rage harder than I am right now. How dare you compare mai waifu to that fucking worthless dog, even if only in a single, lightly related way. I will murder your firstborn and put their head on a stick on my lawn.

\Self-righteous arrogance/
No. 960
[ ] Surf the web

Row Row fight the bandwagon
No. 961
File 126535298636.jpg - (480.98KB , 1000x1000 , aa9f8980f547e4c4871613ab1d660daf.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] You changed your mind, back to bed

You thought of hopping on to possibly write something or look at something to release some tension, but you're too tired to do much. It might not have gone anywhere anyways. You just feel like you're in an awful rut you guess!

The next morning, you wake up on time, thankfully. The good thing is that your sorry landlord didn't take away your alarm clock this time. Though that just means she'll be sticking around for today. Looks like you got a long day ahead of you once you get off of school.

Well, according to the schedule, it seems first you got school, thankfully no morning chores. After that, you walk a little bit back home with your friends, come back, clean the god awful mess that is the guest room, invite Youmu over, have dinner with her, and whatever happens after that will just have to god damn well be improvised because as important as Youmu-chan is, you feel it should ultimately be up to her!

You're more submissive then a bench after Schwarzenegger has pressed it. Whoever that is.

You go ahead into the bathroom, brush your teeth, take a shower, all the normal necessities. Upon heading downstairs and into the dining room, you find your little sister already eating...YOUR SHARE! THAT LITTLE RUNT!

"Tewi! Why are you eating my breakfast?!"

"You were late, so I decided after eating mine, I should finish yours off before it got too cold."

This is your little sister for you. Short, black, curly hair, and a personality to totally opposite yours. You get so angry with her!

"Now now, Udongein. She has a point, you were still 48 seconds late~" URGH! Your mother doesn't help matters either!

"M-Mom!!" Your mother smiles and hands you a boxed lunch.

"Don't worry, I put extra in your lunch to make up for it. You should get along early so you can meet your friends now~"

That what she says, but you know she's trying to get you out before the landlord storms out of the guest room like the evil monster she is in the mornings. Not that you mind your mom doing this though, you prefer to stay away from the beast when she's crankily getting her morning coffee after a long night of binge gaming.

"Alright then...itekimasu!"


What a shame though, you wanted to give that ungrateful little twerp what for. It's not in your nature though, so you quickly forget about it. She sure is obnoxious though.

You feel your stomach growling from the lack of breakfast not too far in. Already it's caught up with you. While you're normally self reserved, you still tend to eat a lot. Your ultra high metabolism means you can eat as much as you want and not really get fat. Sanae absolutely hates you for it.

You can really feel your stomach giving in...it's so tempting. Maybe...just one little bite...

[ ] Scarf down that food in your lunch box
[ ] Endure the pain and continue on
[ ] Take your mind off it by petting that kitty over there
No. 962
[X] Take your mind off it by petting that kitty over there.

What kind of Anonymous would I be if my solution to crippling hunger wasn't petting the nearest kitty?
No. 966
[x] Scarf down that food in your lunch box with the might of the gods
[x] Then eat the kitty
[x] Then eat the paperboy
No. 968
[X] Take your mind off it by petting that kitty over there.
No. 969
There are two Ts in ittekimasu and itterasshai. Just in case if you honestly didn't know, rather than it being a typo.

[X] Take your mind off it by petting that kitty over there.
No. 970
[X] Pet that kitty over there
[X] Then eat it
[X] Then the paper boy
[X] Then Utsuho if you get the chance, but only enough so that she's smaller than her 'little' sister
No. 972
File 126540422035.jpg - (646.04KB , 800x600 , ef2f5ff1ade1f7a060da138f44c98c7a.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take your mind off it by petting that kitty over there

You had seen a cute little kitty sitting on the side of the wall as you were dealing with your bad hunger problem. Maybe petting it will help get your mind off it. Yeah. You had contemplated eating it, and then the paperboy that's passing by, but you don't think the kitty would appreciate that, and while the paperboy might, you had promised yourself you'd stick to Youmu. That talk you had with Mom about Dad must've really gotten to you!

You walk over and give the little kitty a pat on the head. You feel a sense of bliss over come you suddenly. The kind that relieves all your stress, sorta like a hot bath. It's rather nice, maybe you should get a pet of yo-CHOMP!

Your attention is suddenly diverted to the fact that the cat had grown a massive bear trap-like maw while you weren't looking and has promptly chowed down on your tender little hand.


A while later, you see Youmu and Sakuya approach from one of the streets to the right of the 'usual meet' spot, the crossroads where the group typically meets up to walk to school. Youmu and Sakuya quietly greet you as usual. You take this time to happily ask them a question.

"Ohayou, Sakuya-san, Youmu-chan~ Can you two do something for me?"

"What is it, Reisen-san?"

You then hold up your hand with teary eyes, the cat still vigorously attached to it.

"Get it ooofffff~~~"

After Sakuya gets the mangy kitty off and Youmu bandages you up, things somewhat return to normal. Though now you have to deal with school with a bad right hand.

"That hurt..."

"Reisen-san, you should be more careful." Ahh, Youmu-chan, it feels so good to know she worries about you like that, but the way she says it makes it sound like she's scolding you!

"I-I will, I'm so sorry..."

"Hmm..." Sakuya meanwhile, seems a bit distracted.

"Sakuya-san...what's wrong?"

"Oh? Nothing in particular. It felt like I was to be the victim of that attack but...it felt so expected." You and Youmu kind of stare at her puzzled.

You never understood what she meant by that.

A few minutes later, Sanae and Orin come down from the opposite direction and the five of you start walking to school. As usual, Orin's the typical conversation starter for this walk.

"Man, Youmu-chan! Okuu is still upset about how you supposedly defeated her yesterday, you know?" Youmu doesn't give it much thought, apparently.

"All I did was trip her..." Yeah, and this was after Utsuho landing a killing blow onto her forehead too.

"But still, you took down that hulking giant like it was nothing. I'm kinda proud of you~" You sigh a bit.

"Well, it's as they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall...I wish she wouldn't bully us though."

"Aww, she only bullies you guys because she loves ya, we're a year ahead of her after all. She only bullies people she hates if they're below her." You're not sure how you feel about that, you'd hate to be on the business end of that thing's hatred then.

"Hmm, I've never had her bully me though..." Sakuya then adds onto Sanae's observation.

"Me neither."

"Well Sakuya-san, you're kinda scary, she knows not to mess with you." Sakuya just rolls her eyes. Orin can be so blunt at times. But...you need to ask something.

"...but Sanae-chan is completely different, isn't she? Why doesn't she pick on her?" Orin suddenly starts tripping on her words a bit, apparently unable to find the answer to that question?

"Ah, well, eheh..."


[ ] Inquire what Utsuho thinks of Sanae
[ ] Ask Sanae if she did anything to Utsuho
[ ] Interrogate Orin's power over Utsuho
[ ] Change the subject
No. 978
[x] Inquire what Utsuho thinks of Sanae.

I think Utsuho leaving Sanae alone is related to the time Kanako babysat her.
No. 983
We done been Sakaki'd. Does this make Youmu Kaorin?

>you wanted to give that ungrateful little twerp what for.
I am now imagining Reisen with a monocle.
No. 985
Forgot my vote.

[x] Ask Sanae if she did anything to Utsuho

No. 987
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>Ohayou, Sakuya-san, Youmu-chan~
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Goddamn it, no. Stop that. Seriously.
No. 1072
[ ] Ask Sanae if she did anything to Utsuho

This seems a better way to get the reaction we want.
No. 1083
[ ] Ask Sanae if she did anything to Utsuho

Leave the writefag alone, this isn't a serious story.

Not yet.