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Or do other people just leave a tab opened to this in background so they can just listen to the chill music.

No. 4589
I have my own jazz.
No. 4591
No. I don't listen to garbage. I also do not make shitty threads.
No. 4592
>jazz being garbage especially THIS SONG.

Excuse me sir, but your opinion differs from mine, and mine is clearly the right one.
No. 4594
Saging threads that are at the top of the page makes you look very silly.
No. 4595


>a century of innovative musical development


You're so stupid it hurts.
No. 4598

Let me quote myself. "I don't listen to garbage."
No. 4599

Will you just get the fuck out already? I'm sick of seeing you post this same irrelevant tangent in an effort to ignore any given argument you are losing.
No. 4600
>argument you are losing

Tell me, if you will, just how I am losing an argument of opinions? Furthermore, explain to me how this is even an argument at all?

And I assure you; as much as you are tired of seeing me "post this same irrelevant tangent," I am infinitely more exasperated at seeing >greentext.
No. 4601
You're a douchebag.
No. 4602
Aren't you that liar who kept on lying to people about the rules?
No. 4603
File 131425398863.jpg - (251.43KB , 600x888 , 15917953.jpg ) [iqdb]
This thread is an eyesore. Disappear.
No. 4604
Greentext is a medium, not a message. ">implying" gets old, yes, but calling people "garbage" over their choice of medium is a shitty way to be.
No. 4605
As much as I'm going to hate contributing to this thread, calling this song outright garbage is not an opinion, it's just deliberately being a douchebag. If you were to just not favor this song and like other genres of music more so than jazz, that'd be fine. But calling this song garbage and implying anyone who likes it is garbage is an unnecessary dick move.
No. 4606
Opinions are like assholes, everybody has is one.
No. 4607
Considering this guy is an asshole, does that mean he's an opinion as well?
No. 4608
In MY asshole? Yeah, I'd say he's an opinion.
No. 4625
YOUR asshole? I meant the greentext rager.