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I wanna write about Eirin.
So I decide to check the canon Eirin to understand her. But, hey, there's sompething UNFUNNY here.
Imperishable Night's Eirin is arrogant, but panic quite easily when her plans are foiled.
Silent Sinner in Blue's Eirin is worse, more cunning, calmer, and very twisted.
Inaba's Eirin is brutal, almost sadist, unfair, and half-crazy (wants to open Suwako because frogs have a lot of useful parts).

So, in the end, WHO THE HELL IS EIRIN?

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>Imperishable Night's Eirin is arrogant, but panic quite easily when her plans are foiled.
I don't remember her panicking. It was more like she's disappointed that Reisen didn't trick the player characters into going the wrong way.

Also, Inaba is a comedy, so some artistic liberties have been taken with the characters. Just ignore its depictions when trying to determine canon personalities.
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>>Also, Inaba is a comedy, so some artistic liberties have been taken with the characters. Just ignore its depictions when trying to determine canon personalities.

I wouldn't go so far as to suggest you ignore the Inaba comics. You just can't take their depiction of the characters as literally as you would if you were reading SSiB or any of the other more "serious" official works. Even if characters are warped and exaggerated for comedic effect, it still presents another facet of those characters that you might not have seen in the other works.

Take that bit where Kaguya talked through the fan, for example. I honestly can't picture canon Kaguya really doing that exact thing, but I might still draw from that bit that she is capable of displaying a lighter, sillier side of herself when she is sufficiently relaxed, or just plain bored.

You gotta still know how to have fun every now and then when you're living forever, right?

Now, Eirin? Clearly, she wouldn't really be going around with a whip, tying up Reisen as punishment, or attempting to dissect a goddess for frog organs, but if you take those things as exaggerations and work your way back, you can find things that would actually fit with canon Eirin's personality. That she could be a strict disciplinarian would fit her previous role as the teacher of the Watatsuki sisters, as well as her current status as Reisen's mentor. As for harvesting Suwako's organs? As a genius pharmacist, it's only natural that she would have an interest in gathering rare or unusual ingredients for her medicines, and may be willing to acquire them through unconventional (and possibly disgusting) means from time to time. Medicine can be a messy field to work in, after all.

The key thing is to not focus too much on the characterization itself, but where the traits of that characterization come from. Even if you're comparing a serious drama with a ridiculous comedy, you're still bound to find some common threads between them if they're both working from the same source material, and the differences in tone can actually help add to the complexity of the character.

Of course, even in the non-silly works, you need to look past the character's actions, and figure out the motivations behind them.
Sure, Eirin comes off as cunning and ruthless, but why? She's a genius, of course, and a very, very, very old one, at that. She knows more than any human could ever hope to, can likely plan ahead further than most anyone would be capable of, and is not at all shy about getting her own hands dirty if the situation calls for it. In her case, the situation is that she and Kaguya are fugitives from the moon, Kaguya doesn't want to go back, and Eirin is determined to do whatever is necessary to ensure she does not.

She comes from a society that viewed living on Earth as the most horrible form of punishment imaginable and the creatures on it as inferior to them in every conceivable way, and yet is now living there.

If she comes across as arrogant, keep in mind that she is far more intelligent than virtually anyone else in Gensokyo, and thus is probably not used to talking to anyone as if they were even remotely close to being an equal to her, especially when they aren't. Despite the general anti-Earth sentiment on the moon, she is still attempting to acclimate to living as a "human", and willingly serves as Gensokyo's only real doctor and pharmacist, despite still being a fugitive and needing to be prepared to act if anyone from the moon ever actually tried to come after her or Kaguya.

What you see of her in IN and SSiB is, basically, Eirin in "get shit done" mode, not how she would likely be in day-to-day life. In IN, she's trying to protect herself and those under her care by sealing off travel between the Earth and moon, while a bunch of humans and youkai interfere by freezing the night, making the whole process take far longer than it should have. Needlessly, even, since Eirin would have put everything back to normal by morning.
In SSiB, she finds out there's some bad stuff going on back at her former home, she's suspected of being part it, and someone from there has even come looking for her. On top of that, by some crazy coincidence, the local vampire has geared up for an attempted invasion, and has somehow become capable of actually making it happen.

When you're a fugitive on the run, and you have to deal with that sort of shit, do you think you can afford to not be as ruthlessly cunning as you can be, however twisted you may seem as a result?
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>>4702 sums it up pretty well.

Though in my personal opinion? I like to think of Eirin like the 'sneaky douchebag' of Gensokyo, like Yukari albeit without gaphax. She's smart for a Lunarian, which is a race where they are so much more advanced then humans just by trait, which is really saying something.

However, this doesnt mean that she think's she's better then everyone. This is moreso her thinking she's smarter then everyone, which, in fact, is more then likely to be true. Hell, You could go so far as to say that she can beat Yukari in a battle of wits and it would still be semi-canon. The fact alone she made an immortal elixir, flipping the bird to the circle of life is more then enough to further this, if I havent already done that three times by now.

Now, Her character itself? Basically as the above anon said, she gets shit done in the most efficient manner when someone/something has been brought to her attention. This doesnt mean she cant relax (see: Inaba) and be a general goofball. Hell, I would go so far to say that Inaba isnt canon, but sadly it is, so I like to think of it like 'eienteis daily life'. After all, Gensokyo's not only laser shooting lolis.

tl;dr Mad scientist without the whole 'mad' shtick.
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I agree, the games give a sort of 'disorted' rendition of the characters (as most are hostile/etc.), that and the Inaba comics do give some hints at things, just through an absurd filter. You can't take it at face value, but you can't outright ignore it either, similar to PMiSS and BAiJR.
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You know what the best part of that image is? How Patchouli is being threatened with a poisoned arrow by Eirin fucking Yagokoro, and yet... yet... she doesn't give a single fuck.
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Arrow is behind her, not even touching, cannot see arrow, she has no fucks to give.
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Inabas isn't even written by ZUN, so yeah. I don't see how people can claim it's still canon.
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It still is, it's just that his writing role is "base of character and setting" as opposed to "Scenario"
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Which is to say that ZUN has as much of a role in writing Inabas as he does any story on this site.
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As much as I wish my particular take on Gensokyo was sanctioned by ZUN it isn't - quite unlike Inaba&Inaba. There's the difference.
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>goes on the touhou wiki

Huh... What's this Inaba doing here? Why, It's not written by ZUN so clearly it is not canon! Why, Whatever shall I do?!
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Official product does not mean canon product.
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Perhaps not, but the intent is clear.