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What's the site time, I wonder?

Also, isn't Okuu just wonderful?

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I prefer Orin.
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Is that so~?

Well, good to know some people will enjoy the upcoming couple of updates...

That is, when I get around to them.
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What's keeping you from them? I'm curious.

My current mental image involves you being attacked by men with whips daily.
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Absolutely! Some of the biggest breasts in all Gensokyo I believe? That and she's adorable:)
Dakimakura anyone?
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Yeah she's been shown as an interesting contrast of sexy/cute, sometimes where the cute actually enhances the sexy.
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Site time is central time +5 (so GMT -1)
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Actually, the site time is just flat GMT.

Daylight Savings screwed U.S. timezones up. Normally Eastern is GMT-5 and Central is GMT-6, but because we're in Daylight Savings time we're actually an hour ahead. Currently, Eastern right now is GMT-4 and Central is GMT-5.

As for Okuu I feel like she's one of those characters who often gets pigeonholed into the extremes by fanartists; extreme poses, extreme guns, extreme destruction, extreme cute, and of course, extreme tits. Obviously her volatile personality lends itself to such, but sometimes I feel like it's the easy way out. It's not like it's that hard to apply a bicycle pump to a Touhou's chest and trim away most/all of her clothes. There's so much more to "sexy" than that; sometimes less is more, you know?

Not like I'm saying this image is. Just saying.
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The characters surrounding her tend to be more moderate. It's only natural that she get the extreme end of the stick.
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This, pretty much. I cant really see why we cant have a story with a normal Okuu, not an extremely powerful one, not one that cant control herself, and for fucks sake not one that UNYUU UNYUU UNYUU every other sentence.
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Possibly because, ever since SA, Utsuho has been extremely powerful.