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So you guys want to bitch about a certain writer or a certain story. Maybe you want to bitch about more than one. It's your lucky day, because this thread was made just for that.

Do your bitching here, clogged threads are eyesores, etc.

Pic plucked out of my image folder on a whim, but strangely appropriate.

No. 2836
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File 130196012986.jpg - (40.24KB , 640x480 , derelict5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fucking archvile.
No. 2838
File 130196661795.jpg - (709.22KB , 800x546 , 10428346.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't tempt me. I've got way too many of these.
No. 2840
I just want to take the time to bitch about every writer and every story on this god forsaken site and that everything is dumb and stupid.

There, purpose of thread achieved. eof.
No. 2843
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File 130199304976.jpg - (118.14KB , 800x600 , 6370257.jpg ) [iqdb]
Go ahead. If... if you want.
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File 130200453433.gif - (48.84KB , 300x188 , fucking pain elementals.gif ) [iqdb]
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File 130203272094.jpg - (218.35KB , 842x451 , 1267251736579.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 2881

The Icon of Sin owns your soul, don't deny it.
No. 2884
It seems that ranting on another thread is boring. I can sympathize, somewhat. This thread is like saying 'take that shit to /words/' (I.E: Pointless)
No. 2889
Hey, shut up. I'm the final boss.
No. 2923
File 130221131883.png - (2.26KB , 101x140 , 1293459174081.png ) [iqdb]
Come on, guys! IN-FIGHT! IN-FIGHT!
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File 130221888549.jpg - (34.72KB , 348x232 , cyberdemon.jpg ) [iqdb]

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File 130222365092.png - (85.46KB , 640x480 , Hahaha.png ) [iqdb]
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File 130222413447.jpg - (84.09KB , 800x518 , 12524881_Npr63-L-1.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm still better than you.
No. 2927
No. 2929

I can kick your ass, I'm fucking immortal.


What is this proclamation of victory for, mortal?
No. 2930
No. 2944
File 13023660592.jpg - (29.84KB , 797x444 , Try harder Cyberdemon.jpg ) [iqdb]
They made a IRL model of me. Your argument is invalid.
No. 2947
File 130241977690.jpg - (44.65KB , 640x480 , Well would you look at that.jpg ) [iqdb]

They made an IRL model of me as well. My argument is indeed valid.
No. 2948

Both your arguments are invalid now.

Let's get back to the thread at hand, being angry at writers of stories.

So, what writers should be focused on?
No. 2949
Not... sure if should post update?
No. 2951
Those that suddenly dissapear for no reason.
No. 2952
Yaf. He's a douche.
No. 2953
How come there aren't any good slice-of-life stories?
No. 2954
Perhaps if you read more then what is on /th/, you would find the multitude of stories that are nothing but slice of life.
No. 2958
Does nobody like TwittyAndStrange, or not? I don't understand anymore.
No. 2959
I don't really have an informed opinion, since I don't read his stories, but I think Twitty doesn't like Twitty.
No. 2962
You can, no one has a problem with your stuff.

Try looking around other boards, and stuff like "A Fairy's Life" and "I,Youkai" and related stories.

He's not a bad writer, though he does have some issues regarding popularity.
No. 2973
File 130254320617.jpg - (57.90KB , 570x668 , 18097371.jpg ) [iqdb]
Suck my Mokou cock, bitch.
No. 2987
No. 2989
How come we have so many attention whores? That's all I've got, really.
No. 2992
If you put something on the Internet, and don't care who looks at it, why the fuck did you put it on the Internet in the first place?
No. 2993

That's the problem, though. It's not "why do we have attention whores", it's "why do we have so many attention whores".
No. 2994
I parsed this as "why do we have so many writers?"

I don't understand why you consider this a problem.
No. 2998
Yeah, to be honest Attention whores can be read as people who want attention.
You wouldn't be posting a story if you didn't want attention, so if you didn't have any attention whores there wouldn't be a THP.
No. 3079
Does it have to be writers? Because I could certainly bitch up a storm about the single worst thing on THP: Azure Xuchilbara.
No. 3082

OP here, yes, it does have to be about writers or stories, as that is what the thread is for. Take your bullshit elsewhere.

While I'm at it, this goes for yaf and that one guy who follows him around for the sake of jerking him off, as well. You guys have your own thread for that.
No. 3095
Is this some moronic IRC grudge, or did I miss something? The guy hasn't made more than a handful of posts outside his scat thread; he may be a moron, but unlike our more illustrious namefags, he seems to know how to shut the fuck up.

On topic: I don't really care either way about YAF, since he doesn't seem to shitpost outside of his own threads these days, but do people really believe his "I posted and deleted a bad story when I came back so I wouldn't get too many fans" line? Whenever I see it, I half-expect him to follow up by telling us about his Canadian girlfriend.
No. 3122
Shows how much you know. Canadian girlfriend? That's plain stupid. I've got a stash of Canadian beer under my bed. Now that's something you should see. Unfortunately, all the cameras in a fifty-mile radius have JUST stopped working, and the only dude that could confirm this JUST went down with a severe cold.

What a coincidence!

No, seriously, I don't give a shit if you believe it or not. There's no point in cogitating about it, either. Why the fuck do you even care? Stop bothering with stupid shit and pay attention to the parts of the site that need it.
No. 3135
>Is this some moronic IRC grudge
Neither of them are in IRC as far as I'm aware, it's just that Azure is a moron and !!gg is such an ass it's almost unbelievable.
Really gotta wonder what sort of person believes he can legitimately complain about attention whoring when he posts with his trip all over the site.
No. 3137
"!!gg" is Tsurupettan on Rizon. He sometimes goes to #THP but mostly stays on his own #touhouporn.

Azure doesn't go on either channel.
No. 3138

I asked him about this in IRC. He says he does it because he's lazy and also believes in accountability/taking responsibility for his words, or some shit like that. I don't have the exact quote.

Besides, the difference between him and Azure Xuchilbara is that the latter seems out to make people love him. The former doesn't give two shits if you like him or not, near as far as I can see.

Either way, who the fuck cares? If he posted it without his trip he'd still be posting it.
No. 3157
>taking accountability for his words
I don't want to hold him accountable.
No. 3250
Does Patchwork even write anymore? cause I think I might have an idea of what he's been doing all the time.
No. 3253
What would that be?
No. 3254
Senior year of college, with more than one high-intensity course. Let him be already.
No. 3255
I wanna bitch about Ancient Gensokyo. I'm more or less basing my own story on this one, and it's not updated anymore!
And I don't want to bump it, so I'm here, bitching and asking for status! What's happening? What is Anon doing?
No. 3256

He can tell us this himself, then. 'I don't have time to write' is much better than 'Hey, I'm writing again' and then going completely silent for months. Then again, it's not like I should be surprised. It's not the first time, and he's not the first writer.
No. 3257
Looking at what you said, why do most writers here just stop? They normally don't even leave a reason for why they're stopping, but just stop period.
No. 3259
Don't know about anyone else but the update I've been stuck on is stuck in a cycle of "Write, read through, delete in disgust" for over a month.
I just flat out can't get anything I'm happy with, and telling your readers that just sucks.
No. 3260
Lower your standards. Seriously.
No. 3261
No. 3263
Same trouble.
Let's share a brofist, my friend.
No. 3264
In that case, I suggest consulting google.
No. 3268
Tried consulting with other people as given the tendency for writers to be depressed piles of issues, they aren't the best judges of their own works.
No. 3271
Funny enough, I'm satisfied of what I'm writing only when I'm writing a not-serious story. If it's a serious story, I'm erasing the update 2-3 before being "happy" with it.
No. 3278
I wanna bitch about abandonned good stories! There's nothing more frutrasting than being absorbed in a story, and then, learn that it was dropped because there was too many shitstorm about MC being a pedobear, or about MC being a Mary-Sue, or some shitty crap like that.
No. 3279
How dare these people have anything to do in their lives that does not facilitate my own personal enjoyment. The nerve of these douchebags.

I would like to whine, complain, and throw a tantrum about the recent trend in autismal rage the protagonists of "certain" stories display. With our recent surge in activity, I have noticed a sizable chucnk of these authors will have their character act as a mouth piece to throw a whiny bitchfit about the "bullshit hax" of the touhou series in general. It's incredibly annoying to read.
No. 3284
Rather "How dare those people start something and give up and it's still half-done! What a nerve!"

"Self insert"? That a beginner's mistake. It's unusual to have beginner on THP.
No. 3287
File 130532338293.jpg - (269.27KB , 533x600 , Satori519.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hartmann sucks. Why must he dirty my favorite touhou with his crap?

That story by that 'Kahi' guy on /th/ also sucks. What the hell was he thinking?

That'll be all.
No. 3288

Because he's a gigantic asshat, that's why. But you don't stand alone, guy; >>/th/140947 is right up your alley.
No. 3289
No. 3295
>How dare these people have anything to do in their lives that does not facilitate my own personal enjoyment.
If they have something else to do, they should explicitly put the story on hiatus until it's done. Instead, most of them just disappear without a word, and the readers are left wondering if they'll ever come back and finish.
No. 3299
File 130571499743.png - (80.61KB , 450x310 , TRAP CARD.png ) [iqdb]
Autism detected.
No. 3300
File 130575386426.jpg - (329.91KB , 603x486 , 18886563_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 3301
I wanna ask about the Doomhou story. Is it still on, or is it on hiatus?
No. 3302
File 130622673592.jpg - (164.87KB , 486x512 , 1299666003804.jpg ) [iqdb]
I wanna bitch a little about /at/ story. I know that they're not designed to be "good" story, just fap source, but I'm really annoyed by the complete Gary-Tsu character.
For example, Winanonymous, who's loved by everyone, or that guy from Mind the Gap, who can defeat a Bishamonten avatar without any experience.

I admit that those stories aren't judged like other stories, but I find that extremely annoying, and a little unfair. It's like saying "okay, my character crush everyone in his way, but it's an /at/ story, so I don't care, only sex is important".

That's all.
No. 3303
>Implying various classic leads on THP aren't Gary-Stus.
No. 3304
Rather than the fact that he can defeat someone with swordplay, (which is slightly justified in story,) there are far more compelling points to make about Mind the Gap MC's sueness. For instance, every single woman he has met so far has been hankering for his penis like none other, or the fact he can fuck something 7-8 times a day without getting tired.

Though, as you said, those stories aren't really judged like others, as they are predominately written for fappability, and nothing else.

Any point you may have made was crushed under the rain of your torrential faggotry. To make this perfectly clear, you are a worthless piece of trash. Don't post again.
No. 3305
>the fact he can fuck something 7-8 times a day without getting tired.
Actually, he seems to always pass out after 3 times. He can go again afterwards in the same day, but he does have a limit.
No. 3306
File 130627656257.jpg - (215.36KB , 634x1000 , 4e2fd4565090bb466a89ea0e83816a3f.jpg ) [iqdb]
I still like the story, but I'm really annoyed by the "you're so big" and "you're the best".
Sure, MC has a big dick, but don't tell me that an old fart like Shinki or Yukari never had sex before!

I'm not using we should have a small-dicked MC, but it's really bothersome when everyone's falling for MC, praising his magic dick, and saying he's the best man ever.
No. 3307
you ought to learn not to overthink things. You'll enjoy life more that way.
No. 3308
You know what makes me bitchy?
The fact there is no small dicked MC's. I mean for gods sake even the asian MC's have "big" dicks.

oh and didnt you know all dicks worked like genie lamps? rub it enough and you're dream comes true
No. 3309

I didn't realize that penis size was mentioned so frequently, myself.
No. 3310
but but what if they don't have one at all?
No. 3311
I honestly found the biggest Sue I've read in THP is Wade from Archetype of Self. In several weeks he's able to develop powers that are practically broken and is able to fight the sword wielding Watatsuki sister to a draw. I could understand if it was Yukari doing that, or maybe Reimu, but this guy didn't have nearly the amount of training or age that they did, yet he was able fight said Watatsuki sister to a draw. Along with that was the fact that practically everyone in Gensokyo liked him, and if you didn't like him obviously you were bad.

Also I was irritated that the author used his character as a mouthpiece several times. I'm here to read, not be lectured upon. Did the author seriously think he's Ayn Rand or something. I wonder how long until we get to see his John Galt?
No. 3312
File 130631235148.jpg - (37.27KB , 220x345 , 1292510502426.jpg ) [iqdb]
You mean a story with a lesbo female MC?

No. 3313
File 130632518587.jpg - (361.88KB , 726x1000 , c5f44cd69219eedb0af0484831c7a5e8.jpg ) [iqdb]
SolusLunes's story is terrible. I'm too assmad to even bother elaborating further than 'the concept of a human effortlessly killing toohoos left and right is retarded'.
It also practically seems to be what the story is, well... about.
No. 3314
Oh god this is absolutely true and even given what kind of site we're on what the hell GENSOKYO DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT

Not to mention the other abortive story of his about psycho Cirno. What the fuck, seriously.
No. 3316
Heard of the words Satire and Parody? They're not stories to be taken seriously.
No. 3317
That defense fell apart after the first few updates. If you cannot see that she/he is trying to make a serious story at this point, there is no hope for you.

I stopped reading that story after it was bombarded with LOLRANDUMB fa/tg/uy shit. Every time I see the words "bullshit hax" in any story on this site, I immediately drop that piece of shit. It's a shame too, that story was actually pretty decent when it was a humorous take on gritty noir detectives.
No. 3318
It's okay for other people to dislike things you like. You don't need to jump to its defense. Especially if you're going to do such a shitty job of it.
No. 3320
Let me be the first to say that you guys made my day. I wake up and see this and it's like the sun is shining that little bit brighter.
No. 3323
I was neutral towards you up until now, but this post cements you as a faggot to me. Only faggots make posts like this.
No. 3324
Thoroughly unworried. If you were the first guy, well... obviously someone's complaining about something he never read, and if you were the second guy, I'm here applauding your subtle ironic humor. Either way, just sayin', you guys made my day and made me happy.
No. 3325
I have read a vast majority of your story. I had already pegged you as a faggot on Demetrious levels, but posts like this only cement my opinion. Get back to your shitty thread and fuck off.
No. 3326
I'm neither. This is the second post I make on this subject(you).

But please, keep being condescending in your posts, I'm sure everyone will like you for them.
No. 3327
I am curious to know what you don't like about Demetrious (besides the fact that he has disappeared and not updated for like a goddamn month now.)
No. 3328
He probably got most of his bad rep with this post: >>2066

more importantly, you should gget back to writing. thanks.
No. 3329

He's not much liked because of that one douchey post, yeah. Otherwise, he hasn't said much of anything... which doesn't make him look any better, but that's not the point.
No. 3330
So you're saying you prefer spineless writefags that bend like pipe cleaners when faced with a stronger opinion?
No. 3331
Not at all. What we're saying is that we prefer ones who don't act like complete douchebags when faced with anything other than dick-sucking praise.
No. 3332
I don't know, I think that Rick isn't TOO mary sue. At least not compared to some of the prior male leads. He has some mystery and weird shit about him, but we've been told it would be explained in the story.

The point about everyone wanting to fuck him boils down to it being a porn story. That's the point, and it was slightly explained with the humans fearing youkai and Rinnosuke being too gay to want anything to do with it.

As for Shou? Writer pretty clearly stated she wasn't even trying to beat the crap out of him. It boiled down to more of a test to see if he had the balls to actually take her challenge. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that there was some Yumeko assistance during that encounter.

No clue about the penis size thing, I don't think a set size was ever attached. Though, with the latest update the writer said Yukari was about the same size as him, and I think it was stated she had an average length/girth. Take that as you will, I guess?

The story isn't perfect, especially if you re-read the first ten or fifteen updates. They're god fucking awful.
No. 3333

Not spineless, but rather just not faggoty. There's a difference, mostly in how they react to criticism - spineless guys leave forever, but faggots get all offended that you'd not praise them, and pretend they're laughing at you.

Neither's much good, really.
No. 3334
I don't understand this concept.
If you want to post why you don't like something, why aren't you prepared to have someone disagree?

Calling his defense a poor argument I can understand, but if you want to post a story here you'd better be prepared for some criticism, and likewise if you're going to post criticism you'd better be prepared to either defend your point of view or concede that others will disagree.
No. 3335
>concede that others will disagree
Why should they have to concede that? You should concede it before you begin by not arguing without a good reason. Liking the story they're criticizing is not a good reason.
No. 3338
In this particular case the Anon in question didn't present a particularly good reason but the response still shouldn't be
>It's okay for other people to dislike things you like.

At the end of the day all that says to me is "I'll post my opinions but your opinion is stupid, so don't." It's like on /v/ with their "OOP HERE COMES THE 'X' DEFENSE FORCE" bullshit.
No. 3339
It'd help if the criticizers didn't come off as such butthurt babies about their waifus not being absolutely invincible.
No. 3340
It'd help if these stories didn't have retarded Marty Stu protagonists.
No. 3341
See that does nothing to explain what separates a 'bad' mary sue from a 'good' one. You know, like most of the famous protagonists in THP history.

As for Lunes's story, it's a dark parody of sorts. Sure it's not to my taste due to Touhous being on the receiving end, but if it was about a random group of people, I'd be able to read and enjoy it.

Wade? Honestly if SLDT didn't made him such an amusing stu, I don't think he'd have been received so well. That and readers were distracted by lovely Yukari.

http://thepunchlineismachismo.com/archives/589 try reading this before assuming anything.

Not to say I don't have criticism for those stories:

Wizard: Demetrious has a habit of piling on things at times, making it pretty hard to resolve certain things at times.

Investigator: If he was writing dead serious, folks would be raging as some of the things I've heard are just impossible.
No. 3342


You're using that word wrong again.
No. 3343
You are entirely right, it really stopped being parody after the SDM burned down, it was hard to keep up the parody (which would have just led to aimless murder. The Cirno story, which IS aimless murder, is rather just practice at writing fight scenes.) So I made it a bit more serious, and at this point in the story, he's only killed one touhou. And that's only because he used a really, really cheap shot.

He's not competent. At all. It's just kind of hard to tell, because I normally write it from either his or Kotohime's POV. And neither of them are particularly reliable.
No. 3344

Since the investigator has only killed one touhou, I'm going to assume you made a typo with regards to your use of the plural form. Still, the touhou he killed must have been either on his right, or his left, but not both. Which was it?
No. 3345
Technically speaking more than one Touhou could simultaneously be on his left and the right at the same time.
No. 3347
File 130661324237.jpg - (152.60KB , 805x966 , d00a5bf66f893e0e967211167fd8ef9d.jpg ) [iqdb]
What a fabulous thread this is.
No. 3350

Fabulous? It sucks.
No. 3351
Your face sucks.
No. 3352
File 130674876132.gif - (49.60KB , 500x129 , iceburn.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 3353
No. 3354
YAF - 1
Anonymous - 0.

Gentlemen, faites vos jeux.
No. 3355
>Your face sucks.
Look, son, I'm sorry I never treated you right, but there's no reason to insult your dear mother like that, ok? Just because I enjoy that kind of stuff doesn't mean you need to call me out on it!
No. 3356
Your mother calls you out.
No. 3357
That's what she said!

No. 3358
YAF - 2
Anonymous - 0.
No. 3359
File 130687946244.png - (123.05KB , 441x245 , suwakowhat.png ) [iqdb]
I really was intending to make another comeback, but really, what can one say to that? I'm totally burned.
No. 3361
I wanna bitch about Nobody's story from /at/.
Starring a shotacon Patchy with an unnamed character.
Stalled after 1 update.
No. 3362
Your anus is burned.
No. 3363
Shut up, YAF.
No. 3364
Shut up, Lion.
No. 3365
Shut up, Jesus.
No. 3366
Yeah, shut up, Lion!
No. 3370
File 13069448421.jpg - (369.57KB , 1000x940 , 880548f3d6ed53d96e385dad7d934820.jpg ) [iqdb]
For not writing a route about her....
No. 3371
Shut up HY!
No. 3372
Shut up, all of you, already!

What's the point anymore? What really needs to be bitched about is the shit on this website, and why is it allowed to stay on, unaltered?
No. 3373
I wanna bitch about this story in /underground/.
I think it's Glad_Turtle's one, the story about a wannabe warlock, landing in the underground.

It was a Satori-centered story, and it's not updated anymore. So I bitch and I rage.
No. 3374
File 130696429994.png - (166.42KB , 403x416 , 1281778316312.png ) [iqdb]
I want to complain about the lack of Fairies.
No. 3375
I want to complain about the prevalence of fairies. In /SDM/. It's sick and wrong. Fairies belong in the /forest/, not forced into slavery!
No. 3376
File 13069677422.jpg - (354.19KB , 1000x1414 , 79140719ee8ed4a6f867d84d1e8fa691.jpg ) [iqdb]
You shut your whore mouth! We gave them clothes, a roof they can live under and steady food/work. Without us they would just be frolocking in the wilderness, doing what god knows what half naked.

Without us they are nothing.
No. 3377
>god knows what half naked.
But... but...

everyone KNOWS the [x]Rape the maids
option gets chosen every time it's available.
No. 3378
If a writer uses his tripcode in this thread, does he open his own pandora's box?
No. 3379
No. YAF is just a whore.
No. 3380
Oh I got that. I was asking since I'm one of the quieter read: less popular writers around here, and I'm looking to gauge people's perception of me/my writing.
No. 3381
Tell me who you are and I'll tell you why I'm not reading your story. Or, more likely, didn't know of its existence because it's on a board I don't check.
No. 3382
>I'm looking to gauge people's perception of me/my writing.

Instead of attention-whoring in this thread, much as YAF is, why don't you do the smart thing and ask for this critique in your thread? It only makes sense, as you will get a fair and accurate assessment. If you do so here, you'll have people who don't have an informed opinion lambasting you for a story they might not have even read. Unless you have already done this and the results weren't satisfactory, in which case I'm wasting my time with this post.
No. 3383
>ask for this critique in your thread? It only makes sense, as you will get a fair and accurate assessment.
No, he'll get a biased assessment doing that. His readers presumably enjoy his story, after all.

>much as YAF is
Are you him? I think you're him. Because I'd like to think people that aren't him couldn't possibly be this stupid. I'm wrong, aren't I? Goddamn it.
No. 3384
File 130700400023.png - (154.35KB , 500x500 , 19280616.png ) [iqdb]
I can tell you I am not him, but I do not know whether he is me.

And please, tell me, I'm attention-whoring by posting with a tripcode, how? I post with one only because: 1) Firefox fills it in on its own (and I even migrated out of Opera for the reason of it doing the same thing! I cannot into browsers.), and 2) I don't care. I can take responsibility for what I say if need be.

Quit your ANONYMOOSE IS LEEJOON XD XD bullshit and understand that it is a normal procedure for people to communicate using identifiable names/nicknames on the internet. Unless you want to go on forums/community portals/other BBSes and slag people off for utilising usernames, in which case please give me a heads-up so I can enjoy watching you make an even bigger plank out of yourself.

If I wanted to attention-whore, I'd do something like this:

Hey, check out my /forest/ story! It's all about fairies! It's a good read, really, and heading on to Daiyousei's route at the moment, so hop on before it's routelocked (augh) so you can have your say!

And no, before you sperg out and think this is genuine, I haven't any stories in /forest/, let alone a fairy one. Fairies are food, they're meant to be eaten, not copulated with.
No. 3385
File 130700677196.jpg - (133.69KB , 1024x768 , Satori643.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't understand, but I concur with his sentiment.
No. 3386
If people truly enjoy his story, they'll separate their bias and attempt to give him honest critique. I'd say that's a fair bit better than randomly doing it over in this thread, which is literally about whining and bitching. Like I said, you might have people who have never even read his story posting just to throw shit at him. I know I would, provided the author is demonstratively faggoty enough.

Shut up, YAF.
No. 3387
>Quit your ANONYMOOSE IS LEEJOON XD XD bullshit and understand that it is a normal procedure for people to communicate using identifiable names/nicknames on the internet.

No one gives a shit what is normal for the rest of the internet. While you are here, you will follow the global rules: Namefagging is discouraged for purposes other than identifying the writer of a story in his own story thread. End of discussion.


Even when you don't use your trip, your idiosyncratic choice of diction gives you away. I'd personally prefer if you used your name so that I could tell at a glance your posts are not worth reading, but the rules cut both ways.
No. 3388
File 130702623910.png - (3.64KB , 222x211 , 1288624474109.png ) [iqdb]
Oh YAF. the guy who whores himself out for a bit of attention.
You said you changed and are not like you used to be but you are still the same only your words changed but your heart is still the same.
No. 3389
File 130702858529.png - (172.62KB , 593x805 , 43e8dd63b474e4ef9cd58df0bd18bb8d.png ) [iqdb]
Shut up Patchwork.

I wish ;..;
No. 3390
unless you're in /blue or unless you've done something other than writing for this site.
No. 3391
File 130703070441.jpg - (190.30KB , 1500x1500 , 17785110.jpg ) [iqdb]
>No one gives a shit what is normal for the rest of the internet.
>End of discussion.
>Even when you don't use your trip, your idiosyncratic choice of diction gives you away.

Jesus Christ, you're either super daft or trolling me. I certainly don't want to think the site is riddled with people of your sort, and I wouldn't want to write for morons like you, so I'm going to assume it's the latter.
Good game. You managed to emulate a typical 4CHAN IS A SECRET INTERNET CLUB ANONYMOUS DOES NOT FORGIVE dumbshit almost perfectly. I applaud you. I couldn't pull that shit off if I tried.

Also, you misread/misquoted the rules of the site. I'd recommend you go and read them again, and more carefully this time.
No. 3392
by that I mean the use of names, tripcodes, etc
No. 3394
File 13070346984.jpg - (99.96KB , 1280x923 , Film_Noir_Villan_by_saramaus.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ugh, I'm totally pissed over ther end of Arc 2 of Compensation Adequate. DAMN MAN, I know she tried to kill you, but you tried to kill her too, and she got over it! Dont just go crushing somebodies hopes like that.

No scratch on the quality of the story though. The Snoop just makes me rage, he desperately needs some character development.
No. 3396

>5) 'Namefagging' is preferably avoided if you're not a writer or otherwise contribute to the site in some kind of meaningful way. While this is slightly less important of a guideline than the others, using a name when you're not a writer will just call that much more attention to you and make you more of a target for harassment.

a) He writes.
b) I don't see a clause in there saying that namefagging is only for identification in their own stories. Ergo, it isn't a global rule.

And here's a honest question: As >>/gensokyo/7160 has shown, namefagging used by authors used to be common, and no one thought twice of it back then. Why are you under the belief that it is being discouraged entirely?
No. 3399
I was writing up a moderately lengthy post responding to most of your post, but I realized it wasn't needed. You are defending YAF, and more importantly, the rights of namefags. Just what the fuck do you think you are doing here?
No. 3400
File 130703622345.jpg - (227.17KB , 655x1000 , 9f4186797a989eca41a65801f003acd6.jpg ) [iqdb]
That Sakuya had a good justification for trying to kill him and was desperate, yet lovely. Her death was on-character but still rage worthy.
Oh well.
No. 3401
Isn't he talking about tripfags?

IMO, authors MUST have trips and, if possible, names. That's to identify them easier and to avoid fake updates and word of god posts.
No. 3403

Defending YAF has nothing to do with it. Had it been any other author, I would have spoken up as well. I was merely pointing out the fallacy in your statement that authors posting under their names was a global rule, where it's clear from the wording of said rule that this is far from the case.

As for defending the right of namefags, well. I will admit that while personally I don't really see the problem in namefagging (It's the person behind the name responsible for the behavior, after all, not the name itself, and I am of the opinion that name or no name, that person's behavior would remain the same), I respect the site's rules discouraging non-writers from taking a name, and am not about to begin encouraging the use of names either.

However, in this case, I wasn't defending namefags. I was enquiring about why you believe writefags should be forced to limit usage of their pseudonyms and trips to their own threads. Again, in the post I linked, people seemed to have no problem with writefags using their names to post and vote in the past, which implies that they have had a right to do so since the beginnings of the site. I was asking a honest question on why you believe that this stance has changed or it should be this way, seeing how a) this is the way it has been since the site's beginnings, and b) it's not against any rules to do so, like you mistakenly imply.
No. 3404
if yaf is so annoying, why don't you filter him? he usually uses a trip. just filter it. not difficult.
No. 3405
ITT we stroke YAFs ego.
No. 3406
>personally I don't really see the problem in namefagging

You are part of the problem.
No. 3408

Why not address my points instead of making an ad hominem attack? Would their validity be any different if I had omitted that paragraph?
No. 3409
No, they'd still be wrong. I just don't want to get into it so soon after that other shitstorm. Gotta let things lay low for a while, ya know.
No. 3410
The problem these days is that many namefags are attention whores who shit things up thinking having a name makes them better than others. This is more or less caused by those folks coming here in the old days, seeing folks with name post and assumed things off a glance.

Just look at that Azure something asshole in /at/ shitting things up.
No. 3411
Azure is a special case. At this point, he has to know everyone hates his ass, yet he keeps coming back. I think the only reason he hasn't been driven off of the site is because /at/ is the only board he visits, and that board gets special treatment.
No. 3412
>Just look at that Azure something asshole in /at/ shitting things up.
Heh, good one.
I fear that part of his 'special treatament' is that people that like his thread exist. The thought makes me shudder.
Also what happened to the Innocent Maiden... thread? It was the best thing of the board? Except for the translations thread, that is, but that isn't a story.
No. 3414
S.L.D.T. isn't updating it. You might be able to get his attention in the /coriander/ story; I think that's the only thing he's updated somewhat recently.
No. 3417
>>Again, in the post I linked, people seemed to have no problem with writefags using their names to post and vote in the past, which implies that they have had a right to do so since the beginnings of the site.

Actually, I believe it's sort of the opposite.
Namefagging as it appeared on this site's early days did not occur because it was accepted or viewed as something anyone had the right to do, but because it was generally reviled.

Remember, the "old guard" of this site generally consisted of refugees from the /jp/ purge, and so much of what was considered to be acceptable or unacceptable behavior was carried over from there, including the general disdain for namefagging and attention-whoring.

When people would post with their name here, they did so with an understanding of why the practice was frowned upon, and so avoided doing the things that made attaching a name to yourself such a problem in the first place. They knew what not to do, as did everyone else. More than that, they knew that if they ever did do any of those objectionable things, everyone else would tear them apart for it, and they would never be allowed to live it down after that.

It's all well and good if everyone is on the same page, but once you start bringing people who don't necessarily have the same background or understanding of things into the equation, problems can start cropping up, and the reasons for rejecting the use of names once again becomes apparent.

In short, namefagging was not accepted so much as tolerated in the old days, and the only reason no one made an issue out of it back then was because there was no reason to make an issue out of it.

Now, though, we have people here who do not share those roots, and may not share the same understanding why something may or may not be acceptable most people here have. As a result, it becomes necessary to reaffirm exactly what is or is not acceptable, and correct those who do not fall in line with that standard.
No. 3418
Can we go back to that tolerance thing? I like tolerance. It means people not making fucking annoying posts constantly.
No. 3419
File 13070585776.png - (499.67KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2011-02-15-15h50m06s232.png ) [iqdb]
+1. Besides, this thread is going off-topic.

I'll tell you what I know. With all your faggotry "HURR DURR NAMEFAGS ARE FORBIDDEN REPENT HERETIC", all you will achieve is scaring writefags. For example, I'm using Firefuck, and it's often (read: always) keeping my name and my trip in memory.

Now, let's supposed I forget to erase them before posting. What would happen?
Logically, something like: "Hey dude you left your name and trip. Be careful next time, okay"?
HAHAHA AS IF! No, it will probably be something like: "OH MY GOD you used your trip and your name you fucking cocksucker your story is as bad as My Immortal I hope you get cancer IRL, your mother is a whore, I raped your hamster today and I fucked your sister by every hole because YOU'RE AN ASSHOOOOLE". Okay, maybe I'm a little excessive.
But this is where we're going. I'm not asking for tolerance. I don't think we should tolerate tripfags and namefags, unless they're admin, adminlings, or YAF. But I think that being overly aggressive is just playing against you.

An innocent bystander reading the second message will have two logical reactions.
First being turning into an emo: "Uuuuueee they are so mean I'm leaving right", like Harker Random Anon (hahaha as if).
Second being turned into a troll: "Oh, they're like this? Okay faggots, let's do this", like YAF.
No. 3420
>b) I don't see a clause in there saying that namefagging is only for identification in their own stories. Ergo, it isn't a global rule.

From the rules thread, emphasis added:
>This has been an issue in the past. When we left 4chan /jp/ and started this site, some people were reluctant to accept writers using tripcodes at all, but it was determined that there was a legitimate need to identify oneself as the writer of a given story. I remember several new writers voting with their trip until they were asked to stop. New readers who show up using a name have always been asked to stop. Many of the anonymous votes you see are from people who write other stories. It's just how we operate here.

That you can cherry pick instances where namefagging was common is silly when the present intolerance to it is itself a reaction against the perception of its increasing prevalence. Remember that GM did not use a name at first at all and that the original threads were almost totally devoid of namefagging.
No. 3421
And of course, I notice now that I made several typos.
That's what you get for being here at midnight.
No. 3422
File 13070618465.jpg - (47.99KB , 639x455 , whitey.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, it seems tolerate is the wrong word. Too many positive connotations. Let me try a different one.

Marginalize. Let's marginalize trip/name users. Pretend we don't see them. Treat them exactly as we would treat any other Anonymous. And, most importantly, stop treating it like an issue. It's not even worthy of our time.
No. 3423
I never knew YAF was a nigger. Do they even have them in Poland?
No. 3424

This is way racist/nonsensical, but I see your argument, YAF.
No. 3425
I still hold namefagging on blue is okay, and in certain special cases like if someone is calling, a writer out on something in a non-story thread (like in general)
No. 3426
Some older writers might still vote with their trips, but they avoid doing anything to make a fool out of themselves.

I agree completely. We shouldn't launch a full flame assault on someone screwing up for the first time. Now if they ignore the kind warnings and insist on being namefaggots, then it's time to nuke them.
No. 3427
I've seen that fail too many times on anonymous imageboards. If you don't at least tell them a few times, repeatedly, they go out of their way to try and garner some attention.

Telling them once, shouting at them twice after seems a reasonable compromise.
No. 3430
File 130714083471.png - (154.19KB , 409x484 , 1300205191216.png ) [iqdb]
Any writer that goes off without saying a word and leaves his readers hanging pisses me off.

It is a LOT of writers. They can't all have died in truck accidents, and even when it did happen Kira was still awesome enough to let us know from beyond the grave.

It doesn't fucking matter if inspiration runs dry or something comes up and they can't write anymore. They should still post something because no matter how busy or shitty their life is it will seriously take a minute of their time.
No. 3431
Hold on, Kira is dead?
No. 3432


No. 3433
I didn't know. Fuck.
No. 3446
File 13072211656.jpg - (647.27KB , 600x858 , 1852f776662b8fe14e9d9b3ece1b424fe0c26bc0.jpg ) [iqdb]
I would bitch about something, but Xuchilbara got banned and Demetrious hasn't updated for a while.
Then again, only a few of the stories I do like have seen any updates either...
No. 3447
Perhaps you can bitch about... the fact there's not enough Mima in fanfictions?
No. 3448
Are you kidding? Mima's used all the goddamn time. She shows up more than a disturbing number of Windows characters.
No. 3449
I wanna bitch about the fact that Mima is present more often than tokiko in fanfictions!
No. 3450
File 130724569134.jpg - (306.26KB , 560x520 , 16999531.jpg ) [iqdb]
I, too, wish Silver of Sovereign would update.
No. 3451
This. Desu doesn't have the best record for keeping stories. If he drops this one, I will forever hate him. I'll finally be able to understand those whiny fags when they say they are afraid of reading a story because it'll never finish.
No. 3453
He's currently in Spacebattles. Here's his profile on Spacebattles: http://forums.spacebattles.com/member.php?u=42801
No. 3454
I don't understand why what appears to be a sci-fi site has such an active terrible fanfiction sub-forum.
No. 3455
>You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page.

Thanks man. Really cleared some things up.
No. 3456
I don't understand why an imageboard set up for a shoot-em-up game has a bunch of active terrible fanfiction archives either.

But seriously like any place Sturgeon's Law (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ptitle3tinj4tz)is in effect.

However there are some good stories, like The Last Star (http://forums.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=131847) which is a B5 fic about the last portion of the Minbari War. Another story by the same author is Chronicles of the Crusade Part 1 & 2 (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2605208/1/bChronicles_b_of_the_bCrusade_b_Book_1_The_Gateway, http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3140820/1/bChronicles_b_of_the_bCrusade_b_Book_2_The_Long_Road), which is part of the same set of stories that are The Last Star and The Dilgar War (http://forums.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=87220)
No. 3458
I would honestly say my biggest problem with Mind the Gap, is that the only nice male in the story is the protagonist. I remember a part where Reimu says how all the village men are rapists and such, and honestly that irritated me. It's almost like the MC is there to save all the named women with his penis.

Another story I kind of dislike is the Memoria in Discord story and I suspect the main reason is how Shooter has been written, and the dialogue. I've always felt when I read the story is that YAF is trying way too hard to show Shooter is British. It's like he tries to beat us over the head with the fact Shooter is British. Also the dialogue spoken by everyone feels forced and sort of stilted.
No. 3459
>I don't understand why an imageboard set up for a shoot-em-up game has a bunch of active terrible fanfiction archives either.

Maybe you should get the fuck off of it, in that case.


No, seriously. Go away.
No. 3460
This place was originally created for fanfiction. Can the same be said for that forum?

Nah, bro, it's you that should fuck off. Or tone down the attitude. Either is fine.
No. 3461
>This place was originally created for fanfiction.
I'm sure the doujinstyle people would disagree.
No. 3462
I'm sure I pulled that "fact" out of my ass.
No. 3463
Good for you. It makes for solid evidence for an argument then.
No. 3464
What argument? I was asking a question.
No. 3466
>I don't understand why what appears to be a sci-fi site has such an active terrible fanfiction sub-forum.

Because people there actually write stories instead of bitching about everything 24/7?
No. 3467
That's why it's active. I'm interested in what started it. A random sci-fi site's forum. Full of fanfiction. This is weird and I wish to know why it exists.
No. 3468
It didn't started as a sci-fi forum. At first it was site with 3D animated movies about spaceships blowing up each other, hence "spacebattles" (main site here: http://www.spacebattles.com/movies.php )
Fanfiction subforum started subforum for sci-fi fanfics, with many crossovers (Star Wars vs Star Trek, etc.)
No. 3469
Oh, right, sci-fi fanfiction. I forget those series exist sometimes. I guess branching out into anime makes sense.
No. 3471
I've no problem with your disliking the story, but just in case it makes it easier for you: SPOILER: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poseur
No. 3472
You lost me.
No. 3473
I know right? I don't understand how someone can not have a problem with people disliking his story either.
No. 3474
File 130727995426.jpg - (174.52KB , 1200x1000 , KEINE_LIVES.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just trying a bit of rationalisation. Some people find some characteristics annoying (whoop-dee-fucking-doo), but they may start thinking of them as less aggravating once they find out the reason behind their existence.

It's like this: you see a socially awkward neckbeard making an idiot out of himself publically with no care in the world. It pisses you off, because you don't like socially awkward neckbeards making idiots out of themselves. It offends your outlook on life, your personal beliefs, whatever.
So you go about, being all pissed off, ruining your nervous system, when you suddenly overhear that the neckbeard is, in fact, afflicted with severe aspergers, ADHD and what-have-you, and his behaviour is a result of those afflictions. Makes it easier to cope with his antics, no?

I don't know if >>3458 still reads my story, but if he does, and if I can make it more enjoyable for him by providing a rationalisation for a factor that annoys him about it, I don't see why I shouldn't at least try.

We're here to have fun, after all. And if I can improve someone's experience with the entertainment that I (theoretically) provide, then I will. Sue me.
No. 3475
Last guy I knew who has Asperger was a "no-fun allowed" faggot. When I tried to make fun of his "sickness", he banned me.
No. 3477
Well, but knowing he had aspergers makes his act somewhat (even if just a little bit) more acceptable, no?
Defence mechanisms are a funny thing. Especially when you find you've been using one for years and never realised. And when you start thinking about it? Boy, oh boy. Prepare for some serious confusion.

Well, anyway, enough of this psychological mumbo-jumbo, let's get back to the topic at hand. Er. What was the topic, again?
No. 3478
If he's really suffering from the Asperger's thingy, it explains his behaviour. But that's no excuse for being "don't dare mocking my sickness".

Also, topic was bitching about THP's writefags.
No. 3479

The topic was for YAF to stop being a lazy nigger and update TiTS.
No. 3480
No. 3481
File 130729932399.jpg - (314.96KB , 1250x1036 , 1296528514202.jpg ) [iqdb]
>We're here to have fun, after all.
>THP. Fun.

Touhou fanfiction is serious business.
No. 3482
File 130729957662.jpg - (129.38KB , 900x800 , 18846944.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'll update MiD today and do TiTS tomorrow. Sorry. I got WAY too drunk on Friday. Could barely think the whole next day.

... I really ought to stop drinking so much. Totally gonna happen.
No. 3483
>What was the topic
Tnis is the active /blue/ thread. There may only be one active /blue/ thread at a time. Don't believe me? Try starting a new thread and watch them fight it out.
No. 3484

Reimu made one mention of trying to be raped, and that's the only mention of it in the story (ignoring Orin, but that's not in the scope here). Everyone else says the humans are racist and hateful, but didn't make a mention of attempted rape.
No. 3485
All the other people he associates with are youkai or other non-humans, who are probably stronger than humans so I doubt there'd be any rape attempts on them.
No. 3486
Not really, and if she does show up she's often a very minor character, even in the oft praised scene in HLA1.

What about the fact that the author twists things around just to suit the story/the fetishes? That and while entertaining, it has a overly smutty feel like in a western porno.

But YAF's writing style these days is generally soaked with pretentiousness and faux britishness. It's hard to appreciate british-style snark if everyone's doing it. It's not too bad once you get past those traits.
No. 3487
That I'm a less annoyed about because honestly it's porn. Sadly I have to admit, I'm more interested in whether the story is fappable than whether the plot is great. Yes I know it's shallow of me. Though some of the fetishes are a little turnoffish, and I have to admit that having the protagonist be so accepting of everything is a little weird. True I shouldn't project my own biases or dislikes, since everyone is different, but you'd think there'd be times where even the MC isn't interested.
No. 3488
I'd like to bitch about the IRC. I've been lurking for a while, and it really blows. In case you don't know, there are:

•People using /me unironically (that's the same as *action*)
•People stigmatizing loli
•Some guy constantly going on about his GIRLFRIEND (GUYS HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND)
•When the chat is really active, people just randomly type out whatever it is that comes to their heads in all caps. So random, xd

It sucks, I hope everyone who chats in it has their computer explode.
No. 3489
Oh yeah, and one more thing:
•People keep talking about their self-diagnosed mental problems or suicide attempts or whatever. There's only one reason to bring something like that up on the internet, and that is if you really want attention badly.
No. 3491
What exactly did you think a collective of Touhou CYOA writers would be doing in an IRC chat?
Having healthy discussions about the political situation in Nanjing?
No. 3492
Okay now they're actually doing that, so I guess I don't really have a point anymore.
Carry on, I guess.
No. 3494
No. 3495


See what you did.

tl;dr: They start discussing china and shit instead of pasting danbooru links like morons whereupon I may leech off their efforts to find the ultimate rumia.

No. 3496
File 130733674732.jpg - (748.64KB , 1060x820 , 19263059.jpg ) [iqdb]
>efforts to find the ultimate Rumia
This made me want to join for a few seconds. Then I remembered how boring most of the conversations were.
No. 3497

This is why I lurk most of the time, just checking what the topic is during downtime. If it's interesting... well, have at it. If it's not? Nothing lost.

Besides maybe some bandwith.
No. 3498
I scrolled up often and got too annoyed seeing interesting conversations happen hours ago. I feel the same way when reading stuff in the archive. Like, I really want to respond to this stuff, but the conversation is over.
No. 3499

Don't scroll up, then.
No. 3500
http://pastebin.com/TNGJbcYj (cont'd.)
No. 3503
File 130733932529.jpg - (349.47KB , 600x525 , 10790522_m.jpg ) [iqdb]
Impossible. If I'm presented with a button I can push to read new interesting things, I'm going to push it, no matter how annoyed I know I'm going to feel afterwards. Easier to just avoid the whole place.
No. 3506
I wanna bitch a little about Owen. He's a really good writer, with interesting stories, interesting characters, but his style is really confusing.
I can't say if he's making typo, or if I'm just bad in English, and it's annoying.
For example, from Priceless:
"The quiet of the forest surrounds me."
I don't know if it's correct or not, and it's confusing me!
No. 3507
What's the problem with that line?
No. 3508
Nothing. This guy is bitching about nothing, and has already recognized that.

It's your English. There is nothing majorly wrong with Owen's writing.
No. 3509
If you say it's my english, okay. Let's bitch about something else then.
No. 3510
Sure would have loved him when he first came here.
No. 3511
File 130737457961.jpg - (132.67KB , 400x1183 , 8650eb0c16d45caaa3da3765c0edd01d.jpg ) [iqdb]
He should've kept his prose for the entirety of the story. That's something I like to bitch about. As for who is to blame... I guess we all know this one.
No. 3512
I'd like to complain about "routes".
Not routes. Those are necessary for any story of this kind. I mean "routes", which is horrible nerd speak for "girl I want to see an h-scene with".
Stop that. Unless the writer says the story works that way, don't even fucking bring it up. It makes my guts churn and my eyes itch.
... I think I still have PTSD from GH or something.
No. 3514
I agree completely. Every story should have a harem route so we can avoid that issue altogether.
No. 3515
Too bad. Routes are an integral part to every story on this site. Eliminating them is like removing the choices. It just can't be done. Also, the word you were looking for is autism.
No. 3516
File 130738023441.jpg - (316.92KB , 566x800 , so?.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're trying too hard.
No. 3517
File 130738193594.jpg - (47.16KB , 402x470 , Moon bunny.jpg ) [iqdb]
I disagree. One of the best CYOAs had a routelock from the start (Sanae, YMAL) and another excellent CYOA was ruined because of them.
The fact that several excellent stories doesn't have 'routes' isn't a coincidence: it's one less obligation for the writer, so he can write what he intends to without any sidetracking. Of course, love can be important for a story too; it can even be the motor behind the plot. Per example-
No. 3521
Eh, to explain, I was more referring to the choices of anon in particular. You cannot remove the route mindset from them. It's impossible, at this point.

Even if an author says no routes, no romance or whatever, anon will find some way to center it upon a certain character regardless. I fail to see the distinction between that and a romance route proper. Even if there is no sexing going on, it's still a (character) route at that point, so it's all the same shit.

>one of the best CYOA

No. 3523
>anon will find some way to center it upon a certain character regardless

"Anon" does not write the story. If a writer cannot keep his own story in check, he's just incompetent, simple as that.
YOU are the writer, YOU decide what the story is about. Not the other way around.
No. 3524
All pictures with two characters shown are now pairings.
No. 3525

Well, now I feel embarassed. I'd completely forgotten about that addendum, and I'm sorry about that. I still have my own confusion and thoughts on the subject, but that line of discussion has been dead for ages so I'll just let it be.


I'd like to point out that while it's true FF.net may be flooded with bad stories, that doesn't mean mean that good stories can't be found among the muck. I can understand when people talk about not wanting the site to become like FF.net, but telling people to get out just because they linked a story they thought was good is uncalled for.

Also, I've never been to spacebattles, but what's wrong with TvTropes? What is it about visiting that site which makes you feel eviction from here is warranted?

Also, slowpoke.jpg etc.
No. 3526
Troper Tales.

I don't want to visit a site even remotely associated with such pieces of shit. Not to mention all of the faggots on the internet who invoke article names like it's some sort of heavenly gospel that everyone will instantly know and understand. YMMV, though. Just like that.

Seriously, fuck that site.
No. 3528
In short, you hate TvTropes because tropers are overusing what you consider as private jokes? I can understand that.
No. 3529
Routes are something of THP tradition and it's up to the writer to manage them. It's better when everyone agrees on a path than constant warring.

And with stories like MoF, Romance only comes up during the lull of the updates and only then after all discussion is exhausted.
No. 3530
File 130741348691.jpg - (307.89KB , 800x560 , 130168296127.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're totally entitled to laugh because I forgot to add 'At the time' It was one of the best CYOAs of the time. It hasn't aged well, I know.
>Eh, to explain, I was more referring to the choices of anon in particular. You cannot remove the route mindset from them. It's impossible, at this point.
You might be right, but I really hope you aren't.
I honestly don't see any problem with that. I don't use them myself but I still know pretty much every one of them so I don't really mind... as long as they control themselves. Nothing is good in excess.
No. 3532

It is a site that is essentially devoted to memes. Memes without content/context are nothing but retarded gibberish.
No. 3533
Do you even know what a fucking trope is, you illiterate?
No. 3534
It's devoted to consistencies within media. Themes, devices, character traits.
No. 3535

It's also got one of the worst communities on the web in my opinion.
No. 3536
I've really got no idea where you'd get that impression.
Sounds equivalent to saying Wikipedia has a terrible community.
No. 3537
You've never been to the troper tales section of the site, have you? That site is infested with faggots.
No. 3538
>Wikipedia has a terrible community
Actually, I'd say wikipedia does have a terrible community.
No. 3539
>You've never been to the troper tales section of the site, have you? That site is infested with faggots.
Completely different anon here, but I have and I don't see the point of hating an entire site because Troper Tales happens to be filled with idiots. It's like swearing off fire forever because arsonists exist, or refusing to breathe air because Stalin and Pol Pot breathed air.
No. 3540
I'd like to bitch about tv tropes arguments always being the same conversation.
No. 3541

Yeah. Have you read tvtropes ever? They introduce and explain things in the most roundabout way possible with analogies and barely every flat out say what the trope is.

Beginner's luck is pretty much the most easy to explain trope in literature and go read that article. Somehow the article manages to link six things in the main portion that are barely related.

In particular, it links to "Readings Are Off the Scale" which has a picture of Battler with an OHMYGODSOFUNNYXD Vegeta reference under it.

Obviously I don't expect every website to be completely serious, but tvtropes really does cross the line into fucking retarded.
No. 3542
It's a unique method of explanation, one that's meant to bring to light the relationship between many of the tropes and elaborate on where else you might find something similar, but it's not stupid.
No. 3543
>"Readings Are Off the Scale"

I'm reading that trope page right now, and I don't see:

1. How the trope description itself is inadequate to describe what the trope is.
2. How the links in the article are "barely related," seeing as how the trope page itself describes how they're used within / in relation to that trope. (OK, maybe there's one or two that could be axed, but most of them do seem to be related.)
3. How the picture is irrelevant to the trope, seeing as it demonstrates how the trope is being used within a particular series.

Explain yourself, please.
No. 3544
It's also funny how you're saying that the site is so silly as to be retarded, considering that the rest of the Internet is complaining about the opposite (that current admin policies are taking all the fun out of it).
No. 3548
Can you elaborate? What sort of policies?
No. 3551

I was referring to "Beginner's Luck" for most of that post. But for the other one...

1. The main body of this article actually explains the trope pretty well, I agree.
2. Yes, some could be axed. That's my point.
3. Battler's 99999999 picture explains the trope perfectly, it is more the caption under it that makes it unsightly.
No. 3574
File 130770209851.jpg - (42.79KB , 532x465 , mary sue.jpg ) [iqdb]
>It'd help if the criticizers didn't come off as such butthurt babies about their waifus not being absolutely invincible.

Crowning example: >>2102

>Demetrious can say it was the element of surprise all he likes, but it doesn't change the fact that the MC knocked around Marisa like he was was just toying with her and handed Sanae her ass on a platter


As for him being quiet, he didn't even reply in that thread until somebody bugged him on IRC to reply. I don't think he much cares for internet dickwaving.
No. 3577
Gee it sure is fanboi around here.
No. 3584

High level wizards probably should be able to beat up most Touhous.

Not the same person, but the only problem I have with Deme's story is Keine cursing like a sailor. Really now, what the hell?
No. 3591
>cursing like a sailor

Considering the shit she's putting up with, I'm not surprised. That filthy wizard has corrupted her.
No. 3594
But isn't she known for not liking cursing? It sounds rather OOC for Keine to start cursing.
No. 3595
I was under the impression outside of her teaching job, she's neutral on it, and wasn't she drunk when she was spouting obscenities?
No. 3597
I really don't know. The only information I learned about Keine and cursing was on another forum where people were discussing Gensokyo crossovers. Someone mentioned a Dresden files/Touhou crossover and said that Keine didn't like cursing.
No. 3602
>Someone mentioned a Dresden files/Touhou crossover

Demetrious and Soluslunes. Wizard meets Investigator.

No. 3606

It happens all the time in his story


They've known each other for three days. It's just way too a rough a way of speaking for Keine. I would understand if it was Marisa or Alice or Mokou or something, but not the village protector/grade school teacher.
No. 3612
McWizard has a Dresden vibe to me
No. 3619
>It seems that she dislikes people who are discourteous.

No. 3620
that could be taken various different ways. It's ZUN being vague after all.
No. 3710
It's fine enough if the Keine represented within the story is a different interpretation from canon. That happens all the time. But lets not pretend that the wizard character is any form of courteous or respectful.
No. 3711
I don't think anyone in their right mind would dare go that route. But you know, Mokou isn't known for her politeness either for the most part.
No. 3726
File 130823782284.jpg - (401.58KB , 700x700 , a3a8535df17d682f4beb0e3d2321a410.jpg ) [iqdb]
Even canon contradicts canon!
No. 3728
I'd like to bitch about morons who think it's a tradition to post a vote after they're called and by extension people who do that intentionally.
No. 3776
I honestly wouldn't mind it so long as they sage it. Sadly, this is often not the case.
No. 3897
Remind me again why there isn't a CYOA of Kira waking up in gensokyo and writing novels on everyday life?
No. 3898
Kira confirmed for the human in Hunter's Dream ;_;
No. 3913
It'd be in incredibly poor tastes, for starters.