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This is a Touhou.

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*This is the worst touhou.
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*This is a monster.
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You poor sap confused her with someone else.
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You don't know Orange, do you?
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*This is my wettest dream.
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This is my boomstick.
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This is my Yukkuri.
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The sky exploded in flaming lightning as heaven itself broke up. The Palanquin ship took one last turn, desperately trying to stay afloat through the damage it had sustained. It shed burning debris as masts and hull alike tore off as it began its plunge. Great bolts of electricity devastated the magic forest as the fairies fled, further and further north, seeking Makai. Past a misty lake, a calm blue pool. The mist obscured the site. The only thing it hid, a massacre. The human village itself was long gone, nothing but the smoldering ashes of a dozen homes remained now, the fields overtaken by the forest's magical growth, the memory of their existence fading quickly in this magical land.

Opposite the shrine, the bamboo of Eientei lay where it had been cut down by the score. There had been a mansion there, no longer. In the west, Sanzu overtook its banks, flooding the netherworld and decrepit halls of the yama. The road of liminality washed out to be little more than a dirt path, a far cry from its former occupation. Great hulks of metal littered it where the Sanzu had violently picked up the contents of the Salvage Field, throwing them about like pebbles in its fury. Above it all, youkai mountain stood eerily undisturbed. Only the faint chatter of animals remained. The tengu had, simply, left.

That is where she surveyed the destruction from, where the rising smoke pooled, filling lungs and choking breaths. But not hers. She took it in, smelled it, tasted it like an exquisite dish. The fruits of her labor. Her nine-tailed assistant stood behind her, waiting on her hand and foot.

"This is..."

She said, extending her arm and opening her fan over the countryside.

"My Gensokyo."

Her armies marched on.
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Every overpowered army needs a counterforce to balance things out.
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I am so damn sick of destructive, apocalyptic interpretations of Gensokyo. Even little things like this.
No. 5062
What else did you expect? It's not the first time people forced their agendas on to Touhou nor would it be the last.

Having said that, Yukari would never unleash such hell upon Gensokyo.
No. 5064
You can easily say that and be right and I can easily say she can make another and be right. Yukari's a tricky bitch to work with in my opinion. The way I see her is as The Evil-Good guy. But of course, that's just me.
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>The Evil-Good guy
Wow, that makes a lot of sense! Not.
No. 5068
You know, the 'bad' guy who's caused an Apocalypse to save the world in some sort of twisted way that still has some merit unless you think exactly like the protag? Just think about it.