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"Someone, help me. Who am I? What am I doing here? Save me!"


As everyone flooded out of the auditorium, Komachi gave a sigh. "Why did we have to go through all this trouble?"

Her superior, Eiki, shrugged. "Protocol, for one. The other reason is that there's no reason for her to exist in everyone else's minds. As long as everyone else in Gensokyo knows that Marisa is exhumed and splintered, and Yuuka is dead, we'll be fine."

Komachi still had a question. "But why? Why do all this instead of just stating it outright?"

Eiki pointed to the seal Komachi held in her hand. The blue color was turning purple. "You can ask her yourself."

As if on cue, Yuuka reappeared.

Eiki smiled. "I was going to go all preachy and banter about what you were doing was going to cause the utmost risk to my status as Yama, but, you know..."

Eiki trailed off, unable to face the smiling and knowledgeable face of Yuuka. Komachi, for her part, had never seen Eiki like this before in her life, and stared in amazement at the display before her.

"...you are more nobler than any other youkai I've seen on Gensokyo. I can't say anything bad to you." Yuuka nodded silently, her summer voice still rusty from the moments in exile.

Eiki continued. "You have a purpose, a belief, and an unselfish heart, somehow. Gensokyo will never see you again, Yuuka, but let your flower bloom wherever you decide to stay. May the gods bless you." Before Komachi could get a word in edgewise, Eiki left, her proud voice barely holding in her tears.

Yuuka quietly responded back. "I'll never forget you too, savior." Yuuka turned toward the back entrance and began to leave. She had one goal in mind, and less than 12 hours to accomplish it.


"Hey, Lyrica, do something about our guest this time!"

"Why do I have to do it?"

"Because Merlin and I did it the previous two times. It's not that hard, really, just make some raucous sounds."


Lyrica Prismriver left the room she and her sisters shared, and continued onward toward the attic. The poltergeist sisters knew they weren't alone, but as long as they made a lot of noise, their guest wouldn't bother them.

Lyrica thought back to the days with Layla, her departed sister. They were brats then, sure, but they were connected. Even in passing, when Merlin found Layla's secret gem, they were able to conduct a concert, using Layla's voice hidden inside that aquamarine gem. And now, as Lyrica headed toward their visitor, a tear began to fall as the building where the sisters now lived reminded her of home. As she reached the attic, she stopped in amazement. The visitor was gone. She looked around, and couldn't find a trace of her anywhere. Nothing really seemed to be different, so after a short while she headed down to tell her sisters the good news.


"It's interesting, isn't it." Yukari stared down at the youkai who at one point had the power to beat her in a non-spellcard duel. "That you of all people would be like this."

Yuuka smiled back at her former enemy. "That's quite enough. I've done what I've came for. Please send me over. After all, you do owe me one."

Yukari looked over at Yuuka, and then the bundle in the sunlady's arms. "As you wish. Although, I have a request for you too."

Yukari passed a rather familiar hat to Yuuka. "Please take my place. I have no use for existing in that world any longer."

"I really don't care either way, Yukari. I just want a safe place for her to be free." Yuuka motioned to the bundle.

Yukari nodded, and opened up the portal to the real world. "Good bye, Yuuka."

Yuuka said nothing.


Now outside the defunct Hakurei shrine, Yuuka stood in amazement. Her power was gone. It felt completely empty to be absent from the flowers she loved so much. But, she reasoned, [/i]I did this for Elly. It was the dying wish of my best friend. How could I not?[/i] She opened the bundle to reveal a little poltergeist girl. Well, not really a poltergeist anymore. Komachi's charm and Yukari's portal had made her human once again.

Yuuka looked down. "Elly called you Kana, hm? I think you need a new name, though. You can't have all these memories of sadness with a new name, right?

After a few moments, Yuuka remembered the hat Yukari gave her, and gave it to the girl in her arms. She toyed with it, and then put it on. It fit perfectly.

Yuuka smiled. "Then your name will be Maribel."
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