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New topic to say how much you like the website/story/writefag/rule.

For example, I really like "Discovery, Investigation and Manifestations", from /eientei/. Youkais in this story are fairly dangerous, without being instant death, allowing the character to understand them. Or, to be more accurate, how they're thinking.
I think this story's main character have a hige potential, especially considering his behaviour, and his fascination toward the Brain of the Moon.

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I really like any sort of story that has to do with a MC who doesnt have all their lightbulbs, like Friction about Ground, and The Game. It makes reading the story seem somehow just more like fiction.
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I like stories that surprise me. I think keeping the readers unbalanced is essential to making a good CYOA. If you don't, they'll either start doing stupid shit or stop reading entirely.
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It's a nice story despite the unusually vicious Wriggle. That and it's one of the nicest Eirins I've seen.
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>despite the unusually vicious Wriggle
I have to read this now.