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Hm... not sure if this is improving the quality of the board or just relaxing.
No. 4171
File 131069367341.jpg - (137.26KB , 850x850 , Icecoldchills.jpg ) [iqdb]

Let's just say it works and let's be done with it already.
No. 4172
File 131069407786.png - (264.62KB , 565x800 , drown out bad hearts with smooth jazz.png ) [iqdb]
To help you remain tranquil in the face of almost certain rage, smooth jazz will be deployed.
No. 4175
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File 131069659373.jpg - (167.73KB , 800x800 , cat planet.jpg ) [iqdb]
But I am chill.
See this?
This is my chill face.
No. 4184
We have an idiot writing crap on /th/ who is mortally intolerant to criticism; so much so that after trying to 'prove' his story's worth, he threatens to quit, and then runs crying to the admin to delete not only his own posts but the posts calling him out. Afterwards, he continues along like nothing has happened.

Shitstorm it may have been, but wasn't it justified in light of his stupidity?

CENSORSHIP! Not really, but I don't understand why we have to baby some little shit.
No. 4185
File 131069771873.jpg - (41.91KB , 450x600 , 5fb893b8253f9318fe29a749b3e5d43f.jpg ) [iqdb]
I haven't read the story, I just glanced through the shitstorm before it was deleted. From what I saw the majority of it was bickering about the definition of a mary sue and a tragic background. And the complaints seemed absolutely retarded, stuff like "her parents died? FUCKING "DARK AND EDGY" BULLSHIT FORCED TRAGEDY" or "She can use magic? FUCKING MARY SUES". I sure as hell didn't see anything remote constructive in there. It was barely criticism.

From what I have seen of his previous story he's not the best writer. Big deal. He's not bad enough to drive off. Learn to direct your fucking rage to stuff that actually deserves it.
No. 4187
>It was barely criticism.
Bingo. There were approximately zero posts actually saying "this story is bad" until after the author had flipped his shit, taken his "emergency heart medicine", and decided to take his ball and go home.

If he had to have that stuff deleted to gain personal closure, then that's as it may be, but I still don't understand how anyone on the internet could be that big of a baby about it.
No. 4188
Because he's the same guy who wrote this post >>2677
Pay special attention to the second portion. I'll quote a select bit that should help you understand just what sort of faggot this guy is.

>Unlike Taisa, who doesn’t crave fame and praise, I did. ... I wanted to be a troll writer or someone as incredible as Taisa.

Emphasis mine, but I'll congratulate the author anyways. It appears he's gotten everything he wanted.
No. 4192
File 131071623473.jpg - (596.31KB , 768x1024 , c2706b8014d5325ac0d7d3709f995255.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh please, i always drink my tea, sit like a gentleman while i post in shitstorms.
No. 4193
File 131072844594.png - (42.43KB , 138x150 , Chen.png ) [iqdb]
I would post a picture of Nyancat but I'd feel dirty inside. Have an adorable chen instead.

Also, sauce on the smooth jazz nyancat. This shit is actually calming.
No. 4196
File 131074403423.jpg - (104.18KB , 525x525 , 130800923449.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'll probably be killed for this, but here's what I think.

When you talk to writefags, imagine you're talking to a retard. Yes, it's extreme, but let me explain.

Situation: you're reading a story. And this story is awful, because [reason]. You can't let this story keep on like that, beacuse:
-the writefag is friend of yours,
-the story may be good without [reason],
-you're an arrogant asshole who just want to point at someone else's errors.

Now, whatever [reason] is, let's see how you wrote your post.
Have you wrote something like:
"This story sucks, because [reason]"?
If Yes, then you made a error.

Let's see why.
Most writefags aren't writing for fun. They're writing seriously, with their guts. That's why they aren't reacting very well to criticisms.
To help newbie writefags like, you have to write carefully.

1) Be positive in your post. Don't write "this story sucks because [reason]", but write "this story seems good, but could be better if [reason]".
2) Don't be insulting. You'll never get anything by being insulting. Au contraire, the writefag will ignore your "helpful" criticism.
3) Don't overdo it. In some case, it may take several updates for a writefag to correct an error. Don't point the same mistake several times.

You're probably saying: "Hey, who the fuck are you kidding, kid? I don't want to treat writefags differently from Anonymous!"
That's your mistake. You have to like your writefags. You know why? Because you're both dependent. The writefag wants your vote, and you want his story.

Most of the time, writefags aren't sadist ("SHARK END MWAHAHAHA"), nor they are stupid ("Retcon time becuz I forgot sumthing"), but very often they are too sensitive.

Changed the picture. Lee getting angry doesn't suit the music.
No. 4197
Or maybe, instead of being very careful not to hurt the writefags' precious, fragile feelings, we can tell them to grow some balls and be done with it. I'm not gonna baby anyone just because they can't deal with some criticism in the internet.
No. 4198
File 131074588946.jpg - (128.59KB , 1280x1004 , tea.jpg ) [iqdb]

It was pointed out that >>4196 is essentially saying, "Be courteous to your writefags, not be a douchebag towards them".

Not babying, just being polite as that's more likely to make something goood happen.

At the very least wait on kicking the shins with steel-toe boots till a writefag actually shits all over his/her readers rather than simply stumbling on performance.
No. 4199
File 131074697926.jpg - (244.97KB , 1000x1008 , s173.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>4196 here.
That's basically that, yeah. For a newbie writefag without any self-confidence nor balls, criticism can be seen as trolling. That's why I recommend being polite.
Or, yeah, you can try kicking him until he understand that you're trying to help him. But, strangely enough, it's more difficult like that.

Here, have some Ran.
No. 4201
While I get what you are saying, I do also feel that a write fag needs at least some confidence or at least the ability to read comments and shrug off the ones that aren't helpful at all. After all, besides the fact that we are ridiculously bored, there are easily millions of other alternatives to read on the internet. If he doesn't have confidence in himself, why should we have confidence in him? I'm not saying anon was right or whatever. I'm just saying that in the end, that while Anon does deserve some blame in this incidence, the writer does as well.
No. 4202
File 131075155147.jpg - (727.51KB , 1000x1000 , nya nya nya nyanyanya nya nya.jpg ) [iqdb]
A newbie writefag is an opportunity: it can turn into a glittering diamond or a stinking pile of poo. It all depends on how good, accurate and respectful are his critics. If you wanna be rude for the sake of it, then fuck off internet tough guy (well aware of the hypocrisy, thank you)

That said, there are times when the writefag will always turn into a full-fledged fag. Nothing you can do here folks, fight only the battles you can win. Just be careful in judging the situation.
No. 4206
I would like to say something as a "newbie writer". I spent one year writing an abortion of a story because no one turned around and slapped me upside the head with reality. Since then, I've asked for my editors to skewer me instead of coddling me. Something doesn't make sense? Say it. Something is boring? Say it. The only sugar coating a good critique needs is none, the reviewer needs only not to be an asshole.

Yes, the truth hurts. Yes, I probably have an ulcer in my liver right now. But if I couldn't stand the truth as it was, then I'd have no business being a writer.

I could give less of a shit about the whole mary sue thing or even the ho-hum story. I only cared that the writer seemed to think we, an anonymous imageboard, would be his hugbox.
No. 4208
File 131075535776.jpg - (512.11KB , 1000x800 , Don't read the post and look at this.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's precisely why I'm not a good writer myself. Lack of self-confidence, and also the fact that I'm not a native english speaker. Bah, I'm still writing, so it means that anyone can still be decent writer ("Decent" = not writing too much shit at once).

"Be careful in judging the situation."
Yeah. So true you are, friend. It's pointless to be polite with fags, and it's pointless to be rude with newbies. In both case, you're aggravating the whole thing.
No. 4211
File 131075658559.jpg - (469.58KB , 1250x1250 , ccde3a927fafc134d4fae246e1aea6ef.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Something doesn't make sense? Say it. Something is boring? Say it. The only sugar coating a good critique needs is none, the reviewer needs only not to be an asshole.

>So, Here we go. The character is a Mary Sue so far; A magician (which is uncommon in the outside world), had potential to become a professional athlete, Got the hang of spellcards in half a second, Has a dark past, And we didnt even get to choose the name. Unless its a major plot point where knowing someones name is the most powerful weapon, which in turn would make this character a naive Mary Sue.
>Seriously, What the fuck?

I have a hard time taking it easy knowing that there are people out there who find that paragraph more than slightly mean. Thank god for smooth nyanjazz to raise my spirits.
No. 4214
File 131075995264.png - (121.86KB , 300x300 , suika-1.png ) [iqdb]
This. There's no actual need to be rude (unless the target is an 8-inch steel wall) but there is a need for feedback.

Well, that's pretty average. No insults or anything. I didn't get the name part, why does it matter so much to choose the name?
No. 4215
File 131076040535.png - (232.23KB , 600x720 , RainCoatKogasa.png ) [iqdb]
Writefags with confidence? What alternative universe are you from? Most I know of are bundles of depression and issues. Out of every four writefags with confidence, one's normal while the other three end up arrogant faggots. I'd mention the lazy writers, but that'd be getting off topic.

All this talk is fine, but at the incident at hand, it was someone who wanted to rip into a story for having a Mary Sue. Glad Turtle was just an unfortunate piece of fresh meat unused to /th/.

Criticism is great, but there's a difference between outright hate and constructive critism. If the guy in question said, "Hey, your character is at risk of being a Mary Sue" I don't think things would have been so bad. Instead the guy basically went "Mary Sue! Mary Sue! This story is shit!" and so forth.

There's some good remarks here, but I just wanted to make it clear that some guy whining about mary sues without giving actual reasons is not a critic, just a hater.

For being a board that draws in newbies, /th/ is rather hostile and/or toxic.

But here, have a happy Kogasa.
No. 4216
File 131076102050.jpg - (255.57KB , 550x550 , 19893070.jpg ) [iqdb]
When I see someone with a fragile ego, I treat them as a sick person. It's cool that you don't want to baby them. I'm fine with that. But instead of remaining silent, you attack them. I do not agree with that.
No. 4217
File 131076170656.jpg - (682.28KB , 1435x1101 , 04b0eea20b1c0ddc39e78fffdd6a365c.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Criticism is great, but there's a difference between outright hate and constructive critism. If the guy in question said, "Hey, your character is at risk of being a Mary Sue" I don't think things would have been so bad. Instead the guy basically went "Mary Sue! Mary Sue! This story is shit!" and so forth.

Did you read >>4211? It lays out the ways in which this MC was a Mary Sue fairly clearly, and I really don't understand how you can read anything more than mild irritation from its tone.
No. 4219
I'd agree in what you just said if the writefag wasnt a complete dick. Now, He's the scenario in a nutshell.

Someone says the story is bad. If it was rude or not I honestly cant remember, though it seems he was a prick. Other anon's call him out, some agree, writefag says "cool explain" then the first anon explains. Writefag doesnt like this and says 'oh hey these are the two endings'.

When a writefag is so effected that he fucks over his whole story, He's a spoiled brat. Fuck, I did that when I was 4. I'd go apeshit if I didnt get my juice and start saying shit that would make me look like a retard. By saying, I mean screaming in that one restaurant booth no one wants to hear.

No. 4220
File 131076550882.gif - (311.03KB , 350x600 , nekoflap.gif ) [iqdb]
Yeah, he fucked up. I'm not denying that. I'm just saying you shouldn't be overly harsh while telling him he fucked up. If you can't help yourself, please don't post at all.

As an example of overly harsh, I'm going to quote (to the best of my knowledge) one of the deleted posts.
>You're a disgrace to all writers on this website.
Do not say things like this to sick people. That is what I am asking. I do not think this is a very strenuous request.

nya nya nya nya nya~
No. 4221
He just listed traits that were found in Mary sues and the whole "potiental to be an athelete"? Something the character thought of herself. People are always prone to thinking they're better at something than they actually are. The world has no shortage of wannabe stars that overestimate their ability. Turtle explained things better. Try to read the actual thread and not the main accusation, which was made after one or two story posts.

But while Reimu and Marisa might have been overly friendly, Helena came through the natural gap and went about things peacefully instead of proceeding to start up some incident.

http://thepunchlineismachismo.com/archives/589 this post mentions a case of a few characters with "Sueish" traits, but ended up anything but Mary Sues in execution. But hey, why bother reasoning and understanding when you can jump to conclusions at a glance?

Glad Turtle's character in the THP Mary Sue ranking would be lower ranked on the list compared to other leads... ones not named Wade or Joe.

But yeah the writer fed the troll with his responses, though he managed to explain some of the traits.
No. 4227
I'm pretty sure that line only came after the author had overreacted and ragequit, but point taken.
No. 4229

If I hear the word 'perverted' or of Wade's mother one more time...

[spoilers] I would be open to a rewrite however. [/spoilers]
No. 4232
File 131077281524.png - (147.01KB , 800x524 , maslows_pyramid.png ) [iqdb]
Everyone arguing about Mary Sues needs to read this right now. It's not about how "powerful" the character is, it's about the struggles they go through (or lack thereof).

Having a dark past is a cliche, not a Mary Sue. Being a magician, even a high-level D&D one, does not automatically count as god-moding in a place that's literally "the land of fantasy". A Wizard Is You hovers around level 3 of the pyramid because it's mostly a romantic comedy. Turtle's story...well, honestly, the character seems to be having zero trouble moving into Gensokyo, which is very boring, but who knows where he was going with it.
No. 4235
File 131077357442.png - (124.99KB , 549x675 , 79029fa05702dbe9774562060cd99368.png ) [iqdb]
>Turtle's story...well, honestly, the character seems to be having zero trouble moving into Gensokyo, which is very boring
This is the crux of the issue. If a Mary Sue is like a rainstorm, then the dark past and aspirations of greatness are like the cows lying down in the field and Grandma's bunions aching; secondary, unreliable evidence at best. The fact that the MC picked up spell cards immediately and became fast friends with Marisa and Reimu after two updates, on the other hand, are thunder in the distance, and given the general quality of the writing aside from the Mary Sue issue, I have little reason to believe that the storm was going to miss us.
No. 4240
Could you read and criticize more stories instead of continuing to argue this? There are lots of other stories on this site in need of criticism.

And they can't all be by unstable writers.
No. 4241
Suggestions? SLDT copped to writing a terrible Mary Sue in Archetype of Self, which is a finished story besides; Average Joe is presently as it should be, as is that one in /border/ by the semi-literate guy; I said my piece in Laziness (which is not really that awful in the first place, and is how Glad Turtle should have responded to criticism in his thread); and all indications are that Twitty is an unstable writer, very much so.
No. 4243
You seem to be listing bad or mediocre stories. Maybe try some good ones? Showing why they're good and any improvements you think they could make would be very interesting.

I'm mostly suggesting this because I'm not well-read enough to give real suggestions. Sorry.
No. 4244
Surely laziness and just an average joe aren't that bad stories?

Does anyone remember that thread twitty posted on general? Big old can o' crazy.
No. 4247
I never saw this.

Show me!
No. 4250
Average Joe is terrible, LOL SO RANDUM XD dreck that most of us grew out of liking during puberty.

"Not that bad" is a perfect description of Laziness.

It's easy to find problems with bad writing, and doing so has a (slim) chance of helping the writer improve. Given that good writers are generally aware of areas where they need improvement, searching for problems in their stories would be neither simple nor helpful.
No. 4254
File 131081429853.jpg - (189.45KB , 850x1133 , dc3fc95bfa564991fe86c3b0e98ffcc7.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Chill out, guys.
This Thread clearly missed this purpose.
No. 4255
File 131081652489.jpg - (184.58KB , 880x900 , HIDE COWARD.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't see why or how this thread failed.
When I read this topic, I see a proper conversation between gentlemen.
There's not a single rude word here.
No. 4256
File 131081779541.jpg - (59.50KB , 600x652 , 20131112.jpg ) [iqdb]
I guess that's true. Thinking about it, what I really want is another writing tips thread, with references to good THP stories as examples. That'd be neat.
You're right, this is clearly a Cirno thread.
No. 4257

writing tips... writing tips...

Work harder and work smarter. I don't believe touhou-project was ever a great place for a new writer to start, so maybe he ought to concentrate on writing decent short stories before trying to write decent CYOA.

Tons of little general writing tips could be given to him too, but he should look up or learn them by himself, in my opinion at least.
No. 4258
That, and also writing a long story is difficult. You have to keep your motivation for long moment.

The fact there's so many abandonned stories here proves that writefags don't have enough patience to finish a long story.

Yes, I'm watching you HY.
No. 4260
You son of a fucking nigger asscart.

Writing isnt a thing you can learn from others. Well, It is, But its much more effective to learn it yourself. However, yeah, This isnt the place for any sort of new writer.
No. 4261
File 131083847121.jpg - (155.78KB , 600x958 , ab7f870f3f98e65b37778e3ce04d533e.jpg ) [iqdb]
When i see this thread i see some old woman bickering about how everything is horrible.
No. 4262
For a /blue/ thread, this has been very civil and non-destructive.
No. 4263
Blame >>4196 for starting a civil conversation instead of the usual shitstorm.
No. 4264
Where should new writers go, if not here? Why shouldn't they write here? What, exactly, makes this place bad, as compared to, say, fanfiction.net or shrinemaiden?

>can't learn writing from others
How do you account for vast differences in skill among new writers? "Talent" can't account for all of it.

Actually, fuck the writing tips. I just want to see stories praised. And not "this story is good" type shit. Precise praise. Point out exactly what you enjoyed and try your best to explain why.

added bonus: this would probably make writers extremely happy
No. 4266
File 131085414934.jpg - (349.32KB , 1000x1420 , 89ebae5168e35988b0e5ff30ff05a621.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fuck yeah.
/blue/, grab your pitchforks, your torches, and go tell your favorite writer that his story is awesome because [reason]!
No. 4267
File 131085545323.jpg - (31.01KB , 600x450 , 889095-good_job__super.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sure. Why not.

Klaymen for writing I, Youkai.

It was an unique idea to see an all new youkai and partakes in the steps she takes to explore the world and find new friends. Picking a hat for her was like breathing life into her, it made me proud.
There was no real plot and that was what made it stand out in my eyes. A slice of life story just to enjoy. Just some time skips were annoying, i would have liked to actually see the days myself but that was not the writeres fault.

Going outside made the whole thing more fun. Not sure how to best explain it. Exciting? It deeply saddened me that it was cut short and the writer ran out of ideas when there was still so much to do.

Now he writes Creeping Shadows. Don't want to go into explaining but i would say it is one of the things that still keeps me here.

In my opinion he is one of the best writers on the site. And after all the work he has earned him a little praise.
No. 4268
Border House by Lion.

I can't say much for his other stories, but this one was well-written, consistent, and styled like a manga. Characters are believable, interesting, and in the case of the MC, realistic. It has just the right amounts of humor, harem, etc, and although it's not a revolutionary story, it makes for comfortable reading.

Now is someone else's turn.
No. 4270
NewAgeRetroHippie, for everything he's written.

They say there are two types of genius: the ordinary sort, who give you room to believe that maybe, if you worked hard enough, you could do the things they do, and the magicians, who smile and show you that there's nothing up their sleeve and then they're done before you even know what has happened, let alone how.

I like Fell's writing because of how he takes us into his characters' minds, through both unique narration styles that actually feel like what the character is thinking at that moment and by tipping his hand to give us subtle yet powerful glimpses into non-viewpoint characters' heads. I like Fallout Writefag's writing because of how he builds up his world, showing us that the protagonist's story is the tip of the iceberg while dropping the occasional hint as to just how much that iceberg is still below water, waiting to be revealed.

I like NARH's writing... but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is about it, in particular, that I like. I've certainly tried; I think it would make me a better writer myself if I could figure it out, but I just cannot seem to puzzle it out. All I know is that I find it impossible to maintain my normal cynicism level for fiction with his stuff, and almost as soon as he introduces a character I am worried about what will happen to them, as surely as if they were a real person. When they aid one another, talk to one another, betray one another, I find myself taking sides and actually rooting for them in a way that fiction very rarely makes me do anymore. It feels the way that reading is supposed to feel, and it's amazing.

Thanks, NARH.
No. 4271
File 131086861776.gif - (3.90KB , 300x102 , kba_header.gif ) [iqdb]
Since we're doing this. I'll list my favorite writers. I could go into detail for each one of them, but I'm lazy, so maybe later.
YAF, Teruyo, Fell, Lion, Sukima, and if only they'd WRITE: Bread, Patchwork and Nobody.
No. 4274
File 131087411476.jpg - (469.47KB , 2400x1500 , 217e38a6d3a0fca79f5dc5950f875faa.jpg ) [iqdb]
Memoirs of a Vampire by glasnost.

A story told from the point of view of a highly relateable Remilia over the course of history, seemingly focusing on the events where she met the other SDM denizens.

No. 4275
Bread and Nobody are dealing with some things at the moment. Patchwork on the other hand? You might need to go to IRC and see if he's in. Then find out how he's doing on it.

I'm impressed that someone's willing to admit to liking his more recent stuff, sure they might have some flaws but he's honestly trying his best.

I must give props to Fell as I do believe he's the best overall writer, not lacking in drive, able to build a world instead of flooding us with plot, distinctive yet close to canon renditions of characters. I hope that drive lasts as most folks seem to lose it after finishing one story. Keep up the good work!
No. 4279
I remember trying to read DoLF from the first thread, and I stopped after the "you lost me" joke. I asked Teruyo, and he suggested to read only the second story, which is way better.
Even if it's slow, and even if it's not an Eirin route. But anyway.

I want to say here that "A Devilish Library" is a very decent story. The main character is original and the characters are quite funny (Patchy having a nervous breakdown). This story would be better with a plot, and with updates, but it's a good way to waste 5 minutes reading it.
No. 4281

Bah. Patchwork is just being lazy. And yes you can easily catch him on IRC. Kick his ass, hopefully he'll put out an update soon.
No. 4284
File 131089586757.png - (457.07KB , 800x966 , Kasen doesn't know it's rude to point.png ) [iqdb]
Okay, time to start a "criticism day".
If you're okay with this idea, here's what it's about.

You take a story you know, and you try to list everything that could be better in this story. For example, Gensokyo High could use some UPDATES, DoLF could be a little faster...
Stuff like that. Of course, you won't be rude or any of that, you're just going to say "In my opinion, this story could be better if [reason]".
What do you think, is that a good idea?
No. 4285
>What do you think, is that a good idea?

No. I think it's a fucking terrible idea. I thought saying nice things about authors/stories was a horrible idea as well.

Being polite, positive and downright gentlemanly? This is not what this board is for. This board is for bitching about shit with all the vitriol that you can summon. This thread is fucking awful.
No. 4287
I don't come on /thp/ to break other people's ego. There's 4chan for that shit.
And, unlike you, I don't take any pleasure in breaking someone else's self-esteem.

If I'm on THP, it's because I wanna read fanfictions, vote for stupid things, laugh my ass off when MC is killed in a ridiculous and stupid way, and vote again for a more serious option.
No. 4288
File 131091094553.jpg - (435.37KB , 630x630 , c0d7a46413defd06d89e5894331594df.jpg ) [iqdb]
Do The Right Thing by the guy that did Don't Read This

At first I was skeptical if the guy that did a bunch of hilarious shorts could keep a story cohesive, but after all that has happened that worry has been kicked out the window. After 17 threads it still manages to be funny, and even when it isn't the characters keep me reading.

I won't get into every character and why they are all perfect, but when an author takes a PC98 character at random and then makes his writers like her as much as current Touhous you know the writing is good. Some writers have also done this, but I believe Rikako to be the most well done though Border House has some incredibly good ones too.

By far my most favorite part of this story is the interactions between Koishi and the MC. Although other writers have written Koishi in a similar way, as a whimsical and extremely dangerous girl that likes to fuck with people's heads, I don't think a MC has taken it like this one has. Each encounter seems to have a chance to go horribly wrong and main someone, but the MC takes it in stride. Now between the MC and Rikako, Rikako and Koishi moments also being very good, Koishi might actually be opening herself up and I can't wait to see what happens next.
No. 4289
>Gensokyo High could use some UPDATES
I thought we had agreed that Taisa never coming back would be a good thing?
No. 4290
File 131091413126.jpg - (117.00KB , 600x334 , Take_It_Easy!.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 4291
>This board is for bitching about shit with all the vitriol that you can summon. This thread is fucking awful.

It must be a sad state you're in, indeed, that your mind can twist an imageboard about magical girls into a cross between Mordor and your therapist's office.

You sir, are no gentleman. I gaze upon thee with an upturned monocle, that I do.
No. 4292
Why? He was pissed due to the amount of faggotry in his stories... and that was anon's fault, not his. Both of his stories were good (I liked more his Touhouvania, but whatever)
How could more updates be a bad thing?
No. 4293
I must agree with that gentleman.
One should not simply turn a website into his own hate management therapy room.
No. 4295
if you want, we can start bitching about all the friendless, self-hating people like yourself.
No. 4297
EZMode does nice stories. The picture he pains are interesting and they often cover things that aren't touched as much.

I think some folks give Teruyo too much grief over what happened in his first story. But yeah his modern stories are better than that. And if you want an possible Eirin route, there's DIM in /eientei/.

I was attempting to be polite about it.
No. 4303

Go away, Rageanon.
No. 4304
Why would we need a special day for that?

Do the Right Thing has atrocious pacing because the writer improvises almost everything. I'm sure he knows this and doesn't give a shit, so pointing it out doesn't really help.
No. 4311
I don't come to /blue/ all too often, and I really only read through this thread on a whim, but I'm glad I did because you seriously just made me cry. And not just a single proud Indian tear, either.

I don't think I could possibly say anything that would mean as much to you as what you just said means to me. Thank you so much.
No. 4312

Wow, it shocks me that I would ever see my name anywhere other then my own threads. Thanks.

About the Teruyo thing, he's had a love-hate relationship with many people on the site for various reasons, many of which aren't worth reproducing, but he's honestly not 100% bad (otherwise no one would trust him with an admin position) and he does make efforts to help a lot. Even though I tend to disagree with him a lot, he's pretty cool at times and he was the one that inspired me to write here in the first place.

Now to actually contribute and list my own favourite writers and stories to suggest to people.

First of all, while I've already mentioned him, Teruyo gets props for being one of the "forefathers" that pretty much gave life to Eientei in the first place being the first writer there and just for the general fact that DoLF is a massive mind fuck that really fits the theme of how Eientei is really supposed to be.

Good ol' Dr. Q is a good friend of mine who writes a lot of really nice shorts, notably the RPG story in border that had an intriguing, if slightly sloppily executed idea. He doesn't write a whole lot from what I know but he's a good guy.

Fell is a writer who probably needs no introduction at this point, having written the prolific story, The Game, which inspired a lot of people from what I know, for better or for worse. Amazing writing, I hope this guy keeps it up.

I feel I have to give an honorary mention to Taisa, just for all the BS he puts up with in Gensokyo High. I used to think ill of him because of that story but then I found out he's actually very timid and probably doesn't deserve all the rage that goes on his threads. I'd probably be unsure of myself too if I had to put up with those wankers.

QWL, or Qwilfish as I like to call him, writes a very unique and interesting story in Eientei that I felt was so different, that when he first started it, I was afraid that it might've been too early for such a revolution in writing amongst the boards. I pick fun at him all the time but he's honestly okay.

Then there's also Tetrominon, who left us for some unknown reason as far as I know. Come back to us Tetro why did you leave uuusss ;_;

And how could I forget Patchwork. Probably my favourite writer. Not just because he writes Mama Orin too. He's pretty sporadic in updates, kinda like glasnost but not as bad. But he writes some really awesome stuff and HLA is almost to border as how DoLF is to eientei, everytime I think of border, HLA is always the first to come to mind. Keep writing Patch, and god bless you.

For the miscellaneous writers, Clockwork Ninja wins the award for best new writer, since the misogynist story he's got going on in border has some real potential behind it. Scorn wins the award for most sickening Momizi short I ever read. YAF wins the best asshole writer award, and I win the Slowpoke award for only realizing now as I write this that Tetrominon actually did come back. What the fuck man.

Wow, this post is too long.
No. 4315
At least Glasnost translates stuff in his off time, such as Wild and Horned Hermit. I say that warrants him a bit of a break from "why are you not updating" bitching.

I hope you get back to writing soon yourself. You left your /border/ story on a pretty interesting point.
No. 4316
>He's pretty sporadic in updates, kinda like glasnost but not as bad.


>Last ULA update: >>/underground/6383
>glasnost!YuZx.HoN.U 10/12/14 (Tue) 11:07
>Last KID update: >>/underground/6424
>Patchwork!!L2MGExBJD0 10/12/31 (Fri) 02:36

Unless you were talking about writing quality, in which case yes, "kinda like glasnost but not as bad" is entirely accurate.
No. 4317
Sukima - Shikigami of the Heart, Orin's Little Visit, Momizi's Little Visit, and a Clockwork Visit are all fantastic stories. His characters are very interesting and he adds an interesting "slice of life" element to the mix. He writes the best Orin I've seen yet. (YAF's is close)

Teruyo - I picked up Doalf halfway through, and it was pretty rough going. Nevertheless, I tend stick to stories and writefags as long as possible until either A, the writefag explodes all over the place or B, the story itself explodes. I stuck around and the second run of Doalf is infinitely better and more fulfilling than the first, I can't wait to see where it goes next~

ADEFT Writefag - I've been on board since his first story post and I've really enjoyed his writing style. It's been rocky lately as far as votes go, but I'd definitely recommend it. His Suika and Alice are second to none and Arc, his OC,
has excellent characterization and provides an interesting look at seminormal human life in Gensokyo.

Klaymen- SCIENCE!, I,Youkai, and Creeping Shadows are all quality/entertaining works of writing. Constant updates on a regular basis make him one of the most reliable writefags on the site imho besides Lion. I really don't know where you get the drive to constantly write, but keep it up!

YAF - Glorious bastard. Not sure how else to describe him. Memoria in Discord has delicious Mokou-tits and his /underground story has an unique OC and a brilliant Satori~

Norseman - Gensokyoland Saga. A viking in Gensokyo with a crowning moment of awesome few have legitimately achieved. This guy writes like no one else. I don't know what happened to this him, but I like to think he's still around somewhere.

Fallout-Anon - Wonderful story with a distinct and riveting backstory including a lovable OC and dynamic renditions of Renko and Maribel. One word, Combat Miko.

Harker- Contemplations Under the Moon and Stars featured one of my favorite protagonists and was moving toward the ever elusive Reisen route before the writefag just vanished without a trace. It's worth a look.

U.N. Owen - ASSM brought me back the /sdm like no other story. It was truly a mindfuck and I loved every minute of it. "A Fairy's Tale" is an excellent story with lovable OC's and the best Flandre ever written.

HY - I stumbled upon THP shortly after the /jp schism and "Expectation of Sanguine Disorder" was the first story I read. For me, it gave Touhou a breath of fresh air and was instrumental in making me a diehard fan.
When he left the site I was deeply saddened. I don't think I ever got a straight answer as to why he left in the first place.
Nevertheless, I still go back and reread his stories every once in a while to savor the magic that he could instill as a writer.

There are plenty of other writefags that I haven't mentioned. (Vodka, Snake, AngryDesu, Taisa, etc) It would take up far too much room to go over all of them.

I love this site despite its flaws and I'll be here voting until it closes down entirely.
No. 4318
The post size limit is actually quite accommodating, you'll find.
No. 4319
KamikazeWraith for Idea of Alice.

ALICE is one of the most compelling 'original' characters I've seen in a CYOA, but the story is really brought to life by the large cast of minor characters who all seem to have a personal history and didn't spring into being the moment the MC appears. Real Alice's backstory in particular, as a girl who escapes the Gestapo in WWII, was a stroke of brilliance.
No. 4322

Speaking of post size limit, there's Palanon (didn't have a name-thing), who wrote Palingenesia, which often hit the post limits. A typical update was around 3 posts at their limit. And he was quick as well.

Unfortunatly, all his stuff was deleated when he switched computers by accident. Now, it sits there, unfinished and collecting dust. While he could come back, it's highly unlikely.
No. 4325

I feel like he was an actual author who swooped in to emasculate every other writer on touhou-project, and then got back to his other work when he got bored.
No. 4326

...thank you. ;_;
No. 4327
Why is everyone posting this stuff here? Go post it in the writers' threads.
No. 4328
>Go post it in the writers' threads.
Some of these threads (e.g. Taisa's) have fallen off the board by now.
No. 4329

The general purpose of this thread is to make people feel good. Posting what you like about writers is achieving this, I feel. So I see nothing wrong with this stuff being here.
No. 4330
Yeah, but the general purpose of writing paragraphs of praise for a single writer is to make that writer feel good. Posting it in his thread as well might be good. A little redundancy never hurt anyone.

To add some shitty content, I've never read a story and thought "Man, this writer is too influenced by reader comments." Do more of that. Taisa's internal monologues in GH come to mind as an example.

Maybe it's possible to take too many cues from readers. I don't know. I've never seen it, though.
No. 4331
I'd like the idea, however it could go wrong in so many ways. For one being there would have to be no planned story, and purely write-ins.
No. 4332
I don't mean abandoning choices. I just mean taking reader comments into consideration.

though what you said is working out just fine for snake's Nue story. even with voters writing in rape votes, it's still awesome.
No. 4352
As long as you maintain a strong overall narrative and tone the twists and turns a story takes to get to the conclusion are pretty irrelevant. If the writer can pull off adding it all in then by all means he should.
No. 4376
>The general purpose of this thread is to make people feel good.
More like the purpose is to stroke the writeres ego in hope he will feel superior enough to write.
No. 4377
File 131118796374.jpg - (401.41KB , 800x600 , 20316592_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh please. If that worked, Taisa would have started writing again ages ago. You can't stroke an ego that isn't there.
No. 4378
Taisa is a special case.

If you look at what shit he pulled in april and when he really comes back to write he only gets on his knees and apologizes for everything that is wrong with the world.

Possible god only knows what is wrong with him.
No. 4379
No, he isn't a special case. I don't know shit about mental health, but I'm certain of that much.

I'm also pretty sure he doesn't like people talking about him. Sorry for bringing it up; I wasn't thinking.
No. 4381
Though it does get aspiring writefags like me wanting to know what he did. Or she. Or it.
No. 4382
He wrote Gensokyo High and dropped it. Also some other things. But mostly that. You can find it in the storylist.

Read it if you want to see what happens when shitstorms start on an extremely timid writer's watch. It's not pretty.
No. 4387
It is, however, an object lesson in "how not to deal with people who are shitting up a story thread."
No. 4390
>Also some other things.
About that...
No. 4392
File 131125159560.jpg - (434.27KB , 1000x1400 , ae9efa0617af1a79ccd01b65c9793bc2.jpg ) [iqdb]
He made a shitty April Fool's "joke".
No. 4394
File 131125203994.jpg - (113.74KB , 621x855 , ohohohohoh.jpg ) [iqdb]
SHUT UP! I tried to forget that! And you're here! WHY DO YOU EVEN TALK ABOUT IT? Why are you putting salt on my amputation? WHY?
No. 4402
It's listed as a short on the story list. This made me laugh.
No. 4408
You know, that little "joke" would probably have gone over a lot better if only Taisa had gone far enough to make it obvious it was a joke beyond "Taisa updated, and it's April 1". Make the one post he was going to make for it so utterly ridiculous by the end that no one could possibly mistake it for a serious attempt to restart.

Of course, if he was really committed to the idea, he could have carried it even further than just one post. Keep writing and updating it, until the matter of romance with a student inevitably came up, and take it to the logical conclusion. Namely, the involvement of law enforcement.
No. 4409
Eh, in my book, the only thing that isn't fair game on April Fool's is saying "this isn't a joke" and not meaning it. The GH reboot was funny because it was played completely straight, by the last person in the world anyone would ever expect to pull something like that.
No. 4410
I myself didnt notice it was a joke till after I posted.

Still though, faggish move.
No. 4415
>You know, that little "joke" would probably have gone over a lot better if only Taisa had gone far enough to make it obvious it was a joke beyond "Taisa updated, and it's April 1". Make the one post he was going to make for it so utterly ridiculous by the end that no one could possibly mistake it for a serious attempt to restart.

The point of an April's Fools joke is to fool, and then after the fact say, "Gotcha."

For what it's worth, he did it right.
No. 4416
Oh, I agree. The problem is, you have to have a certain level of nerve pull off certain jokes and be able to roll with whatever punches might come your way as a result of it. This is especially crucial if the nature of the joke is likely to piss someone off, and it does.

Taisa was doing it right, up until the point he started apologizing and second-guessing whether he should have done it in the first place.
No. 4417
File 131138287453.jpg - (779.78KB , 1200x1500 , 14918075.jpg ) [iqdb]
You should aim to make them happy. Even if they know it's a lie it's not like they're gonna get angry, they might even thank you.
No. 4423
>For what it's worth, he did it right.

No he fucking didn't.

If he did it right, he would have updated the story again the next day before going "Gotcha!"
No. 4424
So... What do you mean? He should've continued the story, and had the assumption that it was a fake story be the joke itself?
No. 4425
Or make it clearly obvious in the story it was a joke.

Seriously, A great story gets canceled, and the remake is just a joke? That's harsh, even by Anon's standerds.
No. 4426
No. 4427
Opinions are subjective, my friend.
No. 4432
File 131150884421.jpg - (112.12KB , 808x500 , Of course retard.jpg ) [iqdb]
Why answering to >>4426? Just let him believe that he holds the truth in his little meaty fingers.
No. 4436
I'm here to say that NewAgeRetroHippie is great, Curses Foiled is great, and why the fuck isnt it getting more votes!
No. 4440
THIS. It's not like people don't read /youkai/, just look at all the votes Lion gets for his story. I know for a fact that NARH isn't out to fuck with anon, something I'm unsure about with Lion.
No. 4451
No one reads /youkai/, people just read /lion/
No. 4456
File 131163878071.jpg - (501.73KB , 750x600 , 78fb1ad0cb3e507fe6f3b9d7e59d5eb3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Imagine if I hadn't been drunk.
No. 4457

Personally, I stopped reading it when he decided to drop it after spending an entire day blazed; though the two are entirely unrelated, I'm sure. He may have came back, but I lost all interest in the story in the interim and can't help but roll my eyes whenever I see him, so...
No. 4458
See, it's a shame, because I never had any real interest in the story until I came back from that. I still believe that my logic at the time was sound (stop pursuing a hobby that you're not having fun with? preposterous!) and I don't regret having made the decision. I think continuing to force it would have made both the story and me suffer. I'm not going to suggest you pick it back up, of course, and I don't blame you for not wanting to; I know myself how difficult it is to read something dropped once with the same enthusiasm as before. I'd still appreciate it, though, if you took a look - just as I appreciate all my readers.
No. 4485
Can't we all just get along?
No. 4486
In a perfect world maybe. But even there we would kill each other off.
No. 4490
You've got a weird definition for perfect.
No. 4492
A perfect world? It's a world where nothing lives. A world where there's no such things as hate, madness, butthurt. It's a world where hunger, war, pestilence and death does no exist.
Yes. This is a perfect world.
No. 4493
File 13118677634.jpg - (65.77KB , 312x445 , BarrenGlory.jpg ) [iqdb]

And it's a great card to build a combo around, too!
No. 4494
It's a whole new world we live in? Is it a whole new way to see?
No. 4497
What the hell is assaulting my ears?

Good thing I don't come to blue often.
No. 4498
Only a Sith does not deal in smooth jazz.
No. 4500
Only a Jedi would impose his musical selection!
No. 4501
Only neckbeards would randomly say this kind of stupid shit.
No. 4502
'references that arent only about laser shooting lolis? what is this madness?!'

Also, is it just me, or is the nyancat gone? I kinda missed his smooth jazz.
No. 4503

Also, I keep hearing the nyan cat.
No. 4505
Maybe us neckbeards aren't too fond of you, either.

But I'm neither of those posts, so continue.

No, it's still there. It's still fucking there.
No. 4506
You sure? I cant quite hear it over my bleeding ears
No. 4507

Have you checked the address of the website you are on?
No. 4508
I keep reading "neckbeard" everywhere. What the hell does that mean anyway?
No. 4509
Star Wars, obscure beyond belief.
No. 4510
No. 4511
Sup ragenon. Back from your ban?
No. 4514

Za beasto The beast has broken its seals!
No. 4559
New music is fucking epic.
No. 4560
A near useless and fucking situational card I take.
I agree. Kinda like an improved rainy mood.
No. 4561
Wait is this the guy who kept on screaming and lying about the rules?
No. 4563
Now this I can relax to.
No. 4566
>If you've noticed the site not working as well as it should over the last few days, it's because of a large denial of service attack which has resulted in some unresponsiveness. In order to protect the site measures have been taken to ban attacking IPs. Most Chinese IP address ranges have been blocked as a result.

Did someone here said bad things about China?
No. 4567
It's probably the guy who wants /at/ to stop pirating his cosplay photoshoots, using a Chinese botnet.
No. 4574
Rain + Jazz = soothing
No. 4583
Tis Fragrance of Dark Coffee and Rainy Mood. Really, its a splendid song.
No. 4590
In the off chance the admin or whoever messes with this board reads my post, can you have the song Johnny C Bad from ff6 play whenever you change the music again? I didn't know where to ask this, or if I even should've, but I figured if I was going to, it might as well be on /blue/ itself.
No. 4772
Where's my smooth jazz?
No. 4773
Dude, where's my music?
No. 12034