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With four new characters all in the temple now, this marks about 14 characters that reside in Myouren Temple. Since it's stationed close to the human village, it might be a good place for the likes of Keine and Akyuu too, though doubtful since they still find their own boards. (eientei and shrine respectively)

Please don't force us to go to /shrine/ to write about these characters and this location. YAF writes there ;_;

No. 4569
That image is a spoiler for Ten Desires in case you're a little foolhardy and think it's just NSFW and not a spoiler.

Chenuki is fukken cute god damn it all ;~;
No. 4570
I've been telling Kap to add /myouren/ for ages but the fag keeps refusing.
No. 4571
Or /village/ including keine, akyuu, and outskirts (korindou, myouren temple, yuuka's sunflower field?)
No. 4572
Of course, that would have the side effect of making /shrine/'s domain even smaller (Human village seems to have some connections to the board). It'd go down to what, Reimu and Suika only?

I suppose what little domain /shrine/ has could be converted to /village/myouren/ as well though.
No. 4573
I suggested merging /forest/ with /shrine/ but people were against this because they didn't want to share /forest/ with YAF.
No. 4575
File 13133494618.jpg - (353.26KB , 900x1050 , 131193760074.jpg ) [iqdb]
/village/ alliance unite!
No. 4576
Because the "hide thread" function is a myth and /shrine/ isn't dead anyway, right?
No. 4577
>Please don't force us to go to /shrine/ to write about these characters and this location. YAF writes there ;_;
Yeah, and he's pretty much the only one. Why are you letting one person own an entire board and complaining that you need a new one? Are you going to abandon your /underground/ story since he's writing on that board, too?

Anyway, see >>>/gensokyo/7793
No. 4578
>Please don't force us to go to /shrine/ to write about these characters and this location. YAF writes there ;_;

For some reason, I read that as "I don't wanna be near YAF because I'm too hipster to be near a commoner such as him".
No. 4579
If people wrote in /shrine/ more, it wouldn't be known as mainly YAF's place. And his latest story seems to be on hold for the time being so barring SLDT doing a bit more AoS1 stuff there, it's on the dead side.

In light of >>4577 , does this mean you'll move your story there?
No. 4580

I keep being told that, but I also keep being told that it's only considered village territory because of YAF. I could move it, but then I'd have to notify readers (and move to a less populated board?!) and goodness knows I'd be pegged for not having any skill (read as: readers because I am a whore and really dumb) if I did that!
No. 4581
you'll have a better chance on standing out in /shrine/ than /th/ aka home of DtRT, Wizard, and Knight. You'd only have to complete with SLDT who's starting a story there again.

But hey if you want to be a tiny fish in a huge pond, be my guest.
No. 4582
I fight for my corner, and I leave when the pub closes.
No. 4584
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So, are you going to write on /shrine/ or not?
Considering that YAF haven't updated in while, it's now more or less SLDT's board now.
No. 4585
It means probably not.
No. 4587
We'll need an entirely new board.

The Hakurei Shrine, several days later.

Reimu was sweeping as usual when Miko suddenly appeared.

[Picture: "Wahoh!"]
Miko: "Wahoh!"
Reimu: "Whoaaa!"
Miko: "Oh, thanks for the other day."
Reimu: "Whoaaaaa...?"

Miko: "Whew... sorry for my lateness on the details of our move.
And excuse me for my rudeness in our battle the other day.
I'd only just woken up, you see. My judgement skills were shot."
Reimu: "Ah..."

Miko: "My dear - er, I mean, you - appear to possess limitless potential.
In addition to my apology, I was thinking of inviting you to our home..."
Reimu: "Oh?"
Miko: "How about it?"
Reimu: "T-To YOUR home? Where on earth is it?"

Miko: "Look, it's right down here!"
Reimu: "...What are you, an ant?!"

Of course, Miko was not an ant.
Miko and the rest were opposed to staying under a temple that was a den of youkai,
and so decided they would build a dojo somewhere new and move there.
This was done in a world called Senkai, where in any crack,
there contained limitless amounts of space.

In this way, Miko's group could move themselves anywhere in an instant.

Reimu, having been invited, saw the dojo.
She could not help but feel that the relics, tools, and articles she saw there
she had seen somewhere before. Was it the moon? Or the heavens?...
Ending No. 1: It's not just ants that live in cracks.
All clear! Congratulations, and great job!

No. 4593
... The fuck?

I'm not sure if I like that idea or not.
No. 4597
It's too early to tell, but there's a good chance they're going to be associated with the Myouren Temple anyway for the same reason that Mokou is associated with Eintei.