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How many of you can't be assed to check out all of the boards, and which few do you check?

No. 342
I need 30 seconds to check all boards, expect /border/ for new stories.
No. 345
I have all the boards in a bookmark folder in Firefox; checking for updates across the site is as simple as middle-click, Page Down, and Ctrl+W.
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I make in effort to check all the boards and give new stories a chance. It's not like any of them keep my interest for longer than a few updates though.
No. 347
Holy shit, are you me?
No. 348

I do something like this except I have mine on the links tab.
No. 352
I check almost every board a couple times a day, starting with /th/, working my way down to /coriander/, then looping back to /gensokyo/ and /at/. It's quite annoying, since I don't use frames and have to scroll to the top/bottom to navigate, but I do it anyway. Dunno why, though, since I only really follow a small handful of stories anyway. The 'two weeks with no update from an author on any of his/her stories = dropped' rule keeps one from getting terminally disappointed, but limits you to about a tenth of what the site has to offer
No. 353
Oh my god are those some mother fucking alpacas?
No. 358
Mostly the same with me. Though I only visit the actual story boards. I try to be active in at least 2 stories per board. The lack of updates on the less well-known stories is quite depressing though.
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I hope you guys aren't the whiners whenever McCoy gets posted. Since I follow the same rules and habits. He is a good "notice" so to say.
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The good doctor is easy enough to ignore, but I do prefer the "Here lies a fallen writefag" one more
No. 364
They appear to be. Fuzzy funny llama indeed, but where's the duck?
No. 407
I check all boards and inevitably end up disappointed in the end as I continue to follow the same old stories.

Also, holy shit alpacas!
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Stop that, you.
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