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New topic to bitch about stories, writers, characters, website, or anything related to touhou-project.com

No. 3578
I hate all topics to bitch about stories, writers, characters, website, or anything related to touhou-project.com
No. 3579
I hate peoples hating all topics to bitch about stories, writers, characters, website, or anything related to touhou-project.com
No. 3580
I hate writers who fail to keep to their self-imposed schedules.

Damn you, me.
No. 3581
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How about a topic about how much I love all you guys?

Enough hate gets thrown around this place.
No. 3582
You can make a new thread for that.
This thread is an outlet. Keeps it outside of story threads.
No. 3583
No. No, it doesn't. Don't fool yourself.
No. 3585
I wanna bitch AGAIN about Glad Turtle's story in /underground/.
If you missed it, it's a story about magic, crossdresser, and Satori. Or something like that.

Glad Turtle went missing without any explaination. If I were rich, and admin, I would seek his IP in the website's archive, hunt him down, and chain him to his keyboard until the story's over.

But I'm just Anonymous, there's nothing I can do but bitch, so here I bitch.
No. 3586
In all honesty is there a way to track down what happened to the authors who've just "dropped" their stories with barely a warning? Where do they go? We know about...Kira, but, maybe I don't want to think about it, it can't be that everyone shared his same fate.
No. 3587
Honestly, I didn't knew about Kira until recently, but I really hope Glad Turtle just decided to have a break.

Because otherwise, it would mean that the website is cursing its writers.

"The writefag's curse". Hey, sounds cool, I should write something about this.
No. 3588
There's always IRC, someone there may know. Sometimes authors mention other stuff they do, like games they play so it's possible to track them through that. Sometimes they use the same name for other sites/forums so there's that as well. Just be creative, take a page from the book of a PI.

I've met one other writer from this site once and he is a nice guy. IPs won't get you anywhere except general geographical location.
No. 3589
You want to keep a file on every writefag?
Remember me to never tell you anything.

But maybe writefags should give their E Mail before writing something, this way we could see if they're ... inactive.
No. 3590
>glad turtle
He posted somewhere saying that he was done writing. I thought it was somewhere in /blue/ but I can't find the post. Regardless, it's pretty clear that he's done writing for good.
No. 3592
>authors who've just "dropped" their stories with barely a warning?

You mean like HY did countless times?
No. 3593
One example yes. There are others like ????, who let one story in hiatus and the other stalled, or the Anonymous who wrote Fallout Gensokyo, to name just a few who've stopped writing stories. Hell I've seen interesting stories like Gensokyo M.D. just stall with no warning at all.
No. 3596
And then there's Patchwork who seems to stall stories for no reason.
No. 3598

Fallout gensokyo apparently had all his notes/progress erased in a computer failure incident involving his hard drive... Last check, he had privately said on an aside to a friend that he was trying to put it all back together.

Third hand knowledge here - Take it with a grain of salt.
No. 3599
Yeah I remember that. What about ???? and the guy who started that Gensokyo M.D. story? I know ???? was working as an EMT or something.
No. 3600

Sorry, I don't know anything about those guys.
No. 3609
What about Patchwork is there any knowledge as to what he is doing?
No. 3611
You are being rather creepy. I don't think many authors would appreciate you prying after they go hiatus for any length of time.
No. 3613

I wouldn't mind.


No, all I've heard about him is complaining that he never finished stories, or somethin'.
No. 3615
???? officially put his story on hiatus for an unknown amount of time.
No. 3623
File 130798672011.jpg - (63.52KB , 600x600 , 1200632863818.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd like to bitch about the fa/tg/uy cancer being back.
I thought, for a single, bright, glorious moment, that Demetrious had stopped, and it would go into remission. I was disappointed.
The horrible neckbeards currently bloating that thread like a malignant tumor are why I stopped going to /tg/.
And frankly, his story just isn't good enough to justify wading through that vast sea of corrupted flesh.
No. 3624
I'm with you. I had hoped that Demetrious would stay gone, and with him most of the neckbeards, but my hopes have been dashed apart. What's worse, is that in the month long hiatus that faggot was gone, they had started to spread. I don't know if anything can remove them at this point.
No. 3625
I'd like to bitch about people who bitch about some nonexistent and imaginary fa/tg/uy cancer.
No. 3626
I wanna bitch about Demetrious' story.
Now, don't get me wrong, I like his story (even if Demetrious itself sounds arrogant).
No, the main thing going on my nerves are the 4686 post about D&D thingies, post that are of course NOT SAGED, which means that each update will keep the thread on the front page for 2 weeks.

Seriously, as a writer, I would love to read discussion in my threads, but this is just TOO MUCH! Besides, most of those discussion aren't even related to the story! It's mostly stuff like "Hurr hurr wizzard is too powerful" or "hurr durr no it's possible he's lvl 17 with a Ral Ghul set and Gandalf's staff so it's possible".

MC is overpowered, so what? The story is not about him steamrolling everywhere, the story is about Keine, Duke, Keine, tentacles monsters, Keine, Mokou, Keine, Cirno, and Keine. And did I mentionned it's about Keine?
No. 3628
Demetrious is odious enough that he taints his story by association. I'd probably still be reading it if I never saw any of his other posts.
No. 3629
File 130799661097.png - (126.84KB , 512x272 , vlcsnap-2011-06-10-23h07m23s34.png ) [iqdb]
Oh, yeah, I remember studying that. It's called "contamination".

For example, you mother makes you a cookie. It's delicious.
And now, your worst archnemesis makes you a cookie. It's disgusting.

In fact, the cookie is the same each time. Your mind was playing tricks on you.
You're reading Demetrious' story. That's a nice story.
You read Demetrious' post, and you discover he's arrogant and odious. Immediately, his story becomes awful.
No. 3630
I hate, hate, hate that phenominon.
There's a bunch of classic movies that are almost impossible for me to watch now after learning how loathesome their directors were.
I mean, Demetrious is just egotistical and abrasive. Alfred Hitchcock was an abusive stalker who intentionally ruined the career of one of his actresses when she refused to sleep with him. And then there's Roman Polanski, and Stanley Kubrick, and...
No. 3631
Those readers are more to rage about.

But not for invading.

They're just confined to that one thread.

I doubt they know the rest of the site exists.
No. 3632
I can handle Demetrious' attitude. Being an unrepentant asshole is whatever. I'll get over it. It's his idiot fanbase that ruins everything for me. I have absolutely no strong desire to post in those threads, or even read them, cause I know if I say even the smallest thing that isn't dick-licking praise, I'll have 5-7 neckbeards jumping down my throat telling me how "wrong" I am for having an opinion. This is to say nothing of the 50 sequential posts talking about D&D mechanics, something I have no interest in.
No. 3633

I think you're missing the point of the story you moron.
No. 3634
Of course not. I fully recognize that the entire point of that story is for faggot neckbeards, such as yourself, to masturbate over a clash between D&D and Touhou. I also do not give a shit. All of that D&D discussion is absolutely unsightly.
No. 3635
An object lessson!
No. 3636

I may disagree with >>3632, but you're helping his case more than hurting it. In addition to being a twat.


Regarding the discussion: Well, it does seem to be kind of the point. From my own point of view, discussions of possible tactics and spell effects seem related to the story, particularly if it contains a choice regarding a combat or preparation segment. It does seem to be missing the point to be sick of the story for such discussions, when it seems as valid as other long discussions that have happened in stories in the past. I don't play DnD either, and I don't pretend to understand most of the discussions unless they're clearly elaborated upon (And hence abstain from relevant votes), but should the worst come to worst, surely using ctrl+f and "Demetrious" would be a valid option to skip all the discussion? There's even a story downloader that will omit all the non story posts linked in /gensokyo/.

Also, while >>3633 being a twat has weakened my case here regarding the other point, I would be interested to see where valid criticism that didn't resort to flinging of insults (Read: NOT posts like >>/th/138887) was responded to with said jumping down of throats. I'd be appreciative if you could save me the search and link those events.
No. 3638
Part of the appeal for me is participating in these stories, and the discussion contained there-in. What's the point of reading that story when you eliminate that? It's not nearly good enough to stand up by its own merits.

Also, no thank you on dragging up examples. I do not care enough to go digging through multiple shitpiles for my own posts, and the reactions to them. Besides, I have no desire to get into a serious discussion on why Demetrious' story is shit, and the neckbeards it drags over are a blight upon the site. That path will only invite ruin.
No. 3641
Ctrl+F "writer's name" is the only way to read some stories.
Demetrious' story, of course, but also Gensokyo High, who was cursed by an overactive reader base.
No. 3643
I honestly cannot recall any genuine, non-offensive critique that was met with anything but discussion of the points presented. Almost everything negative I've seen has been "NECKBEARDS" in long form.
No. 3644
File 13080112118.png - (543.32KB , 1000x1200 , 19557770_p1.png ) [iqdb]
I am perhaps intruding on the current topic of discussion here, but I wish to remark that in the period of time I was absent from THP, someone from the boards, I found, followed me around (not to say stalked) on the internet - comminity portals, forums, games, IRC channels and such (no doubt using my e-mail as a base for tracking), so the chances are someone has already gone about stalking other inactive writers, to a lesser or greater extent and with more or less successful results. I'd love to get back in touch with W-I-T the 8th (also known as thenightsshadow on IRC), by the way. If you've got any info on that guy, give me a heads up, would you kindly?

Have a free Mokou in return.
No. 3645
I highly doubt that someone would stalk you. You sure are not such a great writer that someone needs to spend his time following you around.
No. 3646
That is exactly what I meant to say. If someone stalked me, surely he (or someone else) would also stalk other (in your opinion better) writers.
No. 3647
Well, I did create a character named YAF when I started playing Monster Hunter 3, but I don't know anything else.
No. 3648
Fact: THP authors tend to be faggots, so it's a great idea to avoid IRC if you suffer from this phenomenon.

And the fact the readerbase was most of the site.

Yeah I don't remember much in the way of real criticism, just butthurt faggots whining about neckbeards, mary sues, and general anal decimation over the Wizard succeeding in a surprise attack on Marisa (who 'borrowed' his books).

Sure Demetrious may be on the arrogant side, but he's not that bad of a person and he won't let anon push him around.
No. 3651
Considering these guys claim the Wizard is a Mary Sue, yet will praise stories like Archetype of Self without any irony about the Mary Sue protagonist, I suspect their Mary Sue detectors are broken.
No. 3652
Contamination one more time.

Archetype of Self was written by SLDT, and it countained Yukari.

A Wizard is you is written by Demetrious, and it countain Keine.

Keine is more popular with writers, while Yukari is very often the mastermind gapping MC out of nowhere to live in Gensokyo.
It's not a flawed Mary Sue detector thing, it's half-cocksucking, and half-fanboyism.

Ask a popular writer to write something about a character everyone forget, and you'll have a story everyone will love.
Ask a new writer to write something about a well-known character, you'll be flamed.

That's a wonderful world, isn't it?
No. 3654
You two are both idiots. Absolutely everyone agrees that the MC of Archetype of Self is a complete and utter Sue. Probably even worse than Wizard. However, Wade isn't written as an autistic whiny faggot who cries over how "unfair," and "bullshit" everyone else is.

The people who don't like Wizard have valid reasons to not like him despite his status as a Mary Sue. The people who don't like Wade just don't like him, and I have yet to see anyone say they liked that story because of the protagonist of all things.
No. 3655
>You two are both idiots.

I stopped reading after that. If you can't have an argument without being insulting, let's give up.
No. 3656
Yeah as well it's painfully obvious that Wade is a Mary Sue, but it doesn't stop fan's enjoyment as well it boils down to "what crazy thing can we do next"? Also in AoS, even Wade had a hard time against Yorihime, even after using Rare Akuma's movelist.

That's some half asscheck logic. The Wizard story is popular because it's well characterized and well written. His Cirno is something of a fresh breath of air as she's not a one note "Eye m retard" type character, but someone with potential yet can do cute/funny things.

And most of the naysayers don't have so much real reason but being butthurt. The Wizard's remarks about things is mainly due to how different Gensokyo works from the DnD cluster of planes. Among other things stopping Time is a very high end ability usable only once a day while for Sakuya it seems to be an At-Will Power.
No. 3657
Wade was an ok character, but the story was unreadable from the third thread and onwards.
A good or bad character doesn't define a story. Per example, your appreciation of 'A wizard is you' character is spot-on (except for the autistic part, which you don't seem to know what really is -you probably took it from 4chan, do not use it in the future, it's no better than a meme-) but the story itself is somewhat enjoyable.
No. 3658
>fresh breath of air as she's not a one note "Eye m retard" type character

You haven't read a lot of stories, have you?
No. 3659
Hold on...
ASSM, Cirno isn't retarded.
A flea in the dog house, she's not retarded.
A certain devilish library, she's not retarded.

So, let me ask you, Anon, in some very crude terms, halas, but:
No. 3660
>A flea in the dog house
>A certain devilish library
I miss those stories. I hope you die in hell for reminding me of them.
Just kidding. Still sad, though.
No. 3661
Not many stories have portrayed Cirno as that genuinely stupid "eye'm da strongest" shit. Many of them have her as childish, and not very mature. Which is as it should be, since she is.

I don't know why these guys keep trying to hold up Demetrious' Cirno as a shining beacon of rare characterization when it isn't. His Cirno isn't anything special. She isn't somehow magically better than every other Cirno. She definitely isn't an example of how Demetrious "has great characterization." The only explanation I can think of is these guys are simply incredibly new to the site, and are confusing almost every Cirno written here with BAKA ⑨ garbage.
No. 3662
I'd wager it's because they limit themselves to /th/, where stories are often of... well, shaky quality, if you know what I'm saying. Especially nowadays.
No. 3663
I am sad too, bro. I discovered THP with those stories, and now they are abandonned. It makes me sad, really really sad.
No. 3664
/th/ is where all new writers start. Except Hartmann, but he's not a reference.
Therefore, quality on /th/ is often... well let's say it frankly, it's very often lame.
No. 3665
I know exactly what you are saying. If it weren't for some of the longer running stories that started before their arrival, I would have written the current /th/ off as a wasteland of retarded faggotry. It would be our /b/, and I'm not entirely sure it isn't destined for that anyways.
No. 3666
>/th/ is our /b/
Well, not really. /b/ is original, but anarchist.
I would rather say, /th/ is our /jp/. Full of weeaboos, neckbeard, newbies, and fanboyz.
No. 3667
Good point, but that answer gives me more questions.

No. 3668
For many reasons:
1) They aren't sure how boards work.
2) They heard that other boards are dead, so they think "I don't want to go that way".
3) Because 42.
4) Obi YAF Kenobi.
5) Because you touch yourself at night.
No. 3669
>/b/ is original
>/th/ is our /jp/

You are so goddamn stupid. This entire problem stems from people who are not from /jp/ or regularly visit it coming to this site.
No. 3671

First, allow me to call you a moron for being unable to argue without insulting your opponent.
Now, allow me to remind you that /b/ is infamous for several mèmes, like lolcats or Rick Roll.
While we may agree on the fact that they are dumb and now overused memes, you shoud acknowledge the fact that they created the Internet as we know it.

Have a good dayeth, sir.
No. 3672
First, allow me to express my mirth at your hypocrisy.
Now, allow me to remind you that /jp/ is also infamous for several memes, such as butt-devastated, and AUTISM. More-so, let me remind you that /jp/ is solely responsible for the site you are currently posting on.
While you may be wrong in almost every imaginable way, I have given you the respect you so fitfully demand. I have not once called you an utter retard in this post, though I am sorely tempted.

Now fuck off with your "sirs," and good days.
No. 3674
Yeah, so not only I didn't know that those things were memes, I'm also making typos. Time to go bed, I guess.

>/jp/ is solely responsible for the site you are currently posting on.
Yeah. That's pretty much why I said that our /th/ is like 4chan's /jp/.
No. 3675
No no, you see, there wouldn't be much of a problem if it was. The problem is that it is slowly turning into /tg/ and/or /b-lite/.
No. 3676
What fun /blue/ is.
Same here. At least Anonymaster is re-writing his stories and will resume them once he's done. Barring lying and RL, of course.
No. 3677
I agree. As long as /th/ is like /jp/, it's more or less fine, since we can control the usual touhoufag, but if it turns into a /tg/ board, when... either we leave, either we grab torchs and pitchforks, and we clean the mess up.
No. 3678
I never thought it was possible but this board has reached a new all time low.
No. 3681
If I might be permitted to interject, while I'm unsure as to how the other writers came to choose /th/ for their first story I did so after reading the various board descriptions and deciding that my story fit under none of the other categorizations. /th/ was the general board, and therefore the place it belonged under the guidelines we so value.

With this and a few other posts in mind, I'd have to say I'm not fond of the disingenuous generalizations and assertions made by select posters within this thread. I'd ask you all to remember that you're not speaking of mindless machines designed for your amusement, you're talking about people. Speaking from personal experience, I'm almost entirely sure that most if not all writers on /th/ or any other board seek to improve and would be ecstatic to have your critique. If you provide it in a manageable and more importantly helpful way.
No. 3682
>If I might be permitted to interject
You may not. No good will come of it.
No. 3683
I suppose I should have waited for permission before writing the post.
My mistake.
No. 3684
Nah that's too hard for most people here. THP.com is like FF.net in that people are too lazy to offer critique or criticism. FF.net shows its laziness in its mindless acceptance of every story with the typical "review" being "great story man." THP.com shows its laziness whenever people claim that this site isn't for learning how to write better, so then posters here will say "GTFO" or something instead offering actual constructive criticism.

When you post stories here they're supposed to be perfect, with the authors of said stories being able to write them perfectly without any critiquing at all.
No. 3685
That or if a flawed story comes along, fanboy it up and act like it's perfect.

Fact: The ever holy SDM LA has a few holes and rough spots in it. Forest LA was done solely on the fly

Problem is a sizable number of newbies choose /th/ to write because "It has the most readers" and most folks flock to /th/ because it has the most stories. This makes something of a vicious cycle folks are trying to break. But as it stands many folks have a middling opinion of /th/ as while it has the most readers and stories, a large chunk of both are of low quality.

Also folks would only provide criticism only if you ask for it and/or they care enough to give it. Otherwise they'll ignore the small flaws and enjoy the good. Though if you see your story being talked about here, you might want to worry as such talk is generally based on good reasons, Wizard's butthurt losers excluded.
No. 3686
>Though if you see your story being talked about here, you might want to worry as such talk is generally based on good reasons, Wizard's butthurt losers excluded.

I haven't seen it mentioned, but I've only searched for the name of the character, my username and the story name, so it might be in here even if none of those turned up results.
I suppose I'll take that as a fairly good sign? At the least, it's better to assume I'm doing something right than that I am so utterly average that nobody can even be bothered to mock me.
No. 3687
>Though if you see your story being talked about here, you might want to worry as such talk is generally based on good reasons, Wizard's butthurt losers excluded.

Of course. Anything you like can't possibly have its shortcomings. Got it.
No. 3688
If you don't see your story in /blue/ then it is a good sign.

Want some actual criticism of it? He has the bad habits of A) Piling on incidents, making it a bit hard to resolve certain threads and B) overdoing it on the references. Both of which I've remarked on and personally remarked to him about it.

I might have worded things wrong, but it's the only exceptional Cirno I've seen. The Cirno in Flea and Certain Library aren't stupid, but just typical cute. ASSM I heard had a nice cirno but kinda avoid it due to how Owen fucked up the ending to it.
No. 3689
Piling on incidents is not a shortcoming. I prefer stories that do it.
No. 3690
It is when it delays a good chunk of the ongoing threads from being completed. It'd different than being action packed as most action packed things let some plot threads resolve before starting up another.
No. 3691
For some reason, when a writefag piles up incident, I read this as:
"I don't know what I'm going to do with the plot, so I'm going to distract them with something else."

It's fine to add little stories, but we don't want to read a 50-thread story either.
Think about animes. Some of them are overusing this to be as long as possible.
No. 3698
What is an example of "piling on an incident"?
No. 3699
For example, Ancient Gensokyo.
MC meet Konngara, Mima, and decide to follow Konngara's quest.

But then, Youki comes from nowhere, and everyone goes to Hakugyourou, and everyone forget about Konngara.
No. 3701
Do the Right Thing is also like that. MC's box? Forgotten.
No. 3703
Eh, I'm not so sure.
"Piling on incidents" makes it sound like the writer has no capacity, when in Do the Right Thing it's more that the readers just had no interest in the box to begin with.
No. 3704
And? The writer leads the story. He can say "no" to Anon if Anon wants to go off-topic.
Even if Do the Right Thing is funny and stuff, the writer still went "piling on incidents".
Blaming his readers for this won't do.
As someone said before: Anon vote, but writer decide.
No. 3705
The story has no really plot or goal, it is more like a let's see where this way will bring us and itneract with whatever we can find.

So it cannot really be "explained" by that.
No. 3706
>>Do the Right Thing is also like that. MC's box? Forgotten.

I would say that has less to do with an overall piling on of incidents, and more to do with the box's specific role as a MacGuffin. It's like the word "Rosebud" or the briefcase in Pulp Fiction; something that kicks off the overall story and motivates some of the characters into action, but might fade away as other elements of the story come into play. That's not to say it can't come back, and may even play an important role in the end, it's just not needed at that particular time.
No. 3707
And...the writer chose?
I don't argue that the box hasn't been relevant to the story in a long while, but the label seems to have negative connotations that I find misrepresent the story.
No. 3708
I get the impression that it's intentional and lampshaded (various characters remark on the MC's tendencies being absurd)

I'm sure the box will come back when it's relevant.
No. 3709
It actually has objectives, but only short-term ones. Right now is to return to the surface without getting killed by Yuuka
No. 3712
Don't misunderstand me.
It's still a enjoyable story, like Archetype of Self. I still find pleasure reading it.
But it is not a "good" story, you see? Since it's basically "walk around in Gensokyo, see what happen", even with interesting characters (detective Cirno, tsundere Tenshi, crazy Medicine, and ... Rikako).

There was a post somewhere in /blue/, where Anon explain that a writer should have a plot. Giving up on the plot to follow a parallel route is okay once in a while, but the writer should never forget his plot.
No. 3713
No, I don't see at all

>It's an enjoyable story
>But it's not a good story

These are entirely contradictory statements. If enjoyment of a story is not the most important aspect of it, what is?
No. 3714

a good story imparts something upon the reader.

I can enjoy say star wars; but if there is nothing memorable about it, or if I don't connect on a deep level, it isn't a good story.

that's my take on it.
No. 3715
But is it art????
No. 3716

It is a good story though. There never has been one huge overarching plot for the story, and every story does not need one. I think you're trying to make up definitions for words or something. When you actually find the word you're looking for I think you'll come across a lot clearer.

Besides, the box really isn't forgotten. It is probably the reason why the MC can't die.
No. 3717
Maybe I can't find the good word, yeah.
But, in my opinion, a story must have a plot. Or else, it's not really a story, just shorts following each other.
But, anyway, I can't explain myslef since I lack vocabulary, so I'll better shut up and keep reading quietly.
No. 3718
I did connect with the story since its second thread. I guess it is a matter of opinion in the end.
No. 3719
File 130818515630.png - (184.81KB , 514x514 , 18903559.png ) [iqdb]
I disagree. It is fully possible for someone to enjoy a story, even if it's not good, just as it's possible for someone not enjoy a story while acknowledging that it is good.

Have you never enjoyed a book, movie, or game that you know wasn't good, but you still had fun with it anyway? Have you never seen/heard/read something you know is supposed to be good, and yet just doesn't appeal to you at all?

There's nothing wrong with it. It's why we have such concepts as "guilty pleasures" and the concept of "so bad it's good". Because it's possible for something to be objectively bad, yet still appeal to you on some other level, possibly to the point that you are able to overlook the shortcomings it has.
No. 3720
Indeed and stories here seem to have a balance of enjoyability and 'art'. I've seen some stories here so technical and artistic that I couldn't really connect with it. While certain hit stories while enjoyable were ultimately cliched in execution/mechanics.

DtRT isn't art, but something of an insane random romp. AoS definitely isn't art, and rather Gary Stu-ish, but allowed readers to have fun with it. Of the two I would say DtRT is better written and that whatever going on is well controlled.
No. 3721

What constitutes art, anyway? Thought, emotion, desire? What is love?
No. 3722
baby don't hurt me
No. 3725
don't hurt me, no more
No. 3727
File 130825648383.gif - (362.35KB , 220x176 , prismriver_haddaway.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 3734
Will they be going to a prom, then an old folks home?
No. 3737
File 130831348763.jpg - (74.67KB , 480x600 , 10979681_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 3738
I wanna bitch about that "writers can only write about what they know" thing.
My characters are often crazy, unstable and shit like that.
Does that mean that I, being the writer, am insane?
No. 3739
File 130831713355.jpg - (799.86KB , 1081x1044 , 16e27ce53384d3a16395be1a6fa6e445.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 3740
It's impossible for you to write about stuff you don't know.

If you mean firsthand experience, then, yeah, people that think that are dumb.
No. 3741
Only a crazy writer is a good writer.

The statistic does not lie.
No. 3742
That explains why I can't write any threesome.
No. 3743
PROTIP: insanity in fiction is most of the time nothing like actual real-life dysfunction. And for a good reason. So no, you're not crazy, just a faggot for thinking zany crazy protagonists are hot shit.
No. 3744
Protip: insanity can take several forms.
I knew a woman who cut her skin at several part to get rid of her beauty spot. She did that with a nail clipper.

My friend is schizophrenic. Sometimes he's making stories up, like saying that Churchill is still alive somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, or that Mickael Jackson was an E.T. When he takes his medicines, he's completely stunned. Sometimes, he's sane, and that's the most depressing part, because he knows he will never heal.

No. 3745
Which does not disprove anything I said, because realistic psychological dysfunction: 1) is boring 2) not funny 3) renders people incapable of many necessary everyday activities, and 4) you may not be a faggot now, but you would quickly become one if you tried to mix magical girl fanfiction with realistically portrayed insanity.

Also, as a student of psychology, I feel sorry for your friend. You can tell him that, if you imagine some random internet guy's pity will make him happier.
No. 3746
1) I disagree with this one. They are often interesting. Not really symptoms, but more causes.
2) Totally agree. That's not funny at all.
3) This is why we can't have insane main character.
4) I don't understand how mixing realistic madness with little girls will make me gay.
No. 3747
Perhaps, that or you'll fail badly. Though by the same virtue, a neurotic asexual pile of issues can never write a normal guy character too well.
No. 3748
>I don't understand how mixing realistic madness with little girls will make me gay.

"Because I say so" would be how.
No. 3749
>I don't understand how mixing realistic madness with little girls will make me gay.
Listen to that man, he knows what he's talking about
No. 3750

One of my favorite things is writing mentally unstable characters, and although I've only been diagnosed with ADHD, I hold extreme political beliefs (neo-fascist, basically), and have pretty much agreed with myself that I have *some* sort of problem, so~...
No. 3751
So why do people hate Aya so much? Were they in love with Diana or something?
No. 3752
I don't understand why being gay is such an undesirable thing? Do you not associate the words gay and faggot with actual homosexuals or what?

Aya is a pure and honest slut. Some people just can't handle that.
No. 3753
File 130834918675.jpg - (128.37KB , 640x953 , Diana.jpg ) [iqdb]
Her fanon attitude is akin to a slut's and jaypeers (which there are many here) dislike any girl that isn't a virgin. That's my theory anyway. Also, I like Diana.
Well, for starters, denying other person's right to live is a pretty heavy problem. It has something to do with empathy and some other psycological shit, I don't really know.
It's an insult, it has nothing to do with being an actual faggot. I don't think (hope) people here really care about that.
No. 3754
File 130835693957.jpg - (613.52KB , 1024x768 , Faggot.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is a faggot.
No. 3755
You forgot the original "Aya is a slut" meme pic born on poosh due to the massive amount of butthurt caused by Aya being the only character other than Reimu and Marisa to appear in MoF (despite MoF's plot not really involving the other characters), and the fact she got her own game (a quickie game made to go with a book at the last minute)

Back in the early days, there was the factor of Aya being fanonish compare to recently. Still people are quick to hate her AND Yukari without much good reason.
No. 3756
You don't know how long I was waiting for someone to post that. You've just made my day.
No. 3757
>Which does not disprove anything I said, because realistic psychological dysfunction: 1) is boring 2) not funny 3) renders people incapable of many necessary everyday activities, and 4) you may not be a faggot now, but you would quickly become one if you tried to mix magical girl fanfiction with realistically portrayed insanity.

Welcome to the NHK marks you wrong on all but the last point, and that's only because the principal was too much of a fuck-up to develop a salable product. And in any case, you're already a faggot for creating magical girl fanfiction on its own.
No. 3758
Welcome to the NHK wasn't really funny to me because it hit too close home. Maybe I lack sense of humor or something.
No. 3759
Except NHK was bullshit, boring and unfunny. In my opinion.
No. 3760

I wasn't very interested, but the series was respectable.
No. 3766
I checked some old stories.
Back in the day, when there was a namefag or a retarded vote, all you had to do was to link the post, and add this: "ಠ_ಠ".
Now, if there's a namefag, all we see is a link to the rules, and a complete page about how Anon was butthurt by a namefag.

My conclusion: it was better before.
No. 3767
By that logic, not replying to the post at all would be even better. Let's put this into action immediately!
No. 3768
No. 3769
Ahh, angry weeaboo eyes, how I've missed you. What fun we shall have!

This is the best of ideas. I salute you, good sir or madam.
No. 3770
Looking at those weeaboo eyes, how do you make them? There's no emoticons to click and I don't see any symbols that can make the eyes.
No. 3771
It is an ASCII symbol, but just copy paste. It's easier.
No. 3772
Alt 3232 on the numpad.
No. 4052
I'd like to bitch about YAF. He was writing an okay story, was doing well. All of a sudden he flips his shit, goes full-emo and posts his tripcode for the world

No. 4053
Someone else had his tripcode.
No. 4056
No. 4057
Someone else has YAF's trip?
This is a job for... MODERATION!
No. 4067
File 131009605171.jpg - (718.14KB , 850x1133 , 2362c1bbb919ebcab0102db96ce2f17d.jpg ) [iqdb]
enough said.
No. 4168
/border/ had like three stories I was following with a passion. Fuck the only good stories on this site is that one story in /underground/ with the batshit insane doctor protag, and maybe doll's quest if you want to go through a fuckton of metagaming. Oh and fallout gensokyo.

Also, Lol@Glad_Turtle in /th/. It takes real skill to get that level of butthurt.
No. 4186
>Fuck the only good stories on this site is that one story in /underground/ with the batshit insane doctor protag
You think hartmann's story, of all possible stories you could pick, is one of the only good stories in the site?

You can't be serious. It's fucking hartmann.
No. 4191
File 131070718890.jpg - (324.56KB , 1274x1000 , Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya.jpg ) [iqdb]
I think he's talking about this: >>/underground/5444

Irrelevantly, this music is really fucking catchy.
No. 4194
Yeah, That's what I meant. Making posts on an imageboard with only 3 hours of sleep under my belt was never a good idea.
No. 4278
Sometimes I feel like more people want me to restart DIG than do read CFA, and that makes me sad because occasionally I'll try to brainstorm a bit for it, only to add to the dozen pages of notes and quips I want in CFA. I'd try to write both if I wasn't already spreading my interests thinly. I do want to write it, I just want to write CFA more.

By the way. That you consider DIG the only good story (my others included) is simultaneously a boost and a blow to my pride.
No. 4310
So, it's okay for a fan to write a story based on a profitable work, but when a fan writes a story based on a non-profit fanwork, it's the most insulting, terrible thing ever? This is dumb.

On the other hand, if you do believe fanfiction is terrible, perhaps you should stop writing and reading it?
No. 4313

You've totally missed the point. Blatant copying and writing something for someone else without their permission is what makes it insulting. Yes, you can write something based one what they're writing, but when you copy the story, write the rest of it as you yourself deemed fit and not how the writer wants to write it and then passing it off as a continuation to the story in the writer's stead, that is what makes it insulting. It's like if Bob Ross started painting and stopped part way through to do something else really quick, and you just stepped in and finished it for him without telling him and made it into something that he didn't want it to be. Sure, other people might not care, but Bob fuckin' Ross sure as hell will.

Seriously, get it through your thick skull. Writing something based on another's work is fine but trying to continue another's official work for them without permission is bad. That kind of thing is exactly why we have copyright laws, to prevent this kind of thing from happening on a much grander scale.
No. 4314
>then passing it off as a continuation to the story in the writer's stead
I'm not advocating this.

Rather than finishing someone else's work on their own canvas, you get your own canvas and finish it there. It's obviously not your own painting because there's a gigantic white space with a post-it note explaining where the rest of the painting is.
No. 4340
Whatever your decision is, you should always ask for the original writefag's consent. Even Q does that.
No. 4354
File 131110814362.jpg - (302.70KB , 848x1200 , 20335728_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sure, why not? THP is a close-knit community. But I don't think you should have to wait around forever for an answer if, say, the writer has fallen off the face of THP, as writers are known to do, leaving no contact information. Similarly, if they're active and refuse to answer (you've asked multiple times, it's unreasonable that they haven't seen it), their silence should be interpreted as assent until they actually say no.

I feel like a dork for arguing this.
No. 4403
Declaring a story in Hiatus eliminates all imaginary 'rights' the writefag might have had to a story in my book.
No. 4404
And abandoning a story?
No. 4405
So what stories in particular, hypothetically speaking, are y'all thinking of continuing?
No. 4406
>Seriously, get it through your thick skull. Writing something based on another's work is fine but trying to continue another's official work for them without permission is bad. That kind of thing is exactly why we have copyright laws, to prevent this kind of thing from happening on a much grander scale.

No. The purpose of copyright is not to prevent people from impinging on the sanctity of another person's creative works. The purpose of copyright is encourage the generation of new creative works by providing creators an economic incentive for doing so. This is also why they expire some time after the author's death, to encourage broader use and derivative works now that the original creator is unable to benefit and also no longer capable of producing new creative works. Fanfiction is noncommercial to begin with.
No. 4407
>>Declaring a story in Hiatus eliminates all imaginary 'rights' the writefag might have had to a story in my book.

Why? It's not as if they are claiming they are dropping it entirely, it's just announcing that they don't expect to be able to update again for a while. Compared to those who just stop without a single word of explanation, either way, I would assume that announcing a hiatus would imply at least some level of willingness to return to the story at some time.

As for getting permission to continue an unfinished story, you certainly don't have to, but unless you can't contact the original writer, why wouldn't you? Not only is it the polite thing to do, but they could provide material that would help in continuing the story, assuming they planned anything out and were not simply making everything up as they went along.
No. 4411
Does that mean that anyone here can write a sequel for Kira's story?
No. 4412
The dead can't complain, now can they? I'm so sorry.
No. 4413
Fell already did something like that.

You're not nearly sorry enough.
No. 4414
You should be more than sorry.
Kira was one of THP's Bigbosses.
No. 4496
No. 4516
So, Demetrious is a paranoid fuck and thinks that I'm some guy who was hassling him here on blue about getting a tripcode or something? Did someone do that at some point? I have no fucking clue.
And I got banned for shitposting once and saying I wouldn't shitpost anymore?
Is he seriously so full of himself that he thinks that there's just one guy out to get him or something?

Also, some criticism of Wizard from a Neckbeard: The "lol hats" stuff is overplayed and not funny, and the "boohoo my hat got made fun of" scene is pretty much what caused me to drop the story. Admittedly, this is a personal thing: the wizard reminds me way too much of the incredibly annoying "Chaotic Good/Neutral Means I Can Be A Total Cock" wizards that I had to suffer sharing a party with for years in my old group. His Cirno is decent, but his Keine is weepy and soggy for an abrasive asshole she's known for a few days. The wizard himself is profoundly unappealing, and I find myself trying to think of ways I can off him without derailing the campaign - That's probably just be bad memories from my old group again, though. Demetrious himself reminds me of the player of said asshole wizards, with his meme-spewing, "heh, whatever trolls" approach to criticism, and arrogant dismissal of even reasonable critiques.

... Okay, maybe my hatred for Wizard is mostly because of my own bad experiences.

The point is, if there was a blanket ban of shitposters, I'm okay with that. But if I was singled out due to being some kind of "asspain" bogeyman, then that's bullshit.
No. 4517
Demetrious is a faggot, and his story is shit. News at 11.
No. 4518
>So, Demetrious is a paranoid fuck and thinks that I'm some guy who was hassling him here on blue about getting a tripcode or something? Did someone do that at some point? I have no fucking clue.
Reading comprehension?

>Ah, that One Guy from that /blue/ thread from months and months ago, easily identified by being the only man on #THP who thinks a writefag who needed to be actively nagged into obtaining a tripcode has an ego.

He thinks you're the same person who was ranting about his overinflated ego, which he points out is odd since he needed to be nagged into ever adopting a tripcode. The rest of his post is based on the assumption that you're that same Anon, which if you're the poster I'm thinking of, is pretty reasonable.

>Demetrious himself reminds me of the player of said asshole wizards, with his meme-spewing, "heh, whatever trolls" approach to criticism,

As has been said on this board and perhaps in this thread specifically, the posts where he has given a harsh response are often harsh themselves. Be honest here, what the hell response did you expect when you insult him and his readership so brazenly?

"Your readers are all Neckbeards and you're an insufferable prick so I'm not reading this story anymore, here's a meme based image to prove it."

"To all my loyal fans, this Anon is entirely correct. My story is shit and you're all terrible human beings for liking it. Shave your neckbeards and darken this site no more."

No. It doesn't work like that. You give a man bullshit, you get bullshit.
No. 4519

It isn't just your bad experiences, I'm fairly sure a number of us feel the same about a good deal of what you mentioned.

We're not allowed to actually say that, though. That would make us haters, who will, naturally, hate.

On the topic of you being banned, deal with it. A writer decides what goes on in his thread, and not everyone is as passive about it as taisa.
No. 4520
Can we treat image macros the same as emoticons? I'm tired of seeing them and want other people to yell at the people that use them for me.
No. 4521
I'm not any of the people who were giving him shit here in blue.

Also, I'm a goddamn neckbeard. I came here after I was linked from /tg/, and I'm saying that I enjoyed his story to begin with, but Wizard became more abrasive and irritating, and then Keine started swooning over him, and ugh the hat jokes. When I said as much before though, and in a non-insulting fashion, his response was pretty much "haters gonna hate, lol".
I'll admit that I was threadshitting, but it was mostly out of frustration at how the story that brought me here became so crummy.
No. 4522
File 131244923259.jpg - (30.60KB , 345x450 , Dumbass.jpg ) [iqdb]
What do you mean, no more pictures?
That's madness! How am I supposed to be sarcastic over the Internet if I don't add a picture to make it obvious?!
No. 4523
>so full of himself

I've done everything I possibly can to keep a low profile, which is why I never bothered with a tripcode until people specifically requested it, just so they could ctrl-f my story threads and skip past the shitstorms (some of which were started by you.) I watched people merrily bashing me in that /blue/ thread with nary a peep until a few people requested I answer the criticisms.

I just can't get my head around anybody thinking I'm bursting with arrogance over a touhou/D&D crossover fanfic. Touhou AND D&D. That makes me a double neckbeard. Sure, it's popular. So is Twilight. Popularity don't mean shit.


See now this I can work with. Whatever poetic invective flows from your keyboard in your apocalyptic transports of rage is perfectly acceptable as long as it states reasons. That's the difference between a flame and a shitpost: the former has substance, whilst the latter's naught but sound and fury.

So yeah, ask and you shall receive:

>and the "boohoo my hat got made fun of" scene is pretty much what caused me to drop the story.

Funny; because a great deal of the characterization and backstory exploration was sparked by that incident. Every thread since then has been at least 50% occupied with explaining why; to say nothing of the MC himself being quite irritated by the irrationality of Keine's attachment to the hat. Oh, and the significance of the hat has been explicitly spelled out here: >>>/th/140080 tl;dr finds a very old diary and a sketch of the owner; who was also a hakutaku and wore a very similar hat.

>“This ‘outfit’ is the recognized uniform of my profession! A symbol of eons of wizards! What’s your outfit, the uniform of the Pan-Dimensional hot half-hakutaku-historian society? Membership, you?”


>but his Keine is weepy and soggy for an abrasive asshole she's known for a few days.


>“... rubbish,” you growl, springing off the bed. “One, I’ve known her three full days, two, she’s a very proper woman, and three, I’m an abrasive asshole,” you say, ticking off the points on your fingers. “This doesn’t add up. Women don’t go goofy when I call them pretty a few times. Trust me, I’ve tried. The only place that happens is in the five-copper stories they sell on the news-stand right next to Weekly Weird Wonders’s latest feature on the amazing wombat-boy.”

At which point Mokou explains exactly why Keine's like that and calls Wizard an idiot for being oblivious to it. I know you saw that thread because you trolled it; I had to get Kapow to nuke 50+ useless posts.

Or how about here, where Mokou literally calls Wizard a dumbass socially-clueless neckbeard: >>/th/140080

>“I thought, you know, he’s a magician, maybe he’s dated too many comatose library-dwellers like Patchy. But no, no, you’re a total geek! A basement-dwelling unshaven clueless-with-women geek! The blind leading the blind!”

So basically all your criticisms are about things I've spent the vast majority of my writing time specifically addressing, at length and in detail, via the most in-your-face, blunt character in the canon.

So naturally I assumed your "criticism" was trolling - because nobody can be that stupid, right?

Then I saw this little gem from your last post:

>arrogant dismissal of even reasonable critiques.

Say it again, motherfucker. I double-dog dare you to look us all in the metaphorical eye and call your 'critique' reasonable. Lets see if you actually have the legendary gall required to stand by such breathtaking, flagrant bullshit.

And do it quick, because I've reported you for ban evasion.
No. 4524
... What?
Ban evasion?
I can't post in /th/. I still can't. I haven't evaded any bans at all. Holy shit, you are insane.
No. 4525
There's no need for a language like that. If you really want to hurt him, talk to him like you would talk to a baby. Be don't be rude, it makes you look like a retard being startled by unimportant crap.

Now, about criticism:
I don't really believe in love at first sight, and I found it very strange that a scholar like Keine may be "interested" in a rude and easily pissed off Wizard. Perhaps you should write more about Keine, because currently, I have trouble understanding her.

That asides, I can say that the plot is pretty simple. But, to be frank, I'm not reading your story expecting a complicated story . I'm reading your story because the wizard is a walking storm, while trying to be nice with Keine and Cirno.

TL;DR: There are some things I don't really get in your story, but I enjoy reading it. It makes my day, and it makes me laugh. Especially when the wizard was riding the chest, "running" after Cirno.
No. 4526

Oh, I thought you got a global ban. My mistake.
No. 4527
I like how you're avoiding everything else to focus on his only mistake.
I think there's nothing to add, right? You're not arguing back, and you're probably going to say "he's not worthing it", or "I don't wanna be banned again", to hide the fact that you have nothing serious against him, except the fact that you dropped his story for some the now infamous hat incident.
No. 4528
>I don't really believe in love at first sight, and I found it very strange that a scholar like Keine may be "interested" in a rude and easily pissed off Wizard. Perhaps you should write more about Keine, because currently, I have trouble understanding her.

That's actually coming up quite soon; i.e. the diary and all. Of course it's been hinted at rather heavily; witness Keine almost headbutting Cirno to keep her from telling Wizard the exciting details of her monthly transformation. Mokou said "she's more alone then you could imagine, you should ask her" and I'd be surprised if Anon doesn't vote to do just that, when they get the chance.

tl;dr cloistered lonely woman suddenly has intelligent learned man come crashing into her life, buying her dresses, taking her to dinner parties, etc. It's Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Except he's mad, not manic, he hates pixies, he's more like a nightmare and he's not a girl.
No. 4530
Actually, his points cleared some things up for me.
I already said I wasn't going to bug him anymore or post in his threads. What the fuck else do you want?
No. 4531
I want a coffee. Seriously now, if it answered your question, then I have nothing to add. Your post suggested you were trying to bug him over a detail, but if it's all, then I'll stop too.

Okay then.
No. 4532
File 131245892896.jpg - (87.59KB , 880x900 , 131081652489.jpg ) [iqdb]
>A writer decides what goes on in his thread, and not everyone is as passive about it as taisa.
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry

I just... I want to finish at least -one- of my crappy-ass stories, if not two, depending on whether or not I can bring myself to writing -that- one again. I don't want a reputation as one of those guys who start shit and never finish it. That is my sole motivation for slowly writing my /sdm/ garbage again (I'm surprised there's anyone left to vote on it, frankly).

I'm sincerely sorry for ever even starting writing on this site. Nothing good has come of it. I truly, truly apologize for it. I should've just stopped GH at thread 1, before I was pestered to get a tripcode, and vanished.

It's been... what? Over a year now? My name is still invoked in examples of horrid writing practices. That's fair, and accurate, but...
When/If I finish my shit, can I be allowed to just fade into obscurity? I never wanted any of... what happened, to happen.

Again, I'm sorry. I'm also sorry for attentionwhoring with this post.
No. 4533
Stop apologizing. You have done nothing wrong.
No. 4534
File 13124655277.jpg - (151.94KB , 800x800 , 10184660.jpg ) [iqdb]
Seriously, Taisa, don't make me say it.
I don't want to say it, but I'm not sure about your intentions.

Screw that, I'm saying it anyway: You are a good writer. I'm re-reading THIS story again, and I'm still liking it.

The only reason why you're so famous is precisely because the story you "put on hiatus" was damn good. If it was some piece of shit, everyone would've forgot about it. The fact that Anon still remember it proves that it was a good story.
Finish your /sdm/ story, and come back to us, Taisa. We're all waiting for you.

AND STOP SAYING YOU'RE SORRY. It's like praying. It makes you think you're forgiven, but it doesn't fix anything. If you really want to be forgiven, do what has to be done.
And don't say "if". It's when.

One last thing. Attentionwhoring means using a tripcode without any real reason. Like I'm doing right now. Using a tripcode when you're speaking as a writefags isn't attention whoring.
No. 4535
File 131246589841.jpg - (503.66KB , 768x1024 , 20109608.jpg ) [iqdb]
Taisa, I know you didn't want things to turn out the way they did. I know you're sorry they turned out the way they did. You saying "sorry" does not help anyone or anything, though, when you're not the one who should be doing most of the apologizing.

Yes, you made some mistakes, but everyone here has made mistakes. It doesn't mean you're an awful writer, or what you do is bad, or anything else of the sort. It just means you're human, and you still have room to learn. We all do.

I'm not going to try to convince you that you're not as terrible as you seem to think you are, even though you're not.

I'm not going to remind you that we have some people here who, frankly, are really stupid about latching onto mistakes or things they didn't like and absolutely refusing to let go of them, even though everybody else has long since moved on, and that complaints from such people should be taken with a grain of salt. Or, you know, just plain ignored.

What I will tell you is that, regardless of how good or bad you think you were doing at it, people genuinely enjoyed what you wrote. That is why people are so insistent on you continuing GH, and why you still had people ready and willing to get back to voting on Touhouvania. Hell, it's why people were genuinely hoping your April Fools joke wasn't an actual joke.

People like what you write, Taisa.

You may not believe it, or question why they would, but that is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, they do, and probably will be happy to read anything you would write for them.

The thing is, you have to write it, and the only thing standing in the way of that is yourself.

I wish there were something that could be said to give you more confidence, and feel a sense of motivation that's fueled by genuine enjoyment and enthusiasm for what you do rather than a fear of being known as "that guy who doesn't finish stories".

I mean, there had to have been a time when that wasn't your only motivating factor, right? I absolutely cannot believe that anyone could produce 27 threads of content without feeling something positive about what they were doing somewhere along the line. You just lost your grip on it, and need to find and catch it again.

Also, a hug. You clearly need a goddamn hug. Then a smack upside the head. Then another hug.
No. 4536
Here I had this giant motherfucking post, get a out of memory error, and bam. This post comes along.

I have to really agree with everything this guy said. Fuck, Taisa, You should get make an update to GH. Everyone wants it, it was your favorite story (as far as I know), so why the fuck not? It'd make us all cream our pants.
No. 4537
I'd just like to point out that writers can and should not write if they aren't enjoying writing. Really. Worry about your own happiness first, please.
No. 4538

Can I not even make an offhand comment anymore? Is this what it has come to?

Anyway, since we're apparently back on this topic again, stop apologizing, not your fault, totally your fault, update GH, don't update GH, etc.

Alright, there, I've just covered the next fifty posts or so.
No. 4539
Did you really need to mention taisa by name? No. You did not. Please don't namedrop in the future. It's bad and you should feel bad for doing it.
No. 4540
Don't blame him. Like many, he's just frustrated by GH's sudden "hiatus" status. If you really want to blame someone, then blame the Anon who triggered the shitstorm who scared Taisa.
No. 4541
You're not the first one, it's just a case of someone bottling up until one last slight makes them pop.
No. 4542
While we're about this, where's "A Wintertime Alchemist" story? I heard I could find it on /eientei/ now that /coriander/ is no longer here, but I didn't find it.
No. 4543
It updates sporadically. You can expect it god knows when.

he hasn't updated his tenshi story in a while either, so he's probably can't find time to write or doesn't have internet access or something
No. 4544

Supposedly he's tried to post it on /eientei/ but the board ate it, or something like that.
No. 4545

Supposedly he's tried to post it on /eientei/ but the board ate it, or something like that.
No. 4546

Supposedly he's tried to post it on /eientei/ but the board ate it, or something like that.
No. 4547

God damned memory errors. Could a mod delete two of these and this? Password incorrect and all.
No. 4548
bitching about writers? how about this special guy writing Touhou / Call of Duty crossover porn fiction?

No. 4549
This topic goes to show that no matter how Demetrious explains things, haters are gonna hate. The best way to talk to him is reasonably and clearly, not in retard rage mode. I told him about how I found him to be overly fond of piling on the plotlines at a certain point in the story. He answered that he'd take care of most of them. Not that hard.
No. 4550
>haters are gonna hate

With a defense like that, how could people not hate him?
No. 4552
Your argument is just retarded.
>>4530 admitted that Demetrious just answered to some of his questions. So don't decide on yourself that haters are hating. Especially when the only hater had his answers.
No. 4555

I saw this coming about 50 miles away the moment I read "passive as taisa." It's so predictable, I have a hard time believing that Taisa isn't putting on an act half the time. No offense, of course.

To contribute to this thread's utter hatred, I will now post that I hate these out of memory errors and it's getting to the point to where I feel like writing is meaningless when I know I can't post anyways.

No. 4923
I love how people forget about the author using Wade as a mouthpiece for his views on marriage.
No. 4925
It could be worse: It could be some shit UD shitted out yet is considered pure platinum by the mouth-breathing fanbase of his.
No. 4926
Who's UD?
No. 4927
Usually Dead's (see below) website, with some truly hilarious, touching or straight out mind blowing insights into the Fantasy Kitchen Sink that is Gensokyo. Also home to other outstanding Touhou fics and a lot of Yuyuko fanboyism in general. Strangely enough, the site is made all the more awesome by the latter.

KimikoMuffin: It's got ... fanboyism. Just about every story contrives to get at least one central character naked. It takes just about every single element of Touhou canon and runs the other way with it (to start with, nobody can fly in UD's Gensokyo except "the most powerful beings," and everyone speaks English), to the point that you might wonder why he didn't just make an original setting. But the important thing is, they are very well written.
TakerFoxx: While the fanboyism is very apparent and something toes the line toward Mary Sue levels, this is one of the rare cases of it actually working within the context of the story. And all things considered, this stands as one of the best Touhou fics you will find anywhere.
Xavic: Putting aside all the comedy and fanboyism, one powerful point made by Usually Dead is that he throws out some of the stories in a Dark Fic format. They take the High Octane Nightmare Fuel parts of living in a Fantasy Kitchen Sink and push those limits Up to Eleven, providing some absolutely horrifying and realistic takes or reinterpretations on what would really be happening in a place like Gensokyo if it weren't quite as cutesy. Being beautifully written pushes the point home on a mind-numbingly captivating and terrifyingly accurate site that showcases some of the best work ever seen.
No. 4928
We aren't in tvtropes, chump. Keep your site-specific vocabulary in it's own site.
No. 4929
He's quoting TVTropes' review page. Don't insult him.
No. 4930
File 131988644398.jpg - (127.26KB , 467x641 , washing machine moe.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nah, it's cool. I agree with him.

I figured it'd be more illuminating to tell both who UD is and give an example of his fans.
No. 4931
Ah, that guy. I remember reading his EoSD story. It was... bizarre. Reimu and Remilia ended up debating about God while battling. Very weird stuff.
No. 4933
Okay then. I overreacted. My bad.

That aside, UD's fanbase seems pretty... erm, easy.
No. 4934
No. 4935
File 13199160492.jpg - (228.04KB , 800x1131 , sleep easy.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 4950
Honestly if he got rid of the fanboys and wrote Touhou-inspired (but not touhou exactly) stuff, his stuff would come off better than it does now.
No. 4963
What do you mean by "Touhou-inspired"? You mean like Seihou?
No. 4965
something like that, but I mean something that has inspiration from Touhou but isn't confined by its canon. Something like that would be better than taking wild ferocious dumps over the canon.
No. 4970
Fanfiction, as the word is commonly used, does not have to adhere strictly to canon. A quick glance at fanfiction.net will tell you that.

From an advertising perspective, UD calling his stories Touhou fanfiction, deserved or not, was the right move. We're talking about it here, after all.
No. 4978
Fanfiction.net is for the most part, is far from something legitimate in terms of fanfiction. And there is a vast difference between playing fast and loose with canon and outright ignoring and/or contradicting it.

But yeah, it's a clever move as if he takes bad PR, he's rolling in the stuff.
No. 4980
No. 5001
I'd like to bitch about that SMT story in /th/. I can't say anything about the plot, but that's only because there are so many problems with the writing that I can't bear to read it, and it irks my eyes every time I see an update that isn't hidden by votes. I mean, for starters, who still crams dialogue from different people into the same paragraph? I'm surprised no one else has bitched about it yet, to be honest.
No. 5004
I wholeheartedly agree. I hadn't said anything because it's not in my nature to bitch, though. I'm more the kind of person who just ignores and moves along.

And what else did you expect from a story posted in /th/? That place has the most voters.
No. 5007
>That place has the most voters.
Hurr. Like the rest of the site is much better.
No. 5008
It could be better but well, I don't think anyone expects much from a /th/ story and well... most of the dreg voters end up in /th/ and /at/. I think the biggest reason no one is complaining is it's a story that updates more than once a month.
No. 5014
>I think the biggest reason no one is complaining is it's a story that updates more than once a month.

Pretty much this in my case.
No. 5016
It just really bothers me that we have had people ripping on stuff like Wizard and Compensation: Adequate, and yet despite the fact that this thing is so badly written, no one is complaining about it.
No. 5017
People gave up on complaining about it. The Average Joe story was bad, and apparently the author left and went to fanfiction.net
No. 5018
Indeed, though to be honest that SMT story is only mildly popular by /th/ standards.

Well now that it's over, I think now's a good time to tell the guy that he could really improve.
No. 5019
>now that it's over
This is not the proper time to complain! If you did it earlier, the story you're complaining about might be better!
No. 5030
I wasn't that upset and the folks that were decided to bitch instead of doing anything productive.
No. 5035
If only that SMT story was written by Kira...
No. 5063
But Kira is dead
No. 5069
I know. That's the sad part.
No. 5078
Just so you know, /tg/ has better community than this site.
No. 5079
What a surprise, a community centered around collaborative role-playing systems has a better community than one centered around Touhou fanfiction.
No. 5080
File 132084152183.jpg - (397.07KB , 800x1000 , f44dd0358fa3c7c6b3e28ccf17501601.jpg ) [iqdb]
Imagine that, a person thinks he has better opinions than another person!
Just for the record, I can neither agree nor disagree, since I have no idea what sort of community /tg/ has, but I acknowledge and respect your opinion. Just don't consider it a fact or anythin', mkay dorlin'? Have some Koishitits.
No. 5084
... Okay?
No. 5086
more like "a community of active contributing folks has a better community than one with a few writers, a bunch of lazy niggers, and a bunch of faggots leeching off of the waning esteem of the site."
No. 5087
Right. You're far more likely to get actively-contributing folks in a tabletop forum than a fanfiction forum, is my point.

Cause games are active, and reading is passive. I'd think voting would make readers active, but that usually isn't sufficient, from what I can tell.
No. 5092
Continuing the discussion from >>/sdm/49706.


It's not that bad, actually. Mainly it's just one guy who's responsible for most of it the horrible stuff, and another guy that occasionally tags along for the ride by copypasting his atrocious votes and defending him. Stop the first, and there's no more problem.

Trouble is that the person responsible already has been linked to the rules thread some time ago in >>/sdm/49473. He promptly ignored it and continued posting in atrocious language in various other threads. It's not that hard to tell it's him, just look for the horrible uncapitalised english.

I'm not sure what can be done to stop him for now, actually. What I do know is that it's not worth starting a shitstorm in the author's own threads, given that he's already ignoring helpful posts telling him to correct himself anyway; let alone the fact that shitstorms in story threads are bad in and of themselves unless the story is actively terrible enough to warrant it. I don't know if he warrants mod intervention, although we can check in IRC if they're around and ask them about it if they are.
No. 5093
C'mon, not this again.
No. 5095
I'm not surprised as Kahi had some folks from /th/ follow him into /sdm/.
No. 5096
Quit blaming /th/ for everything. It's retarded.

Did you know that Demetrious's wizard story has a direct link on TV-tropes fanfic recommendation page? If you must pin blame on something (nasty habit), blame that.
No. 5098
Ah, Tvtropes. I see it now.
No. 5099
Will just point out now that I got here through TvTropes page for that. So I'm hoping it's not like everything that trickles through there is trash.

Of course, I spent a few weeks chilling and reading just about everything I could get my hands on before I posted anything, as I recall, so there's that too.
No. 5100
Well, if he's gone to other threads, what I would do is report him if he keeps doing it in any particular thread.

There's always the chance that it's someone completely different, and having one shitpost and a couple of posts linking to the rules thread won't fill up a story too much.
No. 5101
File 132105684696.jpg - (75.68KB , 387x417 , 1304645900706.jpg ) [iqdb]

And by "no" I mean specifically: yes, that one guy exists, but he's not what's happening here. The vote to start this particular thread of complaints was well-written, mildly humorous, and -- most importantly -- displayed correct use of the English language and its typographical conventions. It clearly doesn't derive from him.

Furthermore, even though it would be likely to get the current protagonist in heaps of trouble and is therefore a terrible idea in-story, it's not implausible, out-of-character, or likely to make the story uncontinuable -- which is to say, it's not really a terrible idea out-of-story, and thus not a terrible vote.

I really don't get where this shitstorm is coming from at all.
No. 5102

Fair enough. I suppose it started when I pointed out the fallacy that dumb votes would pop up regardless of the character used, which was true enough. Someone else brought up the fact that horrible posts were running rampant, and while I didn't care much either way about the vote he was complaining about, it's true that there have been repeated votes over the board from someone looking like he'd just learned to write. That's what I assumed >>/sdm/49705 was referring to when he was talking about the dumb votes, and what I was talking about.

So, even though you may be right about that particular vote, there's still the other series of posts that has been popping up throughout the board. (oh, and /th/ haters, as far as I know, they appeared in /sdm/ first before moving elsewhere)

And man, this isn't a shitstorm. At worst, this is the clouds gathering.
No. 5103
>-- most importantly -- displayed correct use of the English language and its typographical conventions.
Fuck you. I'll break conventions whenever I damn well feel like it.
No. 5104
Oh yeah blame his story when his voters aren't that bad. Also in Kahi's doll quest story, there were some readers of... questionable intellect. And with /th/ being the board with the most readers, naturally the percent of stupid ones is higher.
No. 5105
I'll question your intellect.
No. 5106
Well, at least this is not /jp/.
No. 5117
File 132112180443.png - (480.41KB , 694x800 , 22901958.png ) [iqdb]
I like tv-tropes, but given a choice between idiots blaming it or /th/, this is a false choice.
No. 5118
Personally, if my story were to be quoted on Tvtrope, I would take that as a compliment. As long as it's not on fanfiction.net, in fact.
No. 5119
Yeah, god forbid a bunch of kiddies like your story. Posting emoticons and sqeeeeing in their reviews... disgusting.
No. 5120
Now that you say it, that doesn't sound very... appealing.

That aside, I wanna bitch about Demetrious' story. At first, it was, like, an interesting story, but now, there's so much D&D jokes (gazebo) and discussion that I'm totally lost. In fact, I don't even understand how the magic system works, therefore I can't even vote.
I would appreciate if the story was more friendly. Or friendlier. No, it's more friendly. I guess.
No. 5123
The poor kids read shitty fanfiction all the time, cut them some slack. They don't know any better.
No. 5127
The story is very friendly: It's just hard to make an actual vote on deciding what spells to get and such (as in right now) without people shoving their metagames down your throat. If anything, the voters are the ones who keep people away from actually voting: I love the story yet people are going to bitch if I'm not choosing that spell or this one.

You know what I hate? People who close votes less then 10 hours after the last update: Give your thread some time to develop. Who knows, Maybe if you hadnt called votes then three or four people would have voted another option and completely changed the tides. There's no rush.

Another thing is people who call the votes after 2/3 votes: There's literally no reason to do so.

No. 5128
When writers call votes, it means they want to write or are planning to write. That is the reason. It is a good reason.
No. 5130
I kind of agree with >>5127 here. I've never played DnD before either, but I'm pretty sure Demetrious has covered everything you need to know about the system in the story itself. He's even gone to the trouble of explaining in laymans terms what each new spell/feat does. Just make your choices from there, and ignore the other voters if their discussion is too much for you to follow.


>I hate fast updates. Please update slower.

Yeah, no thanks. You know, in most circles, fast updates are welcomed, not hated.


Go ahead and propose a solution to the still ongoing DDOS to the mods in IRC, I'm sure they'll welcome it. They've tried blocking off the botnets where they can, but there's only so much they can do.
No. 5131
I dont hate fast updates: I welcome them. However most people havent even gotten a chance to vote after say 8 hours of your latest update.
No. 5132
24 hours is a good amount of time to leave voting open unless it's on a weekend, then you might as well extend to monday.

But some people only get 2-3 votes due to whatever reason, such as being grossly overshadowed by a more popular story (Fragment of memories in /youkai/ for example) And calling it so soon is the only way they have a decent update rate.
No. 5133
So? Most votes aren't important enough for this to be a serious concern.

Speaking of stories that only get 2-3 votes, more people should read Stitches in Time. It only has two threads, here's a link to the first one for people too lazy to use the story list.
No. 5137
When there's a site filled with dozens upon dozens of people, and a story only gets two votes then updates... dont you think thats a little rude to the other voters? I mean, I check some stories before I sleep, they dont update until an hour later, and when I wake up there's ANOTHER update. So now I have to read two updates, and not too many people voted for these.
No. 5138
Yes, but a writer's desire to write trumps voters' desire to vote in most cases. Super-important votes need more time, obviously.

>have to read two updates
How terrible.
No. 5140
I think he was remarking on how people rush things and not giving him a chance to vote. After all not everyone has nothing better to do than to be on THP all day.
No. 5146
I'm one of those people.

Isn't it sad?
No. 5150
I've noticed that updating more than once in a day often ends badly as A) folks give up on voting due to missing a bunch of chances and B) Writer burnout.
No. 5154
That's nice. I like reading updates.

I wonder how many people read the archives?
No. 5193
So, should we make a new thread for bitching? This one is already on autosage.
No. 5232
I wish this site is as active as /tg/...