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I am hereby petitioning for smooth jazz-nyan to be deployed across all the boards. It is my belief as a genteel scholar that this would increase writer productivity by about 200% or thereabouts, and simultaneously draw out the gentleman inside every anon and ethicize the discourse of even the most inhospitable boards.

In fact, I am also petitioning for a board-wide change, removing the moniker "Anonymous" from unsigned posts and replacing it with "Gentleman". This would be a true sign of hope for the future, an indication that this site has finally been blessed by the light of civilization.

Nya, nya, nya~...

No. 4276
I don't give a shit about whatever the hell the OP wrote but that Patchy image just gave me a heart attack. The good kind.

Thank you.
No. 4282
File 131089505115.jpg - (338.83KB , 1000x1250 , Patchy.jpg ) [iqdb]
No smooth jazz on other boards, it'll ruin the stories! This jazz is just uncompatible with any serious story!
No. 4283
File 131089547914.jpg - (254.77KB , 1000x952 , PATCHYYYYYYY.jpg ) [iqdb]
However, I support the other suggestion, replacing "Anonymous" by "Gentleman". I think it'll change the board for greater good.
No. 4298
Smooth jazz kind of ruins multi-tab browsing.
No. 4299
My good sir, This is a terrific idea. Let us all be gentlemen.
No. 4302
I am all for it. At least for /blue/, due to its newfound spirit for civilized talk.
No. 4306
File 131094299593.jpg - (644.37KB , 1000x700 , Patchy_Koa.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd add the motion to at least keep it within /blue/ but would also like to add to considering finding some new tracks as well to keep things fresh as well as rotate the music on a weekly basis.

Maybe some one, if not everyone can collect a bunch of tracks, put them up on a MF link, and have the admin decide which ones to use?
No. 4307
But this is troublesome, you see.
What kind of song should this board play? Touhou music, or just everything?
Ask me, and I'll answer "that is a touhou website, so let's play touhou music". But, I'm afraid touhou music aren't suited for fanfictions or discussion, but rather for fight, so there's a risk it may make discussion worse than they actually are.

I lost myself in this sentence.
No. 4308

Probably best to keep it not related to any of our belovedTouhous. Heck jazz-nyan isn't TH-P related.
No. 4309
Smooth jazz of course. There is plenty enough of touhou related around.
No. 4320

There are always the more peaceful remixes of Touhou music around. Look on youtube, we should be able to find a few specimens.
No. 4321
Can I suggest "The Storm Begins", from Jennifer Haines? It's a calm and smooth music, maybe a little depressive.
No. 4323
File 131102028560.jpg - (1.05MB , 1500x1500 , 19958781.jpg ) [iqdb]
Holy fucking shit I just realized the image filesize limit was raised.
No. 4324
This is a bad idea.
No. 4333
Get back to Pooshlmer, you unfettered faggots.
No. 4335

Come now good sir, all that rage must be bad for your stomach, nevermind your already pallid complexion.

Here, have some tea. I must admonish your lack of a monocle, but we will all be willing to overlook that if you agree to be civil.
No. 4336
No, he's got a point. You can be civil without acting like... like you are right now.

That might not be his point, actually. But it's mine.
No. 4337

I'm >>4335. I'll admit it is a bit of an exaggeration, but I don't think the spirit behind it is at all misguided. That is to say, it's perfectly fine to expect and encourage people not to call each other AIDS-ridden homosexual rapists over every single misstep.

It's utterly self-destructive. It's the height of hypocrisy to tell someone to take their faggotry back to Pooshlmer while calling them an anally-compromised retard, because that's the exact same kind of discourse that makes people evade sites like Pooshlmer in the first place.

Criticism is fine. A standard of quality is fine. Running off people who won't accept those first two things is also fine. Turning the site into a ragefest like >>4285 seems to think it should be is not. After all, on what grounds can you call someone out for acting like an animal if you're thrashing about like a rabid dog yourself?
No. 4338
I completely agree. Except
>that's the exact same kind of discourse that makes people evade sites like Pooshlmer in the first place.
You mean /jp/. Pooshlmer and shrinemaiden are disliked by some (on /jp/, at least) because they're too nice. Go to Poosh and look around some. You'll see posts that would get people yelled at here pass without comment. I'm not sure how many, since I don't visit there, but I'm certain there will be, like, an emoticon somewhere. Shrinemaiden is much, much worse.

Since it's sorta relevant, I used to be from /jp/ but left for the exact reason you described.
No. 4341
>that's the exact same kind of discourse that makes people evade sites like Pooshlmer in the first place.

Am I misinformed on something? Are we supposed to care about this? When the fuck did we start willingly accepting people from Pooshlmer, Shrinemaiden, or any one who would even want to go to those sites? We don't cater to retards here. If they can't handle something incredibly minor like being called a faggot every now and then, than we clearly don't want them.
No. 4342

I'd say it's less about whether we call people faggots and more about the counter-productiveness of descending into a steaming pile of violent rage at every argument. Or hell, just at the sight of anything that vaguely displeases you.

Which is, by the way, exactly what you're doing.
No. 4344
I'm not decrying contempt for the ones posting unsavory content here or on Poosh, but I believe what that Anon wished to express is that you're embodying part of the negative qualities that make a trip to Poosh so undesirable these days.
I'm...not really sure how to express it correctly, but I suppose it would go that you've read it: "We should cater to people who come here from Poosh" however the statement seems more to be "We're doing something that's part of what makes Poosh terrible. Lets stop that."
No. 4345
You seem to be under some misconception. Pooshlmer was always terrible. If anything, a little bit of negativity might shame that lot into bettering the site.

>steaming pile of violent rage at every argument
>Go away faggots

Yep, absolutely frothing at the mouth over here.
No. 4346
It may not be great, but in some ways... it is better. It doesn't have people deluding themselves into thinking this is anything more than a fanfic site struggling to return to its glory days.

And it can't be that bad if Harker prefers going there than here. The risk of good writers being driven off is why certain things have been happening, such as telling ragers to shut up.

>If anything, a little bit of negativity might shame that lot into bettering the site.

This site for a while didn't lack negativity in the slightest and all we got for it is one good writer leaving and the site getting closer to being like 4chan today, specifically /v/.
No. 4347

I could give you a list of 50 people who've been banned due to reasons that werent on the site itself, Or because the admin was PMSing.

Judging someone just because of what sites they've been on is kinda faggoty in itself. Get out of here, This is /blue/, not /th/.

Also, Excuse the possible double post. I keep getting out of memory errors, to be exact: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 524288) (tried to allocate 311296 bytes) in /srv/thp/board.php on line 360
No. 4348
By George, you are absolutely right. How dare we struggle to maintain an elitist air. In fact, let's us calmly accept the fact that we are a glorified fanfiction site, and adopt upon us the vernacular of our brethren. Here, I will pull some random sampling of the quality posts from our kin.

>Aw moment with Tomoyo, Kaguya and Yuu. Kawaii kawaii! More of them ^_^
This gem was taken from some piece of shit on Fanfiction.net

>Gotta love being Evil; it's so fun. ^_^
From ficwad.

Cast off your delusions of grandeur everyone. Embrace faggotry and use ^_^. Because, as we now know, this is much preferable to some sort of perceived negativity that might drive away the genteel souls who reside here.
No. 4349
File 131109861432.png - (544.68KB , 960x720 , AM I KAWAII YET UGUU.png ) [iqdb]
like omgawd am i kawaii yet guise uguu~ desu
No. 4350
File 131109907797.jpg - (19.50KB , 480x360 , CheeeenXD.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sou nan desu car anonymous-san, but u forgot ur ^_^
No. 4351
Do you need a hug or something?
No. 4353
omgawwwwwd anonxanon OTP :3 like its sugoiiiii kawaii oneechan~

Put me out of my misery please.
No. 4356
So, they use different words and sometimes express thoughts you wouldn't. What about this makes them worth hating, exactly? I don't feel anything other than indifference when I look at what you just typed.

I find non-surface traits far more annoying. Like being stupid. Or mean-spirited. You can't fix that by dressing up in pretty words.
No. 4357
>What about this makes them worth hating, exactly?
Because there's an actual english word for it, And saying the japanese version is not only an insult you the english language, but an insult to theirselves.

>I find non-surface traits far more annoying.
You mean the 'traits' that you would 'learn' about someone over the internet?
No. 4358
It's nearly impossible to suck more than those sites. I was speaking in comparsion to say other touhou-specific site.

On that note, I do not even dare to pretend that shrinemaiden is remotely good. Many people around here go to Poosh if just to see the latest in touhou fangames and/or nice pics out of image dumps.

One doesn't need to launch into a hateful barrage of insults, but a link to the rules thread and a few other pieces of criticism. If they fail do acknowledge those, then you can move on to the hateragefest.
No. 4359
So.. because there's a word you prefer, they're insulting themselves by not using it? That's self-centered as hell.

>You mean the 'traits' that you would 'learn' about someone over the internet?
I mean the traits you'd learn about if you skimmed a page without actually reading it. Like whether they use emoticons, how they use punctuation, the sort of words they use, that sort of thing.
No. 4361
Words are your clothes on the Internet. I may walk around the house wearing nothing but socks and a sweater vest, but when I go outside, I dress so as to signal to those I meet that I am of sound mind. If, while outside, I see someone wearing nothing but socks and a sweater vest, I steer clear, because failure to dress yourself appropriately for public is correlated with a host of other traits that I find undesirable in my social interactions. And, for that matter, if I see someone with spiked hair, spray tan applied heavily enough to turn him orange, and a popped collar, I steer clear of him, too; sure, he's dressed, but experience with other people who dress like him tells me he is probably not the sort of person I will get along with.

The person who wrote >>4353, the people in >>4348, and the people at Pooshlmer/Shrinemaiden are all making a conscious choice as to how they express themselves, and the way they make that choice, taken together with other aspects of their behavior and the ideas they try to express, often indicates that they are morons.

*insult to
*English (again)
No. 4362
Agreed. All that goes into whether you want to associate with them. But hate? Why should you bother hating someone just because you don't want to associate with them?

>conscious choice
Yeah, dressing like your friends dress. Dressing otherwise certainly wouldn't risk ostracization or anything.
No. 4363
Personally, I find it's highly... poor to use japanese words. I mean, either you speak English, either you speak Japanese, but please, don't try to speak both.
Just because I'm foreigner writing for an english imageboard, do I mix my native language to English? I do not. Or at least, I'm trying not to.
No. 4364
File 131111455945.jpg - (120.23KB , 600x600 , 8355039.jpg ) [iqdb]
To add to this, if you can avoid them. Hating them when you can't avoid them is fine.
No. 4365
Wait, no, it isn't, because you'll probably get to know them if you're forced into contact and should base your opinion on that rather than their outward appearance.

We couldn't understand you. In places where Japanese and English are mixed, though, people can understand each other. As long as they don't do it with normal people, it's fine.
No. 4366
>The person who wrote >>4353, the people in >>4348,
You obviously didnt understand the sarcasm in those posts.

However, Shrinemaiden is a good place. Nice community and all, It's just that some of the mods are bitches. Hell, people get banned for arguing against the mods in a thread made just for that.
No. 4368
>Yeah, dressing like your friends dress. Dressing otherwise certainly wouldn't risk ostracization or anything.
I dress differently when I go to work than I do when I go out with my friends. Changing clothes is, at worst, a minor inconvenience for me, and changing the way I express myself on the Internet is no inconvenience at all.

My first post is this thread was >>4361, so I haven't claimed to 'hate' anyone. (Incidentally, neither has anyone else in this thread, explicitly; it's just that their choice of words has led you to believe that they do. Food for thought.) But I can understand some frustration at people who are either too dense or too proud to make even the smallest of considerations towards the thoughts of their audience. Y'know, si fueris Romae and all that shit.

Not only did I understand it, but that was sort of my point. Rather than arguing in a reasonable fashion intended to bring about mutual understanding, like trying to relate to the other poster in some way, they choose to beat the dead horse of their original argument by piling on loads of sarcasm, which, while occasionally witty, is not too far above ">implying" on the list of effective communication strategies.
No. 4369
When people toss around things like "You worthless piece of trash." for using an emoticon, yes, I do assume they hate people that use emoticons. I'm also assuming that at least one of those people is reading this thread because of >>4341 and because /blue/ is considered their hangout.

Also, hyperbole aside, when people bring a group of others up, unprovoked, solely so they can mention how much they dislike that group or that people should go back there, I kind of assume they hate that group. That's the sort of thing people do when they hate something. I've seen people do this for years with sites like shrinemaiden, hated political sites, gamefaqs, etc. as the target. So, yeah, I assume they hate those sites. >>4333 did exactly that.